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  • Where tf are Nathaniel/Kenny's parents.
  • If Jerry (an American adult) could see Yo-kai using Nate's old watch, how comes that Shadowside states that Nate couldn't see Yo-kai anymore because he became an adult?
  • What happened to Yuto after the second movie?
  • If the Yo-kai watch """disrupted the balance between worlds""" in Shadowside, what happened to the other three in circulation? Was Nate's the only one who affected the balance? Why?
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  • Now that the original anime is getting revived, does this mean Shadowside is an Alternate Continuity?
  • How is it determined who/what can become a Yo-Kai?
    • At the end of the movie, Nate wonders if Nathaniel became a Yo-Kai. Whisper says that it's not possible for any normal person to become a Yo-Kai, and they must've been a special person if they do become a Yo-Kai. It turns out Nathaniel did become a Yo-Kai after all, possibly due to the fact he invented the Yo-Kai Watch. How are people/objects/animals chosen to become Yo-Kai?
    • According to what we've seen: a combination of strong willpower, love, anger, and/or attachment to something on Earth - being The Determinator. Basically the same way it happens in Japanese mythology.
  • Since Nate has the prototype Yokai Watch U, why doesn't he give the old ones to someone else, like Katie?
    • He probably doesn't want to get his crush involved in Yo-kai shenanigans any more than she unknowingly already has. Another could be that Nate doesn't want to give up the charade he has been trying his dardnest to upkeep.
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    • hidabat sold the previous 2 online. jerry bought the original. nobody knows who bought the zeroshiki.
    • The dub made Whisper confirm that the watch can never be taken off, at least by normal methods.
      • Which flies in the face of the canon that the watch is taken off all the time so Whisper can clean it.
  • Why does Whisper always hide his Yokai pad when Nate and Jibanyan already know he's reading off of it?
    • He wants to seem at least helpful. Pride is a funny thing.
  • Why is there a watch lock in front of Eddie's house? More importantly, how is anybody without a watch supposed to enter or leave the house (Gameplay and Story Segregation aside)?
    • That's just one questionable Watch Lock placement. Some Watch Locks are placed in arbitrary/unneeded places. One such Lock, an S-rank one at that, prevents players from fully exploring the Waterways!
    • I got the impression that the watch locks only affect those who have a Yokai Watch in the first place, since you can't even see yokai without it, so it'd be pointless for them to block off normal people (disregarding one-off instances like the abandoned hospital watch lock that keeps a nearby normal kid from entering it, though that particular situation could just be due to the watch lock manifesting on a door). Keep in mind that a yokai's usual response to watch wearers is to attack them, making the point of the locks being a way to keep lower-ranked watch wearers from being overwhelmed by the yokai behind the locks.
      As for why there's a lock at Eddie's house, I doubt there's any real reason for it other than to remind players to upgrade their watch, in case they forgot that the rest of the upgrades are gained through side-quests and not as part of the story.
  • Yokai are invisible, but not transparent, letting them affect or be affected by other people and objects, so why don't people notice any physical contact like Tattletell hanging from her victim's chin?
    • Yo-kai all have a Perception Filter kind of effect that makes people gloss over them. That presumable includes physical contact.
  • What would happen if 2 people put the same yokai medal in their watches at the same time? For example, Nate and Hailey both have Blazion's medal, where would Blazion go if they both used his medal at the same time?
    • It might be like when 2 people call the same phone number, one side would actually summon Blazion, while the other gets a busy line. If the medal is still in the 2nd watch when the 1st is done summoning, the yokai would be immediately summoned to the 2nd watch.
  • Episode 81, Cadin gets the date for a concert wrong and wakes up one week early and once he's awake, he has to stay awake for the whole week and goes to sleep for a year. Why not bring in Insomni, Enduriphant, and Wydeawake in to prevent Cadin from falling asleep, or call in Baku to make him go back to sleep and then wake him up?
    • Because their powers would stop him from falling asleep, but not stop the kinds of negative side effects not sleeping will cause. Keep in mind at the end of Insomni's episode, everyone immediatly fell asleep after Insomni was defeated.
  • Did the Komasan Taxi complaints come from actual parents, or were the writers aware of these problems in the first place and merely acknowledging them?
    • Those were real complaints. Komasan Taxi is basically a public apology skit.
  • Episode 32, Nate puts off his summer homework until the last couple of days and thanks to Lie-In Heart, so does Bear. At the end, Nate gets in trouble for not finishing his homework, but Bear doesn't?
    • Bear might have gotten trouble offscreen. We just never saw it, because there wasn't enough time.
    • Actually, it's very likely that Bear DID indeed end up finishing his homework. You see, Lie-In Heart doesn't JUST make people procrastinate. As we see in episode 86 and episode 108, after making someone wait, once Lie-In Heart decides that "the time is now," he sends a blue aura at whoever he is inspiriting, and this causes them to perform what they were waiting for in a quick, powerful burst.(In episode 86, Cheeksqueek was trying to make Nate fart in the bath house. So he summoned Lie-In Heart to stop him from farting. Once Cheeksqueek gave up, Lie-In Heart declared that "The time is now!" and then made Nate create a fart so powerful, that it destroyed the entire bath house.)Since we see that Lie-In Heart left Bear under his own accord, it's safe to assume that he decided that the time to do the homework came, and then gave Bear the ability to quickly finish his homework all at once.
  • Jibanyan doesn't know what Golden Week (Spring Break in the dub) or Mother's Day are, but shouldn't he know about these holidays from his time with Amy? This is especially jarring considering Jibanyan knows about birthdays and Christmas.
    • Rather simply explained. Jibanyan lost a bit of his memory when he died and became a Yo-Kai. He simply just lost some memories of these holidays.
  • Are you still going to be able to be chose between Nate and Katie in Yo-Kai Watch 3?
    • No. You can still choose Nate as usual, but Hailey takes over Katie's role as the female protagonist.
      • Actually,you don't choose between them,but instead,you have to name both and you can switch between them.
  • How did Whisper get the watch in the first place?
    • In the anime, he could have bought it offscreen while following Nate home alongside the Yokai pad, in the games, I dunno, he was sealed long before the watch was invented and couldn't have bought it offscreen since he gives it to Nate/Katie immediately after meeting them
    • Most likely the developers just hadn't decided on the watch's origin in the 1st game. So it's possible that originally it was invented by Yokai and Whisper got his hands on one before being sealed (in fact, it's possible he may have been sealed because he kept trying to give it to humans). But of course, by 2, the story was changed and they just... never bothered to explain.
  • With the Switch coming out in March 2017, what is the fate of Yo-Kai Watch Busters and Yo-Kai Watch 3? (Will they still be 3DS games when they come out in North America or will they be ported to the Switch?)
    • At the moment, the Switch is considered mainly a home console rather than a handheld, with the 3DS coexisting with it as the current-gen Nintendo handheld. There's little reason to think that 3DS games would be abandoned in favor of Switch ports.
    • Busters/Blasters and 3 are now out in America, the next question is if Sangokushi or Busters 2 will be released, or if 4 will receive a worldwide release.
  • Will Nate be replaced after the 4th movie? The movie introduces 3 new characters, so will the anime continue like normal or is their a chance it will focus on the new guys?
    • Sadly, yes.
      • But now he's back for the 4th game and the restart/reboot of the TV series, now with the Yo-kai Watch Elder.
  • If Nate apparently regains his memories of the events of the first game at the beginning of 2, why does he not remember so many things he should know already? i.e. What the Crank-a-kai is, where to get the watch upgraded, about using Baku to do things at night, etc. The Crank-a-kai one is particularly jarring since that's canonically how he met Whisper and got the watch in the first place, yet he apparently needs it explained to him again?..
  • Why didn't Kin & Gin just jump Nate and take the watch again the moment they realized he got it back? At that point he only had two Yo-Kai that couldn't have even scratched them, so they could've done it with no real effort.
  • How did Hovernyan know Kin & Gin (and Bronzlow) stole the Yo-Kai Watch from Nate?
  • I can understand Mirapo appears as an ordinary mirror to regular people. But if that's the case, how does no one notice the player being able to teleport around the city through mirrors.
    • The player teleports too fast for them to notice.
  • In the third game, you go to Yopple HQ and see that they produce tons of Yo-kai Watches. But... who is buying them?

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