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Due to her tendency to ask stupid questions, Midori Gurin is no longer allowed to post here

  • Why do you need to do things by a deadline? It makes sense in real life, since that will make it harder, but you can just kill off any of Senpai's girlfriends once they get together. Then, after that you can spread a rumor that Senpai kills his girlfriends, or something like that. Once that rumor gets going you can then go to Senpai and ask him out. Then, there's a 50% chance he'll say yes. Why is that, you may ask? It's because while he is lonely, he doesn't want anyone else to die.
    • From a gameplay standpoint? It makes things more challenging if there's a time limit. Also remember that Yandere-chan is a Shrinking Violet, especially around Senpai. If someone already has asked him out, she may not even think of that. Then again, there is the "SNAP" option, which, at this time of writing, we still don't know what exactly it does. It's been hinted to either be a If I Can't Have You... and/or Kill 'Em All scenario, but nothing is officially known as of yet.
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    • The in-game reason, once development has gotten that far, is that all of your rivals will appear one by one, not being present in the school until their designated week, and then confessing their love the Friday after they arrive. From a game design standpoint, this setup is specifically to prevent players from immediately killing off all the rivals in one go.
  • Why do so many people like Senpai anyways? He's not that great looking.
    • Word of God says that Senpai's so popular because he sits in the "protagonist chair" in the class – back row next to the window.
    • It's shown in the original intro (as seen in clips on the dev's channel) that he's a Nice Guy. It's probably a factor in why Yandere-chan, and by extension the other girls, like him.
      • Which doesn't explain why Yandere-chan doesn't go for anyone else who's nice. After all, a lot of people at Akademi seem pretty decent. Especially Saki Miyu, who says to Kokona that she would never judge Kokona for anything. We know that Yandere-chan is bisexual because of the first intro, so why doesn't she just go for Saki or any other nice person?
      • Yandere-chan isn't bisexual. She's Single-Target Sexuality, with Senpai as the target. It doesn't matter what gender Senpai is.
      • Yandere-chan's introduction monologue has her say that she never felt anything, until she met Senpai. Perhaps Senpai is such a Nice Guy, that he was the only nice person to date that made Yandere-chan feel anything.
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    • Going by anime rules, Senpai is basically the protagonist of a harem series and as such is able to attract countless girls with minimal effort.
    • At least some of the rivals will have some explaination. Osana Najimi is his childhood friend, Senpai's sister is clingy and possessive, and YandereDev has stated that the leader of the delinquents will form a special bond with him. The Phantom Girl will pursue Senpai to spite Yandere-chan as an act of revenge against Ryōba, and it's possible that the Student Council President may have similar motives.
  • If Midori Gurin sat in the protagonist chair, would Yandere Simulator become an Edutainment Game?
    • Senpai isn't the protagonist, but he sits in the protagonist chair. Yandere Simulator would still be the same even if Midori sat in the protagonist chair in her class, and she doesn't even go to class.
  • Where did Yandere-chan get the items for the stalker shrine? In the original intro, she just met Senpai recently. How would she have acquired those items, especially the toothbrush?
    • The dev has said that the items will be collectibles in the final version. For now, they're there to demonstrate what they look like.
      • The same goes for the picture, I assume? 'Cause it wouldn't make sense how she got that picture otherwise…
  • What's the in-game reason for as to why there's so few students in school?
    • Akademi is an exclusive and wealthy private school with no more than 90-100 students.
      • Also, if the game had more than 90-ish students, it would be virtually impossible to do anything because the halls would constantly be crowded. You can't have a stealth game if you're always in someone's view.
  • Why can't you just take panty shots of yourself? I know it would be too easy from a gameplay perspective, but what's the reason In-Universe?
    • "Stage fright"?
    • It seems to matter who the photos are of. Info-chan will thank you for getting that specific girl's panties (even if their face is not visible, she's just that good) and will not accept another photo of the same girl's panties. So a photo of Yandere-chan would not be able to substitute all the other girls.
    • It might be obvious from the picture that it's self-taken, and if word gets around that Yandere-chan is the kind of girl who takes pictures of her own panties for boys to purchase, her reputation might drop. Alternatively, an appeal of the panty shots might be the fact that they're candid, so a purposeful panty pic might not get as much money (and therefore not be worthy to Info-chan)
  • Why are there only two toilet stalls in the bathroom? If it were part of a restaurant or park, that would make sense, but it's in a public school.
    • It's actually a wealthy private school with no more than a hundred students.
    • There's actually four stalls in the girls' bathrooms and two (plus urinals) in the boys'. There are two pairs of bathrooms on all three floors; with four fixtures in each, 48 people (24 males and 24 females, at least) can use the toilet simultaneously, which will be a little under half the school's total population when the game is completed.
  • How is Yandere-chan so strong? She can run forever, outrun her classmates (like when you're chasing them), with enough training for a few weeks or so she can overpower teachers, and she can lift dead bodies for long enough to put them in a incinerator. What is with this girl?
  • After you knock someone out and put them in a box how do you sneak inside the gym school? They're supposed to be locked up at night.
  • In the stalker shrine, why is there an apple with one bite mark in it? Why did my lovely Senpai waste an apple?!
    • Who said he threw it away? For all we know, Yandere-chan somehow stole it from him while he was eating it.
      • Why didn't Yandere-chan wait for him to finish the apple so that there'd be more nutritious teeth marks to lick? It'd also be easier to steal.
    • The remade shrine shows the apple eaten down to its core. Far more teeth-marks to lick.
  • Why doesn't Yandere-chan get homework?
  • It says here that Yandere-chan's mother knows about Yandere's true nature. How would she know that if this is the first time that Yandere-chan has expressed true emotion? Like, in the intro introduced in August 2015 it shows that Yandere-chan is experiencing new feelings for her Senpai, feelings that she has never gotten before such as happiness and rage. So if this is Yandere-chan's first time being a true Yandere, or at least having the feelings of one since you don't have to kill the rivals, then how does Yandere-chan's mother know anything about Yandere's nature?
    • First, the tweet doesn't say anything about her mother knowing about her "true nature", it says that her mother knows that she doesn't experience emotions. Second, since her mother had a similar experience in high school in the past, it's not hard to assume that she sees in Yandere-chan the same kind of behavior that she herself has exhibited in the past.
    • Ryoba's exact words regarding her daughter: "If she's anything like her mother, she'll be able to take care of herself."
  • How does Info-chan not know about Kokona Haruka's crush and additional information? I get that it makes sense from a game designer's perspective – that information would spoil some of the many secrets of the game. However, in-game-wise it doesn't make too much sense. Kokona's crush on Senpai could be new because he might be a new student in town. Yandere-chan never met Senpai before this year which increases the chances of him not being at Akademi last year (she could've just not seen him which is why it's not completely sound) so this means that Info-chan might not already know about Kokona's feelings because they're just so new. However, Kokona mentions when she stares at Senpai during lunch that he never notices how she feels about him. That implies that Kokona's crush might be more obvious than we thought. She also stares at him that is obvious to everyone except Senpai, who is facing away. Like, if you were several feet away from Kokona and could see both her and Senpai, you could tell that she's staring at him. If you were closer, you could hear her talk about Senpai. How could Info-chan not have known about this?

    Then there's also the compensated dating and the abusive father, but both of those might be relatively new, especially the latter. Kokona mentions that ever since her mom died... Yeah, ever since. Saki Miyu says that Kokona hasn't been acting like her usual self lately. This all suggests that this hasn't been happening for long. Info-chan might've not known about that, but what about the compensated dating? There's no proof for that to be recent.
    • Crushes are always listed in the Student Info dossiers Info-chan provides, so that question is moot.
    • She probably knows that already but refused to tell it for free. Hence the "provide blackmail" favor.
    • Repeat after me: TEST RIVAL. In addition to Info-chan not wanting to give all her secrets away for free and stalking your rivals to learn more about them being a key part of gameplay, there isn't a "true" rival in the current builds of the game – with all the AI that implies. Kokona herself might not actually be a rival in the final game (although she coincidentally bears a resemblance to the Drama Club president), so anything about her character at this point – crushes, dark secrets, etc. – could easily become moot later.
  • In the mid October update, Yandere-chan tortures Saki Miyu until there is no trace of her humanity left. Now, this is a really awesome update, but… why do none of the incoming students try to stop the broken-minded Saki from killing herself? Sure, they're in shock because of Kokona's body, but after that, shouldn't they try and save Saki once it becomes clear she intends to kill herself?
    • She's armed, has just killed someone, and is clearly out of it. It'd be difficult at best, and downright dangerous.
    • However, the Dev has said that Osoro Shidesu will be able to fight back against, and presumably overpower a mind-slave. If she ends up knocking the mindslave unconscious instead of ending up having to stab her in the struggle, it's entirely possible that the mindslave could end up being sent to the hospital and then a therapist. While there are only two weeks left after Osoro, so the therapy couldn't be over soon enough to get Yan-chan in trouble in-game, it'd be interesting if a former mindslave testified against Ayano during the ending... (And if Osoro does kill the mindslave in the struggle, that's clearly self-defense, so Yan-chan can't use that to get her arrested.)
  • Not thinking gameplay-wise, how does the School Atmosphere raise so quickly? Deaths just happened, it shouldn't take a week for everything to be okay.
    • School Atmosphere may not be about students being okay with the deaths, but about fear that they themselves are going to die. If the atmosphere is lower, they are more paranoid. It raises when they think they don't have a reason to be paranoid anymore, it doesn't mean they aren't grieving (even if in-game they aren't).
  • As of the October 18th update, Yandere-chan's mother has been given the name of Ryoba Aishi. Although this is debug testing, which may explain it, why does Yandere-chan share her mother's maiden name if Yandere-chan's father is still alive?
    • In Japan, it's not uncommon for a man to take his wife's family name if her family has no sons but the husband has brothers to carry on his family's line/name. It's even more common if the wife comes from a more prestigious family, like they run a conglomerate or something, so he's marrying up.
      • The fact that both Aishis managed to attend a rich private school (i.e. Akademi High School) suggests that the Aishis are a rich family in general, so the 'marrying up' thing is likely. But again, Mr. Aishi did attend Akademi High School as well...
    • Not to mention Ryoba is a Yandere. It's entirely possible that she made him change his name "because he's part of the family now!".
    • Word of God has confirmed that he changed his last name to Aishi.
  • How has Yandere-chan's father not been rescued yet? According to the tenth basement tape he holds a job which presumably means he's out in public, no? He still lives in the town he was kidnapped in, someone's bound to recognize him even though he's aged.
    • Stockholm Syndrome. By the time people realized he was missing, he'd been broken by Ryoba and probably just said that he'd eloped with her, meaning that things were probably awkward at first, but everyone eventually rolled with it.
    • That same tape also heavily implies that the two of them work in the same place (she says "our boss"), probably so Ryoba can keep tabs on him. The real question is: What did Ryoba say/do to their boss to get him to agree to let them take off for ten weeks?
  • When Yandere-chan joins the Martial Arts club, she is given a Martial Arts Uniform... with a black belt reserved for masters. What the hell?
    • We don't know what martial art Budo is training everyone in. Not every martial art uses the belt system in the way karate and taekwondo do.
    • The game is still in progress. As of right now, a fair portion of the models are still pre-made and bought off the Unity store (you can see the same Martial Arts outfit in the model that became Yandere-chan). In the future, many more will be original, meaning that the design will most likely change to reflect that Yan-chan is a newb.
  • Huge, huge, HUGE plot hole; in the torture video, it's specifically said that if Ayano misses too much school, everyone will think of her as a delinquent, including Senpai. Senpai could never love a delinquent so you'll get a game over if you miss too much school. One of the ten rivals is a delinquent. This doesn't even make even the slightest bit of sense. Given what Word of God said about what Senpai thinks about delinquents, wouldn't they reject the rival almost instantly?
    • Not a plot hole at all. It's been hinted on Twitter that the delinquent rival will have a way of winning over Senpai despite her reputation. However, it's a spoiler that won't be revealed for a while.
  • Why does Midori even go to school if she never attends class?
    • Mom0ki's (admittedly non-canon) explanation is that she's not on the roster.
    • In the game itself, she's just an NPC with no special function who will presumably go to class. Until then, she's just an in-joke character in the debug builds who doubles as a second guinea pig for testing features.
  • Why is it that after you do the totally normal thing in the Occult Club room, the " last..." text varies in color? I tried it a few times, it was white, but then I tried one more and it was deep pink all of a sudden.
    • Apparently, it changes depending on the last demon you spoke to. If you spoke to the Fiend, you get red text. If you speak to the Succubus, it turns fuchsia. If the Horror, white, as normal.
  • Why does Yandere-chan speak so monotonously? Sure, she's an Emotionless Girl, but don't sociopaths usually learn to mimic facial expressions and tone of voice to cover up the fact that they don't feel much or any emotion?
    • This could probably be filed under the fact that the script and voices are far from finalized.
  • How would you expect to get away with a quite obvious murder technique such as immolation? You trip and fall, spilling gas and then quite deliberately toss a lit match in the soaked girl's direction. Your defense would definitely not hold up in court. Just repeat the MST3K Mantra?
    • In the future, I imagine students will react to you throwing the match, so to get away with it you would probably have to make sure no one's looking at you, or follow the girl when she runs to the locker room and throw it at her then. Plus, people will probably get suspicious of Yandere-chan running around with a bucket of gasoline on the same day someone mysteriously burned to death.
  • Why does Musume Ronshaku assume that Yandere-chan can get her cigarettes? Does Yandere-chan look like a smoker to her?
    • Well, Musume seems to be kind of... well... not very intelligent. Also, she may have assumed that someone in her family, school, or even class smokes or it may be possible that Yandere-chan looks 18 or more in-universe, which could make Musume think that she is old enough to at least BUY her cigarettes.
      • The minimum drinking and smoking age in Japan is 20 years old. And to reiterate, WHY does she assume that Yandere-chan is a smoker?
    • Looking at her behavior, the assumption she may actually have is that Yan-chan would be willing to break school rules and laws to give her cigarettes. She does ask if Yan-chan has any on her, but then she says that if she gets her a pack she'd be "best friends forever". When you refuse, Musume gets angry and accuses Yan-chan of being a Smug Straight Edge. This suggests a sense of entitlement, which is consistent with her Spoiled Brat description. Since both delinquents and smokers (her being the latter) hang nearby the incinerator, she might have also assumed that Yan-chan is there for similar reasons. This is supported by the task only being available when she's standing outside. Asking an average student on campus would be incriminating, but when she's in a relatively secluded place, where less law-abiding people hang out? Couldn't hurt asking.
  • When you wear a mask and kill people, how do the police not figure out that it was you? Anyone who saw you killing people can say which particular mask it was, and the mask should have DNA from your face on it. Assuming you weren't wearing gloves while putting the mask on, it should also have your fingerprints on it. In addition, anyone who saw you from behind could at least testify as to what hair the killer had (assuming that the ability to change your character's appearance is Gameplay and Story Segregation).
    • You burn the mask (MST3K Mantra for the fact that the flames of the incinerator probably won't destroy DNA). If you don't burn the mask, police will find your DNA on it and promptly arrest you.
  • Yanderedev states here that Budo Masuta has likely been training in martial arts for nearly every spare moment of his time since early childhood. Yanderedev has also stated that the title of strongest student in the school goes not to him, but to the leader of the delinquents. He has also stated that if she were attacked by a mindslave, she would give it a hard time, despite them now having superhuman strength enabling them to take on a teacher. How the heck can a simple delinquent girl be stronger than a martial arts master who has done that much training, or a mentally broken person with insanity induced superhuman strength?! How?!
    • Keep in mind the game isn't finished yet, and the Delinquent Leader has only been shown in the update videos. It's entirely possible that the game will give her a backstory that would explain why she's so powerful.
    • Because Martial Arts is highly impractical during a street fight.
    • "Someone with only a year of training in boxing and wrestling could easily defeat a martial artist of twenty years experience. (Bruce Lee)". Regarding the mindslave, Yandere-Chan has destroyed her self-preservation. Without that, she's The Juggernaut.
    • Given her character art, Osoro might well outweigh him, she's definitely more muscular. Add that to the fact that he's explicitly a martial artist and she's explicitly a street fighter, I know which I would bet on if someone came at them with a knife.
  • Matachmaking is here. Good. So what EVIL, MANIPULATIVE, AND SELFISH thing that Ayano will do to get to her Senpai? Getting two people together by helping them work up the courage to reveal their feelings for one another and then have them be a happy couple...what? At this point, Yan Dev saying she's "manipulating" them (along with that EVILLLLL picture of Ayano) is Narmy. All she did was get two people together because they said nice things to each other. How is that manipulative?
    • Her motivations are entirely selfish. She's not doing this to make someone's life better, she's doing it so that someone she likes won't be courted by someone else.
    • Still a bit overblown to say that she's EVIL and MANIPULATIVE in this case, though.
    • Evil is definitely an overstatement, but considering she's taking advantage of some poor sap's lovesickness to mold him into someone completely different, and then making the rival fall in love with what is essentially a mask, manipulative is pretty apt.
  • Why would Riku try to hide his family's wealth? Okay, I can understand if he tried to hide the extent of it, but Akademi High is supposed to be an affluent school. Wouldn't people like that be common?
    • Well he is most likely richer than most of the students (and as we know, Kokona's father is struggling with cash, so it's not just the upper, upper crust that can attend the school) and even well-off people can still want to take advantage of in their eyes a golden goose. Not to mention he would want a girl who loves him, not his money.
  • What exactly is on top of the ghost girl's head?
    • That would be a "hitaikakushi", which is a small, white, triangular piece of cloth worn on the forehead of "yūrei", the conceptual equivalent of a ghost in Japanese mythology.
  • In the final week, Megami will install added security measures because she knows there's a dangerous person on campus. But what if the player decides to "eliminate" all of Yan-chan's rivals by matchmaking them?
    • Well, it's not like Yandere-chan is the only bad person on campus. The delinquents hang around the incinerator carrying weapons, there are assorted people who get off on the suffering of others (Yui's not going to be the only one), somebody's supplying Info-chan with panty shots, and Info-chan is pretty blatantly evil herself.
  • YandereDev states that the rivals are supposed to not come off as true villains and that killing them is supposed to be a bad thing, but what about Mida Rana? Mida is stated to have a history of seducing schoolboys, and she appears to be made to come off as a seductive temptress. I know that the age of consent is much lower in Japan than in America, but even if they are of age, it still counts as illegal activity since a teacher is in a position of authority. She has repeatedly broken the law by lusting after her students. I'm willing to give Muja Kina a pass since she seems more innocent and willing to wait until after Senpai graduates, but Mida comes off as a stereotypical female child molesting teacher. Are we really supposed to feel bad about killing a woman like her? If the faculty knew what she was doing, she would probably be arrested or fired. Why are we supposed to feel bad about killing her?
    • Killing "is" a bad thing, that's the point, but all the rivals we see, or at least most of them, do have some pretty negative traits; they're not "villains", but they're not nice people either... Osana Najimi is verbally abusive, perhaps even physically if she follows all the tsundere traits, and is mean to Senpai every chance she gets, Kizana Sunobu is arrogant and egotistical, Oka, while admittedly a bit sad of a character, is still obsessed with demons and wants to summon them, Muja Kina, like the teacher, is going after a student, Mida Rana is a promiscuous ephebophile, Osoro Shidesu is a delinquent who is also violent, Hanako Yamada (Senpai's sister) has made it her mission to stop him from getting a girlfriend at all costs so that nobody else can have her big brother's attention, that leaves only 3 rivals who are decent people (and we don't even know if they are truly nice people either).
  • This is a minor one which can probably just be answered by "it's anime", but how can the sakura trees stay pink for TEN WEEKS IN A ROW? Don't they normally lose their flowers after like 2 weeks?
    • Knowing Yandere-Chan, she probably strung up faux flowers on the trees just to enhance her confession to Senpai.
      • At week 10, maybe, but if they're lost after 2 weeks, then any confession cutscenes from week 3 to week 9 would still have the same problem.
    • The ending map in part 2 of January 2017's dev video mentions Yandere-Chan potentially "discover[ing] the secret of the cherry tree", which may have something to do with OP's question. Certainly, with demons running around, a magic tree isn't out of the realm of possibility.
  • How the hell is Mida able to keep her job as a substitute teacher with the outfit she wears? That has to violate school dressing policies.
    • It helps that school principals tend to be men.
      "Rana-San! You can't be expected to be taken seriously by our students when you dress like..."
      "Like What?" (Undoes a button.)
      "Uh...carry on..."
  • Why is Mr. Aishi against Ayano going after a girl? He should know more than anyone what an Aishi woman will do to get and keep the object of her affections. Looking at it from a pragmatic perspective, if Ayano is obsessed with a girl, that basically guarantees that there will be one less Yandere bloodline in the world. After all, it seems unreasonable that a yandere would have someone be a surrogate father. Surely the social stigma is worth letting the world be a slightly better place.
    • First of all, we don't even know if he's aware that the entire Aishi bloodline is filled with yandere women. Even if he is, Yandere Dev has stated that they would find a way to continue the family line.
    • Deliberate Values Dissonance. Homosexuality is still mostly frowned upon in Japan, and even if he does see that upside, he won't snap out of that mindset overnight.
    • He is more likely to not want Sempai, regardless of gender, to suffer the same abuse that he himself had went through.
  • How does no one know Info-Chan's real identity? She is the only person in the info club, and when she registered as a student, she must have given her identity to the faculty. Can't students just ask the staff who the person in the info club is?
    • Would the staff be allowed to divulge that information? Admittedly I know nothing about what the rules about that would be in Japan but I highly doubt it. Alternatively, they might be afraid of Info-Chan finding out about the attempt and revealing any dirt she might have on them as payback; what would a student have to gain from knowing Info-Chan's identity that would be worth the inevitable reputation tank?
    • The newest headmaster tape shows the precautions taken by the headmaster to cover up info-chan. With the social anxiety issue and all the trouble the headmaster gets into, I don't think anyone would want to intrude in that, besides the above reasons.
    • Info-chan likely works for the faculty as well, in exchange for protection. At the very least she almost certainly has dirt on them as well.
  • The January 2017 build of Yandere Simulator comes with a disclaimer that "All characters depicted are 18 or older, even if otherwise specified." If that's taken seriously rather than as a way of getting around certain US states' 18+ age of consent laws, that means that Senpai's little sister (otherwise specified to be approximately 16) is at least 18, Ayano and her classmates (otherwise specified to be approximately 17) are at least 19, and Senpai (otherwise specified to be approximately 18) is at least 20. If that is the case... what are they still doing in high-school?!
    • It says "All characters are 18 years of age or older, even if otherwise specified" to get around crazy laws regarding fictionalized violence and murder of minors, like in Australia. Were this disclaimer not placed there, Yandere Simulator would not be authorized to have distribution in that country. Just remember, "It's just a game, I should really just relax."
  • As of the mid January build, if any four students see you commit a murder at the same time, they will try to apprehend you. This includes the evil Yui Rio. Umm... why? She approves of murder, and she still cheers you on and promises to keep it a secret if she sees you commit a murder with no more than two other witnesses. She is supposed to want you to be free to kill more people so that she can see more murder. If it's Pragmatic Villainy and she does not want to risk becoming a victim herself, why does she still cheer you on if there are not three or more witnesses? If she's afraid of becoming a victim herself, and that's why she helps apprehend you if there are three others, how come when there are, at most, two others, she cheers you on instead of begging for her life? I know this could change in the future, but at least for the time, it needs an explanation.
    • Maybe if everyone's stepping up, she's afraid that they'll wonder why she didn't, and she wants to keep that aspect of her more hidden. Still Pragmatic Villainy, but less afraid of becoming your victim and more afraid of what everyone else will realize about her if she doesn't step up. Though, like you said, it could change later on, and YandereDev said that one potential change to the mechanic is that Cowardly personas will never attempt to apprehend you; maybe later on Evil personas will also stay back. The mechanic is brand new, after all.
  • What's with the naming conventions of the game? In Japan, people go by their last name unless they're close, but in Yandere Simulator, that never happens. I don't know if Ayano being called "Yan-chan" would be the same as calling her Ayano, but Kokona calls her by the nickname after knowing her for a little bit. I'd accept if it was because it's an alternate universe Japan, but in the 1st basement tape, Ryoba Aishi's senpai doesn't call her by her first name (at first) because he doesn't know her well enough. But he knows her name, since after being held at knife point he calls her by her first name. So does the game go by the Japanese rule of calling people by their last name or not?
    • Even if Yan-Chan=Ayano for the sake of that rule, it's probably a safe bet that Kokona considers you a close friend after you got her father out of debt, so it's not too outlandish that she'd think them close enough to use Ayano's first name.
  • Why is a rival's confession an instant game over? Can't Ayano just kill them after they make their confession?
    • Maybe that's what SNAP mode will do?
  • Why is it that during the "Bullies" video, the Student Council does nothing to stop the bullying despite the fact that they have the ability to do so?
    • Maybe Megami won't let them due to their last attempt having something to do with Aoi's missing eye?
    • As is sometimes the case in Real Life private schools, perhaps the bullies' parents pay enough money to the school for their kids to attend that someone higher up the food chain prohibits the Student Council from giving bullies any more than a slap on the wrist, out of fear that said parents will pull their kids out of the school and they'll lose out on the money. This could also be the reason why the Delinquents being bullied was brushed off for so long.
    • Megami states in her laptop message that if she had her way, she would 'eradicate you all'. It's not directly stated but that likely includes all the trouble makers at school, and she's been specifically ordered not to touch them.
  • If Sakura has a problem with her heart, why doesn't she try to get a transplant?
    • Maybe her family can't afford it, or she's so far back on the waiting list that she won't be able to hold out long enough(especially is she has a blood type rare enough that matching donors would be harder to come by).
      • I suppose she could also be deciding to take the natural route, viewing surgery as nothing more than prolonging the inevitable, what with rejection risks and all.
  • Why does the player have the option of threatening Genka if doing so gives them an instant game over?
    • Rule of Funny. Also, there might be a situation where it works, or is planned for later.
    • Schmuck Bait. I mean what did you think would happen? It also serves as a bit of characterisation for her, she's not a coward and she can be pushed too far.
  • What are the consiquences for getting beaten up by the Delinquents? It doesn't affect Ayanos speed, and she can still kill students and fight the Delinquents again without having to rest in the infirmary (albiet, she will be defeated if she's hit once in the case of the latter), no one even reacts to the fact you have been beaten up. Just wondering, can she not carry bodies or weights while injured? Is there any actual need for her to go to the infirmary? Does it affect your ability to fight Teachers and Heroic students? What happens if you don't go? No videos that I have seen have shown any drawbacks.
    • Game's still not done yet... And have you tested the state out??
  • If Raibaru is virtually invincible and Budo was able to defeat her, shouldn't Budo be even more unkillable than Raibaru?
    • Motivation? Raibaru wanted to lose, yet in all scenarios where she's fighting you she's got some very good reasons to give it her all.
      • Yandere Dev said that Raibaru continued practising martial arts until her defeat, even though she didn't like it, because she felt obligated to do so, as all the other students looked up to her as a champion and she didn't want to let them down. She doesn't sound like someone who would lose on purpose. Plus, in a fight to the death against Ayano, Budo would be just as motivated to give it all he's got as Raibaru would be.
  • How is Muja Kina still working as a nurse if she's only making things worse for her patients?
  • Why don't witnesses to an attempted poisoning try to warn the person whose lunch you poisoned?
  • The swords from the Drama Club use the same attack animations as the katana, indicating that they're sharp. Which raises the question: why does the Drama Club have real, sharp swords that one could actually cut and stab people with? They're supposed to be prop swords, so shouldn't they be made of wood, or polypropylene, or something else that's not quite as dangerous? High-end prop swords made with steel or aluminium blades exist, but there are three problems. First, even those are not sharpened. Second, they're rather expensive, so they're used for high-end films and plays because that justifies the cost. But a school drama club? Third, prop weapons with any kind of metal blade are banned even in things like LARP and cosplay events because they're too dangerous, so why are they allowed in a prestigious school that has a reputation to uphold AND a headmaster who's paranoid about killers?


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