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Remember: moments pages are Spoilers Off.

For a game that lacked an official demo for years, there are a lot of awesome things about it – in the game itself, within the development videos, and from the game's dedicated fanbase.

The Game Itself

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  • The voice acting is, for the most part, very good - which is really impressive in a game with no budget.
    • YandereDev has released a partial cast list – most of the main voice actors are professionals, and many have previous game work under their belts. Michaela Laws, Ayano's voice, is herself a game developer – she's the creator of the Otome game Seduce Me; she also wrote and programmed the April Fools' Day 2016 Dating Sim Burning Love – in between acting gigs. Many of the other voices in YanSim are actor friends of hers. He also managed to score Brittany Lauda, best known as Audrey in HuniePop, for Osana (another tsundere), which is pretty awesome in itself if you're one of the players who liked (or loved to hate) Audrey.
    • The voice acting in the cassette tapes is especially good. The Journalist's description of Ryoba is spine-chilling, and the character progression of the Headmaster is fascinating to listen to.
  • Seeing the entire school completely redone in the mid-November 2015 build. It went from a small, two-floor school without even a functioning rooftop (there was a door to the roof, but it led out onto thin air) and only one entrance to a four-story monstrosity with a plaza, cafeteria, fountain, track, and hedge maze. On its own, it's pretty impressive. Considering it was all done by one guy in two weeks, it's damn amazing. Notably, he also created ten new characters (including their personas and routines) during that time.
  • The props in the faculty lounge are unadultered Scenery Porn, for even the smallest things - the various books and sticky notes even include a couple of blink-and-you-miss-it jokes and easter eggs. Just a sample:
    • YandereDev has stated outright that he'd like as many rooms in the school as possible to have that level of detail. As of October 2018, all clubrooms have some degree of this – Occult, Martial Arts, Light Music, Cooking, Photography, Student Council, Gaming, Art, Science, and Drama. Each of them has their own color scheme, unique textures, and an absurd number of individual assets.
    • Even rooms that the player is unlikely to spend much time in, such as the Sewing Room, are packed to the gills with unique assets, textures and easter eggs.
  • Some of the club benefits currently make committing or getting away with murder an absolute joke.
    • Joining the Drama Club gives you access to masks you can wear to kill people right in front of a crowd of witnesses while concealing your identity, meaning that you get off scot free. It's so awesome that you can only do this once before masks are banned.
    • The Martial Arts Club perk lets you automatically win physical confrontations against anyone, regardless of their skill level. Seeing Budo or a teacher instantly take a blade to the neck without even getting the chance to fight back is immensely satisfying.
    • The Occult Club doesn't seem like one at first. But, if you combine it with complementary manga and panty buffs, you won't lose sanity at all no matter how many people you kill, meaning that you can run through the halls killing everyone you come across without getting slower or sloppier. Dev himself described it as the best perk for people who want to play the game as an Ax-Crazy mass murderer.
      • Also, other students have a Weirdness Censor when it comes to the Occult Club, meaning it'll take them significantly longer to notice you. Great for getting those elusive panty shots without getting caught - or slipping past witnesses while armed and covered in blood. Like Oka herself, it's understated awesome.
    • At least for now, the Gaming Club's benefit is absurdly overpowered – you get to temporarily level up one of your stats for the rest of the day. This is made doubly awesome that before outcry from the fans made Dev change it, you weren't even supposed to be able to join the Gaming Club.
    • You wouldn't think the Gardening Club would be very impressive. Well, you would think wrong. Joining the Gardening Club gives you access to the contents of their shed, including rat poison, a shovel, an axe, a jerry can of gasoline and a circular saw.
  • Normally, most students at the school will do some variation on running away in terror if they see you kill someone. But if you murder a student in front of a loved one – be it a sibling, crush, or best friend – the survivor will charge your ass with their strength suddenly maxed-out. This means that even students who are normally incapable of defending themselves will gain the strength of a Martial Arts Master if they see you kill their loved one, and will use their new abilities to take you down.
    • After Matchmaking was further refined in October 2016, this also became true of couples you set up together. Seeing Kokona of all people take down Yan-chan is extremely satisfying, considering the eighteen months of torture she had to endure at the hands of her creator and thousands of players before Osana was released.
  • If you murder someone in front of at least four witnesses, they will gang up and pin you down until the authorities come, resulting in an instant Game Over.
    • This includes Loners, Cowards, and Social Butterflies. Seeing people who would normally run away, beg you for mercy, or just curl up into a ball on the floor if they saw you kill someone band together to end your reign of terror is pretty frickin' awesome.
    • In older builds, by exploiting programming holes (or cheats), it was possible to defy the group takedown and continue on your merry rampage (albeit with your would-be conquerors following you around), which was doubly awesome if you could pull it off.
  • The in-game anime. First of all, there' "Magical Girl: Pretty Miyuki!" No, it doesn't exist in real life, but you could be mistaken for thinking otherwise. It has character designs, posters in the Photography Club, figurines in the Gaming Club, a unique weapon for its main character, a playable bullet hell game with two different modes, original music, and a plot that is at least vaguely outlined into the third season. It's also completely invented, purely for the sake of giving Yandere Simulator a more vibrant "world." Amazing.
    • More awesome is that it's not just background window dressing. You can actually use Miyuki's signature wand (it's in the Drama Club), and can play a Miyuki minigame in Yan-chan's room (which is Nintendo Hard even on easy mode). There's even an Easter Egg that turns Yandere-chan into Miyuki (described in more detail in the Easter Eggs section). Also, it's hinted that "Magical Girl: Pretty Miyuki" may have some role to play in Osana's Befriend/Betray storyline. Dev has really gone in depth to make Yandere Simulator feel like a fully realized world.
    • There's also "Life Note." Although this one is not quite as creative (it's an Affectionate Parody of "Death Note"), it, unlike "Miyuki," has an actual episode that you can watch in Ayano's room to get ideas for possible murder methods. The voice acting is pretty damn good, too.
  • In SNAP Mode, the removal of the interface. It is completely justified both from a aesthetic and story standpoint.
  • As of August 31st, 2020, after many years of development, the first rival has finally been released; Osana Najimi has been fully implemented, so players can officially play the "first week" of Yandere Simulator.
    Elimination Methods 
  • Getting away with murder can count as this. If you're unlucky and someone saw you - which, with over 90 students and several teachers patrolling the hallway at all times, is extremely difficult to avoid - you've got five minutes to get rid of all evidence implicating you. Doing so, especially when you've got a high body count, is incredibly satisfying, as the cops are powerless to do anything and the students begin to fear for their lives.
    • If you do this enough times, School Atmosphere will bottom out, and you can watch the environment go from bright, saturated slice-of-life anime style to a foreboding, black-and-white world with Ominous Fog and creepy ambiance. Seeing your actions completely change the look and feel of the game is pretty damn cool.
  • In the June 1st 2016 build, you can help Kokona out by kidnapping the daughter of the loan shark who's been sucking money out of her father, and holding her ransom until he agrees to clear all debts. There's something so satisfying about getting to see Kokona's issues finally resolved.
    • The cutscene where Yan-chan invites Kokona to her home to talk. Even though YandereDev apologized for the poor quality, it's pretty impressive for what we've been shown so far.
  • September 22nd, 2016: Ladies and gentlemen, Matchmaking. It is awesome and adorable at the same time. It's also tough as hell to pull off if you don't know what you're doing, but that just makes succeeding feel all the more rewarding.
    • Unintentional, but still an awesome moment: if you pair Kokona and Riku together, they will be holding hands on the way to school every morning thereafter. In the first few builds after it was implemented, if you then kidnapped Kokona and made her a mindslave, Riku would still hold her hand anyway, like the most dedicated and loving boy in school. What a guy.
    • If you matchmake Riku and Kokona, and then kill one of them in front of the other, the survivor will bum-rush you with maxed-out strength, similar to siblings or best friends. After only a week, they're already so in love that they're willing to risk their lives for one another. Good work, Yan-chan.
  • In the April 2017 video, we get to see a brand new way of eliminating Osana — by grabbing her pigtails and sticking them into an industrial fan, resulting in her getting dragged into said fan and messily decapitated. Gory? Yes. Disturbing? Yes. Awesome? Yes.
  • Despite being horrific, there's something to be said about how well Ayano pulls off her plan in "Driving Your Rivals to Murder" — first she plays off Kokona's love for her father by telling her (not untruthfully) that Musume manipulates her Loan Shark father into buying her fancy things with the money he extorts from Kokona's dad, and remains an Ungrateful Bastard despite her wealth. Then, when Ayano captures Musume and leaves her tied up, she hands Kokona a baseball bat. All she has to do is stand back and watch as Musume taunts and slut-shames Kokona and insults her father. By the time Kokona snaps out of her rage, Musume is dead and the cops arrive to arrest Kokona… and Ayano is nowhere to be seen, having set up an alibi beforehand.
  • The sheer variety of weapons Yan-chan has at her disposal. There are a total of 23 available weapons, outside of Easter Eggs. Even more awesome is that they're all logically placed around school, to where it makes sense that they would be there.
    • The circular saw. Oh, man, the circular saw. It has the longest killing animation of any weapon in the game, as Yan-chan slams it into her victim's face and drags it down through their body, causing them to scream in pain and collapse to the ground in a spreading pool of blood. That's the high sanity animation. In the low sanity animation, she shoves it into their kneecaps so that they fall to the ground, then pins them to the ground and drags the high-powered saw through their ribs - several times - as they desperately try to protect their organs with their fragile arms. It's fucking metal.
    • The ritual knife has its own special brand of awesome. When you stab someone with it, a cloud of dark smoke comes out of it as the knife claims their soul.
    • The shovel. Not as cool as a chainsaw or a ritual knife, but there's just something so satisfying about whacking someone across the face with it.
    • The scissors, screwdriver, and box cutter. You'd think they'd be the least cool weapons in the game, right? Well, they're obviously not as badass as some of the others, but the awesome comes in that they're not seen as suspicious. This means that you can run around school with them in your hand, murdering as many as you like, and no one will bat an eye.
      • The same thing is true of the fire extinguisher. That's right, this game lets you break people's skulls with a freakin' fire extinguisher, and as long as you don't let it get bloody, you can walk around school with it like nothing's even wrong.
  • Faking suicide. If you take your victim's shoes off before pushing them off the roof, and leave a "suicide note" with a convincing reason for the suicide, the school won't even consider the idea of the death being suspicious. A higher fence will be erected around the roof, to prevent it happening again, but the police won't even be called - letting Ayano go home without even needing to clean up the corpse. Awesome.
  • Electrocution is a pretty basic murder method, all things considered. However, the animation that plays when a student is being electrocuted is cool as fuck. Picture this: an unwitting student, happy because they've just been given a free bag of chips, strolls casually up to the water fountain, while other students chat and giggle as they walk through the hallways. The person steps up to the water fountain, presses the button, and —>BzzzZZZzzZZZzzZzZZzzztt!
  • The murder-suicide elimination is pretty awesome, if you can get past the sheer Nightmare Fuel of it. After spending four days getting ready to be able to kidnap someone (since that's how long it takes to upgrade your Chemistry stat), and then spending another 40 hours in total torturing your prisoner, you can finally sic your mindbroken slave on your rival (or anyone else you choose) and watch as she tackles her victim to the ground and stabs them over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and'' over...
    • After stabbing her intended victim so many times that it's difficult to keep count (with an appropriate sound effect for each and every squish and gurgle of pain), the mindslave takes a moment to catch her breath. She then pulls the blade out of the dead person's chest and unhesitatingly stabs herself in the throat - upon which a massive fountain of blood sprays out of her neck, and then she collapses on top of her victim.
    • The murder-suicide animation is a total of 39 seconds long - the longest animation in the game. After spending so much time and effort breaking in your prisoner, seeing such a dramatic payoff is really satisfying.
    • Best of all is that the police can't do a thing about it. The "perpetrator" is dead, and there's absolutely no evidence to tie anyone else (i.e. you) to the crime, so the police are helpless and School Atmosphere decreases by twenty points.
  • You can kill your rival (or anyone else) by burning them alive. It's actually relatively simple - you just set a bucket of gasoline over a door, booby trapping that door so that the next person to walk through it gets doused. Then all you have to do is trick your victim into touching a candle. The animation that plays when someone is lit on fire is one of thrashing in horrible pain, and the screaming... it's heavy metal.
  • Befriending is one of the most involved and complex elimination methods in the game. It involves doing a favor for your rival so massive that she's willing to give up Senpai for you. Each rival will have their own unique befriending storyline that reveals their darkest secrets and involves an elaborate sidequest that will take you outside of the usual Yandere Sim game loop and test your yandere skills. Even Kokona, the test rival, has a befriending storyline that forces you to go up against a Greater-Scope Villain - and Osana's equivalent arc had been hinted to be far more complex.
  • Now that Osana has officially been released as of August 31st, 2020, the player now gets to play Osana's equivalent arc: Osana is being harassed by a stalker, because the stalker thinks Osana resembles his favorite anime character Miyuki. Normally Osana would call the police, but the stalker has kidnapped Osana's cat as leverage so Osana can't call the police on him. To befriend Osana, Ayano can sneak into the stalker's house, make her way past the stalker's sister, father, and mother, and finally sneak into the stalker's bedroom and retrieve the cat. Once Osana has her cat back, if Ayano doesn't betray her, Osana will voluntarily agree to stay away from Senpai for the sake of Ayano's feelings.
  • For a more violent variant of awesome, with Osana's release, there are two violent methods of elimination that are unique to Osana, and the difficulty is increased compared to "test rival" Kokona because you have to somehow get Osana's friend Raibaru to leave her side first:
    • The first possibility is using a screwdriver to take the cover off a fan and then feeding one of Osana's pigtails into the fan so Osana gets decapitated.
    • The second possibility is tying one of Osana's pigtails to a heavy weight and then throwing the weight into a pool, so Osana is dragged into the pool along with the weight.
    Story & Characters 
  • It really is impressive how Taro (Senpai) gains the affections of so many girls. He is such a Chick Magnet that Mida Rana, a teacher who has made a hobby out of seducing male students, has decided that she wants him as her permanent boyfriend. She has seduced many schoolboys before, so the fact that she considers him good enough to want him as her one and only says a lot.
    • Over the course of the game, Senpai earns the love of no fewer than 11 girls and women, including an Alpha Bitch, a star athlete, the school nurse, the aforementioned teacher, a delinquent girl (who also happens to be the strongest girl in school), and the heiress to the largest corporation in Japan.
  • The fact that (nearly) all of the school staff are Reasonable Authority Figures is pretty cool. The badass teachers and just-as-badass nurse, for example.
    Anonymous: Jesus, are these teachers former WWE wrestlers?
    • According to the lore, Akademi High has a habit of hiring celebrity teachers to give its students the absolute best and to boost the school's reputation. In particular, Kyoshi Taiso, the gym teacher, is a former Olympic swimmer with a total of 23 gold medals, including 8 won in a single year.
  • Genka Kunahito, the school's guidance counselor, is willing to risk her entire career for the wellbeing of her students, staking her job on being able to reform the delinquents within 8 weeks - this because she feels responsible for their destructive path, having done nothing to stop the bullying that nearly drove them to a suicide pact. We've all had bad (or worse) teachers who ignored or played down bullying and the fact that she is willing to sacrifice so much to atone for such actions is pretty awesome.
  • Megami Saikou will get a Moment of Awesome during her week. Unlike all other rivals, she appears to know who Yan-chan is and what she's capable of. So what does she do? She disobeys her father's orders and uses her Student Council President abilities to make life difficult in as many ways as she can. She will install security cameras, hire security guards, institute a zero-tolerance policy, everything to make sure Yan-chan is caught.
  • Most students (all except Cowards and Spiteful students) who saw you commit murder and get away with it will call you out on it to your face while giving you one hell of a Death Glare. They will spend their days trying to convince everyone that you are a murderer, giving you a constant reputation drain until you *ahem* deal with them. Essentially, this made the majority of the school badass bystanders.
    • Just to give you an idea of how ballsy they are, the vast majority of students are incapable of self-defense, yet are willing to look a murderer straight in the face and tell her they're not going to let her get away with it. Damn.
    Student: Don't. Talk to me. I know you killed someone. I'll make sure everyone knows what you've done.
  • Budo Masuta, the leader of the Martial Arts Club, is the only student to consistently lack a paranoid animation. By 0% school atmosphere, it's obvious that a serial killer is on the loose, yet his whole body-language just screams I'm Not Afraid of You. Budo shows major balls by not giving in to paranoia even when his life is at stake.
    • This was actually a bug that was later fixed. Doesn't decrease the awesome.
  • If Senpai sees you kill someone in front of him while wearing a mask, he will run up to you and unmask you in front of everyone, causing an instant Game Over. For someone who has been characterized thus far as an Extreme Doormat, that's pretty badass.
  • Oh, so you want to kill any of the student council members? Some of the few people Megami Saikou actually cares for? Okay, prepare for the game to become Harder Than Hard. Get ready for security cameras, metal detectors, and School Atmosphere permanently set at 0%. Don't mess with Megami.
  • If a club leader has seen Ayano commit murder, and she then asks to join their club, they will summarily tell her to fuck off.
    Shoku: You...killed someone. Someone who had friends. Loved ones. Hopes. Dreams. Plans for the future. Memories of the past. And...ah...all of that was just...wiped out. How could you do that? need to leave.
    Tsuruzo: You vile, vicious villain! Did you truly believe that you could boldly waltz in here as though nothing was amiss?! I know your true nature, and you are not welcome here! Begone! BEGONE, I do say!
    Geiju: Please leave.
    Miyuji: You...killed someone. You shouldn't be walking around school like nothing should be in prison. I don't know how you got away with it...but I don't want you anywhere near me. Get. Out.
    Budo: You are not welcome here! Leave at once!
    Fureddo: You sick disgusting monster! I don't know how you live with yourself.
    Kaga: Go away! Or my latest invention will use you for target practice!
    Itachi: You're lucky I'm not snapping your neck right where you stand. Get out of here.
    Uekiya: You think you can just...pretend nothing happened? It's not going to work that way. You need to leave. Now.
    Gema: Are you serious?! ...I saw you literally MURDER someone in cold blood right in front of my FACE! You can't just pretend like everything is normal! This isn't a video game! Get away from me, you freak!
    Shin: Your recent actions are...more frightening than the demons we study. I apologize, don't belong here.
    Umeji: I saw you...kill someone. None of us have clean hands, but there are lines we don't cross. The answer is no. You can't be one of us. End of discussion.
    Oka: can't be here...your aura is too will attract evil spirits...I'm sorry...please leave...
    Placeholder Club Leader: You are not welcome here.
  • The July update gives a proper identity to the "Mysterious Obstacle" that is keeping you from taking out Osana right there and then - none other than Rival-chan, renamed (sorta) Raibaru Fumetsu. She is Osana's best friend, and an absolute badass. In the JSON files, her Self-Defense rating is listed as "Invincible", meaning that if you attack her, or Osana when she is present, she will instantly pin you down and break your arm in two places regardless of your Strength stat.
    • Raibaru is also the former leader of the Martial Arts Club and was completely undefeated until Budo came along. Imagine her tiny frame, bouncy pigtails, and cutesy Tareme Eyes kicking the ass of every single student who dared to challenge her.
  • The "Heroic" persona. These students, if they witness murder, will charge you and try to take you down. If you try to murder them straight on, they will defend themselves. You have to either kill them with a stealth attack, or raise your Physical Education stat to defeat them. It takes some balls to run up to someone you just saw murder someone and try to wrestle them to the ground.
    • All members of the Sports and Martial Arts clubs have the Heroic persona - which makes sense, because the Sports Club members have heightened physical strength and the Martial Arts club members have self-defense training. However, Himari Fujita, a member of the Gardening Club with neither of those things (and, before she was removed, Rainbow Girl Koharu Hinata) also has the Heroic persona. Himari will charge you and attempt to wrestle you to the ground if she sees you commit murder, despite having baseline strength and only very weak self-defense. She is willing to die if it will buy her friends time to get away from you.
  • Members of the Photography club react differently as School Atmosphere begins to drop. At the highest level, they're playful and goofy slackers who founded the club to goof off, eat snacks, and read manga without the stigma of being clubless. They respond to murder (with the exception of the leader, who is a Hero) by running away and hiding, and at least a few of their members are confirmed ditzes. However, if you attack one of their members, they will attack you without hesitation, and if students start turning up dead without explanation, they will take a stand against whoever is making school an unsafe place. They will patrol the school, checking on every student - including you - and if they catch you committing murder, they will snap a photograph of you and send it to the Police. Game Over. They go from the friendliest, silliest club in school to your worst enemy overnight.
    • Furthermore, if they catch you committing murder, and you somehow still get away with the crime, the entire club will spend their days stalking you constantly. They will stay a few feet behind you at all times, cameras ready, and only leave you during classtime and cleaning time. They will literally spend every moment that they possibly can (without getting kicked out of school) making sure that you never have an opportunity to kill any more innocent people. And they will do all this knowing full well that they are making themselves a target. Bad. Ass.
  • Osoro Shidesu, the Delinquent leader, is a walking Moment of Awesome. To give you an idea of just how dangerous she is, she is stated to be the strongest student at school. Yes, even stronger than Budo - and yes, even stronger than Raibaru. She is the eighth rival, meaning that eventually Yan-chan will have to face her - and will be one of her most challenging enemies. Her initial introduction was via a teaser from YandereDev in the video that introduced the Placeholder Delinquents. The camera pans slowly up to reveal her standing with her back turned, with flames surrounding her and her Coat Cape gently flapping in Dramatic Wind. You just know she's going to be a great challenge.
    • To get an idea of just how strong Osoro is supposed to be, Word of God says that she might be able to fight off a mindslave. Keep in mind tha mindslaves are so Brainwashed and Crazy that "there is no trace of a human left inside of them... they are permanently broken, forever." Their absolute lack of common sense or self-preservation gives them nearly superhuman strength, because they don't care about anything other than killing their assigned target. This might give some idea of what it means that Osoro could fight back against a person so broken that they have no purpose in life other than killing her, and nothing left to lose. She is unbelievably badass.
  • YandereDev has stated that in the final game, there may be a character who is capable of outright killing Ayano, after an extended period of emotional torment. It's Senpai. Yes, that's right, the biggest Nice Guy and Extreme Doormat in the game may snap if you put him through too much. (That means killing too many of your rivals and especially Osana or Hanako.
  • In the video detailing Yan-chan's childhood, it's revealed that Ayano's father tried to get mental health treatment for Ayano when she was younger. It may not seem like much, but consider this: Mr. Aishi, a man who was kidnapped, walked-on, probably raped, and subject to who knows what else by Ryoba for years, was able to openly act against her. One scene even implies he got into arguments with Ryoba over it. You have to admit, that's a pretty ballsy thing for someone in his position to even think about.
  • Yandere Dev's August 1, 2017, video about adding a Yakuza contact is pure terror from beginning to end. But in the ending of said video, he muses that this could lead to a Yakuza ending, depicting Yandere-Chan wielding a katana and now bearing an irezumi. Terrifying implications? Yes. Badass implications? Yer damn right!
  • Seeing the placeholder delinquents knock Yan-chan out in one hit. After seeing teachers and Heroic students go through so much trouble to capture her, it's both satisfying and unintentionally hilarious to see her dispatched so easily with no real fanfare.
    • The placeholder delinquents were both awesome and terrifying, because if you triggered them to chase you, they would always run directly towards you - including through walls and into the air. They would follow you outside of the map or even into the demon realm. That's right, the placeholder delinquents were so badass, they would travel across dimensions to take your ass down.
  • The Light Music Club is pretty frickin' cool. They've turned what was originally an actual "light music" club into a punk rock band with legions of adoring fans. The club's leader spends lunch playing air guitar and writing song lyrics, and the other members spend that time jamming on their instruments. Every day, they have a short performance that you can watch, with animations, lip movement from the singer, and an original song written just for YanSim.
    • If you join the club, you get the oportunity to perform with the band! There's an actual rhythm minigame that you can play, complete with 2d animations, original music, and a massive reputation boost if you pull off a flawless performance.
  • Raibaru is a walking Moment of Awesome. She exists to make it more difficult to eliminate Osana, and so you'd think her presence might be annoying or frustrating. Not so. Her backstory and the sheer badassery with which she will take you down makes it impossible to hate her.
    • If you attack her directly - or even through a sneak attack - she will sense your presence as a literal manga panel pops up showing electricity crackling around her head, then turn around, grab your arms, slam you down onto the ground and break your arm in two places, complete with an especially dramatic Scare Chord.
    Easter Eggs, Cheats, & Just-For-Fun Things 
  • If you dismember five bodies and place their arms in the Occult Club's Sacred Circle as of the "Totally Normal" Update, you slowly float up with blank white eyes as demonic arms sprout out of the ground. You can then rampage through the school as the arms rip everyone (except Senpai) to shreds. Terrifying, but also so satisfying.
    • If you heat up the Ritual Knife with a blowtorch, kill a student with the hot knife, and then insert the hot, bloody knife into the skull, the Flame Demon will set your knife on fire, meaning that any student you stab with it will instantly catch on fire and die a screaming death. Horrible, but awesome.
    • If you take your fancy new flaming knife and set five students on fire, then drag their bodies into the ritual circle, Yandere-chan dons a long ashen-grey evening dress, floats up into the air, and gains the ability to shoot flames from her hands.
    • If you kill all the club leaders and drag them inside of the ritual circle, the Empty Demon will thank you for "reclaiming our birthright." The next day, all the club leaders will have been replaced by empty husks, also known as the Placeholder Club Leaders of earlier builds. The awesome comes in that Yandere-chan will have a horrible spider-thing on her back, and will be able to target any student of her choice for the husks to devour alive.
  • January 15th, 2016: The Sans easter egg. Everyone in school has a bad time. That is all.
  • At the beginning of May 2016, YanDev added the "Cyborg Mode" Easter Egg. Why is it awesome? Because it turns you into a Distaff Counterpart of FREAKIN' RAIDEN! Expect many people to be cut into twitching gobbets of meat with your Energy Sword while hard rock music plays in the background.
    • More awesome? For several months, there was a good bad bug with this mode that allowed you to talk to teachers, meaning you could have them follow you, meaning you could kidnap them and torture them into becoming mindslaves. Pity that bug was eventually fixed.
  • The Undertale fangame brings up three for Oka Ruto. First: having the ability to stand up to Yan-chan and utilize her knowledge of the occult to fight back. Second: conducting the Demonic Ritual herself in an attempt to turn the tables. And third: when she finally goes down, she smirks and swears she will continue the fight when they meet in hell.
    • Heck, even the intro cutscene is awesome from Oka. The way her voice gains such confidence in her last line can be surprising:
      Oka: (as Ayano walks up behind her with a knife) ...I've been expecting you. You're here to kill me, right? (turns around) I knew this day would come. But... just so you know... (gets a determined look on her face) I won't go down without a fight.
    • This official artwork of the fight makes it even more awesome.
  • Mission Mode's premise allows for all kinds of awesome, but the mode-exclusive character Nemesis gets awesomeness points on virtue of the fact that she's so far the only character able to kill Yan-chan.
    • Nemesis becomes even more awesome when you read her backstory manga, which reveals that she's actually a screwed-up alternate version of Hanako Yamada.
  • Yandere-chan's exercise montage in "Raising the Strength Stat". However, the real awesome (and funny) part comes in the ending with Yandere-chan now being strong enough to not only swing Osana by her pigtails, but LAUNCH HER INTO THE SKY!
  • The Played for Laughs invincibility of Rival-chan in Indestructible Rival is simultaneously hilarious and impressive, especially since it riles Yandere-chan up so much.
    • The sequel. Not only does everything Yan-chan does to hurt Rival-chan not even scratch the girl, but the sheer effort Yan-chan expends in her futile attempts is itself something to behold. Not even the Easter Eggs – Cyborg Mode and the Demonic Ritual – do a thing to her.
      • Instead of using Falcon Mode and Punch Mode herself, Yan-chan calls in Captain Falcon and Saitama to do the job for her. Rival-chan is still unharmed… even as the simultaneous attacks result in Buraza Town getting vaporized.
      • Yan-chan eventually pulls out the big guns, by which we mean the Death Star! Even after the total destruction of Earth (and a very dead Senpai), Rival-chan settles back in her spot unharmed.

Developer Videos & Blogposts

  • This game is, for the most part, being programmed by just one guy, and fans have so far been extremely accepting and forgiving whenever he misses a deadline by a few days.
  • After being treated as an obnoxious person who asks dumb questions, Midori Gurin gets an awesome moment for actually asking a valid question that leaves YandereDev stumped. He throws the MST3K Mantra at her, but it's still worth it.
  • One problem YandereDev has had with the models is that if he tried changing the characters clothes to things radically different from any of the uniforms, it would result in glitching. However, he got into contact with someone who knew how to solve this issue. YandereDev's excitement is palpable.
  • In the September 1st progress report video, YandereDev shows off a blurred out teaser for the Rival Introduction Video. Of course, we can't really see a great deal of it since it's, ya know, blurred out, but what we can make out… Well, let's just say that he wasn't kidding when he said it'd be way more elaborate than his other videos.
  • Mid-May 2017 saw the first of three (thus far) Character Retrospective has videos. Who was it about? Kokona. Informative and interesting, to be sure, but why mention it here? Well, at the end of the video, YanDev stated that if the final game sold well enough to justify post-game DLC Rivals, Kokona would be an ideal candidate. Her angle? She's stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop and has been killed by Ayano enough times that she has snapped and will actively try to take Yan-chan out first to break out of the loop. To illustrate this, YandereDev replaces Nemesis with Kokona so that we see Ayano get stabbed to death by her. And yes, it is satisfying.
  • After months of slow, ponderous progress on an outdated version of Unity, with code written in Javascript, YandereDev released the first Unity 5 C# build of the game on July 9th, 2017. You can practically feel his excitement in his blogpost.
    • Just to further drive home the point, he released a bug-fix build the next day with 34 changes – for context, that's over three times as many modifications as were in any other build he'd released over the previous nine months (builds usually had an average of ten). It's clear how ecstatic he still is to have his compile times reduced by over 90%.
    • As if that wasn't enough, a couple days later, he managed to churn out bug-fixing builds at the rate of one a day for six days straight. This would very likely be an impossible feat if he had stayed on Unity 4.
  • The Demo is out. After nearly four years from Osana's first announcement as a character, and on-and-off work on both her and every necessary feature that would let her work in game, Yandere Dev has finished and released the first rival, complete with Raibaru and every other feature connected to her. In the same video tied to the post, he states that releasing the other nine rivals should take nowhere near as long as this, since most of the code required for them to function is in the game making Osana function; the game is now, in his words, "91% complete": 90% is gameplay, 10% is story; with Osana in, that's 1%.
    • Even more, a further three months of work allowed 1980s Mode to be completed. Ten full rivals, with a full storyline, new characters, new assets, and Multiple Endings - the only concessions were to voiceovers, animations, and unique events/scenarios, in order to speed development along and prove that ten rivals could be added in a decently quick timeframe.