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One of the aspects of Yandere Simulator that endeared it to so many so quickly is its utterly insane amount of references and shout-outs. So many exist, in fact, that this page needed to be created in order to pare down the Main, YMMV, and Trivia pages. However, there are certain shout-outs unique to specific debug builds or developer videos that might still appear on the Trivia page.

  • One of the students is Pippi, the mascot for the Rhythm Game osu! (used with permission, it turns out). She used to spend most of her time in the school's computer lab playing the game.
    • She was later joined in the lab by Ryuto Ippongo, an Expy of Ryuta Ippongi from Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (who had a cameo in osu!). His routine is identical to Pippi's. They are said to have mutual unrequited crushes on each other, though regrettably there is no option to hook them up - whether there will be one in the future (fans have asked) is up to YanDev.
      • For what it's worth, they are as of Spring 2017 the only two characters thus far not linked to any rivals (test or real) who have tasks for Yan-chan to complete.
      • That changed when Gema and Gita got tasks.
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    • For bonus points, a picture of Mami Tomoe can be seen on their screens.
  • Musume Ronshaku, as detailed on her Characters Page entry, is a thinly-veiled expy of Galko-chan from Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, albeit with a much nastier personality. Her original design (seen only in a promo image from the back) basically was Galko before Dev asked his artists to change it to be less infringing.
  • At the beginning of the game, you can choose Akademi's uniform style. Some are shout-outs.
  • It is possible to give Ayano any one of dozens of different hairstyles. Most are original (many are commissions by fans and used with permission) but there are some shout-outs in there, including but not limited to… Yuno Gasai, Super-Saiyan Vegeta, Korra, Ryuko Matoi, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Soryu, Mimi Tachikawa, Shauna, Ryōko Otonashi, Junko Enoshima, Miku Hatsune, Sailor Moon, Tohru, Kanna, Elma, and of course, Agent 47. Also, Pippi's hair is in the rotation.
    • The last hairstyle (such as it is) before "Bald", turns Yan-chan's head into a massive pixellated cube à la Minecraft.
    • March 2017 saw the addition of a style — long blonde pigtails tied with red ribbons — that is an obvious nod to kgftbz, the original creator of the Pose Mod (it's his avatar).
      • Qvajangel, the 3D modeller who replaced Druelbozo, created a few hairstyles for the early-June 2017 debug builds based on YouTubers known for playing YanSim.
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    • Senpai has hairstyles based on those of Nagito Komaeda and China from Hetalia: Axis Powers.
  • Ayano can also be given one of a number of accessories to wear (most infamously the toaster). Some of them are shout-outs too.
  • The idea of making Nemesis from Mission Mode an Uncanny Valley villian that does an unstoppable slow walk toward her target may be a possible shout-out to the 2015 horror film It Follows.
  • The Yanvania Game Within a Game is a parody of the Castlevania games. The final battle dialogue and boss fight is taken directly from Symphony of the Night.
  • Several Undertale references:
    • In a random storage room in the school, there is a piece of cheese placed in front of a mouse hole. Examining the cheese brings up the message "Knowing the mouse might one day leave its hole and get the cheese… It fills you with determination."
      • After examining the cheese, the skull found in the Occult Club will gain a blue left eye, referencing how Sans from Undertale sometimes has a flashing left eye.
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    • Through the laptop in the Student Council Room, Megami Saikou threatens Yan-chan with having a bad time, another reference to Sans.
    • The Halloween 2016 present is a YanSim-ified version of the Sans battle, with Oka Ruto as your opponent.
    • And, of course, there is the "Bad Time Mode" cheat in the debug builds, which turns Yan-chan into Sans with most of his powers. note 
    • The FUN GIRL is an expy of W.D. Gaster: an omnipresent glitch-person who suffered a little accident. To hammer things further, one of her lines quotes Entry Number 17: "YOUR IDEA OF FUN SEEMS VERY VERY INTERESTING."
  • YandereDev is clearly a big fan of K-On!, and has put several references to the series into his game over time.
    • Early in development, the Rainbow Girls' original names were swiped from K-ON!, and a cutscene test showed an alternate uniform similar to K-ON!'s.
    • The design and layout of the old Light Music Club are the exact same as K-ON!'s light music club.
    • Mr. Jazzy Feet is a pet turtle owned by the Light Music Club, who lives in an aquarium tank in the corner of their club room. Albeit with god-like powers.
  • One of the manga series Yan-chan can collect is called Life Note. It was eventually turned into an in-game anime that the player could watch in order to learn more complex murder methods. It even stars a female Expy of Light Yagami.
  • The Photography Club members are expies of Mystery Inc. And yes, its leader is a blonde boy who wears an ascot. And yes, his name (for now) is an Engrishification of Fred Jones.
    • As of June 2018, the Photography Club has been implemented and the other members added, and while the names and designs may not necessarily be final, they continue to reference Mystery Inc. Their names are Dafuni Bureiku (Daphne Blake), Beruma Dinkuri (Velma Dinkley), Rojasu Noribiru (Norville Rogers, aka "Shaggy") and finally, Sukubi Dubidu.
  • Aiding The Horror has him give Yan-chan access to supernatural arms that can destroy anyone she desires (except Senpai). She effectively becomes a Diclonius, though the arms themselves resemble a Dead Hand.
  • Aiding The Fiend gives Yan-chan (in addition to pyrokinesis) a black dress that resembles Tatsumaki's.
    • Considering the fire powers you gain and the grey dress, plus Ayano's natural brunette hair color, she bears a pretty striking resemblance to Cinder Fall's masquerade disguise. The personality of a mass murderer isn't that far off, either. note 
    • Oh, and the way you start this Easter Egg to begin with requires taking the Ritual Knife and heating it up with three acetylene blowtorches, an obvious nod to the "1000º Knife" videos that YouTube heavily promoted at the end of 2016. From there, you simply return the knife to its skull. Then the fun can begin.
      • Those blowtorches also serve a gameplay purpose: cauterizing stab wounds to keep a corpse from bleeding, making cleanup much easier.
  • If Yan-chan joins the Science Club, the accessory she gets to wear is a Scouter.
  • If Yan-chan joins the Gaming Club, she used to get to wear a white d-pad hairclip. Now it's an accessory.
  • The cravat that Yan-chan used to get for joining the Drama Club looks a lot like the one Miles Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma are known to wear.
  • In the online shop on your computer, school uniforms are sold by "Reevocs Inc".
  • The Magical Girl Wand was originally one of the Crystal Princess Wands from Go! Princess Pretty Cure before its design was swapped out for a non-infringing one. One of the actions needed to get the magical girl game is to type “love and justice” - the first three words (in Japanese) of Sailor Moon’s In the Name of the Moon speech.note  Sailor Moon also wields two heart-topped weapons: the Spiral Heart Moon Rod (born out of Usagi and Mamoru’s love, for extra hilarity points compared to Ayano) and Eternal Tiare (used by Eternal Sailor Moon, the most powerful incarnation of the character after Neo-Queen Serenity).
    • Similarly, the little figurines Efude draws noticeably resemble (though not enough to get Dev sued) the main quintet of Smile! Pretty Cure.
  • The "Challenges" menu was directly inspired by the "deaths checklist" from Long Live the Queen.
  • In the April Fools' Day 2016 joke game Kuudere Simulator 2, one of the things Himedere-chan can say is "You foolishly foolish fool!"
  • Two of the masks hanging in the Drama Club room represent Amaterasu.
  • In May 2017, the storage room with the cheese (itself a shout-out listed above) was given an overhaul. YandereDev now refers to it as the "Meme Closet", with good reason.
    • On one of the shelves can be found a plush "scrub", a shout-out to YouTuber Bijuu Mike, who had interviewed YanDev the previous month.
    • Also in the room is a giant upturned SAIKOU-brand cardboard box for Yan-chan to crawl around in à la Solid Snake, though its utility is far less effective than MGS's -– everyone can see you through the box.
  • In the early-June 2017 builds, YandereDev snuck in an Easter Egg that, when activated, swaps Ayano's model out for that of Kizuna AI, a popular Japanese "Virtual Youtuber" who debuted at the end of 2016.†  Dev stated he had sought permission from Ai-chan's creator to include her in his game, as he had with Pippi, but has not as of this edit received a response.
  • YanDev has been teasing the "Bad Romance" Easter Egg since mid-2015, but it never did anything, so no one really cared except to mention it on the Trivia page. However, in Spring 2017, players discovered it had suddenly become mostly functional. In response, Dev said that cheat (due to all the work put into it) would have an announcement once it was ready to be officially unveiled.
    • It got it in June 2017, and it is a legitimate Easter Egg requiring several steps to activate and no explicit instructions on how to do it. Instructions! 
  • The January 1st, 2018 build added a short poem to the meme closet. Reading it turns Yan-chan into Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki, or Monikanote .
  • The plot of "Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki", as described formerly by Sota and Haruto, and currently by Yaku and Horo, sounds a lot like Puella Magi Madoka Magica but with celebrities. Haruto/Horo even lampshades it at one point.
  • In 1980's mode, Ryoba has the option of sneaking into an abandoned asylum. The transients there can say "Itchy...Tasty", which is a well known meme from the original Resident Evil when a guard's journal describes his final devolution into a zombie.
    "I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time there's been a show like that."
  • The following list is the entire "Easter Egg Menu"… which aren't actually Easter Eggs since they are so easily accessed (just press "/"). They are, however, all shout-outs to one thing or another. Some have already been mentioned above. Some of these aren't even listed in the actual menu but will work anyway.
    • "D" – Disables copyrighted music (a dwindling number of these play copyrighted music for humorous effect)
    • "P" – Punished Mode Explanation 
    • "U" – Bad Time Mode Explanation 
    • "Q" – Huntress Mode Explanation 
    • "Z" – Slender Mode Explanation 
    • "S" – Spooky Mode Explanation 
    • "B" – Bancho Mode Explanation 
    • "H" – Hateful Mode Explanation 
    • "Y" – Cyborg Mode Explanation 
    • "F" – Falcon Mode Explanation 
    • "O" – Punch Mode Explanation 
    • "C" – Cirno Mode Explanation 
    • "E" – Ebola Mode Explanation 
    • "T" – Titan Mode Explanation 
    • "G" – Galo Mode Explanation 
    • "K" – DK Mode Explanation 
    • "2" – Blade Hair Mode Explanation 
    • "7" – Tornado Mode Explanation 
    • "8" - Yandere-kun Explanation 
    • "L" – 47 Mode Explanation 
    • "X" – X Mode Explanation 
    • “6” - Hunger Mode Explanation 
  • "R" – Pose Mode Explanation 
  • "I" – Disable Gravity On Corpses Explanation 
  • "W" – Unlisted, but pressing this key turns Yan-chan into what appears to be Bayonetta.
  • "Spacebar" – AI Mode: Unlisted. Explanation 
  • "N" – Unlisted in the menu, it automatically makes you Nude (albeit covered with Censor Steam).† 
  • "V" – Also unlisted. It gives Yandere-chan a Very Long Skirt.More Info 


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