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Yandere Simulator is a very horrific game with murder, kidnapping, bullying, all that fun stuff. But it is also a very strange game, with many hilarious and silly things – some intentional, some not – that contrast mightily with its darker elements.

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     The Game Itself 
  • The image of Ayano-chan with a slice of toast in her mouth, or an entire toaster.
  • Ayano's Stalker Shrine. It would be more disturbing if not for the descriptions...
    This is a bandage that Senpai threw away! Some of his delicious blood is still on it!
    This is Senpai's toothbrush! Brushing my teeth with this is a wonderful feeling!
    This is an apple that Senpai took a bite out of! Licking the teeth marks is so much fun!
  • You can run around naked. Seriously.
  • Just the sheer amount of students with meaningful or punny names. One has to wonder what kind of parents there are in this world who would name their kid "Martial Arts Master" (Budo), "Black Magic" (Kokuma), "Green Green" (Midori), "Occult" (Oka), "Childhood Friend" (Osana), or "My Wife" (Mai).
    • There's also "Supernatural" (Supana), "Dark Arts" (Daku), and "Succubus/Incubus" (Sakyu & Inkyu).
    • It's gotten even worse. Now we have "Snobby Snob" (Kizana), "Athlete" (Asu), "Artist" (Geiju), "Game Otaku" (Gema), "Gardening Gardener" (Uekiya), "Mad Scientist" (Kaga), "Musician" (Miyuji), and Fred Jones.
  • In the earlier builds that added the "Heroic" trait, if Yan-chan wins against a student with this trait, they go wide-eyed as he or she takes a weapon to the forehead and fall back stone dead. Sure enough, sometimes the boys' corpses will sport a walleyed, open-mouthed-smile expression that's way too funny to be disturbing. Funnier still if the boy in question is Budo, the normally-unflappable martial arts master. Later builds change the animation entirely with the struggle ending with a knife to the back of the neck.
  • Yan-chan's "study point" underwear accessory. Instead of wearing it normally, it's on her face.
    "Yandere-chan, that's not how you wear panties!"
    • Even more so when you consider no one, not even the teachers, bats an eyelid.
  • The Quintessential British Gentleman accessorynote  that Yan-chan can wear. Better still is that pressing Ctrl (the button that would usually cause the Evil Laugh) has her say things like "Balderdash!", "tea and crumpets!", and "You have insulted a lady! I ought to take my belt off and thrash you to within an inch of your life, sir!".
  • The August 2015 update gave Yan-chan a kitty ears accessory. If you try to laugh while she's wearing them, she meows. One meow in the sequence has a disturbingly seductive tone to it.
    • An amusing side-effect of the kitty-ears is that you can run while meowing and still regain sanity, whereas you must stand still to laugh normally.
  • Other absolutely ridiculous accessories (as opposed to the merely silly ones or the shoutouts) include a giant octopus plushie on Yan-chan's head, a steak with a knife through it… also on her head, a tiny plush alpaca… on her head, a sombrero filled with guacamole, a big red clown nose, and a Senpai voodoo doll.
  • The death by electrocution. As the victim tries to drink from the water fountain, they touch the puddle of electrified water with their feet and makes a series of "BLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBL—!" sounds, before falling down dead stiff as a plank, at which point ragdoll activates in an instant. Too funny to be Nightmare Fuel.
    • Even funnier, though more disturbing, when the girl is Titanized, due to ragdoll heralding "Meatball Mode". The sequence is on the ground floor but she's clipping through every level of the school, so she spazzes out because the game can't quite decide where she actually is.
  • The update revealing the Yanvania: Senpai of The Nightnote  video game in Yan-chan's room. So much of it can count, but especially the iconic conversation that's been converted for Yanderes.
    "What is a Senpai?! Just a miserable little pile of heartbreak! But enough talk! Have at you!"
    • The way Yanvania ends – after a narration of the game's synopsis, a PS1-era error screen pops up; we then cut back to Yan-chan's room where she dispassionately remarks that her disc is scratched – is pretty funny due to how much of an anticlimax it is.
    • Try pressing "M" at the title screen of the game. "Yandere-Dev! Yandere-Dev!" Explanation 
  • With the November 2nd 2015 update, Yandere Simulator became probably the only game ever in which reading pornographic manga makes you MORE attractive.
  • The Basu sisters' character blurb.
    Rumored to be a succubus/vampire disguised as a high school student, but only a fool would believe something like that.
    • In a similar way, this update video reveals a rumor that one member of the Science Club is a robot… "But only a fool would believe something like that." (as mentioned club member turns her head almost 180 degrees to look at the camera)
  • The whole backstory behind the character of Mai Waifu. She's a reference to this insane Twitter conversation where YandereDev claimed to be a 16-year-old Japanese schoolgirl with pink hair and large breasts. Looking up her information in-game reveals her to be in love with "an independent game developer living overseas" and used to spend most of her time alone pining over her crush, (who's totally not YandereDev, honest!).
  • The police investigation sequence (formerly just pink text on a black background) can be funny.
    • If you go on a killing spree with Kokona's knife, the end screen will feature every single victim by name and that each of them had their blood discovered on the weapon. All of which is, of course, blamed on Kokona.
    • If Kokona is also killed in the spree, the police will declare the whole thing a murder-suicide... and the final screen of text originally credited this decision to the "police police". note 
    • If you go into ice-fairy mode and take out Senpai, the police will find (among any others) the body/blood of... "Senpai".
  • There's something simultaneously funny and endearing about Oka trying to summon a demon at school because, just like the test builds in which she appears, Failure Is the Only Option.
    The Occult Club attempt to summon a demon. They do not succeed.
    • Ditto for Akademi's (formerly nonexistent) mad scientists:
      The Science Club attempt to build a giant robot. They do not succeed.
  • As of the February 1st 2016 update, students react to people taking pictures of them based off their personas. In particular, Social Butterfly personalities will respond by posing with peace signs, while Heroic students will stop to give you a suspicious look.
    • While the context of the Photography Club makes sense, it's somewhat hilarious that out of every character in the game, they're possibly Yan-chan's biggest threat.
  • Beginning with the February 1st 2016 build, there's a new warning message in the beginning. It warns you that the game contains bullying, kidnapping, torture, murder, suicide, graphic violence, partial nudity, kittens, raw sewage, cooked sewage, microwave-ready sewage, true nightmares, eldritch monstrosities, bald assassins, DK Mode, fake tans, Titans, murderous ice fairies, impossibly-strong punches, genocide crusades, spooky scary skeletons, STANDING ON THE EDGE, zombies, vampires, succubi, lewd manga, busty pink-haired schoolgirls, game-breaking bugs, an over-worked programmer, and much worse.
    • Sadly, this list was removed in the mid-March 2016 update, due to the Dev finding it too Narmy.
  • The dumbfounded look Yan-chan has if she's pinned down, as if she's thinking "Didn't See That Coming!"
  • Yan-chan's running gait while holding a body is pretty freaking hilarious.
  • It's kind of funny watching Yan-chan get knocked out with one blow to the head by a delinquent. Partly because of how much trouble every other NPC has trying to deal with her, but also because the instant the weapon connects, the background music just stops. No Scare Chord, no sad piano piece, just silence as Yan-chan falls to the ground.
    • It's simultaneously funny and terrifying, but plenty of LP-ers have tried to abuse debug mode's teleport function to get away from a pursuing delinquent… only to witness them running through the wall and/or floor and/or sky to deliver their smackdown to Yan-chan.
    • Bonus points since almost no players have seen it coming as they attempt to pull off a Lord British Postulate and get dumbfounded when the delinquent shrugs off even "Bad Time" Mode.
  • In the mid-March 2016 build, two new weapons were added: a baseball bat and a shovel. Now you can run around playing Whack-a-Mole with the student body, watching as they each get walloped in the skull and then just flop to the ground. It's partially the sound design that sells it.
    "GAAH—!" *BONK* *THUD*
    • Regrettably, with the addition of sanity-based killing animations in August 2016, this sound effect was changed from a "bonk!" to more of a "thwack!".
  • As of the March 31st 2016 build, two bulletin boards advertising clubs have been posted on either side of the door leading to the school's courtyard. The Cooking Club, Martial Arts Club, Occult Club, Science Club, Gardening Club, Sports Club, Drama Club, Art Club, Light Music Club, and Photography Club all have proper, neat posters arranged carefully on those boards. …Then there's the Gaming Club (made up of Pippi, Ryuto, Mai, and *sigh* Midori), whose poster is hastily tacked onto the wall next to one of the bulletin boards, cementing its status as the Butt-Monkey of clubs.
  • Musume's old task is hitting you up for cigarettes. That's not particularly funny. What is? Her behavior.
    Pressing "task": "Like, ohhhhh my gawwwwwd, I soooo need a smoke right now... Do you, like, have any ciggies on you? If you could, like, get me a pack of smokes, I'd soooo totally be your best friend for-EVER."
    Refusing: "Ooooh, look at little miss goody-two-shoes over here. Think you're better than me just because you don't smoke? What-EVERRRRR."
    Accepting: "Hurry! I'm, like, dying of smoke deprivation right now!"
    Completing: "OH. EMM. GEE. You are, like, the BEST! You just INSTANTLY became my BFF!"
  • The mid-June 2016 build introduced the ability to drop a bucket full of dumbbells on Kokona's head to kill her. Now, that's not funny in itself. But the sound the bucket makes when it hits Kokona? Hilarious. More so since Kokona doesn't even make any noise as she meets her demise.
    • A physics glitch can cause the weight-laden bucket to bounce off a ledge on its way down, whereupon it will land a few feet away from your unharmed victim, who does not notice. Also, if this happens, the weights will still be perfectly placed in the bucket even if it's on its side.
    • Just as you can pour water or blood on a Titan, so too can you drop a bucket of dumbbells on a Titan! The effect of this is described nearer the top of this page.
  • The mid-July 2016 build was fairly minor in terms of scope, but it introduced another bludgeoning weapon: a Magical Girl's wand. Now you can enjoy beating people's heads in with a pink, white, & gold scepter! Complete with an explosion of hearts and a twinkly sound effect!
  • Some new head accessories were added in that build as well. One of them is an alpaca wearing a top-hat.
    • Another is a "mask" that gives you the simple, almost dopey facial expression of Saitama from One-Punch Man. Hilarity ensues. Press the Left Alt key while wearing it, I dare you.
  • In order to use most of the tools of the "Sanity" update – including the animations, victim or weapon summoning, and immediate cleanup – Yan-chan must "pray" to Mr. Jazzy Feet, the turtle who lives in a tank in the Light Music Club room. The instant cleanup option is labelled "Forgive Sins".
    • This could be a subtle nod to Youtuber Razzbowski, who made communing with the turtle a Running Gag a few months earlier.
    • It could also be a shoutout/sendoff to Druelbozo, the game's former 3D modeller who created the turtle and gave the world this description…
      "Here is the most important character in the game everything revolves around him. Expect to see some major twists."
  • Ryuto's task paints a pretty good illustration of his personality.
    Pressing "Task": I took off my bandana to adjust it - and a gust of wind blew it right out of my hands! I can sense that my bandana is still somewhere on school grounds. I can feel its energy! I feel naked without my bandana... but I can't find it! Would you bring it to me if you found it?
    Accepting: Please, hurry! Without my bandana, I can feel my life force draining...
    Refusing: I knew you wouldn't understand... nobody understands the bond between me and my bandana...
    • Once you complete Ryuto's task, his dialog results in the game going full meta. The flip delivery at the end makes it even funnier.
      Completing: My bandana! You found it! You've saved my life! I'll be in your debt forever! Unless you, like, kill someone in front of me or something like that, haha!
  • In Mission Mode, there is a secondary objective of finding a key to a safe, locating said safe, and snatching the documents stored inside the safe. That's not very funny. However, the safe also has a book titled "How To Hentai Without Hentaing – By Senpai".
    • This book was actually present in a very early build of the game and then just disappeared without trace or explanation, to the point many couldn't be sure it ever existed to begin with. Apparently the Headmaster decided its contents were too valuable to share with mere mortals.
  • In the New Year's Day 2017 build, most of what happens if you change the JSON file to Osana's name goes on the Nightmare Fuel page. However, there is a small Overly-Long Gag of FUN Girl musing how you may or may not have met before. Then, before the game crashes, her normally creepy face turns into a typical over-the-top shoujo manga face.
  • In a humorous case of Developer's Foresight, you can take pictures of Nemesis's panties – congratulations on not dying in the process – which leads to an amusing response from Info-chan.
    "How peculiar. I don't recognize these panties."
  • The way Yan-chan's dad casually talks to the woman who's ruined his life. It's sad knowing he's given up resisting, but somehow funny at the same time, because of how he became a Deadpan Snarker to cope.
    Ryoba: "Are you worried that someone is going to steal your beloved wife away?"
    Jokichi: "That's... actually the last thing I worry about."
    Ryoba: "Oh, Darling. That's so romantic!"
  • In late-Winter 2017, YandereDev finally allowed players to activate the Flame Demon's powers… and the way you do it involves a blatant parody of the memetic "1000º Knife" videos that were then clogging Youtube's recommended box. That's funny enough. What's even funnier is watching players go on a pyromaniac rampage… and then happening upon the back of the school, whereupon a delinquent will immediately rush Yan-chan and beat her into a coma. Unlike the Pain Demon's arms-o-death, fireball hands automatically trigger the delinquents' aggro.
  • The early-May 2017 build introduced a new cheat that YandereDev likely saw in a mod and figured he might as well Throw It In: "Low-Gravity Corpses". Using this mode causes NPCs to defy gravity once they're killed and go ragdoll. Kill them outside and they'll float up into the sky and never come down. That's amusing enough, but you can also do this while dismembering a corpse (provided you reach it in time). The mechanic and Yan-chan's animation still do their thing even as the corpse floats away, and then it just spontaneously splits into six pieces in midair, which all fly off in different directions.
  • This warning near the school pool: "There is literally an actual force field around the pool and you can't actually fall into the pool or anything. Just letting you know."
    • And the best part? There IS a force field around the pool.
    • You can also teleport to the diving board by interacting with the ladder. We're not lying.
  • Yes, the Headmaster tasing Yandere-chan is very scary and rightfully deserves its spot on the Nightmare Fuel page...but at the same time, it's just so goddamn funny to see a potbellied old man tase a teenage murderer. And YandereDev knew it too.
    "I'm going to look forward to seeing how YouTubers react when they encounter him for the first time."
  • Headmaster's reaction if you try to sneak into his office using the Metal Gear Solid box.
    "What... in... blazes are you doing?"
    "Are you trying to enact something you saw in a video game?"
  • There's something funny about the ending of a confession cutscene that goes off without a hitch. Yes, Senpai and the Rival confessing their love to each other is very sweet, but then the camera pulls back to reveal Yan-chan standing there watching the entire thing as the cutesy music dwindles to a stop, at which point a normal Game Over plays out. It's as if the game itself is saying "Awwww— oh. Yeah. Whoops".
  • When Akane pepper sprays you, she twirls around once before getting you in the eyes. Cue the 360 No Scope jokes.
  • When asking Gema about his club's benefits, he acually mentions how unbalanced it is and that it will be probably fixed in the next patch.
  • The October 14, 2018 build implements the guidance counselor, who will give you a swift punishment after getting caught for suspicious/inappropriate behavior unless you talk your way out. One of the options is Flirt. It goes the way you expect it to go.
  • There is something hilarious about the fact that Yandere-chan can electrocute herself if she isn't careful about where she steps when she sets a trap to electrocute someone.
  • The April 12th build introduces tutorials for the basic mechanics of the game, courtesy of Info-chan, for the sake of new players. Thankfully, you can disable the tutorials rather easily ...but Info-chan won't hesitate to call you out.
    "I took the time out of my day to help you out, and this is the thanks I get? Fine, I can take a hint.
    Don't blame me if you get lost or can't figure out what to do.
    When that happens, remember you brought it upon yourself.
    In fact, I'm gonna laugh my ass off if I see you get a game over because you lacked crucial information that my
    tutorial was gonna give you."
    • Heck, just how out of character she suddenly is, going from cold and calculating to mocking your potential Game Over, can potentially bring a chuckle.
  • Now that Osana Najimi has been released as of August 31st, 2020, there's something amusing about an event in her "Befriend" path: Ayano has to sneak into Osana's stalker's house to get her cat back, and her mission will fail if either the stalker's sister, father, or mother catches her in the house. But the mission will not fail if the stalker himself catches her, as while he'll protest at her to stop taking the cat away, he doesn't actually do anything to Ayano, probably lacking initiative.
    • However, this has been very slightly fixed by an update on October 31st, 2020: now the stalker will try to attack Ayano if he catches her, resulting in a struggle mini-game—but only if Ayano stays around long enough to hear all of his voiced lines. So he now takes slightly more initiative than before, but it's still amusing that it takes him a while to do it.
  • What is the ultimate reward for beating the Alphabet Killer Challenge you ask? Well, what better reward for killing all the students in aphabetical order without getting caught than a buggy Megami Saikou whose head you can make explode by pressing the "F" key! Even better? Doing this tells you you have beaten the game! This is especially hilarious if you beat the challenge on the "Nightmare" difficulty mode.

     Easter Eggs 
  • The sheer insanity of the early versions of Titan Mode.
    • When you kill students in Titan Mode, they glitch the hell out, curling up into balls and slowly bouncing around the campus.†  The programmer found this just as hilarious as players did, and declared he would never fix it (though he did end up fixing it after Titan Mode was reworked).
      • Even funnier if the bodies bounce over the outer wall (meaning they exit the game), leaving whatever teachers are trying to catch them running into the wall for the rest of the 5-minute countdown.
      • It is possible with the right timing to push a titan off the roof. Here's How!  She lands twenty feet away from where she would if normal-sized and gets buried in the ground headfirst up to her legs… which stick straight up and immediately start spazzing out as her body slowly moves around the school yard.
      • Using the same technique, it is also possible to drown a Titan, even though her head is nowhere near the water when you do it.
      • Electrocuting a Titan. Hilarious and disturbing all at the same time. Disturbing because she's on the ground floor but clipped through every level of the school, so once she goes ragdoll the game can't decide where her body should be and she spazzes out horrifically until she finally pops out of the school and bounces around the grounds like a 'normal' "Titan Meatball".
      • You can dump a bucketful of bloody water on a Titan. The result… well… looks like she has a spontaneous heavy period.
      • You can also drop a bucketful of dumbbells on a Titan. She goes "meatball" the instant it connects, sending the bucket and weights flying in all directions as she tumbles upward and arcs out of the map.
      • Though extremely difficult to pull off, it is possible to set a Titan on fire (without mods). You may need to Titanize her while she's burning. Regardless, her corpse slowly darkens to black as she bounces around campus. Definitely doubles as Nightmare Fuel.
    • Sadly, Titan Mode was reworked so it would look more like the source material, so the way Titans are killed has been changed completely and thus the bouncing Titan body bug was fixed.
  • DK Mode, which enlarges Yan-chan's head and arms.
    • With this mode – or any other that alters your arm size – any object you pick up will map itself to your hand and change size accordingly. This actually makes it impossible to mop up blood because the enlarged mop clips through the floor, which is pretty ridiculous to watch in action.
    • At least one Let's Player discovered a bug in DK Mode where the blue water bucket did this but then didn't return to its original size when Yan-chan put it down. Picking up the bucket again made it even bigger. A few more pick-ups and put-downs later, and the water bucket ended up larger than the school. Regrettably, this bug was patched in the September 2015 update.
    • One of the best things about this mode is that you can combine it with every other mode if it's the first one activated, so you can essentially be a big-headed Sans sending Skull Blasters on everything, or have giant big-headed long-armed Titans walking around everywhere.
  • One of Yan-chan's possible hairstyles is the style from "Galo Mode"… which is actually Vegeta's hair after he goes Super-Saiyan (that was kinda the point of the original "Galo Sengen" music video). Pressing Ctrl causes her to do a power-squat as she focuses all of her (>9000-level, naturally) energy, complete with sound effect. Seeing Goku's moves being emulated by a skinny high school girl is pretty funny in itself.
  • "Slender Mode" isn't very funny on its own – it's actually rather terrifying – but getting caught by a teacher or Senpai sure is. The game doesn't recognize that Yan-chan is now ten feet tall, so the camera zooms in on a spot just below her crotch; all you can see are her legs. When she falls to the floor, her limbs clip through it. If a teacher takes her down, the game can't quite figure out where Yan-chan's body is, usually resulting in Yan-chan's head getting buried in the teacher's crotch.
    • Becoming Slender automatically takes you to maximum insanity, but it is possible to ratchet your sanity back down to normal by standing behind Senpai (where he can't see you) for a while; "using" pictures of Senpai or (in some builds) laughing out your crazy will also work. At that point, you can go through the game as normal… but still ten feet tall, the screen still monochrome, and the music still being creepy violins.
    • If you try to crawl as Slendy, the game has no idea what to do, resulting in you "crawling" while hovering four feet above the ground. This also happens whenever you sit to bathe.
  • Turns out YandereDev is a fan of Touhou Project and put in a Touhou-themed Easter Egg. Without giving too much away, the things Yan-chan can do in this mode are shocking and hilarious.
    • For those willing to spoil, click here for "The Strongest Easter Egg". No one is safe, not even the teachers. Not even Senpai.
  • Both new Easter Eggs in the January 2016 build involve Yan-chan being able to punch NPCs. The sheer ridiculousness of going around as either Captain Falcon or Saitama and sending people flying just about makes up for that build's lacking a new elimination mechanic.
    • Since collision in this game doesn't always make sense – and ragdoll physics are more of a suggestion – it's more likely than not if you punch people, they'll get stuck in walls or between floors and spasm horribly/hilariously.
    • Walking up to a teacher and punching her into a wall is funny. Doubling back on a teacher chasing you and successfully Falcon-Punching her across the grounds or out of the school is even funnier.
  • As if running around punching everyone into the middle of next week wasn't enough, the January 15th 2016 update introduces another new Easter Egg that turns you into Sans. The sheer level of crazy is practically off the charts here, as you have the option to fling people around with psychokinesis, kill them with bones erupting from the ground, or blast them with Frickin' Laser Beams. Not such a bad time for the player!
  • The "Cyborg Mode" Easter Egg introduced in the May 1st 2016 build:
    • It could be a temporary bug, but unlike every other killing method, when Cyborg!Yan-chan kills an NPC with the Energy Sword, no one nearby reacts to the screaming. Nor do they react to the body parts or gallons of blood on the ground. They will notice Yan-chan being bloody and the sword, but that's it.
    • It's possible with this mode to slice up students as soon as they walk into the school. The students entering behind them will take absolutely no notice and simply walk over the increasingly large mound of body parts.
    • For some reason (at least until it gets patched), Cyborg Mode makes it possible to interact with teachers as if they're students. This means it's possible to kidnap a teacher. That means you can torture a teacher – itself kind of funny because Saki's voice clips play. From there, you can break the teacher's mind and send her back to school with a knife to Murder-Suicide Kokona.
      • If you try to kidnap the gym teacher Kyoshi Taiso, though, a silver-haired Saki appears in the basement instead. But once you bring her to school, she turns back into Kyoshi Taiso.
  • After the first photo of a black hole resulted in Black Hole-chan rising to fame, YandereDev decided to get in on the act, resulting in the Black Hole Mode Easter Egg in the April 12th 2019 build.
    • Yandere-chan ends up turning black with long hair, orange eyes, and a corona of orange light around her, floating off the ground.
    • Watching anyone coming close to Yandere-chan distort and get sucked inside her is hilarious, especially if you glide past groups of people.
    • If you go past someone and continue on, their distorted bodies chase you until they reach you and are sucked inside, which can be quite funny.
  • Should the cops arrive at school while certain easter eggs are active, they'll flee in terror on seeing Yan-chan.
  • YandereDev added an easter egg where if one types 'thatdude' in front of the nurse, she suddenly gains a much larger posterior. Why? Because Jay from the Kubz Scouts (of which 'that dude' is part of his sign off) had enjoyed the larger butt on the nurse and had been sad it was taken away.
  • Garbage Mode. Everyone is just hopping around in garbage bags, even Ayano.

     Bugs and Glitches 
  • Whoever creates the character animations for the debug builds does not take into account the fact that a few of the girls are rather well-endowed. As a result, performing certain motions will cause those girls' arms to clip through their breasts. Most noticeable, of course, in Kokona.
  • Just like ragdoll physics (described below), hair physics in this game is at this point basically a crapshoot for any hairstyle besides Yan-chan's default and Osana's twintails.
    • If Yan-chan's own variant hairstyles have physics at all, they are pretty much guaranteed to clip through her body someway, somehow.
    • Mai Waifu's hair is known to randomly bounce around even if she's standing still. Midori's 2015-era hairstyle would also do this.
    • When long-haired characters like Midori or Saki or Mai die, their hair will stick straight out without regard for any body or surface. This also applies when you kidnap them – Saki's curlicue twintails (despite having some physics) infamously clipped through the case you put her in. In fact, the instrument case was quietly redesigned in mid-2017 specifically to hide this.
  • There's an occasional texture glitch where, if Senpai catches Yan-chan holding a weapon or covered in blood while he's behind the camera, when the camera pivots and zooms in on his horrified face, he will be walleyed. Fans refer to this as "Derpai".
  • A bug in the August 2015 update (which in turn caused, in the Dev's words, "a dozen other bugs") allowed the player to talk to Kokona while she's in the bath. Doing so caused Kokona to teleport out of the tub, not be able to get back in to finish her pre-scripted washing off, spin in place for at least a minute as a result, and then spend the rest of the day walking around school completely naked and drenched in whatever you dumped on her. It was (sadly) patched in an update a few days later.
    • Another bug cropped up when you managed to get one or more girls to stand next to Kokona during her phone call and drench all of them (water or blood, it doesn't matter). They all run straight to the locker room, but Kokona – whose action is explicitly scripted – takes a unique, slightly longer path, which means she'll arrive a few seconds after the other girl(s). Only Yan-chan and Kokona's lockers exist in the programming, so the first girl at the locker takes over Kokona's pathway and bathes. Since the 'changing' flag has already been triggered, Kokona gets to her locker and just stands there for the rest of the day.
      • It is possible to abuse debug mode's teleport function to force a boy to stand next to Kokona while she takes her phone call. For a while, dumping water on both at once caused their textures to break – they'd both turn completely grey except for their hair and eyes. If you then immediately started class, at lunchtime Kokona would be in her gym clothes, but the boy (who lacks a secondary outfit) would appear completely invisible except for his hair and pupils. This bug has been patched.
      • Regrettably, as of October 8th 2015, it is no longer possible to have more than one student follow you at a time.
    • There is currently no boys locker room, so any boys that get liquid on them will simply walk around covered in it for the rest of the day. OR, they'll run to the girls' locker room and, since they lack a changing animation, will just stand in front of Kokona's locker for the rest of the day.
  • There was an oversight in the first version of the "Friendship, Gossip, & Bullying" Build where you could gossip with Kokona about… herself. And she said the exact same thing the other students said. YandereDev patched this the next day, though.
  • If you give your mind-slave (in this case Saki) a weapon to kill your rival (in this case Kokona), but Kokona dies before Saki gets to her, Saki's animations will break – she'll start spinning around, eventually falling to her knees (while still spinning) before finally laying down on the ground and bleeding to death.
  • Oka Ruto – intended to be a Rival in the final game, but just a regular NPC in the debug builds – has a unique walk cycle that's basically a permanent version of Yan-chan's Shrinking Violet-mode. This led to an amusing bug where the Murder-Suicide animation would break if she was the mindslave; the sequence would still happen, but because Oka never lifted her arms, it looked like she slammed Kokona with her hip hard enough to kill her. This also meant Oka couldn't stab herself, although the game still registered it – she would hold the weapon close to her body, the stab SFX would happen, then she fell over dead with the weapon hanging in midair about a foot from her forehead.
    • Significant animation refinements in Spring and Summer 2016 removed most of the bugs associated with Oka's walk cycle, including this one.
  • When YandereDev changed the layout of the Akademi campus in the mid-November 2015 update, making it at least quadruple the size, he didn't actually change the teachers' pursuit range. Get them to chase you and they'll follow you to where the schoolyard used to end but then smack up against an invisible wall. More than a few players enjoy taking advantage of this to taunt the teachers. Regrettably for those wishing to get away with murder, the locker room is not outside the boundaries.
    • The limited range also applies to NPC students. If you get one to follow you and try to take them to the garden shed (wherein is the circular saw for easy dismemberment), they'll stop several feet away from the Gardening Club's domain and run around in circles until either (1) Yan-chan reenters their range, or (2) a time-related flag triggers (like the one that makes everyone go to class) and they leave.
      • He finally fixed this in January 2017, at least to the point NPCs can enter the Gardening Club, hedge maze, and (once it was implemented a few months later) the pool.
  • If you kidnap a student before school or at lunch, after class is dismissed, you may witness your victim float down through the ceiling and into the floor, still curled up like they were in the instrument case. This was fixed in the January 2016 build.
  • Alongside the progress update for February 15th 2016, another video was uploaded showcasing a bug YandereDev ran into involving dismemberment. Once Yan-chan finished dismembering, the code for spawning the severed head got caught in an infinite loop and never moved on, causing infinite bald severed heads to erupt out of the ground without pause while Yan-chan just stood there and watched for all eternity. Kind of gross, but amusing at the same time because of Yan-chan's expression.
    • Not just heads. In that build, if you tranquilize a student and then attempt to dismember them (teleporting them out of the closet and switching to cinematic mode are optional), every body part will spawn infinitely until the game crashes from the load. YandereDev released a patch 48 hours later that removed the ability to dismember sedated bodies. (regrettably, it also removed the ability to pick up sedated bodies, meaning it became impossible to dump them off the roof).
      • This bug made a glorious return in Mission Mode if Yan-chan murdered Nemesis and tried to dismember her. The juxtaposition of a serious Hitman-style aesthetic and this bug is just too hilarious.
  • Starting around this point in development, killing Senpai via Easter Eggs meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, as an Obvious Rule Patch meant he'd respawn the next day. However, players discovered there's one way to keep him from coming back – using debug commands to lower his reputation below -100.
    • If the player did this by Tuesday afternoon, then Senpai would be absent on Wednesday. That in turn would cause Kokona's scripted lunchtime scene to break. Turns out she has to actually see Senpai to start the scene and put down her bento (for you to poison). If he's not there, she simply walks in place for 15 minutes before turning around and heading back to class. Pretty funny to see in action.
  • The "Perfectly Normal Build" that YandereDev unexpectedly released on February 21st 2016. It gives functionality to some things that definitely belong on the "Nightmare Fuel" subpage. However, it also has a couple of funny side effects.
    • After you murder five people with the ritual knife (making sure to pay your respects in the Void), dismember them, and place their arms inside the Occult Club's circle of candles, something special will happen… and by that, we mean "Perfectly Normal". If you're clean of blood, are sane, and are not holding a weapon, Senpai merely asks "What's up with her?" of you, utterly oblivious to the GHOSTLY MURDEROUS HANDS COMING FROM THE GROUND, with Yan-chan floating in the center looking positively DEMONIC. Gee Senpai, I dunno. Just an off day. Not like she summoned a demon from the netherworld or anything.
    • Speaking of the demonic possession, it's possible to trigger a teacher before you can "reach" her, meaning she'll expel Yan-chan on the spot, and Yan-chan will just stand there shocked as if she doesn't have demonic superpowers or anything like that.
    • You can use the "Perfectly Normal Thing" on a teacher. Doing so turns (the various parts of) her corpse into a student's. Seeing a teacher suddenly sport Sailor Fuku as she dies is pretty funny.
    • You can activate Titan Mode while using the "Perfectly Normal Thing" and attack a Titan, which will dismember it on the spot. When a Titan is dismembered, their individual parts shrink back to normal… except for their hair, which hovers above their severed head, still at a massive size.
  • The "Dismemberment" build and its patches contain a lot of neat things, but not everything the Dev wanted implemented was finished in time. This includes reactions to body parts – more to the point, there is no reaction to them. Just like how NPC's don't recognize blood on the ground, they do not notice dismembered body parts. So long as you get rid of your bloody clothing & weapon(s) and regain your sanity, the game will proceed as if no one was murdered. This means that you can walk into class carrying a severed head and the most the teacher will do is tell you to take your seat (and then only if you're late).
    • In the same video, YandereDev mentions that he hadn't implemented the saw yet because he wanted a unique killing animation for it. He then proceeds to show the saw using the default stab animation. It looks as stupid and hilarious as it sounds. note 
    • The circular saw still functioned like a knife if you gave it to your mindslave, with your mindslave stabbing herself in the face with… its handle. Because of this, a later build removed the ability to give mindslaves two-handed weapons (including the katana, which has severe clipping issues with the mindslave's animations – naturally, katana-focused players were not happy).
  • In the very first build to introduce the "carry a body" mechanic, Yan-chan could only carry the body one way. If she picked up a body from the wrong side, it would lift up and hover a few feet in front of Yan-chan for a moment, then automatically appear in her arms, flipped around. Later builds cleaned up this animation significantly.
  • If you manage to bring School Atmosphere down to a certain point, only one student doesn't shake in fear: resident Martial Arts master Budo Masuta. The funny part is, according to YandereDev, this is actually a glitch, and heroes are meant to have different behavior in low School Atmosphere eventually. Even so, it's kind of humorous to see Budo acting calm while everyone is terrified. It's as if he knows what would happen if someone were to try. note 
  • Gym teacher Kyoshi Taiso has an idle animation different to that of the other teachers where she sways her hips back and forth with her hands on them, similar to Yan-chan in "Bad Time Mode" or Osana. However, if she catches you misbehaving, she glares at you… while still swaying her hips, resulting in her looking rather silly.
    • She's the only female model thus far whose default expression is a smile, which makes perfect sense considering her stated personality of "Strict But Friendly", but she will sometimes still be smiling even after you've done something to upset her.
  • If you join the Martial Arts Club, lure either Mina or Shima (or both) to somewhere secluded and murder them but don't dispose of their corpses, and then take part in the club activity, the scene that normally shows all the members practicing high-kicks will have whichever girl you killed laying in her spot dead and bleeding out with none of the other club members even acknowledging it.
  • The mid-June 2016 build had more than its fair share of hilarious bugs. Many were patched in the two subsequent updates but are worth mentioning.
    • YandereDev unintentionally made it possible for Yan-chan to trip and fall without holding a bucket. Plenty of players took pleasure in making her fall down over and over again.
      • If this animation was triggered while Yan-chan was being pushed by a delinquent, the delinquents would break. They would lose solidity and their heads would follow Yan-chan even as she stood directly behind them. Horrifying at first (or fifth) glance, but still pretty funny in its own way.
    • Somehow the kidnapping mechanic became broken in that build, especially if an unexpected NPC is turned into a mindslave. Yan-chan would be greeted at the school by a lighter-skinned doppelgänger of Musume… who is on fire yet soaking wet and has censor steam despite being fully-clothed. You can't interact with her because the button prompt is glitched. Eventually, your actual mindslave will appear… and they may clip into each other. What's even better is what happened when you took a picture of the burning Musume and sent it to Info-chan.
    • Several ways to break Kokona's burning animation.
      • Sadly patched two days later, but if you got Kokona to follow you, then doused her in gasoline and set her on fire, the game wouldn't know what to do, as her character model doesn't move at all while her line about "gasoline" is spoken, and if you set her on fire while she's running to wash it off, her model will freeze where it is, still running, until the day ends.
      • If you set Kokona on fire while she's in either her changing or getting-in-the-bath animations, she will continue what she was already doing… while screaming in agony. Eventually the flames will dissipate and Kokona will resume her routine. But if she goes to anywhere people are, those people will scream because the game (sort of) thinks she's dead. When the cops arrive, the investigation screen says they found her corpse, yet she returns to school the next day.
  • The end-of-June 2016 update included no new elimination method but attempted a bunch of under-the-hood fixes. That does not mean such a refinement was without its own bugs.
    • One fix was that students no longer enter the school spaced apart in two single-file lines; instead they all come at once in a big gaggle. The downside is that they're now too close together. As in, sometimes they will be literally walking on top of each other. This also happened in earlier builds on the rare occasion students spawned near-simultaneously, but this build made it commonplace. Patched a few days later.
    • Ever since their introduction, teachers have always guarded corpses. But refinements to students' death animations resulted in teachers literally standing on top of a body, even if it's poor Kokona burning to death. If multiple teachers are trying to guard a corpse, their models will (unintentionally) push each other away… or overlap.
      • YandereDev made this comment on the teacher bugs in his changelog (emphasis his):
    • The addition of a functional faculty room somehow broke the teachers.
      • Initially, if they discovered a body there, their animation would for some reason be rotated 90º, meaning they stood on an invisible wall perpendicular to everything. Too funny to take seriously, especially if multiple teachers did it. This bug was fixed, but doing so resulted in…
      • If multiple teachers all saw a corpse in the faculty room at the same time, some of them would just randomly phase through the floor (thus exiting the game) after their initial shock. Hilarious to see in action.
  • The July 24th 2016 build updated the Murder-Suicide animation. Now, the animation itself definitely earns its place on the Nightmare Fuel page. That said, there were some initial issues with it that made it funner than it should have been.
    • If the rival (or test rival Kokona) is attacked while she's sitting at her desk, the mindslave would violently stab her victim's crotch/space-between-her-legs, at which point the victim gets blessed with her period.
    • The original version of the animation had the mindslave stab herself in the neck – the "suicide" half of the trope – at which point a massive five-foot fountain of blood would spew out with a "psssshh!" sound effect. Almost too funny to take seriously.
      • A bizarre side-effect of that is that Yan-chan could become bloody from the mindslave's arterial spray. If Senpai happened to be there, he would immediately accuse Yan-chan of murder and cause a Game Over... even if he had witnessed the entire ordeal and would realistically have known Yan-chan couldn't have killed the girl. Frustrating, to be sure. But funny to watch players frolic in the blood fountain only to unexpectedly get told off by Senpai three seconds later.
      • In August 2016, the blood spray was toned down to be marginally less narmy (and to make it more difficult for Yan-chan to be covered in it and run afoul of Senpai or the teachers).
    • One weird yet hilarious bug from this build resulted in the mindslave failing to murder Kokona, instead sitting back down, at which point she would follow Kokona while still curled up for the rest of the day. Fans naturally compared this to a dog with worms scooting its butt across a carpet.
    • If the mindslave is Saki and she has already been triggered to kill Kokona while their lunchtime dialog is meant to run, Saki will stop her pursuit and play out her half of the conversation. What makes this really funny is that whenever Saki isn't speaking, she will immediately snap back into the mindslave posture. The whole time, her "Kill... Kill... Kill" Madness Mantra will play underneath the conversation, causing onscreen text to overlap. Depending on how this bug was triggered, chances are immediately after the scene ends, Saki will just stab Kokona.
  • The mid-August 2016 build introduced the long-awaited sanity-based killing animations, as well as the even more awaited ability to kill teachers (without Easter Eggs). While there were some amusing intentional things, others were unintentional and required… debugging.
    • One particularly weird bug resulted from attacking a teacher from behind (which for NPC students triggered the stealth attack animation). The teacher would immediately parry Yan-chan's weapon, starting the usual Game Over sequence… but then the teacher would fall over dead in the middle of her line (sometimes floating to a few feet away) as the "Apprehended" screen popped up and Yan-chan just stood there.
      • Doing this and failing the QTE triggered "Dead-Alive Mode", mentioned elsewhere on this page.
    • At one point in the update video, YandereDev derailed his narration to talk about his decision to infinitely prolong a fully-insane killing animation by spamming the "attack" button. By doing so, you can just keep hitting them over and over and over and over and over and— cut immediately to Dev talking about another mechanic as if his rant never happened. For added bonus, his designated female victim is Midori.
    • Then there's this...
      YandereDev: "I'm very happy with most of the sanity-based attack animations that I've added to the game. But some of these animations…"
      [Yan-chan smacks Shin with a bat into the wall; Shin's body promptly begins to spaz out]
      YandereDev: "Require… adjustments."
  • September 22nd 2016 saw the implementation of the long-awaited Matchmaking mechanic. True to form, the build had some pretty hilarious game non-breaking bugs. Naturally, many of them were patched the next day, but they're worth archiving here.
    • For whatever reason, doing the Courting minigame on Thursday morning does not override Kokona's scripted Thursday bath. She will head to the fountain to meet her suitor, strip buck-naked in front of him, then walk away.
      • This is far from the only way to make Kokona strip in front of people.
    • A texture glitch left the male delinquents invisible except for their hair and weapons.
    • Kokona will turn her head toward things she fancies, even if the guys sporting them aren't within her field of vision – e.g. they're directly below her – resulting in Kokona turning her head in impossible directions. Can also double as Nightmare Fuel.
    • If you ask Kokona's suitor to follow you and take him to the library to study, then ask him to stop following you in the library, he'll phase through the floor. It's funnier than it sounds.
      Suitor: "Uh, okay then..." [melts into floor with no trace]
    • A bizarre glitch (seen here) apparently triggered by the camera reaction animation causes the cutscene to break – Kokona will teleport from the tree to the back of the school running the wrong way, then appear back at tree and run off as the cutscene starts, resulting in her suitor appearing to declare his love to the tree and kiss the air. This glitch has since been patched.
      • Another way to break the cutscene! If you kill Kokona after she makes it to the sakura tree but before her suitor arrives (making sure to drag her corpse out of sight so he won't see it), Kokona's body will be laying in front of him as he performs his half of the animation. When he leans in to kiss her, her corpse will be upright for an instant before flopping back down to the ground. A video of this glith thanks to Kubz Scouts can be watched here.
    • The confession cutscene actually ends a few minutes before the school day does. During this time, you can't interact with either of the two lovebirds… but you can still kill them via certain Easter Eggs! There's something oddly hilarious about Yandere-punching the happy couple into oblivion, probably because the screen is still blurred and oversaturated while tender piano music plays in the background.
    • Let's say you have a mindslave and you started the Courting minigame. Time does not stand still during the minigame, meaning a mindslave's pursuit continues during the minigame, meaning your mindslave can and very likely will kill Kokona during it. The funny part comes from the fact that while the mindslave is murdering Kokona, all you will see is just a bloody hand stabbing someone, and yet the minigame will continue as if nothing happened.
    • If Kokona is late to meeting her boyfriend on the rooftop, he will have his hand wrapped around empty space until Kokona sits next to him. It kind of looks like he is a pathetic single guy who acts as if he had a girlfriend out of desperation.
  • On March 8th 2017, a bug fix was uploaded with an unexpected feature: the long-demanded Yandere-kun. Unfortunately, his initial look was a bit too creepy — he had a perpetual evil smirk and a bowl-cut hairstyle that made him a bit gonk to some. Also, he always wore the same clothes, even if you stripped him naked (so he'd have Censor Steam despite not actually being naked).
  • While changing YanSim's engine from Unity4 to Unity5 and its codebase from Javascript to C# were undeniably positive things for game development, the switch managed to create some new weird bugs, not all of which have been easily fixable.
    • Most infamous is that corpses often spaz out and hop once when going ragdoll. Hilarious to see in action.
    • Another one (which was fixed) was Nemesis getting stuck at her spawn point, which happens to be four feet above the ground, and just walking in place in midair the entire time.
  • In the August 18th 2018 Update there was a bug, that causes 2 students to sit together at one desk. Most notable: Kuruko sharing a desk with Senpai.
  • One bug that as of October 31, 2021 has been remedied was quite a doozy, not so much for what the glitch did (make it so you couldn't interact with objects after 1:42pm) but what caused it: the full story can be read here, but after going through a lengthy process of elimination and discovering the cause to be the training baton used by the martial arts club, YanDev analyzed the game's code and discovered why it was causing the glitch. In YandereDev's own words: You lost the ability to pick up objects because a baton fell through the floor, reached 1/3 the speed of light, and traveled 14 Jupiters away from a high school.

     Development Videos 
  • This video, uploaded on YandereDev's channel, has him play a game in a Japanese high school setting with somewhat similar mechanics (Natsuiro High School) as an illustration of what he would like his game to be. The Dissonant Serenity tone he uses in his videos only adds to the hilarity of him indulging in the Video Game Cruelty Potential.
    • The intro alone is a riot. It opens with him pretending to write code for the game, which consists of him rapidly typing 1's and 0's.
      [flat tone] "Gee. Programming a video game sure is fun."
    • Immediately after that, he claims he's finished the latest feature and presses a button, whereupon Yan-chan rockets into the sky.
      [still flat tone] "Great! Everything works just as planned."
    • Finally, after introducing Natsuiro (which falls out of the sky onto his keyboard), he shoves the PS4 game, case and all, into a Super Nintendo.
    • When he slides, he is boggled at how it could possibly be used in-game. He then looks at a girl and says "Hmm. I just got an idea…" He then runs near her, slides, and does a slide-by snap picture of her panties, ending on a Just as Planned.
      • Even better, the game goes into slo-mo when he does it. Classic case of Developer's Foresight.
      • During the video, while testing out controls, this happened:
      "It looks like I'm considered a suspicious person because I'm crawling on the ground near some girls in skirts. That's no good. What can you do while you're on the ground? Well, you can roll sideways…" [realizes he's directly beneath a girl] "Oh. Oh!!" [switches to camera-view to get a pantyshot] "Oh my. Ohh myy..." [he gets a penalty, which involves accusatory pointing] "Aww! Now I've been fingered!"
  • YandereDev's August 12, 2015 update video kicks off with a Self-Parody of his own earlier Self-Deprecation to be remembered.
    YandereDev: Boo-hoo-hoo, making video games is soooo haaarrrd. Boo-hoo-hoo, I get too many e-mails. I'm gonna play sad piano music and sit on the ground while whining about it, boo-hoo-hoo…
    Midori: YandereDev! Snap out of it!
    [she delivers a head-clearing slap across YandereDev's face]
    Midori: You can't spend your time making whiny videos! People are counting on you to make Yandere Simulator!
    YandereDev: (brightly) Gee, you're right, green-haired girl! It's time for me to get back to doing what I'm best at: murdering schoolgirls in horrific ways.
    Midori: Yeah! That's the spirit! Now get back to…!
    [YandereDev gleefully sinks a knife into Midori's chest]
  • At the end of the September 1st 2015 update video, YandereDev announced he would take a vacation.
    "As for the reason why I chose September 1st to a vacation… I'm sure you can figure it out."
    (Yan-chan switches from her new school uniform to a torn version of her original uniform, sporting an eyepatch, a mechanical left arm, and a piece of shrapnel in her right temple as Mike Oldfield's "Nuclear" plays in the background)
  • The otherwise incredibly dark October 17th, 2015 update video has a hilarious one here.
    YandereDev: (dispassionate) "As you can see, our prisoner is no longer watching us as we move around the room, and she's no longer twitching either. This is because we have completely destroyed her mind. There are no traces of a human left inside of her. She is permanently broken. Forever." (cheery voice) "Let's bring her to school!"
    • There's also the disclaimer at the beginning of the video… about how the animations suck.
      WARNING! Most of the animations in this video were created by me. That's why they all suck. While watching this video, try your hardest to pretend that the animations don't suck. The final game should have high-quality animations made by professional animators. But the animations in this video are gonna suck. Sorry.
  • From the November 15th 2015 update video:
    YandereDev: "There's a few other things I could show you, but..." (cut to Yan-chan visibly insane and covered with blood inside a room full of pentagrams, skulls, and candles) "...I think you'd have more fun if you discovered those things on your own."
  • In the December 2015 update video, YandereDev adds some shout-outs to Metal Gear Solid and Phoenix Wright, in justified and hilarious ways to showcase his new game materials.
    • When demonstrating the Framing feature, YandereDev's Dissonant Serenity delivers once more.
    "...we need to put someone's blood on this weapon." [cut to Yan-chan stabbing Midori] *happily* "THAT was easy!"
  • At the end of the 2015-12-15 update video, YandereDev decided to tease an upcoming Easter Egg that he planned to include in his next update. Said feature turns Yan-chan into Captain Falcon to deliver a "Yandere Punch" that launches Kokona (who else?) from the school gate into a second floor window where her ragdoll gets stuck.
  • At the end of the New Year's Day 2016 update video, there's a brief moment of serenity before Yan-chan turns into Saitama and punches Midori into the sky.
  • The January 13th 2016 video has YandereDev ask the community if the game should have its name changed from "Yandere Simulator" to something else like "Lovesick". At the end, as he says his usual farewells, he reaches a predicament on perhaps accidentally refuting everything he said in the video.
    Thank you for following the development of Yan-…uuhh…
    (Pointing hand comes in and points at Yan-chan)
    this game
    (Another pointing finger comes for each of the next two phrases)
    right here...this one...thanks.
    • Just before this, as he's discussing the potential name of "Lovesick", he decides that he should check if a game is already using the title of "Lovesick". He then proceeds to get… a bit more than he bargained for.
    "What?! Somebody else already a game named 'Lovesick'? Well, what's it about? *deadpan revulsion* …oh… It's about a bride and a groom… pooping and vomiting everywhere… I see… *without dropping his tone* Congratulations on using the name 'Lovesick' before I could."
  • At the very end of the "Yandere Simulator's Greatest Problem" video, we get to see a blank-eyed YandereDev describe how thousands of inane emails have stripped him of any pleasantness or politeness he once had. That part fits on the Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker pages. The funny part is how his avatar is positioned in front of a very rude e-mail towards Midori Gurin, blocking about half of the text. One can only imagine what colorful language is being obscured by YandereDev's digital noggin.
  • YandereDev seems very excited about eventually programming students to get rid of a body for you unknowingly. His voice is still monotone, but the excitement is clear as he goes until he remembers he was talking about how the Delinquent programming works.
  • In the "Delinquents" video, YandereDev mentions that he would like to have around a hundred students in the final game, with their own routines that will make sure Yan-chan has a chance of getting spotted by them while disposing of a body. He says that this would effectively make them enemy guards… and then shows every student in the clip (aside from Yandere-chan herself) suddenly turning into guards with completely different models.
    • Also from the "Delinquents" video, YandereDev is being browbeaten by Midori even more than usual. At one point, she complains about the "take-out-the-trash" function by whining, "It sounds really tedious to slowly dispose of body parts one by one!" YandereDev's response?
  • Quite a few in the "Club Benefits" video. One of them being a segment where YandereDev talks about how a fan (presented as a baby on a laptop) emailed him that the game was too hard. His response was simply, "Sorry. It's only going to get harder." The funny moment comes after he says that. For a split second, he•  is wearing "Deal With It" glasses as well as his speech bubble saying "deal with it". note 
    • Implying that the Science Club's benefit was going to be access to a Mini-Mecha armed with Gatling guns… only to reveal it's actually a DIY Roomba. note 
    • Halfway through introducing clubs, he reaches the Info Club, whereupon the music suddenly stops and he says:
      • What makes this funnier is that he then carries on with the rest of the video as if nothing happened.
  • The update video accompanying the mid-April 2016 build references the previous month's "Clubs" video, when YandereDev told Midori her Gaming Club was just background noise. This pushes her over the Despair Event Horizon, so she grabs a knife and plans to kill YandereDev, with her trademark catchphrase becoming a Madness Mantra. When he tells her about the fully-implemented Gaming Club, Midori snaps out of it and cheers… revealing the knife. She attempts to apologize using the same method Ayano uses when she is caught holding dangerous weapons: "I found something dangerous, and was taking it to a teacher." YandereDev sees right through it, convinces her to give him the knife, and stabs Midori in the face with it.
  • YandereDev's dialogue in the "Expelling Your Rivals" video isn't funny by itself – he's simply explaining the mechanic in his usual deadpan – but he's doing so as Kokona dies in the background multiple times, which he never once acknowledges.
  • It's not much, but the preview that shows a clip of Yan-chan's model falling down can be funny enough to recover from the previous nightmare fuel induced previews. You can make it even more funny by playing the falling down part over and over.
    • In the mid-June 2016 update, Dev revealed exactly how the animation fits into the game. It involves a bucket. Depending on what's in the bucket, the end result can be either funny or horrifying.
    • YandereDev has tried and failed to remove a secret key-command that lets Yan-chan trip and fall without needing a bucket. This action overrides nearly everything and allows some of the game's most glorious glitches to be triggered. More info below.
      • Sadly, he got rid of this in March 2017, as he needed the button for a texture swap command.
  • In a way, the Bait-and-Switch in the June 1st 2016 build qualifies. To elaborate, it turns out Kokona's father isn't sexually abusing her like the fandom assumed, or even abusing her at all. Instead, when he comes into her room, he cries because he's so deep in debt. What makes it funny is that how, in one single update, YandereDev flipped a year's worth of fanon on its head and subverted everyone's expectations. The rest of the update, though...
    • At the end of the video, YandereDev states that it's currently impossible to beat the game without hurting somebody. And then, with an air of finality you might expect from a triple-A blockbuster, the video states that the next elimination method to be implemented… is MATCHMAKING (a.k.a. the closest thing this game has to a Pacifist Run). note 
    • Also, Kokona's inevitable death. At the beginning, the poor girl makes the horrendous choice of trusting Yan-chan. It looks like she'll actually survive a video for onceand then YandereDev starts speaking in his creepy murder voice.
      YandereDev: Finally. A happy ending for Kokona. But… That's not very yandere, now is it? This isn't "Sit Down And Have A Friendly Chat Simulator". This is Yandere Simulator! [with an audible smile] I wonder what would happen if I press the attack button…
    He still doesn't go through with it, teasing the viewers by telling them "you'll just have to find out when you play the game". So, yes, Kokona actually DOES survive through the whole video!
    • When you try to find a way to solve Kokona's problem, and notice that Musume's last name is "Ronshaku," YanDev's explanation is pure Black Comedy.
    YanDev: Waaaaait a minute... this is the daughter of the guy who's extorting Kokona's father! (zoom in on Ayano's face) Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
    (Cut to Ayano kidnapping Musume and tying her up in the basement.)
    YanDev: (cheerfully) I don't know about you, but I prefer to solve my problems by kidnapping pretty girls and tying them up in my basement!
  • In the Matchmaking update video, YandereDev explains changing a suitor's appearance into something the object of his affections will be attracted to. An example he gives is telling him she likes tan skin, spiky blond hair, sunglasses, and gold jewelry. The end result makes the suitor resemble a gangsta rapper and look all around ridiculous. YandereDev's comment on this is the clincher.
    YandereDev: "...he will actually come to school looking exactly the way you told him to look. The absolute madman."
    • Towards the end of the video, YandereDev mentions that, at this point, he's put in all of the elimination methods usable on every rival, so it would be wise to stop using Kokona as a test dummy and implement the game's first true rival (Osana). This is accompanied by Kokona doing the happy "Social Butterfly" stance, as if she's celebrating not getting picked on anymore.
  • "What's Next for Yandere Simulator?" is mostly a serious discussion of what's planned for the game's immediate future. But there is a rather chuckle-worthy moment where YandereDev tries to pronounce "kgftbz". Following that, he explains that he wants to implement a pose mode similar to kgftbz's mod, which itself is a goldmine for funny moments and showcased as such.
    • Later on in the video, YandereDev expresses how he hasn't had a break for most of the year and wishes to take a fortnight-long vacation sometime after Halloween. What does he want to spend it doing? Playing Pokémon Sun and Moon, having timed the vacation so he can take a two-day break and then spend the rest of November indulging in the games after they are released. Mind you, all of this reasoning is given in a split second shot.
  • His October 2016 Progress Report takes time for him to talk about how he has altered things to fix the framerate of the game. Now, the player has settings that they can fiddle with, to make things work a bit faster; one of them being the draw distance the camera will rend and whether to turn fog on, to cover up where the camera stops rendering. YanDev talks about how, having the camera distance very low and fog turned on, makes it seem really spooky to be running around Yandere's school... almost like something is waiting to jump out at him. Cue Fun Girl popping up as a passerby and YanDev not acknowledging it.
    • When talking about the basic Pose Mode he has added, he mentions how the mode was inspired by kgftbz's fan-made mod. Except he decides to not attempt to pronounce his name.
      YanDev: "Pose Mode was inspired by a mod made by… a gentleman, whose username I have difficulty pronouncing."
  • January 2017's Osana Progress Report Part 1 shows how the player can obtain emetic medicine, which induces vomiting, and spread it onto Senpai's lunch that Osana has prepared. This will sabotage her lunch event with him by making him sick from ingesting the tampered food. YandereDev mentions that the medicine can be used to tamper with Osana's lunch and get her to run to the restroom to throw up. At which point, the player can drown her in the vomit-filled toilet.
  • January Osana Progress Report Part 2 has a stinger portraying YandereDev working on the game and Midori popping up to complain about something he mentioned in the previous video: namely, that the Gardening Shed will now be locked and require a key to unlock and gain access to the rat poison inside of it.
    Midori: "You said the gardening shed was locked, but there's no lock on the door!"
    (cue a close-up of the lock-lacking door with dark music)
  • In the middle of the Mid-January Progress Report video, YandereDev all of a sudden talks about how in Metal Gear Solid 2, you can shoot an ice bucket and all the ice cubes fall out. He points out the ice cubes will actually melt in real-time, which causes him to coin the phrase "WOAH TECHNOLOGY".
    • Made even better with his obvious (and to many, uncharacteristic) glee in his otherwise melancholic and eerily calm voice. It's adorable, even.
  • In the Mid-March 2017 Update Video, after going on about half-done planned features and fun side projects related to the game, YandereDev says the following, culminating in this image.
    YandereDev: "Now this is the part of the video where I put up an illustration of Osana, and display a graphic of a clock or something, and put some text on screen, and tell you that sadly, Osana's still not ready yet."
  • The mid-April 2017 video, which spent most of its runtime discussing the future of the game's character models, opens with Dev happily announcing he's made progress on Osana – cue in-game footage of Yan-chan grabbing Osana's pigtail and feeding it into a moving fan, beheading her as the fan spits out gallons of blood and then explodes.
  • In the retrospective of Midori's origins, YandereDev goes over her appearances, with the Running Gag of "Then I killed her."
  • While the development update video for July 2017 is mostly heartwarming as YandereDev describes how excited he is about development going so much faster with the Unity 5 upgrade, he demonstrates it at one point by changing it so Ayano unflinchingly walks through the crowd of students spewing flames out of her torso and burning them all alive. YandereDev doesn't say anything about it.
    • Another funny scene from the video is when YandereDev demonstrates how slow he was with the development before and how fast he is now: before, he was as slow as if he was dragging a ball-&-chain (with a smiley face on it), but now he is as fast as Kid Flash.
  • In the August 2017 video "Osana & Organic Game Design", YandereDev refers to Kokona as a "purple-haired guinea pig" in his usual calm tone as he pushes her off the roof. Again.
  • Pretty much the entirety of this ad for The Merch.
    • When the original video was age-restricted, YandereDev keeps his tradition of funny censorship methods, including covering Midori's naked torso with a message saying "Your YouTube video has been age-restricted."
      YandereDev (in text): Sorry for uploading two nearly identical videos in the span of 24 hours!
      For some reason, YouTube age-restricted this video when I uploaded it yesterday!
      YouTube doesn't tell you WHY a video has been age restricted...
      Was it the lewd iPhone? Was it the tragic fate of Mario? I don't know!
      So, I decided to make a few changes and re-uploaded the video...
    • The change to the aformentioned disclaimer against shirt-induced death:
    • Putting the message of "Your YouTube video has been age-restricted" over Yan-chan rapidly stabbing Senpai in the chest.
    • Mario's reaction to learning he's going to get to play the role of the rival.
      Mario: Mamma mia!
    • In the description of the censored video, Yandere Dev mentions how YouTube doesn't specify why a video is age-restricted, giving the example that YouTube doesn't send an email saying, "Your video was restricted because of the content that appeared 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the video."
  • In the December 2017 video, he demonstrates how, if one of the Student Council members ends up dying, metal detectors and security cameras are set up in the school, permanently lowering the atmosphere to its lowest level. This is pretty scary, but then he shows that triggering a metal detector has it pepper spray you from above. Dev's bewildered tone, alongside the silliness of the idea is what makes this funny.
  • In the "Bullies and Phone Addicts in Yandere Simulator" video, he says that The Bullies could be considered "Walking security cameras" due to their daily routine involves walking all around the school, and thanks to their "Phone Addict" Personality, can capture incriminating evidence of the player, should they spot them doing something bad, resulting in an instant game over should they post it. He accentuates his point by taking one of aforementioned Bullies, and literally replacing the character's head with a Security Camera model. It looks as absurd as it sounds.
  • In the February 2018 Progress Report, The Dev sounds humorously bemused at the existence of body pillows.
    "I'm not kidding. This is real. These things actually physically exist. I'm serious."
  • In the March 2018 Progress report, Yandere Dev says "I could drop Osana into the game today if I wanted to." Osana literally drops into the game with a resounding thud.
  • The video presenting the new delinquents has this explanation about what happened to the old delinquents: since they looked like something out of The '80s, YanDev decided to throw them back to 1989. Cue some sort of time wormhole opening and comically sucking the old ten delinquents inside.
    • And even though he patched it out the day after, Dev actually forgot to remove the effect after releasing the build. Cue confusion when a wormhole randomly opened out of nowhere.
  • The June 2018 "Where's Osana?" video opens with this series of comments from Midori (who else?) popping out of YandereDev's computer:
    Midori: Where's Osana?
    Midori: Why isn't Osana done yet?
    Midori: When will you work on Osana?
    Midori: Osana!
    Midori: Osana!
    Midori: Osana!
    Midori: Osana!
    Midori: Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana! Osana!
  • In The Stinger of the July 2018 Progress Report, YandereDev shows a glitch he encountered while working on the update of the Gardening Club members walking sideways in the air.
  • In the video discussing the Light Music Club and the Guidance Counselor, YandereDev mentions Genka having over 80 voiced lines for the potential different scenarios in her "mini-game", showing all of the .wav files to emphasize this. If one looks closely, You can see particularly strange .wav files such as GenkaBowsette, GenkaSnuggle, GenkaKiss, GenkaSpank, Genka Lick, GenkaSuck. What?!.
  • In the video discussing framing others for murder by tricking them into touching a box cutter, Ayano puts on an exaggerated "I'm just a helpless little schoolgirl" act. Then, she cackles evilly.
  • In the May 2019 progress video YandereDev goes into detail about how low sanity mode now features moments when Ayano starts having “Intrusive Thoughts” about killing her current rival (which is disturbing), but the funny part comes at the end of the video when YandereDev shows Ayano having “Intrusive Thots” about the girls from Senran Kagura
  • In the video describing the maid cafe minigame from August 2019, YandereDev gives an example of a customer who wants ice cream. So Yan-chan goes to the chef, who begins "cooking" the ice cream. YandereDev's tone shows that he knows how deliberately-awkward his word choice is.
    YandereDev: Here's your freshly-cooked ice cream!
    • At the end of the video, YandereDev comes across a skin in Fortnite which bears an awful lot of similarities to Yan-chan. He flips back and forth between the skin and himself, each time giving a more suspicious and drawn-out "Hmmm..." before eventually dismissing it as a coincidence.
      YandereDev: Heh! Naw! Any Japanese schoolgirl characters are going to share certain physical attributes that are commonly found in that archetype. There's nothing unusual about that. Any similarities are purely coincidental... rrrriiiigggghhhht...?
  • In a Tour of Yandere Simulator's New Street, the shopkeeper is obviously bored with her job but tries to act friendly with you, until you bore her so much she goes on her phone.
    • Dev demonstrates a bug he had to fix that's so funny it's almost a shame it has to go. Raiberu sees Osana's dead body and says she has to find Osana and leave. She tells the obviously dead Osana that it's not safe and they have to leave. Raiberu runs off, Osana's motionless body sticking close behind her.
    • When introducing the street, YandereDev states it has eight locations: hardware store, manga store, maid cafe, hair salon, ramen restaurant, music store, convenience store, video game store, and electronics store.
  • In The Stinger for the January 2020 update video, we get this butchered gem from YandereDev very loosely quoting Shigeru Miyamoto.
    YandereDev: In the words of Sakurai Kojima, creator of Minecraft: "A delayed Osana is eventually good, but a rushed Osana is a baka forever."
  • The SNAP Mode reveal video might be stuffed to the gills with horror, as is to be expected, but YandereDev, being YandereDev, doesn't keep it dark all the way through:
    • The very beginning shows off the original reactions to the 4chan post that contained the SNAP option (this being the first time it was revealed). They're all voiced, too! a few YouTube personalities' reactions are shown as well. Too bad the whole video nosedives straight into Hell right after...
    • And after all that horror, the screen goes black and one Beat later, YandereDev greets us with a chipper "Hey, there!".
    • He describes how SNAP mode could play out if a Game Over arrived from scenarios other than Senpai rejecting you. When he gets to the police arrest Game Over, he describes a scenario where Yan-chan grabs an officer's gun, shoots them dead, THEN breaks her cuffs with strength and kills the last officer before SNAP mode begins in earnest. He then states that this might be too edgy in a silly way, and repeats the whole thing in a way that's... a far cry from his usual Dissonant Serenity, let's say.
    • The Stinger starts with YandereDev's bemusement at the fact that his most popular merchandise, by far, is body pillows, specifically of the oft-requested Yandere-Kun. This is somehow made funnier by the fact that the graph just calls them "pillowcases".
    YandereDev: Seriously. The Yandere-kun body pillow? The one thing I've sold the most. Was a pillowcase. With a dude on it. Huh. I knew that the majority of my audience was female but...I never knew you ladies were so... thirsty.
    • He then goes on to pitch a new body pillow case of Budo...
    YandereDev: His rock... *zoom in on Budo's crotch* hard... *and again* ABS can now belong to you.
    • ...and one of Oka.
    YandereDev: ...the other side of the case is- *Gasp!*! Oh, my... *the case's image is blurred out from the neck-down* That might be a little too... risque for YouTube.
    • Later on is a pitch for Yandere-chan and Info-chan appearing in an adults-only game called Project QT. He discusses Yandere-chan's artwork and realises that she's depicted with a bottle of ketchup so as to avoid showing any blood.
    YandereDev: No blood here, officer! Just a delicious, tomato-based condiment!
    • The very end of the video shows off Akai Haato, a Vtuber playing YanSim for the first time... and seeing Ayano's closet of panties.
    Akai: Pantsu, Pantsu... Sugoi!
  • The video "How Will Yandere Simulator's Future Rivals be Different from Osana" depicts Hanako clinging to and riding Taro's arm like a baby monkey. The natural sway of his arm as he walks is in no way affected.
  • The video "When Will Yandere Simulator be Finished...." has a couple of quick jokes. When listing all the goals for the Crowdfunding, Stretch Goal 7 is listed as "World Domination" And describes how Yandere Dev will end global warming, world hunger and make everyone who was mean to him apologize.
    • When Yandere Dev explains that he wants all the rivals to be different, he replaces the models with Osana and the subtitles "Cooking Osana, Snobby Osana, Spooky Osana, Sporty Osana, Clumsy Osana, Slutty Osana, Manly Osana, Incest Osana, Final Boss Osana".

     Meta and Other 
  • In his 2016 Annual Report, YandereDev sees that he has 7 views from Vatican City, and briefly wonders if the Pope is playing Yandere Simulator. He also gets 25 hits from North Korea, the same as in 2015, and again assumes a certain rotund dictator secretly loves being a yandere schoolgirl.
    YandereDev: I won't let you down, Glorious Leader!
  • Yan-chan's voice actress, Michaela Laws, has created a series of Epic Rap Battles of Akademi with help from her fellow YanSim castmates.
    • The first: Osana Najimi vs. Ayano Aishi
      • The announcer/referee for the rap battle is Midori Gurin. The first thing she does is to tell the participants (specifically Ayano) to drop all their weapons.
        Midori: Remember: This is a RAP BATTLE! That means NO WEAPONS! That means YOU, Ayano…
        Ayano: Huh?
        Midori: Drop 'em!
        Ayano: Ugh, fine… (places an enormous pile of weapons from hammerspace on the ground)
        Midori: ALL of them.
        Ayano: (grumbles as she tosses a chainsaw onto the pile)
      • The rap battle devolves into a catfight at the end when Ayano talks about Senpai bedding her.
        Osana: You know what?! THAT'S IT!! I'll put you in your place!!
        Ayano: Heh! Come at me, BITCH!
    • The next rap battle was between Taro Yamada (Senpai) and Budo Masuta, and it amounts to Budo trying to get Taro to join the Martial Arts Club. Senpai actually bites back when Budo gets too pushy about it, and the insults start getting more personal (i.e. Budo calls out Taro on being The Generic Guy with an inexplicable Unwanted Harem and Taro starts insinuating that Budo is a violent bully, or something even worse).
      • The book Taro reads before the rap begins is titled How Not To Get Unwanted Attention and the chapter he's on is "How To Be A Normal Harem Protagonist".
      • As an Ironic Funny Background Event, at the very moment Taro tells Budo the idea of a serial killer at school is stupid, we see Ayano dragging Kokona's corpse across the screen. She briefly looks towards the camera during that lyric, then continues on her way.
      • Just as the previous video, the rap battlers are introduced with a title card with their name and a portrait of them. Budo shows him and the other Martial Arts Club members looking tough and formidable. Taro's is him sitting awkwardly by himself on the fountain, with a deer in the headlights expression.
      • At the end of this video, Midori asks the standard "Who Won?"… then breaks character and says she has no idea, begging the audience to tell her the answer. Cue Taro and Budo yelling at her. Then as the video ends, we hear Ayano call out Midori's name with an audible Slasher Smile and start to chase her.
    • An unanticipated entry in the series arising out of a Skype conversation between Michaela and Alejandro Saab (voice of the generic male students) pits Yandere-chan against Yandere-kun. The meta in this one is so thick you can cut it with a knife.
      • Instead of Mom0ki, Cayla Martin is the announcer here. It's amusing to hear Info-chan speaking with an emotion other than "smarmy & creepy".
      • When Yan-chan points out Yan-kun doesn't technically exist, Yan-kun explains Rule 63.
      • Yan-chan blatantly hides behind the Double Standard that gives female characters more of a pass for bad behavior. After Yan-kun calls her out on it, both Yans lob Take Thats at Political Overcorrectness – the phrase "Social Justice Lightning" is used and Yan-chan uses an incredibly mocking tone while citing their argument. It might also be a swipe at YandereDev himself since, despite Dev being a 4chan refugee who hates the Social Justice movement and YanSim being "triggering" for SJWs, he has expressed distaste of the concept of a male yandere several times.
    • We get an even more unexpected one: Ayano versus Yuno. It opens with Yuno apparently giving advice to Ayano on how to be a good Yandere, only to discover that she comes up more often when you Google-image search the term. Ayano also delivers a low blow at one point:
      Ayano: I'm still more stable than you — and my parents still love me!
    • Then the sixth part came out, a battle between Ayano Aishi and Taro Yamada. It's literally just a frame of Ayano creepily scaring at Senpai from afar. For three minutes. Happy April Fools' Day!
  • For April Fools' Day 2017, YandereDev once again delivered.
    • The Male Rival Introduction Video showcases Gender Flip versions of, well, the various rivals in the game, seemingly presented as romantic options for Ayano. Then there's the ending: Info-kun pops up, and reminds you what day it is.
    • Kuudere Simulator returns with a new sequel!!!
      • The unique new feature? You can summon Osana and then KILL HER! Multiple times!!
      • By this point in the "series", Kuudere-chan has become a Deadpan Snarker extraordinaire. Her very first line in the trailer (which sadly seems to be unique to it) is, "We're doing THIS again?" But she spouts some gems if you have her shoot Osana in the face:
        "Senpai is safe now. Or something. I guess."
        "What a mess."
  • The Midori Forest mini-game is scary, but there's just something funny about all these green haired anime girls chanting "Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev!"