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SPOILER ALERT: Due to gaming content leaks and walkthroughs being passed around gamers internationally for over two years, plot information are bound to be spoiled with a good portion being unmarked. Viewer discretion is advised to those newly joined in from the animation adaption. If readers do not want to be full on spoiled, DO NOT LIFT THOSE SPOILER TAGS!
Editing Note: For the convenience of editing, characters will continue to be referred by their English naming. Aside from listed alternate name readings, all character names and actors' names are listed in the format of given name first, surname last.

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Main Cast

Player Character

    The Heroine— White Queen
Positions & Secret Identities:
[S1, S2] Owner of her media company, and Miracle Finder Program Producer.
[S2] Black Swan Agent—Nox.
Voiced by: Qi Zhang [ZH, Anime], Hisako Kanemoto [JP, Anime]

The protagonist of the game, the gaming community usually abbreviate her as “MC;” short for “Main Character.”

She is the lead producer for a production company that used to be run by her father before she took over after his death. She has a mysterious past that she can't fully remember; details would slowly come to light as the story progresses, revealing her relations involving a mysterious organization called the “Black Swan.”

  • Action Girl: Not overtly, but when her visions show her loved ones in trouble she doesn't hesitate to put herself in dangerous situations to save them. Even if she's often saved by one of the boys she shows a fair amount of bravery and determination when up against Black Swan and STF.
  • Amnesiac Hero: She doesn't have any memories before being five years old, and doesn't remember the trauma she experienced as a result.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Lucien’s relationship with the heroine is boiled down to this. Amongst the first four love-interests, Lucien was the last to reveal his true agenda to the heroine; ending with the two challenging each other’s philosophies in the long run.
  • Big Eater: Loves food, especially pudding.
  • Break the Cutie: From Ch 12 onwards, she learns about her fate of being The Queen of Evolvers, and being nonexistent in the shadow timeline..
  • Brought Down to Normal: Her 2020 anime adaption result from banishing Hades. As to what will become of her in that timeline remains open ended.
  • Childhood Friends: She has encounters with Victor, Lucien, and Kiro when she was five, but her memories were repressed. She was high school classmates with Minor, and was officially introduced to Gavin due to being their upperclassman of the same high school. The game’s Collection Sidequest revealed Victor as the heroine’s true childhood friend.
  • Color Motif: Pink.
  • Curtains Match the Windows: Both her hair and eyes are brown.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Slowly gets revealed starting in chapter 8.
  • Determinator: Once her visions start becoming clearer and she realizes her father's death may have something to do with what's going on, the MC becomes this in order to find out the truth.
  • Diving Save: Towards Victor when they were children. She performs this on Victor again as adults out of muscle memory, which triggers Victor’s powers to evolve stronger. The anime changed her move to Taking the Bullet.
  • Dreaming of Things to Come: Each chapter begins with a dream or vision she has that predicts events in the future. She has these more often and more clearly as the story progresses and her Evol gets stronger.
  • Dude Magnet: Victor, Lucien, Gavin, and Kiro all have the hots for her.
  • Elegant Classical Musician: Knows how to play the piano.
    • The Heroine often plays piano in school during her break time. Unbeknownst to her, she saved Gavin’s life by gifting Gavin with the EVOL power of wind through her music.
    • She gets to play musical instruments in Victor’s, Kiro’s, and Gavin’s Mini Houses since they themselves own music instruments.
  • Endearingly Dorky: The biggest reason Victor finds the heroine attractive is her “juvenescence;” be it constant bickering over nonsenses, doodling on report papers that were intended to be submitted to Victor, to gifting Ridiculously Cute Critter themed items as gifts to Victor for whatever reasons is a character that can easily trigger Victor's soft, yet still manly caretaking instincts.
  • Featureless Protagonist: Averted. Her face is always fully visible in CGs and she has her own character sprite in her dialogue box to boot.
  • Flashback Nightmare: Sometimes has these in regards to her forgotten past.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: With each of her potential Love Interests. Justified since she is an Amnesiac Hero.
  • From Dress to Dressing: The heroine takes out her hair ribbon to tie Kiro’s wounds when he gets injured from saving her at the hacker's summit.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Not only can the player decide their MC's name, they can name her company too!
  • Limited Wardrobe: Usually seen wearing the same dress inside a matching white blouse ensemble when users play her. But subverted in the long run as you draw out high rarity Karmas out, she’s shown to have loads of nice outfits in illustrations of those Karmas.
    • The anime subverted this wonderfully by having the heroine switch business outfits per episode and switch outfits fit for different occasions.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Has shades of being this to each love interest, but Lucien is her most severe patient to take on.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Most of the first ten or so chapters involves this. By having repressed memories, the heroine frequently has no clue what is going on or who is after her.
  • Meaningful Name: The anime adaptation gives her the name of "Watashi" ("I"), which fits as she is the game's player avatar.
  • Missing Mom: Her father is mentioned a couple times in the story but her mother is never mentioned at all.
  • Mysterious Past: One even she doesn't fully recall. It slowly get unveiled as the story progresses.
  • Nerves of Steel: She talks back to the man that tries to kill her by throwing her off a school rooftop, and tries to remain as calm and clearheaded as she can when up against the Black Swan and the Special Task Force.
  • Nice Girl: Probably the nicest character in the game. Even with all the drama surrounding her she maintains a cheery disposition, though it sometimes crosses over into Stepford Smiler territory when she doesn't want to worry anyone.
  • Office Lady: A more minor example than others of this trope, though she's very dedicated to her job and is the boss of her company, and thus very dedicated to getting it off the ground.
  • Parental Substitute: Becomes like one for Perry in Chapter 15.
  • Passing the Torch: The production company she runs used to be headed by her father.
  • Plucky Girl: She does her best to stay determined and kind throughout the story, even as things get worse.
  • Rescue Romance: First impression with Gavin, but eventually all love interests will have their moments whenever players focus on each of the boys’ individual routes.
  • Stock Shoujo Heroine: A Chinese example, but she very much fits the bill.
  • Sweet Tooth: Shares this trait with Kiro, which is one of the things they initially bond over. Especially when it comes to Victor’s pudding.
  • Taking the Bullet: At the end of Chapter 15, she does this to protect Gavin while they're fleeing the STF. It's the final straw that leads Gavin to make his Declaration Of Protection towards the heroine.
  • Taught by Experience: She knows a lot about running the company and producing TV segments for only being twenty-two, due to growing up watching her father do it.
  • Uncertain Doom: Some of the chapters end with her in this position, made more aggravating when you have to level up before finding out what happened.
  • Workaholic: From the get-go, she's very dedicated to her production company, implied in Chapter 1 to partly be in memory of her dad, though later it's obvious she genuinely enjoys her job.
  • Tareme Eyes suits her innocent and gentle personality. Victor also notes how pure and untainted her eyes in one of the dates.


The Love-Interests

     Ze-Yan “Victor” Li (Zen)
Alternate Name Readings: 李澤言 (Traditional) / 李泽言 (Simplified) Lǐ Zé-Yán [ZH, Game & Anime]
ゼン Zen [JP, Game & Anime]
이택언 Lee Taek-Eon [KR]
Positions & Secret Identities:
[S1, S2] Loveland Financial Group CEO, The mystery owner and chef of restaurant Souvenir.
[S2] Leader of The Black Swan Organization.
Voiced by: Lei Wu [ZH-Mandarin], Wen-Hao Yeh [TW-Mandarin], Tomokazu Sugita, Yuko Sanpei (Child) [JP], Jae-heon Jeong / Dong-hoon Lee [KR], Ben Diskin [EN]

The young and successful CEO of Loveland Financial Group. Victor is infamous for his sink-or-swim, and meticulous methods of running his business. The heroine found her company's investments being pulled away by Victor's evaluation, and went straight to Victor in asking for a chance to prove her company's worth and for his reinvestment to her company.
  • Bridal Carry: Victor’s trademark carry method.
    • Victor saved the heroine from two street incidents with this action and is marked as the story’s Signature Scene.
    • The anime opening acknowledged and showcased Victor in this action during his moment with the heroine.
    • Victor carries the MC out like this after she was injured from a lightning strike.
    • If you reached Victor’s wedding Karma, it’ll be presented with this action.
  • The Caretaker: Victor’s true color is an intimate version of the Big Brother Instinct. If the heroine takes his route, Victor would protect her safety at all cost, and make absolutely sure that the heroine drinks her milk, eats her greens, and be treated with his signature pudding.
  • Childhood Friends: Victor is revealed via Rumors & Secrets to be true childhood friends with the heroine. Victor (age 10) and the heroine (age 4) played in the same park around their neighborhood, indicating the two lived not that far off from each other. One day, Victor accidentally destroyed the heroine’s sandcastle while playing ball with his friends, and the heroine blatantly requested he should repay her with something sweet to eat and homemade by him the next day. Victor came back the next day pretending he forgot the snack back at home but the heroine didn’t flinch one bit since she predicted he will fulfill his promise and will treat her with his homemade pudding the moment they met. Since then, the two would meet up often to have kids talk. Victor’s first Bridal Carry save on the heroine occurred during one of their meet-up days sometime one year after their first encounter.
  • Curtains Match the Window: He has dark eyes and hair.
  • Defrosting Ice King: Of the Dark Snark to Sugar Ice Tsundere variety. Compared to other love interests, Victor is practically the only one who was raised in a well-rounded happy environment, and Used to Be More Social. Only to be hit by the harsh realities of life as he grows up and started working, and overworking. With the heroine entering his life, Victor is given the chance to retrieve and relieve the tender side of his personality that he’s been holding back for years.
  • Elegant Classical Musician: Played with. Victor knows how to play the piano, but hasn’t touched his piano in years in favor of his business. In his Mini House, The Heroine lured Victor to sit on the piano seat in attempt to get him play a score, and tutor him some new music pieces (as well as creating a piano duet bonding time between them two). Though she got him to sit, she failed to get him playing his instrument.
  • The Gadfly: A lot of his conversations with the heroine presents him poking fun at her like this. He is the snarkiest love-interest after all.
  • Honorifics: May Lost in Translation in English localization, Victor refers to his father by using the second-person singular Chinese honorific, “您 [Nín],” which is the English equivalent of “Thou” in his normal conversations to denote respect towards his father’s superiority. But will go by the casual “Dad” (one single “爸 [Bà]”) as his father’s familial title; signaling Victor’s relationship with his father is close and loving, yet courtly.
  • I Will Find You:
    • The main reason why Victor runs a restaurant aside from his finance business is to find leads for a girl he met when he was a child. The few biggest cues Victor remembers was the girl was a person he saved from a street incident, an Evolver, absolutely adored the pudding he made for her, and took his place from a lightning strike.
  • It May Help You on Your Quest: Victor and The Heroine each holds a pocket watch made by glass-artist, Chuck Chen note , which surprisingly helped the two communicate with each other between time space.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: The Heroine is not pleased with Victor’s penchant to deprecate her anytime he opens his mouth to talk, but Victor's advisories for the heroine are always spot on, even the heroine herself admits she has no right to throw complaints in his face in the long run.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover:
    • Initially Inverted. Victor never showed any disliking for cute critters in general, but domestic cats in particular would find themselves seeing Victor as the most attractive "boss" in their territory. Noted on Victor's "Cute Date," an entire group of cats within a cat cafe would flock and climb all over Victor in attempt to win over his affection.
    • Sometime after the cute date, Victor became the owner of a Ragdoll kitten named, “Pudding.” Pudding was showcased on Victor’s limited rarity “R” Karma—”Victor: Ameowsing,” on Victor’s Weibo featuring the real life version of Pudding, as well as episode 7’s ending card within the Chinese version of the animation adaptation. [1]
    • Sometime after Victor owned Pudding, an orange tabby followed him home, temporarily naming it “Yogurt.” Yogurt was later reunited with it’s owner.
    • Found in the Mini House game, once the heroine moves in with Victor, Victor would have the option to own at least 5 cats, including Pudding. [2]
  • Leitmotif:
  • Man of Wealth and Taste: His living style is described as “luxurious, but with practicality and warmth.”
  • Meaningful Name:
    • In literal terms, the “澤 (Ze)” in his Chinese name have meanings of “pond, lake (place where water streams gather),” and “to benefit (恩澤),” while “言 (Yan)” stands for “speech/saying;” taking the latter, his given name stands for “beneficial talk.” His name also derives from the idiom “口不擇言 (kou bu ze yan)”—“The mouth that does not select its words;” denoting someone with Brutal Honesty. Which can all explain his sugar and ice, dark snark attitude.
    • His name was given by both of his parents. “Ze” from his mother to wish him “good blessings (benefits; 恩澤) from all whom her son may encounter,” and “Yan” from his father in hopes his son will “execute his words and actions with great care (謹言慎行)”—advising Victor to take full responsibility for all the words and actions he makes in life. Victor took his parents’ blessings to heart, and makes absolutely sure to honor all promises to those he pledges.
    • His Japanese name is a merge of his Chinese name, Ze-Yan by omitting the "Ya" note  sound.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: With The Heroine. The Heroine is a bubbly girl who is set to do anything her mind wants her to do, and can come out extremely silly for certain occasions. While Victor is the grumpy, mature perfectionist who ends up having to follow her trail to clean up after her mifits whenever he witnessed it.
  • Seeker Archetype: In the same point of view, and in succession of the heroine’s father, Victor’s story route involves Victor, as an outsider, to dig into the mysteries behind the Black Swan’s motive over abducting young children as Evolver experiments, the disappearance of his Childhood Friend, and the mysterious incidents surrounding the heroine.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Victor’s wardrobe is entirely composed of timeless classical men’s wear. Given his status as a proud elite and by glimpse of his fit alone, we bet nobody would dare to question the price tags of each piece of his clothing.
    • Most likely out of habit from his upbringing as a Princely Young Man, Victor is often seen sophisticatedly dressed in his suit for all kinds of occasions, even in his off hours, which gives the heroine all the excuse to lampshade how Victor literally doesn’t have anything casual to wear outside of work.
  • Sleep Cute: Being the resident triple-shift workaholic of the love interests, Victor holds the most Karmas with moments of him conked out anywhere from pillowing on the heroine’s head on couch, pillowing the heroine’s shoulders during a movie date, to him snoozed flat on house grounds buried in his work papers.
  • Stoic Spectacles: Victor can be found wearing glasses in two Karma scenarios. Revealed in his character book, Victor is minor nearsighted with 1.0 diopters. Therefore, he only wears glasses whenever he strains his eyes from his workload.
  • Sugar and Ice Tsundere: An interesting example of a blend from the two tropes. Victor’s “icy tsun tsun” persona comes off cold, stoic, and deadpan snarky, yet he proves himself to be warm and sincere with all of his actions and takes his CEO position seriously. Victor then shows various levels of "dere dere" by arranging report meetings as an excuse to talk with the heroine on personal levels, goes out of his way to protect and or prevent her from harm, and provides sincere advice and resources to let the heroine nurture her company. Finally, Victor’s sugary compassion, protective instincts, and caretaking actions would come through and skyrocket for the heroine after he confirms the heroine to be his long lost Childhood Friend, and will gladly crank Up to Eleven by calling his army of bodyguards to protect the heroine at all cost.
  • Supreme Chef: Part of his hobby is running a restaurant only to serve food to consumers who truly appreciates his culinary arts. And he doesn’t expect the heroine to be a cook to his tastes anyway.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Black hair? Check. Tallest love interest? Check. Deadpan Snarker? Check.
  • Through Her Stomach: Victor’s Supreme Chef talent is absolute platinum for the heroine with big appetites.
  • Time Master: Victor’s true power after he evolved. Regardless of target being an Evolver or not, Victor is able to target whoever he wants to freeze time, freely open time portals to absorb attacks, and Time Travel.
  • Time Stands Still: The Evol power Victor often use is the ability to stop time. But this power was originally ineffective against fellow Evolvers. The anime adaptation timeline confirmed Victor evolved his powers to true Time Master and fixed this flaw.
  • 0% Approval Rating: All consumers unapologetically rates Victor’s restaurant service as complete crap for unhumanely kick out customers who do not appreciate or abide by his service standards; even to those who are in the middle of consuming his gourmets. Yet all can’t help themselves from adoring the food he puts out. If Loveland City have a Gordon Ramsay, it’ll be Victor.

     Mo “Lucien” Xu (Simon)
Alternate Name Readings: 許墨 (Traditional) / 许墨 (Simplified) Xǔ Mò [ZH, Game & Anime]
シモン Simon [JP, Game & Anime]
허묵 Heo Muk [KR]
EVOL Power: Power Copying (with limits and setbacks).
Positions & Secret Identities: Loveland University Professor [S1, S2], Miracle Finder Consultant & Guest Commentator [S1 (Ends at Chap.16), S2 (Agreed to join back post Chap.8)], Black Swan Agent—Ares [S1, S2 (Former)], STF Secret Research Center Chief Consultant [S2].
Voiced by: Lei Xia [ZH-Mandarin], Ding-Rui Xiao [TW-Mandarin], Daisuke Hirakawa, Marina Inoue (Child) [JP], Ho-san Lee [KR], Bill Rogers [EN]

A soft-spoken, world-class neuroscientist who the heroine approaches to serve as program consultant and staple program commentator for her television show Miracle Finder. A couple of days after his first meet up with the heroine, the heroine found Lucien becoming her newly moved in next suite neighbor living in the same apartment.
  • Important Editorial Note: Due to Lucien not differentiating the personas between his identies as Ares and himself, tropers should place entries wisely; if an entry leans more to one side of his identity, then place that trope under his respective identity.

  • Child Prodigy: Lucien was an advanced learner ever since he learned how to read and do math. At 9 years of age, Lucien studied abroad under the affiliation with The Black Swan Organization. Lucien then aged on to Teen Genius where he finished high school and got his Bachelor's Degree within one year at age 15, got his Master's and applied for Ph.D. in The United States at 16, and received his Ph.D. at 20.
  • False Friend: As the agent chosen for the task to lure the heroine into the Black Swan Project, Lucien chose an approachable, friendly, and helpful persona in attempt to win over the heroine’s trust.
    • In regards to Childhood Friends, Lucien is revealed to be a false childhood friend; as Lucien only met the heroine once and no more than that. What made this worse is that Lucien took advantage of this piece of memory and utilized the heroine’s powers to make their friend scenario even more believable. The true timeline of Lucien’s childhood was on Lucien’s 7th birthday, his parents died in car crash and Lucien was engineered into an Evolver, met The Heroine after he became an Evolver, then was registered as one of the few children rescued from the Evolver experiment. note 
  • First Friend: As the manual and Rumors & Secrets puts it, Lucien had an Only Friend before encountering The Heroine. Lucien once had a local Hotblooded young policeman named Zi-Hang Fan living as his neighbor when he was little. With big brother instincts kicked in, Zi-Hang offered to Lucien’s parents to befriend Lucien due to seeing him lacking peer friends to play with. The two tend to play chess games with Zi-Hang always on the losing end, and is seen trying his best to mentor Lucien on how “friendships” work. Zi-Hang only lived next to the Xu Family for a short period of time before his job shifted him elsewhere. Zi-Hang is currently alive and well, but his memory of Lucien is now disconnected. Zi-Hang met the grown-up Lucien once, but took him as a different person from the kid Lucien by taking in, and accepted the news of the deaths of the entire Xu Family, including kid Lucien from a car accident. This is most likely where Lucien got his “moving in next door to befriend The Heroine” tactics from.
  • Friendless Background: Lucien was born a Child Prodigy to parents within scientific fields with a passive-aggressive spock personality. Ever since Lucien was aware of his own existence, his surrounding neighborhood adults loved him for his “Born Winner intellect and reserved nature,” but his peers hated him to their guts due to their parents constantly comparing them with Lucien.
  • Guy Next Door: Lucien became the heroine’s next door neighbor not long after their first encounter.
  • Honey Trap: Lucien is a Black Swan agent targeting the heroine in attempts to awaken her Evol powers to her fullest.
  • Heroic BSoD/Villainous Breakdown: During the time frame where the heroine disappears in her home world between S1 chapters 19 through 24, Lucien came to Heel Realization on how much of a Living Emotional Crutch the heroine is to him and became severely depressed and resorts to hallucinogens and abused more of his drugs just to see her in his dreams; and went as far as copying her room interior within his apartment just to keep the last trace of her colors in his life. By the time The Heroine came back to her home timeline on S1 chapter 25, she finds Lucien in his office down in a languid state and taking pills like an addiict. To sum up, Lucien himself was surprised by how much in love he is for The Heroine, and didn’t foresee his contradicting mental reactions to be this traumatic and uncontrollable.
  • Hot Scientist: By virtue of being a love interest.
  • Ill Boy: Lucien was the first Muggle subject to be manually, and experimentally, engineered into an Evolver by the Black Swan Organization. Therefore, Lucien came out flawed with horrible side effects; which includes becoming emotionless, loss of senses, and suffers from power overheat. To maintain a livable state, Lucien has to take in life-long medications.
  • Leitmotif:
  • Meaningful Name:
    • “Lucien” means, “Light”.
    • His Chinese given name “墨(Mo)” means “ink;” especially for black ink.
    • The above names hearken back to the fact that he doesn’t have the ability to see color, and can only see shades of light and the colors that are reflected on the heroine.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Lucien’s actions are often described along the lines of “Lucien suddenly approaches (the heroine) very close.”
  • No Social Skills: Lucien’s upbringing as a passive, intellectually born-winning Book Worm spock with little to no friends set him at a disadvantage on how to “humanly” handle human interaction. Add to his inner competitiveness, temper issues, and borderline Pushover Parents makes him mature up to a Silk Hiding Steel.
  • Parental Neglect: Walking on fine-line with Pushover Parents. Both of Lucien’s parents were loving and caring to him and did their parts to the best of their abilities and were very guilt-ridden for prioritizing their jobs as scientists. But with Lucien performing well academically with a quiet attitude, they presumed their son can cope a bit more stress than his peers in terms of having lesser parental involvement from them. This leads to Lucien’s physical and emotional needs going unnoticed unless he speaks up.
  • Power Copying: Lucien’s power, which was first revealed in his character book, then confirmed in the anime. Implied by Hades in game story, Lucien can only auto copy, and stock up to 3 different evol powers from Evolvers within his copy range at max. If a 4th Evolver comes into Lucien’s copy range, the first power Lucien was matched will be discarded, and Lucien’s body will overheat.
  • The Quiet One: Being a natural introvert with hard-working busy parents, Lucien prefers not to bother his parents from their work to meet his needs; and resorts to reading and drawing pictures alone as his hobby.
  • Renaissance Man: Lucien is proficient in a wide range of fields, besides his home field of neurology, he excels at biology, medicine, art (photography, sketching, painting note ), sports (archery, guns, fitness/weight training), and gaming (chess, video games).
  • Sense Loss Sadness:
    • Lucien is unable to see color, and process emotions. It is also implied his sense of taste is weak as well.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Lucien owns a couple of great suits of lighter shades, but often less formally dressed compared to Victor.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: Lucien’s current true persona underneath his stoic condition. Lucien is a competitive passive-aggressive introvert who looks soft in appearance, but his temperament is very ambitious, and likes to be in control of things. If life experiences doesn’t go the way he “calculates” to be, he would be frustrated, furious, and won’t hesitate to resort to violent acts if he deems necessary. Given his stoic condition and natural lack of social skills, his anger and frustrations would often show up as “heart aches.”
  • Social Darwinist: Mainly a Type 1 and 5 Struggler who promotes meritocracies. As a biologist and neruologist, Lucien agrees that humans should have the right to evolve stronger in order to survive, move forward, and continue to stand as the greatest advancement of all lifeforms.

     Qi-Luo “Kiro” Zhou (Kira)
Alternate Name Readings: 周棋洛 (Traditional & Simplified) Zhōu Qí-Luò [ZH, Game & Anime]
キラ Kira [JP, Game & Anime]
주기락 Ju Gi-Rak [KR]
Character Motifs: Yellow and Gold, Stars, Daisies, Sunflowers, Teddy Bears.
Positions & Secret Identities: Idol Singer [S1, S2], KEY the legendary hacker [S1, S2], Black Swan Agent—Helios [S1, S2 (Former)].
Voiced by: Bian-Jiang [ZH-Mandarin], Yu-Chung Sung [TW-Mandarin], Tetsuya Kakihara, Megumi Han (Child) [JP], Myung-joon Kim [KR], Sean Chiplock [EN]

A popular Idol Singer who the heroine encountered while on his private break. Kiro instantly befriended the heroine due to their similar lax personalities and took the initiative of tagging and promoting the heroine’s TV program with his social media outlets to get her program trending in their society.

  • For entries related to Kiro’s alter-ego, see Helios under the Black Swan Organization.

  • Alter-Ego Acting:
    • Kiro separates his character between Helios in a clean-cut fashion for the sake of his own sanity. Kiro notably doesn’t like Helios, but understands there are situations where only Helios can solve; and Kiro makes absolutely sure to not let The Heroine blend his two personas together. Kiro also does this in belief that none of his loved ones, including the heroine, should have to witness the dark side of him—One is to maintain an easy conversion on his side like a super hero, two, to take in any further revelations and impact The Black Swan Organization has in their arsenal that would further traumatized The Heroine; which includes Helios’ actions, and three, he just wants The Heroine to continue to be that happy-girl she has always been.
    • Starting from S1 Chapter 25, upon The Heroine merging all timelines into one and pulled Kiro up to the Black Cabin for their reunion talk, Kiro/Helios recognized The Heroine fully busted his two personas. After they all descend back to their timeline, Kiro/Helios proceeds to slowly tweak the masks of his two personas back to his own balanced self upon the affirmation of trust from The Heroine.
  • Birds of a Feather: Kiro’s interest for the heroine came from his empathy by identifying with their similar optimistic personalities, and shared experience from being experimented by The Black Swan.
  • Broken Bird: Behind this optimistic performing artist, Kiro has been coping from his experiences as an orphan since childhood who was experimented, and forced to survive within a Super Supremacist organization against his will. As Kiro continues to live on Aimlessly Seeking Happiness, he recognized the optimistic girl who went through the same trauma as he did. Along the course of time spent with the heroine, Kiro found purpose for his life, and vows to disband the Black Swan Organization from within so that The Heroine, and he as “Kiro” can break free.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Kiro is half Chinese with European ancestry of unknown origins due to being orphaned at a very young age. His blond hair blue eyes are confirmed to be his natural assets.
  • The Charmer: One of his powers. It comes in handy when working as an Idol Singer, but not when you unintentionally attract swarms of groupie brigades and stir up cat riots.
  • Clear My Name: Kiro and the heroine attended the Hacker Summit individually to find the identity of a legendary hacker named “KEY.” While the heroine wanted the hacker for an exclusive interview, Kiro wanted to find the hacker to confront that person for stealing his hacker identity.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Has natural blond hair, and is the sweetest of the four guys.
  • Leitmotif:
  • Meaningful Name:
    • In literal terms, the “棋(Qi)” from his name stands for “chess piece,” while “洛(Luo)” is a specified noun related to locations and cultures around the Luo River; especially to Luoyang City. His full given name “棋洛 (Qi-Luo) mainly derives from the idiom “棋落不悔 (qi luo bu hui)”—“no regrets on the move made on the chessboard;” giving the meaning of once you decided a path to take in life, don’t regret it.
    • “Kiro” is derived from both his Chinese name pronunciation and the Greek Kyrios, meaning 'Christ'.
    • “Kira” also derived from his Chinese name pronunciation, as well as adding “sparkle” for his gig as an Idol Singer. It is also near-homophonous with ' killer'.
  • Mind Manipulation: Kiro’s second power where he scarcely use. He activates it by staring at his target; which his eyes will turn gold in the process, and begins his orders with the words, “I command you...” to make his targets perform his orders to absolute fashion. His powers are powerful to the point where he can order people to forget specific memories, in which he uses to make The Heroine disconnect his relationship with his alter-ego, Helios.
  • The Nicknamer: Kiro calls the heroine “Miss (Potato) Chips.” The Japanese version changed it to “Princess Potato Chips (Potechi-Hime).”
  • No Name Given: Kiro’s current full name was given by his cracker master, KEY senior and is not his true birth name due to being orphaned before his self-awareness grew in.
  • Playful Hacker: Kiro used his hacking abilities to expose bad hackers and corrupt public figures to the public, while also gain early reading access to digital comic / manga chapters, which are generally harmless activities compared to his cracker master.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: His blue eyes will turn gold when his Mind Manipulation EVOL is activated.
  • Taking Up the Mantle: Kiro was trained by a legendary hacker whose code name is “KEY.” KEY senior retired from the hacking business 17 years prior to the storyline after his identity was revealed by the heroine’s father, and left a note to Kiro to inherit his name if Kiro ever wish to enter the hacker field. Kiro took up his master’s name one year prior to the storyline mostly for his own hobbies.
  • Teen Idol:
    • Kiro has been noted to debut in France as a child star, and worked around the western entertainment business before coming back to China at the age of 20 to expand his field and explore his roots.
    • Kiro was part of an American boy band as their lead vocalist and was the most popular member of his band during his teenage years.
  • Walking Spoiler: There's absolutely nothing up with this Keet Idol Singer. Nope.

     Qi “Gavin” Bai (Haku)
Alternate Name Readings: 白起 (Traditional & Simplified) Bái Qǐ [ZH, Game & Anime]
ハク Haku [JP, Game & Anime]
백기 Baek Gi [KR]
Character Motifs: Blue and White, Sky, Clouds, Birds, Dogs, Ginko Leaves.
EVOL Power: Wind Control
Positions & Secret Identities:
[S1] STF Agent #B-7 -> NW Agent -> STF Commander
[S2] STF Commander
Voiced by: Jie Zhang [ZH-Mandarin], Wen-An Jia [TW-Mandarin], Yuki Ono [JP], Sang-hyun Um [KR], Joe Zieja [EN]

The heroine’s high school upperclassman who the heroine had bad impressions with through her school years. Gavin is now a competent police officer who’s part of a special task force in surveilling and safeguarding Evolvers.

     Xiao “Shaw” Ling (Shou) 
Alternate Name Readings: 凌肖 (Traditional & Simplified) Líng Xiāo [ZH, Game & Anime]
ショウ Shou [JP, Game & Anime]
연시호 Yeon Siho [KR]
EVOL Power: Lightning Control
Positions & Secret Identities: Indie Rocker, Archaeology Major College Student.
Voiced by: Lu Zhao [ZH-Mandarin], Yi-Qi Lin [TW-Mandarin], Makoto Furukawa [JP], Seung-Hoon Choi [KR], Aleks Le [EN]

A Mysterious Informant who slides between society organizations in aiding The Heroine starting from Season 1 Chapter 24.


Heroine’s Allies

     The Heroine’s Company 


Yue-Yue “Kiki” (Yui)

  • Fangirl: She is a huge fan of Kiro.
  • Genki Girl: Very jumpy and often is excited when their are hot guys are around. She also drags the heroine to have fun but sometimes she goes overboard.
  • Shipper on Deck: She ships MC and Kiro.

Ye “Minor” Han (Kanya)

  • Ambiguously Bi: He has a weird obsession with Gavin and how he commented on how hot he is on his moments. He even had a dictionary on Gavin’s interests on Gavin’s B-day event.
  • Shipper on Deck: It is clear he ships Gavin and Heroine since high school since. He even help Gavin with his love letter for his girl.

     Dr. Song 
EVOL Power: X-Ray Vision

Victor’s Allies

     Qian "Goldman" Wei (Ken) 

     Mr. Charles "Chuck" Chen 

Mr. Chen is an elderly meek glass artist Evolver who resides in the hills far out of Loveland City. He was featured as Miracle Finder's first episode interviewee for being the first Evolver The Heroine's father had encountered, and became close friends with The Heroine's father. The Heroine reached out to Mr. Chen to make a revisit episode on Chapter 11, and was implied to have known Victor before meeting The Heroine for the first time.
  • Honorary Uncle: Mr. Chen offers The Heroine to call him by "Grandpa Chen" note  since he considers The Heroine's father be a great friend of his.
  • It May Help You on Your Quest: Revealed in Chapter 16, and in part of Victor's Rumors & Secrets, Mr. Chen was the initial gift giver of the pair of crystal pocket watches in which Victor gave one to The Heroine, and used the other to protect himself throughout his time travels. Mr. Chen crafted these two pocket watches with time space minerals, and gave these pair of watches to Victor mainly as one, a Good Luck Charm, two, it may work well with Victor's Evol powers, and three, Mr. Chen sees Victor as the successor of The Heroine's father—who is able to protect The Heroine in her father’s place, unveil the mysteries surrounding Evolvers, and for Victor’s determination to strive for the best future for all humanity.
  • Only One Name: An interesting example. Mr. Chen is only known by his surname in the Chinese original, while only a given name on English localization; making him having a westernized full name when combined.
  • Time Travel: Mr. Chen holds the ability of opening up a personal room linked within "The Black Cabin"—the grand central of time space. Making Mr. Chen one of the key players over the course of the main story.
    • Entering and exiting this room will either effect the time pacing, and or location in his true time; mostly a Year Outside, Hour Inside consequence, or Teleportation; but may result in random Time Travel on unlucky days. Mr. Chen has little control over this matter, so people may come out of his space room Year Inside, Hour Outside if lucky. If Mr. Chen and or his guests wants to go back to their own timeline, he usually has to open and close his room door a couple of times until he gets to the right setting to drop his guests off.
    • He was initally unaware the "extra room" in his house was his superpower, and made that room one of his glass art studios; Mr. Chen then slowly adventured out to experiment with the minerals produced in that time space to create glass/crystal art projects.

Kiro’s Allies

     Yuan "Savin" Shen (Shin) 

EVOL Power: Teleportation

Key Societal, and World-Class Organizations

The Police Special Task Force (STF)

The nation's neutral police task force specifially in charge of handling conflicts between Evolvers and normal civilians.

     In General 
  • Fisher King: Under Leto's command, the STF stands Anti-Evolver. Once Leto is deposed with Gavin installed as commander, the STF turns neutral.
  • Muggle Power: The STF maintains the social norm for regular humans by taking Evolvers, who causes social discord, into custody and secretly eliminates them.
  • Secret Police: The task force is part of the city’s police department created specifically for taking cases in relation to Evolvers. Due to the nature of their job, the task force is mostly hidden away from the general public.
  • Un-person: The task force’s true mission is to eliminate all Evolvers that are in their custody.

     Commander Ji-Zhong “Leto” Liang (Sakaki) 

The NW Task Force

The nation's Pro-Evolver military force.

     Gavin's Father 

The Gray Rhino Organization

The largest Anti-Evolution organization that emerged in the Season 2 timeline.


The Black Swan Organization

The world's largest Pro-Evolution organization who believes the emergence of Mutants as the sign of humanity's next superior form of evolution.
     In General 
  • Arc Villain: They are only for the first 18 chapters of the story, they became the antiheroes later.
  • Evilutionary Biologist: To advance the evolution process in a faster pace, the organization conducts experimental projects on the children and young adults of the current generation in hopes they can rule as Superhuman Evolvers, reproduce offsprings as born winners, and pave a new way of life for the future of human society.
    • Lucien was the first child Muggle -to-Evolver subject without any transmissions or contacts with a natural mutant, while Kiro was a later child subject with contact and genetic transmissions from a natural mutant, in his case, was The Heroine.
  • The Group: They are part of the evol conspiracy and possibly had started it.
  • The Men in Black: The organization holds the dress code of wearing at least one piece of black colored clothing, styles and outfit arrangements can be self-expressed. The anime showed Mooks wearing the standard suit coordination.
  • The Social Darwinist: The core belief of this organization is to rise on top of the evolution chain to lead humanity to a new level of prosperity. They also acknowledge those who cannot survive the process of evolution will perish. As the organization found breakthroughs and methods to evolve the human race, they will do whatever they can to push the evolution process to fruition; based on their place within this story, they place their investments to force evolve all humans into Evolvers. To live or die is all on each individual human.
  • Super Supremacist: The organization believes Evolvers are the superior form of normal humans. Humans who cannot evolve into Evolvers will eventually be rejected by nature, thus the organization will not waste their resources to save Muggles who cannot become Evolvers.
  • The Syndicate: The organization holds multiple resources, and branches on a global scale. Members are organized by EVOL power statuses with squads ranging in fields performing abductions, assasinations, business partnerships, experiments, researches, and politics.

The Black Swan Twelve
The Black Swan Twelve are the 12 most powerful Evolver members of The Black Swan Organization. Each member have a specialized field of proficiency, and are required to take on missions by consensus between the 12 members.

     In General 
  • The Omniscient Council of Vagueness: As of current in-game story development, the twelve members are not completely revealed. Each member of The Twelve will hold meetings between required members depending on their missions.

EVOL Power: Power Copying
True Identity: Lucien Xu

EVOL Power: Acid Mist

  • Alpha Bitch: Is one of the high-ranking members at B.S. but very ruthless and cold towards her minions and her enemies. She even has no trouble to kill them if she has to.
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Has long dark hair and is very aloof. She is very serious and is focus on her missions. She was able to to scare Mc and her underlings due to her cold aura and high-ranking in Black Swan.
  • Dark Action Girl: Dresses all black and is ruthless to her victims.
  • Light Feminine Dark Feminine: In a way, she is towards to the Mc. While Mc is kind and selfless, she is arrogant, cold and wears black clothing.

Alter Identity: Kiro Zhou

Other Members


EVOL Power: Dream Weaving (with slight Reality Warp capabilities), Time Travel, Time Recap

The Queen

     Black Queen 

One of the main antagonists of the story. The Black Queen came from one of the worst results of the future Heroine, where her love-interests has either disappeared from her life, or has betrayed her good wills; with the rest of humanity not appreciating her actions as well. This heroine has crossed the Despair Event Horizon to the point where she opts to escape from reality, and sets up a time loop specially for her past self to relive the best parts of her life over and over again, all the while attempts to destroy the rest of humanity.


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