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OK, here's the deal. Who is Kahran042? An ordinary guy, a "cyber-drifter" if you will, just trying to carve his niche into the Internet. I post in a lot of places, sometimes under different names.

Some of my favorite works (links to pages with a high risk of unleashing my violent desire removed):

Anime & Manga:

Let's Play: Literature: Live-Action TV: Music: Newspaper Comics: Tjektaser: Video Games:
Webcomics: Web Original: Western Animation: Other:

This user (I don't really consider myself a "troper") provides examples of:

Since there isn't really a page for this, I thought I'd put it here. It's a variant on Favorite Trope where I don't necessarily like the trope itself, but find the page to be an interesting place.

And, since Troper Tales was overhauled, I thought I'd put this up here:

     My favorite tropes 

Since I put up my favorite tropes, I might as well include their evil counterpart, the Pet-Peeve Trope s. It should be noted that I don't always hate these, but they're more often done poorly than not, so...

    My pet peeve tropes 

Finally, the "Unspeakable Tropes." These are tropes that, although I don't really have a problem with the tropes themselves, I detest the way that they're primarily used on this wiki to belittle and demean people for daring to have different opinions from the majority or shut down any theories that a character might not be as perfect or demonic as they're intended to be, or that just really annoy me for one reason or another. Due to this, I will not link to them, mention them by name, or visit their pages. Hence, I'm listing them here with all vowels, spaces, and capitalization removed to avoid linking to them or being tempted to visit them. By the way, the order has no real significance. It's just the order in which it occurred to me that I should avoid having anything to do with that page.

    The Unspeakable Tropes 
  • I. drcnlthrpnts
  • II. rnthdthtr
  • III. fndmb
  • IV. htdmb
  • V. dfrrshp
  • VI. mrlvnthrzn
  • VII. krmhdn
  • VIII. msmdfndm
  • IX. cmpltmnstr
  • X. yfngrl
  • XI. nvrlvtdwn
  • XII. ntrntbckdrft
  • XIII. ntshppnggggls
  • XIV. shppnggggls
  • XV. ngrtflbstrd
  • XVI. sdsttchr
  • XVII. prncchrmlss
  • XVIII. rlwmnnvrwrdrsss

BTW, if you can guess where I got the spelling of "theater" in my favorites section, you get a cookie.

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