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Miss Nightmare is an internet reviewer who largely reviews media from her childhood and teenage years and sees if they still hold up to the nostalgia. With the help of her roommate, Casey, her magical helper, Mokona, and occasionally her own magical girl powers, she also fights off the forces of evil that come with having a review show.

You can find her videos at RT Gomer, CirclePlus, and her Vimeo page. She also has a Patreon.


Miss Nightmare contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Miss Nightmare is a competent magic-user of the magical girl variety. Also, Casey seems to be a good enough shot to hold her own.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: "Miss Nightmare". Certainly everyone treats this as if it's her real name, but it must be noted that the creator is a HUGE Nightmare Before Christmas fan
  • Brainy Brunette
  • Cards of Power: Clow Cards have shown up on the show a couple of times.
  • Magic Staff: Miss Nightmare uses the Card Captor Sakura wand in battle.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: Mokona, who is (go figure) a black Mokona plushie.
  • Nostalgia Filter: The whole show deliberately lampshades this, as much of the content relates to Miss Nightmare's childhood and teen years and what she thought was cool.
  • Older Than They Look: Casey doesn't look old enough to be dating people Rosenhacker's age.
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  • Shared Universe: Because of her many crossovers and cameos, she's part of the Reviewaverse.
  • World of Weirdness: The Reviewaverse. After all, Miss Nightmare is a magical girl with a talking stuffed toy sidekick.