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An Alternate Universe and Sequel Fic to The Dark Knight Rises by KLCthebookworm.

The story is a two part fic, available here.

  • The One Rule: Batman has one rule he will never break, and there is one thing Selina Kyle will never steal. An AU depicting how the second and third acts of The Dark Knight Rises would've gone if Selina had decided to warn Bruce that Bane was setting a trap for Batman.
  • The Wayne Legacy: Batman is dead and everyone else must pick up the pieces of Gotham City.


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    Tropes featured in The One Rule 
  • Adapted Out: Owing to the investigative work as well as getting his equipment out of Applied Sciences, Bruce's showdown with Bane happens a day later than it did in the movie. Since Bane's plan for laying siege to Gotham is on a schedule, and the explosions have been timed during the football game, he loses the day that he had in the movie to have Bruce flown out to the Pit for imprisonment. Coupled with needing to find an alternate armory since Bruce stashed it away, Bane needs to get his plans back on schedule. So he settles for imprisoning Bruce and Selina in Dr. Pavel's old cell. This is lampshaded by Bane as his men are bringing in the TV for the cell:
    Bane: I had looked forward to giving you the same lesson I had been given, imagining the climb to freedom, but we have a schedule to keep. [shrugs] This will have to suffice, buried where no one will even guess to search for you, with no opportunity to escape.
    • A related consequence of this is that the prison doctor who provided Bruce with the necessary exposition about Bane doesn't appear in the story at all. Barsad takes up the role of relaying the story of the warlord's daughter. While the job of figuring out Bane's mask and weakness ends up going to Selina.
  • Adaptation Expansion:
    • New storylines are created that show other civilians, the press, and the cops trapped in the sewers.
    • Selina's background and how she got involved with Daggett is explored. Daggett had recruited Selina to spy on Wayne Enterprises board members and gather dirt on four of them, Veronica Vreeland, Daniel Mockridge, Karl Rossum, and Douglas Fredericks; dirt that Daggett later used to blackmail them. He blackmailed Vreeland and Rossum into giving them their Wayne Enterprises shares, while Mockridge was driven to suicide.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Selina is depicted with much more of a spine than in the actual movie. Rather than let herself be intimidated and manipulated by Bane, and be complicit in murder or terrorism, she chooses to help Bruce with stopping Bane so she can get herself and her sister out of the criminal life.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Selina's attitude towards Jen, and why she sends Jen to live in hiding with Oswald.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Bane's reaction when he blows out the floor of Applied Sciences after defeating Bruce...and there's no armory for his men to steal.
  • The Bus Came Back: Several of the minor side characters from The Dark Knight who were still alive at the end of that, and didn't feature in The Dark Knight Rises, reappear.
    • One of these is GCN reporter Mike Engle, who lost his job at the network after being held hostage by the Joker as part of his final "social experiment". He's been living comfortable off his severance package as well as a book deal he got to write about the Joker's reign of terror. When Bane's army takes over Gotham, Engle is witness to Bane's men stacking cars to barricade the tunnels, watching as they kill a man who tries to confront them. He also reports on the initial "trials" at Crane's tribunal.
    • Gerard Stephens, one of the few trusted cops in Gordon's unit during the Joker spree, and who'd helped him fake his death at Commissioner Loeb's funeral, also reappears as one of the few cops left on the surface to aid Gordon's small resistance movement.
  • Call-Back:
    • When Bruce and Selina go to rescue Fox from the tribunal, Bruce trusts Selina with the micro-EMP emitter he used to disable the press' cameras at Miranda Tate's charity gala.
    • The cab driver that takes Bruce, Selina and Jen to the airport as part of a plan to distract the men Bane has watching them recalls the time Bruce took the Russian ballet to party on his yacht while he was dating the prima ballerina, which was a stunt Bruce pulled to give himself an alibi so he could travel to Hong Kong to extract Lau.
    • Bruce brings up Rachel Dawes several times, including her death at the hands of the Joker, Alfred withholding the letter in which she'd mentioned planning to marry Harvey Dent, and even a time where Bruce got protective of her when Richard Daniel became condescending towards her. Rachel's uncle Ben has a trucking company that Bruce uses to hide his armory when he realizes Bane is looking for it.
    • It even turns out that Rachel's death, and the politicians' lack of acknowledgement of her importance in Batman's crusade, was at least partially a reason why Bruce was opposed to the Dent Act, as shown by a flashback:
    Mayor Anthony Garcia: Mr. Wayne, I thought you—out of all the citizens of Gotham—would support this Act. After all, Harvey was your friend.
    Bruce Wayne: I'm here for Rachel Dawes, the other murdered member of the District Attorney's office who you are forgetting about in this indecent rush to capitalize off their deaths. She was my oldest friend. This Act you are proposing is a travesty of the justice system she believed in.
    Councilman: With all due respect to your loss, Mr. Wayne, but the Dent Act finally closes loopholes that allowed criminals freedom to do what they pleased on our city streets.
    Bruce Wayne: "Any convicted felon with any organized crime activities on his or her record shall be denied parole." Parole isn't a loophole; it's rehabilitation.
    Mayor Anthony Garcia: We covered those statistics in the public debates over the Dent Act, Mr. Wayne. Yes, it increases the population of Blackgate Prison for years, but no one will be able to fill the gangland power vacuum left by the Joker's murder spree.
    Councilman: In fact, it would be irresponsible of us not to protect the citizens of Gotham for the civil liberties of murderers and rapists.
    Mayor Anthony Garcia: And it's all a moot point. The Dent Act was signed into law yesterday.
    • After witnessing the tunnels being barricaded, and Bane's men shooting a passerby who confronts them, Mike Engle recalls Batman rescuing him from the Joker's hostage situation and wonders where he might be.
      • It turns out that Mike lost his job at GCN as a result of the ordeal with the Joker, and has been living off his severance and the proceeds from a tell-all book he wrote about the Joker's rise to power, Terror With a Smile: The Clown Prince of Crime's Reign of Gotham City.
    • It's established just who Gordon was referring to by his "five dead, two of them cops" remark to Batman after Dent died. While watching Bane liberate the prisoners, Bruce tells Selina that Dent was unofficially responsible for the deaths of the two police officers guarding him at the hospital, plus Wuertz, Salvatore Maroni, Maroni's bodyguard, and Maroni's chauffeur. His information is not entirely accurate, though, as while it's true that Dent killed Wuertz, plus Maroni and his bodyguards, the two cops at the hospital were actually killed by the Joker (although since their bodies were destroyed in the explosion, and Dent didn't have any witnesses who saw him leave the hospital, no one was able to positively link those deaths to the Joker). Bruce and Gordon considered Wuertz too crooked to be an actual cop, so is the reason they didn't count him among the dead cops. It's also mentioned that Ramirez survived Harvey pistol-whipping her, and Gordon made her resign from the force afterwards.
    • The bedtime story Blake tells Ross's daughter in chapter 14 is Blake retelling the events of Ra's al-Ghul's attempted bioterrorism on Gotham, in the style of a medieval fantasy. The descriptions Blake uses make clear that he was the boy that stumbled upon Ra's and his fake SWAT team, and whom Rachel shielded as Ra's released his hallucinogens into the Narrows.
  • Chance Meeting Between Antagonists: Blake has no idea Selina is in league with Bruce, so is completely surprised when he turns up at Wayne Manor looking for Bruce's input on what Bane is up to underneath Gotham.
  • Chekhov's Gun: While collecting pieces of Bruce's Batsuit after killing Barsad and escaping from their cell, Bruce finds a box of empty micro-canisters for a chemical with an unpronounceable name which have provisions on them suggesting they're meant to be attached to a nozzle. Selina initially doesn't have any idea what Bane's men might be using them for, until after they relocate to the urban Batcave. It is then that she remembers seeing these canisters plugged into Bane's mask. She does some Internet research and finds out that the chemical they contain is an anesthetic that doesn't knock the patient out but never was sold to the public because of the side effects from it. From this, she realizes that the anesthetics give Bane a higher threshold of pain, and that was how he got the upper hand when Bruce faced off with him; the only way to get the upper hand on Bane will be to cut off his supply.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Selina's safecracking skills prove just as useful at cracking safes as they are at testing the floors of Applied Sciences to find evidence of Bane's tunneling.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: When Selina was 12, she and her sister Jen (back then using her birth name Magdelene "Magpie" Kyle) lost their parents in a car accident, and they ended up in the Willowwood Home for Children, a group home that was notorious for child sexual abuse. After two years of protecting her sister, Selina decided to do something about it and stole evidence from the group home's director to take to child protective services, who shut down the group home. Selina then parted ways from her sister for several years. Magpie was thrown into foster care, one bad home abused her, and she fell in with a pedophile ring. When Selina found out, she used whatever savings she had built up to shut down the pedophile ring and get its victims the help they needed. Magpie changed her name to Jen Robinson to cut herself off completely from that life. Selina wants to help Jen further by using the CleanSlate program to completely erase anythng else that connects her to those days.
  • Death by Adaptation: Barsad dies much earlier in this story than in the movie. Here, Bruce and Selina kill him once Bruce's back has been able to heal. Selina holds him by the legs while Bruce breaks his neck. In the movie, he lasts all the way to the final battle, where Foley guns him down with a rifle taken off of one of Bane's other soldiers.
  • Eagleland: Lampshaded when Bane is ordering Dr. Pavel be moved to Daggett's old penthouse so that his cell can be taken over by Bruce and Selina.
    Bane: You two move Dr. Pavel. [Bane chuckled and Selina suppressed a shudder] Take him to Daggett's penthouse. Let the good Doctor have a taste of fine American living while he can.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Selina makes this clear multiple times during her initial recruitment by Bruce. Among other rules, she doesn't sleep with clients to protect her reputation. She also doesn't do things like lead people to their deaths, although she's not afraid to kill in self-defense when necessary (as she killed two thugs in the bar shootout, and she kills Bane). When explaining to Bruce and Blake her actions with the Congressman, she has to clarify that she didn't sleep with him at all while using him as leverage:
    Selina Kyle: Daggett promised the Clean Slate after the fifth job—
    Bruce Wayne: My prints.
    Selina Kyle: Right, but he had been giving me the just-one-more-job dance for so long; I figured I better take out my own insurance.
    John Blake: Congressman Gilly.
    Selina Kyle: Was frightfully rude. [to Bruce] Maybe you should actually attend the parties you give to keep sleazy men from goosing the help.
    John Blake: Gilly only got shot in the leg?
    Selina Kyle: Not my idea.
    Bruce Wayne: Did you sleep with him? [Bruce saw Blake's eyes widened and knew he shouldn't have asked that. It was fine if she turned him down, but he hated the thought of that adulterous politician's hands all over her smooth skin]
    Selina Kyle: Not that it's really any of your business, but I do have standards. I didn't even vote for him. Now he might remember quite the party, but that was all dirty talk and the pill he took.
    John Blake: Trust me, he remembers something different. Didn't make his wife happy either.
    Selina Kyle: Aw, he's still in love?
    John Blake: And pressing charges.
  • Five-Finger Discount: Selina makes a remark about this being what Bane seems to be going for in targeting Bruce's toys.
    Selina Kyle: In my professional opinion, Bane's going to a lot of trouble for the five-finger discount.
  • Flashback: In the fallout from Blake learning the truth about the Dent Act and Harvey Dent's death, Gordon has a flashback whilst in conversation with Stephens where he remembers Bruce showing opposition to the act.
  • For Want of a Nail: Everything changes because Selina decides to offer Bruce a bit more advice when he comes to visit her after Bane bankrupts him, rather than just arranging for Batman to be sent into Bane's planned trap.
    • Because of Selina's tip, Bruce puts off going to confront Bane by about a full day. He instead spends the day opening a new line of credit at the bank so he can get the electricity turned back on at Wayne Manor and the money from his real estate dealings coming in while his main accounts are frozen pending resolution of the fallout from the Stock Exchange robbery.
    • The next day, things change further as Bruce is at Wayne Manor along with Selina when Blake shows up looking for Bruce's input on Daggett's permits for underground construction. After reading through the information, Bruce realizes that Bane is planning to steal his armory from Wayne Enterprises, and confirms that by having Selina conduct tests on the Applied Sciences floor, which confirm the presence of explosives underneath and a hollow cavity indicative of the new room. Bruce arranges for Rachel's uncle and Fox to relocate the Applied Sciences weapons to a safe place where he can access them and which Bane is unaware of, while letting Bane think he had the arsenal sunk.
    • Bruce still has sex with someone the night before going down to confront Bane, only it's with Selina in a hotel suite instead of with Miranda Tate in Wayne Manor.
    • Bruce goes to confront Bane a day later than in the movie. The fight plays out beat by beat like it does in the movie, until Bane blows out the Applied Sciences floor and finds out that Bruce was a step ahead of him. While his men don't have access to the Tumblers or any of the other Batman arsenal, they do capture Selina, who had followed Bruce.
    • Bane is working on a schedule, since he's timed the explosions to happen around and during the football game. Bruce showing up 24 hours late means Bane has lost the day he had had that he would've used to have Bruce flown to the Middle East and thrown in the Pit. So he resorts to having Bruce and Selina thrown in Dr. Pavel's old cell and has a TV brought in from Daggett's penthouse so they can watch the stadium destruction. And to get the ship back on schedule, Bane also has his men raid military armories to steal weapons and vehicles as a last minute replacement for Bruce's armory, ensuring that they can still lay siege to Gotham. This means that instead of the Tumblers, Bane has to settle for Hummers.
    • Barsad, Bane's right hand in the movie, is assigned to be Bruce and Selina's jailer. He regularly subjects Selina to prison rape until Bruce and Selina break his neck.
    • For the duration of Bruce and Selina's imprisonment, different characters take over the role that was played in the movie by the prison doctor. The exposition about the warlord's daughter is given to Barsad. Selina figures out Bane's weakness when she and Bruce find some discarded canisters that store the anesthetic that is pumped into his mask, and she does some Internet research. This ensures Bruce's rematch with Bane in the climax is still the same.
    • Miranda Tate's betrayal is less out of left field for Bruce. This is because before Bane lays siege to Gotham, Selina figures out that Miranda seems to be tailoring herself in a calculated act to come off like the kinds of women Bruce is drawn to. Then, before the battle for Gotham, Selina happens to catch Miranda meet with Bane alone.
    • An indirect consequence of all this is that Blake becomes Nightwing prior to the climax.
  • Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex:
    • Bruce and Selina's one-night stand in the Carlyle before Bruce goes off for his showdown with Bane.
    • Bruce and Selina once they kill Barsad, escape their prison cell, and make their way to Bruce's inner city Batcave.
  • He Had a Name: Bruce strongly opposed the Dent Act being named in Harvey Dent's honor, given he and Gordon knew the truth about Harvey's fall from grace and the crimes he'd committed after the Joker brainwashed him. He also felt that calling it the Dent Act ignored the many sacrifices Rachel made, an important thing for him seeing as Rachel was his childhood best friend.
  • "How Did You Know?" "I Didn't.": Blake shows up at Wayne Manor hoping to talk to Bruce about the underground construction Daggett had been doing on Bane's behalf, only to be greeted at the door by Selina. Selina understandably calls for Bruce to come diffuse the situation and talk Blake out of arresting her. Bruce has to ask if Blake was looking for her as a test to see if Selina's managed to throw Bane off her scent.
    Bruce Wayne: Did you know she was here?
    John Blake: No. What is she doing here?
  • If I Do Not Return: Bruce leaves such a note for Selina before he goes to confront Bane. Selina sees the note, realizes what he's doing, and follows him there, getting captured herself when Bane's men blow out the floor of Applied Sciences. Blake later finds the note when he shows up at their room in the Carlyle looking for them.
    I know this will piss you off, but I promised Jen I would keep you safe. And I can't stand the thought of anything happening to you. If it is the last thing I do, Gotham will be safe for you in the morning. Take what you need out of my wallet.
    Yours, Bruce
  • In Spite of a Nail:
    • Despite the curveball thrown when Bruce gets his armory removed from Wayne Enterprises, Bane is still able to lay siege to Gotham. He just has to have his men raid Army depots and procure Hummers in lieu of Tumblers.
    • The first time Lucius Fox crosses paths with Selina, the story still manages to work in the exchange that happens much later in the movie (when Selina is breaking him and Bruce out of the tribunal). Here, the context is as she's testing the stability of the Applied Sciences floor for evidence that proves what Blake's map work is suggesting about Bane tunneling under Wayne Enterprises.
    Lucius Fox: I like your girlfriend, Mr. Wayne.
    Selina Kyle: He should be so lucky.
  • It Makes Sense in Context: The reason Blake is in Gordon's hospital room when Foley barges in to tell them about Bane kidnapping the Wayne board members is because he's just come from the hotel room where Bruce and Selina were staying and found it vacant, and correctly suspects Bane got to them.
  • Kansas City Shuffle: Bruce pulls one on Bane when it comes to protect his armory. He lets Bane think he had his Applied Sciences toys taken out of Wayne Enterprises and sunk at sea, but the containers that sunk were completely empty and the real ones were moved to near Bruce's temporary Batcave.
  • Kill 'Em All: Before the river freezes over, those at Crane's tribunal who pick "death" are shot in the back of the head and buried in mass graves.
  • The Lost Lenore: Selina can't help but notice how Bruce's dating life petered out after Rachel died, and notices that Miranda Tate is tailoring herself to fit the kind of personality Bruce might want to go out with.
    "Let's examine your dating record: airhead supermodels, actresses, and debutantes; sometimes all at once. That tapers off to one at a time for a year after Rachel died until you quit dating after the first Harvey Dent Day celebration. Miranda has brains, read between the lines, decided you prefer idealistic crusaders, and adjusted her behaviors to give you that."
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Selina has a moment of this when she is explaining to Bruce and Blake how she got involved with Daggett, and Blake mentions that one of the Wayne Enterprises board members she spied on for Daggett ended up committing suicide.
    "I never should've swallowed my pride for those jobs."
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Richard Daniel, a bank official from the Batman comic The Long Halloween, is the banker with whom Bruce and Selina take out a loan to restore electricity to Wayne Manor. Bruce is not too fond of him owing to his attempts to hit on Rachel back in the day. He's later seen being executed after being hauled before Dr. Crane's Kangaroo Court.
    • Renee Montoya, a member of the Major Crimes Unit in the comics, is one of the cops tasked by Foley with rescuing the Wayne Enterprises executives alongside Simon Jensen and Kelly, the two cops from the Stock Exchange car chase that were the first to witness Batman's return. When Bane traps the cops underground, the three find themselves stuck in the general area of Bruce and Selina's cell.
    • Selina uses the name Catwoman to introduce herself to Montoya.
    • Blake, whose full name was established to be Robin John Blake at the end of the movie, takes up vigilantism and uses the codename Nightwing, the name Dick Grayson used when he moved on from being Robin.
      • Selina calls Blake "Boy Wonder" while they're testing the Applied Sciences floor for evidence that Bane is tunneling underneath.
      • Blake uses the Robin name when telling a bedtime story to Ross's daughter Tara.
    • Vicki Vale is established to be the reporter who tries to ask Mayor Garcia about the police raiding the sewers before the football game.
    • Dr. Leslie Thompkins, one of Thomas Wayne's closest friends at the hospital, makes an appearance here, before taking a larger role in The Wayne Legacy.
      • The doctor Bruce saw as pretext for visiting Gordon at the hospital in the first act of the movie is revealed to be Thompkins' great-nephew Matthew Thorne, named after a lesser known Batman villain known as "The Crime Doctor".
    • Selina is in debt to Oswald Cobblepot, aka "The Penguin," who agrees to protect Jen while Selina works with Bruce to stop Bane. When she's on the phone asking him to hide Jen, she says at one point, "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that and you're going to pretend to be a decent human being! Or so help me, I'll ram your favorite umbrella up your ass!" a nod to the Penguin's most iconic weapon.
    • One of the cops in Gordon's resistance movement is Chuck Dixon, one the most prolific Batman comics writers of the 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Neck Snap: How Bruce and Selina kill Barsad.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: While Bane is in charge of the mercenaries who lay siege to Gotham, and is the one those people take their orders from, his reaction to learning that Bruce has anticipated and thwarted his efforts to acquire the Wayne Enterprises arsenal leads Selina to realize that there's someone else who's calling the shots.
    Selina Kyle: How can someone be in charge yet act like a flunkie?
    Bruce Wayne: You want to play with riddles now?
    Selina Kyle: That's what's bothering me about Bane. You say he's Ra's kid and that's why these Ghulites are following him. And he's throwing his weight around when there's an audience. [motions to the television] But when you told him you sank all your toys, he acted just like a flunkie.
    Bruce Wayne: What did he do?
    Selina Kyle: Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but he left, just like a flunkie does when I've thrown them a curve ball the boss didn't prepare them for. They always need a few minutes for a conference.
    Bruce Wayne: Dealt with a lot of flunkies?
    Selina Kyle: Like I'm too stupid to figure out who really wants the shiny they sent me after. You were the first to hire me without a middleman in years.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Selina's reaction when being told of Daggett's death by Blake, as his broken neck is the very sort of fate that Bane's men have threatened her and Jen with. She also has a moment when she realizes Bruce has left her in the Carlyle and gone to confront Bane in the tunnels.
    • Blake when he realizes Bruce and Selina have gotten captured by Bane, upon Fox calling him to mention that they aren't answering their phones.
    • Bruce's reaction while reading the maps Blake has been using to map Daggett's underground construction, and he realizes that Bane is trying to tunnel into Applied Sciences.
  • One Degree of Separation: Before Selina was tasked with stealing Bruce's fingerprints from Wayne Manor, Daggett hired her to dig up blackmail dirt on other Wayne Enterprises board members: Veronica Vreeland, Daniel Mockridge, Karl Rossum, and Douglas Fredericks. Mockridge is revealed to have been driven to suicide thanks to Daggett's machinations, and Blake turns out to have been the investigating officer in that case.
  • Open Secret: Selina points out that it's not exactly a big secret that Bruce had a fondness for Rachel Dawes.
  • Prison Rape: Selina is regularly prison-raped by Barsad while she and Bruce are being held captive.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Selina regards Miranda Tate with a lot of suspicion, which Bruce takes initially to be jealousy until she points out Miranda is trying to get close to him by channeling Rachel Dawes' idealism. Which foreshadows
    Bruce Wayne: Do you not like Miranda Tate, Selina? [His hands went back into his pockets as he smirked]
    Selina Kyle: When did approving your girlfriends get added to my job description?
    Bruce Wayne: She's not my girlfriend. [Now she crossed her arms]
    Selina Kyle: She wants to be.
    Bruce Wayne: I feel like I had dinner with a ghost tonight. [He turned back to the window]
    Selina Kyle: A ghost? [When he didn't turn back to her, she shifted her legs again rather than close the curtains in front of his nose] What did she say?
    Bruce Wayne: Nothing I haven't heard before. "Bruce Wayne can do so much good for Gotham, the world, so get to it."
    Selina Kyle: And Rachel brought it up the most.
    [Before she blinked, he whirled and took one step closer to her. His fists stopped at his sides as intensity from him pushed her back toward the wall]
    Bruce Wayne: What do you know about Rachel?! [Now she wanted to kick Miranda's ass]
    Selina Kyle: How 'bout you save that righteous indignation for the woman copying your dead sweetheart! Fox and I talked while we packed up your toys, and he said Miranda reminded people of Rachel. He also said you haven't been the same since Rachel died. [His narrowed eyes widened with pain. She didn't want to hurt him, but she wouldn't make Fox a target either] Now before you get all pissy with Fox, it's not that big of a secret. I ran across society gossip speculating the same thing in my research, but I didn't use it against you. [He matched her glare with one of his own]
    Bruce Wayne: No, you just beat up a cripple and dropped me on my ass.
    Selina Kyle: You need someone around to drop you on your ass. [Bruce's hands uncurled as he blinked. His stare softened, but she dropped her gaze to the floor]
    Bruce Wayne: Why would anyone want to pretend to be Rachel? [The angry bite lifted from his voice]
    [How in hell did she end up the one to explain this to him? But Batman wasn't subtle when interrogating criminals and these grifting games were all about subtle. She shifted on the cabinet before looking at him. He leaned against the wall next to the picture window and watched her. She took a deep breath]
    Selina Kyle: Let's examine your dating record: airhead supermodels, actresses, and debutantes; sometimes all at once. That tapers off to one at a time for a year after Rachel died until you quit dating after the first Harvey Dent Day celebration. [His gaze dropped to the floor. Selina sighed, but continued] Miranda has brains, read between the lines, decided you prefer idealistic crusaders, and adjusted her behaviors to give you that.
    Bruce Wayne: That makes sense. She has been trying to meet with me since she invested in the reactor.
    Selina Kyle: Way to test her persistence.
    Bruce Wayne: Also explains why she offered to run away from Gotham with me.
    Selina Kyle: And why on Earth didn't you take her up on it? Bane wants to kill you!
    Bruce Wayne: I can't let him hurt the innocent of Gotham. [He smirked] And you didn't leave.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: The other Major Crimes detectives figured out very quickly that Gordon was lying when he claimed Batman killed Harvey Dent, but they said nothing because they correctly assumed that Gordon and Batman had come up with that cover story to ensure that Dent's case against the Gotham mafia didn't get thrown out. Stephens ultimately confirmed this was exactly what was going on from talking to Ramirez after Gordon made her resign in disgrace for her role in Rachel's death.
  • Textual Celebrity Resemblance: Richard Daniel is illustrated as if he were portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Trapped in Villainy: Daggett has been controlling Selina by using "one last job before you get the Clean Slate" remarks to get her to do his dirty work for him. After digging up blackmail material on four of the Wayne Enterprises board members (driving two of them to hand their shares over to Daggett, and a third to suicide), she decided when it came to stealing Bruce's fingerprints that she needed 'insurance' for her meeting with Stryver to try to force Daggett's hand, hence her kidnapping Congressman Gilly.
    Selina Kyle: You want to know how I know he is... was a cheapskate? [Bruce nodded, even though she didn't need a response to continue] He used that damn, just-one-more-job routine on me, and the first four jobs were getting dirt on people. What you hire a private detective for.
  • We Need a Distraction: Bruce takes Miranda out to dinner to keep her occupied while Selina and Fox are removing his gadgets from Applied Sciences to a safe location.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: In The Dark Knight, Anna Ramirez's fate was left ambiguous as to whether she survived or not after Harvey pistol-whipped her. A conversation between Gordon and Stephens after Bane begins his revolution establishes that she survived, and was forced by Gordon to resign in disgrace afterwards.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Bane tries torturing Selina with his bare hands to get Bruce to give up his armory, but Bruce is defiant and says enough that Bane is forced to retreat and reformulate his plans.
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks: When Jen points out to Selina that Bruce is smitten with her, Selina denies her feelings, insisting "The only time a guy like Wayne ends up with a girl from our side of the river is in romance novels. No, it'll be Miranda Tate next to Bruce Wayne in the engagement announcement pages."

    Tropes featured in The Wayne Legacy 
  • Babies Ever After: Selina realises that she is pregnant with Bruce’s child, and eventually gives birth to Helena.
  • The Bus Came Back: Alfred returns to Wayne Manor once he learns that Bruce has survived and Batman is officially retired.
  • Canon Immigrant: Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Edward Nygma appear, with Nygma an FBI profiler attempting to ‘prove’ that Bruce is/was Batman while Stephanie is adopted by Bruce and Selina around the time the Drakes return to the re-opened Gotham.
  • Happily Adopted: Bruce and Selina end up adopting Stephanie Brown once they confirm that her parents died during Bane’s control of the city.

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