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Ace Attorney

  • Kristoph Gavin in Dirty Sympathy, he is feared by most of the main cast because they know how ruthless and cruel he can be while never losing his placid smile.


  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse):
    • The Girl in Blue is feared by every villain thanks to her Combo Platter Powers and martial prowess.
    • The debut of the Justice League reduces the amount of crime around the world significantly.
    • Played for Laughs with Carter Bowen, who is feared by his peers for being an insufferable overachieving tool that's fawned over by their parents. When Oliver heard he had gotten worse during his disappearance, he half-jokingly suggested that he shouldn't have left Lian Yu.

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

  • In Tiberium Wars:
    • The Black Hand inspire nearly reflexive terror in GDI troops, thanks to a combination of their fanaticism, combat skill, enormous black Powered Armor that resists anything short of anti-tank weapons, and flamethrowers.
    • On the other side of the fence, GDI Commandos get this reaction from the Black Hands themselves. They deserve every bit of that reputation. Nod Commandos would have a similar effect on GDI troops, except that comparatively few GDI troops encounter them.
    • They might not be living things, but Mammoth tanks are most definitely this.


  • Child of the Storm:
    • The Winter Soldier. A quintessential One-Man Army, he's so feared that even into the modern day, the age of superheroes, wherein wizards, aliens, mutants, other similarly super-powered beings, even gods, are considered the norm, he is still deemed to be indisputably the most dangerous man on the planet. Even Nick Fury has admitted that while he isn't afraid of him, he's 'terrified of what he's capable of', and Loki believes he may even be the most dangerous assassin in all of the Nine Realms. While part of this is his reputation having taken on a life of its own, when it comes down to it, he more than lives up to the rep.
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    • Magneto, though he doesn't appear until chapter 77, exerts a powerful influence on the plot beforehand. SHIELD's most powerful Special Agent, Alan Scott, the Green Lantern was specifically chosen/used as a countermeasure to him. One mention of his name has villains from the Hellfire Club to Narcissa Malfoy (who unwillingly shared a home with Gravemoss) absolutely terrified. Even the good guys regard him with respect, with Captain Luccio, head of the White Council's Badass Army, turning white when he's brought up.
      • And in that appearance, his entrance is epic: HYDRA's vibranium armoured Dreadnought Helicarrier is all set to give the heroes a real roasting, having shrugged off everything up to and including a repeatedly well-thrown Mjolnir. Magneto appears and crumples it like a ball of tinfoil. A huge geomagnetic storm appears as a mere side-effect of his cutting loose. He hasn't lost any steps in the sequel, either, disposing of the Winter Guard in less than two minutes, with only the Red Son giving him trouble... and that was only because he was trying to subdue the Red Son without hurting him too badly. Later on, he kills a former Denarian with no trouble whatsoever, before going toe-to-toe with a Physical God. As Jean Grey (herself a fellow Omega-class mutant, albeit one still growing into her power) notes, it's hard not to be nervous around him, even if he likes you.
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    • His daughter, Wanda, is no slouch either, with a reputation for dropping meteors/satellites on people with pin-point precision.
    • The Avengers serve as this to most would-be villains, dictators (a throwaway line reveals that Tony helped track down Bin Laden and that the Avengers took down Gadaffi), and the remains of the Death Eaters after the reveal that Thor was incarnated as James Potter. However, it sometimes backfires: Lucius plays on this to draw the Death Eaters into his grand scheme, by pointing out that a) Thor has excellent reason to hate them, b) can control the weather, and c) has well over a thousand years of experience fighting much worse monsters than magical humans.
    • Harry steadily evolves into this from chapter 70 onwards, thanks to a combination of vast Psychic Powers, a proclivity for inventive pyromania and finally pushed too far. Being intermittently possessed by the Phoenix also has quite a lot to do with it. Chapters 75, 76 and 77 only underline that reputation. In Ghosts of the Past, he evolves (unwillingly, it must be said) into a fully fledged Apocalypse Maiden.
      • On top of that, this is the kid who survived Voldemort at a year old, defeated a fully-grown mountain troll at 11, and entered the Chamber of Secrets and defeated the basilisk within a year later. He's not just the Boy Who Lived, he's the Boy Who Continued To Live even after facing every bad guy on this list and then some, including beings who give Thor pause, and usually leaving them dead and buried - or worse.
    • Harry Dresden, whose reputation is only enhanced by his duel with Gravemoss under Paris. Sure, there were a few other factors in play such as Doctor Strange being willing to pull a Deus ex Machina to save Dresden after he used his Death Curse, but the fact remains that until the finale, he is the only person in the fic aside from Thor to land a clean hit on the bastard, and gives him one hell of a scare. Then, in the rematch in chapter 77, he takes it a step further, being gifted Soulfire a few years early and having a fire/force spell come out his blasting rod as a lightsabre, which leads to him chopping Gravemoss' arm off. And this time, it doesn't grow back...
    • Doctor Strange. Most people don't know very much about him beyond the facts that he's ancient, incredibly powerful, and very definitely not to be messed with. Plus the fact that he's an epic scale Magnificent Bastard. Oh, and whatever you're planning, it's probably already part of his plan. Chapters 75, 76 and 77 show his machinations in effect and for the first time, him in combat. The reputation is very much justified.
      • In the Forever Red arc of the sequel, he pretty much has the long awaited psychotic break and becomes exponentially more terrifying, demonstrating exactly why he is so feared, to the point where he inspires Sinister's first moment of real terror when he the latter realises exactly who is looming up behind him, Slasher Smile and all. He also scares the entire Council Elite of Skyfathers into terrified submission with the Tesseract. He's bad enough as it is - with the Mask of Sanity ripped off, he becomes increasingly Ambiguously Human, to the point where he's a borderline Humanoid Abomination with an incredibly creepy Living Shadow, and a Mood-Swinger who is completely and utterly unpredictable. Remember, this is the man who holds the nuclear launch codes of the supernatural world as a matter of course, and knows things that make nuclear codes look like the combination of a bike lock (and he probably knows them too). The idea of him going mad is not a comforting one. He calms down afterwards, but boy howdy is he still terrifying if he needs to be.
    • Chthon/The Darkhold freaks out pretty much everyone. Chapters 76 and 77 show exactly why. However, even it is afraid of the Phoenix and the other Endless.
      • Of the latter, Frigga states very plainly that she is not the sort of being you even try to compel or manipulate to do your bidding (and since the last time someone tried, they and pretty much everyone else they knew was incinerated, she's kind of right).
    • To a lesser extent, Sean Cassidy. We never do find out exactly what happened, but apparently he can do things with his Compelling Voice that even Nick Fury was horrified by when sufficiently motivated.
    • As a whole, there's the Red Room. Natasha, who rarely lets emotion show, is clearly traumatized by her past association with them, and everyone in the know — superhero, supervillain, and intelligence agents alike — have a Mass "Oh, Crap!" when rumours surface that they've been rebuilt in the modern day. As the Forever Red arc shows, this reaction is for very good reason.
    • Sinister elicits this reaction from everyone, even, to an extent, Strange himself, because Sinister is a blind spot in Strange's otherwise near complete omniscience. This is further underlined by the fact that a) this is the person who taught Arnim Zola everything the latter knows, and b) he's got the twin sister of Jean Grey, a Living Weapon, at his disposal.
    • And then there's Thanos. Physical Gods have a Mass "Oh, Crap!" when they hear he's coming.
  • In the Devil May Cry and Dead or Alive crossover Dead or Alive 4: The Devil Factor, everyone in Dante's hometown is scared to death of him and won't dare mess with him or anyone else staying at Devil May Cry. Not only that, but the entire criminal underworld fears him as well. This includes The Mafia, The Mafiya, the Triads, the Colombians, and the Yakuza. It's to the point that, when he beats up an entire precinct of cops while helping Ayane and Kasumi spring their mom from DOATEC, no one even really tries to take any legal action against him.
  • King Ghidorah fills this role in Leviathan. Though he has yet to appear in the story proper, just the mention of his name causes passerby to pause and murmur prayers. In a later epigraph, it's revealed that he killed forty-five million people in a single day, and would've caused the extinction of the human race if not for Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, and Mothra fighting him off in a battle that apparently took a chunk out of Mt. Fuji.
  • DKA features Mukrezar, Ami's foil; where most Keepers are adressed with their full titles (like 'Keeper Morrigan' and 'Keeper Alphel') Mukrezar is always simply Mukrezar.
    • And later Ami becomes simply The Dark Empress.
  • Fate/Stay Night: Ultimate Master has a rather toned down and comedic example of this with none other than Ben Tennyson, of all people (yes, this Ben Tennyson). After seeing all his forms and what each one of them can do, he raises concerns and worries among other Masters. While he gets a Servant is strong enough to match Saber, he is already more powerful than most of the others thanks to the Ultimatrix. After the appearance of Way Big, Matou Zouken goes as far as sending True Assassin to kill Ben before he becomes to much of a threat. Ironically, Ben himself has little to no interest in the Holy Gail, as he was sent by the Plumbers to investigate what the hell was going on. The only character who isn't scared of him is Gilgamesh, since even the Ultimatrix's power pales in comparison to his.
  • In the The Lord of the Rings/Once Upon a Time crossover "The Necromancer", just the hint that Sauron has returned to life is enough to prompt a panic from the residents of Middle-Earth who met the Storeybrooke residents.
  • The Dalek Inquisitor General from A Hero is this, for other Daleks. To the point that Dalek Sec, survivor of the Time War, is careful not to think too hard of him, lest he suddenly be there.
  • My Huntsman Academia
    • Toshinori is this for the criminal underworld. All White Fang membersa re given a flee-on-sight order around him, Roman's team explicitly avoids killing those caught up in their heists to avoid drawing Toshinori's ire, and Neo dismisses the notion of a raid on Vale's docks to steal Dust since Toshinori could be on them in minutes.
    • Adam Taurus is known for his Ax-Crazy tendencies and Blake prays that he doesn't take the field, lest there be massive civilian casualties.
    • And in the author’s other story, Jotaro, Angelo, and Whitesnake all reach this status. Jotaro for both his time-stopping ability and his intelligence, Angelo for his sadistic, gruesome murderousness, and the villains don’t even like to think about Whitesnake because of how much he scares them.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Captain Atom Shield's Reality Warper powers are so potent that she's a Physical God in her own universe and everyone terrified of provoking her wrath. Even Lady Inanna and the rest of 2014.50, who are bent on conquering the multiverse to "bringing everyone smiles" won't dare to try to invade Shield's world without finding a way to disrupt her powers.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and Teen Titans crossover fanfiction A Shadow of the Titans, the Ax-Crazy Gadjo is so crazy, even his fellow HIVE students are put off by him.
  • Princess Jody from Super Milestone Wars has become this throughout The Multiverse ever since she became a Multiversal Conqueror
  • Harry Potter, the Black Wizard, a.k.a. The Moristar, the Darkness Slayer. Since he's vaporized people who pushed one or other of his Berserk Button and actively hunts the Nazgul, this is hardly surprising. The Dunlending's use him as a sort of Bogeyman for the children, sort of like a Batman who's willing to kill. This makes it a bit of a shock when one Dunlending actually meets him.
  • In Opening Dangerous Gates, Kenpachi Zaraki is so powerful, crazy, and brutal that pretty much everybody becomes afraid of him, even Natsu, Gajeel, and Laxus. Gin Ichimaru also becomes this after he demonstrates his Bankai and wipes out a massive army of demons plus the trees and everything else in his path.
  • In Wizard Runemaster, Harry Potter has become a boogeyman for the Burning Legion after constantly running suicide missions against them (such as attacking their bases in broad daylight) and succeeding each time for years, to the point they refer to Harry simply as "Him". It really shows that a ritual to summon and subjugate "the most deadly foe of the Legion" summoned Harry.
  • The Infinite Loops: Loopers (especially Anchors), have lived for what is regarded as near eternity, and have gathered so much strength that the only people truly scare them are other Loopers that are a) more powerful or b) have ill intentions — more specifically, these types of Loopers are called MLEs, or Malicious Looping Entities. These are Loopers who started looping through no part of the admins and are legitimate and active threats to Yggdrasil and/or other Loopers.
    • Kyubey is considered to the most dangerous MLE to have ever existed, as he is responsible for the destruction of an entire branch of Yggdrasil — the one he destroyed was also his own home universe and all its variants. There's an active bounty on his head because of this.
    • Dio Brando, mainly because he causes problems wherever he goes. Pikachu, Anchor of the Pokemon Anime universe, holds a particular enmity for him, because when they first met, Dio killed Ash.
    • The Tick is an Anchor of his home universe. He's considered an annoyance more than anything else, as all his actions amount to him trying to "help". It never ends well (oftentimes the loops he's in crashes).
    • Billy is a strange case. He's not actively malicious, it's just that he's so stupid that he's a danger to himself and everyone else. It's because of this that he's widely hated, as his stupidity has allowed him to kill several near-omnipotent Loopers (Han Solo, Anakin Skywalker (twice), the entire Mane Six, etc.) and crash three safe-mode punishment loops. Safe-mode loops, especially those that function as punishment loops, are some of the most stable in Yggdrasil — crashing them is supposed to be downright impossible.
      • More humorously, Pinkie Pie seems to have ended up as this for a number of different beings. Apparently there is a support group for beings Pinkie has terrified.
    • The Trix aren't MLE, but anyone who knows them is terrified of what could happen if they learned Carmen Sandiego's thieving ways (in fact Kyubey was scared at the possibility) or became Sparks (this one was used by Bloom as a horror story. The screams from the others were heard at Cloud Tower, far away from where she was). Good thing they've mellowed out after they became Loopers]]...
  • In Avenger of Steel- introducing Superman to the Marvel Cinematic Universe- Superman swiftly becomes so feared by the criminals of New York in particular that they avoid using guns and won’t even risk saying his name in case it attracts his attention.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes Interventions series, Sylar comes across as this; just hearing that the Slayers have discovered one of their number killed with her brain exposed sends Nikki into a panic at the idea that Sylar is hunting the Slayers.
  • In the Harry Potter/Supernatural crossover series the Demented Verse, Voldemort is still this to Harry even when the Dark Lord has been dead for over a decade; learning that demon deals can bring people back from the dead briefly makes Harry panic that one of Voldemort’s followers might use a deal to bring him back, but after Sam explains the terms of such deals, Harry assures himself that none of the surviving Death Eaters are selfless enough to go to Hell for Voldemort.
  • In the Danny Phantom / Beetlejuice Crossover, Say It Thrice, Betelgeuse has a reputation as someone powerful enough and clever enough to be a dangerous if provoked. That encourages other ghosts to stay out of his way when he's angry and motivated enough to be an actual threat and to avoid even mentioning his name at all cost when Danny Phantom starts asking.
  • Sinon and the Iron Valkyrie of Halkegenia Online Zero Hour start acquiring this reputation as they build up a triple digit body count... each.
  • The Bridge:
    • Godzilla Junior is a hero, but seeing a 100 meter tall dinosaur has left over half of Equestria's population in a panic and paranoid. In his own world, he's feared by the Anteversers and the Alien Coalition for being so powerful and constantly wiping out their forces.
    • Back when he was alive, Junior's father Godzilla Senior was feared and hated by humans and Kaiju alike. Apparently, he was the only being to ever scare Destroyah, and Destroyah is Not Afraid to Die.
    • Grand King Ghidorah is feared throughout the cosmos for his tendency to wipe out planets For the Evulz and the fact he's powerful enough to curb-stomp Godzilla. He also emits a field that triggers beings' Primal Fear, which leads to their Survival Instinct telling them to get away from him as soon as possible.
    • Kaiser Ghidorah isn't very well known because he only surfaces rarely, but the few who know of him are terrified of him since he's a more powerful version of Grand King Ghidorah and completely insane. Even Grand King Ghidorah is scared of him.
    • Bagan isn't very well known because he's been a Sealed Evil in a Can for over 77000 years, but the few who know of him shudder to even speak his name.
    • Ever since the Canterlot Wedding incident, the ponies are terrified of Changelings, especially Queen Chrysalis. Since Mothra Lea has turned into a Changeling Queen, she must hide her appearance from the public or risk being mistaken for Chrysalis and starting a panic.
    • Like in canon, King Sombra is feared by all in the Crystal Empire. Key Ring nearly has a panic attack when Xenilla and Blade Dancer uncover evidence that he's returned.
    • In the spin-off The Bridge: Sound of Thunder, Princess Cadance's evil Mirror Universe counterpart Empress Cadenza is feared as a cruel and remorseless tyrant.
  • In Father Goose and the Black Knight, Xander has enough of a reputation that when a pair of vampires try to attack a newly called Slayer's home, spotting Xander convinces both of them to simply leave instead (though another Slayer stakes them before they can). It's helped that they know that even if they succeed in killing Xander, it would bring Buffy, the most feared Slayer ever, out of retirement.
    • A later chapter has a new vampire refer to Xander as "Pirate Joe", not knowing his reputation. Said vampire's mentor warns her that if she wants to talk shit about a Scooby, fine by him, but if she does it anywhere in public, he doesn't know her.
  • Yautja in Journeys are feared to the point that a Goa'uld flees from one on sight. Given the former's penchant for hunting the latter, it's understandable.
  • In The Container, Xander decides to go as Naruto for Halloween, but since he doesn't know all the script for Naruto's seal, he simply adds all the Lantern Corps symbols in their corresponding colors. The resulting Xander is the jinchuuriki of the embodiments of each Corps emotion (Parallax, Ion, the Predator, etc.) and sent to the Naruto universe. After a mission gone horribly wrong, every country issues a Flee On Sight order for him, adding that "screaming like a little bitch is optional".
  • In The Uncertainty Principle, there is a worse omen than the Grim, and that's the Crimson Fucker, Alucard.
    Sybil Trelawney: Speak not his name, or he will descent on us, to drink our blood, or tear us to bloody fragments, or taunt us for his own vile amusement!
  • In Magicae Est Potestas, an Artemis Fowl and Undertale crossover, Flowey quickly becomes this to the LEP for two reasons: he is able to sense shielded fairies through the vibrations, and because he attacked two Retrieval officers on separate occasion. We don't get to hear how it went with the first officer, but the second got vines stabbed through his feet.
  • Fates Collide: Nearly every student is terrified of Bazett since she's an absolutely brutal fighter, even Gilgamesh and Mordred.
  • In Student 32: Sunset Shimmer, Sunset Shimmer hints that she was this back in Equestria-and at one point she outright boasts of the terror she caused among Equestria's enemies.
    “Warlocks and demons didn’t stand a chance, and monsters? Hah! Monsters begged their mommies to check under their beds for ME!”
    • On the flip side, even she is terrified of Evangeline since she felt her sealed power-and that was before learning just how strong she'd be if her seal ever broke.
  • Alan Scott, better known as Green Lantern, is this to every alien on Earth in Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!. After the Lantern War, he became extremely xenophobic and sought to oust, contain, or exterminate (the latter is the most likely option) every alien he could find with extreme prejudice. Because of this and the wave of public support for his measures, virtually all alien superheroes that weren't killed were forced into hiding. Even All Might is terrified of what Scott would do if he were to ever discover Izuku's existence.
  • A Peaceful Afterlife:
  • In the multi-crossover Coming Home to Roost, pretty much everyone is terrified by Mana Tatsumiya. According to Sosuke Sagara she's known as SHEVAC, short for "Oh SHit it's her, EVAC-" followed by the speaker being killed by a sniper.
  • Harbinger (Finmonster) (Danny Phantom, ParaNorman): When Bill shows up at the Mystery Shack, Ember's powers cause her to start crying inky black tears, and Stan and Norman's uncle Mike are terrified.
  • The Ironborn in A Man of Iron hold Thor as their equivalent of Satan, a malicious Storm God that gave the Drowned God his name and delights in smashing Ironborn ships and torturing the survivors For the Evulz. So when he shows up in the flesh in A Crack of Thunder, Theon all but pisses himself in fear at the thought of standing in his presence (even if he doesn't really believe in Ironborn theology and Thor notes they are Sadly Mythtaken).
  • RWBY: Epic Of Remnant: After fighting her once and seeing her awesome power, most of the Servants of Chaldea are scared of Abigail Williams.
  • Point Me At The Skyrim has Alduin and the Dragons be this to Skyrim, understandable considering they once conquered men and ruled as Gods. Victoria, not being from Skyrim (and the Elder Scrolls Universe), is more terrified of the Stranger Titan, who is known for blasting out invisible beams of suicidal insanity.
  • Issei: The Gaming Gear: Rias and Sona are so far above Issei in strength that he's flat-out terrified when he has to interact with them, forcing himself to keep his calm with Gamer's Mind so he doesn't end up blowing either his identity or his powers to them.
  • Abyssal Plain has Skitter be this for the Undersiders and Breakthrough, after her brief stint as the mind-controlling Khepri.

Death Note

Dragon Ball

  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Mr. Popo, who the rest of the cast are quietly terrified of (and in Goku's case, loudly terrified). The only ones who aren't scared of him are Kami and Piccolo (both of whom are just below Popo himself on Popo's "Pecking Order").
    • The Ginyu Force and Freeza both scare Vegeta, who has spent most of his life living under Freeza's rule. When Vegeta realizes that Freeza has summoned the Ginyu Force to Namek, he panics. And when Freeza himself shows up during one of Vegeta's angry rants, he stops mid-sentence out of sheer terror. Though he manages to overcome his fear of both the Ginyus and Freeza and fight them.
    • In Dead Zone Abridged, Goku is this to Garlic Jr. Upon finding out that his minions just beat up his wife and kidnapped his son while stealing one of the Dragonballs, he understandably freaks out.

The Familiar of Zero


  • In the Firefly fanfic Forward, River has become one of these to those who know about the Academy. At one point a mercenary who was briefed on her recognizes her, and he practically pisses himself at the sight.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Edward, Alphonse and other Ishvalans are terrified of Roy Mustang for his part in the Ishval Genocide in Son of the Desert.

Good Omens

Harry Potter

  • In the Dark Fic A Shattered Prophecy Harry is this, having been trained from infancy to be the Dark Lord's assassin. At one point he kills one of the aurors guarding him by shoving a feather quill into his throat.
  • Make a Wish has Harry on holiday going under the alias of Mr Black. Over the course of his holiday he becomes the most feared wizard in the world through a combination of magical artifacts, dumb luck, and general compounding of stories about him. Wizarding criminals are terrified when they learn Mr Black is in town, and magical law enforcement tends to be torn between being glad to get his help and wanting him out of their jurisdiction as soon as possible. The less said about what happens to the Death Eaters sent after him by Voldemort, the better.

How to Train Your Dragon

  • The Blacksmith's Apprentice strongly implies that the Red Death is this to other dragons; scenes told from Toothlesses's POV have him refer to the Red Death as 'Her' in a tone that makes it clear he feels falling under her control.

Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

  • Vigilante Tendency: The most feared member of the PNC is neither Hibari nor even Tsuna himself — it's Kyoko. Even Hibari is terrified of her wrath, and justifiably so.

The Legend of Spyro

  • Drake from The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn is this to the Gargoyles and Naga, who are both rather frightened at the prospect of fighting him. Turns out that despite they've got every reason to be afraid of the guy, he's actually a very nice guy. Still counts, however, in that the Gargoyles still have every right to be terrified of him.

The Legend of Zelda

  • The Legend of Link: Lucky Number 13: The Originals. They are the first generation of gods, created by Fate and Destiny tens of millions of years ago. They are insane, violent, and so powerful their own creators can't kill them. The current pantheon of gods, Fate and Destiny included, can only keep them contained by playing cat and mouse - as the mice.
    • Link himself later takes over this mantle after becoming the God of Fear and rewriting the divine rulebook by killing the aforementioned unkillables.

The Lord of the Rings

  • In a meta way, the infamous fanfic Celebrian is this for the entire internet. This fanfiction scares the internet.

Lyrical Nanoha

  • In Life After Hayate, the Wolkenritter were considered the Time-Space Administrative Bureau's nightmare scenario for more than sixty years, to the point that even now that they've been in Bureau service for several years many other Bureau personnel will display obvious signs of fear in their presence, including scrambling to get out of their way, instinctively grabbing for a weapon, and refusing to turn their backs.
    • Tiida Lanster's canonical death never happens, because rather than a losing fight against one of the Bureau's most wanted, Vita Yagami happens by as Tiida is about to confront them. Tiida points out who Vita is, and the criminal is so terrified that the main problem afterward seems to be convincing them it's safe to surrender.
    "I'm here to negotiate your surrender. She's a Wolkenritter. She's here to kill you if I fail."

Marvel Universe

  • Much like the Joker from DC Comics, the hideous monstrosity called Psyko terrifies even the other hardened psychopaths of Earth-2706. Psyko can emit deadly, murderous insanity, which causes the inanimate objects it affects to take on a twisted, perverted life of their own under his control, not unlike what Sleepwalker does with his own warp vision abilities. It's even worse when he affects other living creatures with them, as his victims suffer a brutal Mind Rape that forces them to continually experience their worst nightmares over and over again while he controls their bodies. His first attack on New York caused him to spread mass insanity and death across the city, and Sleepwalker only managed to subdue him after a bloodbath of a fight from which the alien hero emerged more dead than alive. For the second go-around, he mentally enslaved a horde of his fellow supervillains and turned them loose on New York City, even as he spread even more madness and suffering than he did the first time.
  • In Been There, Blown That Up, every alien who spots Goose reacts with unbridled terror, including Thor, Gamora, and Rocket. Seeing Nick Fury stroke Goose causes them to look at him with reverence and ask if he's the leader of Earth due to his bravery.

Mortal Kombat

  • Mortal Kombat: Desperation: After the events of Mortal Kombat X, Raiden has Came Back Wrong, and instead of the benevolent protector of Earthrealm, he's now become a brutal warlord and sadistic psychopath in the veins of Shao Kahn and Shinnok. But that's just the beginning — at first, he starts out as a Well-Intentioned Extremist who's trying to protect Earthrealm at all costs by illegally invading Outworld but Kotal Kahn invokes the sacred Mortal Kombat tournament to stop him. As things go by, his allies, now realizing that he's slowly becoming an extremist and ruthless dictator, try to stop him but fail. His wrath knowing know bounds, he keeps his ex-allies in line by having Cassie Cage (the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya) kidnapped and tortured to near-death by electrocuting so she'll break and beg for mercy before him, threatening to have Jacqui Briggs (the daughter of Jax) tortured and raped by Kano, ransacking and burning down entire villages, towns, and cities in Outworld and Earthrealm to the ground and having their inhabitants killed, raped or tortured — in fact, when he ordered the destruction of Li Mei's village, knowing the devotion she has for her people, Elder Gods know how many innocents, including women and children, were slaughtered in the bloodbath — all just to spite his ex-allies and weaken their morale, and mass-zapping Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei to near-death just because they refused his offer to join his side — some of the Lin Kuei he killed were around 10 to 12 years, showing that he has no regard for those who get killed or injured in the ensuing mayhem he's planning to create. He abuses most of his henchmen, threatening to torture them if they fail to please him, and things became so desperate that even the Elder Gods fear him more so than Shao Kahn or Shinnok, as they know that he's a walking and ticking time bomb that's perfectly willing to put the entire Mortal Kombat universe at risk if he merges Outworld and the Netherrealm with Earthrealm, going so far to revive a brainwashed Quan Chi as their minion. And his threat to have Jacqui and Takeda tortured is what caused Scorpion to fear him; Nitara also fears the scope of his wrath, knowing that if she refused to join his side, then he'll slaughter her people, and using her Fatal Flaw — the devotion she has to her people — to his advantage, Raiden coerces her to serve him. There's a reason why everybody, including his henchmen, former allies, and even the Elder Gods fear him, as he's a far more tyrannical and ruthless madman than Shinnok and Shao Kahn combined. And he finds it funny committing such atrocities — he has no regard for the wanton violence he's committed so far, and many of his allies find this a sickening trait of his.

My Hero Academia

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Captain Rumble from Bad Future Crusaders is universally feared by enemies and allies alike mainly due to having taken on a gryphon in a one-on-one fight and winning. It seems the only two who aren't terrified of him are Babs, who was once engaged to him, and Dinky Doo who both outranks and is friends with him.
    • Dinky herself, while not as much as Rumble, also has a pretty harrowing (and well earned) reputation. Fortunately, she's Affably Evil, so as long as you don't piss her off, you probably have nothing to worry about.
  • From Here to Eternity has Discord's younger brother, Animosity. He's SO ruthless, cruel, and powerful that even his own siblings (except Discord who is the only sibling more powerful then him) are afraid of him, even Tiff and Cacophony. And his mother is an ever bigger one! Animosity is terrified of crossing her and even Discord seems a little scared of her!
  • Discord is this in The Nuptialverse. Of special note is the Keeper's comment to Twilight in Families.
    "If I told you half the things he wants to do to you once he's free, you'd have nightmares. I mean, even worse than you've been having."
    • To put that in perspective, the nightmares Twilight's been having at this point are all about her friends ignoring her when she's in danger, in one case even cheering for her death.
  • Pony POV Series:
    • Discord's mother, Entropy, is this to everyone who knows her other than her fellow Top Gods. This is because she's a Jerkass Eldritch Abomination capable of erasing any being from existence with one word, and has enough of a Hair-Trigger Temper that provoking her into doing so can be as simple as stating something about her in her presence. While it eventually is revealed she's not quite so terrible (Celestia's account of her was understandably bias due to her experiences), she's still considered the Elder that you shouldn't buck with to the point even Discord (who is at worst the fifth strongest being in creation) refuses to break a promise made in her name out of fear of enraging her.
    • Havoc is also this to a degree. He is Fear itself, so everything is naturally afraid of him, but he's also a pretty nice guy otherwise. But what is feared is ticking him off, something even Discord is afraid of.
    • Professor Kabuto, the Changeling's Mad Scientist and by far the worst one of them all, is this. It's stated that half the hive is scared to death of him, and the other half hates him. This is because of his habit of performing horrific medical experiments with lethal results on other beings, including his own kind. While the Equestrians don't outright fear him at first, those that get to know what this psychopath is capable of are quickly disgusted and horrified by him.
  • The Rise of Darth Vulcan: The eponymous protagonist becomes this. Of course, if you wear big, scary armor, it is not hard at all to become feared in Equestria. Then, he starts acting like a villain...
  • Starlight Over Detrot has chief Iris Jade, feared by her subordinates of the Detrot Police Department by virtue of being a heavily medicated Unicorn of not inconsiderable telekinetic power and poor temperament. To the city's less savory elements, she's the pony that managed the first real drop in crime in decades.
  • Fallout: Equestria: Snowfall: King Sombra. The main cast is terrified upon meeting him, every one in Stalliongrad fears him so much that he doesn't bother keeping guards in his castle, and when Clarity (who is a crystal pony) finds out he's still around, she very nearly crosses the Despair Event Horizon! That's right, 200 years later and the crystal ponies are still afraid of him!
  • The Dark Side of the Mirror Verse has Mirror!Spitfire, at least for Rainbow Crash, and implied to be the one who made her the wreck she is today. Just mentioning her name is enough to make the poor girl Freak Out.
    • Mirror!Starlight Glimmer also qualifies. Even the Mirror Mane Six hold her in high regard, with even Pinkamena (the craziest of the bunch), showing her respect, and the moment two stallions who were beating up Rainbow Crash realize she's there and angry with them, they react in shock and fear, with one being so terrified of her he doesn't even try to help fight her and the other only really attacks her out of anger, which goes as well as one would expect. Fluttershy at least believes that Starlight could tie her into pony pretzel with her mind if she felt like it.
  • In The Witch of the Everfree, Sunset Shimmer eventually becomes this to the creatures of the Everfree Forest; as time goes on, they become increasingly prone to avoiding her, because attacking her is overwhelmingly likely to end with them being burned to a crisp.
  • It is very hard to truly grasp just how much the ponies of RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse fear Corona. When confronted by the choice between using their Elements to stop a necromancer who's already casually slaughtered an entire nation and using them against Corona, the L6 choose to stop Corona.
    • Meanwhile, there's Tirek. In this setting, Luna and Celestia are Physical Gods in pony form. When it looks like Tirek might possibly escape his prison at Tambelon, they soil themselves, and Luna prepares to obliterate the entire island, Element Bearers and her sister included, in the hope it might stop him escaping.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: All of the captains from the various branches of the Royal Guard and their Captain General (who are all Dum Soluti):
    • Standing Wall, an Earth Pony and Captain of the Cadenza Guards, and the strongest Earth pony mage known to have ever lived;
    • Violet Lulamoon, a unicorn and Magi Supreme of the Magi-of-Stars Guards, and an expert thaumatic artificer who revolutionized the Guard's armor protection spells;
    • Blazen Sun, a unicorn and the Holy Corona of the Celestia Guards; especially feared by the dragons after what he did to one of them.
    • Sweet Surprise, a unicorn and the Full Moon of the Luna Guards, who held back a demon incursion on her own, is a master tactician and so adept at approved transformation magic that she can fly better than most naturally-winged ponies;
    • Gentle Step, a unicorn and Captain General of the Royal Guards, who's stronger than any of them and got her position after ten days in the Guard - five days as a normal guard and five fighting her way into and out of Tartarus to rescue some of her fellows, with her only wounds being a scar on her face and a broken snout.
    • Chapter 28 reveals there's a sixth captain: Captain Memorizing Gaze, Secret Protector of the Hidden Guards, who are Changelings working directly for Gentle Step and are descended from a group that betrayed Queen Chrysalis to the ponies after her invasion of Canterlot.
  • In My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series, Celestia is portrayed as a tyrant, who salts lands, slaughters civilians, pours silver down her advisers throats, and makes sure all her little ponies fear her. Especially her faithful student.
  • Death Is Forced To Take A Vacation:
    • Fall Harvest doesn't like the Lords or Ladies of Laughter, since their unpredictableness can foul up his own powers related to Death. It takes everything he's got to keep from running out of his skin and back to his office when Pinkie shows up.
    • He's also terrified of what will happen if Celestia finds out he's back.


  • Naruto is The Dreaded in the Alternate Beginnings of an Uzumaki segment "A Different Type of Anger" because of his killing intent when angry. It's described as leaving everyone in the area unconscious or paralyzed with fear. After Neji was subjected to it, he had to quit as a shinobi and spend the rest of his life medicated to keep from being a gibbering wreck. The Invasion never occurs simply because everyone still conscious is far more interested in going home and never angering Naruto.
  • In the First Try Series, anyone with a shred of common sense is afraid of Danzo. Just the fact he's been around since the First Shinobi War and was crippled yet is still in active service make other ninja realize it's a death sentence to be on his bad side-and then there's the ones who know what he did in combat, or were just babysat by him (Sakura's father is convinced he eats people since the time he was babysat by Danzo. Who didn't act inappropriately at any moment). Consensus is that he'll die in his bed by old age or some natural illness after having buried anyone stupid enough to think that being in his deathbed makes him any less dangerous...
  • The Kyuushingai in Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox. In the back-story, two years prior to the start of the story, the Nine Terrors (the other name for the group) cut a bloody swath across numerous cities over exactly 365 days, and the fear that the populace felt was made worse because nobody knew what any of the Nine looked like. It was so bad that, during that time, cities that hadn't been impacted by the Nine Terrors made a point of being extremely courteous to people they didn't know, in case said strangers might turn out to be one of the Nine and cause upheaval if crossed. Furthermore, the terror they inspire was so great that Mizuki was able to take advantage of their reputation and use it to control most of Konoha Town for three months prior to Naruto's arrival there.
  • The entire Uzumaki Clan in The Uzumaki Massacre. So vicious that even decades after they were wiped out, Oonoki insists that he wouldn't send any less than a hundred Jonin against a single Uzumaki. And even then he wouldn't expect them to come back. Given that a force of maybe 1,500 decimated an army of over a hundred times their number down to less than 100, it's fully justified.
  • Yet again, with a little extra help has Ghost to the entire multiverse. Considered one of the only three "True Gods" in existence, angering him is something that no one who has even an inkling of an idea about his abilities wants to do. His most well-known and terrifying, yet awe-inspiring, title is "The God of None." It's also known that he hates that title, and calling him that in earshot is grounds for an immediate death match unless stated otherwise. In fact, it's heavily implied that Ghost is the strongest being in the universe barring the Sky-Mother herself. Thankfully, for the most part he is a perverted idiot not much unlike Naruto, so for the most part this is moot unless you piss him off.
  • I Am NOT Going Through Puberty Again!! has a humorous example in Hinata, thanks to "The Hinata Massacre" in the first chapter. During this "massacre", Hinata rampaged her way through the compound, putting a tenth of the clan in the hospital, a unholy glow in her eyes, which scared the shit out of everybody there. They are now under the belief that Hinata had finally snapped from all the pressure put on her as heiress of one the most prestigious clans of Konoha, and dread another possible violent episode. In reality, a recently time-traveled Hinata had noticed that husband Naruto was not in bed with her, and being horny, went to go find him. She hadn't realized where or when she was until she finally caught up to Naruto. This does not stop her from milking her clan's newly-found fear of her for kicks.
  • Naruto himself in Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto is for all intents and purposes the Boogeyman to the civilians in Konoha. Not only is he used as a threat to make children behave and children have nursery rhymes about how he'll brutally kill you, during an attack that manifested the civilians' and ninjas' worst fears, nightmarish forms of Naruto were everywhere.
    • Later, when Kurenai accidentally tells a secret Naruto threatened her into keeping, she wails in terror and begs Asuma not to tell anyone while pissing herself.
  • In Vapors the main character Aiko makes such a reputation for herself that, at an international summit where there are two kages, two jinchuriki, and a dozen other elite jonin, the seven-tails jinchuriki Fuu is more anxious about Aiko's presence than anyone else, even though Aiko (aged fifteen) knows she'd be stomped in a fight with some of the other people in the room.
  • Dreaming of Sunshine has Team 7 to the Mission Desk Ninja. Gets to the point where any member of Team 7 who touches anything in their office has "cursed" that particular mission... if not all of them.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Nobody Dies:
    • Zeruel is this to the other Angels, the people of NERV that know of him, and the readers on the forum. So much so that when he showed up in chapter 65 and finally started trashing Tokyo-3 at the end of chapter 68, the Rebuild track for him was cited.
    • And then there's ADAM, whose appearance induced a full-blown Heroic BSoD in Rei. If you're even slightly familiar with Nobody Dies, you know this is kind of a big deal. Also, ADAM might technically be God.
    • An honourable mention must also go to Iruel, partly because he's one of the few Angels to come really close to actually winning and the only one -so far- to reappear intent on a rematch, but mostly because his tactics... Well, you know how canon Eva is the Trope Namer for Mind Rape? What Iruel did to Asuka, Maya and Ichi was worse.

One Piece

  • When the Tides Come In has Luffy from the post-canon 'verse, who by that point is the Pirate King and the World's Strongest Man. He is so terrifying to his enemies that literally no one wants to piss him off, with his haki so strong that it can easily knock out vice admirals and a temper that burns like a raging inferno. The Crocodile from his universe is so scared of him that he goes out of his way to stay out of his way and avoids Alabasta like the plague. He is completely aware that if he went anywhere Vivi or her country, Luffy would not hesitate to kill him.
  • This Bites!:
    • Upon seeing four of the weaker members of the Straw Hat crew in Enies Lobby, every Marine present freaks out.
    • Cross knows most of the enemies the Straw Hats will fight and is usually calm to the point of being cocky around them. Blackbeard is the only enemy Cross is openly terrified of. It took all of his willpower just to act casual when he happened to walk by Blackbeard on Jaya and he takes every precaution he can to hide some of the more valuable Devil Fruit users on his crew from Blackbeard.
  • Second Wind: The Straw Hat Pirates, especially Luffy, Zoro, and to a lesser extent, Sanji. Circumstances cause the feats they committed in canon that were initially covered up (such as defeating Crocodile) to be exposed to the public, or, in other cases, allow them to commit feats that surpass their canon ones (defeating Aokiji). By the time they reach Sabaody, they are unquestionably the strongest rookies in the world, and everyone short of an admiral or an Emperor is, at the very least, apprehensive of them.

One-Punch Man

  • Because he's actually acknowledged as the World's Strongest Man in The Strongest Hero Saitama absolutely terrifies every monster and villain he meets, barring those who have never heard of him for one reason or another (such as Sonic and Deep Sea King). Most will surrender the moment they spot him, even if he hasn't noticed them yet.
    • Boros becomes one to most of mankind by the simple fact his fight with Saitama was broadcast by Metal Knight-and so he was seen rising from the first punch. Then he gives Saitama a work-out...
  • Every monster who survives him is terrified of Saitama in Hero's Harem. Even the ones who end up living with him for one reason or another and befriend him are still cowed by Saitama with a single word. After barely surviving her fight with Saitama, Deep Sea Queen (Deep Sea King's sister) reacts to the memory of the "battle" like she's having a PTSD flashback and decides to seek out the Monster's Association in the hopes of never seeing him again.
    • Later chapters extend this fear to anyone who's seen Saitama in action. The various heroes are stuck between awe and terror after witnessing Saitama easily dispatch a monster that was a match for Genos and Tanktop Master working together. Do-S doesn't even have to witness the "fight" because she was already cowed by Saitama's anger at learning Ki was injured by a monster.


  • Josh from Blood in the Water, specifically. In Dance Of Destiny and Let The Flames Begin, he was a Terror Hero, scaring the pants off any Plasma or Galactic Grunts he ran into. After he finally achieved Fallen Hero status, he began a reign of terror that was centered on Konar, but the aftereffects of his deeds reached the other regions and continued to inspire fear in people all across the world. He was so feared that the Konar Champion, Naomi, who was essentially the Big Good of the story, freaked out when the protagonists told her they wanted to take him on. Giovanni had a MASSIVE Oh, Crap! reaction when Josh appeared in his window. Even after his death, people were still terrified if they saw a Rayquaza flying around, any more than a few believed he wasn't actually dead.
    • Word of God also says that if Josh hadn't been killed in that final battle, he would have grown up to enslave the rest of the world with his power.
  • ASH of all characters, becomes this in A New Chance Series. It's an extremely unintentional example though, since Ash is still the same naive, energetic kid he always was, but due to a revised series of events he has a Latios and a Latias which he uses at the Silver Conference. To put it in perspective, Giovanni orders two of his agents, who also have a bone to pick with Ash, to infiltrate Team Aqua and Magma, but also to steer clear of Ash unless they are 100% sure they can beat him, aware of the defeats Ash has dealt Team Rocket before he got Latios and Latias. In other words, Giovanni is more apprehensive of a not-thirteen year old kid than another large criminal syndicate.
  • Ash, again, in Ashes of the Past, as this is a Peggy Sue story where Ash gets Aura training and the ability to restore people and pokemon he knew well. In pokemon, in particular, this includes their levels and abilities. The resultant insanity as they invent new moves (Volt Crash, an Electric-type variant of Hyper Beam), modify moves to make them more powerful (Blast Burn, the Fire-type Hyper Beamnote ), do things that simply aren't possible under normal circumstances (everything Squirtle does), and wrecking every Gym in the process manage to make Ash much more popular as a result. He gets called Gym-Destroyer, and some leaders flat-out refuse to have him battle indoors. Then Legendaries get involved. And when he saves the world, again, it all happens on live-camera. When an egg hatches into a Mawile, in the middle of the Dragon Holy Land, there is panic - as Ash Ketchum has a Fairy-type -, which escalated to feelings of impeding doom since Mawile is immune to Poison, and culminates in running for their lives since she knows Ice Fang as an Egg Move. Then there's the fact Giovanni is willing to take on Mewtwo (that, as he loves to remember everyone, is the World's Strongest Pokemon) but has canceled the operation to recapture it because Ash was in the area, and when the young trainer came to Viridian Gym for Max' gym challenge he had a Psychic-type ready to teleport him away...
  • Sabrina is given this treatment in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, being deliberately avoided by everyone to the point that her gym is never suggested as an option by anyone. So far in fic however, Ash has not become the Dreaded.
    • A more comical example is the recurring Jigglypuff, who is this to Ash and the rest of his Pokémon. And when he runs into it, Ash ends up accidentally catching it:

Ranma ½

  • In Ranma Saotome, Chi Master, Ranma's mentor is widely feared by Hong Kong's criminal elements.
  • Desperately Seeking Ranma features Ms Aoyama. Her appearing tends to cause ice to form. Cologne called her a woman-shaped abomination. She frightens people who know her secret identity.

Real-Person Fic

  • Several in The Keys Stand Alone:
    • The Black Tower and its minions the Tayhil. Both are synonymous with death and destruction.
    • The Animals, especially among the Geddies.
    • Trelayna of the Rock who is ''very good'', and who is the only other individual in C'hou that the four consider a Nine Thousand and are afraid to meet again. (Or at least John is.)

Rosario + Vampire

  • He Who Fights Monsters has Tsukune of all people becoming one of these after singlehandely killing, in self defense of course, five students, including Inner Moka herself!!.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Star Wars


  • Hellsister Trilogy: Everybody -Legionnaires and villains- are frightened of Mordru and unwilling to face him. In the second arc, everybody have an Oh, Crap! moment when they find out Darkseid is putting one of his plans in motion.

Super Mario Bros.

  • Mario Brothers has King Koopa, who is portrayed as a terrifying, nigh-unstoppable villain.

Super Smash Bros.

  • Kirby from There Will Be Brawl, or as he is known in the series, "The Cannibal". Suffice to say Mario is rather reluctant to let Peach visit him when she looks for information about The Butcher.

Team Fortress 2

  • In The Lessons, Frank the Pyro is so feared by everyone in the story to the extent that the narrator at first doubts his existence due to Frank's Shrouded in Myth status. Then the narrator meets Frank...


  • In Black Wings, Black Sails, William Laurence is introduced as the most feared pirate and enemy of slavers in the Western world. He combines his guerilla tactics of attacking under the cover of night with his skills as a prize-taking naval captain.


Town of Salem

Total War

  • The Scots in general in A Scotsman in Egypt, but especially their generals. When you're led by dudes who took a capital city with a single charge, defeated Mongol hordes, drive one king to suicide and another to cardiac arrest through reputation alone (the Scottish assassin is unsure whether or not he's allowed to take credit on that last one) or manage to counter enemy plots despite being dead, you don't really have a choice.
  • Skantarios from I Am Skantarios. He repels multiple djihads on Constantinople, to the point where it gets nicknamed "the place where Muslims go to die".


  • Mr.Evil's Original Character Fredi Heat. His own teammates are terrified of him and would consider drinking battery acid than go against him (this due to the higher chance of survival).
  • Lady Wu is this in Farce of the Three Kingdoms. Sun Quan struggles to find a general who's willing to cross her daughter, and no one, not even him, dares to cross her.


  • Weaver Nine: PRT propaganda would have you believe Weaver's Society has a habit of forcing innocents into its service. While it is unequivocally true the the Society has a lot of shady dealings and dubious methods, they are nothing approaching the bloodthirsty baby-eaters the PRT portrays them as. That said: Everyone knows to give them a wide berth when they show up, and it is well deserved. The Society is constantly besieged by bounty hunters, rival villain organizations, the Yangban, Cauldron and their puppets in the PRT and Protectorate. They survive because they are harder, stronger, and both more ruthless and more vicious than their opposition and willing to use every asset at their disposal. Up to, and including, the lobotomized bodies of their attackers.
  • Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, by the same author as It Gets Worse: For anyone with half a brain, the answer is a resounding "yes", as the Professionak Killer known only as "The Dark" is probably one of the most dangerous people in all of Brockton Bay despite the fact that he doesn't have any obvious superpowers, as Hookwolf and Cricket discovered to their cost.



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