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Fanfic / Rise Of The Red Eclipse

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"May the Force be with you, you son of a bitch."
Grand Admiral Edward Nelson, Chapter 31
The Main Officer Cast as of Season 3

Rise of the Red Eclipse is a Star Wars fanfic In Name Only, as it takes place outside of the Star Wars galaxy with the main protagonists having left the constant wars of that galaxy behind. Written in an attempt to create science fiction in a science fantasy universe that actually adhered somewhat to the laws of physics and didn't fall into the pitfalls of scifi writing. Mainly a War Fic with drama and humor dashed in to help break up the monotony and help things not get so serious that they're cheesy, this literary work is meant mostly to show epic fights from one-on-one duels to planetary scale ground and orbital engagements.


Provides Examples Of:

  • Anyone Can Die: The author kills off a few well-developed characters that have been around from the start, usually to prove how bad a situation the Republic is in first with Abyss' first appearance, and again with the Coalition showing up.
  • Combat Pragmatist: The series makes full use of all three dimensions in combat as well as the fact that ships don't have to be on the same "level" to fire at each other. More often than not, the main character does his best to get his ship underneath enemy fleets to fire from below with devastating effects.
  • One-Man Army: Grand Admiral Nelson pulls this on a few occasions, most notably when his wife was mortally wounded and he didn't take it too well. The path he carved through an enemy army while in a Force Rage was so powerful that the two main antagonists felt it from across the galaxy.
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  • Space Is an Ocean: Subverted in that every orbital engagement uses Ender's Game-esque thought processes in fighting in zero gravity.
  • Super Soldier:
    • Centurion Chris-Z9571 is a walking tank with the agility of a Republic Knight and enough toys hidden away in his armor to make Tony Stark jealous.
    • In a smaller sense, EPAS (Eclipse Powered Armor Soldier) Troopers are like mini-Centurions with onboard shields, enhanced strength and reflexes, and a much more optimized HUD than their regular infantry counterparts.