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Hey Chuggaaconroy? Do you like parties?

All the Mario Party games.

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    Mario Party 

Main Game

Running Gags

  • Any given Chance Time.
  • Emile accidentally being racist or sexist. First, it's about Peach being a woman, then Jon being Canadian, then it finally culminates in Knock-a Block-a Towah.
  • Whenever Jon has one of his talks with Bowser. These talks tend to consist of him telling Bowser something casually, as if he was a friend, while the roulette chooses an event.

Mario's Rainbow Castle

  • The gang has one within the first two minutes of the video:
    Jon: "How do you feel about multiple failed recordings of Mario Party?"
    Emile: "...I feel like strangling a puppy!"
    Jon: "So do I!"
    Tim: "Hello PETA, I'm calling to report some animal abuse going on here..."
    Jon: "Why did you actually pick up the phone? You just sight gagged for an audio recording!"
    Tim: "Oh god."
  • Right before that, when the footage cuts ahead, Tim speaks for the first time, and Jon asks "Who are you?" as though he were uninvited.
  • Jon finding out that Mario Party has a storyline canon, especially realizing that Wario was the Super Star from the first Mario Party game:
    Jon: "Mario Party has canon?!"
    • For several minutes afterward, even while the others were discussing the game mechanics, Jon was still hung up on the idea of Mario Party having canon.
  • First episode. First turn. First dice roll:
    Jon: "Alright, so who's gonna explain how a dice works?"
  • This exchange from Episode 5:
    Jon: "What's with you and rape?"
    Emile: "I don't know! It's fun?"
    Jon: "WHAT?!"
  • This exchange from Episode 1, after Jon reacts to Shy Guy sending Wario out to sea, but ignores Yoshi when the same happens to him:
    Emile: "And you say I'm racist!"
    Jon: "Ra- How is that racist!? It's a dinosaur!"
    Emile: "Dinosaurs are people too, you know!"
    Jon: "No, they're not! They're dinosaurs! That's why they're called dinosaurs!"
    • Same game, different episode, Tim singing "White Flag" in a helium voice as Peach drifts out to sea.
    • Several times, when someone gets eliminated one of the guys yells "Swim for shore!"
  • Their amusement at Wario's German voice actor, especially "D'oh, I missed!", cheering when he says it at the results screen. What's funny is that they missed the first time he said it, when he got a Dark Star from Bowser.
    • D'oh, they missed!
    • Said voice actor, Thomas Spindler, recently confirmed he was actually saying "So ein mist!", German for "Oh crap!", but a deep voice pitch resulted in "D'oh, I missed!"
  • Emile butchers Koopa's explanation:
    Emile: [reading Koopa's lines as the dialogue speeds by] "Welcome everybody, I'm your guide Koopa Troopa. This castle you see from—but the rainbow disappeared—with all your own hands—I have a piece of advice in the castle—now then let's decide turn order."note  (sic erat scriptum)
  • From Part 2, when Emile finds out that he can attack people in the cutscene. "I'm punching the dinosaur's... dinosaur".
    • Throughout that board, both Jon and Emile keep making That Came Out Wrong comments that make them sound unintentionally emo.
      [About to play the lumberjack minigame]
      Jon: "I am a master at cutting!" [Realizes what it sounded like] "...myself."
      (Later, Emile is talking about how he recognised Jew Wario by his pink shoes rather than his hat, which Jon doesn't believe)
      Emile: "I look down a lot, okay?!"
      Jon: "...That sounds so depressing!"
  • "I wanna steal from See Map!" "See Map is a jerk."
  • This priceless exchange for the first Bash n' Cash game:
    Tim: [getting hit by hammer] "Ah! My penis! My penis! Wait..."
    Emile: "WHAT? You can't—"
    Jon: "This is a CHILDREN'S GAME, young man!"
  • When they play Hot Bob-Omb, Emile holds onto the Bob-Omb during the entire mini-game and throws it at Wario at the last second, resulting in Wario losing fifteen coins (five coins for each opposing player).
  • Then there's the part where Wario uses Chance Time to steal Jon's star... right after Bowser Revolution reduced his 140 coins to 60... the turn after Emile had refrained from stealing a star from him due to the aforementioned coin lead.
    Emile: [bursts out laughing]
    Jon: "You know what, Mario Party?"
    Emile: "Good thing I didn't steal that!"
    Jon: "You know what, Mario Party? F U. F U SOOO MUCH."
    Emile: "If you see Kay, tell her I said 'hi!'"
  • The very first use of Chance Time in the game. Wario causes Emile and Jon to exchange coins, but the two have the exact same amount of coins in the first place, making the exchange pointless.

Luigi's Engine Room

Wario's Battle Canyon

  • "So Bowser, I hate to tell you this, but... your test results came back positive... positive for communism."
    Emile: "SCREW YOU PEOPLE! Foot. Twitch, Twitch."note 
    Jon: "Having a slight seizure?"
    Jon: "See, this is why communism never works."
    Emile: "Exactly."
    Jon: "Because of Chance Time."
  • The discussion of "Boo and Toad's Excellent Adventure".
  • Emile being accidentally racist or sexist is taken to extreme levels here:
    Emile: "It's-a-Knock-a-Block-a-Towah! ... I get more—"
    Jon: "You get more and more racist every board. I'm expecting you to just, like, say the N word, like, every five seconds by the end of this game!"
  • When Emile got to see Boo on the last turn, Jon tried to convince Emile to not steal his no avail.
    Jon: "What are you gonna do? You can steal coins from Tim and get the..." [Cue Emile taking away Jon's star] "I hate you so much."
  • From the same episode, during the 'Crazy Cutter' minigame, when they improvise lyrics to the Pokémon Theme.
    Emile: "I wanna be the very best..."
    Jon: "Like no driller ever was? To cut them is my real test, to free them is my cause!"
    Emile: [when the scores come up] "Ninety-three!"
    Jon: "Gotta catch some of them."
  • "It must be the shoes!"
  • Jon's punishment for losing the board? Being shot out of Bowser's cannon!
    Jon: "No! No! Bowser, no," [gets shot out of the cannon] "I'm sooRRRRRYYYY!"
    [Cut to the group shot with Mario flying past some firework explosions]
    Emile: "And you have fireworks shoved up your ass."
    Jon: "Wheeeee!" [beat] "Wow."
  • A Stealth Pun moment:
    Jon: "Brother!"
    Tim: "Sister! [burp]"
    Jon: [imitating David Hayter] "Liquid."
    Emile: [snickers] "...Gas."
  • During the first game of Deep Sea Divers in Episode 2, Jon can't figure out that he has to reel Tim in to actually get a treasure chest, so Tim dives, grabs a chest, drops it, and is left floating and unmoving amidst Jon's screams while Emile grabs every coin.
  • Emile gets a Warp Block that causes him to switch places with Tim — who is one space behind him. Then on the VERY SAME TURN, Tim gets ANOTHER Warp Block! (but he switches places with Luigi)
  • What Jon thought of Bowser's "Pee" Dance.

DK's Jungle Adventure

  • Emile visits Boo for the first time:
    Emile: "You know what I'm doing!" [steals coins from Mario] "Malleo!"
    Jon: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stealin' my money, my hard-earned money—"
    [Boo only manages to steal one coin]
    Emile: "WHAAAAT?!"
    Jon: "YEAAAHHH! Suck it, Trebek!"note 
  • A little token from Part 3:
    Emile: "So three humans versus the AI, alright! Time to see who is mightier: the brain, or SILICONE!?"
    Jon: "That would be silicon."
    Emile: "Whatever!"
    Jon: "...silicone is what they use in breast implants."
    [Emile and Tim burst out laughing]
  • This comment:
    Jon: "You never need the brakes! I'm a professional mine cart driver!"
    [Jon's minecart falls in lava along with the opponent's.]
  • After Emile (and the AI) win on Bobsled Run:
    Emile: YYYYEAH!! "The Star is mine, unless a Warp Block screws me over, and it will!"
    Jon: "Probably. I mean, you've said it out loud, so..."
    Emile: "Well," (rather quickly) "I was saying it out loud to try to not jinx it, though, but now that I've said that out loud, now I've jinxed it, though, but now that I've said that out loud, I haven't jinxed it, and now that I've said I haven't jinxed it, now I have."
    Jon: "OKAY!" [Emile laughs] "Time paradox, I get it! This is not Metal Gear Solid 3!"
  • In a moment of "Turn your headphones down", Wario survives by a thin hair when he gets saved by a raising mushroom.
    Emile: "OH-HO! YEAH! YEAH!"
    Jon: "WHAT! WHAT!?"
    Tim: [laughing maniacally]
    Jon: "BULL! BULL!"
  • Jon has better turns... After losing all of his coins, insult is added to injury when he gets the poison mushroom.
  • Jon and Tim make fun of Super Mario Sunshine, a stated favourite of Emile's.
    Emile: "It was better than 64! HATE COMMENTS COMMENCE!"
  • Jon tells the projector to remember the back of his head.
  • The guys reaction to Koopa Troopa predicting that Mario (Jon) will be the superstar, who was in first place at the time, in Episode 4.note 
    Jon: "You know what, game, you're okay. I don't think I'll shank you."
  • Also from Episode 4, this little gem:
    Emile: "How'd you shank your cartridge?"
    Jon: "You know what, it's possible."
    Emile: "Well, I guess you cut off like the edges of the cartridge slot."
    Jon: "I just take a screwdiver... and then, pull a Dexter."
    Emile: "Dexter's Lab?"
    Jon: "Yes, clearly I just go 'DEE-DEE!'"
    Jon: "That's not bad, actually... good job."
    Tim: "Nice."
  • Emile manages to destroy all the boxes obstructing his way in Knock Block Tower... and then fails the minigame anyway.
    Jon: "What is wrong with you?! Why did you punch?"
    Emile: "I-I was with the treasure chest!"
    Jon: "You have to jump up to it."
    Emile: "I did!"
    Jon: "You punched it! You very clearly punched it!"
    Tim: "...That would hurt."

Peach's Birthday Cake

  • "Rapanese?"
  • This exchange:
    Emile: [After explaining turbulence] "You know, Shift happens."
    Jon: "That was horrible."
  • This occurs in an interesting way:
    Emile: "HEY JON—"
    Emile: "I hear eating that is bad for you!"
    Jon: "REALLY!?" [pounds fist] "I hear knuckle sandwiches are GREAT for your teeth!"
  • Episode 3: During the explanation screen for "Bowl Over", Emile launches his shell and slides away.
    Jon: "WE'LL MISS YOU!"

Yoshi's Tropical Island

  • When Emile lands on the Bowser Space with 0 coins and 0 stars, Bowser takes pity on him and gives him coins.
    Emile: "Bowser helped me! :D"
    • Interesting echo later; when Luigi passes Bowser as a board event with 0 coins, the Koopa King ditches Luigi instead of giving him anything]].
  • Jon got the Poison Mushroom — again — Luigi got a warp block and switched places with him, got a regular mushroom, and proceeded to where Toad was. What makes it funny was that Luigi landed one space behind the star... and the space was a Happening Space, thus causing both Bowser and Toad to switch places. Then Tim lands on the same mushroom spot, gets the regular mushroom, and rolls one more than Luigi — hitting Bowser. As this is going on, Emile is laughing and Jon goes,
    Jon: "GAAAAAME!"
  • Emile's worst pun ever.
    Emile: [singing] "Chocolate Rain~"
    Jon: "...really? Thank you, Tay Zonday."
    Emile: "Don't Tay Zonday me, bro!"
  • In Episode 3:
    Tim: "Better than a sharp stick in the eye."
    Jon: "I could say that, I mean anything better than a- ow! That was a sharp stick in my eye! Oh, it's eight coins, never mind."
    Emile: "Having one eye's fine as long as you have eight coins."
    Jon: "I have glasses on so I-"
    Emile: "You can just stick the coins in your eye."
    Jon: "Ew."
  • On Part 3, the guys played Paddle Battle (paddling down some rapids using the control stick, one player on one side with the other three on the other; get too close to the river banks and one side loses coins to the other). As luck would have it, Luigi was the 1. All three players are spinning their control sticks as hard and as fast as they can, doing their best to rob Luigi blind. Despite all this, the raft they're on suddenly rockets to the opposite bank, robbing the Runaway Guys of some money, much to their obvious chagrin.
  • Jon gets "trade coins with Emile" on Chance Time, doesn't realize Emile actually has a hefty coin lead, and is confused as to why he's freaking out.
    Jon: "I thought you lost a bunch of them!"
    Emile: "How?!"
    Jon: "...Communism! I don't know!?"
  • Halfway through Part 3, Jon was two spaces away from getting Bowser, and Emile was two spaces from Toad. Looks like a Foregone Victory for Emile, right? Both of them end up rolling a 1 on the dice, Emile landing on a Happening Space and switching Toad and Bowser's places and setting Jon up for the next Star. Emile's reaction is appropriate. And then Luigi rolls a 2 and lands on the Happening Space himself afterwards, switching their positions again for Emile to get the next one.
  • After the first turn:
    Emile: "I'm a beefcake monkey. That's what the brown is. It's beef."
    Jon: "And on that note, let's play Bumper Balls."
    [The minigame wheel scrolls down to Bumper Balls and passes it onto Slot Car Derby, then suddenly scrolls up onto Bumper Balls.]
    Emile: "Slot — OHHHH! YEAH! Dude! You got it back!"
    Jon: "I got it back!"
    • Then, during said game of Bumper Balls, after Luigi pretty much kills himelf, leading to everyone just running around the island:
    Jon: "This is exciting, folks. Running around in circles. Really bad sumo wrestling right here."
    Emile: "WHOOSOGGASOGGASOGGAWBBBRRRRAHHHH!" [his phone rings, causing everyone to burst into laughter]
    Jon: "Ding dong! Ding dong!"
  • After 5 boards of losing, Jon won the board and delivered this speech.

Bowser's Magma Mountain

  • Jon does a hilarious prayer at the start of the board:
    "Oh Lord, please protect these four people. One being a computer. Which is actually a fat man with a German voice actor. And the dinosaur. And the monkey with a tie. And the Italian plumber. As they fight Bowser in his home of hell. Let's play, amen."
  • In Episode 2, while discussing Mario romhacks, Emile somehow manages to mishear Jon saying "Lunar Magic" as "Liberace". "Liberace didn't exist until 2002?"
  • Emile getting a Bowser from the Star/Bowser roulette when it showed a Star, then proving it with a frame by frame. His super slowed down "WHAT?! THAT WAS A STAR!" only makes it more hilarious.
  • The cavalcade of infantile humor that ensues when Emile plays the Limbo mini-game for the first time in Episode 4, and points out DK's... interesting pose. After making a comment about Candy Kong, cue the assault of "Dong-key Kong" jokes.
  • Even the computer went and made a funny at one point because of Artificial Stupidity. You'd think that having 26 coins and enough numbers would guarantee you a star, right? Well, Wario didn't see it because he paid 10 coins to go on the other path... only to NOT GO THERE ANYWAY!!! Their reactions to that moment is just priceless.
  • Just before a session of Coin Block Bash, Emile and Jon start "fighting" each other on the explanation screen, with such dialogue as:
    Jon: "I played a lot of Donkey Kong in arcades, I know what to do with a hammer!"
  • The "Turn Your Headphones Down"-labeled Chance Time at the end of the board, which ends in this:
    Jon: "Agh, he's hugging me! HE'S HUGGING ME!"
    Emile: "Monkey hug!"
    Tim: [laughing] "I am witnessing... something..."
    Jon: "Oh, why did I go there?"
    Emile: "Stimpy, I could KISS you!" [Tim bursts out laughing]
  • Then Jon attributes this Chance Time mistake to be how Emile won - by one coin over Wario for the Coin Star, 112 to 111.
    Emile: Suck it, Slim.
    Jon: What?
    Emile: In his Mario Party 5 LP he lost by one coin.

Eternal Star

  • The very first 4-player minigame of the board is Running of the Bulb, a game they aced the other times they played it. This time, all four of them get eaten by the giant Boo and lose.
    • There's just something strangely funny about Jon yelling "PUNCH ME, DAMMIT!"
  • Jon's constant yawning and Emile's Yawn Counter (it doesn't help that Jon starts making Emile and Tim yawn).
    • Emile dubs them "Proton Yawns".
  • As Emile describes the item which takes Boo off the board:
    Emile: "The 'No-Boo' will not work here. The... No-Boo Uematsu?"
    Jon: "Really? REALLY? You really just said that!"
  • At one point, Emile walks by and buys two stars in one turn. The hilarious bit is Jon's reaction:
    Jon: "Oh what? Shenanigans, shenanigans." [after Emile buys the second star] "SHENANIGANS!"
  • During a game of "Crane Game", Peach goes for the treasure chest. The guys were quick to notice the rather unintentionally suggestive movements she did while holding the chest.
    Emile: "Look at her hair it's—" [notices Peach's animation] "What the hell? WHAT!?!"
    Jon: "Hump that chest, Peach! Hump that chest! You show it who's boss!"
  • "Dammit Jon, it was a 10"
  • In part four, Peach lands on a Bowser Space, and Bowser calls for one last segment of Tug-o-War, with the losing team surrendering 30 coins. The game just goes on, and on, and on...
  • The final minigame: a Shy Guy Says matchup that goes on for over two minutes. The banter between the two of them as they try to psyche each other out makes it.
    • Made even better by Tim's attempts to psyche them both out.
      Tim: ['A' flag goes up] "B!" ['B' flag goes up] "A!"
      Jon: "Oh fuck you, don't do that!"
  • After Emile ended the Eternal Star roulette, they talk about how none of them were born. Then this happened:
    Emile: [as an old man] "Hey, way back in the old days... we didn't have... numbers."
    Jon: "Back in 1927, you didn't have numbers?"
    Emile: [still old] "Exactly!"
    Jon: "Back in 1927!"
    [Tim and Emile laugh]
    Emile: [still old] "Back in a number, we didn't have numbers!"
  • There's Jon's reaction to Emile getting a speed block... right after he got a slow block.

Minigame Island

  • The intro, where Emile is reprising the opening:
    Emile: "Hey, ProtonJon."
    Jon: "Uh-oh. What?"
    Emile: "Do you like... parties?"
    Jon: "Oh no. I used to, but then I met you guys."
  • Emile reaches (and clears) 1-4, which happens to be a control-stick spinning minigame. The following discussion of Nintendo's glove program ends up sidetracking into Emile saying he doesn't live with his mother.
    Jon: "...Why did you feel the need to point that out to everyone? It's like 'Hey guys, I don't live with my mom! Stop saying that on the internet, I don't! I swear!'"
  • Jon has to tell Emile that playing Mario Party is not "sexy time".
  • The entire bit where the guys argue back and forth over whether or not a drug dealer outside their window is Lucahjin.
    Emile: "It does look like Lucahjin with a tan!"
    Tim: "Whoa."
  • Jon plays Crane Game and wins by immediately grabbing Donkey Kong. Emile, being the one who plays DK, calls Jon out on this, but Jon denies it.
    Jon: "He was the closest to the pipe! I'm not an idiot... I'm just an asshole!"
  • The entire Knock Block Tower segment that Emile fails at.
    Jon: [to Emile] "Give him the controller! Stop crying like a little girl and give him the controller! Seriously, we will take out our cameras and take pictures of this!"
    • There's also Jon correcting Emile's attempt to sing the Sonic "Drowning" theme, and finishing right as he beats Knock Block Tower.
  • Both times you hear somebody running into the microphone. It seems to be Tim in both instances, but that's not the funny part:
    Jon: "AH! That's my... controller... Why did you kiss my controller?"
    Tim: "To make it feel better."
    Jon: "WHAT?"
    Tim: "WHOA! I just put my hand down and—"
    Emile: "Don't take it out on the controller!"
    Jon: "Tim put his hands in the way! Stop kissing the controller, Tim!"
  • Cast Aways. It takes them ten tries to get the necessary 30 coins to clear it, and Jon has no small amount of exasperation for the fact that they keep losing because they use the same strategy: casting only to the back row. Most of the attempts are funny enough on their own, but when Emile takes the tenth turn...
    Jon: "OK... seriously, guys, we can't keep waiting for the back row anymore. This is... we can't do it anymore."
    [Emile casts to the back row, and gets a chest, which holds ten coins]
    Emile: "You were saying?"
    Tim: "Aha!"
    Jon: "Well, do that two more times, and then I'll say I was wrong."
    [In the next eleven seconds, Emile gets another chest]
    Jon: "...You're kidding me, it just took me s—making me get in position where I had to eat my words for him to do it, didn't it."
    [As Emile casts at a third chest, with perfect timing... the CPU-controlled Yoshi grabs it first]
    Tim: Oh, no.
    [Jon laughs]
    Emile: "YOSHI STOLE IT!"
    [After a couple more tries, Emile manages to reel in the last chest with seconds to spare]
    Emile: "EAT THOSE WORDS!"
    Jon: "Ugh, fine. It only took us ten tries..." [Emile laughs] "...but, I was wrong, that strategy works."
  • Tim's turn at Bumper Balls. It starts with "Yup, I know a little bit about mah balls." and transitions to this.
  • Jon's reaction to finding out that the final minigame is Slot Car Derby.
  • This little exchange:
    Emile: [Burps] [Beat] "It was Tim."
    Jon: "It sure was."
    Tim: "Yup! No, wait— that wasn't me!"
  • When talking about a picture showing Bowser's face like it's melting:
    Jon: [imitating Bowser Jr.] "Daddy, it's like that time Mario burned you in the lava! Remember that, Daddy? :D It was soo cool!"
  • When they get to Tipsy Tourney:
    Emile and Jon: "Tip-sy Tour-ney!" [Clap to the beat of "Topsy Turvy"]
    Tim: [To the beat] "I don't know the fucking words."
    [Emile and Jon start laughing]

Pot o' Skills

  • At the very end, Emile goes to the options menu to talk to the parrot. Most of what the parrot says and the lines the Runaway Guys say are funny, especially when Emile is trying to get the parrot to say "D'oh, I missed!" He gets it at the end.

    Mario Party 2 

Running Gags

  • The fact that nearly every game of Sneak 'n Snore ends with all of the guys getting thrown down the pipe and the AI constantly beating them.
  • Emile repeatedly managing to win Day at the Races by picking the Whomp each time.


  • The very first thing out of Emile's mouth:
    Emile: "Onto our fourth project in the time that it's taken Jon to make five videos!"
    Jon: "YOU ARE A DICK."
  • The return of Mario Party's discussion on having Canon is also a riot.
  • Jon decides ahead of time what Toad says.
    Game: "Then Toad, who couldn't stand it any longer, said..."
    Jon: [as Toad jumps up and down] "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!"
    • Also in the introductory cutscene, we get the guys improvising the characters' lines:
      Emile: [Imitating Peach] "I have a name we can all agree upon!"
      Jon: "Bowser Land!"
      Emile: "The happiest place on earth!"
    • There's also this:
      Tim: "So not happy!"
      Jon: "Yoshi looked like he was about to puke."

Pirate Land

  • Everybody commenting on the AI's turn at the item minigame of the board.
  • Emile and Jon arguing over the duel minigame in Episode 4, and neither of them is the one dueling. Tim just sits there like "Okay, whatever. Let's just find out who's right."
  • On the very last turn, with Jon poised to win the board, Emile starts 8 spaces away from Boo, who he needs to get a Star steal. He hits a 6, to Jon's satisfaction, only to land on a Hidden Block, and gets a Star from it, leading to reactions that must be heard to be believed.
  • One game of Archer-ival is awfully entertaining, if for no other reason than the AI's fascination with hitting Tim. Every time it shoots at him, he makes the same tiny movement and dodges before moving back into place, setting the cycle up again. This sums up the entire minigame.
  • Emile giving into temptation during one of the item minigames and singing the song that he doesn't know the friggin' words to. Jon pounces on the opportunity to misconstrue this.
    Emile: "—I don't know the friggin' words, ahahahaha hey!"
    Jon: "Hey? Hey."
    Emile: "Hey."
    Jon: "How's it goin'?"
  • There's the inevitable meeting with Bowser, once Emile gets the "Bowser's Appearing Act" event after landing on a Bowser Space:
    Emile: "He always hits you when you don't expect."
    Jon: [Starts laughing] "Much like diarrhea? So Bowser is diarrhea, apparently."
    Tim: [Being talked over] "In the bathroom!"
    Emile: "What...?"
    • And, once Bowser makes the promised appearance...
      Emile: "HE'S DOING THE DANCE!"
      Jon: "Yeeeah! Pee dance Cap'n Bowser!"
      Emile: [Mutilating the game text] "Arr! I shall be the one to plunder the thunder!"
      Jon: [Beat] "Plunder the thunder?"
  • In the span of one round, everyone gets a star except Tim. Hilarious dialogue appears throughout.
  • Emile spends all of one crane game trying to get Jon, who keeps on escaping. He finally manages it with ten seconds left, then gets Luigi. He still ends up losing because he didn't get Tim, who had done absolutely nothing that entire minigame.
  • Jon learns how to weaponize Tempting Fate during Hot Rope Jump.
    Jon: "How did we only get to one last time and we've—no one's died yet?"
    Emile: "...Don't say that out loud."
    Jon: "So no one's died yet."
    [Emile immediately dies]
    Emile: "NO!"
    Jon: [laughs] "Every time! Every time."
    [later, after the game ends]
    Jon: "I can't believe that worked on you."
    Emile: "Shut up."
    Jon: "That's great."
    Emile: "Shut up."
    • And later, during a Sky Pilot minigame.
      Jon: "You got this." [Tim and Emile get hit by a Bullet Bill, getting knocked back] "You guys got this." [Another one hits them, giving Jon the lead and an easy win]
    • And even later, during a Mecha-Marathon Minigame.
      Jon: "No one's even showing any signs of falling yet."
      Emile: "DON'T SAY THAT!"
      Jon: "So yeah, no one's losing yet. It's really weird." [Emile and Tim immediately fall, followed by the AI]
  • Jon's way of deciding his racer in the second battle minigame:
    Jon: "Uh... this guy looks fast! He has no legs!"
  • Jon constantly making reference to being Canadian while trying to win an important game of "Speed Hockey". It works.
    • So much that Jon begins singing a song called "Hockey Town" to the tune of the Spider-Man theme song:
      Hockey Town, Hockey Town
      Everyone loves a little Hockey Town
      Gonna score this little goal
      Get us some... flashy goals
      Look out! It's kinda Hockey Town
  • Jon doing a Large Ham voice for the Mushroom Genie.
  • "NO! Why am I so bad at this? I know how to count!"
  • After winning Shy Guy Says against the computer, Emile declares that the Jinx Gods were smiling upon him, then attempted to make a reference to the Pokémon, Jynx. After having the joke explained to him, Jon immediately challenges the viewers to produce fan art of Emile passionately kissing a Jynx. It took the fans less than a day to fulfill this challenge.
  • After Emile wins a Golden Mushroom from an item minigame:
    Jon: "Wh-what was that pose DK was doing?"
    Emile: "I'm like 'Yeah!'"
    Jon: "He's got a thiiiiing!"
  • Emile taking the time out to make note of unfortunate tongue placement in a minigame.
    Emile: "—so use your better judgment... and Yoshi is licking my butt."
    Jon: "Umm... only you would notice that."
  • Jon finds the taunt button and declares he's pretty much set.

Western Land

  • First video, Emile has the option of inviting everyone over to a hootenanny, but he declined, despite Jon's protests, leading Jon to almost saying something bad.
    Jon: [Southern accent] "Hello, DK! How'd you like to invite everyone over to a hootenanny?"
    Emile: "NO!"
    Jon: "I wanna hootenanny! I wanna hoot all the — No. I'm not going to finish that."
  • Emile retaliates. When Jon and Wario both get bad rolls, he jokes about how they can "miss" together... then follows it up with another fanart request.
    [Wario rolls a 1, landing on the same space as Jon]
    Jon: "Hey, Wario! How's it goin', buddy? I heard you missed!"
    Emile: [laughing] "At least you can miss together."
    Tim: "Shy Guy Says!"
    Jon: "Alright, let's see if I can make up for last time."
    Emile: "Alright, let's do this." [beat] "Aw, they're missing together."
    Jon: "Watch us die together, too."
    Emile: "DeviantArt people, ship Jon and Wario!"
    Jon: "EW! NO!" [the others start laughing] "Geez, I almost didn't press the button 'cause of that!"
  • At the end of Episode 1, Emile and Tim face off against Jon and Wario (the computer) in a game of Torpedo Targets. When Jon swims to a target, Wario tries hitting it with a torpedo and misses entirely. And gets a Star from it.
    [Jon and Wario stop in front of a target.]
    Jon: "Wario, how 'bout you fire the friggin' torpedo!"
    [Wario whiffs it entirely]
    Jon: "We're in front of it! Wario! Wario!!"
    • And later...
      Jon: "Okay, Wario, you can't miss this."
      [Wario misses while the "Doh, I missed" line plays]
    • Jon's final reaction when he and Wario lose also warrants a mention:
      Jon: [to Emile] "You're gonna watch the replay of that when we...when you're doing this video, and you're gonna be just looking at Wario and like, 'Why is he missing so much? He must be d'oh missing! Ah ha ha ha!'"
  • In episode 3, the guys are playing Rakin' 'Em In (a battle mini game where you try to get as many good mushrooms as you can). At the end of the mini game, just when the counter hit 0, Emile went for the last Gold Mushroom, but missed and grabbed a Poison Mushroom instead. Emile dropped down to third with Tim and demonstrated he has no indoor voice.
  • The callback to MP1's Bombsketball during one minigame:
    Emile: "It must be the shoes!"
    Jon: "These shoes make my arms throw fantastically."
  • Jon lands on a fork in the path with only one move left. The two paths lead to a blue space and red space, respectively. While Jon decides, Tim makes a red pill-blue pill reference. Emile asks "What's that from?", much to the other guys' horror.
  • "Bowser has to go challenge Bowser to a Bowser-off." When Bowser appears on the board via Bowser Bomb and very nearly ends his turn on a Bowser Space.
  • Emile and Jon continuously getting distracted by Emile's cat:
    Jon: "Meow! Kitty, do you want to play on the internet? I hear the internet loves kitties!"
  • After the second Day at the Races (Emile won):
    Jon: [referring to his racer coming in fourth] "...weak."
    Emile: "Hey, we're playing this on the Wii, so it's like Wii-k!"
    [Tim groans]
    Jon: "Is this where I throw my controller at you?"
  • In the vein of the "Let's play" prayer from the first game, there's also this:
    Jon: "Yes! YES! There is a god! And he really likes Mario Party!"

Space Land

  • Everyone, but especially Jon, constantly abusing the Space "X" trope:
    Jon: "Merry Christmas, everybody! Welcome to space!"
    Emile: "This is a black Christmas, not a white Christmas."
    Jon: [Singing] "I'm dreaming of a space Christmas, just like the ones I used to know..."
  • What happens to Jon on his first turn? He gets a Hidden Block with a Star in it!
    Jon: "That was... the dumbest amount of luck I have ever seen."
    • The best part may be that the prediction he made right after getting the star rang true. By the middle of the game, things were going very badly for him.
  • Jon's reaction the first time the Snifit Patrol sets a trap, which doubles the amount of spaces you get sent past. It has to be heard.
  • Later in the game, as Jon's debating what to buy at the item shop, and he's exasperated that Emile's still reminding him of the Knytt Stories Mushroom Samba.
  • Jon pointing out the Fridge Logic of the happening space event:
    Jon: "Where did the Thwomp learn how to drive? It has no arms!"
  • Jon and Emile trying to figure out what's going on with the happening star while Tim does his own thing.
    Emile: "If Tim lands on a happening space now—"
    Jon: "Everybody gets a star!"
    Tim: "Everybody dance now!"
  • Emile noticing that Jon is humming the Indiana Jones theme. He has an issue with it.
    Emile: "Why are you singing Indiana Jones in space?"
    Jon: "Space Indiana Jones! He's the best hero!"
  • The utter inanity of the commentary as Bowser's Space Laser is activated for the first time.
  • Some of the post-minigame commentary (during Peach's turn) is fairly amusing, too.
    Jon: "She sees too many dead people. More than the standard amount of dead people."
  • Jon getting stuck on the top stretch of space for a third of the game.
  • The line of low-stakes duels near the end of the board.
  • Jon and Emile's differing opinions on a not-so-heroic sacrifice.
    Jon: "We just... sacrificed... Tim. Go team!"
    Emile: "Your death was not in vain!"
    Jon: "It totally was."
  • Emile's reaction to their third or fourth time getting the battle game they all hate, A Day At The Races
    Emile: "Apparently we all killed its children this time!"
  • Emile pointing out that the AI— even without any coins— is still in third place.
    Jon: "And now Peach is crying."
    Emile: "She's crying 'cause she has 0 coins. That's pretty sad that 0 coins is third place..."
    Tim: "Yeah, right?"
    Jon: "Wait... what?"
  • Jon and Emile's commentary when things start getting intense in the star-race.
    Jon: [As he rolls] "Unfortunately, all three of us are close enough to [the star] and have enough for it."
    Emile: "So it's really just who gets a—" [Jon rolls a 1] "—pffft!"
    Jon: "Thanks, game!"
    Emile: "I was like 'Who gets a good— Pffft!'"
    Jon: "Who gets a good fart."
    [Tim rolls a 10]
    Emile: "Oh, Tim! Tim got the good fart!"
  • Jon and the game having their difficulties with each other. Jon is far more polite than he was the last time this happened.
    Emile: "Jon needs a really good roll [8+] to get this."
    Jon: "I'm gonna get a 2, aren't I?" [Rolls a 1] "Game, can we have some words outside later?"
    • There are two more that go like this. Both of them Jon vs. the AI.
      Jon: "Yeah, two coins! I'm rolling in it."
      Jon: "Dammit, she got it! Not my seven coins!"
  • Peach facing our "heroes" on Archer-ival. After knocking out Tim and Emile, Jon is left to run away from her... while acting like a husband suffering the wrath of an abusive wife.
    Jon: "Honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean to leave the toilet seat down. I thought you wouldn't notice!"
    Tim: "Y'know, in the bathroom!"
    Jon: "Peach, I'm sorry, baby! I'll write you a song next time. I'll remember our anniversary. I'll do everything!"
  • Emile misunderstanding one of Tim's quips.
    Emile: "Yep, she got [the star]. Better her than [Jon], honestly."
    Tim: "Better her than me."
    Emile: "But this is supposed to be your board, man!"
    Tim: "I was quoting Han Solo."
    Emile: "Oh."
  • Emile putting his foot in his mouth.
    Tim: [Starts singing a random beat]
    Emile: "I love Tim's scattin'."
    Jon: "Ummmm..."
    Emile: "Oh! Pffft! I didn't think before... well he is scatting."

Mystery Land

  • Jon gets three stars from hidden blocks. One of them fits because he lands on a teleporter pad and the star is there, but Luigi was there before and yet he never got the star.
    • This actually reveals how hidden blocks work, in a way. There are only two hidden blocks on the board at a time: one holding a star, the other holding 20 coins. Luigi landed on the space while the hidden block with the star was elsewhere; after it was found, that block moved to where Luigi was.
  • The guys' reactions to Yoshi's losing animation in Archer-ival.
    Emile: [Sounding totally sympathetic] "He looks so sad!"
    Jon: "He looks like he's eating the bow."
    Emile: "He's comfort eating."
    Jon: [As Yoshi] "Well this is useless!" [Eating noise]
  • The AI Chance Time that screwed Tim over the first time.
    Tim: [As his icon comes up] "Oh boy. We have something big here."
    Jon: "No we don't. We have you losing money is what we have here."
    [Luigi gets 'Yoshi gives Luigi 30 coins']
    Emile: "He called every one of them! He called Yoshi, he called Luigi and he called losing money!"
  • Jon's impression of a commenter.
  • The *ahem* encouragement as Tim lands on a Bowser Space.
    Emile: "You have 2 coins going into this."
    Jon: "Probably not going to be leaving with those 2 coins. Just throwing that out there."
  • "The chin is mightier than the... waffle... button."

Horror Land

  • Upon starting the board...
    Jon: "Imagine the horrors that await you when you go to Horror Land. That's why we're all wearing pointy hats. Truly-"
    Emile: "To defend ourselves from Jon's mother."
    Jon: "What!?"
    Emile: [Laughs]
    Tim: "Did I hear that?"
    Jon: "Am I going to have to punch you out? Mama said knock you out, cause you called her a whore."
    Emile: "I didn't say that."
    Tim:' [muttering] "We're not gonna make it through this week..."
    Jon: "I'm pretty sure you just did."
    Emile: "No, I just said she was scary. And considering how much of a jerk you are, the person who created you..."
    Jon: "OK, I'm going to throw you out a fucking window."
  • The first roll — Tim's magnificent 2. He's cool with that, though. Emile, on the other hand...
    Tim: "I'm in first!"
    Emile: "Let's see how long that lasts!" [He then rolls a 1.]
  • The very first minigame, Hexagon Heat. Tim heads in the exact opposite direction he was supposed tonote , Jon bounces off Emile's head and into the lava, and Wario glitches off of the panel, handing Emile the win about five seconds in. All this after Emile jokingly claimed that the minigame was going to last the entire episode.
    Jon: "What just happened? I ground-pounded and kept bouncing, Wario was humping the sky... and I don't even remember what happened to Tim!"
  • Emile manages to reach Big Boo, and needs to get anything but a 1 to steal from everybody. He gets a 1.
    • There's also this improbable display, after both Tim and Emile have rolled 1s.
      Emile: "ONE!"
      Tim: "Two 1s in a row!"
      Jon: "Well, you know, if you two rolled 1s, I'm just gonna roll a 1 as well." [Rolls a 1] "Told you."
  • Another of Emile's "That Came Out Wrong" moments.
    Emile: "You just blew me up the ass."
    Jon: "Ummm."
    Tim: ""
    [Emile muffles a laugh as he realizes what he said]
    Emile: "I just meant to say-"
    Jon: "Are you sure you're straight?"
    Emile: [through laughter] "Yes!"
    Jon: "Because you say things that... people shouldn't say when they're straight."
    Emile: "I meant because the bob-omb was on my butt, I didn't mean like that!"
    Jon: "And you wonder why there's slash."
  • The way Tim (and eventually Jon) play Shock Drop or Roll. They just jump the entire time. The best part is that it works.
  • Tim's borderline Angrish near the end of Filet Relay — and Jon's interpretation of it.
  • The game of Shy Guy Says. Not for Emile messing up, or the AI promptly handing Jon the win, but for this little Call-Back.
    Tim: [Who has already been struck out] "B! A!"
    Emile: "Argh!"
    Jon: "Swear to god, Tim!"
    Tim: "C! F!"
    Jon: "F's not even a button, Tim!"
    Tim: "Y-R-L!"
  • The Laser-Guided Karma during Look Away.
    Emile: "[Yoshi] looks so sad!"
    Jon: "I would be too if I lost when I was a giant, floating head." [Gets caught] "Damn it!"
  • There's also Sky Pilots, in which we can only assume that Emile is looking for something to make questionable comments about. Jon steals his thunder, this time.
    Emile: "Wario's... massaging my back with his nose."
    Jon: "A nice little backrub and you — you were vibrating for a second there."
    Everyone: "Eugh..."
  • A Castlevania: Symphony of the Night reference.
    Emile: "What is a game?"
    Jon: "Miserable pile of software! But enough talk, have at you!"
  • Jon getting really fed up with Day at the Races:
    Jon: "Day at the Races! Day at the Races! I heard you like races— here are some days. You can spend them at the races. Day at the races..."

Bowser Land

  • How do the guys start off the board? Tim gets a hidden block on the first turn, just after talking about how everything there is backwards.
    • There's also the first minigame of the board, Mecha Marathon. First Tim whips out a couple of coins for Emile and himself (prompting Jon to complain about, not being left out, but the usage of the coins at all) and then Jon tempts fate again.
      Jon: "You guys probably won it, actually."
      [Everybody but Jon drops immediately]
      Jon: "Oh, nevermind."
      Emile: "How do you do that?"
    • And as a perfect book end, the ending of the first video has Emile, current in fourth place with 0 stars and 0 coins, getting a hidden block star himself. And he also gets 8 coins, which puts him at second place behind Tim, with his 1 star and 9 coins.
  • "Old Age catchin' up to you, Mr. Conroy?"
  • During Crane Game, Peach appears to have too much fun on the floor.
    Jon: "What is Peach doing?!"
    Emile: "I love you floor! Make me a sandwich!"
    Tim: "Uh... she's giving love to her honeymoon."
    [Jon and Emile groan.]
    Emile: "I shoulda thought of that."
    Jon: "I'm kinda surprised you didn't."
    Tim: "Oh, Majora! Majora! Majora, please!"
  • Emile's first item minigame. He gets two mushrooms and a Bowser Bomb in Bowser Slots. Cue:
    Emile: "Do I get both?"
    Jon: "You get a mushroom with a bomb in it. You roll a 5, and then you blow up."
  • Right before the signing off the board, Emile treats us to this:
    Emile: "Whatever hits you in the crotch is automatically your property?"
    Jon: "Uh... what? I don't even..."
  • Emile bets his sock that Jon had overthought who he should steal coins from.
    Jon: "I don't want your sock! It's like when you gave me my own shoe for winning a fight!"
  • Emile says he has to "go press L" before heading to the bathroom. When he returns, he states that he "speedran the bathroom" by "mashing L", as a reference to a certain moment in a TRG trailer:
    Jon: [reading suggested channel names that were rejected] "'Split-screen Shenanigans', 'Loud Players', 'Let's Play Crossover', 'Press Start to LP'..."
    Emile: "I've got it! 'Press L to P'!"
    Jon: [groan] "I hate you so much."
  • Throughout the board, everyone (and especially Emile) keep worrying that the next battle game is going to be Day at the Races, and that someone is going to land on the bank and have to pay a huge sum of coins. Neither happens.
  • The deciding factor when Jon is trying to figure out who to steal a star from. It should be noted ahead of time that Tim has 2 stars and Emile 1, though he's in position to buy another.
    Emile: "You just bought the Magic Lamp, that's betting 100 coins for these two stars."
    Jon: "No! Fuck you!" [Steals Emile's star]
    • Then, the turn continues...and Jon lands on the same space Emile is on, initiating a duel.
      Jon: [laughing nervously] "Hey buddy, how's it goin'?"
      Emile: "I hate you."
  • Emile using "D'oh I missed" as a verb. As in, when he's confused about whether the guys had gotten Bowser's Big Blast on a previous board (they hadn't), he asks "Did Wario d'oh I miss on this?".
  • When Jon and Emile are duelingnote , Jon declares he knows which one Emile picked because he heard the click...and they both end up playing the same move.

Mini-Game Coaster

  • After talking about how hard the Minigame Coaster is and how much hell they had on it during their Normal mode run, Jon takes his first turn and wins twenty consecutive minigames.
    Emile: "Welcome to ProtonJon Plays Mario Party 2, featuring Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCapriSun!"
    • And in addition, Jon continually manages to pull an inverse of Tempting Fate by constantly stating he's going to lose when the next mini-game comes up, only to immediately win. When Emile and Tim catch wind of this, they point it out, only for Jon to quickly tell them to shut up in case they jinx him.
  • Emile messes up his words when bringing back Hockey Town while Jon plays Speed Hockey.
    Emile: [Singing] "Hockey Town!...Honky Town."
    Jon: "Huhuhuh...what!? Honky Town?"
    Emile: "I said Hockey Town and I was like 'Honky Town'."
    Jon: "You do know what 'honky' means, right?"
    Emile: "Yes."
    Jon: "Makin' sure. Just makin' sure."
  • Jon nearly loses on Archer-ival and freaks out. He even shouts "HULK SMASH!", complete with (from the sound) chest pounding and all.
  • Emile gives Jon a bit of encouragement during the Shell Shocked minigame.
    Emile: "Just imagine they're me!"
    • He then wins the minigame without taking damage, after all 3 guys had lost on their respective attempts.
  • Emile assigns different silly voices to the differently colored text while reading the rules of minigames out loud.
  • Emile loses Slot Car Derby because he was watching the wrong character.
    Emile: How am I losing?
    Jon: You were winning! And then you said "how am I losing", and then you lost!
    Emile: I was watching Donkey Kong the whole time.
  • During the inevitable final run of Day at the Races, the Guys have trouble finding out who the second-through-fourth placers were, so they have a hilarious slow-motion moment to decide.
    • Even better is that they're doing a slow motion OF the slow motion, and still can't figure out the positions. And the slow motion of the slow motion includes slowing down their voices, making them sound slurred like they're drunk.

    Mario Party 3 

Battle Royale Mode

Chilly Waters

  • In the first part, Jon's choice for who he decides to play as.
  • In the very first minigame, Ice Rink Risk, the guys all survive for about eighteen seconds, then get wiped out in rapid succession (as in, less than a second apart), giving the win to the AI.
  • When Jon finally gets the Star, he comments on Waluigi's animation.
    Jon: "LOOK AT MY JIG! YEAH!"
  • The outbreak of ice related puns in the comments of Part 3.
  • Their reactions to Bowser's Ready for Lovemaking pose.
    Jon: "Whoah, sexy Bowser! Alright!"
    Emile: [Laughs]
    Tim: "Wanna draw me like one of your princesses?"
    • As well as how he keeps using it only when Waluigi gets the Bowser space.
    • On a meta level, Tim used it as his channel icon for a good while after this.
  • Their reactions to Wario's Artificial Stupidity. Again.note 
  • This hilarious bit of Tempting Fate:
    Emile: [at the item shop] "Okaay...what do you have, Toad...?" [quickly scrolls through the list then leaves the shop] "I don't wanna buy anything 'cause I don't have enough money. Well, I DO have enough money, but not enough to feel comfortable spending it—"
    [Emile lands on a blue space and comes across a Hidden Block]
    Emile: "OOOOHHHH!!!! ...I was saying about not having enough money?"
    Jon: "Two turns in, and he's already down to the "ooooh" noise!"
  • Emile mentions how the answer Jon gave to Toad's question (telling him he would like to want both coins and stars) was a risky move, since it did give him the biggest reward for "being honest" but it was far more likely to call him greedy and give him nothing.
    Jon: "I'm Waluigi, of COURSE I'm greedy! What do you guys expect from me?!"
    • And then in Creepy Cavern, Jon gets another question from Toad, says he wants a Magic Lamp...and Toad calls him greedy and ditches him.
  • At one point, Emile is trying to decide whether to steal coins from Jon or from Tim to stop one of them from getting a star. After arguing with Jon about how close he is to the star, Emile decides to steal from him. Their remarks during the argument are somewhat funny, but the kicker is when Tim gets the star:
    [The star moves within 5 spaces of Jon, causing Emile and Tim to laugh]
    Jon: "Well, never mind. I guess it was a good thing you stole that money from me."
  • Jon's reaction to Bowser declaring Waluigi the loser at the last 5 turns announcement.
    Jon: "Oh come on! I paid you $90! I'm sorry I forgot our anniversary! I bought you Fire Flowers but you ate them all!"
    Emile: "So Waluigi owns a bridal boutique and is married to Bowser."
    Jon: "Why not?"
  • Their reactions to Wario using his Dueling Glove (yet another example of his Artificial Stupidity).
    Jon: "Please, please, duel the sensible person." [referring to Emile, who had a ridiculous amount of coins]
    Emile: "Waluigi!"
    Jon: "You have got to be—"
    Emile: "For one Coin!"
    Jon: "Wait, WHAT??"
  • The last mini-game is "M.P.I.Q.", a pop-quiz. Emile cleans clock on the first two questions, but with the third one...
    Emile: "If you add up the coins everyone is ca—FFF-...Nope! Screw that!"
    Jon: [hits box] "Screw y'all!" [answers and gets it right... somehow]
  • On the results screen, it shows that Jon got Bowser a lot more than the others, leading to this line:
    Jon: "He's my man boys, you can't have him. He's my lizard, boys."

Deep Bloober Sea

  • Jon plays two item mini-games, "Hey, Batter, Batter!" where he has to hit a baseball to receive an item and misses and "Bobbing Bow-loons" where he has to pop a ballon with an arrow and misses due to trying to aim for the item furthest away from him.
  • Jon's Waluigi voice randomly degenerating into Christopher Walken when Bowser does his Ready for Lovemaking pose for Daisy.
  • Waluigi has experience as a fireman from starting fires. When Emile suggests that Waluigi burned down weddings to generate business for his bridal boutique, Jon corrects him that that would make people think weddings are cursed so what Waluigi does is burn down everything else.
  • The guys have played "The Beat Goes On" twice and at the beginning, Emile tries to scat to the theme music in a particularly deep and loud voice.
  • Jon landing on a Game Guy Space thanks to the curse Bowser inflicted upon everyone and has to place a bet between two Chain Chomps in a cake eating contest. He chooses Little Chomp who gains a lead a couple of times, only to have Big Chomp win.
  • "FIVE!!!!!!"
  • Jon and Tim play "Tick Tock Hop", and make 29 jumps before they both get hit by the minute hand resulting in a draw. Emile's Motor Mouth commentary during the game counts as well.
  • The Running Gag of Emile claiming that he 'has never seen Jon awake'.
  • Jon's third item mini-game for Deep Bloober Sea and Emile asks him to use Practice Mode so he can show off the stupid move the A.I. often does: they purposely jump off the swing, when they're farthest away from the barrels, landing in the water offscreen and losing the mini-game. When Jon plays the game for real, he lands between two barrels and loses.
    • Emile also plays Bobbing Bow-loons and is trying to aim for the Skeleton Key which is the closest item to Emile, but he misses and gets a Poison Mushroom instead.
      • At the end of the same video, Jon plays "Swing and Swipe", the easiest item mini-game and gets an item (Warp Block) but he doesn't get the one he wants.
  • Emile imitates DK's chest pounding and states that it hurts, followed by Jon's sarcastic response.

Spiny Desert

  • On the very first turn, Tim gets a hidden block with a skeleton key in it, causing everyone to laugh and question why that keeps happening. Then during Emile's turn:
    [Emile lands on a blue space and gets a hidden block for 20 coins]
    [Emile makes a very high pitched Oooohooooh!]
    Jon: "Okay, this is just getting silly now."
  • Jon's reaction to the minigame "Ridiculous Relay" in Part 3, as well as Emile managing to accidentally insult Jon's mother again and Tim's Deadpan Snarker moment when Emile plays an item game.
  • At the end of Part 3, Jon lands on an item mini-game space and has to play "Hey, Batter, Batter!" again and this time, he hits the ball, except the ball pop flies, resulting in Jon losing again.
  • Tim lands on a Chance Time space and makes Jon lose his stars to Peach. He complains, but remains calm while Emile is laughing hysterically, which Jon notices.
    • Later on, Emile intentionally triggers Chance Time again in an attempt to reverse this. The result? Jon giving his nonexistent stars to Tim.
  • While playing "Awful Tower", Emile says it's "insult to injury" for Jon referencing the Chance Time incident. Jon is also one jump away from winning the mini-game but misses and takes a severe plummet.
  • "Don't pants."
  • Their reaction to Peach landing on a Bowser Space and receiving 50 coins.

Woody Woods

  • Emile's Toy Story references at the beginning of Part 1 and Jon's confusion over exactly what he was referencing.
  • Jon lands on a battle game space, only for the counter determining how many coins will be fought over to end on 0, so nothing happens.
  • "The monkey's got a star and he refuses to take his medication!"
  • Emile wins a battle minigame by doing absolutely nothing.
  • Emile's Double Take moment where both he and Jon are racing for the same star. Emile's roll puts him one space in front of Jon...who has a Bowser Suit.
    Emile: [pleased] "Hey cool, I'm ahead of Jon now." [sudden realization] "Oh crap, I'm ahead of Jon now!"
    • Even better is that Jon implies he completely forgot he had the Bowser suit, so if Emile hadn't opened his mouth, he would have been fine.
  • Therunawaychicken.
  • Emile and Tim's end result for Toad's face in Picture Imperfect.
  • Emile and Jon arguing like an old married couple after Emile gets a star.
    Jon: "Why am I even bothering at this point? Like, I don't know what it is this game has against me."
    Emile: "Okay, in all seriousness, I think I really earned that after how much I had to recover from. 'Cause I had Game Guy, then Boo."
    Jon: "That's true... What do you mean, Boo? Like, you stole money from me! And then I stole them back."
    Emile: "Well, considering you stole more back from me—"
    Jon: "2 coins!"
    Emile: "Still more!"
    Jon: "2 coins! Don't even! I—Game Guy— Game Guy, I'll give you..."
    Emile: [indignant girly exclamation] "Ah!"
    Jon: "Winning the mini-game, I'll give you..."
    Emile: "Okay..."
    Jon: "But NOT the 2 coins!"
    • Immediately after the above banter:
      Emile: "By the way, [Jon,] the Star is right behind you."
      Jon: [distracted] "Wait, what?"
      Emile: "Yes. Press R. See?"
      Jon: "...of course it is."
  • Jon's great Verbal Backspace moment where he complains that Tim and Emile have 2 stars each to his none - [lands on a hidden block, gets a star] "...I take that back".
  • Towards the end of Part 4, the Guys play Cheep Cheep Chase, and it appears Jon might actually get lucky for once, only for a bomb to literally appear out of nowhere, leaving Jon no time to react and he loses to the AI because of it. Jon's reaction is painfully hilarious, especially the tone of his voice.
    Emile: [laughing hysterically]
    Tim: "That was pretty much bullshit..."
    Emile: "Oh my god! The AI is taking it again. Yeah."
    Jon: "That was total bullshit!"
    Emile: "What? You didn't dive."
    Jon: "Don't even start with me! You saw how that worked! That just appeared immediately!"
    Emile: "It moved back in front of you."
    Jon: "Look, you saw that bomb just magically appear, you saw that, right?!"
    • Even better, the past part of the video is the scene where Jon gets hit by the bomb, played entirely in slow-motion. Hearing Jon's enraged "THAT WAS TOTAL BULLSHIT!" and Emile's creepy laugher at 0.25× the normal speed is pure comedy gold!
    • This becomes even more outrageous come the end of the game where it turns out that Jon was 1 minigame win off tying for the Minigame Star, which would have won him the game. Jon just can't catch a break!
  • Forced to play "The Beat Goes On" again, the guys entertain themselves by making the sequence of buttons spell "BAZA BAZA BAZA..." and even the AI joins in! Complete with animation.
    Jon: "You ruined it!"
  • The Laser-Guided Karma of Emile losing two stars to Jon by Chance Time after repeatedly stopping him from using the Magic Lamp.
    Jon: "AI-controlled Chance Time. This could - this could go anywhere."
    Emile: "What is the prize?" [Luigi stops the spin] "Two stars! Who's giving away?" [Luigi stops it again...on DK] "NOOOO!"
    Tim: [laughing]
    [Luigi stops it a third time...on Waluigi]
    Emile: "NOOOO!"
    Tim: "Whoa!"
    Jon: "There is a God. There is a God. There is a God. This is the proof."
  • Emile's callback to his Super Mario 64 DS LP and claims that making Dorrie wear Wario's hat was animal abuse, much to Jon's confusion.
  • The fact that Tim keeps winning because Emile and Jon keep focusing on the AI or each other.
  • Considering his terrible luck throughout the playthrough, we get this gem out of Jon after he wins a round of Ice Rink Risk:
    Waluigi: "I'm the best!"
    Jon: "No you're not Waluigi, you know that for a fact."

Creepy Cavern

  • When rolling for turns, Jon rolls a 1... again. Emile laughs.
  • When Jon uses the skeleton key, and doesn't know why it's a bad move...
    Emile: "Thank you."
    Jon: [Confused] "Why? Why the thank you?"
    Jon: '[Worried] "Why the thank you?"
    Jon: "WHY THE THANK YOU?!"
    • And the payoff: Emile uses his Plunder Chest to swipe Jon's Koopa Kard, with Jon being completely unaware that the Plunder Chest allows you to select who you want to steal from. To make it even better, Emile then lands on the bank space anyway and uses the card by accident, making the entire venture pointless. To add insult to injury, Jon himself then lands on the bank space immediately afterward.
    • Even better: both Emile and Tim were talking about how the Plunder Chest was no longer randomized in this game while Jon was doing the "Why the thank you?" thing, and Jon failed to notice this.
  • Emile's laugh when Jon loses on the first coconut in 'Coconut Conk'.
  • Mario, controlled by the AI, lands on a Game Guy space and plays Game Guy's Magic Boxes, where you have a 50/50 chance of doubling your coins, and you can go 3 times. Mario plays twice, and wins twice, resulting in a guaranteed Coin Star lead. Mario's grand total after the Game Guy game? 596 coins. All of this is punctuated by Emile's loud multiple oh my gods. Amazing.
    Jon: "This is really just the game's way of saying 'Hey, you should have stayed as Mario!'"
    Emile: "It really is!"
    Tim: "Aaah..."
    • On the next turn, Jon himself lands on the same space and gets the exact same game. Surprisingly, he actually manages to win.
      Emile: "So, do you wanna play again?"
      Jon: "FUCK NO!"
  • Emile responds to the AI's huge coin lead by deliberately landing on Chance Time. He says "Chance Time, bitches!" as an attempted Badass Boast, only for Jon to mock him for how unthreateningly he pronounced it.
  • Tim and Jon play Tick Tock Clock...again...and Emile struggles to think of anything new for commentary, while being distracted by Tim singing "Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'" in the background.
  • The guys end up playing a battle game for 40 coins total, with them all worrying that Mario will win and extend his coin lead even further. Mario knocks himself out of the game in about three seconds.
  • The guys pointing out how weird it looks for Mario to be upset while he's in fourth place, despite having over 600 coins.
    Jon: "Oh no! I'm a millionaire!"
  • Jon proceeds to knock Emile out of the snowball-rolling game that they previously had a bitter disagreement about due to Jon not knowing the rules, and then combines three quotes about revenge into one.
  • Tim randomly decides to act out a round of Family Feud, Jon plays along as the contestant, while Emile ignores them both.
  • The Running Gag of people (especially Jon) constantly landing on the bank when it's empty.
  • Mario stops by Baby Bowser's shop and buys an Item Bag and gets 3 Reverse Mushrooms.
  • While playing Ice Rink Risk, Emile loses because the last spiny shell lands on top of him.
  • Tim is about to land on Boo, Emile uses a Warp Block and manages to switch places with him, uses Boo to steal a star from Jon, then Jon passes an item store, gets a Boo Bell and steals it straight back again.
  • On the second to last turn, Mario decides to land on an item space instead of a Happening Space with a full item inventory making it impossible for him to get any new items.
    • Before that, there's Mario choosing to land on a Bowser space instead of a blue space.
  • Near the end of Part 7, Jon has just gotten a Boo Bell, and he comes to a fork in the road where he could choose to land on the same space as Emile and Mario, initiating a duel with one of them.
  • Jon discovering the sensitivity of the fishing controls in Hand, Line And Sinker, spending a whole ten seconds not casting his line as he fights for control.
    • And then he yells so hard he gives himself a headache after he finally wins a fishing minigame in a Mario Party game.
  • The last minigame is, what else, The Beat Goes On...and Tim actually manages to win it!

Waluigi's Island

  • Part 1 starts out with all three of them doing Waluigi voices, and threatening to do it throughout the whole board.
  • Jon gets a robocall on his phone, which Emile mishears as 'a call from RoboCop'. Jon retorts "I'd take that call!"
  • In the last minigame of Part 1, Tim wins by taking advantage of the fact that Jon and Emile fixate on knocking each other out and ignore him — a neat microcosm of the whole LP.
  • At the end of Part 2, Jon lands on an item mini-game space and is asked what he would do if he saw 50 coins. He answers "leave them there" and Toad gives him two items and Jon admits that that answer he gave wasn't really honest.
  • Emile's incredulous reaction when Tim gets another Wacky Watch. A rare item that's hardly ever seen usually, and Tim's got one in three boards out of six!
    • And then he gets a lucky token in the same game, at this point, Emile's basically too flabbergasted to care.
  • In Part 4, Emile buys a Bowser Suit in hopes of stealing some coins from Wario who's right in front of him. The next turn, Emile has to roll anything except a 1 and suffice it to say, that's exactly what he rolls.
  • The random space island also has every space turned into Chance Time spaces, however, Wario ends up landing on the Bank and gets himself 30 coins.
  • At the end of Part 4, one of the star locations is near Jon and Tumble makes an angry face and Emile jokes that the game definitely hates Jon since the star is that close to him. On the next turn, Jon rolls an 8 and barely misses the star while landing on a Bowser space and losing 15 coins. This leaves Emile in a position to snipe it, but only if he rolls a perfect 10. And what does he roll?
    Emile: "TEN!!!!"
    Jon: "O-of course! Of course!"
    Emile: [laughing hysterically]
    Jon: "OF COURSE! Why the FUCK would it be anything else?! WHY would I expect anything else?"
    Emile: "Oh my god...! Hehehe! Oh my...!"
    Tim: "Daaang...can you believe that crap?"
  • Immediately before that, all of them doing variations of Bowser's "Gwahaha" laugh:
    Jon: "See you later, gwa-ha-ha."
    Emile: "Gwa-ha-ha..."
    Tim: "Gwah-ha-har."
    Emile: "Gwah-har-lagoon..."
  • Emile recounting how he never got past Spiral Mountain in Banjo-Kazooie because he didn't read anything Bottles said and just wandered around not knowing what to do.
  • ANOTHER rare item appears, this time Emile getting the Barter Box item that lets you switch your inventory with another person. He is very happy, having forgotten that Jon has a Plunder Chest he can steal it with. His reaction when Jon does just that has to be heard to be believed.
    Emile: "OH, FRICK!"
    Jon: "Turnabout is fair play, motherfucker!"
  • This exchange at the end:
    Emile: My face is on a mountain!
    Jon: You really don't need to get the last word all the time, by the way.
    Emile: Pickle fish lips.


  • In the Duel Game "Vine With Me", DK and Yoshi (being played by Jon at the moment) are neck-to-neck, but right at the very end, DK overshoots and sails RIGHT OVER the finishing platform. It's a lot funnier than it sounds.
  • Tim's performance in Cosmic Coaster.
  • Emile revealing his strategy for winning Mario's Puzzle Party: doing absolutely nothing.

Duel Mode

Running Gags

  • Emile keeps saying the next board they'll play will be "Mr. Mover", only for it to be a different one every time.

Gate Guy

  • Tim's Hurricane of Puns about vines when Emile and Jon play "Vine With Me". Jon tells him not to encourage Emile.
  • When Emile and Jon play the chicken-hunting minigamenote , Tim slips into a spoof of the announcer from a Survivor-type reality show. Unfortunately, the game ends before he can get very far into the parody.
  • Jon's Piranha Plant constantly screwing him over by finding a hidden dice every time he's landed on a space he wanted.
  • When Emile returns to his starting position, he gets a Bob-Omb for his rear partner. When he returns to his starting position, he decides to get a new rear partner and gets another Bob-Omb.
  • Emile lands on a Waluigi space and has to pay Jon 5 coins. Then Jon lands on a DK space and has to pay the 5 coins back.
  • Emile is trying to catch up to Jon when Jon rolls a 9, causing Emile to lament that he probably won't catch him. Then Jon lands on a reverse space.
  • Emile rolls a 4 and has to decide whether to land on a reverse space or a minigame space. He chooses the reverse space, rolls a 10, and ends up landing on the minigame space anyway.
    Emile: "It was fate!"
  • As the game ends, Emile asks "What's it gonna be?" to build suspense, even though he very clearly won. Jon calls him out on it.


  • The beginning has Jon managing to attack Tim, taking away three pieces of his HP meter. At that moment, if Jon manages to hit him again, he wins an easy victory. But then Tim is given an option to go in another direction, leading him to a Happening Space, and one of the options seen on the roulette is restoring your heart pieces.
    Jon: "Wait, what?"
    [Tim gets restore heart pieces]
    Emile: "OOOOHHHHHH!!!"
    Tim: "OOOOHHHHHH!!! WHERE YOU AT?! Nah, I'm just kiddin'."
    Emile: "Oh! The Millennium Star loves you, Tim."
    [Tim's heart pieces are restored, rendering Jon's attack worthless]
    Tim: "Daaaaamn..."
    Jon: "ALL OF THEM!? WHAT?!?!?"
    (Tim and Emile laughing hysterically)
  • The outro.


  • Emile has a Whomp as one of his partners, then gets another one in the roulette. Then he lands on a happening space which has the effect of 'partners switch positions' in the most pointless turn ever.
  • The Running Gag of Emile's Whomps 'attacking' by ineffectually bobbing their heads at the enemy.
  • Emile and Tim play "End of the Line", where you have to choose one direction for a train three times in a row and it defaults to right if you don't press anything. Emile tries to win by doing absolutely nothing, and almost succeeds before losing on the third time.
  • In Part 2, Jon becomes "The Tech Psychic" (as dubbed by Emile) when he casually keeps predicting which pipe the players will come out of or what number they'll roll, and is right almost every time.
  • Tim and Emile play "Tick Tock Hop", and this time Jon has to do the commentary. He manages to fill the time with a Seinfeldian Conversation just as Tim did in the same role.
    • Mixing the above two entries together, Jon nonchalantly states that the clock hands will suddenly change direction by the time he finishes talking, which they do. All he has to say in response to Tim and Emile's amazement is a simple "told ya!"
  • Tim and Emile play "Fowl Play" and Jon's commentary is In the Style of... Rocky's trainer, as though catching the chicken is a Wax On, Wax Off training technique. He makes Emile laugh so hard that he loses, and then Emile accuses him of doing it on purpose to help Tim.
    • He does it again in "Backtrack".


  • Jon sets up for a great first move (Where he hits Emile's partner, then lands on the space right in front of Emile, ensuring a hit the next turn), only for his own partner to give him a dice block and screw it up entirely. Their reaction sells it.

Mr. Mover

  • Jon attacks Tim and, knowing that he'll end up right in front of him, starts begging his piranha plant to not screw him over for once and give him a bonus dice. It does...and he gets a 1.
  • At the end of the video, Jon lands three spaces away from Tim when the Piranha Plant gives him a spare Dice Block. Emile and Jon spend a good little while anticipating and explaining the potential outcomes the Dice Block could give them; namely, if Jon rolls a 3 (the highest a Piranha Plant Dice Block can go), he could finish off Tim and win the game, if not, there's the possibility that Tim could get a high roll and finish off Jon. A moment of silence... and Jon rolls the 3. Cue the guys reaching new levels of volume at luck turning a match around.


  • In the first part, Emile's absurd luck kicks in again, with him winning at Game Guy three times, while Tim gets stuck going back and forth between two turnaround spaces.
    • Apparently, Emile was ridiculously lucky with Game Guy even as a kid, as he never knew what happened if you lose until he played it with friends.
    • And then his luck turns around when Tim gets his heart pieces restored by a Happening Space, ultimately netting Tim the win. Emile's reaction is typical.

    Mario Party 4 

Toad's Midway Madness

  • Episode 1 has Emile say that this Gamecube Mario Party game has better graphics than Mario Party 9 on the Wii.
    • During character selection, Jon states while Waluigi didn't do him well during Mario Party 3, he's gonna give him another chance.
    • Emile's sadness that this is the last Mario Party that Donkey Kong is playable in, meaning if they go on to Mario Party 5, he'll be someone new.
    • Emile picking Peach for the CPU, the guys get a bit tense at this.
    • Jon, the player who doesn't know what he's doing, ends up going first.
    • Gets even better if you remember in Mario Party 3, he almost ALWAYS went last.
    • The running gag where the roller coaster chases characters around a loop, prompting the trio to make several Sonic references, not the least of which involves Jon singing the "City Escape" theme at one point.
  • Their first time playing Pair-a-Sailing:
    Emile: "The AI drives flawlessly in this game."
    [Peach immediately crashes]
  • In Episode 4, Emile gets a chance to showcase Peach's new losing quote. Guess what it is? D'OH, I MISSED!
    • And right after that, he delivers what might be his worst pun ever.
      Emile: "I guess Wario got impeached..."
    • Followed by Tim belting out the Green Rupee scream afterward.
    • Makes one wonder if that's the real reason he picked her.
    • Emile's been saving that one for a while, hasn't he? You bet your sweet Canadian bippies he was.
      Jon: "My sweet Canadian bippies?"
  • Jon's luck. After using his magic lamp to get two stars in two turns in a row, the star moves 5 spaces in front of him. He then rolls a 10. After getting the star, the next one is on his route, and in fact on the space Emile is already on! His luck only stops when he gets forced to the other side of the map.
  • Just before that, when Jon summons the genie of the lamp.
  • Tim's lampshaded What an Idiot! moment playing Hide and Go BOOM!!, as he's so focused on trying to decide which cannon to hide in he forgets to press a button to actually hide in one and automatically loses by default.
  • The first time Jon steals Emile's coins via the Boo House.
    Emile: "I've suffered enough, Jon!"
    Jon: "You know what, do you even want me to mention Mario Party 3 at all, or does it just like go without saying at this point?"
  • Emile and Tim panicking at the sight of Bowser's Bigger Blast when Jon is choosing a Battle game.
  • Everyone's reaction when during the second last turn of the game, Peach lands on Bowser, Bowser himself arrives instead of Baby Bowser, and ends up giving Peach a Bowser Suit, one of the rarest items in the game.
  • During Jon's final turn, after spending several seconds debating who he should steal a star from to prevent them from winning the game, chooses to steal from Emile, due to thinking he's won more minigames. That leads to this exchange:
    Emile: "I see your logic and I'm not going to yell at you about it."
    Tim: "That's weird."
  • During the explanation screen for Booksquirm, Emile reads the instructions, and lampshades how many times he's said "page". Jon then responds to this accordingly:
    Jon: "Yeah, future Chugga, add that in."
    [A big "FIVE!!" appears on screen.]
    Jon: "Now make it spin around in circles."
    [Text spins in place.]
    Emile: "Any other wishes, O Master?"
    Jon: "Uhm...Add some rave lights, and maybe some Darude."
    [Screen becomes rainbow-colored, accompanied with 'Insert whatever derude is!']
  • Jon's attempt to ride the rollercoaster and grab some coins, where he misses all of them but two because he stuck to the wrong side.
  • Both Tim and Peach, one after the other, land on the Happening Space right in front of the star and get chased to the other side of the board by the rollercoaster.

Shy Guy's Jungle Jam

  • Jon's luck from the last board continues when he gets a Hidden Block with a star in it early on.
    Tim: "Apparently you had another present under the tree."
    Jon: "The birthday tree?"
    Tim: "Uh... yes?"
    • Later on, Jon lands on a blue space and Emile jokingly says "Hidden Block?". Sure enough...
  • After Emile spends ages explaining why the first minigame (Candlelight Flight) is so hard for the three-person team, they then win it with a third of the time remaining.
  • Their reactions to Waluigi's 'sad wish' at the Happening Space. Particularly his epic pose.
  • Jon complains about the game "Avalanche!" because there's a certain rock that he always hits. Once he gets to said rock, he wipes out despite thinking that he dodged it. He then asks Emile to go back and rewatch it in editing, thinking that he lost because Luigi tripped into him. Turns out that Jon really did just hit the rock, complete with hilarious slow-motion.
    • Also, DK's awkward winning pose.
  • Emile expresses some glee at using a Mega Mushroom to steal most of Luigi's money. Luigi then wastes almost all of his coins on an item, and then the rest by intentionally going to a red space, in what's either another case of Artificial Stupidity or the AI spiting Emile on purpose by robbing him of his chance to pilfer its coins.
  • When Emile does use the Mega Mushroom later on, Jon realizes that if he gets a good enough roll he'll be able to steal from everyone. He rolls two 1s, meaning he doesn't even come close to them. On the bright side, though, rolling doubles does give him 10 coins.
  • Right near the end of part 2, everybody plays Stamp Out, and the game ends in a three-way tie between Emile, Tim, and the computer. Jon promptly accuses them all of ganging up on him.
    Emile: "A three-way tie for everyone but Waluigi!"
    Jon: "Yeah, 'cause you all focused on me, you dicks!"
  • In part 3, Jon says that he was singing "Camp Granada" by Allan Sherman while in the shower, and he immediately starts singing it again, joined by Tim.
  • Emile gets three Mega Mushrooms and proclaims "Time to go King Kong on this...crap." Jon points out that every time he tries to swear, it sounds wrong, with a Call-Back to "Chance Time...bitches."
  • Emile makes a "fun wish" at the Shy Guy statue but the flood happens anyway. His response?
    Emile: "He's mad that I'm happy! It's Jon!"
    • Jon actually laughed at that one.
    • The fun wish itself? DK flexing his muscles.
      Emile: "Look at me flex... My fun wish is me flexing my muscles."
      Jon: "My muscles are fun!"

Goomba's Greedy Gala

  • Jon not catching a single fish in Cheep Cheep Sweep.
  • In Episode 2, Daisy has over 50 coins one space before the Boo house, while both Emile and Jon have a star and very similar coin counts. Both assume that Daisy will steal from the current leader, so they both try to lose as much money as possible. Emile plays a lottery and loses, then lands on red space, losing 8 coins. Jon goes to roulette, pays Goomba 20 coins to change the outcome... and wins all his coins back. Cue Daisy stealing a star from him.
    Emile: "Even when you are incredibly lucky, you still have shit luck."
    • Then, at the very beginning of the next video, Koopa Kid proceeds to steal 20 coins from everyone. The knowledge that this could have benefited him at the beginning of the turn isn't lost on Jon.
      Jon: "You couldn't have done that earlier?!"
  • Jon miscalculates how many spaces Emile is away from the Star. This allows Emile to get the Star, and just after that, Tim swoops in and gets another Star.
    Jon: "What have I set in motion?! What have I set in motion?!"
  • Jon losing their first game of Team Treasure Trek because he doesn't see his partner holding the key.
  • Tim manages to get all but one of the coins in the on-board minigame by just bouncing continuously off the walls.
  • Daisy and Tim are both within five steps of the star and Daisy is going first, with a clear path to the star. That is, until she inexplicably decides to use a mini-mushroom and roll a 2, avoiding the star altogether .
    Tim: "I paid her off."
  • Jon wins a game of Tree Stomp by standing in a corner while Daisy stands around like a moron, blocking Emile and Tim from crushing him.
  • Emile somehow manages to get four 1s in a row.
  • Jon gets a 7:
    Emile: "4. Oh, 7! Why did I say 4?"
    Jon: "Where did you get 7 from? Holy cow dude!"
    Emile: "Wait, you said where did I get 7 from?"
    Jon: "Oh my's one of those days apparently."
  • In Mr. Blizzard's Brigade, Daisy just stands there until a snowman throws a snowball, at which point she moves slightly and walks right into it. Emile and Tim then get stuck trying to get around her and get frozen in seconds as well, handing Jon an easy win.
  • The fact that Emile ends up getting fourth place on a luck-based board.
  • In addition the second episode where Emile and Jon attempt to lose as many coins as they can to avoid having their star stolen by Daisy, the commenters question why Jon used the Mega Mushroom and paid 20 coins for the roulette wheel. Jon uses TRG's shared account to leave a rather long comment explaining why he did what he did and why other strategies wouldn't have been effective.
    Jon's comment: Seems like there's a bit of confusion on my play on the last turn of the video in the comments, so here's why I did what I did:- I didn't buy the Crystal Ball because I wouldn't have enough money to steal a star right away, and at the time, Daisy didn't have enough coins for a star steal/would've walked right past it.- The Item Bag can potentially have a Magic Lamp, which would've made the purchase worth it.- I didn't use the Warp Pipe to stop Daisy because it only had a 1/3 chance of working successfully, and if it did actually switch her, she would then probably get the star in Pink/Purple on her next turn. If I didn't switch with her, I'd be putting one of the guys in a better spot for the star, and would be guaranteed to lose my star. You can hear me debate using the pipe though, because I go "Ummmmmm" for a while before picking the mushroom.- The Shock Sticker can't be thrown like in later Mario Party games, it's dropped right where you're standing, meaning I couldn't force Daisy to lose any money before Boo.- The Mega Mushroom seemed like the best play, because it would guarantee me having to pay money at the roulette. If I got a low enough roll, the Star would be mine next turn, if I got a high roll, I might've been able to loop back.- 5 Coin Option on the Roulette would've been useless because landing on a Blue Space would give me more money than Chugga.- 10 Coin Option had a chance of sending me to where Chugga was, which if I crushed him, I would've regained my 10 coins, and still lost the star.- 20 Coin Option was the best option since it put me where the Star was, and if I crushed any players I'd still have less money than Chugga if I overshot the Star. At that point though, I wasn't aware it upped the odds on getting the star on the roulette because I thought it still had a predetermined chance of happening that wasn't affected by how much you paid. Still not sure on that. TL;DR Version - I was screwed no matter what play I did except for the one I went for, but the game didn't like it. -Jon

Boo's Haunted Bash

  • Emile's questionable intro.
    Emile: "The only thing scarier than this board is the fact that if Jon wins it, nobody can touch him. Let's have a nice clean game, and by clean, I mean bloody."
    Jon: "I like- I like not being touched by guys, so, yes. Let's make sure."
  • Jon laughing at how every time Emile goes last on a board he says 'On this board, going last is a good thing'.
  • When playing Hide And Go Boom, two cannons go by without anyone being launched. After commenting that either there's two in one cannon or all three in one, we have:
    Jon: "Wario's behind you." [In a deep, ominous voice\ "D'oh, I missed."
  • As Wario walks from right to left along the bottom of the board Emile says that "There's only one Mini Mushroom pipe, in the top-right" as another one passes along the top of the screen in the middle of the board and goes unnoticed.
  • In part 2, Emile and Jon end up on the same team for Pair-a-sailing, and Emile intentionally tries to sabotage Jon by steering away from the coins. A series of ClusterFBombs is dropped in the process. To their astonishment, they not only got all the coins they needed but somehow end up earning more coins than Tim and the AI who were trying the whole time.
    Jon: "What the fuck just happened?"
    • In the same part, Emile talks about his tendency to put cliffhangers in his videos. Guess how this one ends.
  • When they finally achieve the 'dream team' of Emile and Jon on Order Up, they turn out to be completely useless and don't score a single point.
  • Jon congratulates Emile for using "actual wordplay".
    Emile: "I have achieved actual wordplay!"
    Jon: "He's learned the English language. Good job, native speaker."
  • Tim almost winning GOOOOOOOAL!! by just diving back and forth.
    • The slow-motion when Jon asks if Emile's shot canceled out his own, followed by Emile's strangely seductive "I don't know".
  • In part 5, the gang is playing Makin' Waves again, with Emile in the center. Emile's been holding his own so far. Then this comes up:
    Jon: "You might win this!"
    Emile: "Don't say that, Jon."
    Jon: "You might actually win this!"
    Emile: "DON'T SAY THAT, JON!"
    Jon: "But you're not flipp-" [Emile almost immediately flips over and loses the game]
  • Jon wins 30 coins at the Lottery Space, but they stay on the 'Congratulations!' dialogue for a while to laugh at Waluigi's unmoved expression, who looks almost angry at second prize in the lottery.
    Jon: "Hurray! I'm so excited-looking! Look at how happy I am! Look at all the cheer in my face right now!"
  • All the Guys spend almost ten whole seconds chasing the last Cheep Cheep in the pond in Cheep Cheep Sweep.
  • On the only time they played a Bowser Minigame on a main board, Wario loses and gets burnt to a crisp.
    Emile: [while Wario is getting burnt] "D'oh I missed!"
    Tim: "Oh no."
    Jon: "Yeah it's pretty funny." [Wario blinks] "Blink blink." [Jon and Emile laugh] "Nice and toasty."
    Emile: "Toastilicious~"
  • Jon's Sadistic Choice over who to steal money from out of Wario and Emile, because whatever he steals will either be stolen back or get something even worse stolen from him. He opts for the Necessary Fail option and walks straight past the Boo House.
    • Before that, Jon promised Emile that he wouldn't steal a star from him, leading to this exchange:
      Emile: "I will trust in Jon."
      Tim: "Just like Thor trusted Loki."
  • The guys suddenly belting out in song when the minigame "Blame it on the Crane" is chosen, in reference to another LPer who is mostly known for his Mario Party videos.

Koopa's Seaside Soiree

  • The intro:
    Tim: "So I heard there's this new movie coming out called 'Constipation', have you guys heard about it?"
    Jon: "Nope."
    Emile: "No."
    Tim: "Well that's because it hasn't come out yet."
    Tim: "Yeaaaahhhh..."
    Emile: "Go, Tim, buddy!"
  • Jon's "tables have turned" rant during Manta Rings.
  • Tim and Jon's flabbergasted reaction to Emile saying that he has a stance when playing button mashing games.
    Jon and Tim: "Stance? YOU HAVE A STANCE!?"
  • Mario lands on a Happening Space which forces him to ride a dolphin from one orange dock to the other. On his next roll, he lands on the exact same Happening Space and ends up right back where he started.
  • Emile discusses what "multiplayer" is like in Mario Party Advance: You play on a board game version of Mario Party while using the GBA as a dice roller.
  • The Guys play Hide and go BOOM! against the AI and immediately decide to collaborate. Once the AI picks the one empty cannon, they point out that they could just skip the rest of the game and Emile actually presses start to do so.
    • Afterwards, they notice that the cannons spell "BAYX" and go on a tangent about it being a more extreme version of Michael Bay called Michael Bay X.
  • In part 4, Emile achieves a pun so bad that Jon tells him to just get out.
    Emile: "We're kicking ass! Or is it assing kick? Cause we were butt stomping." [The mini-game involved ground pounding]
    Jon: "Oh my God! Get out of here! Get out of your house!"
    Emile: "But this is my house! I pay the money to live here!"
  • Mario uses a Mini-Mushroom to go through a pipe to get to the area where Reversal of Fortune/Boo is... and then goes the opposite way, resulting in Emile calling him a "puss".
    Jon: "Did you just call Mario a puss? Where are you from?!"
    Emile: [in a thick hick accent] "I'm from Arizona which is dead last in the nation for education."
  • Jon's outraged reaction (and subsequent instant replay) when Mario wins Fish n'Drips even though Jon got his last button input in before the AI. note 
  • Tim quoting Adam Sandler's "Do It For Your Mama," and both Jon and Emile thinking it's... something else.
  • During Part 5, they get Three Throw as one of the mini games, and the following is said:
    Jon" [summing up Emile's reaction] "Not the one I'm good at."
    Emile: "I want a challenge!"
    Jon: [laughing] "What a dick! Listen to this asshole!"
  • Emile loses the Coin Star by 2 coins and he could've won it if not for Tim winning a Lucky Mini-Game, bringing him up to 97 coins and landing on a blue space to make it an even 100, which is also what prevented Emile from winning.
    • The best part is that Tim knew exactly what he was doing. He just thought it would be funny if Jon won every board.
  • "Join us next week when Jon wins Bowser's Gnarly Party." He doesn't.

Bowser's Gnarly Party

  • In Part Two, Emile mentions that when they were in Los Angeles once, he saw some drug dealers outside. Jon follows that up by pointing out that Emile thought one of the dealers was fellow LPer Lucahjin.
    • Actually a Call-Back to the videos for Mario Party's bonus content, the Minigame Island.
  • At the end of Part Two, Tim lands on a Bowser Space and the beginning of Part Three shows Tim losing a mere 15 coins, making it an Anti-Climatic cliffhanger. Emile also points out that it prevents Tim from using his Magic Lamp and asks Jon if it sounds familiar. Jon is not amused.
  • The end of Part Three has everybody play Slime Time. Jon congratulates Emile in advance for his victory. To their surprise, Tim wins. Emile then calls out Jon for tempting fate.
    Emile: "See, Jon? Don't jinx it!"
    • Made doubly funny when Jon reveals he said it on purpose to (once again) weaponize Tempting Fate.
  • Also in Part 3, this exchange when Tim won Paths of Peril:
    Jon: "NO WAY! SERIOUSLY?!"
    Emile: "Yes, I didn't screw up once and you still beat me."
    Jon: "But Tim beat us both!"
    Emile: "I didn't notice that."
  • Emile using a Mini Mushroom in hopes of getting a nearby Happening Space in part Five.
    Emile: "There's only a 40% chance of me getting it."
    Jon: "Yeah, but it's you!"
    [Emile rolls a 1]
    Jon: "See?!"
    [Emile and Tim laugh]
  • When Emile is talking about his feelings on Jon winning overall, Jon points out that he talked about it constantly between recordings.
    Jon: "One of the first things you said this morning was 'I'm gonna make sure you don't win.'"
    [Emile laughs]
    Jon: "Like, I'm just waking up reading Twitter, you're playing Layton, and you're like 'I'm gonna make sure you don't win.' And I'm like, 'Hi to you too?'"
  • While playing Cheep Cheep Sweep, Jon and Peach annihilate Emile and Tim. Tim then tries going over to their goal and steal their fish, it doesn't work for obvious reasons, then he sides up alongside Peach and tries to get Peach to drop her fish into his net.


Mega Board Mayhem

  • On the very first turn, Jon visits the shop and finds they sell nothing but Warp Pipes.
    Jon: "Good store! Good store!"
    Emile: "Lots of variety, yeah! The regular Walmart, isn't it?"
  • Emile fawns over his cat's adorable meowling.
    • Meanwhile, Jon thinks Emile loves his cats a little too much and goes into detail about him psychotically hugging them.

Mini Board Mad-Dash

  • In Fruits of Doom, Jon hands Bowser a fruit and Bowser pauses while holding it, scrutinising it with a frown on his face.
    Jon: "Don't fake me out, I know it's on there."
    [Emile laughs.]
    • Also, playing Fruits of Doom is what stopped Jon from winning. Yet, it still did nothing to get Emile out of fourth place.
    • And when Waluigi got burnt to a crisp:
      Emile: "Well, enjoy your crispy fried Waluigi for the low-low price of $19.95."
      [Waluigi glares at the screen and Emile laughs.]
      Jon: "He looks depressed, I don't blame him."
  • The fact that this is the first ever time they've lost to the AI.

Thwomp's Backroom Ball

  • The Guys play Panel Panic, which has all three of them plus six other characters choose to stand on a panel labelled 1-9 and then everyone hits a dice block, with every number that comes up causing the corresponding panel to disappear and that person to fall through. They proceed to all knock each other out in a draw. TWICE.
  • When Tim plays Barrel Baron for the second time, he manages to get over 100 points, and Jon jokes about him [Tim] upgrading from a "Gas Station Patron" to a "Gas Station Attendant". When the mini-game finishes, Tim IS ranked a "Gas Station Attendant".
    Jon: [to Emile] "I told- YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME! You didn't believe me! It's almost like I know what I'm talking about sometimes."
    • And of course, Persona 4 jokes quickly followed in the comments.
  • To those familiar with Jon, he played the minigame where he has to find the patient that ate the mushroom. A poison mushroom, rather, but still.
    Jon: [to Emile] "If you say anything, my first response is going to be to put the controller down and punch you. That's your warning."
  • In Doors of Doom, where you press L or R to advance through doors, Jon attempts the strategy of mashing both buttons to see what it picks up. On his first try he gets it wrong on the very first door.
    Jon: [Deadpan] "So far it's worked great."

Beach Volley Folley

  • The two-player team having trouble even scoring against the one-player team, no matter what.
  • Ending the project by reviewing all of the awkward winning poses in "Avalanche!".

    Mario Party 5 

Main Game

Toy Dream

  • With Donkey Kong's role changed from Playable Character to Star Dispenser, Emile needs to pick a replacement. He chooses Daisy.
    Emile: "Goodbye, sanity."
    • Come Future Dream it's revealed that had The Stream not happened he would've actually switched to Toad.
  • Jon details a practice round he texted Emile about to relate a story about how brutal the AI is. The round ended with the A.I.s getting 7, 7, and 3 stars. Jon got none.
    Jon: "I sent him a picture of the result screen and said 'Fuck this game'."
  • When deciding the order, Emile's first dice block with Daisy is a 10.
    Jon: "Daisy's working good for you so far."
    Emile: "Yeah, Daisy's working alright."
    Jon: "Do tell us more about how Daisy's working."
    Emile: "I'd rather not-"
    Tim: "♫Tell us more, tell us more / did you put her on hard?♫"
  • Jon lands on a Bowser space and Bowser drops down on top of Waluigi, they laugh how Waluigi's face looks, pointing out he looks like he has Blank White Eyes.
  • Jon comments when starting Curvy Curbs that the last time he played this mini-game, it was a draw — each team crossed the line at the same time, having made the same number of mistakes. As the Guys play the minigame, the exact same thing happens.
  • In Tube it or Lose it, Mario gets Jon and Tim when they're in midair. Even funnier is Jon warns Tim not to make the same mistake he did and Mario immediately gets rid of Tim.
  • It seems Jon was right about odd numbered Mario Parties screwing him over with Tim activating Bowser Shuffle, Bowser puts Daisy on Jon's old space which was closest to the current star and the end of part 2 ends with Jon losing all 75 of his coins to a Bowser Mini-Game.
  • Mario lands on a Red Spike Shell space and Jon is randomly selected.
    Jon: "Yeah, take those 8 coins of mine, you piece of shit. I didn't lose enough money anyway!"
    Tim: "Really?"
    Emile: "He actually got those coins."
    Jon: "Yeah, I know, because it's the spiked shell. Welp, I guess I'm not getting the star, let's overshoot it."
    Emile: "I can imagine just Mario spitting on you while you're down. Just being like" [in a fake Italian accent] "'Hey, Cheapskate, you're supposed to give me-a 10!'"
  • Jon's bad luck knows no bounds: he has NO coins and lands on a Hammer Bro space.
    Jon: "What ya gonna take? What ya gonna take?! You do that chicken dance. You dance it, Hammer Bro!"
    Emile: "He's gonna take the stars flying around your head."
    Jon: [starts to mockingly hum the Chicken Dance song]
  • Emile wins the Battle Mini-Game, and the coins dropping into the bag takes a small while.
    Jon: "I'm holding down A, I don't want to see this any longer than I have to."
    [A few seconds pass as coins drop into the bag while Emile laughs]
    Jon: "Except I have to see it for quite a while, apparently."
    [Emile then gets the pity coin]
    Jon: "AND you get the pity coin!"
    Emile: "Thank you, Eldstar! Check's in the mail."
  • Jon and Emile lampshading the fact that, by pure coincidence, Jon's been putting out videos only when Emile isn't able to. note 
  • The fact that they were able to show off all three Bowser minigames during the first board while there was only one Bowser space on the board.
  • Mario lands on a Chain Chomp, with enough money to steal a star. But the AI has him select "random" when Emile was the obvious choice...but the computer randomly selects Emile anyway.
    Emile: "That was pointless. Maybe he just knew it was gonna be Daisy because the computer told him. So, he just, was like" [in a fake Italian accent] "I'm just gonna do this to make them think they have-a hope! Oh-ho-ho!"
  • Emile losing to Mario by one coin.note  Made even better by Jon doing a complete 180 on his disapproval of how the game ended.
    Jon: "That is- Actu- I'm okay with that now. I am more than okay with that now."
    • It gets even better when you remember this is the exact same thing that happened to SlimKirby several years ago in the same game (against the same character, no less). Considering that Emile told him to suck it when he previously won a board by one coin back in Mario Party 1, you could say karma finally struck him.
      (in the comments) SlimKirby: Wait? What's that sound? I dunno, call me crazy, but I think that's the sound of the universe coming back into balance.
    • The best part is that not only was this the number 1 moment on the official Top 10 for Mario Party 5, but Slim's Big "YES!"! to Emile shouting "ONE COIN!" even made the video.

Rainbow Dream

  • Jon starts calling what the mini-game will be in the roulette, and constantly gets it right.
  • Jon gets a Bob-omb capsule, and Emile points out that it costs 0 coins to blow yourself up.
  • Tim accidentally says yes to moving off a quadrant. When he could have gotten a star before Emile. Amazingly, and hilariously, Tim still won the board after his game-changing mistake.
  • Jon turns a game of Fight Cards into Parappa The Rapper. Jon and Tim are actually pretty good rappers, too.
    Jon: "Kick, punch, turn, and chop the door!"
    Jon: "Or I will fall on the floor!"
    Jon: "Crack, crack, crack the eggs into the - kick!"
    Jon: "I'm gonna punch you in the - I can't say that on this channel."
  • Jon losing almost immediately in Squared Away, and taking it about as well as you'd expect.
    • He has a similar reaction when they play Vicious Vending and everyone gets coins except him.
  • Luigi uses a Golden Mushroom, and rolls a 9, and two 1s, which reads as 911. Emile and Jon have a bit of a giggle at this.
    Emile: [in a godawful Italian accent] "Somebody-a call the hospital, I have-a terrible luck!"
    Jon: "Doctor, can you help me? My luck is low!"
    Emile: "You need to give me a wish-a-bone transplant!"
    Jon: "Oh my G— 'I need lots of vitamin wishbone!'"

Pirate Dream

  • At the beginning of the first part, the guys attempt to sing a parody of the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. They don't get past the first line because they were laughing too much. Later, after Jon has won the first few minigames:
    Jon: "Dude, we sung a song. That means it's official, I have to win."
    Emile: "Why do you think I sing songs at the beginning of all the Mario Party games?"
    Jon: "You sing songs about how I'm an asshole!"
    Emile: "Yeah, and it comes true!"
    • Best Part: Jon actually does win the board by a landslide along with getting all three of the bonus stars.
  • After Jon and Emile complete Ground Pound Down at almost the same time, the game plays the animation for both players, making them think it might be a tie. Instead, Waluigi is the only one who comes out of the pipe, and Jon concludes that Daisy just drowned.
  • At the end of the first part, the guys play Heat Stroke, with Jon as the single player. Jon easily takes out the AI and Tim in the first two platforms, then Emile jumps off the platform thinking there was an invisible wall, giving Jon an easy victory.
  • In Part 2, Emile lands on a DK space:
    Emile: "Donkey Kong, come into my body and become me! I must have you as my playable character again!"
    Jon: "So, you want Donkey Kong to come into Daisy's body."
    Tim: "...I'm not going anywhere near that."
  • In Parts 2 and 3, the fact that Jon keeps getting low rolls. In Part 3, cue Emile's and Tim's laughter when Jon rolls a 1 and lands on a Cursed Mushroom space, which reduces his next roll to 1-5.
    Jon: "Oh, come on! Now I'm gonna get a point 5. I'm gonna be stuck on the ladder!"
  • Jon makes another game of Fight Cards memorable with jingles about his mother.
  • Slippery pants.
  • Emile lays down a bank space next to a bank space and still can't get either of them.
  • In Part 4 when the guys play Beam Team with the AI as the single player, the AI almost immediately loses by walking into Jon's beam before he even moved.
    • Jon even points out that Peach even walked PAST his beam before turning around to run into it.
  • They get Coney Island as a mini-game during this board, their third time getting it. Jon wins, pointing out the nature of Waluigi's victory animation.
    Jon: "I love it how he flicks his wrist, which in reality should send the ice cream everywhere and really upset him."
    Jon: [in his Waluigi voice] "WHY DID I DO THAT?! IT WAS SO DUMB!!"

Undersea Dream

  • The intro:
    Emile: "Welcome to We- I mean, Undersea Dream."
    • And the other two catch it.
  • And shortly after that...:
    Jon: [Singing "Under the Sea" in a goofy voice] "Under da Sea, Under da Sea. This is Waluigi's turn to Win! Under da Sea."
    • And guess what happens...
  • A pre-placed warp pipe space takes Tim off of start before he even starts rolling.
  • The second star spawns on the space Emile was on.
    • The fourth one spawns exactly one space in front of Tim.
  • Kamek giving Jon and Emile, the only 2 players to have an orb at the time the same exact orbs they originally had before the switch.
  • Jon finally "wins" Vicious Vending; his prize was one coin.
  • Jon lands on a DK Space and plays a game of DK Roulette. DK rolls a 6, Jon rolls a 3 giving him nothing.
    Jon: "Why is he angry?!"
    Emile: "He wanted to give you a present, but you wouldn't let him."
    Jon: "Why didn't he just give me the star then?!"
    Emile: "The monkey is benevolent in mysterious ways."
  • Wario lands on a Bowser Space and starts a Bowser Mini-Game, and Bowser declares that the losers must give up their capsules... but Tim is the only one who has capsules at the time.
  • Near the end of part 3, when Emile thought he won a minigame only to get fourth place:
    Emile: "The sun was higher on mine, so I thought that meant I was higher than you."
    Jon: "No, it has to be lower."
    Emile: "Oh, right."
    Jon: "Emile, you're going into space!"
    Emile: "Well, I don't read books."
    Jon: [incredulous, high-pitched] "Wh-what does that have to do with anything!?"
  • With the start of the last 5 turns, Bowser declares that there will be 5 stars on the board at the same time. Cue Big "WHAT?!" from Jon.
    • Seriously. Jon's high-pitched outrage and complete bafflement is amazing.
      Jon: "I'm sorry, what?!" [voice higher-pitched in confusion] "What?!" [strained laugher] "W-W-W-WHAT?! What the fuck?! Why would that be in this game?!"
      Jon: "5 at a time?! Like...what?! That's nuts! That's INSANE!"
  • When he was about to lose Mario Can Can, Emile, who rarely swears, says "Wario fucked up".
  • Emile revealing that he owns a copy of The Room, and Jon's reaction to it.
  • Guess who wins the game with 10 stars! Spoiler Alert: It's Jon.
    Emile: "In your words, fuck this game."

Future Dream

  • Tim comments on a black mark in Waluigi's portrait (in his teeth), and Jon runs away with it:
    Jon: [as Waluigi] "Look, I'm sorry. I just thought the shells were made of candy. No one told me this in advance."
  • All three guys and the AI take the teleporter to the left section of the board, going in the opposite direction of the first star.
  • When all three Guys are on a team for Quilt For Speed (a game based around stopping a roulette at the right time to move a mech, on which the computer has a severe tendency to waste time picking pointless moves), Emile remarks 'We'll win because we're humans'. They lose, and in fact spend more time faffing around stuck behind obstacles than any previous team that had the computer on did.
  • When Jon finally manages to get off the wrong island he went to, Tim (who was still on the island) lands on a pre-placed Warp Pipe space and takes Jon right back to the island again. On Jon's turn, which immediately follows, he rolls a 9, gets off the island again, lands on a Happening Space - which is a rocket, that takes him back to the same island again, even further behind.
  • Near the end of the first part when the guys play Panic Pinball, the guys breakout into a mishmash of commentary. After that...
    Emile: "Someone should try to animate that."
    Jon: "Have fun, Tom!"
    • What makes this even more funny is that this video was uploaded one day before Sunday, which is when Tom usually streamed himself animating in Source Filmmaker at the time.
    Tom Fawkes (in the comments): Oh, boy.
    • He did eventually do it. Here's the result. The funniest part is Tom showing up at the end, getting out a bottle of Vodka as if to say "It's going to be a long night". That scene even made the official Top 10 for that round of Panic Pinball made it as number 3.
  • When the guys get Twist 'n' Out Emile and Tim start singing a parody of Twist and Shout.
  • Discussing Toad's role in the original Mario game.
    Emile: "You can only go up when all you do is say the princess is in another castle and piss everyone off."
    Jon: [in a posh voice] "I'm sorry Mario, but the princess is not here. However, I will sing a song for you, will that make it better. Mario, where are you going? Don't leave me here. Mario!"
    Emile: (in his Toad voice) "Twist and Shout."
  • When playing Mathletes:
    Emile: "I like how they thought this mini game was good enough to be televised."
    Jon: "Well, I mean it's on Goomba TV, so that's why."
  • The star space appears just in front of Jon, only for a poorly-timed Bowser Shuffle to move him far away from it.
    • And it later appears right on top of him.
  • After Tim loses a Duel game against Jon for 2 stars, When Yoshi loses a star and Waluigi gains one, Waluigi's laughter can barely be heard. The gang immediately pick it up.
  • Jon being unable to leave the left area of the board, as the Rockets keep taking him right back to it whenever he gets to the middle section.
    • At the very least, it earned him the Happening Star, as well as the board.
    • The worst part for Jon is that the one time Emile got it, the rocket put him in front of the star.
      Emile: "And i'm in front of the Star!"
  • Tim just had the worst of lucks by the end of this board. First, he misses a star by accidentally going the path it wasn't in, letting Emile catch up to it. Then, he loses a duel to Emile, though still able to afford a star afterward. However, on the final turn, he spends almost all his coins on a Chance Time capsule, which results in him losing his remaining coins to Emile, once again. And to top it all off, he lands on a Duel space, which leads to him battling Emile AGAIN, this time immediately losing his only star thanks to Emile winning a luck-based minigame on the first try. In the end, Tim finishes the game with LESS than what he started with.
    Tim: "My god, does it ever end!?"
  • Jon: "Daisy's sucking down on that pipe really well."

Sweet Dream

  • For the third time in four boards Jon opens with a song about Waluigi winning. This time it's to the tune of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)" by Eurythmics.
  • From Part 2, when Jon uses his Golden Mushroom:
    Jon: "As it stands, I'm probably going to get a 1, 1, 3."
    Tim: "Case in point. Watch this."
    Emile: "Let's see."
    [Jon rolls a 1 on his first dice block.]
    Jon: "I was JOKING! I-" [rolls a 9 on his second dice block] "-thank goodness."
  • Also from part 2. In case you were wonder if The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard still applies, Boo throws his coin block down instead of using it for a five coin net gain. Just when the others are wondering what he's doing, he rolls a 10 and lands on it. There's subtly implying the AI knows what's going to happen and then there's just rubbing it in.
  • In Part 3, Emile mentions that he shaves his legs. Jon and Tim proceed to look at Emile's legs off-camera noticing it for the first time. Jon remarks that they normally record in their nightwear; Emile's been wearing shorts this time around.
    Jon: "Wait what? Wait, holy shit, he does. Dude, look."
    Tim: "Oh nice. How about that."
    • The kicker? Daisy's up-skirt shot when winning Ground Pound Down is what started it all in the first place (and she's angled so her high heels are clearly visible).
  • After winning a duel with Boo and getting 50 coins (putting him in the lead for the Coin Star), Jon decides to hold off on using his Chain Chomp even though he can afford both a coin and star steal...and then lands on a Mr. Blizzard space, losing the Chomp immediately. For extra hilarity, the guys were actually talking about things like this happening to players who were stingy with good capsules earlier in the episode.
  • In Part 4 when the guys play Fight Cards, Emile makes these comments:
    Emile: "I'm still in it because the controller is vibrating on my crotch."
    Jon: "Glad you added that."
    [Emile is promptly knocked out]
    Jon: "You're out now, by the way."
    Emile: "That's what Daisy gets for using a vibrator."
    Jon: "Wow."
    Emile: "Did I really say that? Why did I even say that?"
  • At one point the star is on a path that switches which way it sends the player and Tim is just about to cross it. Then Jon uses the Klepto capsule to take him to Tim's space and cross the bridge first but forgets one thing. The path is going the wrong way so all he does is give Tim the chance to get the star.
  • The special event for the final five turns? All red spaces become Bowser spaces. This means that two consecutive players at one point get two consecutive Bowser spaces.
  • Emile decides that he doesn't like how easy it would be for both Jon and the computer to get the Star in its current position, and uses the Tweester to move it away. It moves about eight spaces - to the one Jon is on currently. Again.

Bowser Nightmare

  • Right at the start, Emile reveals that none of the Guys have ever played this board before, resulting in many of the great reactions below.
  • When Jon lands on the first happening space, it involves Bowser going for a walk and turning all blue spaces he passes into red spaces. While the change is temporary, the guys imagine what would happen if they got the last 5 turns event that turns all red spaces into Bowser spaces while the spaces were red.
  • Emile reveals that despite getting a lot of repeat mini-games, they played nearly every 4 player, 2-on-2, and 1-on-3 minigame.
  • Koopa Kid throwing a crazy curve ball to place a capsule.
  • When the guys play Panic Pinball during Part 2, Jon and Tim proceed to repeatedly get multiball, causing them to completely demolish the previous record.
    Jon: "Multiball again!"
  • Jon ends up in the "spin space" with Tim and Koopa Kid and decides to be a dick by a placing a bank space there...only for both of his opponents to get out before his next turn.
  • When Emile needs to roll a 10 to get a star, this exchange happens.
    Emile: "Give me a TEN!!!"
    Jon: "HADOKEN!"
    Emile: "Hadoten."
  • Emile unleashing a ridiculously loud scream, even by his standards, after winning a duel game. Apparently it "looks like a solid rectangle" in editing.
    Jon: "Jesus, Emile! It's not that big a deal!"


  • What's the first mini game they get in the first bonus mode they play in the Extras area? Coney Island.
    • Emile, after losing all of the first eight times (Jon and Tim alternating who wins throughout, winning four apiece), FINALLY wins it.

Minigame Circuit

  • The Guys have to play Curvy Curbs against the AI. They wisely choose not to bet anything on it; Peach immediately plays her gold mushroom. Naturally, she wins.

Super Duel

  • While building their vehicles, Emile names his vehicle "Latrain", Tim names his the "Boshi", and Jon calls his vehicle "CALLACAB".
  • During the tournament mode of the Super Duel mode, Jon has a pretty slow vehicle that doesn't let him turn to get some of his opponents. One round in particular, though...

Bonus Games

  • Daisy (Emile) and Waluigi (Jon) team up in volleyball, and their team name is "Awkward Date".
    • And then they switch up and Waluigi and Yoshi's (Tim) team name is "Unhappy Dino".
  • Waluigi (Jon) and Toad (AI) team up in Ice Hockey and their team name is "Tall 'n' Small".
  • When they play Ice Hockey, both teams end up getting in a draw both times, with a score that matches the number of minutes they played: 1-1 for 1 minute and 3-3 for 3 minutes.

Card Party

  • Emile and Tim reading the mode instructions as though they're doing slam poetry, finger snapping and all.
    Jon: [when Emile finishes reading] "I have no idea what we're about to be doing."

    Mario Party 6 

Towering Treetop

  • Emile performs a well-written intro to the game. Immediately after he finishes, Jon deadpans, "He had that written on his phone," much to Emile's hammy indignation.
  • At the end of the first episode, Jon is 11 spaces away from the next star. Jon is confident that he'll get it with his Super 'Shroom Orb, which lets him roll three ten-sided dice. Emile disagrees:
    Jon: "I have a golden mushroom."
    Emile: "I know, but you're you, you have terrible luck."
    • And when Jon rolls...he gets a total of 10. He still gets the star the next turn, but...
  • Tim has a bit of a Cloud Cuckoolander moment:
    Tim: "There should be a real Fluff Airlines...all the planes would be made of cotton..."
  • Jon's 'scientific method' for Same Is Lame - press buttons continually until the time runs out.
    • After the third attempt, Emile ends up copying Jon's 'scientific method'
    • Tim, meanwhile, has his own strategy - choose 'B' every single time.
  • Jon keeps accidentally calling the Flutter orb a Wiggler...
    Jon: "I keep saying "Wiggler" out of habit, sorry."
    Emile: "Are you saying Wiggler because you're "Flutter-Shy"?"
    Jon: "Really? Says superfan number one?"
    • Followed by...
      Emile: "I haven't watched that show in a very long time."
      Jon: "I know, that's why I didn't get you anything My Little Pony-related for Christmas."
    • Implying that Jon has gotten Emile My Little Pony-related things for Christmas before.
  • Jon and Emile end up finding their character's (Waluigi and Daisy) taunts, and are so amused by them they spam them for about half a minute.

E. Gadd's Garage (Take 1)

  • After Emile's explanation for the board, Jon mashes his taunt button.
  • Luigi's wasting of the Metal Mushroom. The first time, he has one coin, finds two in the orb... And lands on a red space without passing any traps. The second time, there's actually a trap in front of him, but he doesn't roll high enough to reach it.
  • Chance Time. Tim lands on Chance Time, and gets Emile to give him two stars... Only Emile doesn't have any stars, causing absolutely nothing to happen.
    Tim: "Can I get an I.O.U.?"
  • Jon sets off another Chance Time, in which Luigi and Emile have to swap coins. This works out vastly in Luigi's favour, and allows him to buy the star. This leads to the joke that Luigi is spending all of Daisy's money just because they're maybe-sort of-possibly in a relationship.
    Emile: "Hope you enjoy that star you bought with my pay cheque, Luigi."
    • And then, of course, the next star appears on the same space as Emile, causing him to scream so loud he peaks the mic.
  • Tim gets the next star... and Jon hits the taunt button.
    Waluigi: "You're lousy!"
    • And he comments that nobody in the room heard it so only the viewers will know what just happened. Emile is confused and asks if he farted or something.
    • It happens again when Tim gets another star. This time, everyone notices.
  • Many Flutter orbs are being used, which teleport you directly to the star. Tim has one and is considering whether or not to use it...
    Jon: "How big of a dick do you want to be, Tim?"
    Tim: "...6 inches." [uses the Flutter orb]
    • And then the next star appears in front of Jon.
      Emile: "Oh come on! ...That was a lot more than 6 inches." [cue immature giggling]
      Jon: [singing to the tune of "You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch"] "You're a weird one, Mister don't know how to talk about dicks!"
      Tim: "You could take one up the butt but who knows how long it would be-" [cuts himself off] "I don't know what I'm..."
      Jon: [laughs] "Mister D-iiiiick!"
      Tim: "The three words that would best describe you are, and I quote: shling, shlang, shlong!" [Jon starts screaming because of what happens in the next entry] "What? Wow."
  • A Star appears only two spaces in front of Jon, practically guaranteeing he'll get it, only for him to roll a 1. The episode ends there.
  • In Part 5, when Jon and Tim duel in "T Minus Five," Emile mentions how the first round is designed to give players a feel for the rhythm needed to ground-pound... unfortunately, video errors made it incredibly choppy by the time this minigame comes up, and he points out the irony of this in editing.
  • The end results of this board were both this and a Moment of Awesome. On the last turn, Jon got one last Action space and won the last minigame, unexpectedly, this caused Jon to swipe both the Mini-Game and Action stars on a tie with Emile, making Jon the overall winner of the board on the last second. The reactions of all three about this development were priceless, with everyone either Suddenly SHOUTING! or astounding surprise. Not bad for Jon, who was having a stroke of bad luck, isn't it? Their reactions easily make up for the last few turns being plagued by corrupted footage, which is why they kept it in.

Faire Square

  • The ending of this game of Lift Leapers, complete with a slow-motion replay afterwards.
  • In Part 2, Jon manages to win a game of Word Herd with only one Goomba remaining.
  • In Part 3, Emile is 3 spaces behind Tim and Wario, and can steal coins from both of them with a Bullet Bill. Then he gets a 1, rendering the Bullet Bill wasted.
    • Then later, he gets another Bullet Bill and ends up being one space behind Tim. With no way to miss, Emile uses the Bullet Bill... and rolls another 1. (On the plus side, rolling the 1 meant he got DK.)
  • Tim and Emile both land on the DK space in the same turn and get the exact same minigame.
  • Jon goes to buy two stars at the center of the board, until he hits a Zap Orb Trap. During the star get animation, Jon is still encased with electricity, and it continued until he lost all of his coins.
  • Jon 'successfully' rolls five consecutive 1s, including three from a Golden Mushroom.
    Jon: "Guess who's got the best rolling luck?"
    * Wario gets an incredibly good Golden Mushroom roll and has two opportunities to go to the center and buy 5 stars. He takes neither of them. The first time, they assume he wanted to gamble one of his stars to try and triple it and then enter the loop and buy the stars. He fails the mini-game, and then proceeds to not enter the loop on the next branch. Instead of getting 5 stars, Wario decided to lose 1 star.
    Emile: "I don't even know what Wario is anymore."
    Jon: "He's not playing the game is what he's doing."
    • And that's not the only moment of Wario's stupidity. At one point he uses a Bullet Bill Orb when no one is near him. Like Emile, he rolls a 1.
  • Another Wario moment: during a game of "Catch You Letter", a love letter falls near Wario, and he starts running in circles around it before picking it up. Jon immediately surmises that the love letter was from Wario, and he didn't want anyone else to read it.
    Jon: Dear money, I love you so much. Will you please marry me? Please, in large currencies only.

Snowflake Lake

  • Boo's Artificial Stupidity on the first turn: after a DK minigame nets him a total of 22 coins, he rolls a 10, meaning that he can easily get a Chain Chomp to potentially steal a star from both Tim and Jon. Instead, he goes toward the center, so the guys assume he's trying to get DK like Emile did. Instead, Boo chooses to go to a red space.
    Jon: "You did set the A.I. to Hard, right?"
    • Boo's luck doesn't improve in part 2: all 3 guys steal a star from him, he rolls a 1 (after Jon predicted he would) to land on another red space, and lands on Jon's Piranha Plant, losing half his coins.
  • After playing Snow Whirled (the spinning-around-on-a-snowboard game), Emile wonders why someone really desperate for a world record "didn't just jump out of an airplane and spin around until they died".
    Jon: "...Because they wanna live."
    Emile: "I'm sure somebody out there would die for a world record."
    Jon: "...They probably shouldn't!"
    Emile: "I mean, I know you have to land it though, but the rules don't say you have to live when you land it!"
    Jon: "They probably do, actually."
    Emile: "...Oh."
  • In what is quickly becoming a Running Gag, Jon misses stealing a star from both Tim and Emile (who were both stopped on the same space) by one space. Jon even Lampshades the fact that he's winning, despite his horrible luck.
    Emile: "I wanna know how it is you're winning, 'cause..."
    Jon: "I DON'T KNOW! IT'S SO FRUSTRATING! 'Cause usually it makes a bit of sense, but it doesn't this time!"
  • Near the end of part 2, all three of the Guys land on the Miracle Space (i.e. Chance Time) on the exact same turn.
    • The results of each Chance Time are hilarious as well:
      • Jon makes Emile give two stars to Tim.
      • Emile makes Jon swap his 5 Stars for Boo's 2, shoving Jon into third.
      • And Tim forces Emile to give 20 Coins to Jon.
    • The kicker? All 3 landed on the exact same Miracle Space for all 3 Chance Times.
      • Emile then hits that very same space later on.
  • At the end of part 3, Jon uses a Super 'Shroom Orb... and rolls triple 6's, causing the others to crack up.
    Jon: "Yeah, I think I used up all my good luck rolls. My demon rolls, on the other hand, are apparently in abundance."
  • Emile goes into the middle of the board just so he can avoid a space with a Boo trap so he can make a pun.
    Emile: "I don't want to get Boo-by trapped."
    Jon: "You only went that way to make that pun didn't you?"
    Emile: "...Yes."
  • Jon uses a Metal Mushroom to pass through Boo's traps, and passes Whomp, saying that Whomp is afraid of Waluigi's metal state. This leads Emile to say this gem:
    Emile: "It's the Wah-1000."
    • Complete with Jon's glorious cover of the Terminator theme, Waluigi style.
  • The last two turns are a long running series of Hope Spots for Jon. First he gets into a duel with the AI and wins, putting him in a good place to win. At which point Emile activates Chance Time and causes Tim to get a star which gives him a chance at winning. His next attempt is to sweep the Bonus Stars by using a Sluggish Shroom to get a Happening Space but misses the timing and fails; the major bright spot is that it did not matter in the end.
    • Tim screaming during the Chance Time was also pretty funny, since he's usually the calm one.
    • The duel is luck based; considering Jon's track record with them he was not amused, especially when he learned the game automatically picked a winner to avoid a draw.
      Emile: "Luck-based!"
      Jon: "Aw, for FUCK'S SAKE! COME OOOOOOOON!"

Castaway Bay

Clockwork Castle

  • Toadette catches DK five times in a single daytime cycle. However, she cannot afford a star everytime she encounters DK.
  • The end of Part 4; Before Emile can finish describing the rules of a new minigame, Sunday Drivers... the GameCube crashes and goes to the error screen. Not Mario Party 6; the GameCube itself. The trio's reaction is priceless, especially Tim, who gained a Star out of a Round of Miracles just before the crash undid that and the rest of the turn.
    Tim: "The... the Chance Time wasn't in that turn, was it?"
    Emile: "Yes it was!"
    Tim: "AAAAAHHHHH!!!"
  • The very last action of part 5 is Emile rolling to leave the start spot his last turn had left him at - and immediately running into a Thwomp.
    Emile: "That is evil and I love it!"
  • Especially funny since his last turn in the game he intentionally ran into a Thomp again so he wouldn't get Bowser. After rolling triple 7s and getting 50 coins.
  • The last minigame is Fruit Talktail,with everyone versus Tim. He adapts Jon's "saying-random-syllables" strategy into saying random words without knowing what the game will interpret them as, so we get "Tom Hanks" = "strawberry", "birb" = "orange" and so on. Culminates by him using his iconic Toilet Humour catchphrases (such as "In the bathroom!" and "Get some more toilet paper!"). He fails to get Jon, though.
    • Jon, meanwhile, is constantly trying to explain to Tim how the microphone manages to (mis)interpret noises, only for Tim to continue in the name of fun. Jon is the only participant to survive.

Solo Mode

  • The opening of Part 1:
    Emile: "I can't beat you guys so I'm just going to go play by myself."
  • Emile declared the turn order to be him, then Tim, then Jon, calling it alphabetical order. He clarifies that they're going by nicknames when Jon gets confused.
    • Jon was right to ask; alphabetical by first name would go Jon before Tim (Emile still first), while alphabetical by last name would go Tim before Emile (Jon still last).
  • The Guys play as Peach with Koopa Kid acting as helper since they have not been used in the main game. Emile notes the amusement of using Mini Bowser since the opponents in Solo Mode are multi-coloured Koopa Kids.
    Jon: "We've got the real Koopa Kid."
    Emile: "He put food colouring in the cloning machine so he could tell them apart."
  • Emile only gets 2 coins in the board he plays because of repeatedly losing Duel minigames.
  • The opening to the board Jon plays.
    Emile: "And now, Jon will set a world record in this mode as he rolls a one 31 times in a row."
    • And his first two rolls are both 2s.
      Jon: "You may not have been kidding about rolling 1s all the time."
    • One of those first two mini-games is Pokey Punch-Out.
      Jon: "Okay, fightin' time. Let's see how i do in heels." note 
  • Jon activates a Happening Space that sends him back to start; Emile notes a little later that someone might skip ahead and think it took Jon a long time to reach a relatively early part of the board, especially in light of his above comment.

Mic Mode

  • In the "Speak Up" minigame:
    • The intro:
    Emile: "Today, we're gonna be shouting at a tampon in Mic Mode!"
    Jon: "Wow, that was the intro you had ready?"
    • Because of the ridiculously long tutorial sequence and the character introduction, it took the Guys seven minutes to even start playing the game.
    • Some of the challenges get unreasonably hard, with the Picture Quiz in particular keeping the characters far enough away to make them impossible to see, pixelating the view, or putting cardboard face cuts in front of the character to disguise them. The Guys are especially upset that Toad got away with disguising himself as a potato.
    • The quality of the GameCube Microphone (or lack thereof):
      Jon: "Mario."
      Twila: "Sorry, but I didn't quite catch that."
      Jon: "Mario."
      Game: "Did you say Mario? Please say Yes or No into the Mic."
      Jon: "Yes. [...] Microphones are good!"
  • In the "Star Sprint" minigame:
    • The mic recognition gets even better, since the player has to repeatedly give directions into the mic to a character running along a track (such as 'run', 'move up' and 'jump') - where even when it is registered, the delay is just enough to screw the Guys over a few times.
    • Giving directions to supporting characters (to help you clear obstacles) is even better, because they require things like commanding each punch they give to knock a gate down. This leads to scenes like Tim trying to tell the supporting characters to push a log up a hill - and the game completely refusing to register when he's saying -, Jon getting stuck trying to get his supporters to raise their pumps 'up' and Emile being directed to tell his characters to 'hurry!', but because he wasn't expecting it he failed to and the game cheerfully informed him 'Sorry, you couldn't help!'
  • In the "Verbal Assault" minigame:
    • On Emile's turn he starts chatting into the microphone, causing random attacks to happen.
    • Jon takes this even further by starting out reading a movie script. Emile guesses he's going with Bee Movie, then Jon explains that the recording was corrupted and he's now using a different script, as the script he's actually using is that of Die Hard.
      • And for whatever reason, the only attack this script activated was Gears.
    • Jon keeps trying to use "flame" or "flamethrower" for the "fire" command. "Flamethrower" in particular consistently unleashed the laser attack instead, which Emile catches on to.
    • Immediately before Jon's ship is downed, he manages to release some Goombas rolling towards Emile's position. Tim expects it to be a Kaizo Trap, but the Goombas fail to reach Emile's mecha to verify it.
      Tim: "But you're frozen in place, and..."
  • Once they finish Mic Mode, Jon once again remarks on how much the mic sucks. Then:
    Emile: "Tampons suck, never use them again."
    Tim: "Uh..."
    Emile: "For this purpose!"

Mini-Game Mode

  • During Treetop Bingo, the group plays Pokey Punch-out. About halfway through the mini-game, the AI-controlled Luigi stops for a few seconds and repeatedly stomps on the ground. Jon draws attention to it, and he and Emile crack up. The sequence then gets replayed in slow motion, complete with slowed-down reactions.
  • Also during Treetop Bingo, they play Granite Getaway, which up to this point has always ended with everybody surviving. All three of them somehow manage to lose, letting the AI take the win.
  • During Endurance Alley, Mass Meteor shows up. Since the AI is automatically set to Easy or Normal in the early stages of the mode, it performs even worse than in Party Mode (which, given its surprisingly poor performance on Hard difficulty, is saying a lot); it hits eight meteors over the course of the game and seems to go out of the way to hit them.
  • Since Endurance Alley is a single player mode that can take a few hours, Jon at one point suggests he and Tim leave Emile to finish on his own.
  • During Mini-Game Tour, the Guys play Tally Me Banana(since they hadn't gotten it in the boards). Emile and Tim fall into the water pretty quickly, leaving Jon and Luigi. Near the end of the mini-game, Luigi walks away from the remaining barrels that were right in front of him and walks into the water himself.

Brutal Faire Square

  • They all fully expect to lose on this board since the computer apparently cheats like crazy in brutal mode. Koopa Kid finishes the game with two stars, meaning he didn't even come close. Jon, the winner, ended up with 10 times that many.
  • Emile complains about Jon/Waluigi having the best taunt.
  • When Jon and Emile point out they are all in sync at the beginning of a Lift Leapers game, Tim and Jon start singing "Tearin' Up My Heart".
  • Tim starts beatboxing. Emile asks what song it is. Tim and Jon have to explain to him that it's actually two songs - "Under Pressure" and "Ice Ice Baby".
  • They get Clean Team, and someone makes a joke about clean boys, which leads to Jon saying "boys that like to clean other boys".
  • During an intense battle mini game where it looks like they will all tie, Emile ends up getting knocked off the raft right before the finish.
  • Saying Yoshi's taunt sounds like a turkey.
    Jon: "Damn turkeys playing our Mario Parties."
  • As they go into their third battle minigame for the episode (2), "Stamp By Me"...
    Jon: "Is it gonna be the fast one again or is it gonna be the one we're used to?"
    Tim: "Let us find time! No I'm just kidding."
    [episode ends]
  • Tim throws a Zap Orb (lose 5 coins for every space you move past it) right in front of Koopa Kid.
    Jon: "...You're a dick."
    Tim: "He's got a hundred coins."
    Jon: "Ah, okay. You're a respectable dick."
  • Emile is in fourth, so he gets to spin the wheel and gets 40 coins out of it.
    Emile: "...And now to have it all stolen from me by Jon within one turn."
    Jon: "I have no items!"
    Emile: "You'll find a way!"
  • The last minigame the guys play is Pixel Perfect. Immediately after Tim and Jon easily solve the first puzzle, Emile ground pounds on Koopa Kid and stays airborne while still jumping on him for ''10 seconds''.
  • They play the luck based flower board event three times. Jon wins all 3 times and he was forced to choose the same pedestal every time. He even states it wouldn't be the same pedestal in a row.

E. Gadd's Garage (Rematch)

  • Near the end of the first video, Emile tells a story about how when he was a kid, he would keep correcting people's grammar. After awhile, his classmates got so tired of him telling them that "ain't" wasn't a word, they told Emile that the president had just signed the word to be real and he never corrected them again.
  • In the second episode, Jon gets a Flutter Orb, and decides to use it the very next turn. Beforehand, Emile had a choice to either go to the center of the board, or go to the path that leads back to the start of the board. To avoid a Bowser space, Emile chose to go the center, while Jon gets the star with the Flutter Orb. Guess where the next star decides to go.
  • In part three, Jon ends up being the one person in the mic Minigame Fruit Talktail and uses his tried and true method of talking random gibberish to get both Emile and Tim out, but that's not the funny part. The funny part is when he goes into a rant about mic minigames in general and how the brutal AI is going to win with random fruits mixed in. He wins with six seconds remaining. By Peach jumping over a safe tile.
  • Near the end of Part 4, Peach uses a Super 'Shroom Orb to get close to the star and rolls a 24. Jon's Zap Orb trap from much earlier comes into play and makes her lose all of her coins.
    Jon: That was a Waluigi-branded trap, thank you very much! We put the "Wah" in "Wah-I'm-going-to-the-hospital"!
    • She then lands on the same space as Emile and gets into a duel with him (and because of Jon's Zap Orb trap, she's forced to bet a star). Emile handily wins the duel, putting him in possible running to win the game. Jon's mass Oh, Crap! is simply priceless.
    • The worst part, the duel was Mass Meteor; even on Brutual difficulty, Peach still lost.
    • Immediately after that turn of events, Peach inserts all of her orbs (one of which was a Flutter) in E. Gadd's Orb Morpher and wins 100 coins, giving her a 39-coin profit.

    Mario Party 7 

Party Mode

Grand Canal

  • Before the guys start playing the boards, Emile bids farewell to Daisy.
    Emile: [to Daisy] "You and me need to talk."
    Tim: "Oh, what are we doing here?"
    Jon: "Oh, boy, this is it. Is it gonna be, third ti-, third time's..."
    Emile: "I love your eyes. Your hair is flowing and beautiful."
    Jon: [snickering] "You're not helping! You're really not helping!"
    Emile: "It's not you, it's me, but it's time I've moved on to bigger and better things." [chooses Toad]
    Jon: "Ah, yes, bigger and better, also known as the short Toad Mushroom."
    • Also before they start playing the board, they notice that Emile's save file is put as "EmileⓍⓍⓍ." Emile points out that this was back when he had a phase where he put Xs at the end cause he thought it was cool. When questioned, he says it was in 2015, Jon quickly saying that he was expecting him to say last week.
  • What can only be described as another case of "Chugga's Lost Innocence" when Emile doesn't realize where a person's bosom is.
    Jon: "Have you been calling vaginas bosoms!?"
    Emile: [beat] "Um...maybe?"
  • In Part 2, the gang plays the Cardinal Rule minigame for the first time, a 2 vs. 2 game where they all move around a platform of 18 cards, and have to pair up two matching cards before the other team to score points. Jon explains the main issue with the game in that if they play with an AI, the player teamed up with the AI has to deal with Artificial Stupidity, such as it going after the exact same card as the player, and possibly even bumping the player away when they're trying to claim the card. The Mario AI does this again paired up with Tim...but a bit differently:
    Jon: "Now last night, this one came up, and I had the AI on my team. And she just stood under me the entire time, and shoved me out of the way of stomping cards! So...good luck Tim."
    (The Mario AI pushes Jon out of the way from stomping a card in Round 1)
    Jon: "Good! The AI bumped me! Still! And it's not even on my team!"
    (The Mario AI pushes Emile out of the way from stomping a card in Round 2)
    Emile: "Uhlabuah! The AI's bumping me!"
    Jon: "Ya, see what I mean? Are you really? REALLY? It worked against me, but for Tim, it's going to be a perfect win? Are you for real? I'M SO SALTY RIGHT NOW!"
  • In Part 4 during the 2 vs. 2 minigame Tile and Error, the Mario AI punches Jon, his own teammate, off of the stage.
  • For several turns, the Star is blocked off by a well-placed Tweester trap, until Tim decides to finally run into it, giving Emile a chance to nab it, with Jon close behind. To increase his chances, he gets a Triple Shroom Orb. He still doesn't roll enough to get the star, thus leading to this:
    Emile: "You would need a sssshhh..schlumptastic roll."
    Jon: "Alright, that's the word we're using today: schlumptastic."
    Tim: "Schlumptastic."
    Jon: Take that, YouTube censors!
    Emile: "Yeah! I'm advertiser-friendly, bitches!"
  • Tim gets a star, and what else returns from the previous game?
    Waluigi: "You're lousy!"
  • When Jon uses his Flutter orb, this conversation comes up:
    Jon: [as Flutter] "You're really light. Are you just a skeleton? Why can't they all be this light?"
    Emile: "That's why he wears a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, so no one would notice."
    Jon: [as Waluigi] "I have no skin, it's just bones."
  • Emile's only a few spaces away from his first star, so he decides to roll instead of using his Flutter Orb. He ends up getting a second Flutter Orb and the star, which Jon and Tim realize now gives him a chance to gain a come-from-behind victory.

Pagoda Peak

  • Jon ends up dueling Peach in Warp Pipe Dreams. Jon's victory is a hilarious win in four pipes.
  • Jon gets dueled again by Peach, and loses a star to her right after getting it for 40 coins mere minutes beforehand. The very next turn after, he gets dueled by Peach a third time total, with only four coins, after his star was already taken. Jon loses once again, and ends up losing half his coins. Making this even funnier is Jon's casual dialogue throughout, especially with how he predicts that Peach is going to land on the Duel Space.
    Jon: [casually] "Peach is gonna start another duel..."
    [Peach uses her Flower Orb and rolls a 2]
    Jon: [same tone as before] "I said she was starting another duel."
    Jon: [sarcastically] "Fight me, Peach! Why the hell not at this point?"
    [Peach chooses to duel Jon even though he's nearing fourth place]
    [Emile laughs hysterically]
    Tim: "WHAAAT?!"
    Jon: "I was being sarcastic."
    • The fact that that these duels put Jon in fourth place by one coin. Between the one coin duel with Wario in 3, Emile losing to Mario by onenote  coin in 5, and now this, the AI seems to have an affinity for using a singular coin to try and screw everyone over.
  • In Episode 4, Peach duels Waluigi again. Despite him being in third place and in no way the optimum target to steal coins or stars from. Apparently, the AI simply hates Jon that much.
  • In Part 6, the second-to-last minigame (World Piece) is a 2v2, Jon is less than happy about who he's paired up with.
    Jon: "Who has the AI? GOD DAMNIT!"
    • Emile tries to roast Jon for having different tastes than him.
    Emile: "We'll be talking about things we like, and you'll just be like, 'I didn't like 'Jump Up Super Star;' it was too referential for my liking!'"
    Jon: "That's the thing you're focused on?"
    Emile: "And then we'll be talking about Steven Universe and be like, 'You know, I liked Pearl when she was a one-note generic mom character, but then they completely ruined her by giving her a backstory and depth. But Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Superman 64? Those are AWESOME!'"
    • And on the subject of Pearl...
      Emile: "You were saying how you liked her better in Season 1 when she was just a mom and—"

Pyramid Park

  • In Part 3, after Emile, Dry Bones, and Jon win a 1v3 match against Tim, Emile decides to have fun reading the victory screen.
    Emile: "Toad Dry Bones Waluigi!"
    • This particular victory screen may be why Dry Bones was removed from Mario Party 9, especially if Peach or Daisy were the name to the right; Super Mario Party brought Dry Bones back, and with the added possibility of the third name being Rosalina (who debuted in Mario Party 10).
  • Emile is exactly ten spaces away from reaching a Chain Chomp house on his last roll, but due to his normally insane luck on his rolls, everyone is legit expecting him to get the 10 he needs. This results in Emile laughing in delight and Jon plugging his ears, ready for the oncoming scream of delight. After all the build up, Emile rolls a 1!
    • Making it even better is the fact Emile rolling a 1 on his last roll single-handedly caused Jon to lose the entire game.Explanation 
  • In the final minigame for the board, Easy Pickings, the team of Emile, Jon, and the AI barely beat Tim by getting a last-second gem.

Neon Heights

  • Emile begins the board by singing lyrics from a song and neither Jon or Tim know what he's referencing. note 
  • Bowser Communismnote  on the first turn...when everyone already has the same number of coins.
  • Jon's bad luck returns with a vengeance: in total, during the first episode, he lost all his coins to a Bowser minigame, failed a coin-collecting game, got a Bob-Omb from a treasure chest sending him back to start when he would have gotten DK, and got 27 coins from a Vacuum Orb only for Koopa Kid to force a coin swap between him and a near-penniless Emile.
  • In Part 2, Jon throws a Piranha Plant orb just before a crossroads. On his very next turn, Emile replaces Jon's space with his own Piranha Plant orb. Jon swears that the space is going to matter now. In Part 3, Tim lands on Emile's space, much to Jon's annoyance.
  • Episode 3 starts with Emile admitting that he doesn't know who Carnegie Hall is.note 
  • The guys' reaction when Boo just barely manages to win Jump, Man because Donkey Kong slipped off the edge of the finish in Part 4, followed by a slow-motion replay.
  • The guys get into a fight over who gets to put their character space right in front of the start. It goes from Jon's Pink Boo, to Emile's Piranha Plant, immediately to Jon's Piranha Plant, then to Emile's Toady.
    Jon: (As Emile is about to replace is Pink Boo space) "Stop doing that! Seriously? Let me have something on this board! Jesus!"
  • By Part 5, Jon's grown tired of the game constantly putting him as the one in the 1 vs. 3 Balloonatic mini-game. Said mini-game is extremely favored for the team of 3 to win.
    Jon: "Am I the fucking Balloonatic again!? Come off it! I wanna shoot the damn cannon!!"
  • In a tremendous turn of events, Emile gets two stars in one roll; one that was a 50% chance between the star and 20 coins, and the other that not only spawned in his path, but was also a 33% chance of either a Bob-omb, a star, or 20 coins (alongside only a 10% chance of rolling a 10). The trio's reactions to this really sell it:
    Jon: "I swear to god. I swear to go-I'M SO DONE!"
    [Emile laughs maniacally, cheerfully, and hysterically]
    Tim: "Whoa! Yeah! Yes! Oh my god!"
    Jon: "What the hell is this!? What the HELL is this?!"
    [Emile and Tim continue laughing]
    • The worst part for Jon, the second one had another chest RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!
  • After seeing Peach constantly picking Jon in Pagoda Peak, and seeing a few duels where Boo picks Emile, they theorize that the AI just picks the first option for duels no matter who it is. Near the end of the game, Boo gets to go on a duel. Artificial Stupidity strikes again as the AI just can't resist fighting Jon, even when they think they've figured the AI out.
    Jon: "What are you doing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!"
    Jon: "WHY?!?!.......WHY?!?!"


  • The very fact that they chose Daisy as the AI for this board.
  • For the fifth time, the guys play Fun Run. Jon wouldn't be able to use The Power of Rock to his advantage because his throat is dry. Sure enough, he and Tim run into the first Spiny while Emile continues onward to victory. In the meantime, they break out into song.note 
  • On the second turn, Emile uses his Slow Shroom Orb to initiate a duel with Daisy.
    Jon: [after Emile picks Daisy] "Wow, really? Just gonna fight it head-on, huh?"
    Emile: "Mm-hmm."
    Jon: "Kill the joke?"
    Emile: "Yes!"
    Jon: "Live the dream?"
    Emile: "I need..."
    Tim: "All right."
    Emile: "I need to end this for my honor and my family!"
  • It only takes about 12 minutes for Emile's penchant for Accidental Innuendo to strike again. Daisy buys a windmill and Emile comments on her flower emblem looking nice.
    Emile: "I really like her flower."
    Tim: "So do I, if you know what I mean."
    Emile: "What?"
    Jon: "You really like Daisy's flower?"
    Emile: "The look you're giving me tells me I said something I didn't mean to say."
    Jon: "Yeah, you sure did. [...] He just doesn't even try, it just happens. He honest-to-god is giving me the look of 'I am not making this up'."
    Tim: "Deer in headlights."
  • Before playing Bubble Brawl yet again, Emile makes an Incredibly Lame Pun, which makes Jon vow to take him out. He succeeds, but gets so caught up in doing it that Tim (who had already dealt with Daisy) quickly knocks him out in turn.
  • Daisy activates a Metal 'Shroom Orb, leading to comments about reinforcing her high heels with metal.
  • On the first Battle Minigame of the board, the stakes are 20 coins each. Jon and the AI can afford the buy-in, but Tim has 18 coins, and Emile only has 3. The AI, Tim, and Emile vote for Deck Hands, a luck-based minigame. Jon gets third place.
  • Jon's bad luck isn't done yet. By the end of Part 2, Bowser destroys a windmill during Bowser Time, and it happens to be the only one Jon owns, sending him back to 0 stars.
    Jon: "FUCK. YOU. I'M IN THIRD."
  • After losing his star, Jon says "I really need a good roll". Sure enough, he immediately rolls a 1.
    Jon: "SO done with this game right now. SO done with this game."
  • Since Jon's in fourth place when the last four turns roll around, he gets to roll Bowser's Wheel of Fun. He ends up turning all red spaces into Bowser spaces, which Emile points out could still turn out badly for him. Sure enough, Jon lands on a Bowser space on his very next roll.
    • Later, Emile takes the flower to avoid landing on Bowser... only to land on Bowser anyway. At a part of the board where there are two Bowser spaces in a row, so of course next turn, he rolls a 1 and lands on Bowser again.
    • After Daisy hit one herself the first turn of the event, the mini-game is one-on-three in Balloonatic. To Jon's immense relief, it's everyone against Tim.
    Jon: "I actually get to fire the cannon!"
  • Immediately after Jon wins the board, he goes over the stats and realizes what's at stake if someone wins.
    Jon: "Two wins for me, two wins for Emile, one for Tim. If Tim wins this, it's a three-way tie! If I win it, I win all the Gamecube games!"
    Tim: "It will happen."
    Jon: "If Emile wins it, he breaks the curse!"
    Tim: "The tie will happen."
    Jon: "Holy shit! It all matters!"
    Tim: "The tie will happen."
    Emile: "Tee-hee-heeeee!"
    • Emile finished behind Daisy, thus meaning the joke lives on; Daisy, based on bonus star trackers, was the only one who had a chance to beat Jon, and would have done so had one of her bonus stars come up instead of the Red Star (Shopping, for which she and Jon had tied, was also there).

Bowser's Enchanted Inferno!

  • At the start of part 3, as Emile tries to tell a heartwarming story, Tim uses a Super Shroom Orb and finds two coins in it, giving him enough to get the star if he rolls high enough. Jon is not happy about it, but it initially sounds like he's unhappy at the story Emile's telling.
    Emile: "That was so cute at that one panel we had, I think at Momocon, where that kid asked you to do that-"
    Jon: "CRAAAAAAP."
  • When Jon and the AI go against Emile and Tim in Herbicidal Maniac, the latter two shoot at the same target in the fourth round, and their shots destroy each other. Tim questions if it's possible for two shots to cancel each other out in this minigame, only for Jon and the AI to do the same thing, giving Emile and Tim the win. All three of them agree how dumb the mechanic is, and how it's not explained at all in the description.
  • Jon lands on a duel space, and naturally duels Emile, who's in first place. Emile wins, and takes ten coins from Jon. Jon reluctantly accepts that it's better than losing a star to him. On Emile's turn, he uses a Triple Shroom Orb to get the star. It's revealed that the next star is on the same island Emile is on, and not only can he reach it in the same turn, but because he won the duel with Jon and took his coins, he also has enough to afford it.
  • In Part 4, Emile takes a lot of time trying to decide where to go and if he should use an item or not to avoid landing on a bad space, only to realize that he's still using the Triple Shroom Orb, and can't use an item anyway. So he rolls his two dice, and gets doubles, which angers Jon.
  • When Jon lands on a Mic Minigame space, you can see Toad and Toadette in the background. Emile adds in a text note saying "They look so cute..." underneath them.
  • In Part 5, Jon uses the Vacuum orb to reduce Emile's coin count to 19, Tim grabs the next star, Toadette lands just in front of the star. When it's revealed that either Emile or Tim could reach the space, Tim suddenly gets hostile when he realizes he has a chance of winning the final board.
    Emile: "I wonder..."
    Tim: "You don't wonder shit, shut up."
    • Emile plans on using the Tweester orb in order to prevent Tim from reaching the star, but on Toadette's turn, she lands right before the star space, blocking off Emile's only space to put his trap for Tim. He throws it anyway, hoping that it at least contains coins so that he can afford the star. It doesn't, and Tim snags the star on his turn. When it's Emile's next turn, he decides to use his remaining orb, the Metal Mushroom Orb, and that's the orb that had coins in it.
  • It turns out Emile was planning on playing as Toad for both Mario Party 5 and 6, but picked Daisy due to the infamous Daisy on Hard incident. Jon notes how the moment he switched to Toad he started winning boards.
  • A heartwarming moment occurs when Emile, having won the overall LP by one star after a three-way tie, suggests that they consider the results a tie anyways. Tim & Jon accept... and the funny moment occurs when Jon expresses relief that it was Emile himself who suggested it, as Jon notes that had he been the one to suggest it, he would have come off as petty (as he was second place to Emile in the stats).

Solo Mode

Solo Grand Canal

  • Before the round starts, Emile and Tim choose Solo Mode profiles. Tim chooses Masae's existing profile, and then proceeds to do an imitation of MasaeAnela.
    Tim: [imitating Masae] "Hey guys, it's...I'm sorry."
    Emile: "Keep going, keep going."
    Tim: "—saAnela here, and welcome back to Mario Party 7."
    Jon: "I'm so glad she's not here right now."
    Tim: "Yeah, she would kick my ass."
    Emile: "I was about to say, I think she'd punch me instead of him."
    Jon: "Nah, she'd punch both of you."
    • Masae herself then commented in the comments section:
      Masae: (in comments) Ah yes, I sure do remember playing this board very fondly. Yessirree that sure was me.

Solo Pagoda Peak

  • Jon creates a new Solo Mode profile, and names it "Waaaaah," punctuated with a picture of a control stick.
    • Then he decides to change his pregame message to "Waluigi numbah 72", and finally his winning message to "Oops, meant 27!" The best part is that he selected both numbers randomly, and only realized they were reverses of each other after the fact.
  • Emile reaches the peak 3 times throughout the playthrough, and only had 8 coins after the second time.

Minigame Mode


  • Emile buys a souvenir from the Duty Free Shop, and discovers that it has an animation when you say "Surprise" into the microphone. He then goes on to try it with a number of similar phrases, and gradually has less success. To punctuate the bit, he tries saying "Runaway Guys" into the mic. It doesn't work. He tries a few more times, without success. Then he says "BrainScratchComms" instead... and it works.

    Mario Party 8 

Party Mode

  • In something of a Call-Back from the November 2019 TRG Stream, Tom and Masae's channels are jokingly listed as Executive Producers after having "lost" the channel to them in a bet.
  • MC Ballyhoo, the host / announcer, rapidly grows on the Guys with his Large Ham persona. Pretty soon, every time he says "HAR HAR HAR!" the Guys (especially Jon) all repeat it back at him.
  • Anytime the Guys play In the Nick of Time. the Minigame controls absolutely Terribly, much to (mostly) Jon's Chagrin.

DK's Treetop Temple

  • The fact that this episode was recorded on May 17, 2019, the fifth anniversary of "Chugga's Lost Innocence". Which comes up as they're considering candidates for their first NPC opponent.
    Jon: "I mean, considering what today's date is..." [Points at Daisy]
    Emile: "NO! We're recording on 'Chugga's Wood Day'!"
    • Emile then checks to see if she's on Hard. And considers setting her to Very Hard.
  • During the board explanation, Emile does the voice for M. C. Ballyhoo, and Jon does a voice for Big Top.
    Emile: "You can be my hat."
    Jon: "No, I'm good."
    Emile: "I mean, Canada's America's hat-"
    Jon: "I was waiting for it! I knew it was coming."
  • They spend a good amount of time riffing on the shoehorned motion controls.
    • They find out that taunts are also motion controlled, and with how fidgety Jon is, you can hear Waluigi's taunting over and over. Jon apologizes in advance.
    • Tim also mistakes Toad's taunting for Kirby meowing.
    • As Emile gets his first star, he says it's only a matter of time until the pointer controls screw them over and makes them accidentally choose to refuse a star.
  • Emile's constant snarky comments towards the game. To the point where it made Jon surprised with how much he does it.
  • During the second turn, Jon visits the Candy Shop, as the shopkeeper says they're having a Big Bargain Sale. Jon and Emile react appropriately.
    Jon: "We're having a Big Bargain Sale! This Candy is crazy cheap! You'll break your teeth on it, you'll love it!"
    Emile: "We're havin' a sale."
    Jon: "We're havin' a dentistry sale!"
  • Jon is utterly delighted to see that Waluigi's victory animation is of him pulling out a rose, as he hadn't realized that this game was around the time they added that to his characterization.
  • After winning Kartastrophe at the end of Episode 1, Jon notices that Waluigi shouldn't be able to fit in his car.
    Jon: [doing a Waluigi impression] "Waluigi had to get rid of his legs to fit in this dang thing! ...I'm too tall for this car! Someone, help me!"
  • In Part 2, they play At The Chomp Wash. They burst out laughing at the suggestive imagery of the controls demonstration.
    • Shake It Up comes up shortly after, and yes, it's the one with the infamous imagery controls.
  • After seeing the samples for Speedy Graffiti, Jon claims to be sold on motion controls. Then they actually play the game. Tim has so much trouble with it that he ends up coloring in most of each slab before it switches to the next.
  • Once Emile gets his third star, it moves right next to Jon. As in directly beside him. Jon can't help questioning this suspicious show of generosity.
    Jon: "What's the catch?" [watching Toad finish his move] "The catch is you almost got it again! You didn't have the money, but that would've been really funny, though."
    Emile: [chuckling] "It would've been..."
    Jon: "Waluigi rolls a −2! How did that happen?" [rolls a 2, Emile starts cackling] "Really, come on!"
  • Everyone's collective disbelief upon seeing that Waluigi takes the Dizzy Downspout feet first... as in standing up with his knees locked.
    Jon: [as Waluigi] "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh—!"
    Emile: "He's standing up on a water slide!"
    Tim: "What the heck?!"
    Jon: "Thank god for those rickets; strengthened my legs! 'Cause that's clearly what rickets do!"
    • Followed shortly thereafter by him swinging on a vine, holding on with just his hands while the rest of his body is curved well away from it.
      Jon: "That's some good spinal form there, honestly. I'm impressed you kept your... your core must be real strong, Waluigi."
      Emile: "I mean, he stood up on a water slide; what do you expect?"
      Jon: "Yeah, I was gonna say, that man actually works out a lot, he just does not show very well." [as Waluigi] "See all this? This is all muscle, baby. How do you think I keep hiding this rose?"
  • Tim gets ridiculously lucky with his rolls in Part 3:
    • First, he uses his Bitsize Candy while on the Lucky Space path to get a little extra money on top of what's already on the spaces. He rolls a 9, and his coins shoot up from 15 to 72 in one move... and he's disappointed that they didn't stay at 69.
      Tim: "Oh, that's a good number to stop on." [gets three more coins for landing on a blue space] "Aw. I liked 69..."
      Jon: [chuckles] "Not allowed. This is a PG playthrough, young man."
      Emile: "Which is why we chose Daisy for it."
    • Then he uses a Thrice to try and catch up with Daisy, who'd gotten a 7-6-8 on her last turn and was far ahead of the pack. He promptly scores the triple 7s Emile had briefly thought she was about to roll and nets the jackpot:
      Emile: "I think that's fifty coins."
      M.C. Ballyhoo: "What digital dexterity! You deserve a bonus: 100 coins!"
      Emile: "Hundred coins!"
      Jon: "Whaaaaaaaaat?!"
      Emile: "Hundred coiiiiiins—!"
      Jon: "What?!"
      Tim: [long cry of victory as he's showered in gold]
      Emile: "Well, Tim is a threat!"
    • And then, he gets the worst possible roll on a Thrice... only for that to work out perfectly, as he lands on DK and gets tossed directly to the star. This comes right after Emile was hoping to land on DK himself, but couldn't manage it.
      Tim: "Ready for another triple 7? Here we go." [rolls 1-2-1]
      Emile: "Grossssss, he got the worst possible roll!"note 
      Jon: "Well, after getting triple 7s, no wonder!"
      Tim: "Indeed, but—"
      Emile: [high-pitched] "Oh, but he got Donkey Kong! What?!"
      Jon: "So what was that about being the worst roll?"
  • Daisy has her own share of luck, as she uses the Barrel Cannons not just to catch up with Jon and Emile, but to soar past them and reach the star they were vying for with laughable ease.
    Jon: "She got—what the heck?!? What?!"
    Tim: "Ohhhh my god—!"
    Jon: "What?!"
    Emile: [cackles] "High-scoring game!"
    Jon: "This makes no sense!"
    Emile: "Tim is in last! Tim is in last...!"
    Tim: "I'm bruminating, thank you very much."
    Jon: "What is this game...?"
  • At the end of Part 3, Jon uses his Bloway Candy and gets a low roll. He then freaks out when he realizes that using a transforming candy causes the user to pass by a candy shop.
    Jon: "AUUUGGGHHH! I thought that would work! That's why I did it!"
    Emile: [mimicking the shop clerk] "We don't sell to amputees!"
  • The Freak Out that ensues when Emile uses one of his Duelo candies to duel Daisy, win, and manages to steal two stars from her.
  • After debating whether or not he should use his Duelo candy to target Tim or not, Jon decides (with some reluctance) against doing so, banking on the chance that he'll pick up another piece of candy that might prove more valuable. He gets yet another Bloway.
  • At the start of the final turn, Jon's flummoxed upon hearing Waluigi randomly declaring himself number one. It's his alternate taunt, but despite Waluigi sounding off throughout the recording due to Jon's fidgeting, he hadn't used that one before. Followed by him spamming taunt to get it again.
    Waluigi: "Waluigi number one!"
    Jon: "What, okay?"
    Emile: [amused] "You have another taunt."
    Jon: "How'd I do that one?"
    Emile: "It's just shaking. You get a random one."
    Waluigi: "Waaaaa — waaaaa — Waluigi — waaaaa..."
  • Following a minigame, Jon's attempt to summarize how this might not make any difference gets interrupted by Yoshi's abrupt abduction via UFO:
    Jon: [as Waluigi turns to watch] "Okay, bye! Enjoy space, I guess! Say hi to Rosalina for me!"
    Emile: "We'll miss you."
    Tim: "I'll be back in two days."
    Emile: "Are those two glows the boobs?"
    [long stretch of silence]
    Tim: "...Yeah."
  • By the time they reach the finale and the Bonus Star reveals, the guys and Daisy have managed to acculumate a total of fifteen Stars between them in a twenty-round game.
    • Jon points out that Daisy may well have earned the most Stars in the game, only to constantly lose them in Duels.note 
      Jon: "Daisy actually got the most Stars on the — period, I think. But, uh, I think that she got last, or maybe third."
      Tim: "She was our supplier."
      Jon: [laughs while Emile sniggers] "She was selling Stars on the down-low. That's how she — that's how she can fund Sarasaland."
  • While Jon was quite confident that he hadn't gotten the Running Star, he's still floored by the disparity between how far he moved and how far everyone else did.note 
    Jon: [cracking up] "Look at that number difference! Look at that number difference!"
    Tim: "Well, that's crazy."
    Emile: "That's a mood."
    • Jon's never been a good roller anyway.

Goomba's Booty Boardwalk

  • The Cold Open is something to behold:
    Tim: "How's it going, guys? Welcome to Goomba's Booby Boardwalk here on Mario Kart 8... except it's with a P instead of a K..."
    Jon: "Definitely heard 'Booby Boardwalk' and 'Mario Kart 8'."
    Tim: "Yeah, Mario Kart 8 is right. Because look at this, it looks like a Mario Kart board."
    Jon: "Kinda does actually look like Rainbow Road..."
  • As the Vampire Candies come out, Emile notes that every character has a unique transformation for it. However...
    Jon: "I... am... a demon."
    Emile: "Waluigi looks the least different out of all of them, though, 'cause it actually changes your skin color and like gives you fangs, though, but Waluigi looks so..."
    Jon: [as Waluigi] "I just — I just showed my wings. I've had wings the whole time. No one really asked, so I just figured I'd show them now."
    [one set of swoops and swiped coins later]
    Jon: [as Waluigi, after transforming back] "...And my wings are hidden now. That's why I have this weird pose when I'm just kinda standing here, 'cuz... I don't want everyone to see my wings."
    Emile: "Waluigi's torso is as stick-thin as his arms; it just — hiding the wings in the overalls makes him look like he has a torso."
    Jon: [chuckles] "Yeah, exactly." [as Waluigi] "I actually have no chest at all."
    • Which leads into:
      Emile: "Has Waluigi ever been shirtless in canon?"
      Jon: [sputters] "No—!"
      Tim: [simultaneously] "Wouldn't you like to know?"
      Jon: "No! Mario's the only one who's been shirtless in canon, and that was like a year and a half ago!"
      Emile: "Did you know that in Mario Odyssey, the textures for Mario's nipples are higher resolution than his whole body in Super Mario Bros.?"
      Jon: [dismayed] "No, I didn't know that! Why do you know that?!"
      Emile: "'Cuz I follow Mario Broth Blog on Twitter!"
      Jon: [resigned] "Okay."
    • For extra hilarity, as it turns out, Waluigi would, in fact, make his shirtless debut in the Swimming events for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Which came out before these videos did, thanks to lead time.
  • Emile declares that there should be a petition to the White House to make 6 + 9 = 69. Not because he actually wants the math to be changed, but because if the petition got enough signatures, the White House would be legally forced to respond to it.
    Jon: "...You are what's wrong with the internet, Emile."
    Emile: [cheerfully] "And America~!"
  • The trio play a 3-vs-1 minigame of Snow Way Out against Blooper. Jon gets taken out early on and the AI focuses all its efforts onto Emile, who keeps effortlessly dodging it, so Tim just has Yoshi stand in the background the whole time. So once again, Tim wins by doing absolutely nothing.
  • Jon uses a Duelo just to roll two dice, as he's worried about the prospect of landing on the Cannon and being shot back to start. As he points out, it's well-founded: his very first roll would have indeed landed him on that space.
    • This also gives us the episode title:
      Jon: "BURNING ROSE! Even the rose is on fire! MAXIMUM ROMANCE!"
    • Then Tim decides to follow his lead, with the added bonus of knowing that if he makes it, he'll get to duel Jon back at start.
      Jon: "I rolled a 4. So I needed to do it." [chuckles wryly]
      Emile: "I would reduce my odds of landing on the cannon at all costs, honestly. Like, anything that would raise my chances of that is worth it."
      Tim: "Yeah." [rolls a 4 and a 6]
      Jon: "He also got a 4. What is happening in this game?"
      Tim: "It wants us. It wants us baaaad..."
  • Blooper gets the Vampire Candy and uses it on the trio. It manages to steal only one coin from each of them.
  • In Sick and Twisted, Emile makes it right to the end, only to barely miss the final platform and hit the ground. Only after Blooper finishes do they learn that anyone who makes it to the end wins.
    Jon: "Oh, it's just whoever makes it to the end! Ohhh! That's even worse, then, for you!"
    Emile: "Thanks — thanks for calling it a race to the finish, explanation."
  • The Bob-ombs Away match that closes out Part 2 pits Tim against Emile, Jon, and Blooper:
    Tim: [dramatic] "Time to reclaim my honor."
    Jon: "Can you not get exploded?"
    Tim: "As the non-explosive, non-flammable Yoshi, that can be sold safely in kid stores without—"
    [immediately blown up by the very first bomb Jon dropped]
    Tim: [as Jon and Emile cackle] "Oops."
    Jon: "Two for two, baby, two for two~!"
  • After Emile describes the various transformations as one of the few bits of polish 8 has:
    Jon: "Alright, what're we playing?"
    Tim: "Something cool, probably."
    Emile: "I said I'd loosen up on this game, and I've been having a good time, I—" [Rudder Madness comes up] "Ohhh this is my least favorite mini-game! As soon as I said it!"
  • The sounds that issues from all three guys upon Emile's realization that Tim is standing right in front of him... and he has a Bloway Candy. Meaning he could send him all the way back to the startling line when he's just a few scant spaces away from Cap'n Goomba. Though sorely tempted, he decides not to risk rolling low enough to hit the cannon after hitting Tim.
    Emile: [to Jon] "...You know if it was you, sure, I'd totally do it."
    Jon: "I know you would! That's why I'm not saying a word..."
  • Toad's victorious arm fold garners some comments:
    Jon: "Yo. Bout'ta drop a sick album. Toad Screams Out the Hits."
    Emile: [screechy Toad voice] "YO MOMMA'S A MOTHER-FU--" [dissolves into laughter]
    Tim: "...Wow."
    Jon: "...Is that a hit? Tell me what hit that is, Emile." [Emile giggles] "...And being a hit on your mom does not count."
  • When Tim rolls a 2 and lands on the cannon, he cheerily remarks, "Well at least we get to see the animation!"
  • In Part 4, Emile channels his chosen champion remarkably well when he Springos to Blooper, who's on the final dock leading to Cap'n Goomba... only to promptly hit the cannon and get shot back to Start.
    Jon: "Now you just need to make sure you don't roll a 2."
    Emile: "Pleeeeaaaaaasss—" [gets the 2, voice cracks into an uncannily Toad-like pitch] "NoooooooOOOOOOOOOOHHH! Come OOONNNNNNNNN! Come ONNNNnnnnnNNNNNN!" [takes a moment to recover] "...I really sounded like Toad on that."
    Jon: [laughs] "You really did~!"
    Emile: "I'm dizzy and have eye floaters from yelling that loud."
    • Which is immediately followed by Jon's turn:
      Jon: "And don't worry, buddy, I'm gonna join you here in a heartbeat."
      Emile: "C'mon, make it a club!"
      [Jon rolls his own 2]
      Emile: "YEAH!"
      Tim: "What?!"
      Emile: "Reyn Time!"
      Jon: "Why would it be anything else? Why would it be anything else?"
      Tim: "How does that happen two times in a row?!
      Emile: "It's happened to everyone but Blooper now — c'mon, Blooper, make us proud."
      Jon: [as Waluigi] "I'm too tall for this cannon!"
      Emile: [laughs] "Okay, I don't feel as mad anymore; that's fair."
      Jon: "That's fair? How is that fair?!"
    • To rub salt into this, Blooper rolled an 8.
  • With all of the Guys holding Thwomp Candy, Tim pulls the trigger first to smash both Emile and Jon while they're on the same space. Emile follows suit in an attempt at revenge, only for Tim's uncanny ESP-ish abilities to kick in again:
    Tim: "Aaaaaand here's the 3."
    Emile: [rolls] "2."
    Tim: "Close."
    Emile: "Lame..."
    Jon: "Whomp-whomp."
    Emile: "That's okay, you'll get a 1."
    Jon: [snerks] "Don't even joke about that, 'cuz it totally will be. Alright, what's the Waluigi statue look like? I assume it's just my head."
    Emile: "I'm sure it will look glorious, no matter what it is."
    Jon: "True form reveal!" [as the others crack up at Thwomp!Waluigi's expression] "I've seen some things!" [rolls a—]
    Emile: "ONE!"
    Jon: "Come ON!"
    Emile: "I know you better than you do."
  • As Jon tries to figure out the controls for Grabby Gridiron, asking how you can throw (you can't), Emile asserts that "Nobody ever threw in football."
    Jon: "Uh, that's literally how... that's how like half the plays happen. Emile."
    [Brief silence follows]
    Emile: "Real men just grab and run."
    • During the same match, one football inexplictably levitates itself towards Jon as if laser-guided.
      Jon: "This game is stupid, Emile. Why are we playing this?"
      Emile: "Because December ad revenue, that's why!"note 
      Jon: [sputters, over everyone's laughter] "Don't say that out loud!"
  • In the final turn, Tim dares Emile to take another shot at smashing him:
    Tim: "You could try again, and roll a 4 this time. ...Or, no, that would get me, roll a 3."
    • And he does, in fact, roll a 3. Followed by Tim predicting that Jon will get an 8, only to be just one off, as he gets 7 instead.
  • On the results screen, Emile accidentally hits "Next" instead of "Details", so they have no idea how much they won by. Luckily, their editor Dan manually tracked the stats, and puts up a lovely stat screen over Emile's lamenting over how he was the first one to make that mistake... and Jon pointing out that he was the only one capable of doing so, as the only one with any control at that point.

King Boo's Haunted Hideaway

  • During the opening, Haunted Hideaway is described as a 'rogue-lite' due to its gimmick of the house/board rearranging itself, with various branching paths meant to confuse and confound players as they try to make their way to King Boo. The first layout the Guys are presented with consists of a long, singular path, without a branching to be seen at all throughout the entirety of Part 1. Each successive room reveal is met with mounting disbelief, especially when it looks like they might have just gone in a perfect square loop.
    • In part 2, they finally come across a split path. Tim goes up, and Boo goes down. Boo finds the room with a free star from DK, and Tim gets to King Boo and the star. Once the mansion resets, they're now shocked that practically every room now has split paths.
      Jon: [noticing the map in the corner as Emile's taking his turn] "Oh my God, my path had another split."
      Emile: "Oooooh..."
      Jon: "I didn't even notice that."
      Emile: "It's making up for lost time."
      Jon: "Yeah, yeah, it's like 'The first board was too easy. Let's go crazy.'"
  • As Emile gets Pickpocket Pinball, a luck-based minigame where what you steal and who you target is determined by where the pinball lands, Jon asks him not to steal the Thrice Candy he'd literally just bought. Naturally, Lady Luck is not in Jon's favor. Judging from his deadpan reaction, Jon expected as much.
  • Emile gets to be the one player in Chump Rope, and wins in 4 seconds by simply swinging the rope as fast as possible.
    Jon: "Well that's one way to do it, good god!"
    Emile: [laughing] "Just whip 'em!"
    Tim: "Whip it good~"
  • Having bought a Springo Candy, Emile attempts to use it to leap ahead... while only Jon has made any real progress, with Tim and Boo only one and two spaces away from Start, respectively. He ends up hitting Tim... and visiting the candy shop again, where he buys another Springo.
    Emile: "I'll go for it again. I've learned nothing."
    Jon: [cracking up] "Alright. Least he's honest."
    • Appropriately, when Emile uses the candy a few turns later, he ends up going back to Start .
  • Part 3 opens with Boo attempting to zip ahead with a Thrice, despite not having enough to afford a Star. So while he does find King Boo, all he accomplishes is showing everyone the right path before getting kicked out of the manor.
    Jon: [as King Boo] "You found me!" [as Boo] "HI DAD! HOW ARE YOU?"
    Emile: [watching King Boo kick Boo out] "Father is disappointed he was not more responsible with his allowance."
    Jon: [as King Boo] "I have been feeding you five coins a week for allowance, and you have been spending it on Dry Bones' Candy! What a bad son! Glad no-one caught the fact I said 'feeding them' five coins for allowance."
    Emile: [laughs] "I was thinking it was kinda like how dragons, like, have gold and stuff. Like ghosts eat money."
  • After Tim triggers Bowser, Jon attempts to read his lines, but...
    Jon: [all as Bowser] "Resident upheaval! I didn't see what it said. If you crash my pad... What is it saying?!"
    Emile: "I didn't press it!"
    Tim: "I, um... I didn't care what he said. He's... he's boring."
    Emile: [chuckling] "I wasn't pressing it."
    Jon: [still as Bowser] "Something important was happening, but no-one wanted to read it. Bowser's real mad right now, dude."
    Emile: "I like how you always instantly look at me when text gets skipped..."
    Jon: "I can't imagine why, Emile! Why would I think that would be the case? Tell me more!"
  • Jon notes that Waluigi always seems to be the one that gets shown dropping the bob-omb in the opening cutscene for Bob-ombs Away. This leads to Emile musing about how 'Murder' would make a great Semblance in RWBY, to Jon's disbelief.
    Emile: "I mean, it would mean that you would win every fight."
    Jon: "I guess, but you would also be a wanted murderer..."
  • Three spaces away from the Star, Jon rolls a 1. He spends the following turn paranoid about getting another low roll, especially since Tim is right behind him. Jon manages to roll a 6 and get the Star anyway, leading to some playful banter between him and Emile.
    Jon: "Thank—good lord... I legit thought it was going to happen."
    Emile: Don't even, you're in first..."
    Jon: "I legit thought it was going to happen! I'm sorry! What of my Mario Party history did not make you think there was a high chance of that happening?"
    Emile: "...I mean, I kinda thought it would."
    Jon: "Yeah, exactly! Exactly!"
    Emile: [cracking up] "I'm sorry..."
    Jon: "Gimme crap all you want; you're also thinking the same thing!"
    Emile: "I kept thinking 'Yup, it's about to happen' that whole time."
    Jon: "I was like, 'I need to move the microphone, I'm gonna walk outta the room'..."
    Emile: "You have, like, everything premeditated at this point."
    Jon: "At this point, it's just routine. I'm doing the song and dance of bad luck."
  • During a round of Speedy Graffiti, instead of drawing the outline on screen, Tim just colors over the entire shape, which was surprisingly effective given that there was a 3-way tie for second place by the end of the minigame.
  • At the end of Part 3, Jon passes up a DK Space and pays Whomp to go a different route, ending his turn right in front of a door. Boo then manages to overtake him, revealing that King Boo is waiting on the other side. After his initial disbelief, Jon notes the Dramatic Irony of how they effectively showed each other the way to the Star.
  • Part 4 sees Jon venturing ever further into the manor... much to his dismay and mounting disbelief, as Boo once again reveals where King Boo is waiting while lacking the funds to buy the Star himself. Jon expects to find a pitfall right away and get shunted back to Start, only to find himself delving deeper still, finding room after room with no end in sight.
    Jon: [laughing as the map comes up on Emile's turn] "Look how far away I am from the Star...!"
    Emile: "I like how I've been in the first room this entire time and you're that far in."
    Jon: "I, I went looking for the hidden treasure in the dungeon or something. Everyone's like 'No, just go in like the kitchen and get a sandwich.' And I’m like, 'No, no, downstairs, somewhere in the basement, there's gonna be a hero sandwich and like a cheese platter and it's gonna be great!'"
    • As a bit of a Running Gag, this happens to Jon again in Part 5 where he winds up going down another long starless path nowhere near the rest of the group.
    Jon: Well I am nowhere near you guys so... have fun picking which way you want to go i guess!
  • They play Cut From The Team. Emile's strategy is to do nothing, and just have the game cut the wires for him. Through his sheer luck, he manages to win, even when it comes down to the last two wires for Boo to cut.
    Jon: "Uhhn, thanks Luigi."
    Tim: "Put that one in the highlights."
    Emile: "He made it cool, okay? I was just the follower."
    • Jon expresses his frustration when he accidentally picks the wire second from the right and is eliminated first when he meant to pick the rightmost one. He feels a little better when Tim picks that wire and also gets eliminated.
  • Emile gets a chance to redeem himself in Sick and Twisted. Rather than barely missing the very last jump again, he barely makes it — by bouncing off of Waluigi's head. Jon responds in-character.
    Jon: "Waluigiiiiii — ow! Hey, get off my head!"
    Emile: "Comin' through."
  • Jon decides to use his Duelo Candy as a mushroom in hopes of covering a lot of distance. He rolls two 3s — something which would have earned him bonus coins if he'd done it with a Twice Candy, but no such luck. Said 6 lands him right in front of a coin-chomping Piranha Plant. And he misses out on the free candy.
    Jon: [while Emile cackles] "Cooooool. Cooooooool. Cooooooooooool. Greeeeeat."
    Emile: "Wouldn't have you any other way, buddy."
    • Emile proceeds to roll a 9, bypassing the plants and picking up a Bitsize Candy in the process. Jon does not appreciate the irony.
  • As the last turn begins, Emile finds himself in a tricky position. Does he test his luck with the Springo Candy in one last-ditch chance to make it work for him on this board, or use his Duelo to run into Tim and try to win his Star? After considerable contemplation, he chooses the latter... and they tie in Surf's Way Up.
  • During the Bonus Star phase, the second Star to show up is...
    Emile: "The Running Star!"
    Jon: [resigned] "Aw, dangit."
    Tim: "Eeeeeugh..."
    Emile: "That goes to... Waluigi!"
    Jon: "WHAT?!"
    Emile: "Uhhhh-what?!"
    Tim: "What?"
    Jon: "What?!"
    Emile: "Are you drunk?"
    Tim: "Uh, we'll have to take a second look at that..."
    • And indeed, the trio continues to be flabbergasted as they look at the details and see for themselves that Jon managed to outpace them all by roughly twenty spaces. Guess his quest for that 'hidden treasure' wasn't such a waste of time after all...!
  • As Emile tells the audience that they'll be heading to Shy Guy's Perplex Express, the other guys chime in:
    Tim: "A total murder mystery, on a train! That sounds familiar."
    Jon: "It's just like my favorite cartoon... Thomas the Tank Engine!"

Shy Guy's Perplex Express

  • Emile's luck shows up early, as his first turn puts him on the Lucky Space for the free star.
    • Meanwhile, Tim get to the front and can't afford the star, so he goes on top of the car on his way back. Jon has enough to afford it and is four spaces away from getting it. On turn 4, Emile lands on the happening space that puts the car in front and puts it at the end, much to Tim's amusement and Jon's dismay.
  • As Emile uses a Thrice Candy, Tim casually predicts what he'll roll. He doesn't get the numbers right (guessing 5-2-10, versus 3-7-7), but nails the total (17).
  • Tim uses his Slowgo to score an easy trip to Payday Waystation, with Emile noting that despite it being Nerfed compared to previous Slow dice, only letting you roll 1-5 rather than the full range of 10, it's still really good. Cut to Jon, further back in the same car Tim just left, with a Slowgo of his own... but thanks to the nerf, the only special space he could aim for with it is Bowser.
    Jon: "...heh. Yeah, not nearly as nice."
  • Another round of Cut From the Team sees Emile attempting the same strategy that won it for him last time, while Jon warns him about gambler's fallacy. Several tense cuts leads to Emile staring down bad odds: two live wires on the field versus two duds. A straight 50-50 shot. He sticks to his strategy of doing nothing, the scissors automatically cut the sixth wire...
    Tim: [in a gruff voice, speaking the last part very softly] "Execute Order six...ty-six."
    [after a tense Beat, Toad uncurls from his defensive posture and runs to the back of the line]
    Tim: [still in character] "What?"
    Jon: "What?"
    Tim: "What happened to Order Sixty-six?!"
    Jon: "Are you for real...?"
    Emile: "So... two of those are hot..."
    Jon: "Great. 4, 7, and 9. 7 of 9... I'll say it's 4. I'll miss you all."
    [Waluigi gets launched]
    • After the game resolves with Tim's elimination:
      Emile: "Well, I found the strategy."
      Jon: "I can't believe you've won twice in a row now by doing nothing." [others laugh] "That angers me so much. Once is funny. Twice is patronizing."
  • Emile recounts an incident when he was 5 where a well-off aunt and uncle of his presented him with a room full of toys that he could take home with him. Ecstatic, he declared "Mommy, you're right! They are the ultimate in having too much money!"
    Jon: "Every time you have a story like this, it explains so much about current you."
  • Payday Waystation sees a lot of traffic. In Part 4, Jon's able to use a Slowgo to ensure that he moves the one space needed to secure the free Star at the end of the station... and the four necessary to land on the Lucky Space and go right back there.
    Jon: [as Waluigi boards] "Heh heh heh, I'm back on the train." [stopping on the Lucky Space] "Heh heh heh, I'm back off the train."
  • During Aim of the Game, Tim is the slowest to pick out cards to snipe. The other guys encourage him to shoot quickly as the rain of cards runs out... only for one last ×2 card to come down well after all the others.
    Emile: "What a troll!"
    Jon: [simultaneously] "What a troll move!"
    Tim: "Wow, okay. That was funny, though."
  • Right as Emile is talking about one of them is going to win the next minigame, they get In the Nick of Time, causing Jon to mock the concept:
    Jon: "You were saying? You were saying? What's that about winning minigames, Mister Conroy? What about the game where no one wins and everyone loses, In the Nick of Time? Where you have to turn your Wiimote just exactlyjust exactly! — to get it. But no! Exactly's a relative term to your Wiimote! It doesn't actually mean you'll get it correctly! You can stop your movement all you want, but the game will still think you're moving. It doesn't matter. It doesn't care what you think. It's a Nintendo game."
    Emile: "Generations from now, you'll be one of the great philosophers of our time."
    • And then, through sheer dumb luck, one of the rounds has the hands set themselves precisely behind where Emile's hands were already located, instantly awarding him his second point.
      Emile: "Okay, wha-hahahahahah?! Frame one! What is my luck?!"
      Jon: [simultaneously] "Okay! Okay! Now what the fuck is that about?! Oh, wait, mine's not — mine's not even turning anymore, what the—"
      [Emile wins, laughs even louder]
      Jon: "What?! What?!"
      Tim: "Everyone's going crazy!"
      Emile: "Speedrunning tactics—! TAS! TAS!"
    • Jon then makes a side comment to their editor that he doesn't care whether he bleeps any of his reaction out. A note promptly pops up on-screen:
      Haha! I'm leaving it ALL in. -Dan
  • Emile buys a Thrice, then lands in front of Holly Koopa, who offers to buy it for less than he just spent on it. Naturally, he turns down the offer.
    Emile: [scoffs] "Rich my ass. You just have a Nice Hat."
    [Jon laughs in surprise]
    Emile: "...Wow. That is applicable to so many people in the world."
  • When the board ended Wario had no chance of even getting third, as he was down three Stars and with fewer Coins.

Koopa's Tycoon Town

  • Turn two: Dry Bones lands on one of the Lucky Spaces and heads over to the right-side Lucky Hotel, and this is after swiping Jon's first star and hotel by going all in.
  • Kirby crawls up on Jon's lap and spends all of Part 1 there, leading to jokes about 'Cat% Completion runs'. When he hops down during Part 2, Emile jokes that Jon just lost his Cat% run.
  • Part 2 opens with another musical interlude, starring Waluigi as the snow-thrower in Snow Way Out.
    Tim: [sing-songy] "Here comes the, uh..."
    Jon: [singing] "Here comes the sun, doodle-doo-doo... Here comes your death, and I say, 'It's time to freeze.' Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doodle-doo... What killed the ice age, it was the dinosaurs!"
    Emile: [as he's hit] "Nooooo—!"
    Jon: [still singing] "What killed the ice age, it was dinosaurs! What killed the ice, it was Waluigi~!"
  • Bob-ombs Away returns, pitting all three Runaway Guys against Dry Bones, with Emile commenting as the round starts on how heavily it's weighted against the single player. Cue Dry Bones evading every bomb with remarkable precision, even sprinting safely out of the corner they'd pinned him into... only to get sniped at the last possible second.
    Jon: [drawling, as Waluigi] "Waluigi number one... Waluigi number one-second number one!"
  • Emile's attempt to mimic ASMR.
    Emile: [so soft-spoken the mic is having trouble picking him up] "Welcome... to another... Chugga... A... S... M... R..." [switching to a whisper] "Today... we're going to be investing in some real estate. Um... the Cashzap on Waluigi is a little tempting, but, um, I think... I'm just gonna... roll with the punches." [whispering faster] "Oh no, I don't want to say punches because that's too harsh of a word for ASMR. So sorry, I'm still new at this."
  • Part 2 ends with a Battle Game beginning, much to Jon's dismay, as he's the only one who can afford the 10-coin entry fee, making for a paltry pot of 22. Then Tim unintentionally tempts fate...
    Tim: "Might as well go all luck at this point."
    Jon: "Don't even say that, 'cause it's going to be that stupid game again—"
    [Emile bursts out laughing as he sees the roulette slowing and stopping on Cut From the Team]
    Jon: "Tim I hate you so much! WHY?! ERAUGH--!"
    Tim: [giggles in an exaggeratedly villainous fashion]
    Emile: "Alright, I'm just gonna put my feet up over here..."
  • Part 3 opens with Emile turning his chair around, since he doesn't need to see the screen to enact his 'do nothing' strategy. This leads to Jon noticing something that catches him completely off-guard:
    Jon: [sputter-laughing] "Whuh--why does the back of your chair say 'The Bitch'?!"
    Emile: [chokes with realization] "Adrianna put that there and I liked it, so I left it there."
    Tim: [while Jon is losing it] "Ohhhh my God...!"
    Jon: [cry-laughing] "I-I never noticed that!"
    [Meanwhile, Dry Bones is flung away]
    Tim: "Well, Dry Bones cleared one out for us."
    Jon: "Hang on, I gotta take a picture of this."
    Emile: "A bitch-ure?"
    Jon: "Oh my God, Emile, no."
    • Said strategy finally backfires on him, right after Jon observes how he's not only set his controller down, but is drinking water while he waits.
      Emile: "When in doubt, pinky out."
  • The exchange that opens Part 4, as Emile contemplates using his Bowlo Candy:
    Emile: "Nobody in front of me, okay."
    Jon: "Unless you got a great roll."
    [Emile rolls a 1]
    Jon: "That's a great roll."
    Tim: [at the same time] "Mmn, that's something."
    Emile: "By your standards."
    Jon: [cracking up] "Y-y-yeah-ha-hah, pretty much. Nice retort, actually, that's impressive."
  • Emile casually declares that he's going to ruin Jon's strategy by landing on the Lucky Space that's in front of them both. He needs a 2... and rolls a 3.
    Emile: "If I could roll a 2, that would be beautiful, 'cuz I would block what you wanna do." [rolls a 3] "Awwww...!"
    Jon: "Oh thank G—I thought you did, I thought you did. Was about t' throw this Wiimote. And then realize it's attached to my arm and watch it come right back at me."
    • This cues a conversation about the perils of chucked Wiimotes that quickly derails when Tim, using a Twice Candy to roll a 15, shoots past Jon to snipe the Lucky Space.
      Jon: [as Emile 'OOOOOHHHH's in the background] "...You didn't. DAMN IT—! COME ON!"
  • And speaking of Tim and Lucky Spaces, the next part has him trying to run Emile over with the Bowlo Candy. Instead he rolls a 4...and lands on the Lucky Space again. At this point, Emile and Jon just give up on Tim's lucky rolls.
  • After Jon locks down the hotel in front of him by investing a hundred coins, rendering it impossible for anyone else to claim, Emile Thrices his way down to another of Jon's hotels and invests most of his money to take it over. Jon then uses a Slowgo to hit DK, to see if the ape "can make something happen here." And he certainly does... by investing into the hotel Emile just claimed, giving those stars right back to Jon.
    Jon: "Oh, that's convienent."
    Emile: "...wwwwwwwwwhat? Come on!"
    Jon: "Thanks, DK!"
    Emile: "Really?! You couldn't have taken it from anyone else? After all that... trouble."
    • Then Dry Bones Bowlos to take coins from Tim and Emile, much to the latter's dismay:
      Emile: "You don't even look good as a ball."
      Jon: [startled laugh]
      Emile: "I at least look cute."
      Jon: "Why are you insulting his — Dry Bones' looks?"
      Emile: "It's all I have left, man!"
    • Then Emile tries to return the favor, wishing that he doesn't get a 1. And he doesn't. He gets a 2. Which is actually worse, as a one would have at least netted him a Happening Space.
  • Part 7 sees Jon land on the same space as Emile on the last turn. By this point, Emile has lost all of his stars, so his only response is "I get to be next to somebody who has stars". Jon busts out a chortle.
  • Emile realizes that it's literally impossible for him to reach the Lucky Space he was aiming for in time, as he's too far away to reach it on the penultimate turn, which is necessary in order to actually do anything on the special street. Then on the very last turn, he lands on said space without even trying.
    Jon: [realizing what's about to happen] "Oh no..."
    Emile: "OH NO, WHAT?! What a slap in the fucking face!"
    Tim: [simultaneously] "Yeah~! This is where all the interesting stuff happens, yeah~"
    Jon: "My god, this game just hates people!"
  • Tim then attempts to use his Slowgo to boost his Red Space count, but botches the timing, getting a 2 instead of 1... much to Jon's dismay, as that lands him on a Happening instead, summoning Bandit to steal money for him.
    Tim: "Oh, god, the timing was off!"
    Jon: "Aw, crap, that's not what I wanted him to get! Arrrhhh!"
    Tim: "...That's a Happening, though..."
    Jon: "That's a stealing..."
    Tim: [delighted realization] "Oh~!"
  • For the second board in a row someone ends with a guaranteed fourth place. This time it's Emile, who lost his chance when the first Bonus Star went to third-placed Dry Bones (who had gained 30 Coins the same way Tim had on the final turn).

Bowser's Warped Orbit

  • The rather warped intro:
    Jon & Emile: [reading Ballyhoo's lines together] "Beyond space! Beyond time! And beyond decency!"
    Emile: "Oh, cool, we're gonna get naked."
    Jon: "No."
    Emile: [reading on] "We're in the blackest hole of all—ew." [starts laughing] "Bowser's Warped Orbit! It's seriously sick and twist—heh-heh-he's just staring at me-hee-hee..."
    Tim: "Two minutes in. You know it."
    Emile: "He's doing that... squint that only he can do."
    Jon: [sighs]
  • In response to Emile finishing his summary of the board, Tim quietly sings "Now that we have that outta the way." Jon then asks if he just referenced Smash Mouth, to Tim's surprise, and starts rattling off lyrics that turn into a musical interlude. Emile, feeling left out, starts forlornly singing 'All Star'.
    Jon: "Sorry, sorry, Tim and I both really like the first two Smash Mouth albums 'cause they're actually good albums, and not just 'All Star', which is unfortunately what most people remember them for."
    Emile: "I, I think All Star is their only album, right?"
    Jon: "It's their only album. 'Welcome to Smash Mouth's All Star album! It's just All Star for like, two hours!' It's a double CD pack!"
    Emile: [giggling] "All All Star, all the time!"
  • Jon's the first to pull the trigger with the Bullet Candy, and the guys burst out laughing at the result:
    Jon: [as Waluigi] "My legs keep disappearing!"
    Tim: "It looks like a skirt."
    Emile: [at the same time] "It's like wearing an apron in the kitchen!"
    [after he reaches the end of his roll]
    Emile: "He's just sitting there looking pissed, he's not celebrating."
    Jon: [as Waluigi] "Like my legs back, please! Hurry up! Running out of fuel."
  • Emile's poor luck with rolls continues, as he tries to take advantage of Tim and Hammer Bro being on the same space to nab two stars from each with his Bowser Candy. He only needs an 8... so naturally, he gets a 7.
  • As Part 2 opens, Emile attempts to visit DK with his Slowgo. He gets the right roll, but the intersection shunts him off the other way, netting him a Red Space instead. Still, he stays positive... until Jon's turn comes around, and he Twices into another DK Space, at the end of what was already a profitable turn.
    Jon: [at the intersection] "Left please, thank you."
    Emile: [as Waluigi picks up a Bowser Candy] "Excellent."
    Jon: [continues to next random candy dispenser, nabs another Bowser Candy] "Excellent." [continues to the candy shop, sees he's landing on DK after shopping] "Excellent~!"
    Emile: "Oh come on!"
    Tim: "Oh, yikes. Tooth decay..."
  • When a Battle Game comes up (while Emile has no money, and only Tim has enough to pay the full entry fee), Jon has only one request:
    Jon: "Please don't be Cut From the Team anymore. So sick of it."
    Emile: "We don't even have forty..."
    [the roulette spins...]
    Jon: [before it even stops] "...I hate you, game."
    [...and lands on Cut From the Team]
    Tim: "Holy crap! This is like the Day at the Races, now..."
    Jon: "I'm so sick of this minigame! I'm so sick of it...!"
    • Emile once again does nothing, and even though he ultimately loses to Hammer Bro, he still gains 9 coins from getting second.
  • Emile explains that he gave another case of Accidental Innuendo when training with his personal trainer, after stating his arms hurt from training.
    Emile: "S-so, I-I...I started training with a personal trainer, like, a few months ago. Uhh, my personal trainer's a girl. And, uhh that's important because uhh, there was one time where she was apologizing for like, how rough the training was one day, and I was really exhausted and without thinking I said 'That's okay, I know it's your job to hurt me.'"
    Jon: "See, I thought you were going to say—I thought you were going to say something like 'That's okay, I like it rough', or something like that, and I was gonna be like 'Damn, Emile.'"
    Emile: "Yeah, she like, paused, and then we just like, busted out laughing, and I'm just like 'I'm so sorry!'!" [giggling]
  • At the end of Winner Or Dinner, the game spends a good five seconds trying to pathfind the characters to their position. Eventually it gives up and has them do their winposes where they're standing.
  • Jon's repeated refrain during Treacherous Tightrope that "only ridiculous, over-the-top movements" will carry him to victory. He still loses to Tim.
    Emile: "He's holding it upside-down."
    Jon: "Only ridiculous, over-the-top movements!"
  • Emile decides to Twice in order to get behind everyone. He ends up right in front of Jon, square on the space in front of him, impossible to miss.
    Emile: [as Toad passes Waluigi] "Uh, well, uh..."
    Jon: "Hi." [laughs affectedly]
    Emile: "Speaking of not wanting to roll higher than a 1...!"
    Jon: "How's it going?"
  • Jon misses the final jump in Sick and Twisted due to the auto-scrolling not catching up to him in time, causing him to hit an invisible wall. What really makes it is Tim's comment beforehand:
    Tim: "It's the beautiful nature; it lulls you into a false sense of security, and then... boom!"
    Jon: [Waluigi jumps for the end and falls straight down] "HEY! WHAT?!"
  • In the Nick of Time returns, and Jon spends the entirety of the match getting saltier and saltier at the game's wonky controls, culminating in an epic victory rant when he wins.
    Jon: "C'mon, you're fucking there!" [hands click into place, netting him the victory] "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! Never again! NEVER again! Do not ever pick that in the Minigame Mode or I am turning off the game! Never again! NO! I will stay in this house and... observe all the clocks and smash them all at this rate! Time itself is no longer a concept to me; I disagree."
  • On the last turn, Tim has a choice: hit Emile and Hammer Bro with a Bullet, or take a risk on rolling high enough with his Bowser Candy for an even bigger payout? He goes for the latter, but comes up short... landing on a reversal Happening. Which lines up Hammer Bro for the perfect shot at Emile and Tim, rendering Jon effectively untouchable.
    Jon: "Well, that... shot my plan to get one last Star steal with a Bullet Bill. But, uh... that does mean nothing's really gonna happen otherwise."
    [camera cuts to Hammer Bro for his turn, showing that Toad and Yoshi are now one and four spaces in front of him respectively]
    Emile: "Hammer Bro is now whoaaaaaa... what..."
    Jon: "Actually..."
    Emile: "Nooooo... Nooooooooooo..."
    Tim: [at the same time] "Oh, wait, wait, wait! Wait! Wait!"
    Jon: [laughs maniacally]
    Emile: [despairingly] "Hammer Brooooooooo—!"

Minigame Mode

  • Part 1 of Crown Showdown gives the group Speedy Graffiti; all four of them get a point when it ends with all of them having the same score.
  • In the second part of Crown Showdown, In The Nick of Time comes back, leading to Jon repeatedly pressing the Home Button in attempt to exit the game, as he said after he won the minigame the last time.
  • Most of the games in the Extras Zone only allow one or two players. While the Guys trade off controllers, this still means that Waluigi is left waiting with MC Ballyhoo while Toad and Yoshi ride off to have fun... and making small talk.
  • While watching the credits, Emile notices the name Deanna Mustard and jokes about it sounding like a name of a grocery store item. He then looks it up.... and discovers she's Daisy's voice actress.

"Hey Jon, do you like parties?"


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