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  • All of Emile's horrible guesses can be found in the following videos:
  • For April Fools' Day, they decided to take a snippet of the Hawaii recordings, and slow it down to a snail's pace. It's as ridiculous as it sounds, and you can witness it here.
    Jon: [in the comments] ...I can't believe you did it. You talked about turning this into a series for months and I never believed you would do it. Even as an April Fool's joke I never believed you would do it.

    ...I don't know if I should applaud you or delete your editing software.
  • The comments generally use Emile's terrible guesses in a sentence as if they were an actual thing.
    -Oh boy. Simon Wager is my favorite actor. I loved his Patrick Zany character. I think that famous Calibrary Cuff Paula Deen did a cameo in that movie, where Zany is trying to find the elusive Metropolitan Mutant of Ark.
  • A Running Gag is that every time the guys reach the bonus spin, they read what letters are on the camera out loud, such as "ME SPIN & WIN", or "ICA's GAME".

    Wheel of Fortune: Wii U Edition 

Match 1

  • Emile regales the guys of a time he saw Wheel of Fortune when he was younger:
    Emile: The subject was 'thing', but I thought it was telling the viewers at home what the answer was. So the answer was 20 letters long, but I went 'I know! 'Thing'!'
    Jon: You were very good at Wheel of Fortune when you were a kid.
  • Emile, stumped on one puzzle, guesses random letters and ends up with the magnificent disaster that is "CALIBRARY CUFF PAULA DEEN". Jon's sarcasm and his embarrassment causes a laughing fit that lasts for over two minutes. The answer was CELEBRITY CHEF PAULA DEEN.
    Jon: 'Calibrary Cuff Paula Deen.' Calibrary Cuff. I'm sorry, but what?!
    • What makes it honestly fantastic, really, is the sound of Emile breaking down in shame in the background.
      Emile: [crying with laughter] My spleen!
    • During the closing credits, they discuss what that would even be.
    • Related: "THE FEATS OF CAFE". Chugga A. Conroy, everyone.
    • Emile gets so incoherent with embarrassment over this that he has to resort to putting subtitles in the video at one point.
      • Even better, later on Emile tries to call Jon out on his mocking Emile's fail by claiming it embarrasses him, only for Jon to point out he's "doing a good job by himself."
  • Pat's Final Spin landing on lose a turn. Twice.


  • The comment the guys choose to end the first video on:
    Tim: I keep expecting [the game] to cut to a commercial or something.
  • Jon correctly guessing every letter in the final puzzle, and still being prompted to solve it. He notes that it would even be entirely possible for him to just choose to give up.
    Emile: D'you wanna do it?
    Jon: No. Fuck no, I want my prize!
  • After Jon decides at what prize to pick, he discusses this:
    Jon: Okay, there's a football logo in this game and it's locked by default and it makes me so sad! I want a football on my shirt!
    Emile: I want a football in my mouth—DEET DEET!
    Jon: Did you say you want a football in your mouth?
    Emile: Uh, that's not what I meant to say, I wanted a foot- never mind!
    • Now animated!
      • Of course, the animation omits the "never mind", instead doing something much funnier.

Happy Holidays

  • Jon completely losing it right at the beginning of Part 1 because of Tim:
    Tim: You wanna touch my letters, Vanna, because you're more than welcome to any time you want to.
    Jon: [while laughing] W... what???
    Emile: What letters are you talking about, Tim, your consonants or your vowels?
    Tim: My PP!
    Jon: [after calming down] Oh man!
    Emile: Jon sounds like a monkey.
    Tim: Oh my D, my D, that works too.
  • "FEISTA KEYS TO THE GARAGE", in a Before & After puzzle. Emile, admittedly, had a train of thought for this one, but that just makes it even better. Answer 
    • Also, "GOING ON A PLEASE LABE". Answer 
  • Jon does the same Literal-Minded gag he's done on his own livestreams of Wheel of Fortune, misinterpreting a prize picture of a deckchair on an idyllic tropical beach as "You win a chair!" rather than a trip.
    • Related, Jon (and eventually the others) note that whenever someone wins a vehicle, it is shown as a rotating image, so he describes the prizes as (e.g.) "A SPINNING MOTORCYCLE!!"

Cruise Week

  • The intro has Jon bringing up "Feista Keys to the Garage" again, causing Emile to explain that he's not trying to be funny and is really trying his best. Immediately afterwards? "OCEAN GROSSING". The answer was "OCEAN CROSSING".
    • And then his confusion over the actual answer:
      Emile: What's 'ocean crossing'?
      Jon: As in, you cross the ocean.
      Emile: [still confused] What?
  • Anime Cat Girl Emile.
    Emile: [weirdly suppressed, sounding like a cat] Nyoooooh!
  • After yet more Trauma Conga Line for Emile, we get this:
    Jon: Now if anyone had bought an E, we would have figured it out immediately.
    Emile: E-mediately?
    Jon: Really?
    Emile: ...Please let me have my puns, I got nothing left in this game!
    Jon: [laughing] Wow! Dude! That's so depressing sounding!
    • The humiliation doesn't end there; the next video features a Toss-Up puzzle with Occupation as the category. Emile accidentally decides to solve the puzzle with just a G on the board, and blindly piecing letters together, ends up with "ICICLES GOGGGLES". Answer  What makes the moment even better, though, is Tim making the same mistake, effectively giving Jon the win.
  • At one point, Emile and Jon's characters throw up their arms in defeat at the exact same time.
  • After Most Frequent, the minigame's music gets caught on a one second loop until the toss-up begins. What's even funnier is that the guys didn't notice it at all.

The Great Outdoors

  • As usual, Emile gets most of a phrase correct, then screws up on one word. This time, it's "QUIET BEAUTY OF SALUTE".
  • Tim getting two Bankrupts in a row, followed by losing a turn.
  • Guess who thought the word "Southern" was "Softkern" for a thing?
    Jon: What are you?
    • And even once he knows the first word, his next guess is "SOUTHERN CRAPI". Answer 

Las Vegas

  • The Running Gag of picking B never working for Emile becomes a Brick Joke when he guesses something other than B and gets it wrong...
    Jon: [To Tim] Are you going to do it and break his heart?
    Emile: NO! IT'S NOT THAT, IS IT?!
    [Tim picks B, and it turns out there are two of them]
    Emile: GOD FRIKKING.... PIZZA!"
    • The same puzzle ends up reduced to just THE BA_ BRIDGE, and Emile still doesn't know what it is. He has to literally Try Everything until he finally realises, actually pronouncing the word with every letter from C to Y while Jon groans in frustration. Made even funnier by the fact that Jon knew the answer and would've got it... had he not immediately spun Bankrupt on his turn.
  • Emile reveals that he originally thought the Bonus Round puzzle was "HEALTHY SLUT". It was HEALTHY GLOW. Tim and Jon are left nearly speechless.
  • At the end of the video Emile discovers that he actually took second place ahead of Jon. The surprise scream Jon makes must be heard to be believed.
  • The Call-Back to Emile's anime cat girl moment.
    Jon: Nyaaa~
    Emile: SHUT UP!

New York City

  • Similar to the "Healthy Slut" moment, Emile admits that he thought the solution to one puzzle was "Political Antichrist." It was political activist.
  • At the end of the match, Emile realizes that he'd never have a chance at making it onto the actual show. Cue him going into his room to cry.
    Emile: [loud distant yell of despair]
    Jon: Thanks for tuning in, everyone, Wheel of Fortune! We'll see you next time!

Washington DC

  • During the first Toss-Up, apparently none of the Guys know what a wood thrush is, and both Emile and Tim come very close to guessing it by accident.
  • During the first regular puzzle, Tim's first guess at the puzzle is "CHOKING THIS SCHLONG" (though it's worth noting that he did this as a joke at the very beginning of the round, and it wasn't a serious guess). Answer  The hint? "What Are You Doing?". Needless to say, Emile and Jon's reactions are exactly as you think. Tim guessed very early.
  • Once again, the Guys get a ridiculous number of Bankrupts. On one occasion Emile gets Lose A Turn, Tim gets Bankrupt, Jon gets Bankrupt, and so the turn goes straight back to Emile again.
  • Near the end of Part 1, Jon starts narrating everything through song. Made even funnier when Tim runs with it and starts doing backup vocals.


  • Most likely the defining moment of funny in this entire side-project is at the beginning of Part 2, which is yet another "Emile guesses random words" moment; what thrusts it up above all the previous moments is Jon and Tim's (mostly Jon's) reactions to it. It... It just has to be seen to be believed.
    Jon: EMILE! The Metropolitan Mutant of Ark?? [shortly after] Are you a real human being? Do you exist?
    • Later on, after Emile becomes completely humiliated...
      Emile: Maybe I'll find some crazy way to edit that to make it look like I did good...
      Jon: No. Don't you dare. You leave that pristine. That needs to be left alone, and framed in a goddamn museum OF ART. IT NEEDS TO BE FRAMED IN A MUSEUM OF ART, LIKE A METROPOLITAN ONE!
    • Even better, is that Tim then gets a chance to solve it, only to miss the last letter as well as misspelling the first word, letting Jon, who was in last, take it. His reaction is just stunned disbelief up to eleven.
  • Emile's fiasco gets referenced throughout the rest of the episode.
  • At the very end as if Emile hasn't gone through enough of a Humiliation Conga in the series, he gets the chance to solve the final puzzle. The correct answer is ALPINE GLACIERS, but he can only guess the first half correctly, making his guess "ALPINE GLIMMERS". However, he realizes it's not correct and attempts to change it. He tries guessing it as "Alpine Gleamers" instead, much to his eventual anguish.
  • After noticing a cave in the background, Jon and Emile both wonder if it's full of Hawaiian Bats, which prompts Emile to spontaneously start singing the "Bats" song. This results in Jon having an "Is this really happening?" reaction.

New Orleans Round 2

  • Right off the bat, Emile gives yet another bizarre guess: "Soapping Alligators." And he was only off by one letter.
  • On the first puzzle, the three have solved enough letters so that the four-letter last word has mostly been uncovered, showing that it ends in "-UCK". Emile doesn't waste time pointing out the obvious.
    Emile: [tries to suppress a laugh] I am a horrible person.
    Jon: It's not- 'F' is already used, Emile!
    Emile: I know!
  • The latest Chuggaaconroy masterpiece, "CHICHIN ATOCH DARIFOLIT" Answer  from the third minigame break.
    • How about "MR. FILTH" in the third toss-up? Answer 
  • The fact that despite his usual bizarre guesses Emile still manages to win due to solving a tough puzzle and getting several thousand dollars from it. He still doesn't solve the final puzzle though, and loses his chance to win a spinning motorcycle.

Happy Holidays Round 2

  • Emile's guess for the second toss-up is "MOSSY TURKEY TURNER". Answer 
  • They burned through half the consonants before guessing a single letter of "DIG DEEP".
  • "BURMFOP" Answer 
  • Guessing for a puzzle that starts with "SLEEVELESS", Emile almost thinks it's followed by "PANTS" despite sleeveless pants obviously not being a thing and the letters and word length not matching. Tim remarks that it sounds like "assless chaps", and Emile, running out of time, fills it in as "SLEVELESS ROCKID".
  • Emile guessing "THE DRESSMILT SOCK." Answer 
  • Emile making a sound which sounds like a goat screaming.
    Jon: The fuck?
    Tim: [bursts out laughing]
  • Jon winds up winning the board and is the one to win the spinning motorcycle.

Happy Halloween Round 2

  • Seeing the Halloween-colored outfits on Pat and Vanna, Emile wonders if Pat turns into a vampire, and Tim calls it "Bat Sajak". Then Emile dubs Vanna "Vanna Black" to match the theme.
  • The first puzzle, a "What are you doing?" category, with the answer "TELLING GHOST STORIES". Emile buzzes in and guesses "TALKING" for the first word, but hits a wall, and fills in the rest as "TOAST SHOPING". After he realizes that it's wrong (because "shopping" didn't fit), Jon remarks that yes, it is very wrong, but because Emile wrote "TALKING TOAST SHOPING". Emile runs out of time trying to correct it to "TALKING TOAST SNOWING".
  • Instead of "STRANGE NOISES" for the next puzzle, Emile guessed "SWIANGE NOISES", but ran out of time before he could finish the second word.
  • A minigame puzzle with "__D ST___". Emile gets stuck on the word "POD" for the first, and ultimately tries to fill it in with "STUFF"...but he ends up making a mistake and answering "POD STOFF". He was on the right track with "STUFF", but the first word was "KID", meaning the answer was "KID STUFF".
  • After Emile managed to snipe the victory from Tim's grasp and get a chance at the final puzzle, he ended up with TO_ POODLE. His plan of action? GUESS LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE COMBINATION OF TO_ POODLE FROM A TO Z, ON PURPOSE, UNTIL FINALLY SOLVING IT CORRECTLY. Even skipping Y to be an extra pain!
    Jon: Don't, don't, don't you do this, Emile...
    Tim: [bursts out laughing]
    Jon: You do not get the right to do this right now!
    Jon: Emile, you do not get the right to do this! Oh my God...
    Tim: ...Tom Poodle?
    Emile: TOQ POODLE!
    Jon: Oh my God...
    Jon: I'm hoping he just accidentally doesn't click it or runs out of time...

New York City Round 2

  • This round's bad guess, brought to you by Emile, is "CLOWNEY SIDERILKS". In the first toss-up round. Answer 
    • And on the Final Spin, he also brings in "THE ID BANAB B_ _E". note 
  • Jon ends up figuring out one puzzle is "EXCITING THEME PARKS" which even Tim has trouble with. When he finally finishes the puzzle, both Emile and Tim let huge screams at the top of their lungs.
  • When one of the answers turns out to be CONFETTI CANNON, Emile makes a veiled reference to Pinkie Pie's party cannons.
  • Emile wins the round, but he flubs the final puzzle and misses the spinning motorcycle. Again.

Washington DC City Round 2

  • Emile's guess for the Final Spin is "SHINE NUT MAN COPINA_E". note 

Hollywood Round 2

  • Another guess from Emile is for the category "Events": "THE EASY FOOL". And then an equally silly guess came immediately after by Tim: "THE FISH BOWL". Answer 
  • Emile guesses "DANIENED JEANE". Answer 
  • Jon does the final spin, and figures out the answer (ALUMNI ASSOCIATION) with only 7 seconds left on the clock... Which, unfortunately, wasn't enough time to type it in. The kicker? The prize he would have gotten was the one million dollars!

Las Vegas Round 2

  • Yet another guess from Emile: PANTSTORM. Answer  This leads to exactly the kind of jokes you would expect.
  • In part 2, he gets to answer for a "Star & Role" question, and enters "SIMON WAGER AS PATRICK ZANY". Answer 
    • The comments have a lot of fun with this:
    -Oh boy. Simon Wager is my favorite actor. I loved his Patrick Zany character. I think that famous Calibrary Cuff Paula Deen did a cameo in that movie, where Zany is trying to find the elusive Metropolitan Mutant of Ark.
    -I heard Patrick Zany was coming all the way across the Ocean grossing to get some Mossy Turkey Turners at the Fish Bowl.
    -Remember when Wager appeared on the Mr. Filth Show? I hear that he had to drive through a pantstorm to get there. He took off his icicles gogggles for the first time on the show - I never would have guessed he was a natural fluffite!
    -Wasn't there an episode of the Mr. Filth Show where Simon Wager and Michael Chamlas went on a please labe together? I think they ran into some soaping alligators there...

Happy Holidays Round 3

  • They're only doing this because they still can't record Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition on PS1. They tried everything, even playing it on both PS2 and PS3. The kicker: Emile's still angry because he was winning.
  • This exchange:
    Emile: But what if the subject that you're studying in has nothing left to be discovered in it?"
    Jon: ... that's not how reality works.
    Emile: I mean, like, what if you're, like... getting your degree in pickle farming?
    Jon: Spin the wheel.
  • With that in mind, here are your Emile guesses:
    • "NOSEY NEIGHBOR" note 

Happy Halloween Round 3

  • Emile does unnaturally well this round (getting both toss up puzzles right with only a few letters each, then getting both the Jackpot and Million Dollar wedges and solving the first puzzle), so much that Jon starts suspecting him of cheating when he keeps actually getting things right. It takes losing the Million Dollar wedge and Tim winning before he conceded otherwise.
  • The comments have a predictable meltdown at Emile doing so well.
  • Despite Emile's exceptional performance, he still had his fair share of bad guesses along with Tim.
    • Emile guesses "HOBBYWOGIE" and "HOBBYWOGLE" and Tim guesses "HOBBYHOUSE". note 
    • Tim guesses "BABY SITTERS" note 
    • Emile guesses "TOPPILITH CRUDEOT". Answer 
    • Tim guesses "POKE SHOP" on the final puzzle. Answer 

Round 1 (2023)

  • Emile gets two bankrupts in a row... before landing on $2,500, and then guessing a letter that wasn't in the puzzle.
    • Tim guesses "OVERNIGHT SECCCCS" Answer  on the final Toss-Up.
  • Emile doesn't write anything stupid until the final puzzle. He guesses "WOSEN KITE IVA".Answer  note 
  • At the end, Emile comments about how he's shown the guys "Shaggy and Scooby Doo Fuck The Deer". For those wondering, he's referring to a Gag Sub of the Swedish intro of Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue!.

Round 3 (2023)

  • The first game is a Jackpot puzzle, with the theme of Food and Drink. After everyone figured out the first two words were "Canadian Bacon," Emile randomly picks a P. To everyone's surprise, it's up there and reveals the answer is "Pizza." This is funny for two reasons. One, Z is a very rare letter in Wheel of Fortune, so no one would think that. Two, Emile guesses it on the million dollar wedge, which let him pick it up. Jon's anger shows what we're all thinking.

    Wheel of Fortune: 2nd Edition 


  • Emile actually sweeps the first two rounds, much to everyone's surprise.
  • The game malfunctioning after Emile won. It's as if the game couldn't handle this fact.
    • And then the end of the video reveals they haven't been able to get the game to work since.
  • The comments had a meltdown at how well Emile did.

    Wheel of Fortune: PS4 Edition 

Round 1

  • Unlike previous versions, Emile decides to start the game completely blind, without bothering to set everything up in advance. Cue almost five whole minutes of Jon fumbling through the interface trying to customize his avatar... only to accidentally cancel out and leave all three of them with the default avatar.
    • Not only are they identical avatars, but they have similar mannerisms, and during the toss-up rounds they're nearly in sync, swaying back and forth with their buzzers in their hands.
      Jon: (laughing) I looked up top, and now I can't take this seriously!
  • The Guys' reactions to discovering that Pat and Vanna aren't in this version of the game, having been replaced by "Uma Thurman and that guy from Psych".
  • Jon reacting to the Ubisoft Club and PS4 achievement notifications.
  • The increased frustration at the host saying "To be honest, I wasn't sure how you were gonna solve this one" after every non-prize puzzle.
  • Tim makes another hilarious guess on a puzzle with the clue "What are you doing?": MAKING LOVE TO DOGHOUT. Answer 
  • The Final Spin, also with the clue "What are you doing?", has a couple of hilarious guesses, from Tim's PUKING MY LUNCH OUT MAN, and Emile's WAXING MY PURSE NOW YAR. Answer 
  • Fumbling around in the Characer Customization menu, the sequel:

Round 2

Round 3

  • Tim blurts out the answer to the $1000 toss-up immediately, only for Emile to buzz in before him and snipe the answer. He hesitates for a bit on the spelling, but gets it right... and gets an achievement for solving the puzzle with so few letters: "New Baby Buggy". As a bonus, the commenters point out that the contestant being referenced by that achievement's name was also named Emil.
  • Emile asks Tim if he uses female avatars for these games because of Emile's 'Tim, his wife' joke. Tim admits he does, to which Jon mentions he thought it was because it made him stand out more.

    Wheel of Fortune: Wii Edition 

Game 1

  • This game turns out to be compatible with the forgotten Wii Speak microphone accessory. The guys don't use it on this round, but it will be used for a later one to see the inevitable trainwreck.
  • On this round of Emile's Bad Guesses...
    • "TRUNKING BACKPACKS" from the $2,000 Toss-Up.
    • Then "FUNKOW COLLEGE" from the $3,000 Toss-Up.
    • And lastly, "TURLLING DUNEL ORIONY" on the Final Spin.

Game 2

  • All three of them use the Wii speak for custom taunts. Emile said "I didn't suck!" but...
    Emile Taunt: I didn't fuck!
  • The Wii Speak gets used for round 2, and it does not disappoint. The first toss-up has Emile try to guess "RUMOUR ALCOHOL" on SUMMER SCHOOL. That's not the funny part. The funny part is that the Wii Speak autocorrects Emile's guess to the correct answer.
  • The GRACELAND IN MEMPHIS TENNESSE puzzle has two really good moments.
    • Firstly, Emile tries to make a normal spin, which the game interprets as him saying "Solve." What proceeds is Emile's brain slowly short-circuiting.
      Emile: Magellan? Mammamen? Porcelain! Quackalin? Porcelain! CHRYSLER! TOYOTA! MITSUBISHI! YOUR MOTHER! THE PRESIDENT! PATRICK STAR! Ayuuhuuh... Bubahuhaha? Meleleleleleablah! NNNNNG!
    • Tim makes a guess on this puzzle and the game registers his guess as correct... but no letters appear in the puzzle, despite Tim getting money for it. This baffles the guys enough, but when he, too, gets hit by the game thinking he said "Solve," THIS happens:
      Tim: Graceland.
      Wheel of Fortune: LLALELANL
      The Guys: [break down laughing]
      Tim: ...Cancel input.
  • Then the High / Low Mini Game Break has Jon fighting against the very fiddly microphone, trying to get the game to recognize "SET" to complete the phrase "QUIET ON THE SET!" The autocomplete suggestions gave some...interesting choices, such as "DAD", "TAX", "SEZ", and "GAY".
  • Jon repeatedly trying to guess the final puzzle ("TRUCK OWNERS") and having it not even register.
    Jon: "Truck. TRUCK. U. TRUCK. TRUCK! Truck. Truck. ...fuck. FUCK."

Game 3

  • Jon opens the video with a call-back:
    Jon: [in time with the "Wheel of Fortune" chant] TRUCK. TRUCK. TRUCK.

Game 6

  • The first round sees the return of the Angry Wheel, as a whopping four out of seven spins end on Bankrupt.
  • The second round has Emile correctly guess "RUNNING ACROSS THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE" (and winning over $22,000 with it), though he almost mistakenly put in FRIDGE for the last word. The Guys spend the last part of the video discussing what a "Golden Gate Fridge" would be, leaving Emile to declare that his backup job for when YouTube goes down is to open the "Golden Gate Fridge Company."
  • Emile's new taunt:
  • Emile's fart and his attempts to save face. Not Tim This Time.

Game 7

  • Just in case people thought Emile didn't have any more hilariously awful guesses in him, the $3,000 Toss-Up has Emile guess "FAT JUSTINE TUB". Bonus points? The category was Food and Drink. Answer  Many jokes about Caroline going after Emile for insulting her sister were had.

Game 8

Game 9

  • It's Tim's turn once more to make a bad guess. This time, on the second puzzle. He guesses "FRIENDLY POONTS", as he buzzed in too early without having any idea what the second word was.
    • Emile also makes a funny guess, as he buzzed in too early as well. He guessed "FRIENDLY STINKY". Answer 
  • They tell the story of a time they went out to dinner during the Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Party 2 recording trip: Tim was narrating a vlog in the bathroom while next to the stall that Emile was in (while suffering from diarrhea and thus groaning) and Jon (plus whoever else was with them) could hear everything from their table.
    • They then follow it up with another story from that trip where Emile and Tim were heading back to Jon's place and Emile hit a crosswalk button... unaware that this crosswalk used a new system that makes all the cars stop so you can cross without a stop light. End result: a car got rear-ended and the two got an earful from Jon for leaving the scene of an accident without calling the cops.
  • Chugga's Lost Innocence continues. While listing off Rock Hudson and Doris Day movies, Jon brings up Pillow Talk. Emile, being who he is, has only ever associated the term with weapons from Hideki Kamiya games like Ōkami and Bayonetta. Jon's sighs says it all.
    Jon: "... Now I know why I'm the only married one..."

Game 10

  • During the first Minigame Break, everyone (yes, including Jon) tries to solve the puzzle...with only two letters revealed on the board. Everyone's guesses include:
    • Emile: "POOPANS"
    • Tim: "BOW_ANS" note 
    • Jon: "WOOLANS"
    • The actual answer is OHIOANS.

Game 11

  • Part 1 opens with Emile apologizing to everyone. Which includes Canadians, fat girls named Justine, bathrooms on airplanes, the people who watched the vlog Tim recorded of him having diarrhea, Jon's friends and ex-girlfriend who listened to him having diarrhea while having dinner, Masae for some bad pun he made, anybody's who watched him make a bad guess at Wheel of Fortune, and all the people he has deafened. Jon says that he should add Jon's mother to the list.
  • And on this game's Toss-up Round of Chugga's Bad Guesses...
    • "SPLATTING HATER" Answer 
    • "BADDO CRAPS"Answer 
    • "BUSTY DONGS"Answer 
  • The video horribly dates itself when they mock Final Fantasy VIII for being the one Square-Enix doesn't care about and how it's not on Switch. note  Similarly, Emile's "Okami Bonus Video..." line is equally ironic considering he got the videos completed and uploaded.

Game 13

  • Previous videos feature what inevitably turns out to be one of Chugga's bad guesses. In this thumbnail its "Circus Circus" and Chugga does write that in. To everyone's shock, it actually is the correct answer! note 
  • Tim shocks everyone by solving a "Proper Name" puzzle with only one letter and then continues to get "Forklift" right, resulting in the other two begging Tim to try to get on the show.

Game 15

  • As Jon is groaning over Emile not being able to figure out "MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD", Tim lands on Jackpot and begins to solve the puzzle... only to reveal midway through that he doesn't know the answer either. Then he figures it out a few seconds after admitting that.

Game 17

  • Emile once again gets a one letter off wrong guess on a Toss-up with "JIVE MUSIC".Answer 

Game 18

  • The game gives the final puzzle's answerAnswer  to Jon on a silver platter, and his reward for "solving" it is a brand new map.
    Jon: Whaaaaat? What the hell?!

Game 20

  • Tim lands on a Bankrupt, and his losing sound plays. Except that it's been changed to the Green Rupee Scream, which causes Emile to burst out laughing.
    Jon: Should've known! SHOULD'VE KNOWN!
    • What's even funnier is that Emile and Jon somehow didn't hear Tim recording the scream earlier.

Game 21

  • On the second Toss-Up, Tim blurts out the answer (Breakfast at Tiffany's)... and then doesn't buzz in. He spends the next few minutes after Jon takes it wondering what the hell he was thinking.
  • The first proper puzzle completely stumps the Guys, none of whom have ever heard of The Song of Hiawatha. It takes the board being reduced to two blank letters for Tim to catch on (while Jon's solving it), and that's because he saw it in a cartoon.
  • With it being the Grand Finale, Emile actually manages to do something clever.
    Jon: The last word is "MINES". Windslept- "WINDSWEPT LAND MINES".
    Emile: (chuckles) It's not Before & After.
    (Jon laughs)
  • By some miracle, Emile actually manages to solve the puzzle on the Final Spin, being "TIP THE SCALES IN YOUR FAVOR".
    Emile: I'm Robin, baby!
  • As revenge for Emile having started an argument with Jon earlier, Jon sabotages his minigame performance by aggressively singing in scat.

    Wheel of Fortune: Switch Edition 

Game 1