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The annual charity stream brings together the main trio and friends for a big event, and as such, leads to inevitable hilarity on a live stream.

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    The Runaway Guys Colosseum 2018 
  • Due to a donation asking for it, Jon decides that every $10,000 raised they will do Emile's Hiker Dance.
  • The first game they play is Mario Kart, and for $50 someone can make one person wear oven mitts for a race. Xilehnoc, already notorious among Jon's community for the night he gave out 93 gift subs during one of Jon's streams, donates $2000, deciding to have everyone do two races while wearing one mitt.
  • At $10,000 total, they decide to do four races while blindfolded. Hilarity ensues.
  • Wheel of Fortune is next, and the donation for $50 is to make someone try to solve the puzzle immediately. Most people, of course, go for Emile. Jon even admits that was his goal. Emile's first guess is "Ginger Snaps Tigeer" and it just goes downhill from there.
    • You could say the misfortune started in the very first round, when they were unable to even guess a single letter. (Calibrius landed on BANKRUPT on their first spin, and MISS TURN on their second.)
    • Tyler, who is not playing, puts on a toga dress and pretends to be Vanna White.
  • For Dungeons & Dragons, Masae is a Halfling named Mittens who is afraid of the color brown, Emile is the monk Feista Ki who has a pet rock named Brock who he thinks is really alive, Josh is Barry, the world's most renowned cowbell player, and Jules has to shout every time he says a name.
    • During Stephen's explanation of the game, this happens.
    Emile: No story? You mean we're playing the Paper Mario Sticker Star expansion? [Cue perfectly timed donation jingle]
    • The reasons for why they got arrested are also great. Josh stole the pants off the king while he was asleep, Emile bludgeoned someone with his pet rock, Jules stripped naked in the market, and Masae smuggled chickens into the city.
    • When Emile is tasked with naming Brock, he proceeds to jokingly say that nobody can have him, at which point Masae states that she doesn't want him. What happens next is perhaps his best Open Mouth, Insert Foot moment since the infamous Mario Party 6 stream.
    • Mittens attempts to steal the keys from the jailer (while Barry distracts him by playing cowbell). She sneaks up with such a good roll that the warden is unsure that she's still even in the cell anymore. She then attempts to pick his pocket with a 5, and is basically caught with her hands in his pants. When he demands to know what she's doing, she says 'You're very sexy', and rolls a 19 for deception to the effect that he believes her implicitly.
    • The viewers can donate to introduce plot elements, and someone plays off a joke from Stephen's videos with a Name's the Same Barry, introducing Barry's ex-wife Brenda who demands her alimony payment.
  • The Link to the Past randomizer race starts off between Jon and Tim, but with a donation incentive to make someone in the room switch places with someone playing. The instant the race starts, a donation comes in telling Jon and Tim to switch controllers.
    • At one point, a donation says that whoever walks past the room next has to switch with whoever's playing as Sonic (originally Jon's game, with Tom playing at the time). Cue Jon walking out of the room and walking by not five seconds later to start playing again.
    • Somehow the chat gets obsessed with a random lamp on a table behind them, and it results in people donating $100 to turn the lamp on or off. By the end of the next stream, the lamp becomes a full-blown Running Gag, with Jon's Discord outright worshipping it as a god.
  • The guys play New Super Mario Bros. U in Gamepad mode, which allows a fifth player to place blocks and do a few other things. They use this by splitting into 2 teams, each having 45 minutes to get as far in the game as they can while someone from the other team uses the Gamepad to interfere. Highlights include:
    • One of the donation incentives, for $250, is forcing all players to bubble (which makes them fail the level). While Emile's team is playing, Josh, who's on Jon's team, makes a $250 donation right at the end of a level, but makes it just a few seconds too late, so Emile's team just ends up bubbling at the start of the next level instead.
    • A $50 donation gives the playing team immunity from Gamepad interference for one minute. At one point, Jon's team gets FOUR immunity donations at once.
    • The $100 incentive is to switch one player out for another. At one point, a viewer donates to switch Stephen out for... nobody, leaving Jon's team down a player until someone swaps Stephen back in.
  • For the second game of Werewolf chat decides the "village" is inexplicably set in a Taco Bell and all the "villagers" are anime cosplayers, with the Taco Bell "gong" sound used to represent a new day starting. For the third, the village is the restroom of the Taco Bell and all the villagers are strippers. During Jules' explanation of who the werewolf chose to kill, the Taco Bell gong chimes in again with perfect timing to crack everyone up.
  • One of the last events of day 2 is an 8-player game of Mario Party 7, which involves four teams of two. There's a donation incentive to swap any two players, leading to a lot of gems.
    • Reese lets slip that a donation involving swapping Jules comes up right as he and Masae trigger a board event, with the potential of gaining or losing a star from it. Jules pretends to accidentally lose a star, only to reveal that he deliberately did it since he was switching teams anyway and does so immediately after. Masae is less than pleased.
    • On the penultimate turn, a donation asks for Emile and Josh to switch when Emile's on the team most likely to win. Cue Emile himself donating on the very last turn to switch with Josh again. That team indeed ends up winning, meaning Emile literally bought his way to victory. Making it even better is that at the results screen, another donation asks for them to switch again, leading everyone to claim that Josh won by doing absolutely nothing.
    • When Masae and Emile engage in a little raspberry fight, Jon responds with "Alright, now kiss." Masae's quick to refuse.
    • A $1.50 donation asks "Is this enough to get LORD DONA'TOR to dab?". LORD DONA'TOR deems it's enough for a "dib".
    • When the gang plays the "Gimme a Brake" minigame (in which the player must brake their scooter at the farthest distance without falling into a pit of mud), the only player who ends up failing is an AI-controlled Luigi, who didn't even attempt to stop his scooter. For once, Luigi loses by doing absolutely nothing.
      • Then again, Luigi was teamed up with an AI-controlled Daisy, who won the minigame. So Luigi still wins by doing absolutely nothing.
    • One donor asks if everyone in the room could sing the Hannah Montana theme song. Nobody in the room knew how it went (Adriana knew the melody, but not the words), so what does Stephen do instead? Make up a Hannah Montana song to the tune of "Happy Birthday"!
  • During a round of 1-2-Switch as part of Jon's "Mystery Game Tournament," Tom and Stephen decide to get a little too into the "Milk" minigame, with Tom constantly mooing at the top of his lungs like a heifer in heat, and Stephen producing sounds that could best be described as an ungodly mixture of childbirth and extreme constipation.
    • Later in the Mystery Game Tournament, the gang plays the Pictionary expy in Game & Wario, and at one point is tasked with drawing a bagel. Those familiar with Jon's own streams and personal life should have no trouble guessing what happens next.
  • Day 2 closes out with a Super Mario 64 race between Jules and Masae, with donation incentives to force one to wear oven mitts, wear a blindfold, or reset their game. Towards the end, with both of them at the final Bowser fight and blindfolded, Josh tries to guide Jules. Except he's actually looking at Masae's screen, and his directions cause Jules to not only die at Bowser, but also fall to his death when trying to enter the pipe to retry the fight, forcing Jules to redo the entire stage. Josh runs out of the room to hide in the kitchen when the others notice and point it out. Donation incentives for letting Jules slap Josh become a Running Gag for the rest of the stream.
    Jules: "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME, JOSH!?"
    • A bit earlier, both Jules and Masae are forced to reset their N64s from a donation incentive... only for Masae to promptly get another donor-induced reset immediately after.
  • Day 3, Jon starts off the Smash Bros. block with Falcon Roulette, and it's as ridiculous as it sounds. Jon has 8 Captain Falcon amiibo, all but one at Level 50, each having their own stat builds:
  • Upon everyone picking out their Falcons, it turns out... Emile, the known lucky guy, is stuck with The Dud!
  • After every round, whoever got last place is eliminated and chooses one amiibo at random to remove before the rest are randomly reshuffled. Despite this, Masae manages to pick FalconZero three matches in a row, and it either wins or gets second in every single one of those matches. It gets to the point that Masae begs Jon to let her keep Zero, and when someone else gets Zero in a later match, she actively roots against her own amiibo.
  • Emile has virtually no idea why one of the Captain Falcons is named FalconZero, so Jon has to literally spell out that it means F-Zero. The entire room applauds Emile with a series of slow claps, much to his chagrin.
  • Adriana's adorable "crying" after she almost corrupts/deletes an amiibo's data by accident. Just when you thought Masae was the queen of Cry Cute.
    Adriana: "I ruined... I ruined the entire stream!"
  • When the roulette gets down to four players, whoever was last eliminated gets to design the stage for the next match. This leads to a lot of instances of the AI having navigational issues.
  • Wii Party U features the return of Dance with Mii. Jon's constant Aside Glances and Tim getting way too into it combine to make it a magical experience.
  • Due to some of the Runaway Guys being contestants for Thrown Controllers this time, Jon made special challenges for Tim and Emile should a TRG challenge pop up (since they obviously can't battle against themselves). What does Jon have for Emile? "Say nice things about Paper Mario: Sticker Star for a minute." clears the challenge, letting out a frustrated "FUCK" after that... only for Jon to reveal that it wasn't the real challenge. Jon fooled him into talking!
  • When a donor asks Masae "What's your favorite Chugga-ism?", she merely responds with "Can I choose his silence?".
  • Jon being forced to play "Dance With Mii". He's not happy.
  • The first round of Worms: WMD ends with Jon finding a Concrete Donkey and using it to obliterate Josh and Jules' final worms without knowing specifically what it would do in advance.
  • The second round of Worms is even better. On the first turn, Josh uses an Armageddon, which completely wipes out Jon and Tom's teams and severely damages his own, Jules, and Stephen's teams.

    The Runaway Guys Colosseum 2019 
  • Opening up every intermission, Play A Mini-Game plays during a mock-up minigame start screen featuring the previous TRG Colosseum. That's not the funny part. The funny part is that after a while it instead started shuffling between TimmyTurnersGrandDad rips instead!
  • The sitcom-style intro, which introduces every member of the cast and crew in the typical "stop to smile at the camera" fashion. Individual segments include:
    • Adriana Figueroa sitting in a fridge that has nothing but water bottles in it.
    • Marriland juggling between typing on three different computers.
    • Tim playing video games in the bathroom.
    • Tyler Sederwall delivering pizza with no pants on (censor blur included).
    • Mallory of StephenPlays taking out a freshly-baked game console.
    • ToxicXEternity performing a séance surrounded by multiple people.
    • JoshJepson playing a game of pool, before being suddenly interrupted by a smiling Emile, who is then violently pulled out from under the table by Masae Anela.
    • The 8 Bit Drummer using spatulas, several pots and pans, and one of Tyler's empty pizza boxes as a makeshift drum set.
    • Even the Lamp gets its own credit, though it's very... eerie.
    • StephenPlays laughing and petting a toaster while sitting on a bed by himself, seemingly talking to no one.
    • FamilyJules exiting the shower and spraying conditioner into his hair, only to accidentally spray his eyes as well.
    • Tom Fawkes showing irritation with the camera, then entering his room before LORD DONA'TOR leaves. Who then notices the camera and runs away from it.
    • And finally, a frustrated-as-usual Jon attempting to get everyone in position for the group shot.
  • In-between games, a short skit plays during intermissions and they're amusing in their own right. Some entries include...
    • Masae checking her phone only for Adriana to pop in for a hug. Masae wants none of it, though, and tries to leave. Cue Adri clinging onto Masae by the leg as she tries, up until Masae goes to the bathroom.
    • Tim, Masae, and Emile burying Tyler on the beach...and ditching him. Tyler begs for help, complete with a Big NO.
    • Tom being his Lemony Narrator self as he describes some classic arcade games.
    • Stephen vlogging about going to CostCo to buy some bananas for Jon. Since you can get three pounds of bananas for an incredibly cheap price at CostCo, Stephen buys enough to spell out Jon's name on the pool table. The latter just casually accepts it, and collects them all with the hopes of gaining a 1-Up. All while those around him break out into a spontaneous a-capella cover of the bonus room theme of Donkey Kong Country.
    • The following skit shows Mal attempting to grab a banana from, uh... "Jon's Banana Horde", only for Jon to let out some territorial monkey screeches to ward her off. Mal can't help but corpse the entire time.
      Jon: "AHH! AHH! AHH! AHH! ...That's right. Ask next time."
    • Adriana parodying the classic "You're watching Disney Channel!" bumper. And in a nod to this viral video, her attempt to write out "TRG" ends up looking like a big scribble.
    • Stephen at the drive-thru... with LORD DONA'TOR.
      LORD DONA'TOR: "I will have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number-"
      Stephen: "LORD DONA'TOR, you can't conceivably eat that much food..."
      LORD DONA'TOR: "Alright fine, fine, I'll have a number five. But no pickles, GOD HELP YOU if there are pickles!!!"
      • A later bumper is literally just LORD DONA'TOR sitting at the beach, silently eating his burger.
    • Jon heading to Player's Choice to buy some video games; he ends up buying two huge stacks of them. Then the cashier (Roland from StephenVlog) convinces him to buy even more, because "Money!"
    • Tim emerging from a porta potty dressed like Luke Skywalker and wielding a lightsaber. This joke is actually more important than you realize...
    • Jerod playing a sports announcer who interviews newly-crowned eSports champion ToxicxEternity. He attempts several times to ask what game he was playing during the match, and grows increasingly frustrated when Toxic keeps changing the game's genre.
      Jerod: "What game were you playing?"
      Toxic: "I was out there, I was getting the headshots, I picked up all the frags, and I just- I thought I was gonna go down, but I ended up getting the headshots, so that's cool."
      Jerod: "So... so it was a first-person shooter game?"
      Toxic "But then I ran out of manna, and I was just like 'Ugh, I need more potions.' And I just- ugh, got so stressful, like I really didn't think I was gonna have enough magic, so I dunno."
      Jerod: "Sooooo a... MMO?"
      Toxic: "But yeah, I ended up executing the right build order and ended up rushing the enemy base. It was super-fast timing, and like I was saying, it was really sick. Like, I feel like I deserve that win, so..."
      Jerod: "Th-that's awesome, um, but what game was it that you were playing?"
      Toxic: "Ohhh, I'm sorry, I didn't understand what you were asking. Well, my main support was from my parents..."
    • Toxic, Masae, Adriana, and Jules are coming home from a movie. The first three enter a room afterwards... and lock Jules out. It turns out that the door they went through was a One-Star door from Super Mario 64, and Jules can't go in until he gets a Star from Bob-omb Battlefield.
    • Stephen and Dan try to figure out what skits need to be filmed for the last day. Three of those ideas include "Masae pushes Emile into an oven", "Masae pushes Emile off of a cliff", and "Masae pushes Emile into a volcano." At one point, Dan finds an idea titled, "Hot Tub Naked Tyler". Cue a shot of Tyler naked in a hot tub waiting for the bumper to be filmed, followed by Stephen and Dan crossing that idea out.
      • After the video was posted, Tyler himself posted a comment stating, "I’m still in the hot tub is Stephen on his way yet??"
  • About 1:45 in, someone donates as "I AM DAN", with a message of "Chalupas are super awesome." This is a reference to a joke Stephen played on Dan and Alex.
  • One donation asks FamilyJules to spritz water on himself in the face while shouting, "PERSONA!" This becomes a Running Gag for the rest of the marathon.
  • A Metronome Battle on Pokemon Stadium 2 was showcased as a donation milestone, each player having a Clefairy, Clefable, and Togetic on their team. Due to the random nature of Metronomenote , Hilarity Ensues.
  • This moment from the Super Mario World One Mind segment.
    Emile: "I mean, do I want to know why Rosalina's boobs are, like, coming out of your Twitter account's ass?"
    Half the people there: [Burst into laughter]
    Jon: "Don't draw that! Don't— don't draw that!"
    Masae: "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!"
    Tyler: "Wait, your Twitter account's ass? What does that look like?"
  • Super Mario World One Mind involves four players on Super Mario World with control of Mario randomly switching between them every second. One incentive is for two people to swap controllers. Jon suggests someone donate to give him all 4 controllers, and sure enough, it happens. And a few minutes later, he gets an oven mitt. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Towards the end of One Mind, a donation asks Chugga to say a few puns. Since Jon is blindfolded and one of his controllers is upside-down, the best Chugga can come up with is "Up-blind-down". That's not the funny part. The funny part is that, right on queue, the Mario Party fail jingle plays.
  • Some segments include live music performances. One incentive is for 8-bit Drummer to play "Through the Fire and Flames". Once that's met and he gets into the first verse, Tom throws in the opening lyrics for "Safety Dance", throwing everyone off.
    • What's better is that after the song is done, they play it AGAIN but keep changing the speed to the point where 8-bit Drummer just gives up keeping with the song
    • One of the songs 8-bit Drummer did a cover of is Jules' cover of Wario laughing. While it isn't audible (due to the dulcet tones of Wario screaming his lungs out), Josh was laughing so hard it looked like he had trouble breathingnote . 8-bit Drummer's funny faces and commentary of the song were the icing on top.
      8-bit Drummer: [Near the start of the song] "I HATE YOU JULES, SO MUCH! AAAAHHHH!"
      8-bit Drummer: [After perfectly drumming to a section near the end] "Why do I know that?"
  • When introducing the teams in Mario Party 7, when they reach Masae and Adriana, who are playing as the two princesses, Emile asks which of them is Daisy. After a brief moment of silence, Masae responds "Get away from me." before switching places with Adri so she isn't sitting next to him, while Adri protests that she doesn't want to be stuck in the middle of them.
    Jon: "I'm not gonna lie, I immediately went for the water bottle, I was like, DOWN, BOY! DOWN!"
  • At the start of Mario Party 7, Masae is very excited to set a new record in the button-mashing game... before Emile tells her they're playing on a fresh save file, so everything will be a new record. She doesn't take this well.
  • When playing the minigame Unhappy Trailsnote , Chugga assumes that he and Toxic won the game after getting the jewel from the chest. Not realizing that they were only at the halfway point, Chugga spends the rest of the game standing still, unwittingly allowing Jon and Jerod to snatch the win. Jon celebrates his imminent victory with a big "YOU GUYS ARE SUCKERRRRRRS!!!"
  • After they hit $50,000, "Jon Bon Jovi" donates and leaves a particular comment that gets everyone in the room to break into song.
    Everyone: [singing the comment] "♫Whoooaaa, you're halfway the-ere. Whoa-OH, livin' on a prayer!♫"
    Adriana: "♫Whoa-OH, lizard on a chair.♫"
  • "Wow, I'm STUPID SAD over here!" note 
    • At the very end of the first night, they manage to hit $55,000. Cue Jules' mopey frown slowly turning into a huge, almost childlike smile.
      FamilyJules: "Yo, shit's rad."
    • Stupid Sad becomes a Running Gag for the rest of the colosseum.
  • During Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee! Bingo, Masae shares a story: while she was playing Heart Gold, she found a Shiny Rattata in the Safari Zone, which ran away immediately. Chugga then responds that when he played Heart Gold, he found a Shiny Rattata on his birthday. Masae... doesn't take this well.
    • Team Dona'tor decide to complete the Mewtwo bingo square by getting to the bottom of Cerulean Cave. After a while of good progress, Jules decides they don't need to refresh their Repel to keep moving. A Golduck then near-instantly spawns on top of them.
  • One viewer donates under the name "Mr. Krabs", so FamilyJules decides to read the comment in his voice.
    FamilyJules: [as Mr. Krabs] "Hello landlubbers, I took a little money out of me fry cook's paycheck to donate to the cause tonight."
  • Jon's collection of Create a Soul characters in Soul Calibur VI has to be seen to be believed. To name a few, he has a very buff Pikachu as Talim, Danny Devito as Voldo, Isabelle as Astaroth and Steve the Red Pikmin as Nightmare. It is ridiculous as it sounds and it is glorious. And you can thank Jewker for making that zany cast of characters.
    • Adri's delight over hearing that Isabelle's in the game turns to dismayed horror upon beholding her in all her glory. Tom promptly starts hamming it up:
      Tom: [as Buff Isabelle] "I only got an hour of sleep last night, Mayor. MAAAAYYYYOOOORRRR! MAAAAYYYYOOOORRRR! We have public work projects, Mayor!"
    • Every participant got to have Jewker make (a buff version of) themselves as well as at least one extra character. Josh couldn't decide between Ganondorf and an Inkling, so Jewker made a combined 'Ganinkling' (who has to fight Tyler's Nicki Minaj). Meanwhile, Stephen got Mr Rogers and Mal got Ace Ventura...
      Stephen: [as Ace, as he gets beat up by Masae's character] "ALRIGHT! THAT'S IT! NOBODY! MESSES! WITH THE 'DO!"
    • Later, viewers can suggest matchups via donation. One of the first suggested matchups? Pepsiman vs... Pepsiman. They choose the NieR: Automata stage and interpret is as "a post-apocalyptic future where only Pepsi has survived". And they play a remix of the Pepsiman theme over the fight.
  • "Ocarina of Time Musical Chairs" sees Tyler playing a randomised hack of Ocarina of Time (so he can end up in any new area when he passes through a door transition) but with no sound, so the whole band have to quickly start playing the soundtrack themselves to keep up. Tyler repeatedly ends up in the Gerudo Desert area, which involves Adri doing an a capella rendition of part of the theme which the chat thinks sounds like she is saying "I buttered it up, up, I buttered it up, up" - cue fanart of her with a butter knife.
  • The Super Mario Odyssey Moon Race has a few notable gems.
    • Adri starts playing after only just getting back from a bathroom break, and has never played the game before. She immediately gets an oven mitt. Then she realizes that the oven mitt condition doesn't specify which hand the mitt has to be on, and they're using single Joy-Cons, which only require one hand. So she puts the mitt on the hand she isn't playing with.
      Adri: "I'm not a cheater, I'm just clever!"
    • Out of nowhere, LORD DONA'TOR crashes the party and, once again, holds the Lamp hostage until they reach $100,000. Everyone's melodramatic reactions are the icing on the cake.
    • Tim Skywalker steps in to say a few words about Direct Relief, and the guys decide to sing Duel of the Fates upon his entrance; he has to remind them that he wasn't even in that film.
      Tim: "Feel free to donate to Direct Relief, because they are an honorable organization. They helped me rebuild my home on Tatooine, they were even nice enough to dispose of the corpses of my late Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen."
    • About halfway through the race, Tom decides to build a little fort of pillows in the corner of the room; it gets progressively bigger as the segment continues. The others eventually start messing with him by tossing oven mitts into his domain, only for him to launch them back. The one thing that finally gets him to leave? A donor giving $10 for Adri to tickle his foot.
      Jerod: "I think that's worth a hundred dollar donation."
      Adriana: "That's a hundred, if you want that, if you want interaction with Tom's feet, get the-"
      [Tom quickly bursts out of his fort]
      Tom: "I'M OUT."
  • A rivalry develops between Jon and Jerod during the Puyo Puyo Tetris block, with mitts swapping back and forth. Someone then donates to have Jerod give mitts to a player of his choice, and before the reader can finish the sentence he immediately yells "Jon!"
  • Stephen's Tabletop Surprise: four players participate in The Extrordinary Adventures of Baron Munchhausen, a long form improv game where each character must share a story (suggested by donors through a $25 incentive) about their amazing feats. The catch is, the other players can interrupt the story and add an entirely new element to it, forcing the storyteller to weave the suggestion into their tale.
    • Stephen plays Lord Bunion, who defeated 300 offended witches using a fishing rod and a dead chicken, after which he settled down with one of the witches and opened a sandwich store. At the end, Tom asks him what he said that got the witches riled up in the first place.
      Lord Bunion: "...Witchy bitchies."
    • Josh plays Bup, who escaped the Tower of London using only a Gutenberg press. Josh had trouble getting a handle on the story.
    • Tom plays "Reginald Issac Benjamin Clark Alexander Gerald Edwards" (referred to by many as "RIBCAGE"), who once fought a demon tree by singing opera. Just to mess with him, Lord Bunion reminds him that the song he chose to sing was Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire". We're then treated to Tom and Tyler singing the song opera-style, until Tom forgets the lyrics about halfway through.
    • Earlier in the story, Tom recalls how he and the "fire brigade" attempted to slay the tree using fire, to which Tyler argues, "Fire hadn't even been invented yet!" Tom has absolutely no idea how to respond to this, so he allows Tyler to spray him this one time.
      Tom/"RIBCAGE" (visibly flabbergasted): "No... there was definitely fire..."
    • Tyler plays Brazzer, who once ate the world's hottest hot sauce in an innuendo-heavy story that has him defeating Lord Voldemort in a Beyblade battle which was a brand deal with the holder of the Beyblade copyright.
      Tom/"RIBCAGE": "As I recall, as they were bringing out the hot sauce, one of them tripped and spilled it on you, and you being naked and all, well, I can't imagine how that would've fared..."
      Tyler/"Brazzer": "Yes, so that is why I... no longer have any genitals."
    • Masae plays Bajoo Kazoo, who sets the mood for her story (of crossing the mountain when her wagon broke down, broke her legs, and her dog ran away) perfectly with her first line.
      Masae/"Bajoo Kazoo": "I ate my dog!"
      • To up the ante, she didn't just eat her dog. She chased her dog after her legs were torn off. And she didn't have arms at the time. She chased her dog by scooting herself forward with her teeth so fast it became like a cartwheel.
      • After eating the dog and slathering herself with glue, she crawled up the mountain like an inchworm. It took five days. "Good thing that dog was big."
        Emile/"Dari Foley St. Attoch": "Wait, how did you go to the bathroom?"
        Masae/"Bajoo Kazoo": "Along the way!"
      • She got to the meadow at the top of the mountain, and then she buried herself deep into the earth in a cocoon and died. Why she's around to tell the tale? She's a zombie. How did she get her arms and legs back? She stole them.
        Marilland/"West Couch": "DAMN." [gets sprayed]
        Masae/"Bajoo Kazoo": "Do you wanna see my stitches?"
        Marilland/"West Couch": "No."
        Masae/"Bajoo Kazoo": "Smart."
    • Emile plays Dari Foley St. Attoch, who threatened the richest man in London with a sandwich. Knowing the worth of a rented pineapple among billionaires, Dari Foley offered to supply one billionaire with pineapple sandwiches in exchange for metal boats. When the story is over...
      Emile: "Oh my God it's over."
    • Jack plays Toxo the Faire, who created the world's first mosh pit. He apparently attended a metal concert after picking highly toxic flowers, and thus emitted a dangerously poisonous stench.
      Masae/"Bajoo Kazoo": "Somebody once told me that those flowers you rolled in were probably really, really, really toxic. Did you not get that entire crowd just completely, deathly ill? What happened with that?"
      Jack/"Toxo": "Well it gets a little- this is a sadder part of the story. Let's just say that death metal was invented that night."
    • Marriland plays Hi I'm West Couch, from West. And he robbed the no. 5 train with only 5 bullets, 5 men, 5 lawmen on his tail, in 5 minutes. The last of the lawmen was willing to let Hi I'm West Couch get away with it, but West Couch gave him a swirlie, and in those times, toilets were also guillotines.
    • Marriland/West Couch's catchphrase during his round of Baron Munchhausen, which stuck with him for the rest of the Colosseum. "DAMN."
    • Tim's story borrows from a real-life experience he had and expands on it. But the best part comes from him casually saying "he got online" (in the 18th century) and nobody challenges him on it because they're all laughing too hard, so he challenges himself and explains how the internet worked back then.
      Tim: We'd carve messages into rocks and bury them before waiting for a response.
      Jules: What was your upload speed?
      Tim: About four bytes per... month.
  • As a Funny Background Event during Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, Adri and Masae play with their Isabelle and Blathers Amiibos, imitating the game's Speaking Simlish... which eventually devolves into their Amiibos screaming at each other.
  • During Adri's cover of Pollyanna, she takes the opportunity to embarrass Emile in the best way possible.
  • Emile's challenge in the Thrown Controller's segment is on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, known as the Daisy Stampede. The rules goes as follows: Emile must survive one minute in the Big Blue stage against 7 Level 9 AI Daisies, all of them being on the same team, and the only item he's allowed to use is the Heart Container.
  • In the intermission before Adri's performance on day 3, Masae gets overwhelmed by a slew of puns from many sources, including a couple that she accidentally makes.
    Jerod: "Why does a chicken coop only have two doors? Because if it had four doors, it would be a chicken sedan!"
    Emile: "What's a pirate's favorite chat client? I ARRR C!"
    Tim: "Did you know that french fries aren't actually fried in France? No, they're fried in Greece!note "
    Masae: [...] "Holy moly, I will try my best to not kill someone who is currently looking at me directly in the face with his hand on my shoulder and I'm gonna frickin' murder you. What is it, Emile?"
    Emile: "...Do you want a refill of your drink?"
    Masae: "Yes. I wasted all of it because I chugged it all."
    Emile: "Chugged it all?"
    Masae: "SHUT UP! NO! NO! NO!"
    Emile: "We're infecting yoooou!"
    • Once Adri's segment starts, one segment has her, according to Jules, "infringe Masae's copyright" by replacing some lyrics with "derps". It's as adorable as it is hilarious.
    • A donation incentive during Adri's block is $250 to add a Rick Roll to the song. One comes in halfway through a melancholy original song about Princess Yue and Adri slips into "Never Gonna Give You Up" seamlessly. The Mood Whiplash is enough to make Jules Cry Laughing.
    • An incentive is eventually met to have Emile sing "Lifelight" with her, with predictable results. Especially during the final chorus' key-change.
      • Bonus points for both a Derp and Rick Roll incentive being dropped at the beginning.
    • Adri's segue into Chugga's duet (which immediately follows her duet with Masae) is pretty golden.
      Adriana: "I hope you guys enjoyed that beautiful voice, because now you're about to have... Chuggaaconroy!"
  • In the beginning of their Ultimate Werewolf segment, Jules tells everyone that although they were late to it, it was the perfect time for the werewolves to come out. Cue donation jingle immediately after he finishes that sentence. It genuinely scares him too.
    Stephen: "There's one now!"
    • There are generally a ton a very funny, quotable moments during werewolf, including Stephen yelling about wanting death, Adri's good idea in game one immediately involving killing Stephen, Stephen dodging Tyler spraying him, and Jules trying to keep everyone in line.
      Jules: "New rule: when I say order, shut up or you die."
    • Also the sleeping/waking up parts:
      Jules: "In a world where sleep is decided by democracy..."
      Jules: "Now close your eyes, because you all have narcolepsy apparently."
      Tyler: "Now, just, WAKE UP!"
  • As revenge for him taking part in the Hurricane of Puns from earlier, Masae declares that the final donation incentive for Day 3 is to have her give Emile a Pie in the Face. (Well, pie tin full of shaving cream, but same difference).
    • Emile's final words before getting a face full of cream? "Subscribe to Pie Guy Rulz!"
  • After reaching $100,000, an incentive forces LORD DONA'TOR to return the Lamp once and for all. However, he still refuses to give it up, so who swoops in for the rescue? 'Tim Skywalker, who effortlessly takes down DONA'TOR in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Falcon Roulette returns on Day 4! This time, Jon has a ninth Falcon to pick from and the veteran Falcons are different.
    • Sgt. Falco (Chance to get double Final Smash, hyper charged attacks)
    • Falcon Zero (An actual Stone Wall)
    • ƒ@/©°ñ, a.k.a. "Wingdings" (Has three "Punch UP" ability)
    • Glass Doug (An even bigger Glass Cannon that starts with 60% damage)
    • Douglas (Fast Final Smash meter and better shield damage)
    • Birdman (Improved aerial combat)
    • El Capitan (Jack-of-All-Stats)
    • The Dud (The Joke Character amiibo that's lightweight and has AI learning off)
    • A blank amiibo (The player plays instead!)
  • Wheel of Fortune makes a comebacknote , along with Chugga's infamously bad guesses. The very first guess that he makes? ANAL BUNNYZ. Adriana picked a bad time to wear her adorable bunny hat...
    Stephen: "I think that's a Japanese import."
    • Chugga's next guess when he's forced to solve again (the category this time being "fictional character")? THICC GIRL.
      Stephen: "Oh that's right, Thicc Girl is a character in Anal Bunnyz, I forgot." [everyone loses it]
    • And Chugga continues to dig himself deeper.
      Emile: "I'm sorry, Pippi."
      Masae: "OH MY GOD! Why am I here?!"
  • Thanks to an incentive, LORD DONA'TOR gets to play Thrown Controllers, and if he's the champion, he gets the Lamp back. In a bizarre turn of events, he actually ends up winning, and with a score of nine no less!
    • There's also DONA'TOR's intro, where he reveals that he's actually a huge fan of Thrown Controllers.
      LORD DONA'TOR: "FOOOOOOOLS! Oh my god I'm such a huge fan, you have no idea! I have binged all of them on the TRG channel. OH MY GOD I can't believe I'm playing!"
      Jon: "Alright, tell me about yourself, Mr. DONA'TOR."
      LORD DONA'TOR: "Well, I was conceived one year ago when Tom Fawkes put on a bathrobe."
      Jon: "Well I believe that's how a lot of things happen around here..."
  • For the final donation incentive of the marathon, the entire group sang "Jump up, Super Star!". Naturally, the entire thing quickly fell into pure chaos. This was apparently the first time that Stephen had read the lyrics, and he finds them so cheesy that he spends the rest of the song freaking out about them (his reactions were enough to break Jon and Mal).
    Everyone: "I'm flipping the Switch, get ready for this..."
    • And then the Hiker Dance song immediately plays afterwards.
  • In a mid-credits scene, LORD DONA'TOR giddily hops into bed with his newly-won Lamp, snuggling it like a teddy bear before clicking the light off.
  • One of the new segments was called A-Z Alphabet gaming, which basically had two games each for every letter in the Alphabet. One of the games? Orb-3D. Naturally, Jon was still very salty about having to complete the game on his stream.
  • Behold, Tim and Tom's Kermit-style cover of "Africa" by Toto. It proves to be so ridiculous for Tom that he eventually collapses to the floor in bewilderment.

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