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Yet another video game music enthousiast.

"Earth-shatteringly awesome music... What more does one need?"
The channel description in its entirety, minus the disclaimer

Proof that the remaining 10% is worth listening to low-quality rips for here.

TimmyTurnersGrandDad (often abbreviated TTGD) is a YouTube channel that started uploading on September 30th, 2016, shortly after SiIvaGunner's original ending. The channel is a Spiritual Successor to SiIvaGunner, uploading the same kind of In the Style of... remixes and Mashups that you would find there. However, TTGD is not as attached to the Bait-and-Switch nature of his predecessor; right away, the username and avatar are clear allusions to 7 Grand Dad, leading to less unsuspecting viewers.

His channel can be viewed here, and his Twitter can be viewed here. Additionally, the Best Of albums can be found on the official Bandcamp page.


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Music: TimmyTurnersGrandDad
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