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"Emergency - which service do you require?"

Police, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics (which often overlap with firefighters; in many areas the EMTs work for the Fire Department, and in many more the firefighters are EMTs/medics). In an emergency, they are the first to respond, as most emergencies are related to their jobs. Often overworked and underpaid, but still dedicated to their jobs. Got a real big public image boost, at least in the USA, after their selfless actions on 9/11.

Individually these groups (especially the police) are depicted often enough, but once in a while you get all three playing a major role, or at least their respective vehicles.

Note that this is not them as a Power Trio, as this is about the organizations, not a trio of people. Also takes into account locale-specific services like Coast Guard, Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, etc. Then there's the mercifully seldom heard of Nuclear Emergency...

Some characters need them enough to be Acquainted with Emergency Services.

Sometimes praised in fiction as The Real Heroes, but it's often lip service compared to how they are usually treated.

Frequently overlaps with Rescue shows.


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  • Look up the works listed on Police Procedural and Cop Show.
  • 240-Robert, a Rescue show about the Los Angeles Country Sheriff's Department Emergency Services Detail.


     Paramedics and Firefighters  

     All Three  


  • Five Minutes Of Silence, a Russian series about EMERCOM rescue professionals in the Russian republic of Karelia. The series focuses on Unit 42-21 under the command of the gruff and no-nonsense Major Sergei "Sayid" Gireyev. The unit also includes Senior Lieutenant Tatyana Belova (a paramedic, who is later revealed to be Gireyev's daughter), Captain Nikolai Petrov (whose teenage daughter is constantly getting into trouble), Aleksandr Grek (starts out as an arrogant trainee and a "golden boy" from Moscow with a general for an uncle, but is later promoted to lieutenant and chooses to return to the unit), Vladimir "Old Man" Bykov (a retired rescuer, working as the unit's cook and dog handler), and the Team Pet Bubble (a very smart Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever).
  • The Guardian (2006), a film about the United States Coast Guard and their Aviation Survival Technician (AST) program.
  • The Time-Space Administration Bureau's Disaster Relief Branch in Lyrical Nanoha that Subaru joins, whose duties include fire rescues and rescues at sea.
  • Police Rescue, an Australian TV show about the Police Rescue Squad, which is currently a part of the NSW Police's State Protection Group as a rescue and anti-explosive unit.
  • Rescue Special Ops, an Australian series about search and rescue professionals.