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You probably know all about this - since so many video games come from Japan, of course a lot of Tsundere archetypes are present. There are just as many Tsundere characters in Western games, though, so get reading!

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     Harsh (Tsun) 
  • BioWare has several examples:
    • Viconia in Baldur's Gate 2: her violent leaps between desperate-for-affection and misandrist bitch would be quite pathetic if it wasn't depressingly well-justified.
    • Jahira in Baldur's Gate 2: she's a complainer to the point of being The Scrappy but warms up quite a bit if romanced.
    • Knights of the Old Republic:
      • Bastila is cold, rude, and contemptuous of the player for the first half of the game. She does warm up, gradually, only to freeze solid again as soon as she realizes what is happening.
      • Juhani's species (Cathar) tend to be very intense, and she's hardly an exception. A lifetime of poverty and misfortune, including a brief snit as a slave, makes her incredibly volatile on the exterior and her nasty temper is barely kept in check with the Jedi Code. But with a little work and kindness, she turns out to be incredibly shy and sweet, trying very much to pay the player character back for their kindness to her.
    • Nathyrra from Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark is a milder example, being almost friendly (if a bit distant and businesslike) when you first meet her, though things don't really move along until certain events crack her shell.
    • Silk Fox in Jade Empire is rather rude and contemptuous with regard to the player during their initial encounters (during their first encounter, she tries to kill him/her due to mistaking him/her for a mook); but her dialogue during the culminating romance scene is literally "come over here and kiss me before I remember who I am supposed to be." (That particular line was there because of Silk Fox being Rebellious Princess Sun Lian, but given her earlier dialogue it has a double meaning.)
    • Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins fits this profile rather well, initially presenting a cold, at times almost evil disinterest in people and mocking the main character's acts of kindness or affection, believing such feelings are a weakness. If the character continues to pursue her, however, she gradually warms up to him, becoming at times genuinely affectionate, only to suddenly panic at her unfamiliar feelings of attachment and dependency, and immediately try to push him away.
    • Velanna, the human-hating Dalish Elf of Awakening is essentially Morrigan, only much more hostile and spiteful. However she seems to expose a more flustered side occasionally when Nathaniel Howe compliments or teases her. If you defend her to one of her former clanmates, she tells you not to make a fuss over her - but her approval jumps up.
    • Jack in Mass Effect 2 is one of the biggest Sociopathic Heroines you can recruit and is spoken of fearfully by the prison warden you pick her up from. However if Shepard chooses to help her deal with her past and Male Shepard convinces her that he's not interested in merely sex, she reveals that she hides a deeply vulnerable side that's been wounded one too many times and a need for closure.
    • Andronikos Revel in Star Wars: The Old Republic is a rare male example. Normally a very gruff, surly, bad-tempered pirate and first-order Blood Knight, he can show a much warmer, more tender and loving side to a female Inquisitor who romances him. Not that he would admit it at first, since when he first propositions getting together he insists that he's a lone wolf who's only in it for the thrill of bedding a Sith, and you need to respect that he can leave any time. The female Inquisitor can potentially sound amused as she agrees that he can leave any time. Over time his facade melts, though only to you, and he insists that you not tell anyone since he's got a reputation to protect.
    • Aveline in Dragon Age II can come off as rather cold and harsh to some of the Party Members, especially Hawke and Isabela. The real kicker is that she isn't a love interest.
    • Any of the rivalry romances in Dragon Age II can actually be seen as this. (Although with Merrill it's perhaps more Sweet, due to her only tsun moments being related to rivalry!Hawke's disapproval of blood magic/the mirror.
      • Aggressive Hawke is rude, blunt, impatient and sometimes violent to most people they meet. However, almost all the romance dialogue (specifically the heart options) involve tender/loving lines. Their tsun side is even stronger if in a rivalry romance, whilst their dere side comes out more in a friendship romance.
    • In Mass Effect 3, Tali will act this way towards Garrus (provided you didn't romance either one), poking fun at him and telling him that she's just using him for his body. Garrus seems to like it.
    • She's less rude and more tough-girl whilst desperately keeping to that image, but Cassandra Pentaghast in Dragon Age: Inquisition is very much a fan of classical harlequin Grand Romantic Gestures, which she fully admits...after she slams a door in an embarrassed huff while claiming she isn't.
    • Dorian definitely fits as well, often going out of his way to avoid most things mushy or emotional, often using snark.
  • Planescape: Torment: Anna is a brash Fiery Redhead who claims she's only pretending to be interested in you... while blushing furiously. It's revealed that her attraction for you, a man who's much older than her and very much not a good candidate for a healthy relationship, is her torment.
    • Cloche Leythe Pastalia, in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, is actively described as this by one of her rival's attacks, ending in a rant about being honest.
    • Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel:
      • Finnel, is described as a 'typical tsundere' by her in-game character profile. It's actually played with a bit though. Her deeper Cosmopheres reveal she's an aversion of All Women Are Doms, All Men Are Subs, and acts uppity in the hope Aoto might get fed up and exert some authority over her.
      • The hero Aoto, at least in his interactions with Finnel. With Saki he acts differently, but the closer he is to Finnel, the more of a Tsundere he becomes. This is Lampshaded by one of Finnel's personae in the deepest level of her Cosmosphere, created as proof of their mutual commitment to one another. Said persona produces a castle for them to live in, carefully designed to force certain matters since both are Tsundere.
  • Ironically, Asura from Asura's Wrath was like this before being betrayed. He is angry and ruthless on the battlefield, and against everyone else, and dere when around his wife Durga and daughter Mithra.
  • Banjo-Kazooie's Kazooie definitely fits. It's easier to miss, though, because there's no switching; the caustic tsuntsun and the sentimental deredere exist in harmony in a sort of yin-yang effect.
  • Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue is a rare male example. He has all the qualities of a complete Tsundere except when he is around Tsubaki or Ragna.
    • Ragna, especially towards Noel and Rachel. Much of his dialogue is spent insulting them both, but he's also willing to blow off his own arm to save Noel.
    • Lady Rachel Alucard is not amused at her omission here!
    • Hakumen. Remember he's an alternate version of Jin who realizes just how much of a prick he was in the past. Also as side materials will explain that he still has a soft spot for Ragna, and even though his personal obligation to make sure the Black Beast never returns, its still emotionally devastating for him every time he kills Ragna. And that's not even covering his reaction to his encounter with Tsubaki in Continuum Shift.
    • Even Noel has Sweet traits. Just play a match between her and Ragna and listen to the chorus of insults. "I'm tired of being called stupid...BY A MORON LIKE YOU!"
  • Hiroki in Canvas is constantly described as a 'contrarian.' On the heroine side of things, Tomoki really tries but is too easily distracted to keep it up.
  • Sue Sakamoto from Cave Story is a Distressed Damsel, but she'll bluster and threaten right up until she's captured (and after), then yell at you for saving her. She warms up to you as time goes by, though, probably since you end up saving her no less than three times.
  • Fran Pendoll, from Demon Gaze. An absolute sweetie to Oz (provided he doesn'towe her money), a slave-driving Manager and abrasive-at-best Inn owner to almost everyone else.
  • Frank Pritchard from Deus Ex: Human Revolution is very, very much this toward Adam Jensen. He doesn't like Adam, doesn't think Adam's worth much, doesn't— Jensen, where the hell have you been?! ...Not that he actually cares. He's just worried about company security.
  • Airi Ban from Devil Survivor 2. Initially, Dumb Muscle Jungo is the preferred target of her wrath, as she thinks he's mocking her even if Jungo is nothing but a perfect gentleman. Later, other targets are Hinako, who Airi somewhat hates for a variety of reasons (Nagoya-Osaka rivalry, breast size, clashing sensibilities) and to a degree Daichi. Gently easing out of this persona allows the Protagonist to coax her softer side out.
  • Rozalin of Disgaea 2. The Tsundere entry in Disgaea Infinite lists her as an example despite not appearing in the game.
  • Angelus from Drakengard. She hates all humans, and insults Caim and his party without a second thought. (She could be described as 'the taunter' from the Analysis page.) She eventually changes her views towards Caim and only Caim. As the game progresses, her insults become less and less frequent as she realizes that her bond with Caim has allowed her to grow stronger than she ever was before. She eventually comes to love Caim, and becomes 'the defender' from the Analysis page. Caim triggers her 'deredere' side by the end of the game.
    Angelus: (level 1) "Humans are a race to be pitied." "Wise men choose death before war. Wiser men choose not to be born." "Must you slaughter so many?" "The Seeds of Resurrection? Humans twist even the myths to their own purposes."
    Angelus: (level 2) "Stare too much at the back of your shield, and you may begin to forget the enemy." "More myths! Why are humans so quick to hide from truth in castles made of clouds?" "Surely even you feel horror at this bloodshed. Or perhaps you do not." "I understand your passion. But should you slaughter with such reckless abandon?" "The one-eyes are defeated. Now to hunt the rest of the jackals. Your favorite sport, Caim..." "They crawl out of the earth like worms!" "Caim! Be strong! The world itself is in mortal danger!"
    Angelus: (level 3) (after being hit) "Ugh! It is nothing. It is you who should take care, Caim." "Mighty dragon! You will regret challenging fools such as we!" "I thank you, Caim. I have become far stronger than I ever imagined." "Nothing is stronger than we are now. Let nothing that values life stand before us!" "Fools! You have no power against us!" (after Caim is at half health) "Are you alright?! You must be strong!"
  • There are two prominent tsunderes in Duel Savior Destiny. Lily definitely this kind, and quite aggressive, while the medic Berio... is also like this, but more understandably so and less extreme, putting her on the borderline for the categories.
  • Liese from Eiyuu X Maou is an inversion; while harsh is her default mode, her tsun side comes out more frequently with everyone but her Love Interest, who she's loyally dere to (The Helper, on an occasion The Nurse.) The Taunt is typical among her True Companions, she rains sadistic torment on all humans, and the rare tsun expression to Felser is reserved and rather chilly. Depending on game choices, she may give him the full Tsunami wrath, but in the end will follow that with dere more extreme than before.
  • Juere, the Goddess of Healing in the world of Elona, doesn't want to heal you at all! S-Stupid! (That's a somewhat modified quote from the game.) She occasionally passive-aggressively begs for you to not stop worshiping her, and the various NPCs comment on her weird tsundereness.
  • Maida Buckner in Fallout 2. She gets a crush on Sulik while he's stuck working off his debt at her family business; Sulik dubs her "Maida-with-no-smiles." Once the Chosen One gets him out of his debt, she fiercely denies missing him - through sobs.
  • Originally of Fate/stay night fame, Gilgamesh's incarnation in Fate Extra CCC have him come off much more as this trope than his usual jerkass persona. Initially acting cold, indifferent and downright violent to his Master, Hakuno Kishinami, he eventually warms up to them and even goes so far as to call them his proper Master instead of a lowly mongrel like the rest of them. Even then, however, he denies that he cares for them so deeply all the same.
  • Final Fantasy VIII: While Squall Leonhart is typically just standoffish, his interactions with both Rinoa and Zell results in his developing a more hostile personality. These two, especially Rinoa constantly try to get Squall to open up throughout the game. By the end of the game give you a smile.
  • Lulu from Final Fantasy X, but only towards the men in the party; Yuna and Rikku she treats like little sisters, and she doesn't really interact with Kimahri or Auron, leaving Tidus and Wakka. Towards them (Wakka in particular) she is usually very harsh, aside from a few moments when she shows a sweeter side; most notably, in Luca, she holds Wakka up when he's too exhausted to stand (despite being half a head taller and much heavier), and compliments his performance in the game. By the sequel, the two of them are hitched, expecting a child, and she's almost completely lost her tsuntsun side.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War:
      • Tiltyu the thunder mage. Sure, she acts really cheerful, pushy, spunky, rebellious, and even speaks too casually for a Princess, especially when her predestined is the rather timid Azel, she looks just about ready to be really pushy on him. But in truth, beneath that, she shows great insecurity and loneliness, when you do actually get her to a love-improving conversation with Azel, you get to see that despite her outlook, she is really scared that nobody will trust her by being 'an enemy's daughter'. Then you see how scared she is when facing her father Leptor (justified, though, her father has a Holy Weapon that can possibly kill her in one hit). And then there's all those misfortunes she suffered right after.
      • The more straight-out Tsundere would be Princess Ayra of Isaac. Sure, she can be one hell of a scary Action Girl, killing men with ease using the Ryuuseiken and being a sort of Auntie Bear to little Shanan. But then, she can get a bit gushy when she's paired with Holyn... or have a Slap-Slap-Kiss romance with Lex. If you really want gushy, though, try pairing her with Arden. Ayra's name can be romanized as Ira. Which is Latin for one of the 7 deadly sins... guess which one. And Ayra's such a tsundere that there's tsuntsun to spare for both her daughter Lakche and Lakche's replacement/expy Radney.
    • Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade:
    • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones:
      • Princess L'Arachel. Quite tsuntsun towards either Innes, Rennac, or Ephraim, more deredere when with Joshua or Eirika.
      • Even more, she's so much of this that she manages to bring the tsuntsun out of Innes. Really, their supports are all about which of the two can out-tsun the other.
    • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance has Cat Girl Lethe and her various interactions with people (especially Ike, the leading male of this story). A lot more with the violent aspects than the nice aspects (to show how feral and feline she is). However, the sequel Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn shattered all thoughts of her ending up with anyone.
    • Lethe's tsundere-ness must be genetic. this list for the overly generic support conversations in sequel Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn suggests that her twin sister Lyre is the same way (specifically, the level A conversations). She's deredere towards Captain Ranulf, tsuntsun towards everyone else.
    • Fire Emblem Awakening:
      "I am a warrior of the sword. Nothing fazes me. Nothing!"
    • Fire Emblem Fates:
      • The Conquest campaign has Selena. She's an abrasive and snarky Badass Adorable who doubles as the local Sore Loser, but clearly has a caring side. If she sounds like Severa, that's because she is.
      • The Birthright side has a textbook male example: Saizo. He's normally a Hot-Blooded ninja, but he tends to get almost as embarrassed as a school boy when someone, and specially a girl, shows him open affection. This is seen very well in his supports with Princess Sakura, when he has textbook tsundere reactions whenever she calls him cute.
      • Takumi, the avatar's younger brother. He is usually brash and quick to anger over perceived slights. He starts out as very antagonistic towards the avatar, but should they join Hoshido he'll slowly start opening up to them. This doesn't stop the occasional outburst however. His my room interactions are full of textbook tsundere behavior, such as starting to admit his newfound acceptance of his sibling before cutting himself off with an "it's nothing" and looking away. He also acts like this towards a lot of his other support options, such as Elise, Mozu, and Hana. Once he is married to someone he is incredibly sweet to them.
      • Corrin's butler Jakob is another male example. He's very tsun towards most people not named Corrin, while being very dere towards them. He also lets his dere side show more in some of his romantic supports. And, yes, he can end up with Selena, and their supports play out a lot like L'Arachel and Innes's tsundere contest.
  • Grace Nakimura of the Gabriel Knight series is abrasive, sarcastic, and generally looks down on her womanizing employer, but she's also very concerned for him and genuinely loves him; the dream dragon who oversees Gabriel's Schattenjäger initiation certainly knows it when he cites that three women have loved Gabriel purely (the others being his grandmother and Malia Gedde).
  • Anti-Villain Millenia in Grandia II starts off as an aggressive Veronica, overly sexual in her advances towards Ryudo (and plain bitchy towards everyone else). It is later revealed, however, that she only hides her insecurity this way, since she is an Anthropomorphic Personification of the evil god Valmar's wings and as such, has very little experience with strong feelings towards anybody. In the end of the game, she starts showing her dere side more often, gets a job at an orphanage, and keeps waiting for Ryudo, who, she is sure, will some day return to her.
    • Elena from II is also a Tsundere, if not an even more classic case. She constantly yells and gets angry at Ryudo (normally for his sarcastic comments), but has those few moments where she blushes and feels dere dere towards him. She's also much more reluctant than Millenia to admitting her feelings for him.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Can Catalina's acting be classed as tsundere...or should she rather be put under Total Nutcase?
  • Gwen from Guild Wars is very tsun until her love interest finally hits her deredere side.
  • The Harvest Moon series is full of these, usually as potential love interests. Luna ("Hmph, you're so unreliable..."), Karen ("Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid...")... Gill is a male example ("I didn't get you [this medicine] because I worry about you, or anything...")... Vaughn, Natalie, and Antoinette are also examples.
    • The third game in its role-playing offshoot Rune Factory 3 has Raven in this mold.
  • In Kid Icarus: Uprising, Viridi the Goddess of Nature definitely qualifies. Especially clear in this conversation after she sends in some of her monsters to protect Pit in the Aurum Hive.note 
    Viridi: Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not here to to help you. It's just in my best interest to keep you alive for now.
    Palutena: Awww, looks like Little Miss Cactus has a soft spot for Pit.
    Pit: Really? 'Cause I don't think you're that bad either...
    Viridi: *blushing* Shhh! Keep your voice down! People are listening! I'm definitely NOT doing this to help you, Pit!
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The lead designer of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has openly admitted in an interview that Midna was designed with the Tsundere concept in mind. Midna even falls victim to the classic Tsundere line; "Don't think for a second that I care about you, I'm helping you because I have to" or something to that effect.
    • Also from Twilight Princess is Plumm, the bird in charge of the Kargaroc Balloon Game at Zora's River/Lake Hylia. When you beat the high score and win the Piece Of Heart, she delivers the classic Tsundere line, "I'm not giving you this because I like you or anything..."
    • Tetra from The Wind Waker qualifies too. She even gives a Tsundere-line, pretty simmilar to the one Midna gave, early in the game.
    • Ruto from Ocarina of Time acts like this to Link during their childhood, but after the latter saves her, she makes a Childhood Marriage Promise to him.
    • Tatl from Majora's Mask probably started the trend of Link having a Tsundere-girl for a friend and helper. She gives the "I don't care about you, but I have to help you" line, just like Tetra and Midna.
    • Ezlo from The Minish Cap tends to act constantly annoyed with Link and the circumstances the two of them end up in, but his collectible Figurine and occasional bits of dialogue with him reveal that he is nonetheless fond of Link.
    • Linebeck from Phantom Hourglass is a male example, both to Link and to the fairy Ciela. At a late point in the game, he manages to call the latter by her name.
    • Surprisingly, Spirit Zelda is a "sweet but harsh" example, rather than this kind, like the other Zelda-characters listed here.
    • Revali from Breath of the Wild spends most of his screentime and his diary being a major narcissist who demeans Link and others for supposedly not matching his skill and grace, and has an implied prejudice against Hylians like Link and Zelda. But his diary reveals that he nonetheless respects Princess Zelda for her pluck and altruism, and he also feels sorry for her being unable to awaken her sealing power despite all the hard work she's put into it.
  • Starling/Sheryl from the "Cross Brigade"/"Silent Crusade" questline in MapleStory is like this towards the (male) player character, completely with classic tsundere 'It's not because I like you or anything' when she actually does something nice.
  • Luna in Mega Man Star Force is bossy rather than aggressive, but still qualifies.
  • Since the Neptunia series are an Affectionate Parody of games and anime alike, it's a given that there'd be at least one character depicting this tsundere stereotype. The same characteristics are seen in IF, Noire, and Uni. In fact, the tsundere within the latter two gets painfully obvious, especially with Uni when she talks to Nepgear. And Uni looks downright subtle come Re;Birth 1, where Noire so so blatantly tsundere for Neptune she's constantly called on it.
  • Neverwinter Nights 2:
    • Bishop is an extreme case of Tsun-Tsun, if your character is female. He frequently makes snide remarks to her, flat-out calling her a whore at one point, and tells her that she'll never know him and that he doesn't want her to know him...right before doing things like turning around and asking her to run away with him or giving her advice on how to beat Lorne. Though it's not as if he cares whether she lives or dies.
    • Shandra's a milder version. She'll show signs of being concerned about you during your duel with Lorne, but if you ask her about it, she utters the Tsundere Catchphrase: "N-no! It wasn't like I was worried about you...I just wanted to see justice done, that's all!"
  • Melody from Nostalgia. Her deredere side only really comes out when her mother or the village Elder are involved.
  • Onmyōji has Minamoto no Hiromasa who is tsun-tsun toward about everybody, but dere-dere toward his sister Kagura.
    • Especially priceless is the constant denial he tosses out in chapter 9, where he asks his friends to help him deal with a troublemaking yōkai.
    Hiromasa: Not like I'm asking you guys for help or anything!
  • Persona:
    • Persona 3:
      • Yukari, especially in her social link. The events of the game, and maxing out her social link help her overcome this. It's so strong that early in her social link, if you ask to go to her room she will laugh at you. Then, if you choose to save her from punks/rapists in her Rank 5 event, she will get extremely pissed at you for not trusting her independence. She'll cool down right afterwards if you're not too forward with your dialogue options, and in a later conversation, apologize for getting mad and admit that she did appreciate you coming to save her, even if she hated needing help in the first place. Incidentally, that conversation is the one where her social link starts becoming romantic.
      • Hidetoshi Odagiri is a male example. He's stern and cold to just about everyone in the first eight ranks of his S. Link, even insulting them for disagreeing with him. However, (assuming you gain his trust by agreeing with him at least up to Rank 7) he is very much deredere to the protagonist as early as Rank 2, even going out of his way to clarify things he says just to make sure you don't feel insulted. Heck, he even blushes when praising you for your sincerity and ability to be gentle to people at some point during his last couple of ranks. And on the female protagonist path, he reveals in the end that he has romantic feelings for you.
    • Persona 5 has a mostly platonic example in Caroline. As the protagonist advances her and twin sister Justine's confidant level, she'll tend to smile more and act nicer towards the protagonist after he completes a task, until Justine points it out or she realizes it herself. This causes her to slip back into her regular harsh personality and lash out at him. If you defeat the twins in New Game+, it becomes clear that Caroline's feelings towards the protagonist go beyond platonic.
  • Cute Monster Girl Annah from Planescape: Torment is classic form of this, primarily demonstrated in verbal jibes and threats, though not so much physical toward the Nameless One (who, in the beginning of the game only has levels in badass, and it shows,) but she's less shy about slapping Morte around. Her dere side doesn't even reveal itself when the man she'd known as her father is found dead, but eventually emerges in some steamy flirtations with Nameless, which become completely realized by the end of the game.
  • Pokémon: Non-romantic example. Silver from the second generation games has many Harsh tendencies, which are given a slight boost in the Gold and Silver version remakes, to the point he occasionally seems borderline sociopathic. He is extremely tsun towards the player character, or anyone for that matter, is frighteningly obsessed with becoming stronger for a young boy, is overall abrasive towards everyone he meets, and is the first and only Pokémon rival to actually attack the player physically, kicking/punching/shoving him or her upon their first meeting; he is also constantly called out on how harshly he treats his Pokemon. He does soften up a little towards the end of the game and starts treating his Pokemon kindly, though he still remains rather tsun-tsun towards the player, and is convinced that he or she is laughing at him. He then, in the remakes, suddenly goes Dere Dere at the Indigo League, even healing the player's team, earning him his reputation as the franchise's resident Tsundere in the eyes of many fans.
  • Pony Fantasy VI: (Based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Trixie is rather taciturn about any compliments Applebloom gives her, especially given her allegiances to The Empire.
  • GLaDOS in Portal 2. Intitially a straight-up Yandere, when the memories of her former life as Caroline begin to emerge, she softens towards Chell, even going so far as to serenade Chell with a heartfelt goodbye while letting her leave.
    Goodbye my only friend...Oh, did you think I meant you?
    That would be funny, if it weren't so sad.
    Well, you have been replaced. I don't need anyone now.
    When I delete you maybe [REDACTED]. ("[REDACTED]" in the on-screen lyrics, but clearly audible as "I'll stop feeling so bad.")
  • Luciano from Princess Debut is gruff and brushes you off for a while, but with some work you can get his dere dere side to come out.
  • Lili from Psychonauts. She spends roughly the first half of the game playfully belittling Raz in various ways, but is much sweeter to him in the second half—she's still feisty, though.
  • Yukariko only really puts up with the player character's antics and blunders because she doesn't want Suho, Asagi, and Kohaku staying in possession of her body. This being one of Illusion's games, it doesn't take much imagination to see what the "antics" are.
  • Lucia is a textbook example, being rather cranky and obstinate to everyone, but softening up towards love interest Alph as the story goes on.
  • In Radiata Stories, Ridley is tsun tsun to everyone from her arranged finance to her commanding officer and stays that way. As the story progresses her dere dere sides emerges more and more around 'her Jack'. Lily, Morgan and Urusla count too.
  • Red Alert 3: Paradox, a Game Mod for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, does this as Alternate Character Interpretation to Yuriko of all people.
  • Caris Burnfist from Romancing Walker, to the point of being an Affectionate Parody, complete with a Megaton Punch which she uses on the hero, Ryle Laster.
    Caris: (after punching Ryle into the ceiling) "Huh? I woke you up and that's all you can say? Do you want me to give you a submission hold?"
  • Senran Kagura:
    • Homura started out on the harsh side. After the events of Burst, she mellowed out into the sweet side a little. Her harsh side is now reserved for her rival Asuka or anyone who dares to harm her.
    • Kumi is usually on the harsh side, but when it comes to the weak or people who are relying on her, she's got a big-sisterly disposition. She'll take care of them, but she'll complain while doing so.
  • Inspector Carmelita in the Sly Cooper games, but only toward Sly himself. To the rest of the gang (and even Sly's ancestors in the fourth, she's surprisingly kind, sweet, and supportive.
  • Melissa from the visual novel Songs Of Araiah.
  • In the second game of the Sonny series, Felicity is definitely this way: Her early interactions involve arguing with and trying to kill Sonny and Veradux (to get at a cassette tape Sonny was given by Louis early in the first game), but by the fifth zone she joins your party (claiming that she's only doing it to take out the mayor), and in the final cinematic of the main story she's more calmly explaining to Sonny and the party why she was after the tape in a little more detail. Also, before joining the party she would usually greet Veradux with a throwing knife thrown into his face.
  • Tales Series:
    • Tales of Destiny
      • Leon. Although in the original game, he was a complete jerk who never accepted his former companions as friends, the Remake rectified his personality. Although initially mistrusting and openly stating that he dislikes Stahn Aileron, he eventually caves into his persistent attempts to befriend him and agrees to fight alongside him as a companion. Of course, he then makes a Heroic Sacrifice moments after agreeing to accompany The Hero once more, and he still states that he dislikes him, and that he never accepted that he was a friend. Doesn't help that he looks... rather girly despite his masculine voice and fights like a Lady of War.
      • Only Leon Magnus could get Tsundere over crepes.
      • Rutee — (Wow, she and Leon must've been real Tsundere siblings) — who continually bickers with Stahn, but still ends up as his wife in the sequel. And in the said sequel, there's Nanaly Fletch, who constantly delivers Loni a backbone crusher if he pisses her off, especially about her tomboy nature, but in another second, she gets... a bit gushy on him. She even cried on his shoulder once.
    • Tales of Symphonia: Sheena. Though she says she "can't stand" Zelos, she cares about him, and is visibly devastated if the party is forced to kill Zelos. In the PS2 and Chronicles remakes, there's also the scene where she and Zelos get biker outfits. Zelos calls her on her obvious crush on Lloyd and her response is "I-it's not like I have a thing for Lloyd or anything!"
    • Tales of the Abyss:
      • There is a classic Oranyan in Asch. He's ora ora (tsun tsun) to everybody all the time (especially Luke)... except Natalia, around whom he tends to be much more nyan nyan (dere dere).
      • You can get the 'Soft Meanie' title for Jade. In the Japanese version of the game, the title is actually 'Tsundere Ojiisan.'
    • Tales of the Tempest: Rubia Natwick, who often acts like a Bratty Half-Pint, especially around Caius, but has her sweet moments.
    • Tales of Vesperia:
      • Rita Mordio. Although in this case, her deredere side comes out with Estelle.
      • Nan, who acts this way towards Karol. She reveals this most when she fights him as the last fight for his version of the 100-Man Melee, when she even explicitly says that she's fighting him because she can't have the guy she marries be weak. Followed by him wondering why she's attacking him then, further triggering her tsun side. In fairness to Karol, he's about ten years old.
    • Tales of Hearts presents another subversion to the "Hero x Tsundere" pattern. While it initially looks like love interest Kohak is going to be a tsundere, she's pretty mild, and Token Mini-Moe Beryl Benito soon turns out to be a much more advanced case, nursing a crush on Shing for about 70% of the game. And on the distaff side, Hisui can be found struggling this way over his burgeoning 'ship with Richea.
    • There's also a mild, subverted case in Tales of Rebirth, but not about The Hero, though. Annie Barrs really hates Eugene Gallardo, but she always does help him. When asked why, she usually replies like "I-it's not that I have forgiven him..." Unlike other Tsunderes, though, Annie is not very violent with the other members, and after she forgives Eugene, she stops being a Tsundere, and their relationship were strictly non-romantic.
    • Hubert's a jerk for all of Tales of Graces, but Asbel and especially Pascal can bring out a sweeter side in him. This is most obvious during all the Ship Tease in Lineage and Legacies, and in a skit after his optional Duel Boss encounter in the main game, in which he basically says "It's not like I lost on purpose so you'd feel better about yourself or anything...idiot."
    • Cheria from Tales Of Graces. While she is listed down below in Sweet, she initially serves as a deconstruction and reconstruction of Harsh. Post-Time Skip, Her treatment of Asbel, at first, has him try to distance himself somewhat since he assumes she hates him while he thinks of her as a dear friend. Not helped by Asbel being a guilt-ridden self-depreciating mess of a man. However he does eventually call her on treating him like crap and their relationship slowly heals as she sees that he had his own issues to deal with before he could even begin to try and reciprocate her feelings.
    • Fractured Milla from Tales Of Xillia 2. The thing is, her anger and hostility towards Ludger are somewhat justified (he destroyed her dimension and, depending on the player, lied about it...) and she takes any chance to insult or belittle him. However increasing her affection level and her getting to know him better along with the problems he has (like his massive debt, relationship with his brother, burden of being responsible for Elle...) she eases up admitting she had him all wrong.
  • Meilin from Terranigma torments Ark in many ways. We later see that it's because Ark rejects (or fails to recognize) her love.
  • Edy Nelson from Valkyria Chronicles. She's aggressive, shouty, and has girlish pigtails. She's also prone to beating up her Ship Tease in a classic case of Love at First Punch. Even her deredere side is pretty darn abrasive. This really comes out in the Edy Brigade expansion DLC for the game, when she has to lead a group of soldiers she got separated from Squad 7. Namely, her aforementioned Bishōnen Ship Tease, a Camp Gay big guy, a Cold Sniper who helped them get separated by chasing after a puppy, a skittish and anemic Technical Pacifist, and the snarky second half of a Battle Couple. The release of this promptly turned every one of those characters into fan favourites and changed Edy from an Alpha Bitch into a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Carna/Sharla from Xenoblade.
  • Clevia of Ys VI is practically a demonstration of how to go from harsh-but-sweet to sweet-but-harsh over the course of the game.
  • Lampshaded in Moco Moco Friends. Neko calls Nene a "tsundere" after Moco defeats her Nyaru. Nene has a harsh personality as well.
  • Undertale:
    • Papyrus thinks you're this if you if you try to insult him in battle, feeling that deep down inside, you don't really mean to be a Jerk Ass to him and just need a good defrosting.
    • The Tsunderplane, a flying parody of the stock tropes and phrases associated with Tsunderes. For example, the game's Playable Epilogue can have someone state that she bumped into someone while Late for School with toast in its mouth. If it attacks when paired up with a Vulkin, the game tells you "Tsunderplane attacks! Not because it's jealous Vulkin is paying attention to you!".
    • At the start of the game, in Toriel's bedroom, you can find a cactus which when examined is referred to as the most tsundere of plants. When Papyrus calls you a tsundere he specifically calls you an "emotional cactus." Finally, if you return to Toriel's cactus in the Playable Epilogue, examining it will reveal that it wasn't as if it was waiting for you to come back or anything.
    • Undyne outwardly has a very rough, aggressive, Hot-Blooded demeanor, but is genuinely compassionate and sweet to her closest friends (such as encouraging Papyrus to pursue other goals than becoming a member of the Royal Guard because she doesn't want to see him die a meaningless death). Alphys even outright calls her tsundere in one of the neutral endings.
  • Shadow and Blaze in the Sonic games. Both start out as rivals of Sonic, with Shadow seeking revenge on humanity for Maria's death and Blaze refusing to accept help from anyone but Cream (to the point of knocking Knuckles out for suggesting that she work with Sonic), but by the end, both are allies of Sonic, with Blaze realizing her powerful friendship with Cream, though Shadow is still Sonic's rival on occasion he does care for him (even has an outright tsundere moment in the DS version of Sonic Colors).
  • Given that Yandere Simulator's rival characters have a lot of anime character archetypes, it's a given that at least one of them would be a Tsundere. In this case, it's Osana Najimi, Senpai's Childhood Friend. For starters, she looks a bit like Asuka Langley Soryu, complete with type S Zettai Ryouiki (long stockings and long pigtails). And in the developer's side video "I Want My Senpai Back", she spouts off the classic Tsundere line "I-it's not like I LIKE him or anything!".
  • Cassie in Crush Crush. The achievement for getting her to Lover status is even titled "Tsundere Tamer".

     Sweet (Dere) 
  • Another Code: Ashley Mizuki Robbins is normally a nice person to be around, but when she loses her temper, she stops listening to others and has a bit of a hissy-fit.
  • Final Fantasy IV has Rydia and Porom, towards Edge and Palom, respectively.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade:
      • Lyndis can be seen this way through her Slap-Slap-Kiss (tsuntsun) interactions with Hector of Ostia and her awkward, gentler reactions (deredere) towards either Eliwood of Pherae, her vassal Kent or Rath the Horse Archer. If you like your Les Yay, there's her adorable and dere-dere dynamic with the Shrinking Violet Florina...
      • Rebecca the Archer is very tsuntsun towards her childhood friend Wil and Chivalrous Pervert Sain (showing extreme jealousy when they talk about their lady-in-liege, the aforementioned Lyndis, and even kicking Wil for it once-and for not remembering her from their childhood), yet in presence of Big Eater and fellow Team Chef Lowen she is absolutely deredere (to be fair, he did rescue her once...). Her deredere side also shows in her supports with both Louise, whom she fangirls shamelessly, and the other girl around her age in the army, Nino.
    • Dorothy from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade is also a bit like this. She tends to nag and is very harsh with her Chivalrous Pervert charge Saul (despite kinda crushing on him), but also seems to have problems with her self-esteem and appearance, at least until you support her with Claine of Reglay. And in her supports with Shin, she's actually so deredere that she comes off as a Shrinking Violet.
    • The Pegasus Knight Karin from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 is a tsundere, specially in her interactions with Felgus or Eyrios.
    • In Fire Emblem Awakening, the female Avatar comes off as one. She's a sweet, patient and understanding Nice Girl, but her supports with Chrom make her sound almost like Naru from Love Hina, which is a reaction she never has with any of her other potential husbands. However, there is an alternate way to pair them that avoids this: explanation 
  • Jenna in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, as evidenced by her reactions in a cutscene where Sheba teases her about her affections for Isaac. Dark Dawn indicates that this worked out for her.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is a rare example of this kind among Link's allies. (Ruto, Tatl, Tetra and Midna are all Harsh). This Zelda may seem sweet as sugar and extremly polite when nothing is bothering her, but once something starts bothering here, you'd better pray that you're a) nowhere near her and b) not that poor guy named Link... She has a pretty loud shouting-voice and when she has a devasting weapon on hand, while snapping into Tsun-Tsun mode, she will use that weapon on whatever is annoying her. Although it is pretty justified when the cause for her outburst happens to be a certain whip of Link.
    • Ilia from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is very lovely and nice towards her childhood friend Link. But even that won't stop her from yelling at him if Epona is somehow injured. (Which she will be, no matter how careful you are.) But she does forgive him not long after.
    • In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Zelda (who is not a princess) is Link's childhood friend and generally sweet, but doesn't hesitate to chastise him for not training for the Wing Ceremony, even pushing him off the edge of Skyloft when he says he can't sense his Loftwing (which leads to a massive Oh, Crap! moment when she realizes he's not just making excuses).
  • Lavie Regale from Love and War is generally kind, friendly and cheerful, but if you push the wrong buttons, especially if your name is Ryan Eramond, then you're in trouble.
  • Jessica D'Alkrik from Lunar: The Silver Star (and its remake) is most definitely this. She's extremely hyperactive and somewhat forceful, but her default mood is cheerful and kind and plenty of NPCs in Meribia confirm she always has a kind word for them. Her tsun-side is reserved for those whose general behavior irritate her. (Nash at first, then Kyle once he joins and Nall on occasion) The reason her tsun-side becomes so obvious is because Kyle is attracted that side of her and can't help provoking her whenever he gets the opportunity.
  • Persona:
    • Chihiro Fujimi in Persona 3 is a very mild example. Normally the Shrinking Violet, her social link reveals that she can snap and get very confrontational when protecting things she cares about (the subject in question being the main character).
    • Persona 4:
      • Chie Satonaka is for the most part very friendly to everyone. Everyone except Yosuke. She also goes into Harsh mode for the Protagonist if you pursue her romance.
      • Her best friend Yukiko Amagi also has moments like this. She's very friendly, but reacts very violently to perversion (even in cases where she misinterprets it). Persona 4: The Animation plays up this side more.
  • Senran Kagura: Yomi is usually a motherly figure to her friends. If you just so happen to be someone who's greedy, or talk down on bean sprouts, then her violent side comes out.
  • Tales Series:
    • Unlike most characters in the series who more fit in the harsh-but-sweet mold, Cheria Barnes of Tales of Graces is very much this way. She is mostly sweet and docile, even to her love interest Asbel. However, she gets harsh whenever someone points out her obvious crush, or if he ignores her affections, resulting in her snapping at him. Though, given what Asbel is like, you can't exactly blame her.
    • Tales of the Tempest: Caius Qualls is a sweet kid for the most part, but Rubia's teasing really pisses him off at times.
    • Marta from Talesof Symphonia Dawnofthe New World. A rare case for lovely Rie Kugimiya.
  • Fiorung/Fiora from Xenoblade.

  • Monkey Pink from the Ape Escape series changes her attack patterns depending on whether she's cheery or enraged.
  • Cordelia von Feuerbach from Atelier Rorona, is basically a tsundere towards the game's main protagonist, Rorolina "Rorona" Frixell.
    • On the other hand, in the sequel, Atelier Totori, Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang is entirely tsundere towards Totooria "Totori" Helmold, especially toward the fact that Totori is the daughter of a famous adventurer.
  • Viconia DeVir in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, if the player creates a male protagonist and engages in her romance subplot. Probably at least partly because she comes from an entire race that Does Not Like Men, and partly because she's just plain evil.
  • Etna from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, though it's only particularly apparent in the "Etna's Diary" subplot.
    • She does have intriguing notions on how to treat Prinnies though. (Not to mention all the weapons she broke trying to wake up Laharl.)
    • Laharl himself is the real tsundere. He's not only a rare male example, but a textbook case. Etna is quite a bit more open than he is, freely admitting she was concerned about Flonne. She just happens to be horribly abusive as well. Even Flonne ends up looking sweet-but-harsh for much of the game, which is a testament to just how infuriating Laharl can be.
    • Mao from Disgaea 3 is also a Tsundere, which is best demonstrated by his reaction to Almaz's death: declaring him a traitor for dying without permission, chewing him out for leaving him behind with "this unwanted feeling," ordering him to come back to life, successfully reviving Almaz by returning his hero title, something that can only happen if Mao opens his heart to others, and then vehemently denying that any of this happened to any and all witnesses, all the way into the next episode credits.
      • From the same game, Raspberyl is sweet-but-harsh towards Mao In turn, he is rather harsh-but-sweet towards her... though admittedly his "dere" moments are quite rare and often underplayed.
    • The fourth game goes with straight-up lampshading.
      Fuka: [Fenrich]'s a tsundere! I've never seen one in real life before.
    • Seraphina from the fifth game is a domineering succubus overlord who believes that all men exist solely to be her servants, and is quick to shoot anyone who disagrees; on rare occasions, she shows genuine feelings for Krillia.
  • Akira Toriyama is a big fan of tsundere, as at least one appears in every one of his works. It's therefore not surprising that they show up in the Dragon Quest series a lot, since he does all the character and art direction on those games. Most notable are Maribel (Harsh) of Dragon Quest VII, Debora of Dragon Quest V (extremely harsh) Jessica (Sweet) of Dragon Quest VIII.
  • Fire Emblem
    • Hector in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade shows his soft side more easily around his three bridal choices and Eliwood.
    • Prince Innes from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Quite the Jerk Ass sometimes, but a textbook tsundere for Eirika and L'Arachel. And considering that the latter is a tsundere too, they compete to see who's more tsuntsun or more deredere.
    • Ayra from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War is jerkish and seemly uncaring toward Lex in their supports, but she is totally sweet and happy when she is paired with either Howlyn or Arden. Normally, she is a tough Action Girl who is protective toward her little brother.
  • Iori Minase from The Idolmaster (it's Rie Kugimiya, alright) is a rare A/B hybrid — (mostly) friendly to fans and strangers, but (mostly) rude to the staff, her fellow idols and even the Producer.
  • Knights of the Old Republic: Bastila, if the player character is male is often like this. Naturally, it took HK-47 to say what we were all thinking.
    "Mockery: Oh, master, I love you but I hate everything you stand for, but I think we should go press our slimy, mucus-covered lips together in the cargo hold!"
    • She might actually count as Harsh given her interaction with other party members (especially Carth).
  • Prier from La Pucelle: Tactics behaves this way towards just about all the men she encounters, but especially towards her brother Culotte and, to a lesser degree, Croix.
  • Tron Bonne in Mega Man Legends. One boss fight consists of her trying her damnedest to get Megaman to 'dump' Roll and go for Tron instead, while attempting to murder him at the same time.
  • Meryl Silverburgh from the Metal Gear series, especially in the fourth installment. Her interactions with Johnny [Akiba] in the Outer Haven Shootout are perfect examples, especially when she decides to don the seme pants.
  • Persona:
    • Kei Nanjo from the original Persona has one moment of Tsundere. He's mostly a ruthlessly pragmatic and efficient, always offering to pick up with the Sadistic Choice, and belittles Masao very often. At one point of the game, however, his ruthlessness becomes pivotal in getting the Ideal Maki to regain herself and gets thanked in result. He then suddenly goes into shy/dere-dere mode to the point that Masao points out that he should be glad that this is the first time somebody thanked him, resulting in Kei snapping back to tsun-tsun.
    • Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4 tends to be gruff and rude, but his heart of gold definitely shines through multiple times, especially with young kids. In particular, his tough guy demeanor will always crack whenever he's in close proximity with his crush, Naoto Shirogane.
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky features both types as two of your guildmates. Loudred is a bossy Tsun-tsun towards everyone, but especially towards Sunflora, who's dere-dere towards everyone but him. Naturally, this is highlighted in Sunflora's special episode in Sky, where Loudred pulls a Big Damn Heroes twice.
  • Elika from Prince of Persia (2008) is a odd case. She's nicer than most Harsh types and not violent. Just really snarky. She shows Suspiciously Specific Denial once but even then it was subtle. However her dere side shows the further you get starting with actually showing she likes it when you catch her (a rather joyful laugh or teasing comment) to screaming "NO!" in complete horror when you miss a jump before she saves you or standing closer to you.
  • Male example: Azai Nagamasa in Sengoku Basara. He just HAD to keep up his Justice Freak in front of his introverted wife Oichi, so he tells her to shut up often when she starts moping around. But when nobody's around, he turns away and presents a flower for her.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic:
    • Ashara from the Inquisitor storyline comes across as this, alternately snapping at and seeking approval from the Inquisitor. If the Inquisitor is male and follows her Romance Sidequest, she slowly transitions to a Type B.
    • Kaliyo from the Agent's story, when pressed to confess her love for a male Agent, rapidly mutters the words and then threatens to bite his tongue off if he tells anyone. You don't get much more Tsundere than that.
  • Seolla Schweizer in of Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 hits the Sweet type: friendly, professional, and kind of sweet to her peers and comrades, except she's constantly infuriated by her combat partner/love interest Arado Balanga, due to him playing the Idiot Hero / Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass (depending on continuity). Katina Tarask, on the other hand, seems like the first kind, but has no occasion to be deredere...period. Lampshaded by the fandom for giving her the Fan Nickname "Angry Desu."
  • Meilin from Terranigma probably counts. A Mood-Swinger in the extreme, she can not decide what she thinks about Ark. The first time they meet, she hates him for spoiling her illusion of her dead parents. Then, she kind-of-stalks him around the woods and follows him while trying to make him notice her romantically, before eventually having a Face–Heel Turn, albeit one quickly reversed. Did we mention that she's quite a bit younger?than Ark?
  • Alice Margatroid from the Touhou games is often depicted as this toward Marisa Kirisame in fanworks. Which type she is varies depending on who's writing the story at the time.
    • An official tsundere can be found in the semi-canon Inaba of the Moon and Earth. In it, Fujiwara no Mokou acts flagrantly tsundere towards her eternal enemy Kaguya Houraisan. She's Harsh.
    • Parsee Mizuhashi, being a youkai of jealousy, is also often depicted as a tsundere towards Yuugi Hoshiguma. Like Alice, she varies between Harsh and Sweet, and still other fanworks portray her as a full-blown Yandere (consistent with the original hashihime, on whom she is based).
  • Angie from Trauma Center is an aloof/warm type.
  • Lady Sylvanas from the Warcraft series can be seen as a tsundere. While she is the leader of the undead Forsaken and outwardly seems like a cold, uncaring person, she shows a hidden soft side during some moments in the fluff (especially towards the blood elves), and the resolution of one quest in World of Warcraft shows Sylvanas mourning the loss of her sister and her "past" life when she sings The Lament of the Highborne. Before that song, if you give her the necklace, she shows surprise about the memories of her sister... then realizes that she's doing fluff in front of the undeads, so she quickly displays her cold attitude back and shoos you away... then sings that song. She really runs from hot, cold, and then hot again!
  • Tia from Potion Maker, in her own words: "Who are you calling a tsundere?!"
  • Knuckles and Rouge from the Sonic the Hedgehog series fit this definition quite nicely. Taken Up to Eleven in the anime Sonic X, where it all but states they are an item.

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