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Visual Novels were the first medium to popularize the phrase. You ought to know this, you waste enough time poring over them!

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    Harsh (Tsun) 
  • The earliest known use of the term to refer to someone (and thus, the Trope Namer) came up in a discussion regarding Ayu Daikuuji of Rumbling Hearts, who is abrasive to everyone including the main character, but shows a softer side to him from time to time. The creators ran with it, referring to Ayu as "100% tsun, 0% dere" in the Ayu-Mayu Theater spinoff shorts.
  • Cinderella Phenomenon:
    • Lucette Britton. She's harsh and abrasive. She's blunt. But, as the story progresses, we see that she can also be caring and even sweet, especially after she solves her trust issues.
    • Rod Widdensov is an aloof guy and, in his route, he often bickers with protagonist Lucette Britton. There are moments when he is harsh towards her, but it's clear there is Belligerent Sexual Tension between them. And as the story progresses and they get close, Rod is shown to be caring and protective towards her too. It helps that they are so alike.
  • Natsuki of Doki Doki Literature Club! is based on this archetype, since the game is partly Deconstructive Parody, although like everyone else, she gets more depth than that. She's feisty, she's blunt, and she clearly has a crush on the protagonist. At least she's aware that she has an anger management problem and is willing to admit it at times. It's suggested she has suffered a lot of bad treatment and has trouble letting her guard down. She's more relaxed if you meet her outside school. Possibly amplified by Monika, as it's more evident in Acts One and Two than in Act Four, where she's more welcoming to the protagonist after Monika is gone.
    Protagonist: [after eating one of her cupcakes] This is really good. Thank you, Natsuki.
    Natsuki: W-why are you thanking me? It's not like I...!
    Protagonist: [thinking to himself] Haven't I heard this somewhere before?
    Natsuki: [resigned] ...made them for you or anything.
    Protagonist: Eh? I thought you technically did. Sayori said-
    Natsuki: Well, maybe! But not for, y-you know, you! Dummy...
  • Tsugumi of Ever17 is straddling the line between this and Sugar-and-Ice Personality and it's towards everyone except Coco. And Sara, but she ignores her anyway. Obviously, she mellows by the end. Harsh, uses violence, (punches Takeshi at least once) cold shoulder (default. She doesn't answer meaningless questions in her own words) and also the smirk! Actually, she comes off as a bit of a jerkass a lot of the time so they gave her a morality pet before letting her officially act dere towards Takeshi.
  • Touka in Sharin no Kuni due to Ririko polluting her brain as a child.
  • Riho towards Shinichi in Deardrops. In her route, it is revealed that she'd been impressed with how he managed to dedicate his life to music and play in a professional orchestra in Germany and was disappointed and angry at him for squandering that chance and returning to Japan.
  • Danganronpa has a liking for male tsunderes:
    • Byakuya Togami, the Ultimate Affluent Progeny. He is a brash man who states multiple times he would have no qualms on killing others to get out of the game, nonetheless, he survives, and becomes closer to the group, by Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, it's clear he actually values and likes the other members of the 78th Class.
    • From the Second game, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, the Ultimate Gangster. He also states that he would kill people to get out of the game, refuses to become friends with the group, and you can't actually make his free time events until Chapter 3. It's only through Peko's death, almost dying during her execution, losing his eye in the process and trying to commit Seppuku to atone he becomes Hinata's right hand man, warms up considerably to the group, and the can be befriended. By making his final free time event, Fuyuhiko asks Hinata to perform a small Yakuza ceremony that makes them brothers and also to accompany him once they leave the island.
    • The third installment has two: both Juzo Sakakura and Kyosuke Munakata. Both are cruel Knight Templar that threat and actively try to kill Naegi, believing he is on the side of Despair and recognizing the threat he might represent to their view on the battle against Despair, Juzo particularly, double as a Blood Knight. In the end though, they are also Childhood Friends with each other and Chisa Yukizome, having a soft spot for each other and her. Juzo particularly, is revealed to be in love with Kyosuke, and ends up saving everybody in the end, through a Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Female tsunderes are rarer, but they do exist in this series. Mahiru Koizumi from the second game is one example. She has high standards for men due to an emotionally neglectful father, and establishes her character by criticizing Hajime and Nagito for not acting like how she feels they should. She's also the Team Mom, doing her best to look out for the group, only she tends to come off like a nagging wife as Nagito jokingly points out. She does argue that Hajime should be protecting her and the other girls when the killing game begins, but is shown to be more reasonable during the investigations and trials. In her Free Time Events and Island Mode, her softer side and Hidden Depths are in more easily seen, though hilariously, her lines when embarrassed tend to be classic tsundere justifications.
    • Hiyoko Saionji, also from the second installment, shows these traits, specially during her Free Time Events and Island Mode. She is usually seen as The Bully of the bunch, specially towards Mikan and Kazuichi with a preference for the former, however, when Hajime manages to get to know her better, she starts showing off her tsundere traits, often insulting Hajime or calling him "her slave". Altought he seems bothered by it at first, Hajime quickly learns that her personality is a result of having to live in an abusive household, even having to avoid death itself at certain points, with only her father being the only one she could trust, which she herself sees in Hajime. In the Island Mode, she makes a Declaration of Protection to Hajime, who she refers to as her slave, and her father.
    • And in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony we have Maki Harukawa, who is an Aloof Dark-Haired Girl who prefers to keep her distance from the group and is cold and hostile with everyone at first. However, over the course of the game she starts to open up more thanks to Kaito and Shuichi, referring to the former as "that idiot" and at one point blushing furiously when he hugs her. The moment before his execution, as he was revealed as Kokichi's killer (as a request from him to end the killing game) she outright confesses that she loves him.
    • We also have Miu Iruma, who is a loud, crude girl always making sex jokes and referring to herself as "the gorgeous girl genius" while insulting her classmates. However, her brash personality hides a much softer, dorkier side to herself and when Kaede spends time with her during Free Time, she notes Miu genuinely isn't trying to cause offense when she talks, it's just she has No Social Skills and doesn't filter herself at all when talking. When Kaede is sentenced to death, Miu's last words to her are calling her a dumbass while visibly struggling to hold back tears. She also softens up to Shuichi if he spends time with her, initially insulting him and telling him he'd better not waste her time, but by the end of their Free Time events she insists on going on a date with him once they leave the game, tries to feed him a pie with her hair in it (because she wants the person she likes to have a part of her in them) and gives him her panties to seal the deal. She's also very encouraging and supportive to Ki-bo, who is one of the only students who is consistently nice to her.
  • Hiroki in Canvas 2 is constantly described as a 'contrarian.' On the heroine side of things, Tomoki really tries but is too easily distracted to keep it up.
  • Mr. Bandages in Halloween Otome. He constantly has an insult or a retort for another person, and his rudeness is apparent when talking to a waiter. In regards to his "dere" side, at certain points he seems more lust-struck than love-struck.
  • Eroge! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games: Kisara is a classic example of this trope. Momoka too, though it's more of a case of Does Not Like Men.
  • In ClockUp's Euphoria, Nemu is a rather cold one. In the Betty and Veronica Switch in the True Ending route, its Kanae who is this instead. And she's irredeemable.
  • Type Moon seems to have a thing for Harsh:
    • Tohno Akiha in Tsukihime is this, but being the Ojou, she shows her tsun-tsun side far more often outside her own route and dips into outright Yandere in Kohaku's, thanks to a partial possession by an evil ghost and her own demon blood getting riled. Interestingly enough, Shiki himself is a pretty clear tsundere, but only for Arcueid. He even says himself that he's nice to everyone else.
    • White Len in Melty Blood for Shiki Nanaya, whom she summoned as a TATARI avatar, mirroring (black) Len's dere-ness for Shiki Tohno.
    • Rin Tohsaka in Fate/stay night has earned a somewhat memetic status as a tsundere; however, she is actually a more realistic example than many others. She likes being always competent and never in the wrong, but, under most circumstances, lives up to her own standards. She doesn't act impulsively, admits her (rare) mistakes, and prefers to be on good terms with anyone she can. Those whom she can't stand, though, are humiliated swiftly and decisively, and she is a remarkable Deadpan Snarker; thus she can come off as harsh in "Fate". Starting from "Unlimited Blade Works" (where she's the main love interest, and her dere side comes out) and onwards, though, she is increasingly defined by the trope, as her increasing feelings towards Shirou manifest in increasing Anger Born of Worry. In the last scenario, "Heaven's Feel", she again plays a Worthy Opponent-turns-The Lancer role (considering her Servant), but she's still very Tsundere. The focus of it just shifts from Shirou to her sister, Sakura. In fact, in some ways, HF is where her Tsundere nature (and the reasons behind it) is most obvious (especially at the end). A perfect example (which made it into the anime) is the scene where she goes from trying to blast Shirou senseless to tending his Rider-inflicted wounds in the space of a few minutes.
      • This tendency of Flanderization is most apparent in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, set an Alternate Universe, despite Rin being a notably different character in other regards.
      • Likewise, in Fate/EXTRA, the lady is not the same one we know of... and yet she is a Tsundere, through and through.
      • The same can be said in Fate/Grand Order, where two goddesses note  happen to be using part of her body as a host and are Servants. Even with two dramatically different personalities, they are Tsunderes non par.note 
      • If the name Rin Tohsaka is involved, the one big thing that gets carried over (outside of her appearance) is her Tsundere nature. The exceptions are Fate/Zero, where she is noticeably less Tsundere and more of a Determinator and in a future seen in Fate/hollow ataraxia, where she was very deredere and openly states that she can grant Shirou happiness the most, and vice versa.
    • Sella gets very little screentime in stay night and what we do see makes her seem just very reserved, but in spinoffs, starting with hollow ataraxia, she's overtly hostile to Shirou. By the time of kaleid liner she's ready to attack him at the drop of a hat, while there are moments showing her more tender, caring side for Illya. Kaleid liner teases her relationship with Shirou anyway, including an angry Aren't You Going to Ravish Me? moment in one of the Blu-Ray specials. Nasu has even called her more of a tsundere than Rin.
    • Aoko Aozaki, back when she was a teenager in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, is practically Rin Tohsaka but with a heavier emphasis on the tsun since unlike Rin, her harshness and aloofness aren't a facade; she's genuinely grouchy towards everybody, and the only thing she has to hide from everyone apart from the magus business are her blunders as a teenage girl. Her dere side is also a little harder to dig out, but the heart of gold's definitely there.
    • Waver Velvet continues the rather fine tradition in Fate/Zero.
    • Shiki Ryougi from The Garden of Sinners is a hardcore Type Tsun, bordering the Sociopathic Hero zone, but softens considerably in Mikiya Kokutou's presence.
      • Shiki is a rather interesting case, since she doesn't fit into any one type in the dere family having parts from them all (which mirrors the concept of her powers). Is a Type Tsun, she has hints of a Yandere (whom is both Possessive and Obsessive to a degree), Kuudere (mostly by Non-Verbal Cues and is a Cynic). That said... the dere is all the same, directed specifically at Mikiya Kokutou and no one else (except maybe Azaka, who she has a strange fondness towards. In her own way at least). Shiki Ryougi can and will fight to keep this status quo with Mikiya, and god help you if you are in the way.
      • Nasu himself has described her as tsungire.
    • Also from The Garden of Sinners is Azaka, Mikiya's sister, who is in love with him. Atypically, she acts almost entirely dere around him- Shiki is the one who gets to see both sides of her. Azaka likes and respects Shiki, but sees her as a rival for Mikiya's affections, which brings out her tsun qualities.
  • Sawatari Makoto from Kanon is one of the rare female examples who eventually becomes a Defrosting Ice Queen. In the last few episodes where she appears, she doesn't say one mean word. Knowing you're going to die will do that to you.
  • Mizuha in The Devil on G-String, though you might not realize it at first because of Kyousuke's limited interaction with her until you actually reach the point you can choose to start her story. She actually does a pretty decent job of making it look like she hates him in the events leading up to said point, but once you get Kyousuke close to her you'll find she's a tad spoiled with a tendency to cry when plans to admit her long standing feelings don't work out.
  • A typical Harsh Tsundere named Saki in the eroge Snow Sakura, with Megaton Punch and Kick.
  • Shizune Hakamichi from Katawa Shoujo is a bit of a subversion. She appears to be this at first, though if you go down her path one sees that she isn't that combative in her personality to really qualify. Doesn't stop the fandom from portraying her as such however.
  • Animamundi Dark Alchemist: Mihail Rampert has shades of this. He dislikes Georik's more questionable actions, and clearly wants to beat his ass at fencing, but he's got a lot more deredere than usual for his archetype. Oddly, he only goes fullblown tsuntsun right before his Optional Sexual Encounter... which is justified since he's about to pull a Last Stand.
  • Naomi Nakashima of Corpse Party is Harsh and enjoys ribbing her childhood friend. However, instead of presenting this as her Charm Point, it is deconstructed as her tendency to take her stress out on those around her (even when she knows it won't help) drives her best friend Seiko away, which gets her killed. Naomi... doesn't take it well.
    • Ayumi Shinozaki is a tough girl who seems rude and likes to scare others with her ghost stories. But deep down, she is selfless and fears ghosts herself.
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Angel Starr from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney goes from angelic to demonic and back again frequently in the course of the case she appears in.
    • Franziska von Karma is a young woman with an absolutely vile temper, a tendency to Whip It Good at the slightest provocation, and a fixation on perfection, but a terrific soft spot for the painfully dependent Adrian Andrews, who she eventually helps train into being able to stand on her own two feet. She finally cracks at the end of Justice For All and bursts into tears at a display of kindness from Miles Edgeworth, who she considers to be her 'little brother' even though he's older than she is. By Trials and Tribulations she's acting hostile more out of habit than anything else, and shows a soft side around children, being genuinely heartbroken when little Pearl Fey yells at her and calls her out. Phoenix even thinks to himself that her outright hostility is what makes her "cute". Granted, he also notes that he might be thinking that due to having a fever of 102.2, but that doesn't change the fact that the thought is true; that is one of Franziska's charms. Franziska also follows Phoenix for the investigation and gets pissed at Godot when he refuses to help Nick with evidence. She also ends up displaying a bit of a soft spot for Sebastian Debeste/Yumihiko Ichiyanagi on learning they've got a lot in common, even offering him words of encouragement and stepping down from the stand to let him prosecute in her place.
    • Edgeworth himself is a platonic (probably) version — he's incredibly blunt and short-tempered with pretty much everyone, but gets downright vulnerable with Phoenix. He's demonstrated quite the protective streak and his inner monologues in Trials and Tribulations and Investigations make it clear that he both likes and respects Phoenix as a person and a lawyer...but that's not going to stop Edgeworth from insulting him at every turn.
    • Ema Skye in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney qualifies as a tsundere. She's nearly always in a foul mood, said mood gauged through her incessant munching on snackoos, and the harder she chews the more angry she is until she'll outright throw snacks at Apollo. Offer to help her do something scientific, however, and her sweet side shows up. It is ambiguous in the games as to whether Ema simply does not like Klavier or if she is tsundere for him. This is cleared up in Odoroki Gyakuten where it becomes incredibly evident that she is actually tsundere. It appears that deep down she likes him but is too afraid to admit it.
    • Sebastian Debeste in Ace Attorney Investigations is this combined with Small Name, Big Ego. He's prone to being a dick and giving tactless statements whenever he's around Edgeworth. Of course, his tsundere nature actually works against him most of the time as the people around him deem him an idiot and tell him to shut up. And as the game goes on, his tsundere nature is shattered because of his father. Of course, after Edgeworth gets Sebastian out of his Heroic BSoD, he starts acting deredere toward Edgeworth after that.
    • Spirit of Justice gives us Princess Rayfa Padma Khura'in. She likes acting all high-and-mighty but deep down she's an ordinary teenager.
  • Gen-san is the only real tsundere in Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!, as lampshaded by others in the family. He manages to invoke I Was Just Passing Through pretty much every time he "happens" to lend a hand. The only girl on the heroine side who comes even remotely close is Chris, and even she starts dere-ing it up rather quickly. This may, however, change in the sequel, with the advent of Fushikawa's storyline.
    • Christiane could also be argued to be a Tsundere, but not really leaning on either side of the spectrum. There are multiple points throughout the different routes where she turns bright red from Yamato teasing her, including "SHUT UP!!" and "YOU IDIOT!" being thrown around.
  • Puchin in My Girlfriend Is the President. She carries around a paper fan just for smacking Jun.
  • Sono Hanabira has not one, not 2, but 4 Tsunderes. But the one who fits Harsh is Reo. She is about as violent as Taiga towards her lover Mai, often biting her and acting like a Jerkass, however as the game goes on, she mellows out and actually cares for Mai.
  • Rin from Little Busters! is a bit of a borderline example. Around the people she knows she definitely tends towards a grumpy, blunt personality, but how aggressive she is depends on who she's talking with - around Masato she won't hesitate with the high kicks, but protagonist Riki is easily able to get her to smile comfortably - and when she's around people she doesn't know she acts very shy and awkward rather than angry or sweet.
  • Lucia Konohana from Rewrite. She even has some special gloves for punch Kotarou.
  • The protagonist of Dra+Koi is rather tsuntsun towards the dragon, though this is a perfectly reasonable response considering how fond she is of blowing stuff up or forcing him to do whatever she wants.
  • Ivan Fiore from Lucky Dog 1, who starts out as openly disdainful and mocking of Gian, progresses to huffing out a variation of "S-shut up!" whenever Gian teases him or tells him that he's smarter than he initially took him to be, and ends up admitting to Gian that being with him is all the happiness he needs. His tsundereness is best exemplified by the scene immediately following their first full-fledged sexual encounter in which he keeps on accusing Gian of how he must have attracted the sexual favors of various other acquaintances too only to clam up when Gian (correctly) retorts that he's saying all of this out of pure possessiveness.
  • Icari Isidolde from Sunrider, so much so that "I'm not doing this because I like you!" is practically her catch phrase and the other characters even acknowledge her as a tsundere.
  • Takuto from Love Letter from Thief X. He's even identified over a mall loudspeaker as "Takuto the Tsundere."
  • Mio Shimazu from YU-NO is of the classic type, combined with Ojou. She acts offended at her classmate Takuya's dirty jokes, but has a secret crush on him. She even tries to arrange so that she can sit close to him in supplementary classes. Once they spend time together investigating the mysterious Sword Cape and he actually listens to the results of her research, they become more open and romantically close to each other.
  • Ikemen Sengoku has Yukimura and Ieyasu who both use snark and rude comments to hide what they're really feeling. Yukimura leans more toward the "dere" side, being more capable than Ieyasu of (eventually) being honest with the main character about his feelings, while Ieyasu is more heavily on the "tsun" side.
  • Liesl from Lehelna Academy is a trademark "tsun" type, who frequently calls the protagonist "dummy" but also clearly has a massive crush on him.
  • Mammon of Shall We Date?: Obey Me! acts tsun towards the player but it's obvious he has a huge crush on them, including insisting on being the only one to save them and getting jealous when his brothers flirt with her, as you might expect from the Avatar of Greed.
    • Leviathon's not quite as overt as Mammon, but if he shows up as a Surprise Guest after a battle and you pet his hair, he'll vehemently deny he likes it while blushing intently and telling you not to stop.

    Sweet (Dere) 
  • Clover from Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is a non-romantic version. She's normally very friendly and sweet until someone tries her patience, then she very quickly turns rude and condescending.
    • Also never make fun of her brother Snake in front of her. Gods help you if you do.
  • Mashiro Arisaka from Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue is generally a kind girl known to put others' needs ahead of her own, but tends to get temperamental around Masaya Hinata, particularly before the two get to know each other better. This persists on her route where she grapples with processing the romantic feelings she's developed for Masaya, coming to lament her tsun tendencies toward him since earlier on in the course of their relationship yet regularly finding herself unable to express her true feelings directly.
  • *Mute from Analogue: A Hate Story is one, as she pretends not to be in love with the player. She suggests that she tag along for non-romantic reasons. Lampshaded in an achievement, named 'Tsunder AI'.
  • Kurisu Makise of Steins;Gate depicts clear signs of this in her relationship with Rintarou Okabe. It's even lampshaded by Daru early in the series. Of course, Okabe is hardly better in this respect.
    Kurisu: Is that concern I'm hearing in your voice?
    Okabe: Of course it is! You're important to m- ... our scientific endeavors.
  • The female MC from Ever After Academy is this especially in Ezra’s route. She’s usually sweet except when dealing with someone she finds infuriating like Ezra or Edward.
  • Shiki Tohno of Tsukihime - an unusual example in that he's a male and the games' protagonist. In most of the routes he's a classic example of Nice Guy— cordial and well-mannered towards his love interest and just about anyone he meets - except for the closest-to-canon Arcueid route. There, he spends a large amount of time with Arcueid verbally insulting her, bringing up the fact that she's a vampire and not human, and complaining that he doesn't understand how her brain works. Arcueid being Arcueid, she doesn't mind.
    Shiki: I'm basically nice to everyone. Well, recently there's been an exception to that.
    Arcueid: Ahaha, that's me!
    • He acts like this towards his friend Arihiko as well— not in a romantic sense, despite their occasional moments of slight Ho Yay— he says that he has "loads of sympathy for anyone but him" and generally they spend most of their time together not getting along and very badly so, but they're quite obviously very close and good friends in spite of that.
  • Marie Miwa from Ace Attorney Investigations 2. A prison warden who makes a habit of hugging everyone she meets, and treats the inmates as one big happy family. An animal lover who strongly believes 'animal therapy' will lead prisoners to reform. She is, however, a lot more dedicated to her job that one might think, and is pretty harsh with the guards when she finds out one of the inmates has escaped. This especially shows when Edgeworth finally confronts her at the end of the case. Unlike most other killers in the series (especially the one from the preveous case) she doesn't make much of an effort to argue back... until Edgeworth REALLY pushes her, and then she proceeds to turn his entire argument on its head with one sentence.
  • Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi: When They Cry is a closet tsundere over Keiichi, though not really a conventional example. Closet because, whenever her "dere" side appears, she's usually impersonating her twin. Despite this, she would still be a type B due to her dominant personality being more friendly.

  • Fujibayashi Kyou of CLANNAD is friendly, but she still tends to be aggressive. Easily angered, she also purposely shows her tsun-tsun persona even if she really isn't mad. This is to hide her soft side, of course, leaning her more towards Type A than B. But she's still mixed since she has a friendly side and isn't always confrontational.
  • Pick any princess from Princess Waltz. Except for Shizuka and maybe Lillian. But especially Angela and Chris.
  • Teru Saeki in Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2 is a complicated example who vacillates between types depending on which persona he's putting forward at the moment. Initially he seems Sweet, nice to most of his classmates but rude to the protagonist; spending more time with him reveals him as more Harsh, since his rude behavior is his real self while his "school idol" persona is just a front. Eventually he softens toward the protagonist, but gets angry and runs off if things get too romantic, ultimately making him Sweet.
  • In Higurashi: When They Cry, one of the TIPS from the VN pegs another Sonozaki as having the attitude of one: Oryou. Mion speculates this due to Oni-baba's decision to sell off land in an attempt to get new people to come to Hinamizawa and help erase the extreme prejudice against the Houjous, rather than work against it directly.
    • Satoko also presents some tsundere-like characteristics.
  • Umineko: When They Cry:
    • Jessica Ushiromiya plays it in a similar way as Mion. Shannon even lampshades it in the game.
      Shannon: I believe you are what they call a "tsundora". I think this type of personality will be very popular in a few years' time...
    • Eventually, Battler and Beato are tsundere for each other, as part of their ongoing Mind Game Ship. And, of course, before that there is the episode where Beato suddenly goes completely deredere to outmaneuver Battler. When she triumphantly reveals her plan, she explicitly refers to this trope.
    • Satan from the Stakes of Purgatory is described by her sisters as "a tsundere, but without the dere".
    • Rosa is a non-romantical tsundere towards her daughter, shifting between an Abusive Mom and a Mama Bear. It's heart-wrenching.
  • Hatoful Boyfriend has a couple of male examples, being an otome game. Sakuya is abrasively Harsh; Nageki is a snarky Sugar-and-Ice Personality Sweet.

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