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Visual Novel / Songs of Araiah

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A freeware Kinetic Novel released by Bishojo Games in 2008, Songs of Araiah tells the story of Jason Leraines as he runs away on his 17th birthday in an act of defiance against the Hanasians - the ruling body over the country. He goes to a mansion that is rumored to have a vampire in it that will grant anyone a wish if they let her suck their blood. When Jason meets the vampire, Melissa Vonstrauft, and tells her his wish - to live forever - she sets the price for it at being her servant for the remainder of his life. Given the alternative is a swift death, Jason accepts these terms, and becomes Melissa's servant.

It can be downloaded from here.


  • Berserk Button: Never say anything that would make Melissa feel old.
  • Flashback Nightmare: Jason has dreams in which he remembers seeing the execution of his best friend by the Reformists.
  • Immortality: Melissa's explanation of it is that the closest one can get to immortality is effectively Healing Factor-type immortality. Anything can maim you (and you'll feel it), but all wounds will heal in a matter of seconds. Eating, breathing, and sleeping aren't needed (save to recover from mental fatigue).
    • Jason gets this immortality mere seconds after Melissa swaps blood with him (a side effect of receiving it is sharp, severe pain). She defers the explanation until after Jason starts connecting the dots and figuring out Melissa is NOT a vampire, which happens to be after she kicks him hard to wake him up. Up until the kick, he actually thought he was dead.
  • Lethal Chef: Melissa, who has also been stuck effectively eating her own cooking (which would be a problem if not for the immortality thing). When Jason first cooks and (by accident) makes something clearly inedible, she eats it without any hesitation or complaint, noting it's not bad.
  • Psychic Link: Magicians form "blood links" with other people allowing them to cast "internal" spells (e.g. mind-reading, manipulating senses, immortality).
  • Subordinate Excuse: This is one of the reasons Jason decides to remain as Melissa's servant, especially after it becomes clear that he can leave whenever he wants.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: It is mentioned that most magicians (who can be immortal) revoke their own immortality after having lived about a thousand years. In addition, immortality works by "freezing" the state that the body is in, meaning that immortals do not age, women can not have children, and their bodies will get neither better nor worse (for example, the lead female, Melissa, will always have to wear glasses, despite the existence of spells which could fix her vision). Outliving loved ones is a minor issue, as a magician can grant immortality to anybody.