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"We all understand that eyes are the most vulnerable of our sensory organs, the most vulnerable of our facial accessories, and they are (ick!) soft."
Stephen King, Danse Macabre

The eyes are our window to the world. We rely mostly on our sight to tell us about the world — its wonders, its dangers, and its beauty (unless you're blind). At the same time, our eyes are very fragile, and mostly made of water and nerve tissue. Which means that most direct attacks on the eyes, especially with a sharp, pointy object, will permanently destroy them.

Ah. Made you wince, didn't it?

The Eye Scream is when the creator of a work takes advantage of our Primal Fear of having something utterly horrible happen to our eyes, usually involving the invasion of the eye sockets by a foreign body, and plays it up for all its worth — all its squishy, bloody, traumatic worth. Academically, this is known as the Injury to the Eye Motif.

An interesting commonality in these examples is that one of the best ways to quickly show a character has gone completely off the deep end is to show them mutilating their own eyes.

Usually accompanied with Reflective Eyes, so we can get a nice and nasty glimpse of the incoming foreign object. A Super-Trope to Armed with Pepper Spray. See also Go for the Eye (which encourages this trope), Eyeball-Plucking Birds, A Handful for an Eye, Moe Greene Special, Forced to Watch, and Eye Poke. Likewise, a Groin Attack can invoke the same primal reaction. Compare Fingore, Agony of the Feet and Ear Ache. Contrast Eyes Are Unbreakable. If the character survives, it often results in Tears of Blood, an Eyepatch of Power, or an Eyeless Face (if it happened to both eyes).

In Real Life, depending on the severity of the injury, this can kill you unless you can get immediate medical attention, due to blood loss and shock.

Has nothing to do with Eyed Screen, apart from both being Eye Tropes.

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  • This Denny's commercial contains the most humorous example of this trope ever.
  • The Australian Workplace Safety ad that has a young building apprentice remove his safety glasses because he couldn't see well with them... while using a nailgun. We shall leave the rest to your imagination.
  • The ads for FX series The Strain were eventually pulled, as they showed a parasitic worm burrowing into someone's eyeball.
  • Companies Committed to Kids's "Hip Choice" features a pushy drug dealer whose eyes have been ravaged from drug abuse.
  • This anti-smoking ad has Marlene, a smoker who got macular degeneration, followed up by a graphic portrayal of her eye surgery.
  • In Will You Be Here Tomorrow? by ERI Productions, a worker hammering without safety glasses misses a nail and propels it into his right eye.
  • In 2016, the IFAW released an educational toy about puppy farming called Suzy Puppy, a very sick puppy from a puppy mill whose various illnesses included conjunctivitis, which was so severe it caused her eye to bulge out of her head.
  • It's Thinking: In the launch ad (the one with "Steve from Hackensack"), Sonic runs by and jumps on a House of the Dead zombie, causing its eye to fall out.

  • The Bayeux Tapestry: Harold is depicted as being killed by an arrow shot in the eye.
  • Gassed: The injuries are not shown directly: all of the soldiers depicted in the painting are blind from a mustard gas attack, their eyes wrapped in bandages. The soldiers on their feet need to be guided by orderlies.

  • On the Ask Hobo Pony blog, the eponymous character has a glass shard stuck in her eye that she doesn't notice until commentors point it out. She's given a choice of a lollipop, a pencil, and a pair of tweezers to remove it; rather than make the obvious choice of the tweezers, she tries to use the pencil to dig it out which exacerbates the problem when it also gets stuck, so she has to go to a free clinic to get both the pencil and the shard forcibly pulled out.

    Card Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering:
    • While not shown on the actual card, the flavor text for Distress has some horrifying connotations;
      "They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I like to break windows and take what's inside."
    • And if you thought that was bad, just check out the new art/flavor text tag team of the 2012 Core Set reprint of the same (emphasis added):
      "Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this."
    • Gaze of Pain depicts a person whose eyelids have been slit open vertically.
    • Deathmark shows an eye whose pupil is bleeding out of it as inky black tears.
    • Eye Gouge, appropriately enough, features a spear thrown right into a cyclops' eye. The card's effect is humorous: slightly debilitating to most creatures... fatal to Cyclopes.

    Fairy Tales 
  • In one Arabian Nights story, a prince is practicing archery and shoots at a bird that's perched on the vizier's house. He misses, and hits the vizier in the eye. The vizier being a typical example of his profession, this doesn't work out so well for the prince: the vizier usurps the throne, has the prince captured and plucks out his eye. No, he doesn't use any instruments to do so. He literally sticks his finger in the prince's eye and plucks it out.
  • This is the premise of tale type ATU 404, "The Blinded Bride", of the international Aarne-Thompson-Uther Index: the heroine is blessed at birth with the ability to produce pearls from her tears and petals/flowers with her laughter, which fascinates a prince so much he wishes to marry her. In retaliation, the heroine's stepmother, another female relative, or a false bride plucks out the heroine's eyes and takes her place as the prince's true bride-to-be. Fortunately, with the help of a kind old man (or another benevolent spirit), the heroine buys back her eyes with the pearls and flowers she produces.
  • The Brothers Grimm telling of "Cinderella" has Cinderella's cute little bird friends pecking out the eyes of her wicked stepsisters after they try to pass themselves off to the prince as Cinderella.
  • In "Rapunzel", the prince loses his vision after falling from the tower into thorn bushes, regaining it later thanks to Rapunzel's Swiss-Army Tears. It's kept in more than once version, like the Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics retelling that gives the viewer a lovely view of the Prince falling into the bushes, with the thorns as the last thing he sees...
  • In Madame d'Aulnoy's The Princess Mayblossom, the titular princess kills the evil ambassador Fanfarinet - who is trying to kill and eat her - by stabbing him in the eye with a dagger.
  • In traditional fairy lore, it's not uncommon for those who spy upon fairy revels to lose the eye through which they watched them.
    • In many versions of Tam Lin, the Queen of Fairy vows that if she had known Tam Lin would try to escape her, she would have plucked out his eyes.
    • An Older Than Print fairy trope is that of a human who inadvertently gains the ability to see through fairy glamour, usually through anointing an eye with a magic potion. When he meets the fairy later on and greets it, the fairy asks which eye the mortal sees them through; when he tells them, the fairy immediately puts his eye out. (In later versions, the mortal is Genre Savvy enough to claim that he sees the fairy "through the eye in the back of my head," i.e. an eye that doesn't exist. Sometimes the fairy congratulates the mortal on his cleverness, and lets him be; sometimes the fairy is angry but powerless, and tells him that if he'd given any other answer, he would have lost the eye.)

    Films — Animated 
  • Though it's not a human eye, and therefore less creepy, the scene of 5 losing his eye in the movie 9 is still pretty cringe-worthy, especially with the frayed wires and sparks coming out from his empty socket.
  • In Batman: Under the Red Hood Jason Todd pokes out one of Ra's al Ghul's minion's eyes after being resurrected.
  • The excessively violent animated film Boogie has the titular Anti-Hero punching a punk in the face and causing his eye to fall out of it's sockets in the process. Said eye unexpectedly lands in a woman's bossom, much to her shock.
  • In The Book of Life, after he gives up the Medal of Everlasting Life, Joaquin loses his left eye in the explosion that kills Chakal.
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:
    • The movie uses this trope with the eye-threatening object being, off all things, a sharpened, hardened spike of peanut brittle.
    • There's the scene where Sam accidentally digs her heels in Flint's eyes. You can actually see them sink into his eyeballs.
  • This is a major plot point in the movie Coraline. The Other Mother plans to use needles to sew buttons over Coraline's eyes in order to claim her soul and eventually devour her.
    Other Father: So sharp you won't feel a thing!
    • During their final confrontation, Coraline grabs the Cat and throws him at the Other Mother. Once he gets over his shock at this, the Cat reacts by clawing the Other Mother's button eyes off.
  • DC Animated Movie Universe:
    • Darkseid, like in the Origins comic, sees two objects stabbed into his eyes in Justice League: War, only with the addition of Shazam zapping the objects with lightning and Superman zapping them with his heat vision. He undergoes this again in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, losing his left eyelid after zapping a sword Batman tosses into his eye and then a repowered Superman jabbed his thumbs into them.
    • Son of Batman sees Deathstroke get a sword in the eye (and thus the reason for his eyepatch in this universe) in the prologue.
    • Justice League Dark: Apokolips War sees Wonder Woman have an eye replaced with an optic during her conversion into a cyborg by Darkseid. Said optic later gets fried when Constantine frees her from Darkseid's control.
  • Strongly implied on the cover of Dead Space: Aftermath, as seen on the work page's picture.
  • In Free Birds, at the government base, Jake tries to distract a few guards by throwing a lug nut, which rebounds off several surfaces before coming back and getting lodged in Reggie's eye.
  • Goat Story - Old Prague Legends: The mayor has Master Hanish's eyes cut out so he can't build any more clocks.
  • During a flashback in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Buck was shown to have lost his right eye completely during an encounter with Rudy. As such, he's wearing an eye patch made out of a large leaf in all his present appearances.
  • In Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart, the cuckoo on Jack's heart pops out during a fight with Joe, gouging out Joe's right eye.
  • Kubo and the Two Strings:
    • Beetle does this with an eye monster.
    • It happened to Kubo before the main story thanks to his grandfather, and he returns the favor in the final battle, albeit in reverse by restoring an eye (and thus by the significance explained in the story, giving him humanity and mortality).
  • Occurs in Kung Fu Panda 2 when Po's father takes out the Wolf Boss's eye with a rake. And he doesn't bother to cover it up, either, so you get to see his mangled eye socket for most of the film.
  • In Monsters, Inc., when Mike, Sully, and Boo have retreated to their apartment after the mishap at Harryhausen's, Boo sneezes on Mike, and in a panic, he sprays his eye with disinfectant. His eye is red for the next few seconds.
  • In Osmosis Jones when Thrax kills the white blood cell dock worker, as he becomes infected and begins to explode, one of his eyes bursts and oozes his fluids out of the socket.
  • In Rango, one of the members of Rango's posse is Sgt. Turley, who's introduced with an entire arrow sticking through his left eyeball and out the back of his head, and the audience gets to see it in full graphic glory. Turley doesn't seem to mind.
    Rango: You've... uh... got little something in your eye there.
    Turley: Oh, that? (points at his good eye) That's conjunctivitis, sir! It's hereditary.
  • In Shrek 2, when Shrek, Donkey, and Puss in Boots are arrested, one of the knights performs the medieval equivalent of spraying Shrek with pepper spray, which is sprinkling his eyes with a pepper grinder.
  • Played for Laughs in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie where King Neptune's baldness is so bad and so shiny that one fish's eyes burn at the pupils by just looking at it.
    "MY EYES!"
  • Superman Unbound's opening credits has an incredibly graphic sequence showing Brainiac having one of his eyes removed.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie: In order to get the Banzai Bill's attention, Mario uses his Raccoon Suit to Tail Slap its eye. This immediately gets the Bill to change its target from Peach's castle to making a beeline straight for Mario.
  • The baby-spider toy in Toy Story. It's missing an eye and gave children nightmares back in the day. There is nothing about that toy which is not terrifying.
  • Trolls:
    • Poppy bounces off giant eyeballs by their eyelids before landing on an open one. Realistically, it blinks reflexively. Unrealistically, it then explodes into glitter.
    • When she gets annoyed with Cooper, Chef cuts a lemon and squirts it in his eyes.
      • Chef gets this back near the ending, when the Trolls and Bridget throw her into the pot and pour larger quantities of lemon juice on her eyes as she yells.
  • In WALL•E, the titular robot has an eye damaged and hanging from its cable by being accidentally thrown into a wall. He simply yanks it out and inserts a replacement eye from his stockpile of scavenged parts.
  • Professor Screweyes in We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story had one of his eyes pecked out by crows. He put a screw in the empty eye socket (hence his name).

  • The Adverts' Looking Through Gary Gilmour's Eyes dramatises the true story of serial killer Gary Gilmour, who donated his body to science after his execution. In the event only parts of his eyes were deemed suitable for transplant surgery. The song is about the recipient of the corneal graft who suddenly realises where his new eyes came from....
  • The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets song "Tarred and Feathered" is about a torturer talking about his favorite activities (or perhaps receiving advice from monsters, it's kinda vague) and includes the lines "Here's some silver fishhook / To slip in their eyes" and "Here's some metal cubes and jacks / Force them in their sockets".
  • "Debaser" by The Pixies was inspired by Un Chien Andalou, thus explaining the lyrics "Slicing up eyeballs / I want you to know" and at a later point, "Slicing up eyeballs" followed by Black Francis' insane laughter.
  • Garbage's video for "Blood for Poppies" has the lead singer Shirley Manson having her left eye slit open in homage to the aforementioned film.
  • Korn's music video for their song "Right Now". Body Horror and Eye Scream galore.
  • Megadeth's song "Sleepwalker" is about a person who murders people in his sleep/dreams and contains the line "here's some toothpicks for your eyes!"
  • Alice in Chains' video for their song "Man In The Box" has a guy walking around with his eyelids sewn shut. This is probably because of a line from the song's chorus: "Feed my eyes / Can you sew them shut?".
  • The cover photo of Scorpions album, "Blackout", features a man with two forks in his eyes.
    • In the video for "No One Like You", guitarist Rudy Schenker appears as the man from the Blackout cover with the forks in his eyes.
  • According to the backstory of Gorillaz, 2D suffered two car accidents in a year. Each left him with an eight-ball fracture in one eye. Now he's stuck with a pair of creepy black eyes and the nickname "2D", short for "Two Dents".
  • The video for Skinny Puppy's "Worlock". Full stop.
  • Averted by the zombies in "Re: Your Brains" by Jonathan Coulton. All they want to do is eat your brains. They're not unreasonable. I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes.
  • Arrow to My Drunken Eye by Carla Bozulich / The Geraldine Fibbers. "I'm censor [sic]. I'm optic. I'm a lake at high noon, glittering ripple rip open cocoon…"
  • Creature Feature's song ''A Gorey Demise'' lists causes of deaths of twenty-six persons, listed in alphabetical order, giving a chilling example of this trope: E is for Erik who was buried alive / F is for Frank who was stabbed through the eye.
  • Florence + the Machine's song "Girl With One Eye". "I took a knife and cut out her eye / I took it home and watched it wither and die / she's lucky that I didn't slip her a smile / but now she sleeps with one eye open / 'cause that's the price she paid."
  • Pop Punk band Saves the Day has two. Through Being Cool's "Rock's Tonic Juice Magic" talks about using spoons to dig out someones eyes and swallowing them and Ups and Down's "Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off To Heaven" talks about stabbing one's own eyes to make them more interesting.
  • "Angel of Death" by Slayer is actually about Dr. Mengele, but it incorporates some lovely lyrics about abacination (pressing hot metal to someone's eyes).
  • "No More Me" by King Diamond from the concept album The Puppet Master, features the titular villain removing King's eyes and placing them into a puppet.
  • "Harvester of Eyes" by Blue Öyster Cult is about a Serial Killer that goes around killing people and taking their eyeballs.
    • The band seems to like this trope. There's "Hot Rails to Hell" with the line "the heat from below can burn your eyes out"; and "Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll":
    Three thousand guitars, they seem to cry
    My ears will melt, and then my eyes
  • Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" has the line, "So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye? / So you think you love me and leave me to die?" This may have been meant figuratively, but hey, it's Queen.
  • Savlonic's music video for their song Wandering Eye qualifies, big time. While the song is about a boy who catches his girlfriend looking at other people, the creators of the music video made her eye pop out of her head and start wandering around. It even starts dragging her across the floor!
  • God Module, Victims Among Friends: "You don't need your eyes any more / open them to see me rip them out."
  • Ayumi Hamasaki's music video for Brillante. The claws worn by the 'consort' are hinted at to be the cause of her Tears of Blood.
  • At the beginning of the Austrian Death Machine album "Double Brutal", in the dialogue between "Ahnold" and "fake Ahnold" (it makes sense in context, kind of): "I will burn your eyes out with my stogie, you idiot!"
  • From the Insane Clown Posse song Chicken Huntin':
    What can you do with a drunken hillbilly?
    Cut his fuckin' eyes out and feed 'em to his Aunt Milly!
  • The video for David Lynch's "Good Day Today" includes part of an apparent dream sequence where a young boy sees his father sitting in shadows in front of his TV — eventually the father leans forward and it turns out his eyes have been ripped out. Then his mother takes the eyes out of a frying pan and serves them as dinner.
  • The song "Lobster Magnet" advises:
    Don't put Lobster on a plate
    He'll use his magnet to escape
    He'll jump right up and claw your ear
    Then he'll bite your EYE!
  • Maybe unintentionally, the bridge to Carly Rae Jepsen's "I Really Like You":
    ''Who gave you eyes like that
    ''And said you could keep them?”
  • DYE's "Fantasy" music video ends with the protagonist seeing an Eldritch Abomination so horrible that the mere sight of it made her eyes explode into flame.
  • A figurative example - hopefully - from ""Ringo (I Feel Like)" by Custard: "I feel like Ringo, and it's ripping my eyes out."
  • David Bowie:
    • He's dressed to evoke this in "Blackstar" and "Lazarus", but they most likely are just buttons instead of screws.
    • The Thin White Duke in the Title Track of Station to Station has a habit of "throwing darts in lovers' eyes".
  • In the song "A Battle of Elk Entwined" by Cormorant, two elk are fighting for dominance. Said fight ends with the younger of the two impaling the elder's eye with his antler.
  • You know the garbled voice at the beginning of "Milkman" by Aphex Twin? Some user decoded it, which can be heard here (NSFW). For those who don't want to listen to it, it's a man describing how he was skull-fucking a guy through the eye socket.
  • The Alice Cooper song, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" combines this with Even the Dog Is Ashamed.
    My dog bit me on the leg today.
    My cat clawed my eyes.
  • the Mountain Goats have "Foreign Object", about a Professional Wrestling Heel who uses this as a staple technique in the ring.
    I'm gonna jab you in the eye
    With a foreign object
    I personally will stab you in the eye
    With a foreign object...
  • Nautilus Pompilius:
    • In the song "Black Birds", birds try to peck girl's eyes out. Her father offers his eyes instead, but the birds refuse, saying "we've already been in your eyes and taken everything we need."
    • In the song "My Brother Cain", Cain lost his eyes. He still can cry, and when he does, instead of tears, blood flows.
  • Lucy Dacus's "Thumbs" has the narrator fantasizing while supporting a friend's uncomfortable meeting with her neglectful father:
    I love your eyes
    And he has 'em
    Or you have his
    Cause he was first
    I imagine my thumbs on the irises
    Pressing in until they burst.

  • Norse legend has the god Odin gouging out his own eye and dropping it into Mimir's Well, in exchange for supreme knowledge.
    • Also, as punishment for the conspiration to kill Baldur the gods chained Loki to a rock for all eternity. Skadi (the goddess of winter, skiing and hunting) wasn't satisfied and had a snake eternally drop corrosive venom into his eyes.
  • The Greek legend of Perseus includes the Graeae, creepy old witches who all share one eyeball and tend to pass it around in turns. Perseus stole the eyeball and threatened to smash it to get from them the location of Medusa's lair.
  • When Oedipus realizes what a literal and figurative motherfucker he's become, he blinds himself with a brocade pin.
  • From The Odyssey, there's Polyphemus the Cyclops, who got his eye gouged out by a certain "Nobody, Son of Noman."
  • This is how Lugh killed the deformed Formor king Balor: namely he shot his highly destroying eye with a sling, with so much strength that that the stone perfored his head and brought the eye on the other side.
  • The Hindu/Buddhist goddess Ekajati had her right eye pierced by the sage Padmasambhava, although unlike most other examples here it actually made here more powerful, allowing her to more effectively kill Tibetan demons.
  • In Egyptian Mythology, Horus has his eyes gouged out twice. The first time, it was by Set during a fight (myth says it was just one, which then became the "Eye of Horus", once restored by Thoth). The second time, both eyes were gouged out by Set after he decapitated his mother, Isis.
    • Another tale involving the brothers Truth and Falsehood. Falsehood deceitfully claims to the gods that Truth stole his fancy dagger, so Truth is sentenced to be blinded and serve as Falsehood's doorkeeper. Years later Truth's son exposes Falsehood to the gods as a liar, and Falsehood has his own eyes put out and is given the same menial role in Truth's household.
  • If you still wonder how Hagen of the Nibelungs got his stylish eye-patch - it' happened in another story and is a present (the Eye Scream, not the patch) from Walther, hero of the same-named saga.

  • Demolition Man: One of the captive balls is an eyeball, and hitting it awards the Retina Value
  • GoldenEye: Completing the "Xenia Encounter" has the villainess crush a Naval Captain until his eyes pop out of their sockets.
  • Kirby's Pinball Land: The Kracko Boss Battle starts with him as a sole eyeball for Kirby to hit.

  • Cool Kids Table: This happens in the game Homeward Bound 4. Josh gets shot in the eye by a human, but fortunately it's just a flesh wound to him and he can barely see anything to begin with.
  • In Mur Lafferty's podcast fiction series Heaven, a character named Daniel loses the same eye repeatedly during the course of the series.
  • The Magnus Archives:
    • Dr. Algernon Moss, the statement giver of episode 98, blinds himself to avoid having to see the eternal darkness he was trapped in by Maxwell Rayner.
    • Adelard Dekker deals with a supernatural threat this way in episode 113. The man had been invading people's dreams to kill them in their sleep, so Dekker broke into his house while he was sleeping and performed a lobotomy on him with a kitchen skewer in the hopes of removing his ability to dream. It left him unable to speak coherently.
    • In episode 154 Jon learns that losing your eyes is the only way to escape being tied to the Institute forever and dying if you refuse to feed the Eye for it. When he shares this with the other characters they are forced to decide whether they want to gouge their own eyes out or be stuck as a servant for one of the dread powers. In the end, Melanie is the only one willing to go through with it, removing them with a bookbinder's awl.

  • Has happened several times in AJCO; it appears to be a favourite tactic of A_J.
    • Breyos had a plate of highly infectious and most definitely lethal Wither matter shoved into his eyeball after he insulted A_J's recently deceased dog Holarctic. To add to the scream factor, he then had to have the eye removed to prevent the rest of him from being Withered away. He chose to stay conscious while Clovis yanked it out.
    • Shortly after, A_J drove Hector's cigar into his own eye because he was annoying her. Fortunately for him, he could simply grow it back whenever he wanted — though Req was understandably rather freaked out when he decided to do it in front of her.
    • In a rare example not caused by A_J, Mei has only one eye left and a pitch black empty socket on the other side after being spat out by the Void.
    • Similar to Mei, Ziek wandered back to AJCO after being missing for several months with one of his eyes torn out and constantly oozing blood. Nobody knows what happened to it and nobody will ever find out, as he's been devoured by the Void, but it looks painful.
  • In Darwin's Soldiers Kain gets his own syringe through the eye when he tries to inject Aimee.
  • The character of Galaxy from Equestria Chronicles accidentally teleported her eyeballs out as a foal.
  • Kyle of Katawa Shoujo Gaiden had his eye taken out in a car accident.
  • Survival of the Fittest has a couple of these moments. On the V3 island Bobby Jacks puts his designated weapon (a syringe) to use by sticking it straight through the eye of Tyson Neills. Shameeca Mitchell also killed Boxer Carvalaho like this, with a customised toothbrush/dildo, by stabbing him through the eye and then smashing his head in with a wrench. (No, seriously)
    • JR Rizzolo's torture of Laeil Burbank, during which he cuts out her left eye with a sword and crushes it with his bare hand.
    • In SotF Evolution, Billy-Jay Clarke's power is of 'Ocular Luminescence' (torch beam eyes, effectively). However, the feedback loop of said power is flawed and he absorbs so much solar energy that it overloads and his eyes melt.
    • A particularly squick Eye Scream occurred recently in V4 when Maxwell Lombardi jams both his thumbs into Daniel Blessing's eye sockets... Ouch.
    • Rekka Saionji is on the receiving end twice in the same post, in the same eye, first from his opponent's elbow, then from his tooth.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Ars Magica: The magus Darius of Flambeau suffered a Magic Misfire that burned the skin off his head and destroyed his eyes. His master magically restored his sense of vision but not his eyeballs.
  • Horror in the Orient Express campaign for Call of Cthulhu features a scripted event in which one of the PCs may have his or her eye torn out by an enemy who needs it for a magic ritual.
  • Player Characters in Deadlands have the option of learning "Eye Gouge" as a fighting maneuver, too, but the setting's king of Eye Scream earned his rep as part of the setting's backstory. Texas Ranger Hank "One-Eye" Ketchum earned his nickname when his eye was removed with a scalpel in a field hospital near the Battle of Gettysburg. Hombre got out of the damn surgical bed and chased this "Butcher" off afterward, too. Badass Normal indeed.
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • There is an Ancient Artifact called the "Eye of Vecna". It is actually the mummified eye of the evil god/sorcerer Vecna. In order to use it, the owner has to remove his own eye and replace it with Vecna's. The eye gradually makes you evil and insane, if you weren't already.
    • The Orcs' main god, Gruumsh, lost his eye to Corellon Larethian, the god of the elves, in a mythic battle. Gruumsh's clerics are often expected to prove their dedication by voluntarily removing an eye, and there is even a Prestige Class, the Eye of Gruumsh, built around this ritual... but it has to be the correct eye. If you get the wrong one, you don't qualify. Ooops! (It's worth noting that Gruumsh's clerics often claim the "lost the eye in battle" thing is just elven propaganda, and that Gruumsh never had two eyes to begin with. Elves tend to depict Gruumsh with an eyepatch; orcs tends to depict him as a cyclops.)
    • The Seething Eyebane spell from the Book of Vile Darkness. It makes the target's eyes explode with acid.
    • Vecna's agents, vitreous drinkers, aren't quite as gruesome. They "just" stick their long tongue in and steal your sight.
  • Judges Guild's The Dungeoneer magazine #11, article "Monster Matrix". The Acid Spitting Llama can spit acid that does 3-18 Hit Points of damage. They often aim for the target's eyes, with the appropriate result.
  • Among the many faces you'll see in the Feng Shui supplement Blowing Up Hong Kong is an eighteen-year-old girl convinced that she is the reincarnation of the goddess Kai Fong Lam, the Harvester of Eyes. She's got a thing for eyes that would make Myca from The Crow proud, and she and her two attendants (cousins on her father's side) drive from town to town one night a week to snatch out the eyes of teenage boys and girls before placing them on a scorching hot brazier back at her temple and recite the glories of Kai Fong Lam's past incarnations as the eyes sizzle into goo. Her unique schtick lets her snatch out people's eyes, Pai Mei style, on a Martial Arts Outcome of 7 or more.
  • Games Workshop games:
    • Warhammer 40,000:
      • The notorious Ork Wyrdboy Old Zogwort melted his own eyes out when he was preparing a psychic blast and overloaded himself with energy. To this day, he claims he did it on purpose.
      • The unique Tyranid Carnifex known as "Old One-Eye" got its name from being shot in the eye at point-blank range with a plasma pistol. The gaping eye-socket and patch of exposed skull from its first "death" are seemingly the only things on its body it can't regenerate. The majority of the stories talking about its return also mention that it's only put down after being shot in the same eye.
    • In Necromunda, the infamous hired gun Mad Donna was once a noblewoman in the Spire, until she gouged out the eyes of her fiancé with a silver fish fork. Years later Donna ripped out one of her own eyes after a bartender said she was pretty.
  • GURPS includes Eye Gouging as a Brawling technique which isn't particularly interesting. More interesting (or disturbing) is the perk Long Thumbs which allows you to use Eye Gouging to punch holes in a person's brain. And then there are the techniques Lethal Eye Poke and Eye Pluck...
  • Nobilis:
    • One sourcebook has a short story in which a person briefly sees a small fraction of Lucifer's true form. It's so beautiful that he never wants to see anything but that again, so he claws out his own eyes.
    • And another where an immortal character is horrifically wounded on the battlefield, including ravens eating her eyes. She lives.
  • Xinjao O'Reilly in Tech Infantry loses an eye to a soldering iron during a torture session after being captured by the religious fanatics of the Christian Federation.
  • Unknown Armies
    • One character archetype is based around powers gained from stabbing pencils into your eyes. Said Archetype is aptly named "the guy with pencils stuck in his eyes." They say he can see just fine, though. (It's just a rumour though; no game mechanics are provided.)
    • Also in Unknown Armies, there's the Summon Unspeakable Servant ritual. One of the ingredients for making the servant is the caster's own eyeball. If you fail the roll, "damn shame about that eye." Attempts to use the ritual with someone else's eye have always ended with the Unspeakable Servant under the "donor's" control.
    • And then there's the Eye-Biting Man.
    • And then there are the Epideromancers, the adept school that gains control over flesh by mutilating themselves. One of the cited ways to gain a major charge is to gouge out your own eye.
  • In Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Corax wereravens are capable of using the eyepluck maneuver in corvid (raven) form, if sufficiently desperate. They can also use it on corpses to get the last thing the dead guy saw.
  • In Werewolf: The Forsaken, the Halaku (crow Hosts) can take control of a person by eating their victim's eyes. They are then able to control the person's body, seeing perfectly well out of the empty sockets. This makes them unique among the Hosts in that they don't need to physically enter the body to control it.

  • Jerome McDonough's play Addict has its share of horrifying moments, but one of the worst is when Janis Evans, under the influence of PCP, hallucinates that there are rats chewing behind her eyes and gouges them out with her grandmother's knitting needles.
  • Sarah Kane's Blasted includes the sucking out of Ian's eyes from their sockets by a soldier.
  • Equus revolves around the events leading up to and following a teenage boy stabbing out the eyes of six horses with a hoof pick. And this is not the Squickiest moment in the play.
  • In Shakespeare's King Lear, the Duke of Gloucester has his eyes gouged out and notably, this is the last Shakespeare-inspired murder attempted by Vincent Price's Large Ham Serial Killer in Theatre of Blood, because of the added squick value.
    • Out, Vile Jelly!
    • In some interpretations, Cornwall gouges out Gloucester's eyes, and then, for good measure, stomps on them. Squash.
  • Oedipus Rex was so traumatized by the revelation of his unknown incest and his wife/mother's suicide that he took his own eyes out with a brocade pin.
    • In P.D.Q. Bach's opera/oratorio Oedipus Tex, after Oedipus puts both his eyes out, "he kind of wished he hadn't." A pastiche of "The Eyes of Texas" follows.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • A Fox in Space:
    • Leon loses his right eye in the Fortuna battle at the start of the story when his Arwing gets shot down. When we see him again later at Sargasso, he's clearly nursing a grudge against Fox for it.
    • It's also implied Wolf lost his own eye in an accident while at the Corneria Flight Academy.
  • The Annoying Orange:
  • ASDF Movie:
    • In 6, a man is told carrots are good for one's eyesight. He then jams carrots into his eyes.
    • In the "deleted scenes" video, a man is told by an unseen voice to look towards them. He does so, and his eyes begin pulsating and sizzling is heard, and it's revealed that the voice belonged to the Sun.
    "Ha ha, now you're blind!"
    • Rui suffered malignant melanoma and had her eye extirped and replaced by a glass one to keep appearances. Her sister Misa bullies her for it.
    • Yuko lost her left eye when Erica purposely tipped over a beaker on biology class. As a result, she spent her time holed up in her room until her childhood friend Ryota broke the door and came to her aid.
  • Back To The Moon: Once again, The Man in the Moon gets nailed in the eye by a space capsule.
  • Bad Days: Played for Laughs. Roland Emmerich gets frightened when Godzilla's eye appears outside his window, then squirts a bottle of soap into his eye, causing him to crush each member of the Bad Days creative team.
  • One of the many eye gouge scenes in Berserk is played for comedy in Berserk Abridged:
    Casca: Are you a big fan of Nick Fury?
    Soldier: Well, yeah, he's a total badass. Why?
    Casca: Ohhh, no reason...
    Soldier: Ow! My eye! I'm not supposed to get sharp pieces of wood in it! My doctor said so!
    • And when you thought that part was bad.
      Soldier: Well, at least I have the other one *takes a dagger to the remaining eye* oh now this is re-GODDAMN-diculous!
  • Bloody Bunny: Bloody Bunny inflicts this as the first part of her brutal takedown of Bye-Bye Kitten, ripping her eye out.
  • In the Caillou the Grown Up short "Caillou the Grownup Goes on Vacation", Caillou earns the ire of a father at the beach by wrecking his kids' sand castles. Caillou manages to avoid getting his ass kicked by throwing sand in his eye. When the man later turns up with an eyepatch, Caillou then throws a knife at the man's good eye.
  • In Camp Camp, Tabii (with two Is) gets enraged upon seeing the waitress at a restaurant flirt with Neil, so she throws a fork at her. The waitress deflects the fork with a platter, causing it to fly back and get lodged in Tabii's eye. By her next appearance, Tabii (with one eye) is wearing an eyepatch.
  • One scene in the Cheat Commandos animation "Let us give TANKS!" involved the Blue Laser Commander jabbing a minion in the eye with a giant fork due to him being extremely annoyed by the fact that all of his henchmen look exactly alike.
  • Childrin R Skary: Genevieve's monocle-wearing toymaker is revealed to be missing that eye when the monocle falls off, as he and the others are looking over her plans.
    • In Candy, after she gets attacked, all that's left of the poor woman is her eyeball. The little girl quietly drops it into her candy bucket.
  • Double King: The Double King repeatedly tries to grab Agatha's crown despite her using magic to levitate him back to his seat. Eventually while being levitated, Double King manages to punch Agatha in her right eye. Agatha does not take it too well.
  • In Episode 2 of Dragon Ball Deliverance, Gotenks loses his right eye to his opponent at the start of their battle.
  • Corla of DSBT InsaniT attempts this on Cell using a large spike, but Cell reveals that what look like eyes on him are just illusions.
  • Extra Credits: Hannibal is forced to gouge out one of his own eyes after it becomes infected with disease during a swamp campaign.
  • Fun with Cobra: A rabbit gets venom in its eyes in one episode.
  • HourofPoop: In "Miscreants of Middle-Earth", Gandalf sticks a fork in Sam's eye. Sam takes it in stride, and the fork is gone by the next shot.
  • In Lobo (Webseries), a syringe from Major Snake's eye landed on Lobo's eye.
  • The MeatCanyon video "MrBeast Cures Blindness" ends with the boy taking a scalpel to his own eyes because the hallucinations that come as a side effect to his restored eyesight were too much for him to bear.
  • In Metal Gear Solid 3: Crab Battle, Snake gets his right eye torn out by a Kenyan Mangrove Crab.
  • One episode of The Misadventures of R2 and Miku sees Miku get her eyes gouged out off-screen by a Maniac Monkey.
  • My Little Portal: Rainbow Dash's right eye is replaced with a mechanical one during her transformation into a cyborg. For some reason, both appear robotic when she closes her helmet.
  • Neurotically Yours has an episode called Eye Stigmata, which should tell you a lot. There is also one which has this gem of dialog:
    Begley: "I don't recall anyone ever got stuck in the eye with a needle."
    Pilz-E: "You havn't been to the doctors that I've been to! Needles in the eyes!"
  • Ninjai: The Little Ninja had an epic one... During his escape, Ninjai wounds the Big Bad's eye. The Big Bad, already off in the head and driven further into madness by Ninjai pulls the eye out of his socket and holds it, still connected. He then looks at his own face and then... pops the thing in his mouth, optic nerve intact and eats his own eye. Jesus.
  • Object Shows:
    • Fight in Flight: Paper Roll is subjected to this when Zipper unbuckles her stretched-out bungee rope and hits him square in the eye with so much force that it slams him into a wall. As a result, Paper Roll's right eye is permanently squirting and has a deep cut over it.
    • The Nightly Manor: Spraypaint, thought to have died from an explosion, turned out to be alive but is in critical condition. Said explosion ended up disfiguring the right side of his face including his eye as shown by it being dented, chared and bandaged over.
    • Nice Show For Weenies: DVD Player cannot see out of his left eye due to falling out of a moving car when he was little. It's not as noticeable as other examples but he's drawn with the eye not coloured in.
    • Obsolete Battle Show:
      • Since she's made of porcelain, Bowl falling from a height causes her forehead to crack above her left eye, leaving it in a permanent squint.
      • Cup had a rock thrown at him which left a small crack around the eye area as he's made entirely of glass.
      • Similarly, Lava Lamp landed on a rock which shattered her right side including her eye clean off since she's made of glass like Cup.
    • ONE:
      • Moldy/Charlotte has her titular mold infect the right half of her body, causing her right eye to be indefinitely closed.
      • Airy, who turned out to be a propane camping lamp, got into an unknown accident in which some glass shattered where his left eye should be.
    • SHOW'S OVER: Map has his slashed out by a glitch-corrupted Spade, leaving two red claw marks in place of his left eye and through his body due to being a piece of paper.
    • Paper Puppets: Plasma Ball is subject to this trope when Milk throws a bean bag at her in episode 10, the throw had so much force that it breaks the left side of her glass dome. As a result, Plasma Ball's left eye is permanently squirting and the left side of her face is gravely cracked. Platinum gives her an Eyepatchof Power one episode later however.
  • On The Edge:
    • Giant Hogweed: Hirofumi gets some of the titular plant's sap in his left eye when he tried to trim it. When the paramedics came to his aid, it swelt up along with his hands.
    • The Scavenger's Daughter: Shigeo's client lost her left eye (and her baby, as she was pregnant at the time) after escaping from a pair of thugs who kidnapped her and her husband before consulting his services.
  • OverSimplified:
    • Godwin murdered Edward the Confessor's brother Alfred by stabbing him in the eyes with a red hot iron poker.
    • Rumor has it that Godwin's son Harold was struck in the eye with an arrow at the Battle of Hastings.
  • The Pink City: Elain's eye gets poked with an injection needle during "Elain Gets Adopted". Downplayed later when Nuzzer Fubs tries to grab Elain by the neck and accidentally rips her eyes out, accompanied by a "pop" sound effect. He slaps them back before grabbing her for real.
  • Van Sowerwine's "Play With Me". Eyes and broken teapot shards. That is all.
  • Pokemon Gun.: When the trainer gets hit by the Pikachu shot from Officer Jenny's taser, one of its ears jabs him in the eye for a split second.
  • RWBY
    • Cinder Fall is severely wounded by Ruby's silver-eye warrior blast. Next we see her, her left eye is ringed by heavy scarring in the same pattern as Amber after Cinder stole her maiden powers.
    • In her youth, Cool Old Lady Maria Calavera was a legendary Huntress — and a Silver-Eyed Warrior before an assassin slashed out both her eyes, leaving her permanently blinded, until she managed to replace them with mechanical variations so that she could see again, but no longer carrying the power of the Silver Eyes.
    • After years of speculation, we find out that this is what's hidden under Adam Taurus' mask, his left eye sealed by a brand reading "S.D.C." — Schnee. Dust. Company.
  • Salad Fingers: Not exactly graphic but still enough to make you shudder. During episode 8, Salad Fingers takes a strand of hair and slowly drags it across his eyeball.
  • Something About:
    • In "Something About Star Fox 64", Fox defeats Andross by flying into his eye so that he can fire directly at his brain.
    • In "Something About Kirby's Adventure", Kirbo defeats Kracko by slapping his eye out of its body.
    • In "Something About Kirby and the Amazing Mirror", Kirbo defeats Kracko again by inhaling his eye out of its body— which sends Kracko directly to Heaven.
  • Sonic Shorts: In Sonic Shorts Volume 2, Sonic's eyes melt in bloody detail after watching Eggman's horrible dance.
  • Tokyo Magic Star: In Episode 4, Sakura attacks a villain with magic. Seems standard for a Magical Girl... until it makes his eyes bleed.
  • We GOTTA Get SPONGEBOB Back ends with Plankton pulling a pin out of nowhere and stabbing himself in the eye.
  • Where Was My Hero...?: Sonic loses an eye to Miles in this timeline and the one responsible for it jokingly threatens to take the other one.

  • Gaia Online
    • The site has recently introduced the ability for Avatars to purchase new eyes... from the Hair Salon.
    Vanessa: Doing eyes isn't too different than doing hair, I guess. Just a lot of snipping and drying and jars of blue stuff.
    • Older than that is the Oculus Mythica, an item that gives you a bunch of unique eye designs to choose from. Including empty, bleeding eye sockets. Funny, people don't approach me often when I wear that item.
  • Nobody Here: "Eye" has the reader drag various objects (nails, screws, bullets, bees, paperclips, flowers) into a man's eye, who writhes in pain before commenting phrases such as "That's ok" and "Think positive".
    Notice the importance of a positive attitude in situations like these.
  • From The Onion: Bush's Eyelid Accidentally Nailed To Wall.
  • The SCP Foundation is in possession of:
    • SCP-125 ("Contagious Reflection"). SCP-125 is a creature that can live not only in mirrors but in any reflective surface, such as an animal's eye. If it infects an animal's eye it will cause it to become blind and develop into an abscess within 5-9 days.
    • SCP-212 ("The Improver"), a surgical automaton. The link is safe to click, but if you are easily Squicked then don't scroll down.
    • SCP-372 ("Peripheral Jumper"). SCP-372 is an example of He Who Must Not Be Seen and tries to avoid being seen. During one experiment where it was released into a room with 4 human observers, it attacked one of them and caused them to lose an eye so they couldn't see it.
    • SCP-400 ("Beautiful Babies"). SCP-400 is an anomalous form of the common pillbug that enters the body of a human baby by burrowing through its flesh. One possible point of entry is the baby's eyes.
    • SCP-525 ("Eye Spiders") is a creature made of spider-like legs that band together to seek out creatures, extract their eyes and lay eggs in their sockets.
    • SCP-632 ("Intrusive Thoughts About The Many Spiders Forming Inside Your Head"). If the victim of an SCP-632 infestation is too weak to fracture their own forehead and allow the baby SCP-632 to escape, they will eat the victim's eyes and escape through the eye sockets.
    • SCP-679 ("Eyerot"). SCP-679 is a fungus that infects victims, blinds them and replaces their eyes with the fungus.
    • SCP-819 ("Vital Suckers"). When a blue SCP-819 is consumed the liquids in the eater's eyes are sucked out (causing permanent blindness) and transferred to the eyes of another person. The recipient's eyes burst from the increased pressure and may become dislodged from the eye socket.
    • SCP-823 ("Carnival of Horrors"). One of the mysterious deaths in the park is described as "suicide by forced sexual entry through left eye". The logistics alone are horrifying.
    • SCP-881 ("Little People"). The miniaturized human beings managed to escape confinement and infiltrate Dr. Dammer's body. The end of his That Was the Last Entry is "whsts in my eye" and a string of random letters indicating pain and a loss of control due to their attacking his eye from the inside.
    • SCP-1013 ("Cockatrice"). After petrifying a creature, SCP-1013 eats the soft tissues of the victim first, such as the eyes.
    • SCP-1078 ("Sight-Stealing Eye")
      • If SCP-1078 (a small glass eye) is placed over an existing living eye, it causes intense pain in (and loud screaming by) the recipient. The recipient will try to kill themselves as soon as possible to stop the pain.
      • If SCP-1078 is implanted in an empty eye socket, a number of months later the recipient will begin to suffer audiovisual hallucinations and try to kill themselves, sometimes by ripping SCP-1078 out of their eye socket and dying due to the resulting cranial hemorrhage.
    • SCP-1344 ("Eye-Catching Goggles"). If a human being puts these goggles on, five seconds later two needles will enter the wearer's eyes and enter the optic nerve. If the wearer removes the goggles the needles will pull their eyes out of their sockets.
    • SCP-1407 ("DJ's Headphones"). If a human being with SCP-1407 inside its body is exposed to sound above 115 dB, the tissue of the victim's eyes will begin to flake off or dissolve.
    • SCP-1429 ("Organoid Organisms"). In one case SCP-1429 infected a victim's eye, causing intense pain and blindness. Then the victim's eye muscles were dislodged from their face and their eye (now a grown SCP-1429) escaped from their eye socket.
    • SCP-1569 ("Jumbo Shrimp"). While the human D-156912 was trapped inside SCP-1569, tendrils inside SCP-1569 destroyed his eyes while trying to interface with them. He could feel his eyes pop and feel goop flowing down his face.
    • SCP-1616 ("Nibbles"). In one test SCP-1616 teleported the eye of a human test subject into its mouth and nibbled on it. The victim was screaming and begging for help the whole time.
  • SF Debris' version of Captain Janeway — an insane, Ax-Crazy, genocidal tyrant and Mad Scientist — engineers an army of warrior cobalt tarantulas who live in hives, have wings, and posses an insatiable hunger for ocular jelly.
    Captain Janeway: My job is to fix it whenever nature makes an extraordinarily aggressive and terrifying tarantula, and doesn't make it capable of flying up and latching on to your face.
  • The Tal'Vorn DragonLord, Drake FrostHeart, was hit in the face with the accumulated force of a forest condensed into a green orb of energy. End result? Lost an eye and walked away ''smiling.''

    Web Videos 
  • 5 Second Films made a series of films (all 5 seconds long) dedicated to eyes and, more often than not, the mutilation and/or removal of them. Check it out here. Don't worry, it's nowhere near as horrific as it sounds.
  • Aldrivers, Devourer of Cos has this happen happen twice in chapter 6. First, Tony Hawk does this to Bill using his big dick in his eye, which also killed Bill. Later on once Ted unleashed his inner Neo and John Wick, he repaid Tony in kind by shooting out his eyes on two separate occasion.
    Tony Hawk: What I'm about to do to your stupid little eyesocket, I'm going to enjoy it very very much!
  • All About Meep:
    • In "Nunya and Pita in Pre K", Specs flicks Kit's lazy eye up and down like a light switch. Thankfully, since Kit is an American Girl doll, it only annoys her.
    • One of the bloopers for "Trinket Sparkles' Store!" shows Trinket falling over and getting her eye poked by a diamond (which also doesn't hurt her, since her eyes are buttons).
  • Critical Role: Happens in the first campaign with antagonist Delilah Briarwood: first, Percy lethally shoots her into one eye, then, Vox Machina removes the second eye - the eye of Vecna - a process that is described quite graphically. Then, the eye they removed magically compels Scanlan to gouge his own eye out, which the rest of his team barely stops in time.
  • Crossed Lines: In Episode 5, Nightmares, when Ince Castle is remembering the scrapyard, we see an image of a steam engine missing an eyeball.
  • During the 2012 D20 Live campaign, Spoony decides to have his Tandem character throw crushed glass in a horrible mutated man-giant's eyes... Much to gamesmaster Big Mike's surprise.
  • As the puppets rot in the second episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, the Duck Guy's eye can be seen to have detached from its socket.
  • Quackity's first canon death on the Dream SMP involved Technoblade putting a pickaxe through his face. He's later depicted with a scar stretching from above his left eye to his mouth, and it's indicated that he has trouble seeing out of that eye from then onward.
  • Buddybob in Mind My Gap where a large shard of mirror hits him in the eye and stays there, only to be pulled out later, with eye still attached.
  • In the second season of Minecraft Utopia, Uto2!Lggj rips out his ownleft eye so Phantom can teleport him to TopCity, in order to kill Top!Lggj to avenge Sheldon.
  • In part 5 of The Misadventures of Skooks, Batman gets a metal rod (And a very sharp one at that) through his eye. And the exasperated gasp he makes straight afterwards..
  • When getting tortured by fans at the end of his Ponyo review for not liking Howl's Moving Castle, The Nostalgia Critic gets stabbed in the eye twice, once by fingernails and the other time with the edge of a DVD.
  • The Platoon of Power Squadron does this twice, both times to the same character. First he's blinded by a shock of electricity, and later the Big Bad forces his useless eyes out and replaces them with balls of smoke. Though the picture's fuzzy, one can still clearly see his eyeballs bug out and drip down the sides of his face. Squick.
  • The chef from Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time shoves lemons into his eyes during the Superior Smörgåscake episode.
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • Chef Pee Pee suffers it in "Bowser's Cookies" when Toad stabs his unprotected eye with a knife and tries to fix it with a Band-Aid. Happens again in the same episode at the end when Bowser sticks a fork into Chef Pee Pee's other eye apparently rendering him unable to see, but he somehow recovers in the next episode.
    • Chef Pee Pee suffers it again in "Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World!", after Junior finds the knife in a box of Doofy-O's that wins him a trip to Disney World.
    • Chef Pee Pee suffers it yet again in "The Drone!" and ends up with one of his eyeballs out of its socket.
    • Bowser Junior suffers it in "Bowser Junior's Happy Meal", when Chef Pee Pee tricks him into playing a game with the pair of scissors he tries to pass off as a Happy Meal toy.
    • Bully Bill suffers it in "Bowser Junior Learns Karate!", when Junior uses chopsticks under the advice of Jackie Chu.
  • In Zombie Roadkill, an undead squirrel rips a girl's eyes out and uses one to replace its own.

  • Jordan Eats Normally Now, of The Fear Mythos, has an all-but-shown case with Nathan in this video. You can see Sam grab a pencil, you can hear disgusting squishes in the struggle, and you can hear Nathan shout "MY EYE!" note 
  • One of the warning signs that Zalgo is coming is that people will suddenly have fountains of black ooze drip from their eyes.
  • This de-motivational image.
  • This picture pulls it off in a creepier way than most ever want to see.

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