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"Here's (Insert weapon here) In Your Eye!"
— A running gag in DOTA 2

Playing it may just be worse than seeing it. Here are examples of Eye Scream from video games.
Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in your eye.

  • In Killzone 3's "Brutal Melee System" you can do this in two very fun ways: stabbing an opponent in the eye and (somehow) gouging out a Helghast's eyes through his goggles.
  • In Call of Duty: Black Ops during the Baikonur level, after Weaver gets compromised and tied to a chair, Kravchenko stabs him in the eye. He survives, and gets an Eyepatch of Power.
  • In the climax of Modern Warfare 2, you kill Shepherd by throwing a knife into his eye,after pulling it out of yourself.
  • Within the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed's final battle, Super Sonic damages Dark Gaia by slamming into the beast's giant eyeballs. Before that, in the PS3/Xbox 360 version, he uses repeated homing attacks in its eyes. With a twinkly smile.
  • In Demon's Souls, the Maiden in Black has her eyes covered by wax that's melted into her skin, blinding her. It's unclear that if she was born this way due to her being an incredibly powerful demon or if she if the wax was more of a result of her being the keeper of the Nexus. If the latter is the case, it's also unclear if she lost her eyes before coming to the Nexus, she still has her eyes under the wax, or if she lost them due to the waxing.
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  • In a flashback scene at the end of Saejima's episode in Yakuza 4, we are treated to a very, VERY squicky scene where a bound Goro Majima refuses to bow down to a low-level yakuza that's in charge of restraining him, and the yakuza drives a foot-long knife into Majima's left eye.
  • In many The Legend of Zelda games there are enemies that can only be killed by hitting their eyes. Lots of them especially in (but not limited to) the 3D games.
    • And not just enemies: some games feature switches resembling eyes that are activated by shooting them with arrows.
    • It's implied that the Link of Ocarina of Time eventually loses an eye - as the Hero's Shade in Twilight Princess, one eye is dimmed out, and his wolf form has the same eye scarred shut.
  • Banjo-Tooie includes this. They've put a little spin on it by doing it with eyeball plants. They play a game of keep away with a jiggy, and to get the jiggy you have to... pop them open with bee stingers. Okay. It isn't too violent, given that this is rated E for everyone.
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  • Yuri's unfortunate first encounter with Valantin in Infinite Space ends in tragedy as he finds himself with a 5-foot blade in his left eye. He gets better.
  • Castlevania: Curse of Darkness has an alluded-to near-miss of this. See that scar over Trevor's left eye? Dracula got testy.
    • Judgment made him lose the eyeball (thus making HIM look more like a pirate than Faust-VIII-lookalike zombie Grant).
    • The cyclops is only vulnerable to headshots. But it's a cyclops, so we know they're actually eyeshots.
    • Balore's weak spots are his eyes. Always. And Dawn of Sorrow makes him way less pretty.
  • In Dead Rising a Psychopath meets his end when a statue tips over onto him. The statue is holding a real sword. Guess where that sword goes.
  • One of the ghost children in Corpse Party has had her left eye stabbed out. And if you get caught by her? She takes yours!
  • In Dead Space, the Captain of the ship has gone mad and the doctor declares him unfit for duty. He picks up a needle with a sedative, but the Captain jerks as he tries to get free, and the needle is jammed into his eye.
    • In Dead Space 2, this happens twice. Once to Ellie at the hands of Dr. Stross ("You owe me an eye, you bastard!"), and once to Isaac if you fail to get the needle in the right place in a minigame near the end of the game. (It's still a nasty case of Eye Scream if you do get the needle in the right place. You just don't die.) It's made worse by the fact that you're in control of it the whole time. Both of these are preceded by the rather nightmarish little chant "Cross my heart and hope to die... stick a needle in your eye..."
    • Dead Space 3 tops them all; you kill the Final Boss by throwing things into its eyes. Seems mundane, but the final boss is a post-Convergence Necromorph the size of a moon, its eyes are several hundred feet wide, and the things you throw into its eyes are Red Markers about 30 feet tall. Upon impact, the eyes burst open into a tidal wave of blood and fluid. Here, you make the closest thing to an unrelenting, timeless Physical God feel pain.
  • In Treasure of the Rudra - shortly into Sion's Scenario One of the Jades gets lodged right in Sion's Skull via his right eye
  • In the original Diablo's intro, you see a close up of a crow picking out the eye of a decaying body. While not looking too realistic by today's CGI standards, that was a pretty unpleasant scene at the time of release.
  • In Dwarf Fortress, eyes are damageable (and, in some cases, targetable) organs. However, in the current version bugs mean they can't be removed and will rapidly recover any damage they receive. Still, not fast enough that gouging out something's eyes won't let you kill it at your leisure, or at least massively improve your chances of it. There's a reason why it's one of the two ways to make Wrestling a viable skill.
  • Throughout the first three levels of Eversion, there are gems hidden in Mario-esque floating blocks with happy faces on them. Level 4 lets you know exactly where the game is headed when you are forced to jump into one and its eyes pop out of its sockets as you instantly evert from Sugar Bowl World 4-1 to the completely terrifying World 4-5.
  • In Fable on the Xbox, the main character's sister has her eyes cut out by bandits when she refuses to tell them where you are.
    • In Fable III, during your first encounter with the Crawler, when you find Walter after his disappearance, he is covered by a dark goo, and his eyes seem to be bleeding said goo. More creepy than Squick-inducing, though.
  • In the first two Fallout games, aiming for the eyes is not only possible but one of the most effective ways to dispatch enemies- not only does a critical hit to the eyes typically inflict extra damage, it also bypasses the damage resistance of any armor the target might be wearing and has a chance of automatically killing them outright. In the later ones you can, at most, target the head, but the fact it just about kills Perception when a target's head is crippled tends to imply some of this is still going on. Can't shoot someone in the face with a laser/shotgun and not have a bit of that get in their eyes, after all.
  • Fire Emblem has three cases, in two different continuities:
    • Nergal from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, in its not torn out, GOOGELY EYED TWITCHEYNESS! The Archsage Athos gave it to him in the past, after they went from best friends to Cain and Abel.
    • Saizo from Fire Emblem Fates is blind in his right eye due to a scar obtained while attempting to kill the ruler of the Principality of Mokushu for the death of his father, the previous Saizo. In his critical animation he actually opens his right eye wide so the player can see its milky whiteness, probably due to cataracts forming.
    • Niles, also from Fates, wears an Eyepatch of Power over his empty socket. In one of his skinship lines in the Japanese version, he tells the Avatar that his eye was taken from him by an "unworthy person", probably a thief since Niles once was a Street Urchin.
  • In Fatal Frame, one of the items you can find is a mask with large spikes in the eyes. It's revealed that girls are blinded with this device for a horrific ritual to close hellgates. What's worse is you can try to use the mask yourself, though many never had the courage to find what happen if you press the "Use" button.
    • The sequels also have cases of Eye Scream, including the Mourners in II whose eyes were sewn shut, the Needle Women in III who had their own eyes gouged out, and the Shrine Maidens in V whose eyes were slashed out. Also, there's a text in II that warns you not to look into the local Hell Gate, for obvious reasons, as Mio finds out in one of the game's Multiple Endings.
  • Final Fantasy
    • In a flashback in Final Fantasy X, we see how Auron gets blasted into the face/left eye by Yunalesca when trying to avenge Jecht´s and Braska´s deaths Well, at least he got his Eyepatch Sunglasses of Power after that
    • Also in Final Fantasy X, during the attack on the Blitz Stadium, you can see that the aeon Anima's Pain ability is based on this. In a surprisingly gory cutscene for the series, blood can be seen coming out of her eye every time she uses it, culminating in a close up of her bleeding eye socket.
    • In Final Fantasy XV, Ignis Scientia receives a hideous eye injury in a (currently, pending Episode: Ignis) unknown event during the Leviathan trial. He's left blind in both eyes, and has a massive burn-like scar around his left eye socket. He may or may not have lost the left eye completely; he never opens it again after that except in (possibly glitched) photos after the time skip.
  • In Heavenly Sword, this happens to King Bohan very close to the end of the game, after the Raven God pecks his eyes out as a punishment for Bohan failing him.
  • From Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance "[if they escape] then I shall find the men responsible and feed them their own eyes!"
  • In Metal Gear Solid 3, Snake's been captured, and Volgin tells the Boss to cut out his eyes. She doesn't. He loses his eye when Ocelot, doing his Russian-roulette-juggling thing, is about to shoot EVA. Snake tackles him, and the gun goes off right by his eye, damaging it irreparably.
    • Just so you have the proper context, Naked Snake, AKA Big Boss was well known before this game came out for having only one eye. That makes the above instance very uncomfortable to watch, as you know he probably won't be getting saved in the very last moment.note 
    • Solidus loses his eye after the Harrier fight in Metal Gear Solid 2.
    • In the prologue chapter of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Raiden's eye is stabbed out during the encounter with Jetstream Sam.
  • Subverted in Metroid Fusion with Nightmare; when he increases the gravity, it seems his eyes are bleeding, that is, until the mask pops off and it turns out his face is melting.
    • Samus herself gets an Eye Scream in Prime 3: Corruption, when her face becomes increasingly scarred as the Phazon corruption progresses. By the time you hit 50% corruption or so, not only are her eyes glowing blue, but the pupils have turned radioactive green. It's even squickier in the trailer video, when you see the Phazon flowing into her eyes from the inside.
      • The "phazon in your eyes" thing is still in the game. Go into Hyper Mode and let yourself get corrupted, or stay in Phaaze too long. It'll probably be the last thing you see, though.
  • In Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe one of The Joker's close combat moves is to poke his opponents in the eyes.
  • In No More Heroes, Travis Touchdown blinds Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii by throwing his beam katana at him, cutting out both of his eyes.
    • Wich leads to the strangely funny line "It's dark! Somebody turn on the lights! I can't see shit!" Right now, it won't sound funny. But with his accent, it's a whole different story
  • Very rarely in the sequel, the Tsubaki Mk III, whoops I mean Carmelia Mk III, will slice an enemies head in half, right about eye level. Least of their worries, but still...
  • In Planescape: Torment, The Nameless One has a special equipment slot called 'eyeball'. Its default contents are, well, what you'd expect, and you can replace it by... Well... You can connect the dots yourself. At no fewer than two occasions in the game you can also lose the other eye for story reasons, the first time by tearing out your eyeball by hand and replacing it with an old eyeball a previous incarnation of you had torn out and stored somewhere and the second time by having Ignus pluck it out (again, by hand... And this time, said hand is on fire) to use it as a repository for magic you can learn.
    • Three times. If you take the right dialogue options with Ravel Puzzlewell, she'll stab you in the eye with a claw and hook it out, then stuff a black-barbed seed in the eyeball and pump it full of magic before giving it back to you. This is one of the many statistic boosting choices in the game.
      • Planescape Torment: The game where having your eyes poked out gives you stat bonuses.
    • One time used for humor. One of the sensory stones contains the mind-numbing tedium experienced by a student in what was apparently the most boring lecture of all time. At one point, the student considered jamming his quill into his eye for a change of pace (though if he had actually done it it would have been a completely different sensory experience in the stone).
  • Briefly played with in Psychonauts.
    Den Mother: Enough! It is time for me to pluck out your eyes!
    Raz: You can't — that is the purpose of the goggles!
  • In Silent Hill 3, the hint for the Hard Mode hospital keypad puzzle (Guide Dang It!!), is a poem about poking out someone's eye, drinking the blood from the crushed eye, and biting off their tongue and left ear.
  • I Wanna Be the Guy: After The Guy goes One-Winged Angel and breaks through the background, his eyes become weak points; shooting them repeatedly causes them to degenerate from black dots into red blotches.
  • Waxworks: many of the standard deaths involve this. Examples include a spike pit's spike goring you right in the eye, or a plant mutant's seeds pushing your eye out of its socket as they grow inside you.
  • In Thief: The Dark Project Garrett's eye is torn right out of his head. The empty socket is even shown later on, albeit briefly.
  • No-Face in Twisted Metal: Black got badly beaten in a boxing match. When he went to a back-alley surgeon to get his face put back together, he chose badly; the surgeon had lost $20,000 betting on him, and took out the man's eyes and tongue as revenge while he was out. We get to see his eyes falling onto a tray. Thankfully, in his ending, No-Face gets his revenge - punching the doctor in the face with a needle-loaded boxing glove.
    • The trope name describes what Needles Kane does in this webisode quite well.
    • Also, Calypso in his more recent appearances has a missing eye, prominently showing off the gaping hole where it used to be.
    • Sweet Tooth's daughter escapes from him in the remake when she stabs his eye with a pair of scissors.
  • the white chamber... Hoo, boy. There's an FMV devoted to a decapitated head with its eyes missing, and said eyes open. And you find the eyes in a sealed box. Even with the eyes back in, it's not a pretty sight.
    • Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see...
    • Also, there's a console which the player must use to gain access to a room. It requires a color code that's acquired after a certain event, and if the player tries to use the code before they are supposed to, the aforementioned head appears, scowling and covering the screen, with the words 'not yet' carved into its empty eye sockets.
  • In the cinematic for "The Gods of Zul'Aman" that came with Patch 2.3 of World of Warcraft, a High Elven soldier prepares to cut out one of Zul'jin's eyes as a way of adding insult to injury. The action fades to white just as the point of the dagger is a mere centimeter from Zul'jin's eye. Being a troll Zul'jin should have been able to regenerate but it seems this was somehow forgotten.
    • WoWWiki offers some explanations.
    • Also, the icon for one of the Rogue abilities, Cheap Shot, is a knife about to plunge into an eyeball, implying that what is "cheap" is that you're stabbing them in the eyeball.
  • In Yggdra Union, when Milanor is rescuing Yggdra from the prison in which she's held captive by Gulcasa, Valkyrie Aegina cuts his escape. Elena, former assassin of the Bronquian Empire, sneaks behind her troops and fires her crossbow... Hitting Aegina in the eye. Later on, when you meet Aegina again, she's wearing a bandage on her left eye.
    • In the backstory, this happened three separate times to poor Nessiah. First, his real body was blinded by the gods as part of his punishment for disobeying them and not fighting in Ragnarok. Second, his contract with the Yumel required him to sacrifice an eye to get their help in mastering his magic. And finally, he tore his remaining eye out in order to complete the Gran Centurio. (Yes, he was that desperate at the time. And insane.)
  • In First Encounter Assault Recon, after Jankowski's disappearance in the second level, you will occasionally see a "phantom" image of him...with his eyes gouged out. Whether or not he's actually dead though, is up in the air.
  • In Grim Fandango you have to use your scythe against the eye of an octopus, granted, it was protected by a crystal, but the fact that it breaks and shows blood afterwards...
  • In 7 Days A Skeptic, Dr. William Taylor has been forced to construct a body for a ghost out of the murdered crew. The ghost possesses the body, but it needs eyes (the only intact head Taylor got needed glasses), so it takes a pair. From Dr. Taylor.
  • In Fate/stay night, inflicting one of these on Enfant Terrible Illyasviel fully cements Gilgamesh's status as the Big Bad of the Unlimited Blade Works scenario. Particularly vicious, as he slashed her across the face with a sword, but only so she would be blinded while he continued to torment her.
  • One of the artifacts you're supposed to collect in Bloodrayne is a demon's eye which forcibly implants itself upon collecting. From Rayne's reaction to this, it's...not pleasant.
  • In the Nightfall campaign for Guild Wars, the mad god of secrets Abbadon and his servants have a thing for eyes. His favorite minion begins growing extra eyes on her forehead in imitation of her master, and her favorite threat/curse is "Abbadon will eat your eyes." This is what happens to Kormir when she's taken prisoner after the rout at Consulate Docks- her eyes are fed to The Hunger and she's blind for the rest of the game, even when she ascends to become the new Goddess of Truth.
  • In Ōkami, the locks on doors in dungeon take the from of a demonic-looking face, with a large singular eye and the pupil shaped liked a keyhole. It doesn't react/end well, when Amaterasu brings a key along.
  • Modern Warfare 2 ends with Soap throwing a combat knife into the Big Bad's eye. The true Big Bad of MW2, LTGEN. Shepherd, has left Soap on the ground with a knife almost-hilt-deep in his chest, while Shepherd goes to beat Capt. Price into the dirt. Soap manages to pull the knife out of his own chest and throw it with such precision that it impales Shepherd in the skull right through his left eye.
    • In World At War, at the very beginning of the game, a Japanese officer puts out his cigarette in a captured Marine's eye after he refuses to break under interrogation.
  • Timeslaughter has an intro where the man who becomes the final boss has an eye removed with a drill - although that's not too much in such already Gorn-tastic game.
  • In the Hunt featured a giant living statue as a Puzzle Boss. Your submarine had to make floating blocks of stone drop on its head. Once damaged enough, the stone covering the statue's face is destroyed, showing the flesh and bones underneath, and its eyeballs dangle out of their sockets. It doesn't help that he gains an attack where it spits out four homing eyeballs.
  • At the beginning of Overlord II, shortly after the frozen Overlad arrives in the Netherworld, Quaver gets his eye stuck to the ice. And when Gnarl orders that the ice be thawed by fire, Quaver pulls away fast enough to leave the eyeball behind. Ouch.
  • Assassin's Creed II took the counter kills from the first game and jacked the brutality level up to eleven. Countering with Ezio's hidden blade will occasionally result in both blades being jabbed through a guards eyes. You can't really make out much but really the dark red spurts of blood from both sockets are enough.
    • There's also the fact that Mario Auditore (Ezio's uncle) is blind in his left eye, with a scar around said eye. The injury itself is only elaborated on in the Facebook spinoff Project Legacy. In one mission (before the events of Assassin's Creed II), Mario was cut in the face by a bladed pendulum, causing his eventual blindness. To make it worse, there is even a picture showing Mario with the newly acquired injury, because we needed to see that.
    • There is also an unique Assassination move done by the Footpad (from the Brotherhood multiplayer) where said Footpad slashes the target in the eyes with his weapon before stabbing the target in the throat. The move's nickname? "Blinded and Helpless". Quaint.
  • Brütal Legend unsurprisingly has a good one. Go ahead and lose the RTS battle with Doviculus (if you dare!) The resulting losing animation quickly switches to Eddie's point of view just as the emperor tells you he is going to make a necklace with your eyes then thrusts his fingers into the screen as it turns to black.
  • Done in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep of all places, where Braig's fight with Terra ends with Terra firing a blast of dark energy right into his eye. Well, now we know where he got that eyepatch.
  • Some of the bosses in the Kirby games have very large and prominent eyes, and some are little more than just eyes, so attacking these bosses invokes this, especially if you do it with the Master Sword. And then, there's Zero. To elaborate, Zero rips out his own eye in a fountain of blood. In a later game, you fight Zero Two, and dealing damage to his eye results in puffs of more blood.
    • Also worth noting is that recurring enemy Waddle Doo Dummied Out "appearance" in Kirby's Block Ball has its eye blown off in its death animation.
  • In Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, after the world goes kalooey, you wake up, getting a first person view of a kid holding a bug... then he drops the bug, right into your character's eye (and with the first person view, it's like it went into your own eye).
  • Baldur's Gate: Go for the eyes, Boo! GO FOR THE EYES!
  • Also, in the Mass Effect 2 DLC Overlord, when you finally get to the cause of all trouble, David Archer, we find him suspended in some kind of harness with probes sticking out of, among other things, his eyes and holding them open. Think this picture, only with more focus, lingering, and different angles in the course of the ending cinematic.
    • According to Mordin, a batarian religion considers this act deeply insulting. Since they believe souls exit through the eyes when the body dies, removing or destroying the eyes is a terrible act of desecration.
      • Which gives some extra chilling factor to Renegade Shepard's payback on a racist batarian bartender who tries to kill him or her with a poisoned drink — he or she forces the bartender in question to drink his own nasty concoction, and threatens to "blind him one eye at a time" if he doesn't follow through.
  • In the God of War series, Kratos is capable of killing cyclopes by yanking out their eyeballs. But the most epic example of this is when he kills Poseidon in III by gouging his eyes before breaking his neck and throwing him off a cliff. The fact that you see this from Poseidon's point of view makes this horror and a Moment of Awesome.
    • Kratos tears up Typhon's eye in II.
  • At the end of the third episode of Duke Nukem 3D, Duke kicks the eye right out of the Cycloid Emperor's head.
    • This part was recreated in the prologue/video-game-within-a-video-game level of Duke Nukem Forever, only in this case the Cycloid Emperor's eyeball was on the ground, but still connected to his head.
  • In Shinobido, Zaji the Blackhawk has only one eye left and wears an eyepatch. Gamuran took out his other eye during the attack on the Asuka village by throwing a sharp wooden piece at it.
  • In Robinson's Requiem, this can potentially happen to the hero: one or both of his eyes can be damaged by various hazards, leaving him partly or completely blind in that eye. Or both.
  • The Hunter of Left 4 Dead has a character design that suggests some kind of eye damage; his eyes are thickly crusted with blood. The character model has no eyes at all, but it's possible that they just aren't rendered because his hood would obscure them from any in-game camera angle. In Versus mode, you can see fine while playing as him, but this could just be for the player's convenience.
  • The Disco Bandit in Kingdom of Loathing has an attack called Disco Eye-Poke.
  • A frequent source of squicky laughs in the Sam & Max games.
  • In Snatcher, the iconic Gross-Up Close-Up of the rotting corpse involves its yellowed, shriveled eye dropping out of the socket.
  • A major plot point in Amea. As part of their attempts to escape life's hardships and begin a new, false life, The Master Eye's cult have all ritualistically removed their eyes and replaced them with artificial ones (likely of the Master Eye's own design) that wipes their memories beyond the bare essentials, thus letting them begin a new "life" as the Master Eye's slave. When Amea, who had initially joined the cult due to Parental Abandonment, learns this, she decides that she's not going to run away anymore and face whatever life throws at her, and shows this by ripping out her fake eyes.
  • Several characters in Mortal Kombat 9 have EyeScreamy X-Ray attacks, particularly Reptile (who pokes his opponent in the eyes), Kitana (who stabs her opponent in the eyes with her fans), Baraka (who stabs his opponent clean through the head through the eyeball), and Skarlet (who kicks her opponent in the eye with the heel of one of her Combat Stilettos).
  • Penguin in Batman: Arkham City has been shown with the bottom of a glass bottle over his eye in place of a monocle, which according to previews was stabbed there and cannot be removed without killing him. Being the "sophisticated" man he is, though, he's grown rather attached to it.
  • Pops up a few times in Dragon Age II, usually with throwing knives. The best one is the conclusion of the Orsino!Harvester battle. Hawke leaps onto the beast and stabs it in the eye again and again. Then Hawke rips out its head and stomps it to death.
    • Zevran gets a Moment of Awesome when an Antivan Crow runs at him from behind, sword raised. Barely turning, he flicks Murder Knife at the man, who slows to a stop and keels over, revealing the hilt protruding from his left eye.
  • One of the dead girls in Kara no Shoujo had her eyes cut in order to have it with tears of blood in order to mimic something from The Divine Comedy.
  • In EarthBound, one of the earlier enemies (yes, early in the game), a crow, have their attack read as a peck to the eyes.
  • Enter MONOCULUS!
  • One of the endings of Alpha Protocol has Mike shooting Leland at point-blank range through his eye. And it's definitely not one of the game's normal Pretty Little Headshots.
  • Terraria has quite a bit of this with Faceless Eyes. All of them explode into Ludicrous Gibs when beaten, The Eye of Cthulhu sheds its pupil in favor of a toothy maw when it Turns Red, and The Twins, Retinazer and Spazmatism, shed theirs in favor of a laser cannon and a Hellfire-breathing mouth, respectively. At least the last two are partially robotic to lessen the horror.
  • In Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Nupraptor sews his own eyes and mouth shut during his descent into madness.
  • In Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, the Mudokon slaves being used to mine the bones of their ancestors for SoulStorm Brewery are blind - because they've had their eyelids stitched shut. This is evidently to keep them from learning they're desecrating their species' ancient burial ground and remain docile.
  • Norman Jayden of Heavy Rain will start bleeding from the eyes if he uses the ARI for too long at a particular point in the game. If the player persists in using the ARI, he'll eventually start start bleeding from the nose as well, which is a sign that his time is almost up.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of the finishing moves against dragons involves the Dovahkiin jumping onto the dragon's head and stabbing it in the eye. Possibly Fridge Brilliance since the eyes are sometimes a dragon's Achilles' Heel in literature.
  • In Amnesia: The Dark Descent, there is a particularly disturbing text passage upon discovering the Iron Maiden in the Choir.
    Excerpt from text: His knee jerked and he felt blood trickle down his leg. In pain his head fell slightly forward. It took him a while to realize his eye had ruptured and begun to leak.
  • Skullgirls has a momentary, but haunting example in Peacock's individual storyline. A short flashback from Patricia's perspective shows us one of the slave traders who captured her, his thumbs reaching for her eyes. Then, they close in— suddenly, the screen goes red as a sickening squelch is heard.
  • The Witcher:
    • The Witcher 2 features Phillippa getting her eyes gouged out with a spoon. You see the aftereffects.
      • Diminished a bit by the fact that she can grow new eyes as mage, and seems to be able to function just fine without them anyway.
    • In the Hearts of Stone expansion pack to The Witcher 3, a clueless drunk makes the mistake of mildly irking Satanic Archetype Gaunter O'Dimm. O'Dimm simply claps to freeze time, and then plunges the handle of a wooden soup spoon all the way through the man's eye and into his brain, killing him.
    Gaunter O'Dimm: That was the last time you interrupted me while I was talking to someone.
  • Fallen London has sorrow-spiders, which are spiders that bite out the eyeballs of sleeping people. (Or people who're drunk enough to fall over.) They get their name from the tears that flow from the remaining eye. Also a milder example, the Correspondence can make your eyes bleed if you read it. And finally, the body tends to react rather badly when exposed to plentiful Irrigo, for very good reasons, and will grow bone over the eye sockets to try and block it out.
  • Mr. Nutz has a grimacing giant as one of the more memorable bosses in the game among players. One of his methods of attack is to ooze the eyes of out his head, although new eyes will grow in place of the old ones each time he does it.
  • The Valve logo from 1998 to 2006 depicted a man with a valve lodged in his eye socket.
  • Street Fighter:
    • In Super Street Fighter II, there's Zangief's defeated portrait... What the HELL did happen to Zangief's left eye?! Whatever it was, it looks horrible.
    • Juri Han from Street Fighter IV lost her eye in the incident that killed her mother and got her and her father captured by Shadaloo, with her dad being publically executed later. Said missing eye is replaced by the Feng-Shui Engine, made by S.I.N. which greatly boosts her strength. Street Fighter V reveals that Bison ultimately ripped Juri's enhanced eye, but when she joined the Illuminati, they gave her a new one.
  • During the introductory mission for Borderlands 2, Robot Buddy Claptrap gets his eye ripped out by the game's first boss, a bullymong named Knuckle Dragger, and he tasks you with helping him get it back.
    • At some point in the game, Handsome Jack talks to the player about the time a man tried to attack him with a spoon. He then proceeds to laugh about how he then took the spoon and gouged out said man's eyeballs in front of his children.
    • In Tales from the Borderlands An early QTE sequence in Atlas Mugged has Fiona digging out the eyeball of a general in order to access a retinal scanner. Rhys startles her by screaming, so that she slips and cuts one eye in half. By the time she succeeds and accesses the retinal scanner, it turns out the general was alive all along, in suspended animation. And he was possibly a last hope for the universe.
    • Later, Rhys ripping out his ECHO eye in Episode 5 in order to free himself of Handsome Jack's control is milked for all it's worth.
  • This happened in Clark Still's past in The King of Fighters. His partner and best friend Ralf was practising with some knives, he carelessly threw one around... o u c h. That's why he has a scar on the left side of his face.
    • Rugal Berstein has been on both sides of the trope. In KOF 94 we learn that he not only killed Heidern's family and squad, he also plucked out one of his eyes. And on the other hand, in KOF 96 it's explained that Goenitz sliced out Rugal's eye when trying to kill him; impressed that Rugal survived a fatal attack, Goenitz then gave him some of the Orochi power. Which would later kill him for real.
  • In The Witch's House, there is a book you can read called "The Book of Death" that will cause the main character's to scratch her own eyes out.
  • In Mad Father, there is a puzzle that requires you to retrieve a girl's missing eyes.
  • At the beginning of Brain Dead 13, Lance pokes Fritz's eyes, prompting him to cover them... too bad that he has Hook Hands.
    • Also, in one death scene, Fritz will approach Lance from behind, poke him in both eyes with his hooks, and proceed to rip him apart vertically, putting new meaning to the words "splitting headache".
  • In the Dynasty Warriors series, Xiahou Dun's Eyepatch of Power stems from him getting hit in the eye by an arrow. Unlike King Harold in the Battle of Hastings however, who simply dropped dead, he remained standing, pulled the arrow out and ate the lost eyeball. Not only does this prove that Xiahou Dun is Made of Iron, but it also provided a defining (if disgusting) moment in Dynasty Warriors.
  • Battletoads: Stage 4 of the arcade game features enemies named Ugly Mugs that need to have their eyes knocked out before smacking them in their ugly mugs.
  • In Pikmin 3, you can have Pikmin attack Bulborb eyes to render them incapable of attacking, and attacking the eyes of a Bugeyed Crawmad will make them stop eating any Pikmin currently in their mouth, in addition to making them vulnerable.
  • In the Animal Crossing series, shaking trees sometimes results in a beehive falling out, leading to the pissed-off bees chasing you. If they catch you, they'll sting your eye, leaving it puffy and swollen. Fortunately it's not permanent. Taking a rest (read: saving and quitting) or using some medicine will fix it.
  • Serious Sam 3 BFE has Melee Grabs, a type of Action Command One-Hit Kill that generally affects weaker enemies. Performed on a Gnaar, he will grab it, shove his hand into its eye socket, and rip out its single large eyeball, which can then be thrown at other enemies.
  • In what may be convergent evolution in gore, DOOM Game Mod Brutal Doom has executions, available through use of the Berserker Pack. The one-eyed Cacodemons can be executed by the Marine reaching into its face and tearing out its eye with his bare hands.
  • In Crusader Kings II, characters in the Byzantine culture group can blind prisoners. This inflicts them with a malus to stats and gives their character portraits black, gaping holes in their sockets.
  • Part Time Job features a very surprising and bloody one (well, surprising considering it's based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) when Pastel slashes Fluttershy's eyes while being held down.
  • In Office Zombie, depending on the item, you can hit the Zombie in the eye or knock his right eye out of his skull.
  • The Last Door has lots of this.
    • In Anthony's manor house you find a cat trapped in the basement that's had its eyes gouged out by a bird.
    • At the Catholic hospice you meet Father Ernest, your old teacher. He's burned his eyes out.
    • At various points in the game the Eye of the Bird appears in nightmares, windows, and keyholes, always accompanied by a literal scream.
  • At one point in Episode 2 of The Walking Dead, when a zombie is attacking Lee, he gouges out it's eyes with his thumbs while trying to fend it off.
    • In The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3, Carver brutally beats Kenny with a walkie talkie so badly that Kenny's skull caves in and destroys his eye.
  • NES game The Guardian Legend has earned the Fan Nickname Eyeballs: The Game because of the sheer number of bosses that play this trope straight. Notable examples include the Eyeball Growths, giant masses of eyeballs growing out of the ground that you have to shoot until they pop, and Grimgrin, a giant monster covered in eyes, which explode as you damage him.
  • In Spooky's House of Jump Scares, dying to the puppeteer around room 310 shows a cutscene of one of your eyes being held open with a knitting needle being lowered into it.
  • This is how Sir Daniel of Medievil met his end a century before the events of the first game: killed during the very first charge of the very first battle via an arrow to the eye. Practically everybody is quick to remind him of this.
    Canny Tim: I used it in the Battle of Gallowmere. After you were slain, I killed Zarok's champion, Lord Kardok! A clean kill! Through the eye at some 1000 yards!... Not that there's anything funny about shooting someone in the eye, sir.
  • Several power-up items in The Binding of Isaac do this to Isaac, but since his main weapon is his tears, doing this is actually beneficial.
  • Zeno Clash: Helim is a corwid who wants to be invisible. Being invisible means people can't see you. People need eyes in order to see. Corwid logic leads him to decide that the best path to being invisible is ripping the eyes out of every living thing he encounters and can get a hold on.
  • Invoked in the first Bayonetta game, when Father Balder and Bayonetta are trapped in the massive statue that will be used to resurrect Jubileus, The Creator, Jeanne suddenly shows up and yanks Bayonetta out of the magic pool of water she was suspended in. What we then see it the pool running down the statue's face, and the faint sound of Jubileus screaming (maybe in pain, maybe in fury).
  • Alighiero, Dante's father in Dante's Inferno, puts up a good fight with an assassin. He only loses when said assassin grabs a nearby cross and plunges it deep into Alighiero's eye, killing him.
  • In Battleborn, Orendi's "Starring Contest" taunt animation has her do the Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls thing wherein she pushes her own eyeball in and out.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode: During the boss fight with the Wither Storm, Jesse stabs one of the heads the Wither Storm manifests inside itself to defend its heart right in the eye.
    • In season two, you have to pick between recovering Petra's sword or helping Jack fight Prismarine Golems. Should you choose the former, Jack will be stabbed in the eye. Of course, he was already blind in that eye, but...
  • In The Banner Saga 2, the Sundr Eyeless is so named because her eyes are sewn shut. She usually wears a mask to cover it.
  • Suoh stabs Lucia's father right in the eye in Sickness, driving the knife into the back of his skull through the socket.
  • The game over screens of One Night at Flumpty's feature this. In the first game, your eyes are being cooked on a frying pan while the sequel has your eyes being diced. Veers into Crosses the Line Twice territory rather than Nightmare Fuel, as they are both done so in a manner of preparing eggs.
  • A few weapons in Manhunt involve gouging out eyes. The Gruesome execution with the glass shard (stabbing the right eye, then slashing their throat), and the Violent execution of the pliers (where the player removes both eyes before knocking the victim out, complete with throwing the eyeballs away) are but two examples.
  • In Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches, if you manage to land a deathblow on Edgar Wakefield from the front, Daud pulls him closer and plunges his sword into Edgar's left eye. And then Daud slowly pulls it out.
  • Batman: The Telltale Series doesn't shy away from this as one of the bullets that killed Thomas Wayne went into his eye and Vicki Vale gouged out her adopted mother's. Additionally, saving Selina instead of Harvey in episode 2 sees Bruce toss a Batarang into one of the goons' eyes and deciding not to unmask in front of Vicki resulting in Alfred losing his left eye.
  • Super Danganronpa 2 has this happen to Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu during the punishment of Peko Pekoyama, his personal hitman and bodyguard. Monokuma puppeteers her to start chopping down a bunch of robotic samurai left and right. He charges towards her to try and save her, but this just results in him getting his eye slashed. He wears an Eyepatch of Power for the rest of the game.
  • Depending on the player’s choices in Sunrider Mask of Arcadius, Ava Crescentia can lose her right eye (along with her right arm) when a console blows up in her face. The sequel reveals that she survived, and was given a state-of-the-art bionic eye to replace the one she lost.
  • In the opening scene of Far Cry 5, the Junior Deputy watches a video in which Joseph Seed gouges out the eyes of a man he caught spying on one of his cult's church services.
  • In the Donkey Kong games, King K. Rool is depicted as having one eye that's constantly bloodshot.
  • In Just Shapes & Beats, when the Big Bad overdoses on power from the third Triangle, its eyes explode, leaving blood-oozing empty sockets. The next song/battle, "Annihilation", begins with dodging the drops of blood. Then more mutations begin...
  • Liar Jeannie In Crucifix Kingdom: Marta's left eye is always shut, though it's not clear if the two marks on his eyes are stitches or scars.
  • In Until Dawn, there are a couple cases of this. Both Ashley and Emily can have the Wendigo violently shove its fingers into their eyes, killing them in a bloody mess. Emily can also get shot through the eye, leaving blood and brains on the wall behind her in horrifying detail.
  • Red Dead Redemption II:
    • In Chapter 4, when Kieran Duffy's corpse is found riding on a horse, his eyes have been gouged out of his decapitated head. Hopefully it happened after he was killed, but given how psychotic Colm O'Driscoll is...
    • If Arthur Morgan has high honor when he goes for Dutch's loot, he will give Micah Bell a slash across his left eye during their knife fight. By the time of the final epilogue mission, he's still got a scar from it. And you can blow his eye socket clean open as John Marston.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: Konstantin was dissatisfied with his deputy


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