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As a warning, this page will have unmarked spoilers for the latest manga chapters, tread at your own risk.

League of Villains

"This clip keeps getting put up and taken down, because both sides get it. Especially this last part... this guy's whole style's gonna spread like a plague. From the punks with a few priors to the really bad guys on the run... anyone who's anyone... myself included, of course. All that evil scattered around out there... we're all gripped by the same fever. We'll all be drawn to the organization he was working with... the League of Villains."

A group of villains founded by the infamous All For One and led by Tomura Shigaraki that act as the main antagonists of the series. Initially comprised of nothing more than simple thugs, the group has slowly but surely grown to be one of the biggest threats to society.

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    In General 
  • Appropriated Appellation: "League of Villains" was originally a throwaway name made up for the USJ attack, meant to be discarded along with the small army of mooks after All Might was killed. After Shigaraki starts recruiting actual dedicated members, the name starts being used in earnest.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Class 1-A, who have been their most consistent targets ever since their debut at the USJ Incident. The two groups have had numerous clashes over the course of the series with varying results, which have nonetheless increased the growing animosity between them. On top of that, several of the members of the League have their own personal beefs with members of Class 1-A. Namely Shigaraki and Midoriya, Dabi a.k.a Toya and Todoroki, and Ochako and Toga.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: During the Final War Arc, the defeats of each of the main League members begin to form a pattern of them getting something they wanted far too late or in a way that they wouldn't want:
    • Spinner finally gets the admiration of others and to be useful to Tomura...but at the cost of becoming a mindless monster thanks to a Deal with the Devil he made with All For One, and the 'Tomura' he was useful to was actually All For One's Vestige.
    • Dabi finally unlocks the ice half of his Quirk and gets his father to pay attention to him for his power...but has degraded to his child self mentally and it's far too late for it to change anything.
    • Toga finally gets someone outside the League to truly care about her and try to understand, causing her to realize what actual love is...but she just mortally wounded that person and after everything she'd done, there's no way she can enjoy it. As such she ends up sacrificing herself instead.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: The story tends to become far more violent whenever they're involved.
  • Enemy Mine: This hasn't gone well for the other party involved:
    • It seems like they and Stain are willing to put their differences aside during the the Field Training Arc, but Shigaraki very clearly intends on Stain being killed in the chaos of unleashing his Nomu onto Hosu. What little association they had, however, does pay off, in that his ideology is what draws nearly all of its later members into the fold by perceived association.
    • Their contempt for Overhaul's group is so overwhelming that, almost as soon as Toga and Twice are established as being in the arc, they're already planning to turn on them. Against all odds, they serve as stealth support for the heroes, even after having almost killed Rock Lock.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: The group has a surprising amount of diversity. Shigaraki and Kurogiri seem to care not one bit about their members' age, gender, impairment, sexual orientation, mutation, or gender identity as long as they can get the job done. Twice and Toga are even shown being genuinely angry at Overhaul misgendering Magne (who he killed during their first encounter).
  • Evil Counterpart: As a whole, they behave as this for several characters. Specifically:
    • All For One to All Might, being the Big Bad and the Big Good, respectively. All Might is a heroic, powerful figure that is associated with light and tries to save everyone, while All For One is a villainous, dark figure that rules over the underworld. The dub gives All For One a quip to make it clearer:
      All For One: I am here.
      • Further developments illustrate he's one for Midoriya as well alongside his protégé Shigaraki. Both are charismatic leaders, wield multiple quirks, strategize by stacking different quirk effects on top of each other, and Midoriya even becomes the new Big Good in opposition to him. It can be said that for as hollow and callous All For One is, Midoriya is filled with empathy and understanding in equal measure. Further illustrating this is that One For All is a long string of inheritances stemming back from All For One himself. All For One is the beginning of the story's conflict, and Midoriya is its conclusion.
    • Kurogiri
      • To Aizawa; they are the cool-headed oldest member of the group, both also have Quirks not meant for direct combat, but they manage to use them as such and are associated with the black/dark gray colors. It's later revealed that Kurogiri is the reanimated body of Aizawa's best friend, Oboro Shirakumo, turned into a Nomu post-mortem by Dr. Ujiko. Ujiko even divulges that Aizawa was his initial target, with the latter avoiding Shirakumo's fate only by pure luck.
      • The USJ Arc also makes it clear that Kurogiri serves as a villainous analogue to Thirteen. They both have character designs that hide their real bodies and even use similar powers. However, whereas Thirteen is a kind selfless person who uses her destructive Quirk for good, Kurogiri puts on a courteous façade and uses his potentially helpful Quirk for evil.
    • Shigaraki to Midoriya; Both are on the receiving end of Passing the Torch from their mentors, and are the leaders of their respective groups, but Shigaraki loathes All Might and wants to destroy society while Midoriya loves All Might and looks for a way to save as many people as he can. They also both focus on hands, with Shigaraki needing to touch things with his fingers to use his Quirk and Midoriya focusing One For All through his hands and fingers before his Character Development. Chapter 235 takes this a step further by revealing that they both had the same dream of wanting to become heroes when they were children despite seemingly being Quirkless, and suffered for it. However, Midoriya was able to keep his optimism despite everything he suffered and meet his hero All Might, whereas the Bystander Syndrome and abuse that young Tenko suffered, as well as meeting All For One, turned him into the Straw Nihilist Tomura Shigaraki.
    • Toga to Uraraka; both are the single girl to their respective groups, and also both are in love with the same person. However, Toga is psychotic and wants to kill the people she loves, while obsessively trying to get closer to them one way or the other, while Uraraka is trying to distance herself from her feelings while still being a close friend to Midoriya.
    • Spinner:
      • To Iida; They are similarly honorable and have opposing obsessions with the same person. Their personalities tend to switch off between Large Ham and The Comically Serious. Spinner's determination to carry out Stain's will also nicely parallels Iida taking over the Ingenium name. Spinner even directly threatens Iida's life at one point.
      • The Meta Liberation Army Arc also shows that Spinner could serve as this role to Tsuyu (as well as Shouji, to a lesser degree). Both are Animal Themed Superbeings whose Quirks allow them to cling to surfaces and both suffered some form of prejudice because of their animal features (Tsuyu was considered weird and creepy in middle school due to her perpetually blank expressions, while Spinner was a victim of discrimination due to living in a backwater small town). While Tsuyu never let what people thought about her bother her and eventually made lots of friends, Spinner became a bitter shut in who was only able to return to society after absorbing Stain's ideology. Even their temperaments are opposites with Tsuyu being calm and composed verses Spinner whose loud and hot headed. Shouji, who shares a lot of these traits with boths, being also on the receiving end of prejudice by his mutated appearance, and sharing Tsuyu's temperament, and is pitted against Spinner during the final fight.
    • Dabi to Todoroki: Both have fire powers, but whereas Dabi uses it in excess and to kill people, Todoroki is reluctant to use it, prioritizing his ice powers and saving people. Both have very obvious bones to pick with Endeavor. They both also have very notable face scarring, but the difference in design is notable. Given they're brothers, this was likely very much intentional.
    • Twice
      • To Yaoyorozu; Both are the support for their group whose Quirks revolve around creation that requires a lot of technical skill that can pay off in the end, but are hampered by their own mental weakness. For Yaoyorozu, this is due to her having poor self-esteem issues. For Twice, his trauma from his Quirk usage left him with a split personality.
      • Twice can also be one to Tokoyami, considering both can fight by summoning versions of themselves and both have struggles with keeping such a Quirk under control, not to mention both being highly eccentric, warm-hearted, individuals with faces that can be read as unusual/creepy. The difference between them is that while Tokoyami's Quirk remains attached to himself and is still subservient (assuming it is night), Twice's is completely independent from him. Then, there's the fact Twice's immaturity and prior lack of control over his quirk resulted in a severe mental illness, while Tokoyami (despite his close calls) was mature enough to learn how to keep it mostly check outside of extreme circumstances. It also helps both were quite close to Hawks.
    • Mr. Compress to Aoyama; Both serve as The Dandy for their respective groups and are hams who love the spotlight. Aoyama's Quirk is powerful but difficult to use continuously, while Mr. Compress' Quirk is versatile but not as flashy. Finally, while both love attention, Aoyama is shown to suffer from some serious self-esteem issues that he covers up with his hammy attitude verses Mr. Compress who is a showman at heart and has a confidence that borders on arrogance. He can also serve this to Mineta as both are crafty, arrogant, non-confrontational, capture-quirk users with a desire for the spotlight, but reliable when the chips are down. However, for all of Mineta's faults, he's still trying to get his wants by becoming a good Pro Hero, whilst Compress took the alternative path as a Villain instead.
    • Gigantomachia to Kirishima. Both are rock-themed characters with spiky hair, the former even looks a lot like a monstrous version of the latter, they're both also a Dumb Muscle for their teams, but whereas Kirishima is The Heart of Class 1-A and mainly used for defense against powerful foes, Gigantomachia is The Brute that borderlines on a Team Pet that serves as a living monster of mass destruction against whatever forces he's pointed at. It's also fitting both did clash during the PLF war.
    • Dr. Garaki to Recovery Girl, as elderly medical professionals with close, advisory relationships to the Big Bad and Big Good, respectively. Recovery Girl treats people by accelerating their natural healing ability, while Dr. Garaki creates artificial humans through unnatural experimentation. Recovery Girl also repeatedly chastises Midoriya for endangering himself with his Quirk, while Dr. Garaki is totally indifferent about putting Shigaraki through torturous experiences to make him stronger.
    • Giran to Mei Hatsume, as both serve as their groups respective supplier for support equipment. However, Giran is a lot more coolheaded and prefers remaining discreet due to his ties in the underworld, as well being defensive over the privacy of his clients. Hatsume is a lot more outgoing and does her best to advertise her wares whenever possible, while its clear she doesn't quite hold her clients safety to the same regards.
    • The first High-End Nomu, Hood, to Endeavor; Being a character obsessed with the idea of strength, fighting stronger opponents and getting stronger, at the same time that Endeavor is trying to let go of those very same ideals. Endeavor lampshades this before delivering a final blow to him:
    Endeavor: You are just like me. From the past or an alternate future.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: The original League of Villains were just a collection of random thugs and hoodlums who were considered dangerous nuisances at best. After a series of successful operations including the forced retirement of All Might and a broadcast of the abuse inflicted by Endeavor, the group has now become Public Enemy #1 in the hero society and all of their members are feared by the general public.
  • The Heavy: The most recurring antagonists in the series, even as different members are either incaracerated or killed off. Justified as they are led by the definitive Big Bad Duumvirate, later Big Bad Ensemble, of All For One and Shigaraki.
  • Leitmotif: "Enemy Strike", a frightening dubstep song with Ethereal Choir.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Some members of the group seek the League for the fact that they don't really have anyone else in their life and are desperately seeking someone else who will accept them in their lives, aside from the ones that are just genuine psychos. Magne and Twice are prime examples of this. Interestingly, this recruitment strategy is used by actual terrorist organizations that target disenfranchised youths to fill their ranks.
  • Shout-Out: Possibly. Chapter 371 reveals that Spinner bonded with Tomura in part because of their shared love of video games, especially League of Legends, and given the similar names and Tomura's Leet Lingo stemming from his earlier Manchild personality, it's possible he named the villain group All For One gave him to lead after his favourite game.
  • Sliding Scale of Antagonist Vileness: As a whole, the group goes from a disorganized mess relying on numbers alone to a highly threatening and specialized team capable of executing operations with deadly precision and a surprisingly high success rate.
  • Too Powerful to Live:
    • Aside from all the Mooks from their first outing, the majority of the characters captured or killed after a single arc are the ones who would be game-changingly powerful if allowed to stick around. Every single Nomu, especially the USJ Nomu and Hood, are clear examples of this, as are Muscular (being able to tank full-power One For All), Mustard (imagine if they always had sleeping gas on command), and Moonfish (who was able to keep Bakugo and Todoroki, of all students, on the ropes until a Dark Shadow with an immense power boost could show up). Hell, even All For One himself and longstanding Kurogiri wind up falling victim to this. Overhaul even chides the group for losing so many of its most potentially devastating members so easily.
    • During the Meta Liberation Army Arc, Twice unlocks a Story-Breaker Power: the ability to create exponential duplicates of himself, who can also create unlimited duplicates of themselves, creating a massive flood of bodies, turning him into the most powerful member of the League. During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, he gets killed by Hawks, who targets him specifically because of how dangerous he is.
  • Terrorists Without a Cause: They terrorize society and inspire fear in whoever faces them, but they don't really have a reason to be doing any of that other than general discontent with the world. Shigaraki got called out on it more than once. This is eventually subverted over time as the series reveals that many of the League's members do have goals of their own... it's just that those goals are often incredibly bizarre or individualistic rather then collective. Thus the League are less of a well oiled organization with members all serving a singular goal but rather a collection of individuals who have banded together to achieve their dreams that they may never have achieved on their own.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Toga and Magne are the only named female members of the League of Villains.

    Under All For One 
  • Crazy-Prepared:
    • As quickly as it ultimately falls apart, their original plan to kill All Might really was this. They attacked at an isolated location, brought along a massive horde of minor villains to keep the good guys busy, blocked all communications so U.A. couldn't be contacted easily, had specific tactics to quickly take down the heroes whose presence there was known beforehand, and came equipped with several strategies and contingency plans to carry out the actual killing itself (had Kurogiri's Portal Cut not worked as intended, Nomu's sheer strength and Shigaraki's withering touch both could've theoretically done the job). Really, the plan only falls through partially because of a twist of fate (All Might overused his power beforehand and wasn't able to attend as planned) and partially because it wasn't crazy-prepared enough by not being aware of the students' Quirks beforehand or accounting for their relative weaknesses, Class 1-A had the opportunities they needed to notify help and save All Might when the time came.
    • Even if the recruitment failed and they were found, Bakugo's kidnapping was actually the League's plan to kill All Might. The group used one of the hero's students as a bait and expected that the parents would take notice against the prestigious U.A., which would force the Symbol of Peace to take direct action against them. Then, All For One attacked decimated the other Pro Heroes and engaged with All Might, who exhausted himself to the point he lost his Quirk. While he didn't die, he isn't a Pro Hero anymore, so they technically won.
  • Cannon Fodder: The original League of Villains were made up of over seventy members, but other than Shigaraki, Kurogiri, and Nomu, the rest were nothing but two-bit thugs and hoodlums who were held off by children and eventually overpowered by the teaching staff of U.A.

    Under Shigaraki 
  • Badass Crew: By the time the Meta Liberation Army arc rolls around, the League are collectively able to hold off a cell of trained soldiers from said army despite being grossly outnumbered.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: More or less what this incarnation of the team amount to in the latter half of the story. Having triggered the downfall of hero society, caused thousands of deaths, teamed up to form a couple armies and fostered rivalries with several of the protagonists, the League of Villains are the prevailing threat over the entire series. Not even the League themselves thought they'd ever get this far.
  • Breaking the Fellowship:
    • By the end of the Paranormal Liberation Front arc, Twice has been killed, Toga is MIA, Mr. Compress has been arrested, and Shigaraki has his body taken over by All For One, leaving Spinner and Dabi as the only active members of the original League. However, Dabi makes it clear that he is only in it for his own goals and couldn't care less about the others, thus leaving Spinner as the only one left who is loyal to the original group.
    • Eventually they find Toga and the League have teamed up again to some degree, but Dabi is still apathetic to their cause and Shigaraki's consciousness is still being consumed by All For One slowly but surely. A conversation Spinner has with All For One implies he's none too happy with where the group is at currently, having to preside under his thumb.
  • The Bus Came Back: The League of Villains themselves were conspicuously absent from the story since the Internship Arc. Dabi briefly appeared in the Pro Hero Arc, but the rest of the League didn't reappear until Chapter 219.
  • Create Your Own Villain: As the series progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that many of the League's members would most likely never have turned to villainy had they received the proper intervention and support when they needed it:
    • Forced to live on the streets at a young age due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, Twice wound up slowly sliding into a life of crime in order to survive; something which in turn led to an Ambiguous Clone Ending which left him with severe, long-term psychological trauma.
    • Openly discriminated against for his non-human appearance, Spinner wound up growing up into an isolated, severely disenfranchised young man, something which led to him becoming a fanatical believer in Stain's ideology and beginning his first steps into crime.
    • Due to the social stigma surrounding the urges her Quirk gave her, rather than being given guidance on how to deal with it in a healthy manner, Toga wound up suppressing those impulses before finally suffering from a psychotic break and attacking a fellow classmate.
    • Shigaraki's physical abuse at the hands of his father and subsequent neglect in the wake of a Traumatic Superpower Awakening by a bunch of Apathetic Citizens at the age of four allowed him to be susceptible to All For One's influence.
    • Dabi, born Toya Todoroki, was born to serve as a tool to fulfill Endeavor's dream and neglected after his body's odd condition didn't allow him to achieve that goal. After years of emotional turmoil, he lost control of his Quirk and severely burned himself.
  • Criminal Found Family: The League of Villains (with the exception of Dabi) grows into one after a rough start. They all follow Shigaraki, or at least ally with him, because of shared goals against society, and after a few arcs, they start taking revenge when one of them gets hurt, and Shigaraki, a formerly abandoned kid with a lot of trauma issues, decides they are his True Companions. Magne even gets called "Big Sis" by at least two members (Spinner and Toga), and Toga outright admits she sees Twice as a big brother figure.
  • The Dreaded: After they Took a Level in Badass, the group have become Household Names and their mere presence is enough to inspire Oh, Crap! reactions from unsuspecting heroes and civilians alike.
  • Dwindling Party: As the manga progresses, the League of Villains both gains and loses members at a rapid pace but certain characters (i.e Shigaraki, Dabi, Toga, Spinner, Twice, Compress and Magne) have remained consistent in the roster. That being said they are not immune to being killed off, as shown by Magne's death at the hands of Overhaul. The end of the Paranormal Liberation War arc sees Twice killed off, Shigaraki is well on his way to being completely possessed by All for One and Compress is taken to jail, leaving only Dabi, Spinner, and Toga as the only surviving members of Shigaraki's League.
  • Evil Is Cool: In-Universe. The Meta Liberation Army sees this as a problem while trying to film their battles with the League for propaganda purposes. They have so much dark charisma that no matter how the Army tries to spin the footage, the League members and their goals would be the ones who'd end up looking the best.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare:
    • After All For One's incarceration, the League fell into decline, breaking into abandoned houses to sleep in. They were even abandoned by Dr. Garaki, who stated that he would only support them if they gain Gigantomachia's approval. The group had to become more adept at Xanatos Speed Chess, Indy Ploys, and fighting dirty. They ended up against the Meta Liberation Army and forced them to surrender, with the Grand Commander Re-Destro relinquishing his leadership to Shigaraki. Now armed with the the Meta Liberation Army and its economical assets, the high-end Nomus, Quirk erasing bullets, and Gigantomachia, the League is on the path to become Japan's most dangerous criminal group.
    • This applies for the individual members. Most of them were ordinary people before they ended up joining the League. Toga was a middle schooler until she snapped, Spinner was a hikikomori looking for a purpose, Twice was a two-bit thief with a powerful Quirk, and Shigaraki was a kid who accidentally killed his family when his Quirk awoke. Now, each and every one of them are at the top of the "Most Wanted" lists.
  • Individualism vs. Collectivism: Zig-zagged. While the League's eventual raison d'être of creating a world where anyone can be or do whatever they want places them firmly in the Individualist camp, the camaraderie that group (barring Dabi) develop over time stops them from being on the extreme end of the spectrum.
  • Indy Ploy: Despite quickly becoming the most wanted villains in the country, it should be noted that for a good chunk of the series, the League don't have the actual resources or clout to back that up. They're practically homeless after the Kamino incident, stumbling and feinting their way through conflicts with the Shie Hassaikai and Meta Liberation Army. Thanks to Shigaraki's growing knack for Xanatos Speed Chess and trust in his allies, they manage to get through and end up on top anyway.
  • Look What I Can Do Now!: The Meta Liberation Arc shows that, despite the great deal of suffering and struggling the few remaining League members are facing (or, as All For One might say, because of it), their fighting skills, personalities, and even their Quirks are achieving new heights they never thought possible before, and their fights during the arc only make the latter even stronger.
  • Offscreen Villain Dark Matter: Averted. During the Meta Liberation Army Arc, they're so completely destitute without All For One and Kurogiri that they've had to resort to raiding other villain groups for valuables they can sell for cash.
  • Serial Killer: Several of them are implied to have many murder victims. Toga and Dabi, however, are outright recognized as such, with the former killing people she falls for and the latter is seen roasting several thugs to death, kills Snatch and eventually admits to having killed over 30 innocent people. God knows what Gigantomachia has done.
  • Tall Poppy Syndrome: Their swift rise to prominence in the public eye draws the attention and/or animosity of other villainous groups like the Shie Hassaikai and the Meta Liberation Army.
  • Tragic Villain: As messed up as they are, a lot of the members had some pretty crappy lives before they became villains, and it was said lives that drove them to villainy:
    • Shigaraki has been groomed since childhood by Sensei to be his successor, and that was after his father with Mommy Issues pretty much tortured him for admiring heroes while the rest of his family watched in fear, only for his Quirk to awaken and cause him to kill his entire family, leaving him alone and needing help as he was ignored by civilians deciding on Holding Out for a Hero.
    • Toga was forced from childhood to suppress the urges her Quirk gave her for the sake of appearing normal, before she snapped in middle school and attacked the boy she had a crush on while crying Tears of Joy.
    • Spinner was harassed for his inhuman appearance and lacked a purpose in life, making him withdraw from society and become a hikikomori, only to find purpose after hearing the Motive Rant of Stain.
    • Twice was mistreated for having a Face of a Thug and was left all alone after losing his parents in a villain attack, which forced him to commit petty thievery to survive. Then, when he decided to use his Quirk to make more of himself so he wouldn't be alone anymore, the clones proceeded to kill each other and caused him to snap from the fear that he wasn't the original Twice, which led to him meeting Giran.
    • Dabi's whole existence and purpose were to simply serve his father's selfish dream and then he was cast aside and forgotten when he was deemed a failure. Dabi was abused and neglected by his own father and had to see Endeavor relish his hero status while knowing he was a domestic abuser who hurt his entire family. Chapter 350 expands on this and showed that when Dabi saw his "death" didn't force Endeavor to change his ways, moving on towards his youngest child Shoto, and how his life is going to be cut short as a result of his damaged body, Dabi decided that he would use what's left of his life to make Endeavor miserable for how he was treated.
  • Villain Protagonist: The League collectively serves as this during the Meta Liberation Army Arc, in which the League must face the titular army to rescue their ally, Giran.
  • Villainous Friendship: Post All For One's arrest, the group grows closer and closer together. They start to treat each other as friends and even have a protective vein for one another. It's quite telling that killing Magne and attacking Compress was enough for the League to decide to unleash hell on Overhaul's plans and subject him to a Fate Worse than Death by maiming him and stealing his life's work for themselves. The sole exception among the group, however, is Dabi, seeing the League as nothing but tools to fulfill his own dream and the "Will of Stain", best exemplified by his anger at Hawks killing Twice not because Twice was his friend, but because Twice could have been a useful tool to him.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Zig-zagged. On the one hand, their collective goal is to address the myriad of social issues that have been left to fester within hero society. The problem, however, is that their solution is to completely destroy everything wholesale and begin again from scratch, regardless of who gets hurt or killed in the process. What's more, their goal and respective motivations are rooted in such an intensely individualistic worldview that it borders and often veers into Moral Myopia and Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremism.

All For One's Lieutenants



Voiced by: Takahiro Fujiwara (Japanese), Chuck Huber (English)

Debut: Chapter 11 (Manga), Episode 8 (Anime)

Playable in: My Hero One's Justice 2

Quirk: Warp Gate*

Rank: B

"I am Kurogiri. The one who protects Tomura Shigaraki."

A shadowy member of the League who acted as Shigaraki's guardian. He was captured and imprisoned by Gran Torino during the Internship Arc.

His Quirk is "Warp Gate", and it allows him to create portals out of his shadowy figure.

  • Ambiguously Human: He's a mass of dark fog that takes a vaguely human form outside of a battle. It's revealed in later chapters that he's a Nomu, implying that his appearance is the result of body modifications.
  • Ambiguous Situation: At first, it was unclear whether he was a Brainwashed and Crazy Shirakumo or if he was truly his own person and Shirakumo's DNA was merely used as a base to create him. Later chapters imply the former.
  • Antagonist Abilities: Mass teleportation? Can't let the heroes have that. Emphasized by the characters noting that Quirks like that are particularly rare. And when it comes to the revelation that this Quirk has been artificially produced... Ironically, this trope becomes inverted by the Final Battle, with the heroes using Monoma's Power Copying quirk to control Kurogiri's teleportation as a cornerstone of their strategy to outmanoeuvre all the assembled villains under All For One at once, teleporting them to specialized battlefields with heroes prepared specifically to counter their abilities.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: As Bakugo figures out, a part of him is surrounded by his mist, which can be attacked and restrained, something that Bakugo uses to the heroes' advantage during the USJ raid.
  • Back for the Finale: After being captured and imprisoned, Kurogiri becomes plot relevant again in the Final Battle, when All For One dispatches Spinner to free him from captivity as his Quirk could turn the tide in the villains' favor. A bit later, he saves Aizawa and Present Mic from falling to their deaths and says he’s a protector. What that might mean isn’t yet known.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: While not in a mission, he wears a white-colored one.
  • The Bartender: Outside of missions, he is usually seen cleaning cups in the small bar that serves as the League's base.
  • Betrayal by Inaction: After losing control of Shigaraki’s body, All For One desperately screams at Kurogiri to warp Shigaraki to All For One’s real body. Kurogiri doesn't budge, stating that he has to protect Shigaraki. It’s especially notable given that Kurogiri is a Nomu and was physically programmed to obey All For One’s orders.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: Gets told this once he lets Iida escape by Shigaraki, who says he'd have already outlived his usefulness if not for the utility of his Quirk.
  • The Caretaker: He is the one to take care of Shigaraki and fulfill his every need and make sure he doesn't get captured, he even asks Present Mic if Shigaraki is okay when he is imprisoned in Tartarus.
  • Co-Dragons: With Dabi to Shigaraki for the majority of the series, until his arrest.
  • Dark Is Evil: It's understandable that a walking mass of dark fog would be one of the villains.
  • Doting Parent: Not biologically, but of the sort that made a Spoiled Brat out of Shigaraki. Based on what we've seen of Kurogiri's interactions with Shigaraki and the Doctor's comments, he generally just helped Shigaraki do whatever he wanted without reigning him in too much. Even while held in police custody, the only thing he feels worried about is if Shigaraki is okay. It's revealed that he is a Nomu created with the intention of raising and caring for Shigaraki, which explains this.
  • The Dragon: To Shigaraki, though he becomes Co-Dragons with Dabi when the League of Villains starts expanding. Kurogiri is also this to All For One, as he’s one of the few members of the league that is aware of his presence and directly reports to him regarding Shigaraki himself. He eventually loses this status when he is arrested, however.
  • Evil Former Friend: He was revealed to originally be Oboro Shirakumo, classmate and friend of Aizawa and Yamada back in the day.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Kurogiri has a deep, booming voice, which makes him sound commanding and dangerous.
  • Evil Virtues: Loyalty, Patience, Equality, and Diligence.
  • The Faceless: He's pretty much a big, fog-like shadow. As it turns out, his Warp Gate is the source of the fog, which hides his real body from the outside world. We never see what he looks like, however. When Aizawa manages to get through to him enough by appealing to his former identity, the fog 'lifts' from his head, exposing what seems to be half of Shirakumo's face underneath the outer layer of mist. After Spinner manages to wake him during his invasion of the Central Hospital, where Kurogiri was being researched on, the mist is slightly faded to reveal parts of Shirakumo’s face, including his eyes, nose, mouth, and the strip across his nose. The chapter cover for 373 implies that Kurogiri’s face is simply an older Shirakumo.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Zigzagged. His speech is very formal and polite. However, he has no compunctions about killing and/or torturing others, and often throws out insults while fighting against or talking with heroes. He’s often passive aggressive when he talks to or about anyone that isn’t Shigaraki, but with him, the politeness is genuine.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Justified, as his speech patterns and behavior indicate that he’s unstable. He moves around the League to wherever they want to go, but then betrays All For One. He takes Yamada to Aizawa’s location, an act that Aizawa assumes is an indication that Shirakumo remembers them, but then Kurogiri drops bloodthirsty Twice clones on them. He scatters Toga’s Twice clones wherever he goes, including onto the building that Aizawa was on, but then saves Aizawa and Yamada from falling to their deaths. Even the heroes are unclear what side he’s on.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: Whenever Shigaraki ends up showing immaturity in regards to being the leader of a villain organization, it's up to Kurogiri to keep stuff under control.
  • Living Macguffin: To an extent. Though not to the point of fixation that All For One devotes to Izuku, and more specifically One For All, by the time of the Final Battle his warping ability is deemed game-changing enough that All For One sends an empowered Spinner, a significant number of the remaining PLF members and assorted common citizens who support Spinner to assault the hospital where he's contained, numbering about 15,000. The heroes also incorporated his warping ability, stolen through Monoma, as the cornerstone of their plan to separate the villain forces enough to feasibly isolate and defeat them one by one in specific battlefields. When All For One's orders do eventually reach Kurogiri, his same warping power enables him to undo all of the heroes' efforts to contain and wear down their foes in a single move by teleporting them to All For One.
  • Logical Weakness:
    • His Warp Gate fog allows him to even teleport his true body away by covering himself in it, but he needs to leave at least one part of his body behind, in order to create the fog in the first place. This particular body part can still be physically touched or attacked and if someone grabs it, he effectively isn't able to move. It also doesn't stop him from being affected by Stain's Quirk, either.
    • Unlike other Nomu, he doesn't possess multiple Quirks, but rather several fused into one. As a result, Warp Gate can be copied by Monoma and turned against All For One whereas a normal Nomu's powers couldn't be.
  • Lovecraftian Superpower: He's essentially a living portal that splits his physical body through portals into multiple locations.
  • Meaningful Name: Kurogiri, which literally translates to "Black Mist," is a name that greatly describes his Warping Quirk. It's also a reference to Shirakumo, whose name means White Cloud.
  • More than Mind Control: Tsukauchi theorizes that Dr. Garaki had erased and altered Shirakumo’s memories in order to get him to obey, implying that the Mind Control typically programmed into the Nomu wasn’t enough on its own. Sure enough, he doesn’t recognize his childhood friends until they break through with The Power of Friendship. This is the first time we see this in the Nomu, who otherwise retain their personality and memories, such as the winged Nomu that recognized his childhood friend Deku.
  • Only One Name: At first, we don't know if Kurogiri is his first or last name. It's not his original one, but a moniker he was given after being made into a Nomu.
  • Only Sane Man: As befitting a Hyper-Competent Sidekick, Kurogiri tends to be the most diplomatic and reasonable members of the League of Villains and is usually the only one who can stop Shigaraki from murdering new recruits. He comes to share this role with Dabi later on.
  • Parental Substitute: When All For One is too busy Kurogiri is the one to take care of Shigaraki and help raise him, however since he simply fulfills Shigaraki's every need he only made Shigaraki a spoiled brat.
  • Portal Cut: If he closes his warp while you're halfway in... well, let's just say it won't matter how strong or tough you are.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Though Kurogiri can kill almost anyone instantly with a Portal Cut, he would much rather not do so. Not out of any aversion to taking life, but because he doesn't like having blood and viscera floating around inside his warp gate. He is willing to make an exception if it means killing a major target like All Might.
  • Push Over Parents: He made such a spoiled brat out of Shigaraki that even Dr. Ujiko notes that he had coddled Shigaraki too much.
  • Put on a Bus: He's captured by Gran Torino shortly before the U.A. Cultural Festival Arc, and while Gigantomachia does impede the capture, Gran Torino manages to successfully apprehend Kurogiri.
  • Reforged into a Minion: He is the reanimated corpse of Oboro Shirakumo.
  • Super Prototype: It's later revealed that he's a Nomu. Given he's been around since the League made its debut, and in fact has been in charge of caring for Shigaraki for years, the implication is that he's the first one All For One ever made. As he's got multiple Quirk factors mixed into him to make up his Warp Gate Quirk, yet still holds a human-level intellect, he very much counts for this, though he doesn't have multiple Quirks, and his psyche seems to have limitations, too.
  • Super Smoke: His Warp Gate Quirk has him spread his smoke as the gate. And considering his smoke-like appearance doesn't dissipate even with Aizawa staring at him, it is his body.
  • Team Mom: Played for Laughs in My Hero Academia Smash!!, in which he goes as far as set up a sort of play date for Shigaraki to get closer to Dabi and Toga.
  • Teleportation with Drawbacks: His Quirk allows him to emit multiple gaseous portals wherever he wants as long as he knows the location and is physically present to release the fog. Due to these conditions, Kurogiri cannot transport anyone if he doesn't know where they are, and can't bring anything to a place he hasn't been to. He can also be attacked since he needs to be present to use his quirk.
  • Thinking Up Portals: His Quirk. What goes into one dark portal goes out of another. Unlike [[Portal, he can create multiple warp points and even suddenly dissipate a warp mid-use with fatal effect.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Shigaraki, and to a lesser extent the League. No matter how many times he was threatened, insulted, and treated like a toy, Kurogiri did all he could to make sure Shigaraki was comfortable, content with his goals, and making allies. Given the later reveal that he's a Nomu, all of which only follow the orders of League members, this makes much more sense.
  • Vetinari Job Security: Shigaraki flat out admits this is the reason he can't punish him for failure, because his Quirk is just too damned useful and rare to find something else. Sure enough, the League of Villains takes a major hit following Kurogiri's arrest, leaving them with only the inferior Warping Quirk held by the Johnny Nomu to use.
  • Villain: Exit, Stage Left: He is the exit. He is there to guarantee that no matter what happens, he, Shigaraki and other more relevant members of the League of Villains will get out of there when it hits the fan.
  • Villain Teleportation: A villain who acts as a mass teleporter for his allies.
  • Villainous Friendship: With Shigaraki, it really seems that he cares for him. The Smash!! side comics even show that there was a point he tried to make Shigaraki befriend Toga and Dabi just so he'd have friends. Shigaraki seems to somewhat reciprocate this, as it’s implied that he misses Kurogiri after his capture, but it's offset by his temper and lack of compassion.
  • Was Once a Man: He was originally Oboro Shirakumo, an old classmate of Aizawa and Yamada's who died in a villain attack and whose corpse was obtained by Dr. Garaki.


??? — Gigantomachia

Voiced by: Yasuhiro Mamiya (Japanese), Cris George (English)

Debut: Chapter 57 (Manga), Episode 31 (Anime)

Quirks: Endurance, Gigantification, Pain Blocker, Fierce Gains, Dog, Mole, Energy Saver.

Rank: S

"A king... must inspire dread. Must be admired. Must be strong."

An older member of the League, a gargantuan, Kaiju-like villain who served as All For One's bodyguard. He's known to stalk the mountains out in the countryside and wears a weather radio around his neck.

  • Abandonment-Induced Animosity: All For One was very much mistaken when he believed that Gigantomachia would continue to serve him faithfully even in spite of being abandoned and left imprisoned for months.
  • Achilles' Heel: Appropriately enough, his intelligence. Machia is easily capable of tearing his way or through any obstacles like they were made of wet paper, but he never considers doing so unless ordered to, meaning he's "confined" by the heroes both before and after the Paranormal Liberation War simply because he didn't receive any orders to break out and when he did, his restraints lasted all of 5 seconds. The heroes initially make some headway in slowing down his mad rush to reach Tomura because it didn't occur to him to fight back seriously, and once he decided to do so, he annihilated everything between him and his master. It also gave them the opportunity to drug him, which brought him down at the end of the fighting. He's easy prey for Shinso's Quirk because his Blind Obedience means he instantly responds when hears his master's voice.
  • Adaptational Modesty: In the anime adaption of the Meta Liberation Army arc, Gigantomachia is wearing pants for the entirety, presumably given that Scenery Censor is much more difficult in animated form. The fact that All For One didn't bother giving him appropriate clothing himself, despite having the resources for it, is an early hint towards how he sees even Gigantomachia's immense loyalty as a tool to be used and discarded as needed to benefit himself.
  • All There in the Manual: Gigantomachia's seven Quirks are revealed in Vol.29 Omake.
  • Ambiguously Human: It's never stated if he's a natural born human or an artificial being like the Nomu, but Garaki has stated that the Nomu are based off of him.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: He dwarfs coniferous trees and even buildings. When seen inside a street road, the scenery looks miniature compared to him. He's a slow, lumbering giant, but he easily tore a chunk out of a wall with a single clutch. When at his fully grown battle mode, he can uplift and throw mountains without too much effort.
  • Awakening the Sleeping Giant : Even as the chaos of the pitched fighting between the Paranormal Liberation Front and the assembled heroes rages on, Gigantomachia spends most of it just sitting patiently, not doing anything to aid his comrades. It's only when he senses what's happening to Shigaraki (a shift in his scent brought on most likely by Shigaraki's heart stopping and then restarting before he wakes up fully) that he finally stands up fully alert, and then he starts moving when Shigaraki orders him to bring everyone to his location. The combat centred around his detainment facility during the Final Battle is squarely aimed at achieving this as the only necessity for victory for the villains, as both sides are now keenly aware of how unstoppable Machia is when he gets going, and nothing short of Izuku could hold him back for long. Luckily for the heroes, Shinso's Quirk allows them to use Machia's might on their side, but it's still presented as their last possible option to stopping him.
  • Berserker Tears: After defeating the entire league, he cries, bawling about the fact that the successor chosen by All For One is too weak.
  • Blind Obedience: A comment by Dr. Garaki clues in that the Nomus' complete subservience to the League of Villains' lieutenants originates from Gigantomachia's genome, in order to make for the perfect soldiers. Exaggerated to the point that even when being restrained by Best Jeanist Gigantomachia made no attempts to free himself until being ordered to do so. This makes him the perfect target for Shinso's Conditional Powers, as he will inevitably respond without thinking to any command given in his master's voice. However, this is subverted, as even Machia's loyalty has its limits. He could handle waiting for All For One's successor to come when told to, but All For One rewarding his loyalty by leaving him to rot for months finally causes him to turn on him.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: He was All For One's bodyguard until he was sent away to act as a Secret Weapon.
  • Body Horror: One of his Quirks makes that plating on his jaw detach and slide up his face to provide an armored visor over his eyes, a process that leaves his lower jaw nothing but bare bone.
  • Broken Pedestal: All For One in Tomura's body abandoning him to the heroes and leaving him captive for months despite his Undying Loyalty results in Machia turning on him in a rage.
  • The Brute: Whenever All For One needed something utterly destroyed, he sent for Gigantomachia. He also serves as the big gun for Shigaraki against the MLA and later the heroes during the Paranormal Liberation War.
  • Cavalry Betrayal: Inverted. When All For One is getting pressured by the heroes and visibly starting to run out of his remaining time before his Death by De-aging, Gigantomachia abruptly enters the battlefield, charging straight towards him, having apparently been liberated from his restraints by the villains fighting at his location. As All for One smugly orders him to crush his enemies however, he then tosses an entire mountain at the Evil Overlord, to his shock. It's revealed that Machia is actually under the control of Shinso, using his Quirk to turn his implacable might against his master when he needs it the most. Played straight when he's knocked out of the brainwashing, only to reveal he really has turned on All For One due to being abandoned and left to rot.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He had a cameo in Chapter 57, but it wasn't until 105 chapters later that he was actually introduced.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Gigantomachia did this to Geten when he arrives to help the League battle the Meta Liberation Army, Geten abandons his fight with Dabi to try and slow the giant down before it can reach Re-Destro. Gigantomachia doesn't even give Geten a second glance and slaps him aside, sending him flying through the air and out of the fight.
    • When the heroes decide to swarm him in an attempt to get an anesthetic working, he decides he's had enough and decimated them all. The surrounding area is left is a destructive wake with nothing but the bodies of heroes after the fact.
    • Ends up on the receiving end of this after ganging up on All For One alongside Mt. Lady and Tokoyami. It seemed as if AFO was locked down by their combined might, only for him to suddenly hit Mt.Lady with a blast of lightning through her side and then hitting Gigantomachia with a similar attack that puts him down instantly.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Having devoted his life and body to All For One, being abandoned by his master at Jaku instead turns his mindless devotion into hatred. Even once Shinso's Brainwashing wears off he continues attacking All For One, intent on bringing him down for this betrayal.
  • The Dreaded: Mina is still terrified of him from their first encounter when she was in middle school. The sound of Gigantomachia's voice causes her to freeze up, which almost gets her crushed. He becomes this for Class 1-A as a whole shortly afterwards once they realize that the only reason he didn't kill them was that he didn't see them as worth the effort. Following his destructive rampage through multiple cities to reach Tomura, Mt. Lady notes that Machia, more than any other Villain, represents pure dread as a physical reminder for the common civilians of the losses the war caused to them.
  • Dumb Muscle: Gigantomachia has limited intellect more akin to a dim-witted beast, as Ashido was able to trick him into going away easily and he can barely speak in coherent sentences. Later on, a recording of All For One's voice sends him from a berserker rage into huddling beside the speaker like a child listening to his father. To boot, the Ultra Analysis Book gives him a lame 1/6 in Intelligence. This lack of intelligence makes it easy for Shinso to control him and turn his impressive might against his master without him being able to resist. However, he is smart enough to realize that All For One left him behind to rot and turn on him for it.
  • Enemy Mine: He's still part of the League as far as we know, he simply attacks All For One in tandem with the heroes as revenge for being abandoned.
  • Evil Is Bigger: He towers over the entire rest of the cast, Heroes and Villains alike. He can make himself grow as tall as a skyscraper.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Unnaturally deep, as is fitting for his enormous bulk.
  • Fast Tunnelling: He has so much physical might, he can easily burrow through the ground. When Spinner asks why he just doesn't do this to get to Shigaraki faster, he has to be reminded that as long as the rest of the League is riding on his body, they wouldn't survive the journey.
  • Feel No Pain: According to Dabi, one of Gigantomachia's Quirks blocks out all pain, which explains why he's able to shrug off even attacks that manage to knock him back. However, even if he doesn't feel pain, he's able to understand when to avoid damaging himself, withdrawing his clawed hand from a strike at Mt. Lady's face when Mina blocks it with a blob of acid large and powerful enough to eat into his fingers.
  • Foreshadowing: When he's making his way towards Tomura during the Paranormal Liberation War, he's able to pick up the scent of "two" masters in the same location, as All For One's essence is taking over his successor. This comes back to bite him during the Final Battle, as despite his limited intellect, Gigantomachia was able to tell it was All For One who was in control when 'Tomura' abandoned him in the fighting, leading to him genuinely turning on his master for not returning an ounce of his Undying Loyalty towards him.
  • Gathering Steam: He grows larger the longer a fight goes on.
  • Giant Equals Invincible: So far, nothing anybody throws at Gigantomachia has stopped him. Especially as he continues to get even bigger in battle. Only a Wave-Motion Gun from All For One himself is shown to instantly take him down.
  • Godzilla Threshold:
    • Taken quite literally — this guy is a throwback to Godzilla itself. All For One told Kurogiri to rely on him in the future if something were to happen to All For One, in case Kurogiri felt unable to protect Shigaraki on his own.
    • Played straight halfway through the Meta Liberation Army Arc. His sudden presence turned what was a very unfavorable match up for the League into a complete massacre of the enemy forces, but the League itself was not in any less danger with him around and had to pray for themselves to not get in his way.
    • When the Final Battle is underway, the heroes have a dedicated battlefield protecting him from any villain incursions to wake him up and order him to join the fighting on his master's side. Chapter 382 has them apparently failing to do so, only for it to be revealed that Shinso is using his Quirk to control Machia against the villains. It's presented as their last-ditch effort to counter any attempts the villains made to mobilise him however, attempting to do anything they could to avoid Machia responding to his Master's orders, and falling back on Shinso as a last resort when the villains succeeded with a high-frequency transmitter.
  • Heroic Spirit: His original Quirk Endurance is an inversion. Though he's the loyal subordinate to evil incarnate, he has the ability to convert morale into physical power.
  • It Can Think:
    • Downplayed, as he's shown to be capable of speech and following instructions from All For One faithfully, the issue comes from the fact that when actually preforming said orders, he basically turns off his higher brain functions and acts like little more than a walking force of destruction, going in the simplest direction to achieve his objections and relying on his natural strength and toughness to ignore any obstacles in his way, bulldozing them without even noticing or caring. This makes the moment where he realises that the heroes are getting in his way and preventing him from achieving his orders more pronounced, going from mindlessly ignoring their attempts to stop him to shooting Mt. Lady a Death Glare and then actively attacking those around him, which causes an immediate spike in their casualties, akin to a force of nature now intentionally targeting those in its vicinity.
    • This gets thankfully Inverted by the Final Battle. Shinso uses his Quirk to compel Machia to fight mindlessly on the side of the heroes, in much the same manner that he followed All For One or Tomura's orders before, and his lack of high intelligence means he cannot resist in any form. Furthermore, his brain being turned off means that even if his ears can hear orders, he won't respond to any command that isn't Shinso's, neutralising any efforts the villains make to order him against the heroes. However, it's then played straight when it turns out Machia figured out that All For One abandoned him and left him to rot despite his Undying Loyalty, resulting in him turning on him for real.
  • The Juggernaut:
    • He's been fighting the League of Villains for 48 hours straight, taking 3-hour naps in-between before resuming his attack, and he's kept this up for a month and a half and likely would have gone longer if Shigaraki hadn't proven himself worthy. Mr Compress even wonders aloud when he ever finds time to eat.
    • When he finally joins the battle against the heroes, the only hero that can even slow him down from his mission is Mt. Lady, and he's not even trying to fight them, just barreling them aside as he marches on Shigaraki's location. And then he finally gets tired of their attempts to stop him and switches to full-on battle mode, at which point he annihilates everyone on his war path forward.
  • Kaiju: He looks like a monster right out of Godzilla and even has a name like one.
  • Killing Intent: He radiated a huge air of menace in front of the schoolgirls and seemed ready to annihilate them if they made him angry.
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: Inverted. He may have a huge chin and a prominent underbite, but he's most definitely a villain.
  • Lightning Bruiser: While his incredible size and strength are his most obvious features, he is also far faster than his gargantuan size would suggest. During the Paranormal Liberation War, when he gets the order to head to Shigaraki's location with the other League members, it only takes him about an hour to bulldoze his way through over twenty cities to get there.
  • Logical Weakness: His Blind Obedience and need for commands to empower himself place a few fetters on his awesome might:
    • He will take no action or independent thought on his own without a command from his master, meaning that it's possible to avoid facing him simply by ensuring no such orders reach him. Even when the heroes attacked the lodge and sealed him underground with several members of the PLF, he never made a move to aid the villains until Tomura messaged him, and implicitly wouldn't have lifted a finger until said orders came no matter how dire the situation got. This is somewhat countermanded by his "Dog" Quirk allowing him to easily pick up his master's voice, even when the heroes are intentionally trying to block out his hearing. Likewise, once Shinso does manages to brainwash him, it effectively means that he will no longer respond to any orders but Shinso's, even if he can hear them clearly, thus nullifying any attempts to counter-order him from his master directly.
    • Whilst he's unstoppable when enacting his master's orders, in the downtime between orders, it's possible to effect him with status effects and the like. He shrugged off getting the sedative administered to him for several minutes whilst under Tomura's command, but once he reached him, the effects quickly weakened him to the point his strength gave out when trying to fulfil his next order.
    • He is undyingly loyal to his master and cannot think for himself without their orders. This lack of critical thinking or self-awareness means that he always responds immediately when receiving a command in his master's voice, meaning Shinso's Voice Changeling capabilities enabled him to trick Machia into activating his Conditional Powers and controlling the hulking brute against the villains.
    • He's physically powerful enough that arguably only a holder of One For All at full mastery could overpower him, and durable enough that it's speculated it might take a missile to possibly kill him, and even then it's uncertain. However, he's still made of organic matter, so substances that affect organisms can deter him far more efficiently than physical force. The heroes are able to subdue him during the Paranormal Liberation War by feeding him a concentrated dosage of sedatives that gradually weakened him from the inside out, and Mina is able to force him to withdraw a killing blow aimed at Mt. Lady by blocking with a giant glob of acid powerful enough to dissolve even his tough hide.
    • He seems to have a weakness against sufficiently powerful energy-based attacks, as All For One defeats him with a single Wave-Motion Gun attack across his body, cutting through his thick hide and drawing blood as he falls.
  • Made of Iron: Tanked Dabi's fire like it was nothing, and then ate it.
  • Magic Pants: Following the merger of the League and the Meta Liberation Army, Gigantomachia is equipped with armor plating and pants, the latter evidently designed by Detnerat with his Quirks in mind, given that they seem to grow with him.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Machia's Undying Loyalty turns out to have a limit: he was willing to wait for All For One's successor when told to, but being abandoned and left to rot by his master in return resulted in him turning on All For One.
  • Music Soothes the Savage Beast: Not music and more a cooldown voice, but the quickest way to stop him dead in his trail of destruction is All For One's voice, even if it's recorded.
  • Mythical Motifs: To the Giants of Classical Mythology. Similar to them, he is a gigantic humanoid being and his name is the name given to the battle between the Giants and the Olympian gods.
  • No Sense of Direction: He once got lost in the city looking for a hero's office. This doesn't apply once he has the scent of his target, however, as then he becomes a Scarily Competent Tracker.
  • Not Brainwashed: Played with. He is actually brainwashed and controlled to fight for the heroes, but his rage towards his abandonment by All For One was such that, like Midoriya, he was able to resist Shinso's control to a degree, keeping his mind active and constantly muttering about how pissed he was over his master's treatment at him. Thus, Whilst Shinso was able to control him to limit collateral damage when leading him to All For One's battlefield, when All For One successfully breaks the brainwashing with a shockwave, it doesn't change a damm thing for him.
  • One-Man Army: When the League of Villains is about to face off against the Meta Liberation Army, Shigaraki plans to sic Gigantomachia on them to wear down Gigantomachia by having him annihilate the MLA (who claimed that their forces were well over 100,000 strong). None of the other members of the League of Villains doubt that Gigantomachia wouldn't be able to handle it (considering they've collectively been fighting him for about six weeks continuously with no end in sight). When Gigantomachia finally awakens and reaches the MLA, the League realizes Gigantomachia was actually going easy on them previously and severely underestimated how strong he really was because he effortlessly plows through the MLA's forces while barely even trying, something which Twice likens to an elephant stepping on ants.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: He can be described as a walking disaster. He ends up leaving a giant crater in the earth after his confrontation with Gran Torino, and when he finally gets serious against the heroes his path forward is marked by absolute devastation as everything gets torn up and smashed away as he carves his way through both heroes and the landscape. In the Paranormal Liberation War, Gigantomachia's rampage is the main reason for the widespread destruction across Japan, destroying at least twenty cities in the span of one hour— and he wasn't even actually trying to destroy the cities, merely taking the straightest possible route to reach Tomura at all haste.
  • Put on a Bus: His capture at the end of the Paranormal Liberation War has him abruptly put to sleep with a constant dosage of sedatives following the one Kirishima gave him. He becomes bound up nice and snug inside a containment facility so he can't come to the aid of his masters during the climax. One of the villains' many goals throughout the final conflict is freeing him to once again devastate the heroes, given that nothing short of Izuku could conceivably phase him. They appear to have succeeded when he shows up on All For One's battlefield, only for it to be revealed that he's actually under Shinso's control, turning his immense might against his master.
  • Rousing Speech:
    • Or even just simple commands in this case. Gigantomachia is one of the most powerful characters in the entire series. However, he needs commands and instructions as Spinner notes in order to do anything, only then he becomes easier to handle. But if All For One and Shigaraki say the word, then nothing will stop him from accomplishing his goals. As the heroes find out the hard way. This actually plays a hand in his eventual defeat and imprisonment— the sedative 1-A administered to him didn't seem to have any actual effect on him whilst he was following Tomura's order to reach him, but in the downtime from his succeeding at that and getting his next order his strength notably wanes, and the sedative's effect start to kick in, implying Machia couldn't be affected whilst he was amped up from the command, but the delay in receiving his next one was enough that he couldn't ignore the sedative's effects anymore.
    • This gets Deconstructed later on. Machia responding instantly to any commands given in his master's voice makes it easy for him to activate Shinso's Conditional Powers, allowing the heroes to control him against the villains.
  • Scarily Competent Tracker: During the month and a half long battle against him, it's noted by Spinner that Gigantomachia persistently tracks down Shigaraki no matter where he goes and constantly hounds him so that he can't get any rest. Shigaraki decides to exploit this when Re-Destro orders him to go to Deika City banking on Gigantomachia to chase after him and clash with the army's numbers. Sure enough, the second that Gigantomachia is up it only takes him a few seconds to sniff out Shigaraki's location and track him down to Deika city. He's so competent at identifying a target, he can even sense when his master's essence is in control of Tomura's body, which bites him big-time because Machia is thus fully aware it was All For One who abandoned him to the heroes' custody for months despite his immense Undying Loyalty.
  • Scenery Censor: He's fully nude at first, and only convenient smoke, shadows, or shrubbery obscures his crotch. He later gains a pair of Magic Pants.
  • Secret Weapon:
    • Gigantomachia was kept hidden in the mountains with implications that All For One groomed it into a safeguard in the case that the situation of the League comes to a point that they are at risk, and warns Kurogiri to use him once he believes to no longer be capable of ensuring Shigaraki's safety.
    • Shigaraki uses Gigantomachia himself this way during the battle with the Meta Liberation Army. Since the army is basing all of their information on what Giran gathered they're completely unaware of Gigantomachia's existence or the League's month and a half long fight against him. Since Shigaraki knows that Gigantomachia will track him no matter what, he uses this to his advantage to have the army and Gigantomachia clash in order to wear both sides down.
    • His presence turns into this during the raid on the PLF headquarters once Tomura recovers from his own near-death experience and gives him an order, instantly turning the tides against the heroes and unleashing a force that shrugs off or ignores their best attempts to stop him and carves a path of destruction through their assembled forces, then any scenery or cities that stay between him and Shigaraki. In the aftermath, his rampage is the main contributor to the loss of life the heroes at the lodge suffered and the massive civilian casualties, equaled only by Shigaraki's city-wide Decay wave.
    • He becomes an emergency one for the heroes during the Final Battle, getting controlled by Shinso to fight on their side against his master, right when his entry into the fighting would have allowed All For One to escape his pursuers. The danger presented by Machia getting freed however, indicates this was a last-ditch move to prevent his strength being utilised for the villain's cause.
  • Security Blanket: All For One's voice in general for him, which a recording played through his weather radio by Garaki is enough to bring him to tears after his incarceration. This proves to be a fatal weakness for him, thanks to Shinso's Voice Changeling capabilities.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Between his rough, rocky appearance and unstoppable physical might, he's a dead-ringer for Doomsday.
    • The spikes running down his back are reminiscent of the first Ultra Series villain Bemular.
  • Sizeshifter: It's stated that when in battle, he literally grows in size, turning him from his already giant size to absolutely gigantic.
  • Stealthy Colossus: Somehow managed to get into a city without causing a ruckus despite being so huge until he lost his patience. He also makes his full debut in Jurassic Park fashion, making huge, thumping footsteps before coming crashing through the trees. After Gran Torino manages to flee from him and capture Kurogiri, he appears to have disappeared and there's a search group after him, in spite of the fact he is gigantic.
  • Strength Equals Worthiness: The reason he serves All For One and later, Tomura after the latter forces the Meta Liberation Army to surrender.
  • Stunned Silence: During his rampage through Deika City, Gigantomachia screams for his master's successor. However once he reaches the site of Shigaraki and Re-Destro's battle he is left stunned, trembling, and with his iris and pupils visible due to feeling Shigaraki's aura and realizing that he is a truly worthy successor for All For One.
  • Super-Breath: When he's large enough, a forceful exhale can decimate a forest.
  • Super Prototype: Is one of a sort to the Nomu. Gigantomachia can wield the full power of multiple Quirks without needing any alteration and while still remaining fully cognizant.
  • Super-Senses: His sense of hearing and smell are very acute, which allows him to quickly find and locate Shigaraki from basically anywhere during their several week-long fight. This is a major plot point, as when All For One took over Shigaraki, Machia sensed it was him... which also means he realized AFO ran away and abandoned him, causing Machia to turn on him.
  • Tears of Joy: After witnessing Re-Destro's submission to Shigaraki and the devastation wrought by his Decay, he sheds a tear as he acknowledges Shigaraki as AFO's successor.
  • Threshold Guardians: For Shigaraki to get The Doctor's full cooperation, he will have to make Gigantomachia submit to him.
  • Underestimating Badassery:
    • Once Gigantomachia finally reaches Deika City the League realizes to their shock and horror that they completely underestimated how powerful he really was despite fighting him for a month and a half after seeing him tear through the Liberation Army like they were made of paper. Compress quickly realizes that he hadn't been fighting seriously at all and he seems to be getting stronger. Gigantomachia himself is shocked silent after watching Shigaraki awaken to his true power and decimate the entire city, cementing his loyalty to the new master.
    • The heroes in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc follow suit, as despite dog-piling with the intent of forcing him to exert himself so that the anesthesia drugs he swallowed will take effect faster, Gigantomachia simply decides he's done letting anyone stopping him from reaching Shigaraki and actually starts fighting back, and he crushes all of them and continues to make his way to the city unopposed wrecking everything in sight, while the U.A. students can only watch on in shock and horror at the destruction.
  • Undying Loyalty: To All For One. It's deconstructed, as his overwhelming loyalty to All For One makes it difficult for him to trust that Shigaraki can competently follow in his footsteps. On the other hand, this directly feeds into one of his Quirks. Because it transfers morale into physical power, his fanatical loyalty makes him all but unstoppable so long as he's acting in service to his master. Said loyalty is so great, he always yells out an affirmation of acceptance whenever he's given an order in their voice, which is enough to trigger Shinso's Quirk. However, it turns out that Machia's loyalty does have its limits: being abandoned by All For One and left to rot after all his loyalty causes him to turn on All For One.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: With regards to what the Ultra Analysis Book has to say about him, he has a 6/6 in strength, but a meager 1/6 in intelligence and 2/6 in technique.
  • Victory by Endurance: According to Dabi in Chapter 279, Gigantomachia was specifically outfitted with Quirks by the Doctor that would prove advantageous in prolonged combat, allowing him to keep fighting at full strength long after most other fighters would have been worn down.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Addressed by two Tartarus guards when he's en route to the prison, though the question is more "why don't we just put him on death row?" The answer is that he's too durable to be killed by traditional means, and the sorts of things with enough stopping power to have even a hope of putting him down (like a missile) isn't allowed so long as there's a shred of humanity left in him.
  • Wolverine Claws: When he goes all-out, he can make his fingers grow into massive claws that look like giant rocks shaped into digits.
  • The Worf Effect: In chapter 385, All For One one-shots Gigantomachia with a Wave-Motion Gun attack across his torso, drawing copious amounts of blood and seemingly killing him, an insane feat considering just how much of a unstoppable juggernaut Gigantomachia was established to be.
  • World's Strongest Man: It is unknown how strong Gigantomachia is compared to All Might, but in his own right he is one of the mightiest characters in the series. He has enough stamina to continuously fight for 48 hours and only requires three hours sleep. Besides his inhuman strength and stamina, Gigantomachia's senses are incredibly keen and he can even defend himself when asleep. As his name implies, Gigantomachia can increase his size when fighting. It says something that he's never been directly defeated on-screen in a contest of brute force, with his opponents needing to rely on trickery, him giving up willing, or resorting to more esoteric means like anesthesia drugs.

    Dr. Kyudai Garaki — "Daruma Ujiko" 

Kyudai Garaki — "Daruma Ujiko"
Click here to see what he really looks like.

Voiced by: Minoru Inaba (Japanese), Mark Stoddard (English)

Debut: Chapter 59 (Manga), Episode 33 (Anime)

Quirk: Life Force (Artificial Duplicate), Life Force (Original; Formerly)

Rank: A

"What a childish daydream! Saying all that with such a straight face was quite impressive!! Very well, Tomura Shigaraki!! I'll help you out, so show me you mean it! Prove to me that you can make your villainous pipe dreams a reality!!"

An older member of the League, a mysterious elderly man who worked as All For One's personal doctor. Publicly, he's the founder of Jaku General Hospital and a philanthropist who has established multiple orphanages and nursing homes. In truth, however, all of that is just a front for his true passion; developing and managing his "children", the Nomu.

While he's listed as being Quirkless publicly, he actually does possess a Quirk of his own, "Life Force", which lengthens his life span at the cost of physical mobility. He offered the original Quirk to All For One out of gratitude for helping him, while he himself kept a copy.

  • Bald of Evil: Being All For One's lieutenant and devoid of any facial hair beyond his mustache, this is a given.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The reason he is so devoted to All For One. Garaki was mocked and ostracised by society when he presented his Quirk Singularity Theory. Only All For One reached out to him and funded his research.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: As shown in his interactions with the public, he hides his true self as an amoral Mad Scientist behind the facade of a good, well-mannered doctor. He founded the Jaku General Hospital as well as many orphanages and nursing homes, supports Quirk-based community healthcare, and has numerous connections to various private clinics. Unfortunately, any good these organizations do is undermined by the fact that he uses them to locate subjects for his research.
  • The Bus Came Back: Nearly 160 chapters after his first appearance, he returns to the story to see if Shigaraki is a worthy successor to All For One.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: As pointed out by Present Mic, Garaki's Quirk-replicating technology could revolutionize modern medicine, but he prefers using it for nefarious experiments.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Izuku Midoriya was one of many patients that came to Garaki in his public persona of a perfectly normal doctor, and got completely disregarded due to being Quirkless, telling him he simply never had a chance of being a Hero, ever. Though Garaki doesn't get to directly meet Midoriya years later to really connect the dots, the nobody Quirkless ended up being One For All's successor, not only proving Garaki dead wrong but unwittingly letting one of the key figures in opposing his master slip through his fingers, albeit with no way of anyone even remotely having the possibility to know this in the first place so far prior to the transfer.
  • The Dragon: Seems to be the closest to All For One out of all his lieutenants, being the man to always know what All For One plans and having a Villainous Friendship with him, although he doesn't get involved in any physical conflict.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Twisted as he may be, Garaki genuinely sees the Nomu as his children and is devastated to see them die. This is especially true of the smaller Nomu, like Mocha and Johnny. Though it gets flipped right around with the implications that he had an actual normal grandson named Tsubasa whom he used in his Nomu experiments, showing that he values his mad science over any blood ties he may possess.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Severely downplayed, but even he, of all people, talks with disparagement over how Enji Todoroki's abysmal parenting had 'ruined' his son, rending him too unstable and volatile to be of use to their plans. Though, it's clear that he's looking on it as a waste of a perfectly good raw materials than any moral aspect.
  • Evil Genius: He's the one behind the creation of the Nomus and has been experimenting with them for a long time and has created the High-End Nomus. He also implies that he can make the High-End Nomus without needing All For One, though the process is more difficult without him. Later chapters reveal that he's capable of extracting Quirks from their owners without the use of All For One's Quirk, and that he's capable of duplicating the extracted Quirks to graft into multiple subjects. Even Quirks so powerful and exotic like All for One is no problem. Later still, it turns out that, with his dark master's help, he's able to tweak and adjust stolen Quirks, turning something that was basically Overhaul-lite into Shigaraki's Decay Quirk.
  • Evil Laugh: He likes doing this a lot, whether he's talking about his prized creations or casually threatening to throw his supposed allies back to Gigantomachia. It makes him seem pretty unhinged.
  • Evil Old Folks: A visibly elderly man who's fittingly rotten to the core.
  • Foreshadowing: The reveal that Garaki has a longevity Quirk is foreshadowed by his conversation with Shigaraki wherein he mentions that All For One was the only one who believed in the Quirk Singularity hypothesis even though the theory is shown to have weight in the modern world with people talking about the possibility. This implies that the doctor is a lot older than he seems and probably came from a time when knowledge of Quirks was extremely limited.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Unleashing the High-End Nomus he has in store to take on the heroes rampaging in his lair. Seeing how it takes 3-10 hours for them to be combat-ready, he loathes that he has to resort to such desperate attempts, but he's forced into a corner.
  • Gruesome Grandparent: Implied. If Garaki's grandson Tsubasa, the winged boy who was friends with Bakugo as a young child, really was the Winged Nomu, then Garaki turned his own grandchild into a mindless monstrosity.
  • Inelegant Blubbering: Whenever he's in danger, he becomes a sobbing, snotty mess.
  • Inexplicably Identical Individuals: He has an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Tsubasa, the Quirk doctor who broke the bad news to Midoriya in the past, and they even share the same voice actors — though they would later be revealed as the same person and that "Tsubasa" was a pseudonym Garaki uses, making this subverted.
  • Large Ham:
    • Prone to occasionally making loud outbursts, at one point briefly deafening Tomura over their comm-link.
    • During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc he reacts to the Heroes raid on his laboratory with a series of increasingly spectacular Oh, Crap! faces.
  • Long-Lived: His Quirk, Life Force, doubles his life span at the cost of his athleticism, making him look like he's only in his sixties when he's really 120-years-old! Garaki replicated Life Force and gave the original Quirk to All For One while he retained the duplicate.
  • Mad Scientist: Seems to have this motif, being the one to create the Nomus and he even lives in your typical mad scientist lab, complete with several capsules holding High-End Nomus. Pretty much confirmed when he mentions to Shigaraki that he joined with All For One because he was the only one who shared his desires to test and experiment on the limits of Quirks no matter the cost.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • His fake last name, "Ujiko", is spelled 氏子 in kanji, and the literal meaning of 子 is "child", and 氏 means something along the lines of "related", referencing the fact that he sees the Nomu as his children. "Ujiko" is also a word for a dedicated shrine parishioner who is protected by the god(s) that they worship.
    • His fake first name is "Daruma", and his head looks like a Daruma doll. Daruma dolls are seen as a good luck charm, referencing that his sudden reappearance to the League during their bout with poverty is a shift of fortune for them, and they are named after the man who bought Chan Buddhism to Japan. Daruma dolls cannot be knocked down, because their rounded shape and weight mean that they will just return to a standing position, just like how, despite him and his work being knocked down with All for One's arrest, he got right back up and continued working.
    • His now retconned name, Maruta Shiga was meant to be this. "Shiga" was meant to indicate his admiration for and desire to be closer to All For One, whose real surname is Shigaraki, hence him taking part of his masters name for himself; "Maruta" was meant to refer to his appearance, with "maru" meaning "round" and "ta" meaning "fat." In addition, it's a phonetic reversal of his fake name, "Daruma".note .
    • His now updated name, Kyudai Garaki retains the elements of his previous name without the controversy. "Kyudai" is written with the kanji for "ball" and "big" referencing his appearance and "Garaki" takes the last three syllables from All For One's surname while also including the kanji for the word tree.
  • Meta Power: His technology turns out to have some ability to do this, albeit presumably with the aid of his dark master. It turns out Decay is a corrupted version of a Quirk that originally granted the ability to reconstitute the things it dissolved no worse for the wear. After stealing it, Garaki helped All For One change it into its present form, amplifying its destructive power by stripping away the reconstitution effect and therefore amplifying the destructive effects it might have on Shigaraki's sanity.
  • More than Meets the Eye: He's an A-rank villain, putting him on par with Dabi and several of the more dangerous Nomu.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: In a roundabout way, his utter shutdown of Midoriya's dreams to be a Hero thanks to being Quirkless was a primary traumatic catalyst for the boy for the rest of his childhood until high school. It was also the catalyst that made his heroism stir in his heart enough to still try to save Bakugo at the start of the series despite that powerlessness, which caused Midoriya to catch All-Might's eye. While any doctor could've been the catalyst, Garaki being the one to do it makes this a severe case of karma by setting into motion a destiny opposite of his master's, far greater than anyone could've ever realized.
  • No Immortal Inertia: His Quirk gives him great longevity, but when Eraser Head uses his Quirk to nullify it, he rapidly ages into a much more decrepit shape, though this wears off shortly after he takes his eyes off of him.
  • Oh, Crap!: There really isn't any other way to describe the look of pure horror on his face when realizes that Endeavor and other heroes have not only figured him out but have arrived to kick his ass. He one-ups it in the end of the next chapter when Mirko corners him in his lab.
  • Power Copying: The doctor has secretly developed Quirk replication technology as part of his research for All For One, which is the reason why multiple Nomu share the "Super Regeneration" Quirk despite regeneration-based Quirks being quite rare. Gathering and storing just one Quirk is an expensive and time-consuming process, however, and it's lightly implied that the replicated Quirks are weaker, or at least less pure, in some ways compared to the originals.
  • Properly Paranoid: He goes to great lengths to protect his identity; warping Shigaraki and co directly to his lair, refusing to come fully out of the shadows, and establishing that any meeting should be on his terms on pain of being obliterated by Gigantomachia, although he gave the League devices to contact him in the future. Considering his status as All For One's closest supporter, and the fact that his true identity is well known within the public, it's fully justified. At least twice, the fact the heroes didn't know about his existence has been crucial in moving All For One's plans along even when the arch-villain himself was incapacitated.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: He gives Shigaraki a minor one, pointing out he has been spoiled by Kurogiri and that, for all the support he or All For One have given to him, Shigaraki has still not accomplished anything notable.
  • Retcon: His real name was initially "Maruta Shiga", but Horikoshi had his name changed immediately due to an unforeseen controversy involving the word "Maruta's" history.note  His name was changed to "Kyudai Garaki" and the digital chapter of 259, where his infamous former name debuted, was re-edited with this instead.
  • Running Gag: During the heroes' raid on his hideout, he makes various Oh, Crap! expressions that keeps increasing in intensity.
  • Secret Test of Character: The Doctor reveals to Shigaraki in Chapter 222 that he always intended to support him, he just wanted to know what Shigaraki's response would be to him questioning his goals.
  • Smug Snake: He will taunt the heroes and espouse the LOV's superiority, but only when things are going his way. The moment he realizes that the heroes are onto him, he goes into Oh, Crap! mode and even starts begging for mercy... only to reveal that this Doctor is a duplicate and he has just unleashed the Nomus to occupy the heroes while he makes his escape. But the moment one of the heroes busts into his inner sanctum, he goes into a bigger Oh, Crap!.
  • Spanner in the Works: Twice over. The fact that the heroes weren't aware of All For one's partner in crime allowed his machinations to proceed unhindered even when All Might defeated him and he was locked within Tartarus. Before that, he was the one to revive All For One after his fateful loss against All Might, stealing his corpse from the morgue and flat-out bringing his body Back from the Dead, meaning he's the reason he was able to continue menacing the present generation of heroes despite All Might's best efforts. Tellingly, once the heroes do figure him out, it marks the point that the chaotic situation begins to steadily go Off the Rails from the Diabolical Mastermind's plans.
  • They Called Me Mad!: Ostracized and mocked by the science community for his Quirk Singularity theory. All for One believed him, supported his studies, and as a result, he's fanatically devoted to All for One.
  • Undying Loyalty: To All For One. Garaki was the first person to propose the concept of Quirk Singularity 70 years before the main story, but nobody was willing to hear him out, and he was instead mocked, ignored, and ostracized. All For One was the only person to reach out and listen to what Garaki had to say, going so far as to recruit the good doctor and commission him to perform more research. That, plus All For One's "overwhelming presence and Buddha-like smile", made Garaki see him as a god incarnate walking among humans. He willingly chose to give up his own Quirk to All For One and even took part of his master's true name in tribute to further prove his loyalty. By the end, Garaki is literally the only minion All For One has that's still actually loyal to him.
  • The Unfought: The only one of All For One's servants with zero combat skill or battle experience. He sticks to the labs behind the scenes, a trait that carries over when the League of Villains merges with the Metahuman Liberation Army as Shigaraki's only direct subordinate to neither take a role as his lieutenant or be known to his forces.
  • Villainous Friendship: Is shown to have this with All For One, who has been shown to treat him as an equal and in one flashback is shown to have been considerate enough to hold an umbrella for the Doctor as they are in the midst of supervising a young Shigaraki. All For One even thanks Garaki from the bottom of his heart, going so far as to call him his friend.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: In public, Dr. Garaki is a beloved doctor who founded numerous hospitals, orphanages, and nursing homes, to the point that his civilian co-workers believe there must be some mistake when the heroes arrive to arrest him.

Vanguard Action Squad

See here.

Other Forces

    Shigaraki's Underlings

A large group of villains that attacked U.A. with Shigaraki, Kurogiri, and the USJ Nomu during the USJ Arc, with the goal of killing the Symbol of Peace: All Might.

At the end of the arc, they are all arrested and total 72 in number, with most being small-time crooks who are the type to hang out in back alleys.

  • Animal-Themed Superbeing: Some of them are this, most notably Sharkyonaranote  that attacks Midoriya, and Invisible Wallnote  that attacks Katsuki.
  • The Bus Came Back: Hanzo Suiden, one of the water villains from USJ, makes a return as apart of Toga's squad in the final battle.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: Dozens of thugs vs. one hero who's fighting out of his comfort zone. They don't stand a chance. In general, very few of them are a threat to anyone, even the students. Justified, as it's mentioned the majority of them are small-time crooks with only a couple actually being truly dangerous to anyone who knows how to fight.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Jiro asks Tesla why he turned to a life of crime since people with electric-type Quirks were considered valuable in the job market. He never answers, as he realized that she was attempting to distract him for a sneak attack.
  • Elite Mook: Tesla, the electricity villain, that Yaoyorozu, Jiro and Kaminari face. His Quirk is what allows the League to cut off communication with the USJ, he's valuable enough to stay off the front lines and smart enough to avoid Kaminari's indiscriminate attack and see through Jiro's attempted subterfuge. However, he isn't important enough to warrant being named (until the games) and as soon as the teachers show up, he is taken down and arrested with the rest of the thugs.
  • Guns Are Worthless: A trio of villains, the Firing Squad,note  all have bullet shooting Quirks, and are the first villains taken down.
  • Making a Splash: One villain, Hanzo Suidennote  can manipulate water, and uses his power to sink a ship that Midoriya, Tsuyu, and Mineta are on.
  • Mooks: For Shigaraki during the USJ Arc. While they do have distinctive designs, they have no names, little individual personality, and are noted to be second-rate thugs who are absolutely no threat to the pros. Aizawa can take them down en masse despite his skillset being best at 1-on-1 confrontations, and when the other teachers show up, they're done for. Even the students prove able to take out a large number of them by themselves. The games rank most of these guys in the 'E' to 'F' rank, making them weaker than even the likes of the Sludge Villain.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Steel Bulwarknote  has four arms.
  • Named by the Adaptation: The mobile game, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, gives a few (but not all) of these villains' names.note 
    • The mobile games My Hero Academia: Entry Season and My Hero Academia: Smash Rising, as well as the ULTRA ANALYSIS Character Book also gives names for several more of them note 
  • No Name Given: None of them are given individual names. None of them are particularly significant enough to merit it. The mobile game, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, rectifies this for some, but not all.
  • Prehensile Hair: Martial Hairnote  has a Quirk that lets her use her pigtails like drills.
  • Shock and Awe: Tesla,note  the most notable among them all, has electric based power similar to Kaminari, with the added bonus of blocking out communication.
  • Starter Villain: They're the first villains that Class 1-A takes down on their own, and they're only a threat to kids on their first week of school. Other than that, they're entirely irrelevant.
  • Zerg Rush: They try to do this, but even as a group they're easily defeated by the heroes. It works better with the students, but even then they don't score a single kill.

     Artificial Humans — Nomus 
See here for the Nomus' entries.

Other Contacts

    Kagero Okuta — Giran 

Kagero Okuta — Giran

Voiced by: Seiro Ogino (Japanese), Ben Phillips (English)

Debut: Chapter 57 (Manga), Episode 31 (Anime)

Quirk: Muddied

Rank: C

"Business dealings... are something y'do face-to-face. And I only make deals with people I respect. Not guys who kick the crap outta me first. Sure, I might know the League. Might not. Either way, you ain't getting a thing outta me. Cuz what kinda merchant sells out his customers?! Thanks, but come again when you got the guts to do this right!"

A broker and affiliate of the League who brings in new recruits and equipment for the organization. His Quirk, "Muddied", allows him to make someone's memories of the next five minutes and the last five minutes fuzzy by touching them.

  • The Ace: A superb underground broker who has managed to evade authorities for several decades.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: He has pink eyes in the manga. In the anime, they're grey.
  • Affably Evil: Giran is an easygoing and good-natured individual who rarely ever gets upset and is capable of showing sympathy to the less fortunate souls who come to him for guidance. He's also a hardened criminal.
  • All There in the Manual: His real name and Quirk were first revealed in the ULTRA ANALYSIS Character Book.
  • Arms Dealer: He is a household name in the Black Market for costumes and equipment.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Giran displays some impressive analytical skills when he correctly manages to deduce the incoming societal consequences of Stain's arrest, in particular the League of Villains' popularity boost. This allows him to become their business partner ahead of time and profit from being a known ally later on.
  • Badass in Distress: He spent most of the Meta Liberation Army Arc as this, having been captured by the MLA in an effort to steal the information he has on the League.
  • The Barnum: Subverted. He's based on the Japanese equivalent of this trope, but is actually a perfectly honest (though morally ambiguous at best) businessman.
  • Beard of Evil: He has a small beard and mustache.
  • Being Personal Isn't Professional: Giran never once talks about his private life, and even the character book lists his personal information as "Unknown". It’s also hinted at that he isn’t completely unflappable or uncaring of others outside of work.
  • Berserk Button: Downplayed. He doesn't explode in the usual manner of this trope, but trying to get him to sell out his clients or force him into doing business with you (especially using violence) will ensure that he has a serious bone to pick with you.
  • Brutal Honesty: He has a tendency to say things as they are and bring up the elephant in the room, though there's no ill intent behind it. Most notably, he told Kurogiri that he didn't care what he did with Toga and Dabi so long as he gave Giran his fee for having brought them to the League, expressed doubts over Shigaraki's abilities as a leader due to his youth, and summed up Twice's Tragic Backstory as "You witnessed your other selves killing each other, and it drove you a little batty" before pointing out the bag over Twice's head and asking if it was because he had hyperventilation issues.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Giran comes off as a sleazy, eccentric, two-bit merchant, but he's actually a sleazy, eccentric, surprisingly competent one. He's both connected and savvy, and prides himself on the quality of the products and services he offers. The simple fact that All For One trusted him to do business with his protege speaks volumes.
  • Challenge Seeker: When told by Shigaraki that he would soon "be so busy he wouldn't be able to keep up" thanks to the League's growing reputation, Giran replies that he's looking forward to it.
  • Character Tics: Always smokes his cigarettes with his right hand, as commented on by Twice.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: Almost always seen sporting one of those, even when he's pissed.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: The MLA interrogates him by cutting off his fingers one by one.
  • Consummate Professional: The ULTRA ANALYSIS Character Book gives him 5/5 in "Professionalism", and it's well deserved. Giran is remarkably diligent and dedicated to those who request his services, from giving them advice to only selling top quality products, all the while remaining completely loyal to them. Not even severe torture will put a dent in his work code.
  • Cool Shades: Wears a light grey set of these at all times.
  • Couldn't Find a Lighter: His revolver doubles as a lighter.
  • Crazy-Prepared:
    • One of his appearances in Vigilantes shows he has at least half a dozen phones, presumably to use as burners or ensure more long-term clients don't get the same numbers.
    • He also found a way to erase all data of his dealings with the League of Villains should he be captured, preventing anyone from stealing that information and making himself invaluable to anyone who desperately wants it... unless they have a tech genius who is part of a major IT firm and can restore it.
  • Defiant to the End: Even after being captured and beaten bloody, and despite knowing that no one would come to his rescue, he makes his disdain for Re-Destro exceedingly clear and uses an amazing Precision F-Strike against him. This behavior extends into the rest of the arc, after losing a hand's worth of fingers and being held hostage for about a week.
  • Defrosting Ice King: Downplayed. He's pretty aloof and blunt about his monetary intentions, but hardly outright cold. That said, he certainly warms up to the League (particularly Twice) as the story goes on.
  • Destroy the Evidence: Right on the brink of being captured by the Meta Liberation Army, he immediately wipes all of his client data so no one can find the League, except that Skeptic simply managed to recover the deleted data.
  • Didn't See That Coming: The look of sheer horror on his face when he hears that the MLA managed to retrieve his erased client data speaks for itself.
  • Dissonant Serenity: As a Mexican Stand Off breaks out between Shigaraki, Dabi and Toga and is only settled by Kurogiri's last-minute intervention, Giran just stands in a corner of the bar, smoking, having likely watched such occurrences too many times to count.
  • Dreary Half-Lidded Eyes: His eyes are nearly always in this position due to his Smug Smiler nature.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Giran is an Arms Dealer who rejoiced at the idea of a rise in criminal activities because it meant more profit for him, but he's no snitch and believes that no merchant worth their salt would ever turn on their clients, no matter what they're offered for it.
  • Evil Virtues: He has a strong sense of professionalism despite his shadier tendencies, and his pride in his work translates into intense diligence and loyalty towards those who require his services. He takes it very badly if he fails to uphold his self-imposed standards.
  • Eye Scream: Downplayed. His eye is hurt and swollen shut for most of the Meta Liberation Army arc, but he gets better.
  • Famed In-Story: He has quite the reputation in the underworld, according to Kurogiri and both databooks.
  • Fan of Underdog: Takes an immediate liking to Twice, stating that it's a shame someone with his potential got reduced to such a state, telling him he needs comrades to get back on his feet, and assuring him that he's not alone.
  • Fingore: He was tortured for information by the Meta Liberation Army and had all the fingers of one hand removed one by one. The fingers were then spread around town in areas where the League publicly committed crimes in order to send a message to the League.
  • Friend in the Black Market:
    • As an Arms Dealer and Utility Party Member, this is his role in regards to the League.
    • Vigilantes shows that he's also this to Knuckle Duster, who apparently frequently orders painkillers from him but doesn't hesitate to ask for more questionable things when the situation calls for it.
  • Friendless Background: Despite having his contacts to many criminals and black market, he doesn't really have any friendships, hence why he says to Re-Destro nobody will care if he's kidnapped or killed. Subverted however, since someone actually showed up to save him - Twice, being his perhaps only true friend.
  • Good Eyes, Evil Eyes: Has very narrow, shifty-looking eyes that make him seem shady and untrustworthy.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: He's often seen with a cigarette in his mouth, which he lights with a fire-emitting revolver.
  • Greed: One of his defining characteristics.
  • Hidden Depths: Initially comes off as just a self-interested, greedy, sleazy criminal. Turns out he's both entirely warranted to be described as a Consummate Professional, and much more sympathetic as a character.
  • Honor Among Thieves: Giran follows a strict set of rules for his business conduct, making sure he stays true to his word and trustworthy towards his clients even when there is something to be gained from doing otherwise.
  • Impossibly Tacky Clothes: His fashion sense (which among other things includes an intestine-like scarf that he seems to especially cherish) is bad enough that Twice immediately recognized the clothes and accessories that the MLA disseminated around various locations along with his cut fingers as Giran's because "no one else in the world's got gross taste like that!"
  • It's All My Fault: Giran blames himself for the MLA getting ahold of his client data (despite him erasing it entirely at the time of his capture), even calling himself "a failure as a broker".
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Not as much of an obvious "jerk" as most cases, but he's a greedy bastard for sure and can come off as rather smug and callous. Despite that, he's also shown to be genuinely loyal and trustworthy when it comes to those he does business with, and he's capable of acts of kindness; see Pet the Dog below.
  • Knowledge Broker: Implied. He seems to be aware of anything that goes on in the underworld at all times and to be the go-to person for those who need advice or want to meet with other villains.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Downplayed. He can do this to other people with his Quirk, making their memories of the past and next five minutes fuzzy.
  • Lonely Together: With Twice.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • His villain name is split in two kanji: "right conduct, righteousness, justice, morality" (義 gi) and "be sore, inflamed, bleary, fester" (爛 ran).
    • Like other characters in the series, his real name says a lot about him as well. His first name is composed of the kanji for "shadow, silhouette, phantom" (影 kage) and "haziness, dreaminess, gloom" (朧 ) while his last name contains "recollection, think, remember" (憶 oku), all of which are clear references to both his Quirk and his secretive nature.
  • Mellow Fellow: Giran is laid-back and never raises his voice nor loses his cool under stress.
  • Meta Guy: During the MLA arc. As an In-Universe spectator, he provides commentary much like the readers would, questioning the Liberation Army's actions and motives and even managing a few humorous commentaries.
  • More than Meets the Eye:
    • Never actually seen committing any crimes himself and doesn't even have a combat Quirk, but he was once a B-rank villain, ranking him higher than Twice or Toga.
    • The only villain whose affiliation is listed as "Unknown" in the second character book.note 
  • Mysterious Past: All that is known about his past is that someone he affectionately refers to as "the old man" took him under his wing when he was an upstart.
  • Nerves of Steel:
  • Non-Action Guy: He works as a sort of Utility Party Member for the League, giving them items that come in handy, but never actually taking part in fights. The ULTRA ANALYSIS Character Book actually gives him a pitiful 1/5 in both "Power" and "Speed", and he himself admits that he hasn't run anywhere in years.
  • Non-Action Snarker: He has his moments.
    Giran: "Did he overcome his trauma?! Your man's one hell of a shrink!"note 
  • Not So Stoic: He's at his most emotional and expressive in the Meta Liberation Army arc.
  • Obviously Evil: Played with. Giran's appearance just screams treachery and seedy schemes, but he is surprisingly honest and trustworthy as long as you're in a business relationship with him.
  • Odd Friendship: The calm, serious, greedy Giran ends up forming a Villainous Friendship with the loud, traumatized and sensitive Twice, even fronting the cost for his costume despite Twice not having the money to pay him back immediately (something Mr. Compress later implies Giran isn't known for).
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: After he rejects Re-Destro's attempt to bribe him and insults him, we're treated to an ominous shot of Re-Destro's face saying that the two of them will spend a lot of time together. The next time we see Giran, he's already been put through Cold-Blooded Torture and we're only told that he still refused to talk and didn't even make a single sound as his fingers were cut off one by one.
  • Oh, Crap!: When the MLA reveals that they restored all the data from his erased client list, Giran, for the first time, is outright scared.
  • Only in It for the Money: He doesn't seem to care about the League's ideals so much as he does about getting big paychecks. He also managed to guess that they would eventually become a big name in the villain world, and that he'd be able to gain a lot by having them and their fans as clients.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: If that Cheshire Cat Grin leaves his face for any reason or length of time, it's a really big deal.
  • Out of Focus: Unlike the rest of the League and other prior villains, Giran ends up playing a very minimal part in the story following his rescue, having only a few cameos prior to and during the War arc. He pretty much vanishes after the raid of the heroes on the PLF mansion.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Nearly always sports a smug smirk, unless it's an exceptionally serious situation.
  • Pet the Dog: He appears to have a genuine soft spot for Twice, who he's always been exceptionally kind to since their first encounter and apparently still frequently keeps in touch with to make sure he's doing okay. Twice's character page even states that because he was barely getting by at the time and had no money to afford a quality suit, Giran ordered it for him and told Twice he could pay him back later - something we don't see him do for anyone else, and he never brings up Twice's debt onscreen either.
  • Precision F-Strike: When Re-Destro asks him to sell out the League, Giran goes into a monologue about why he won't, and concludes by telling the man to "start over from the testicles" (also translated as "crawl back into your dad's ballsack"). It was censored in the English release.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: A notorious Arms Dealer who chain-smokes, is utterly ruthless in business, whose outfit usually involves a pink gut-like scarf and whose bunny phone case gets proudly displayed whenever the occasion presents itself.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: He delivers a rather spectacular one to Re-Destro.
    Giran: "Business dealings... are something y'do face-to-face. And I only make deals with people I respect. Not guys who kick the crap outta me first. Sure, I might know the League. Might not. Either way, you ain't getting a thing outta me. Cuz what kinda merchant sells out his customers?! Thanks, but come again when you got the guts to do this right!"note 
  • Rejected Apology: Downplayed. He mournfully apologizes to Twice, as he genuinely feels guilty due to the MLA managing to retrieve his client data despite his best efforts and using it against the League, to which Twice tells him not to apologize because he did nothing wrong.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: And his seems to fire flames, as well. Whether it truly is a revolver or just an eccentric lighter remains to be seen.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: Briefly gets these at the end of his introduction scene in the anime, as he's excitedly talking about all the villains that the League is inspiring.
  • Screw the Money, I Have Rules!: A variant. He refuses to sell out his clients or to have dealings with anyone he doesn't like, and anyone who tries to threaten or extort him automatically becomes one of those people. Basically, his rules are "Never be a snitch" and "Never take part in Teeth-Clenched Teamwork", and no amount of money or threats will make him break them.
  • Secondary Color Nemesis: Wears a gaudy lavender tuxedo, which is typical of pimps in Japan.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: Because the MLA can easily restore all his erased client data, he loses one hand's worth of fingers for nothing.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: Never seen without his Cool Shades, and he's smart enough to have realized the League's potential before anyone else and to have kept his notorious underground business running since the pre-All Might era without ever getting caught, an accomplishment even Re-Destro praises. It's no surprise the ULTRA ANALYSIS Character Book gives him a 5/5 in "Wits".
  • Smug Smiler: His default expression is a cocky Cheshire Cat Grin.
  • Standard Bleeding Spots: From his forehead during the MLA arc, likely from being struck at some point during either his capture or his first interrogation.
  • Stealth Pun: "Kagero" is also the Japanese word for "mayfly" or "heat haze", depending on the characters used. Giran's Quirk leaves the mind hazy for a short-lived period of time.
  • Toothy Issue: He's conspicuously missing a tooth, as seen when he talks or smirks, which makes him look shady.
  • Torture Is Ineffective: He was not kidding when he said that Re-Destro wouldn't get a single thing out of him.
  • Tranquil Fury: Even at his angriest, he never drops his veil of calculated indifference and snark.
  • Uncertain Doom: Not a fatal example, but Giran was present during the fight against the Paranormal Liberation Front, though it is unknown if he escaped or was apprehended with the majority.
  • Undying Loyalty: To his clients. He's willing to endure torture, lose body parts and risk his life to ensure the data they entrusted to him remain confidential.
  • Villainous Friendship: Seems to have one of sorts with Twice. It's mentioned that Giran paid for his costume because Twice was broke, that the two regularly keep in touch, and Twice was the only League member Giran showed genuine concern for during the Meta Liberation Army arc. Twice is also the only person Giran addresses with "omae" instead of his usual "anta".
  • Villainous Valor: When he's taken hostage by the Meta Liberation Army, he refuses to sell out the League, saying that no merchant worth their salt would ever betray their customers. He follows up by emphasizing that he'd refuse to do any business at all with Re-Destro anyway because he doesn't like him. Even losing half of his fingers doesn't get him to talk.
  • The Workaholic: He's very dedicated to his job, rejoicing at the idea of increasing his workload and being seen working or discussing work-related matters every time he appears (except during the MLA arc for obvious reasons).

    The U.A. Traitor (Spoilers) 

Yuga Aoyama - Can't Stop Twinkling

A vain, flamboyant, and extremely eccentric young man. His Quirk, "Navel Laser", allows him to fire powerful laser beams from his stomach. However, continuous use of this Quirk is liable to give him a stomach ache, and he also needs to wear a special support belt at all times to prevent the laser from "leaking out". Later revealed in chapter 336 to be the The Mole responsible for leaking the location of the training camp to the League of Villains, as well as informing the League about Class 1-A's trip to the USJ.
His tropes can be found here.

    The Hero Traitor (Spoilers) 


The #2 hero, who was secretly converted into the League of Villains by Dabi... except not really. He's actually a Double Agent trying to infiltrate the League and gain information on them.
His tropes can be found here.

    Villain Organization (Spoilers) 

Meta Liberation Army

The modern-day incarnation of the infamous Meta Liberation Army formerly led by Rikiya Yotsubashi, a.k.a. Re-Destro. The army initially served as the antagonists of their titular arc and tried to destroy the League to sublimate their prestige. However, after his defeat, Yotsubashi willingly surrendered control of the army and its resources to Shigaraki recognizing that his strength and freedom make him the ideal leader to represent Destro's will.
The army's collective tropes can be found here.