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Class 1-A
"Everyone here's just paying attention to Class A... why is that?"

The homeroom class of the heroes of our story, taught by Shota Aizawa. Consequently, most of the story revolves around their studies to become professional heroes. The class later gains some infamy for constantly being at the center of some type of conflict.

Characters are organized by seating order.

Character-Specific Pages

  • Students 1-10: Yuga Aoyama — Can't Stop Twinkling, Mina Ashido — Pinky, Tsuyu Asui — Froppy, Tenya Iida — Ingenium, Mashirao Ojiro — Tailman, Denki Kaminari — Chargebolt, Eijiro Kirishima — Red Riot, Koji Koda — Animan, Rikido Sato — Sugarman
  • Students 11-20: Mezo Shoji — Tentacole, Kyoka Jiro — Earphone Jack, Hanta Sero — Cellophane, Fumikage Tokoyami- Tsukiyomi, Toru Hagakure — Invisible Girl, Minoru Mineta — Grape Juice, Momo Yaoyorozu — Creati

Tropes about the class in general:

  • Accomplice by Inaction: Aizawa rips into the class for knowing five students were attempting to rescue Bakugo and not doing anything to stop them, and says that he would have expelled them all except the victim (Bakugo) and the two who were unaware (Hagakure and Jiro; they were both hospitalized at the time).
  • Always in Class One: The main cast is all in Class 1-A, with Class 1-B being more or less a Hufflepuff House compared to them. They're this in-universe too, as they get much more media attention than Class 1-B as a result of their experiences, backgrounds, and powers.
  • Arch-Enemy:
    • To All For One, who has intentionally and unintentionally been targeting them through both direct and indirect means since the school year started. After they learn of his existence, each member of the class gradually comes to hate him, especially after learning he's going to target Midoriya for his Quirk. The last straw is learning he exploited Aoyama and his family in order to force the former into becoming the U.A. traitor and All For One's mole. After learning that, the determined, angry looks each member of the class adopts make it clear that they're never going to stop until All For One is taken down for good.
      • All For One himself does not return the sentiment in the slightest, referring to Jiro and Tokoyami as mere 'gnats who buzz around One For All' and ranking the class in terms of their closeness to Izuku when deciding how to handle them. Even Izuku himself, his technical destined enemy and culmination of all of One For All's abilities, he doesn't consider anything less than a receptacle for the quirk for him to inevitably steal it from.
    • By extension of that, the League of Villains. Class 1-A has been the League's most consistent target ever since the USJ Incident, and the two groups have clashed numerous times with varying results. On top of that, at least four members of the class have connections to the League: Midoriya's growing animosity with Shigaraki as the successors to All Might and All For One respectively, Dabi's obsession with Endeavor (and by extension, Todoroki) due to being the former's eldest son and latter's older brother, Toya, Uraraka's own rivalry with Toga (who is also obsessed with Midoriya), and Aoyama's status as All For One's reluctant mole.
  • Badass Adorable: All of them are cute teenagers who have Quirks. Special mention goes to Midoriya, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Kaminari, and Yaoyorozu.
  • Blaming the Victim: On the receiving end, as even though the events of the USJ Arc was not their fault and for reasons beyond their control, many students outside the Class act like they're to blame for the increased security in response for this.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Yes, Class 1-A can be a bunch of goofballs, but put them in any sort of crisis situation and they'll prove that they're more than fit to become the next generation of pro heroes.
  • Calling Your Attacks: A lot of Class 1-A calls their attacks, including Midoriya's "Smash!", Uraraka's "Release!", Tokoyami's "Dark Shadow!", Bakugo's "DIE!", and Kaminari's "Indiscriminate Shock! 1.3 Million Volts!".
  • Clark Kent Outfit: The U.A. uniform is somewhat baggy on most male characters, and doesn't show the fact that most characters are notably ripped for their age. This is particular true with Ida and Midoriya. The former has the body of a bodybuilder, to the point of having an 8-pack and Midoriya, whose silhouette changes immensely through the show. The track outfit is more generous with the fact they're buff.
  • Child Soldier: All of Class 1-A become this after the War arc. To the point, where they are are now battle-hardened veterans. The level of adult-like maturity and seriousness that's shown on each of their faces as a result of having to cope with the trauma from that war amplifies this.
  • Designated Parents: Iida and Yaoyorozu are the Team Dad and Team Mom of the group respectively. A good example of this would be during a snow day—Yaoyorozu shows motherly looking concern when Kirishima strips off his shirt in the snow to "train his body against the elements" while Iida warns everyone to be careful since the snow is slippery.
  • Doom Magnet: Class 1-A sure does run into a lot of villain-related disasters.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: The class responds in shock and horror at the revelation that there's a traitor amongst them.
  • Famed In-Story: After the USJ Arc, the media attention the class gets causes them to overshadow everyone else at the U.A. Sports Festival. This grows to even further extremes following the line of crises that lead all the way up to the provisional hero license exam.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: After facing many dangers and villain attacks together, Class 1-A has become incredibly tight-knit.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: The three most powerful students in Class 1-A form a trio of this type, with Bakugou's fiery explosions, Todoroki's ice, and the green lightning that surrounds Midoriya when he uses One For All.
  • Heroic Build: Aside from Mineta, all the guys in Class 1-A are ripped for their age, as pro heroes have to be for their line of work.
  • Heroic RRoD: Many of them have a physical limit to how much of their power they can safely use at once. For example, using too much electricity will cause Kaminari's brain to short circuit for an hour, while Ashido can't release too much acid without burning herself. Their specialized training at the summer camp is meant to extend their limits and make them more durable fighters.
  • Innocence Lost: After the Paranormal Liberation War, watching thousands of heroes, civilians and villains die, including their teacher Midnight, along with the villains escaping from jail, AND finding out that All for One was targeting Midoriya and used Aoyoma as The Mole, whatever joy or peace they had is pretty much gone. While they still are hopeful to make hero society better, the amount of trauma they've endured has forced them to mature way too fast.
  • It's Personal: After learning how All For One exploited their classmate and friend Aoyama and forced him to be his mole under duress, on top of everything else he's done to them over the course of their first year at U.A., each and every single one of them is absolutely furious. All of them, even normally placid characters like Koda, adopt Death Glares as they prepare for them final battle with All For One, now more determined than ever to bring him down for good.
  • Kid Hero: For a looser definition of "kid", they're a bunch of teenagers attending a Superhero School. Despite training to become pro heroes, many of them still have the mentalities of children.
  • Most Definitely Not Accompanying Us: Hit with this in the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War, not just by the adults but by Izuku himself who leaves them all letters explaining One For All and why he has to leave. They point out it's hypocritical for Izuku, a fellow kid, to do all the fighting while they're expected to sit tight, and Nezu acknowledges they're correct. Their contesting the issue ends up being exactly what Izuku needs, and he becomes a stronger hero for having his friends beside him in the war against the League of Villains.
  • Nice Guy: All of them are relatively decent people, with even the worst one being a Anti-Villain being forced into evil to protect his family.
  • Out of Focus: Due to the size of Class 1-A, not all the students will get their share of screen-time all at once, and even then, several students are regularly left out of the limelight aside from a very small focus arc:
    • Koda and Sato were basically background characters up until the Final Exams Arc, which was where their powers were finally properly introduced. Even then, Sato's focus was in the anime. In the manga, he wouldn't receive any focus until the King of Dorms mini-arc. Both would go back to being extras shortly after their small focus. Koda at least retains enough occasional focus to let us know he's undergoing fairly substantial Character Development of his own even without us watching. He also gets a hell of A Day in the Limelight during the Final Battle, further downplaying this issue for him.
    • Ojiro, being The Generic Guy, has very little time in the limelight, the most being his decision to withdraw from the Sports Festival and his fight with Sen Kaibara of Class 1-B.
    • Sero has very little focus overall, the most he ends up with being his short fight with Todoroki in the Sports Festival, and his small role fighting alongside Midoriya and Uraraka in the provisional hero license exam.
    • Ashido is largely relegated to being the Plucky Comic Relief alongside Kaminari. Unlike Kaminari, however, who frequently has his Hidden Depths explored, Ashido hasn't had that privilege. The most she initially had in regards to focus were her showing up in a flashback of Kirishima's explaining his origin, and a small role in the U.A. Cultural Festival Arc where she teaches Midoriya breakdancing to enhance his fighting style. The Paranormal Liberation War arc Zig Zags this. She is the one set to throw the sedative down Gigantomachia's throat, but her recognizing he's the same villain she met years ago presses her Trauma Button, causing her to freeze up and require Kirishima save her. While she doesn't get anymore focus than the other students after this, she's shown to be one of the students reacting to finding Midnight's corpse alongside Yaoyorozu, Kirishima, and Sato, shown to be crying Broken Tears.
    • Hagakure is probably the biggest example as most just know her as that invisible classmate who hangs out with everyone. It's only until the special moves training for the following provisional hero license exam that she finally gets to show off more of her Quirk rather than just remaining invisible all the time. Even then though, she largely remains the Plucky Comic Relief.
  • Poster-Gallery Bedroom: After U.A. becomes a boarding school, the students are given their own rooms to decorate as they please, and almost each room is shown as a tip-off to their personalities.
  • Secret-Keeper: Right before he leaves U.A., Midoriya leaves behind a letter for each of them, which finally explains the truth about One For All. It's unclear how much he told them in the letter, but their later battle to bring him back to U.A. shows that they now know everything, including his ability to use the past users' Quirks.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: The class had dealt with many traumatic situations before, but the Paranormal Liberation War arc kicks it up to a whole new level with the death of their teacher Midnight and the general devastation left behind causing thousands more across the country. While the change is subtle, there is a new level of seriousness and focus they attain as they prepare to stop All For One.
  • Spanner in the Works: Perhaps not each of them individually, but as a group, their friendship with Izuku ends up being this. All For One's plan to have Izuku isolate himself would have succeeded without their intervention, and it's shown class 1-A are the only ones who could keep up with him by fighting tooth and nail to make him see they want to fight by his side and have just as much of a right to fight against the villains as he does. Their bond as True Companions ultimately put them at the center of the ensuing counter-attack against the League, with the site of each battle having the tide turned by remarkable acts of courage from each member of 1-A, building to victory.
  • Superior Successor: Chapter 324 ends with the assurance that the entire class will surpass All Might and be remembered collectively as the greatest generation of heroes there ever was, even if Izuku is at the forefront for obvious reasons.
  • Tall Poppy Syndrome: Starting with the villain attack at USJ and with each successive crisis the class, or members of the class, have endured and overcome. Peers at U.A., particularly amongst the other courses, have clearly grown to resent Class 1-A, believing them to be unrepentant glory hogs.
  • Took a Level in Badass: It's noted that surviving the villain attack during the USJ Arc affected the kids, so they're now less hesitant to use their Quirks and more confident in their abilities compared to their peers.
  • True Companions:
    • Because of everything they have faced together, Class 1-A has become a tightly knit team of young heroes who always have each other's backs and are determined to defend each other no matter what:
      Saiko: (when Yaoyorozu's classmates come back to save her during the provisional hero license exam) Why did you come back...? Didn't you think she failed already? Right now, we're in the middle of the licensing exam. You should be thinking of yourselves, not your friends!
      Jiro: That might be true for you, but we're different.
      Tsuyu: We won't leave our friend behind.
      Shoji: And we don't give up.
      Midoriya: (flashback) If I have to choose one or the other...I want to save both of them!
      Yaoyorozu: That's right. Like Midoriya... that's how we, Class 1-A, are!
    • In the My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission movie, when Deku was falsely accused for mass murder; the whole class refused to believe it as they knew their friend, Midoriya, would never do something like that.
    • This comes to the front during the Villain Hunt Arc: after Deku leaves U.A. to find All for One, the entire class begins to work so they can find him and bring him back, because, above all, they want him to realize that he can count on them.
    • It rears its head again after Aoyama is revealed to be the U.A. traitor. Despite being heartbroken at the betrayal, upon seeing that he was only acting under duress and that he deeply regrets his actions, none of them turn their back on him. Instead, they blame themselves for not realizing his situation sooner and helping him out of it.
  • Wacky Homeroom: They're certainly a colorful bunch. They've got the cocky delinquent, the goth, two straight-laced Class Representatives, a token pervert, the stereotypical boisterous Book Dumb students, etc. Not to mention some of them barely look human... and they've all got superpowers.
  • Walking Disaster Area: They started to gain a reputation for this after two direct villain attacks on them (the USJ exercise and the training camp), with the other classes blaming them for the beefed-up security of the school because of it.

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