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Tenko Shimura — Tomura Shigaraki
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Shigaraki's first outfit. 
Shigaraki's third outfit. 

Voiced by: Kōki Uchiyama, Arisa Sekine (young) (Japanese), Eric Vale, Emily Fajardo (young) (English), Rómulo Bernal (Latin American Spanish, TV series), Alfonso Obregón Inclán (Latin American Spanish, Heroes Rising)

Debut: Chapter 11 (Manga), Episode 8 (Anime)

Playable in: My Hero Academia: Battle for All, My Hero One's Justice, My Hero One's Justice 2

Quirk: Decay, All For One

Rank: S

"You heroes pretend to be society's guardians. For generations, you pretended not to see those you couldn't protect and swept their pain under the rug. It's tainted everything you've built. That means your system's all rotten from the inside with maggots crawling out. It all builds up, little by little, over time. You've got the common trash, all too dependent on being protected. And the brave guardians who created the trash that need coddling. It's a corrupt, vicious cycle. Everything I've witnessed... this whole system you've built has always rejected me. Now I'm ready to reject it. That's why I destroy. That's why I took this power for myself. Simple enough, yeah? I don't care if you don't understand. That's what makes us... heroes and villains."

The series' main antagonist and leader of the League of Villains, a jaded and irritable young man who wants to destroy society itself. He was raised by All For One, the villain who crippled All Might, and groomed to be his successor. "Tomura Shigaraki" is an alias, and his true name is Tenko Shimura, the grandson of All Might's mentor Nana Shimura.

His Quirk, "Decay", allows him to destroy anything he touches provided all five of his fingers are in contact with the object, befitting his desire for destruction. He is later given the original All For One Quirk, letting him wield multiple other Quirks simultaneously.

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  • Abusive Parents: His father, Kotaro, would lock Tenko out of the house when he misbehaved, and would keep him out there until he apologized. He also physically beat Tenko once when his buttons were badly pushed.
  • Achilles' Heel: Downplayed, but once Shigaraki manages to unlock the full power of his Decay Quirk during his fight with Re-Destro, he's able to now use the disintegration effect with each finger individually, allowing him to break free of Re-Destro's grip by partially decaying his fingers with his maimed hand, but he still seems to need all five fingers on one hand in order to unleash the full power of Decay in an AOE wave transmitted through the ground. Accordingly, having lost three fingers on his left hand prior to this, Shigaraki can only use this highly devastating move with his right hand, meaning keeping it occupied or incapacitated limits his ability to obliterate all his enemies in a single move. This comes in handy during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, when the backlash of his incomplete body being pushed beyond its limits nearly causes Shigaraki's entire right arm to fall off, being attached to his body only by strips of skin and muscle. The precious few seconds Shigarakai has to spend positioning his barely-attached limb with his mangled left hand to unleash the Decay Wave gives Midoriya enough time to combine Blackwhip and Float to yank him skyward to continue the fight mid-air.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: A downplayed example. In the color pages of the manga, Shigaraki is shown with grey hair, whereas his anime appearance gives it a blueish-grey tint.
  • Antagonist Abilities: Shigaraki's Decay makes him inherently difficult to fight, for several reasons. Against Close Range Combatants, he has a decisive advantage, as his ability can begin disintegrating the target's body starting from a point of contact. The target then has to amputate the part that's rotting or their entire body will decay. While fighting the Meta Liberation Army, the range and scale of his power increase dramatically, becoming capable of demolishing an entire city block. And after undergoing an intense medical procedure, he also gains the original All For One Quirk.
  • Antagonistic Offspring: A grandchild example. He hates his grandmother and blames her for everything that has happened to him.
  • Arch-Enemy: Both he and Midoriya are destined to lead the battle between good and evil as the next number one villain and hero, respectively. It's implied throughout the story they will continue the fight All Might and All For One left behind for them and they both gain their mentors' Quirks. Later on, Shigaraki is revealed to still have a part of his old personality as Tenko somewhere inside him, crying out for help. Midoriya senses this when their Quirks interact at the climax of the Paranormal Liberation War. Midoriya then accepts the responsibility of saving Shigaraki somehow while ensuring he pays for his crimes.
  • Assimilation Backfire: He manages to steal New Order...but Star and Stripe gives it one final command: New Order rebels against other Quirks. This effectively results in New Order rampaging through the vestige world, destroying his stockpiled quirks and threatening to rip Shigaraki apart from the inside out. What's worse is All For One (the Quirk) can't destroy Quirks, meaning the only way to prevent it would be to transfer it to someone else.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: During his fight with Re-Destro, Shigaraki unleashes his power to such extent that he turns half of Deika City into a crater in an instant. After witnessing this show of force, and seeing his rival's expression of true freedom, Re-Destro surrenders and offers Shigaraki the leadership of the Meta Liberation Army, which consists of over 100,000 soldiers, vast wealth, high tech equipment and assets of various tier 1 companies. Shigaraki accepts the offer and becomes the Grand Commander of the newly formed Paranormal Liberation Front.
  • At Least I Admit It: What he feels separates him from other villains like Stain, Overhaul, and Re-Destro. While those three and other villains like them try to justify or excuse their actions and take a moral high ground towards Shigaraki, Shigaraki himself doesn't hold any pretense. He's just a guy trying to get rid of people and things he doesn't like. And he sees nothing wrong with that.
  • Author Appeal: Averted in regards to Shigaraki. Kohei Horikoshi likes drawing hands, as he finds them to be the most expressive part of the body, but he absolutely loathes drawing the "expressionless hands" that adorn Shigaraki's body. He even refers to Shigaraki as his nemesis in the Volume 23 omakes.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: During the League's first fight against Aizawa, Shigaraki stays in the background and watches the fight from afar. Once he actually begins fighting the hero, he can perfectly predict when his Quirk will stop working, and disables the veteran teacher with ease.
  • Ax-Crazy: Shigaraki is very unstable and willing to kill anybody, and even after reigning himself in, retains his desire for violence.
  • Bad Boss: Early in the story, he is very callous with his subordinates, even threatening the unfailingly loyal Kurogiri for letting Iida get away. His Character Development has moved him well away from this, however, and by the time he assumes leadership of the League of Villains, he seems to have become a full-fledged Benevolent Boss.
  • Bad Powers, Bad People: Disintegration by touch? Definitely a villain.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Shigaraki's outfit as the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front incorporates a black suit and tie, similar to the type that Re-Destro wears, which was likely intentional to demonstrate his dominion over the former MLA's resources.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Shigaraki desired All For One's power and after months of painful surgery, he received it... along with the vestige of All For One, who can forcibly take control of his body.
  • Beauty Mark: An unusual male example, and subverted in that it doesn't make his wrinkled face look any better. It's actually inherited from his grandmother, Nana Shimura.
  • Benevolent Boss: After assuming leadership of the League of Villains. This is highlighted by his utter rage at Magne's death and Overhaul destroying Mr. Compress' arm. This is shown again in Chapter 148, where he has an almost beatific appearance while expressing his faith in Toga and Twice.
  • Berserk Button:
    • He loses his cool when someone hits his father's hand. He drops this as he matures as a villain.
    • Stain. When Dabi mentions that the only reason he joined the League is to carry on Stain's will, Shigaraki almost murders him and Toga on the spot.
    • Stepping on his authority as the aspiring big dog among villains makes him really angry.
  • Big Bad: He becomes the sole big bad after All For One's defeat and has been the main threat throughout the rest of the arcs. That is until the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, where he gains his master's Quirk and All For One himself takes over Shigaraki's body and retakes the position as the big bad of the series.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: With his master All For One. Shigaraki leads the League of Villains publicly, while his master, All For One, monitors him from the shadows. Their dynamic changes as the story advances.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Shigaraki and his master All For One fight over control for their shared body after Shigaraki gained All For One's Quirk, each one taking control at some point. In Chapter 295, however, All For One takes full control of Shigaraki's body and Midoriya sees Shigaraki as someone to rescue despite being archenemies.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Shigaraki is a legitimate threat, and does step up to the plate as the Big Bad after his master is defeated and jailed, but All For One set him up to eventually inherit his power, all so he could use him as a vessel in which to free himself and continue his plan of being the ultimate evil. The vestiges of One For All later comment on this, seeing him as a mere stepping stool for All For One's goal of becoming more powerful. Despite this, Shigaraki being played is shown to be more due to inexperience rather than outright inferiority. Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist also discuss why All For One even needed to manipulate Shigaraki like this, coming to the conclusion that he doesn't have the emotions necessary to steal One For All, meaning both Quirks have evolved beyond him.
  • Bloodbath Villain Origin: Used to Be a Sweet Kid, this came to an abrupt end when his Quirk activates for the first time following a beating from his abusive father. He accidentally kills most of his family, before becoming a Self-Made Orphan by deliberately murdering his father. All For One finds him soon after this and decides to groom him as a successor, triggering his Start of Darkness in earnest.
  • Blow You Away: One of his favorite Quirks inherited from All For One seems to be Air Cannon, as he uses it extensively against the heroes. Quite cleverly, he also combines Air Cannon with a Radio Waves Quirk to send out a blast that doubles as an EMP.
  • Body Horror: After using his Quirk at its full potential to level a good chunk of a city, his arm is left ragged by the backlash. In the Paramormal Liberation War Arc, due to him prematurely awakening from his medical procedure and pushing his body past its limits, his body starts to break down, leaving him with a huge gash across his chest. Also, when Endeavor blasts him with a point-blank Prominence Burn, Shigaraki's body is badly burned. And when Midoriya leaves a huge crack in his skull, All For One's grinning face can be seen.
    • Putting it bluntly, ever since he gained Hyper Regeneration, Tomura's body has been mangled and devastated by multiple different quirks and sheer physical trauma, to the point that it's half-implied that the only reason he doesn't die even with his super-healing is his sheer willpower to persist until he's destroyed everything, allowing the quirk to pull him back together no matter how badly he's hurt, to the point that the heroes are horrified at the fact that he just won't die. After Star hits him with the Tiamat intercontinental cruise missiles, Tomura's body is basically a charred skeleton with stripes of flesh left on it, and he still immediately bounces back to continue the fight with a massive Slasher Smile on his face— what's left of it.
  • Body Motifs: Hands. His Quirk involves destroying things provided that all five digits on his hands are touching them, and he has disembodied hands all over his body, including his face. This is deliberate as Horikoshi enjoys the expressiveness of hands, his own Author Avatar is a hand mutant, and takes it to its logical extreme with Shigaraki's design.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: A reoccurring motif of Shigaraki's character development is that while he possesses the raw power and intellegence to succeed All For One, he often has to be pushed by outside forces into honing his skills, usually in the form of a rival faction.
  • Character Development: When initially introduced, Shigaraki was a psychotic brat who frequently had temper tantrums, and had to be held back from doing anything stupid by Kurogiri. However, once having realized his own convictions, he becomes a lot more cunning, manipulative and patient. This can be seen in his ability to work with "Stain fanboys" in the expanded League, and keeping his temper under control after Bakugo damages his father's hand. Losing his mentor, and later the death of Magne drive his development further (exactly as planned in the former case) as he grows to value his team more. By the time he meets Gigantomachia and Dr. Garaki, he doesn't even lose his cool, and tries to talk to them rationally. His relationship with his team has also deepened to the point where he remains level-headed towards Spinner for questioning the League's lack of direction. By Chapter 237, he states he just wants the League to live as they see fit.
  • Characterization Marches On: He used a lot of video game lingo and metaphors during his debut, almost treating the USJ attack as if it was a video game level. From his next appearance onward, he no longer talks like that.
  • Character Tics:
    • In a similar fashion to Uraraka, touching objects he doesn't want to decompose by using only a few fingers at a time.
    • His habit of scratching himself is a tic that he has had since childhood which started as an "itch" before his Quirk fully activated. According to All For One, his "itch" is a byproduct of his need to destroy physically manifesting itself and can only be alleviated by killing something with some proof of that being the fact he stopped itching after killing his family. As he got older, he settles for scratching his neck which gets increasingly violent when he's in the middle of a breakdown. Thanks to character development, he gets better though he still scratches himself on occasion.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: He was able to move faster than eye can see during the USJ Arc. Chapter 276 reveals that the procedure that transferred the All For One Quirk to him also modified his body to grant him immense strength even without a Quirk, allowing him to leap high into the air and move with intense speed.
  • The Chessmaster: He was a Psychopathic Manchild, but his character development is slowly turning him into this. This is best seen at the aftermath of the Internship Arc; after spending the arc basically subservient to Overhaul and keeping his ego down, and letting Overhaul and his gang take on the heroes, he backstabs Overhaul at the exact right moment to make it hurt the most. To add insult to injury, he cripples Overhaul to the point that the latter is basically Brought Down to Normal, and runs off with his prized possessions.
  • Clothing Damage: Over the course of his battle with Re-Destro, Shigaraki's outfit gets progressively more torn and damaged, culminating in him being left wearing the remnants of his pants after he unleashes his ultimate attack. This happens again in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc where he starts off in a bodysuit similar to Nine from Heroes Rising, but as his battle with the heroes progresses, his suit becomes damaged until he's left shirtless.
  • Coat Cape: Shigaraki's third outfit includes a coat with a fluffy collar, not unlike Overhaul's, that he wears in this fashion.
  • Combat Tentacles: In Chapter 285, All For One's lingering consciousness takes control of his body, causing him to manifest the Rivet Stab tentacles, which he uses to impale both Endeavor and Bakugo. Unlike All For One, Shigaraki can sprout the tendrils from his back as well, allowing him to move Doctor Octopus style.
  • Combo Platter Powers: After gaining the original All For One Quirk, Shigaraki can combine different Quirks together to create devastating attacks. During his fight with Endeavor, he combines an Air Cannon Quirk with a Radio Waves Quirk, allowing him to blow the heroes away and disrupt their communications, and also awakening some of the High End Nomu for backup.
  • Costume Evolution: Shigaraki has a few through the series whenever important milestones in his villain career happen:
    • When Shigaraki becomes the guiding force of the League of Villains, without the influence of All For One, he starts wearing a dark black Badass Longcoat, showing how he's come to embrace his authority and his evolution into a competent villain.
    • After taking over the leadership of the MLA and reforming it and the League into the Paranormal Liberation Front, Shigaraki decks himself out in a suit and spiffy coat to demonstrate his newfound strength and influence. He continues to wear his one surviving hand as a face mask replacing Father. However, unlike before, the hand no longer serves as a mental crutch and is now just there to fit with his former aesthetic.
  • Crazy-Prepared: In Chapter 276, it's revealed that Shigaraki used his newfound control over his Decay Quirk to avoid hitting the capsules for the sleeping High-End Nomu so he could summon them to aid him later.
  • Creepy Monotone: Shigaraki's voice is very eerie and quavering, and in the manga, his speech bubbles are drawn as jittery with messy text, used to illustrate that he's unstable and could come unhinged at any moment.
  • Creepy Souvenir: That hand Shigaraki wears on his face? It's heavily implied to be and later outright confirmed to be his father's actual hand and all that was left after using Decay on him. The hands Shigaraki wears around his neck, upper arms, elbows, and wrists are later revealed to belong to his other family members, killed the same way after his Quirk's accidental activation. The ones on his neck are his mother's, the ones on his upper arms are his maternal grandfather's, the ones on his forearms are his maternal grandmother's, and the one's on his wrists are his older sister's. The last five hands (on his shoulders, sides, and the back of his head) are perhaps the most disturbing of all: four of them belonged to two random punks who made the mistake of crossing a young Shigaraki. The last one? It's from his paternal grandmother Nana Shimura, who was murdered by All for One, given to Shigaraki to replace one of his father's hands.
  • Dark Is Evil: His preferred attire color is black, which serves to emphasize his malice.
  • Darth Vader Clone: While played straight in regards to his apprenticeship to a master and wanting to usurp him, Shigaraki differs from most variations of this in his relationship to the protagonist. Midoriya's new mission is to somehow save Shigaraki from All For One, mirroring Luke Skywalker's quest to save Darth Vader. This likely won't mean redemption, but there is a chance the part of his soul that's still Tenko can be spared to some degree. He even acquires a new "mask" of sorts when the one remaining hand he owns is charred black by Endeavor's flames, another similarity to Vader. Bonus points for being Nana's hand.
  • Deadpan Snarker: While not as pronounced as someone like Dabi, by the time of the Internship Arc, he has developed into one of these. This is taken Up to Eleven by the time of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, at one point dryly wondering if he is using the correct hand to reenacting All Might's iconic pose at Kamino... while standing atop a downed Endeavor's chest.
  • Destroy the Abusive Home: After killing his entire family, Shigaraki's Decay Quirk completely destroyed the house his father built.
  • Determinator:
    • Easily rivals Midoriya in this category, if not surpasses him. This is best demonstrated in Chapter 223, where Gigantomachia has been hunting and continuously fighting him for 48 hours straight with only three hours for Shigaraki to rest. And this has been going on for a month and a half.
    • After the machines meant to revive him from his power-up coma were destroyed by Mirko, he was able to bring himself back from clinical death with nothing but his own sheer determination.
  • Disease Bleach: Shigaraki didn't always have silver hair and red eyes. When he was five years old, he shared his family's dark hair and eyes. He only got those features after killing his family.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Shigaraki's first intentional victim was his own father as payback for the abuse he suffered growing up.
  • Dragon Ascendant: Following All For One's defeat, he becomes the full leader of the League of Villains, just as his mentor wanted. Following the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, however, he has been more or less Demoted to Dragon.
  • Dragon-in-Chief: To All For One. He eventually becomes the full leader of the League of Villains after All For One's defeat. Shigaraki also claims he doesn't want to be like his master, but better than him.
  • Dramatic Irony: Following the fight with the MLA in Deika City, Shigaraki loses his thumb, index and middle fingers on his left hand to Re-Destro. This leaves him with exactly seven fingers— the same number that his grandmother Nana took in the OFA chain of succession, though he's completely unaware of this.
  • Early Installment Character Design Difference: It's subtle, but he's actually changed art styles as his character has developed, from a highly detailed style that played up his creepiness to a less detailed style that still leaves him creepy, but also gives him a soft, almost beatific feel.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: In Chapter 270, Shigaraki sees his long dead mother in his dream. It clearly shows that he still cares about her to some degree, enough that he turns back into a child in front of her. Unfortunately, it's not enough to stop him from embracing the path of villainy.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He still holds on to some lingering affections for his family, particularly his sister and mother. This is played straight with All For One; Shigaraki truly respects his foster father, stating it directly when he feels AFO's lingering presence inside his mind after receiving his Quirk, admitting he's truly grateful for everything he'd done for him. This is also played straight with the League Of Villains. Over time, he develops into a Benevolent Boss and grows to genuinely care for his comrades. He is horrified when Magne is killed by Overhaul and enraged when Mr. Compress loses his arm to the villain. He shows trust in Toga and Twice on numerous occasions and states that while he wants to destroy everything he dislikes, his allies are exempt from his goals. At one point, he even admits he has no need for a future of his own and just wants to see the League live how they want.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • During the Forest Training Camp Arc, he tells Kurogiri that he wouldn't send the new recruits into danger, claiming he wasn't that heartless.
    • He is openly appalled by Overhaul's lack of regard for his underlings, and killing Magne didn't exactly do his view on him any favors.
    • During the Meta Liberation Army Arc, he says that he won't forgive the army for toying with Twice since Twice is tearing himself apart to save the kidnapped Giren.
    • While Shigaraki has no qualms committing atrocities, he doesn't enjoy manipulating people, especially his comrades. He even denounces his own mentor for having such proclivities.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: The reason why his plan to convert Bakugo to the League of Villains quite literally blows up in his face. He thought that Bakugo's violent tendencies meant that he'd be better suited as a villain, not realizing that Bakugo genuinely wants to be like All Might in spite of himself. Aizawa, All Might, and Bakugo himself pretty much spell this out for him.
  • Evil Counterpart:
    • A pretty blatant one to Midoriya, as All For One's protégé compared to One For All's inheritor, especially given his Awesomeness by Analysis abilities. They both even receive their mentor's Quirks. They both wear red sneakers, even.
    • All For One deliberately engineered Shigaraki to become one for All Might, hoping to turn him into a "Symbol of Fear" to counteract the "Symbol of Peace."
  • Evil Feels Good: His narration during his flashback says that he felt the most pleasant of sensations once he murdered his father and that the incident stopped his constant itching.
  • Evil Is Petty: In the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, the first thing he does after waking up from his medical procedure? Kill X-Less and take his cape.
  • Evil Sounds Raspy: Eric Vale gives Shigaraki a very coarse voice that doesn't break even when he is in the middle of a Villainous Breakdown. During his fight with Re Destro, after fully unlocking the power of his Decay quirk, his voice loses its raspiness and becomes deeper.
  • Exact Words: He never explicitly told Toga and Twice to betray the Shie Hassaikai. But he didn't tell them not to. This allowed them to get past Nemoto's Quirk because there was technically no planned betrayal in the works, it was just something they chose to do later on, which Shigaraki was banking on.
  • Expy: Horikoshi states that Shigaraki was based on the protagonist of his first one-shot, Tenko. They both share the ability to disintegrate anything they touch, they both accidentally killed their loved ones with their abilities, they both share an intense hatred for the world and wish to rid it of something,note  and they both share the same name.
  • Eye Scream: Shigaraki has a scar over his right eye, revealed to be a result of clawing at his own eye after accidentally murdering his sister.

    F - P 
  • The Faceless: Initially, his face is always covered by one of his severed hands, even when he's not wearing the rest of his costume. He eventually reveals his real face to Midoriya in a shopping mall, and begins to show his face much more often as he grows in power and confidence.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He can be even-tempered and articulate when he so chooses, as evident in his ambush of Midoriya in the shopping mall, where he made due on his promise not to hurt him so long as they talked. He also shows shades of this in his battle in the Paranormal Liberation War, at times appearing more politely amused than truly angry.
  • Feel No Pain: It's unclear if part of the modifications Dr. Garaki made to his body literally involved nullifying his sense of pain, or if his increased resistance stems from somebody with Shigaraki's damaged mental state being given a body that can handle the abuse he puts it though, but after he gets modified, Shigaraki basically ignores any and all injuries he suffers, just relentlessly attacking his opponents regardless and allowing his Healing Factor to fix the damage. This gets driven home when Endeavor sets him on fire and the manga gives a lovely close-up shot of his eyes broiling as he gives him a Death Glare through the flames without uttering a single sound. Once the damage his incomplete body endures starts becoming too much for it, resulting in a large, bloody gash appearing in his torso and his right arm almost falling off, Shigaraki's only reaction is a confused "huh?", and to calmly analyse the reasoning behind why his body is suddenly falling apart, rather than showing any reaction to his body literally falling to pieces on him.
  • Fingore: Re-Destro cripples Shigaraki's left hand, destroying his thumb, index and middle fingers.
  • Foil: To Midoriya:
    • Both of them are the pupils of the previous Big Good and Big Bad, and at the start of the story both of them are pretty terrible at what they do and have to learn from their mentors.
    • Shigaraki is descended from a user of One For All but doesn't know it, while Midoriya has no biological relationship to any of the Quirk's users but has a strong connection with All Might. Both Midoriya and Shigaraki belong to Nana Shimura's legacy.
    • And while both have powerful Quirks they need to control for fear of what could happen otherwise, Midoriya works to control his power in increasing increments and fears the damage his Quirk does to his own body, while Shigaraki's can only be all-or-nothing and affects things around him when uncontrolled.
    • Even their Body Motifs are opposing, with Shigaraki requiring his hands for his Quirk and Midoriya focusing his own through his legs after developing Shoot Style.
    • Both inherit their mentors' Quirks through different ways: Shigaraki obtained All For One after undergoing a painful, extensive Quirk surgery and his body is artificially enhanced to imitate All Might's immense strength (although not completely on par with All Might). On the other hand, Midoriya obtained One For All after undergoing ten months of physical training. He also obtained the ability to wield multiple Quirks, which imitates All For One's ability.
  • For the Evulz: At first, he comes across as a manchild who just wants to destroy what he dislikes. Many villains even criticize him for this. Gradually, Shigaraki realizes his conviction: that too many heroes have spoiled society, and therefore the entire society must perish.
  • Forgot About His Powers: Literally. After killing his family with his Quirk, he suppressed the memories and subconsciously held himself back.
  • Four Is Death: In My Hero One's Justice, hitting an opponent with his special move four times kills them instantly. The pop-up that appears upon connecting displays a number that increases with each hit, until the fourth one, which says "DEAD!". Also, his birthday is April 4th, or 4/4.
  • Freak Out: When Re-Destro starts damaging the hands of his family, Shigaraki starts having a mental breakdown as this triggers his memories of his family.
  • Freudian Excuse: We get glimpses of his childhood, and it's really sad. By all accounts, he had a loving family before his Quirk awoke except for his father who despised heroes due to his mother abandoning him. He got into trouble with his father whenever he expressed a desire to become a hero and was locked outside until he apologised. While his family loved him, they didn't want to go against his father's wishes, and tried to convince him to give up on his dream, which left him constantly depressed. His sister Hana was the only one to encourage Tenko and showed him a picture of his grandma Nana to give him hope. However, his father found out about the photo and Hana, in a Moment of Weakness, blamed Tenko, which led to his father beating him. Seeing that his family wouldn't stand up for him was the final straw and it led to Tenko's Quirk awakening. He was left lost, destitute and crying in a street alley. Why did no one help him? Because he looked so freaking scary. But then All For One came to his rescue...
  • Full-Name Basis: Kurogiri always addresses him by his full name.
  • Gave Up Too Soon: His first raid on USJ is quickly called off when their trump card against All Might lost. Midoriya calls him out on this, pointing to it as one of the major differences between him and Stain, along with their conviction. This aspect is completely averted after further character development.
  • Generation Xerox: During his month and a half long battle with Gigantomachia, he kept his smile up through the whole ordeal, unwittingly following in his grandmother's footsteps.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a big scratch over his right eyelid and a nasty looking disfigurement around the corner of his mouth.
  • Hates Their Parent: He is shown to hate his father in flashbacks of his childhood. In fact, his treatment of Shigaraki was so bad that he outright murders his father with gleeful joy when given the opportunity. He even outright says to Nana Shimura when he meets her in One For All that he hates her for everything that's happened to him.
  • Healing Factor: After gaining the original All For One Quirk, he also gains the Nomus' signature Super Regeneration. Endeavor uses his Hell's Curtain Super Move in an attempt to trap him, but Shigaraki regenerates faster than the flames can burn him.
  • The Heavy: For all intents and purposes, he is the one stirring up trouble in the series, with the rarely-appearing "Sensei" supporting him by providing intel and manpower. This changes following his mentor's imprisonment.
  • Helping Hands: Has hands covering his entire body, including his face. It's later revealed these hands are all that remains of his family after his Quirk awakened.
  • Hero Killer: The massive Decay wave Shigaraki unleashes upon awakening in Jakku hospital kills a good number of the heroes there, among them X-Less and Crust.
  • Holding Out for a Hero: Shigaraki shows contempt for this attitude during his conversation with Midoriya. In his eyes, everyday people are oblivious to the fact that anyone with a dangerous Quirk could easily kill them. He thinks this is because the masses believe that heroes like All Might will always jump in and save them. It's implied that this attitude also created the Bystander Syndrome that made people so unwilling to help Shigaraki when he was a child.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: He badly underestimates Bakugo's moral character when he targets him as a potential Rival Turned Evil.
  • Humanoid Abomination: The procedure he underwent has granted him inhuman amounts of power under a normal appearance. Even with his Quirk nullified, his strength is comparable to All Might.
  • Hypocritical Humor: When Toga and Dabi attempt to join the organization, he calls Toga a "brat" and gets annoyed at Dabi for not revealing his real name. Mentally speaking, Shigaraki is more of a "brat" than Toga is, and is also not going by his real name.
  • I Control My Minions Through...: Pure authority initially, and not even his own. However, after All For One's defeat and his subsequent Character Development, he shifts more toward loyalty based on acceptance and benevolence.
  • Identical Grandson: As Chapter 235 shows, when Tenko was five years old and hadn't yet developed his Quirk, he much more closely resembled his grandmother, Nana, with the same black hair, eyes, and Beauty Mark.
  • Implacable Man: Following his upgrade by Dr. Garaki, he's become this thanks to his utterly ridiculous Healing Factor, and best shown in his fight against Star and Stripes. He takes physical blows from a gigantic Fighting Spirit, gets stabbed by a laser blade on the level of Surtr on Hela, and gets multiple tactical ICBM dropped on him. None of these manage to stop him for prolonged period, and he just keeps on ticking.
  • Important Haircut: After abandoning his past, his normally droopy and wet-looking hair becomes free-flowing and silky instead, accentuating his new, intimidating appearance and status.
  • In a Single Bound: Once awakened from an intense medical procedure designed to improve his body dramatically and implant the original All For One Quirk, Shigaraki gains the ability to leap long distances.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Initially prone to this, making speeches about how heroes are just as bad as villains and the like. This makes him a charismatic leader to the two-bit thugs following him during the USJ Arc, given that he's basically telling them what they already want to hear.
  • Instant Expert: Right after awakening from stasis, Shigaraki knows what Quirks he has, and can wield them without any blowback or initial struggle. The only thing he needs to do is decide what Quirks would work best. This was intentional on All For One's part, as he chose Quirks that would be rather straightforward and easy-to-use when first obtained.
  • It's All About Me: Initially, his reasons for going against hero society are purely solipsistic, because he sees taking out his hatred of it for "kicking him to the curb" as a form of validation of his own power. He gets called out for his childish motivations by Stain in the Hero Killer Arc.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down:
    • Overlaps with Kick the Son of a Bitch. After Midoriya defeated Overhaul with the help of Eri, Shigaraki stages an attack on the escort the villain is in, to punish him for the dishonor and bloodshed he inflicted on the League of Villains.
      Shigaraki: Just like that, you're helpless! A weak, Quirkless loser! And the fruits of your labors belong to me! Now, you don't even have a thumb to suck on! You're doomed to watch from the sidelines as your dream falls apart! Let's do our best!
    • He has a more ruthless repeat performance in the movie Heroes: Rising where after Nine is beaten and severely injured in a fight against Midoriya and Bakugo, Shigaraki appears before Nine when he's at his weakest and kills him with his Decay Quirk.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch:
    • His destruction of Overhaul's arms before taking the completed Anti-Quirk drug, meaning everything Overhaul did was ultimately for nothing. Considering all the abuse and torture Overhaul inflicted on Eri, it's hard to not feel some sense of gratification.
    • He killed his father for all the abuse he inflicted on Tomura due to his anger towards his own mother and heroes in general.
  • Knight of Cerebus: The tone of the series uniformly darkens whenever he is in focus. Tellingly, his character development causes this effect to increase as well.
  • Lack of Empathy: Mired in his hatred of society at large, Shigaraki is largely devoid of genuine compassion, though he grows genuine fondness for the League of Villains as time wears on.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Ironically, despite having hated his father, Tenko grew up to be very much like him: both hate hero society, both escalate to violence when things don't go their way and both grew up resenting their parents. The difference is that Shigaraki at least cares for his comrades, promising them freedom to fulfill their dreams. On the other hand, Kotaro was overbearing towards his family.
  • Logical Weakness: His Decay Quirk is exceptionally dangerous, but the object he grabs has to be solid. That's why Snatch, whose ability to turn into sand gives him a fluid form Shigaraki can't properly grip, is able to fight him hand-to-hand without issue.
  • Long-Lost Relative: Shigaraki is actually the grandson of Nana Shimura, All Might's mentor and the previous wielder of One For All.
  • Made of Iron: Although his Quirk has nothing to do with his physical durability, he has repeatedly been shown to quickly recover from injuries that would be hard for a normal human to survive. He gets hit point blank by one of Bakugo's explosions and walks it off. He's also able to heal perfectly fine after being pelted with bullets in the USJ attack. Also, despite getting pummeled by Gigantomachia for a month, he's able to walk, talk, and move with fluidity. He later gets caught by a glancing strike from Re-Destro's 80% Stress form, which is strong enough to demolish buildings from air force alone, but has enough strength to get up immediately (note that this is shortly after being thrashed by Gigantomachia). This gets taken Up to Eleven in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Shigaraki's body is modified to grant him immense superhuman strength, speed, and durability, which combined with "Super Regeneration" allow him to survive hits that would kill most living beings. He takes large explosions from Bakugo, direct hits from Endeavor's super moves, 100% One For All blows and still manages to keep fighting.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Shigaraki seems to have a ridiculously high pain threshold, and barely reacts to potentially crippling injuries. He gets stabbed in the shoulder by Stain, but only reacts violently when the latter's sword touches his father's hand, and merely complains afterwards that he had only just finished healing from his prior injuries. During the battle with the Meta Liberation Army, Re-Destro destroys three of the fingers on his left hand, but Shigaraki barely notices, having a much bigger reaction to seeing his sister's hand being destroyed. After he gets modified, it's unclear if he can even feel pain anymore, or if his nonchalant reaction to the horrific damage his body endures is due to Shigaraki now having a body that can endure his self-destructive mindset.
  • Make Them Rot: His Quirk. He can effectively destroy anything he touches.
  • Meaningful Rename: "Tomura Shigaraki" isn't his birth name. That would be Tenko Shimura, which gains significance when it's revealed he's the grandson of All Might's mentor, Nana Shimura. This rename was All For One's idea, and he explains it's meaning: Tomura is short for Tomurau, which means "to mourn" and invokes the sadness that comes with death and parting; Shigaraki is All For One's true last name. Thus "Tomura Shigaraki" is born as someone who inspires acts of mourning around the world as All For One's successor and surrogate son.
  • Mind Hive: After All For One passes on his Quirk to Shigaraki, it's revealed that the All For One Quirk also passes on its wielder's "will", with a ghostly apparition of All For One now existing inside of Shigaraki. This isn't a good thing for Shigaraki: because All For One can suppress his will and hijack his body. In contrast, the users of One For All and Midoriya support each other unconditionally.
  • Momma's Boy: Flashbacks shows that he was close to his mother, Nao, before her death.
  • Moral Myopia: While he isn't entirely wrong about the myriad of social issues that fester within hero society, his use of mass wholesale destruction as a solution has had the effect of replicating the root cause behind those issues on a larger scale.
  • Mouth of Sauron: As of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, he's effectively become this for his master and mentor All For One, and he's not too happy about it either.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful: As it turns out, Dr. Garaki didn't only transfer All For One to Shigaraki during his enhancement process, but also physically strengthened his body as well. After awakening from his long slumber, the formerly slim Shigaraki is now absolutely jacked and it shows in his performance; his raw power is now such that, even while having his Quirks cancelled out by Aizawa, he can easily jump several stories in the air and casually overpower Endeavor with one arm. This is somewhat ironic though, as he was previously a case of Muscles Are Meaningless and was already quite a bit stronger than his slim build suggested.
  • My Significance Sense Is Tingling: After acquiring the All For One Quirk, Shigaraki also inherits his master's intense urge to obtain One For All. This is the first sign that his consciousness is no longer all his.
  • Nervous Tics: He often scratches his neck whenever he's stressed or pissed off. However, he does it much less now after his character development.
  • Never My Fault: For his understandably tragic backstory and chilling monologue in the Paranormal Liberation War, Shigaraki is ultimately a man who refuses to address his weaknesses, blames the rest of the world for his failings and uses the aforementioned tragic backstory as a justification for his malice. Because of his mentor All For One's influence, he is unable to entertain the possibility that he's wrong about anything.
  • Next Tier Power-Up:
    • He gets this during the fight against the MLA when he unlocks his long-suppressed memories and regains the full use of his Quirk, allowing his Decay to propagate between objects and people rather than being limited to what he directly touches.
    • He invokes this deliberately when he orders Dr. Garaki to upgrade him using research originally meant for All For One, which results in Shigaraki gaining not only more control over Decay, but a greatly improved body and the All For One Quirk along with the stolen Quirks that came with it.
  • Nightmare Face: There are entire pages dedicated to how creepy this guy looks, just to hammer in the point. The first time we see his actual face, which should be comparatively normal, it's drawn with frightening detail. In fact, it's for this reason that people didn't want to save him or even look at him for that matter when he was a child.
  • No Brows: A subtler example, likely for the uncanniness. While Shigaraki's bangs and/or hands generally cover his forehead, certain panels (usually action shots) show that the wrinkled skin texture around his eyes continues all the way up to his hairline, including the area where his eyebrows should be. He had them as a little boy, so the implication may be that he's somehow scratched them off.
  • Oh, Crap!: When he searched for All For One's legacy and that legacy found him first, wanting Shigaraki to prove himself worthy of his devotion.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: His overall goal appears to be the destruction of society. It is later revealed that this is due to the immense trauma he had suffered during his childhood when his Quirk had first manifested. Shigaraki can only recollect fragments that excruciatingly torment his psyche. As a result, he loathes the world and every living thing in it:
    Shigaraki: Even if this society comes crashing down... Even if I rise to rule the underworld... That weight in my heart is never gonna go away. It's why I hate everything. Every living, breathing thing just rubs me the wrong way. So why not destroy it all? Why not destroy everything?
  • Overarching Villain: He is this for most of the series as most arcs tend to involve him or his subordinates, even in ones where he's not the main threat, like the Internship Arc.
  • The Power of Hate: His desire for destruction stems from loathing towards hero society as a whole, channeled into rage that drives his Quirk's abilities: he wants to wipe out what he hates. Hatred specifically motivates him against All Might and Midoriya, the former as a symbol of the society he hates (and for hurting his mentor), and the latter for aspiring to All Might's example. Hawks speculates that All For One more or less invoked this mindset in Shigaraki's upbringing to ensure his success at stealing One For All.
  • Power Parasite: He obtains All For One's original Quirk thanks to Dr. Garaki.
  • Power Palms: After obtaining "All For One," he gains holes in the palms of his hands like his master.
  • Person of Mass Destruction:
    • While the audience only gets to see bits and pieces of how powerful Shigaraki's Decay Quirk really is, the League's war with the Meta Liberation Army showcases some truly jaw dropping levels of power, which includes disintegrating dozens of members of the army with the sweep of a hand and destroying an entire tower just by touching it, and later on disintegrating an entire city leaving only cratered ruins. It is later revealed that the destruction was even greater than what occured at Kamino.
    • After awakening from stasis with the All For One Quirk transplanted into him, Shigaraki is universally acknowledged as this. The first thing he does after waking up is decay a third of Kyoto city, killing numerous civilians and heroes.
  • Personality Powers:
    • Actually discussed between him and Re-Destro. Shigaraki is an extreme nihilist that cares for nothing but the destruction of the world. Re-Destro is aware of this, which is why, as a Visionary Villain, he initially opposes the League.
    • This is invoked by All For One while he steals Quirks to "pre-load" for Shigaraki before passing on the original All For One Quirk. Knowing that Shigaraki desires absolute destructive power and also wouldn't be patient enough to train any Weak, but Skilled type of powers, he steals simple but powerful Quirks for his protégé to use, such as Super Strength multipliers and air cannons.
  • Playing Both Sides: His plan for the Meta Liberation Army. Gigantomachia will sleep for about one hour more than they will be in the city trying to rescue Giran. Shigaraki's plan is for them to hold on, get Giran to safety and attract Gigantomachia to the city. Giganto will destroy the army to the same degree that they'll hopefully tire or harm him enough for Shigaraki to be able to take him down himself, killing two bird with one stone. Dr. Garaki points out the army may be lying about their numbers but in that case, Shigaraki is satisfied with the idea that Gigantomachia will obliterate the little numbers the army does have.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Initially starts out as one of these, seeing the whole USJ invasion as nothing more than a game. All Might later specifically describes him as this. Stain and Overhaul even call him out on this, finding the reasons for his actions and his ambitions childish and without cause. He eventually grows out of this by the end of the Internship Arc.

    R - W 
  • Rage Breaking Point: In the past when his Quirk first emerged and killed his family. He had been trying to get help from his father after accidentally killing the rest of the family when his father hit him in the face with a weed whacker. This act, reminding him of all the abuse he had taken under his father's household, awakened a desire to kill his father in murderous rage, making him his first actual victim in the process.
  • Replacement Goldfish: It's implied he's one for his foster father since Shigaraki has an eerily similar resemblance to All For One's younger brother.
  • Razor-Sharp Hand: In Chapter 281, he incapacitates Gran Torino by running his fist straight through him.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Made more visible when he has no hand on his face.
  • Red Right Hand: After his battle with Re-Destro, Shigaraki losses all but the ring and pinkie fingers of his left hand and now wears a prosthetic that resembles a half glove over his fingers.
  • Repressed Memories: Shigaraki subconsciously suppressed his memories of him killing his family as a self-preservation measure. Once those become unlocked, Shigaraki is capable of showing what he can really do.
  • The Resenter: To Stain for upstaging him as a villain without even trying. He doesn't react well when the new recruits admit that they only joined the League of Villains because they are fans of Stain. Kurogiri's intervention is the only reason he and the new recruits didn't kill each other on the spot.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: His M.O. across the story boils down to this. Even before he focuses on any discernible goal, Shigaraki's primary motivation is to cause chaos and suffering no matter what so everybody feels the same misery he experiences constantly. This is him getting back at the society that created him, first by giving him hope he could be a hero only to cruelly rip it away once his quirk manifested. Then leaving him to fend for himself until All For One was the only one to offer him any sense of security, no matter how toxic. Shigaraki cares only for his friends and allies in the League of Villains who are safe from his wrath, and he won't rest until the world understands his pain through total annihilation.
  • Sadist: Shigaraki visibly enjoys using his powers and is capable of some pretty disturbing acts of violence, just ask Overhaul. His grins doesn't help matters.
  • Sanity Has Advantages: Initially, he is clearly dangerous to be around, with a childish personality, a tendency to get easily upset and throw tantrums when things don't fall his way, and his proud, petty nature meant that he wouldn't work with anyone who annoyed or disrespected him somehow. He mellows out considerably after All For One is incarcerated and he's forced to forge a new path for the League on his own, earning genuine loyalty from his underlings and being more adaptable on the fly.
  • Scars Are Forever: While it might not be as easily noticeable, or at the very least something the audience can write of as being caused by his dry skin, Shigaraki has noticeable scars on his right eyelid and the left side of his lip. Chapter 236 reveals that the eye scar was a result of young Tenko clawing at his own eye after he accidentally killed his older sister while the lip scar came from his father smacking him with a weed whacker after witnessing his rampage.
  • Self-Harm: Shigaraki often scratches his neck and, as shown in Episode 11, if he starts having a psychotic episode, he'll scratch himself so hard that he starts drawing blood.
  • Self-Made Orphan: He accidentally killed his entire family when his Quirk first activated, leaving him in the miserable state in which All For One found him. As of Chapter 222 of the manga, it's revealed that he only remembers fragments of the event, but they're enough to make him sick to his stomach. As he fights Re-Destro, the memories start coming back full force when his family's hands get damaged.
  • Skewed Priorities: He held Midoriya hostage in the mall, not to kill the new successor of One For All, but to vent out his frustration and confusion to Midoriya on why people would focus on Stain over him.
  • Slasher Smile: He sports one the first time we see his face. And that's not even going into the incredibly unsettling one he gives poor Midoriya later on in their conversation. Chapter 223 makes note that Shigaraki has been smiling like this for over a month despite (or maybe because of) being in terrible danger. As a child, his smile was part of the reason why no one came to help him, he was that scary.
  • Smart People Play Chess: Amusingly averted. Shigaraki has no idea how to play chess. He's really bothered when Overhaul forces him to play a few rounds of shogi during their meeting. When the time comes to use chess metaphors, all Shigaraki has figured out is "you win by taking the other guy's king".
  • Smarter Than You Look: Thanks in no small part to his initial childishness and psychotic episodes, it can be difficult to remember at times that Shigaraki is actually an incredibly smart villain. This can be seen during his fight with Aizawa when he was able to determine that the duration of time the latter could erase Quirks was getting shorter and when he came up with the plan to successfully capture Bakugo. In fact, according to his stats in the Official Character Book, he ranks 5/5 or A in intelligence, which for the record makes him smarter than Midoriya and Kurogiri, who both scored a 4/5 or B.
  • Smash the Symbol: After recovering his memories during his fight with Re-Destro Shigaraki destroys his father's hand declaring it unnecessary. His family's hands were meant to keep his old memories as Tenko Shimura locked away while aggravating his aggressive tendencies to help him embrace his need for destruction. By deliberately destroying his hands, Shigaraki has truly left his past behind him and now fully embraced his role as a vehicle of destruction.
  • Spoiled Brat: Before his character development, Shigaraki would complain and lash out when things didn't go his way; even Dr. Garaki mentions that Kurogiri had coddled and spoiled Shigaraki too much.
  • The Starscream: During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, he becomes one to All For One after he finds out All For One is trying to take control over his body and they fight control over their shared body.
  • Straw Nihilist: He has nothing but absolute contempt for the society that heroes have created, seeing it as nothing but a big lie that people have deluded themselves into believing for a false sense of security, and fostering a culture of Bystander Syndrome and Holding Out for a Hero mentality. So, he resolves to tear it all down, forcing everyone to confront the grim reality they have so blithely rejected.
  • Stupid Evil: Very much so early on. Shigaraki's temper caused him to make incredibly short-shorted decisions that backfired horribly and would have ended his villain career if not for Kurogiri and All For One. After his talk with Midoriya, he begins to grow out of this.
  • Superpower Lottery:
    • His Decay Quirk, put simply, gives him the power to destroy things, with no real limit to what he can break. The only two limitations are that he needs to touch a solid surface (As demonstrated in his fight with the Sand Hero Snatch) and that he needs all five fingers to make contact with the victim. The Meta Liberation Army Arc reveals that, due to Shigaraki subconsciously repressing the memories of killing his family, his Quirk is being supressed. Once he "liberates" those memories, he shows off some truly destructive feats such as disintegrating an entire group of people by spreading the decay like a virus, bringing down a skyscraper with a single touch, and later obliterating an entire city.
    • In the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, after awakening from an intense medical procedure, Shigaraki not only gains full control of his Decay Quirk, but also gains the original All For One Quirk and all of the numerous Quirks All For One stole with it. Also, the procedure modified his body to grant him immense strength even without a Quirk.
  • Super Speed: While it has yet to be commented on In-Universe, Shigaraki is very fast. This is best demonstrated in the USJ Arc, wherein once he notices Midoriya, Tsuyu and Mineta, he suddenly goes from being in the middle of the training grounds, to right in front of Midoriya and company, in the blink of an eye. Shigaraki has 5/5 or A in speed. He is officially recognized by Midoriya to be incredibly fast after Dr. Garaki further enhances his physical abilities, now able to Flash Step faster than both an improved Bakugo and Midoriya at 30% could react to, forcing Midoriya to use more of One For All to keep up with him. He also appears to have developed Super Reflexes to compliment his new speed as well.
  • Super Strength: Chapter 276 reveals that the procedure that transferred the All For One Quirk to him also modified his body to grant him immense strength even without a Quirk, allowing him to leap high into the air and move with intense speed. He was also strong enough to send both Endeavor and Ryuku crashing to the ground with a single punch.
  • To the Pain: In one of his most sadistic and vengeful moments, Shigaraki inflicted this punishment on Overhaul. He decides to avoid killing the man outright, in favor of something worse. He has Mr. Compress destroy Overhaul's left arm as payback for taking his, and personally decays and severs Overhaul's right arm with a knife. This leaves Overhaul crippled and incapable of activating his Quirk ever again. He then steals the materials to make Quirk neutralizer bullets. Finally, Shigaraki laughs in Overhaul's face and tells him that now he's powerless, he'll be forced to watch in envy as the League of Villains becomes the dominant power.
  • Took a Level in Badass: After All For One is captured, Shigaraki improves considerably as a schemer and fighter, playing the heroes to his advantage to take down the Shie Hassaikai when they start posing a problem. He was already quite strong to begin with, but was limited by the need to touch his foe. The full power of his Quirk is shown during the Meta Liberation Army Arc, where he learns how to project and spread his Decay at a distance, giving him a tool to defend himself from attacks by decaying them before they touch him, and enough destructive power to level a city. During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, after awakening from a procedure designed to transfer the original All For One Quirk to him, Shigaraki gains full control over his Decay Quirk, allowing him to choose what he wants to destroy as he was able to kill X-Less while keeping his cape intact, stop his Quirk from destroying the facility he was housed in, and hold his phone with all five of his fingers without destroying it. He also now has access to all of the Quirks his master had stored for him giving him a vast stockpile of powers.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: With the arrest of All For One and his subsequent Character Development, Shigaraki gradually shifts into this; developing a better rapport with his compatriots over time, to the point that he declares in the Meta Liberation Army Arc that he has no need for a future of his own and just wants his League to live how they see fit.
  • Touch of Death: He can disintegrate anything his hand connects to, but only when all five fingers are touching it. The Quirk does not spread if an appendage being decayed is severed, something which Shigaraki is aware of and may use for his particularly evil punishments. He later gains the ability to spread his decaying power like a virus so that it's able to affect other people and objects that he hasn't touched, as long as they come in contact with something or someone that has already started decaying.
  • Tragic Villain: Tenko Shimura was an innocent child who dreamed of becoming a hero. His father, however, hated heroes and kept abusing Tenko while his family did nothing to stop it. Tenko's Quirk suddenly manifested and ended up killing his entire family. The whole event scarred 5-year-old Tenko's mind and he sought for help. But his pleas were ignored by the people around him, thinking that some hero would help Tenko. Feeling abandoned by society, Tenko was found by the supervillain All For One, who began to groom him as his weapon to capture One For All.
  • Transplant: He's heavily based on the eponymous protagonist of Horikoshi's debut manga Tenko. Not only do they share the same name, but both share the same power, both are orphans, both have accidentally used their power on a loved one, and both are also driven by a deep hate for the world and a very intense goal to destroy something in it.note  Tenko is effectively Shigaraki's prototype.
  • Trauma-Induced Amnesia: Whatever happened to Shigaraki in the past was apparently so traumatic that he can't remember anything more then brief flashes from before he met All For One. It's only after one of the hands that belonged to his sister gets destroyed by Re-Destro that his memories start coming back in force.
  • Traumatic Superpower Awakening: His Quirk became active while he was hugging his dog for comfort after a massive chewing out (for something comparatively minor) from his father. He then proceeded to accidentally kill his mother, sister, and maternal grandparents, before intentionally using the power to kill his abusive father. The experience was traumatic enough that when All For One and Dr. Garaki explained what happened that day, the shock and stress caused the poor boy to Go Mad from the Revelation and vomit.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: After gaining All For One, he's able to use the raw power of it, combined with the regeneration powers and extra strength of his augmentations to handle it, in order to fight off several strong heroes at once. However, similar to Midoriya's experience with One For All, he's still a novice with using all the nifty powers it gives him, and his augmentation process was only 75% complete when his capsule was broken open. As a result, when he's pushed too far from accumulated damage, his body suddenly tears open when his regeneration is taxed out, and while he heals over it takes several precious seconds. In fact, this was intentionally enforced by All For One himself, as he picked and chose Quirks that would be incredibly easy to use and strong in power, so that even though Shigaraki would start out as an amateur with the Quirk, he wouldn't need to think or experiment too much in order to use it properly.
  • Unstoppable Rage: He murders his father in a rage when his Quirk manifested. Even more unsettling, All For One keeps him in a constant state of agitation to slowly groom him into an avatar of indiscriminate carnage. It's established many times that Shigaraki is filled with endless rage, all for the sake of accruing the grit required to steal One For All.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Justified example for All For One. Owing to their relationship and the fact All For One sold his actions as being for Shigaraki's sake, Shigaraki overestimates the agency he has as All For One's successor, and is caught off guard when the latter hijacks and takes control of his body in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. This is later discussed at the Tartarus jailbreak: when Shigaraki calls AFO out for treating him as a "chess piece," All For One does not deny doing so, but claims that Shigaraki is his "future king" and not a pawn.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Tenko came from a (mostly) loving family growing up and genuinely aspired to be a hero, not unlike Midoriya. In fact, he was willing to include other boys who had no one to play with in his play group. But the repeated abuse from his father, the rest of his family's refusal to stop it, and his Quirk awaking at the worst possible time and in the most tragically violent way possible utterly broke him.
  • Vague Age: Shigaraki's age was initially speculated to be anywhere between Midoriya's age and his mid 20s due to his appearance, Nightmare Face, personality, and height. His age is not revealed until 200 chapters after his debut, finally confirming that he is 20 years old.
  • Villain Protagonist: In the Meta Liberation Army Arc, Shigaraki serves as the main protagonist being front and center of the arcs major conflicts, with his past and struggles to truly succeed All For One being the highlight.
  • Villain Respect: Unusually for him, Shigaraki doesn't get angry when a bruised and battered Aizawa stops him from using his powers on Tsuyu, and instead compliments the hero. The sentiment remains even when Shiragaki shoots him with a deleter round but Aizawa cuts his affected limb off and manages to stare the villain down:
    Shigaraki: You really are so cool, Eraser Head.
  • Villainous Breakdown: He had a habit of flipping his shit when things didn't go his way early in the story, though he largely grows out of this as the story goes on. It still happens on occasion, like when Re-Destro first starts destroying Shigaraki's hands, he has a mental breakdown as the memories of his past come crashing down on him, but he begins to calm down when only his father's hand is left. When his flashback is over, he decays the final hand with a smile on his face, seemingly fully recovered from the breakdown.
  • Villainous Friendship: While Shigaraki tends to be a mostly antisocial asshole, he does seem to legitimately care for Sensei. He reacts in fear when he realizes that Sensei is going to be fighting All Might by himself while still recovering from his injuries. As the story progresses, he also starts developing a closer relationship with the rest of his core team, as a sign that he's growing into the role of a leader after All For One is arrested.
  • Villainous Underdog: Frequently, especially after All For One is defeated and Shigaraki has to assume leadership of the League of Villains himself.
  • Visual Development:
    • After his character development, he starts wearing a long coat and his face is no longer drawn in a nightmarish style. By the time he meets Gigantomachia and Dr. Garaki, his hair has also gotten longer and more unruly.
    • Another example of his character development is the presence of the hand covering his face. When first introduced, Shigaraki wore it at all times and the audience never got a chance to see his face aside from brief glances. He also showed a lot of panic whenever it was damaged or separated from him. His ambush of Midoriya in the mall, where he starts to form his own convictions, is the first time the audience is treated to his unobscured face, and from then his independence from the hand begins to grow, as he controls his panic when it is forcibly removed, and even willingly takes it off to earnestly speak with Toga and Twice. By the time of the Meta Liberation Army Arc, Shigaraki spends most of the battle without "father" on showing how confident he is as a leader, culminating in him finally destroying the hand, since he no longer needs it.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Downplayed; he's less Bishōnen than the standard, and his hair is a pale gray-blue rather than pure white, at least until his power up in Volume 25 where it actually does turn white. Otherwise, he plays this straight, especially given his red eyes.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Prior to his Character Development regarding his own motives, he manages to infiltrate a mall and get his hands on Midoriya's throat. While he could seize the opportunity to kill the current holder of One For All and snuff out the biggest threat to his master forever, he instead converses with Midoriya regarding his frustrations with Stain.
  • Why Won't You Die?: By far the greatest benefit Shigaraki got from gaining All For One's quirk was the Hyper Regeneration stored inside it. Over the course of the war, he get beaten, pummelled, fried, frozen and subjected to physical trauma that would kill even the toughest heroes several times over, and shrugged it off nigh instantly. Endeavor hitting him with a massive wildfire doesn't even phase him even as his eyes are boiling from the flames. Even when Aizawa shuts off all his Quirks and the healing with it, the physical augmentations combined with his sheer tenacity mean that he just keeps going no matter how badly his body gets mangled, and when his incomplete body starts to literally fall to pieces from the accumulated damage and physical strain of his exertions, with only the reactivated regeneration holding him together, Shigaraki still keeps fighting back with his rapidly-failing body until All For One takes over, just as he's been reduced to nearly a burnt corpse from a point-blank prominence burn. During his fight with Star and Stripe, she goes as far as to Nuke 'em after judging him dangerous enough— and it still doesn't kill him, though only through some quick thinking on his part, instead reducing him to almost a skeleton with strips of burning flesh attached as he leaps back into the fray.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: He was regularly abused by his father, Kotaro Shimura, for wanting to be a hero while the rest of his family stood by and watched, until one day, he developed his Quirk and lost control of it, accidentally killing most of his family in what was implied to have been a subconscious rage before finally snapping and killing his father. Afterwards, he wandered the streets while everyone around him was too creeped out by him to help until All For One found him and then groomed him into becoming an unhinged, unapologetic murderer.
  • World's Strongest Man: Even in his incomplete state, Shigaraki, who possesses the original All For One Quirk and a bioengineered body with abnormal physical prowess, counts as this. He can easily destroy entire cities with a mere touch and even the top 10 pro heroes are no match for him. In practice, however, he is a slave to All For One. Ultimately, he's so strong that it took America's own No. 1 hero, armed with a Quirk that alters the very rules of reality in her favour, pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to damage his Quirk factor from the inside out, permanently destroying an untold number of his accumulated abilities, to allow the heroes to have a viable chance of beating him, even with Midoriya having started to master the full variety of powers One For All grants him, himself another contender for the title In-Universe once his full potential is achieved.
  • Would Harm a Senior: To him, it doesn't matter how old someone is if they rub him the wrong way. This is displayed most gruesomely when he maims Gran Torino.
  • Would Hurt a Child: When he runs into Midoriya at a shopping mall, he admits he could kill at least twenty people before he'd be stopped, and the visuals accompanying it make it clear this means everyone is free game, including children.