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She/her or they/them, bisexual autistic genderpunk girlnote  in her early 20's. Aspiring television writer, current time waster.

Context on my username: Mewtron is a Fakémon I designed when I was 12 and was so proud of it that I made it my username on every social media account at the time. It's really dumb, but I find it really charming in retrospect.


I've been active on the wiki since I was 12 but have only been heavily involved in wiki maintenance since the spring of 2020 - extra free time, you know. I'm always learning the wiki rules, and it's a bit of a buzzkill but it's also extremely cathartic and empowering to learn that the stuff that bugged me when I was a kid is actually not allowed anymore and that I can help fix it!

A rundown of some characters I relate to the most, since that explains why I choose certain icons:

Current sandbox projects, feel free to contribute:


    About me 
I've decided the "tropes that apply to me" thing felt cheesy so I'm reworking this as a general info section.

  • I'm a television and radio major and I want to write for television shows someday. I'd love to write for a cartoon, but I don't think I have the patience for animation.
  • I do the fanficky thing. My work got a boost over on FanficRecs.Channel Awesome.
  • Some of my Author Appeals:
    • Ever since I was young, I've had an affinity for making two kinds of female characters: the Loony Fan Geek who's often a Stalker with a Crush, and rebellious goth or punk girls. The latter has phased out because I've realized I'm clueless at writing goth or punk subcultures, but I've become even more attached to the Loony Fan archetype and I really enjoy deconstructing it, as well as the issues with modern fandom and idol worship as a whole.
    • I really enjoy stories about parenting and pregnancy. It has the potential to be funny and tender.
    • Accurately-written mental disorders. Often I write my own experience with disorders like autism and depression into works, but I also like to try and incorporate representation for often-misrepresented disorders as well, though I usually don't act like I know everything about them. For example, I really like to see Dissociative Identity Disorder written realistically instead of just as a cheap horror trope.
    • A lot of my original characters are streamers, gamers, and Youtubers. That's just because I wrote them while I was really into watching streamers, gamers, and Youtubers.
  • My Berserk Button: Calling media "problematic" and "unproblematic." All media has problems and putting them into a binary of "good" and "bad" is detrimental to criticism, especially if you compare something like Steven Universe to South Park.
  • I've never played any console that isn't a Nintendo product or a PC. I just don't get into the games on other consoles. I'm currently absolutely obsessed with my Nintendo Switch. I bought it with my own money after one of my first jobs and it's just so beautiful and good for the senses.
  • My content has gotten into several Jacksfilms videos including YIAY. I save these videos (and others that involve me or my work) here.
  • I've become obsessed with the Trope Epitaph. As soon as a trope or renamed is cut under TRS, I start brainstorming epitaphs before we even perform the move.
  • Similarly, I love captioning images! It's just fun to come up with short witty sayings on this website.
  • I have four cats and a dog. I love my dog but I'm a huge cat person, because you really have to earn the love of a cat, so the connection feels more genuine.
  • I have a massive potty mouth, probably cuz it makes me feel more badass and threatening when I'm really not.
  • I write the "New Work Page Spotlight" section on the revived Trope Report.
  • I say "I believe..." and "I think..." constantly on my posts because I'm insecure as shit.
  • Though I try to stay as objective as possible on the wiki, I will assure you that I'm quite left wing, somewhere between a progressive and a democratic socialist.
  • I'm kind of a commercial/bumper nerd, and I like to watch old commercials from when I was a kid, and even commercials that I never saw before.
  • I really like musical theater, and prior to the pandemic, I would frequent Broadway.

    Some of my favorite media 

Bolded = I try to Entry Pimp this a lot, or just edit the page whenever I can.


  • Compare the Meerkat: I'm not even British. I learned about this campaign through this site, and while I think it's devilishly manipulative from a marketing perspective (cute mascots, "free" toy bribes, pop culture references, etc), it is a cute concept and those meerkats are so gay, dude.
  • GEICO: That gecko literally haunted my dreams as a child.

Anime & Manga

Film — Live Action

Film — Animated

Live Action TV


  • Bowling for Soup: I'm trying to listen to more of their music. It's really catchy and I love the high-school-boy lyrics.
  • Taylor Swift: Only her old stuff, though I wanna try listening to her more recent stuff sometime too. I just... can't fuck with modern music fans. They scare me.


Video Games

Web Video

  • Drew Gooden
  • Game Grumps: Only the post-Jon years, though. I really like the stream-of-consciousness comedy. It's so stupid but makes me laugh and it's difficult to find anything like it.
  • Jacksfilms
  • Jenny Nicholson
  • Musical Hell
  • The Nostalgia Critic: I'm in a funny situation in that I didn't watch the show when it was super popular on the site, but I got really into it around the time the site started to consider the show Snark Bait. While I absolutely get why people dislike the show (I sure as hell have some issues with it), I have a lot of fun talking about it and the characters and the current cast. I'm running a cleanup thread on the show to get rid of the gushing/complaining/creepy shit.note 

Western Animation

  • Big Mouth: And yes, I'm sorry.''
  • BoJack Horseman
  • Dexter's Laboratory
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Futurama: Funniest cartoon ever, IMO. Super heartfelt as well. It has its dated moments but it's just a very clever piece of sci-fi comedy.
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • South Park: I'm really passionate about this show. I think it's a perfect snapshot of modern American culture...which isn't always a good thing. I think its impact on millennial culture is fascinating, and I love to criticize it even more than I love to celebrate it. The characters are also really damn well done as well, for the most part. Too bad that often gets brushed aside for either memes, shipping, or just straight up racism. Either way, this is the show I'm Entry Pimping the most right now, cuz I have a lot of content to work with.
  • Steven Universe

    I made these pages 

    Impact on tropes 

I drafted these tropes:

I adopted and launched these tropes:

I drafted these indexes:

I named these tropes:

I'm running these TLP draftsnote :

Trope Epitaphs I wrote:

Alphabetized without regards for section and with the notes removed, so you'll be encouraged to find them in full on the page itself. It's a fun page!
  • Here lies All Adult Animation Is South Park — We expected Kenny to die, but this death was much more of a shock.
  • Here lies All Men Are Rapists — Executed after their perverted behavior went too far.
  • Here lie Brainy Specs — Smart People Wear Glasses, but since their glasses were purely aesthetic, they walked right into a pothole.
  • Here lies Breast Sponge — Dried up.
  • Here lies Bugs Bunny — Met with some tricky karma during rabbit season.
  • Here lies Featurization — Was hacked into pieces by a Film Serial Killer.
  • Here lies Fox Cancels Everything — The network didn't appreciate the potshot and quickly pulled the plug.
  • Here lie Hollywood Personality Disorders — Hollywood Psych only made its symptoms worse.
  • Here lies Legal Jailbait — Executed for pedophilia, regardless of the victim's actual age.
  • Here lies Next Gen Fic — If we flash forward a few years, nobody will remember it except its children.
  • Here lies O-Ring Orifice — Stretched itself too thin.
  • Here lies Poem Fic — A fan could be a poet, but none of us would know it.
  • Here lies Small Annoying Creature — It got kicked to the side so it'd leave us alone.
  • Here lies Take That, Us! — We wasted so much time choosing page names instead of living our lives, and yet this one had to be deprecated.
  • Here lies Transsexual — During its gender transition, it chose a new name.
  • Here lies Tyrannosaurus rex — Wiped out by a meteor.
  • Here lies You Would Make a Great Model — Fell for a Model Scam that ended gruesomely.
  • Here lies Your Cheating Heart — Killed by several jealous mistresses.

    IP stuff 

I picked the image for these tropes (either in TLP or IP / suggestion thread):

(This is actually incomplete but I don't always include ones I yank impassionately from the examples list)

I only provided the caption for these images:


    I uploaded these videos 

    Opinions on tropes and the wiki 
None of these are meant to be taken as gospel, nor do I want to get into fights with anybody. I just like to let my stances be known.

Personal opinions about wiki culture:

  • Useful Notes pages should include lists of the concept in media whenever possible, because Useful Notes pages are meant to help readers understand the portrayal of the subject in media.
  • Indexes should help with searchability and categorization. If it's unlikely someone would look up a niche subject, it doesn't need an index.
  • I love funny page images and captions, even if it's more of a spice than a necessity for the page, but I prefer to run all new suggestions through the suggestion thread first.
  • Fountain of Expies tropes are overdone and we should focus more on exploring character archetypes that these "fountains" codified as opposed to claiming subsequent similar characters as "copies" of the fountains.
  • Using TLP to draft non-trope pages is perfectly fine if you don't try to launch it from there or anything like that.
  • Spending too much time in TLP is way better than a rush.
  • Obviously I understand why the rule exists and follow the rules set in place, but I personally think No New Stock Phrases is a bit too harsh, and can lead to clunky trope titles just because you can't use the word "don't," even outside of the context of dialogue tropes. But stock phrases themselves aren't really tropable unless there's actual ways to play with them besides just saying the phrase.
  • Snarkiness is funny but only in small doses. Trying to out-funny other tropers outside of dedicated Funny Sections TM just leads to derailing efforts.

I just think these tropes are neat:

And I have issues with these tropes:

  • Easily Forgiven: Even some of my favorite shows fall into this and it always makes my eyes roll. I think it's stupid to act like a character undergoing a Heel–Face Turn is inherently a bad message, because I firmly believe everybody has the capacity to be a better person. However, my issue lies with works that redeem a villain in less than a minute and then everybody, even those who have been absolutely traumatized by their actions, just forgives them without any hesitation. It feels so shallow and it's much more rewarding to explore the complicated journey of redemption.
  • Hollywood Autism: I'm autistic. I'm very passionate about proper autism representation in media. It gets very frustrating to see the same young white guys who are either brilliant savants who happen to be just socially awkward enough to be funny or endearing, or totally inept burdens to their families where all the attention is on their family's plight and not their own feelings because as far as the work is concerned, they don't really have feelings, do they?
  • No Bisexuals: Similar to the above, I'm bisexual and I'm really sick of being excluded both within the community and outside of it.
  • Perpetually Shiny Bodies: I associate this with very ugly Rule 34. Personally, I think it makes the work look less attractive and more phony.
  • Subverted Innocence: Yeah it's an index, but it sufficiently describes something that upsets me a lot of the time - people manipulating you into feeling shitty by preying on something pure and innocent, like puppies or kitties or rainbows or any sort of childish fun, and turning in gross and evil or just stomping all over it. Sometimes it works - and I've even used some of these tropes myself in my work ideas - but sometimes it just feels bleh.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Not a trope, but describes my feelings about certain media. I hate substanceless cutesy shit. Maybe it's because I'm extremely cynical, but something about it seems so...manipulative. If I see, like, a cute puppy video, it makes me sick because of the paranoia that something bad is secretly happening to that puppy. If all you have to go off of is cuteness, I'm going to avoid it.

I peruse these pages when I'm bored:


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