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Alas, poor Trope Name! I knew him, Horatio. We come here to bury these tropes, not to praise them. They were killed by misuse, by duplication, by policy or by just being absolutely terrible. Here in the trope cemetery, their final resting place, are their epitaphs inscribed for all posterity; they are gone, but not forgotten, no matter how hard we try.


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    Merged Tropes 
  • Here lies All Men Are Rapists — Executed after their perverted behavior went too far.note 
  • Here lies All There Is to Know About The Crying Game — Everyone knows about the sledding accident that killed it.note 
  • Eia 'o Aloha Hawaii e moe nei — Even the Hula and Luaus were not entertaining in this Vacation Episode.note 
  • Here lies Anything Can Be Music — Its death was deemed instrumental.note 
  • Here lie Artistic License - Astronomy and Space Does Not Work That Way — The universe didn't have enough space for both of them.note 
  • Here lies Art Major Biology — You fail Artistic License – Biology forever.note 
  • Here lies Bear Trap Bed — Crushed by a bed owned by Murphy. note 
  • Here lies Beat Bag — Beaten to death by a Con Man after getting caught up in a con.note 
  • Here lies Big Store — After The Con behind the big store failed to materialize, the operation was shut down.note 
  • Here lies BLAM Episode — "BLAM!" describes the sound everyone heard when it was hit on the head with a bizarre-looking blunt object.note 
  • Here lie Butterfly Nets — Nailed to a wall by their killer.note 
  • Here lies Canon Wank — Banished to Canon Discontinuity.note 
  • Here lie Cardboard Boxes — Destroyed in a chase scene.note 
  • Here lies Catch That Pigeon! — It was finally caught and eaten.note 
  • Here lies The Con Within a Con — It's now the con within a grave.note 
  • Here lies The Creepy Undertaker — Buried alongside his clients.note 
  • Here lies Delayed Wire — The Grim Reaper didn't delay when taking its life.note 
  • Here lies Down to the Last Match — It was extinguished when trying to light a Hard-to-Light Fire.note 
  • Here lies Epic Song — Electrocuted when its microphone malfunctioned.note 
  • Here lies Everyone Gets Their Turn — It was their time to die.note 
  • Here lies Everyone Is Gay — Cast out of the mortal coil. What else should we say? Married. Buried. note 
  • Here lie Evil Albino and Heroic Albino — Other people's deaths paled in comparison.note 
  • Here lie Famous Last Words — There were some Last Words that aren't that famous.note 
  • Here lies Fat Cat — Became too lazy to live.note 
  • Here lies Good for Bad — Things went bad for it.note 
  • Here lies Good Troi Episode — She got A Day in the Limelight, but too few fans considered her The Scrappy.note 
  • Here lies Gosh Hornet — Exterminated by someone who wasn't afraid of them.note 
  • Here lies Grandma, What Massive Hotness You Have! — All the more to burn with, my dear.note 
  • Here lies Hero-Killing Community — The residents drove out the Hero Killers.note 
  • Here lies Hey, It's You! — Hey, it's The Grim Reaper! He's Back for the Finale!note 
  • Here lies H-Game POV Character — Decided to cheat on his girlfriend, making her lead him to an early Bad End. note 
  • Here lies Holding It for a Friend — We were holding it for a dog ironer, and then they wanted it back.note 
  • Here lies Home Version Soundtrack Replacement — Further airings of the funeral will replace the bagpipe performance of "Amazing Grace" with a rendition of "Yakety Sax" played on the kazoo.note 
  • Here lie I Have a Bridge to Sell You and Landmark Sale — The bridge collapsed and it got crushed to death.note 
  • Here lie I Have to Wash My Hair and Lame Excuse — Singed while ironing the dog.note 
  • Here lies Informed Power — Wasn't powerful enough. note 
  • Here lies Jerkass Façade — Its killer lacked a heart, let alone a hidden one.note 
  • Here lie Lava is Kool-Aid and Lava is Red Hot Water — At that temperature, they tasted the same anyway. note 
  • Here lies Legacy Implosion — Its name was not Legion, for it actually inverted The Chosen Many.note 
  • Here lies Light Gun — It had a tendency to game the system.note 
  • Here lies A Little Help from My Friends — The Production Posse was more helpful when the crew was fixing a hole.note 
  • Here lie Long Con and The Tale — It lived a short life, and dead tropes tell no tales.note 
  • Here lies Lowest Cosmic Denominator — Its cry of "Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter!" was responded to with a quick death, courtesy of the celestial overseers.note 
  • Here lies Madden Curse — Hit by a stray football.note 
  • Here lie Magic Bullets and its successor, Bullets Do Not Work That Way — Sniped down by a physics-defying gunner.note 
  • Here lies The Male Ingenue Must Be A Tenor — At least his swan song was beautiful. note 
  • Here lies The Mark — Ended up falling for a particularly deadly con.note 
  • Here lies Mixed Ancestry — Interracial and interspecies couples had better love than this one.note 
  • Here lies Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly — Listeners got tired of all the remixes and mashups.note 
  • Here lie Nightmare Fuel Unleaded and High-Octane Nightmare Fuel — Had an accidental massive leakage, forcing us to revert to standard Nightmare Fuel.note 
  • Here lie Non-Identical Twins — Buried in the correct caskets despite alleged similarities in appearance.note 
  • Here lies Not So Fast, Bucko! — Their princess is in another castle.note 
  • Koko ni Oba-san ga arimasu — Ma'am Shock was too much for her. note 
  • Here lies Once More with Endnotes — Never used again after the release of The Annotated Edition.note 
  • Here lies One Born Every Minute — It died after a few minutes.note 
  • Here lies the Only Law Firm in Town — Closed and its spot was filled in by the second branch of the Only Shop in Town. note 
  • Aquí yace Overly Long Spanish Name — Funeral to be overseen by Padre José Pedro Sánchez Francisco del Nombre Largo.note 
  • Here lie Petting Zoo People — Weren't beastly enough to survive.note 
  • Here lies Pig in a Poke — Sent to the butcher.note 
  • Here lies Pre-Ass-Kicking Mutter — They never spoke up when the villain told them to. note 
  • Here lies Quick Change — It died a slow and painful death.note 
  • Here lies Ralph Wiggum — Too airheaded. note 
  • Here lies Real Estate Scam — Driven out of the housing market.note 
  • Here lies Redheaded Hero — It got shaven.note 
  • Here lies Refuge in Cool — It was uncool.note 
  • Ĉi tie ripozas Re Lex — It fell for a deadly con.note 
  • Here lies Replacement Love Interest — Something was fishy about her.note 
  • Here lie The Reptilians — Supplanted by the ancient Lizard Folk, or so they'd like you to think.note 
  • Here lies Reverse Mole — Exposed by the group and eliminated.note 
  • Here lies The Roper — It was last seen with a noose around its neck.note 
  • Here lies Scapegoat Creator — Misblamed for a crime it didn't commit and executed.note 
  • Here lies Screwy Squirrel — Got payback via a Karmic Trickster.note 
  • Here lies Self-Deprecating Humor — It tore itself to shreds.note 
  • Here lie Seven Year Rule and NOHAMOTYO — Their demographics didn't care about them being repeated in a new trope.note 
  • Here lies The Shill — It paid the ultimate price.note 
  • Koko ni Shiritori ga arimasu — Unusually bad at Parlor Games, so it failed to entertain.note 
  • Here lies Short Con — Long story short, it's dead.note 
  • Here lies Sidekick Ex Machina — This sidekick was kicked to the side.note 
  • Here lies Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped — The anvil was dropped into a volcano because the blacksmith who owned it thought that needed to be done.note 
  • Here lies Somewhere, This Index is Crying — It had no more tears to shed.note 
  • Here lies Souvenir Edition — Discontinued.note 
  • Aquí yace Spanish Prisoner — Executed.note 
  • Here lie Standard Status Effects — The problem affecting the Status Effects is that they were sometimes non-standard.note 
  • Koko ni Takahashi Couple ga arimasu — They broke up.note 
  • Here lies Ted Baxter — He had such a small name, but a big ego.note 
  • Here lies Tonka Tough — A manufacturing defect prevented it from being Made of Indestructium.note 
  • Here lies Twenty Minutes into the Present — Its funeral won't be held until Next Sunday A.D..note 
  • Here lie Unlucky Childhood Friend and Victorious Childhood Friend — Their romance wasn't so victorious after all and left them so unlucky that they both died.note 
  • Here lie Unwinnable by Insanity and Unwinnable by Mistake — Their deaths, which happened at the same time, were determined to be unintentional.note 
  • Here lies Virus Misnomer — Died of a misidentified pathogen.note 
  • Here lies What Happened to the Pet? — Mysteriously went absent.note 
  • Here lies Yes, Virginia — There is a Santa's Existence Clause.note 
  • Here lies You Can Verb My Noun Any Day — It has verbed its last noun.note 

    Split Tropes 
  • Here lie All Asians Are Alike — The cultures seemed interchangeable, so they all looked identical.note 
  • Here lies Bob Haircut — Cut short by the past and the future.note 
  • Here lie Brainy Specs — Smart People Wear Glasses, but since their glasses were purely aesthetic, they walked right into a pothole.note 
  • Here lies Can You Hear Me Now? — The answer depends on whether the recipient has Super Cell Reception or whether Cell Phones Are Useless.note 
  • Here lies Deader Than Disco — Once considered groovy, now it sucked far worse than when disco sucked and was Condemned by History. note 
  • Here lie Everything's Better with Bunnies — Hopped to their graves.note 
  • Here lie Everything's Better with Princesses — The Evil Queen managed to defeat them.note 
  • Here lie Everything's Squishier with Cephalopods — No wonder the calamari tasted funny and terrifying.note 
  • Here lies Flower in Her Hair — It withered away and was replaced by newly bloomed flowers representing femininity and nature.note 
  • Here lies Hot Mom — A true MILF (Mother I'd Like to... Forget).note 
  • Here lies Infant Immortality — Its odds of surviving were improbable, so we witnessed the Death of a Child.note 
  • Here lies Like a Badass out of Hell — Cast right back into the fiery pit.note 
  • Here lies My Name Is Not Durwood — Through Hanlon's Razor, its malice was discovered to be accidental.note 
  • Here lies Next Gen Fic — If we flash forward a few years, nobody will remember it except its children.note 
  • Here lies The Southpaw — Amputated.note 
  • Here lies Stop Helping Me! — Its help was unwanted, and it became annoying.note 
  • Here lies Tyrannosaurus Rex — Wiped out by a meteor.note 
  • Here lies Wedding Day — Objections were raised during the episode and the finale.note 

    Defunct Traditions 
  • Here lies Accidental Nightmare Fuel — It was prone to accidents, so ordinary Nightmare Fuel replaced it.note 
  • Here lies The Archive of Bellicose Lexicon Entities — Mealtime is over. note 
  • Here lies Badass Gay — His pride wasn't enough to make him awesome.note 
  • Here lies Badass Grandpa — He was cool back in the day, but didn't age well.note 
  • Here lies Badass Longhair — Succumbed to baldness.note 
  • Here lies Badass Princess — She was dethroned.note 
  • Yahaan nihit the namespace Bollywood/ hai — Off to Mumbai for its next big role.note 
  • Here lie Character-Named Tropes — Their names won't live on.note 
  • Here lies Complain About Shows You Don't Like — Died of complications related to Complaining About People Not Liking the Show.note 
  • Here lies Counterpart Comparison — Its death was surprisingly similar to another one.note 
  • Here lies Creator Bashing — This headstone could be self-demonstrating, but let's not Speak Ill of the Dead.note 
  • Here lie the namespaces Disney/ and Discworld/ — Loss of namespace ownership. note 
  • Here lie Fanfic Ideas — Died from hurt-no-comfort. note 
  • Here lies Fetish Fuel — Vehicles powered by arousal were deemed hazardous to the environment.note 
  • Here lie Free Potholing Phrases — They were far too costly. note 
  • Here lie "Hey, It's That Guy!" and "Hey, It's That Voice!" — Their killer was the same guy who starred in... you know, that show.note 
  • Here lie Home Video Distributors — Went out of business.note 
  • Here lie Hyphenated Titles — Their hopes were dashed.note 
  • Here lie Imminent Arrivals — Death is inevitable for everyone, including this page.note 
  • Here lies Just For Fun: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: — Died while fighting in the Bajoran resistance.note 
  • Here lies Just For Fun: Steven Universe — All we wanted to do was see it turn into a member of the Permanent Red Link Club.note 
  • Here lies Neutral Wiki — Eh... it existed.note 
  • Here lie Personal Appearance Tropes — Tropes are too meaningful to be judged by their appearance, but the same isn't true of chairs.note 
  • Here lies Please Elaborate — Its not-so-elaborate schemes were its undoing.note 
  • Here lies the Ptitle system — It wasn't full of crap; it was full of P.note 
  • Here lie Snowclone-based names — Everything's Better Without Them.note 
  • Here lie Stock PhrasesNo more of them coming.note 
  • Here lies Synopsis — To recap on what happened, it retired.note 
  • Here lies Title Bin — They're not even in the recycle bin anymore. note 
  • Here lie Troper Tales — There are some things people should really take only to their graves.note 
  • Here lie Trope Names for a Porn Parody — Drowned while taking the cold shower that they very much needed.note 
  • Here lie Video Ideas — Got the idea to make a Snuff Film. note 
  • Here lies Wall Banger — Idiotic moments should not cause so much self-inflicted trauma.note 


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