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Tear Jerker / Tuca & Bertie

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There there, just let it out. Let it all out.

Managing relationships and navigating adulthood are a lot of hard work. And as Tuca and Bertie shows, sometimes it just gets to you.

The Promotion

  • True to her description of him, Dirk not only talks over Bertie during the board meeting (and says "expecially," making her tremble with rage), but steals all of the ideas she had in her notebook and takes credit for them, leaving Bertie humiliated when Holland asks if she has anything to add to the conversation. And this is before he sexually harasses her, making her feel even worse.

The Deli Guy

  • After Tuca's disastrous date with the titular deli guy, she makes her way home alone on a particularly grimy subway train. Seated across the way from her is an elderly toucan bag lady asleep in her seat, and Tuca's reflection briefly appears in the window next to her (implying that Tuca is afraid that this is where her life might be headed). Tuca silently hugs herself as tears stream down her face.
    • The saddest part is that they clearly hit it off. He enjoys spending time with her and they even share a lot of oddball ideas (such as the desk drawer for deli meats), and the only reason things go downhill is because Tuca is too nervous to be vulnerable around him.
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    • Later, she reveals to Bertie why the whole experience was so stressful: it's the first date she'd ever gone while sober.


  • Tuca reminiscing about how happy she was when her mother was alive and all the hard work she put in to raise her many children by herself, only for the whole family to fall apart after her death. Understandably, Talulah touches a nerve when she says that both Tuca and her mother are irresponsible, enough for Tuca to disown her, even if it means being financially independent at a time where she can't.

Yeast Week

  • Tuca does everything in her power to not go to the hospital until she literally passes out from the pain. Eventually, it's revealed that she's doctor-phobic due to the trauma of being in the hospital after her mother's fatal car crash.
  • Bertie's flashback of Tuca being carried into an ambulance on a stretcher after nearly dying of alcohol poisoning during a party when they were in college.

The New Bird

  • Dakota disowning Bertie when she finds out that Bertie didn't warn her about Pastry Pete's manhandling habits.

The Jelly Lakes

  • Bertie's backstory about being molested by a swim instructor when she was 12. Near the end of the episode when Bertie goes swimming again, she has a vision of herself hugging a silhouette of her 12-year-old self.
    Bertie: I trusted him. I thought it was special. All I wanted was to swim to that island. This was my favorite place... if I'm so brave, why don't I go home and deal with my shit?

Sweet Beak

  • Speckle, exhausted from doing all the emotional labor in their relationship brought on by Bertie expecting him to handle her baggage for her, finally reaching his limits when she returns home from her impromptu, week-long road trip, leaving him worried sick about her. He can't even look her in the eye initially when she finally returns and even after they made peace, he tells her that everything isn't automatically fixed and that she still needs to get her act together if they want their relationship to work.
  • Throughout the episode, Speckle is refurbishing a beat-up old house that he bought without telling Bertie to take his mind off of the situation. It's heavily implied that, had things not worked out between them, he was going to move out of their apartment into this house once it was finished.
  • Tuca running out of the Molting Day pageant in tears when all of the mentions of family make her realize just how alone she is.
  • The Reveal that Tuca is apparently so estranged from her siblings that they never even bothered to tell her that Tallulah has wound up in the hospital since their last visit, as they assumed she wanted nothing to do with it after their falling out. The begrudging tone in her sister's voice when she says "I love you too" makes it clear that Tuca's relationship with her family is very broken and it's not going to be that easy to try and fix it. And due to the show's premature cancelation, we'll never find out if she does.


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