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The Sugar Bowl

  • Bertie's very first scene has her calling Tuca and saying "I miss you," presumably only a day or so after Tuca has moved out into the upstairs apartment.
  • Tuca mentioning that she's proof that a mother can over-love her child, foreshadowing her devotion to her deceased mother.
  • Even while they're having an argument, Tuca is more than willing to help Bertie get her sugar bowl back from Pete.
    "We're having a big fight right now, but she's still my best friend!"
    • Later, when they're making up, we get a cute little moment of them goofing around where Tuca lets Bertie punch her frustrations out on some dough, then pretends to get scared when Bertie just playfully pokes it.
  • Speckle assuring Bertie that he's not going to break up with her over her mistake and why. It's enough to make Bertie ugly-cry and cuddle his thought balloon.
    "Y'know when you're coming home late at night, and everything inside looks so warm and yellow and everything outside is so blue? I love thinking about how, from now on, this little piece of yellow is for us. Our warm home together."
    • Followed by Tuca pulling them into a group hug.
  • Draca sharing a croissant with one of her turtles in The Stinger.


The Promotion

  • A small moment when we first meet Holland, Bertie's boss. Tuca sarcastically remarks that he probably doesn't even remember Bertie among the many faces at her office, but when Bertie speaks to him in the next scene, he cheerfully addresses her by name and actually engages in her small talk.
    • The best part about this is that Bertie herself wasn't expecting Holland to want to listen to her make small talk about going to the beach. Not only does he engage with her by asking if she went to the beach, but he sounds genuinely interested.
  • The understandably concerned tone of Speckle's voice when he asks what happened to Bertie's chest the first time he sees her after her breast runs off.
  • When she finds out that her best friend is having trouble at her job, Tuca doesn't just drop everything to help her. She gets a job at Bertie's office so she can help from the inside.
  • While Tuca jumping on the board room table and screaming in Dirk's face, calling it "the alarm that sounds when no women have spoken for three minutes," is Played for Laughs, the approving chuckle and warm smile Holland gives Bertie afterwards, encouraging her to speak, shows that he understands.
  • The implication that Bertie calling out Dirk on his sexual misconduct was what gave the other women in the office the courage to do the same.
    • As soon as she makes it clear that Dirk sexually harassed her, Holland doesn't hesitate for a second to punish Dirk.
  • Bertie earning her promotion at the end.

The Deli Guy

  • Holland emailing Bertie a cheesy meme for "moral." As lame as it is, it continues to show that he cares.
  • While Tuca's date goes downhill once her anxieties get the better of her, the Deli Guy clearly enjoys her company and finds their trip to the glowworm exhibit romantic.
    • At one point, she's afraid she's scared him off, but it turns out he was going to get her a souvenir: a bouquet of rainbow-colored worm toys that have the same colors as her makeup.
    • Later, he turns out to have the same idea of keeping deli meats in a desk drawer as she does, which Tuca is clearly touched by, calling it "a billion dollar idea." Sadly, she brushes it off because she's too scared to get close to him.
  • Speckle's absolutely adorable role play which he creates based on the romantic dramas Bertie finds so sexy.


  • After admitting that they never spend time together independent of Bertie, Tuca and Speckle get on like a house on fire while spending the day together.
    • After Tuca worries aloud that her abusive aunt will be right in the end and she'll end up alone, Speckle assures her that she has Bertie and himself, and that they're a family.


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