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Heartwarming / Trust Me, I'm a Genie

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  • The final epsode Freedom At Least, particularly this scene:
    Ziggy: Oh, no! I'm right back where I started
    Zazie:No, Ziggy, you're right back where you belong
    Larry:with your mates.
    Diego: We wouldn't want you to be perfect anyway, Ziggy.
    Ziggy: *on the verge of crying Tears of Joy*
    • The mere fact that Ziggy gave up all his powers just so he could be with Diego and his friends.
    • Joe of all characters burning a DVD of all of Ziggy's TV appearances to remember him by.
  • The Halloween Episode Midnight Haunt has one where Ziggy tries to help a Nervous Wreck of a ghost scare off Sam Sahara. Considering Diego is usually the only character Ziggy has bonded with, it's very sweet to see him bond with a oneshot character for a change.
  • Although Ziggy usually tries to help Diego out to fulfill his own selfish needs, Ziggy's relationship with Diego can easily be seen as this because Ziggy often pities and sympathizes with Diego.
  • Joe being moved to tears at the climax of The Nibblers pretty much solidifies his Jerk with a Heart of Gold status. Normally, that desert fox is an extremely snarky Insufferable Genius so seeing him get all teary eyed over something goes to show he's not a complete block of ice.
    Joe: They didn't mean any harm, they just dreamt of a life with better dental hygiene.
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  • Diego and Ziggy hugging and crying near the end of the episode Extreme Diego. Granted, they're both crying tears of sadness but the scene shows just how sweet their bond really is.
  • Droma being reunited with his love at the end of Chaos At The Museum. Rather than making a vengeful mummy, the cartoon makes the mummy a Woobie who just wants to be reunited with his true love.

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