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"You’re not foolin’ me!"

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    The Sugar Bowl 
  • The Good-Times Montage of Tuca and Bertie living together, starting with getting a couch that's infested with spiders, gleefully spraying bug spray all over it, Tuca bringing a variety of cool things into the living room (a motorcycle, a drumset) to Bertie's disapproval, Tuca making out on the couch with her snake boyfriend, Tuca angrily catching Bertie making out with the same snake boyfriend, Tuca and Bertie beating up the snake boyfriend with pillows, filling the apartment with water and swimming it it and Tuca throwing up after drinking too much with Bertie and Speckle.
  • Speckle putting up a photo of his own face.
  • Tuca prepares for a long journey to visit Bertie like she's going on a hike, followed by The Reveal that she's right downstairs.
    • Just how quick is the trip? The podcast Tuca’s listening to never manages to begin proper. We only ever hear the host introducing the podcast and plugging the episode’s sponsor before it cuts off just as Tuca arrives at Bertie’s place.
  • The flashback of Bertie over-watering her dried-up cactus. When it doesn't come back to life with water, she starts dumping coffee and soda into it while crying "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT??" There's also the fact that she says her cactus "passed away" rather than "died."
  • While going through Tuca's box of stuff that she's left behind, Bertie comes across a nudie magazine. She holds it sideways to look at one of the centerfold, only to find a long fold within the centerfold which comes out horizontally. And then keeps going. Vertically.
    Bertie: That's... very specific.
    • And when Speckle catches her looking at it, she shrieks and hides it, screaming "AAA! NOT MY PORN!"
  • The whole crux of the episode isn't just that Bertie lent something of Speckle's to Tuca without permission, but that his sugar bowl just happened to include his dead grandmother's ashes! Which just happens to be part of a long, punny family tradition of his.
    Speckle: "Gamby Robin was very sweet, so we mixed her with sugar. My Gumbo was mixed with sage because he was wise. My aunt was mixed with paprika, if you know what I mean."
  • Bertie tells Speckle to freeze where he is until she can fix her mistake. He stays frozen in a running pose for the entire episode.
  • Tuca revealing a little too much about her relationship with Bruce, the creepy vulture who lives in their building, when she tells him off. Bonus points for Bertie's morbidly fascinated reaction of "Oooo, sick!"
    "Bruce, I am never gonna sleep with you. Again. That was just a one time thing I did twice."
  • The show pausing to introduce a completely random background character, complete with details of her life and a message that we will never see her again.
  • Tuca's Imagine Spot where she explains that bruschetta, crostinni, croutons and others are really just toast.
  • Tuca's other Imagine Spot where her description of Bertie's "normie life bullshit" is illustrated as being a literal Game of Life.
  • Pastry Pete accepting Bertie's croissant-baking challenge because it's literally in The Chef's Code. And if you freeze-frame it, you'll see that the rest of it is pretty out there too.
    -"Make vegetables hot and keep fruit cold."
    -"Seriously, nobody likes hot fruit."
    -"Any liquid in a bowl can be sold as soup."
    -"Accept any cooking challenge."
    -"Never utter the word 'mayonnaise' Acceptable synonyms - remoulade, aioli, creamy-cream-a-roux"
    -"If it's brown, cool it down! If it's yellow, you've got a custard, fellow!"
    -"When in doubt, grill a trout."
    -"Protect butter's reputation."
    -"Keep your sweet tooth away from your salt molar."
    -"Whisk drys."
    -"Blend wets."
    -"Don't trust smooth food."
    -"Don't look at the oven."
    -"Never eat a hot dog on purpose."
    -"Keep savory dishes devoid of raisins - Carrots are the future."
    -"Always use more butter than the recipe calls for."
  • Tuca judges a croissant competition by judging which is the "croissantier."
  • The triumphant harmonica music when Bertie wins.
  • Pastry Pete's "Croissant-O-Meter" when tasting Bertie's croissant is as follows: "Gas station" -> "Motel breakfast" -> "So-so" -> "Competent" -> "Heaven" -> "French"
  • The ending, which crosses the line so many times you eventually lose count: Speckle's grandmother comes back to life as a cake, which her ashes were baked into at Pastry Petes. She then tells him to eat her so she can rest in peace. As he's about to do so, Tuca, staring with rapt attention, holds up a sign that says "Eat the ghost cake." As Speckle eats his grandmother-cake, he tearfully chats with her about his career. And just when you thought it couldn't get any more audacious, last shot of the episode is grandma-cake having a party in Speckle's stomach with all of the other food he ate (and a cotton swab).

    The Promotion 
  • "I've always been a cog in the machine, but I always wondered what it would be like to be a bigger cog."
  • Bertie's monologue about how important she is to her company, ending with her declaring "I want a promotion!" We then pull back and realize she wasn't talking to herself, she was talking to Tuca, who says she asked what Bertie wanted for breakfast.
  • Bertie excitedly telling Speckle and Tuca that the job position that just opened is for senior operations analyst... only to be met by completely blank stares. She then tries to explain exactly what it is... only to give a more complicated answer and be met with continued blank stares.
  • Tuca tells Bertie that her boss isn't just going to give her the promotion because she's most qualified if she doesn't ask first.
    Tuca: "So you're just gonna hope your boss remembers you exist, reads your mind and gives you what you what you want?"
    Bertie: "That's been my life approach so far, and it's worked (little bongo sting as she thinks about it)... never times."
  • Bertie's Imagine Spot about going to ask for her promotion, especially the entire wall lined with "Employee Of The Month" portraits of herself when she imagines "nailing some small talk" with her boss and her less-than-flattering description of Dirk.
    "Blah blah blah, I'm Bertie's dumb, annoying co-worker Dirk. I wear too much cologne, I pronounce it 'exspecially' and I usually talk over you, but I just realized I'm a stupid asshole. (finger-guns himself in the head while Blowing a Raspberry) Now I'm gonna go FUCK MYSELF!" (throws his arms up and parades out the door)
    "I've done the market research (KAPOW!) and if we double down (BA-BA-BOOM!) on media ad sales...
  • Tuca transcribing Dapper Dog's letter to the editor of the Birdtown Gazette and translating his Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness about pot holes and title of "fervent citizen velocipede" (cyclist) into "Dear Newspaper, potholes suuuuuuuuck. Go jerk off in a lake. Sincerely, Dapper T. Dog, city velociraptor." Bonus points of the doodle animation of Tuca dancing as she's reading it back.
  • Tuca's other odd job as a landscaper, turning a hedge into a giant, nude sculpture of herself.
    Client: What are you doing??
    Tuca: Just trimmin' the bush.
    (clips off the leaf covering the hedge sculpture's crotch)
  • Dirk's notepad of "cool ideas" being a doodle of him, ripped, riding a surfboard with a sexy woman next to him.
  • Take a look at the logo on Dirk's shirt. It's his name.
  • Bertie retreating to her cubical to literally just scream "TWEET TWEET TWEET!!" in frustration.
  • Bertie's boob gaining a mind of her own (and Awkwafina's voice), leaping off her body and going for a drink, after Dirk starts giving her unwanted sexual advances. When he compliments her remaining boob, Bertie grabs it as it starts to wiggle and yells "Oh no you don't!"
    • While Dirk trying to pass off his remark as a compliment is meant to sound like a Lame Excuse, the funniest part is he's technically correct: he told Bertie that Holland would give her whatever she wanted as long as she was wearing that tight sweater. So it comes off as both an unwanted come on and an Epic Fail of a compliment.
  • Tuca assuming that Bertie is missing a breast because she traded it for her promotion, calling her a "ruthless negotiator."
  • The whimsical Disney-esque orchestral music scoring Tuca and Speckle's excited faces as they eagerly away Bertie's news about her promotion. It even goes up a half step when the scene briefly cuts away to Bertie's nervous face, then cuts back to them.
  • Tuca accidentally getting her breast stuck in Bertie's boob hole when giving her a hug.
  • The Running Gag of characters' terrible jokes being punctuated with a Laugh Track and a logo at the bottom of the screen like sitcom promo.
  • "TEMPLATES!" Complete with heavenly choir. And it's spelled wrong each proceeding time!
  • Bertie realizing that, now that she's been promoted, she'll be working later hours. Not only does her office look dingier as a result once it hits her, but when she turns out the window, there's a guy in the building across from her, making the biggest frown ever and looking like he's about to jump. The episode ends on her making a half-hearted "Echh..."

    The Deli Guy 
  • Tuca's entire skeleton jumping out her body and collapsing onto the floor when the Deli Guy touches her finger.
  • The entirety of the episode's b-plot of Bertie trying to spice up her sex life with Speckle.
    • Their incredibly formulaic sex life detailed, step by step, exactly like an Ikea instruction manual. It's that formulaic.
    • The sudden narrator dictating Bertie and Speckle's makeout session like a nature documentary? Funny. The Reveal that it's actually a Cockney-accented human girl peeping into their living room from the adjacent apartment building? Now it's hilarious.
    • The Overly Long Gag of Speckle looking like he's about to unzip Bertie's pants instead of grabbing her left boob (as he usually does). Bertie even raises her fist victoriously... but then he grabs her boob anyway. Apparently he was just ramping up?
    • When Bertie asks if she and Speckle could mix things up in their sex life, he grabs her right boob instead.
    • Speckle tries to liven things up with a little spanking. It starts off okay at first, but then Bertie starts actually feeling bad when he starts talking dirty to her. Even without the eventual context of Bertie's psychosexual behavior, it's a situation that most sexually active couples can identify with.
    Speckle: (as he spanks her) You've been a very bad bird and I'm very disappointed in you! Bad bird!
    Bertie: (solemnly) But I'm a good bird...
    Speckle: (still role playing) Oh, you want me to think you're good, but you're a filthy little bird, aren't you?
    Bertie: (starts crying) No I'm not!
    • Speckle's idea of kinky porn is a couple happily moving in together and having completely normal, consensual, respectful missionary sex. Not only that, but the apartment in the porn video looks exactly like his and Bertie's and both participants say many of the chaste, respectful things that Bertie and Speckle say to one another, like "I'm so glad we moved in together" and "I respect that you trust me." And Speckle still feels guilty for liking it. Why? Because the woman in it is a bluebird. He and Bertie end up watching the rest of it like a regular movie and comment on how good the actress in it is, getting a message at the end reading "Congratulations! Nobody has ever finished a porn!" Also, the name of the porno: Two Birds, One Nest.
    • Then, when Speckle asks what her favorite porn is, Bertie subjects him to a three-hour binge of The Nests Of Netherfield, a completely chaste [BBC] drama with the closest thing to sex being the couple in it sharing a quick peck kiss at the very end. Bertie fangirls over it the whole time, wide-eyes and gleefully mouthing the lines along, and is completely turned on by the end, much to Speckle's confusion.
    Speckle: So, you want me to ignore you for fifteen years and then give you a small peck on the beak?
    (Bertie rubs her eyes in frustration, with the words "why bother?" written on the inside of her eyelids)
    • The follow-up show, A Sensible Migration, which parodies chaste romantic British TV shows to an even more ridiculous degree by ending on an old woman writing a love letter to her lost love, only to die mid-writing, her love bursting in to find her and then dying on top of her, and then the castle they're both in crumbling into the sea. The end. Followed by a spot-on parody of BBC TV announcers.
    "Well, that was a very sensible migration indeed. Next up on British Bird Channel, we have a bit of a chat on our talk show, Oh, That's So Edward, then tune in at tea and biscuits-o-clock for Ms. Marzipan's School For Horrid, Horrid Children, followed by seven hours of world news."
    • In the end, Speckle creates an elaborate and completely adorable roleplay based on Bertie's romantic dramas, which she loves. Then Bertie gets anxious when he presses her bare butt up against the window, but Speckle declares, in character, that he wants the whole kingdom to see how marvelous it is. We then pull back to reveal the outside of their apartment, where we see so many various bits of business going on note  that nobody, not even the viewer, is even paying attention to her pressed hams.
  • One of the sex advice books Bertie sees at the store: "How To Fuck Your Computer: You Know You Want To."
  • The Cutaway Gag to Mean Mirror Inc. of the boss threatening to fire his own daughter, followed by her looking in one of the mirrors, which flips her off.
  • Bertie looks through her planner and becomes increasingly worried at how every single day is exactly the same... until she gets to the end and sighs with relief at one that says "Sweet, Sweet Death." Then she flips to the next page and sees that the exact same schedule waiting for her in the afterlife.
  • Tuca's "Bang-Worthy" checklist for the Deli Guy includes "Cute," "Sweet" and "Access to Free Ham."
  • Even after getting weirded out by Tuca flashing him and telling her that she's been making the date awkward all night despite his efforts, the Deli Guy still take a moment to compliment her tits.
  • The fact that Tuca is so nervous during her date with the Deli Guy, she doesn't even learn his name.
  • The Facial Dialogue of Bertie considering flashing her boobs along with Tuca, then quickly deciding not to. You can just hear the thought process of her going "That looks fun... mmm, nah, I shouldn't."

    The Sex Bugs 
  • The stages of a panic attack, as illustrated by a pamphlet which appears next to Speckle as he's comforting Bertie: 1. Pre panic attack; 2. Lose shit; 3. Ice cream. Paid for by the Bird Town Ice Cream Council
  • When Speckle asks if, as Bertie fears, a snake can crawl in her mouth and lay eggs so that hoards of them fly out of her mouth at the worst possible time, could actually happen, Bertie just shrugs and says "It's only a matter of time."
  • One of Tuca's friends appears on a Judge Judy with a broken arm claiming that a car hit him. As it turn out, he hit the car first.
  • Tuca accidentally punching a hole in one of the apartment's paper thin wall and bees pouring out.
    Tuca: Oh no, I made a bee hole! (Hurls the swarm into the bedroom where Speckle's putting on pants and quickly closes the door after it.)
  • Bertie's anxiety acting up when she feels like everyone is staring at her walking to the store with Tuca. As it turns out, they're actually staring at Tuca scratching her crotch and doing a silly straddle-walk.
  • The W.T.U.S lizard lady informing Bertie that their meetings teach women to stand up for themselves and say "NYEUP!"
  • The Reveal that Speckle's brilliant architectural drawings are just crappy, childlike scribbles, all of which reads perfectly to his boss, who calls him "the bad boy of architecture"... then revokes the title from one of his co-workers, who breaks a protractor in anger.
  • Bertie worrying that her co-workers will be mad that she forced their big meeting to be postponed. Cut to the board room where her boss gleefully informs them that they're just going to watch a movie, much to everyone's delight. Bonus points for the old CRT TV being wheeled in on an AV cart to watch it like they're elementary school students from the 90s/2000s.
  • The Running Gag of the police investigator reminding her partner/adult daughter about how disappointed she is that she flunked business school.
    • The investigator's daughter affecting a Simple Country Lawyer voice while pumping Tuca on the witness stand.
    • At the end, the investigator gives her daughter a Pet the Dog moment by saying they can torch her student loans (with the flamethrower they were going to use to exterminate Tuca's sex bugs), then undercuts it by reminding her that she had to co-sign them.
  • The makeshift witness stand during the trial in the supermarket, made out of boxes of ice cream which melt into mush in each scene. They also use a corn dog as a mic, which Tuca gradually eats.
  • Tuca removing her eye from the side of her face that's away from the camera and putting it on the side facing it just so she can wink at Bertie.
  • Tuca's flashback being illustrated with a terrible hand-puppet show. You can even see the top of the puppeteer's head!
  • And what does Tuca do with her legion of giant sex bugs? Start a band! Because why the hell not.

  • Speckle's little song about having fun with Tuca.
    "It's a Tuca and Speckle Day!
    We'll look at houses, and eat snacks!
    Maybe we'll find matching slack!
    It's Tuca and Speckle Day!"
    • On the "eat snacks" line, Speckle imagines him and Tuca eating Sensible Crackers and Plain Chips.
    • Tuca and Bertie's respective thought balloons when sharing their thoughts: Tuca says it feels weird while imagining riding Speckle like a horse while both of them are naked. When Bertie says she "can't picture it," her thought balloon contains a snowy scree with the words "Footage Not Found." Then Speckle says he can drive and the deal is sealed.
  • The leek in the sink.
  • The Stinger of Bertie's shredded dress and Speckle's mutt-eaten pants going to Fluffy Cloud Heaven together, complete with Speckle's grandma-cake playing a harp.

    The Open House 
  • Bertie's nightmarish Imagine Spot where she and Speckle have grown into senile old folks... after five years of owning a house together.
    Old Speckle: Sweetie, could you help me change my diaper?
    • Bonus points for Speckle having an inexplicable old Jewish man voice.
    • And the picture of Speckle's face on the wall.
  • The pet shop Tuca visits to buy her pet jaguar being completely overstuffed with goldfish, with the clerk clearly trying to get rid of them as fast as possible with a "buy forty, get one free" sale.
  • Speckles looking over his shoulder after Bertie leaves while he's on the phone with the real estate agent, looking like he's about to do something shifty... then smiling as he lets out the little fart he was politely holding in.
  • Bertie's subconscious air-humping and going "Ima-gi-na-ry fuck-in'!" when Tuca explains that it's ok for her to have crushes as long as she doesn't act on them.
  • Tuca eating Bertie's imaginary baked goods.
  • Tuca delivering the episode's punchline about how Speckle and Bertie should move somewhere with better plumbing after clogging their toilet with her omelette, followed by an Everybody Laughs Ending as the entire apartment slowly floods with toilet water.

    Yeast Week 

    The Jelly Lakes 
  • Tuca and Bertie embracing and crying so hard that their Ocular Gushers flood the car and push the doors open as they wait for a flock of sheep to pass in front of Bertie's car. One of the sheep even looks on with a tear in its eye.
  • Bertie politely asking Tuca for a little quiet time during their ride, which Tuca respectfully agrees to. Cut to mere minutes later, they're happily singing along to a pop song on the radio like nothing happened.
  • The fake commercial for the Claire's-esque store, Girl Things, a batshit insane spoof of Totally Radical 90s kids' commercials, is just one great gag after another. For example:
    • The girls playing with slap bracelets by slapping a few onto the long neck of one of the girls who's a goose.
    • "Girl Things! Gender is binary!"
    • "Girl Things: Mom's just don't understand." Enter mom, asking the girls if they want pizza. "GET THE FUCK OUT MOM!" Throws all of her girl things at mom.
    • The one girl applying so much lipstick that it eventually covers her entire face. Then eating the lipstick.
  • One of the mall walkers falling behind with her friends, who tearfully conclude that she "belongs to the mall now." She then turns into a jewelry-cleaning kiosk.



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