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The show takes place in the same universe as BoJack Horseman.
Tuca & Bertie just happen to live in a city/region primarily populated by birds rather than mammals. Perhaps migration occurs between the two settings, which is why you’ll see the occasional human in Tuca & Bertie or avian characters like Wanda the owl and the paparazzi birds in Bojack Horseman.
  • Potentially jossed, as Lisa Hanawalt has said that this show is not a spin-off of BoJack.
    • This is supported by the fact that in Bojack, all members of the kingdom Animalia appear to be anthropomorphic and humanoid, but in T&B there are plenty of non-anthro creatures mixed in with the anthros. Not to mention the anthropomorphic plants in the latter are nowhere to be seen in the world of Bo Jack Horseman.

Tuca's eating habits are just another addiction.
Food is just a safer substance than alcohol, but it's probably going to catch up with her eventually (ie, she'll develop an eating disorder or gain too much weight).

Bertie and Speckle will eventually move into a house... and bring Tuca along with them.
Maybe they need the extra money, maybe (hopefully) the One True Threesome will come true, but it could also lead to some interesting conflicts.

Bertie's parents coddle her.
While in her first meeting with Women Taking Up Space, Bertie says that she wants to be treated like an adult, as all of the condescending come-ons by perverted men make her feel as though she's not. However, she could also be referring to how her parents became overprotective of her after she was molested as a child and that she'll never be able to grow up, let alone live with her trauma, if they keep her emotionally dependent on them, which is embarassing enough when you're just starting out but really embarrassing if you're in your thirties.

There are also indications that Bertie is at least on good terms with her mother (no mention of her father), as "Call Mom" is one of the things written on her whiteboard in her cubical.

There isn't going to be a second season.
As of this writing, it's been almost two months since season one was released, and most of these shows have their renewal announced mere days or even a week later. It's possible that this one isn't getting renewed, either because it's not popular enough, the crew is too busy with Bojack or simply the creators said all they needed to say.

Tuca knows that she's a fictional character in a TV show, a 'la Deadpool.
She's prone to more reality-warping gags than the other characters and in the first episode, she's the only character who narrates their introduction.

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