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  • Due to Early-Installment Weirdness, the suicide in Cartoon Allstars To The Rescue has a different feel to it; a longer set-up and a second-long silent black screen. Not funny, more kinda sad and genuinely scary. Sounds like it could be valid.
  • In a Deleted Scene on the premium area, he tries to hang himself. Sounds like his usual, right? Wrong. Unlike the gunshots where you see a little hole and some blood, the rope is actually tight around his neck and it really looks like Doug is in pain. Not sure what the premium area is, but it does sound sufficiently scary.
  • His Halloween Special with Teddy Ruxpin, especially the ending. Critic is forced to give a positive review, tries while terrified, and then screams for help. Then the lights go out. "Come dream with me tonight..." Needs more context.
    • Also the moment when Teddy forces the Critic to do a more proper review of him. When the Critic nervously agrees, he asks Teddy who he really is...
    Teddy: (voice turns demonic while his eyes turn red) I'M THE DEVIL!!!!!
    (from the Critic's perspective, Teddy turns into a demon)
  • The end of his Full House review features a demonic growling version of the Olsen twins, who show up in one jump scare after another. Odds are you'll be caught off guard by at least one of them.
  • That little bit where he's remembering all the torment he got about Doug. He starts off Stepford Smiler about it, then the voices start, and he snaps out of it with his hands covered in blood. Played for dark comedy, but the bloody hands did always freak me out a bit, so IDK.'
    "You're Doug Funnie! You're Doug Funnie!"
  • When the Critic is found dead at the end of It (1990), the high piano melody from the film skips like a Broken Record. I think Critic being found dead at the end is more of a NF example than the music alone.
  • In Alaska, whatever his dad did to him to get him never mouthing off again and still be shaky and traumatized over it years later. He’s scared in universe and it makes it scary for us. Fridge Horror and first-person troping.
  • His "Return of Nostalgic Commercials" review, when he looks at the Corn Pops commercials and puts in quick, half-second clips from various horror movies mixed in with the kids's mental breakdowns. And then he goes and puts in some Evil Dead clips during the Fun Fruit Trees commercial! I'd count it. The juxtaposition of the horror movie clips with the creepy laughing is really unsettling.
  • The end of his review of The Haunting (1999), which is a long, ranting imitation of the writer having some kind of mental breakdown while insisting that his version is much more mature and grown-up than the original. It starts out funny, but it goes on for a really long time and gets pretty disturbing after a while. Even he seems terrified about where his mind went to.
  • The end of his He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special review. A clip of Yoda saying "You will be. You will be." plays, and when Critic wonders why he keeps saying that, the sound of Yoda's disembodied laughter plays while Critic looks around in slight fear and confusion. And the laughter keeps going, even picks up a bit more, even as Critic leaves.
    • Made all the creepier when you hear a dark reprise of The Imperial March on the background.
    • And then there's the end of his Next Top Eleven Christmas Specials. Usually the Critic crying and begging not to do something is great fun, but when he inserts the Star Wars characters laughing manically at him it gets a bit freaky.
  • The ending to James and the Giant Peach. He gets massacred by all the guns when the screen goes black, but then there's a moment or two of silence followed by another clear-sounding shot. Gaaaah.
  • When he appears in Star Trek: Insurrection, his hateful expression, stern voice, Critic breaking into tears and the Kill Bill music to top it off, makes Linkara seem far darker than the Parody Sue he's usually portrayed as.
  • The Red Dragon video features his take on Hannibal Lecter's most famous line, almost as disturbing as Hopkins'. Subverted and turned into a Funny Moment when after this, we cut to him indulging his posh side and ordering the food from a takeaway.
  • A few moments from Bennett the Sage in the Starchaser: The Legend of Orin review make his guest appearance in Ask That Guy look like he was giving out candy, with him being dressed in a black and red robe, telling the Critic not to die as he can't play with that way, and getting way too turned on by Critic crying.
    • The robot thing with human eyes was already creepy in the movie, but they just had to make it pants-shittingly terrifying by dubbing it with Judge Doom's "when I killed your brother" line. Thanks for the nightmares, boys. Sounds valid but the Sarcasm Mode part is nattery and sounds complainy.
  • In the Transformers G 1 review, the domestic violence joke between Starscream and Megatron is really uncomfortable. Even the Critic acknowledges it being dark.
  • Going back to the early days: Doug's impersonation of the Joker's "why so serious" speech, especially after four minutes of goofing around, makes you want to hide behind a blanket.
  • The effect of his teeth shattering at Mara Wilson's cutesy child acting.
    • Not to mention...DON'T FUCK WITH MARA WILSON!!! ZCE
    • How about when he opens the 'supposed' door where the dead and decayed godmothers sit? Valid but might need rewriting to be a sentence.
  • His getting attacked by a Facehugger. Even if he just flicks it off, those things are just as creepy in poorly animated form.
  • His take on Mr. Magoo. He's actually a self-described psychopath who fakes blindness so that he can keep his handicapped parking permit. Darkly comedic Alternate Character Interpretation, not scary.
  • "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!" So freaky he did it thrice. ZCE
  • This bit from "Revenge Of The Commercials". Keep. It's a pretty gory graphic.
    Teacher: Lindsey, why are you late for class?
    Lindsey (with her face melted) POP TARTS!!!
    • The return of the demonic Teddy Ruxpin, including a Jump Scare during an Alpha-Bits commercial.
  • In The NeverEnding Story III: Escape from Fantasia, that brief moment of silence between where he stops laughing and starts smashing.
  • Both Baby Geniuses movies caused Critic to go into a coma. In the sequel, what is the last resort brentalfloss and Uncle Yo take to snap the Critic out of his supposed coma? An iron to the FACE! Pretty sure that was slapstick? Nothing truly graphic.
  • The sound-bite he sometimes uses of gunshots and children screaming. I don't think it's that scary, personally, but eh.
  • The Shining reference in his review of Twister. "Heeeere's Twisty!" Holy shit, that look was creepy. ZCE
  • Even if you're not an animal lover, the squishy noises after he kills two pets for funsies in Jungle 2 Jungle are just nasty.
  • In Digimon: The Movie, JesuOtaku started crying due to Ship Sinking, and this exchange occurs, and he both looks and sounds rather deranged. This just sounds like a comedic over-the-top exchange.
    Nostalgia Critic: You weren't even wearing mascara. How is it running?
    JesuOtaku: I don't know!
  • The opening rant of Scooby-Doo. The Despair Speech in the commercial special was bad, but at least that was pretty passive. This one makes you scared that he's going to take his gun and shoot himself to make the pain go away. Fridge Horror
    • Roger. Especially his cheerful goodbye just before Critic blows himself up. Never let it be said that Orlando isn't good at acting scary. ZCE
      • Speaking of Roger, didn't anyone else feel creeped out by Spoony's part of You're A Rotten Dirty Bastard? I know he isn't supposed to see them, but the thought of him laughing like a maniac while the Nostalgia Critic shoots him. Plus the brief moment the camera shows his crazed face laughing while bullets bounce off him.
      • Not to mention, imagine the Spoony(!)Critic's video on it's own. Imagine you live in that universe where Doug never existed. Spoony starts the video by casually saying he likes a few movies NC tore apart, having a discussion with Douchy then the hell out of nowhere immediately goes Batshit insane and laughs like a lunatic for a good entire minute with his face right up close to the screen. But then again... seeing what Angry Joe did... Fridge Horror and natter
    • When the present Critic's about to blow himself up, with grenade in hand, and with his copy of the movie, he says this line:
    Nostalgia Critic: Hey, Scooby-Doo, where are you? I'll tell you where! IN HELL!
  • The Review Must Go On. Whether he was a hallucination or not, Critic learned something from Ask That Guy and acted threatening and confident instead of his usual lovable loser self, pressuring/stalking Doug into bringing him back, giving up Demo Reel and writing the nastiest ending for it possible. The last part skews into complaining territory. I think there are definitely creepy moments in TRMGO that can be included though.
  • Killing the cat in The Odd Life of Timothy Green and apologizing with a smile on his face. And unlike the Doug joke, there is much more blood, and we see his hands for longer. The bloody hands were pretty hard to look at. This might stay
  • He gives an epic rant about how disgraceful Pearl Harbor is to the real event, ending it by shrieking "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" at a volume and pitch human speech was never meant to reach. Probably not an example.
    • In the joke about how Affleck's such an asshole he takes kids to a war zone, there's an awful shot of a crying girl with a good chunk of her arm gouged out. Yikes.
  • At the end of Paranoia, Brad with scary angry eyes promises Critic that a person with a horse's head will rape him. Was that needed?
  • In the Son of the Mask the devil refuses the grant the Critic's request to be killed in order to relieve him of the suffering caused by the memory of watching the film. While such a decision is not surprising in an of itself it is remarked that "death" didn't work out so well for the Critic the last time implying that the Critic will never be permitted to die, no matter how great the suffering. The scene itself might be able to stay, but has been tweaked to remove the Fridge Horror and complaining about the uncancellation.
    • The Ominous Music Box Tune soundtrack playing over the scene doesn't help, nor does Critic's reaction to the begging getting refused.
    • On a side note, how genuinely intimidating the Devil is. Awesome, and scary. ZCE
    • When the Critic briefly contemplates showing the baby with Loki's face and the "Schwarzenegger-Baby from Junior" back-to-back, you know trouble is coming... and sure enough, he suffers a prolonged heart attack to the tune of a blaring klaxon and flashing red letters as he struggles to take his medication after seeing the results.
    • Hell. It would have been acceptable to just show fire, skulls and brimstone along with screaming, but Doug had to go one step further with naked tortured corpses hanging around everywhere and skinless minions.
  • The preview screen for his The Looney Tunes Show review makes Lola look positively terrifying, especially when put next to NC's horrified face.
  • The preview screen for The Cat in the Hat review is creepy, with the Cat's decapitated head. And the expression... Not to mention Critic's cold dead eyes and the nightmarishly dark background.
  • While watching A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, Critic imagines how David would appear if Stanley Kubrick had been directing the film. Cue incredibly creepy shot of David appearing in the place of the little girls in The Shining.
    • Nostalgia Critic recalling his experience of Teddy Ruxpin A.K.A The Devil, while singing "This is the end, my cuddly friend, see ya this is the end" Especially the fearfully pawing the mirror bit. Don't forget the last time we saw him have anything to do with mirrors was "The Review Must Go On", and despite it being karma, Critic just looks like he has no idea what he is.
    • Doug (in Doug clothes so you know it's him) playing an abusive father who smashes furbies and makes his son need therapy (which he thinks is stupid) is soul-scarring.
    • The post-it-reminders on the Critic's desk area. There's standard things like "don't look them in the eye" or "they're not human", but then there's slightly more crazed pleadings like "don't fear death" or "it'll be over soon".
  • His breakdown in the middle of The Master of Disguise, which starts with him laughing uncontrollably before escalating into his beating two people to near-death with a baseball bat. He then goes after a third person where we get a POV scene of him pretty much beating up the viewer. During the part where he goes Laughing Mad, it quite literally sounds as though he's about to die of laughter. Then it turns out that he blacked out during that period, and has no idea what happened. This part was pretty creepy. It's possible.
    • Several times Critic winds up Tempting Fate leading to Rachel to come in and nearly kill him via the methods he's half-jokingly described (death by injection, death by decapitation) and is just barely Genre Savvy enough to realize she's creeping up on him and stop her in time.
    • Critic's pretty cruel (even nastier in view of her call-out of him in The Shining) punishment for Rachel. He lulls her into security laughing with him, then elbows her in the stomach and back, and when she's on the ground tells her she's fired before tossing off the 'happy birthday' she wanted in the first place. Pause at the right places and you can tell Doug looks so guilty about it. Played for laughs, and it wasn't even that graphic.
    • While it might be appreciated to quite a lot of people, Critic screaming as he's set on fire. Beauty Is Never Tarnished, but that sounded like it hurt. Scrappy pothole should be removed. Not sure about the actual example.
  • At the end of his Sailor Moon review, a joke about Demo Reel is made, and Critic hits Dr. Hack violently with a look of abject anger on his face. It's the bitter Reality Subtext note  that makes it uncomfortable. Fridge Horror, complainy, and false. Doug has gone on record that he's not that bitter about Demo Reel ending.
    • The infamous “I thought they were in college or at very least late high school! Wouldn’t you have made that guess? C’mon! Look at the way they’re showing them off! I swear officer– I mean– audience! I had no idea their real age!” rant, especially for people who have suffered abuse like that in the past. Dark joke.
  • The end of the Les Miserables (2012) review where Katara uses bloodbending on the Critic, forcing the bones in his arm to snap creepily.
  • In the beginning of "Top 11 Adult Jokes We Never Got as Kids", he explodes the guy behind him with firebending and his only reaction is to run away out of embarrassment.
  • In the The Last Airbender review:
    • Critic screaming as "what's left of" his talent is bended away.
    • Critic as an Empty Shell. It's not just that the camera is too close to him and he's Dull Surprise like the stereotypical Shyamalan actor, but that he seems completely devoid of any brain capacity, is an Extreme Doormat who just does what he's told, and Shya-Amon is clearly into past victim showcases.
  • In the Bridge to Terabithia review, we have a cut away gag to show what if Leslie survived the rope incident and grew up and reunited with the grown up Jesse. When Jesse reminds her about when they pretended that Terabithia was a real place when they were younger, Adult!Lesle creepily stated that she was still in Terabithia. Adult!Jesse immediately left out of fear, and the gag ended with Leslie asking Malcolm, who's strapped to a chair, if he could see Terabithia. She's showing Malcolm blank slides, forcing him to pretend he sees something. Then she tells him she's glad he can, unlike the others. Cut to a bunch of skeletons. Keep, because it's genuinely creepy, but merged into one example.
  • The title card for the review of The Shining Miniseries, it's a massive close up of his face parodying Jack Nicholson. On blip the title card is zoomed in, his face taking up practically half your entire monitor screen.
    • Any time Critic is abusive to Rachel, whether it's on the phone or in the studio. Doug is just a little too good at acting threatening. Also his Psychotic Smirk as she starts descending into panicked tears. He enjoys making her scared. I cut out of habit because of the usual "this is totally a serious depiction of abuse" wonk, but might re-add this even if there's some Nightmare Retardant, his Jack Nicholson-style overacting can be pretty creepy. Accusations of stuff like gaslighting and all when she clearly wasn't buying his BS for a second can go, though.
      • We weren't the only ones creeped out. Rachel in the episode commentary admitted that she was really scared in the scene where she was threatened, and Doug apologizes for going too far with it.
    • The bar scene, with Critic talking to Dominic, is suitably eerie until the Toilet Humor comes in. ZCE
    • Critic hating having to give some credit to King so much that he actually wanders off into the forest to be catatonic.
    • Lampshaded at the end of the episode, where Critic in usual clothes is seen in an old-timey picture, with “Ain't We Got Fun” playing, and he says, “I don't care if it doesn't make any sense, at least it's scary.” Unsure. I cut this but it can be re-added if it counts.
  • Doug as Adam in the Mythbusters segment of Sharknado looks like he's having a seizure. In her BTS video, Rachel agrees that he's more creepy than he should be.
  • In the Devil review, while subverted in that Devil!Malcolm is the one who 'dies', the Drone of Dread that plays while Critic mixes both stupidity and being suicidal, goading the devil into killing him and nearly succeeding, is still a nerve-wracking moment.
  • In "Dawn of the Commercials," when talking about Ronald McDonald's creepy overtones, Critic pulls off that creepy smile a little too well, complete with dramatic chord. It's meant to be creepy so it might count, especially because Doug does a very good Slasher Smile.
    • The live action version of Count Chocula, it's a great example of the Uncanny Valley and his wide eyes is eerily similar to Judge Doom's eyes. In-Universe example.
    • A realistic take on the "Got Milk" ad involving kids growing up into more beautiful versions of themselves. It starts off innocently enough with a little girl drinking milk in order to be beautiful, but shallow with the brother not noticing. However, it takes a dark turn when she realizes that she has an empty existence so she begins to take drugs that driver her further down the Despair Event Horizon line till she's nearly Driven to Suicide. She reforms, thankfully, only to relapse and return to her paranoia resulting in severe Sanity Slippage involving her becoming poor and attached to her milk glass. The brother's reactions make it worse; at first he's not interested in her up till she starts taking cocaine, and it escalates till she finally becomes an insane bum that makes Chester A. Bum shrink in terror. The logo outright states "Milk — what the fuck"?
    • The frozen, borderline Slasher Smile on the Critic's face when he realizes that the Canadian commercial depicting a baby shower turns out to be a PSA about rape. Uh, maybe? (25:19 for the timestamp.
    Critic: (smiling throughout) What the fuck, Canada??? Probably a misuse of Precision F-Strike since this show is a Cluster F-Bomb.
  • In Man of Steel Critic's creepy smug smile after "proving" Joe is a hypocrite for calling him out on Male Gaze. Not helped by a reveal later that he's still being gross towards Emilia Clarke. Not enough context on why this is scarier than any creepy smile, or why Perverse Sexual Lust is inherently scary.
    • Zod and Joe's not-helping-ness is played comedic, but Critic has every right to be scared of torture threats considering everything that happened in To Boldly Flee. Outright says it's comedic, and seems to be more Fridge Horror.
    Zod: If you don't hate it, I will make sure the corpse they find of you they will never be recognized as a corpse.
  • His love for Christmas in "Top 12 Santa Clauses" takes on a slightly more Nightmare Fetishist note than usual, as even though he after decides going that far would be gross, he wants to kidnap it, tie it up in his basement, visit it every night and chop off pieces of it so he could eventually become Christmas.
    • Him starting the countdown with a Jump Scare in the form of him transforming into a human rocket and shooting himself into space.
  • The title card for his Eight Crazy Nights review features him holding the decapitated head of Whitey with an extremely deranged Slasher Smile on his face.
    • The rapey screaming sounds made when he takes the movie offscreen to have violent sex with it.
    • Critic trapping the "Happy Madison Audience" in a bathroom, exploding them and walking off with no regret. There's Fan Hater and then there's that.
    • The deeply painful image of Sandler chained to a flaming menorah in what looks like hell, and how it actually seems to make Critic feel better. The Came Back Wrong pothole is unnecessary. Not sure about the rest of the example cuz I haven't seen the image.
    • The long, shouty call to “Sandler”. Doug called it catharsis in the real review, and it just goes on for so long that you're bored, irritated and slightly concerned. "Bored, irritated, and slightly concerned" does not sound like nightmare fuel.
  • The beginning of his review of "The Worst Christmas Special." He starts to hallucinate before the theme song, and it gets worse before the introduction to the flick. His face is twitching, and ominous chanting begins to play.
    • His initial Talkative Loon reaction to the tacked on moral “you always win when you are good” note , getting more and more high-pitched and stepford until he ends up screaming a loud “fuck you!”. The note about To Boldly Flee is speculative, the rest of the example I'm unsure about.
  • He clearly couldn't close out 2013 with no scares, so his facial expression in the Arthur Christmas title card sets itself firmly in deranged valley. First off, the link doesn't work. Second, it's not that scary, just slightly creepy at most.
  • At the beginning of the Critic's review of The Wicker Man (2006), a Jump Scare happens in the form of Tamara from the Catwoman (2004) review. It's also doubled by her almost Slasher Smile-like grin. And then she kept doing it.
    "The new girl is like Slender Man."
    • Also the ending. Until Critic stops her, when after leaving Critic alone, Tamara is next seen trying to get Spoony and The Cinema Snob to do a crossover of the film, intending to do to them what she did to Critic, all done like the ending of the film itself. And scarier than the film itself.
    • The Imagine Spot with Rob's head in a noose, Malcolm Laughing Mad and the walls covered in blood.
      • It doesn't help that Doug in the commentary admits he has "sick specific fantasies of seeing [Rob's] head in a noose", then realizes how gross that sounds so there's a few beats of awkward silence and then he quickly changes the subject.
    • Their version of the beating scene is surprisingly hands-on, with Critic screaming realistically (because Doug was all too happy not to wear proper protection) and throwing slurs everywhere (Doug felt bad but not enough to stop), Tamara holding him up and deeply enjoying it, Malcolm also having far too much fun (even if it is deserved) and, as a bonus to make it even more uncomfortable, the twisting of Demo Reel. Malcolm beats Critic in the same way Rebecca had her badass queen moment of killing the turkey, and the Ethereal Choir from "The Dark Knight Begins Rising" is scary. Maybe could count even though it's also slapsticky (very heavy on the Groin Attacks), but a lot of this is irrelevant and doesn't truly convey the erratic nature of the scene. The "throwing slurs around" in this case refers to saying...."bitch" and "Smurfette," and even though we get an explicit Demo Reel cameo later in the episode, we just had to find a way to shoehorn it in again with no connection other than "character beats up something."
  • During NC's review of Ghost Rider, there's a commercial involving Tamara scrubbing the floors with the Sam Wow, a cloth in the shape of a mustache. Of course, it turns out you're not supposed to have it come in contact with latex, otherwise it'll burn human skin. She pulls off the gloves she's wearing and her hands are very much burned to hell!
  • Character-based horror in "The Strangest But Best Couples". After all the Spooning abuse, Critic apparently thought it best to try and act like Spoony. It's horrible yet believable that he thought that would work. Fridge Horror at best since it was played for laughs.
  • During his review of Ghost Dad he wonders if it wasn't actually supposed to be a comedy and then shows a trailer for it recut as a horror film. It's surprisingly very effective at being scary.
    • We also get to see Critic soaking himself with gasoline and actually lighting the match, setting himself on fire. The fact that he didn't die from that makes it even more horrifying.
    • The new opening theme clips starting have all your favorite horror moments from the new Critic, including the "Doug getting hit for real" scream in The Wicker Man (2006) and a reminder of Doug nearly killing himself from heat exhaustion in Turbo. The fast cuts coupled with so much violence can be Nausea Fuel too. Complaining via the Sarcasm Mode wick, and a lot of these scenes are too brief to really be nightmare fuel.
  • Aside from foreshadowing Hyper sneaking into his room some months later, in “The Uncanny Valley” he shakily mentions sneaking into a woman's bedroom, watching her sleep and it going so wrong that it was the last time he did. The way he says it, something bad clearly happened to either him (which would be deserved) or the woman. Fridge Horror.
  • The jump scare of the Black Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland (2010). Critic's actually doing something mundane for once (spring cleaning and then wanting to destroy his home videos), and he pops up out of nowhere with a Slasher Smile and crazy eyes.
    • Malice killing Danny Elfman, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, what with the blood and the torturous way they all died. Danny Elfman's death is pretty unsettling even for the show, especially with the gruesome stabbing noises fake blood. Not sure about the latter, since that was offscreen and more humorous.
  • In the Disney Afternoon review, Critic physically abuses Malcolm, both for mentioning Doug and for getting the DuckTales theme stuck in his head again. Pretty typical slapstick, right? Except Malcolm is shown with bruises after this, is visibly shaken, and is knocked unconscious the second time. That's not even going into him pulling out a gun on him and Tamara over Darkwing Duck, or snapping at them in general. Overall he gives off major vibes of a Psychopathic Manchild even more than usual here.
    • Tamara being scared of Critic enough that unlike previous episodes she doesn't even try to punish him back when he abuses both of them, just worries that Malcolm should be in the hospital, is a big part of why he's so creepy in the episode.
  • In Maven's “Monster Mash”, he laughs about how he beat an “adorable little girl” to death because she thought he was the Nerd. I think that was just a throwaway line played for laughs.
  • In Food Fight, you have the character of Mr. Clipboard, who walks around in the way most characters from the Uncanny Valley do, with an unusual walk, disturbing facial expressions, and flailing arms. Then there's the sketch in which Doug adapts Clipboard's tics and tries to solicit Tamara, which ends with her kneeing him in the crotch twice. Doug's "Clipboard" face looks akin to a junkie, and the fact that his audio is deliberately out-of-sync with his mouth ups the uncanny level a lot. Since he gets beaten up in a funny way, I don't know if this counts.
    • While it's parodying Selina Kyle's breakdown in Batman Returns and so it has that element of amusing, Critic's meltdown at the beginning of the video. A lot like his copying Jack Nicholson in The Shining, Doug is just a little too good and realistic at acting like a woman losing her mind.
    • His speech at the end of his review, in which he sounds like he went through the worst torture imaginable while quivering in fear, complete with inhuman rasping at the end which made him sound as if he was possessed is enough to bring chills.
    • More quiet but still creepy, Critic decided on a whim to change Tamara's and Malcolm's personalities to be smart enough to get him movies that'll bring in hits and money. As established later on, they're still aware enough to know he treats them like pets and really hate it. It must be awful to know that your reality's been warped just because your boss felt like it. Fridge Horror, especially because Tamara and Malcolm playing whatever the review needs them to be is just lampshading and played for laughs.
  • The title card for The Lorax, which features the Critic's faced merged with the Lorax, which is outright bizarre and disturbing.
    • The opening scene, which is probably the most disturbing parody of The Giving Tree ever. A little boy chats with the tree, and then as an adult cuts her down to make posters for The Lorax. This is not helped by the tree horrifically screaming and pleading for him to stop the entire time, even as she goes into the shredder.
  • If you hate or get anxious at screamers (and Critic's on the "admit you liked them once" train), there are three in a row at 3.15 of "Why Do We Love Stupid".
  • The (pre-stinger) ending of "Old vs New: Spider-Man". The Hyper Fangirl's split personalities convince her to go against the Critic's wish to be friends and continue stalking him, the threatening Ethereal Choir plays while she puts on his hat and coat like he did in "The Review Must Go On", and the camera goes skewed as she does the most deluded Slasher Smile face ever.
  • Not that it isn't deserved, but Critic's intimidating anger at the Hyper Fangirl in her vlog, and it only making her like him more. That makes even him understand that this is going to be trainwreck, looking at her squeeing text on the screen and intoning that it won't end well. Continues in her second vlog where he threatens to stab her. Because that's crush material. Not explicit enough, too comedic.
  • He means it as a joke, but the ending of the Hyper Fangirl vlog 2 has a Two-Faced Malcolm threatening “you didn't like Demo Reel? You didn't like Demo Reel? See what happened to the actors of Demo Reel...” before Tamara cuts him off with a “dun dun dun!”. Played for laughs, also suspect of complaining.
  • Tamara on fuckitall in Blue Brothers 2000. Starts off as Empty Shell, then collapses and starts foaming at the mouth, then ends up dead, all while Malcolm is begging for help. And Critic doesn't care, going for it himself at the end of the review because he doesn't want to remember who he is. The latter is Fridge Horror, but the Fuckitall sketch is pretty creepy, so that can stay.
  • In Jurassic Park III, the scene where Doug abuses his daughter (played by Tamara) for not liking the doll he wants her to. It's like a gender fliped, longer version of the similar child abuse scene in AI, and Critic metas that he was in the middle of Creator Breakdown when he wrote it. I thought it was too ridiculous to be scary, especially compared to later scenes with the father character where he is really creepy.
  • In Hyper Fangirl's forth vlog, the titular fangirl's complete glee at the thought of mind raping Critic into loving her. It's quite underplayed and unlikely to scare anybody unless they think about it for too long.
    • Critic (again having the right to) gritting his teeth at her to Get Out!, and outright chasing her away trying to scare her off. Not scary.
  • Until he becomes pathetic at the end, Film Brain in The Purge review is actually creepy and threatening. Needs more context, but might be valid since he plays the horror movie villain role pretty well.
  • The end of Small Soldiers, with Hyper Fangirl in the Critic's bedroom, with a Slasher Smile and holding The Princess Diaries sequel. "What You Never Knew About TMNT" makes it worse, as he's coincidentally "missing until further notice, presumed to be fucking terrified". That ending was really eerie, I think it can stay.
  • Hyper Fangirl in The Princess Diaries 2 review, and how completely unhinged she is. Even Tamara thought she was really creepy this time around.
    • And while like the vlogs he has every right, Critic got scary towards the end, hissing to Fangirl that he sees what she's doing, and the camera angle making him look even taller and her tinier while he yells at her.
    • Being hostage for two weeks gave Critic a fuckton of trauma (some of it detailed down below), and a preview for Project Mystery has him break down in just three straight days of her not leaving him alone. Nothing Is Scarier applies, as there’s only hints of what happened. Plus for extra badness, Malcolm said at a con that Benny was into Critic as well. So Critic wasn't safe from anyone. While I think some parts of this review can be nightmare fuel a-la Misery, the speculation on Critic's trauma and the not-in-text-canon statements about Benny can probably be cut.
  • In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles editorial, his attempt to edit the Turtles faces from the new film to try to tone down their Unintentional Uncanny Valley only succeeds in giving them an even creepier appearance.
  • He veers off into Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant in That SciFi Guy's review of The Sixth Day, the most notable example is telling him that if he doesn't do most of the work, the next time they'll meet up at a con, Critic will slit Guy's wrists and leave him in a bathtub. Misuse ot NFSA since he's trying to be creepy.
  • Literally in “Is Eyes Wide Shut Just Artsy Porn”, as a lot of his video essay is about nightmares, specifically the ones about being hurt and exposed by a large number of people. Mix that in with love issues, sex issues, and a whole lot of masks, and it makes for one of the darker editorials. Misuse of Bad Dreams, also based in Fridge Horror, which is especially odd since NC editorials don't usually have character moments.
  • Up until The Reveal of JonTron getting back at Critic for re-reviewing Food Fight, the Nostalgia-Ween 2014 opening, first seen in the Maximum Overdrive review: a first person POV in a mask stalking through Doug's dark house and stabbing Critic. The fact that it's a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment doesn't actually help, given Critic's tendency for hallucinations. The behind the scenes has it be Rob with the knife, and he jokily scares Doug by pretending to raise it to stab him again.
  • The "Top 11 Halloween Classics" list, a discussion of some seriously scary movies that digs deep into just why they're so effective. In-universe example.
  • In "Rise of the Commercials", Critic got so scared of Nintendo's infamous "You Cannot Beat Us!!" commercial that he nervously strolled to the bathroom to scream and crap himself — not once, but TWICE.
    • After the New Media Are Evil Apple rant, the terrifying "you cannot beat us" Nintendo face reappears and repeats that line while Critic has a Kubrick Stare and Slasher Smile.
    • The Snowman parody of Doug (again) playing an abusive father to Tamara, who has been frozen almost to death outside and he just doesn't realize it until she headslams into her soup. Then he he bolts. It's Black Comedy, but still really creepy. I'd say keep, Tamara's frozen body is really unsettling.
  • The Jump Scare at the beginning of Forest Warrior. Once again, Film Brain manages to be both scary and funny. ZCE
  • This picture that always seems to be used officially for him and came up just a couple days after he came back. Would you trust that face to not kill you in your sleep? It's just a smirk. Not scary.
  • In-universe (and uncomfortable for the audience) he finds the You Can't Fight Fate angle of Unbreakable horrifying, as that means victims and people who don't want to be mean have no choice. In-universe example.
  • After Tamara gives a speech about how Critic should be free to celebrate Christmas the way he wants in Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, he grabs her in Riddler make-up and screams in her face. Now that's a Jump Scare. This is followed by a song about how Ax-Crazy he is about loving Christmas that terrifies both her and Malcolm. Here's some, ahem, highlights:
    "If Christmas was a person, I'd fuck it to death, and then consume its body for its Christmas bread!"
    "And I'll play those Christmas carols 'til my ears will bleed with Christmas cheer!" (turns head to show blood running from his ears)
    "I want to smash it open 'til it's deaf and cold and then search its brains for its Christmas gold, and then drink its blood 'til I lose control, and the Christmas madness will take its toll!"
    • The very end of the song. After Malcolm shoots him down with the tranquilizer dart and he and Tamara walk away, Critic starts to sing again on the ground, this time slow and subdued:
    Critic: It's snowing, I love shopping, and I fu-fu-fu-fu-fucking love Christmas / Enough to build tranquilizer immunity / I must be fucking batshit crazy about...
    Critic: (jumps back up with Jesus behind him) I'll kill anyone not celebrating with me! / Your resistance is feeding my insanity!
    • Before all of that, his "Chill Pill Patch" that made him creepily pleasant.
    • After the lyric “I'll let it ruin my life”, he creepily turns his head to the camera and hisses “making it the best Christmas yet”. This song is absolutely freaky at points, so I'd say this can stay.
    • Making it worse, Doug was asked at Midwest Media Expo what his inspiration for the demonic ending was, and he replied he didn't need any, he just really is that batshit and violently excited about Christmas.
  • OH DEAR LORD NO. Uncanny Valley if anything.
  • In Christmas Story II, he connects re-introducing Hyper (calling his kinda ex girlfriend in reference to being her Captive Date) to the movie by saying “but I have even worse tastes [than her] to wash out of my mouth”. No way can that implication mean anything good. Fridge Horror.
    • In the behind the scenes, when they're filming the couch scene, Tamara jokes that instead of a Sleep Cute feeling, Hyper wants a Together in Death and would slit both her and Critic's throats. Doug agrees and lampshades the darkness by saying it's been a long day. It was a brief, dark, inexplicit joke based on how their "sleeping" looked more like they were dead, that never even made it to canon.
  • While the punchline is his ambiguously convenient electric powers, seeing his eyes replaced with crackling electricity during the Transformers: Age of Extinction crossover is still disturbing.
    • Even though he's a transformer, Michael Bay's gruesome death, being both electrocuted and stabbed in the chest. And how both Erod and Critic react as if this personification of a real person deserved to be destroyed just because he makes bad movies of the franchises they like.
  • In Demolition Man, as silly-diabolical as it is (he's petting an Appa doll for example), threatening both Tamara and Malcolm with spinal cord removal machines and fact that he has one for each of them, is still disturbing.
  • Hyper's excitement in this video seems to make her more of The Mad Hatter than usual, disturbing Malcolm by wanting Critic's hotel room number, freaking out a fan by saying she's rooted through Critic's bedroom, and when it comes to Critic himself, she very happily says no when he asks if he did what she wanted would she leave him alone. All of this is pretty casually played for laughs (note how there's a real audience in the video who finds it all amusing, not scary). Not as creepy compared to the other Hyper examples.
  • At a con ( 21 minutes in), and while also interesting Fanfic Fuel, there's something disturbing about Malcolm-as-Devil and Tamara saying that if Hyper sold her soul, he would hand Critic over to her. Not sure.
  • The Critic's creepy smile at the end of "Did You Miss the Most Shocking Film in Years?" ZCE
  • Critic does show mercy by at least giving the timecode to skip to in Event Horizon when he starts showing some of the gorier pictures in the rough cut of the movie. In-universe example.
  • In Hocus Pocus, while the build up is funny, the sudden Shadow Discretion Shot of the three witches being hanged still manages to be creepy.
  • "Conquest Of The Commercials", so much so that even the tagline for the behind the scenes shoot is "How creepy can we be while filming innocent kids’ commercials?".
    • The Bedtime Barbie skit. ZCE.
    • Canada's PSA about accidents (the same one that provides the page image for NightmareFuel.Public Service Announcement) did enough to reinforce the Critic's fear of Canada first instilled by the aforementioned rape whistle PSA. It starts with a female sous chef talking about an upcoming wedding and how she's going to have a "terrible accident", and ends with her slipping on a puddle of grease while carrying a vat of boiling water, causing her to pour the water on herself and horrifically burn her face in graphic detail. It scares the Critic so much that he doesn't even care about the PSA's message.
    • Doug's creepy, puppy-murdering, heart-eating father character with the slowed-down tape-recorder voice. Special mention should go to his terrifying face right up close to the camera. As kid!Tamara says, “I think I need to be potty trained again”. Keep. That face was creepy.
    • For some, Critic's glee over apparent Pokemon murder. ZCE
    • In the Frosted Mini Wheats adult-shouting-at-his-younger-self skit, the adult starts to pull a noose around his neck, and it falls around the kid's neck, making her scream and run off. Doug also adlibbed the shouting at his younger self, even freaking out people behind the scenes.
    • Don Bluth's piercing gaze is both awesome and intimidating. The recurring Jump Scares start to become predictable though. Needs more context.
  • In the TMNT Christmas Special, Critic's giant head popping out of the studio's roof, slowly turning to Malcolm and Tamara, and saying “Christmas” in a slow Evil Sounds Deep voice. It's almost Surreal Horror. Eh, yeah, it's pretty creepy.
    • Not to mention the critic's head freaken exploded and nuked the world, because he was filled with that much holiday spirit.
    • A bit like Disney Afternoon, Critic comes off creepier than usual, not caring that his Christmas psychosis destroyed the world (though he says he'll make it non-canon), expecting Tamara to cater to his every need when she's in pain, and using her as a kickbag/footstool. Eh, this part was more dark comedy.
      • Though it arguably Crosses the Line Twice, the Critic throwing Tamara to Zombie!Malcolm, while he gives a heartfelt speech about the holiday season is pretty creepy. Zombie Malcolm is kind of scary, though the Crosses the Line Twice bit acts against this example.
  • In Christmas with the Kranks, while it's also cute lampshading, Critic sharing his fear that every time he wakes up there's a 50/50 chance of him being held by force is actually pretty horrible when you think about it for a second. Fridge Horror. Also how is it "cute lampshading"?
  • In the Labyrinth review, the scenario in which Sarah is hallucinating the events of the entire movie and is really lying on the floor and foaming at the mouth singing "Dance Magic Dance."
    • The fact that the mother from the Lady in the Water review and the abusive Standard '50s Father (who always ends up on this page) are together. They both get their individual moments of horror, but them being together isn't inherently scary.
  • The gore in the comic of The Mask is so extreme that he puts a trigger warning early in the video. How he proves his point, while somewhat hilarious towards the end, can still be somewhat nightmare inducing, even for adults. ZCE- how does he prove his point?
  • The first appearance of the Fandumb Ghost in The Phantom of the Opera (2004): Doug appearing in the mirror, surrounded by fog, hissing his lines and with a very creepy expression on his face. In the Shark Jumping Prequel, he manipulates Beth to come to the studio by pretending to be the Critic mad at her.
    • There's also the scene where the horse starts singing. It just looks wrong. It's weird looking, but not really creepy.
    • For characters who in The Cat in the Hat and The Lorax were so straw that even Rob and Doug acknowledged it, the analysts get surprisingly sleazy and gaslighty in “Hyper Fangirl”, telling her she's worthless outside of chasing Critic, and enabling her belief that she and him are “destiny right from the start”. Fridge Horror
    • Hyper's part in “Wishing This Shit Never Happened” is also sad due to how pathetic and broken she is, but her Heroic Second Wind portion is calling their past “fun and games” and that she'll coerce him into belonging to her again. Not sure about this, since she never even goes through with it.
  • The Critic's appearance in the Honest Trailers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of their Shells musical concert tour, pointing out all of the terrible TMNT appearances, completely frightening the "Honest Trailer Guy" and giving a psychotic laugh at the end.
  • In "Old vs New: Cinderella", Critic and Hyper are on opposite sides due to different kinds of parental abuse, and it's interesting in a Primal Fear way to see how it effected them. Speculation; nothing in the episode suggests their opinions come from abusive parents, and even if it did, that's Fridge Horror.
  • Critic's Sanity Slippage in The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, from putting a gun to his head (and gladly taking the alternative that Malcolm gives him) to act like he's the Nostalgia Critic so has to destroy everything.
  • In Freddy vs. Jason where Critic testing crossover battle, one of the infamous part was Ash Ketchum with Pikachu is battle against Ash Williams when Williams chainsaw at Pikachu, later Critic heard that Ketchum is crying where he yelled at him to "Suck it up", but even worse that Ketchum is holding Pikachu's decapitated head and Ash Williams said "Pokémon Go Fuck Yourself".
  • Film Brain's impression of Mr. Grey is far more sinister than it is funny, making Damien Lewis' portrayal in Dreamcatcher look more like the parody.
  • So many of the examples featured in "Battle of the Commercials" are so frightening that the Critic eventually figures that invoking Nightmare Fuel is the best way to sell a product.
    "I eat little babies. It keeps me young. It keeps me light on my feet. When you eat little babies, you'll wink and nod. This is a special time. Little babies is a feeling."
    • Once again, Critic watches a Canadian PSA, this time involving the House Hippo and expecting it to be as horrifying as the last three. It turns out to be completely innocent, much to the Critic's surprise and relief. Guard lowered, he then settles in to watch a British PSA... which shows two kids going to retrieve a football and getting ELECTROCUTED. Critic is so terrified he dubs England "New Canada".
    • Malcolm's Tony the Tiger costume in the Frosted Flakes sketch, in which Tamara dies from having the cereal shoved down her throat to make her play better (having the opposite effect). Malcolm's fursuit isn't that scary, though personally I always have to skip this part because Tamara's slow death is pretty creepy.
    • The title card where Critic looks like a manic glitch demon. Low on context.
  • In Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas Critic destroying an entire planet with his Christmas love. And his reaction? An Ask That Guy smirk and "I win".
    • Cree Summer playing Penny as an evil mad-woman who is going to destroy the world. Even Critic is terrified and he'd destroyed a planet.
  • In the Twelve Best Christmas Commercials, his abusive past gets referenced again when he says the McDonalds advert makes anyone be able to feel "that warm special feeling when a stranger in clown make-up picks you up and doesn't let you go". He then realizes and adds on that the commercial is nicer than his experience. Fridge Horror.
  • A Tamara approved fanart has the abused kids looking terrified while Uncle Lies and Aunt Despair are like shadowy spectres in the background. I don't think we can list fan works here. Even if this happens to be my own fanart. And no, I didn't add it here.
  • The movie clips in "Old Vs New: Evil Dead" constantly feature gore, with "Best Gore" even being a category in the battle, making many fans uncomfortable who would rather focus on the sketches in the episode.
    • This episode implies that Hyper and Devil Boner have continued to kidnap Critic to the point they consider it a bonding exercise, and both threaten to murder or mutilate Critic if either of them loses the battle. Critic's apathy towards it all lessens the terror somewhat, but they're still terrifying as ever for the audience.
    • Devil Boner is also a little too into making Critic feel helpless, bragging before attempting killing him that he'll be shot dead in his own studio.
  • She calls it "slow mo leap frog with guys", but Balto has pigtail baby fearfully point out that she's been exposed to her mom having a lot of sex with different men. Fridge Horror.
    • While wee pigtails is getting mistreated, we get a reminder that Critic's family is still an abusive homophobic mess as well, with one of his grandmothers thinking that meds will turn you gay. Fridge Horror. It wasn't even his grandma, he was just playing a random grandma character.
  • In her Question and Answer video, Hyper still having no regret about Critic, watching him in the shower from outside his window, initially advising to just take kisses from him, assuming he wants her to stalk him and still never wanting him to date anyone else ever.
  • The title card for "Is This The Joker's Best Death", with the top half of his face in shadow and only a Slasher Smile showing.
  • In Suicide Squad (2016), Critic's red-faced rant about Amanda Waller is more unsettling when he's actually screaming at her instead of being in front of a wall.
    • Even though they lampshade Harley in the film was just fanservice, Aiyanna does an amazing Evil Laugh in her intro. Not that scary.
  • Tamara as the creepy laughing girl in the review of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. She does nothing but laugh loudly and insanely until she runs out of steam and just stares at Critic and Tony with an evil grin. Even worse, she's impervious to any attacks and pops up at random times just to freak everyone out more.
  • Critic's duck-billed face in the title card of the DuckTales (2017) review unsettled a lot of viewers. Unintentional Uncanny Valley
  • It ends up okay because engagement, but Hyper knowing all about creeper male cosplayers and letting Deadpool touch her boobs because "it's his choice" gives more disturbing ammo to her views on consent, both giving and receiving. Fridge Horror
  • During his review of the It (2017), the Critic admits he has no jokes to make about the flute-player scene; it was that scary. In-universe example
  • For A Muppet Family Christmas he keeps showing supposed clips of The Muppet Christmas Carol, actually clips from an acting seminar Michael Caine hosted which out of context make him seem completely unhinged, while Kermit listens in increasing bemusement, including quietly saying "I'm afraid of you" just before the video silently goes to commercial.
  • The ending to My Pet Monster shows the Critic suffering an existential crisis, but what really makes it unnerving is how this faint music can be heard randomly drifting in and out.
  • The start of the Jack and Jill review has Malcolm and Tamara find Critic in his house and they pin him down to make him do the movie while he struggles and cries.
  • The Cold Open for the Beauty and the Beast (2017) features a parody of the title song where Belle (played by Tamara) dances with a giant dollar sign... then at the end of the song she suddenly grows huge vampire fangs and bites the dollar sign, spewing blood everywhere.
  • At the end of the "Old vs New Teen Titans" video, he complains that Teen Titans Go! wasn't as bad as everyone hyped it and demands something actually horrible be given to him. Smash Cut to the Critic sitting in front of the sofa, blood coming from his eyes with a look of horror on his face.
    Critic: Run.
  • That horrible movie in the previous section happened to be Freddy Got Fingered. To illustrate how conflicted he felt about it, he does several impersonations of Anton Chigurrh, killing off his co-stars while making speeches in a raspy growl. In the review itself, instead of reacting to the tasteless jokes with his usual over-the-top rage, he speaks in a calm tone about how much he dislikes it.
  • He gets a Dope Slap of sense when he realizes there was no original, but Critic thinking a mother/son incest kiss from Sleepwalkers is fanservice is terrifying considering he's implied Parental Incest before. Plus Malcolm thinks Brother–Sister Incest is hot and realizes he needs a therapist.
  • In Escape Of The Commercials, a non-Hyper stalker fangirl has one of the band members tied up in the other room, and she goes from perky and cheerful to ragefully burning him alive.
  • In Hop, Black Willy Wonka has caramelized Carrot Juice.
  • So the stuff Critic reviews can totally be scary, but usually it’s terror in a kid’s film or fun gore for adults. Not so much in Best F(r)iends, as there’s suddenly a scene where a guy drags a screaming girl to a room and holds a knife against her. Critic reacts accordingly, uncomfortably freaked.
  • Aiyanna as the reboot Mary Poppins Returns is honestly terrifying, dusting the original Mary and telling Critic to be a good boy and do the review or she’ll dust him too.
  • In the review of Barney & Friends, Barney only displaying one emotion (happiness all the time) is played up for maximum creepiness.
    Barney: Come on, don't make me quote other serious subjects that shows better than me covered.
    NC: Oh, come on, it can't be that awkward...
    Barney: You mean Mr. Hooper died and he's never coming back? Ever? Why not? Ho-ho-ho-ho! Why won't he ever come back?
    NC: Okay! God! Your lack of emotional diversity is terrifying!
    Barney: Oh, good! Ho-ho-ho-ho!
    NC: I weep for you.
    Barney: Good, because I can't!
    Barney: Ho-ho-ho-ho! Kill me.
  • The review of The Wall features a number done by Sattelite City's Kivouachians, many of which have designs which can be unsettling to those who haven't seen them before.
    • Lucy is lurking around the video beforehand, notably appearing in a menacing shot only a few minutes before the above. Those creatures are creepy, I'd say it's true.
    • Doug’s Voice of the Legion-like screaming “PUT THEM IN THE WALL!” in “In The Floyd (again)”.
    • Critic doing a wall review and then smashing the “glass” fourth wall he’s behind, is a bit of a shock as well as fun. "A shock as well as fun" isn't nightmare fuel.
    • With the leather, black clothes, shaved head and no glasses, Doug makes for an effectively creepy skinhead leader.
  • The NC title card for Venom (2018) is actually scarier than the movie poster, because while Eddie Brock is being taken over he’s doing that badass squint thing, while Critic looks scared. Personally I think he just looks more confused than anything.
  • Much like the 2016 special, the 2019 commercial special has a recurring theme of Critic being scared shitless by the ads.
    • The start of the episode, while fairly predictable, can be quite jarring, as the sponsorship message gets interrupted when Critic pops up to scream "COMMERCIALS"!
    • Critic illustrates how a parent might get annoyed at a child's constant clapping and shouting to alert their toy Petster by suddenly showing off a bloody Nightmare Face after too much clapping and shouting.
    • The Panda Cheese commercials from Egypt, featuring a panda bear randomly appearing behind people with a slow song playing in the background and gets back at them for not wanting to eat his product. While usually he just makes a mess of the place, Critic points to a commercial where he unplugs somebody's IV machine as attempted murder. Edits of several horror movies then follow with the panda edited in to highlight how eerie the character is.
    • The Charger Tron parody where Tamara plays a Stalker with a Crush who kills and buries her date.
    • Critic watches a commercial for a banana-flavored nutrition drink that's clearly parodying The Ring, and scoffs that he's so used to those parodies that they can no longer scare him. Then we get to see the "girl's" face...a dead-eyed monkey staring right at the camera. Cut to a prolonged clip of Critic shouting as the image "downloads into his soul." The image apparently stays even as he closes his eyes. And for a while he's unable to switch the commercial off, just waiting for the commercial to end itself.
    Monkey: I'll be back at the end.
    Critic: ...Of the commercial?
    • And then we get our traditional PSAs, all themed around children getting run over by cars. The first two (both from Great Britain) are simply brushed off as creepy and have Critic's deadpan comments as sufficiant Nightmare Retardant, but then we get to the third one...the infamous Irish "Shame On You" PSA. Critic is so horrified at the tone shift that he declares Ireland as the "new Britain." Also wondering which country will eventually become "new Ireland."
    • The end of the episode has Critic realize that Michael Salvatori, the composer of the Flintstones Gummies ad who he's been treating terribly this whole episode, is actually an esteemed video game composer and try to run back to apologize. His path is blocked by the aforementioned panda. He screams and runs back, only to come face to face with the Gainomax monkey. Cue sudden Smash to Black.

    Already cut (not necessarily complete or in order, not including natter cut from maintained entries) 
  • Les Miserables (2012):
    • The Jump Scare of maniacally grinning Brental Floss near the end of "Don't Look Right at The Screen". That wasn't a Jump Scare, it was just a dramatic reveal, not scary at all.
  • Like the Call-Back in Master of Disguise, his blank white eyes in the Avatar title-card. He doesn't do anything heroic in the actual review, so it's literally just there to be a To Boldly Flee reminder. No, it's a reference to The Last Airbender, you know, the subject of the review. Besides the point, this doesn't explain why it's scary.
  • In Christmas Story II, he connects re-introducing Hyper (calling his kinda ex girlfriend in reference to being her Captive Date) to the movie by saying “but I have even worse tastes [than her] to wash out of my mouth”. No way can that implication mean anything good.
    • In the behind the scenes, when they're filming the couch scene, Tamara jokes that instead of a Sleep Cute feeling, Hyper wants a Together in Death and would slit both her and Critic's throats. Doug agrees and lampshades the darkness by saying it's been a long day.
  • Hyper's excitement in this video seems to make her more of The Mad Hatter than usual, disturbing Malcolm by wanting Critic's hotel room number, freaking out a fan by saying she's rooted through Critic's bedroom, and when it comes to Critic himself, she very happily says no when he asks if he did what she wanted would she leave him alone.
  • Critic does show mercy by at least giving the timecode to skip to in Event Horizon when he starts showing some of the gorier pictures in the rough cut of the movie.
  • Cut from the Son of the Mask entry:
    • Cuddly Big Good Santa Christ suddenly showing off a dark side, plus actually failing against something evil and being friends with the devil, is more than a little disheartening.
    • Incidentally, the same review also keeps coming back to how the movie itself is not only abrasive and not funny, but over-the-top, inappropriately nightmarish.
    • Critic's demented faces when he tries to throw the movie. “From hell's heart, I... throw you the fuck out! Muahaha!
  • In The King and I, the The Cat in the Hat child abuse gets foreshadowed by him dancing happily to an Imagine Spot of a teenage girl getting whipped.
  • Cut from The Cat in the Hat:
    • Critic hitting Evilina hard in the back of the head just because she slapped him lightly on the arm.
      • Prior to that, he shot her pony and made her cry (not for the last time). She was really scared and he was so angry at her...
    • The ending. Critic, the guy who once sacrificed himself for the world, is praised by the devil for suggesting Soulless's torture, and while Soulless screams in unholy agony, grins and leaves.
    • There ended up being horror in real life as well. According to the commentary, the film made Rob grab Doug, shake him and scream in his face, "WHY ARE WE WATCHING THIS?!" Doug was obviously freaked out. In a Midwest Media Expo panel a couple of years later, Rob expanded on this and said he also leaped across the couch, was strangling Doug in addition to the other stuff and when it was over, Doug was just completely dazed. It gets re-enacted (without the choking) in the real review and you actually get to see Doug looking afraid. Rob mentions said strangling again later (with Doug twitching in the background) and regrets it.
  • Cut from Master of Disguise:
    • And when she's trying to kill him, her eyes look completely dead. While she says it's just forgetting her birthday in the review, she also says in The Shining that he's never been nice to her, so one wonders what's been done offscreen to make her like that.
    • The Fallen Hero reference to the white-eyed Peaceful in Death sacrifice in To Boldly Flee doesn't help with the unease.
  • Cut from Eight Crazy Nights:
    • Blowing up Happy Madison Productions. Because all those people (including those who have nothing to do with movies) totally deserved to die for making films he doesn't like.
    • The long, shouty call to “Sandler”. Doug called it catharsis in the real review, and it just goes on for so long that you're bored, irritated and slightly concerned.
  • In the beginning of the review for Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, there's some very noticeable horizontal cuts at the base of his neck. They're never addressed, but can still tap into some Primal Fear.
  • Cut from The Shining:
    • Any time Critic is abusive to Rachel, whether it's on the phone or in the studio. Doug is just a little too good at acting threatening. Also his Psychotic Smirk as she starts descending into panicked tears. He enjoys making her scared.
      • Really, everything about the impression, even when he's being Laughably Evil-given the movie he's parodying, it would be bad form to be anything less.
      • The music doesn't help.
      • Even creepier when you compare it to his behavior in the Bratz review. He was creepy there, but he and Chick were on equal terms (in fact he's weaker than her) and he quickly broke out of his power trip to explain that he was doing a Secret Test of Character thing. Here, we have a boss man descending on and screaming at a scared woman that it's been established he's never been nice to. Primal Fear, much?
      • We weren't the only ones creeped out. Rachel in the episode commentary admitted that she was really scared in the scene where she was threatened, and Doug apologizes for going too far with it.
    • Critic slamming on the door when Rachel locks him inside, along with creepy camera angle and gaslighting her into thinking there's something wrong with the car.
    • Lampshaded at the end of the episode, where Critic in usual clothes is seen in an old-timey picture, with “Ain't We Got Fun” playing, and he says, “I don't care if it doesn't make any sense, at least it's scary.”
  • He clearly couldn't close out 2013 with no scares, so his facial expression in the Arthur Christmas title card sets itself firmly in deranged valley.
  • Cut from ???:
  • Cut from ???:
    • The new opening theme clips starting have all your favorite horror moments from the new Critic, including the "Doug getting hit for real" scream in The Wicker Man (2006) and a reminder of Doug nearly killing himself from heat exhaustion in Turbo. The fast cuts coupled with so much violence can be Nausea Fuel too.