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Season 1

  • Garrett, who has spent all day avoiding the photographer of the Cloud 9 company magazine, agrees to be on the cover but only if Glenn is on it too.
  • Glenn goes over-the-top in trying to show a gay couple that he's fully accepting of marriage equality. While Mateo and the couple are cringing everyone realizes that Glenn is being sincere and goes along with it, including (eventually) the couple in question.
    "He's just like your Dad five years ago..."
  • All the Cloud 9 employees staging a walk-out after they hear about Glenn's firing.

Season 3

  • The look of sheer happiness on Sandra's face when she gets the call that Jerry has woken up from his coma in "Christmas Eve" and her riding triumphant out of the store on a scooter while "Joy to the World" plays in the background
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  • Dina's attempts to keep Amy's Golden Globes party afloat in "Golden Globes Party," especially her being the only person to eat the (undercooked) chicken despite being a vegetarian and bird lover.
  • Jonah and Kelly's developing relationship, first as friends and later as serious boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Jonah surprising Amy with a copy of the sold out game "Barbarians Gate 3".
  • Dina being super supportive about Amy's crisis about finding out she's pregnant.


Season 4

  • After a season of seemingly nothing going right for her and Cloud 9 management refusing to reduce her hours at the start of the episode, Amy winning the paid day off in “Costume Competition” was sweet, especially since Jonah cheated to make sure she won.
  • Jonah helping Kelly transfer stores after she's initially denied by Glenn. It's nice to see something finally go Kelly's way considering her relationship with Jonah ended and she's considered The Scrappy in-universe by her co-workers.
  • Sandra and Jerry begin an affair behind Carol's back. In the Valentine's Day episode, he sends her a giant bear and a barbershop quartet to serenade her.
  • During Amy's suspension Glen went everyday to the restaurant she worked at and leaves her a twenty dollar tip.
  • Garrett casually mentioning to customers that Jonah is his best friend.
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  • The entire store working together to help Mateo avoid ICE so he can avoid deportation.

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