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Characters appearing in Drawtectives.

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     Jancy True 

Jancy True
"She's so fancy and so sad already."

A seasoned PI in her own right, Jancy is the head of the detective agency. She's constantly exhausted by the antics of her new hires. Her special ability is called Grateful Detective, which allows her to see if there are any clues or witnesses in a room.


     Grendan Highforge 

Grendan Highforge
"I think I fancy myself a bit of a pet detective."

A dwarf druid who, prior to applying for the detective job, was a dog walker. His name is constantly changing. Grendan's special ability is called Dog Whisperer, which allows him to get the truth out of a witness for 20 seconds. He has to use it on Sam Ug, who is being especially unhelpful.


She got this job mostly because it looked good on her resumé.

A mysterious human rogue and thief. She lied a little on her resume, which is how she got the job. Her special ability, Millennial, gives her the... special ability to do the drawing challenge twice if she wants. She uses it to do the challenge Harper gave to York, which was to draw York as a kitten.

  • Pockets of Holding: Rosé carries all of the evidence from the case in the pockets of her dress, which she sewed in herself. She can even carry a large fox mask and a large raven mask in her pockets.
    • Given a Hand Wave by her saying that she sews them in herself, as it's hard to find women's clothing with good pockets.
  • Beware of the Nice Ones: You would never guess it from her demeanor, but Rosé claims to have participated in at least three knife fights.
  • Blessed with Suck: As a millennial, her "special ability" is to do twice the work for half the payoff.
  • Corrupt Cop: While the Drawtectives are all guilty of this, Rosé stands out in particular, enthusiastically discussing stealing with Ogalvy, and hoping that Lotta and Amber Justice bond over their shared criminality.
  • Gentle Giant: Based on her height compare to York, she seems to be about six foot tall.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Steals some color pencils from Ogalvy in "exchange" for her knife, and later naps two animal masks from the mansion. Perhaps Ogalvy had a bad influence on her.
  • Knife Nut: Rosé carries a lot of knives.
  • Only One Name: Though only because she's uncomfortable with giving away her full identity.
  • Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs?: While not actually shown in the series, it's indicated that the detective gig is merely her latest odd job she's picked up to pay her bills while studying.

     Gyorik Rogdul AKA York 

Gyorik "York" Rogdul
"That's our boy. Our angry detective."

A half-orc ("hot orc") barbarian from the Northern tribes. He's visiting his human mother to learn more about human culture. York's special ability is called Miscommunication, which allows him to skip a drawing challenge through unintentionally intimidating a witness. He uses it to skip Harper's challenge of drawing himself as a kitten asking for milk on the grounds that he hates Harper.

  • The Big Guy: He's about seven feet tall.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Like all orcs in this world, he has two stomachs, doesn't need to eat for two days after filling them, and empties them both simultaneously in a single swoop.
    • Also, orc children are said to grow extraordinarily fast, only remaining babies for a few hours.
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: Initially, but he lightens up over the course of Season One, to the joy of his fellow detectives.
  • Fish out of Water: York has lived with the orcs for most of his life, and doesn't quite understand the customs of the "civilized world" quite yet.
  • Genius Ditz: While not the brightest member of the group, he's the only one capable of doing maths (specifically division) and has a very deep understanding of the evils of privilege.
  • Hopeless with Tech: Doesn't understand how camera or televisions work, thinking that the latter actually has tiny people inside them. (By the end of Season One, however, he's apparently learned enough about cameras to incorporate them into his drawings.)
  • Human Mom, Non-Human Dad: Human mother, orc father.
  • Insistent Terminology: He has technically murdered before, but they didn't call it murder back in the tribe. They called it "victory."
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": Is absolutely delighted to learn that Faucon is the lead singer of Birds of Prey. Buzz also nets this reaction.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: York's people worship a creator deity named Julia. As in Julia Lepitit, the Real Life creator of Drawtectives.
  • Never Learned to Read: Downplayed. He can read orc runes just fine but never bothered learning any other alphabets.
  • Popcultural Osmosis Failure: In-Universe. He's not very familiar with local pop culture, as much of it never made it to his village. At least he has an excuse, unlike Grendan, who somehow seems to know even less about music.
  • Really Royalty Reveal: Mentions in Episode Five that he's actually an orc prince, and that he once had to kill his own brother during an attempted coup.
  • Vague Age: Doesn't actually know how old he is. He can't count that far (but can do division).

     Sorin Justice 

Sorin Justice
A portrait of Sorin (right) and his wife Lotta (left).

A human paladin captain who married into the Justice family. He is the father of Harper and Emery. Said to be very powerful and strong, but kindhearted. He was stabbed in the back in the master bedroom at a party, leading to his death. For reasons that should be obvious, he is not the killer.

     Lotta Justice 

Lotta Justice
"The only genuine character."

A tiefling from a socialite family. She's a former thief-turned-spy. She is not the killer.



"Sorry 'bout the mucus."

A very sickly police officer. Not the killer.

     Ina Yourfas 

Officer Ina Yourfas

An elf police officer the same rank as Phlegmucousy. She's very happy with her position and doesn't want to leave it. She's intensely passionate about her job. Not the killer.

     Tina Crusher 

Tina Crusher
"Are you... Are you asking me if I crushed..."

A sensitive and kindhearted elf. Her purpose is to help the Drawtectives with getting a witness to re-question them, although they never end up doing this. Not the killer.

  • The Artifact: Created for the sake of a game mechanic which was never fully implemented into the gameplay
  • Break the Cutie: She initially seems like a very pleasant woman, though she does not take Grendan's implicit accusation against her well. That it seemed to allude to her weight probably didn't help.
  • The Butler Did It: Subverted, as she's not even a suspect. However, she is a butler, which leads to Grendan referencing this trope by immediately asking her if she's the killer. The accusation offends her deeply.
  • Nice Girl: Described as such by Till Bogen. Sadly, she and Grendan really come off on the wrong foot.
  • Red Herring: No, her name is not a clue to the murder. Sorin was very much not crushed to death.

     Till Bogan 

Till Bogen
"Alright, dude. Like, chill out."

A traffic cop who is incredibly chill. Not the killer.

     Pierce Steel 

Sergeant Pierce Steel
"I've been through a lot. That somehow makes my hand really big, but it's good for punching, you know?"

A sergeant with the police force and Large and in Charge of the B-squad. He's not very bright, but his drawing challenge was the only one actually related to the murder. He was once accused of a crime he didn' commit, but Jancy proved him innocent, and now he's a police officer. Not the killer.




The tiniest, cutest, and best chef in the entire world. He provides the Drawtectives with a tiny key. Not the killer.

     Don Jovi 

Don Jovi
"I'm the tall one over here!"

A tall, slender elf who is interning as Buzz's assistant. His parents wanted him to be a model, but he wanted to be a chef. Not the killer.

  • Big Guy, Little Guy: Whereas Buzz is the smallest thing the seven foot tall York has ever seen, Don stands almost eye-to-eye with him.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Sure, he seems like a great, chill guy, but he also refuses to provide information about a murder case to a group of investigative police officers unless they participate in his bizarre drawing challenge.
  • Country Mouse: Has a distinctive Southern accent.

     Avis and Ogalvy 

Both Avis and Ogalvy
"A big round and a tiny loud."

A father and son duo confined to the conservatory for the duration of the investigation. They were not at dinner and were apparently at the scene of the murder right before the murder itself. Neither are the killer.

Avis Smythe
"You know, my son is a very curious boy."

A nervous, sweaty personal injury accountant for Jorgen's and Borgen's.

  • The Conscience: Is very apologetic about his son's behavior, and always tries to return the things he steals.
  • Mama Didn't Raise No Criminal: Keeps insisting that Ogalvy is a "Good boy", and that it doesn't count as Stealing the Credit if he returns the stuff his son took later.
  • The Mole: Is revealed to have been this for Jorgans and Borgans, deliberately working to Bring the company down.
  • Nerd Glasses: Subverted. Avis is an accountant and certainly looks the part, but he's Only in It for the Money and never counts anything while off work.
  • Nervous Wreck: He's constantly sweating due to his stressful accountant job. Having a kleptomaniac son and being interrogated by detectives can't help, either.
  • Overt Operative: The Drawtectives question just how he managed to become ań informant, given what a Nervous Wreck he becomes as soon as he's caught in the act.

Ogalvy Eggman Smythe
"Who the hell are you guys? What do you want?!"

A small, loud child who likes stealing things. He gives the Drawtectives their drawing challenge between him and his father, Avis. He's apparently an avid fan of cartoons that feature giant sword-wielding women riding on trains, squat cowboys who ride equally squat "gun-horses", and Cerberus riding an athletic pennyfarthing.


She knows Lotta from the past, a little bit.

A very cool elf who fronts the band Birds of Prey. She's prone to casually bragging about her success. Not the killer.

  • Awesome McCoolname: Invoked. Her birth name was "Falcon" (which the Drawtectives already thought was a pretty cool name) but she changed the spelling and made the "N" silent to make it "a little cooler".
  • Celebrity Is Overrated: Downplayed. She doesn't actually regret her career choice, but she admits that the Paparazzi can be a pain sometimes, and doesn't really understand the appeal of autographs.
  • Famed in Story: She's the lead singer of the band Birds of Prey, which apparently created the only music which made it into York's orc village. She has also collaborated with the equally famous post-punk band You Son of a Bitch.
  • Magical Native American: Seems to be influenced by this trope.
  • Meaningful Name: Subverted. She's never had a falcon, though she did have a pet sparrow once, assuming that a bird hanging out at your window counts as a pet.
  • Non-Idle Rich: While she is more than willing to talk about her career, she does it in a rather down-to-earth way.
  • Odd Friendship: Forms one with York over their mutual love of Orcish soap operas.
  • Only Sane Woman: One of the more normal witnesses our heroes interact with. The only reason she even lers them do a drawing challenge is because she heard that others did it and thought it sounded fun. The drawings also serve an understandable purpose (potential future cover art) and she promises to pay the detectives if their pieces are ever used.
  • Promoted Fangirl: Was a big fan of various bands before starring her own and becoming a famous musician herself, even coming into contact with some of her idols.
  • Ship Tease: Menions in a newspaper article that she just wants to wind down and relax with Tiny Cowboy — a character from Drawfee's random shape challenge — while her band is on a break.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": It's not Falco, it's Faucon. The "N" is silent.

     Harper Justice 

Harper Justice
"Parties suck. Especially rich people parties."

The obnoxious half-tiefling daughter of Sorin and Lotta. She doesn't like the rich and claims to not be herself, but she lives in a house her mother pays for. Supposedly was in the dining room the entire time. Not the killer.

  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • As douchy as she is, she still can't bring herself to make Grendan draw a crying dog.
    • Susan Fontaine also mentions that she doesn't know if Harper would be capable of murder.
  • Glory Seeker: Her brother speculates that her real reason for her illegal activities is to build up a reputation as a master criminal much like her mother. Given what we see of her, he's probably right.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: She has been arrested for intoxication before, and she's tipsy by the time our heroes meet her. (Hey, she needed something to deal with her stressful situation.)
  • Hate Sink: She has few redeeming qualities, and doesn't even have any clues for the Drawtectives, but makes them draw for her anyway just because.
    • Susan at least claims that she isn't always this bad, but that she is a mean drunk trying to deal with her loss in her own way.
  • Human Dad Non Human Mom: Her father is a human paladin, her mother is a tiefling.
  • It's All About Me: Very, very full of herself.
  • Just Like Robin Hood: Claims to be this, though in practice she just steals from the rich and keeps the loot, arguing that she is technically poor.
  • The Napoleon: Harper is noted as being very short, only reaching to the shoulders of York, with Rosé also dwarfing her.
  • No Sympathy: Is oddly conflicted that her father just died, feeling that he deserved it simply for being rich, but also feeling sad (apparently) because he WAS her dad.
  • Punny Name: Her name is meant to be a pun on the phrase "harp on justice".
  • Rich Idiot With No Day Job: She "works" as a thief, which doesn't earn her nearly enough to pay the bills. Her mother is basically paying for her lifestyle.
  • Vague Age: Doesn't specify how old she is beyond being in her twenties. She hates other twenty-something-year-olds anyway, and wouldn't want to be associated with them. Of course, being half-tiefling makes the question of age more complicated.

     Sam Ug 

Sam Ug
"Y'all talkin' about my smoking?"

A thief-turned-spy who was at the party posing as a waitress. In reality she was some of the additional hired security for the party. not the killer.

  • Animal Motifs: Her name is derived from Smaug from The Hobbit, and she has several dragon-like traits. Namely a lust for riches, a smoke-filled mouth and a thin, "slithering" body.
  • Badass Longcoat: It's just a rental, though. She admits to not really owning any fancy clothing.
  • Everyone Has Standards: While Sam is a former thief, she says that she's never murdered anyone and that she finds the idea quite disgusting.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: Aside from having a criminal record, York looks down on her mostly for smoking tobacco, which his tribe only uses as cow fodder, the only drugs they accept being mushrooms. Sam does claim that she is planning to quit.
  • Implausible Deniability: Refuses to admit to having a criminal past, even when presented with her own criminal records, which she claims could belong to any Identical Stranger who happens to have the same name.
  • Overt Operative: She doesn't exactly dress like your typical waitress, with her Conspicuous Trenchcoat and all. The fact that she rented it specifically for the occasion just makes it better.
  • Red Herring: What Grendan suspects she is and what she ultimately seems to be.
  • Reformed Criminal: Originally a thief, Sorin gave her a second chance and hired her as a waitress for his party, though this turns out to be a cover. In truth, he hired her to spy on the guests and report any suspicious behavior to him. It obviously wasn't enough, as he still ended up being murdered.
  • Right Hand vs. Left Hand: It takes quite some time for her to collaborate with the Drawtectives, or even explain that she's a spy working the same case. She explains that her past has left her with some trust issues.
  • Stealth Pun: She's a suspect who later turns out to be a red herring, who is also the only character with red hair; in other words, she's a "red hair-ing."
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: The drawings she makes our heroes create very much fall into this category, with heavy use of Photoshop filters.

     Emery Justice 

Emery Justice
He has been working out, in case you couldn't tell.

A half-tiefling and Harper's older brother, Emery is the son of Lotta and Sorin Justice. He's a ranger stationed out east. He was asked to come to the party as security. Is the killer.

  • Animal Motifs: Subverted. The detectives try to compare him to a rhino, to make their earlier theory at least somewhat accurate, but even they amdit that this is a stretch.
  • Archnemesis Dad: He has a very rough relationship with his father Sorin. Bad enough in fact that he was willing to stab him to death in an act of petty revenge.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Emery claims that most of Harper's weapons fall into this category, being fancy and expensive but not particularly effective in a real fight.
  • …But He Sounds Handsome: His claim that whoever killed His dad must have been strong turns out to be a veiled pat on his own back. This comes back to bite him later, as it makes the investigators less suspicious of Avis.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: As Grendan points out, Emery's drawing requests are the complete opposite to those of his sister. Whereas she wanted the detective to put themselves through a Humiliation Conga, he wants them to create Wish Fulfillment for himself.
  • Gambling Addict: He's trying to support his fortress with gambling, but has racked up quite a dept. He wrote the ransom note in a last, desperate attempt at paying it off.
  • Human Dad Non Human Mom: His father is a human paladin, his mother is a tiefling.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Accuses York of making up his claims about the North, but it's not like his own stories are that much less outrageous.
    • He also chides Harper for earning money dishonestly, despite relying on gambling, extortion and theft himself. The only real difference is that he at least tries to frame his Dirty Business as a Necessary Evil, whereas Harper wants to be a criminal.
  • Mr. Fanservice: He is quite a hunk and both Grendan and York pretty much start Eating the Eye Candy upon meeting him.
  • Never My Fault: Refuses to take responsibility for any of his actions. He does not turn out his pockets when asked, and simply brushes off the fact that he's carrying stolen jewels in them. Even after admitting that yes, he did murder father, he still tries to justify it and put the blame on Sorin.
  • Not So Stoic: Comes across as borderline emotionless at first (which he credits to his job requiring him to keep his cool even in stressful, dangerous situations) but he does have his limits, and minutes of pestering from our protagonists eventually manage to set him off.
  • Obvious Judas: He is one of the guests our detectives are the most suspicious of. Indeed, it turns out that he was the one who did the deed, after all. In fact, this trope was the reason Jancy had already managed to solve the case to begin with.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome:
    • Growing up with celebrity parents and a spoiled sister eventually led to him journeying to the forests of the East after he came of age to make a name for himself.
    • Also, York is not particularly impressed with Emery's ranger deeds, as they seem pretty tame compared to what daily life in the orc tribes is like.
  • Pzychopathic Manchild: Our protagonists accuse him of being The Sociopath, and given how entitled and unempathic he seems, they're probably right.
  • Punch-Clock Hero: Makes it clear that improving his financial situation is very much a goal with his ranger career, and he dreams of one day retiring as "an old man with a bank account."
  • Shout-Out: His name is derived from that of Amory Blaine from the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel This Side of Paradise.

     Dr. Susan Fontaine 

Dr. Susan Fontaine
"Another tiny friend."

A world-renowned doctor and surgeon, and an old acquaintance of the Justice family going back several decades. Also a big tea drinker. Not the killer.

  • Cool Old Lady: Not only is she still working well into old age, she is also considered the foremost surgeon in the entire world.
  • Fangirl: Her challenge simply involes the detectives drawing some celebrity fanart for her.
  • Miniature Senior Citizens: She's even shorter than Grendan, and needs either a stool or somebody to hold her up while performing surgeries.
  • Nice Lady: Is very helpful to the Drawtectives, hopes Avis will be able to get a new job now that his old firm seems to be closing down, and even shows some sympathy for Harper and Emeret Justice.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: She met the Justice family after treating Lotta's (unspecified) injuries from falling off a building, and also performed an autopsy on Sorin following his death.
  • Only Sane Woman: Actually tells the detectives everything she knows upfront, only doing a drawing challenge later because they wanted to give her something in return.
  • Ship Tease: Buzz has sent her a love letter asking her out on a date, and she actually seems a bit interested.
  • Team Mom: Seems to be quite close to her interns. York also says that he'd like to think of her as (his second) honorary grandma, being perhaps the only witness to have been truly nice and helpful to him and his fellow investigators.
  • Totally Radical: Tries using some cool kid slang in the hopes that our protagonists will find her hip.
  • Unreliable Narrator: Our heroes get suspicious when her story doesn't match up with what the Justice children said. Somebody has to be lying...

     Larm Alassa
"He's a cool guy inn'he?"

A classy inventor and animatronics major specializing in security. Is constantly coming up with ideas for new designs, but apparently needs some help brainstorming now and again. Not the killer.

     Norm Elmahn 

Norm Elmahn
"I am the first Norm."

A police officer who went to the park on his day off. He has a good track record with a several successful arrests (a fair amount of them involving Harper) and generally lives a modest, simple life. Did not steal the dog.

  • Hero of Another Story: He is a seasoned officer with many arrests under his belt. However, his onscreen appearance just has him present as a witness, with no further involvement in the case or even much additional information to contribute with.

     Dax Hund 

Dax Hund
"Everyone's leaving..."

An eccentric and somewhat confused man who went to the park to read the newspaper (or as he calls it, "the newspapie"). Doesn't understand why anybody would confuse him for a dog. Did not steal the dog.

  • Animal Motifs: Looks very doglike, to the point that Ogalvy seems to have confused him for Harper's actual dog. Grendan Highforge also pets him on the head before ending their session.

     Noah Crimnall 

Noah Crimnall
"It's so nice to have a teacher in the room."

A prolific thief who has been pickpocketing park guests for quite some time now. He's very skilled at his illicit craft, being able to without notice steal things even from people he's having direct conversations with. Nevertheless, he still maintains that he didn't steal the dog. He didn't, but he is indirectly responsible for the its disappearance.

  • Implausible Deniability: Keeps denying that he is a thief, even as he continues to steal clothes and accessories from the detectives interrogating him.

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