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  • The comic tends to show a LOT of characters with cartoon-y, and sometimes outright goofy facial expressions. And just about every one of them is priceless. The issues drawn by Evan Stanley and Adam Bryce Thomas tend to take this Up To Eleven.
  • Pretty much any time Tangle is on-page. You’re almost guaranteed to get either an amusing scene, or a comically goofy facial expression.

    Year One 
"Fallout" arc (Issues #1-4)
  • Issue #1 perfectly shows Tails' Character Rerailment - he quips back at Sonic easily, all the while kicking Badnik butt. Best shown at the end, as the remaining robot forces try to escape the town via a draw bridge.
    Sonic: They're almost out! C'mon, Tails! Hurry up!
    Tails: Oh ye of little faith... (pulls the lever that closes the bridge, causing all of the Badniks to smash into it at the last minute) Well?
    Sonic: Expertly done. Bonus points for dramatic timing.
    Tails: Thank you, thank you.
  • In Issue #3, Rough and Tumble introducing themselves.
    Tumble: You lookin' to scrap?
    Rough: Then get ready to crumble!
    Tumble: Brace yourselves for...
    Sonic: (trying not to laugh) ...Oh no. I was not prepared for this.
    Knuckles: Careful, Sonic. They're highly coordinated.
    (Sonic holds himself up on Knuckles' shoulder, laughing)
    Sonic: Knuckles... you're the salt of the earth.
    • At the end of the fight, they turn the brothers' gimmick back on them. Rough angrily yells at them for stealing their thing.

"The Fate of Dr. Eggman" arc (Issues #5-8)

  • Whisper introducing herself to Sonic and Silver elicits this exchange.
    Whisper: Whisper
    Sonic: Cool.
    Silver: (Whispering) Ok. But why?
    Sonic: No genius, Whisper is her name.
  • While the circumstances around it weren't Played for Laughs, the simple fact that Silver said, word for word, "Oh, Crap!" in an all-ages comic, no less, did get the fandom to at least chuckle a bit.

"The Battle For Angel Island" arc (Issues #9-12)

  • In issue 9, when Blaze is explaining her connection to the Sol Emeralds and her ability to turn into Burning Blaze, Tangle can be seen in the background with stars in her eyes.
  • En route to Angel Island, Tangle accuses Silver of using his powers to cheat at cards while, at the same time, using her powers to cheat at cards.
    Tangle: You're not using your mind-powers to cheat are ya?
    Silver: N-No! I can't really-
    Tangle: *Stealing card from Silver* Relax! I'm just messing with ya!
    Silver: O-Oh. Sorry, I'm not used to... waitaminute...
    Tangle: Aw, man... your hand's worse than mine.
    • The same page also has this chuckle-worthy exchange:
    Vector: C'mon! Just try to play a hand. It'll get your mind off things.
    Knuckles: *Staring out window* No. My island needs me. I have no time for games.
    Vector: So... You're just going to stand there until we arrive?
    Knuckles: Yes.
    Vector: Suit yourself.
  • From Issue #10:
    • After Tails manages to take out most of the ground forces, most of the Resistance has to get to stable ground. Vector ends up nearly falling off the platform but Tangle manages to grab him and pull him up, providing a Funny Background Event as Amy and Rouge are talking.
    • Once Neo Metal Sonic starts his transformation into the Master Overlord thanks to copying Shadow's bio-data. Both Shadow and Knuckles look on stunned while Sonic just rests his head on his hand pretty much expecting this since he did warn Shadow that Neo Metal could copy bio-data.
    • Not long after, the three are forced to flee once the building housing the Master Emerald starts collapsing. As they watch Neo finishing up his transformation Sonic chimes to Knuckles...
      Sonic: Well...on the bright side, you've got your shrine back.
  • Knuckles' dorky grin when he manages to free the Master Emerald from Master Overlord's torso in Issue #11.
  • Following the Resistance's liberation of Angel Island, Sonic attempts to peacefully end his rivalry with the de-powered Metal Sonic, saying Eggman is gone and that he can be his own person. Or at the very least call a truce. Metal blankly stares at Sonic's outstretched hand... before slapping it away and promptly leaving. Metal's expression really clinches it, as if he was insulted by the very notion.
  • Immediately after Amy learns from Sonic that Knuckles has disbanded the Resistance, the Chaotix waltz in demanding substantial payment for their services.
    Amy: I... buh... whuh?
    Sonic: I'll leave this to you, Madam Executive of the Resistance. (smirks and sprints out of the ship)
    Amy: Doesn't being part of the Resistance count as anything?!
  • Rouge intends to spend a brief vacation on Angel Island, both for the relaxation and to keep a keen eye on the Master Emerald. Sonic is confused where she got her lawn chair from.
    Rouge: Eggman's private stash. I thought, "Why let it go to waste?"
    Sonic: Yeah, but... when does Eggman ever go outside?
    Rouge: Don't let the paunch fool you. He actually used to have a meticulous cardio regimen.
    Sonic: Huh. You think you know a guy...
    • Which becomes even funnier when you consider that Eggman is a powerful Skill Type-character with good gymnastic skills in the Mario & Sonic games.
  • Orbot and Cubot try to help restore Eggman's memories by means of Cubot asking to be insulted and Orbot offering a list of Eldritch Abominations that he can unleash and lose control of. When a horrified Tinker asks what kind of monster would do that, Cubot is confused by the lack of insult, while Orbot questions if they actually want the old Eggman back.
  • A brief flashback shows Eggman repairing Metal Sonic after a failed scheme, and he dotes on the robot like an overprotective parent.
    Eggman: How dare that Sonic damage you! He wouldn't recognize a work of art if it punched him in the face! You did punch him in the face, right?
    Metal Sonic: (silently gives a proud thumbs-up)
    Eggman: Attaboy!
  • Rough and Tumble introduce themselves to Eggman with one of their rhyming battle stances. After a panel of staring at them quietly, Eggman asks Starline if they always do that. Starline says yes, but points out that being Dumb Muscle perfectly suited for Cannon Fodder makes up for it.

    Year Two 
"Infection" arc (Issues #13-16)
  • The very first non-recap page of Issue #13 has a panel with Knuckles being suspicious of a couple of birds that had landed at the Master Emerald shrine. Never change, Knux.
  • Sonic's reaction to Rough and Tumble returning, followed by Tails being dumbfounded by their attempt to rhyme "pummeled" with "Tumble".
  • Sonic and Tails copy the pair's rhyming battle stance for themselves, just to mock them.
    Rough: That's our thing! Stop stealing our thing!
  • After Sonic destroys Tumble's artificial tail, he breaks into tears and starts sobbing about how all he wanted to do was cave Sonic's skull in. Sonic's sympathy evaporates pretty quickly.
    • He specifically breaks down because he's lost his tail again, which seems to be something of a sticking point.
      Tumble: (to Tails) The runt is mine. I lose my tail, BUT YOU GET TWO!?
  • After Rough & Tumble are brought back and begging for another shot, Metal Sonic shoves his way in. When Rough says he's had his shot, Metal gives him what can best be described as a Death Glare saying, "Care to repeat that?"
  • Starline introduces himself to Sonic and Silver with a Motive Rant, which is portrayed with closeup panels of his intense face. Cut to Sonic giving Silver (who Starline approached as an anonymous informant to lure the two into this confrontation) a deadpan look.
    Silver: (holding hands up defensively) He did not sound this crazy or creepy when I talked to him!
  • Eggman is gleefully plotting his next move, when Rough and Tumble burst into the room, killing his mood immediately.
    • Prior to this, he was testing his Metal Virus... by means of sticking an already fully infected test subject on on a fishing pole and repeatedly dropping it on a new subject, all while making sound effects and laughing.
  • Sonic's reaction to seeing that the entrance to the Echo Mine is designed to look like Eggman's face:
    Sonic: Y'know what I like best about Eggman?
    Amy: What's that?
  • The password to Eggman's computer network is "H4T3TH4TH3DGEH0G". Amy and Sonic share smug looks at that.
  • Once again, Rough and Tumble's rhyming boast doesn't actually rhyme, something Sonic calls them out on. This triggers a debate between the brothers what rhyme they should have used.
    Amy: How did these guys take over a whole town?
    Sonic: Blunt objects can still be dangerous. Just be happy you get a turn beating them up.
  • Tangle turns up at Tails' workshop to find Sonic sprinting along on a giant hamster wheel while Tails intently analyzes a printout. She's understandably confused.
    Tangle: (skeptically) So, this is what you guys do for fun in your downtime? (Beat, grins ear-to-ear) Who am I kidding? That contraption looks fun! Can I try it next?
  • Tails is less than impressed when Sonic starts calling those infected by the Metal Virus "zombots".
    • Similarly, Starline seems a little output when he finds out that Eggman is calling his new flying fortress (which is shaped like his face) a "faceship".
  • Tangle tries to give Sonic a high five, but then the Metal Virus appears on his hand and he instantly pulls his hand away, causing Tangle to land on her face. She gets up and says sarcastically, "I meant to do that!"

"Crisis City" arc (Issues #17-20)

  • Despite depicting a straight-up Zombie Apocalypse, Issue #17 does have a few moments of levity:
    • When Vector is trying to help a stuck truck escape the zombots.
      Vector: Pop the clutch!
      Driver: I only know how to drive an automatic!
      Vector: Grr! Put it in neutral! I'll push you until you go downhill!
    • Then, when Sonic shows up just in time to save Vector from a crowd of zombots:
    • And when they split back up:
      Vector: And next time Eggman loses his memory? I'm throwing him in a cell!
      Sonic: Less hindsight! More rescuing!
  • During the Zombot attack on Cream's hometown, Sonic comes across some kids trying to start a forest fire (so that the Metal Virus can't spread through the woods), who ask why he takes Cream on adventures and not them. Sonic counters by putting out that fire, saying that it would end up killing them, and states that Cream gets to join his adventures because she has common sense.
  • Omega's long-awaited introduction gives us a few short moments thanks to his being The Comically Serious, including his almost interpreting Sonic's request to Hold the Line for "creating a wall of bodies".
    Sonic: Step lively, folks! Head for the big hotel at the end of the block!
    Civilian: Do we have time to thank that robot for saving us?
    Omega: (smashing Zombots with another Zombot) EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!
    Sonic: He's the type of guy who doesn't need thanks.
    • Also this brief moment:
      Shadow: Omega.
      Omega: Shadow.
      Shadow: Safeguard the truck while Rouge oversees the evacuation.
      Omega: Considering. The truck and refugees will be the Zombots' primary target. This will bring additional targets to me. Orders approved.
  • Omega is reduced to nothing more than a head by the horde, Tails getting him out in time before he's completely destroyed. When asked if he's okay, he comments that his rage is at 110%. He also, when the topic of rebuilding him is brought up, requests that a jaw mechanism is installed so that he can bite zombots' ankles off.

"Tangle and Whisper” (Issues #1-4)

"Sonic the Hedgehog: Annual 2019”
  • In “Bonds of Friendship”, Tangle giving a big hug to a visibly surprised Whisper, who quietly but firmly responds by nudging her away, leading to a quick, awkward apology from Tangle.
    Tangle: It’s so cool having friends come to visit! And when the town isn’t being bombarded even!
    Tangle: WHOOPS! Right. Boundaries. My bad.
  • Tangle decides to give Whisper a quick tour around Spiral Hill Village. When they get to the salon, Tangle states that she practically keeps them in business. Why? Because she tends to break their brushes often, trying to keep her tail groomed. So she has to visit there often to get new brushes.
  • Tangle loudly barging into the Mineral Museum, scaring the crap out of Jewel.
  • Jewel revealing why she and Tangle grew up together.
    Tangle: We grew up together!
    Tangle: True!
  • After the Babylon Rogues literally break into the Mineral Museum, they begin a treasure heist and start taking the gems. While he was looting treasure, Storm obliviously mistakes Jewel for an actual jewel and loots her along with the rest of the gems.
    Storm: (putting Jewel into the bag, who looks visibly terrified) Wait’ll the boss sees YOU!
    • Later, after the museum heist, Storm, still oblivious that Jewel is not a piece of treasure, proudly pulls her out of his bag to show Jet and Wave. Jewel then turns around and indirectly reveals that she is indeed a living person. The Rogues’ reactions are absolutely priceless.
    Storm: Boss! Boss! I did REAL good!
    Storm: (proudly holds up Jewel, with his eyes closed) You ever seen a jewel THIS big?
    Jewel: (turns around, still looking visibly terrified, Storm now looking absolutely confused) P-p-please let me go...?
    Wave: (understandably alarmed) Storm, you moron! You kidnapped somebody!
    • While Jet and Wave are arguing about whether they should give Jewel to Tangle and Whisper, we get this exchange from Jewel and Storm, who is STILL unaware that Jewel is not a gem.
    Storm: (still looking interested) But... wouldn’t a talkin’ gem be worth MORE?
    Jewel: (agitated) I’m a BEETLE.
    • Eventually, Jet gets tired of the argument and tells Storm to just toss Jewel out. Storm responds by literally chucking her out of the ship. (Though this could also be Nightmare Fuel for some since this results in her breaking her wings, rendering her unable to save herself from falling.)
    Jet: (furious) Rrrrgh! Fine! Just toss ‘em out!
    Storm: Whatever you say, boss.
    Jewel: (relieved) Thank goodness. I was afraid this was going to get violent.
    • Jet and Wave’s argument itself is pretty comical.
    Wave: (grabbing Jet after he refused to give Jewel back) Jet! Are you out of your mind?! We’re THIEVES, not kidnappers! Just let her go!
    Jet: Back off, Wave! Storm made us look INCOMPETENT! We HAVE to save face! I’M the leader! I call the shots!
    Wave: And I’M telling you that you’re off-target!
  • Soon after Storm gets called out for the above by Jet and Wave, they agree to go save her. But Tangle assures them her and Whisper will take care of it, and warns them not to do something like this again. How nonchalant she is towards them, even with her Implied Death Threat, is pretty amusing.
    Jet: (to Storm) Now you made us incompetent AND violent!
    Wave: (also to Storm) Now we’ve got to save her, you jerk!
    Tangle: Nah! We’ve got it all under control! Take care!
    Tangle: And if you ever threaten my town or friends again, I’ll poach you myself!
    Tangle: See ya! *casually jumps out of ship*
    • The Rogues’ realization that Tangle took their stolen treasure with her.
    Jet: (now furious again) THEY LOOTED OUR LOOT!
    Wave: (clearly has had enough) Let’s just GO, already. Today’s been a hassle.
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