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    Year One 
"Fallout" arc (Issues #1-4)
  • Seeing Sonic and Tails working together again in the first issue is a refreshing breath of fresh air after Tails’s portrayal in Sonic Forces where he was nothing more than Sonic's cheering squad and even cowered in fear when Chaos attacked him.
  • Sonic and Amy's teamwork in the second issue, culminatining with both preforming a Fastball Special at a Badnik dropship.
  • Rough and Tumble managed to free an entire town from Eggman's forces by themselves. Shame they had to follow it up by turning it into their own personal kingdom.
  • During their first fight, Tumble manages to overpower Sonic's spin attack.
  • Tangle's introduction quickly establishes her as a fighter on par with the other heroes, easily taking down badniks twice her size.
  • Blaze's first appearance has her dropping down in a column of fire to save Sonic and Tangle.
  • Tangle using her tail as a slingshot to launch Sonic and Blaze into the carrier ship dropping badnik reinforcements into the town. The two then tag team it, Sonic smashing it up on the inside and Blaze shooting it down from the outside.

"The Fate of Dr. Eggman" arc (Issues #5-8)

  • Issue #5 opens with Sonic and Espio working together to destroy a group of Badniks. One key moment is Sonic grabbing ahold of a rope Espio tosses him and letting himself be spun around like a mace. Then they destroy a larger group of Badniks sent to attack the village.
  • Issue #6 has Sonic talking Shadow down from killing the amnesiac Eggman by citing his own forgiven past crimes.
    • It turns out that Rouge arranged for Sonic and the Chaotix to show up in Tinker's village, counting on them being able to prevent Shadow from doing anything rash.
  • The debut and fight with Neo Metal Sonic in Issue #7 shows us why we never squared off against him in Sonic Heroes. He easily overpowers Sonic, thanks to his Power Copying and home field advantage.
    • At the end of the issue, Neo Metal holds Sonic, demanding that the hero reveal Eggman's location... or fall to his doom. Sonic simply says "I never fear the fall", kicks Metal in the face and seemingly falls to his death, much to Metal's joy... until the reveal that Tails was flying down below in the Tornado, ready to catch his friend.
    • Neo's Badass Boast at the end of the issue, accompanied by the Egg Fleet approaching Angel Island.
    Neo: Take all the time you want, Sonic. I've already won.
  • Issue #8 gives us the introduction of Whisper the Wolf, a One-Man Army who easily takes down everything in her way. And it seems she's saved the Resistance on numerous occasions during their war with Eggman, earning the nickname of "Guardian Angel".
    • We also have Neo Metal Sonic's Badass Boast once it's discovered he's taking over Angel Island in Knuckles' absence.
    Neo: The Master Emerald. "The Controller." One of the most powerful gems in the world, with the ability to neutralize the Chaos Emeralds. So come to me, Sonic. As yourself, or as Super Sonic. Either way... you will be powerless to stop me.

"The Battle For Angel Island" arc (Issues #9-12)

  • Issue #9 has the Resistance splitting into three teams to liberate Angel Island. The first "team" is composed only of Blaze in her Super Mode, as she begins single-handedly tearing through the Egg Fleet.
    • Shortly after, we get a full-page splash panel of all the other heroes mowing down an army of Badniks.
    • Neo Metal Sonic decides to take a page out of Mecha Sonic's book, using the Master Emerald to transform into his own Super Form, Super Neo Metal.
  • Blaze single-handedly brings down an Egg Fleet ship, while Tangle commandeers a cannon onboard another ship and turns it on the Badniks manning it. Tails then hijacks another ship and uses it to ram the Resistance's way past the rest of the Egg Fleet.
  • Just when Super Neo Metal has the upper hand on Sonic and Knuckles, Shadow comes from out of nowhere to run him with through with a chaos spear. Then Neo one-ups him by taking Shadow's biodata, mixing it with Sonic's and the Master Emerald, and becoming Master Overlord.
  • Tails dealing a major blow to Master Overlord by ramming the ship he's piloting right into it.

    Year Two 
"Infection" arc (Issues #13-16)
  • Rough and Tumble, now armed with new weapons courtesy of the restored Eggman, lure Sonic into a rematch, with Tails tagging along. The villainous brothers don't stand a chance once Tails is no longer distracted by getting the bystanders to safety and is able to join the fight. He pulls a Catch and Return on Rough, throwing his own acid bomb at him, then grabbing the launcher off his back and smacking him over the head with it. Sonic, meanwhile, just lets Tumble chase him until he's worn down before smashing his artificial tail off.
  • Doctor Starline's first encounter with the heroes, specifically Sonic and Silver, sees him using the Warp Topaz to constantly open portals in their paths and redirect them elsewhere. And when they finally get ahold of him after catching him off guard, he tricks them into opening a vault he's rigged with explosives, nearly managing to kill them.
  • During the fight, Sonic keeps Metal Sonic distracted long enough that Silver is able to telekinetically grab him and toss him into the distance. Later, after they fall for his explosive trap, Silver manages to save both their lives by putting up a barrier to shield them from most of the blast.
  • When Starline has seemingly killed Sonic and Silver, Eggman grabs his throat through the portal he opened, effortlessly lifts him up with one hand, and slams him into one of the containers with the metal virus test subjects so hard it cracks. Rotund though the good doctor may be, he is far from weak.
    • Eggman then proceeds to furiously declare that if he merely wanted to kill Sonic then he could easily do so by carpet-bombing the entire region that Sonic happened to be in. Knowing Sonic he'd find a way to survive anyway, but the idea that Eggman's desire to win in a way that's personally satisfying to him is the only thing keeping from winning a swift victory is fairly terrifying.
  • Being chased by Rough and Tumble in a drill tank, Sonic and Amy lure them onto a pathway above a mine shaft that's too narrow for them to turn around on. They then circle around and attack from behind, Amy smashing open the cockpits and Sonic destroying their wheels.

"Crisis City" arc (Issues #17-20)

  • Omega being Omega, utterly annihilating every zombot he comes across until Shadow is infected, the superior zombot eviscerating him. And even after this he STILL wants to destroy things.
  • Silver showing off his power, revealing he has been conducting rescues SOLO.
  • Cream manages to convince Gemerl, who was going borderline Knight Templar in his efforts to protect the family, to start considering the zombots to be victims rather than enemies and not use lethal force on them.
  • Cheese and Chocola's Heroic Sacrifice. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Doctor Starline, despite his worship of Dr. Eggman, being willing to see the flaws in his leader's plan and take action on his own.

"Last Minute" arc (Issues #21-23)

  • Tails DOES manage to find a cure! If it weren't for a zombot attack destroying his computers, the arc would have been over! He even manages to hold off a horde on his own with the help of the Tornado 2.
  • Amy looks over a horde of zombots. Her response? Glare at them like a badass and smash her way through them with her trademark hammer without getting touched once, even managing to rescue Cream with a hammer jump.
  • Turns out, Starline is aware that the Zeti are planning to double-cross him after they take over the Zombots, and is planning to take control of them in turn.

"Tangle and Whisper” (Issues #1-4)

"Sonic the Hedgehog: Annual 2019”
  • Whisper jumping off of the Babylon Rogues' ship to save a falling Jewel, with Tangle leaping after to save them both (and stealing back the stolen gems while she's at it).
  • Rough and Tumble face off against an Egg Golem in an abandoned Eggman base and destroy it. Then Rouge scaring off the pair by taking advantage of their fear of a supposed curse on the place.
  • Sonic and Tails using the Tornado's new souped up booster engine to chase down a badnik stealing Resistance supplies, driving it into a volcanic geyser to destroy it.

“Team Sonic Racing One-shot”


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