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Funny / Team Sonic Racing Overdrive

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Episode 1

  • We see Sonic catching up to Big, starts drifting and flashes a peace sign before drift dashing. Big's response? A few second delay before he flashes his own peace sign. Then waves as Tails hops over him.
  • After getting rammed by Amy and the Chao Trio, Sonic looks at the Chao and they look at him, Chao "hmm?"s being heard. Then they smile as Omochao holds up a bomb! And this is followed by Knuckles saving Sonic by punching the bomb away, landing on the ground, tumbling back to his four-wheeler... and giving Sonic a thumbs up while battered.
  • Big and the store has tons of laughs to it:
    • When Big first attempts to get to it, each racer zips by, a small snippet of Wisp Circuit playing with each car passing by.
    • Then Big tries to reel himself over to it. He catches Knuckles, who gets infuriated, yanks the pole out of Big's hand, and throws it back at him.
    • When the Egg Pawn... er, shopkeeper shows Big the items are free, he gets excited, drops into a runner's position... and tip toes carefully over to it, leading the hedgehogs and Chao to wipe out. Big? He gets all of the Froggy memorabilia and drives away as if nothing happened.
    • The Stinger: The shopkeeper changes the store to the Chao Black Market, drawing back the Chao, who have exclamation points over their heads. Amy drives back and the shopkeeper breaks out hammers, letting Amy get one!

Episode 2


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