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  • +Anima: One: Do not mess with Senri's friends. Two: Do not remove Senri's eyepatch. Three: When white hair appears on his forehead (after you have ignored number two), you run away as quickly as possible, through that really isn't going to help, you're going to be clawed to bits anyway. Even if it's a children's manga, it doesn't skimp on the violence when necessary. You get to see Senri go into an Unstoppable Rage two times. Once while he is a young child, and the other time he's in Moss Mountain with Cooro, Nana, and Husky.
  • Eren Yeager, the protagonist of Attack on Titan, runs on this when he's in Titan form. It's absolutely terrifying, even to battle-hardened soldiers and fellow Titan Shifters.
    • Eren Yeager seems to be in a near-perpetual state of rage — the only difference when he's in Titan form is that the 'unstoppable' part truly comes into play.
    • In the OVA of A Choice With No Regrets, Levi, the paragon of calm and cool throughout the series, goes utterly berserk when he finds the remains of Isobel and Farlan, along with the Aberrant that killed them. This is not Tranquil Fury. This is pure, screaming, tearful RAGE as he completely frigging massacres the titan responsible.
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  • In Bakugan Battle Brawlers, never let Ditzy Hybrid Monster Rabeeder overhear that her sister is defeated or possibly dead. The ditz who hit on the main character and challenged you to silly races before might only give you a single death's glare warning before beating the ever loving tar out of The Dragon, that dragon's Dragon, and their little dog, too!
  • Berserk put it in the title, so it's a major part of the series.
    • A particularly notable example from the anime comes during the Griffith rescue arc, when Guts (pictured above) finds out just what had been done to Griffith. After holding him for a few moments with tears in his eyes, he smashes through a thick wooden door to take out the bastard who had tortured him, and then proceeds to live up to the name of the series by going on a rage-fueled killing spree on every last Midland guard standing between the Hawks and the way out. They don't call this guy the "Hundred Man Slayer" for nothing.
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    • The most extreme example came when the Eclipse happened, when Guts sees the only other survivor of the massacre, his lover Casca, naked, in the grip of a tentacled Apostle and surrounded by demons, he goes flying into an extreme rage and goes barreling toward the horde, only to have his left arm clamped down on by another demon. Then, to make matters worse, newly made demon lord Griffith-turned-Femto flies down and begins raping Casca, which serves to piss Guts off to the very extreme, and when his sword breaks against the flesh of the demon who is holding him captive, so embroiled in rage is he that Guts doesn't so much as to even twitch at the pain of HACKING OFF HIS OWN ARM TO ESCAPE. He's covered in his own blood, screaming Griffith's name, white-eyed with fury and everything else. Nothing can stop this fucker now. Unfortunately, Guts' rage is anything but unstoppable, and isn't enough to save Casca.
    • The Berserker Armour sends the wearer into a blood-lust incapable of distinguishing between friend and foe (and slowly robs them of their senses) but in return numbs pain (which tends to lead to crippling injuries) allows full use of a person's strength (again needing weeks of recovery as a result) and fixes broken bones (by jamming the bones in question full of metal shards).
  • In the second series of Beyblade, Kai has a major guilt-induced Heroic BSoD while fighting Goki, because Goki's Mind-Control Eyes reminds him of Wyatt, who is dead/insane depending on the version and it was Kai's fault. ("I can't fight you. Not you.") He recovers on his own, but still isn't strong enough to take down uber!Cyber Dranzer. Then Goki refers to Wyatt as "your wimpy little friend" and, well. Dranzer hits Battle Aura and the title trope ensues.
    • Ray follows afterwards while battling Psykick opperative Denny, who is trying to take his bit beast Drigger in an unfair 2 vs. 1 beyblade match-up, using two beyblades with the same bitbeast against him instead of just one. When their friend Zeo, an inexperienced blader tried to join in to level the playing field, he finds himself quickly outmatched and soon after his beyblade gets wrecked. When Ray sees him despondent over his ruined blade, he flies into an intense fury and wrecks Denny.
  • Roberta from Black Lagoon normally spends her days as a bad maid, but if you kidnap or kill her masters, she will hunt you down through single photographs and kill you. You have a slight chance of surviving if you are a member of the Green Berets, otherwise you are dead.
  • Bleach:
    • When Captain Aizen appears to have been murdered, it's Hinamori who finds the body. Convinced the grinning Gin is the culprit she flies into an Unstoppable Rage, causing one of her best friends, Kira (Gin's Number Two) to step in to defend his captain. Even then, Hinamori won't stop, calm down or see reason and it takes the intervention of another captain to get the situation back under control (by arresting both Hinamori and Kira).
    • After Sasakibe Chojiro is murdered by a Quincy, Yamamoto's character is beset with a slowly building, calm rage. When he finds the Quincy responsible, who is arrogant enough to boast about it and use Sasakibe's stolen Bankai, Yamamoto snaps in one single-page spread, and wipes out the Quincy in one blast of fire that even disintegrates his bones. Then he immediately seeks out "Yhwach", whips out Zanka no Tachi, and summarily defeats him with ease. The subversion comes when this is what he real Yhwach wanted from the start, and demonstrates how to stop someone in Unstoppable Rage Mode: use it against them, and then kill them.
  • In Blue Exorcist, Rin has some... problems with restraint once he draws his sword to transform into his demonic form. This was especially visible in his fight against Amaimon in the anime as he started off as a bit angrier version of himself but ended up as a snarling and growling bundle of Ax-Crazy, behaving more like a feral dog than a human. Right in front of his True Companions who up until that point thought he was a Badass Normal and definitely not the son of Satan himself. Good thing Shiemi was on-hand for a Cooldown Hug, otherwise it would've gotten real ugly real quick.
  • Tsukasa Domyoji from Boys over Flowers rules the elite private school he attends not because he's an absurdly rich pretty boy but, because when pissed off (and he has an infamously short temper), he will try to kill anyone in his path. And he's the male romantic lead; the reason why he's at first interested in the female lead Tsukushi Makino is because she's the first Eitoku student who defies him openly, to the point of bitchslapping him often.
  • Buso Renkin has a good chunk of rage, with a Victorized Kazuki duking it out with Victor. There's also Tokiko, who pumps rage through her veins instead of blood.
  • In Chrono Crusade, Chrono has moments when his Berserk Button is pressed where he taps into his demonic power and starts to attack indiscriminately. In one particularly bad moment of this, he sets part of a city ablaze and nearly kills Rosette because of the massive drain on her soul. Which sends him into a Heroic BSoD afterwards. A major key in the events leading up to the climax is Chrono learning to control his rage.
  • Claymore:
    • This usually happens when a Claymore awakens. She is frenzied and destroys everything around her. After a while, however, she calms down again, but then becomes an Awakened Being.
    • In the early days of the organization, it was found that male warriors almost always quickly awaken. Later, when the organisation created only female warriors, she led men and made them youma hybrids. The reason for this is because they are quickly awakened and then frenzied, and thus a good secret weapon.
    • Later in the manga, Riful is killed by Priscilla. Thereupon Dauf, who was her "husband", is again furious.
  • For Code Geass, with all a lot of characters being over-protective of another, this happens a number of times. Suzaku stands out particularly, despite being two-thirds pacifist and displaying warrior-like grace, the moment when he witnesses Euphy being shot causes him to go berserk, charging through the battlefield and through two mechas that posed a serious threat to him in order to rescue Princess Euphemia following which he abandons the battle entirely. This later seemingly pushes him past his Despair Event Horizon.
  • In the first part of "Jupiter Jazz" from Cowboy Bebop, a gang leader made the mistake of calling Spike Spiegel by the name of his rival, Vicious. Spike went berserk and handed a supreme asskicking to the entire gang before laying into him.
    Spike: You think I'm Vicious? YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT VICIOUS IS!
  • Kazuya Ryuuzaki in Daimos is generally an all around nice guy, especially towards the Earthlings, and he tries to be good for some Not So Different aliens. But after seeing Miwa's racism towards innocent aliens too many times... he snaps, jumps dodging an attempted shot from Miwa and starts beating the crap out of him using Karate (thankfully on foot, rather than stomping him with the eponymous mecha) while screaming that Miwa was actually worse than the aliens (which is actually true). Kyoshiro and Nana managed to stop him after hearing that Miwa would be arrested for his crimes, but even after being restrained, Kazuya cannot stop to scream at them telling them to stop restraining him. This also gets taken to Super Robot Wars Advance, done with full amounts of awesome.
  • In the final episode of Death Note, when Light Yagami is exposed as Kira, Touta Matsuda slumps to the floor under the weight of it all, but springs into action faster than anyone else when Light attempts to escape by murdering everyone with the Death Note piece in his watch. Matsuda then shoots him in the hand, with Manly Tears coming down as he calls Light out on leading his father (and Matsuda's mentor) to slaughter for nothing. When Light tries to convince Matsuda that the only way to make Soichiro's justice worth it is to save Light and kill the SPK and investigation team, he's only more enraged, and snaps when Light once again tries to write names in the note fragment with his own blood. He shoots him multiple times, and tries to finish him off with a shot to the head, but is held back by the other members of the investigation team. Coupled with the fact that he was the only member of the team to have any doubts about whether Kira really was evil, Matsuda's Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass moment is even more impressive.
    Matsuda: "I have to kill him! HE HAS TO DIE!"
  • If you're an Akuma, and you tick off Allen Walker of D.Gray-Man too much, you're likely to make his Innocence upgrade. Or you might make it angry. That would be a bad thing.
    • Think about it in this way: a permanent upgrade to his weapon will only hamper your goals in the long run, but if you get the weapon mad you will lose so much of your force, that the scales will probably balance.
  • Both Takato and Guilmon of Digimon Tamers simultaneously go into an uncharacteristic rage upon the death of Juri's Leomon, with disastrous results. Guilmon and his evolutions even have a hazard symbol to hint that you really shouldn't piss him off.
  • T.K.'s/Takaishi Takeru has moments of intense anger in Digimon Adventure 02. The first time the anger was shown has him physically beating the Digimon Kaiser while shrugging off the blows of the latter's whip. And he looks and talks so damn calmly just before doing that.
  • In Digimon Adventure: (2020), when Taichi gets eaten by DanDevimon and seemingly dies, it sends Agumon into this, causing him to digivolve to Ultimate note ... but not into WarGreymon. He instead digivolves into Machinedramon and goes on a wild rampage, nearly killing Yamato and Takeru in the process. It takes Angemon's interference to bring Agumon to his senses and get him to turn into WarGreymon instead. Yikes.
  • Bado from Dogs: Bullets & Carnage goes into Unstoppable Rage whenever he has a nicotine fit and can't find cigarettes.
  • Dragon Ball
    • The Super Saiyan form introduced in Dragon Ball Z is both powered by rage and first activated when the Saiyan in question reaches a true Rage Breaking Point, and when they transform they go completely off their rocker. Although powerful in its own right, its power can make the user borderline if not outright Ax-Crazy if not properly controlled and thus usage of the form usually involves learning to control it by converting said rage into a Tranquil Fury. Eventually some of the characters later on manage to train hard enough that they can eventually transform without the need to get angry.
    • Gohan's potential from the beginning of the series has been defined by his rage, with his power skyrocketing when he flies off the handle. Cell tried to take advantage of this in order to get a good fight out of him, and it came back to bite him in the ass.
    • Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation also qualifies. He's out of power, then has to watch Piccolo, his rival and valuable ally at the time, and his best friend, Krillin, both get attacked by Freeza, with Krillin murdered outright — and then, just to be even more of a monster than he already is, Freeza just has to threaten little Gohan as well. This pushes Goku over the edge.
    • The "original" Broly bears the title of "the Legendary Super Saiyan", and he bears a legendary hatred of Goku to match. If you so much as look like Goku and you're in Broly's vicinity, run. He'll kill you regardless of who you are, but if you're Goku, he'll make you suffer first.
      • Super's incarnation of Broly is gentle by nature, but is prone to berserker rages when attacked, due to his incredibly harsh upbringing. What really sets him off, however, is Frieza killing his father, which makes him angry enough to achieve his Super Saiyan transformation, making him a monster, and it only goes up from there.
    • In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, when Vegeta sees Beerus slap his wife Bulma, he goes absolutely ballistic: not only does he give Beerus a run for his money for the first time since his coming to Earth, but his power level actually exceeds Goku's, if only for a moment.
    • Also from Battle of Gods, Beerus himself. When Buu snarfs all of the pudding to spite the God of Destruction, Beerus loses his temper and is all set to destroy the Earth, but not before beating the piss out of every Z-Warrior present.
    • In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, this trope sums up Frieza's whole mindset. His final Villainous Breakdown really sells it. Although it at first manifested as Tranquil Fury, his hatred of Goku and (even more thanks to Hell) his Ax-Crazy nature quickly pushes him past all restraint and goes all out.
    • Goku himself has a moment of this in Dragon Ball Super where after Black Goku and Future Zamasu taunts about how he killed him and his family in an Alternate Timeline, Goku completely loses it and proceeds to beat up both Black and Zamasu, even casually doing a backhand on Zamasu before Black became stronger once again.
    • Merged Zamasu transitions from his stoic demeanour to this after his attacks are reflected back at him and Goku scars his face.
    • Like Broly, the female Saiyan Kale has this after her first transformation into Super Saiyan Berserker, and began to smash Cabba because he and Caulifla pretend to flirt. They do this specifically to tick Kale off enough to trigger the transformation, since she's incredibly protective of Caulifla and gets jealous of anyone who might threaten their friendship.
    • Goku, after achieving Mastered Ultra Instinct, has one after Jiren, in a desperate act of trying to prove his point, tried to murder all of Goku's friends on the sidelines, causing him to go berserk and give Jiren a beating that he will never, ever forget.
    I don't think I'm a hero of justice or anything. But those who would hurt my friends....I WILL NEVER FORGIVE!
  • Shizuo Heiwajima in Durarara!!. He actually doesn't like violence, but set him off — and many things set him off — and he can't stop himself from throwing something unreasonably heavy at you.
  • In Elfen Lied, the main character Lucy is almost constantly in this state when she isn't in her alternate personality Nyu, due to a lifetime of almost constant abuse, deprivation, and trauma. Considering that her powers as a diclonius are a recipe for an all-out gorefest, triggering the Lucy persona may well be the last thing you ever do.
  • Subverted in Eyeshield 21 numerous times, such as when Tetsuma charges at Gaou after he severely injures Kid and is still soundly defeated.
  • Don't mess with any Fairy Tail members.
    • More specifically, Natsu is the poster boy for this trope in-guild. His magic operates on the principle that it becomes stronger the angrier he is, and as such is often used as a "point, shoot and win" at several arc Big Bads. This becomes darkly justified after The Reveal that he is or was an Etherious, one of Zeref's demons whose magic is fueled by feelings of anger or hate. Specifically, he's E.N.D., the mightiest of all of Zeref's demons, leader of the Dark Guild Tartaros, and created for the purpose of killing Zeref. Still a nice guy when he's not doing that though.
  • Fist of the North Star: People who piss off Kenshiro (usually by going too far in their cruelty to others) usually don't live to tell the tale. In fact, if they do, they're already dead. This is at least explained in the series by the fact that his fighting style is designed to increase in power proportional to exactly how angry he is. At normal levels of anger, he can break concrete with his fists. When he is at full power, he can make a tank explode by punching the driver.
  • Fruits Basket: Black Haru is essentially Unstoppable Rage incarnate. Most of the time he's content to just taunt or beat up whatever poor soul rouses his ire, but when he discovers that Akito threw Rin out a second-story window, he goes into a Tranquil Fury until he reaches the Sohma estate, then tries to kill Akito. It takes all of Akito's considerable powers of persuasion to stop him.
  • Edward in Fullmetal Alchemist goes into one of these when he finds that Shou Tucker, an alchemist famous for making chimeras, turned his own wife into one, and then later turned his daughter and his dog into one. Shou makes it worse however, by provoking Edward about the use of human lives, bringing up the human transmutation incident (a BAD, BAD THING in general to bring up with either of the brothers) and saying that they aren't so different, leading Edward to continually scream "YOU'RE WRONG!", whilst punching him repeatedly. Ouch.
    • When Al sacrifices himself to give Ed his arm back, Ed goes berserk on Father Homunculus.
    • Al almost does this too.
    Alphonse: "Mister Tucker, one more word out of you... and I'll be the one to snap."
    • Riza also goes into Unstoppable Rage when she thinks Lust managed to kill Mustang, and promptly empties her gun's magazine into her, reloads and repeats. Several times. Worth noting because it is a subversion rather than a straight portrayal, as when she's run out of bullets, she collapses and cries, while Lust gets back up after shrugging off the barrage without breaking a sweat.
    • When Mustang finally finds out that Envy killed Hughes.
      Roy Mustang: "That's that... you killed Hughes..... that's all I needed to know... You don't need to say anything more, Envy. The first thing I'm gonna turn to ash is your tongue."
      • He makes damn good on this promise during the course of one of the most terrifying and awesome sequences in the series, and Envy only makes things worse for himself by first impersonating Hughes to try to fuck with him and then trying to fuck with Riza Hawkeye. Roy proceeds to completely brutalize Envy, alternating between full, body-consuming explosions, and pinpoint attacks that target the most sensitive and painful areas, notably the eyes. Repeatedly. OUCH.
    • Notably averted, however, with the Homunculus Wrath. Despite being a ruthless fighter, he is always calm and composed in a fight.
    • Father as well in the Final Battle he shows much anger
    • Ed invokes this in his initial battle with Ling Yao's bodyguard Lan Fan. The twist is that he drives Lan Fan into an Unstoppable Rage by insulting Ling, causing her attacks to become wild and reckless, and therefore much easier to dodge and counter.
  • Full Metal Panic!: In Episode 5, Sagara and Tsubaki really piss off the school janitor, who transforms in to a chainsaw-wielding monstrosity that easily fends off their combined attacks, swallows hand grenades, and chases them around the school like puppies.
  • It's never wise to threaten/try to kill Yukiteru in front of Yuno in Future Diary; this chick put the yan (sick) in Yandere.
  • Galaxy Fraulein Yuna: If you kill one of Yuna's friends, she won't care how much of a badass you are. She will tear you to shreds.
  • In the finale of GaoGaiGar, after the final super Zonder's (Mikoto) barrier is weakened, you would expect Guy to wrap it up and finish the fight quickly. Instead, he completely brutalizes the Zonder, ripping off one of its wings, stomping on its head, punching its arms off. To top that off, he didn't even bother with Hell and Heaven, he just aimed at the core and ripped it out. All of this while screaming in anger.
  • Ryoma from New Getter Robo flies into a berserker rage near the end of the series, after absorbing an enormous amount of Getter Energy. The character was already known as "Batshit Ryoma" among fans due to his crazy expressions and Determinator status, so the idea of him having an "Unstoppable Rage" mode distinguishable from his regular personality seemed impossible. They found a way [1].
  • Ghost in the Shell: When the Major is beating the crap out of you with a stoic expression, she's actually just toying with you until you realize the futility of trying to fight her. If you somehow manage to really make her pissed, it will be very obvious, but you will probably never get the chance to fully comprehend what's happening to you. This woman's normal range of expression consists entirely of stoic and smiling politely. When her anger is showing, the point of reasoning with her is long over. And being a cyborg, she doesn't even care if she gets limbs torn off or her body crushed, making her truly unstoppable. The only two opponents who ever defeated her were inside Humongous Mecha, which she attacked bare handed.
  • In Gintama: Not exactly conscious rage, per se, but it is brought about by rage. In her fight against Abuto, Kagura loses all control against her Yato instinct and flies into what can be fairly called an Unstoppable Rage — though the look on her face says she's actually enjoying it in a detached, psychotic way.
    • Kamui undergoes a similar breakdown in his fight against Gintoki on Rakuyo after being beaten causing his already insanely powerful attacks to go into overdrive.
  • Gundam:
    • In Mobile Fighter G Gundam, this is initially played straight with Domon Kasshu's Shining Gundam and its Super Mode. He even yells "Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!". This is later subverted as he finds out this is the "imperfect" mode. His more powerful Hyper Mode can only be used when he is in a completely zen state of peace, calm, and focus.
    • See Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. See Kira get angry. See Kira go crazy, and completely disable all of his enemies in seconds.
      • That's not Kira angry. Go watch the episode where He and Athrun succumb to their rage and try to kill one another. Both of them convey their rage very well with the sheer brutality of their attacks. No more hesitation, no more clever tricks. Their minds are set on the same part of the dial: "Two men enter, one man leaves."
    • To say nothing of Shinn from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny. It doesn't work very well for him, since when his rage really gets out of control, Shinn starts to forget about the outside-of-the-box tactics that made him so dangerous in the first place. He'll plow through hundreds of normal enemies while berserking, but another Ace Pilot will usually have an easier time of stopping him.
    • In Gundam Wing, Heero enters an Unstoppable Rage during his first use of the Gundam Epyon because of the ZERO System's side effects.
    • Setsuna F. Seiei from Gundam 00 generally keeps very good control of himself if he gets mad, but he does have one case of pure rage: during the intervention in Azodistan, he witnesses a scene that reminds him of the horrific war he participated in as a child, which causes him to snap and go completely ballistic on the attacking Suits. Most of the time, in Gundam 00, blind rage = quick death for pilots, be they flying a Gundam or not.
      • A slight variation on this would be Allelujah Haptism. Normally, he's a calm, calculated Gundam Pilot, and generally the most relaxed of the bunch (for example, he never once fought any of the Gundam Throne Units, at least not on-screen, and didn't even seem to give a damn about their activities, even when he other Gundam Pilots went to fight them. Earlier, he also endangered the entire mission just to save some civilians while HRL-backup troops arrived). However, his calm only lasts until someone else capable of using Quantum Brainwaves gets too close, especially HRL Ace Pilot Soma Peries. Then his psychotic alter ego takes over and brutally slaughters everything in sight that doesn't get away. Finally, by the end of Season 2, he learns to actually control this, which is heavily exploited during the Movie, not limited to having 2 Super Soldiers with 3 personalities in total piloting 1 mech that gets stronger because it's piloted by super soldiers.
    • In Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Jerid Messa normally Can't Catch Up to Kamille Bidan. However, anytime Kamille kills someone Jerid cares about it sends Jerid into this mode and makes him all but impossible to beat.
    • After Decil kills Woolf Enneacle in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Asemu is driven to such rage that it cancels out Decil's Psychic Powers and he's unable to read Asemu's attack patterns. Decil is dead in very short order. Subverted by Flit in G1 (who only holds back because Decil was a young child at that time), and in G3 Kio subverts it after his friend Deen is killed by another Vagan because he pulls it back before actually striking the deathblow.
  • The slightly related Engels and Tagers get a little irritated if you knock out their pilots, and Engels become enraged if the wrong pilot gets in the cockpit. During this state, they'll try to kill anything that looks remotely threatening that isn't of the same type of being. They don't gain strength or do more damage, but they make all skill rolls as if they had three points in each skill, and don't suffer wound penalties.
  • Hajime no Ippo: Don't make Takeshi Sendo angry while in the ring. You'll live longer. Shigeta and Ippo both have been victims of his flip-outs. It's not a nice situation to be in, really.
    • In his fight against Bryan Hawk, Takamura goes into a state of pure, uncontrolled rage (while half-unconscious to boot) and proceeds to beat the flying shit out of Hawk.
  • In the Halo Legends episode The Duel, Haka has the wife of Arbiter Fal 'Chavamee killed in order to provoke him into a duel after Fal refuses to serve the Covenant. This results in Fal single-handedly wiping out an elite hit-squad, hundreds of Covenant infantry, a Wraith, and three gigantic Hunters before dying along with Haka in the eponymous duel.
  • In Hellsing, Zorin Blitz kills Pip as he tries to carry a blinded and severely wounded Seras to safety. He requests for Seras to drink his blood so "they can defeat them together" just before he dies. Filled with intense sadness which quickly becomes rage, Seras fulfills his last wish and her true vampiric abilities awaken. She then proceeds to go batshit insane and slaughters Zorin's mooks, and finally grinds Zorin's head on the wall like a cheese grater.
    • Also during the Valentine Brothers attack on the Headquarters.
    • Alexander Anderson from the series seems to fit this trope as well when he is in combat, typically demonstrating nothing but sheer joy at the prospect of battle. He attacks Integra, a high-ranking British official who didn't even want to start a fight, head on, killing her bodyguards and decapitating one of them before threatening to paint to walls with her blood. He runs into gunfire without even trying to dodge and due to his augmentations is able to slaughter hundreds of undead mooks without any difficulty. In the TV version, at one point he gets both of his arms shot off. He simply kneels to the ground and grabs his knife with his teeth, and then proceeds to run at his opponent with it while he's still being shot at. In the Manga/OVA, one of his arms still gets practically blown off, but he grips the sleeve in his teeth and keeps charging. Here, he lampshades his embodiment of the trope when he admits that, given a choice of what he could be, he would prefer to be a natural disaster. And then proves it by willingly becoming He Who Fights Monsters.
  • The Nodos in Heroic Age are Nigh-Invulnerable Kaiju possessed of incredible destructive power to begin with, but under certain circumstances (such as when more than two at a time are engaged in a fight) they can go into "frenzy" (or "madness" or "mental chaos", depending on the translation), becoming even more monstrous and destructive. The Heroic Tribe apparently destroyed several entire star systems through such rages during their civil war, hence why the Golden Tribe sealed the survivors within members of other tribes, making them slaves to these "lesser" beings.
  • England of Hetalia: Axis Powers flies into one of these during the War of American Independence. Despite America's formidable Super Strength and the fact that England doesn't seem to have any backup, he still manages to disarm America and level a musket point-blank at his face.
  • In High School Dx D, Issei is struggling to overcome his counterpart Vali. When his ally Azazel suggests that Vali's power to divide things could possibly be used to divide the breast sizes of his prospective harem, Issei proceeds to flip his shit.
    Issei: You Monster!! (BOOST!) You're pure evil! (BOOST!) I will never forgive you for this! (BOOSTBOOSTBOOSTBOOSTBOOSTBOOSTBOOSTBOOST-!)
    • Later on, Issei tears Diodora a new one when the latter gleefully (and quite stupidly) gloats about his desire to rape Asia.
    • Following that, after Asia is seemingly killed by a devil named Shalba, Issei really loses it, activating Juggernaut Drive and nearly obliterating the bastard who took Asia away. Ddraig puts it best by pointing out that Shalba made a poor decision and must pay the price for it.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry: Somewhat of a subversion in that those who perform these are usually quite unstable and sometimes presented more darkly than a standard hero, but standard procedure in most arcs nonetheless. Basically, if you harm Satoko, or don't believe in Oyashiro-sama, or if a certain girl thinks you're connected to her boyfriend's disappearance, you're bound to be on the receiving end of one eventually. Doesn't help that the local Hate Plague that makes people prone to dish this out in the first place seems to give them enhanced strength and senses.
  • In Inuyasha the titular hero has the problem that when he has severe pain, he turns into a pure youkai, and then gets into a frenzy. When that happens, he kills all around him mercilessly.
    • It is never shown, but is explicitly indicated that all hanyou can get into a frenzy.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Every once in a while, the series will feature at least one character going berserk and pummel another one to a fine paste, though here are two particular standouts:
  • Miu gets this when she finds her friends badly beaten by Shou Kanou during the D of D arc in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. How does Kenichi calm her down? By groping her chest. Which was apparently a technique that Ma Kensei taught him.
  • Ryuko Matoi of Kill la Kill has never been the calmest girl of Honnouji Academy, but when Nui Harime pulls out the other half of the Scissor Blade Ryuko always carries and reveals herself to be the one who murdered her father, Ryuko. Goes. Fucking. BERSERK. Her rage burns so hot that Senketsu loses control due to Ryuko's blood literally boiling in her veins, resulting in Senketsu consuming her, turning her into a monstrous form.
  • Subaru of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS is normally a happy and energetic sort... until you hurt and threaten to take away her sister, that is. Then her eyes go glowy as rocks around her float from residual energy. Her resulting rampage sent two of the Quirky Miniboss Squad scurrying for their lives after one of them found out the hard way just how outclassed she was, and put a third member who was one of their strongest and most experienced members out of commission for the rest of the season, even though she failed to prevent them from kidnapping said sister and caused just as much damage to her own body. Good thing she's a Combat Cyborg, or she probably would've been out commission for a long time herself.
  • In the Megaman NT Warrior manga, Megaman's Super Mode starts out as this until he learns to control it. Another example comes a few chapters later when Shademan threatens Lan. Megaman rips him apart.
  • It's generally not smart to get Wolfgang Grimmer of Monster angry. It's generally not survivable either.
  • In My-HiME, this happens to Mai, of all people, when Mikoto (apparently) ends Takumi's life under the influence of her own Unstoppable Rage. She grits her teeth so hard that blood starts to form, and summons her CHILD to attack. Mikoto gets better... but not in the way Mai expected. PROTIP: Never anger a girl with an enormous pet dragon.
  • Naruto has the Nine-Tailed Fox form that Naruto engages during instances of extreme emotional disturbance. The first time is when Sasuke defends him from Haku's lethal technique, followed by several later instances when Naruto is angered, eventually culminating in the near-complete release of the Fox after Hinata's apparent death. The Rage will inevitably cause Naruto's lifespan to be shortened, due to his constantly dying/regenerating cells while the form is active. Also, if Naruto completely loses it, the Fox will take possession of his body. No longer need to worry about it since he has full control over Kurama.
    • Before Rin's death, Obito is a fairly average ninja who's missing a right arm and a left eye. After he watches her die, he gains Mangekyou Sharingan and uses it to absolutely slaughter Rin's killers, in what can only be described as one of the series' most brutal fights. He leaves a literal lake of blood in his wake.
    • Orochimaru invokes this trope. And boy does he not learn his lesson.
  • The otherwise peaceful and docile Ohmu of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind fly into an Unstoppable Rage if the Sea of Decay or any of its insects are harmed, killing and destroying everything in their path in an attempt to claim vengeance against whatever is responsible. In the manga, we're privy to their thoughts through Nausicaa's empathic link with them, and they seem to regret their actions once they regain their senses.
    • Nausicaa herself flies into a rage and annihilates a roomful of trained soldiers with just a staff.
  • Negi Springfield of Negima! Magister Negi Magi goes into one of these when he finally meets the demon who petrified his home town on that snowy day. Actually a subversion, since he almost meets the same fate. It's only after collecting himself that he mixes it with Dissonant Serenity and starts kicking ass.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Eva-01 is seen going berserk against Angels multiple times to devastating effect, the most terrifying instance landing up with the Eva eating one of the angels, Shinji himself going berserk against Shamshel, and Asuka when she tears through the Mass Production Evas. In fact it's the soul of the pilot's mother inside the Eva that goes into an unstoppable rage whenever her child is in danger, and Asuka and her mom go berserk together.
    • In the second Rebuild of Evangelion movie, Shinji goes ballistic during his battle against Zeruel, forcibly restarting Eva-01, using his AT Field to create an artificial arm to replace the one severed from his Eva, and almost setting off Third Impact. This is due to Zeruel absorbing Rei, someone Shinji really cared about.
  • Subverted in Ōkami-san: when Ryoshi first fights Shirou, his attempts to attack are easily thwarted; later, while training, he learns that if he gives in to the anger he becomes predictable, blind to his opponent's movements, and generally far easier to beat.
  • Omamori Himari: Himari has one of the Heroic BSoD variety Yuuto appears to have been killed by her opponent.
  • One Piece:
    • Pressing any of the Straw Hats' Berserk Buttons will inevitably lead to this.
    • Do not anger Luffy enough to make him take off his hat. God help you if you make Luffy take off his hat. How can you do this? Insult anyone's dreams, hurt his friends, mock anything to do with a pirate's pride, threaten anyone close to him...
    • And if you want to make it several billion times worse, if you step on Luffy's hat or do anything to damage it, 2 steps will follow:
      1. Luffy will call you a bastard.
      2. Luffy will kick your ass from here to next Wednesday.
    • Exemplified in One Piece Film: Strong World, where the Big Bad manages to get Luffy the angriest he's been in a long time.
      Luffy: You think after everything you've done to my friend, and my sea, that I'm going to let you get away with all of this?!!
    • To put it in perspective, the character Luffy said that to had spent over twenty years developing his plan, and it was so far along that the only way it could fail is if he happened to blab too many of his secrets to someone who would oppose it, allow that someone to discover the remaining secrets, bring that someone to his home base, and refrain from killing that someone when he had the chance. But even if a someone was armed with all that, they would need to have an absurd amount of power to stop him. And who does he do that to except for the Straw Hat Pirates? And he made it infinitely worse by kidnapping their navigator whose meteorology skills are unrivaled in that world in order to remove the only possible threat to his plan. He learned the hard way that the unpredictable cyclones of the Grand Line were nothing when compared to the Straw Hats' Unstoppable Rage.
    • Tell Sanji that his chivalry is naive, that he can't protect anyone, mock his status as a chef, waste food, disrespect food, steal his dream of invisibility, insult a beautiful woman or worse still hurt/assault any woman or child in his presence. For maximum effect, do all of the above at the same time and a beatdown will ensure very quickly. In Thriller Bark Sanji became so enraged at Nami’s forced marriage that he was literally Burning with Anger and subjects the Invisible Jerk Ass suitor to a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Although this could also go under Tranquil Fury, there's also Whitebeard in the War of the Best, where after everyone witnesses Ace's death and despite sustaining heavy injuries from being shot, stabbed, slashed, burned and having half his face melted off, he defeats Akainu in 2 hits, the second hit destroying most of Marineford and separating the pirates and Marines with a giant chasm. In short, never, ever piss the old man off.
    • Recap of the past few Big Bads. Number 1: Arlong. Killed Nami's mother and enslaved her and her home island. Promised to free them if Nami paid him a hefty amount of money. Utilized Loophole Abuse to ensure she doesn't get the amount after eight years of hard, hard work. Mocked her and provoked her entire village to attack him in what would inevitably be a Curb-Stomp Battle with everyone she loved ending up dead. The culmination of this? Nami bursts into tears, and asks Luffy for help. He and his other three crew mates march off to Arlong Park, and a couple of hours later, Arlong is unconscious and half-dead beneath the rubble of what used to be his base, and all of his henchmen aren't much better off.
    • Then we have Enies Lobby. Renowned as the World Goverment's Judicial Island and one of their three centers of power, the place has 10,000 soldiers and a group of superhuman assassins to ensure that any criminals taken there are beyond all hope of saving. The assassins, CP9, forced one of the Straw Hats to join them there on penalty of having the rest of them obliterated. When the other Straw Hats found out, they defied all odds and invaded Enies Lobby. For centuries, the place stood as a stronghold, symbolizing the World Government's power and authority. In the space of a single night, the Straw Hats' invasion transformed it into a burning, ruined wasteland. Every member of CP9 was beaten, including their notorious leader. They even, apparently for the first time in history, faced down the World Government's Overkill Option, the Buster Call, and escaped!note  Upon encountering the aftermath, Admiral Aokiji didn't sugar-coat his assessment: they lost, badly.
    • Most people who made the mistake of challenging the Straw Hats provoked their Unstoppable Rage and were unable to prevent the consequences, to the point that after the Time Skip, Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the most powerful pirates in the world, The Don of the entire New World, and a guy with connections to the World Government in the highest possible places, is smart enough to know that he needs to refrain from underestimating them.
      • But in the end, he's just too confident in his resources and power, and by the time he realizes that he did underestimate the Straw Hats, perhaps even more than anyone previously, they've already caused too much damage, and it doesn't take long at all before they force him to take very drastic measures…which turn out to be insufficient in any event. Even in his Chessmaster smartest, he still got outdone by the Determinator that is Luffy.
    • The Punk Hazard arc features a literal example of Unstoppable Rage, as it's one of the withdrawal symptoms for the dangerous NHC10 drug. First comes immense pain, followed by the victim entering a berserked frenzy, wrecking everything until they get more or are somehow snapped out of it. The victims in question? Kidnapped children, experimented on by Caesar Clown to make them giant and extremely powerful.
    • More recently, we learn there are several things that can make Big Mom (real name Charlote Linlin) snap. One of her nastiest is the world's worst hunger attacks. Her hunger-induced rages are so unstoppable that she outright killed one of the most legendary giants of Elbaf when she was just a kid. It's also rumored another such attack resulted in her eating the entire orphanage where she lived (How else could she have acquired the Devil Fruit that at the time was in the control of the orphanage's caretaker?). Forget angry. You wouldn't like Big Mom when she's hungry.
    • Wano arc has two instances of this trope, one plays it straight and other subverts it hard both involving Luffy and adorable little girl Tama who was a friend of Ace. First case is when Holdem captures Tama because of her unique Devil Fruit, Luffy is naturally concerned but what really sets him off is when he learns Holdem had use pilers on Tama, which pushed Luffy’s Berserk Button and take out Holdem with a Red Hawk punch. The second time is when Kaido mercilessly strikes Tama down nearly killing her, Luffy again flies off the handle and attacks Kaido but since the latter is the World's Strongest Man Luffy’s rage is nothing rendered into The Worf Barrage and he is promptly wrecked by Kaido and then imprisoned.
  • Chimchar in an episode of Pokémon. That was enough for Paul to try everything he could to bring out that power again.
    • After being knocked unconscious by Paul's Ursaring in a later battle, the true extent of Chimchar's power is unleashed and it needs a Cooldown Hug when it doesn't go back to normal. This unnatural power has been explained as its ability, Blaze.
      • Later on, after it's evolved into Monferno, it does this again, and requires another Cooldown Hug from Ash in order to calm down. Then it evolves into Infernape, after which it's able to control the Ability.
      • In the Sinnoh League Infernape once again activates Blaze, and it looks like he's going Super Saiyan while doing it.note 
    • Also seen with the Pokemon Mankey, and more so with its evolved form Primeape, which has a Hair-Trigger Temper and goes into an Unstoppable Rage at the drop of a hat.
    • Played for Laughs with Jessie, especially when her hair gets damaged. Poor Seviper found out the hard way, and it should be noted that that same Seviper was proving to be a difficult for for Ash and co. earlier in the episode.
    • But none of the above hold a candle to a pissed-off Mewtwo.
  • Ivan Isaac's superpower in Priest is his sheer rage and contempt for Temozarela. He doesn't even care whether or not he wins against him, he just wants Temozarela to see how angry he is.
  • Several players in The Prince of Tennis have a penchant for injuring their rivals during games. The most infamous ones are Akaya Kirihara from Rikkaidai, Jin Akutsu from Yamabuki and Kippei Tachibana from Fudomine. Subverted in Tachibana's case: after he seriously injures his best friend and teammate Chitose, he becomes The Atoner and refuses to use violent tennis anymore. Which makes him easy prey for Kirihara's Devil Mode later.
  • In Princess Mononoke, this happens to Nago and almost to Okkoto, who are rhinoceros-sized wild boars to begin with. Their rage comes from their whole tribes being slaughtered by humans and only ends when they are killed.
  • Princess Tutu has an example of this trope, but not in with the character you'd expect. Is it Fakir, who prides himself on being the Knight? Nope. Is it Mytho, the heroic Prince from a fairytale? Not him, either. It's actually Autor — a nerdy, Drosselmeyer-obsessed scholar. When Fakir's hands are nearly cut-off by the Bookman trying to stop the story, Autor flies into a rage and defeats the axe-wielding man using only his bare hands. Not nearly as impressive as some of the other examples on this page, and it only appears briefly, but it's still surprising considering the sort of character he's portrayed as.
  • Ayato Kamina from RahXephon seems to be quite capable of working himself into an unstoppable rage in combat. His common method of combat is very much the raging badass screaming his way into battle, and as a general rule, the second Ayato releases a soul-tearing scream of pure rage, the enemy Dolem is about to die.
  • Ranma ½: A more comedic use of the trope, if Ranma's fear of cats reaches a critical point (especially when surrounded by them and unable to get away), his mental state becomes like that of a cat. He can only use the Neko-ken (cat fist) when in this state, which manifests as an increase in speed and agility, and the ability to attack enemies (or anything else that annoys him) with invisible claws sharp enough to slice through seemingly anything. But with his mind and personality those of a common cat, this also becomes an example of Sanity Has Advantages: Ranma is distractable, unfocused and generally stupid in this mode, meaning that he can be outthought fairly easily. In this state, Akane finds herself the Kid with the Leash, as Ranma will joyfully savage his/her own Jerkass father without a second thought, but he curls up with her like a happy kitten, even though he is insistent that She Is Not My Girlfriend.
    • Ryoga also qualifies during the "Shi Shi Hokodan" story arc, where he learns a Kamehame Hadoken attack powered by negative emotion like depression and anger. He finally perfects the attack by reaching his lowest emotional point, Akane saying she hates him, in which it becomes a Sphere of Destruction.
  • Reborn! (2004): Averted when the berserk rage is only powerful for five minutes and it is in itself not unbeatable. Tsuna is at his best when he is on the other side, straight past normal, straight past calm, all the way onto the other side where he is completely empty of feeling and is thus at his most level of head. Results in loads of arse kicking. But... there comes the time when he just has to lose it for a moment, and that's when he kinda hit Byakuran with an X-burner so hard that Byakuran vaporized. Scary...
  • In Saint Seiya, Phoenix Ikki goes into unstoppable rage mode when his master, Guilty, kills his Morality Pet Esmeralda specifically to provoke him into fighting. It ends very badly for Guilty... very.
  • After spending almost the entire second season as nothing but a hostage, Kojuro of Sengoku Basara escapes, and finds out that Hanbe, the jerk who had constantly tried to convince him that Masamune was dead, gave his lord a scar across his back. He is less than pleased about this. He promptly rides off without a sword , finds Hanbe's unit, and proceeds to beat all of the mooks bare handed. He then steals a sword, and goes berserk on Hanbe himself.
    • This is also Hanbe's protege, Mitsunari's, raison d'etre. Whoever may be on the receiving end of his anger, nothing is gonna get in his way until he hunts them down and chops them into mush.
  • Fuyuki Hinata in the manga/anime Sgt. Frog becomes so frightening when angry that all other characters shrink back in horror. It takes a very serious personal offense to rile him.
  • Subverted? In a Shonen anime? Unnatural! But in Shaman King, rage clouds your mind, and causes you to squander your energy. It's specifically considered something to be avoided.
    • Demonstrated quite well in the Yoh vs. Faust VIII fight. Faust taunts and enrages Yoh from the start of the fight by harming Manta, and when Yoh is on his last legs, his last-ditch strategy is to punch Faust's Berserk Button as hard as he can. And it probably would have worked if Yoh had had just a little more furyoku to spare.
  • In Slam Dunk, the first thing Heavy Sleeper Kaede Rukawa clearly says is "My name is Rukawa Kaede, I'm a freshman, and I will never forgive whoever wakes me up when I'm napping." Cue to him beating up the gangsters who woke him up from his nap.
  • Sonic X in its third season had the eponymous character Sonic at one point absorb the energies of fake Chaos Emeralds which unleashed when he became angry upon seeing his friends badly beaten and at risk of execution. The resultant fight involved him beating the everloving crap out of two robots specifically designed to be difficult to defeat. His long-time nemesis, Dr. Eggman, convinces him to stop his rage.
  • Sorcerer Hunters protagonist Carrot Glace suffers a unique combination of conditions. His body naturally absorbs any spell that hits him, and the energy from that spell transforms him into some nigh-unstoppable beast. The only two people who seem consistently able to snap him out of it are his coworkers and the two girls he normally avoids whenever he can: the Misu sisters, Chocolate and Tira.
  • Subverted in Soul Eater. After spending 800 years waiting, having his boss/partner killed, and going so far in his revenge plot as to grow a second, back-up body, Giriko is all sorts of insane with rage. His limitless fury gives him such a power boost that Maka and Soul are quickly on the ropes. Unfortunately, he's built up so much rage that he overloads his soul. He rages so hard his soul explodes and he dies.
  • In the very final chapter of Tekkaman Blade, Blade's brain breaks down completely because of his Deadly Upgrade. Right when it looks like we're all doomed, he suddenly lets out a roar and zips off to the moon to have a nice, dramatic final battle. Did he get better? Nah. It's just that a single aspect survived the complete destruction of his entire personhood — his rage toward the Radam for taking away his family. It really puts the "unstoppable" in Unstoppable Rage.
  • In Episode 11 of the Tenchi Muyo! Spin-Off Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar, the antagonists' latest and dirtiest attempt to kill Kenshi pisses him off so much that he goes utterly apeshit. His Seikijin partially transforms into a horrible black giant thing that mercilessly beats down his opponents and actually kills one of them (the one that came up with the scheme in the first place). It's so terrifying that Dagmyer has a Freak Out that segues into a two episode long Villainous BSoD. This is a subversion — Kenshi's rage overloads the Seikijin even faster than normal and causes it to fall apart midway through the battle. This is the only reason Emera was able to rescue Dagmyer.
  • In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Simon flies into one in the middle of taking over the Dai-Gunzan when Kamina appears to have died. He then releases so much Spiral Energy that the whole ship starts to glow, blows all the Mooks out of the ship, and he sets off a nearby volcano. It took a whalloping from Kamina to get him out of it.
  • Great Demon Lord Millim Nava of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime weaponizes a very literal interpretation of this with her Ultimate Skill "Wrathful King Satan." Since this ability lets her convert rage into magical power, as long as she stays angry she will never run out of magical energy and never stop fighting, ensuring that she will win battles through either raw power or just plain outlasting her foes. The only times she can claim to have really "lost" when in such a state is her rage cooling off, which took seven days and seven nights in a battle against a fellow Great Demon Lord in the past.
  • The title character of Tiger Mask is a wrestler who survived Tiger's Cave's Training from Hell, and by them he was trained as a devastating master of fouls that scares even his fellow Tiger's Cave pupils (consider that him jumping on your teeth and dancing is not cutting loose. It doesn't even count as a foul). It takes a while to piss him off enough to cut loose, but the guys who succeeded were nearly strangled to death with his companion's attempts at helping only making things worse, nearly beaten to death (the companion of the guy above), impaled with the two halves of a broken bench (and that's after Tiger Mask broke his knee, before cutting loose), beaten almost to death with a broken back, and beaten almost to death and surviving only because Tiger Mask got back to his senses in time. Then there's the last fight in the anime... Where Tiger Mask does not recover his senses in time.
  • In Trigun, Vash is normally a pacifist who refuses to kill anyone, trying his very best to non-lethally shoot at people (unrealistic, but for the context of the story one just has to roll with it) which puts him in bad situations with the major villains of the series who don't go down as easily as a normal person would from his non-lethal shots. On one notable occasion, the villain was unaffected by Vash's attempts to non-lethally defeat him but when he murdered a lot of people right in front of Vash's eyes Vash pulls out his machine gun arm and quickly immobilizes the villain. In his weakened state, Vash knows the villain can't fight back but in his rage he seriously considers killing him. However, he holds true to his morals and lets him go. This shows you that Vash would be an unstoppable gunfighter if he went in for the kill from the start.
  • Starscream in the Unicron Trilogy gets a couple of these. The first time occurred in Transformers Armada after learning that Megatron was plotting to terminate him and replace him with Thrust as the deception's second in command. He got pissed off, powered up, and defeated most of the other Decepticons and defect to the Autobots (for a while). 20 years later in Transformers Cybertron, he does it again, this time, to the Autobots. He had just betrayed Megatron (again) and has finally obtained an army of his own. What does he do when the Autobots came for the Cyber Planet Keys and the Omega Lock? He goes on a foe-charging attack and defeated and/or almost killed several Autobots. Damn...
  • In Vinland Saga Canute has a divine revelation that transforms him from a frightened sissy into an incredibly charismatic and powerful leader. And the very first thing he does is to calm down a raging berserker four times the size, that is about to crush him, with a Cooldown Hug. After that, he only has to look at people to make them worship him.
  • Hamel in Violinist of Hameln, when he transforms into a monster.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! naturally turned this effect into a card, "Berserker Soul", and had it used by Yami Yugi during one of his own moments of Unstoppable Rage. "DORO! MONSUTAA KAADO!"
    • The full story: sometime after Yugi's soul is taken by the Orichalcos, Insector Haga (Weevil Underwood) taunts Yami by tearing up a card in front of him "as a joke", claiming Yugi's soul was in it and tearing it up erased him, and Yami completely loses it. Even worse for Haga: since a duel within the Seal is effectively a Shadow Game, he physically felt each and every blow Breaker dealt to him. The true chill-down-the-spine moment, however, comes shortly after he reveals his ruse:
    Yami: Wash your neck and wait, Haga.
    • That order was traditionally given to prisoners before being executed, meaning Yami had gone past saying "I'm going to kick your ass" and issued a death sentence to Haga, which he then proceeded to carry out with brutal efficiency.
  • In full swing for Judai by Season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX — if he says "This Is Unforgivable!".
  • Shortly after Kiyomaro of Zatch Bell! comes Back from the Dead and completely wipes the floor with his opponents, one of them taunts Kiyomaro with mention of his fallen allies and receives an epic beating with epic use of Demon Head on Kiyomaro's part.


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