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This is a list of characters that appeared in the light novel, Infinite Dendrogram. In-development.

This page is full of spoilers. If you haven't read the Light Novels, you should probably do so first. You Have Been Warned.

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     Ray Starling
A protective paladin
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In real life as an average college student
A recent high school graduate looking forward to his summer vacation before the college semester starts. He starts as a new player to Infinite Dendrogram following the invitation of his brother Shu.

Real Name:Mukudori Reji

Main Job: Paladin

Sub Job: Prism Solider, Dead Soldier, Scout

Embryo: Maiden of Revenge, Nemesis

Type: Maiden with Arms Attributes

  • Automaton Horses: Owns one in the form of a Prism Steed called Zephyros Silver, crafted by a famed artisan from an ancient civilization.
  • Cool Horse: Zephyros Silver, a mechanical horse that can be ridden into battle
  • Counter Attack: "Vengeance is Mine" requires Ray to take a hit and deals back double the damage
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: A defining trait of his personality is that he is willing to fight for other Masters and Tians.
  • Earn Your Title: Gets nicknamed "The Unbreakable" for not breaking despite facing a Superior, when he himself was at a far low level than the other guy.
  • The Determinator: He will fight his enemy, even if they are higher-leveled than him, and even if he is unable to use both of his arms.
  • The Gambling Addict: Has a Gacha addiction that won him Silver.
  • Horseback Heroism
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Gains skills from his main job in the form of holy element skills.
    • "Purifying Silverlight" is an active skill that grants the holy element to the user's attacks and severely damages the undead. All damage by this skill cannot be healed by the undead.
    • "Grand Cross" is an active skill where the user attacks with a pillar of holy light in the shape of a cross.
  • Signature Move: Purifying Silverlight. While Tian Paladins also have it, most Master Paladins don't receive this move as it requires a Paladin to defeat 100 undead monsters around the same level as themselves. As Paladin is a high rank job, most are usually much higher levelled than the undead they kill.
  • The Law of Power Proportionate to Effort: Vengeance is Mine deals more damage based on the damage Ray takes. The more he takes, the more he can dish out.
  • The Medic: Has access to healing spells. Although he usually uses them on himself, his first use was on a passing fellow Master.
  • The Paladin: His main Job is a High-Rank job from the Knight Grouping. This class gives him defensive stats, along with holy and defensive skills.
  • Weapon of Choice: The Embyro, Nemesis, takes his personality and turns into weapons based on it.

A generous and supportive Embryo

An Embryo born from Ray's personality and his loyal maiden on his journey through the world of VRMMO.

Big Eater: Besides his Gacha addiction, Nemesis’ stomach is Ray’s second biggest expense.

  • Cute Little Fang: She often shows a pair of fangs when she smiles.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Her appearance is that of girl wear a black Gothic dress
  • Meaningful Name: Her name comes from the Greek goddess of indignation and retribution for evil acts and undeserved rewards. This is a reflection of her powers that she can grant to her Master.
  • Weapon of Choice: The form(s) she can take come from the personality of her Master and his experience. They include:
    • Nemesis' "Black Blade" form is a long black Western greatsword with two different skills: "Counter Absorption" and "Vengence is Mine". Counter Absorption creates a wall of light that can absorb up to 400,000 points of damage, but carries only 3 stock uses and recharges once per day. Vengeance is Mine sends damage taken within a 24 hour period onto a target and deals it double. After the skill is used, the target's damage counter turns to 0 for the day.
      • Her second form, "Flag Halberd", has the skill "Like a Flag Flying the Reversal", which is a buff-type skill that can reverse any debuffs cast on Ray, but costs 1 SP every second.
      • Her third form comes in an α and a β form that carries their own respective skills. Her α form, titled "Black Circle", comes in the form of a large round black shield that can use the Counter Absorption skill. Her β form, named "Shooting Wheel", takes the form of a large pinwheel with metallic edges and its skill is Payback Overstar, the pinwheel is launched at a target that deals damage Ray received within 24 hours and deals triple that value as direct damage to the target. It will automatically home in on the target with the speed and maximum distance equal of amount of damage on the target's damage counter. It takes 1 minute to charge and can only be used once per day
      • Her fourth form is called "Black Mirror", and is in the form of an elegant winged mirror that floats behind Ray. The wings can detach into short swords which can use Vengeance is Mine, but they can only apply half the maximum damage. Its main skill is "Chaser from Mirroring", which is a buff type skill that increases Ray's stats to equal a corresponding stat of a target that has deal damage to him within 24 hours. It can only mirror one stat at the time of activation and will not change to reflect any increase or decrease after that. The cost is that the target's damage counter is subtracted every minute and deactivates when no longer possible.

     Shu Starling
A beary average bear
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When Shu is out of his costume
An experienced player and older brother to the main protagonist of the series. He has an easygoing and whimsical personality and often making bear puns. He also shares his brother's trait of protecting others no matter what.

Real Name: Mukudori Shuichi

Main Job: King of Destruction

Sub Job: Breaker, Destroyer

Embyro: War God Ship, Baldr

Type: Guardian Gear Fortress Weapon

  • Awesomeness by Analysis: His build is focused purely on STR, which in normal cases means he should easily be defeated by faster fighters. Yet he usually overwhelms them by reading their moves ahead of time.
  • Beary Funny: Often makes bear puns whenever possible.
  • Berserk Button: Do not mess with his little brother, or he will raise hell on their face. Both the Superior Killer and Giga Professor found it the really hard way.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: His main job, King of Destruction, focuses purely on STR and is has completely unbalanced stats. One skill he has is Right of Destruction, that allows him to destroy indestructible targets that have lower endurance compared to the user's attack power, which can be used on spirits, slimes, and even Territory-type Embryos. His other one is "World Breaker", the final skill of the King of Destruction that allows him to destroy space, before the damaged space is restored, causes damage to anything within the range, including the user.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Play straight with his little brother Ray; he basically destroyed an entire area where a PK had killed Ray.
  • Idle Rich: He owns three apartments in urban Tokyo area, all he needs to do is to sit on his butt and collect rent and spent some 20hrs a day in Infinite Dendrogram.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Before the Un-Kra Championship Finals, he broke his leg saving two kids from an accident. He proceeds to go to into the finals despite being heavily injured. and wins the match.
  • Supreme Chef: His food is so good, he can send people who eat it into a catatonic state. He even has to water down his popcorn before he can make it available to the public. Note that this is a sense skill, meaning that he brought it over from the real world.

     Rook Holmes
A Master that began playing around the same time as Ray and even gained an Embyro with sapience and is female. He gains a tamer class to compliment his own Embyro much like that of Ray after gaining his advice

Real Name: Lucius Holmes

Main Job: Lost Heart

Sub Job: Pimp, High Tamer

Embryo: Fallen Corpse, Babylon

Type: Guardian

  • Awesome by Analysis: His real-life experience as a detective has helped him gain a deductive skill that can be used in the game and helps gain information during combat.
  • Bishōnen: A factor that allowed him to gain the "Pimp" class from the Tian who grants it.
  • Hate at First Sight: To Hugo.
  • Kirk Summation
  • Teen Genius: While as a 15 year old, his deducing skill and thieving skill has already exceeded that of his parents' who are both world-renowned detectivenote  and phantom thiefnote , respectively.
  • The Beastmaster: His job as a Pimp allows him to tame monster and even has debuffs towards female humans and monsters.

A kind and loving Succubus
A Type:Guardian Embryo with a warm and friendly personality that can get along with most people. She deeply cares for Rook as his Embryo and comforts him in times of need.

  • Fusion Dance: The Power Booster variant, where she fuses with Rook and a tamed monster under Rooks command to form a new creature. All of the HP, MP, SP, and skills are given to the gestalt. While using this skill, it is possible for Rook to be on an equal level to a battle type Superior Job but there is a harsh SP consumption of the skill that only lasts 5 minutes at maximum. If Rook dies, then the tamed monster dies as well. Babylon gained the skill from Rook's desire to fight together with his Embyro and monsters like Ray does with Nemesis
  • Horny Devils: Her skill, Lilim Temptation, has to do with applying the Charm debuff on males along with Lilim Drain, drain MP, SP, and HP from those with said debuff
  • Power Copying: Her skill, Drain Learning, that while using Lilim Drain on a target has percentage based on level can randomly absorb a skill from the target. Due to this ability, Rook has access to skills than normal builds would have at his level

     Marie Adler
An average Journalist
A Journalist allied with the organization DIN and often a source of information about Masters and Kingdoms within Infinite Dendrogram. In real life, her name is Ichinomiya Nagisa who has started drawing manga in elementary school as a part of the school's illustration club. She drew shoujo manga in middle school and drew her first shounen manga in high school. Her first shonen manga she drew, Into the Shadow, was selected in a contest and gained a one-shot in a magazine and became serialized after positive feedback. The manga was successful and she went towards higher education and became a professional mangaka. The magazine then went bankrupt but the manga series continued into another but came to develop writers' block that led to her going on hiatus. She soon discovered Infinite Dendrogram and decided to play as the main character of her manga, Marie Adler, in order to fix her writer's block. After training in Tenchi, she obtained the Superior Job, Death Shadow and works as a hitman like her manga character that focused on player-killing. She then rose in infamy as the mysterious Superior Killer after player-killing the King of Plagues, a Superior known for slaughtering thousands of tians.

Real Name: Ichinomiya Nagisa

Main Job: Journalist-> Death Shadow

Sub Job: Shadow, Onmitsu,Journalist

Embyro: Phantasmal Raingun, L'Arc-en-Ciel

Type: Legion

  • Bizarre Taste in Food: The cause of her Lethal Chef status, as the cooking skill in-game creates food to her own tastes.
  • Inner Monologue Conversation: With Rook who can read people's thought by reading their face.
    • Marie:Rook, could you stop talking to my thought?!!!.
  • Lethal Chef: She is horrible at cooking, even with the in game cooking skill to aid her, the taste is still abysmal according to Ray.
  • Limited Wardrobe: She'd always wear the suits of her, no matter the situation.
  • Ninja: Her main Job being Death Shadow, is a Superior Job that is AGI-based with skill based on concealing the user's presence. The ultimate skill of the Death Shadow allows the user to completely conceal their presence by vanishing from the world itself. While this skill is active, the user cannot affect anything and nothing can affect them either
  • Swiss Army Gun: Her Embryo, Phantasmal Raingun, L'Arc-en-Ciel, is a Form IV Type: Legion that takes the form of a revolver that can shoot out bullet-like creatures. Depending on what bullet is used to fire by it. Marie paints them in a certain color along with giving a creature multiple abilities at the same time but the overall power of each ability will be decreased:
    • Black Pursuit: Adds a homing ability
    • Red Burst: Increase power and adds an explosive ability
    • Blue Spread: Increases amount of bullet creatures
    • White Anesthetic: Adds anesthetic properties to the bullet creature
    • Green Piercing: adds piercing ability
    • Silver Flash: adds holy properties to bullets
    • Phantasmal Raingun, L'Arc-en-Ciel is the ultimate skill of the Embryo where Marie can summon creatures she paints on pre-prepared bullets with the various colors of paint. She uses characters from her manga, Into the Shadow, for this ability:
      • Daisy Scarlet the Explosion Murder, uses a combination of Red and Black
      • Ulbetia the Piercing Murder, uses a combination of Green and Silver
  • Punch-Clock Villain: She take the job of killing newbie in Noz Forest so she could collect material for her Manga (not to mention the pay is good though). Not that she is investing in some evil scheme.



Real Name: Vincent Myers

Main Job: Over Gladiator

Sub Job: Gladiator

Embyro: Red Lionheart Star, Cor-Leonis

Type: Arms

  • Badass Transplant: Red Lionheart Star, Cor-Leonis is the Form VII Type: Arms Embryo that takes the form of a prosthetic heart. As a superior Embryo, it is tough enough to block a blow from another Superior Embryo.
    • Arms Selector is a skill that increases the effects of all equipped items and weapons. The degree of the increase is inversely proportional to the number of items Figaro has equipped. When fully equipped, the effects of all Figaro's equipment are doubled.
    • Dance of Anima is a skill that increases the effect of Arms Selector the longer Figaro fights. When Cor-Leonis was in its third form, the effect increased 1% every 3 seconds.
    • Burn Up My Life, Cor-Leonis is the ultimate skill of the Embryo where the effects of all items and equipment worn by Figaro are strengthened to the utmost limit. In the case of UBM special rewards, it is possible for them to display power equal to the original monster. However, items reinforced by this skill will be permanently destroyed after 30 seconds. The skill reduces Figaro's maximum HP by 1% every second, and causes his blood to burn in his body.
  • I Work Alone: He never team up with anyone, even when the odds are stacking against him. Justified as he is strong enough to solo against anything that is thrown against him which including UBM.
  • Jackof All Trades: Over Gladiator is a Superior Job from the gladiator grouping. An all-rounder job that allows the user to equip any weapon and increases the number of available weapons slots the user has, so they can adapt to any role. The status growth of this job is even in all aspects except MP and LUC. One of the conditions for achieving this job is to reach the first place of a country's duel ranking and clear a certain quest.
    • Gladiator is his sub job that's focused on dueling and can equip all types of weapons

     Tsukuyo Fuso
Tsukuyo as HERSELF
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In real life still as HERSELF
Real Name: Tsukuyo Fuso

Main Job:High Priestess

Sub Job:Bishop, Priestess

Embyro: Kaguya

Type: Maiden with Invasion World attributes

Tsukuyo :

  • White Mage: Kaguya's jobs are within the Priest grouping. Her Superior Job is High priestess which is achieved from the job is to have 500 levels in only jobs from the priest grouping and to have the recommendation of 1,000 individuals with main jobs from the priest grouping. It is also a pure support job with a low status of except in MP.
    • Wolfaria Etram is the final mystery of the High Priestess. It is a skill that creates an orb of light that converts all the user's job levels into damage, with 1 level equal to 3000 points of damage. The orb can also automatically track the target once it is designated and will move at a speed equal to the targets speed plus the speed of the orb itself, which is determined by the amount of SP and MP the user selects. It is one of the very few Ancient Spells still remaining in the work, where the chant was already predetermined.
  • White Magic: Appropriate for someone who is a High Priestess.
    • Mercy of the Holy is a recovery magic that can instantly regenerate dismembered limbs
    • Holy Zone Horizon is an active skill that completely negates disease and curse based debuffs in a certain area


  • Weird Moon: When transformed into her Invasion World form turns the surrounding area into night with a blue moon hovering in the sky. She can also 'see' from the perspective of the moon in the sky.
    • Lunar Reduction Field: Kaguya's active skill where Tsukuyo gained her nickname. It can divide factor that Tsukuyo finds 'unfavorable' within the area of effect by 6 for all beings she designates as a target. This would include HP, total level, damage, heart rate, body temperature. However, this ability becomes less effective when the target is high level.
    • Lunar Reduction Field - Twilight is a skill that focuses the effect of the Lunar Reduction Field on only one factor and can even affect opponents up to a SUBM level.
    • Garment of Sleeping Light a skill that compresses the entire area of effect of the Lunar Reduction Field into a black garment worn by Tsukuyo.
    • Return to a Life Most Rightful, Kaguya is her ultimate skill which can only be activated at night. The effect is specialized for use against Masters. The only person known to survived the skill is Shu Starling

     B 3 Barbaroy Bad Burn
The shield wielder
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In real life as a diligent upperclassmen
Real Name:Fujibayashi Kozue

Main Job: Shield Giant

Sub Job: Armor Giant

Embyro: Great Canopy Atlas

Type: Territory

  • Alliterative Name: A name composed of three parts, all starting with B, so, B3, a.k.a Barbaroy Bad Burn.
  • Gravity Master: A variation through her Embryo:
    • Heaven's Weight, a boundary that affects everything within the range with increased gravity. It also applies the 'Binding' debuff to targets within range. The force of gravity increases based on the distance from Barbaroy. In 2 meters, gravity is increased 500 times. Compression of the effective area can increase further to the maximum of 5000 times.
    • Anti-Gravity: Reduces the effect of gravity on Barbaroy and her equipment
  • Only Sane Man: Of the entire Club Infinite Dendrogram(CID), she seems to be the only one thinking like a normal person. Lampshades by Reji while he was trapped in the den of CID club room
    • Reji:She is. My GOD, she's actually Normal.
  • Stone Wall: Her jobs are focused on END, shields, and armor.
    • Shield Giant is an END focused high-rank job that allows the user to use any shield
      • Shield Flyer is an active skill where the user throws a shield to attack the opponent
      • Stronghold Pressure a skill that converts the user's defense stat to another stat along with being able to be used with the main job, Full Armor Giant, as long as they equip a shield
      • Fatal Defender a skill used by sacrificing an equipped shield where the user can instantly increase their defense
      • Thousand Shutter is a skill that creates a barrier that negates all attacks that could deal the user less than 1000 points of damage
    • Full Armor Giant is another high-rank job focused on END
      • Armour Adjuster is a passive skill that fills the inside of the user's equipped armor with a field similar to viscous air that allows them to move freely even in armor far larger than themselves.
      • Astro Guard is a skill that multiplies the user's defense by 5 in exchange for rendering them immobile

The Weakest, The Worst
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In real life as a beautiful neighbor

Real Name: Francesca Gautier

Main Job: Giga Professor

Sub Job:Professor,Researcher

Embyro: Magic Beast Factory, Pandemonium

Type: Plant Fortress

  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: While he is pretty evil, he does cares about Hugo and considers his feeling to adjust his plan accordingly.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: He admits he is fully aware that Tians (NPCs) in Infinite Dendrogram are sapient, yet he has little qualms going through with his genocidal plan, which would kill thousands of Tians in the process.
  • G.I.R.L.: At here should be read as Girl In Real Life, after, her name is Francesca.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Due to the Carnage he caused, Ray managed to amass a ton of Grudges to power up his greaves.
  • Mook Maker: His Embryo, Pandemonium gives him the ability to make a variety of monsters.
  • Troll: is unsurprisingly a huge one. When Hell General Logan loses to Ray, the first thing that Franklin does is to send a message that says: Not so hot now are ya, Your Excellency? (GIT REKT. L M A O). He then follows it up by uploading the video of his loss against Ray.

     Hugo Lesseps
Real Name: Yuri Gautier

Main Job: High Pilot

Sub Job: Pilot, Mechanic

Embyro: Maiden of Ice Cocytus

Type: Maiden with Chariot attributes

L Hugo Lesseps:

  • Ace Custom: His Marshall II is a custom-made, specially tuned for him, which is going to cost around 20,000,000 lir.
  • Ace Pilot: His jobs involve being able to pilot, repair, and enhance the vehicle that he can pilot
  • Big Brother Worship: He adores Franklin ever since they were kids, and as Rook points it out, it is also the source of her Moral Myopia regarding her sister's character.
  • Even Evil Can Be Loved: Even after Franklin is gone beyond redemption, she still decides face down Ray to protect her sister.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: He is an idealistic man who dreams and thrive to become the knight who can protect the weak, especially women since she could protect her mother and sister in real life.
  • G.I.R.L.: Just like Franklin, Yuri use an opposite gender as her avatar, which Francesca finds to be quite amusing.
  • Morality Chain: What he is to Franklin, Franklin goes out of his way to tone down the brutality in his plan just to appease him. This effectually put a break on Franklin's scheme.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He believes terrorist action in Gideon could prevent the 2nd Kingdom and Imperium war from happening, even it causes a lot of trifle in the process.

The little girl in white

  • An Ice Person: Her abilities are centered around ice as she takes the form of ice armor that covers whatever device Hugo is riding.
    • La Porte D'Enfer: This skill applies the Frozen debuff to everyone within a certain range every 13 seconds, with X% chance of success, where X is the number of beings from the same race that the target was killed. The debuff applied from this skill cannot be negated by normal Frozen debuff resistance. The length of time the target is frozen depends on the value of X
      • Purgatory Flash: Cocytus takes all the heat absorbed by La Porte D'Enfer and transforms it to blae of heat energy for direct combat
    • La Porte D'Enfer Duexieme: This skill applies the Freezing debuff to X% of a target's body, where X is the damage Hugo or his vehicle has taken from a target multiplied by the number of beings from the same race the target has killed divided by the target's HP. The debuff cannot be negated by Frozen debuff resistance like the original skill. Damage recieved also takes account damage negated by items or skills. She received this ability after evolving to her fourth form and after Hugo received the MFGX-02 White Rose from Mr. Fanklin, so the ability is predicated on being used from this Magingear. Cocytus and Hugo note that the ability is influenced b their encounters with Ray Starling and Nemesis


    Liliana Grandria
Main Job:Paladin

Sub Job: Priest, Knight, Prism Solider




Title:Tri-Horn Dragon

Owner:Rook Holmes

  • Dinosaurs Are Dragons: She resembles a triceratops in the form of a large blue, four-legged dragon with a shell on her backs and large, curved horns.
Race:Phantom Bird

Title:Crimsom Roc Bird

Owner:Rook Holmes



Title:Mythril Arms Slime

Owner:Rook Holmes

Title: Miasmaflame Princess

Summoner: Ray Starling

She is the unborn daughter of the Great Miasmic Demon, Gardandra, which served as a maternal form before bringing born into the world. Before her birth, the demon was defeated by Ray Starling and her concept became a part of the special reward item and became able to be summoned with the third skill of it

  • Hell-Fire: Purgatory Flame is a skill that fires a flame from her left hand
    • Purgatory Fist is a skill where Purgatory Flame and attacks with it
    • Zero Type-Purgatory Flame is a skill where an extremely powerful burst of flame comparable to a skill used by a magic-based Superior Job. However once used, this skill will burn her hand, requiring a cooldown
  • Playingwith Fire: One of her skills has to do with the fire that's under Purgatory Flame
  • Deadly Gas: Hellish Miasma: A skill that releases a miasma from her right hand that gives the debuffs of Poison, Weakness, and Drunkenness.
    • Hellish Palm is a skill that compresses the Hellish Miasma so that the debuff can affect high-level opponents.
    • Zero Type-Hellish Miasma is a skill that releases a concentrated miasma from her right hand that can melt a person's organs. However, once used, this skill requires a cooldown

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