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This is a list of Wild Mass Guesses which are still possibly true. Just for Fun and silly guesses go on the silly page. If a WMG is Jossed, please move it to the jossed page, if it is Confirmed, please move it to the confirmed page.

Riku's Replica (Repliku if you will) is a member of the new organisation
It's outright stated and seen that he absorbed all of the darkness in Zexion, almost definitely taking what ever part of Xehanort was in him at the same time (this would also explain why Ienzo seems to be so different in DDD). The Riku in the organisation cloak we saw in Monstro was real, he just didn't say anything because he thought Riku would figure it out (or because, like all the villains, he was just messing with Riku). As for how he died in Chain of Memories...They changed it so he sank into a puddle of darkness in Re: Chain of Memories. The exact same way a person might use a corridor of darkness. I'm not one of the people that have been pointlessly hoping the Replica be brought back but I think this would be a great opportunity to do it. After all they can't really introduce nine new characters into the new organisation (since apparently the time travelling Xehanorts can't be counted anymore). They're going to have to use a few more preexisting characters other than Xigbar and Saix. Repliku absorbing Zexion is just too good an opportunity to waste.
  • If not Riku Replica, it's Riku-Xehanort. From Hollow Bastion all the way to The World That Never Was Riku was sharing a body with Xehanort. Or, it could be both Riku Replica AND Riku-Xehanort.

Lea/Axel will train with Kairi under Master Riku
Giving Riku a whole new doubt about his ability to teach (cause he'd be too awesome if he wasn't doubting himself about something). Sora could also get jealous of Riku's time spent with Kairi opening up the love triangle one more. Axel's just in there to add more dynamic character interaction.

Not all Xs are Recusant's Sigil, it's only specifically noticable Xs over the chest.
So far, we've seen a few characters who have worn the Recusant's Sigil that we know have been possessed by Xehanort. Terra and Riku were both directly posessed, and Sora came very close. The common thread they all share is the Recusant's Sigil, which is stated to be an X, and confirmed to allow at least Young Xehanort to know where they are at all times.

However, this does not mean every X is suspicious. What the possessed all had was an X over the chest, usually striking from the rest of the outfit. This was probably a trend Xehanort started with Terra. Riku's original outfit also bore an X, and he was promptly possessed by Ansem SoD. Sora's new outfit in KH3D is a plot point because of the giant X on his shirt. Certain characters have Xs on their designs, but they're either not very noticeable, or somehow interrupted, like on Aqua and Ventus, who's chest X's have what I assume is Eraqus' sigil on them. I believe this means they are not Recusants, at least for as long as they have that design.

This may only apply to people who are planned to be part Xehanort unwillingly, or though trickery. As far as we know, both Isa and Braig willingly became part Xehanort, and thus do not have the sigil, though Isa does have the X shaped scar.


So from this, we might be able to guess far more easily who may be a Member of the True Organization.

It also means that Master Eraqus also bears a Sigil, and horrifyingly enough, Sephiroth may have one.

Sora is the son of Cloud and Aeris.
Sora is the perfect combination of both of them: he has Cloud's spiky hair, bright blue eyes, and fighting skills, and he has Aeris' brown hair and cheerful, optimistic personality. They were somehow separated from their son when he was a baby, and he was named and raised by Elmyra, Aeris' adoptive mother, on Destiny Islands (that's her voice from the beginning of the first game, not Sora's real mother's), and neither of them recognize Sora as their child when they meet him. All of them even have similar names: Cloud (self-explanatory), Aeris ("air"), and Sora ("sky").
  • This makes a degree of sense, but "Aeris" was supposed to be "Aerith", as in "earth" because (in part) she's a flowerseller who keeps the others grounded and KH does render her name as Aerith.

Larxene is the younger sister of Elena from Final Fantasy VII
Because they look incredibly similar and have similar names, though not enough for Larxene to be Elena's Nobody. In the same vein, Scarlet from the same game is their aunt.

Thoughts on KHIII
Just a collection of things that might be in the next game such as
  • The plot will jump around a bit moving from character to character as they desperately try to stop the forces of darkness.
  • Each of the key blade wielders will have there own set of key-chains with some being shared between them.
  • Data-sora will make another appearance. possibly having been re-purposed as a cyber defense program. his basic keyblade is the zero/one.
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  • Roxas will dual wield by default. his ultimate weapons will be found in Radiant garden and twilight town they'll be called Omega weapon and Alpha weapon.
  • Xion will have Sora's limit attacks at least the ones she used in 358/2. her ultimate weapon will be called flawless/perfect memory.
  • Sora won't be able to use his drive forms, because he needs the power they emit to rescue/restore the missing gaurdians of light.
  • The Gummi ship will return to pick up Sora and co.
  • Kairi will have strong magic and light based spells.

Lea will go after Saix
Lea, now armed with a Keyblade, will probably try to find out what happened to Isa to make him into the Stoic and ruthless nobody that is now Saix. He may also try to rescue him form Xehanort (Whether or not this comes before or after Roxas and Xion get rescued depends on the reader)

The Lea in Dream Drop Distance is a mixture of both Lea and Axel's hearts.
That's why when he was reformed he still looked like Axel rather then what he looked like in BBS. Axel had developed his own heart from his friendship with Roxas and Xion. When he came back both the new heart Axel made and Lea's heart merged together to become what was essentially a new person.
  • Siax/Isa and Xigbar/Braig are the same. Xehanort's heart was inside, at least partially so when they were reformed, so the woke looking like their nobody selves.
  • Could also explain why Ienzo didn't wake as a child, maybe Zexion formed a friendship with Lexaeus and began to develop a heart but it wasn't strong enough yet to make him wake in the Organization cloak.

If Sora gets the χ-Blade, He will a few attacks that will show it as a double bladed sword
It would make a nice Development Gag.

The surviving members of Organization XIII got what they wanted.
In 358/2 Days, nine of the bosses you fight are giant Emblem Heartless. Of those nine, one was created by Pete to destroy Roxas, but the other eight are of unexplained origin. That's right...eight. As in, the same number of Organization members who made it to Kingdom Hearts II. Now stay with me here: It's mentioned on the Fridge page that when a Heartless is destroyed and then it's Nobody are destroyed, in that order, the original complete being is reborn. So what if those eight heartless Roxas was sent to kill by the Organization were the heartless of the eight surviving members? Then when those members were killed, the original beings would have been reborn, with their hearts intact. In other words, Roxas and Sora collectively gave the Organization what they wanted.
  • Eh...never mind. I just realized this theory doesn't work.
    • Why not?
      • At a guess, I'd say because Emblem Heartless are artificially created, while any living person's Heartless would be a Pureblood.
      • Well that too, but my reason was because I'd incorrectly counted the number of Organization members (Roxas excluded, since he isn't one of them when the game starts) who made it to the second game: Axel, Xemnas, Luxord, Xaldin, Demyx, Xigbar, Saix. That's only seven Organization members in KH2 and eight Emblems killed by Roxas in Days. (Again, not counting the one Pete sent to kill him.) In order for this theory to hold true, we would have to accept that the Organization just sent Roxas after an extra Heartless for no particular reason.
      • Bzzt, wrong. Living people can create Emblem Heartless. The very first person we see turn into a Heartless becomes a Soldier, which is an Emblem Heartless. Pureblood Heartless are created when a person willingly gives their heart to the Darkness in some way and the heart is separated from their bodies. Emblems are Heartless whose hearts were not so willingly parted from their bodies, hence why the Emblems were created when Xehanort was using hearts in his experiments- it's highly unlikely the people whose hearts he used were willingly given to him, as the way they look proves they still have light in them. While members two through six were gradually losing their hearts to darkness, none of them had given them over yet and all had their hearts forced out of their bodies by Xehanort and his Keyblade. Pureblood Heartless are born, not made, and Emblem Heartless are made, not born.

Sora's adventure is shattering his mind.
People complain that KH2 Sora doesn't feel like the regular Sora at all and is just a stereotype of a 90s teenager. This was an intentional ploy by the writers to show how Sora's journey has left him so shattered that he's forced to develop alternate personalities to handle the various turmoils in his life. That's why he can go from "Let's star in a musical~" to "RAWR KILL THE ORGANIZATION" at the drop of a hat.Proof that Sora would have some trauma:

1. His world was destroyed in front of his eyes.

2. Forced to kill monsters from "the black lagoon" without any experienced adults helping him (consistently). Seriously, why'd Leon and Co. let those three go alone? They had no way of knowing whether they'd get help from others on different worlds.

3. Being forced to kill humans/humanoid people. (Shan-Yu, Organization XIII, Ansem, etc.)

4. Suicide by Keyblade.

5. Literally being mind-***ed by Namine.

6. Having more people come out of him than Octomom. (Roxas, Xion, Namine, etc.)

7. Having to (possibly) assimilate some of Ven's traits as a child might've led to a suppression of his own personality. (This one is more speculation than the others.)

Roxas's fight with Twilight Thorn was more than a tutorial boss
  • Okay, so Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] reveals Nobodies can grow hearts. By defeating Twilight Thorn, Roxas was completing the heart growing inside of him by destroying his last connection to being a Nobody.

Why Sora's Reactions to Kairi and Riku Are Different
  • Yes, I'm talking about THAT scene.You see, Sora, having a fairly large crush on Kairi, always imagined the two of them together, but when he's actually with Kairi, he Cannot Spit It Out. Boys, how many times have you approached the gal of your dreams only to act like a total idiot and either fumble with words, or act completely uninterested? So he does the only thing he can think of without looking stupid; just hug her back.
  • Meanwhile with Riku, Sora's letting out all of the worry he's had over Riku being consumed by the Darkness. Wouldn't you be worried if your best friend was turning evil? or had a pretty good chance of being lost to the Darkness forever? Sora's just relieved to see he's okay, and also a little pissed that Riku didn't tell him he was in the first place. He isn't gay, just extremely worried for his friends, which fits with his personality perfectly.
    • It is also worth mentioning that despite being separated, Kairi spent that year safe at their homeworld. Riku, on the other hand, was thought to be lost forever, and while Sora knew Riku was back for a while thanks to Mickey, finally meeting with Riku cracked him, because he finally made sure his best friend was alive.

The reason you don't see Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, or Larxene in Dream Drop Distance is...
...because you have. In the World That Never Was. Along with Xemnas, Xigbar, Saix, Ansem SoD, Master Xehanort, Young Master Xehanort,...

Sora is the Seven Lights. Xehanort is the Thirteen Darknesses.

In the intro to KH:3DS, Sora is shown facing off against Xehanort in the Keyblade Graveyard. With Sora is Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Ventus, Terra, and Aqua. Excluding Donald and Goofy for obvious reasons, that makes eight keyblade wielders. Terra is possessed by Xehanort and never met Sora long enough to connect, so he's out. That makes seven hearts connected to Sora, who have keyblades.

Xemnas has already stated that the True Organization is made up of himself from different time periods, so he is already confirmed for the 13 Darknesses, though the form is unknown.

Sora can connect to hearts in a very unusual manner, and the connection is implied to be special specifically for Sora.

The idea is that Sora somehow contains, or connects directly to, seven hearts, all of which fight for light.

Sora and Xehanort have /never fought/, though Sora has fought his Nobody and Heartless, he has never fought Master or Young Xehanort.

Once they do, that alone could be the key to creating the χ-Blade, as Sora represents Seven Lights, while Xehanort is the Thirteen Darknesses.

In 3DS, Xehanort was successful in transplanting a piece of his heart into a new vessel

It hit Axel instead. That's why Master Xehanort was smiling after Axel did his taunt speech.

Roxas will replace Ventus's incomplete heart.

We have learnt in DDD that nobody's are capable of developing new hearts. Therefore, Roxas's heart being transplanted into Ventus would be a possible fix for Ventus's raptured heart problems. Assuming Sora and Roxas split off somehow, there will be some sudden new motivation for Roxas willing to help out Ventus since they're obvious physiologically identical despite Nomura stating they're separate entities, and perhaps there will be new character development such as Roxas realising that he is Ventus all along.

Roxas and Xion will split from Sora as complete people.

This is a weird one, and made up of a bunch of shit, so bear with me. Roxas is Sora's nobody, but he looks like Ventus. This isn't because Ven's heart went into Roxas, but because Ven's heart merged with Sora. Sora and Ven's hearts have become one heart so Ven can heal. Roxas looks like Ven only because of this combination.Roxas, being a nobody, had no heart. He was able to grow one, however. Xion ended up growing her own heart as well, or was created with one.

So Roxas has his own heart, along with Xion. Sora mentions in 3D, before Roxas transfers his memories into Sora, that Roxas deserves to be his own person. He also mentions that Xion does, indeed, have a heart.

Sora, as a way to save Roxas, will split Roxas from himself somehow. Possibly even putting Roxas' heart into Ven's body. He'll eventually split Xion from himself also, though how he would learn about her residence in him is unknown.

Ventus will become a Seeker of Darkness.
Xehanort will use his empty shell as an easy vessel to place his essence into since his heart is absent and with Sora.

One of the New World in Kingdom Hearts III (or Birth by Sleep Volume 2) will be Shibuya.
And Sora and the Gang will reunited Neku and his friend along the way, Stopping the Heartless from taking the world oagain.

Crono will appear in a future installment.
A future game will have time travel as a plot device, and Crono and the Epoch will play an important role in this.
  • Well, time travel was important in 3D, but no Crono yet. Maybe in III?
  • There could be a potential road bump or two if that happened, seeing as (plot aside) Nomura didn't design Crono & co. (he was only the field graphic artist for Chrono Trigger, while Akira Toriyama provided the character designs). Whereas the TWEWY crew was in 3D because the game was his brainchild, CT might be harder to implement for that very reason. If Nomura had his reservations about including FF characters he didn't design, just imagine how rocky using a completely different intra-company IP he had no artistic involvement in might pan out. However, that does possibly open up the field for other non-FF games that Nomura did do the designs for (i.e. Parasite Eve, Brave Fencer Musashi, Live A Live, etc.).

Noel and Serah may send the gang on a trip through time.
Following the logic of the WMG right above. It would seem more likely that they'd have the Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters play an important role in a time traveling plot.

Xehanort's big comeback plan is a second "χ-blade" War.
His plan, as speculated by Yen Sid, is to create an army of Heartless and convince other worlds to join his cause so as to trigger a war against the heroes of Light. The heroes will begin a campaign to gather all of the worlds they can to their cause, leading up to an epic climactic war between Xehanort's army (whose army's generals may be Final Fantasy villains) and Sora's army, consisting of the Final Fantasy heroes, the Keyblade Masters, and all of his Disney friends. Of course, Xehanort's ultimate plan is to trick them into inadvertently sacrificing themselves to the re-creation of the χ-blade.

The Drive Forms of Kingdom Hearts II will be replaced with Keyblade Armor
After Sora and Riku complete their Mark of Mastery examinations at the end of 3D, they'll be given Keyblade Armor as signs of their mastership, which will be implemented into the gameplay in Kingdom Hearts III.

The reason Xehanort created his Nobody, Xemnas, and his Heartless, "Ansem", was to be rid of Terra's heart.
In an Ansem Report, it's stated that Xehanort, under the guise of Ansem, allowed himself to be consumed by the darkness to grow more powerful. This is after he's recollected his memories of his being Master Xehanort in Terra's body, so it wouldn't make sense to do such a thing in pursuit of power, as he'd undeniably be more powerful full rather than separated into two beings. The only explanation I can gather for this action was that he did it in a gamble to excise Terra's heart. When Heartless-Ansem was created, both Xehanort's heart and Terra's were lost. However, with both Heartless-Ansem and Xemnas destroyed, Xehanort will consequently be revived. And if all goes according to his plan, without Terra, whose light would prevent him from truly accessing pure darkness.

Tetsuya Nomura wishes he never put Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts.
Hence, he keeps downplaying them in recent games (they're entirely absent in 358/2 Days). They have effectively become The Artifact.
  • It's quite possible, considering how much focus the Disney element of the series gets (and the amount of leverage Disney has on this collaboration), that Nomura simply doesn't want the FF side of things to overshadow Disney and the OC side, so he limits the amount of characters from FF. There's also the fact that Nomura has qualms using characters he didn't design (such as Setzer and Vivi in II). At the moment, this only gives us characters from VII (and its Compilation), VIII, X, X-2, XIII (and its sequels, presumably), Versus XIII, and Type-0, a good portion of whom have already been introduced (especially in the case of VII). The fact that he redesigned several of the characters Amano drew for Dissidia somewhat mitigates this, but it could still be a factor.
    • But...wasn't Setzer designed by Nomura originally? He still could have had qualms just because Setzer and Shadow are so drastically different than his other characters.
  • A more likely explanation is that there just isn't a place for them in recent games. 358/2 Days was told from the perspective of Organization XIII, and having any interaction with Final Fantasy characters would cause some plot holes in Kingdom Hearts II. According to one interview, Cloud and Squall were planned to appear in Birth by Sleep, but they were cut to keep Radiant Garden from becoming too complicated (it was already the midpoint of every character's arc, and had more than enough cameos as is). Re:coded even features Cloud as a Guest-Star Party Member.
    • Both are equally likely, although Nomura did specifically mention that he only planned to use FF characters he designed in the series. Setzer and Vivi were only added to II after Nomura folded to pressure from the higher ups. And while younger versions of Cloud and Squall were intended to be in BBS (as well as Laguna in the Mirage Arena before they decided to remove him because he was included in Dissidia 012), note that these characters were already designed by Nomura. Cloud in Re:coded makes sense given the nature of the game, although no FF characters were present in 3D, despite the Realm of Sleep possibly providing an opportunity for it.
  • I don't think he would have put in TWEWY characters if he regretted putting his own characters in in the first place. If you don't like it why add more?

Kingdom Hearts: Hollow Bastion
An 11-year-old Squall takes the role of the main character, with Yuffie, Aerith, Merlin, and possibly Cid as party members. There are no Gummi Ships involved, and it all takes place in Radiant Garden as it's being destroyed by the Heartless. Cloud and Mickey are recurring characters, and in the Downer Ending, Cid and the gang flee Radiant Garden to Traverse Town.
  • Alternately, this is only the prologue of the game, and after it ends, the gang travels to different worlds, defeating Heartless, and showing how Squall went from a little kid to a powerful warrior.
  • Do Want.

All of the main characters have a continual disguise to help them blend in
Most of the time we, as players, see through this disguise, the exceptions being the worlds their forms Change in. (Eg: Pride Rock, Halloween Town, etc.) Even then, we aren't seeing the full effect. This is the reason that the characters (especially in the more realistic worlds like Port Royal) don't comment on the fact that there is an anthropomorphic duck and dog following Sora around. However if you're seen by another non-resident this results in Glamour Failure specifically for them, which is one of the reasons that characters that know each other still obviously recognize each other. Also, knowledge of their off-world status affects the effectiveness the disguise.

This was probably created by the worlds themselves as a defense mechanism for its inhabitants, excluding the few times it's actually mentioned in canon.

  • I think that nobody cares. In Twilight Town, not only do they have Nobodies, they have Vivi. In Port Royal, you would expect this, but they're too busy fighting undead skeleton pirates to care.

If Sherwood Forest appears in the next game...
Related to below. If Sherwood Forest is featured in an upcoming game, Sora will arrive in the midst of Prince John or meet him first, and witness Robin Hood stealing from him. He'll see a royal monarch and a rogue trying to rob him, and come to the logical conclusion. He will initially ally himself with Prince John (but most likely dislike him) and eventually meet Robin Hood personally and find out who the real villain is. Cue apologies, Robin Hood is added to the party, and Prince John is overthrown.

The "Guardians of Light" are not the protagonists.
According to 3D, Xehanort needs the seven "Guardians of Light" (I think that's what they were called) alongside his Org. XIII to make the χ-Blade. We've all been assuming they meant our heroes, but I was thinking: Which ones? Let's see, we've got Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Axel, and maybe Roxas. Excuse me if I don't know how to count, but that's more than 7.

So maybe that's not what they meant. Instead, perhaps it's the Princess's protectors. So, Beast, Aladdin, Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora's respective Princes, and Sora. Now the hard part: What about Alice? Just about all the Wonderland denizens are rather cruel to her. I suppose the Cheshire Cat could sort of be considered a defender, but he gets her in trouble alot too. Maybe her real cat? Their would be a twist!

  • In DDD Master Xehanort said "Sora and another on your list are mine now" referring to Terra when Mickey was counting off the number of lights. Terra is still with Xehnort so the number is still 7. Axel is Terra's replacement.

Kingdom Hearts III will end with the Princess of Light de-powered.
Tying into the above theory, with their love interests in danger, Kari gathers the Princess together in-order to release the light in their heart to seal away who/what-ever is left of Xehanort. Afterwards, we find that their are also back-up Princess, in case what of the current ones die or have their hearts taken. However, their's never been a time when all seven had to be replaced, leading the multiverse into the delicate time which would set off the next game. As for the new princess how about: Ariel's daughter, Pocahontas, Simba's daughter, Rapunzel, Lilo, the Princess from The Princess and the Frog who's name I can't remember, and an OC (or Maid Maryanne, or that chick from Atlantis). Besides bringing in new or un-introduced characters, this would also provide character development for Kairi. Without her inner glow, she becomes something of a Knight Templar, and is very pissed when someone starts stealing Princess again in IV. She eventually regains control of herself, but not before struggling with her light as Riku did his dark.

Lara Croft will make an appearance in a future title
With Square Enix buying Crystal Dynamics in 2009, and considering that characters from The World Ends with You appeared in Dream Drop Distance, it's not beyond the realm of possibility.

Maleficent will get her chance at Big Bad.
At the end of III, we all know some awesome stuff will happen. Since most of the OC cast is immune to death due to prior promises, it would make sense for Maleficent to make an Enemy Mine Heroic Sacrifice to save the world she wants to conquer. Now, in IV, she is replaced by the Big Bad from Princess and the Frog, who summons Heartless in order to break the Key Holes of various worlds due to a promise he made his "friends on the other side". Throughout, he uses Pete's Heartless as a familiar. In his climatic battle with Sora, his defeat is interrupted by Maleficent's return. She reveals she only made that sacrifice because she can not be killed as long as there is evil. Also, she's spent the last few months piggy-backing in Ventus's heart where she tapped into a stronger source of darkness: Vanitas. After feeding the wannabe to his "friends" so she can absorb his darkness, Maleficent brings back an uber-powerfull Pete for you to fight while she takes her leave. After she turns Radiant Gardens back into Hollow Bastion, Sora and co. have to follow her into the True Final Dungeon, where they face their evil duplicate team: Vanitas, Maleficent, and Pete. After beating them, you battle Vanitas twice (once with aid, once without) at which point he absorbs his Keyblade and a few Unversed for a final battle... only for Malficent to reapear, chastize him for doubting her, and then take his power for herself. Finally fully charged, she creates a huge portal to the Darkworld and creates a giant version of herself to re-write reality as she wants it. Meanwhile, you fight her Physical God-mode body, which has become extremely frail due to containing more darkness than the combined powers of Hell. After vanquishing her and ending the game (with help from Kairi, if the above theory is true), we see her finally entering her ideal world: One where she was invited to Aurora's birthday party. Awwwww...

Worlds appearing in future Kingdom Hearts games
Any new world you think will be in the next Kingdom Hearts game.there are enough theorys here to have there own page.Some external properties Disney has the right to:
  • Disney owns the English dub of Transformers: Robots In Disguise, so Tokyo could appear. Takara has made transformers based on Mickey and Donald, and I could imagine Sora taking a form based on G1 Hot Rod. Imagine a Matrix of Leadership-based Keyblade or a Limit that lets you combine with that world's party member (Like optimus/Fire Convoy, for example)!
    • If they ever did any sort of Transformers world, they'd probably get the rights from Paramount to base it on the movieverse, and Sora and his companions most likely wouldn't change form. This seems slightly more plausible than it would have a few years ago (mostly because of Disney's deal with Paramount concerning the Marvel Cinematic Universe), but is still pretty implausible.
  • If Rick Riordan would allow it, Disney is the publisher of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Riptide could be an acquirable Keyblade, and they would have to find a way to reconcile it with Olympus Coliseum.
  • A Marvel Comics-based world, with various heroes as party members.
    • Actually plausible. See the WMG way down below.
  • World B of Dissidia Final Fantasy, which would likely be plot-important if included. May restore itself to World A if beaten.
  • Whitechapel
  • Beach City
    • Since Cartoon Network used to air Disney shows and some Disney movies, why not? Imagine "Stronger than You" as the boss theme!!!!
  • A world based on Chrono Trigger as it is pretty much the only big Square Property (that is wholly theirs) that has yet to make an appearance in a Kingdom Hearts game. It could be similar to Symphony of Sorcery with the End of Time acting as a hub, and the various eras acting as smaller worlds, or, alternatively, characters from the franchise show up in the games like Final Fantasy characters did in earlier installments
  • A world based on the Rite of Spring segment from Fantasia. Think the Pridelands but with Dinosaurs, and a final boss battle against the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • This is a long shot, but a world based on Fullmetal Alchemist considering that Square holds the rights to the franchise, it could happen, and is more plausible than some of the more outlandish predictions here, but it's very unlikely.
  • A world based on Epic. If Disney decides to do anything with Blue Sky's properties, Epic would be the best film to adapt into a Kingdom Hearts world, though Ice Age would probably get in first due to how recognizable it is.
  • Night Raven College

Kind of inconsequential, but...
The "lookout point beyond the dock" (where Tidus is during the first day of the first game) was less than a year ago. That's why there's rope left over from when it was built.

The most powerful weapon in KH is one's will
How do Beast and Riku jump worlds in KH1? They will themselves to. Xemnas is the most powerful entity, and yet he lacks a heart, but he, as well as the other nobodies, has the will to find a true existence.The reason Keyblades are so strong in and of themselves is because they are a direct weapon of one's willpower incarnate, and have will themselves. The stronger characters and Keyblade wielders have intense willpower, and the χ-Blade wielder was defeated in a battle of wills against Ven, who weilds just a Keyblade in that fight.

Sora's adventure is shattering his mind.
People complain that KH2 Sora doesn't feel like the regular Sora at all and is just a stereotype of a 90s teenager. This was an intentional ploy by the writers to show how Sora's journey has left him so shattered that he's forced to develop alternate personalities to handle the various turmoils in his life. That's why he can go from "Let's star in a musical~" to "RAWR KILL THE ORGANIZATION" at the drop of a hat.

Proof that Sora would have some trauma:

1. His world was destroyed in front of his eyes.

2. Forced to kill monsters from "the black lagoon" without any experienced adults helping him (consistently). Seriously, why'd Leon and Co. let those three go alone? They had no way of knowing whether they'd get help from others on different worlds.

3. Being forced to kill humans/humanoid people. (Shan-Yu, Organization XIII, Ansem, etc.)

4. Suicide by Keyblade.

5. Literally being mind-***ed by Namine.

6. Having more people come out of him than Octomom. (Roxas, Xion, Namine, etc.)

7. Having to (possibly) assimilate some of Ven's traits as a child might've led to a suppression of his own personality. (This one is more speculation than the others.)

On a similar note, Sora will have a Heroic Blue Screen of Death soon, and Anti Form will not just be a Drive Form.
Just bear with me on this one. The Sora we know is cheerful, cute, and at times a little dim. However, he has shades of showing he's not as happy as he seems. It's been said that Anti-Form is a result of all the negative impact his journey has had on him. The thought alone is a little terrifying that Anti-Form consumes him entirely with darkness, takes away his ability to wield his Keyblade and leaves an animal-like creature incapable of even walking on two feet. He has no weapons, this form will just rip you apart with his hands. How much rage and anger do you have to feel to claw someone to death? Or in the game's case, fade into nothingness. If Vanitas is with Sora, he's bound to exploit that side of him and knowing Sora, he'll want to stop before he hurts anyone. And if he does, especially if it's Kairi or Riku, he could possibly reach the Despair Event Horizon depending on how badly he injured them.

Not to mention Sora doesn't exactly deal with his emotions. Donald and Goofy just tell him "no sad faces" and leave it at that whereas Riku is allowed to be as moody as the hell he wants. When it comes down to it, Sora gives a lot of himself and it's almost like he's not allowed to angst. If the Anti-Form doesn't get to him, all of the turmoil will.

The Cornerstone of Darkness exists, and Mickey is trying to combine both Cornerstones
This theory is mostly fed by my desire to have a World somewhat based on Epic Mickey, but think about it; Since Light cannot exist without darkness and viceversa, Disney Castle has the Cornerstone of Light, while the Cartoon Wasteland (Which will be renamed the "Disney Wasteland") holds the Cornerstone of Darkness. Epic Mickey has already happened, and Mickey knows his big half-brother is the king of the Darkness of his own world, which is somehow separated, and decided to figure out a way to combine both. Oh, and, since Minnie and Mickey can conjure Holy-like spells, Oswald will shoot Ultima-like Spells.

Sora's going to unite the hearts of all worlds and take away the pain of everyone...
With an Assimilation Plot. More specifically, by absorbing the hearts and memories of everyone into himself.He's already done it to a few people already to help them... What happens if he ends up having to do that to everyone to save them?

Demyx is the true leader of Organization XIII
And his true element isn't water. It's actually dance. He does control the Dancer Nobodies after all, and his weapon is a musical instrument. His power over dance allows him to control things by playing his music. His power is SO strong, in fact, that he can control almost anyone, even Xemnas, making him the leader of Organization XIII, and the strongest character in all of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Don't believe me? Watch this:

As you can see, Demyx is not only able to control Xemnas, but also replicate him. At first glance, this may seem unlikely. However, in his two battles in Kingdom Hearts, Demyx creates water from out of nowhere. This means that Demyx either had water with him already, possibly in a bottle or something, and is able to replicate objects and substances that are simple enough for him (which would mean that Xemnas is simple to him, think about it), or he is able to create matter from nothing. Either way, this means that Demyx has god-like powers.

At this point you may be asking "If Demyx is so insanely powerful, how did Sora defeat him?" The answer: He did not defeat him. Demyx faked his death. He is still alive, and his plot to become even more powerful is still in progress. My hypothesis is that Demyx is creating an unstoppable army of dancing slaves to destroy Sora. The origin of this ultimate army of destruction and mad dancing skills is emerging from an unexpected, but powerful source. The source: The Walt Disney Company itself.

Think about it. Disney has a long history of music and dancing. The fact that the majority of the worlds visited by Org. XIII are Disney worlds is not coincidence. Demyx, being the leader, works mainly on reconnaissance missions. This is so that he can explore Disney worlds, find suitable people to be part of his army, and control them with his sitar. The Disney characters, being used to randomly breaking out into song and dance, do not even suspect that they are now Demyx's puppets. Now let's factor in this video: If my hypothesis is correct, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, and even Pluto are now controlled by Demyx. Even worse is that Sora will be unable to attack Demyx's army, as the majority of them are either his friends or innocent. Mickey, being a Keyblade wielder, will be able to destroy Heartless and create Kingdom Hearts for Demyx, making Sora useless.

The only question that remains is "Why?" "Why would Demyx go through all of this?" "Couldn't he just destroy Sora himself?" The most likely answer to this is "Yes he could, but he's too lazy and would rather have other people to fight and destroy Sora for him. Duh

  • There's no way a slacker like Demyx could control water in addition to his true element. No, the real wielder of dance is the black cloaked moogle in 385/2 Days. The reason Demyx acts so lazy and incompetent (he has to reread his orders mid-mission in his first appearance) is because he is resisting the moogle's manipulation of him through the power of dance. Those who doubt the moogle's powers and skill would do well to remember that s/he is the only member of the Organization that isn't killed or absorbed by the end of KH2.
    • But Demyx's sitar controls water, not him. So it makes sense that he controls the element of dance. Which can only lead me to one conclusion, from the WMG below:
      • Demyx's sitar controls water? Do Axel's chakrams control fire? Do Xaldin's spears control wind? Does every Organization member have another element?
  • You realize this entire WMG is based on a video of a hacked fight? 5x Xemnas Data isn't canon.

Sora's true element is that of surprise.

Apprentice Xehanort's becoming a Heartless/Nobody was a plan by Terra
to gain freedom
  • Xehanort's Heartless (the one we fought in KH1) is essentially Terra and MX's combined hearts, with MX being dominant. Xemnas, however, is all Terra. If Terra knew that being consumed by darkness would split his heart from his body, perhaps the whole idea of becoming a heartless in the first place was Terra's attempt to free his body from Xehanort's control.
    • Xehanort's Heartless possessing Riku may have been another part of the plan. Terra convinces Xehanort's Heartless into trying to possess the one person who could possibly defeat him from the inside; his successor, Riku. When Riku defeated Xehanort's Heartless in Chain of Memories, XH taunted Riku by saying that part of him still lingers. What Xehanort's Heartless didn't count on was that the part of him still in Riku wasn't "him" at all, but Terra. When Riku was forced to call on Xehanort's Heartless when fighting Roxas, he inadvertently called on Terra instead, who was all too happy to lend him Xehanort's power with no strings attached. And after Ansem's KH-encoding machine blew up, Terra's heart gets freed from Riku, allowing it to reunite with Terra's nobody, Xemnas, completely purged of Master Xehanort's influence.
    • Long story short, when the next game comes around, Terra won't need saving, because Sora and Riku will have already saved him through their actions throughout the whole series. It will just be a matter of finding out where he ended up.
    • That last part, at least, has been Jossed: Previews for Kingdom Hearts 3D cut between Sora fighting XH and Riku fighting Xemnas — a Xemnas who looks like classic black coated Xemnas, as opposed to Terra.
      • With the release of 3D, that last part is un-Jossed. The Xemnas seen in the game is timeline-displaced, he's around because he hasn't been defeated by Sora and Riku yet.

Reconnecting everyone will involve asking for help from the Disney Characters.

Namine planned everything in ''Kingdom Hearts II'' in order to get Roxas to merge with Sora and then allow herself to merge with Kairi.
  • Even as everybody else puts their own agenda to work, and we know EVERYBODY has an agenda that they generally don't like talking about, everything still fits into Namine's plan. Namine just wanted to fix Sora's memories, merge Roxas with Sora, and then when she's done, go find Kairi and merge with her. Why? Because Namine is one of the few characters who knows exactly what's going on with everybody else's agenda, and she knows full well what a miserable existence being a Nobody is. She just wants to fix what she's done wrong and then return to where she belongs. Now the catch — the bit with Roxas doesn't actually have to do with restoring Sora so much as it does with taking care of her brother before she can be complete. After all, Roxas has no memories of his past, and he certainly doesn't know what's in his own best interests, so even though they're twins, Namine assumes a big sister role, making sure that Roxas is safe before she can rest.

Kingdom Hearts III might include:
Aqua and Ansem will return or be rescued from the Realm of Darkness, with the help of Sora, Riku, and/or King Mickey. Aqua and Ansem will join Sora and company in the fight against Xehanort, who's been reborn in Terra's body but with all of his lost memories. Xehanort once again is trying to gain the power from Kingdom Hearts, but before that he will go after Riku, who still holds Xehanort's heartless powers, and will try to create another χ-Blade. The way he'll try to accomplish this is by waking Ven (either capturing Sora and getting Ven's soul out or by putting another soul in Ven's empty body) and also going after Kairi. Since Xehanort has 'regained' his Keyblade mastery and powers, Aqua will train Sora in the ways of the Keyblade, and he will become a Keyblade Master to have a chance at defeating Xehanort, once and for all.

Roxas has a major affinity for Xion because he subconsciously believes/remembers he's supposed to love her.
Roxas sees Xion as a black haired Kairi because he's been unknowingly pouring Sora's memories of Kairi into her. Roxas doesn't concsiously remember any of Sora's past, but he does resonate with anything that is similar to something Sora has seen/done. So even though he has no clue what love is, he nonetheless feels he's supposed to love Xion.

There will be thirteen games in the Kingdom Hearts series.
Come on. With all the importance on the number thirteen? That's probably how many games they've planned to make all along. Meaning we are now at the halfway point, since six have been done (not counting remakes).
  • This is asking for a Franchise Zombie.
    • It's only a franchize zombie if the story is complete without them. As each new game adds to the intrigue, it doesn't appear that that's the case, for now at least.
  • I've got a guess how it will go. Kingdom Hearts 3, two games with silly names, Kingdom Hearts 4, two more games with silly names, and Kingdom Hearts 5 will be the Grand Finale.
  • Very unlikely, since currently there are plans for nine games in the Xehanort saga, and another 4 after that for the next saga is kinda disappointing.
    • Well, as long as they make no more side games after Dream Drop Distance...
    • It's stupid to handwave side games like that, especially since Chain of Memories, a side game, was vital to the overall plot.

Proof of Existence isn't a graveyard for Nobodies; it's just the portals to their bedrooms.
As Roxas is leaving the Organization and begining his travel out The Castle That Never Was, he begins right outside the entrance to Proof of Existence. Obviously, he just stepped out of his bedroom, into Proof of Existence, and then left.

Organization XIII members kept calling Sora "Roxas" during Kingdom Hearts II because when they looked at him, they saw Roxas.
It fits with the conversation with the nobodies that occured after the first battle with Armored Xemnas.
  • Alternatively, this was an aftereffect of his absorption of Xion. The strongest memory relating to Sora, Orgy. XIII members have all have to do with Roxas. Most people still see him as Sora becuase they are either absorbing his own impression of himself or only ever were contacted by Sora directly. This expalins the cryptic "Wouldn't you like to know?" provided by Xigbar as he still has vague memories of "poppet."
  • It might also have to do with the fact that Sora and Roxas didn't "harmonize" until the end of the game. Due to the illusory nature of the Xion component, everyone saw whichever side, Nobody or Heart, they were personally closer to, or the Heart side if they were neutral, since that one was in control. When Sora and Roxas came to terms and unlocked Final Form, they fused fully, and presumably the dual image effect collapsed.
    • Except for Kairi, which leads to:

When Sora and Kairi finally get married, Roxas and Namine will go to sleep during their intimate periods to avoid being squicked out.
Because nobody wants to be having sex while seeing their twin.
  • Alternatively, Roxas and Naminé will have their OWN intimate periods! Well, it's farfetched, but whatever.

The two hooded organization members in the drawing of Roxas and Axel in Namine's room were Xion and Riku.
This was from when Axel and Roxas saw them in Twilight Town.
  • This is one of the many indications that Xion was pre-planned. There is also a seashell being washed away by the tides in the Kingdom Hearts II opening, which makes far more sense after 358/2 Days. As noted above, Sora seems to shift appearences depending on who's looking at him after absobing Roxas, which also makes sense when you consider Xion's nature. Also she explains why Axel was surprised by Roxas's Dual Wielding and in the scene you mentioned Roxas focuses on this picture specifically maybe because it's the only way he can see his friends.
    • Nomura himself said that Xion was planed since KH2 was in development.

is the Darkside from Sora's Awakening.It came from his shadow did it not?
  • It wouldn't explain why he was so absurdly weak, unless Vanitas was playing his "I Need You Stronger" shtick again, buying his time and regaining his strength until the time was ripe to control Sora from the inside.
    • Given what happened to him, Vanitas is likely very weak. Sora is extremely light-aligned at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts, which is likely keeping his heart well in check.
    • It could also be an extension of the yin-yang relation Ventus and Vanitas shared in Birth. Seeing as both parties were severely weakened by that final Battle in the Center of the Mind, both the forces of light and dark within Sora's body required a large period of time to fully recover their strength. As the light within Sora grows stronger, so too will the darkness (i.e. Vanitas).

Nobodies not appearing in Kingdom Hearts II.
They don't appear because their masters were killed in Chain of Memories
  • Reaper — commanded by Marluxia, wields scythes.
  • Vanguard/Knight/Paladin — commanded by Lexaeus, wields a shield and a giant sword
  • Ninja — commanded by Larxene, wields kunai knives
  • Dopplegangers/Mimes — commanded by Vexen, shapeshift into a copy of their enemies
And I have no idea what to say that Zexion's minions are, any help?
  • The Scholar job class from Final Fantasy III, maybe?
    • Personally, I think that Mimes/Dopplegangers would be more fitting of Zexion's minions and Scholar would be more fitting for Vexen.
    • Blue Mage could also apply to Zexion. Lexaeus probably wouldn't completely fit as a Paladin (especially due to his lack of healing abilities or ability to cover his allies). The aforementioned Knight and Vanguard, or even Gladiator and Warrior could work. Reaper isn't actually a job class in Final Fantasy, but since Assassin is already taken, it'll have to do.
    • I've always used Seers as Zexion's LN. If not for the fact that the original class wielded books, too, but they have the most adorable costumes. Lookit those little hoodies, folks. All joking aside, they're quite powerful and seem fitting of our mastermind, here.
      • Also, what about Alchemists for Vexen? Cliche, yes, but effective...
      • Vexen could be a Mage like Donald. There's a nice symmetry to the Knight boss dropping a weapon for the Mage and the Mage boss dropping a weapon for the Knight.
      • Geomancer is an ideal choice for Marluxia. They don't use scythes, but they do control the earth and plants.
      • But isn't Specter a lesser nobody under Marluxia's command? It's more like a King Mook rather than a regular Mook, though.

All replicas are doomed to go Ax-Crazy because the Replica Project is an abomination.
They're just fine until they fully mature, then they naturally want to kill the person they are a clone of before turning on their creators. What's really creepy is that Days implies there are more replicas out there.
  • Right... So, Xion wasn't a completely tragic person whose only reason for turning evil was that she was forced into it? By her creator?
    • No, that's exactly my point — she was a completely tragic character who only turned evil because she was forced to by her creator, because all replicas are cursed to become Axe-Crazy. Just look at the Riku Replica. Since Vexen's work violates the natural order (even more than creating nobodies and artificial heartless), the result is that when these creations mature, they first develop real emotions, and then they devolve into insanity, seeking to supplant the one they were a clone of, and then destroy their creators as punishment for creating them. Xion outright loves Roxas, but she loses control to her clone programming once enough memories have been poured into her; that's the tragedy.
  • But Xion was quite insistent that her death was her own choice in her final scene with Roxas. She never wanted to kill Roxas.
    • She was just too scared to end her existence without some there.

Ursula can release a memory-erasing toxin in her ink.
This is why Ariel can't remember her in Kingdom Hearts II. Triton and Sora can remember her, however, because they have either an immunity to the toxin (Triton, who has known her for a long time or cast it with his own powers) or because they are protected by a higher power (Sora's fancy new clothes, and was 'poison' as a status ailment removed in KHII again)? In any case, this draws parallels between her and Sin.
  • Or there's a chance Namine messed up reconstructing Ariel's memory after CoM.

Riku is a direct descendant of Master Xehanort
Between Terra's vision of a young Xehanort that resembles Riku and Riku's many parallels to what we see of Xehanort's fighting style, it's very likely.
  • When Terra met the five-year-old Riku on Destiny Islands, he declared Riku his successor. I don't think he meant it "You'll be taken over by Xehanort, too."
    • And that is what we call Irony.
  • I don't think fighting styles parallel is evidence because we are shown Riku's fighting style when he was in possession by Ansem, which Ansem is the heartless of Xehanort who is actually *points your spoiler*
    • There's a few scenes in KHII where, from behind, Riku looks like a younger Xemnas...
  • Maybe not a direct descendant, but now that we know Xehanort was originally from Destiny Islands, it actually isn't that implausible that there's some blood relation between them.

The Heartless don't get stronger after you rescue Kairi; rather, Sora has gotten weaker.
Inflating the Heartless' stats is simply a gameplay mechanic to achieve the effect of what's really going on: Sora has lost half his strength to the newly-formed Roxas. Since the game's programming doesn't allow it to cut Sora's HP, Strength, and Defense in half, it instead nearly doubles the HP, Strength, and Defense of the Heartless.
  • But that doesn't explain why Donald and Goofy both have an equally hard time fighting the new Heartless...

Vanitas Will Become Sora's Superpowered Evil Side in KHIII
Because the Loss of Identity plot that will result from Sora learning just how many separate entities compose him is just too much for Square to pass up. Plus, having a mechanic by which Sora gives into his rage long enough for Vanitas to possess him is awesome.
  • It could also set up what could possibly be the most epic Battle in the Center of the Mind in KH history... ever. Especially if the individual facets that now make up Sora briefly return to help him subdue Vanitas.

The Big Heart-shaped Moon Kingdom Hearts Xehanort conjures in the sky in Birth By Sleep is made up of hearts of those who were in the Keyblade War
Kingdom Hearts 2's Moon was made by captive hearts released from slain heartless, so I thought in a Keyblade War, you would be releasing hearts when stabbing people with the keyblade.

The secret boss mentioned for the American release will be Omega Weapon
Because kicking Omega Weapon's ass would be totally awesome.

Keyblade forms are based on Memory and Personality
We've seen through the series the keyblade, mostly Sora's but in 358/2 Days all the other keyblade users, and some not, have their weapon of choice change apparently based upon the keychain attached to it, or the gear used. Or when neither is present.

While it seems the item attached gives the keyblade its new powers, a alternative is that it's the memories these items evoke that does so. Whenever Sora attaches a keychain to his blade, he remembers the world he went to and recieved it from, and this transforms it.

The base form of all keyblades, on the other hand, is probally based on the user's own personal mindset and emotions, which is why Sora, Roxas, and Xion all have the same Kingdom Key, Mickey has the Kingdom Key D, and Riku has the Way to Dawn, all 3 being confirmed as "Base" forms in the KHII Extra Ending.

This is further exemplified in the ending of 358/2 Days, and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II. When Roxas summons two keyblades for the first time, at first their both Kingdom Keys, but then drawing on the memories he might have absorbed from Xion, he transformed them into keyblades from Sora's past. Arguments twords Sora not having the Oblivion when Roxas was created can be handwaved by Roxas being "Zombie-like" during the period after his formation, during this gap is presumably when Sora gained the Oblivion, and when Xion was created. After all Roxas didn't have complete memories of Sora until absorbing her anyway.

Later in KHII, he lost most of his memories until the second boss battle with Axel, where he really does remember, and it is only THEN that he is able to re-use his Oathkeeper/Oblivion combo. Without his memories, the best he can do is the Kingdom Key, which is part of his core personality. There's also other keyblade wielders, such as Master Eraquis, whose keyblades seem evocative of their own personality.

This helps explain as well why there can be multiple Oathkeepers, despite only one charm made by Kairi, to the point that in the KHII cutscene Roxas can pin your keyblade with one of his, his being the oathkeeper and it being possible at that point for YOUR keyblade to be the oathkeeper as well. Though it doesn't explain why you can visibly see that both Oathkeepers have keychains on them...

It's possible this even extends to non-keyblade weapons such as the ones other members of Organization XIII uses, though this is a stretch. It would also explain why Riku's Way To Dawn always appears like that; its based upon his core personality, which is where the Soul Eater came from, hense the similar appearance. Could also explain why Roxas can even still use the keyblade to begin with without a heart; even though it empowers and amplifies the power of a heart, it is drawn from memories, which is why we can see Complete Beings, as well as a Nobody using it, but never a heartless.

  • But there are two Oathkeeper charms- the original, and a duplicate made by Namine in Castle Oblivion.
  • Roxas has the keychain on his Oathkeeper because he remembers the chain as a part of Sora's Oathkeeper. Makes perfect sense if his Oathkeeper is based on memories of Sora.

Paopu fruit doesn't do anything.
It's just a metaphor. The true love togetherness cosmic magic legend is just a rumor passed around by bored teenagers trapped on an island. They occur as a recurring motif simply as a symbol of other, more important themes that Kingdom Hearts revolves around.

Minion level nobodies were once Dusks and Creepers that were transformed and promoted by the Organization as a reward for good work.
I figure if nobodies can be transformed into Dusks as a punishment, they can be transformed into more powerful minions as a reward. How else do you explain them having powers similar to, but vastly weaker than, the Organization member that commands them?

Braig / Xigbar was manipulating Terranort / Xemnas
The latter had no memory of any evil plans, and, once he lost his heart, was, technically speaking, all Terra, no Xehanort. Why did he continue making very Xehanort-like plans the entire time after memory loss? Because The Dragon was whispering what to do into his ear.

Something will happen to Aerith
Be it death with resurrection, death without resurrection, death but becomes a ghost, kidnapping, etc.

The creation of a Nobody's name is not decided by your true name, but by what name you are most commonly known.
For most people, these two names are one and the same. But the question remains: why would Xehanort's Nobody's name be an anagram of Ansem (with the symbolic X)? Simple; Xehanort changed his name to Ansem before he split himself up into Ansem, Seeker of Darkness (the Heartless) and Xemnas (the aforementioned Nobody). This fact suggests also means that the reason Saïx confirmed that Axel's Other was not named "Lea," but because of some unmentioned incident that led to an Embarrassing Nickname, everyone started calling him "Lea."

Vanitas will form a Psycho Rangers with Maleficent and Pete.
Vanitas is of course the Evil Counterpart to Sora, while Maleficent's magic makes her the rival to Donald and Pete's forcefield counters Goofy's shield. They'll even have world specific party members just like Sora's party by teaming with the local Big Bad. Considering the Villain Decay Maleficent's been getting and Square's obvious bias towards their own characters, playing sidekick to a Original Generation villain is pretty much her best bet to ever accomplish anything ever again.

The events of Final Fantasy VII already happened but it was Tifa who died, not Aerith
The Tifa and Sephiroth that haunt Cloud are his own memories of failing to prevent Tifa's death.

The Lingering Sentiment
is a defense program made by Kingdom Hearts.Its pretty damn convenient for Terranort's discarded armor to suddenly rise up and attack things, especially since such a thing SHOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE. There was no intention from Terranort to make his old armor sentient and fight back against him and everyone else was too far away to do anything complex like that. But Kingdom Hearts was just above them and it knew what Terranort wanted to do to/with it, so it cobbled Terra's armor back together, gave it kickass powers and let it loose on Terranort. This theory is supplemented by the sudden and inexplicable boundary field that sealed Terranort in with the Lingering Sentiment; this too was made by Kingdom Hearts in order to prevent Terranort from getting to it.

The majority of Orginization XIII (minus Xemnas at least) sees what they're doing as a victimless crime that will ultimately fix up everything they broke.
They assume all the people whose hearts are stolen by the heartless they release will turn into Nobodies themselves. It might suck for the majority of them who's will is weak enough that they end up as low-level ones like Dusks, but if they can put up with feeling incomplete for years all the new jerks can handle it for a few months until Kingdom Hearts is complete. They think Kingdom Hearts will give all of the Nobodies new hearts. Then everyone who was dehearted due to their plan can toddle happily back to their own world once Sora's cleared it out.

Because they're detached from their own emotions they're completely baffled by how anyone could get upset about what they're doing when as far as they can see it's no harm no foul.

During the final battle against Xemnas Riku unknowingly did a rite of succession with Sora.
As Sora and Riku finish off Xemnas both Sora and Riku take hold of Way to the Dawn in a scene that screams "This is important". And as we saw with Aqua and Kairi, touching a Master level Keyblade users blade while they are in battle can unknowingly cause a Keyblade rite of succession whether the Master wants to or not.Sora was able to become a Keyblade user without the rite due to being right next to Riku as he gave into Darkness seconds before Riku was to recieve his Keyblade and by having Ventus's heart in him which allowed him to use it and also allowed him to dual wield with Ventus's keyblade. This allowed Sora to be special compared to the all the other Keyblade users and create conflict over who the Kingdom Key truely belonged to. But eventually Sora is going to have to give Ventus his heart back. However by getting the rite with Riku this will 1. Allow Sora to keep using a Keyblade after Ventus's heart is put back in his body. 2. Possibly allow Sora to be chosen by his own personal keyblade, since KK is really Riku's allowing Sora to continue to Dual Wield after losing Ventus's heart and keyblade. and 3. Since Sora is going into the Dark Realm at some future point he could be chosen by a Dark Realm keyblade which will cause him to have a Keyblade from both Realms. This could also possibly allow Sora use of the X Blade as well.

The Replica program was a failure because the Organization couldn't figure out how to keep the Replicas from falling in love.
Lacking hearts, the Organization members were utterly incapable of understanding the emotions that the Replicas experienced. Consequently, it never occurred to them that these emotions could become a problem for their agenda. Every time a Replica falls in love with one of the other characters, the Organization loses control over it, and they couldn't understand what was wrong, much less come up with a work-around.

Riku was wrong. The Kingdom Key was always intended for Sora.
In the latest Ultimania it was pointed out that Riku could take the Kingdom Key because he had had the ability to use Keyblades given to him by Terra. Not that he could take it because it originally belonged to him. So what if that stuff about it supposed to be his was a lie told to have him attempt to take the Keyblade and that scene where it looked like the KK had arrived too late to go to Riku was just a Red Herring? There's no set time between you getting a rite of sucession and being chosen after all, since Kairi recieved the rite before even Riku did yet didn't get a Keyblade until long after Sora and Riku already had on (and Kairi still hasn't officially been chosen, it was given to her) and Mickey had been using his Mentor's for years before he was chosen by the Kingdom Key D. Therefore all that stuff about the KK being Riku and going to Sora instead was a lie by Maleficent. KK chose Sora from the get go mistaking him having Ven's heart for him having a rite of sucession, and Riku could only take it because he tried to when Sora was doubting himself and Riku had the stronger heart. The Keyblade that was supposed to go to Riku had always been Way to the Dawn, which he did get later on. So there was no Keyblade mix up, everyone got the Keyblades they were supposed to when they were supposed to and anything said or shown otherwise was just Red Herring camera tricks and lies said to make the friends turn on each other.

Riku couldn't see Namine or Roxas in the cutscene after the first battle with armored Xemnas.
There is no logical reason why Riku should be able to see Namine or Roxas if Mickey, Donald and Goofy couldn't see them. Therefore, the most logical conclusion is that he couldn't see or hear them, and he only deduced what was going on by hearing what Sora and Kairi said (like how one might deduce to whom and about what someone is speaking on the phone). Sora and Kairi could see each other's nobodies because of the intimate connection they had to their creation.

Twilight Town is A Premature χ-Blade
Twilight Town is the world perfectly in between The Realm of Darkness and The Realm of Light. The χ-Blade forms when a heart of pure light and a heart of pure darkness come together. However worlds have hearts. Logically the realms would have hearts. Alternately the Keyblades are the hearts of worlds and realms, explaining their appearance. "Sealing" a keyhole actually releases the world's heart. The Kingdom Key (from here on called the Kingdom Key L) and the Kingdom Key D first "meet" at The End Of The World. However, the first time Sora is guaranteed to have the Kingdom Key L equiped is at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II when King Mickey shows up in Twilight Town. The χ-Blade is made up of The Kingdom Keys L and D, plus an unknown weapon resembling the Ultima Weapon. The three split because Vanitas was defeated by Ventus, the premature χ-Blade could not become complete, so logically Kingdom hearts was incomplete as well. This allowed the Heartless to be created, because the darkness was draining from Kingdom Hearts, which should have been perfect Twilight. Because Ven's heart was pure light, it became the first heartful, the light from a heart. However Vanitas became a heartless. Ven and Vanitas's hearts turned into the Kingdom Keys L and D, while the rest turned into the Ultima Weapon, a perfect balance with no heart and thus a "nobody". The Keyblade of people's hearts needed all Heartfuls to unlock Kingdom hearts. No conclusion.

Ellone is Kairi's mother.
Nobody seems to have a theory about Kairi's mother, so here's one. The flashback to the Castle Library in Kingdom Hearts I seemed similar to something Ellone would do.

Nobodies have feelings, but do not have a conscience.
I think everyone is pretty much in agreement about the fact that Nobodies can feel. They get hurt, get angry, pine for what they want. However, they have no conscience - they can't "follow their hearts" because they don't have hearts to follow. This is why they have no problem with doing whatever they feel is necessary to get what they want. They are incapable of feeling guilty.

Pinnochio was an artificially created Nobody
Nobodies are bodies without hearts, and Riku explicitely mentions that Pinnochio originally had no heart. This raises two interesting points, firstly, either Geppetto or the Blue Fairy (the latter I seem to recall having no mention) can make Nobodies out of inanimate objects, secondly, a Nobody may in fact be able to develop a heart of their own. They may just need something acting as a moral compass for them to build around. Pinnochio had Jiminy as an acting conscience, and it may be said that That Axel had Roxas, who in turn had Sora, as did Namine.
  • Well, the Blue Fairy actually gave him life

Surviving Replicas from the Replica Program will be enemies in Kingdom Hearts III.
We know that Replicas have serious cases of Cloning Blues, and we know from Days that there are many Replicas we haven't seen yet. If the manga is to be believed, Vexen made 44 Replicas of himself (btw, I wonder if Replicas of Nobodies have hearts). If they're anything like the Riku Replica, they're bound to go Axe-Crazy, so they'll wind up as enemies.

Kairi is a Badass Bookworm.
That is all.

The Big Bad of Kingdom Hearts III will be...
An amnesiac Axel. Search your heart, you know that would be intense!

At almost any other point in time, Riku jumping into the Darkness at the beginning of KH1 would have been a good thing.
We know by now that neither the Light nor the Dark is automatically good or bad and that there are Keyblades that hail from both realms. Riku's statement "I'm not afraid of the Dark(ness?)!" shows that he would actually be a good candidate to wield from this realm. Many people would naturally be afraid of the Dark because it is so different from the Light which they are more familiar with. Someone who could understand Darkness and not be afraid of it would be a good person to wield a Keyblade from that realm. However by the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 1, previous events have caused a serious corruption in the Darkness leading to some decidedly not fun times for Riku.

Eraqus is the Guardian Heartless
After Xehanort kills him, he turns into magical sparkles, like Sora and Xehanort do when they give up their hearts. Keyblade masters are established as being able to release a person's heart. Without a vessel, Eraqus' heart was absorbed by either Terra or Xehanort and fell into darkness. This also spawned a nobody, possibly a composite nobody of Eraqus and Xehanort, because that would be insanely awesome, and not implausible.

The Keyblade Graveyard
Does not exist because the ancient Keybearers failed at making the χ-Blade, but rather because someone succeeded.
  • 3D though suggests that the χ-Blade had always existed alongside Kingdom Hearts in the beginning, and that the war was fought for control over the χ-Blade and consequently, KH, but was destroyed in the clash.

Future summons will include:

Sora's apparent Hero Decay actually is his growth as a person.
Okaaaay. This goes back to the original KH. Sora starts out knowing squat about darkness. His first encounters with the Heartless was in a dream, and later, during the destruction of the islands. Going back to BBS, Sora only inherited Ven's heart, but not his Keyblade. Probably the only reason he was given one because he was the only viable target left. When Sora lands on Traverse Town, he wasn't very keen on saving the world or killing Heartless; he just wanted to get his friends back. So, initially, he travels the world, all the while just looking for his friends. The Heartless (and by extension, the rest of the antagonists), to him, were a secondary concern. At that time, the only reasons he killed Heartless was a combination of his fighting pride and the fact that Heartless tends to beat up people into pulp and then turn them into Heartless.

The first catalyst for his growth: his first visit to Hollow Bastion. Riku reveals that, no, Sora wasn't supposed to have the Keyblade, and proceeds to take it away from him. Donals and Goofy are forced to leave because their instructions were to protect the keybearer, and Sora was no longer one. But Sora, seeing Beast's determination, decides he's not going abandon his friends. So he charges on. (He knew that his wooden sword was useless, so he let Beast do the heavy hitting.)

He finally meets the (now possessed) Riku, who tells him: a) he need 7 princess to open Kingdom Hearts. b) Kairi is one of said princesses. c) Kairi's heart had hidden itself in Sora's before she was kidnapped. Problem: Sora needs to seal the keyhole, but it is incomplete. Solution? Complete the Keyhole so he can finish the job. So he take the Dark Keyblade and stabs himself with it. It works. Unfortunately, the Dark Keyblade also releases his heart, turning him into a Heartless. Whoops.

But! Sora retains some of his sentience and actively seeks out Kairi, who turns his back into normal (mostly, anyway). They flee to Traverse Town to catch their breath. After some talking, Sora comes to realize, deep down, that he actually loved Kairi but had glossed it over (somewhat) as a platonic relationship. Kairi confirms her feelings for Sora by giving him her lucky charm, which is heavily implied to be the Keychain of his Oathkeeper Keyblade.

Sora goes back to seal the Keyhole, finds out that "Ansem" (Xehanot's Heartless, actually) was the real bad guy, and goes to the end of the world to stop "Ansem". After Ansem's defeat, Sora seals the door to Kingdom Hearts and saves the multiverse. So now he can go home, right? Wrong. Riku and the King's still stuck on the other side of the door. So he bids Kairi a sad farewell and goes off to find Riku.

So Kingdom Hearts 1 lays out a potential Chekhov's firing squad. Sora's a nice, naive guy molded into a fighter and just coming in touch with his more human side (his capability to genuinely love rather then being good for the sake of being good and realizing the existence of his darkness). Let's move on.

KH:CoM. Character wise, nothing really happened. But we begin to see cracks in his Lawful Good persona. First: "Traverse Town". The very fact that he managed to train himself using only his memories could possibly mean that he is cleverer than he thinks he is (at least, subconsciously). Then: "Wonderland". We see the level of deceit that Sora is potentially capable of. Remember that Alice is not real, she is a figment of Sora's imagination . It's quite possible that Sora was aware of this and asked Namine to restore his old memories (and, by definition, his old personality).

KHII. The fun starts here. It seems that Sora is back to his old KHI self. Then you realize: 1. His clothes no longer fit him. 2. His voice has broken. Sora goes to Yen Sid's tower to get new clothes. After some argument, the 3 faries decided on a common design. His clothes are now black. Black is the colour in the absence of all other colour. To further nail in that something serious is going to happen, one of his mirrors give Sora the vision of losing himself to the darkness. All this is even handwaved as a Rule Of Cool. So Sora sets out to save the world again....huh? Did he just get more hard-headed? How come his naivety got turned up to eleven? (Case in point: when he got arrested by the MCP, he was messing around with the computer. After the dataspace is unlocked, he bangs the computer because the data of the OXIII is corrupt.) And then the kicker, which hits you in the middle of the game. Say there's a boss you need to fight. You select Valor Form... Wait a minute, did you just turn into a heartless?

From here, the Chekhov's firing squad begins firing not just normal bullets, but anvils. Why do party members disappear during Drive? Because they're part of the costume. Insert a rather nice psychology gem: trust is about leaving your heart vulnerable so you can be seen as trustworthy. So when the cat's away, the mice will play - occasionally, Sora's darkness will hijack the suit and turn him into his Anti-Form.... and he can't change back willingly until it's exhausted.

So what? Remember, in his base form, Sora's clothing is black - the lack of all colour. Egro, a blank slate. Which explains why his clothes changes colour in Drive. Going by the conjecture that Sora never got his old body back (it became Roxas), it would logically follow that, Anti-Form is his heartless form. But wait! Why do your party members still disappear? Why are the Heartless still trying to kill you? Most importantly, why are you controlling Anti-Form instead of the AI? Apparently, the description for Anti-Form is: "the closest Sora came to becoming a Heartless again." It said closest. Sora did not turn into a Heartless by Driving, but rather something representing his heartless (his darkness. Likely answer, after absorbing his party's essence, his doubt manifests itself as a self-defence mechanism, hijacks the suit and turns him anti. Summons reset the Anti counter because they fill his heart with light and thus forces the doubt into the corner. This is probably why Sora cannot turn Anti in a heartless boss fight: he's too used to fighting them to have any serious doubts. This is also probably why fighting the OXII gives a very high chance of triggering Anti: fear. The fact that his Nobody used to work with them probably makes this even more plausible (he betrayed them, after all).

The last anvil? Remember, Sora just went through puberty. Having to deal with sudden hormone changes is bad enough. Now imagine having to go through 1 year's worth of puberty in 1 day because you were in a coma. It depends on the viewer, but Sora could be considered quite rational. (His naivety, then, would be a matter of his choice.) So what happens when you suddenly come across a year's worth of repressed emotion - something so chaotic and irrational that having to accept it means - gasp - being a well-rounded person? No thanks, I like my rational mind better. I'll just sweep it under the carpet.

This point would then turn Yen Sid into some kind of Eccentric Mentor. (If he wasn't already one, that was.) He knew of Sora's internal struggle and put two subtle hints about his duality: the mirrors and colour of his clothes. So he was telling Sora he wasn't fighting for the Light because the Light chose him, but because he chose the Light. Sora finally understands sometime after he meets (and fights) Roxas: Driving anytime after the scene with randomly give you the Final Form, which is white, which is the combination of all colours. And yet, his clothing has stripes of black, which probably means he finally accepted his darkness and decided to do good with it. The very fact that you cannot go into Anti-Form this way is further proof of this. The ending almost outright states that when Sora accepted to live in the Dark if it meant world peace, the bottle appeared to yank him back home. Possibly meaning the Light opened up the way to his home because he accepted the Darkness.

  • By bringing the WMG to its logical conclusion, we get...
    • One flaw in the logic: you can turn into Anti-Form while fighting Heartless bosses. There are three conditions that would prevent you from potentially going into Anti-Form when attempting to transform into Valor, Wisdom or Master Form: if you have an unconcious ally (disables Master Form, so it only works with Valor and Wisdom), if you have a non-Party ally fighting alongside you, or if your Anti Points counter is below 5 (it increases by 1 each time you successfully transform unless you have an unconcious ally, decreases by 4 every time you go Anti-Form, decreases by 10 for using Final Form and resets to 0 every time you obtain a new form).
    • See the below WMG possible explanation: Yed Sid designed that suit (and the Anti trigger) to be that weird. Quite possibly, the reason why Anti-Form is so hard to pin down is because darkness is inherently chaotic and operate on a different set of rules of Light. A rough approximation of how Anti-Form would work would be like this: Darkness, like Light, has a finite limit. So it waxes when the Light is low, and wane otherwise. Of course, Sora has a higher capacity for Light: under normal circumstances, it can barely mainfest itself. Then again, we are never really told what Light really is. Is it order? Law? Trusting your friends? Doing what is right? Or any combination or all of the above? For Sora, at least, its friendship and order. Doing what you need to do for the greater good and yet ganering their respect as friends feels... well, good. So that's his Light, and anyone with blatant disregard for people, world peace and the law of psychics are shoehorned into Dark. Definetly not something you want to turn into. When he becomes a Heartless, the boundaries break, because he now has darkness in his heart. Since all the chaos was responsible for the game's first event, he concludes (not entirely wrongly, mind) that chaos was not something he wanted to embrace. Too bad his body had different ideas. So Yen Sid had to slowly acclimatize Sora to the Darkness - in his case, the chaotic realm of emotional reasoning. Not that Sora was incapable of that, it was just that, most of the time, he probably gave himself a logical explanation for his action (Heartless are bad and kill people). So Yen Sid was trying to tell Sora: no, there is no logical explanation for emotion. Which would explain the confusing mechanics of Anti-Form.

Kingdom Hearts 2 (and their subsequent games) is a delibrate Take That! against the polarisation of humankind into absolutes.
Naturally, this doesn't come out in the first games, because the very concept of a Sqaure/Disney crossover was thought to be impossible to pull off. So, Noruma opted for the simpler, Disney style Light/Dark struggle. Unfortunely, his boss felt that the game would flop without elements from Final Fantasy. So he added Ansem and jazz about sliding down the slope in order to gain control of the multiverse. Basically, the last 10% of the game - relegate the original Big Bad into the pawn and insert the possible destruction of the entire fricking concept of existence.

Noruma probably got inspired by the new direction and decided to roll with it for the rest of the games. Kids want a GBA game? Okay. Cue the Organisation, who only purposes seems to be "act evil" and "get beaten up by some kid in a key". Too much of an Ass Pull? Make their appearence significant by giving them lines that only make sense in context. For added fun, add a stage that makes absoultely no sense based on what you know so far... except you're told it's constructed from your other half of your memories. And then give just enough hints for the player to make some sense of why they're there (they want to posses you). Oh, and tell the hero he's gotta forget everything that happened in the game because they messed with his memory.

So now you got Checkhov's Gunmen standing left, right, centre, and hiding behind the trees. How oh how to fire those guns...?

Oh wait! Don't you have characters from that game? You know, the one that discussed stuff like the destruction of the enviroment, terrorists, genetic exprementation Gone Horribly Wrong, and mental illness? And actually appeared in the previous games? Yeah.

Except, you know, this is a Disney game. So you gotta find something more subtle... or generic. Or both. Hmmm, I seem to remember Sora became a Heartless. And the Org complaining about being "nobodies". So... where did Sora's, or any of the other Heartless, original body go? Did it go off somewhere and form an independent entity called a Nobody? Sure, why not?

Right. We got the Light. We got the Dark. And out of the blue, we have Nobodies. So we have Light fighting Dark, with the victims becoming Nobodies, signifying the futility of conflict? Yawn. Okay, let's try this again. Nobodies are the remainder of the bodies whose hearts fell to the darkness. What would they want most? Their hearts back? Obviously. So they just whack Heartless? Too slow. Some of them just reappear anyway. Hmm, a new Nobody with a Keyblade? (Remember the Keyblade is the most effective weapon for dispatching Heartless.) Score! Go recruit him, and ask him to kill Heartless because he has to. Or something like that. New Nobody not the sharpest blade in the kitchen because he has no memories? Just ask Vexen to make a puppet that he can manipulate, and ultimately, become his replacement. A Keyblade is a Keyblade, after all. Not that poor cute Roxy is gonna mind, he's got no heart after all....

...wait, maybe I got that part wrong. So Roxas beats the bejesus out of Xion and throws your puppet subsitution plan out of the window. Worse, he ran away, because you told him nothing about the Keyblade. So fetch him back... wait. Your dispatch got royally owned too. Worse, he went back to Sora. Keyblade's still a Keyblade, right? So let Sora do the job for you. Not as if he'll stop even if he knew of the plan anyway! So the Org's a really bad bunch who have to die.... right? RIGHT?

Maybe. (But that's for another game.)

Sooooooo, back to the Light and Dark... thingy. So Light is Lawful Good and Dark is Chaotic Evil....? Yaaaaaawn. Too predictable. You already got the ball rolling with the Nobodies and what with Riku and his Dark Form, you might as well go the whole hog. You can't touch Kairi because she's a being of pure light. Which leaves us... with Sora.

Sora, Sora, Sora, Sora. So he's a big damn hero with a shade of Knight Templar, always ready to help his friends and smack the bad guys into obilvion. That, combined with a never say die attitude combined with a practically eternal smile, make him a perfect hero. Perhaps too perfect.

So Noruma strings up the 2 loose ends: requiring the plot to grow to keep it dynamic, and resolving the hanging thread that is Sora's Heartless. So he comes up with Dark Is Not Evil, ran away with the idea, and shit became serious.

How to modify Sora's character so that the growth seems natural rather than out of the blue? Have him go through puberty. Then change the execution of the plot such that without changing Sora's base personality, his strengths actually become weaknesses.

And so we have: Yen Sid's first meeting with Sora. Why did he have to rebrief Sora and Co about the Heartless, the enemies they had been fighting in the previous games ad nasuem? The answer lies in this line (paraphrased): Should one of you, such as Donald, give in to the darkness, they will become a Heartless. He wasn't talking to Donald in particular. He was talking to all of them. Why tell Sora something he already knew? Because Yen Sid knew the Sora he was talking to was not the same Sora that Mickey had told him about. He knew that Sora was going to accept his darkness sooner or later, but (probably due to Mickey), also knew that just because he had experienced darkness didn't mean he could handle his own personal darkness - it was an entirely alien concept to him. He also probably thought that Sora would have never believed him anyway, being the Keybearer of Light and all.

So Yen Sid has to be a bit more subtle with his warning. When he introduced the Nobodies, he didn't just say they were incapable of feeling emotion, he says that Nobodies don't exist. So please tell me how a bunch of supposedly non-existent beings can threaten world peace. Meaning, Yen Sid knew of the logical inconsistency of his argument, and wanted to test his reaction. If Sora was aware of his darkness, he would have spotted the flaw easily, and Yen Sid would have very well let him know about the complicated facets of the Nobodies. But Sora swallows the information whole and never questions its logic, because the only thing that make sense to him was defeating the baddies. Conveniently, the baddies live in the realm of dark. For Sora, at least, Dark = Evil.

So Yed Sid took this as a sign the his darkness with too weak for him to even detect, much less embrace. The result being he purposely dehumanized the enemy in the hope that the resulting clash of morality would be enough to wake his dark side due to the trigger of doubt. To that end, Yen Sid designed Sora's clothing to allow his darkness to grow so that he could, ultimately, learn to control it. He actually had a damn good reason to do so: if Sora did became an avatar of pure light (by suppressing his darkness to oblivion), he might have done some stupid things simply to get rid of evil.

When designing the clothes, Yen Sid noted then he gather his friends and drew power from them. To that end, he came up with the Drive Form. He drops a hint about the real purpose of his clothing (in the form of the mirrors): to explore all his facets of his power, including his darkness. To that end, the 3 fairies arguing about what colour Sora's clothing should be were actually arguing about what Sora's combat focus should be. When they finally not to use one single colour, they all use their magic.... to turn his clothes black. Sora doesn't even question the Fridge Logic behind this.

So, if the Drives are powered by Light, why is his darkness able to hijack the suit? Answer: Yen Sid designed it that way. The suit supposedly changes to it's owners requirement, so long he mastered that form first. (Which would explain why you can choose what form you change into, and when you can escape that form.) Except that's not entirely accurate: the suit changes according to whatever the owner thinks he needs. Low stress situations, this is not much of the problem: he's been fighting Heartless all day long.

It's under high stress situations that we see the brilliance in Yed Sid's idea. Initially, he is under the impression that Nobodies were just regular Mooks and OXIII simply a upgrade of the former. Then he actually meets them. Demyx, supposedly the most cowardly and a weak fighter, fights hard. The seed of doubt is planted in his heart, but he brushes it aside with his usual bravado.

Even without the OXIII, his travels become some kind of a vice that increases his stress. It's not so much on having to chase down the OXIII (which Sora dosen't take seriously at this point), it's the time he spends traveling. Sora's hormones finally get a chance to manifest themselves after being stuck in 1 year of stasis - turning his determination into hard-headedness, letting his emotions get the better of his judgment, and, finally, realizing his capability for sexual and romantic (rather then asexual and platonic) love.

So, all this while, his secret darkness is growing in strength - but Sora actively and passively stunts its growth - justifying his hard headedness as doing what is necessary, reversing his outbusts very quickly (or putting his money were his mouth is), and squicking his relationship with Kairi into Do Not Want territory.(This may very well explain why Sora never explains his actions: Having to verbalize the thought would mean having to face it later. And face it: if Sora was truly aware of his depth of his relationship with Kairi, he wouldn't have acted in a way that implied that Sora was embarrassed of having *that* kind of relationship with Kairi even though Kairi was already his girlfriend.)

Now the finale (for KHII, at least): Meeting the rest of the Organisation. Sora probably knew about the existence of his darkness but dismissed it. So he storms the castle, guns Keyblade blazing. Then he gets to see how and why the OXIII deserves its reputation. Enter the last foreign emotion: fear. It was not that Sora never experienced fear, just not the "Oh crap I'm going to die now" fear. And the fact that Roxas felt this fear too probably didn't help.

So, back to the suit. It changes to whatever the owner feels is the most appropriate. Under high stress, however, weird shit happens. Having to concentrate on what Drive Form to use in this situation will likely make one fumble. So even though Sora shouts "Light!" to utilize his party members, deep down in his heart, he thinks that the Light might be insufficient for the job. So when Sora turns himself temporarily vulnerable in order to transform (something Yen Sid never bothered to explain), his heart thinks that he need to use the Darkness because it's most suited for the job, which promptly hijacks the suit and turns him Anti.

The limitations of Anti-Form might have to do with the very nature of Darkness and the fact that Sora is unfamiliar with its mechanics. Darkness is inherently chaotic, having seemingly no set paradigms for combat, inability to pull out of the form at will, and the inability to heal. Despite that, he is still considered Sora, which explain why you can still control him, and why everything else is still trying to kill you: your control of Anti-Form means your are a genuine threat to them.

He get better at the control of the Darkness, though - it possible that Final Form was realized by changing into Anti-Form by his own volition, and adding the powers of light: the suit is white, but not completely white.

So how does this link to the WMG? The Nobodies. Having no true emotions, what they feel is what they want to feel. OXIII could be seen as a sympathetic villian until you realize that they are not exactly bound by the no true emotion rule. There isn't any rule that explicitly states that a Nobody cannot become what he projects onto himself rather than what his memories dictate what he should be. They are not bound by any reprogramming rule (DiZ actually proved a Nobody could be reprogrammed), so they could, in theory, become the good guys if they really wanted to (a la Axel).

The anvil? The OXIII had a choice. A choice to actually use their powers to done good stuff - but, they mope around a technicality (dear OXIII, at least you remember what made you you and and remember what it felt like - a pretty good existence for a zombie), blow up stuff for something that they don't even know will work, and don't freaking care. Notto mention Xenmas's motivation was simply because he could.That my friends, is exactly why the OXIII are the big bads of KH2.

  • Nobodies were mentioned in Ansem's Report 13 in the first game.
    • But that was in the Final Mix, which possibly meant Nomura shoehorned that part in to generate the plot of COM and II. In fact, the secret ending was meant to test how well the audience would respond to a darker game (it was made by Disney, after all). So when it got critical acclaim, he expanded on the Nobody lore and made them important.
  • I think a better interpretation of Sora's thought about Kairi throughout KHII is that he understands the depth of his relationship with Kairi and he's terrified of it- or more acturately of what it would cause him to do. Sure, he may have been dreaming about marrying Kairi for years, but now he realizes that also means he wants to have sex with Kairi, and his hormones are telling him to do just that. He has to come to terms with this potentially corrupting aspect of his emotions before he can channel it to do good. Once he matures emotionally, he is able to realize that these feelings are natural and can be used for good, as long as he controls them and not the other way around.

Sora doesn't really love Kairi that way. It's just Noruma screwing with us.

Doubtless Normua likes to screw with people ever since CoM came out. (See above Light v Dark arugment. It could be argued that Light was absolute dominance (but in a good way) and Dark was free will, splitting the universe into many forms because the Hive Mind was too freaky... but that's for another WMG.) So it wouldn't be surprising if Noruma managed to take everything that has happened into canon and reinterpret it so hard that even Master Xenahort would be spinning in his grave screaming "WTF?".

So we start at the beginning. Kairi gets launched into deep space by Terranort and lands on Sora's home. Being the kid he was... naturally he'd want to get to know her. Kairi, basically a refugee, would have no one to trust expect a few naive kids (who actually saw her land) since the rest of the islands would have seen her as a foreign alien at best, or the sign of the apocalypse at worst. So, Sora and Riku are her emotional support for that critical part, and as a consequence end up as best of friends.

Riku might have been secretly wanted to bring Kairi back home, which started his whole "I want to explore the worlds" mentality. It's possible that he might have been her official partner if not for him obsessing over interdimentional travel and trying to kill his best friend so that so could protect Kairi even though he was already trying to do the same thing.

Annnnyway, backtracking a bit. It's possible that the papou fruit bear the same significance as Roxas's sea-salt ice cream - a unbreakable bond. But who said the bond had to be romantic? Riku. (At least, that was what he implies.) So Riku is egging Sora wanting to share the fruit with Kairi, either because he was he was teasing him, or he was secretly jealous. But the fruit was probably more symbolic "love" (i.e. mutual respect for friends) then functional. Meaning that Sora could have shared the damn fruit with Riku if he wanted to.

Kairi's out of the picture until Sora reaches Hollow Bastion. How would you react if you saw your best friend stab himself in the chest, smiling as he does so, getting to see him for what could be the last time before he evaporates into balls of light? At least, you'd be scared shitless.

So Kairi revives Sora with The Power Of Love? Maybe not. Maybe it's an ability inherent to all Princesses of Light. Maybe Sora's strong will meant he would have gotten better anyway. Or maybe Noruma pulled that plot point out of his ass.

Back to Traverse Town. Kairi gives Sora her lucky charm, which becomes the Keychain for his Oathkeeper. So, subtle form of Relationship Upgrade? How about maybe, just maybe, she's just trying to give confidence to the boy who has to defeat evil incarnate with just the help of a goofy person, a duck, and a oversized key?

And finally Ansem is evaporated by the Light and Sora saves the day. No wait, he's still gotta find Riku and Mickey. Of course you'd be upset that your friend has to leave again.

Fastfoward to KHII... and Sora doesn't even realise he has Oath Keeper until later in the game. That alone should mean something. Not to mention that he only mentions Kairi as a passing remark since she was safe. If he truly liked her that way, if would have at least be more concerned. Even Kairi's kidnap didn't do much (truth be told, he was already raring to go the OXIII's base and kick their asses), which meant that even though he had every intention of rescuing Kairi, he remained rather emotionally detached towards to whole affair. In all fairness, Xigbar was raining down bullets on his ass and calling him Roxas. A guy's gotta have priorities, after all.

So he finally meets with with Kairi and his reaction is something like "Long time no see." Then Kairi introduces him to Riku, which leads to that scene. (Explanation: Sora knew squat about what happened to Riku after he went poof into the Dark Realm.)

To sum up: Sora's just performing his duty as a friend. After all, he has to save the world doing so, so it would be reasonable to check back once a while to see if his friends are still alive. So, in short, Kairi's just Sora's friend who happened to be a girl.

So, that scene where Sora blushes on the mention of Kairi's name and him fantasizing dancing with Kairi? Blame Freud for that.

  • Which would mean KH would probably end in a semi Downer Ending. Sora shows Riku the Secret Ansem Report (that one that said Kairi was from Radiant Garden), so he returns Kairi home. Riku travels around the world as a keyblade master partly in regret that he destroyed his homeworld, and Sora, after freeing Ventus's heart and finally getting rid of Master Xehanort, hangs up his Keyblade, since, technically, he was never a Keyblade master. Even my computer crashed when I thought up of that idea.
  • Then explain why Kairi suggested ditching Riku and running away with Sora.
  • If the scene in question was the end of the original KH... that might have been pretty much the only choice she had left. She couldn't join Riku because he was already sealed inside the Realm of Darkness. She couldn't join Sora to find Riku because she didn't know how to fight at that time. Maybe she thought Sora could use a gummi ship to travel to said Realm of Darkness, so she would have not much motivation to leave Sora in pretty much the middle of nowhere... Or you could just blame Noruma.
    • No, the scene I was referring to is in the prolouge of Kingdom Hearts. Kairi suggests that they leave Riku behind and take off on the raft by themselves.
    • Two people will survive better at seas with the supplies they collected than three. That, and I'm pretty sure Kairi fancies Sora over Riku.
      • At the time I thought she said that because she saw something dark in Riku, and everything that's happened since then has only strengthened that feeling. Kairi always struck me as being thoughtful and intuitive, and those traits warned her that something was off about her friend's personality.

Riku will become stronger than Sora
Because he uses both Light and Darkness. His ability to dive head first into the darkness and not be turned into a heartless ( and it's been said that only a Princess of Heart has no darkness in their heart so he should have become one at some point) and the fact that he was the only one of the island trio who was purposefully chosen ( Kairi was an accident, and Sora is just a long ass complicated story) makes me think he may has the most potential, even more than Sora. He doesn't fear the darkness (he's said as much himself) so it can't use him the way it would others. But he still has enough light to wield that as well. After the final game, he will be the one to bring back the revitalize the keyblade masters, teaching them to wield both powers for maximum effectiveness. In other words: He's Luke Skywalker.

  • Sora's "long ass story" is just this, Riku's heart was too weak so no macguffin (for that time) for you. Also see above entry about Sora's apparent hero decay plus he is proved to be very capable of using both keyblades (Light and Dark) in his final drive form (oh yeah, the DRIVE forms, another power up...) and with Roxas we can see that Sora has plenty of darkness in his heart too (see the same above entry again, that fellow troper explained how Sora accepted the darkness in his heart as part of his character growth). Sorry, no matter how I squint my eyes I can't see Riku becoming stronger than Sora and I'm not using fangirl bias here.
    • The reason why Sora has a stronger heart is because in addition to his own heart he has Venitus's heart of pure light. He isn't stronger in his own right.
      • Truthfully, this theory was just born out of me wanting to know why Riku was able to avoid being turned into a heartless, when most people who just look at the darkness the wrong way usually get changed. Him being stronger than some way than Sora, who did become a heartless (although there were extenuating circumstances) was one thought on the matter. Plus while Sora does accept the darkness in his heart, has he been able to use it in battle the way Riku does (outside of the berserker Anti-form)? Also, I keep thinking there was a reason Xehanort's heartless chose him beyond his being a Keyblade master (although I'm probably wrong on that).
  • Pretty much confirmed in Dream Drop Distance given how Sora is captured by the antagonists and it's up to Riku to fight like six final bosses to get him back. He even gets acknowledged as the superior and gains the status of Master when Sora doesn't.

Kairi will be left behind on the Destiny Islands during the next adventure because she will either be pregnant with or nursing Sora's baby.
I know Nomura said this was No Hugging, No Kissing, but let's be honest, we can't trust anything Nomura says about the plot. Now I know the idea of 15/16 year olds getting married and having kids is pushing the envelope considerably, but it's not absurd in a fantasy setting, and teen marriage has been used in the Final Fantasy series as a plot point before- Yuna was 17 during Final Fantasy X, and she gets married, it's a sham and unconsummated, but she gets married.
  • That sound you just heard would be the Moral Guardians crapping city sized bricks.
  • And Sora and Kairi are what, 17? 16? Biologically 15/16/17 at the beginning of KH3?
    • They are 15 in Kingdom Hearts II. It remains to be seen how much time will pass between the end of II and the start of III, but 16-17 is most likely.

Sora is a Kingdom Hearts in human form
Since Sion and Dominique are unable to have children, they did some magic ritual to transform the nearby kingdom hearts into a baby to have a kid

  • Xehanort becomes a being of perfect darkness and goes to Destiny Islands to kidnap Kairi so he can absorb her and create the χ-Blade.
    • And to save the worlds the remaining princesses merge with the princes mentioned below to create 6 χ-Blades as wings for Sora's ultimate form and Sora makes two more χ-Blades using the Oathkeeper and Oblivian along with his and Mickey's Kingdom Keys

Kingdom Hearts III will feature Princes of Darkness
  • Six male Disney characters on the Chaotic side of the alignment chart and possibly another OC or Neku. Finally settling that Dark Is Not Evil.
  • Or maybe something else like seven dark hearts? Barnaby is Greed, Shere Khan is Pride, Ichabod Crane is gluttony, Creeper is Sloth, Frollo is Lust, (Come on, how could you not do that?) Gaston is wrath, and I forget who Envy would be.
    • Considering how Ariel was discounted from the Princess ostensibly for being a mermaid, we should probably restrict ourselves to humans. Sounds pretty cool, though.
  • Hey, how about Riku?
    • He clearly has Light in his heart otherwise he wouldn't be able to use Way to Dawn.

Final battle of Kingdom Hearts III
Sora versus teenaged Master Xehanort. No items. Destiny Islands.

Bonus points if Teen!Xehanort consumed Kingdom Hearts and the battle is trying to deal enough damage to cause it explode out of him, leaving him trapped nowhere forever.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will end with showing the Keyblade Graveyard and in a flash of light lots, maybe even ALL, of the Keyblades then disappear

There will be another prequil titled Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War.
  • It will tell us Xehanort's origins, as he mentions in Birth By Sleep that he's a veteran of that war. For the sake of having some other connection to the present, Kairi's grandmother will be revealed to have fought in that war, and it will be revealed as the source of the division between the worlds.
  • The protagonists will be a young Eraqus, Yen Sid, and a new guy named Xine.
    • Who is Xine?
      • Hint: Read the names backwards.
    • Jossed by the fact that Xehanort was never in the keyblade war and never said he was.
      • He told Terra, "I vowed to survive beyond the Keyblade War..." which proves he was alive to see it and strongly suggests he fought in it.
      • He was saying that because he was planning to start the keyblade war again, because he wasn't alive for the first one and wanted to see what it was like.
      • That and what he said was "I swore I would survive, to see what happens after the Keyblade War..." If he fought in the first one, he would already know what happened afterward, no?

The reason why Roxas isn't like the other Nobodies is that he isn't a Nobody at all.
  • It was explicitly stated in Port Royal that Sora and co. weren't from that world, so the rules didn't really apply to them. The Heartless, (and, by extension, the Nobodies,) were originally from Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion, and as Sora is from the Destiny Islands, when his heart is taken from him body the beings created as a result aren't a Heartless and a Nobody, but something else entirely.
    • Theory is most likely true but the details aren't; as your Nobody system differing depending on worlds makes it far more complicated then even Square Enix could probably stand. Sora ended up with Ventus's heart. Considering Roxas and Ven are physically identical its very as likely that Roxas ended up with Ven's heart. That explains what that scene at the beach was about in Days.

Master Xehanort has a Nobody.
  • He extracted his heart in the same way Sora when Roxas was created.
    • So then... the Mysterious Figure?
      • Sora's heart became a Heartless, leading to the creation of his Nobody. Master Xehanort's heart was redirected to Terra's body without being consumed by the darkness. Although, that doesn't quite explain how Kairi generated a Nobody, but I expect it's because her 'host heart' created a Heartless. After all, the other six Princesses don't have Nobodies...

Lea met Kairi at some point in Radiant Garden.
  • They are both shown to have been living in Radiant Garden around the same time. Heck, Lea was even the right age to have possibly babysat her at one time. Once he had lost his heart and Axel was created, he still had the memories from his past life, which is why he shows a soft spot towards Naminé and later Xion, both whom resemble Kairi.

Expect a few surprising choices for Final Fantasy guest characters in the next game.
  • While the two fanbases aren't 100% identical, a lot of Final Fantasy fans overlap with that of the Kingdom Hearts fanbase. With the release of Dissidia Final Fantasy (as well as the several remakes) having introduced a younger demographic of players to a slew of older, less recognizable characters (expect Dissidia's sequel, Dissidia 012/Dissidia Duodecim to most likely do the same), it wouldn't be a stretch to say that the door has been opened for some more varied cameos (remember, Setzer did make it into II, despite the Flanderization/Character Derailment brought upon his head). After all, there's but only so many Final Fantasy VII characters that you can cram into a series. I, for one, would love to see Gilgamesh pop out of nowhere and start stealing the show.
    • Seconded on the Gilgamesh thing.
    • Sorry to burst your bubbles...Nomura likely wouldn't agree with that considering he would much rather use his own characters. Hence why Setzer showed up. Vivi was who he had problems with using. But if he could be persuaded into allowing Vivi....
      • True but that was only for Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, now that he's drawn all of Amano's characters for Dissidia (he notably stated that Garland was like designing a brand-new character.)...
      • Well, now we've got Gilgamesh in Dissidia 012. Tough to tell whether this is good or bad for his odds of appearing in a Kingdom Hearts title - they dropped Laguna from Birth by Sleep because he was already in 012.
      • I want to see the 6 warriors of light in KHIII, they would all be named after there class because they where all named Alex and they need to tell each other apart

Leon is going to get to wield a Keyblade in the next game.
  • Squall Leon has held the status of Supporting Leader throughout the series, being the only character outside of the heroes in II to meet the members of Organization XIII. Chronologically speaking (in Real Life, not gamewise), Leon was the first person to touch a Keyblade (in I, while waiting for Sora to wake up), making it a technical Rite of Succession (much like Aqua and Kairi in BbS). Unlike Jack Sparrow, there's no reason to believe that Leon's heart is too weak to allow him to wield a Keyblade. Perhaps Sora will be brielfy incapacitated at some point. Leon will then step in, summon the Keyblade, and proceed to kick all kinds of ass.
  • Enitrely possible. As Braig has told Terra in BBS when he "kidnapped" Xehanort, 'if I beat you, I'm the real keyslinger based off the information he picked up from Xehanort. And not a word of doubt from Terra when he said it.
    • Then there is this scene where Sora technically lost to Leon and this snippet where he picks up and sends the keyblade back to Sora by his will alone. If that's not double Keyblade successor rite, I don't know what is.
      • Orrr, that was the keyblade rejecting him, and returning to the hands of its rightful owner when someone else tries to wield it.
    • Even worse, take a look at Leon's deck while he's teaching Sora about battle in Re:Chain of Memories. Take note of the types of cards. Are they gunblades? Nope, all of them are Kingdom Keys...

Alternately, Leon already had a Keyblade, but lost it when Radiant Garden fell.
In KH1 he's pretty well-informed about the nature of the Keyblade and the Heartless, and takes the fall of Radiant Garden far more personally than anyone else, blaming himself and abandoning his name as a result. Even though he's no slouch as a fighter, however, he relegates himself to playing Supporting Leader to an inexperienced teenaged kid who has almost no idea what he's doing, eventually sending Sora to Hollow Bastion rather than staging an assault himself. Why? Because he already knows he can't do it himself. At some point prior to or during Radiant Garden's fall, Squall Leonhart received a Keyblade and fought Maleficent and the Heartless, but was defeated thanks to Xehanort's Heartless working against him behind the scenes. The Keyblade disappeared when he hit the Despair Event Horizon and he retreated to Traverse Town to become the Shell-Shocked Veteran that Sora got to know.
  • More evidence: In KH2, Leon gets into a fight with some heartless on the way to delivering Cid and Merlin's program to Tron. Notice that whenever he destroys a heartless, a heart is released. According to 358/2 Days, normal weapons explicitly can't do that, and Sora is nowhere nearby so it can't be a side-effect of his keyblade like with Donald and Goofy. Programming oversight? Or a sign that there's more to Leon than we first thought?
    • No, specifically, Marluxia says. "The rest of us can defeat Heartless, but we have no way of collecting the hearts they release. Eventually, the hearts will turn right back into Heartless." This doesn't make your WMG wrong, but the heart flying away isn't proof of anything.

Mickey is trying to be Master Xehanort's good counterpart.
Mickey has a thing for redeeming dark characters, and certain elements of his character suggest he may also be trying to do the same for Master Xehanort's motives and ideas. Like Master Xehanort he states that the greatest light can arise from the darkness, like Master Xehanort he spends most of his time in the dark and can use the corridors of darkness, and like Master Xehanort he doesn't like to do too much himself but rather guide other people into carrying out his plans. He also seems to have actively sought out the other half of the χ-Blade. Mickey might want to redeem his master's friend by showing that his ideas were fine, but that his methods were flawed.

Ven's random unexplained shrinkage in Cinderella's world (and the accompanying shrunk Unversed) are a result of a Mini spell gone wrong.
Once Ven learned that spell and discovered how fun it was to stomp on the teeny tiny Unversed like Godzilla, he got a bit too enthusiastic and accidentally miniaturized himself along with a handful of Unversed. The shock of getting caught in the rebound of a miscast spell resulted in Ven losing consciousness and having no memory of the incident. The reason he woke up inside the trap in Cinderella's, the Fairy Godmother took pity on him and intervened so the unconscious Ven would be discovered by Cinderella instead of being an easy meal for Lucifer?

Let's play "Guess which negative emotion each Unversed represents"!
  • Flood - Irritation, according to Word Of God.
  • Scrapper - Nervousness. Scrappers are constantly glancing anxiously around at their surroundings, and they will often hunch over and wrap their arms around themselves, body language that can be interpreted as "hugging oneself" for comfort. Even when they're about to attack, they sometimes flinch and backpedal, losing their nerve.
  • Bruiser - Cruelty, of the pushing around anyone weaker than you because you're big and strong variety.
  • Red Hot Chili - Flame Bait
  • Blue Sea Salt - Inability to let go of the past.
  • Yellow Mustard - Annoyance.
  • Monotrucker - Distrust. Monotruckers were spawned by the dwarfs' reaction to the "diamond thief", hence the miner elements in their design(pickaxe, wheelbarrow, lantern), and the way they first appeared in the dwarfs' mine.
  • Thornbite - Love. The creepy, unhealthy, destructive kind.
  • Shoegazer - Cowardice. Shoegazers are shoes with worried-looking faces peeking out of them, and they tend to duck down inside their shoe to hide when things get rough.
  • Spiderchest - Deceitfulness, particularly lying in a deliberate attempt to hurt others. They're Chest Monsters.
  • Archraven - Greed/selfishness. Archravens fly high above the battle, keeping themselves out of harm's way, and are more concerned with snatching up shinies than helping other Unversed attack the protagonists.
  • Hareraiser - Fear. The name is a play on the phrase "hair-raising", which refers to fear, and Hareraisers' eyes are tilted in a way that makes them appear worried or frightened. They also tend to cringe and shiver, especially when they first appear.
  • Jellyshade - Loneliness. They attack in mobs because they can't bear to be seperated from each other.
  • Tank Toppler - Rage. After taking a certain amount of damage, they snap, go on a rampage, and eventually explode, destroying themselves and everything around them.
  • Vile Phial - Need for approval. They suck up to other Unversed by healing them.
  • Sonic Blaster - Assertiveness.
  • Triple Wrecker - Indecision. Not only does it change powersets, but each face has a different expression.
  • Wild Bruiser - Mindless agression.
  • Mandrake - Sadism. Mandrakes make their enemies suffer, slowly whittling their HP down with poison and long range attacks.
  • Buckle Bruiser - Stubbornness.
  • Chrono Twister - Arrogance/superiority? The official description says "Even Unversed need somebody to boss them around. The Chrono Twister is happy to do the job."
  • Axe Flapper - Detachment from sentimentality, for fear of getting hurt. Their eyes seem set in a sad expression, and rarely come near attackers, preferring to fire Aero blasts at them from a few feet away. And if it gets knocked down (metaphorically, someone shows sentimentality towards the person), it will get scared and spin around in an attempt to hit them away.
  • Prize Pod - Some small remnant of niceness left in Vanitas? It's hard to assign any negative emotion to a cheerful floating purple blob that hands out yummy treats with cutesy names instead of attacking. That would also explain their rarity.
    • I'm thinking gluttony. They have all those ice cream ingrediants for some reason, after all.
  • Blobmob - Panic. Panic causes nervous energy and a tendency to try to think in many directions at once. Blobmob's jiggliness means that they're constantly moving, and they split apart when attacked.
  • Glidewinder - Competitiveness, particularly the obsessive, violent kind. Glidewinders try to win races at any cost, even if it means attacking other racers.
  • Iron Imprisoner - Raw, untempered hatred. It's generally the most powerful unversed (with one notable exception) and hate could be considered the most powerful negative emotion.

Terra and Eraqus really aren't that stupid in trusting Xehanort
.No, it's not just them being Genre Blind. Xehanort is intentionally fooling with their minds to make them not realize he's anything but evil darkness. It's obvious to us that he's evil, but that's because he's not using the power of darkness to fool with us and make his eyes look blue or green - he can't affect OUR reality!

Jihl is going to show up
She'll probably play a villainous role.

In Kingdom Hearts III...
Sora'll be controlling Unversed.

Yep. Vanitas does something good for the 'verse after all...

  • Doubt it- it's not like he was able to seize control of the Samurai in The World That Never Was.
    • Maybe that was because Nobodies like the Samurai are't a part of him or Roxas. I was thinking that the fact that Vanitas is the source of Unversed would enable Sora to create and boss them around.
      • Alternatively, Sora is creating the Unversed but all control goes to Vanitas inside him.

The alternate forms Sora, Donald, and Goofy assume when they go to certain worlds are chosen by Donald, since he's the one casting the spells that cause the transformations.
This is why, in the Pride Lands, Sora took the form of a lion cub instead of an adolescent lion, even though the older lion form would have made more sense for Sora. Donald still sees Sora as a child, either because the fact that Sora went through puberty while sleeping for a year hasn't really sunk into his mind yet (understandable, after waking up and seeing that this cute kid has suddenly gained about a foot of height and a deeper voice), or because Sora's childishness makes it easy to forget his age.

Sora is Unskilled, but Strong, while Terra, Ven, and Aqua (and possibly other keyblade users) are Weak, but Skilled.
The huge variety of techniques available to the BBS protagonists isn't just the game developers veering away from the "Mash X until the enemy is dead" gameplay of the first two KH games - it reflects how much more the BBS protagonists know about using the keyblade. Sora was able to figure out a few neat tricks on the fly, but the main strategy he relies on is just running up to enemies and hitting them. Despite having no formal training and only knowing rudimentary magic and keyblade techniques, he defeats enemies simply because he can bulldoze his way through fights with massive amounts of raw power.
"You're not half the hero the others were."
  • You could definitely make a case for Sora being Unskilled, but Strong; he uses self-taught swordplay, his magical abilities are usually less grand in comparison to pretty much any other notable magic or Keyblade wielder in the series, and he still has no idea about the Keyblade's Morph Weapon capabilities. However, it's less a gap in power than it is a gap in skill/experience, which is probably what Xigbar was referring to (assuming he wasn't just trolling Sora like he does everyone else). Sora's only had the Keyblade in his possession for some indecipherable period of time that's more than one year. Massive amounts of raw power? Probably. Sora does have one of the stronger hearts in the series from what we've seen. That being said, I wouldn't write off the other Keyblade wielders as "weak". Just look at Terra. He was a Master in all but name, hits like a truck (I honestly doubt Sora's sword arm is nearly as good), and has access to magic like Quake and Meteor. All of the trio has some pretty impressive skills at their disposal, physical or magical, and from what we've seen of Eraqus and Xehanort, the same applies to them. It's likely that this can all be attributed to Sora's lack of experience and knowledge with how the Keyblade works moreso than anything else.

Sora is the χ-Blade at this point, even more so.
The χ-Blade was Ven and Vanitas clashing together, and he's both. He's the Light, the Darkness, the clash between the two, and the Nothing that is inbetween.
  • In KH3, he's going to turn into a Key Blade; wielded by flashes of the various people he has been.

Hearts are actually the physical embodiment of people's souls.

The Japanese word used to describe the 'heart' in game is 'kokoro', which can be translated to 'heart', 'soul', or 'spirit'. When someone looses their heart, they go into a coma-like state, similar to people who have out of body experiences. This 'heart' isn't necessarily where emotion comes from, as animals have emotion but religiously have no soul. Thus Nobodies CAN feel emotion, even without a heart. It also explains the propaganda against Nobodies from Yen Sid, as the whole series is turning into some kind of weird religious metaphor, and heathens in Ye Olden Dayes were said to be evil and soulless.

  • I was under the impression that everything that exists in the KH-verse has a heart, though. I mean, even the worlds have hearts. Which would then lead to Nobodies not "existing" due to the technicality of them not having a heart.
    • Word Of God says the starting concept of the series is "All life has a heart".

Origins of the Keyblade Masters.

I have a theory that many of them were initially guardians / potential guardians (a-la Slayers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) of the Princesses of Heart (which itself is a "Chicken or Egg" problem). They could manifest the power of their own Heart in the form of a special weapon (ex: the Dream Weapons and Riku's Soul Eater) to aid in the defending the Princesses. Some worlds started to have an increased imbalance of Light and Dark - possibly through Darkness-tainted Magic - and the Darkness began to be manifest in strange forms. Whether these are the predecessors of Unversed does not matter but the one weapon that could defeat the Darkness-Manifest and their masters were weapons manifested from the more Light-aspect of the guardians' Hearts. Over time, the attributes of the manifest-weapons were refined and Keyblades were forged. Of course, as the weapons are formed from Hearts and Hearts can change, they can be used by a Dark Keyblade Master.

Vanitas and Master Xehanort will also be born from sleep.
Word Of God says that because of the... unique, circumstances of several characters fates, many of them are in a unique capacity to return. And a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero moment, where Sora realizes he's also brought back the components of the χ-Blade and his worst enemy not just brought back to life, but made young again would be neat to see. (as well as a Talking to Himself moment between Sora and Vanitas,as well as Roxas and Ventus.)

Vanitas or Braig will become Dragon Ascendant.

Kairi would've gotten her keyblade much earlier (and without Riku's help) if it weren't for Namine's existence.
As long as Namine's around, Kairi is in an incomplete state just like Sora. She disappears just before Kairi gets her keyblade, and the next time we see her, she's transparent like Roxas was, implying that they had already merged before that. Sora could use the keyblade while incomplete because he already had it before he split, and having Ven's heart with him probably didn't hurt, but Kairi's keyblade wouldn't recognize her until she was whole again, even after she took the prerequisite levels in badass to be able to wield it.
  • Alternatively, Kairi's keyblade was "split" between her and Namine (Sora and Roxas could use it at the same time, and even dual wield, because they had two keyblader's hearts,) but Kairi's was unsure which one was the "real" Kairi, and decided to not get involved.

Sora isn't chosen by his own keyblade until Hollow Bastion.
One of my favorite scenes in the first game is the confrontation between Sora and Riku, and seeing it again, I realize why Sora gets the keyblade (back). It's not because Riku uses darkness, (I don't know why people even think that from the context of the scene, Riku had already entered Dark Mode, and tried to kill Sora with Dark Firaga before he lost the keyblade so that can't be it.) But what they actually say, from Riku's What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? to Sora's Power of Friendship and Heart Is an Awesome Power... Y'know what I think I'll let those two do the talking, here.
Riku: "Your heart? What good will that weak little thing do for you?"
Sora: "Although my heart may be weak, it's not alone. It's grown with each new experience, and it's found a home with all the friends I made. I've become a part of their heart just as they've become a part of mine. And if they think of me now and then...If they don't forget me... then our hearts will be one. I don't need a weapon. My friends are my power."

It's at this point that Sora Took a Level in Badass and he became a full-fledged keyblade master with his own heart.

  • Adding to the above, Hollow Bastion is when Sora becomes a True Hero.
  • It follows that until this point, he's simply borrowing Ventus'. Presumably Ventus had enough connection to Terra, Succession-wise, that Riku, as Terra's formal Successor, could take it by force from the unsucceeded Sora. Once Sora proved his True Heroism, that made him truly worthy of the blade rather than just the only one convenient with enough connection to use it, bringing him above Riku in its heirarchy of users.

Xehanort got back his memories before he became a heartless.
In the Secret Ansem Reports, it talks about how Ansem's first tests on darkness were psychological examinations of Xehanort's heart, so they could help him recover his memories. Later, in both series of Ansem Reports, It talks about how Xehanort finds a door in Ansem's castle and opens it and find's the heart of Radiant Garden. This door is presumably Radiant Garden's keyhole. And he opens it... how? both Xehanort's heartless, and his nobody seem to recall bits of their previous lives, Xehanort's heartless even being able to wield the keyblade of people's hearts, and Xemnas joining with kingdom hearts displaying remarkable keyblade-like abilities. It's possible that, sometime before he opened the door to Radiant Garden, he recovered some of his memories, mostly those related to keyblade wielding, and used them in his experiments from that point forward, Ultimately using his keyblade to unlock the darkness in his heart and become a heartless.

Aqua will become an "Obi-Wan" of sorts to Sora in Kingdom Hearts III
Because you know you want it.
  • Better yet, she'll become an Obi-Wan to Kairi and help her take a level in badass.
  • Furthermore, she will have a confrontation with Xehanort, and have a Heroic Sacrifice, giving Kairi something worth fighting for.
    • Oh, c'mon. Nobody dies in Kingdom Hearts. Every "death" thus far has been reversible. Not to mention Aqua's too badass to ever die.
      • Kingdom Hearts does have a concept of death: when a person's soul leaves his or her body, he or she dies. Barbossa suffered from what can be considered a surefire death, what with getting shot and all (though if Kingdom Hearts decides to use the events of Dead Man's Chest...), and there have been multiple threats on the lives of other characters (Vanitas was actually going to stab Aqua to death, and the Evil Queen wanted Terra to literally cut out Snow White's organ/heart), so ruling out the death of someone just because it hasn't happened doesn't change anything.

The neoshadows surrounding Ventus in the flashback to Vanitas's creation are former keyblade wielders.
Where Xehanort succeeded with Ventus, he failed with many others. Instead of splitting into two beings, the others were consumed by the darkness and became Heartless.

In the event of "death", all hearts return to... Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts is the "deity", and source of all creation in the Kingdom Hearts Universe. All hearts come from it, and when someone dies, or a Heartless is defeated, the Heart is released, and returns to Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts contains both Light and Darkness, and the Heart is left to reside in the realm where it would be most comfortable. Even remaining in the living realm as a spirit if wanted.
  • Death and losing one's heart are two entirely different things. Each person is made up of three parts: the heart, which determines one's emotions and attributes one to light or darkness; the soul, which gives one life; and the body, which serves as a container for the previous two. When a person loses his or her heart, then that person loses his or her heart. A Heartless and Nobody are born, and no one dies. When a person loses his or her soul, that person is DEAD. Period. The body remains behind to rot, and the heart, well we don't know what happens, but it will probably fade to oblivion or something.

  • True names seem to matter. Xemnas asks Roxas if he remembers his True Name. This goes back to memories, of which Nobodies can be associated with (Chain of Memories, Namine has power over memories, Nobodies do not have memories at first). Nobodies like those of Organization XIII are not unique, there are more, and they can only be destroyed, truly destroyed, if, and only if they do NOT know their true name. This means that some of Organization XIII will return (Possibly Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene). These four are not truly "dead", because they all are taken into a vortex. They do not die like, say, Axel or Xigbar do, where they fade away without a Vortex involved.

Vanitas is responsible for the deaths of Ienzo’s parents, and, by extension, Ienzo’s descent into darkness.

  • Vanitas is a being of pure darkness, so senseless murder wouldn’t be beyond him. Because Vanitas tends to follow Master Xehanort around, it’s not hard to assume that he gets bored during one of MX and Braig’s initial meetings and leaves to find amusement. He ends up at Ienzo’s home and chooses to use the Unversed to torment Ienzo’s parents in front of their son, before outright killing them himself. He then leaves, causing Ienzo to suffer from PTSD. Later, Ienzo is found and taken in by Ansem the Wise and his apprentices. The events of Birth By Sleep happened fairly soon afterward, since it’s implied that Ienzo’s arrival at the castle was a fairly recent occurrence, especially by his quiet nature and apparent unwillingness to listen to Even’s orders about staying in the castle. When he encounters the Flood Unversed and is rescued by Ven, he acts unsurprised at their appearance, like he had seen them before. Once Ansem begins his experiments on the heart and darkness, Ienzo sees the opportunity to study the darkness so he can understand what it’s like, so that he can use that knowledge to find Vanitas and avenge his parents. This is what drives him to insist on continuing the experiments. Ultimately, however, his desire for vengeance is what causes his susceptibility to succumbing to darkness.
    • Also, Zexion’s signature weapon is called the Book of Retribution. Retribution is another word for vengeance, and the book could contain Ienzo’s notes on darkness. The book is Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Ienzo’s book of revenge.

The Mimic Master is the Unversed formed from Ienzo’s desire for vengeance.

  • Related to the above, the Mimic Master is an Unversed Vanitas created using Ienzo’s want for vengeance. It’s been established that Vanitas can use the negativity of others to create Unversed; negativity directed at him would likely let Vanitas make stronger Unversed. The Mimic Master’s fighting style foreshadows Zexion’s fighting style, since it is formed from Ienzo’s negativity.
    • Another explanation: It was made abundantly clear by Even that Ienzo's parents died in some way or another, and even past that. he seems to have a look on his face that suggests he's just a somber and negative person overall. He doesn't say a word over the course of his scenes. Now using some creative thinking, and the fact that Darkness seems to be a substance volatile enough to take influence from other Darkness, there are suddenly a lot of hints suggesting that the Mimic Master was formed as a physical basis of the kid's thoughts. First off, the thing's appearance. Yes, yes, it has a giant book, we know. But that isn't it. If you take a look at the Mimic Master's robe, it bears a striking resemblance to the uniforms worn by Aeleus and Dilan, two of the guards of Ansem's castle and two people who likely have interacted with Ienzo quite a lot - and probably who he holds close to his heart (and we all know what happens with Darkness and the heart). Furthermore, it is capable of collecting massive amounts of information on an enemy and turning that information against them; Ienzo is extremely attentive, and the mind-screwing he induced upon people as Zexion most certainly found its deepest roots in the back of Ienzo's mind. And finally, it flies around the arena and attacks with quite a physical attitude - it will spew fire magic at you (another connection to Zexion), it will rip the pages out of its apparent weapon and use them to protect itself, and it will whap you around the head with a book. It's obvious that Ienzo does a very good job of composing himself, but considering the sort of life he's been through, surely there must be pent-up berserker rage hiding somewhere...

The Mickey keychain on the Kingdom Key has nothing to do with Mickey
It's actually a symbol to represent a trinity, the fact that it looks like Mickey is a cooncidence. Think about it, it's made up of three circles. The fact that one is bigger than the other two means just it's a much more important part.

All the legends that referred to the Keyblade as if there was only one of them...
...were actually referring to the χ-Blade. The "χ" was just lost in translation.
  • Makes sense.

Kingdom Hearts III will be about the Second Keyblade War, and Kairi will use the knowledge she gained from her grandmother's story to serve as a guiding light during/after the war.
Based on Xehanort's accounts, Kairi's grandmother's story is about the Keyblade War and its aftermath. No doubt this will be important. If Kingdom Hearts III will be the conclusion of the Xehanort saga, it will also be the climax of his plot- a new Keyblade War.

The Keyblade Wielder Order was based on the Jedi.
Hey, they're a group of warriors with unique, cool swords and unusual, magical abilities, charged with keeping balance in the world, have a master-apprentice dynamic and must constantly beware the temptation of darkness...
  • And were almost totally forgotten about within ten years of one of them falling to said darkness.
  • This is begging for Xehanort to say, Riku I am your father.
    • Nah, Xehanort's more like Darth Sidius than Darth Vader.
  • Well, Nomura IS a huge Star Wars fan... wouldn't surprise me.

Kingdom Hearts III will feature Sora & Co. as adults.
Sora and the gang all aged between I and II, so it's possible they will age during the gap between II and III as well. Since the gap between games is longer this time they will age a lot more than between I and II. I expect a five-seven year Time Skip between II and III which will place Sora in his early twenties with a level in badass to match.
  • Probably not, as much as we'd all like to see it. "Blank Points" (the secret ending that starts the whole "Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts" arc) takes place not too long after Sora & co. receive King Mickey's letter at the end of II (said letter containing the info the King discovered during coded).

Mickey was keeping what exactly he was training under Yen Sid for a secret from the rest of Disney Town
Which is why Donald and Goofy didn't know what a keyblade was. Why isn't clear, maybe they've been trying to keep Keyblades as secret as possible ever since the War.
  • Supported by the fact that Yen Sid taught Mickey magic, both in Fantasia and in Kingdom Hearts (remember those animated brooms in Disney Town? Yen Sid taught Mickey how to do that). So it's reasonable that as far as Donald and Goofy know, Mickey was learning some high level spells from Yen Sid, and he didn't tell them anything about the keyblade.
    • But at the end credits, Mickey hands over his Keyblade and Star Shard to Yen Sid right in front of Donald and Goofy and they saw along with Ven Mickey holding on to the Keyblade at the Badlands. Yen Sid also mentions the Keyblade Graveyard to Aqua in their presence. It's quite doubtful that Mickey wouldn't have told them the significance of the weapon, give the flourish he showed when Yen Sid handed it back.

In Kingdom Hearts III Xehanort will break Sora's keyblade.
It's obvious he will be back, and will be fed up with Sora's interference in his schemes. To take Sora out of the equation without killing him Xehanort will break the keyblade. This will force Sora to use other weapons and/or other people's keyblades until Sora can get his keyblade repaired.
  • So then... Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django?

If Kingdom Hearts III visits Port Royal that world's plot will go Off the Rails.
Half the plot of Dead Man's Chest is getting the key and the chest together, which won't be necesary when Jack could just have Sora open the chest with the keyblade. So either an original story will be written for Port Royal, or it will just cut straight to finding the chest and then move on to At World's End.
  • Or Davy gave it a lock that requirees two keyblade wielders to open, allowing Jack or Will to steal Davy's Keyblade to open it
    • Or, mate, Davy was wise to that old trick, and made a lock that only his Keyblade can open. After all, he's an ancient force of the sea. Why couldn't he have participated in the Keyblade War?
      • A keyblade shaped like the key from Dead Man's Chest? That would be pretty awesome.

The Rite of Succession requires more than just touching someone else's keyblade
Specifically, it requires both the current wielder and the one succeeding them to touch it at the same time for several seconds. This is why Leon and Captain Jack touched Sora's key and yet won't get their own- they both took it from his hands, but weren't touching it as the same time as him for more than a moment.
  • Hmm strange, I actually had taken that into account for a fanfiction.

Master Eraqus has a Nobody
Numerous comparisons have been made between what happened to Eraqus' heart going into Terra when Xehanort stabbed him, and Kairi's heart going into Sora in the Fall of Destiny Islands. When Sora lost his heart, a nobody formed not only for him, but for the secondary heart he was carrying—Namine. So, logically, when Terranort lost his amalgamated Terra-Xemnas heartcluster, a nobody should have formed for the secondary heart he was carrying, an Eraqus nobody.
  • Yes. This would be awesome (assuming that Eraqus' Nobody—whose name would be hilariously unpronounceable—is not cut from the same mold as Org. XIII). Squeenix, make it happen.
    • The best I can come up with for his nobody name is Quexars, which sounds like a brand of tile grout...
      • He very likely won't have relation to Organization XIII, which means we can likely expect a non-real-name-plus-X-anagram like Namine. Xine?
      • His Nobody would be Citan Uzuki
    • Maybe the Mysterious Figure in the Land of Departure is his Nobody, formed when his body disappeared.

Sora has ANOTHER Nobody
In KH, Sora holds Kairi's and Ven's heart. Kairi had Namine. However, I think Roxas was actually a nobody for Ven due to their blatant similarities. So Sora has one more nobody for himself he has not found yet. My only obscure evidence (assuming Storyline and Gameplay segregation is not applied) is Sora spontaneously activating anti-form implied hes still unstable after Roxas reunion. Tetsuya do leave uncanon hints like the Armor battle in Final Mix which become significant for BBS.

Xehanort's role as Big Bad will be usurped in Kingdom Hearts III.
By Xanatos. Xehanort will make the mistake of recruiting him into his organization of Disney villians and underestimate Xanatos's ability to play the trope named after him. If he succedds in overthrowing Xehanort then it will open up new sources of magic and new business oppportunities. If he fails, then the research he's collected in he meantime on "Darkness of the Heart" and "Heartless" and "Gumni Ship" ( in addition to his other technolgies and magical options) will allow him to cause an Enemy Civil War. If nothing else a certain boy with a boy key will be a useful pawn to keep his world and family safe.
Donald and Goofy knew exactly what Mickey was talking about when he mentioned a "key to our survival".
The note was written in code to keep anyone else from understanding what was going on if they should happen upon it.
  • Donald, at least, probably understood the code and was acting as if he didn't know what he was looking for in order to not alert any of the many untrustworthy elements in a city like that. Goofy, on the other hand, being Goofy, probably forgot the relevant details at some point and genuinely didn't know.

What'd happen if Xion split and became her own person?
  • My guess is that Axel would become Lea again if his heart is freed...Roxas would probably become Ventus again...but what about Xion? Would she suddenly become a little Yuffie-like wielder? (I thought she looked more like Yuffie than Kairi - it's the black hair)
    • She theoretically can become her own person due to The Reveal in Dream Drop Distance about growing hearts. The same is true for Roxas as he cannot become Ventus "again" since he never was Ventus to begin with, they have two different senses of self so he would become his own person. As for Axel, he's already back as Lea, with Axel's memories to boot.

Xehanort is more powerful then he looks.
That's not Terra/Eraqus/Yen Sid overlooking his flaws to give him a chance - that was Xehanort doing it all along. And even then...

Xehanort lived in the Original World.
Ok, maybe not Master Xehanort, but his original heart. What leads to this conclusion is MX's strange behaviour. If you saw MX and Terra's initial interaction, you think he's a Well-Intentioned Extremist ... but later on, he's just evil. By looking at the two in conjuction, you either conclude that he was crazy or believed Utopia Justifies the Means. Thing was... he had a point.

If Xehanort more accurately, Terranort could have plotted The End of the World as We Know It, it stands to show that he could have done it in the past.

Quite possibly, the Original World was called Kingdom Hearts, which was just a kingdom full of hearts of neither Light or Dark. As the population grew (or time passed), it because obvious they needed a leader.

Enter Xehanort Prime. By forging the first χ-Blade, he created order. Consequently, chaos was born. Both were locked into the χ-Blade because he was the only one who could handle the power. Naturally, everyone wanted one. Because the forging process was imprefect, they became "keys" to order and chaos: The Keyblades of Light and Dark. Neither side could best agree on how best to rule the Original World, so the Keyblade War was fought. It became a long war of attrition, in which no one really "died" because their hearts would just be recast into different bodies.

Xehanort Prime knew they could not co-exist, despite his efforts, so he struck a deal: He would destroy the original χ-Blade - giving up access the Kingdom Hearts - and split it into different areas of both Light and Dark so that everyone could have a slice of the pie. The old Keyblades were decommissioned, purposely placed in a crossroads as a war memorial, and the area renamed the Keyblade Graveyard. To prevent the Keyblade War from happening again anywhere else, he added one more condition: they had to give up their bodies and memories to become new poeple. The exhuasted combatants agreed.

And so the New World was made, with the new hearts literally becoming the children of the War. As the Old World crumbled, the hearts would merge and split, each with the potential of light and dark - except that Xehanort noticed some hearts flat out refused to merge with the other side. Fearing the worse, and with little time to spare, Xehanort Prime quickly imprinted critical memories of the War into his heart before he too was cast into the New World.

Xehanort Prime was reborn in Destiny Islands (as MX), possibly as one of its founders. Unfortuntely, the hasty imprintation of the memories meant that all context of the War was lost, and MX was left seeking without answers. Using a (new) Keyblade, he travelled the world in search of answers. It turned out that two other people (Yen Sid and Eraqus) had the same idea. After a lengthy discussion, Xehanort suggested they utilise an unused parcel of land to train Keyblade Masters, calling it Land Of Departure. On Xehanort's insistence, Yen Sid invented the Rite Of Sucession which meant that no one else could wield a Keyblade unless they dictacted it. Also, Xehanort installed a Keyhole in his seat and entrusted to Eraqus to use in case of an emergency. This Keyhole would wipe the memories of those who entered, meaning the secret of the Land Of Departure (and subsequently, the Rite Of Sucession) would be lost. Lastly, he ensured that none of them would remember that these were his inventions. He then "forgot" all these, giving the impression it was never his idea (or theirs) to begin with.

Towards BBS, problems surfaced. Eraqus went a little too far fighting the Dark. Yen Sid wanted to train a pupil called Mickey, but Eraqus flat out refused, because he was not "pure". Yen Sid secretly trained Mickey though, and when found out, ordered Xenahort to peform a Rite of Denial to Yen Sid as punishment. As their relationship threatend to fall apart, Xehanort had to secretly modify their memory so it would seem that Yen Sid had retired of his own violition, Mickey was his legitimate pupil, and Eraqus had approved all this.

The stress of the procedure broke him. He became conviced that Light and Dark would never reconcile unless the χ-Blade was reconstructed, merging everyone into one single entitiy- Kingdom Hearts. He became so obsessed that he became a machine programmed and overwritten by himself, forever wanting to construct Kingdom Hearts until it was completed - forgetting why the War was fought in the first place, dooming him into an infinite loop.

Manipulation became a means to an end for Xehanort - appearing apologetic to Eraqus to influence Terra, playing a dangerous game with Vanitas simply to obtain the χ-Blade, and when that failed (possibly because it was a defective copy), imprinting his heart to Terra to counter any sabotage - which did happen. He was able to get back up to speed due to giving himself several other options - creating the Heartless and Nobodies, imprinting 2 more backups, 1 Heartless and one Nobody, knowing full well that a heart was vitually indistructable and a body easily regenrated...

Going even further with this theory: Xehanort was the "Sora" of the Original World
Hence all the parallels between them.

Xehanort has the same heart-binding power that Sora does.
Only unlike Sora, he's learned how to abuse that power to get others to do what he wants. Think about it, his force of presence is so strong that whether you like him or hate him, you just can't resist being affected by him. And Xehanort being who he is, he can manipulate you through that connection either way. It explains (and feel free to add more examples):
  • Why Eraqus went from outright attacking him when he first turned to darkness to forgiving-and-forgetting by the time of Terra and Aqua's exam.
  • Why Ven chose to follow him as an apprentice despite really not wanting to become a darkness-wielder.
  • Why Terra was willing to become Xehanort's apprentice and learn how to control the darkness from him, despite wanting to be rid of it just minutes before.
  • Why the original members of Organization XIII were so eager to betray Ansem the Wise despite being decent people before Xehanort showed up (Braig notwithstanding).
  • Why Riku was so easily swayed to darkness (Xehanort took advantage of the bond that Terra had made with him back in BBS and tried to make him into Terranort 2.0).

Oswald will be the dark Keyblade wielder and Big Bad. Will have epic duel with Mickey
Like the title said. It'll be more personal epic battle between brothers as King Oswald become corrupted with power and hunger for revenge against Mickey. He will held dual Keyblades, will be assisted by Phantom Blot, and leads the army of Nobodies. Oswald's quest for power is even more personal: He wishes to resurrect his beloved Ortensia, with the help of the Nobodies, and he blames Mickey for her death.
  • Angry maybe but teaming up with the Shadow blot!? The blot was a major reason why Owsald's life sucks in the first place. If Nomora does decide to add Epic Mickey it'll probably be similar in vein to the Timeless river, and probably bring some of the emotional baggage to the Disny cast. On a side note it would be interesting if there where some rejected Square characters in the wasteland, maybe even have a chainsaw like weapon that is a Shout-Out to the Keyblade original design.
    • Epic Mickey world would be as awesome as it is unlikely. If it did exist, Sora would have to turn into his original lion boy outfit for the duration.

The Kingdom Keys were formed by splitting the χ-Blade.
This explains why they aren't available in Birth By Sleep, and why Mickey had to go into the Dark Realm to find his.

Namine can remember Xion.
Because of her power over memories, Namine remembers Xion even though no one else can. Whether or not Kairi has access to these memories depends on whether or not Namine sealed off her own memories on account of them being traumatic (would you want to remember a full year of abuse all of a sudden?) Evidence: Namine's sketch of Roxas and Axel still contains Xion even after all other memories of Xion have faded.

After the Xehanort Saga, the series will follow Sora's son.
As the title says, it will follow Sora's son or daughter (by Kairi, Riku, Namine, Xion, Aqua, Roxas or whoever you'd like). He or she will form a Five-Man Band with Max Goof, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Additional party members will include Melody, Kiara, and, once again, Peter Pan. An older Denzel will fight in Olympus Coliseum, and an older Marlene will live in Radiant Garden.

I don't know, it's just something that I'd like to see happen.

  • Not outright Jossed, but Nomura has stated he wants Sora to remain the protagonist after the Xehanort Saga ends. Then again, he did outright lie about Kairi and Namine not being related.

In the next game, Sora will perform an Advent Children-like Omnislash
Just thinking, but I think it would be cool if he could replicate Cloud's Omnislash, every keychain he has transform into a keyblade and Sora slashes the Big Bad many times.

Valor form's lack of magic is from Sora confusing courage with recklessness
I mean seriously, what's more reckless than giving up an entire set of abilities to power up another set? Most people would keep a few remaining for emergencies. Thankfully he gains the wisdom to not completely give up abilities by the time he gains Wisdom form

Vanitas will take control of Sora at some point, and when he does, he'll attack Kairi.
Because not only is it the cruelest thing he could possibly do, it's also an opportunity for him to forge the χ-Blade again. He doesn't need Ventus; any pure heart will do just fine.
  • Of course, this would also bring Sora and Kairi together... And if the Power of Friendship defeated him the first time, than the Power of Love would be brutal.
  • Further, it will be split into two fights, one between Riku and Vanitas in the mid-game, and another between Kairi and Vanitas at the end. Better yet, the Riku/Vanitas fight will take place in the same room you fought Rikunort in ''KH1''.

The "key to our survival" isn't just any keyblade, but rather the Kingdom Key in particular.
Mickey knew that it would take both Kingdom Keys to secure the safety of the universe. This is related to the above WMG about the Kingdom Keys each being half of the χ-Blade. A normal keyblade wouldn't suffice- it had to be the Kingdom Key, and he needed to go retrieve the Realm of Darkness' Kingdom Key so they could seal the door from both sides.

The Bonus Boss fights in Birth By Sleep are fought in dreams.
Terra and Ventus really are already comatose, and Aqua is really in the Realm of Darkness. However, they have no rest. They continue dreaming about combat, and whatever those bosses are take advantage of that fact. As the series has already established the efficacy of dreams and simulations for combat training, and also the danger that lurks within, it doesn't matter that it is All Just a Dream—the danger is very real.

Ariel is not a Princess of Heart because she is not a maiden of pure heart...
Because, as a mermaid, she does not have the same kind of heart that humans do. In the original story, she earns the right to earn a soul after sacrificing herself, but all that happens in the movie is Triton makes her human. There are no guarantees that this gave her a traditionally human being, and even if there were, in KH, she's still a mermaid. Therefore, her heart registers as impure—literally. She has "imperfections" from the point of view of a human heart.

The ending to Kingdom Hearts III...
Will involve Xehanort somehow destroying Sora's keyblade. In order to defeat him, all of his friends will perform Rite of Successions with him, even Xion, Roxas, and TVA. All of their keyblades will continue to be destroyed, until they're all gone. At this point, Sora will use the power of friendship to form the χ-Blade, the perfect balance between light and darkness. This will summon Kingdom Hearts, which will only please Xehanort, giving him more power and putting him closer to his goal. Xehanort will use the power of nothing to nearly defeat Sora, and Sora will have to open the door to Kingdom Hearts. Sora will gain the power over everything, destroying Xehanort, and himself, in the process.

Zack did indeed die at the end of Birth by Sleep...
...but we'll see him again. I mean, come on, the Underworld is right there.
  • And then, Zack will have a touching reunion with Cloud during one of his bouts with Sephiroth, giving Cloud the resolve to finally vanquish the darkness in his heart. This will finally, finally end the Flanderization Cloud's experienced in this series, allowing him to lighten up and move on with his life without the need to angst about his past and hardships.

Zack and Sephiroth are related some how, or are now the same person.
My theory is that, for his own inscrutable reasons Sephiroth used his powers to merge with Zack. It is my only explanation for his strange fate at the end of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

When Sora finally manages to save Terra, Terra's physical appearance will still be that of Xehanort.
Methinks that all of that time being held captive by Master Xehanort's darkness will have some irreversible aftereffects on Terra. Additionally, while he'll still aid the heroes, Terra will not want to be saved (or feel like he deserved salvation), just like Riku-Ansem in II, out of fear and loathing of what he's done and what he perceives himself as. Additionally, this might lead to a battle with the Lingering Sentiment, who, thanks to being the remnant of Terra's mind and hatred for Xehanort, will mistake Terra for Xehanort.

When they said Master Xehanort didn't return from nonexistence alone, they were referring to...
  • The rest of Organization XIII (minus Roxas and Axel), or at least Braig, Dilan, Even, Aeleus, and Ienzo. We'll see just how dark they were with their hearts, that they created The Heartless.
    • Confirmed in Dream Drop Distance, with appearances by Lea, Ienzo, Aeleus, Braig, Even, Dilan, and Isa.
  • The above-theorized Nobody of Master Eraqus, following in the hopes of breaking his heart out of Terra somehow by joining the Bad Guys
  • Eraqus and Xehanort's heretofore-unnamed Master, who will turn out to have been the one to turn Xehanort to darkness in the first place.
  • Malificent, because where Darkness goes, she's never very far behind.
  • The Phantom Blot, just because.

The Lingering Sentiment will be instrumental in bringing Terra back.
The armor will separate into its component parts, equip itself onto Xehanort's body, and drive Xehanort's heart out. For added points, "Fate of the Unknown" will be playing, and once Terra returns to his original self, he will pull off his helmet just as the song ends, just like in the Final Mix + Secret Ending.

Poor Terra is split in three.
When Master Xehanort merged with Terra, Xehanort's heart merged with Terra's and his soul took over, ejecting Terra's soul from his body. This means Terranort has Terra's body, Xehanort's soul, and both Terra's and Xehanort's hearts. The Lingering Sentiment is supposedly animated by Terra's "rage" - but we know that the soul is both the animating force and intelligence of a being (hence Nobodies consisting of both body and soul). Thus, I posit that Terra's soul resides in the Lingering Sentiment. When the Xehanort we all know and hate from the main series aka Terranort lost his heart, he, of course, separated into Ansem Seeker of Darkness and Xemnas. ASoD, being Terranort's Heartless, had Terra's and Xehanort's hearts, while Xemnas had Terra's body and Xehanort's soul.
  • The one problem with this theory is that the only other example we've seen of someone with more than one heart losing all of them (Sora with his and Kairi's hearts) created two Nobodies from one body and soul. But there are ways around this: either something about the situation is different - Terra's and Xehanort's hearts have totally merged, or just the fact that neither of them is a Prince(ss) of Heart - or Terranort does indeed have a second Nobody wandering around, presumably one that looks more like Master Xehanort than he does Terra.
  • And none of that is even accounting for the fact that Terra's heart has Master Eraqus' heart locked within that, so we could possibly be looking at a grand total of at least three Nobodies.

Cloud is Zack
Apparently Word Of God is that Tifa and Sephiroth aren't really people so much as the manifestations of Cloud's Light and Darkness. If all three merge together, you get Zack. ...Hey, it isn't the craziest thing that's happened in this series.