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This is a list of silly, or Just for Fun wild mass guesses for the series Kingdom Hearts, such as "Sora is a Time Lord." Serious WMGs go on one of the three open pages.

Sora being in Smash confirms that Xehanort was right all along.
WARNING: This WMG contains Kirby spoilers.
In KH1, Ansem claims darkness is the heart's true essence. In KH2, Xemnas claims nothingness is eternal. And in KH3, Young Xehanort claims light is a farce. Now, how does Smash Bros. confirm any of this? Well, it's because, in Smash, Sora met Kirby. And according to Kirby lore, the multiverse was created by a god/being/source of all life named Void. "Void" is another way to say "Nothingness", confirming Xemnas's belief. But what about Ansem and Young Xehanort? Well, in Void's pause screen description (Kirby has a lot of these since Shinya Kumazaki got in charge of the Kirby franchise), Void creates Dream Matters, Dark Matters, Soul Matters and Heart Matters based on Void's mood. It's especially the case with the first two, Dream Matters (like Kirby) being created from positive emotions, and Dark Matters from negative emotions. Ansem also says in Dream Drop Distance that "dreams hold our memories, sleep holds out dreams, and darkness holds our sleep". And with Chain of Memories implying that hearts and memories are connected, and Void creating Soul Matters and Heart Matters alongside Dream Matters and Dark Matters, it confirms Ansem's belief that darkness is the heart's true essence. As for light being a farce? Well, if God is darkness, then what else can light be if not a farce?
  • I posted this theory here because the serious theory pages have no crossover theories except with other Disney sub-franchises or Final Fantasy games. There's literally nothing Nintendo in them.
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  • What about the Princesses of Heart, then? Well, being pure of heart doesn't mean your heart is pure light or pure darkness. The heart of a Princess of Heart heart is simply Made of Good.
Sora drowned in the prologue of the first game. Everything after that is a very trippy Dying Dream.
Sora is actually a mostly normal but lonely kid living on an isolated pacific island with few other kids to talk to. Due to his loneliness, he's excessively into Disney and Square-Enix, and likes making up fantasies involving them; sometimes even imagining that kid versions of characters such as Tidus, Wakka and Selphie live on the island and enjoy sparring with him. His only real friends are the similarly isolated Riku and Kairi, who get the idea to run away from home using a raft to get to the mainland.

The last "real" scene of the series is the one with Sora in his room, where his mother calls him down for dinner. When Sora notices an approaching storm, he panics, knowing it will destroy the raft he built with Riku and Kairi. This causes him to recklessly sail to the smaller island on his tiny boat in the middle of a coming hurricane, which ends with his boat sinking and Sora slowly drowning.

At first, Sora's dying dream involves dark creatures from his nightmares suffocating him and swallowing his world — symbolic of him struggling not to lose consciousness. However, he gradually gives in and his Dying Dream becomes more of a wish fulfilment fantasy, where Sora is free to visit as many different world as he likes and make friends with his idols from all his favourite movies and video games. The dream becomes increasingly incoherent as Sora approaches his death.


Groundshaker is Scar's Witch form
He made a contract with Kyubey to become whatever the male lion equivalent of a Magical Girl is. However, Scar being Scar, his Grief Seed got tainted quickly enough for him to be revived as a witch come Sora's second visit to the Pride Lands. Notice how Groundshaker is also messed-up-looking enough to fit right in with the other witches.
  • Isn't Scar a little too...male to qualify? (he also might be too old)
    • Not necessarily. Kyubee and the rest of the Incubators chose preteen girls as their pawns because they were the most likely to turn into Witches and thus produce more energy. Theoretically anyone could sign a contract as long as it was feasible from the Incubator's point of view.

The Ellie Goulding song "Lights" is actually about Kingdom Hearts.
Look up the lyrics and do your best not to find parallels.
  • Holy shit...How did I not notice that?!

Xehanort abuses Save Scumming to travel through time
Don't we all?

Future games will have worlds or cameos from TV shows
Possible due to the fact that Disney had adapted their movies to this format (Aladdin, Hercules, The Little Mermaid, and more recently TRON: Uprising) They also had made some shows featuring some characters from their shorts or based on those characters. They also have made some great original cartoons as well. And if they can get the rights to use shows not made by Disney. At least One show wouldn't be out of place in the KH-Verse (aside from not being made by Disney or Square Enix.)

The real reason Sora defeated Xemnas...
is because the Organization's Moogle left with Roxas before Xemnas could upgrade his weapon to Infinity +. Xion intentionally orchestrated her dramatic insurgency in order to cause this event.
Keyblades are Soul Edge shards trapped in Kingdom Hearts
Think about it...The caused the worlds destruction previously, they lead little kids into fates worse than death, have the power to literally tear the earth in two, and combine together to form a more powerful weapon. And EVERYONE is obsessed with getting their hands on one.
Square Enix will buy out Atlus and KH3 will have Persona characters.
Should this happen, multiple things could happen:One: Sora's keyblade will temporarily turn into a Persona, and will then be available as a summon later in the game.Two: The inverse of Option One: With Sora around, the Persona user's Personas will be transmogrified into Keyblades and the Shadows will be replaced by heartless.Three: KH3 will have a social link systemFour: Sora will mistake the Persona 3 MC for Zexion, and hilarity ensuesFive: Sora will get mixed up with Yosuke in a Prince and the Pauper-esque plotline
  • But Sora never met Zexion (except in Final Mix). Riku did, so maybe he'll meet him?

DiZ is a Nobody
In Kingdom Hearts 1 there's a part of the game where you can go into the lab under the castle in Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion. In it, there's 6 containers glowing pink. A heartless is made from a heart with no body that can walk around. There were 6 apprentices, but Xehanort's heartless is walking around for a while. So someone else's heart has to be in there. If it was Lea or Isa's there would probably be 7. It also explains the way he acts.

Larxene is Maleficent's Nobody
They both use lightning in BBS. When Riku stabbed her, she became a Heartless, and her Nobody was found. Maleficent used the alias "Arlene."
  • Jossed. Kingdom Hearts χ shows Larxene's Somebody onscreen, and she isn't Maleficent.

Simba is actually Liquid Snake in disguise

Just before revolting against the Patriots, Liquid killed the real Simba and made his body into a costume in order to gain control of the Pride Lands and use trained lions to defend Shadow Moses Island. Until Sora and Co. arrived, he was in a deadlock over how to overthrow Scar and take the throne, which is why he moped around with Timon and Pumbaa for as long as he did; having done enough research to understand who the Keybearer was and why he was so important, he knew that Sora and the Keyblade gave him the opportunity he needed, and used him to defeat Scar. His reluctance to act against Scar's ghost was for similar reasons. The lion army didn't pan out in the end, but impersonating Simba gave Liquid the idea to do the same for Master Miller.

Mortimer Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit will appear in KH3 as minor characters.
The two of them will probably become followers of Maleficent, alongside Pete, another one of King Mickey's old rivals/adversaries, in an attempt to get back at the Boat-Boy King for banishing them as well.
  • So, we're putting a bit of Epic Mickey into the mix?

Xehanort is really Xanatos in a different body
See? It's a Xanatos Roulette!
  • Plus, Xanatos is a Disney character, so this actually could be true assuming that Gargoyles takes place before the events of the game. Xanatos always wanted immortality and Xehanort pretty much is immortal given all the times we've killed the bastard and he comes back. Being behind everything in all the games would be in-character for a centuries old Xanatos.

Xehanort is Aku
Think about it. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep takes place likely in the two-parter episode, The Birth of Evil. What else the part where Aqua fails to defeat him is like Jack's father failed when Aku stops him from getting his sword.

The first game has Sora in Destiny Islands, in the past. But when Xehanort attacks him and it fails, he places him to Traverse Town, in the future.

The third game still has Xehanort hidden and not defeated like Aku is.

Xion is actually Shion Sonozaki.
Just think about this for a mintue. In katakana, "Xion" is written as "Shion", the same name as the Axe-Crazy twin in Higurashi: When They Cry. Xion is also percieved as sweet and innocent in the cutscenes she has been in, which is Shion's schtick in Higurashi.
  • That's... rather frightening, when you consider what Xion is, and that I actually had a KH/Higurashi Fusion Fic (that was very, very quickly aborted, due to being fundamentally wrong on all known levels of existence) that cast Sora as Shion (SEE WHY I ABORTED IT!?) and Xion herself as Rena.
Al Mc Whiggin will appear in a future Game if the Toy Box world appears again
After all, wanna see a Lethal Joke Character who is a villain in the game, anyone?
Xion is Yamanaka Ino from Naruto.
Or, well, any other manga series with a female character by that name. There's an anime verse similar to the Disneyverse of the first two Kingdom Hearts series, and Xion acts as a go-between for the mangaverse and the Disney/FF woorld in which the head XIII of the Organization reside, and hail from. And really, Ino's specialty jutsu is taking out her (metaphorical) heart and throwing it at people. She's going to be to Kairi what the original Ino was to Sakura (and, again, Sora and Riku represent Roxas and Namine respectively, but only from her POV)

Xion is Ion from Tales of the Abyss
Specifically, one of his clones, this one an Opposite-Sex Clone.
  • or she could be a Nobody of Sync. Since Sync was a replica of Ion Xion kept Ion's name as the name of her original. Also they both end up trying to destroy the very thing that caused their existence, Sync the seventh fonon and Xion Roxas.

Xion is the physical form of the Ion symbiotic entity from Green Lantern Comics
...which in turn implies that Parallax is secretly behind the Heartless, which is why natural heartless have yellow eyes.
  • Xion is actually the nobody of Ion in the comics. It is also the reason Kyle Rayner can't keep a girlfriend (alive) to save his life. The Xion nobody is jealously protective of Kyle and makes sure no one else romantically significant enters his life, although recently its jealousy has been creeping further in, arranging for Kyle's mother to be killed by the sentient virus from the Sinestro Corps. Unless Kyle has Oedipal issues, in which case we're still dealing with romance.
  • Or, Xion is the nobody of Ion and it was formed when it was dragged forcibly from Kyle Rayner's body during the Sinestro Corps War. The fishy thing that came out of Kyle's body is only the heartless of Ion, which is why when it joined with Soddam Yat he was still unable to beat Superman Prime. He only had the heartless of Ion, not the complete entity.

There's a good reason no one bleeds in these games.
Anyone wielding a weapon - any kind of weapon, like with Beast and his claws - has their outfit transformed into a Barrier Jacket, straight out of Lyrical Nanoha. The jacket produces a barrier that, when hit, drains the person's energy (Hit Points, in this case), but prevents them from being physically injured. You'd have to hit them really, really hard to penetrate the barrier and do any real kind of harm. Also, Sora's Drive forms are similar to, say, Fate's Sonic Form. ...Come to think of it, KH as a whole meshes quite nicely with the mythology of Nanoha.

Keyblade wielders are Shinigami
Let's look at the facts: Keyblades and Zanpakuto are both empathic weapons with regenerative and "clingy" qualities. Both groups use a combination of sword skills and magic. The keyblade wielder fights evil shadow beasts that eat people's hearts, while Shinigami fight evil ghosts that eat people's souls. Both groups had an exceptional case where an inexperienced person (or in Ichigo's case, total civilian) took the empathic weapon to the heart, only to come back stronger and more resolved then ever.
  • If we accept this, more parallels follow. Sora's various Drive forms are the result of his shikai, Final Form is his bankai, and his Anti Form is his take on Hollowfication (meaning that Sora is a Vizard).
    • Actually, the metaphor extends better if you consider Valor and Wisdom alternate modes of Sora's Shikai, Master Form is his bankai, and Final Form is Hollowfication. Anti-Form is when his inner hollow starts emerging, which makes sense. When you use Valor, Wisdom or Master, your chances of getting anti-increase, whereas when you use Final Form, you can never go into Anti-Form, and it also reduces the chance you will get it otherwise. Also, if you look at the two, both Anti and Final form have a very similar frantic, fast-paced overblown combo fighting style, it's just that with Final, you're using Keyblades instead of your claws.
    • Strangely enough, Sora doesn't seem to need to call out his Keyblade's name when performing these.
      • Or does he? He calls out "Light!" His is the keyblade of the Realm of Light.
  • The Organization XIII members are all the Kingdom Hearts version of Arrancars, perhaps with the entire mask (or whatever the Heartless or Nobody equivalent would be) removed.
    • And the minion level nobodies (Samurai, Assassins, Sorcerers, etc.) are their Fraciones.
    • Looking at it a different way, the members of the Organization correspond quite well to a member of the Gotei 13.
  • You could probably fill a page with all of the parallels between Kingdom Hearts and Bleach, to be honest.
    • For example; Riku and Kairi are the equivalents of Chad and Orihime, respectively. Both in their relation to the hero, and in the nature of their powers.
    • And Xion would be the Shinenju (I have no idea if that's spelled correctly) from Memories of Nobody. They are both entities formed from an amalgamation of memories; they attach themselves to the hero, and end up choosing death in order to save the hero. This despite the fact that death for them means annihilation, even to the point of memories of her fading from the minds of those she interacted with.
All the members of Organization XIII were originally Keyblade bearers
One, a Keyblade bearer is not necessarily a keyblade master - see Kairi and Riku - Two, all four of the known Keybladers have exceptionally strong Hearts - see Roxas - and Three, the Keyblade desert in the initial trailer for BBS seems to suggest that there were once waaay more bearers than there are now. Higher Nobodies seem to be a fitting fate as well - if the keybladerepresents balance, then what better way to preserve it than set the husks of those knights along the line between light and dark?
  • May or may not be considering Xehanort, however many of the others were originally scientists at Radiant Garden. Lexaeus in a lab coat...
  • Pretty much jossed in the game since losing Roxas was a fairly big blow since they needed him or Sora to feed Kingdom Hearts. Only 2 members were Keyblade users, Roxas and Xion.
    • Keyblades can only be wielded by those with strong hearts. Nobodies don't have hearts (according to most people), ergo they cannot (currently) wield Keyblades. Roxas (And possibly Xion) is a bit different because his heart is still out there in the world(s) keying around.
  • Did you not read the original explanation? A Keyblade Bearer is not a Keyblade Master. Namine cannot wield a Keyblade, and it's very possible that whatever Nobody Riku would have couldn't either.
  • Master Xehanort (as Terranort/the current Xehanort) was one. And it's possible (going by the True Final Boss battle against him) that the Guardian (the very same one that Ansem, Seeker of Darkness has) is the alternative form of his Keyblade). See below.
  • Just want to say, Xion siphoned away Ven's heart from Roxas, during their first fight with a Darkside. He doesn't really need a heart to use the Keyblade, as it's been confirmed that Nobody's summon spiritual weapons. It makes sense his would be the Kingdom Key(or the dream sword, however you want to slice it baby).

Twilight Town is Silent Hill
Seriously. Those Nobody's look freakishly reminiscent of SH monsters, don't they? And Roxas has inexplicable headaches and recurring nightmares/flashbacks. Well, okay, maybe the hole he has to crawl through to reach the abandoned mansion is a bit of a stretch, but I took one look at that thing and I said, out loud: "Oh. My. God. The prologue suddenly makes so much more sense."
  • This Troper also got Silent Hill vibes, particularly during the Seven Wonders investigation. Freaky shit.
  • They even have a silver-haired evil dude with mommy issues in a Badass Longcoat...

Ansem/Xehanort is really Akio from Revolutionary Girl Utena after Anthy and Utena dump him.
What, his appearance, his obsession with the "Door that will change Everything", the mysterious stained glass windows coming out of nowhere, and the fact that he lives at the End of the World wasn't enough of a clue?
  • That, and/or his family tree includes Manfred von Karma. Just look at his portrait to see what I mean.
  • Are you saying Terra before his body-jacking by Master Xehanort is Akio?
    • Without Anthy to bolster his power, he started aging. Had to resort to other means to maintain himself. His younger self, despite what body he takes, tends to look similar.
      • Well, Xehanort is an Akio... I'll be leaving now.

Maleficent is actually Precia Testarossa from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.
After falling into the abyss at the end of Nanoha, she wound up in the Radiant Garden. When she found out it wasn't Al-Hazred, she furiously transformed it into Hollow Bastion, an echo of the Garden of Time, and started trying to use the power of Kingdom Hearts to actually get to Alhazred. I mean, come on — dimension-hopping warships? Not to mention that inter-space and dimensional space look fairly similar.
  • Unlikely; Maleficent seems far more sane than what we saw of Precia.
  • How does the original Sleeping Beauty Disney movie factor into this? What would Testarossa want with King Stefan's kingdom?
  • Pretty much Jossed by Birth By Sleep. Maleficent was a regular ol' evil sorceress who learned of the power of the Heartless and decided it sounded like a nice, easy path to ultimate power. She's a power-hungry witch seeking to rule over all creation; Precia was a previously-good sorceress who went dangerously psycho after losing her daughter.

Axel is Guns n' Roses lead singer Axl Rose's Nobody.
Axel looks very similar to Axl Rose, same body build and Red Hair. Maybe Axl Rose took way too much drugs one time, and create a new persona.

Sailor Nothing is the true beginning of the Kingdom Hearts series
Note: tons of Sailor Nothing spoilers, obviously.

The similarities between the Yamiko and the Heartless are too great to ignore. Both are created by artificial means, both represent the dark side of a person's heart, both are easily dispatched by untrained young kids given extraordinary abilities from without. It's mentioned specifically in Sailor Nothing that the creation of Yamiko can be done through all sorts of means and the "Super Yamiko" show that they can be completely monstrous in form, with it being their natural evolution over time accelerated. The existence of the Yami-gaia itself also shows that inanimate objects (and, perhaps, even the air surrounding them) can be made into a dark version of itself, making it entirely possible that sentient creatures could potentially be created from non-living objects. It's also obvious that these buildings were capable of mutating over time, judging by how it had changed to a mirror of modern Japan instead of remaining the same as it was the couple centuries prior when it was first created.

Parallels can be drawn between the resolution of Sailor Nothing and the first Kingdom Hearts. In the former, despite the fact that the Yami-gaia seemingly collapsed and took the main cast's powers with it, the Yamiko very clearly still exist in some form based on how General Cobalt was still alive. A major setback, yes, but still around. Both had their overlord as the Load-Bearing Boss of their entire dimensions.

With these similarities in mind, it stands to reason that the Yamiko were the very first Heartless. Neither the Yamiko nor their dimension were truly destroyed, but instead sealed away (becoming the Realm of Darkness). Due to the power void left behind, they all mutated into "Dark Generals" over time, but had no regular humans with which to create more Yamiko from. Experimentation lead to them creating the most basic type of Heartless from the only thing they had which wasn't already a corruption: air. This is the same substance that Ansem created a Heartless from many years later and also explains how there can be millions and millions of them in spite of a lack of population. More experimentation lead to the discovery of pathways to other worlds, allowing them to move around in their search for victims. However, their effectiveness would be next to nothing due to their lack of both intelligence and overarching goals.

Enter Xehanort. Just as how the Yamiko were nothing but a self-destructive race without their queen and her appointed Dark Generals, so, too, were the Heartless unable to accomplish anything without Xehanort and his appointed interplanetary henchmen. Kingdom Hearts II mentions that they initially only existed as a shadow threat, brought to prominance by Xehanort. In truth, having stumbled through the realm of darkness, the Heartless could do nothing but aimlessly attack and corrupt whatever was within reach. Xehanort, with Ansem's studies, had figured out that the Heartless all shared a desire for somebody to lead them and sought to fill that power void. Without him, they could never have been as successful as they ultimately became.

The process of creating Yamiko itself had also mutated over time with the species. Originally starting out as simply extracting the darkness out of a person's heart and crafting a duplicate of the person with it, the process got corrupted over time into extracting the entire heart and leaving the husk behind to become a Nobody. The light gets used to cause a jump in the physical evolution of the Heartless while the darkness becomes an entirely new entity. Just as how a Yamiko is based on the traits of its subject, so, too, do the Heartless gain the traits of their subjects. Keeping this in mind, it stands that all the most powerful Heartless are instead the original Yamiko left after Sailor Nothing, human forms long lost, sanity long faded. The world populations don't seem to be sufficiently large enough anywhere to allow any single particular Heartless to absorb enough energy to become that powerful.

As for Earth itself, it's most likely that it is what would eventually become End of the World. The Yamiko had intimate ties to Japan to the point of even mirroring it with the Yami-gaia and as such, most likely would not willingly choose to completely destroy it. It also explains why they have a particular world if they constantly snuff out other worlds just from their presence.

  • Given that the Kingdom Hearts is the multiverse where every Disney and Final Fantasy world is stored, the true beginning of the Kingdom Hearts is either Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs}} (the first Disney animated movie) or Final Fantasy (the first Final Fantasy game).
    • Why not all three? Chaos does something that causes... whatever the rest of the excuse plot is, and it's revealed to the player that Kingdom Hearts is just a very well concealed Sailor Nothing alternate universe fic.
    • You mean like... kill off most of the heroes, and then their worlds, with some of them escaping (Cloud, Squall) Some getting reborn (Tidus) and most just ending up being forgotten in the annals of time?

Zexion is actually a mob boss.
His own bio specifically states he "hates to dirty his own hands", he's manipulative and hatches many an evil scheme in an underground basement, and he always hangs around with a guy who's twice his size and vaguely resembles a bodyguard. If that doesn't scream "Godfather", I don't know what does.
  • The world of the live action Mr. Magoo movie was destroyed by the Heartless, Zexion is the Nobody of the leader of the mobsters from that movie (the one Magoo was mistaken for in one scene), who was turned into a Heartless.
  • Not to mention that his Other's name (Ienzo) is really Italian-sounding

The Kingdom Hearts series is Sora's hallucination.
The entire series is one big hallucination made up by Sora. This explains why Sora isn't going to be in any of the games beyond I, CoM, and II.
  • The first part of KHI, "Awakening", was all a dream by Sora. An honest-to-God dream. End of story.
  • The Destiny Islands section happens until Riku throws Sora the papou fruit. Sora then eats the papou fruit, which turned out to be drugged by Riku.
  • The entirety of KHI is simply a hallucination by Sora. This is why Sora is always good, Kairi is the damsel in distress (being his love interest), and Riku is bad (being Sora's rival for Kairi.) This is also why he gets her heart. The Disney characters are all in the game as those were Sora's favorite movies/shows as a child. Mickey was Sora's third favorite for some reason, Donald and Goofy being his first and second. He somewhat likes Chip and Dale (which is how they turn up as Gummi Ship engineers), but he doesn't care about the other classical Disney characters, and so they get no plot significance. He also plays Final Fantasy games. Ansem was some sort of odd thing made up by his mind.
  • During KH:CoM, Sora falls into a coma. This causes the distortion of "the worlds", making Organization XIII exist. Assumably, Organization XIII is based off of real-life people that we do not ever hear about (with the exceptions of Xemnas=Riku, Roxas=Sora, and Namine=Kairi.) As he falls deeper into his coma, he forgets more and more, thus creating the memory-forgetting magic of Castle Oblivion. Sora is deepest in his coma when Namine puts him to "sleep."
  • Riku somehow assists in getting Sora out of his coma in the real world. His mind, acknologing this, makes Riku into an "anti-hero" at the very end. More Disney characters are used, and Organization XIII returns to put continuity into Sora's life. At the end of the game, what happens in real life is that Sora is presumed dead and Riku is swimming his body out to sea when Sora decides he wants to wake up. Donald, Goofy, and Mickey are after-effects of the drugs and coma.
  • To answer Sora's somewhat prophetic question from the beginning of his dream sequence in KH 1, no, none of this is for real.

Mystery Mold is an extremely powerful drug.
It's the ultimate Shop Fodder in the series (9999 Munny!) but Sora can't use or craft anything out of it in its unrefined state. The light and likely Disney-approved version states that it's probably used for medical applications that don't apply to Sora. The twisted dark notion (and not too far of a jump) is that it's a highly addictive hallucinogen. Or both!

The Gummy Ships give their riders Botox injections
The reasoning is simple. The ships are powered by happy faces. They do not slow down or stall out when being shot at, crashing into walls in space, or have difficulty starting after a depressing cutscene. The conclusion is that something is keeping a smile on the faces of the people inside, and Botox the only substance known to make not smiling literally physically impossible.
  • Alternatively, they're all trigger-happy freaks.
  • If the gummi ship doesn't have to be powered by genuine smiles, shouldn't it be a lot easier to just paint a smily face in the engine room? Personally, this troper thinks that the gummi ship stores excess "smile energy" generated by the crew to use for when the grew isn't really up to the job of smiling.
  • Alternatively, Donald just said that because he is awkward around young people, doesn't know how to talk to preteens, and figured that telling Sora that the ship "runs on smiles" would keep him from randomly having a tantrum.
  • 'Smile Energy' is a translation error. It's powered by Spiral Energy
  • Or maybe the Gummi Ships are a lot bigger on the inside then they look from the outside, and the stuff inside is just so much fun they have plenty of smiles even in certain death. Like say, they have Disneyland stuffed inside there.
  • I always assumed that the line about the ship running on happy faces was just something Donald said to cheer Sora up, and wasn't meant to be taken literally.
    • It's taken *extremely* literally in the manga, much to the crew's dismay.

There's a connection between Xehanort and The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords's Vaati
Think:A student of an old, nice sage, who became interested in the darkness of human hearts and finally decides to get rid of his master and transforms himself into an evil monster-like beeing? The minish cap anyone? Oh yes, and don't forget, he uses the light-power of princess(es) to make himself unstoppable!

Kingdom Hearts III will hit the giant Reset Button
Something I just read on a German fansite:According to a theory, KH III will be about Sora, Riku and Kairi, travelling back into time, teaming up with Ven, Terra and Aqua and changing history, so that the Heartless and Nobodies never come to exist. However, this change will mean that Riku and Sora will never leave Destiny Island and that Kairi will never leave Radiant Garden. It stands to reason that they won't meet each other, and Sora will never make friends with the Disney characters he met on his journeys! However, it would get interesting if Sora, Riku, & Kairi shared a Papou-fruit, before hitting the reset button...
  • That would be severly depressing.
  • The Papou fruit thing would probably just result in a loop. Delayed loop, but loop nonetheless...
  • Or maybe something else...instead, Sora winds up giving a Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Nah, he's already done that once. Given all the Christian symbolism, it's very doubtful he'd do that again. "Christ, once dead, dies no more." What does make sense is some kind of parallel to the Battle of Armageddon — Sora confronts Xehanort in the Second Keyblade War, where Sora will summon forth the χ-blade, slay Xehanort and then wipe out his army in one blow. Afterwards, he will save Terra, Ventus and Aqua, along with all the other casualties, and in the final scene he'll marry Kairi.
    • For some who find Sora's actions less than acceptable (murder of people who look and act like people without any qualms) this would be extremely... Distastefull.
    • Don't worry, they're not dead. Killing someone's Nobody and Heartless just causes their original Somebody to come back to life, so Nobodies are just put on hold until their Heartless is Keybladed.

Paopu Fruits contain a powerful natural hallucinogen.
Kingdom Hearts is basically a Mushroom Samba of Sora's: with nothing else to do on their tiny little island, he spends the entire day tripping on the beach with Riku and Kairi. This explains the surrealist CG opening sequence ("I've been having these weird thoughts lately..."), why sharing a paopu fruit with someone is such a big deal, and why things make increasingly less sense as time goes on.
  • The Stinger in KH 3 is actually Kairi’s first time completely unstoned in years and Sora has actually been dead for a year.

Xigbar is actually from the Mass Effect universe.
I don't care what actual canon has to say on the matter, Xigbar is clearly a biotic of some kind. Think about it! He has laser pistols, can warp the fabric of space, and can combine his pistols into a sniper rifle. He's totally a Vanguard.
  • And Kai Leng is from Kingdom Hearts! It all makes sense now!

Namine is Lady Gaga
Think about it! She wants Sora to love her, white hair, etc.?
  • She has the p-p-p-poker face too.

The Kingdom Hearts universe is actually The Farplane
Which explains why some of the characters who died in various Final Fantasy games are alive in this one. Many of those who didn't had Faux Death scenes in their original games - it could be that they actually died in those games, spent some time on the Farplane and were somehow resurrected, allowing each game to continue. Wakka is really his brother Chappu who very wisely decided that being surrounded by kids on Destiny Islands, it would not be a good idea to have a name that ends in "poo" because of the obvious jokes arising from that, so he took his brother's identity. The characters' different appearances and ages are caused by wilful manipulation of their pyreflies. Tidus, still suffering because he had to leave Yuna behind made himself return to an age when girls still had cooties. Yuffie is there because she's from the universe of someone who didn't buy the guide and therefore never unlocked her (similarly, the Gullwings - someone who failed to complete the game sealed their fate. Rikku and Yuna took on the fairy-like appearance and Paine grudgingly followed suit). Vincent isn't there because he's unsent. Tifa is still alive and took a quick trip to Guadosalam to visit her old friends on the Farplane, so only the ones she's thinking of at the time can see her. As for Cid? Who knows.
  • Also, YRP could still be alive as they visit the Farplane at the end of their own game.
  • What about the FF 8 characters (Squall, Selphie, Seifer & co., etc.)? All of them are very much alive by the end of that game. Ditto for Setzer.
    • Faux Death scene, as mentioned above. Squall, end of Disc 1. Selphie, exploded missile base. Seifer, we're supposed to think was executed early on. I'm making the (very) wild assumption that all of those were actually real deaths which eventually ended in resurrection. As for Setzer, I haven't had the chance to play Final Fantasy VI yet so I don't know.

Kingdom Hearts is LOVELESS
  • Hero=Sora
  • Prisoner=Roxas
  • Traveller=Riku
  • Goddess=Kairi
  • Prisoner's Lover=Axel

And the whole Cloud and Aeris scene at the Hollow Bastion is a variation on the scene Cid recited in FFVII.

Saix was Darcia from Wolf's Rain.
Darcia has blue hair, a wolf's eye, and was already unhinged, which supports the idea that Nobodies resemble their Somebodies. However, turning himself into a wolf was directly responsible for turning him Ax-Crazy as well and causing the deaths of almost all of the protagonists. After he died by getting zapped out of existence, there was obviously no body—and since his human eye was left behind, it was replaced with another wolf's eye when Darcia turned into a Nobody. The fact that Saix is still humanoid is probably because his transformation was unnatural and therefore didn't "stick". (Alternately, he may just be more used to a human body.)

Since the wolves in Wolf's Rain gain the most energy during the full moon, and Darcia went Ax-Crazy during his first and only full moon as a wolf, Saix's rages during those times are a residual memory of that. The scar on his face is reminiscent of Tsume's chest scar, as Tsume was the last of the protagonists he managed to kill. (But since X's aren't the most complicated shape, that's up for debate.) Furthermore, "Saix" without the X is a phonetic anagram for the last half of "Darcia". Considering that both Saix and Darcia are homicidal maniacs, I don't think they'd care whether their names are proper anagrams of each other.

He's pissed because everyone's making cracks about him after the planet he shares a name with was "demoted" to "Plutoid." Somehow, he's going to get his vengence upon us all...

Zexion's book is not a lexicon, it is a Death Note
Let's face it, he's called the "Cloaked Schemer," and he prefers trickery and subterfuge to force. And it would explain why all the Organization members feel compelled to change their names....

The Powerwilds and Bouncywilds are scheming to steal the entire universe's supply of bananas.
Where else do you think they were throughout the entirety of KHII? They didn't just vanish. They're clearly off doing some evil deeds on Maleficent or Xehanort's orders. Naturally, if the universal supply of bananas needs to be stolen, the monkeys would be the ones to do it. The only thing missing is why... what's so special about bananas that two entire species of Heartless would go to steal them all?
  • Clearly, bananas must have hearts. Banana-flavored hearts.
    • Or they're trying to turn Donkey Kong into a Heartless by stealing all the bananas in the worlds. Somehow. I dunno how, they just are!
    • Saix's joke weapon in 358. its a banana. they're obviously trying to reconstruct that!

The keyblade goes to anyone who beats its wielder in a fight, and senmds its former, now comatose owners an empathic dream.
Sora was defeated by Leon. Rhinoa and Seifer became Kairi and Riku in the dream, and Seifer got the Keyblade when he defeated Squall while under Ansem's control. This is more likely than the other part of the theory, but nowhere near as cool, and doesn't explain KH2: After Squall gets the keyblade, Pluto defeats him, and gives the keyblade to King Mickey. Donald, Mickey, and Goofy return to Disney Castle to find that Queen Minnie is gone, and Mickey goes along with Chocobo and Moogle to find her. Roxas is Mortimer, "King" Mickey is Yen Sid, and Yen Sid is Walt Disney. Twilight Town and the world inside the computer are Toon Town and Toon Town Online, respectively, and nobody (no double meaning intended) was able to defeat Mickey by the end of the second game. The 1930s-50s Toon Town was the 8-Bit Final Fantasy world, and Mickey was never defeated. Castle Oblivionm was a lot simpler, because they just had to find the scripts for Mickey's voice actor and force Minnie to rewrite them (otherwise it wouldn't affect him), and "Sora" was never defeated after the events at "Hollow Bastion" (really Disney Castle) because the Keyblade Weilder was Mickey from that battle onward. Oh, the "true Keyblade Master" thing? It's "the True Keyblade master." Not sora, but whoever's holding the Keyblade at any given time.
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • Don't do drugs, kids. Only rambling madness can come of it.

Chibi Yuna, Rikku, and Paine are cosplayers.
  • This is the ONLY way in my mind to justify Auron and the gullwings exsisting in the same univierse as they do.
    • They could be clones, too. Or time travelers.

The World of Darkness that fused with Ansem was Jenova's Heartless.
Which implies that Xehanort is Sephiroth, by way of Ansem being his Nobody. There were a lot of similarities betweenOne Winged Angel and World of Darkness, and nobody knows what the original "No Heart X" looked like. The final game (possibly but not necessarily the third one) will end with Cloud fusing with an older, lighter-brown haired Sora, and leading the FF and KH characters to battle the Jenova and Real Sephiroth that were fused thanks to the defeat or powers of the Unversed.

Demyx's Somebody was actually a ninja from the Land of Waves.
Think about it. He can make water clones, something that a Mizu ninja would know. His element is also based around water, something a ninja would would probably use as a weapon if surrounded by water all the time. And the reason he pretends to be a moron? So he doesn't go back to his killing ways of a ninja. When Sora insulted him in Hollow Bastion, he got mad at Sora for belittling him, and fought him at his real strength.
  • Or, alternatively, he's actually Naruto. This is pretty much based on my fic here. Before you ask how I even got to this conclusion, I don't even know how. I think I need to lay off the roleplaying.

Sora's mother's identity will be a huge shock to us all.
We know she exists, since she had a line in the first game, yet we never ever heard of her again or saw her face.She's GOT to have a secret!My guess: She's Rinoa. Therefore, Leon is Sora's father.
  • Leon was eleven when Sora was born.
  • What if Sora's mother is/was Larxene before she became a nobody? We don't know what his mother looks like, and we don't know where Larxene (along with the other Org. XIII members who weren't apprentices) came from originally. After all, Larxene is a fairly new member of the Organization in CoM, which happens a good while after the islands were destroyed by the heartless. In that case, Sora's mother, Lanere (or something...), was ambushed and harvested by Heartless amidst the chaos, and as it's not too much of a stretch to assume that Sora's mother would be strong-willed, she could have become a Nobody. Alright fellow Tropers, the long-winded guess is almost over! Somewhere between losing her humanity (and memory apparently...although some of them may still have been there given her comment on how having a heart was "painful") and CoM, she is discovered and taken to the Organization by Xigbar, where she is given a new name and taught to use her powers. In 358/2 Days, she seems to resent Roxas for no adequately explained reason, then gradually grows to acknowledge his skills. Could this be because he reminds her of repressed memories of her son (and possibly husband, not Sora but whoever the obligatorily absent father happense to be...)?
    • Adding the WMG below to the mix would explain just why Larxene behaves the way she does. Sora can have a quick temper occasionally, a trait that he may have inherited from his mother. She was simply better at repressing it, along with her cynicism and sometimes hyper attitude (although the latter could be a side effect of her affinity with lightning magic)
    • If Larxene's Somebody is Sora's mother, then this troper has a weird idea that makes Marluxia's Somebody his father. Mommy and Daddy lost almost all of their memories when they became Nobodies and created a plot to overthrow the Organization with help from Axel, which was really just a giant misguided attempt to get their son back. The reason Sora couldn't recognize his parents (assuming their Nobodies at least vaguely resemble them) is because of Castle Oblivion. After Larxene and Marluxia were defeated by Sora, their hearts were rejoined with their bodies and they returned to Destiny Islands, where they were reunited with their son after KHII. They lost their memories from the time they were Nobodies, and Sora doesn't know it was them. But maybe one day, he'll put two and two together and realize that if you rearrange the names of his parents and throw in an "X", they spell out "Larxene" and "Marluxia". But Sora isn't the brightest crayon in the box, so I doubt anybody will ever know.
  • For an alternate school of thought, what if Sora was the son of Celes Chere? It's explained a bit more in depth here, but this basically boils down to naming conventions (both Sora and Celes' names equate to the sky/heavens) and abilities (Sora is shown to have both a good sword arm and magical expertise, not unlike Celes; while he's not as elegant with his fighting style, it's possible his skills with magic—once unlocked by Merlin's tutelage—were inherited). By extension, this would mean Sora's dad is Locke Cole. This could provide a chance to introduce some more Final Fantasy characters into the universe without overshadowing the plot to a notable degree (coughCloud!coughSephiroth!cough). On a somewhat related note, Riku's parents would be Firion and Lightning. (I blame you, Dissidia 012!)
  • Alternate alternate, what about Ellone? She's got the wibbly wobbly memory time magic stuff that could also explain a bit of how Namine got her powers, and depending on how much older she is than Squall, she could be early-to-mid thirties. Plus she's the one I can immediately think of as good with kids. That leaves the question of Sora's dad up in the air, but it's still a theory.

Sora's dad is Superman.
Look at his eyes, and how naturally he flies when sprinkled with pixie dust. Also, he can glide after leaving, quite unlike Wendy and her brothers. Speaking of that glide, look how well it improves over the course of KH II. Also, have you noticed how durable and strong Sora is compared to Donald and Goofy? Donald and Goofy actually have human levels of endurance, and Sora's level of endurance is obscenely high compared to this.

Sora's parents are Sonic and Sally.
Sonic is the Knight of the Wind and Sora's mom had the same voice actress as Sally. It turns out mobians are half-human/half-animal hybrids and because hedgehogs can't breed with squirrels, Sora only inherited their human genes.
  • Incidently, Sora's feelings for Kairi could be partially contributed to Like Parent, Like Spouse (red headed princesses).

South Park Mickey Mouse is Kingdom Hearts Mickey's Heartless.
If you watched the Jonas Brothers episode, you know exactly why. If you didn't... let's just say that he would have made Buy'n'Large look like very friendly gentlemen if it wasn't for three meddling kids busting his plans.

Pooh's storybook is in actuality an improved version of a Description Book.
Touching the book leads you into a new world and taking out pages alters the landscape, but unlike normal Description Books, you can choose your destination and don't need a book to link out.

Pooh's storybook is a portable version of the Prose Portal.
And Mycroft is Merlin. He made his way from the book worlWhen he finished in Sherlock Holmes's stories, he replaced gloomy/grouchy old Merlin as the wacky old dude with the owl, got into the previously undiscovered movie world (or at least a Toon Town), and got pulled unexpectedly into Kingdom Hearts. He then recreates the Prose Portal with the Grand Library's copy of the book (either Crazy-Prepared-ness or pure dumb luck) as a shortcut back to the Book World, which is why the story disappears when the pages are missing.

St. Peter is in charge of handing out keyblades.
Just who was that mystical voice that spoke to Sora at the beginning and end of Kingdom Hearts? Why it was St. Peter of course! After all, we know from Matthew 16:18-19 that:" And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Ever since, St. Peter's been handing out keyblades to those who are worthy. After all, it gets boring being a gatekeeper after a few millenia; have to spice it up somehow. . .
  • Given that he gave Riku a keyblade back when Riku was in the thrall of Darkness, this implies a Chessmaster role, with possible maliciousness- Riku's keyblade did a lot of damage, particularly in the creation of Roxas, which is what inspired Org. XIII to create their own Kingdom Hearts.
    • Organization XIII was already trying to create Kingdom Hearts. Roxas just sped the process up.
  • The great thing about this one is that, when walking around all the religious buildings in Rome, there were keys representing St. Peter all over the walls... that looked ridiculously similar to Keyblades. By that, I mean same size, same proportions, heart motifs. There were even Keychains on several of them. Leading me to the theory that...

St. Peter was the first Keyblade Master, the blade being granted to him by God.

The Keyblades are really AT-Fields
Ansem-Riku's black Keyblade was, of course, an anti-AT Field, the Heartless are made of LCL, and Kingdom Hearts itself is Instrumentality.
  • So the keyblade wielders are the angels, and the things like The End of The World are the anti-angel defenders that the worlds erected from the only thing they could- the hearts and bodies of the humans and worlds themselves. It's interesting in that the keyblade wielders may be trying to reverse instrumentality instead of stop it. This probably makes Xemnas analogous to Rei, but it depends on what No Heart's Unversed is like whether Ansem is Shinji or Asuka (this troper thinks the safe bets would be on Asuka). Actually, it might make more sense if Ansem and Xehanort are Adam and Lilith-as-Rei respectively, considering the whole fusion thing. Axel coul be interpreted as Kaworu, but it's more likely that character's analog hasn't shown up yet.
    • I now know, without a doubt, that Kingdom Hearts... IS TANG!!!

Master Xehanort from Birth by Sleep is Emperor Palpatine's Nobody.
The Dark Side split Palpatine in II. Heartless Palpatine ruled over the Star Wars Galaxy. Palpatine's Nobody constructed a Gummi Ship and went into another dimension to enact the exact same plan in another location, as a backup.
  • Galbatorix is a discarded attempt to clone himself from his memories of his Sith Master, discarded into the Eragon world.

Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion is our world in the future.
And Twilight Town is our world in the present, similar to Timeless River compared to Disney Castle. Tron exists in Hollow Bastion, when it was first generated on Earth. The FF characters are a group of cosplayers/Otakin, and not in fact the originals (with the exclusion of Cloud and Sephiroth, and probably Tifa, considering what Sephiroth was to Coud and Aeris' survival and lack of serious involvement with the Cloud/Sephiroth/Tifa situation). Merlin obviously travelled from not to our present from some alternate Arthurian England in The Sword in the Stone, but rather to our future to the Sword In The Stone KH world.

The events of Reverse/Rebirth, Kingdom Hearts II, and 358/2 days have not happened.

Sora is still in his pod, and Riku, who was in actuality found by the Organization in the dark realm, is also in a pod. Namine, who is still under Organization control, is not repairing either's memories, she's fabricating simulations so they do not wake up. The Organization's actual goal required the need for all three key-bearers, but they couldn't find the King (Mickey is badass, so he escaped the Dark Realm). Because they need all the key-bearers, they cannot kill Sora and Riku, but nor can they let them walk about freely. So, they use Namine's powers to keep them around and occupied.

Namine, though she may be continuing with the mucking up of our heroes heads, is still not evil, and wishes to subvert the Organization. And while she's too closely monitored to get away with outright telling Sora and Riku the truth, she has been dropping hints and giving them vital information.

For Sora, the idea of a part of himself ("Roxas") living in a virtual world, of course, mirrors what is actually happening. Sora accepting "Roxas" as a part of him also allows Namine a reasonable excuse to give Sora access to "Roxas's" memories, so that she could show him the events of 358/2 days, which were, though entirely fictional, insights into the characters and ways of the Organization. Everything has generally gone well for Namine on this part.

Riku, however, has given her trouble. She wanted Riku to be able use both the powers of dark and the light. Her original plan had been to follow the original example for getting Riku to accept the darkness, which is to say, through the influence of Ansem(Xehanort's Heartless), but adding in the King so Riku would not lose the light. But Riku was refusing to accept the dark. Namine, who can only influence and cannot force her will on someone without breaking the simulation, quickly invented the idea of DiZ, a somewhat more personal figure to guide Riku's darkness. The fact that DiZ was spur-of-the-moment is easily recognizable, as his skin and eyes are that of Ansem's and most of his face is just covered in belts (Namine has Tetsuya Nomura's Belts and Zippers fetish). When Riku finally came through, Namine was weary and wished to abandon Riku's mind to focus solely on Sora. She offered him a pod (Like the one he was already in!) so that Riku's mind would accept the emptiness that would be his abandoned mind and continue slumbering, but Riku refused. Namine was forced to continue Riku's story, and attempted to make it easier on herself by melding Sora and Riku's stories together.

Namine's strain is noticeable in Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2. This is the cause of the increasingly convoluted plot, such as reopening the same damn keyholes you shut the first time around, and Organization 13 having 14 members. Namine is also a fan of Yaoi, so all the Ho Yay is justified. There is also a notable attempt by Namine to garner sympathy for the fate of Nobodies, as she herself IS a Nobody, but she had to tread that water carefully because she needs Sora and Riku to fight the Organization, and she didn't want them to sympathize with any of THEM.

Side-notes: Roxas never existed, as Sora was a heartless for such little time that he returned to his body, and no Nobody was made. Xion also never existed, a being of pure fabrication by Namine. Namine herself, though she does not wish to be, is the 13th member. Zexion and Lexaeus are still alive, as they never actually fought Riku. Axel, Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Demyx, Luxord, and Sai'x are also still alive, as KH II didn't happen. Namine is alive too, of course. Vexen, Larxene, and Marluxia are still dead, though. Donald and Goofy are NOT in pods. I always interpreted the Donald and Goofy from Chain of Memories to be solely from Sora's memories. Donald and Goofy are still hanging out somewhere, desperately trying to find their friend and Key-bearer. Because DiZ doesn't really exist, we still don't know the true whereabouts of Ansem the Wise. Birth by Sleep may or may not be more of Namine's shenanigans, but the name sure sounds like it is. And Seifer does not, at least not yet, have undeniable proof that he totally owns lamers.

Epic Mickey is a Kingdom Hearts prequel.
Detailing exactly how Mickey became "King" in the first place.

The stories in Kingdom Hearts are what really happened
All the Disney Canon is a retelling of each story taking out the silly talking duck and dog and the weird kid with the red short and big yellow shoes.

Organization XIII has some connection to the Seven Dark Jedi from the Dark Forces Saga.
They're a shadowy organization with the number of members in their name with oddly similar motives, if you consider the Valley of the Jedi and the ultimate goal of Organization XIII. What's more, some of the members seem somehow similar:
  • Axel = Jerec
  • Roxas = Yun
  • Larxene = Sariss
  • Saix = Maw
  • Marluxia = Boq
  • Lexaeus = Gorc
  • Demyx = Pic

Cloud is not Sora's father, and Aeris is not his mother
People who endorsed this theory forgot several important peices of information:
  • KH! Cloud seems to be around the same age as FFVII/Advent Children! Cloud.
  • FFVII! Cloud is 25, and Advent Children! Cloud must be 27.
  • Sora is 14 and 15 in the games.
  • 27-15=12, so either time travel was used, or... major squick.
  • It's even worse than that. Cloud was 21 in Final Fantasy VII, not 25, and Aeris was 22. Which would make Kingdom Hearts/Advent Children Cloud 23.
  • It will be revealed in Birth By Sleep that Aeris and Cloud are, in fact, related to Sora — Sora was lost from Radiant Garden when he was an infant, Aeris and Cloud are actually his older, fraternal twin siblings, and Clerith shippers everywhere will collectively shit their pants.
    • Much as this Cloud/Tifa shipper would love that, SE isn't going to make anything canon there. They're scared, and rightly so.
    • I would * love* to see this happen just so I can witness the apocalyptic shitstorm it would trigger.

Larxene is actually the Nobody of Relena Darlian-Peacecraft.
How, you might ask? How could a Dove Of Peace / Actual Pacifist become the lightning-flinging sadist of Organization XIII? Simply enough: After a lifetime of striving towards peace and ultimately finding her path blocked, but governments or shadow governments or simply the violence inherent in mankind, Relena started to lose faith in her purpose. As we all know, losing faith is a prime moment of vulnerability for previously Lawful Good types, leading to an eventual Face–Heel Turn after some major loss or tragedy in her life: Perhaps she and her brother made peace and then Milliardo was assassinated, or perhaps she finally found happiness with Heero only to have the resurgence of war result in his death. Whatever the case, Relena abandoned her old life and jumped at the chance to find a release from her pain: Her Nobody, Larxene inflicts pain on others to forget about the fact that she herself was once the most vulnerable of all. She may also recall just enough of her past for it to cause her anger (her 'malicious ways') and doubt (when she commented that it might be better if they didn't re-acquire their hearts). It also explains her particularly-vicious behavior towards Namine, who is very much like Relena was... or how a future-Relena might percieve herself to have been.

Also, their names match up. R-E-L-E-N-A = L-A-R-[X]-E-N-E.

The Unversed are Noise.
They are described as beng born out of negative emotions and are the opposite of human life. The former is the exact same description TWEWY gives to the Noise. the latter makes ense because the Noise attack the dead and depress the living.

The entire story is based on a fight between Scrooge and Magica De Spell.
Magica, tired of being defeated by Scrooge repeatedly, starts to concentrate on her research. She discovers the theory of worlds and brainwashes the apprentices into betraying Ansem. She then brainwashes Maleficent (later Xehanort) and begins to command the Heartless from behind the scenes. She begins by destroying Duckburg's world. Scrooge manages to alert Donald and his nephews into escaping into the first Gummi Ship, which was reverse-engineered from Magica's travel spell by Gearloose. In the process of this reverse-engineering, Donald ransacks Magica's tower without the others knowing, teaching himself magic. Everyone escapes in time (except for the Beagle Boys and Glomgold, who are converted into Heartless), but Scrooge loses his entire fortune except for his Number One Dime, and the Gummi Ship is lost in the void (because Launchpad was driving it), with the band barely making it to the next world over, Disney Castle. Donald becomes Court Magician and, because of his debts to Scrooge, uses his stipend to help build up the McDuck empire. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Kingdom Hearts and all its sequels are really just stories
So, Sora had this weird dream one night, the opening of KH1. Then he decides to write it down when he wakes up. He shows it to Riku and Kairi, and together they make a long story including all their favorite movie characters and other friends on the Islands. Then after a while, other denizens of the island are shown the story, and all the non-Disney characters in KH join together to make KH2. Meanwhile, while Sora is busy writing KH2, Riku writes CoM with the help of Namine.

Kingdom Hearts is the Nasu-Verse Holy Grail
Sora= Shirou and Roxas = Archer.

Sora and Roxas are the love children of Vanitas and Ventus
Because I see it a lot in cartoons. Apparently, when one parent has black hair and the other parent has blonde hair, the kid gets brown hair. As for Roxas, he's Ventus's generation xerox.

Vanitas Is a Yamiko
Let's see...Evil? Yes. Enemy Without? Yes. Evil Twin? You bet your ass yes. Obviously Master Xehanort stole the idea of making someone's inner evil manifest from the Dark Queen.

The entire Kingdom Hearts universe is actually just another plane in the multiverse
Moreover, it's an Expy of Alara in the sense that the KH universe has multiple, separate worlds. For example:
  • Deep Jungle in KH I could be Naya (just without all the cat-people, elves, and the gargantuans...).
  • Alantica could be controlled, primarily, by blue and black mana. The white mana source (and the only one for Atlantica, mind you)is in Triton's palace.
  • Hollow Bastion could be a Rath Expy with a strong black/red mana base (plus it has pipes everywhere...).
  • Radiant Gardens is the green/white counterpart to Hollow Bastion.
  • Twilight Town could also be blue/black.
  • The Heartless are all black creatures as well as black hybrids with other colors of mana.
This segues to...

Xion was a l'Cie
It would explain why she turned into crystal.

The story around the X-Blade is purely a setup for Sorax Riku Yaoi fanfictions.
Because Sora (pure light) and Riku (pure darkness) will 'intersect'
  • Riku is so hilariously far from pure anything.
  • It probably won't come to pass. If anything, Riku is a perfect balance of light and dark. While Sora's dominion is indeed light, he's not Ven or any of the Seven Princesses of Heart. Yup.
  • Well, if we're using the X-Blade as a metaphor, then it's clear that it applies to the two who wield the Keyblades of light and dark realms. So it's a setup for...oh God. Oh God, no.
    • I suppose the easiest way to do that would be the cardboard tube method... And thanks to Rule 34, an image of that now exists somewhere. If you'll excuse me, I need to go pray for Walt's forgiveness for the atrocity we have just committed.

The Entire Kingdom Hearts series is the direct result of the Crisis on Infinite Earths.
Warning this theory is Continuity Porn.

The DCU, the Marvel Universe, Disney Animated Canon, Pixar's films and the various Final Fantasy worlds were all originally part of the same set of infinite earths that made up the multiverse before it was destroyed by the Antimoniter. We know this since we have seen that Marvel and DC universes are able to crossover occasionally, the minor Mythology Gags in the Pixar movies, Disney owning Marvel and The Princess and the Frog showing a combined cosmology as that of The Lion King indicating a form of shared verses.

The Antimoniter claimed to have destroyed the multiverse but since it was made up from an infinite number of Earths that would be functionally impossible to destroy a infinite number of anything. What really occured was that he destroyed trillions of worlds but simply seperated and sealed most worlds off from each other. In this process some beings were removed from their original worlds and placed into new ones often with no memory of their true home, this happened to the Justice Society of America who were stranded on New Earth away from their original Earth-1 and to most of the Final Fantasy characters as their worlds were among those lost in the Crisis.

The Unversed came into being from the souls of those who lost their worlds and lives in the Crisis. The destroyed Antimoniter left behind a lingering darkness across the multiverse that when used in Xenoheart's experiments formed the heartless and left behind nobodies.

Due to his concern of the possibility of the Heartless reforming the Antimoniter and the potential dangers of the Nobodies and Unversed the moniter created the Access force as seen in DC Vs Marvel and the Amalgalm universe. This did not go as planned as he was diverted from his purpose of watching over the Heartless and Nobodies by the interference of Dr. Strangefate from the Amalgalm Universe. So when that minor crisis was adverted he stripped Access of his power and reforged the power into the Keyblades and Gummivessels which he gifted upon the Land of Departure, a world of his own creation where he deposited those with worthy hearts who had lost worlds but survived the Crisis. This is where Birth By Sleep occurs. Since there is no official translation yet I cannot tie it to the theory any better yet.

The connections between the worlds in the first game was in fact not the Heartless's doing but was because the multiverse was unstable restructured during the Infinite Crisis. Superboy Prime punching time caused the lingering threads of continuity between the worlds to form tangitable connections that Malificent and Ansem/Xenoheart exploited to access Kingdom Hearts which the world of the Monitor who has now been split into fifty-two seperate moniters.

The missing year of Chain Of Memories and 358/2 Days was the missing year of 52.

The second game has a more stable multiverse so to Travel between universes Sora has to open gateway using the power of Access that is within the Keyblade. Unfortunately since he never received training as the old keyblade masters from Birth By Sleep he is doing so in such a haphazard manner that it has a ripple effect in the fabric of the multiverse resulting in strange behaviour and temporal paradoxes in the residence of the DC Universe these discrepancies are chronicled in the Countdown to Final Crisis.

The effects upon Limbo and Kingdom Hearts/the world of the Moniters in Final Crisis shall be addressed when we get an actual Kingdom Hearts 3.

  • (applause) That is so crazy, it just might work.
    • That my good man, was the most fangasmic Wild Mass Guessing I've ever read on this wiki.
      • You're both too kind.

A future game will have the characters be transported to their other continuities and meet their counterparts.
Mickey, Donald & Goofy to their Disney canon, the FF gangs to their games, etc. You'll either have to find them or you'll go with them. None the less you have to figure out how to get home.

The Forms were introduced because the creators got sick of Donald's voice
There is a Story and Gameplay Segregation in regards to the Drive Forms. Donald and Goofy are shown while Sora is in one of his Drive Forms during cutscenes, but during the actual fights, they disappear. Why? Because Squeenix and the testers were sick of hearing Donald and Goofy during fights.

Nicolas Cage is a nobody
In which way?
  • When the man emotes he always sounds too fake.

Johan is somehow connected to Xehanort.
Both of them are cold and manipulative, good-looking (not Master X, but his Heartless and Nobody for sure) and able to pull extremely complicate plans that usually involve destruction on a world-wide scale. Plus, we don't know what was Master X's past, nor Johan's status at the end of the novel Another Monster, so maybe... if we consider that the KH fandom is expecting a Light Is Not Good Big Bad for KH 3...
  • I've realized two things: use of dark corridors changes who uses them without being an Heartless or having an Organization coat. Just look at DiZ and his true identity. Now, look at the scene with a young Master Xehanort is looking at the sunset...and the opening of Monster with Johan at the big white window...
  • Second: one of Johan (and Kinderheim 511 - related characters) phrases is "Today is darkness, tomorrow will be darkness...". But in chapter 65 he said that he "saw an even darker blackness". I think it's possible to jump from here to "KINGDOM HEEEAAAARRTS!! FILL ME...WITH THE POWER OF DARKNESS!"
    • Johan as a Large Ham? Considering what he could calm, that could be even more terrifying (or narmtastic).

Drakken is responsible for bringing the Disney and Final Fantasy 'verses together
Dr. Drakken simply plugged his "Pan-dimensional-vortex-inducer" into his PS2 instead of his cable box. Then, just like in the episode "Dimension Twist", it caused a 'Trapped In Tv Land' scenario. All of Disney was sucked in, and the villains just carried on from there without him. In other words, Dr. Drakken is the true mastermind (albeit acciedentally) behind all of it.
  • Does that mean that Middleton is going to be a world in KH3d?

Riku is one of Prof. Hojo's experiments
Riku is a just a kid, or teen at theend of KHII, but he's musculous, tough, white-haired with very different blue eyes (see, his eyes are light blue, unlike Sora and Kairi) just like Sephiroth and his wannabesand his parents are seen in nowhere. Perhaps he has Jenova cells in his body.

Demyx once had an unfortunate run-in with Captain EO
The only other place in the combined Disney-Squeenix universe you see hair like that is after the good Captain blasts everyone in the vicinity with magic 80s fashion lasers. Clearly Number IX was caught in the cross-fire.

Nobodies are Unsents
They linger, though they do not belong in the world of the living, and they turn into monsters unless they have very strong wills, in which case they retain human form, but they envy living humans, and this tends to provoke them to evil, or at least despair.

The Soul Eater universe takes place in the same universe as KH.
Come on, souls and hearts, and they're both Square Enix properties. Besides, how kickass would a Death City world be?

The Kingdom Hearts worlds are an alternate version of the Kamen Rider multiverse.
Making Sora an alternate reality version of Decade.

Sora is somehow related to Ryan Stiles
Just look at those feet.
  • What? I can't hear you! Sora's shoes are too loud!

The Kingdom Hearts verse is a level of The Dark Tower
I can't be the only Trope who'se thought of this. Kingdom Hearts is the "heart of all worlds," and takes many different forms in different worlds. The Hero, last of an ancient warrior of knights, must make his way across the multiverse, trying to thwart the villain and save the worlds from being consumed by darkness/Discordia. Parts of the multiverse are falling apart every second, and the villain wants nothing more than to control the center of the universe itself—the eponymous Dark Tower/the eponymous Kingdom Hearts. Sora is the Last of His Kind knight, with two ka-tets for different parts of his life. Riku is Sussanah (fiercely independent, introspective, and slightly hot-headed, not to mention how they both become possessed), and Kairi is Eddie Dean (snarker tendencies in KH 1). Goofy is Alain and Donald is Cuthbert.

  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep can be seen as the KH version of the Battle of Jericho Hill, the point at which the world seriously began to move on...which, like in The Dark Tower, wasn't revealed to the audience until a good number of installments later.

  • Malificent is the Man in Black (not literally), doing her best to gain as much power as possible, but still ultimately defeated and revealed to be merely The Dragon.

  • Master Xehanort is revealed pretty late in the story to be the driving force behind EVERY PROBLEM. Kind of like how The Crimson King ended up being retconned into the main villain.

  • Finally, probably the most obvious part, is the fact that both stories tie a bunch of separate tales together into one verse.

  • It would be reasonable to suggest that the entire Disney Multiverse exists along one of the beams of the Tower, and that Epic Mickey represents an attempt to break the beam.

Orgodemir is the actual leader of the heartless
He probably created the heartless so he could seal up other worlds instead of just the one world from Dragon Quest VII.

Master Xehanort has possesed Tetsuya Nomura.
Somehow Xehanort managed to escape into Real Life (via the Mirage Arena), and possesed him around the development process of the first game. His Kudzu Plot is just a way for him to generate enough controversy to split the fanbase into two. He will then attempt to clash the two factions together in a Keyblade War MMORPG since the X-Blade cannot exist in our realm normally. The date when said MMO goes live? December 21, 2012.
  • There is another possibility: Tetsyua Nomura is Master Xehanort.
  • Yeah, I'm going with this from the reactions on this site's userspace and others. He is almost DEFINITELY trying to get us to kill each other.
  • This makes way too much sense thanks to Dream Drop Distance. Young Xehanort's method of breaking Sora's heart is to more or less give him a Plot Dump of everything that's happened, he comments on the repetition of Traverse Town as the first world in most games, and says that everything that has happened was destined to happen because Master Xehanort set it up. And let's not forget the fact he can defy the fourth wall to replay cinematic sequences, rewind the battle music, avoid targeting cursors, and knock the commands out of your menu.
  • (OP) May I start panicking now?
  • A Keyblade War MMORPG, you say?

Ienzo and Elaus are actually (respectively) Artemis Fowl and Butler under aliases.
Think about it. Ienzo/Zexion is wise beyond his years, but still one of the most evil members of the Organization. Elaus/Lexaus is the "strong, silent type".

The next time we see Aqua, Lightning will be somewhere nearby.
Because they'd be the world's most awesome/sexy/badass Battle Couple. Search your feelings, you know this to be true!

Master Xehanort needs to clear his throat. BADLY
I Mean geez, have you heard him? There is SO MUCH phlegm in his throat it should be declared a monument!

It completely explains why she hasn't died yet and can be brought back, bla bla bla. It's because she has Horcruxes lying around. Diablo is her Nagini. In order to kill off Maleficent completely, the parts of her soul must be destroyed, ending with Diablo.
  • Does this mean Prince Phillip will have to pull a Neville and decapitate Diablo with his magically-enhanced sword in order to make Maleficent defeatable?

Zexion's Lexicon is actually the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook.
And Kingdom Hearts III should have a mission that involves going to Castle Oblivion with Uncle Scrooge and the nephews to retrieve it.
  • Actually, it's "Marquis de Sade".
  • Actually, that was a book being read by Larxene in one of the manga, about the eponymous Marquis. Zexion has many Lexicons, the most well-known of which is the "Book of Retribution".

This will happen before a confrontation with Maleficent...
Sora: Die monster, You don't belong in these worlds!
Maleficent: It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by, humans, who wish to pay me tribute!
Sora: Tribute? You steal men's hearts, and make them your slaves!
Maleficent: Perhaps the same could be said of all organizations.
Sora: Your words are as empty as your heart, Pete ill needs a leader such as you!
Maleficent: Pete? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk, HAVE AT YOU!"

Cinderella Jaq's decendants will become Orcs.
He keeps saying "Zug zug" for "okay".

Kingdom Hearts is called the internet in Real Life.
Theme Naming aside, there use to be a single network dedicate only to scientists tranferring info - something the public soon wanted to have. Keyblade = internet connection. Keyblade War = fighting for an internet standard. New World = Aftermath of Keyblade War, split into different sectors, each sector having different interests. Master Xehanort = Netscape, wanting to bring equality at any price. Eraqus = Microsoft, aggresive and insisting on one stardard, "won" the war (technically) but lost his body (Bill Gates retiring because of overaggresive IE marketing). Terranort = Mozilla, from which Netscape came about. Hearts = CPUs. Memories = HDD/RAM. Bodies = Motherboard. Xenmas = Mozilla creating Firefox and fighting IE for dominance. Xigbar = Apple and the rise of the iPhone. Roxas/Namine/Xion = Adobe, "tools" for manipulation....

...and Sora, Kairi, and Riku are the denizens of the internet.

  • The voice Sora hears is The User. The Heartless are programming bugs and Nobodies are viruses. Ansem the Wise = Norton Antivirus.
  • That theory is the sh*t!
  • So wait. Where would coded fit in that?

The Kingdom Hearts series itself is the X-Blade.
We know that the X-blade is formed from the forging of two equal, yet opposite elements, and that is exactly what this series is. Going with the above theory that Nomura is Master Xehanort, he's been trying to forge the X-blade properly since the first game, which was the closest to being a "perfect" union of the two elements, but every attempted union since then has had one element or the other coming on two strong. That's also why there are so many remakes and special editions, he's trying to get all the right elements and ingredients in place so he can make the power of Kingdom Hearts his own. The only question is, out of Disney and Square Enix, which is pure darkness, and which is pure light?
  • Kingdom Hearts I/II = Kingdom Key L/D. Chain/Days = Oblivion/Oathkeeper. Birth = X-Blade. "coded"/KH3 = Fenrir/Omega/Ultima Weapon.
    • Or, Nintendo was using a Jerkass facade to protect Sony from Square! By cutting Sony out of the deal to create a CD drive add-on for the SNES and instead developing god-awful video games with Phillips, the two companies would be separated. Unfortunately, due to Sony being Locked Out of the Loop, it backfired in Nintendo's face.

Xehanort is Saint Dane
When you think about it, it's eerie how many similarities these two have in common; they both have white hair, are expert planners and manipulators, they both share basic abilities with their enemies while also demonstrating abilities that their foes have not, they're both trying to take control of all the worlds in their respective universes by gaining power over what is essentially the universe's spirit, and it's already been shown for each that if their plans for an individual world succeed, it will NOT be pretty (seriously, go compare Birth by Sleep Radiant Garden to Kingdom Hearts I Hollow Bastion and tell me that Xehanort didn't ruin it). Xehanort is just another one of Saint Dane's personas.

Had Kairi not fixed heartless Sora, he would've warped digivolved into Vanitas
And he would've had to pull out a new Keyblade just to protect Kairi.

Nomura is trying to create an uncosplayable character.
If you just examine the designs for his characters for Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and The World Ends with You, it's plain to see that they aren't exactly practical and a majority look just plain outlandish. This troper presents this theory in light of seeing all of the cosplay attempts of his characters. Nomura is trying to outmatch the cosplayers by creating a character design so complex that nobody would dare try to replicate it. He may or may not be winning that battle.
  • Didn't he win that battle with Lulu's skirt-o'-belts?
    • People have cosplayed Lulu. His goal is for nobody to even try to replicate the costume.

Phoenix Wright is Sora's dad
Because it would be awesome to hear Sora yell, "OBJECTION!]]

Sora will form a full Five-Man Band party in Kingdom Hearts 3...
...composed entirely of himself.
  • Basic Sora as The Hero
  • Roxas as The Lancer vaguely jealous of The Hero and always questioning his methods
  • Ventus as The Big Guy since he's the most well-trained
  • Data Sora as The Smart Guy, since he's the one who did the Diary adventure and is a computer program
  • Xion as The Chick
  • With Vanitas as the Sixth Ranger Token Evil Teammate.
  • Sora will be the playable one, with the other 4-5 AI controlled like Donald and Goofy. There will be an additional multiplayer mode with the selectable characters consisting entirely of Soras.
    • Of course! This is why there was the Raining Soras scene in the Dream Drop Distance trailer!

Sora was one of Mother 3 Lucas' past lives.
Lucas has a similar personality of his nobody, Roxas, as well as sharing the appearance of him and Ventus. Also, Sora is connected to light and good like Lucas is (PK Love).

Sora is a (re)incarnation of Pit
Compare Pit's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl to Sora's.

Ven is a descendant of Raz from Psychonauts.
Ven is the child of space gypsies, who are descendants of Raz's family that went into space and traveled throughout the Kingdom Hearts universe; when they came near the Badlands, he fell off or wandered away from the caravan and was left there before they realized he was missing (Ven's Station of Awakening shows the Badlands in the background; since Sora's shows Destiny Islands, it must be related to where one was born or grew up). Later, Master Xehanort found him there and took him in as his apprentice. Or, the caravan was stopped on the Badlands when he was born and he was adopted by Master Xehanort later on. This is why Ven is the only one that can glide, use wind attacks and moves fastest; he's actually subconsciously using his latent psychic abilities by levitating/using telekinesis on himself. It can also tie in with Ven being frozen by Master Xehanort and almost getting killed for it(Raz's family was cursed to die near water and ice is of course, a form of water), and Vanitas being able to create Unversed(they're repressed emotions/Inner Demons/Censors gone haywire that he can manifest in the real world.

Building On The Nomura is Master Xehanort WMG...
There will be Aquanort. And it will truly break the fanbase.

The Unknown from Birth By Sleep is the Slender Man.
Let's face it, that would be AWESOME.
  • This does make sense:
    • The silence after the Land of Departure is covered in darkness is Slendy screwing with the audio.
    • Stopping time is how Slendy does his Jump Scare.
    • The Journal entry is another Slenderblog.
  • Does that mean that we can defeat him if we give him 20 munny?

The Darkside that attacked Destiny Islands is an alternate Jecht
He tried to get his son on an adventure, but got Sora instead.

When Vanitas had Ventus pinned down by the Floods, he had an erection.
He did look rather pleased with himself. Which can lead to only one thing...
  • You fool! You've opened the Door to Darkness!
  • Not my fault. This is the section for silly WMGs.
  • Its not sex, its masturbation.

Vexen created the avatar pets by fusing the heroes' DNA with animals.
A few of the avatar pets in re:coded (and perhaps in KH mobile, where the avatar system was taken from) bear a remarkable resemblance to existing characters. When you get Vexen's avatar in Tag Mode, it says "Avatar pets? Fascinating!" Who else would have the knowledge and equipment to create these mockeries of nature besides our resident Mad Scientist?
  • Bat -> An Org. member that had outlived their usefulness
  • Dog 1 -> Sora
  • Dog 2 -> Riku
  • Cat -> Kairi
  • Mouse -> Namine
  • Dog 3 -> Roxas
  • Bunny -> Aeris
  • Lion -> Leon
  • Wolf -> Cloud
  • Crow -> Sephiroth

Nobodies' names when they were Others:
We have the canon ones, like:
  • Xemnas is Ansem
  • Xigbar is Braig
  • Saix is Isa
  • Axel is Lea
  • Roxas is Sora
  • Xaldin is Dilan
  • Zexion is Ienzo
  • Lexaus is Aeleus
  • Vexen is Even
And then there is:
  • Larxene: Arlene
  • Demyx: Dyme
  • Luxord: Durol
  • Marluxia: Marauli (Gender Flip, anyone?)
    • Alternatively, Lumaria.

Dalmatians don't appear again in KH2 because Xemnas made himself a coat with them
It all makes sense now. All those nobodies that appear after you defeat him are the Dalmatian's nobodies.

Sora is a Black Hole Sue, and half the things that happened in the games were to his intention.
The other half was the work of Sora's Nobody, Roxas.
  • Roxas wanted Kingdom Hearts to be complete so that the entire Organization could be whole, but Sora was aware of this. Xemnas turning traitor: coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Kairi wasn't the first person to ever ship Sora/Riku.
It was Nomura.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance will be the Metal Gear Solid 2 of the series
  • Master Xehanort: An orchestrated recreation of your fights with Ansem and Xemnas.
  • Sora: What!

Ienzo's parents died in the Keyblade War, one for Light and one for Darkness.
  • The Darkness that practically spewed from one of his parents embedded itself in Ienzo, which was why he was the first apprentice to fall to Xehanort and the Darkness — because he had so much Darkness in already.

Heartless are all Yandere.
  • They want your heart. And they will kill to get it.

Kingdom Hearts is a giant Take That! at bad fanfiction
  • Its a crossover with an original character/Self Insert who wields a ridiculous weapon.
    • Sure explains how ridiculous CoM is; I mean, Sora going through slightly altered events of the last game while being badgered by a bitchy Riku clone and 4 attractive evil people? And that's not getting into how similar Namine is to a Possesion Sue OC.

All the other companies Disney acquired since the release of Kingdom Hearts was done solely for the purpose of making new worlds.
  • Think about it. The first Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002, and since then Disney has acquired (at the very least) both Pixar and Marvel Comics. That means that (in theory, anyway), they could now use these characters in Kingdom Hearts if need be. If they were to give each of the main Marvel titles their own world (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, etc.) they'd have plenty more worlds so they won't have to worry about rehashing the same ones. The natural conclusion would be for Disney to continue expanding and buying more properties to use, but since some of the logical choices for acquisition (like Nintendo) seem way too big for even Disney to handle, they will use the power that holding Marvel gives them to persuade these companies to agree to have their games/shows/what-have-you featured in Kingdom Hearts!

Kingdom Hearts Is Light
And Xehanort's Heartless is a criminal.

Master Xehanort Stuck Each Individual Keyblade In The Ground In Keyblade Graveyard
He's such a Large Ham, that he would take the time to do that if they were all lying on the ground. Why do you think he was there so long?

Donald's hat has a perfectly justifiable reason for having a Zipper
This is a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, anthropomorphic animals that may have large ears, what is, say, a rabbit to do if he wants to wear a hat but not squeeze his ears in? Why, open the Zippers to give his ears breathing room and let them stick out. Why does Donald who doesn't have this problem wear one? Because they're fashionable in Disney Town!

Larxene is a cameo for Elena from Final Fantasy VII
One argument I've heard against this is that Elena doesnt have an R in her name. However, we know that Square Enix has made spelling errors when translating english names from their Japanese names (Xaldin, who is Dilan, became Dilin). Larxene's name in katakana is Rakushinu. There is no stress for the 'ra' nor is there another katakana to show that there is an R , the original writer could've planned for her name to actually be Laxene as opposed to Larxene. Since she was an unimportant character, and the cameo was not plot-related, the english translation became the canon-name.

The whole Kingdom Hearts series takes place inside Sora's head
I think there's another entry like this somewhere above, but here's my take. Sora always had some sort of mental illness and took the raft out to test it during a storm but fell off and banged his head, ending up in a hospital with a coma. The following happened:

  • Kingdom Hearts - The destruction of Destiny Islands symbolises the disappearance of Sora's life hence why his friends disappear. Due to Sora's uncontrolled jealousy towards Riku, Sora manifests it as Riku turning evil. Kairi disappears symbolising Sora's despair at now being with her. Donald and Goofy are created to replace them and keep him company until he reunites with his friends. Xehanort, Maleficent and the Heartless symbolise Sora's illness and pain which threatens to devour his mind/the worlds. Kingdom Hearts symbolises Sora's brain, and its destruction will lead to Sora's permanent hospitalisation/death.

  • Chain of Memories - The events of this chapter are caused by a doctor trying a new medicine on Sora. It causes a reaction, causing Sora to suffer from a relapse and fall further into his coma. The medicine's effects appear as Namine, altering Sora's mind and damaging his memories of his life and Kairi. Sora grows hateful towards the doctors and hospital, creating the present Organization XIII members and Castle Oblivion. The doctors manage to neutralise the medicine's effects, causing Sora to go into his year-long sleep. Riku's storyline symbolises Sora dealing with his jealousy towards his friend.

  • 358/2 Days - Sora's reaction to the medicine warps his mind, causing him to create Roxas and Xion as alternate personalities. Riku and a doctor who becomes the basis of Axel's change of heart talk to him, causing Xion to experience her body changes and eventually turn into Sora. A psychiatrist is brought in to deal with Sora's personalities, becoming DiZ in his mind. Xion is eventually removed, much to Sora's anguish. Roxas then is subdued by the psychiatrist, symbolised by his capture by Riku and imprisoned in the fake Twilight Town.

  • Kingdom Hearts II - Riku, the doctor and psychiatrist speak to Roxas one final time and manage to bring Sora's personality back to the surface. However, lingering effects of his illness resurface, recreating Maleficent and introducing the remaining Organization members who seek to destroy his mind again. Riku is still absent, symbolising Sora's shame for envying his best friend although the real Riku guides him by talking to him. Kairi's kidnapping is caused by an incident where Kairi and the doctor argue in front of Sora, Axel becoming the perpetrator. King Mickey plays a larger role, established long ago as a parental figure of sorts. After Axel's death (the doctor's departure), Sora deals with Roxas' invading personality and makes peace with it so to speak, before overcoming his illness once again with the Organization's defeat. Ansem the Wise's "death" is caused by the psychiatrist's departure. Sora speaks with Riku and apologises, the conversation between heard by Sora and created in the world of darkness. Sora and Riku return to Destiny Islands, bringing Sora into a better condition which now only requires him to awaken himself.

  • Birth By Sleep - Since this is a prequel, most events were made up by Sora's psyche. Sora is moved to another ward by the hospital administrator (Master Xehanort), Sora believing he wishes him to have another relapse. His own fears take the form of Vanitas. Sora creates new characters in the form of Terra, Aqua and Ventus, based on his parents and a renewed version of Roxas' personality. Master Eraqus is based on his new doctor. Sora's growing fears and paranoia, along with his desire to wake up, lead to each of the heroes' tragic endings (Eraqus' death, Ven's coma to symbolise his own, Aqua's sacrifices and Terra's imprisonment). However, Sora overcomes his anguish and gives the inner Xehanort amnesia as a result. The letter Mickey sends to Sora is the final catalyst Sora uses to decide to deal with all his inner personalities before choosing to awake.

  • (Not the original poster) Dream Drop Distance: After finally awakening from his coma, Sora finds himself having recurring nightmares based on his coma-dream. He undergoes sleep therapy, which his dreamworld interprets as the Mark of Mastery exam. His friend stays with him throughout to talk to him and help him through it, which is why Riku becomes a Dream Eater. During the therapy, Sora falls out of bed and hits his head again, giving him another coma. A young psychiatrist decides to try a radical new treatment on him, causing his mind to create Young Xehanort. He calls in the old psychiatrist to help him through, but the Axel-doctor stops them at the last minute because Sora shows signs of waking up. While he's beginning to stir, he hasn't the strength to awaken, so his friend begs him to wake up, not leaving his side until he does; his mind sees this as Riku fighting off his heart's last defensive measure and freeing him from the darkness. Sora awakens, and that night, dreams that he's returned to the Mysterious Tower; grateful to his friend for bringing him out of it, he makes Riku a Keyblade Master, and has coma-Sora set out on a journey to find himself, while he does a lot of soul searching in the real world. The Stinger starts with his friend telling him that everyone back home wants him to wake up, and they'd all do anything to get him back. That night, Sora dreams about Kairi, and finally comes to terms with his crush on her; this is symbolised by her coming to the tower for Keyblade training.

  • (Not the original poster, nor the last one) Kingdom Hearts III: The entire game is Sora letting go of his dream world. The lack of Final Fantasy characters, the Alas, Poor Villain scenes and most of the original Organisation XIII being on the good guy’s side is Sora letting go of these characters he’s been with for so long. Young Xehanort is the exception as doctors dictate that this young psychiatrist would likely heavily damaged Sora’s mind if he had done the procedure he was planning to do on him in 3D. Xion and Roxas come back, but Sora makes peace with them instead of forcefully repressing them, and they stay with him for the rest of his life, albeit being very much subdued. In the end, Sora fades away from this dream world forever, returning to the real world.

Deadpool will be a party member in III.
I personally don't expect this to happen, but bear with me anyway.

We already know that Disney owns Marvel and that Wade is prone to all sorts of Fourth Wall shenanigans. Who's to say that Deadpool, already aware of his status as a fictional character, doesn't just cross over to the KH universe and pop up out of nowhere? He would probably chew out Sora & co. (and the player) with no discretion and then alter the coding of the game just so that he can tag along with you. He could also serve as this very zany Audience Surrogate who brings up (and complains about) the same things most of us fans do (i.e. shipping wars, odd theories, overly complex plot threads, how it took 7-9 games to finish up a saga, the location of Sora's parents, etc.). While he wouldn't be integral to the overall story, having Mr. Wilson in your party during key events/cutscenes would result in Deadpool ruining the mood and halting the progression of the plot to lampshade it. It would be priceless.

  • This theory is actually possible, to some extent. On one hand, since Disney owns Marvel, it's just a matter of Square Enix talking to Marvel. Plus, this could work, provided that Deadpool is the only character they bring in (opting for the Guest Fighter treatment instead of a full-blown Crossover) and nobody else. I'm kind of a Disney geek myself, and I'm not aware of anybody who can break the fourth wall like Mr. Wilson can. If any of you guys/girls know of Dante's inclusion as a party member in Shin Megami Tensei, Deadpool's appearance could play off something like that. He could pop up under special circumstances and be a party member (ala Donald and Goofy, provided that this feature returns for III). I'm pretty sure Nomura-san is aware of some topics the fanbase wants cleared up, so Deadpool could be a great addition in order to get these concerns out there. Although, I'm pretty sure that Square Enix wouldn't take kindly to Deadpool interrupting key story moments (like Sora and Kairi kissing, someone doing a Heroic Sacrifice, Xemnas ranting about how he'll end the world), so there's a snag. Worse comes to worse, I'm kinda cool with Sora fighting alongside The Mighty Thor.
  • No, wait, screw that. Rocket Raccoon is the shit.
  • Ok, so maybe Deadpool breaking the fourth during the more dramatic moments isn't quite the way to go about it, but if Wade shows up, he's going to find a way to quip about the nature of the series somehow. On the other hand, Spidey might make for a good mentor figure, especially to Riku. He's popular in Japan too, so Spider-Man might be a more likely choice from the Marvel stable.
  • How about this? Master Xehanort, after defeating all of the guardians of light, he uses the X-Blade to open Kingdom Hearts and finds....Deadpool playing the original Kingdom Hearts. Deadpool is concentrating on beating Riku Replica and the villain's intervention screws it all up. Deadpool, mad at how Xehanort screwed up his chances, lashes out at him and proceeds to murder him and all of the other Norts. Cue Simple and Clean!

Demyx's other is David Bowie.
How can it not be true!? Just look at the hair, the fact that his weapon is a Sitar, and the fact that he attracts fan-girls like honey attracts flies!

Kingdom Hearts and Portal are the same story.
This contains spoilers for both franchises, so be careful.

Portal and Kingdom Hearts seem like completely different games, but they are really variations on the same story. Kingdom Hearts, fundamentally, is about a mad scientist that wants to destroy the universe for science, and the heroes that travel between the worlds to stop him. Portal, similarly, is about a mad A.I. that wants to destroy humanity For Science!, and a hero that travels between portals to stop it. Once the basic similarity is clear, then parallels emerge all over the place.

The Keyblade is the same as the ASHPD, a unique device that lets its user travel between worlds/different areas. The similarity is undeniable when you see Sora and Terra opening portals between worlds with the Keyblade. The realm of light is similar to the test chambers, all sparkling white and clean. The realm of darkness is similar to the hidden corridors of Aperture Science, where Ratman skulks in the shadows. Which brings us to the characters...

Sora is clearly an analogue of Chell. Both are determined, relentless heroes that wield a unique weapon. Both are somewhat static characters - they don't change much in personality over the course of the story, and they are both unwaveringly good. At the end of Kingdom Hearts, Sora defeats Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and is eventually placed in stasis after CoM. At the end of Portal, Chell defeats GLaDOS and is put in stasis by the Party Escort Bot. In the sequels, Sora is awakened and must defeat another aspect of Xehanort, Xemnas, while Chell is awakened and must defeat GLaDOS again, then one of the personality cores originally attached to GLaDOS, Wheatley. At the end of Kingdom Hearts II and Portal 2, the heroes finally return to where they belong and their adventures are (seemingly) over.

But Sora and Chell don't succeed all by themselves. Throughout their adventures there was another brave adventurer assisting them in their journey, a person who traveled not the same path but a parallel path. For Sora, it was King Mickey/Riku in the realm of darkness, while for Chell, it was Doug Rattmann. Their roles between the main games are especially similar. Riku helped move and protect Sora while Sora was sleeping for a year, and Rattmann patched Chell's stasis chamber into the reserve power grid, ensuring her survival.

But it is the character of GLaDOS that provides the best evidence that Kingdom Hearts and Portal are telling the same story. Kingdom Hearts is a villain-based franchise, with some version of Xehanort the main villain in nearly every game. Similarly, GLaDOS is really the main character of Portal, considering that she talks the most, we learn the most about her, and that the protagonist never speaks. Xehanort was originally Master Xehanort, who in order to cheat death, transferred his heart to Terra, creating Xehanort, who was then split into a Heartless (Ansem) and a Nobody (Xemnas), who are the main villains of Kingdom Hearts I and II, respectively. GLaDOS was originally a disk operating system before merging with an unwilling Caroline, creating GLaDOS. Part of her is destroyed in Portal, while another part is defeated in Portal 2. What happens at the end of each game is instructive. As revealed in Kingdom Hearts: coded, the destruction of Ansem and Xemnas has reconstituted Xehanort, while GLaDOS deletes Caroline's personality at the end of Portal 2. The parallels are far too many - the two games share a single story.

The obvious question is: which story came first? One of the games is a Future Imperfect retelling of the true events of the other game. It is most probable that Portal is the true story and Kingdom Hearts is the retelling. Legends tend to become grander over time, and the story of an insane wizard trying to destroy the universe is far more grandiose than the story of a rogue A.I. running a test facility. Kingdom Hearts has many more characters, and the Disney characters especially are not necessary, strictly speaking, to the main plot. Portal's story is more realistic - an A.I. surviving several deaths is more sensible than a person doing so. Besides, Portal's story is quite comical, while Kingdom Hearts' is far more serious. Thus, Portal was the original story, and over the years it was expanded on and retold before it finally made its way to Tetsuya Nomura.

If this theory is true, then there are implications for the futures of both franchises, although Nomura's story may deviate from the source material. The original Xehanort and the original GLaDOS have now been reformed, and it is likely that they will pursue their original goals once again. Xehanort wants to start the Keyblade War and destroy the universe. GLaDOS' original goal is unclear, but considering that her first action was the attempted murder of her creators, her agenda probably involves killing all of humanity, possibly involving exploiting the power vacuum left by the departure of the Combine. Sora's goal in Kingdom Hearts 3 is to save all the people connected to his heart, so Chell's goal will probably be similar - saving all the test subjects still trapped in the Enrichment Center.

The co-op campaign of Portal 2 could provide clues to Xehanort's actions in Kingdom Hearts 3D, which seems to involve co-op elements. Portal 2's co-op mode concludes with the discovery of hundreds of test subjects in stasis. Xehanort, if he wants to start a Keyblade War, needs Keyblade wielders, so Kingdom Hearts 3D may involve finding them. It is noteworthy that Portal 2's co-op does NOT involve Chell and is about one of GLaDOS' goals, which suggests that the Riku and Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3D are not the characters we know and love, but impostors, perhaps replicas or data versions. Since GLaDOS is Xehanort, if Kingdom Hearts 3D parallels Portal 2's co-op, then Master Yensid is probably in league with Xehanort, since he will be testing Sora and Riku for the Mark of Mastery in KH3D. The release of KH3D will confirm or disprove these theories.

Although Kingdom Hearts is an adaptation and not a straight retelling, the similarities between it and Portal are impossible to ignore. Recognizing these parallels can provide hints to the futures of both franchises, so Kingdom Hearts III and Portal 3 (if they ever get made) should confirm that the two stories are really one and the same.

Larxine is related to Volgan of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Both are sadistic, are perfectly willing to backstab their own men, use a similar weapon (blades for Larxine, bullets for Volgan between the fingers) have lovely slasher smiles, are blonde, keep close company with effeminate men, have no sense of personal space and lighting powers.
Sora and Ven are Ridiculously Human Robots Created by Joel Dawson of Bonus Stage fame
Either The Final boss or Secret Ending of Dream Drop Distance will have a Robotic Reveal with the Real Savior being Terra's Younger Brother Andy Davis aka The Doctor
  • And Xehanort is the Prototype Clone of Joel himself that was supposed to be released in episode 200, but with the Erasure of the Series, he Activated immediately and set every last event in the Kingdom Hearts Universe and the Whoniverse in Motion... yeah, thanks a lot, Phil
    • It Turns out it was Because Homestar Runner somehow Imagined the Anthropomorphic Personification Of Extinction and Erasure in an attempt to escape another Decemberween with Mrs. Marzipan and her Latest Husband, Robot Chicken Executive Producer/Kingdom Hearts Concept Artist of America Seth Green but it might be Jossed with this and the Time War being a part of Joel's Ultamately Successful Scheme to Absorb every work of fiction along with every living creature that had ever existed in any point in time into his Virtual Environment.
Axel's Heartless is Bob the Douchebag
On its own, the idea of Lea being turned into a Crimson Jazz is pretty boring. But can't you just picture Axel bringing fire to a potluck? Why do they even keep inviting him?
Riku's reason for leaving from Destiny Islands too early and siding with the Heartless was to avoid a haircut.
Riku's hair was getting too long and his mom wanted to cut it so he came up with the idea to build a raft and sail away from Destiny Islands. This would explain why he never seemed to let anyone at home know he was okay, or at least hint that he was still alive, since it would put him in danger of meeting his mother and a pair of scissors.He was eventually given the choice between going home with Sora or staying in the endless ocean of nothingness in the Realm of Darkness for all eternity. After some hesitation he went with Sora. He was able to avoid his fate long enough to recieve the message-in-a-bottle from King Mickey, but was evenually cornered and given the spiffy new haircut from the Dream Drop Distance trailer. Hopefully the trauma doesn't cause another Face–Heel Turn...
Xigbar is Revolver Ocelot.
After Metal Gear Solid 4, Ocelot was reborn in the Kingdom Hearts universe as Braig. He uses crossbows because the Kingdom Hearts universe doesn't have revolvers. He then joins Ansem the Wise as one of his six apprentices and starts his scheming anew. Old habits die hard, it seems...
The World of Fullmetal Alchemist will show up at some point.
Due to Square Enix, I think, owning the Manga.
Kingdom Hearts will eventually do a crossover with Super Robot Wars
Or rather, going to a bunch of mecha worlds that have appeared in Super Robot Wars. Highlights will include:
Kingdom Hearts will crossover with Lyrical Nanoha, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and Naruto.
At which point Sora, Naruto, Nanoha, and Ike will have the Ulimate Showdown Of Ultimate Friendship, before they all join forces against a common threat.
Sora's father is The Scout.
And Riku's is Soldier. And Xehanort is somehow connected to the Administrator. They're both really good at screwing everyone else over.
Merlin is Yen Sid
Two powerful wizars never seen together, with close ties to Mickey, and know a lot about the keyblade. Really it's obvious.
Xehanort is Spock and the Kingdom Hearts world all comes from the insane dreams he has from repressing violent emotions.
And not just because Leonard Nimoy voices him! Consider this. When a Vulcan sleeps he releases the repressed emotions of the day. This can be done through dreams and thoughts. Spock could have repressed the annoyance and exasperation towards lesser minds and the emotional. He views logic as cold, rational, and sometimes dark, but overall the better choice. Because he strives to repress these emotions more than a normal Vulcan to prove himself, the dreams are more wild. Thus, he dreams he is a master of his darkness and logic, and must fight the emotional and light of the lesser minds in an insane world where people fight with giant keys.
  • Seems legit.
Kingdom Hearts takes place in the same universe as The Legend of Zelda
Which is why monsters drop hearts when you kill them.
Someone is going to quote Walt Disney
(For maximum tear jerkage and heartwarming play this song:

There are several I believe could fit quite well into kingdom hearts.

  • All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
  • If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • It's kind of fun to do the impossible
  • When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable
  • You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality
  • and the most famous of all...“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
–Walt Disney

Yep, feel free to add your ideas for quotes or shout outs to Disney. And context for the quotes!

Kingdom Hearts will crossover with Super Mario RPG
Or at least the parts that Square-Enix owns. With characters from TWEWY making appearances in Dream Drop Distance, it wouldn't be to farfetched. Imagine Sora having to work with Geno to make sure that everyone's wishes can come true because without the ability to make wishes and dreams reality, none of the Disney heroes and heroines will get their happily ever after.
  • This troper wonders what Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy will think of Geno, and for that matter, the folks of The Frog Prince and the Pixar shorts will think of Mallow and Frogfucious.
  • This troper actually had an idea for a fan game a few years back, where Mallow and Geno took Donald and Goofy's places as the protagonist's party members. It works especially well with Geno because, in the KH-verse, stars and hearts are one and the same. Heck, even Geno's real name starts with a heart symbol. The Star Road could be considered the heart of the Mushroom Kingdom (which would explain why it's a warp hub in Super Mario World), and Smithy destroying it would have been the catalyst for that world being consumed by the Heartless (explaining why the rest of the Mario 'verse isn't present). Geno would be an agent of the Star Road (or even Kingdom Hearts itself!), tasked with restoring the Mushroom Kingdom's heart, just like in the original game.

Ventus is a Princess of Heart (Technically)
A Princess of Heart is defined as a person with absolutely no darkness in their heart, yes? Well Master Xehanort split Ventus into a half of pure light and a half of pure darkness, creating Vanitus and a new Ventus. Since the new Ventus is a being of pure light, he is technically a Princess of Heart!

Wreck-It Ralph will be a Bonus Boss in a future game
In this case, Ralph stumbles into the Kingdom Hearts series, intentionally or not. However as a Designated Villain and due in part to Poor Communication Kills, he ends up as a boss fight for the protagonists. After being beaten, he decides to leave and find another game.
  • Alternately, have the above happen as the introduction to a Wreck-It Ralph world. After the boss fight, the heroes realize that Ralph isn't all that bad (possibly with a reference to the fight with Captain Pete), which prompts Sora to let Ralph into the party as an ally. His Limit Break? Wait for it... Wrecking Crew!

Master Xehanort is actually the Nobody of No Heart
Years ago there was a man who decided to sell his own heart for power. he then became the being called No Heart traveled to the Care Bears Universe to fight those bears. But since he had a strong heart his original became a Nobody, called himself Xehanort and started to live on Destiny Island. Then after a while he grows a new heart

Slenderman is a Nobody.
Specifically, Dr. Facilier's Nobody. The Shadow Man obviously gave his heart to Darkness, and his body type and dress are similar to Slendy. And also compare one of the Dusk Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts 2 to how Slenderman looks.
  • Maybe Slendy was a failed experiment by Ansem the Wise's apprentices; they tried to create a Heartless that retained its human form. Of course, everything Went Horribly Wrong and their test subject ended up being a Humanoid Abomination with characteristics of both humans (general body shape) and Heartless (featureless face, potential Combat Tentacles, bizarre proportions, etc.). The reason Slendy hunts people is because of the basic Heartless instinct to collect people's hearts.

Counting different versions of him, he has a Stand and can stop time (with "toki wa tomare", even)

There's going to be a KH fighting game just like Dissidia.
  • I think they're going to do it on the PS3, there's no way the PSP or Vita can handle that level of awesomeness. Besides ever since II people have wondered who would win a fight between Sora and Mickey. (Mickey no doubt about it)

Vanitas turned Sora's hair dark.
Sora's hair is light when he's a little kid, yet dark by the time of the first game, after he absorbed Ventus' heart for safe-keeping. After he's turned into a Heartless and back again, his hair's back to being light. While this may seem like any other colour change, it is not. When Sora is turned into a Heartless, Ventus' heart, and by extension Vanitas, leave him to reside in Roxas. As Vanitas leaves, his darkness, which had been stored in Sora's hair to protect him from it, leaves Sora. By the time Roxas merges with Sora, Roxas has either subconsciously tamed Vanitas, or found a way to contain Vanitas' darkness without using Sora's hair as a receptacle, which is why Sora's hair remains light.

Sora's last name is Weston.
Michael Weston and Fiona Glenanne from Burn Notice got sick of spies and assasins chasing after them and moved to Destiny Islands to start a new life where they could be safe, they got married and had a son but didn't think to train him. But then one night there was a storm....... It makes sense though because with Michael's fighting ability and need to protect innocent people, Fiona's sense of right and wrong and loyalty to friends and loved ones, plus the fact that Sora is just plain awesome, it just makes sense. However they do want to find him and make sure he's ok but they're stuck on the island and can't leave. :(

Xehanort's Nortification process for the new Organization XIII will actually turn everyone into Xemnas.

Because why not? It'd be the perfect excuse to get various seiyuu, man and woman alike (pending, of course, on who exactly the last six members of the Organization are), to impersonate Norio Wakamoto. And seeing as such a feat is already commonplace in the seiyuu world (this is just one example of many), to the point that there will be an official competition this year (2012) based around imitating Mr. Wakamoto and judged by Wakamoto himself, now's as good a time as any to jump on the bandwagon.

The Scar that climbed up the mountain after being killed was his Nobody
This would be why he kept his appearance and gained elemental power (darkness, apparently).Pete said heartless because he is an idiot.

Setzer was deliberately made to be Out of Character.
Similar to how there are other blips in reality during Roxas' days in the prologue, Setzer acting drastically different than his usual self (such as stooping to bribery) is a sign of the unreality that Roxas is inhabiting.
  • That and this troper also believed that DiZ never met the real Setzer and made him different than what he actually is, hence why Setzer wasn't like himself at the time.

Demyx is perfectly fine after the second fight against him
  • If one looks at his dissappearance and the dissapearance of all the other nobodies (Go on, watch those scenes on youtube, I can wait) it is markedly different than the dissapearances of the other nobodies destroyed. Whereas all the others vanish into darkness, Demyx instead dissappears in a fountain of water. His element is water, so logically,he could have used the fountain to cover his escape. this means that they can bring demyx back without having to some up with a name for his somebody, or a location to meet him in.

Cloud is needlessly depressed and whiny throughout the series because he was on drugs the whole time.
  • In addition, Sephiroth isn't really there. Cloud's having a bad trip and Sora got a contact high from him, and the trip he took led to his appearance and personality in Kingdom Hearts. Tifa was looking for him in KH2 to make sure he didn't hurt himself on his high. That's why he's so brooding and depressed in that series. He's either tripping out and talking to the colours or he's coming down off a high and crashing. At one point, he probably woke up naked under a park bench or something and covered in peanut butter and cotton swabs, and had to get some clothes fast. So he stole Vincent's. He's coherent in the Battle Of A Thousand Heartless because Tifa found his ass, smacked some sense into him, chucked him into a cold freaking shower and told him to get his shit together. By the time he finds his own clothes again, the moogles have seen the results and have started slipping him stuff for a combination of fun and profit. When you beat Sephiroth the second time, Cloud shows up high as a kite and thinking Sephiroth's real, just like Sora did with his contact high. When Tifa shows up, she realizes that Cloud's drugged-out mind is really vulnerable at the present time and so she indulges his crazy delusions until the acid he took wears off. He's never exactly been stable to begin with, so he'd probably be that much worse if he ever did any heavy shit. That's why Sephiroth looks just like Cloud (seriously, he does), and even has blue eyes — he spotted a mirror at exactly the wrong time, and had a bad trip over it, and figures that he's "his inner darkness".
    • Also, why Sephiroth's sword is so much longer in this game than others - Cloud's sense of scale is really fucked up from all those drugs.
    • He hallucinates Aeris, Aeris' twin sister, to make himself feel better and to have something to help him cope with his trip. That's why she's all calm and soothing and bland the whole time — she's just a figment he created to help him deal with all the terrifying shit coming at him constantly.
    • Cid chews on a stick instead of a cigarette not because of censorship, but because he's afraid that Cloud will use "but Cid smokes!" to justify his drug addiction.
    • Cloud wrapped the Buster Sword up so that he wouldn't accidentally cut himself in his drug-induced stupor.
    • Cloud joined up with Hades in KH1 because Hades was actually a dealer. It's where he got his supply before the Moogles took over.
    • Cloud does not appear in KH 3 because this in rehab
Sora saved young Kairi when Hollow Bastion was overrun.
He traveled back in time to save her, and he was able to go to her because Namine is part of both of them.
Yensid hates Donald
He could have picked Sora, Goofy or anyone else that exists, but he specifically chose Donald to represent a corruptible heart. He plants the idea of Donald being a heartless into their heads in the hopes Sora will one day kill him. It's the only logical explanation.

This version of Cloud is the one from Advent Children

Hence his emo edgelord misery-guts mopeyness. He was still suffering from geostigma (hence why he considers Sephiroth "his Darkness") and Sora-Donald-Mickey beating the crap out of Sephy is what will help permanently boot him out once Aeris Ex Machina happens.

There will eventually be a Star Ocean character in the series.
Normally this wouldn't happen, given the formula of the usual crossovers. But since Yen Sid was in the cast early on and we eventually got Eraqus, there's a clear gap waiting to be filled by a third character. But the name's already taken. Thus, the logical next step is to incorporate the demon bird Xine.

Donald's Heartless is Dolan
At some point off screen, One of Donald's spells backfired on him and and he managed to create a clone of himself. The clone didn't have Sora and Goofy keeping an eye on him, and so let his greedy impulses get out of control, turning him into a Heartless. In Kingdom Hearts III, Donald will go missing, and Sora and Goofy will find Dolan and invite him along, noticing as they travel that he's acting oddly. When they eventually find the real Donald, the other Donald will reveal to Sora and Goofy that he acully is Dolan, resulting in a boss battle against Dolan's true form, the Off-Model Microsoft Paint doodle we all know and... some of us love.

The current Miley Cyrus is a Nobody
Just sayin'...

At the final battle, he reveals himself to the keyblade weilders and becomes the Demon King Odio. As he does a remixed version of this [1] starts to play.
  • Hey, I'd settle for Megalomania returning as boss music.

Sora and Roxas are Drift Compatible
What else was that cutscene between them in Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]?
  • Do you really need to point this out?

Deadpool has joined Xehanort's XIII Seekers of Darkness
Xehanort convinced the normally Chaotic Neutral Deadpool to take part in his evil scheme by promising lifetime membership among the X-Men. Xehanort will remain true to his word, but he won't give Deadpool what he expected. By the time Deadpool realizes what Xehanort in store for him and for the worlds at large, he won't be in any position to care anymore.

Kingdom Hearts, like everything else ever, can be argued to be a semi-psychedelic allegory for Japan's abandonment of isolationism.
The main character starts on a remote island (Japan) where the chief pastime among the natives is beating the shit out of each other at low experience levels (The Onin War, the Sengoku Period, the Boshin War, the Shimabara Uprising, etc.) before the barriers are forced open by an imperialistic yin-force (various peoples through Japanese history, usually the white man, often Britain) opening up the comparatively helpless island folk to weaponry the likes of which their limited resources could never have developed. Fortunately, in opening the connective pathways (space-chakras?), said imperialistic forces broke down the barriers that kept not just the evil, but the good from each world from interacting with the others- appropriate that this good is represented largely by Disney, whose creations completely changed the cultural landscape of Japan after the bomb- entirely by the volition of the Japanese people, unlike many of the more drastic changes like panty-wearing. As is common in these Japanese works, the strongest man on the island realizes in the grand scheme of things he is weak and must venture outward to grow to his true potential, reflecting the core tenet of Japanese philosophy that the archipelago's artists seem most proud of.

Sora is bisexual.
Because while he still has feelings for Kairi, there are also some more... interesting interactions with Riku.

If Pride Lands is a playable world in 3, Kairi will visit it as part of her training.
And she'll do something noteworthy enough that Simba and Nala will offer to name their daughter after her... only to mess up her name and spell it "Kiara," instead. Or am I the only one who noticed their names are similar?

Organization XIII represent the Arcana Shadows.
A long time ago I was playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and was really interested in the odd symbolism and name theming for everyone's keyblades and noticed that Luxord actually uses Tarot cards, and it made me realize that there's actually something that could technically make a lot of sense to Persona 3, especially given that characters in the Persona series can also represent tarot cards in social links. XD

So anyways, it goes like this...

Xemnas: The Fool

Xigbar: The Magician

Xaldin: The Priestess

Vexen: The Empress

Lexaeus: The Emperor

Zexion: The Hierophant

Saix: The Lovers (The Moon)

Axel: The Chariot (The Sun)

Demyx: Justice

Luxord: The Hermit

Marluxia: Fortune

Larxene: Strength

Roxas: The Hanged Man

Xion: Death

Namine Temperance

Namine is trying to piece together Sora's memories after being forced to mess it up by the Organization and Xion has to die and Roxas has to merge with Sora for Sora's sake, so she's responsible for bringing these other sides of Sora together, sort of. She also merges with Kairi, so you know...

Now, let's see what we can get from the other arcana, shall we?

Temperance: Kairi, mirroring Namine.

The Devil: Riku. Sure, he got past his Deal with the Devil a long time ago, but "knowledge, ambition, occult forces, or the need to balance indulgence and abstinence" still fits him.

The Tower: Terra. Pride before a fall and all that.

The Star: Aqua. "Omen of the coming of the chosen one?" Well, she's the most Sora-like of the Birth By Sleep trio, and she's the one who charged Sora with keeping Riku on track. Plus, the card is heavily associated with water, which is her element, and she also made the Wayfinder pendants, which are star-shaped.

The Moon: No clue. Saix / Isa would arguably fit better here than under the Lovers, but he's still on the villain side.

The Sun: Lea. Sure, he's technically already on this list as Axel, but the Chariot isn't nearly as good a fit as the Sun.

Judgement: Mickey. He's working hard to be Xehanort's Good Counterpart, getting the gang ready for the Final Battle.

The World: Sora, of course, though just like the Persona protagonists, he can play The Fool just as well as Xemnas can, bringing us full circle.

Xion is I-No from Guilty Gear

Both of their names are a reference to the imaginary number and they have black hair and blue eyes(though I-No eyes are said to change in color).

Marluxia and Larxene are Agents of HYDRA

HYDRA sent Marluxia and Larxene into Organization XIII to infiltrate it because they want Kingdom Hearts for themselves. Their scheming to overthrow Xemnas is actually so they can hand the Organization over to HYDRA. In addition, Marluxia whispers something in Sora's ear as an Absent Silhouette that we don't get to hear. He was saying "Hail HYDRA."

The truck from the World That Never Was is plot relevant!
The World That Never Was is completely empty, right? And the only people in the Castle are the Organization... So that truck next to the Memory Skyscraper... How did it crash? Because it's not just a truck. That truck is actually Bigger on the Inside, and holds the TRUE door to Kingdom Hearts! It put itself there so that Sora would open it and become one with Kingdom Hearts, but Sora thought he actually had to go to the Castle!
  • Furthermore, attempting to enter the truck awakens the terrifyingly powerful creature guarding it from beneath...Mew. CUE BOSS BATTLE against the small, fast, and evasive 'mon who will gleefully spam attacks including, but not limited to Judgment, Sacred Fire, Spacial Rend, Light of Ruin, Dark Void, AND MANY MORE. Defeating Mew will not only allow you access to the TRUE door to Kingdom Hearts, but will also yield a unique Keyblade.

Sora, Riku and Kairi will become Canon Immigrants to the mainstream Disney canon and be added to Mickey's core cast and universe in everything they appear in together
I'd really like for this to happen, even though it probably won't for whatever reason. I just think it's unfair because they're missing out on all of the magic and fun going on in all the regular, non-Kingdom Hearts Disney stuff. They could redesign them a little so that they're like Japanese immigrant school kids with uniforms like the one Kairi wore in Kingdom Hearts II, no involvement of the Keyblade or any of that Kingdom Hearts lore stuff.

Cinder Fall is a member of the True Organization XIII!
Think about it, she has the eyes at least.

Xaldin/Dilan is actually Javert.
It would explain the physical similarities between them (at least following book and musical!Javert's looks). Javert survived his fall into the Seine and washed up ashore onto Radiant Garden (thanks to that whirlpool, I guess 19th century France is also a world in KH). Deciding to start anew with life he changed his name and got an "honorable" job as Ansem the Wise's guard. Surely nothing would go wrong...Or maybe the Dilan thing is just a ruise, and Javert quickly turned into a Nobody that night at the Seine, he had too strong a will to completely vanish after all.

Either way, he's not happy to be returning to France once again later on. That explains his crabbiness with the Beast, who with his criminal-like demeanor makes the Nobody's old personality rise again (perhaps he reminds him of Valjean?).

Demyx originates from Bikini Bottom.
It explains his laid-backness, his connection to water and his love for music. Presumably he spent the days away playing with Patrick and Spongebob and pissing off Squidward.

Eraqus's last name is Xine

Sora IS the X-blade.
It would be the mother of all plot twists. And it would also explain why he can hold so many hearts.

There is a version of The Star Wars Galaxy in Kingdom Hearts, and it's completely unaffected by the outside Universe.
The balance of Light and Dark is constantly shifting in the Star Wars Galaxy. As a result, those massive imbalances echoed in the Force and created a barrier of sorts that shielded it from the Keyblade War.The forces of Darkness stay well away from it because even the Sith, if not inclined to control the Heartless, would probably have no qualms about destroying them. Also, the more overall Gray Morality of the Galaxy (barring most of the Jedi and Sith,) makes it harder for them to obtain a foothold. But the main reason that they don't try anything is because of the sheer power of the technology; the Forces of Darkness don't know if a Star Destroyer can destroy Heartless, so they'd rather not risk their potential deaths.Xehanort doesn't bother trying to screw with it because it survived the Keyblade War completely intact; he does go there periodically in times of peace to study how it survived, but aside from that, he typically leaves it alone, as he has no desire to be caught up in the Galaxy's internal affairs.
  • If Star Wars is included, it would be either an accidental crash-landing, or as a character from the series arriving in Traverse Town, completely fed up with everything in the more standard Disney worlds.

Destiny Islands is also the world of Moana.
  • It's just that the region where Sora and the others live is so geographically removed from the movie's events that all they have in common is a Polynesian setting. With this being so, Sora will inevitably find out his homeworld is much bigger than he thought it was...

Tetsuya Nomura has a Stand.
It's called Sticky FIngers

Mickey's letter that Pluto was holding at the end of KH1?
  • It was merely Mickey sending a request for some new clothes; as we saw in 0.2, his outfit was damaged by Heartless, but by the time he appears in CoM, he has on a new full outfit. Somehow Pluto managed to get the letter to Minnie or someone else, and that's why that letter is not brought up again.

In Kingdom Hearts IV, Sora, Riku, Yozora, and the Gullwings Will all visit The Toybox at the same time.
  • This will set up a bunch of Who's on First? jokes involving Rex:
    • Rex: No, I'm me; You're Yozora!

The father of sora is Sephiroth
  • ;Yes and not ask for the MOTHER!

This means the anime is actually a Kingdom Hearts game.

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