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This is a page for wild mass guesses from the series Kingdom Hearts which have been Jossed by the games or Word of God. If a WMG on one of the open pages is Jossed, please move it here.

Ventus is Sora's Older Brother
Think about it. For one, they look alike, and for two, of all the hearts on Destiny Islands to connect to, he happened to connect to Sora's heart. How is this possible? Well, Ven's parents live on Destiny Islands. At one point or another, they had Ventus. When Ven got a Keyblade, Master Xehanort took him in as an apprentice. Years later, they had another child named Sora. Neither Ven nor Sora know that they have a brother.
  • So, Sora's has an older bro who should be about 25 and whose heart is inside of Sora's? What.
  • A couple things wrong with this. The first time Master Xehanort came to Destiny Islands after he left was when Ven connected to Sora. In addition, Ven is an orphan.

Riku has an unrevealed Nobody who will debut in a future installment.
Riku technically lost his heart to darkness when he was possessed by Xehanort's Heartless, so he should have a Nobody running around. That Nobody will debut in a future installment, though his alignment is unknown.
  • But so far it's looking like you need to have been specifically turned into a Heartless in order to get a Nobody. Kairi went without a heart for a long time, but she didn't get one until Sora (who had her heart at the time) became a Heartless. And look at Ven, he went without a heart for a lot longer than Kairi did and didn't get one. (Roxas doesn't count)

Cloud's deal with Hades was to resurrect Aerith.
Much like the plot of Disney's Hercules. But Hades's price was Cloud's and Aerith's memories of each other. The fracturing of Cloud's "light" resulted in his shadow, Sephiroth, becoming the Enemy Without, and Cloud getting sucked deeper into Hades's chain of deals.
  • One More Day, Kingdom Hearts style?
  • I'm pretty sure that Final Mix spells it out as Hades helping him find Sephiroth so that he can fight him. Interesting theory, though.
    • Oh come on, it's Hades. That's what he WANTS you to think. It'd be perfect, too. Without Cloud remembering Aerith, all he can think of is Sephiroth, and Hades is there to "help" him with that too. But now the price is to kill Hercules. Hence "chain of deals."
  • Uh, Aerith doesn't NEED resurrecting, 'cause this time she ain't dead, remember?
    • Yes. Hence, "resurrected." Hades can do that.
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    • Which means if Cloud wants to resurrect Aerith, he's not aware that she's alive.
      • Or he made his deal with Hades prior to the game, and Aerith was revived in exchange for Sephiroth being created from Cloud's darkness by Hades.

Axel is Riku's Nobody.
This troper spent an hour or so typing up a ridiculously long essay about how similar Axel and Riku are in their personality, how they relate to Sora/Roxas/both, and how they die. It also featured an even longer bit justifying how Riku turned into a Heartless and back without losing his Nobody via getting his soul saturated with darkness (thanks to Ansem Xehanort's Heartless) and then stuff with Kingdom Hearts.
The wiki ate it.
Son of a bitch.
  • I do believe Nomura himself Jossed this at one point.
    • The new game, Kingdom Hearts 358/2, for the DS DOES NOT help much. Screenshots as proof: here and here ok? We all know who Roxas is, and you don't need to be a brain surgeon to see that the new Organization member, no. 14 names Xion, looks like freakin' Kairi. So, by logic, who would that make Axel?
  • Saix himself confirms that Axel is the Nobody of Lea.
  • Jossed as Axel's somebody Lea is in Birth By Sleep.

Namine and Axel were trying to destroy Organization XIII.
Notice how they were the only ones to escape from Castle Oblivion alive. Namine stood up to two Organization members, brain-crushed the Riku Replica, turned him into a killing machine, and indirectly led to the death of another member, bailed out both Riku and Kairi, and revealed Castle Oblivion's purpose, thus destroying the Evil Plan and sealing the doom of many members. Axel has killed one member, indirectly led to the death of several, actually saved Sora leading to his infamous death scene, and led him to the final place so Sora could wipe out the rest of the Organization.
  • Axel killed two members, not just one. There was nothing the least bit indirect about his involvement in Zexion's death. Repliku was just his weapon of choice.
  • It's even mentioned in Kingdom Hearts 2 that Axel had betrayed the Organization sometime around the Hollow Bastion war with the Heartless. Axel was definitely a rogue by this stage, though he may have been acting more out of love for his friend, Roxas, than a desire to see the Organization crumble.
    • Axel has this one lovely - but very subtle - betrayal during the Hollow Bastion war that suggests that he might want to see the Organization fall. One would think that his refusal to tell Sora what the Organization is up to is because he doesn't want to betray them too badly - but, the Organization quickly explains it to Sora themselves, so they clearly didn't care that much. Why does Axel try to hide this from Sora, then? Because knowing that the Organization only wants their hearts back just makes them more sympathetic, and would therefore interfere with Axel's goal.
  • This Troper always thought that Xemnas suspected something of Marluxia and Larxene and sent Axel in to investigate. (Larxene: "So, you're in on it too? Just keep it under your hood until the time is right" * She warps away.* Axel: "It would have been wise for you to do the same, Larxene.")
  • The DS game somewhat josses this up a bit. In Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, it is clear that Axel and Saix were working together to take over the Organization from within. Then again, the key word here is take over, and not destroy. Still, how letting Namine go and thus allowing her to be a tool of DiZ's (and, by extension, an ally to Sora) helps their scheme is still a mystery. If they wanted to slow down Kingdom Hearts growth, they could have just crippled Roxas and locked Namine away. But they never seem to have intended to slow down its growth anyway, which would have been a good idea, given how Xemnas wanted to go into his One-Winged Angel mode using it. Another interpretation is that they wanted to use Sora as a weapon to screw over 3/4 of the Organization, so that they could pound up the remaining quarter. Alas, Saix got too comfortable in his role as Xemnas' right hand man ...

Terra, Aqua, and Ven once shared a paopu fruit.
When they died, they were reincarnated into Riku, Kairi, and Sora.
  • Yeah, one problem. Birth by Sleep is only ten years before KH 1, where Sora's gang is 14-15.
  • Thoroughly disproven, young Riku and Sora were shown in a trailer fighting on the beach while Terra looks on.
  • However, they have technically shared a paopu fruit- Aqua created lucky charms made out of one for the three of them.

Roxas was Evil
Many of the arguments in What Measure Is a Non-Human? are based around 'poor Roxas' being forced to give up his existence. But what if he's not so nice? He was part of Organization XIII for almost an entire year. Are you trying to tell me he wasn't aware that his fellow Nobodies were evil? He can't be that stupid. No, Roxas was actively helping collect hearts for their fake Kingdom Hearts. In fact, his keyblades made the job a lot easier. Roxas is as guilty as all the rest, all of whom are fully complicit in the obliteration of entire worlds.
  • This is helped hugely if you take into account that once Roxas starts recovering his original dispostion, he is suggested to be cold-hearted and violent (look at how he reacted to Sora and DiZ once his real persona reasserted itself), and the fact he was best buddies with Axel. Axel, who prior to his Character Derailment into a primarily harmless Lovable Traitor was a genuinely sinister murderous sociopath that took immense glee in killing his own kind and was an emotional sadist second only to Larxene. The fact that Axel "liked" Roxas indicates he was probably a pretty nasty individual. I suspect 358/2 days will stick with the sympathetic interpretations of Axel and Roxas, but I find it more interesting to think of them as actually villainous due to their willing association with the likes of Xemnas rather than "misunderstood".
    • Are Roxas' actions towards DiZ really supposed to be problematic? Sure, he might have a violent temper, but DiZ was being pretty horrible to him, and Sora doesn't take well to that kind of treatment either - Roxas going berserk on the projection of DiZ is almost perfectly mirrored by Sora going berserk on thin air after Larxene vanishes on him. That said, 358/2 Days might actually deal with the problem of Roxas' willing association with villains - one of the "Events" on the official website suggests that Xaldin starts planning to steal Beast's rose while on a mission with Roxas, which would implicate Roxas in one of the most explicitly evil things that the Organization was seen doing.
  • According to what we know of 358/2 Days, Roxas' job for the Org XIII was to hunt down and destroy Heartless, which makes his actions no better or worse than Sora's for the majority of the first two games. So we're down to what he knew: How much did he know about the darker activities of his fellow Nobodies? He told Namine that Org XIII was a "bad group", so he had to know at least some of it. But when did he find out, how much did he know, and how did he react to this knowledge? If he had full knowledge from the beginning but didn't participate, then he's clearly a villain despite not doing anything particularly villainous. But if he only found out near the end of his stay with the group and it was part of the reason for his leaving, then he isn't; he's basically a good person who was pushed into doing bad things. I suspect the truth falls somewhere between those two. Roxas is a being of Twilight, and it would be fitting if his character was gray.
    • According to all sources in the game, being a Nobody sucks royally. Roxas may simply not have been faced with a whole lot of options, and he did ditch the Organization at some point. Maybe he has a Heel–Face Turn when he can't take the guilt of participating in spiritual genocide any longer?
  • Or, as implied in the game, Roxas isn't the sharpest tool in the shed due to having no past life. It takes him almost an entire year to figure out that that the Organization is really just a bunch of royal jerks.
    • That wasn't even what did it. He left because no one bothered to tell him anything important.

Ven(tus) is Xehanort.
In Final Mix+ , Xemnas (Xehanort's Nobody) is seen addressing Aqua's armor as "friend". Likewise, Terra says he hates Xehanort. My guess is that Ven, Terra & Aqua kill Master Xehanort and his apprentice, Aqua dies and Ven loses his memory and vanishes. He wakes up in Radiant Garden, with no memory, other then the name 'Xehanort' and the rest is history. A possible explanation as to why the Xehanort from KHI looks like Master Xehanort is because Ven is badly mutilated and Master Xehanort possess him.
  • But so close to what actually happened.

Master Xehanort's apprentice in Birth By Sleep is the Ansem/Xemnas fought in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.
It would fit Ansem/Xemnas' MO nicely. Learn under an esteemed master, get all he can out of it, then usurp his master's very identity for his own.

The Unversed (announced KH3 enemy) are going to be a (pro-life message / anti-abortion propaganda).
C'mon, this is Disney we're dealing with. Obviously, they have more clout than Square Enix in the game and they're likely to be swayed by (pro-life / anti-abortion) activists. Just the name should give you a hint.
  • What the bloody hell does that mean?
    • No idea. But the very idea of a Kingdom Hearts enemy called Unbirths Squicks me out on some undefinable level. So if that's any indication...
      • I hope this isn't true. I don't like getting politics in my New Age mysticism.
    • JOSSED! They're not even called Unbirths! They're called "Unversed"
    • Though Nomura has mentioned that the plot was altered in development due to the abortion debate.

Roxas is not Sora's Nobody he is Sora's Memories in a fake Nobody
Sora did not have the oathkeeper or oblivion at the time and if they can clone Riku they can do the same with Sora
  • No matter how you slice it, it doesn't make sense for anyone else to have Oathkeeper - the keychain for it is sorta unique. As in there's only one, period. But I suspect this is Rule of Cool: Oathkeeper and Oblivian are among the coolest of the keyblade designs and they complement eachother very nicely by representing Light and Darkness, respectively. (It's interesting to note that you can fight Roxas in the World That Never Was with Oathkeeper and he still has his. WTH?) Also, if he was a clone of Sora, he couldn't have merged with Sora.
    • first of all if the big bad from the first game confused with Riku then why can't Roxes do a reverse second I thought the reason why they needed to fuse is because Roxes had Soras memories.
      • The only part of the above statement that made sense was inaccurate.
  • Roxas acquires Oathkeeper and Oblivion after he merges with Xion and thus acquires Sora's (and Xion's) memories of Kairi and Riku- Oathkeeper and Oblivion, respectively. It might also explain why he only single-wields Oathkeeper, because he just likes it that much more. It also explains why Riku is understandably freaked out when he grabs Oblivion during his fight with Roxas.

All of the Orgy — including cute little Roxas — really were evil incarnate and had to die.
Crazy, I know.
  • And whoever wrote the prologue was so grossly incompetent that he didn't realize that it was not only pointless, but also actively harmful to his goals. Every possible reason for that prologue's existence - at least in its current form - requires the Nobodies to be sympathetic, and every single main character who appeared in it would be diminished if they weren't. Roxas wouldn't be a sympathetic character who suffers from mistreatment at the hands of the good guys and was tragically unable to escape his fate - he'd just be a monster who had to be put down. Riku wouldn't be the dark hero and inveterate dog-shooter that he is, because helping to forceably return Roxas to Sora against his will wouldn't actually be morally questionable. DiZ wouldn't be a twisted and bitter man whose desire for vengeance against the Organization caused a great deal of unnecessary suffering - he'd actually be right. And Namine would just be acting contrary - rather than showing moral fortitude - by trying to let Roxas know the truth before he vanished, would have been lying when she said that she didn't know whether the Organization was good or bad, and probably would have deserved to be erased once DiZ was done with her because she's a Nobody.
    • Not totally Jossed. Not ALL of them were "evil incarnate" (Roxas, especially), but they did need to be stopped. As Nomura put it, while some of them have sympathetic motivations (Axel and Saïx for instance, are the only ones that actively care about getting their hearts back), that doesn't make them good guys.

Olette, Hayner, and Pence are really Jesse, Biggs, and Wedge from Final Fantasy VII
  • The resemblence is just too strong to ignore. I can't be the only one who sees it. Perhaps they changed their names or those are their last names.
    • That can't make sense. The trio exist as shopkeepers in Twilight Town.

Ven is a Prince of Heart
In Kingdom Hearts, Alice should be about seven years old, and Birth By Sleep takes place approximately ten years before Kingdom Hearts. Maleficent says that there are seven beings of pure light, but logically, Alice shouldn't exist yet. Master Xehanort is seen in the trailer asking Ven to, "use your power to defeat the darkness." Terra is also later seen confronting Master Xehanort about what he has done to his "friend's" heart. So, Ven was a Prince of Heart, the remaining being of pure light, and was/will be offed by the end of Birth By Sleep, either by Maleficent or Master Xehanort for his pure heart or by Aqua or Terra at his behest. That, or his heart will be corrupted; either way the light will be lost. Three years later, the light of "the Heart" will travel across the universe to be reincarnated in Alice.
  • It could be Aqua.
    • For some reason I think it would be really awesome to have a Prince of Light instead of being all Princesses. Maybe it's just because I'm not fond of the concept that my sex is incapable of purity.
      • JOSSED
      • Sort of. Ven is an artificial Prince of Heart, having been formed by ripping all of his darkness out. This was quite traumatic and nearly killed him, but the result was a heart of pure light.

Naminé Is Actually A Combo. Of Kairi's Body, Sora's Soul, And Riku's Heart.
But Still Somehow A Nobody.

Destiny Island is similar to Roxas' Twilight Town.
Most of the characters you see are at roughly the same life stage as they are in the game (the biggest change for a non-Destiny Island character is probably Squall, and he goes from late teens to early twenties). YRP, or the Gullwings, are roughly the same age as they were in X-2, or slightly younger as would befit the time difference, Auron is... well, hard to tell, but since Hades has him he'd probably died and been sent by then [spoiler: or at least been sent], so that works out as X-2 being around the time of KH2. If it was just Tidus, it might work out as Tidus' own heart, growing separately from his body ([spoiler: If you've played X, you know why]), but that leaves no explanation for Selphie and Wakka. If X and X-2 are actually after the KH series, lent credit by [spoiler: the KH2 Auron is pre-FFX guess above] and the "gullwingification" is a result of time travel or being fakes based on the future YRP, Selphie still has no explanation, especially with Squall being 25. The only real justification for this is if the entirety of Destiny Island is revealed as a false world in the vein of the digital Twilight Town, only someone managed to make an entire world. This also explains why Desitiny Island was out on its own, while all the other worlds in KH 1 (aside from The End Of The World) were still in the cycles.
  • The KH versions of the Cloud, Squall, and the rest of them are explicitly not the same as the Final Fantasy versions. They have similar names and character designs, but are their own characters.

The Unversed are The Heartless before the Heartless and the Nobodies.
It explain why the Unversed aren't in the 1st two Games, Thay was the Heartless before the Heartless came to be, The Unversed got warpout by Ven, Terra and Aqua.

Or Maybe.

  • It took me a bit to fully comprehend your spelling, but if I'm correct and you're suggesting that the Unversed were the Heartless of the world before being wiped out by Terra and co., then that makes a lot of sense.
    • Yes.

The Unversed and The Heartless are One of the Same.
The Unversed do look like The Heartless but Only Blue-like.

Ven is Sora's (and be extension, Roxas's) father
Explains the similar appearance?
  • The timeline doesn't work. At the time of Birth by Sleep, Sora is 4 years old. Ven, by all appearances, is in his mid-teens or so.
    • Ven and Aqua got started young.
  • Jossed. Sigh. I hate silly unimaginative theories like this.

Ven is Sora. Not his nobody, heartless, Unversed, or whatever, but an alter ego of the exact same person.
Let's say that, for some reason, the only way Ven could be healed after the fight with Master Xehanort was to have him "reborn" as someone else, thus "erasing" his original existence and memories. After that, he'd probably start building new memories, and as we've seen with Xion, those memories might have the potential to change his appearance. This would also explain why Roxas looks more like Ven than Sora. Because Roxas didn't start with Sora's memories like most nobodies do, his appearance reverted back to Ven's. Maybe Roxas got a hold of some of Ven's residual memories, instead?
  • Jossed, mostly. Ven isn't Sora, persay, but the former's heart is currently in the latter's. The Roxas part is pretty much confirmed, though.

Scar's heart is extraordinarily powerful
When he became a Heartless, he retained his shape and mind in addition to gaining Heartless powers. Nobody else has been able to do this. No, not even Xehanort; remember, Ansem The Seeker Of Darkness was a hunchbacked, cloaked spirit thingy before possessing Riku, and it was probably only due to the power of the Final Keyhole that he was able to take his original form at the end of the first game. And he was an Emblem. Sora, who became a pureblood Heartless, was even less exceptional; he became a Shadow, and was, by his own admission, rapidly losing his memories. Scar outdid them both, retaining his memories, ambition, and shape. I say that's significant.
  • Well, Pete's the only one who ever actually says Scar became a Heartless. Maybe Pete is just an idiot, and he mistook "Scar figured out how to use Darkness powers, like the other Disney villains" for him becoming a Heartless... seems a lot more likely to me.
    • Scar left a body behind when he died, instead of disappearing into Darkness - and that's never happened to any Heartless, regardless of how strong its heart used to be. The Darkness definitely did something to keep Scar alive, considering the fact that he fell over dead immediately after it left him, but it seems more likely that it re-animated his own body instead of him turning into a Heartless.

The Xehanort from Radiant Garden is really an amnesiac Terra.
Xehanort and Terra look very similar. Xemnas still has Aqua's armor, and refers to it as a friend. Why? Because he is really Terra. The reason he took the name Xehanort is because all he could remember of his past life was his hatred of Xehanort. The superboss Terra in Final Mix+ is actually a construct formed of his past, lost memories, which is why it's called the Lingering Sentiment. Possibly, Xemnas has since reclaimed more of his memories, and keeps Aqua's armor around as a memento of his past.
  • Gonna add to this and say that the Birth by Sleep trailer at the end of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix convincingly looks like Xehanort possesses Terra at the end. Of course, it started off with the changing of his eye color to what we see now with the white-haired and more sinister Xehanort/Xenmas. After that whole destruction he somehow ends up in Radient Garden, and it follows up to him not remembering at all about himself. He takes up Xehanort because that seems to be the only name he recalls. How much left of him is still consciously Terra is not really known, but there must be something still there considering the Aqua sentiments. I would also think the Lingering Sentiment is only remnants left of the uncorrupted Terra. It's kinda like a similar being to the dead Organization members you have an option to fight in Final Mix. What makes it more evident that Terra is indeed Xenahort is that the Lingering Being has a similar special attack to when you fight with Xemnas.
    • Though for all we know, Xenahort's remarks about Aqua could just be him being creepy and sadistic and not really say, the little parts of actual Terra left.
  • Oh, so close. Xehanort is an amnesiac possessed Terra. After possessing Terra, the new Xehanort awakened without any memories. Lingering Sentiment is Terra's remaining hatred for Xehanort animating his armour.

The Unversed are souls that exist outside of the normal cycle of life and death.
These souls, for one reason or another, never bonded with a heart or body; existing mere as a shadowy wriaths. Their physical forms may well be merely constructs of Light (fitting the Trinity theme) given life without any means of gaining knowledge or emotion. Litterally, they are "unversed" in existence and strike out in a strange effort to comprehend it.

Seeing as they merely improperly formed light beings, rather than darkness-based entities, they would be far easier to permanately get rid of (explaining why they don't show up later).

The Unversed are the predecessors of the Heartless and Nobodies.
We know that Birth By Sleep will include Ansem and his group. After the Unversed do whatever it is they'll do and Master Xehanort shows what dark powers are capable of, Ansem will probably not want a repeat incident. He and his assistants will begin delving into the mysteries of what makes a heart in order to prevent the Unversed from ever returning. However, during his research, Ansem's assistants stumble on the ever-so-wonderful properties of dark contamination and our old friends, the Heartless.

The rest is history.

The Unversed are creatures that inhabited dreams.
Somehow they were released, and upon being so became tainted by reality into creatures that began creating the first 'heartless' and 'nobodies' before being exterminated. Why do i think that? Birth by SLEEP.

Aqua is Kairi's older sister
Compare KH 1's Kairi to Aqua (renders, not concept art). They part their hair the same way (In fact, Xion wear's the same style as well, just flipped). And they both have blue eyes. Hey, if so many others can run around theorizing Terra is going to become Xehanort because they supposedly look alike, I think I can be allowed this point. And at least Aqua and Kairi being siblings would potentially explain them both having water-themed names.

The first boss of Birth By Sleep will be an Unversed Expy of Darkside
Because we already started off KHII with a Nobody version of it, Twilight Thorn, and it's an easy enough design to recycle.
  • The trio fights an Unversed version of Guard Armor.

Master Xehanort is somewhat sympathetic.
A few trailers hint that he feels genuinely guilty about Vanitas' descent into darkness. His entire plan is a misguided attempt to redeem his student. His hassling of Terra is part of a backup plan if he can't save Vanitas: Terra can kill Vanitas and replace Master Xehanort's fallen student.

Ventus is Sora's "Unversed", created through some process by Master Xehanort as part of his plans
The newest trailer opens on a shot of Ventus sitting in a throne room with the Unversed symbol on the walls behind him, while a voice narrates "Everything is Born from Sleep; yes, even you...". It would match the precident set by the previous main game; Roxas was related to the newly introduced villians in Part 2, the nobodies, so it would make sense if Ventus turned out to be related to the Unversed, the newest enemies. And this would explain his connection to Sora and why he looks like Roxas. This in turn leads me to another theory...
  • Slightly Jossed. Isn't his Unversed, but the fact that his and Sora's heart becomes one at the end of the game might explain the Roxas thing.
  • Jossed. The Unversed didn't even exist until Vanitas formed from Ventus's extracted darkness, and by then Sora was only a newborn and Ventus was already in his teens.
Something will happen in KHIII to get Riku and Sora to create the X-Blade
Sora and Riku are the pinnacles of Light and Darkness after the "deaths" of Ventus and Vanitas, the light and dark sides of the same person, and obviously, the X-Blade will be important in the grand scheme of things.
  • Nice theory, but neither Sora nor Riku are anywhere near as pure as Ven and Vanitas. Riku was only ever half-dark at most, and after the incident with Ansem's machine he's probably even less so now. And as for Sora, where the heck do you think Anti Form came from?

Terra, Ventus, and Aqua are Riku, Sora, and Kairi's parents, respectively.
Riku means "land", Sora means "sky", and Kairi means "sea". Coincidence? Probably, given their appearance in Birth by Sleep. Still...continuing on with the first mad theory this troper added, that would mean that somehow pre-Nobody Larxene and Ventus were Sora's parents, explaining Sora's single parent syndrome, Roxas' extremely Ventus-like appearance, how three young Keybladers all just Happened to be childhood friends on the same island, and several other loose ends that I'm to tired to point out at the moment!
  • Not possible we see the characters meet their counterparts in BBS. Sora and co. are about five years old by that game so there is no way they are the kids of the teenage protagonists.
    • Wrong, it is possible to father a child around age ten or eleven if you have an early puberty and get really lucky with the sex organ cycles and sperm vitality. What it isn't is probable.
      • It also isn't very Disney.
      • No, it isn't very Disney to admit something like that. This is the company that secretly hides pornographic images as Easter Eggs in its animated movies.

Xehanort has switched bodies before
  • I don't know what the rules in this universe are; but if it's at all like Dante, he's rapidly aging or decaying...or his heart is decaying. Come on, old classmates? Xehanort's old enough to be Eraqus's father, let alone classmate! (And no, it's not the white hair. Xemnas looks youthful despite having white hair; Xehanort looks like he's in his 60s.)
    • I don't know about old enough to be his father- Eraqus does appear to be in his 50's. Yes, he's younger than Xehanort, but not that much younger, and martial arts schools group by skill, not by age.
      • According to his reports, no he's still in his original body, since he mentions the whole body stealing thing is only theorectical. He doesn't even know he can do it until Terra, his first victim. His age compared to Eraqus is either because he started out older than Eraqus, since according to his backstory he wasn't chosen as a Keyblade user until he was a young man. When he was around Terra's age he still had yet to leave Destiny Islands. Typical Keyblade users are chosen as young children and in training by at their early teens, generally full fledged Master's at the age Xehanort would have first gotten his Keyblade. Either that or he just hasn't aged well, either due to Darkness use or bad luck.

The rite of succession cannot be performed involuntarily.
It requires more than just a keyblade wielder and someone else touching the keyblade at the same time- the keyblade wielder must present the keyblade to the intended successor and recite the induction poem. Thus, it is impossible for someone to become a keyblade wielder by accident or by force.
  • In a word, Kairi. Its pretty clear she got her keyblade from the time she held Aqua's keyblade back on Radiant Garden, and Aqua certainly wasn't consciously performing the Rite at the time.
    • Follow up: Kairi is a Red Herring. Either she isn't actually a keyblade wielder, and the keyblade she fought with would have returned to Riku and soon as he called it back, or any Princess of Heart can wield a keyblade for reasons other than the Rite Of Succession.
      • It'd have to be the latter; note the similarity between the keyblade she generated and the one Aqua received after developing an emotional bond with her, indicating that the keyblade she formed was tied to her own heart rather than Riku's. Presumably it has to do with Princess of Heart purity; with no dark taint, its probably easier to shape their light into a Keyblade.
      • Word of God says that Aqua inadvertently performed the Rite of Succession for Kairi, making her a wielder.
      • Word of God has also contradicted the contents of the games. Nothing can be accepted at face value.
      • Such as?
      • Look, I'm not gonna say the people who make these games are brilliant writers, because they're NOT, but they do seem to have basic foreshadowing down, and Keyblader Kairi is a plotpoint they set up two games ago, and they deliberately mentioned wanting to explain it in BBS.
      • Fine, all I'm saying is that when Nomura says things like "There's no concept of death in Kingdom Hearts," or "Namine has nothing to do with Kairi," it means everything he says about the plot needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
      • Both may be true, if you think about it. Namine is NOT Kairi's Nobody - she never became a Heartless. Namine was constructed from Sora's memory - and no one said Nobodies had to follow the visual template of their originals strictly. They could modify them (Axel/Lea, Isa/Saix, Ienzo/Zexion) or change them altogether. The founding six could have retained their looks for whatever reason, but last I remember I don't recall Even having a big shield and throwing ice... or Lea being a unstable pryomanic. Also, just because a "fact" is disproven by later evidence does not make that fact by itself false... Pretty much anyone's Keyblade is an Ass Pull given no other evidence. Sora/Roxas is explained by Ventus/Kairi, the latter which was protected by a spell specifically tailored to help Kairi survive having her heart stolen! (This was Aqua was able to survive a decade in The Dark Realm) Riku's is given by Terra(nort). And there is no concept of death in the game - if you view death as a total loss of existence. It may be Noruma showing off his minor in psycology (identity theory, to be exact), but maybe he is tyring to tell us that we should strive to look at both sides of an argument and being narrow minded is bad — exactly what Master Xehanort tried to do and exactly what happened to him.

Sora made Mickey a Keyblade Master
When Sora and company went "back in time" to the Timeless River, Sora accidentally initiated a Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony on Mickey, making him his successor. Mickey owes Sora, big time.
  • I would not be surprised if KH ran on a Stable Time Loop such as this theory. It'd actually be pretty cool if this were true.
  • Jossed. In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Mickey already has a keyblade. He undergoes the Mark of Mastery exam while Ventus, Aqua, and Terra are looking for Master Xehanort and Vanitas
    • Debatable. Timeless River was even further into the past than Birth By Sleep. Meeting Sora at Timeless River could be why Mickey got Star Seeker.

When Sora saves Ventus, Ventus will abandon his former name and assume the name "Roxas."
Someone perhaps Xion will address him as Roxas, and then he'll remark something like, "Roxas- a no name for a nobody. I guess it fits though, after being deconstructed and reconstructed so many times all these years, I suppose I am neither Ventus nor Sora anymore."
  • Jossed. I would love if he'd said that, but no. First of all, Xion is absorbed into Sora once more at the end of 358/2 Days Next, Ventus has lost his heart to Sora, and is now a well-preserved coma corpse in the Chamber of Waking Finally, Roxas is Sora's nobody. True, he looks like Ventus because of the heart thing, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are eachother.
    • How is this Jossed when "Blank Points" and "Reconnect Kingdom Hearts" say that Sora is going to save everybody?
      • It is jossed because the whole premise is flawed. Ven isn't Xehanort who goes around stealing other people's names. Blank Points and Dream Drop Distance DO say that Sora is going to save everybody, meaning BOTH Roxas and Ventus. Roxas only LOOKS like Ven but he isn't him. They're both two completely different individuals and not the same entity, they even appear independently from each other twice within DDD.

The Donald and Goofy from Chain of Memories were not the real Donald and Goofy
They were Sora's memories of Donald and Goofy. At the beginning, they were separated when that Org XIII member created the deck of cards. However, the cards were made of Sora's memories, therefore, the real ones didn't rejoin him for the rest of the game. Where the Organization kept them, and what happened to them, is yet unknown.
  • This is actually canon.
    • So... how do all of the other characters interact with Donald and Goofy in Kingdom Hearts 2? Or are they the real ones by that point? Where did the Organization keep them, and did DiZ or Namine get them in time to put them in their own pods? Man this is confusing.
    • The latest videos or 358/2 Days have shown Donald and Goofy fighting along side the Organization during the time Sora was in the pod. It stands to reason that they were separated from Sora in Castle Oblivion and weren't reunited with him until Kingdom Hearts 2.
      • Or... they could just be bonus characters for the non-story multiplayer. Sora's playable too, despite being in a pod for most of the game.
    • But Donald and Goofy were in memory reconstruction pods beside Sora, at least when he entered and left his own, which hints that the only time they weren't with Sora during Chain of Memories was when he entered a cardworld unlocked by his memory. Either the white hall scenes between worlds saw them return from card state or the dialogues during these times reflected the memory loss Donald and Goofy experienced while apart from Sora. If neither of these options happened, placing the pair in pods would be unnecessary because they didn't actually lose their memories. It's possible the Organization interrupted this process and put the pair back when they were done with them, but that just raises the question as to why Sora, but not Donald and Goofy, needed the entire year to regain his memories.
    • Donald and Goofy didn't have Nobodies mucking up the process.

The Old Mansion in Twilight Town was once owned by Birth By Sleep's Master Xehanort
Pence says, in regards to the Seventh "Wonder" of Twilight Town that no one has lived in the Old Mansion for years. If my math is correct, which it usually is, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep takes place 11 years before Kingdom Hearts II. Granted, the Pence that says this is digital, but I see no reason why DiZ (aka: Ansem the Wise) would have to change this particular fact for the virtual Twilight Town.Also, the table in the Dining Room is smashed by the fallen chandelier. Upon examination, it says, "Only a massive blast could have destroyed this." Could this be part of Terra having his rage awakened?Beneath the Library, there is another door, but it's blocked by pipes. Could this be where the fabled Room of Awakening that Xemnas is searching for is located?And beyond the Library, in the room with Donald and Goofy's 'Sleep Pods', there are two Pods near to the entrance, which, when examined, indicate that they were used before. By whom? On whom? Possibly, one was used on the one who will become Xehanort, whoever the WMG'ers believe him to be.
  • Jossed (well, the Chamber of Waking part at least), the Chamber of Waking is explicitly in Castle Oblivion.

Nobodies can think through emotions, but not feel them.
  • The Nobodies, while no longer possessing hearts, still have minds, and memories (complete or otherwise) of life before nobody-dom. So, on an intellectual level, they can recognize situations and circumstances that would call up given emotions, and access them through the memories they have. Because it is, in a way, a chance to relive the experience of having a heart, and feeling emotions, which they'd miss, having experienced it previously. It also lends credence to the above 'Nobodies are Sociopaths' theory.
    • Now Jossed, thanks to Dream Drop Distance. Xemnas and Xigbar confirm that Nobodies not only have genuine feelings, but that they begin to develop a heart over time. They merely tricked the others into believing themselves completely devoid of emotion, to further Xehanort's master plan. Sora is suitably outraged by this revelation.

Axel is still alive.
Because seriously; how many death scenes has he had?
  • One. It's unclear what happens to him in Chain of Memories, in its remake, we see that he escapes after his battle with Sora on floor 13, and brings Repliku to the basement HQ to absorb Zexion, and Roxas didn't do anything to him in KHII's prologue.
  • Jossed... sort of. Axel seems to be gone, but Lea is back and there's barely any difference between them.

The Unversed really are Unbirths
The name matches the Heartless/Nobody naming system much better. However, because of the negative reaction to the name, it was changed to Unversed, which makes much less sense.
  • Unbirth does make more sense when you consider that they are "the opposite of life" (Or So I Heard), as well as being "born" of negative emotions but not being actually alive.
  • Jossed. It was a translation error.

Nobodies really DON'T have emotion in the human sense, they just repeat the behaviors they were following before (unless they get it off a reflected heart).
This explains why their really isn't anything to Larxene other than Sadism and Rage, anything to Luxord apart from an obsession with games, and anything to Xemnas apart form an obsession to grab power, even when it would be simpler just to kill the people who could stop him. Thoughts? It might possibly just be the worst part of you,but who knows?
  • That's nearly a given really, it's never stated but heavily implied from what I've seen that Nobodies cling to the memories of what they once were, and pretty much try to maintain that idea. In the recent game it was revealed since Roxas had no past, he acted like a zombie and basically learned what to be like as time went on. Although one could argue that there do seem to be a few parts of his character that don't see to come from anyone else...
  • I always assumed that this explained the one-dimensional personalities of most of the Organization. Since they cannot form new emotional responses, they simply try to mimic the strongest memories they have of their human selves. They readily do evil no matter what their former nature since, lacking real empathy and all, they can rationalize anything to themselves.
  • Played with, but ultimately jossed. The Organization members don't believe that they have hearts, so they repeat their past behaviors. In KH3D, however, it's revealed that Nobodies have at least the beginnings of hearts.

The Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer is deceptive, and in fact offers no hint whatsoever about the game's plot.
We know that Nomura is a Lying Creator based on statements that blatently contradict things mentioned in games that have already been released. Therefore, we have no reason to trust anything released this early. Besides, the trailer is one big Mind Screw. I've heard talk of de-aging the characters, which makes no sense whatsoever without some kind of context.
  • The thing was called "Kingdom Hearts 3D demo", of course it's not a serious thing at the moment.
    • Actually, we now know that it was a demo for Kingdom Hearts 3d, which is going to be released for the Nintendo 3DS...
      • Gaiden Game, the actual 3, or something more along the lines of an American released of coded?
  • Jossed. The trailer gives hints of the plot, and the trailer is mind-screwy because the game is mind-screwy.

The Mysterious Figure in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is Ansem the Wise
  • He's swinging blue lightsa- ethereal blades, just like Xemnas' red ones in KH1 FM. And, as we all know, red and blue are used in Japanese culture to show contrast between two characters. Well, Ansem is the closest thing we have to a true counterpart to Xemnas (anyone else would be using Keyblades, not ethereal blades), and conveniently enough, we never saw him fight, so we have no idea what his combat style looks like, if he has one.
    • It's hard for This Troper to think of someone else, however it's equivalent hard to think that Ansem's such a Badass Grandpa.
    • Yet more potential evidence: The keyblade you get for defeating the Mysterious Figure is apparently called "No Name." Remember how Ansem made a big deal out of Xehanort stealing his name, and changed it to DiZ because of it?
      • Ansem is an anagram for Names.
      • Alternately, (as suggested by the below "Master Xehanort has a Nobody" WMG), the Mysterious Figure is Master Xehanort's body from after he extracted his heart in the same way that Sora did in KH1.
      • The problem with that is that he would still have his Keyblade in that case, same as Roxas. Like I said, all the other likely candidates would be using keyblades, not Xemnas' weapons painted blue.
    • To be honest, by the point in the game that you fight the Mysterious Figure Ansem The Wise hadn't been booted out to the Realm of Nothingness by Xehanort yet, meaning he was still at Radiant Garden, so he couldn't have been to the Land of Departure to beat your face in. This Troper still supports this WMG, though, with a possibly-yet-to-be-added theory that Ansem The Wise is a Time Lord. Add these two theories together, and it means you really fight a version of him from further along the timeline, maybe after he's freed from the Realm of Darkness. The only thing I still have no idea about is why he'd desire to fight Ven/Aqua/Terra.
      • Well, the fight itself may not be canon. Ven and Terra shouldn't even be around by the time you fight MF, same as with Vanitas' Sentiment, and Aqua should have already turned Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion, so that's another difference from canon. The fight may just be showing what Ansem would've been capable of if we ever saw him fight.
      • The fight is canon. Imagine, if you will, that the Mysterious Figure was there before you reach the Final Story and/or fight Vanitas's Sentiment. Terra is now going after Master Xehanort to avenge Master Eraqus, Aqua is following Master Yen Sid's directions and going to get answers from Terra, and Ven is going to see what happened between Terra and Master Eraqus. And as Ven finds himself horrified by the destruction of the only home he can really remember, a figure in a black cloak appears and manifests his weapons. Ven has no choice but to fight, but gets no answers after defeating the unknown person, who simply fades away again. Deciding to put the incident out of his mind, he goes to the Keyblade Graveyard himself, and the story continues from there.
  • Jossed. He is Master Xehanort as a youth.

The Mysterious Figure in BBS is Vanitas's nobody!
  • The first superboss is described by the journal as The remains of Vanitas's powerful thoughts and feelings. like a heartless, now then, the mysterious figure is strong and appears right behind you, as if he remembered all three of the main characters for beating him up. Whereas the lingering memory waits and lashes out the mysterious figure calmy finds his real target, yet at the same time is searching for a heart like ven's in the castle he doesnt know it isnt there he just knows where ventus is. Lets not forget he drops a keyblade, why would he have one of those? ( yeah i know almost everything drops one, its my WMG shut up) and in response to the above WMG Ansem is perfectly fine back home with no mass overthrowing or invasions of heartless yet.
  • Jossed. The MF was a young Master Xehanort.

The Mysterious Figure in BBS is Master Eraqus's Nobody
  • Reasoning: We know that Kairi didn't really have a Nobody when she faded out in the same manner that Master Eraqus did, but that was because she had a Heart of pure Light. However, the only people who could naturally have pure Hearts are the Princesses of Heart (and the Princes(ses) of Darkness), everybody else has some small amount of Darkness (or Light) in them. Ven and Vanitas were pure artificially, and, even as paranoid about Darkness as he seems, Master Eraqus knows the value of Balance and simply seeks to subdue the Darkness inside him. Therefore, he'd have enough Darkness to form a Nobody. Why he'd want to fight you, however, I don't really know. Maybe it's like the Lingering Sentiment and he just lashed out at the first being he saw.
    • This is fairly reasonable, actually. Darkness in the heart isn't needed for a nobody to retain human form after losing it, just an enormously strong heart and will. Since Master Eraqus had willpower that you could move mountains with and an incredibly strong heart, it's natural that his nobody would be incredibly powerful. His battle with whoever visits the land of departure after his death could be chalked up to either not remembering them due to his heart not forming a Heartless or a desire to give his students one final test to ensure at least they might have a chance to survive.
    • Another point of interest is the fight juxtaposed with the battle against Eraqus's armor in Final Mix. The battle is conducted in the same place, and despite the etherial blades being wielded quite differently from Eraqus's keyblade, both the Master's Armor and Mysterious Figure demonstrate the exact same elemental powers executed in different ways, similar levels of speed and power, and even have some similar attacks. Combine this with the WMG a bit further down about the Etherial Blade being a Nobody's version of the keyblade, and, well...
    • Also, apparently the Mysterious Figure is subject to Theme Song Reveal. His theme takes cues from Rage Awakened, Lord of the Castle and Darkness of the Unknown — makes perfect sense, since he's all that's left of Eraqus, former master of the Land of Departure and the Nobody of a Keyblade Master.
  • Jossed. MF is a Master however: Master Xehanort!

Mysterious Figure in KH:BbS may be Ansem the Wise.
Before I say anything: This was written when presented with the possibility that MF was Kairi's Grandma. This is pure WMG and a result of a sleepy mind. "Only problem I have with this theory is the keyblade/keyblade-esk weapon. If it is a Keyblade Ansem is probably borrowing it from the Keyblade Graveyard or a friend - possibly Yen Sid? After all, Yen's apprentice did become one of his closest friends pre-Heartless, so maybe Ansem the Wise knew or met Yen Sid before and they stayed in touch or Mickey's arrival on his world and his Keyblade reminded Ansem of his old buddy so he asked Mickey to help him see Yen Sid. If it's a different Weapon, it could be a special weapon based off the power of his own Heart, or it could be a brilliant next-gen sword that was later stolen and used by Xehanort (along with Ansem's name and social-status). After all, we did see all that machinery that manufactured Emblem Heartless in KH2 and/or FM+ (little confused which at the moment), not to mention the Tron-world computer."
  • Jossed. MF is a young Master Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts 3D takes place partly or entirely in Castle Oblivion
Sora and Riku return to it to rescue Aqua and Ventus. We know from Chain of Memories that if someone's trapped in the Darkness, they can escape through the Castle's basement, so Our Heros return to it to retrieve Aqua, and then, with her help and ability to unlock the Chamber of Awakening, get Sora and therefore Ventus' heart to Ventus' body. Traverse Town showed up in the trailer becuase, like last time, the Castle manifests itself as the visitors' memories.
  • 3D is supposedly going to have brand new worlds. But then again, Sora and Riku never went to twilight town the first time either.
    • If they do rescue Aqua partway through, there would also be worlds she went to (which are, presumably, more than just the worlds from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep), and much the same goes for getting in touch with Ventus's heart...
  • To aid this theory, we know from the Re:Coded secret ending that the game will involve Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery exams. Since Castle Oblivion used to be The Land of Departure, noted for its balance of light and dark and how perfect that makes it for training...
  • Jossed. It takes place in the Realm of Dreams.

The Mysterious Figure is Ventus all grown up and from the future
He's trying to stop Terra, Aqua, and himself from meeting their fates at the Keyblade Graveyard. His ability to affect time during battle and the clock on the Keyblade you win for beating him may hint him being from the future, as well as that the event that triggers his appearance happens chronologically after his appearance. He weilds his weapons backhand, has a wind-based attack and uses at least one move similar to Vanitas (the X-shaped beam). The Player is required to kill off Vanitas's remenant, maybe meaning that Vanitas needed to be completely dead... or completely returned to Ventus... for the event to happen. Or... something.
  • Jossed. MF is a young Master Xehanort.

The cloaked figure in coded is the real Sora
Not the Sora we know, but instead future Sora, in a last recourse after suffering a (possibly literally) earth-shattering defeat to the True Final Boss of the series. He knows that the key to beating it is in having the journal's records restored (and I mean all the records, even the Chain of Memories ones, which were corrupted and have turned into all that bug stuff & Blox), as this will grant him an Eleventh Hour Super Power, allowing him to use the light contained within the emotions recorded in the journal to transform into the most powerful being in the KH universe, a Heartful, a being made of pure light yet able to channel the darkness as well, and the true source of the Keyblades. So, he went back in time, added a time-delayed virus to the journal that would cause a new line to appear if ever any of its contents were lost (for some reason, this virus didn't activate immediately, perhaps because it was removed from a computer and implanted within paper), in one big Batman Gambit.
  • Jossed. It's Data Roxas.

Luxord is the Mysterious Figure
Hey ho! This troper, author of the End-Of-The-World theory seen in the BBS Fridge page, proudly presents... a spoileriffic (and therefore spoilered) brand new theory: The Bonus Boss, "Unknown", is Luxord. And there is very decisive proof - namely, the following eight facts:
  • N.1: Nomura said that "the battle is canon".
  • N.2: The Unknown's blades vaguely resemble the arms of a clock.
  • N.3: So does the "No Name" keyblade, complete with a clock theme and even an hourglass keychain.
  • N.4: Luxord has power over time.
  • N.5: one of the Unknown's attacks is an invocation of the Time Stands Still trope, temporarily trapping you while healing himself making his life bar go "rewind". You're following me so far? Good.
  • N.6: You meet the Unknown in the ruined Land Of Departure, when that world is on its way to become Castle Oblivion.
  • N.7: Also, Luxord's Weapons Of Choice are cards.
  • N.8: Castle Oblivion uses a card system. And yet, oddly (as even the KH Wiki put it), Luxord was not in Castle Oblivion during the events of Chain Of Memories. This doesn't absolutely mean he wasn't involved with that world.
  • Resulting theory: Luxord used his power to travel back in time because he was the one who implemented the card system in the Land Of Departure before it was turned into Castle Oblivion, which is why you can't enter the castle anymore (if you did, you should see cards instead of your command deck - and this is justified by the fact that when Aqua and Ventus entered the castle once more, it was only during a cutscene which has no interface, hiding the cards "à la Master-Chief-and-his-helmet"). The fact you fought him was because he didn't want any witnesses (he was probably going to leave that world with a corridor of darkness), and he used those blades instead of the cards either just to show off what he could really do, or because he wanted to use his actual power over time. Now, Luxord averted being a Creator's Pet because despite Nomura explicitly saying he's his favourite Organization XIII member, he had very little screentime; but after this Wall of Text, the character is going to play the trope a lot more straight given that, if my theory will eventually be proven right, Tetsuya Nomura has much bigger plans for his beloved character.
  • Jossed. Young Master Xehanort is the Mysterious Figure.

The Mysterious Figure is Marluxia's Somebody
He was the original leader of Orginazation XIII before they consisted of Nobodies. Larxene, Demyx, and Luxord were also originally part of it. When he met Xehanort/Xemnas, he was overthrown. This could explain why Marluxia was The Starscream of Chain of Memories.
  • One of the Final Mix + cutscenes shows two of the Organization members (I believe it was Xigbar and Zexion) talking about Marluxia just recently having been recruited into the Organization. So, no.
    • Well, that's why I said his Somebody. I guess when he became a Nobody, Xemnas didn't recognize him.
      • All Nobodies we've seen look like their Somebodies. The one who looks the most different from their somebody is Roxas, which is likely due to him being a special case because of Kairi and Ven, and even then, Xemnas was able to recognize him as Sora's nobody. Now, since Marluxia probably looks much like he did when he was a Somebody, I doubt that Xemnas would not recognize the man he stole an organization from.
  • Jossed. Young Master Xehanort is the Mysterious Figure.

Kairi will have an expanded role in Dream Drop Distance, and may even be playable.
  • While Kairi isn't experienced enough to take the Mark of Mastery exam like Sora and Riku, I doubt Mickey and Yen Sid will ignore the fact that they've got a third keyblade wielder who needs training. The reason it's only been Sora and Riku in the screenshots so-far is that Sora and Riku already have combat models from KH1 and Re:CoM, respectively. Kairi would need a whole new set of animations (which at the time of the screenshots, SE hasn't made yet).
  • Here's how I think it will go: while Sora and Riku are off doing their Mark of Mastery exam, Mickey offers to train Kairi using a dialed-down "training" exam (something like what Ven would go through on a daily basis). She agrees, because without training, Kairi is just a target for Xehanort and his cronies to use to weaken Sora and Riku. With training, she could pull her own weight and fight alongside them (something she wanted to do since KH1, remember). Together, the two of them go through the same worlds as Sora and Riku (the player would control Kairi, with Mickey as a party member), until the endgame when Kairi gets separated from Mickey (probably at Hollow Bastion). Then, to combine this WMG with the one above, she gets ambushed by a data version of Vanitas and has to fight him off by herself. After that, she joins up with Sora and Riku for whatever happened at the end of their stories, possibly culminating in a True Final Boss fight with all three of them, a la Trinity Armor from BBS.
  • Jossed. She just shows up in the secret ending.

All currently known enemies will be all there ever are. As such, KH3's enemies will be a mix of Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed.
  • Hey, everything else revolves around Power Trios: Sora/Riku/Kairi, Sora/Donald/Goofy, Terra/Ven/Aqua, Roxas/Axel/Xion... Why not the bad guys? And the bad guys' trio is complete.
    • Jossed. There are now Dream Eaters as well.

The Mysterious Figure in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is "Venitas"' Nobody.
Think about it, Vanitas, Ven's darkness, takes over Ven, effectively making "Venitas" a Heartless, we all know Ven has a strong heart, being a Keyblade user, and the MF holds his blades quite like how Ven holds his Keyblade, as for why the MF doesn't use a Keyblade, like Roxas... Not so sure on that one, but it's possible he had some memory mess-up going on as well, and, not having another heart to rely on, like Roxas did with Ven's...
  • That's impossible. A nobody is a body and soul. Ven's body and soul are in Castle Oblivion. Also, Ven did not become a heartless. His light side was still in him (it was just being shoved aside by Vanitas's darkness), and he didn't lose his body and soul at that time.
  • Jossed. MF is young Master Xehanort.

The Mysterious Figure is Terra.
Well, the other two main game's main Bonus Bosses were also him, so this isn't that far of a stretch. Why he would attack Ven or Aqua is not clarified, but it could be revealed in a future game.
  • But you can fight the Mysterious Figure with Terra. Why would Terra be fighting himself? To barricade his past self from going to face Xehanort and getting body-snatched as the end result?
    • Impossible. The Mysterious Figure appears again in Coded, and he reveals himself to be Roxas.
    • Er... no. That can't be the same Mysterious Figure if BxS takes place 10 years before the first game and coded happens right after the epilogue of II but before Sora receives the letter in the post-credits sequence. Besides, the dimensions of MF and Roxas are completely different, not to mention that Roxas is most likely some permutation of Ventus, so the two couldn't exist back then if Roxas hadn't even been "birthed" yet.
  • Jossed. MF is young Master Xehanort.

The newest type of enemy that will appear will be called an Abomination.
Abomination is the prototype name for a creature that will be a fusion of Heartless, Nobody, and Unversed. Abomination will be a fitting name since all three were really never meant to exist.
  • Jossed. The newest type are called Dream Eaters.

The Mysterious Figure is Joshua.
The one is an omnipotent jerkass, the other is an omnipotent jerkass. Speaks for itself.
  • Jossed. He is Young Master Xehanort.

The Mysterious Figure is Mr. Hanekoma.
Seems like the sort of Stealth Mentor thing he'd do. Test how strong the Birth by Sleep trio was, that sort of thing.
  • Jossed. He is Young Master Xehanort.

Most, if not all, of the Reapers will appear.

Considering the main characters from TWEWY appeared, and we know Neku's competing in the Reaper's Game, it's pretty much a given.

  • Jossed.

Allowing a Nobody and the matching Heartless to join is a bad idea
Sora and Roxas are a special case, because Sora was not a Heartless at the time, plus DiZ went through hoops to make sure Roxas was ready to rejoin with Sora. Allowing the Darkness of a Heartless to combine with the Nothingness of a Nobody sounds like the recipe for something powerful and nasty to me.

If and when you battle Frollo, the battle theme will be a mix of "Destati" and "Hellfire."
There are similarities between the songs. Plus, both are generally accepted to be Awesome Music.

Hellfire will find its way into the game.
It is just that awesome. Plus, some fan made musics are already posted on Youtube!

The Mark of Mastery exam will act as a tutorial.
Since the Mark of Mastery was such a small part of Birth By Sleep gameplay-wise, and you can't really stretch it to fill an entire game's plot, it will only act as a tutorial device, like the Dives to the Heart in games 1 and 2, before kicking off the main plot.
  • Jossed; the whole plot covers the exam.

Roxas makes Nobodies feel as an inherent power of what he is.
Apart from the whole mess with Kairi, Kairi's heart, and Namine, Sora has his heart and Ventus'. When he becomes a Heartless, this overabundance of heart allows Roxas to still retain at least traces of Heart, if not full power, which leaks out (being not built for his body, though it does influence Sora's Nobody's form) into the nearest void; that is, a Nobody close to his heart, i.e., Axel. Repli-No.i-Xion need have nothing to do with this until we find out more about Replicas (personally, I think Replicas are more than capable of feeling emotion far beyond the synthesized emotion that Nobodies can use to work themselves into a frenzy, tizzy, etc.).
  • Xion doesn't need to be explained actually she's a replica which do have hearts. Repliku is mentioned to have one by both himself, Larxene, and Namine. This does expalin Axel though.
  • Jossed; the emotions that the Organization members apparently start to feel is because, according to 3D, Nobodies will inevitably begin to regrow their hearts as long as they continue to exist. The reason Axel felt like he has a heart when he's around Roxas (and later, Sora) was because his friendship with Roxas accelerated the process. It could have been anyone, it just ended up being Roxas.

Kingdom Hearts 3D will concern Replicas of Sora, Riku and an unidentified third party

  • It's pretty well-established that the 3D trailer is Mind Screw incarnate. But there are a few hints as to what it's actually about. Firstly, what's with all the Soras falling down out of the sky? That makes no sense at all, especially if we're to take Tetsuya Nomura's statement about this taking place right after Kingdom Hearts II (or was it after Coded?) at face value...because Sora and Riku aren't just in their KH1 attire, they're their Kingdom Hearts SELVES. And Traverse Town—what? Wasn't that destroyed? But if you put all these bizzare elements, something shines through.
    • Riku and Sora are the only characters to have Replicas.
    • And then suddenly everything makes sense. Why is everything trippy? Because it's all a simulation. Perhaps a training simulation for Replicas based on the actual events of KH1? A Sora Replica and a Riku Replica must team up and trust one another if they're to escape the Big Bad's evil fake worlds—and he's probably Vexen, his Replica, or his original self—to escape and warn Our Heroes about the new threat. Or kill Vexen to death.
    • Also Kingdom Hearts 3D stands for 3 Duplicates. There is a third, as-of-yet unrevealed duplicate that's going to show up and be a playable character...and I bet it's Xion.
      • Or, of course, it could be RE: coded, just in 3d.
      • Y'mean, they're gonna release a remake of the same game, twice, for two different consoles, within the course of a year. C'mon they're not THAT stupid. (My theory? It's gonna be RE:358/2Days.)
  • Jossed. 3D takes place in the Realm of Dreams, which is why it's so trippy. The only replica seen in the game is Xion, and only via Roxas' memories and Sora's hallucinations.

The original names of the other, unnamed Organization members are as follows:

This is following the rule that all Organization members' names are their real names amalgamized with the letter "X" interposed in them.

Marluxia: Lumaria

  • Lumaria is supportable by the existence of the Lumaria Ashe Roundleaf Hawthorne Tree, which fits with Marly's plant theme.

Ansem's Guardian is Terra's Heartless.
Think carefully of his confrontation with Riku in DDD. Riku indirectly mentions when Terra gave him the ability to wield a Keyblade to Ansem before their fight. Once the second battle is won, there's an interesting moment where the guardian reaches out to Riku before vanishing, and Riku quotes what Terra said to him. "Strength, to protect what matters." This also explains why the guardian is physically connected to Ansem (as it comes from his feet): they are a composite Heartless of both Xehanort and Terra. Before someone points out Terranort summoning the Guardian, keep in mind Terra's heart had been smothered and covered in darkness - the very definition of a Heartless, and so Xehanort was able to tap into that power.

  • Jossed. The Ultimania for Kingdom Hearts III explains that it's not his Heartless, it's just where Terra's heart hops to whenever it's manifested.


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