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  • 2 Broke Girls: The amount of people who just watch the show for Kat Dennings and/or Beth Behrs is not insubstantial.
  • Angel:
    • The Pylea arc towards the end of the second season is remembered for two things: a) introducing Fred to the cast, and b) Cordelia wearing a very skimpy princess costume.
    • "Rm w/a View" gets a lot of attention on This Very Wiki for a scene where Angel comes out of the shower.
    • Gwen Raiden only appeared in three episodes but she's remembered precisely because she's a Dark Action Girl who wears very little.
  • Arrested Development keeps it off camera, but has an amusing in-universe example in the season one episode "Missing Kitty".
    Cop: Well, we have a restaurant full of people saying that you threatened Kitty the last time she was seen.
    Michael: How does anybody even remember this?
    Cop: She showed her knobs in a Steakhouse, sir.
  • Arrow is about the titular protagonist who loves working out while shirtless.
  • The Avengers (1960s):
    • In a general sense, the series is synonymous with popularising kinky boots as a sexy fashion statement — due to the type of boots Cathy Gale wears. The series's lead actors even recorded a single, "Kinky Boots," just about the boots' sexiness.
    • There's also Diana Rigg's Spy Catsuits being legendary, despite Emma switching to a less Fanservicey and more practical costume after a while. What's often forgotten is that the outfit is less skintight than many modern versions and still looks like something a biker would normally wear.
    • The episode "A Touch of Brimstone" is the one where Mrs. Peel wears the leather corset.
    • A now-defunct fansite happily listed the episodes "Mr. Teddy Bear", "Immortal Clay" and "Castle De'ath" as the ones featuring Steed going shirtless.
  • The 2007 BBC adaptation of Ballet Shoes got a lot of attention for a scene in which Emma Watson and Yasmin Paige share a bath. The scene lasts a minute and they're only shown from the shoulders up.
  • Band of Brothers:
    • The miniseries' Periphery Demographic of female fans happily know episode 8 "The Last Patrol" as the one where a group Shower of Angst happens — and it's the only time most of the cast appears shirtless.
    • The IMDB page FAQ has a complaint about one brief scene in episode 9 "Why We Fight" — where Janovec is having sex with a German girl (who is topless). The scene is twenty seconds long, and you get to see Tom Hardy's ass.
  • Baywatch is a prime example of this trope. During its run, it managed to become the most popular syndicated television show in the world, not because it had great writing or memorable characters, but because it featured attractive lifeguards (often played by former Playboy Playmates) running along the beach in slow motion. Amusingly, the show's popularity declined rapidly once high-speed internet became available to the general public. The implication being that Baywatch served as a porn substitute for guys who didn't have easy access to actual porn, and was thus rendered obsolete by the Internet.
  • The 2005 series of UK Big Brother. Kinga, on her first night, found a novel place to put an empty wine bottle. Anyone remember who won the competition? Anthony.
  • Francois Arnaud of The Borgias mentioned in an interview that everyone wants to talk about his character's leather pants and extremely close relationship with his sister. Admittedly, the incest thing is kind of a big part of the Borgia legend.
  • Bridgerton: Despite its focuses about Regency and its complexities, but this season 1 is mostly remembered for the sex scenes of Daphne and Simon. Especially the honeymoon scenes in Chapter 6 and the near-end of the final chapter. Even some can't forget the sex scenes of Anthony and his mistress, Siena.
  • Brookside, the soap opera set in Liverpool where Anna Friel kissed another girl. One of the first acknowledgments on British TV that lesbians existed, and avant-garde for its time.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • "Go Fish" is remembered entirely as that episode where Xander dons a speedo to go undercover on the swim team. The Fanservicey shot of him first in it is even in the opening credits for the third and fourth seasons.
    • "Doppelgangland"'s two most famous moments are vampire!Willow hitting on the real Willow (complete with seductive neck lick), and Willow in the Spy Catsuit with her boobs pushed up going "gosh look at those."
    • Deliberately averted with "The Body", which features Willow and Tara's first on-screen kiss. Joss Whedon chose to place it in the middle of a sad scene with both girls mourning Buffy's mother and refused to allow it to be used as a typical Sweeps Week Lesbian Kiss.
    • "Dead Things" is infamous for the brief scene in which it's heavily implied that Spike gave Buffy anal sex in the Bronze.
    • "Smashed" is the episode where Spike and Buffy do it inside a collapsing house. It lasts thirty seconds at the very end of the episode and they're fully clothed by the way.
    • Season 6, in general, is mostly talked about for the Buffy/Spike sex scenes. While there are plenty, and Spike goes shirtless a lot, there aren't nearly as many as you'd expect from all the controversy.
  • The makers of Californication know that everyone remembers the stripper, and consequently there are a lot of babes getting naked throughout the course of the show.
  • Charlie's Angels gets remembered entirely as a Jiggle Show about three hot female detectives. Although the Angels did go braless and Chery Ladd's micro-bikinis from Season 2 were legendary, the show was far more straight-laced than people remember.
  • Charmed:
    • Overall the show is remembered more for all the shameless Fanservice, thanks primarily to the network focusing on that in the marketing. The particularly blatant Fanservice is only in Seasons 5 and 6 (featuring the sisters transformed into sexy magical creatures), it's not in every episode and other seasons were never more sexual than the likes of Buffy or Angel.
    • The strongest example is the episode "Coyote Piper." This episode is best known for Piper doing a sexy dance in a Shout-Out to Coyote Ugly. The rest of the episode has nothing to do with the movie or coyotes, but the episode was named after that one Fanservice scene which has only minor importance to the plot.
    • "Y Tu Mummy Tambien" is known for a minute long sequence where possessed!Phoebe does a belly dance for her lover.
    • "Ms. Hellfire" is the episode where Prue impersonates a hitwoman and walks around in sexy black leather dresses. No, she doesn't spend the whole episode doing the second part, but it's what people remember it for.
    • "Enter the Demon" is where Julian McMahon and Alyssa Milano spend a few minutes all sweaty while training together - the former completely shirtless and the latter in a form-fitting sports bra.
    • "The Bare Witch Project" heavily got marketed around Phoebe doing a Lady Godiva inspired stunt. The scene lasts two minutes, it's not played for Fanservice and it's also used to give a message about breastfeeding.
    • "Battle of the Hexes" has Billie in a sexy Amazon costume. There's An Aesop about gender equality but the costume is what's remembered.
  • Chuck. Yvonne Strahovski regularly strapping weaponry on whilst wearing underwear. Also, the constant presence of the Catfight.
  • Rosie Webster of Coronation Street is remembered entirely for her time as a Ms. Fanservice on the show - even though her character was introduced as a child and had years' worth of storylines before she became a Fille Fatale and Shameless Fanservice Girl. Helen Flanagan became a national celebrity once the character became Hotter and Sexier. Including becoming a Page Three Stunna in The Sun in 2013.
  • Mention Dark Angel and most people will think of James Cameron, unusually for James Cameron projects, second (or, if you're there for Jensen Ackles, third). What comes first? Jessica Alba. Not Max—Jessica Alba.
  • Dead Man's Gun: One well known part of the show is its occasional use of nudity, particularly men's butts.
  • Audiences can't seem to agree what they like more about Dexter: the sex, the violence or the creepy intro.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Mind Robber" is a surreal story set in a world of fairy tales, mythology, classical literature... and a newspaper comic serial from the year 2000 and what's the first image that comes to mind? Zoe's bum. In a tight catsuit.
    • Jon Pertwee's tenure as the 3rd Doctor is infamous for the number of times companion Jo Grant (played by Katy Manning) inadvertently(?) flashed her knickers on camera, thanks in large part to the character's entire wardrobe seeming to consist of nothing but the shortest miniskirts the costume department could get away with putting her in on the air.
    • "The Deadly Assassin" - an Out-of-Genre Experience, Worldbuilding of Time Lord culture, a Noir Episode, a horrible zombie Master, as much Surreal Horror as the BBC budget could allow, so shockingly violent it nearly got the show canned. It is remembered for all of that, but you'll still be hard-pressed to find a member of the Classic Who Estrogen Brigade that isn't going to mention the fact that Tom Baker spends most of the story wearing a see-through white shirt and there's a bit where he gets wet and strikes a pose.
    • Pretty much the entirety of Louise Jameson's (Leela) time as a companion to the Fourth Doctor. Tight leather mini-dresses split to the hip, prominent cleavage, and plenty of poses emphasizing both.
    • "City of Death" has sparkling Douglas Adams wit, a man aging to death and the villain being defeated by a punch. Main popular memory — Lalla Ward in a sexy schoolgirl outfit.
    • "Terminus" has a leprosy-like disease, a man going back in time and creating the universe, and Turlough with the Black Guardian. What does everyone remember? Nyssa taking off her skirt.
    • "Planet of Fire" has robot companion Kamelion being destroyed, another companion, Turlough, leaving the TARDIS, and the Master being supposedly killed by being burned alive (of course, it didn't stick). And yet this episode has two examples of this trope, one for those into gals and one for those into guys. What do those who are into gals remember? Peri in a Bikini. What do those who are into guys remember? Turlough taking off his tight short shorts and wearing a wet shirt and speedos.
    • "The Caves of Androzani" features the regeneration from Fifth to Sixth and actually has the Fifth Doctor being badass. The memory? The excellent view of Peri's trembling cleavage while she's holding the regenerating Doctor.
    • "Ghost Light" features one of the most Mind Screw-y Doctor Who stories ever (even for Who standards) involving an angelic-looking Sealed Evil in a Can. The memory? Ace making Victorian men's clothes look damn sexy and having a Cat Fight with another girl. Twice.
    • "The Curse of Fenric" completes the epic storyline of the struggle against the dark gods and cosmic forces the Doctor has been playing The Chessmaster against. The memory? Half a second of Sophie Aldred's knickers.
    • "Bad Wolf", where everybody is fighting for their lives in game shows that try to kill you, and what does everyone remember? Jack Harkness, naked in front of millions of viewers. Their viewing figures just went up.
    • "New Earth" has cat nuns, diseased zombie people, and a heartbreaking ending. But most remember it as the episode where Cassandra possesses Rose's body, including stroking her butt, stuffing perfume down her cleavage, forcefully kissing the Doctor, and wearing a low-cut purple blouse for the rest of the episode. Ladies mostly remember when Cassandra briefly possesses the Doctor and talks about his "parts".
    • "The End of Time", part 1 features the return of the Master and Donna's grandfather Wilf and the Doctor coming to terms with his impending regeneration, as well as the return of the Time Lords themselves while the Master turns almost every human into clones of himself. What do people remember? The Master a) emerging naked from a swirl of blue energy b) tied up to a chair with several straps, with his legs spread c) the Master wearing a red leather collar with a leash d) the Master in a straitjacket and finally, e) the Master in a pink dress.
    • "The Eleventh Hour", Eleven's very first episode: we have a gambit involving a computer virus that draws the authorities to the Monster of the Week, as well as an undertone of abandonment as Amy Pond waits for 14 years for her Doctor. What do people recall? The Doctor of stripping down in front of his companion Amy and her friend Rory. Naturally, Rory looks away, but Amy doesn't — and neither do the fangirls. Of course, what any guy who watched the episode will remember is Amy in the police uniform.
  • Dollhouse features lots of beautiful constantly naked people frolicking and Eliza Dushku in dominatrix outfits.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard is primarily remembered for a pair of short shorts and a cool car (which is also a kind of fanservice, for car enthusiasts). The shorts are even commonly called "Daisy Dukes" after the character that wears them.

  • Firefly:
    • In the episode "Trash" the crew stole something and then there was Mal, in the desert, naked.
      Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds: Yyyyup! That went well.
    • I'm still thinking of the episode "War Stories", where Inara takes a female client to bed...I'll be in my bunk...
    • It is also the series where one of the main characters is a prostitute. Oh, sorry, "Companion".
  • Friends has many, many memorable moments.
    • Jennifer Aniston dressing as Princess Leia to please Ross is one of the most remembered. It's often forgotten that the scene morphs into Fan Disservice when Ross instead imagines his mother in Rachel's place.
    • A close second is an episode where Phoebe gives Monica a massage and she lets loose with orgasm noises (much to Phoebe's chagrin).
    • "The One With The Beach", where the gang plays the 'Strip Happy Days Game' and everyone gangs up on Joey - leaving him in his boxers by the end. Christine Taylor then shows up and takes off her top to "catch up".
    • Denise Richards guest starring as Ross's cousin who does a sexy Hair Flip that she makes Ross forget he's related to her and even turns Phoebe on.
    • Winona Ryder's episode is remembered for Rachel kissing her to remind her of their lesbian experience in college. And then Phoebe kisses Rachel too just to see "what all the fuss was about". The network hyped this one up for weeks.
    • Rachel deciding to walk around the apartment naked while everyone else is away in Las Vegas.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • For some reason, the series has the rather bad habit of gratuitous nudity and laying down important exposition while sex is happening in the scene. Episode 7 had Petyr Baelish delivering a rather important, character-defining monologue in the midst of making two whores "play" with each other.
      Television Without Pity Recap: I really can't emphasize enough how distracting it is that he's delivering this monologue while two naked ladies are theatrically pleasuring each other.
    • Podrick Payne has received almost none of his characterization from the books note , which may have had the producers concerned that viewers didn't know who he was. Cue a prolonged sequence in which Tyrion arranges for Podrick to be serviced by three prostitutes, who subsequently refuse payment for it, followed by TWO scenes of other characters discussing why they did such a thing. If that doesn't get people to remember him, nothing will.
    • Generally the most memorable part of the Dorne subplot in Season 5 was a single scene where Tyene Sand reveals her (quite incredible) breasts in a jail cell.
    • Emilia Clarke is remembered as the show's Ms. Fanservice thanks to her nude scenes in Season 1 when the network was banking on breaking out of the Fantasy Ghetto via Sex Sells. She has barely any explicit nudity in the following seasons, but she's often talked about as though she spent the entire show naked.
    • Jon Snow is best remembered for being shirtless and having curly hair. Kit Harington once politely said he'd be happy if people stopped asking about just that in interviews.
    • The second episode of Season 8 got lots of press for featuring Arya losing her virginity. By the show's standards, the scene was incredibly tamenote  (only Toplessness from the Back) and not really played for Fanservice (as Gendry takes the time to look at all the scars she has on her body). Not to mention that she's doing it because she's facing a battle she knows she may not survive, and wants to know what sex is like before she dies.
  • Ghost Whisperer received a reputation as 'that show where Jennifer Love Hewitt talks to ghosts while wearing sexy outfits', even though her wardrobe was toned down after the first season.
  • The TV Movie The Girl, the Gold Watch, And Everything would be completely forgotten were it not for Pam Dawber's brief nude scene (badly lit, but still pretty daring for U.S. television).
  • Gossip Girl is known for heavily showcasing the beauty of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Both of them got a Testosterone Brigade from the show and enjoyed lots of success as models as a result. Blake Lively's page on This Very Wiki even has a warning to not gush about how hot she is. The show's two most famous scenes are Serena falling into Dan's lap on the bus, leading to them having sex in the bathroom, and Blair doing a burlesque striptease for Chuck.
  • Heroes is that show where a whole load of stuff about eclipses, helices, and conspiracies to take over the world keeps getting in the way of Hayden Panettiere being all bouncy, cheerleaderynote  and indestructible and Zachary Quinto and Milo Ventimiglia being all broody and forgetting their shirts. And being indestructible.
  • The promo for the shocking, heartbreaking, Emmy-winning House episode "House's Head" featured its scene of Cuddy doing a striptease for House. (The episode itself did, too, for a wonder.)
  • I Dream of Jeannie is remembered for two reasons: being a rip-off of Bewitched and Barbara Eden in a harem costume (though infamously with her navel covered) and, when her character had to use contemporary clothing, switching to very, very short skirts.
  • In-universe example in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The gang makes it very clear that in their favorite action movie series, Thunder Gun, there needs to be a scene where they show Thunder Gun with his dong hanging out. In "Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool", of all the problems they have with the PG-13 reboot, the lack of hanging dong was the one of the biggest offender.
  • Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show caused a shitstorm of controversy and an FCC fine which is still occasionally joked about, and the NFL has only brought in "safe" classic rock bands (like Prince, apparently) ever since. Now do you remember who was actually playing in the championship game that year?note  Which is sad, because it was one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever.
    • Even more so because most people do not actually remember the scene as it happened since it was over far too quickly to notice unless you were paying complete attention. That, or you thought it was All Part of the Show when it happened. Most people know the event only from its media coverage.
    • This was also subverted in the same Super Bowl. Everybody remembers Janet Jackson. Decidedly fewer remember the guy dancing in the end zone with a football over his wedding tackle.note 
  • Jeremiah: The series has some sex and nude scenes, but they aren't in every episode, or even every other episode. You wouldn't know that from the way some fans talk, though.
  • Jessica Jones (2015) was acclaimed by many viewers and critics for its serious depiction of PTSD and rape survival. But the majority of media coverage devoted to the show at least early on focused on its sex scenes, which led to at least one remark by the show's star that she was tired of always answering questions about them.
  • A lot of people who are only vaguely aware of Jessie know it as "that Disney Channel show with the really pretty redhead in it." If going by episodes, we have:
    • "Evil Times Two" is "that episode where Debby gets in a mudwrestling catfight."
    • "Make New Friends But Hide the Old" is "that episode where Peyton dresses like a Barbie Doll" (complete with Gag Boobs).
    • "Throw Momma From the Terrace" is "that episode where Debby and Peyton dress like Rockettes."
    • "Lizard Scales and Wrestling Tales" is "that episode where Debby dresses as a WWE Diva" (or a Disneyfied version of one).
    • "Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening" is "that episode where Sierra McCormick ties up Debby and G. Hannelius."
    • "Someone Has Toupay" is "that episode where Debby dresses like a Film Noir Femme Fatale."
  • Brie Larson once hosted an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. She did a fine job, but no one was discussing her performance as much as her low-cut dress.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Kamen Rider OOO seems to be best remembered as "That Kamen Rider series where the main character is constantly seen in nothing but his boxers."
    • Kamen Rider Decade's best-remembered character seems to be "the girl who wore a tight leather mini-skirt with a suit and high heels."
  • The L Word is a drama portraying the lives of a group of lesbians and their friends, connections, family, and lovers in West Hollywood, but if you asked someone, chances are that sooner or later you'll find someone who only remembers it as "that softcore lesbian porn show with boring dialogues in-between that nobody that matters cares about." The original creator even said that the show wouldn't have been made if it hadn't attracted a Testosterone Brigade.
    House: You may as well turn the sound off until the interesting parts show up.
  • Before the mini-series Labyrinth had even aired, it was being anticipated as the show in which Katie McGrath would get naked. The very first clips uploaded onto YouTube? Her nude scenes, of course.
  • The Legend of Lizzie Borden is a 1975 Made-for-TV Movie in which Lizzie Borden is played by Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched fame. It's most famous for positing the theory that she committed the murders in the nude, explaining why in real life no bloody clothing was found and presumably to draw in more viewers who wanted to see Samantha Stephens naked.
  • Legend of the Seeker
    • It's actually surprisingly hard to find clips that don't contain Cara or Kahlan, though mostly Cara. Why does this count as this trope? Tight red leather. Low neckline. Tabrett Bethell. On second thought, this might not be such a bad thing.
    • Two words: bathhouse scene.
    • Everyone remembers that Richard's first scene was shirtless.
    • Pretty much the only main character who hasn't had this treatment is Zedd, although even he is remembered for his Naked First Impression with nothing but a live chicken to block the view (thankfully.)
  • Lip Service: Basically just read the entry for The L Word as the same applies; most people only remember this series for its sex scenes rather than its acting, with a special case for Doctor Who fans who remember it as the series where Madame Vastra got it on.
  • Remember the episode where Mork & Mindy first kissed? No? Remember the one where Mork befriended a caterpillar and then thought it died when really it was just becoming a butterfly? No? Remember the one where Mork was captured by the sexy Nectrotons, whose leader was played by Raquel Welch?
  • My Babysitter's a Vampire is known for this in spades: the pilot movie alone gives us three very attractive protagonists in Ethan, Benny, and Sarah, but the show increases the fanservice by Hollywood Homely Erica into another sexy vampire, while nerdy Rory also gets a major upgrade.
  • It appears the Discovery Channel website attempted to invoke this one on those who browsed the Mythbusters photo galleries, inviting us to see the "Bathtub Test" album by saying "See production stills — including pictures of a half-naked Adam — from episode 19".


  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch:
    • Aunt Vesta only appears in one episode, but is remembered specifically because she's played by screen beauty and sex symbol Raquel Welch - who spends some time in the episode wearing tight black leather.
    • The Season 3 finale got lots of attention on this very wiki for a scene where Aunt Zelda is bent over a sink to spit sand out of her mouth, giving the audience a bit of a peek.
    • Season 7's "Sabrina Unplugged" is best remembered for the plot point where Sabrina ends up in a tight pink minidress with giant boobs.
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's third episode "The People vs. Emil Blonsky" pretty quickly became known as "The one where She-Hulk twerks with Megan Thee Stallion" after it aired.
  • Sherlock's "A Scandal in Belgravia"... That's the one where both Irene Adler and the great detective himself are naked at some point, right?
  • Smallville
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand is nicknamed "Spartacus: Blood and Boobs". Within the show itself, the episode "Whore" features a lengthy sex scene between Spartacus and Illythia. The sex scene is so memorable that a lot of viewers forget that a brutal murder happens immediately after it.
  • Star Trek:
    • Star Trek: The Original Series
      • "The Naked Time" is best known for a pretty ripped Hikaru Sulu running around shirtless with a rapier. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart had a bit of fun when George Takei got married and out of all the Star Trek stills available, the news put up a picture of Sulu fencing shirtless. "Oh my" indeed.
      • "The Menagerie" is often remembered for being "The One with the green chick." It went to the point that the page on Wikipedia for the actress who played said green chick, Susan Oliver, for a while had a picture of her dancing as the green woman, although since then that picture has been deleted.
      • "Mirror, Mirror" is the episode that introduced the concept of a Mirror Universe on Star Trek, but the only thing anyone remembers (besides inventing if not codifying the idea of an Evil Twin having facial hair because the Mirror Universe's Spock has it) is Uhura disguising herself as her Mirror counterpart by showing her abs. Even people who are into guys could probably remember it best as the episode in which Captain Kirk bares his arms and shows off his guns.
    • In response to low ratings, Jeri Ryan was injected into the latter half of Star Trek: Voyager. Even today, most fans speak fondly of Seven of Nine's stupidly-tight catsuits, choosing to overlook such a cold-blooded ratings ploy. The show benefited greatly from Ryan's acting chops and respect for her character, elevating what could have been a fluff role. So, as ratings ploys go, this was an inspired one, even if the rest of Voyager remains fuzzy.
    • The second Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, "The Naked Now", was a sequel to TOS' "The Naked Time", both revolving about the crew being infected with a deadly virus that makes them act like drunks. But the only thing anyone remembers is Tasha Yar's way of checking to see if Data is fully functional via sexual intercourse.
    • Star Trek: Enterprise became infamous for Jolene Blalock showing the top half of her bum in one episode, wearing a hand bra in another,note  and getting oily in the decontamination room in many other episodes.
  • Stargate SG-1:
    • The episode where everyone is infected with an anti-Goa'uld device, but that's sort of secondary to Dr. Fraiser opening up her shirt (and revealing her bra) because she's infected and hot, that's 'hot' as in running a temperature.
    • The pilot episode "Children of the Gods", had full-frontal nudity in its original airing on Showtime. It was edited out in later airings on regular cable (replaced by a couple of long close-ups of Teal'c's face) but is retained in the DVD release.
    • The episode "The Road Not Taken", where Sam Carter ends up in an alternate universe, is mainly memorable for the scene where she is wearing a very fetching black evening gown.
  • Supernatural is best known for three things. One of those things is its ridiculously attractive cast.
  • In the 6th season of Survivor (The Amazon). The Winner Jenna comment will be best known for stripping for Peanut Butter and Oreos along with her friend Heidi.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is mostly about Summer Glau in her underwear and various other abbreviated outfits. The marketing people played this up with the famous promotional image of Summer Glau's partially-disassembled robot character, wearing nothing but Godiva Hair. The show is notable in that two groups of people will remember it for different things: the first for Summer Glau, and the second for Lena Headey.
  • Top Gear, Series 13 — few people remember where the presenters went to do a classic rally (Majorca), but everyone remembers James May's co-driver: buxom glamor model Madison Welch.
  • Say Torchwood, and the reaction is most likely to be "gay sex". While it's true that the show mentioned gay sex at least once an episode, and a straight supporting character was briefly turned gay in only the second episode, and there was at least one episode mostly focused on a character having gay sex with an alien, it barely ever actually showed the sex (at least not until Starz took over production for its final season).
  • Toumei Shoujo Ea ("Invisible Girl Ea") is that Japanese show where the titular character is naked in nearly every appearance.
  • True Blood is that show where Anna Paquin gets naked. A lot. And has lots of sex with her vampire boyfriend who has a weird way of pronouncing her name. And a tall, blonde vampire having sex at warp speed with a hot Estonian dancer... who also has sex with Pam. And said blonde vampire having sex with his hot sister (she's not his biological sister).
  • True Detective likely attracted much more viewers after Alexandra Daddario got fully naked in the second episode. The lady herself agreed.
  • Successfully done in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, less so in Sheena (2000) and The Beastmaster, each for the guys and girls respectively. Then came the to a lesser extent for both Andromeda.
    • Most people only remember the series Xena: Warrior Princess as Xena: Lesbian Princess because no one can remember anything else other than Gabrielle and Xena kissing and bathing together. The writers admitted to keeping the Unresolved Sexual Tension all along. Some people only remember Xena because someone discovered a new transneptunian object bigger than Pluto, causing a major stir in the astronomy community, and temporarily named it "Xena." Its tiny moon was dubbed "Gabrielle" upon being discovered.
  • Twin Peaks is a subversion as it's best remembered for its Quirky Town weirdness but Rolling Stone did an issue based around the beauty of the women on the show. It's still an ongoing fandom debate who was the most lovely between Sherilyn Fenn, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Mädchen Amick in a Betty and Veronica or Cheryl Blossom sort of way. Note, this means Peggy Lipton and Heather Graham were considered runner-ups. On the female side of things, it's also a show which had Kyle MacLachlan, Dana Ashbrook, and Billy Zane among its male cast. David Bowie as Phillip Jeffries joined the cast list as of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and Chrysta Bell, Naomi Watts, and Amanda Seyfried have joined the talk for fandom's Ms. Twin Peaks thanks to The Return.
  • Versailles was a lush, well-made and well-acted depiction of life in the French court. But most people only watched it for the sex scenes and the only media coverage the show got was devoted to its sexual content.
  • Invoked in V.I.P.. Every episode seemed to be dedicated to putting its star Pamela Anderson in as many skin tight, Fanservice-y outfits as possible.
  • Wonder Woman (1975): Lynda Carter, a world class beauty and Miss World USA pagent winner, made multiple generations fondly remember what otherwise became a nondescript spy show in seasons 2 and 3. Not only that, but her look changed the character forever.