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  • Senran Kagura is best known for its large cast of particularly bouncy schoolgirls and utterly shameless fanservice with a penchant for leaving said girls in lingerie. Those who've actually played the game report competently-executed and enjoyable brawlers, with an actual plot that is not only well fleshed-out, but almost devoid of fanservice, portraying the Shinobi as people with their own goals, values and sacrifices.
  • Shantae is a series of Metroidvania games with fun gameplay, a sense of humour that ranges from the oddball to the sardonic to the just-plain meta, and a rocking soundtrack. All that tends to be what makes fans stay though. How most people discover the series is by way of seeing others talking about or sharing fanart of the franchise's cast of adorable and sexy women clad in lovely Stripperiffic attire.
  • Skullgirls has a rather cool art style, a good story for a fighter, some interesting characters with personalities that shows they actually have more depth to them then just their looks, some even having a tragic past but still been an up beat inspiration and good role model, and is an overall fun and solid tournament fighter. But most people who haven't played the game for more then 10 minutes or at all often get stuck on its admittedly not so hidden fan service. Keep in mind said fan service is played for laughs and is only focused on for a few moments to deliver a punchline or two once in a while and then the game moves on and usually stays focused on the story for the most part — and later veers most of the fanservice into Fan Disservice.
  • This is the reason why Shadowverse was nicknamed Waifuverse at one point, by newcomers of the Card Game who immediately noticed the anime-inspired Fanservice of the characters and cards.
  • Why should you play Snatcher? You get to flirt with all the women! And there's nudity! And something about Communist robots taking over the world with Replicant Snatching, probably. Might as well play Policenauts for the same reason. You can flirt with every girl in the game; you can even grope them!
  • There are some people who have never even played Star Fox Adventures, yet almost everyone knows about Krystal, who mostly goes around in just a bra and a loincloth.
  • Summon Night is most well-known in the west for its Gay Options and its other fanservices, mostly in the Swordcraft Story series though. It doesn't help that the box of one of the games displays a screen of Pratty saying she kisses girls all the time.
  • Any and all discussion of TERA will be dominated by and centered around the rights of the female playable characters to wear Chainmail Bikinis, and whether or not people who play as Elins are pedophiles because they wear the same stuff that all the other females are wearing.
  • Time Gal: The most remembered thing about the game is the fact that it has a girl running around in a bikini for the whole game.
  • Tomb Raider: Lara Croft has huge guns - oh, and pistols, too. A lot of people play the game through on all difficulty levels and get all the trophies-just to unlock the bikini costumes, and to angle the camera to get the best view of Lara's ass and boobs. Subverted with the 2013 reboot and sequel due to her assets being toned down in the game's overall more realistic art style.
  • Touhou is about a world of super-powered magical action girls (many of which are Cute Monster Girls who are Really 700 Years Old) who have interesting (but never romantic) relationships with each other, which can gives way to tons of fanart (cute, gorgeous or very risque) and awesome music. "Shoot em ups"? What's a "shoot 'em up"? note 
  • Trauma Center: "Moving Heart" is one of Trauma Team's most infamous levels; it's a Diagnostics level, and you sometimes need to get your patients to lift up their shirts in order to listen with your stethoscope. In that particular level, your patient is an attractive woman with great cleavage.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an RPG with an incredibly complex combat system, massive open world, hundreds of sidequests that flesh out the details of the setting, and main plotline centered around an effort to save a dying world from a terrorist organization that's trying to recover an ancient superweapon. Ask someone with only passing knowledge of the game about it, and they'll probably reference the main female lead's Stripperiffic default costume or the fact that some of the optional blades have sexualized designs.


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