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I was glad to be rid of what I had for a father! But you! You got them! You're not human! You don't deserve to be Clark Kent! I’ll punish you with every ounce of pain and humiliation and regret from an entire human lifetime. Don’t you understand?! I’ll never stop! What will it take to break you?! WHY WON’T YOU BREAK?!

Batman: I did it, Joker. I broke the spell. I did what you wouldn't do. Right here is where you turned back, isn't it? Right at this drop, where the boat dives. Not because you couldn't hold on, but because you wouldn't want to know. But see, me, I’m not like you... not anymore, Joker. And this year, while you were away, I finally deduced it. Who you were before.
The Joker: You're lying! You’re playing my own joke—
Batman: Your name. Your history. Your family. All of it. Here, I'll whisper it to you... whisper it right into your ear, darling.
The Joker: No...
Batman: Who you are underneath the grin. Who you really are under there.
The Joker: Stop it! I'm not listening!
Batman: Your name, Joker— Your real name is...
The Joker: Shut up!

...Hello. You don't have to be shy now. I can feel your presence. Like a wave of static electricity. It's powerful, I'll admit. In fact, I've never encountered anything quite like it. You've done such strange things to the timeline. Things I won't begin to question. And you've remained hidden. From all of them...but I am not like them. My existence is the only constant in a sea of possibilities. I cannot be erased. By you. By anyone. Show Yourself— God. Wait! Wait, I didn't know! Please! I don't want to d

You think I'm nothing? Who are you?

I CRUSH YOU AGAIN, BEETLE! Even isolated from the stars, I crush you easily! And again if I must. I will crush you over, and over, AND OVER! I AM TRIUMPH!! I AM CONQUEST!
The Black Flame, B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth - End of Days

Vampire: This is how it ends for us, for cibopaths. One will die. And the other will dine on the flesh of his enemy. I die, yes. But I'll live on. All my power. All that I've seen, done... and collected. My immortality. In you.
Tony Chu: You're only half right. You die. The only thing that's eating you is the rats.
Vampire: You can't. I have powers. Unimaginable abilities.
Tony Chu: I don't want them.
Vampire: You must want something.
Tony Chu: Yeah. For your victims to find peace. This is for Toni.
Vampire: No! Wait! Y-you can't. I know things. About the space fruit. The fire writing. About what's coming.
Tony Chu: I'll find out some other way.
Vampire: No!
Tony Chu: You: you go to Hell.

Don't give me your feeble excuses! I will not wait weeks. We will return and crush Cyclops and his mutants. Now! My flag will be raised over Utopia! And if I order it, then that's how it's going to be, damn you! I am Xarus, Lord of Vampires! You're going to see me on that big screen, standing on Wolverine's bones and drinking Cyclops's blood. This I swear!

Detective: Cell's not even locked. He could walk right out.
Carnage: Gonna sit right here... 'til I'm left alone... 'til I'm my own man again... and then... I'm gonna find Deadpool... and make him pay for trying to peel my eyes open!

You couldn't have left us alone... You had to meddle, had to startle her... Look at her now... See what you made her do! Lashing out. A scared child... You just had to interfere... So be it... You brought this upon yourselves. As Alicia rips this world asunder I too shall do my part. I will drink deep of the darkness. I, Beowulf... destroyer of monsters... I will become one! You've hurt us! You have taken away my family! Now I will make you feel my pain.
Wulf, Death Vigil

Joker: Hey, Kano! Which part of "Batman no longer exists" don't you understand?! ¿Hablo "no Batman?"
Superman: Even with the universe at your whim, you can't do it. You can't get Batman out of your head, can't erase him — because he's just too big. Bigger than you'll ever be.
Joker: No no no! I'm a god, he's a Type-A in a fancy dress! Batman does not rank! [Joker tries to Ret Gone the multitude of Batman copies around him] See? Gone! Sent to the cornfield! Off to the races! I still got it!
Superman: If you can't do something as simple as forget one man... how can you possibly maintain control of all that power? How can you smash planets? Unravel the sky?
Joker: Hey, wait — you — no...
Superman: Or tear out my heart? The answer... You can't do anything... because it's his world. You're just an annoyance in it.
Joker: But I'm Emperor. I'm the Emperor. See? I've got the new clothes to prove it. Seriously, stop. I don't want my medicine.

I can't do anything without my book! I didn't even get through all the spells!
Laura Lochs, Hack/Slash: Girls Gone Dead

Akakios: No! My paladins... I can feel your deaths. New and final. Cassie! Stop this now. It's just you! The Black Lamp needs you now! You’re the last one! The final— {hatchet is thrown into right shoulder, making him scream in pain}
Cassie: How do you feel?
Akakios: Whu-what?
Cassie: You feel alive. Share it with me. {pulls on his lip mid-kiss, stabs up into his chin at the same time, straddles him as he falls to the ground, and stabs him slowly four more times on the ground}

I don't believe you, monk! You called to me when I was just a child! You've been manipulating me ever since! You're a lying megalomaniac! From this moment on we are enemies! Wherever your corporeal form is hidden in this world, I will find it! I will grind it into conscious, timeless dust and I will shove you up my ass!!
Toyo Harada responds to being abandoned by the Bleeding Monk on the verge of losing his reputation, Harbinger #24

Rasputin: I was chosen by the Ogdru Jahad, to deliver him from his prison and bring about the end of the world, to make way for a new world. And I... I alone will be lord over that! From Cavendish Hall I shook the dragon and soon enough I will break his chains and set him free!
Hecate: Poor Rasputin... You know and I know that only one power can ever loose the dragon...
Rasputin: No!
Hecate: You've always known... his hand.
Rasputin: Nooo!
Hecate: You brought him to Earth... but he was never yours.
Hecate: It is.
Hellboy: Conqueror Worm


Joker: Obvious... and everybody knows. You wear your shame like a badge. Because you don't have the balls to actually pin one on. Yes... just look at you... desperate to be feared, you want to be perceived as a monster, draped in black. And yet... you leave that little window... a glimpse at the perfection underneath. Obviousthe chiseled good looks — not the jaw, the mouth of a monster... why do you let it be seen? Tell me why.
Batman: To mock you.
Joker: Rrrrraaa— NOOOO!

What the @#$% do you mean, "who is Wonder Woman?!"
Maxwell Lord IV realizes he's overdone his worldwide mind wipe, Justice League: Generation Lost

The control device! No! I don’t have the Kressh Gauntlet! Don't do it, Lucien! Don't do it!

Lex Luthor: Even through the dust... I see your eyes. I know of all your remarkable "visions," but let me tell you what you can't see. My soul. And there's not a soul in Metropolis who watched Hope drop the monster, and given the same opportunity? Wouldn't have done it themselves. Not a soul. How does that make you feel... you arrogant alien bastard? (beat) Your silence speaks volumes. You understand my words, but you refuse to believe what they mean. Is it because you see something in humanity that in truth isn't there, or that you're blind to what truly is? (beat) Say something, goddamnit!
Superman: You're wrong. I can see your soul.
Lex Luthor: No... you can't. Because if you could... you would see a man, who willingly denied himself happiness... who chose to give up hope... for the world. A world without a Superman. I know I can't beat you... alone. But then, I'm not alone. There are six and a half billion of me... and only one of you. And we can drive you back out to the blackness from which you came. What the world watched you do tonight... If it only changes one mind about what you are... Please, just fly away.

You don't get a happy ending! I won't let you I won! I won and you died! And that was the end!

NO! My beautiful Pteromen! That's it! I wanted to play with you! I wanted to torture you! But YOU ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO SPOIL MY FUN! You know who you are? You know what you're like? You're just like my wife! That's right! Everything was fine and dandy, and then I ask you to do one little thing! What did I say to you, Monica? I mean, what was so awful about it? I said perform the weapons tests and don't worry your little girly head about the weapons coming from a company that used to be a terrorist cell! I said blow up chunks of America for freedom! But no! You couldn't! ONE LITTLE THING! It's like you suddenly turned forty and your face went south and suddenly it was no, Dirk, I won't do those things with the chickens and the wig and the bath full of acid for you any more! And by the way, Dirk, give me all your cash, let me paint everything pink, adopt a million screaming little snot-factory children for me and don't you dare touch me or my womb will fall out! And you know what I did?
Dirk realizes everyone on the bridge is staring at him.
Heh. Let's just kill em, then. Engage main batteries.
Dirk Anger, Nextwave

I once believed I was fighting a war. Against chaos. For humanity. To win a world of order. With the messiah under my control, I would simply subvert your scheme to rule the planet. I would build the world I wanted, instead of the one expected by the Grail. But war demands sacrifice. And humanity is not worth it. It is not worth getting one's fucking ear shot off, for instance, or one's leg devoured by cannibals! Or being fucked up the arse by a gigantic Englishman! No! Or just to give you another example, having one's head carved into the image of a big fat gleaming dong!! But all of that pales into insignificance beside this little atrocity! Yes! Look at it! Look at my greatest sacrifice! Gaze on the face of war! So fuck humanity. Fuck Armageddon. Fuck the Grail. And fuck you. All that matters now is one single man... Jesse Custer. A name that lives in infamy. That set me down the road to ruin you see before you. That burns in my brain. The resources and materiel you would have pissed away will bring about his doom.
Herr Starr, Preacher

What— Oh no. No. No. Wait a fuckin' minute—! Not like this! I don't wannit like this, I don't wanna fuckin' die out here! No! Jesus Christ, Holy Father, Holy Mother forgive me— Please God fuckin' forgive me...! I didn't mean it! I take it back, all of it, I swear to Christ I do! Please, please, I'm beggin' your forgiveness! I humbly throw myself on your eternal, blessed mercy! I won't say—that thing I said I'd say! I won't! I repent my sins, alla terrible things I did! My wrongful pride! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Nicky Cavella, The Punisher Max

No! I'm tha Fingpin! Leb me... {notices Frank Castle coming up behind him and sheds a Single Tear} I'm tha Fingpin...

No. No. We do not fail. No you understand us, human? Can you understand this? The girl... must... die. Even if we have to tear her head from her body with our own hands.

Doctor Doom: This is what always causes your fall, Reed. Abandoning the good because you desire the perfect. I understand now — I know what this is. It's always been the same between you and I... you think you are better than I am.
Reed Richards: No, Victor. You're wrong. I've always believed you could be better than what you are.
Doctor Doom: No. I mean now. This moment. If you had this power, you think you could have solved it all — solved everything... You think you could have done so... much... better... Don't you? Don't you?!
Reed Richards: Yes. And we both know it, don't we?
Doctor Doom: (beat) Yes. Damn you... Now die!
Molecule Man: Okay, then. If you both agree...
Doctor Doom: Wait. No...

Bob! Bob! Don't let them win! Bring it down! Bring it all down, Robert! Don't let them win!

Robotnik: I keep on telling you, Grimer, my faithful fool... I don't have a plan. This is the end for us all!
Grimer: You're... you're mad...
Robotnik: So what?

What is it with you!? I gave you your chance! We could've ruled the multiverse together! But no! You chose the "holier-than-thou" route! See where that got you?! You know what? Forget ruling both Moebius or Mobius. I'm Super Scourge. I'll spindash both planets in half because I can. And then I'll just keep stomping on planets until I find one that gives me the respect I deserve— {sees Sonic run off into the woods} HEY! I'M NOT DONE TALKING TO YOU!
Super Scourge, Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #196

End this. End this now... or I swear... Nothing... no one will ever stop me.

Please... no more... I give you my word, I will leave... I will never return — just let me live, I beg you. Please... Please... [...] This can't... This can't... Don't you know how old I am... Don't you know how... I was just hungry, that's all... It was nothing personal... I was just... hungry...
Morlun, Spider-Man

It was him! You've been cheating on me with that freak! You like masks? Is that it? Is that what gets you hot? How about this one? You like this? Who is he? Where do I find him?! Come on, you little tramp! Tell me!
Crime Master, Spider-Man: Noir: Eyes Without a Face

Jesse Drew is dead! No... not literally. Not yet. Send a chopper. I'm done here. I'm telling you. Agent 77 is gone. Missing. AWOL. Dead to us. Cancel his cards. Revoke all access. Scrub him from the system. I'm not sure what's going on here, but Agent Drew clearly didn't appreciate... everything I've given him!

Deadshot: I did it, Ed. I killed the old man this time. Did just like Ma told me. To the letter. Cops are coming, Ed. You get outa here. I’ll take care of them.
Rick Flag: C'mon, Floyd... you come too...
Deadshot: {rips off his mask, showing Broken Tears} Go! Or I’ll shoot your brain out again!
Rick Flag runs away
Police Officers: Police! Put up your weapons!
Deadshot: Sure. Bullets first.
Suicide Squad (1987) #22

Get... Get off! Get away from me!

General Samuel Lane: The Kryptonians are rabid dogs who need to be put down before—
Lois Lane: Spoken like a true genocidal maniac.
General Samuel Lane: "Maniac"? You mean visionary! I brought you here so I could show you how I'm keeping this planet safe, Lois. From the moment Superman set foot on this world, he was going to lead to its destruction. How one alien would be the death of millions—
Lois Lane: You just destroyed an entire planet! Don’t you see that to the Kryptonians, you're that "one alien"?
General Samuel Lane: What? No... I...

I trusted you. You told me if I returned the people to Earth and refrained from stabilizing the core of my planet with their lives... we could find another way to save the Great World. My family. My friends. Those who accepted me — even though I was human — they are all gone! They are dust because you manipulated me into putting Earth before them. I destroyed my home! And now I'm going to destroy yours.
Ulysses, Superman: The Men of Tomorrow

This is your fault! You did this! You killed her! I'll kill you for that!

I-I'm so sorry... Please.
Dr. Elinore Stone, Teen Titans: Earth One

Aha. Just where I left it. Because I couldn't trust anyone to do it for me, could I. There, just as I left it. Even the mask, not in my drawer at all. Down here. Safe. Sleeping. Waiting. Ahh, I'm so glad I never washed this particular costume. It smells like death, blondes and victory. Maybe this could be my presidential uniform. Do presidents have uniforms? I suppose not. Still, since I'd be the president, I could do what I like, really...

I'd rewrite all this superhuman registration junk, I'll tell you that for nothing. "Are you a self-proclaimed super-hero?" 'Why shucks, sir, I sure am a regular guy in bad underpants who fights crime without understanding one damn thing about how the world really works, yes.' "Excellent, I send you now to a concentration camp where you will be sterilized, lobotomized, tenderized and pasteurized. So says president Goblin!" Actually, that's a bit more Doctor Doom, isn't it? Still, the idea's sound. Note to self: give naked dictation more often. The ideas seem to flow more freely.

So glad I decided to keep the old kit handy. One more thing... There. Now let's take care of business. And then I think I shall viciously beat some complete strangers at random. They're bound to have done something to deserve it at some point, after all. Swordsman, Swordsman... what shall we do with you? Aside from kill you, of course. Of course I have to kill you. It's what the little people expect me to do. This is how I display my heroism.

You have fucked with me, Jerusalem. You have fucked with me and fucked with me and finally made my life difficult. You don't get to go and be ill and get away with it.

"Why?" That is what I ask myself. Now that Earth is conquered, now that humanity is subjugated — what was it for? Revenge? Ideology? Programming? Why? I have the God-Sight now! I see everything! I see inside myself! I see circuits! Subroutines! Looping codes of data! Yet! I! Do not! See why! WHY? WHY?

You... you think me undone... You... you have no idea what I am! I am your god! And you will obey me!
Knull, Venom (Vol 4) #6

No! I have no name! No name... no...
Beta, The Walking Dead #173

You turn your back on me like I'm nothing? Everyone treats me like I'm weak but I run this planet and I choose.
Miles Craven, The Wild Storm #24

Malekith the Accursed: No. No, the war... must never end. I lost twelve brothers and a father and a dozen uncles. I was... sold by my own mother. Because of war. I... turned the ten Ten Realms to ruin. There must always be war. For without war... what... what would INo! My armies may be lost, but I am still Lord of the Wild Hunt! Dogs! Obey your master! Tear the Thors to bloody ribbons!
Present Day Thor Odinson: Malekith, no! They can smell your fear! Don't try to—
Malekith the Accursed: I have no fear! I am... Malekith... the Accursed. King of the Dark Elves. I laugh... in the face of fear.

This isn't suicide. This is war. After everything I've been through? Everything I've sacrificed? I have a right to die in battle! Not at the hands of... of some girl! It has to be you, goddammit! Fucking fight me! Why won't you act like what you are? Why?
Yedida "Alter" Tse'elon, Y: The Last Man


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