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As by definition, this page reveals a story's villain and that they have a breakdown and lose, so spoilers are unmarked.

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    Anime & Manga 
Screw you!! You barbaric animal!!
Dorothea, Akame ga Kill!

{hysterically laughing and blushing} Armin, I’m glad I could be a good person to you. You've won your bet. But... this is where my bet begins!
Annie, Attack on Titan

What have you done?!
Rod Reiss after Historia destroys the Titan serum syringe, Attack on Titan

That is ridiculous! It could never happen! A mere human could never surpass me!
Sosuke Aizen, Bleach

You ant!! Unforgivable unforgivable unforgivable! You puny insect!
Baraggan Luisenbarn, Bleach

You're going to finish this...?! Haha ha. That's ridiculous, you fucking old geezer. This is... my game.
Tsunenaga Tamaki, Deadman Wonderland

Light is usually so calm, but now he's snapped. This must be getting to him.
Ryuk, Death Note

Light: MATSUDA, YOU IDIOT!!! Who the hell do you think you're shooting at?! Don't screw with me!
Matsuda: What was it all for, then? What about your dad? What the hell did he die for?!
Light: My dad? Ha ha ha... You mean Soichiro Yagami? That's right, Matsuda; in this world, all those earnest people like him who fight for justice, they always lose. You want a world where people like that are made to be fools?! I know you understand, so kill the others! SHOOT THEM!!!

Why am I the only one talking? Akira. Akira, right now... I'm feeling something. What is this? Tell me. What is this, Akira? Feel what I'm feeling right now. Listen to me. Akira. Look at me. Respond to me. Don't forget that you've been with me till now. Say something. No, Akira. Don't leave me alone! Don't leave me! Please, be somewhere! Say something! Akira!

Mummymon: (after MaloMyotismon has tortured and murdered Arukenimon in front of him) GASP! Arukenimon?
MaloMyotismon: I'm afraid she's gone to pieces. All I did was grant her her wish to get as far away from me as possible. Well, she'll never be near me again.
Mummymon: You destroyed her... How could you?! SNAKE BANDAGE!
MaloMyotismon: (flexes and breaks free) You can't hide your fears either. You think you don't stand a chance against me, and you know what? You're right. You don't.
Mummymon: You don't scare me! You've taken away my Arukenimon, and now I'm going to make you pay for what you did to her!
MaloMyotismon: Hah. What do you plan to do, wrap me in another useless Snake Bandage? You scare me even less than these DigiDestined fools from the other world.
Mummymon: Then I will teach you to fear me!! (opens fire)
MaloMyotismon: (blocks) Playtime is over. Crimson Mist!

Lucemon Larva: If I'm defeated, I'll take you with me!
Susanoomon: So be it. As long as you're defeated! Now let's take care of that thing for good! Once again, the forces of good have triumphed over you.
Lucemon Larva: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It's impossible!!!!

Damon. Damon. DAMOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!!! The first thorn on my side was the father, Spencer Damon. And now, it's his meddling son, Marcus! Why?! I hate you, Marcus Damon. I never hated anyone or anything more than I hate you! Why is it always you? Why must you stand in the way of my plans, time after time, again and again?! I am getting so sick of the Damon family sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong! If it hadn't been for the two of you, both father and son, then I would have already been the ruler of the Human World and the Digital World by now!
Akihiro Kurata, Digimon Savers

This can't be happening! This isn't supposed to happen! There's no way a mere human can stand on equal ground with King Piccolo!
King Piccolo after Goku survives a blast that leveled a city, Dragon Ball


You wretched child... how dare you... HOW DARE YOOOOOUUUUU!
Cell, Dragon Ball Z

Fused Zamasu, Dragon Ball Super

What!? Amateur!? How dare you...! How dare you treat me like an amateur! DAMN YOU!
Frost, Dragon Ball Super, towards Frieza of all people before he gets erased by Zen-Oh.

To hell with your friendship! To hell with your trust! To believe such things would be to deny all that I've witnessed up until now. I know how easily it's ripped away! I'LL SHOW YOU!! [Fires at the stand containing the Universe 7 members]
Jiren failing to understand where Goku draws his strength from, Dragon Ball Super

Black Shadow, F-Zero: Legend of Falcon


Zorin Blitz: What...? How is this possible? They're trembling! These battle-hardened Waffen-SS... these vampires who charged into gunfire and grenades without a moment's hesitation! They're ready to piss themselves at the sight of a girl! One stupid little girl who's more dead than alive! What the hell's going on?! Verdammt!
Millennium soldiers: Hold your fire! Everyone shoot! (massacred by Seras Victoria)
Zorin Blitz: It's not possible! It's bull-scheizer! She's coming through my reinforcements; God, she's heading straight for me! [...] Let's go deeper... that's it... even deeper... yes, take it! Show me your pain! (tries to Mind Rape her, fails) What am I looking at?! These aren't her memories. What's going on in here?! This isn't right! Everything's in disarray! Why can't I go any deeper into her head?! It's like these fucking memories are protecting her! (sees Pip) It's him... that arrogant mercenary! That goddamned gnat!

It's him! It's the madness! I hear him! He has come for me!
Rip Van Winkle, Hellsing

Nui Harime: MY ARMS! My arms, my arms, my arms, my arms, my arms, my arms, my arms! MY ARMS! Do you have any idea how valuable these arms are?! They're the arms of the Grand Couturier!
Ryuko Matoi: That's why I cut them off.
Nui Harime: Kidding! Even if you chop them off, they'll pop right back, good as new! (Watches in horror as her severed arms collapse and Ryuko steps on them and absorbs their Life Fibers)
Ryuko Matoi: Oops. Clumsy me. [...] Just give it up, Nui Harime!
Nui Harime: This can't be happening! You're really making me angry! Every last one of you! I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed, I'm pissed! [...] Let me out! Who asked you for help?! I haven't been beaten yet!
Rei Hououmaru: Please calm yourself, Grand Couturier. What can you possibly do in your condition? Surely the task you must see right now is the completion of Shinra-Koketsu. How do you intend to apologize to Lady Ragyo for this fiasco, losing both your arms in a battle you did not need to fight?
Nui Harime: Me? Apologize? As if. Hurry back to Honnouji Academy! I'll finish up Shinra-Koketsu! And after I'm done, I'll teach you what happens when someone mouths off to me.

Nui Harime, Kill la Kill

I can still win. I always win!
Muruta Azrael, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, seconds before his ship is sunk

You are nothing but a human!!!!!
Ribbons Almarck, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, before Setsuna ambushes and ultimately kills him

My mirrors! Oh, how I love all my mirrors!
The Baron (revealed to be a Pig Man at that time), Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror

You're just a two-bit nobody who comes from who-knows-where! You can't beat me. Do you have any idea who I am?!
Sir Crocodile, One Piece

Blame the blood that runs in your veins! Every last one of you was born beneath me, destined to be ruled over by another! You peons and I are on completely different levels!
Donquixote Doflamingo, One Piece

Ghetsis: You're nothing more than a tool! Both you, and Pokémon... You're nothing but tools to help me realize my dreams of domination!
N: It's hard to call you this, but... Father. Pokémon and human beings have together take each other to greater heights. They're our partners.
Ghetsis: Shut your mouth! Don't talk like a person, you freak! No real person could talk to a Pokémon!

You see? Even among real sisters, there is no such thing as caring for someone. That's why it's absolute nonsense that you would risk your life to protect a friend, a stranger, or anyone! You're all looking at me like you feel so sorry for me. Go on, laugh! (voice breaking) Even I think it's funny that I was counting on my sisters to help me. The joke's on... me... I SAID LAUGH! DARK WATER FULL POWER! I'M GOING TO TAKE YOU ALL WITH ME!
Berthier, Sailor Moon, "Episode 71"

Poor Hara... I think she's finally gone bonkers.

Give it to me! GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE!!!
Kiryuu Moeka, Steins;Gate

The fuck is that face you're making? Don't tell me you think you've already won. You really crack me up, kid. It's not enough. I wiped out the Washuu Clan, ended the legacy of the CCG, and even released a Dragon that took countless lives. But all that – is still not enough. Give me everything!
Kichimura Washuu, Tokyo Ghoul :re, Chapter 174

Impossible! To think that I'd... be defeated by a counterfeit like you! Bastard! Bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard...
Gilgamesh losing to Shirou, Unlimited Blade Works movie

    Comic Books 
I was glad to be rid of what I had for a father! But you! You got them! You're not human! You don't deserve to be Clark Kent! I’ll punish you with every ounce of pain and humiliation and regret from an entire human lifetime. Don’t you understand?! I’ll never stop! What will it take to break you?! WHY WON’T YOU BREAK?!

Batman: I did it, Joker. I broke the spell. I did what you wouldn't do. Right here is where you turned back, isn't it? Right at this drop, where the boat dives. Not because you couldn't hold on, but because you wouldn't want to know. But see, me, I’m not like you... not anymore, Joker. And this year, while you were away, I finally deduced it. Who you were before.
The Joker: You're lying! You’re playing my own joke—
Batman: Your name. Your history. Your family. All of it. Here, I'll whisper it to you... whisper it right into your ear, darling.
The Joker: No...
Batman: Who you are underneath the grin. Who you really are under there.
The Joker: Stop it! I'm not listening!
Batman: Your name, Joker— Your real name is...
The Joker: Shut up!

...Hello. You don't have to be shy now. I can feel your presence. Like a wave of static electricity. It's powerful, I'll admit. In fact, I've never encountered anything quite like it. You've done such strange things to the timeline. Things I won't begin to question. And you've remained hidden. From all of them...but I am not like them. My existence is the only constant in a sea of possibilities. I cannot be erased. By you. By anyone. Show Yourself— God. Wait! Wait, I didn't know! Please! I don't want to d

You think I'm nothing? Who are you?

I CRUSH YOU AGAIN, BEETLE! Even isolated from the stars, I crush you easily! And again if I must. I will crush you over, and over, AND OVER! I AM TRIUMPH!! I AM CONQUEST!
The Black Flame, B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth - End of Days

Vampire: This is how it ends for us, for cibopaths. One will die. And the other will dine on the flesh of his enemy. I die, yes. But I'll live on. All my power. All that I've seen, done... and collected. My immortality. In you.
Tony Chu: You're only half right. You die. The only thing that's eating you is the rats.
Vampire: You can't. I have powers. Unimaginable abilities.
Tony Chu: I don't want them.
Vampire: You must want something.
Tony Chu: Yeah. For your victims to find peace. This is for Toni.
Vampire: No! Wait! Y-you can't. I know things. About the space fruit. The fire writing. About what's coming.
Tony Chu: I'll find out some other way.
Vampire: No!
Tony Chu: You: you go to Hell.

Don't give me your feeble excuses! I will not wait weeks. We will return and crush Cyclops and his mutants. Now! My flag will be raised over Utopia! And if I order it, then that's how it's going to be, damn you! I am Xarus, Lord of Vampires! You're going to see me on that big screen, standing on Wolverine's bones and drinking Cyclops's blood. This I swear!

Detective: Cell's not even locked. He could walk right out.
Carnage: Gonna sit right here... 'til I'm left alone... 'til I'm my own man again... and then... I'm gonna find Deadpool... and make him pay for trying to peel my eyes open!

You couldn't have left us alone... You had to meddle, had to startle her... Look at her now... See what you made her do! Lashing out. A scared child... You just had to interfere... So be it... You brought this upon yourselves. As Alicia rips this world asunder I too shall do my part. I will drink deep of the darkness. I, Beowulf... destroyer of monsters... I will become one! You've hurt us! You have taken away my family! Now I will make you feel my pain.
Wulf, Death Vigil

Joker: Hey, Kano! Which part of "Batman no longer exists" don't you understand?! ¿Hablo "no Batman?"
Superman: Even with the universe at your whim, you can't do it. You can't get Batman out of your head, can't erase him — because he's just too big. Bigger than you'll ever be.
Joker: No no no! I'm a god, he's a Type-A in a fancy dress! Batman does not rank! [Joker tries to Ret Gone the multitude of Batman copies around him] See? Gone! Sent to the cornfield! Off to the races! I still got it!
Superman: If you can't do something as simple as forget one man... how can you possibly maintain control of all that power? How can you smash planets? Unravel the sky?
Joker: Hey, wait — you — no...
Superman: Or tear out my heart? The answer... You can't do anything... because it's his world. You're just an annoyance in it.
Joker: But I'm Emperor. I'm the Emperor. See? I've got the new clothes to prove it. Seriously, stop. I don't want my medicine.

I can't do anything without my book! I didn't even get through all the spells!
Laura Lochs, Hack/Slash: Girls Gone Dead

Akakios: No! My paladins... I can feel your deaths. New and final. Cassie! Stop this now. It's just you! The Black Lamp needs you now! You’re the last one! The final— {hatchet is thrown into right shoulder, making him scream in pain}
Cassie: How do you feel?
Akakios: Whu-what?
Cassie: You feel alive. Share it with me. {pulls on his lip mid-kiss, stabs up into his chin at the same time, straddles him as he falls to the ground, and stabs him slowly four more times on the ground}

I don't believe you, monk! You called to me when I was just a child! You've been manipulating me ever since! You're a lying megalomaniac! From this moment on we are enemies! Wherever your corporeal form is hidden in this world, I will find it! I will grind it into conscious, timeless dust and I will shove you up my ass!!
Toyo Harada responds to being abandoned by the Bleeding Monk on the verge of losing his reputation, Harbinger #24

Rasputin: I was chosen by the Ogdru Jahad, to deliver him from his prison and bring about the end of the world, to make way for a new world. And I... I alone will be lord over that! From Cavendish Hall I shook the dragon and soon enough I will break his chains and set him free!
Hecate: Poor Rasputin... You know and I know that only one power can ever loose the dragon...
Rasputin: No!
Hecate: You've always known... his hand.
Rasputin: Nooo!
Hecate: You brought him to Earth... but he was never yours.
Hecate: It is.
Hellboy: Conqueror Worm


Joker: Obvious... and everybody knows. You wear your shame like a badge. Because you don't have the balls to actually pin one on. Yes... just look at you... desperate to be feared, you want to be perceived as a monster, draped in black. And yet... you leave that little window... a glimpse at the perfection underneath. Obviousthe chiseled good looks — not the jaw, the mouth of a monster... why do you let it be seen? Tell me why.
Batman: To mock you.
Joker: Rrrrraaa— NOOOO!

What the @#$% do you mean, "who is Wonder Woman?!"
Maxwell Lord IV realizes he's overdone his worldwide mind wipe, Justice League: Generation Lost

The control device! No! I don’t have the Kressh Gauntlet! Don't do it, Lucien! Don't do it!

Lex Luthor: Even through the dust... I see your eyes. I know of all your remarkable "visions," but let me tell you what you can't see. My soul. And there's not a soul in Metropolis who watched Hope drop the monster, and given the same opportunity? Wouldn't have done it themselves. Not a soul. How does that make you feel... you arrogant alien bastard? (beat) Your silence speaks volumes. You understand my words, but you refuse to believe what they mean. Is it because you see something in humanity that in truth isn't there, or that you're blind to what truly is? (beat) Say something, goddamnit!
Superman: You're wrong. I can see your soul.
Lex Luthor: No... you can't. Because if you could... you would see a man, who willingly denied himself happiness... who chose to give up hope... for the world. A world without a Superman. I know I can't beat you... alone. But then, I'm not alone. There are six and a half billion of me... and only one of you. And we can drive you back out to the blackness from which you came. What the world watched you do tonight... If it only changes one mind about what you are... Please, just fly away.

You don't get a happy ending! I won't let you I won! I won and you died! And that was the end!

NO! My beautiful Pteromen! That's it! I wanted to play with you! I wanted to torture you! But YOU ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO SPOIL MY FUN! You know who you are? You know what you're like? You're just like my wife! That's right! Everything was fine and dandy, and then I ask you to do one little thing! What did I say to you, Monica? I mean, what was so awful about it? I said perform the weapons tests and don't worry your little girly head about the weapons coming from a company that used to be a terrorist cell! I said blow up chunks of America for freedom! But no! You couldn't! ONE LITTLE THING! It's like you suddenly turned forty and your face went south and suddenly it was no, Dirk, I won't do those things with the chickens and the wig and the bath full of acid for you any more! And by the way, Dirk, give me all your cash, let me paint everything pink, adopt a million screaming little snot-factory children for me and don't you dare touch me or my womb will fall out! And you know what I did?
Dirk realizes everyone on the bridge is staring at him.
Heh. Let's just kill em, then. Engage main batteries.
Dirk Anger, Nextwave

I once believed I was fighting a war. Against chaos. For humanity. To win a world of order. With the messiah under my control, I would simply subvert your scheme to rule the planet. I would build the world I wanted, instead of the one expected by the Grail. But war demands sacrifice. And humanity is not worth it. It is not worth getting one's fucking ear shot off, for instance, or one's leg devoured by cannibals! Or being fucked up the arse by a gigantic Englishman! No! Or just to give you another example, having one's head carved into the image of a big fat gleaming dong!! But all of that pales into insignificance beside this little atrocity! Yes! Look at it! Look at my greatest sacrifice! Gaze on the face of war! So fuck humanity. Fuck Armageddon. Fuck the Grail. And fuck you. All that matters now is one single man... Jesse Custer. A name that lives in infamy. That set me down the road to ruin you see before you. That burns in my brain. The resources and materiel you would have pissed away will bring about his doom.
Herr Starr, Preacher

What— Oh no. No. No. Wait a fuckin' minute—! Not like this! I don't wannit like this, I don't wanna fuckin' die out here! No! Jesus Christ, Holy Father, Holy Mother forgive me— Please God fuckin' forgive me...! I didn't mean it! I take it back, all of it, I swear to Christ I do! Please, please, I'm beggin' your forgiveness! I humbly throw myself on your eternal, blessed mercy! I won't say—that thing I said I'd say! I won't! I repent my sins, alla terrible things I did! My wrongful pride! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Nicky Cavella, The Punisher Max

No! I'm tha Fingpin! Leb me... {notices Frank Castle coming up behind him and sheds a Single Tear} I'm tha Fingpin...

No. No. We do not fail. No you understand us, human? Can you understand this? ''The girl... must... die. Even if we have to tear her head from her body with our own hands.

Doctor Doom: This is what always causes your fall, Reed. Abandoning the good because you desire the perfect. I understand now — I know what this is. It's always been the same between you and I... you think you are better than I am.
Reed Richards: No, Victor. You're wrong. I've always believed you could be better than what you are.
Doctor Doom: No. I mean now. This moment. If you had this power, you think you could have solved it all — solved everything... You think you could have done so... much... better... Don't you? Don't you?!
Reed Richards: Yes. And we both know it, don't we?
Doctor Doom: (beat) Yes. Damn you... Now die!
Molecule Man: Okay, then. If you both agree...
Doctor Doom: Wait. No...

Bob! Bob! Don't let them win! Bring it down! Bring it all down, Robert! Don't let them win!

Robotnik: I keep on telling you, Grimer, my faithful fool... I don't have a plan. This is the end for us all!
Grimer: You're... you're mad...
Robotnik: So what?

What is it with you!? I gave you your chance! We could've ruled the multiverse together! But no! You chose the "holier-than-thou" route! See where that got you?! You know what? Forget ruling both Moebius or Mobius. I'm Super Scourge. I'll spindash both planets in half because I can. And then I'll just keep stomping on planets until I find one that gives me the respect I deserve— {sees Sonic run off into the woods} HEY! I'M NOT DONE TALKING TO YOU!
Super Scourge, Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #196

End this. End this now... or I swear... Nothing... no one will ever stop me.

Please... no more... I give you my word, I will leave... I will never return — just let me live, I beg you. Please... Please... [...] This can't... This can't... Don't you know how old I am... Don't you know how... I was just hungry, that's all... It was nothing personal... I was just... hungry...
Morlun, Spider-Man

It was him! You've been cheating on me with that freak! You like masks? Is that it? Is that what gets you hot? How about this one? You like this? Who is he? Where do I find him?! Come on, you little tramp! Tell me!
Crime Master, Spider-Man: Noir: Eyes Without a Face

Jesse Drew is dead! No... not literally. Not yet. Send a chopper. I'm done here. I'm telling you. Agent 77 is gone. Missing. AWOL. Dead to us. Cancel his cards. Revoke all access. Scrub him from the system. I'm not sure what's going on here, but Agent Drew clearly didn't appreciate... everything I've given him!

Deadshot: I did it, Ed. I killed the old man this time. Did just like Ma told me. To the letter. Cops are coming, Ed. You get outa here. I’ll take care of them.
Rick Flag: C'mon, Floyd... you come too...
Deadshot: {rips off his mask, showing Broken Tears} Go! Or I’ll shoot your brain out again!
Rick Flag runs away
Police Officers: Police! Put up your weapons!
Deadshot: Sure. Bullets first.
Suicide Squad (1987) #22

Get... Get off! Get away from me!

General Samuel Lane: The Kryptonians are rabid dogs who need to be put down before—
Lois Lane: Spoken like a true genocidal maniac.
General Samuel Lane: "Maniac"? You mean visionary! I brought you here so I could show you how I'm keeping this planet safe, Lois. From the moment Superman set foot on this world, he was going to lead to its destruction. How one alien would be the death of millions—
Lois Lane: You just destroyed an entire planet! Don’t you see that to the Kryptonians, you're that "one alien"?
General Samuel Lane: What? No... I...

I trusted you. You told me if I returned the people to Earth and refrained from stabilizing the core of my planet with their lives... we could find another way to save the Great World. My family. My friends. Those who accepted me — even though I was human — they are all gone! They are dust because you manipulated me into putting Earth before them. I destroyed my home! And now I'm going to destroy yours.
Ulysses, Superman: The Men of Tomorrow

This is your fault! You did this! You killed her! I'll kill you for that!

I-I'm so sorry... Please.
Dr. Elinore Stone, Teen Titans: Earth One

Aha. Just where I left it. Because I couldn't trust anyone to do it for me, could I. There, just as I left it. Even the mask, not in my drawer at all. Down here. Safe. Sleeping. Waiting. Ahh, I'm so glad I never washed this particular costume. It smells like death, blondes and victory. Maybe this could be my presidential uniform. Do presidents have uniforms? I suppose not. Still, since I'd be the president, I could do what I like, really...

I'd rewrite all this superhuman registration junk, I'll tell you that for nothing. "Are you a self-proclaimed super-hero?" 'Why shucks, sir, I sure am a regular guy in bad underpants who fights crime without understanding one damn thing about how the world really works, yes.' "Excellent, I send you now to a concentration camp where you will be sterilized, lobotomized, tenderized and pasteurized. So says president Goblin!" Actually, that's a bit more Doctor Doom, isn't it? Still, the idea's sound. Note to self: give naked dictation more often. The ideas seem to flow more freely.

So glad I decided to keep the old kit handy. One more thing... There. Now let's take care of business. And then I think I shall viciously beat some complete strangers at random. They're bound to have done something to deserve it at some point, after all. Swordsman, Swordsman... what shall we do with you? Aside from kill you, of course. Of course I have to kill you. It's what the little people expect me to do. This is how I display my heroism.

"Why?" That is what I ask myself. Now that Earth is conquered, now that humanity is subjugated — what was it for? Revenge? Ideology? Programming? Why? I have the God-Sight now! I see everything! I see inside myself! I see circuits! Subroutines! Looping codes of data! Yet! I! Do not! See why! WHY? WHY?

No! I have no name! No name... no...
Beta, The Walking Dead #173

This isn't suicide. This is war. After everything I've been through? Everything I've sacrificed? I have a right to die in battle! Not at the hands of... of some girl! It has to be you, goddammit! Fucking fight me! Why won't you act like what you are? Why?
Yedida "Alter" Tse'elon, Y: The Last Man

    Fan Works 
"'Die!' Cinder roared. There was a note of panic in it now, of fear. Her eyes were wide, her lips peeled back. There was hatred there, but terror too. 'Die!' She echoed. 'Die, die, die-die already. Why won't you die!'"

Don’t you dare speak to me about my mother! How? How does filth like you crawl out of the darkest abyss, while my mother — who could escape anything — continues to languish there? [...] She loves me! She wouldn’t choose to stay in some dark pit! She would pick me! Somebody has to pick me! [...] I’m trying to create a better world! And to do that, Tirek must be revived! And you must die!
Moondancer, Spectacular Seven

Unlucky Vice-Admiral: E-everyone—?!
Garp: Huh, didn’t think he could get that hammy anymore…
Sengoku reaches through the roof and grabs Garp by the head.
Garp: Shit.
Fleet Admiral Sengoku after learning the Straw Hat Pirates are invading Enies Lobby in This Bites!.

Kill… you… Kill… you… Kill… you… Kill… you… Kill... Kill... Kill...
Gecko Moriah to the Straw Hats, This Bites!.

"Gold Lion" Shiki, This Bites!

Kaede Akamatsu: So even when the game started, you wanted me dead? Specifically me?
Tsumugi Shirogane: Of course! You're the perfect sacrifice to keep things interesting! I just wanted to keep the story on track, but then you... you... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... you just had to fucking miss didn't you?
Shuichi Saihara: So you didn't account for that.
Tsumugi: Even after I had to step in, it was going perfectly. Akamatsu-san was all set to take the fall for me, but then... You...! You ruined everything with one fucking joke!

Monokuma, Three-Point Shot

Snake of the Festival: What are you doing?!
Yuji Sakai: Stopping you! I'm not gonna lose them again!
Snake of the Festival: You would give up a perfect world for two mere girls? They will be recreated anyway.
Yuji: Like they said, it won't be the same! They can never be replaced!
Snake of the Festival: You dare go up against me? Everything you have, your life, your power to protect, all of it, you owe to me.
Snake of the Festival: I cannot let you stop me, not when the Grand Order is almost complete. I want my people to live in peace and end all this ceaseless violence.
Yuji: So do I, but I won't lose everything in the process.

    Film - Animated 
General Mandible: Cutter, what are you doing?
Colonel Cutter: Something I should have done a long time ago. This is for the good of the colony, sir. (extends his hand to Z's arm and helps him out of the hole)

I consider myself an even-tempered man; it takes a heck of a lot to get under my skin. But congratulations — you just won the solid gold Kewpie doll!
Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Get up! Come alive! GET UP YOU FOOLS! KILLLL!
The Horned King, The Black Cauldron

Barkis Bittern: That's it. We're going to take whatever money we can and get out of here.
Victoria Everglot: Money? What money?
Barkis Bittern: Your dowry. It's my right!
Victoria Everglot: My parents don't have any money. It's my marriage to you that will save them from the poorhouse.
Barkis Bittern: The....the poorhouse?! [grabs and shakes Victoria] You're lying. It isn't true. Tell me that you're lying!!
Victoria Everglot: Did things not go according to your plan, Lord Barkis? [squirms out of Barkis's arms] Well, perhaps in disappointment we are perfectly matched!
[later, during Victor and Victoria's wedding]
Barkis Bittern: Oh, how touching. *sniff, sniff* I always cry at weddings. Our young lovers together at last. Surely now they can live happily ever after. But you forget... [grabs Victoria] she's still my wife! I'll not leave here empty-handed!

Do not question the princess! She left me in charge, and I will not hesitate to protect Arendelle from treason!
Prince Hans, Frozen

Anna?! B-but, she froze your heart!
Prince Hans, Frozen

Baroness: And you botched our desert campaign!
Destro: We had won, but you countermanded my order!
Baroness: Your meddling brought us defeat, again and again and again!
Dr. Mindbender: You're not just a fool; you're Cobra's curse!
Xamot: Inept!
Tomax: Insufficient!
Tomax and Xamot: Inexcusable!

There is no escape this time, BASIL!!

Nautilus Sailor: [through radio] This is Nautilus, standing by.
Kent: [snatches radio; screaming] LAUNCH THE MISSILE NOW!
[Nautilus captain pushes the red button, launching the missile up to the sky.]
General Rogard: [grabs Kent by his trench coat] That missile is targeted to the Giant's CURRENT POSITION! WHERE'S THE GIANT, MANSLEY?!
Kent: [sees Giant standing behind him] Wha—? Ohhh... W-W-We can duck and cover! There's a fallout shelter right there. If we hur—
General Rogard: There's no way to survive this, you idiot!
Kent: You mean... we're all going to—?
General Rogard: To die, Mansley. For our country.
Kent: Screw our country! I wanna live!

I am about to rearrange the cosmos... and the one schlemiel who can louse it up! Is waltzing around! IN THE WOODS!
Hades, Hercules

I've got 24 hours to get rid of this bozo, or the entire scheme I've been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke... and you... are wearing... HIS MERCHANDISE!!!
Hades, Hercules

Frollo: I should have known that you'd risk your life to save that gypsy witch, just as your own mother died trying to save you.
Quasimodo: [realizing that Frollo killed his mother] What?!
Frollo: Now I'm going to do what I should have done TWENTY YEARS AGO! [later on, as Frollo has Quasimodo and Esmeralda where he wants them.] And He shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!

Shen: Why aren't we firing?!
Boss Wolf: They're taking all gunmen, sir. And getting close!
Shen: Fire! FIRE AT THEM!
Boss Wolf: But sir, we'll kill our own!
Shen: I said fire at them! FIRE!
Boss Wolf: (throws torch away) ...No.
Shen: (stabs Boss Wolf)

Dr. Facilier: No! No! How am I ever gonna pay back my debt!
(Evil Spirits appear)
Dr. Facilier: ...Frieeeeends!
Evil Spirits: ARE YOU READY?
Dr. Facilier: No! I'm not ready at all! In fact, I've got lots more plans!
Evil Spirits: ARE YOU READY?
Dr. Facilier: This is just a minor setback in a major operation! Soon as I whip up another spell, we'll be back in business! I still got that froggy prince locked away! I just need a little bit more time! No, no, please I... agh! (the spirits drag Faciler by his shadow towards a portal) Just a little more time! I promise I'll pay y'all back! I promise! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Ugh! It's disgusting! Guards! Guards! I order you to get that out of my sight now! Get them! Get them both! This hocus-pocus alters nothing. This marriage is binding, and that makes me king! [puts on his crown] See? See?! [...] I'll make you regret the day we met. I'll see you drawn and quartered! You'll beg for death to save you! And as for you, my wife, I'll have you locked back in that tower for the rest of your days! I'm king! I will have order! I will have perfection! I will have — [Donkey and the dragon show up and the dragon leans down and eats Farquaad] Aaaah! Aah!
Lord Farquaad, Shrek

I told you ogres don't live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!
Fairy Godmother, Shrek 2

There's a couple of things they don't teach you in Harvard Business School. One is how to cope with defeat, the other is how to handle a shotgun. I'm going to do both right now.
Russ Cargill, The Simpsons Movie

You want me to be the bad guy? Fine — now I'm the bad guy...
Mother Gothel, Tangled

Hiding, are we?! Good! I could use a challenge, because after I get rid of you, rounding up your little ape family will be all too easy!
Clayton, Tarzan

[snatches the tag away and rolls his eyes] What? You want your mommy back? She never loved you! Don't be such a BABY! [smashes the tag with his mallet, causing Big Baby to start crying] Push 'em in! All of 'em! [Lotso's minions are appalled by his increasing abrasiveness] This is what happens when you DUMMIES try to think! [violently jabs Big Baby in the stomach with his mallet] We're all just trash waiting to be thrown away! THAT'S ALL A TOY IS!
Lotso, Toy Story 3

Destiny... you cannot destroy... my... destinYYY-!

Vanellope: Wha?! Who are you?!
King Candy: I'm Turbo! The greatest racer ever! And I did not reprogram this world to let you and that halitosis-riddled warthog TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!

    Film - Live-Action 
Everything. Every SINGLE thing that took place in that courtroom — but I mean EVERYTHING — says he's guilty. What do you think, I'm an idiot or something? Why don't you take that stuff about the old man? The old man who lived there and heard EVERYTHING! Or this business about the knife— What? Cause he found another one exactly like it? THE OLD MAN SAW HIM! RIGHT THERE ON THE STAIRS! WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE HOW MANY SECONDS IT WAS? Every single thing. "The knife falling through a hole in his pocket"! YOU CAN'T PROVE HE DIDN'T GET TO THE DOOR! Sure, you can take all the time, hobble around the room, but YOU CAN'T PROVE IT! And what about this business of the el? AND THE MOVIES?! There's a phony deal if I ever heard one. I bet ya five thousand dollars I'd remember the movies I saw! —I'm telling ya, everything that's gone on has been twisted! And turned! This business with the glasses? HOW DO YOU KNOW SHE DIDN'T HAVE THEM ON? THIS WOMAN TESTIFIED IN OPEN COURT! AND WHAT ABOUT HEARING THE KID YELL?! HUH?!? I'm telling ya, I've got all the facts here! Here...ah! WELL THAT'S IT, THAT'S THE WHOLE CASE!.....Well?...SAY SOMETHING!...You lousy bunch of bleeding hearts... You're not gonna intimidate me, I'm ENTITLED to my opinion!...Rotten kids, you work your LIFE OUT!
Juror #3, 12 Angry Men

Patrick Bateman: Now, Carnes, listen. Listen very, very carefully... I killed Paul Allen, and I liked it.
[Carnes looks disbelievingly at him]
Patrick Bateman: I can't make myself any clearer.
Harold Carnes: But that's simply not possible. And I don't find this funny anymore.
Patrick Bateman: It never was supposed to be. Why isn't it possible?
Harold Carnes: It's just not.
Patrick Bateman: Why not, you stupid bastard?
Harold Carnes: Because I had dinner with Paul Allen twice in London, just 10 days ago.
Patrick Bateman: No, you...
[suddenly dumbfounded]
Patrick Bateman: ... didn't?

Remain calm. All is well. ALLLLLLL IS WELLLLLLLLL!!!
Chip, Animal House

Darren Cross/Yellowjacket, Ant-Man

Loki: ENOUGH! You are, all of you, beneath me! I am a GOD, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by—
The Incredible Hulk: Puny god.

Thanos: (as Wanda is tearing him apart) Rain fire!
Corvus Glaive: But sire, our troops...!
Thanos: (desperately) JUST DO IT!!

HE STOLE MY BALLOONS! Why didn't somebody tell me that he had one of those... things!?
The Joker, Batman (1989)

The Penguin, Batman Returns

The bell cannot be unrung! He's hungry, he's found us, and he's coming! Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding... Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding... Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding...

No! RAAAGH!!! After I kill you, I'll kill her!
Shatter, Bumblebee

Lavrentiy Beria: It's time all of you realised who kept the daggers out of your backs! Show some fucking respect! I... I've got... I've got... I've got documents. I have documents on all of you. You, 13th of March, 1937. Zolotov trials. Forty-two dead, 173 exiled. Your signature!
Lazar Kaganovich: Beria, that's enough!
Lavrentiy Beria: Yeah, well, you signed off the life of your own brother!
Lazar Kaganovich: Oh, you think that was easy? You bastard!
Lavrentiy Beria: Bagrov, Gorev. How did your conscience accommodate that? And Zykov! Zykov! Poor blameless, guileless Zykov. All of you! All of you. I have documents on all of you! I've seen what you've done. I know the truth. It's all written down. It's all written down on a very...on a very fucking long list!

Can you imagine what it feels like to be alive for thousands of years, and then realize you're actually going to die, 'cause some self-righteous cop decided that he was going to save the fucking world?!
Azazel, Fallen

That was an order! Steiner's assault was an order! Who do you think you are to dare disobey an order I give? So this is what it has come to! The military has been lying to me. Everybody has been lying to me, even the SS! Our generals are the scum of the German people! Not a shred of honor! They call themselves generals! Years at military academy just to learn how to hold a knife and fork! For years the military has hindered my plans! They've put every kind of obstacle in my way! What I should have done is liquidate all the high-ranking officers, like Stalin did! I never attended an academy, yet I have conquered Europe all by myself! Traitors! I've been betrayed and deceived from the very beginning! What a monstrous betrayal of the German people! But all those traitors will pay! They will pay with their own blood! They shall drown in their own blood!

I'm being charged with a crime? Is that what this is? I'm being charged with a crime? This is funny, that's what this is. This is... (lunges) I'M GONNA RIP YOUR EYES OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND PISS IN YOUR DEAD SKULL! YOU FUCKED WITH THE WRONG MARINE!
Col. Nathan R. Jessep, A Few Good Men

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg: I'm screwed.
Aknot: You asked for a case. We brought you a case.
Zorg: A case with four stones in it! Not one or two or three but FOUR! FOUR STONES! Wha... What the hell am I supposed to do with an empty case?!
Aknot: We are warriors, not merchants.
Zorg: But you can still count! Look, it's easy. Look at my fingers. Four stones, four crates. Zero stones, ZERO CRATES!!!

Boris, GoldenEye

Ego: Listen to me! You are a god! If you kill me, you'll be just like everybody else!
Peter Quill: What's so wrong with that?
Say something!
Dr. Ranbir Sartain, Halloween (2018)

You fools! Fine! Rise up, all of you! You want to put yourselves between me and the man-cub?! I WILL HAVE YOU ALL IN MY TEETH!
Shere Khan, The Jungle Book (2016)

Steppenwolf: This cannot be...
Aquaman: You recognize that smell?
Batman: Fear.
Steppenwolf: {being dogpiled by Parademons} No, leave me! Get off me! I command you! No! No! I'll Kill You!! {is pulled away in a Boom Tube to Apokolips}

Blow that piece of junk OUT OF THE SKY!
Kylo Ren, The Last Jedi

The Bullet Farmer, Mad Max: Fury Road

Look at this. We could have built a new Krypton in this squalor, but you chose the humans over us. I exist... only to protect Krypton. That is the sole purpose for which I was born, and every action I take, no matter how violent, or how cruel, is for the greater good of my people... and now? I have no people. My soul... THAT! IS WHAT YOU HAVE TAKEN! FROM ME!
General Zod, Man of Steel

Why, Mr. Anderson, why? Why? Why do you do it? Why? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom or truth?! Perhaps peace?! Could it be for love?! Illusions, Mr. Anderson, vagaries of perception! Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose! And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love! You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson! You must know it by now! You can't win! It's pointless to keep fighting! Why, Mr. Anderson?! Why?! WHY DO YOU PERSIST?!
Agent Smith, The Matrix Revolutions

Why should Caesar get to stomp around like a giant, while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? What's so great about Caesar? Hm? Brutus is just as cute as Caesar. Brutus is just as smart as Caesar. People totally like Brutus just as much as they like Caesar. And when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody, huh?! Because that's not what Rome is about! WE SHOULD TOTALLY JUST STAB CAESAR!
Gretchen Weiners, Mean Girls

Boris The Animal, Men in Black 3

They destroyed my beautiful creation... Now I'm beginning to get REALLY ANGRY!

So we have a few bad apples! So my daughter's a whore! This is a heck of a deal!
John Majors, Out Cold

NO! NO! (grunt) Okay, ya know what? Plan B, always a plan B.

Payton/Gallo (twice), Pandorum

It's just... good business.

Stansfield: Benny... bring me everyone.
Benny: What do you mean "everyone?"
Stansfield: EVE-RY-ONE!!!

Padmé Amidala: Stop! Stop now, come back! I love you!
Darth Vader: LIAR!
Padmé Amidala: {Turns around to see Obi-Wan Kenobi} No!
Darth Vader: You're with him! You've brought him here to kill me! {Begins Force Choking Padmé}
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Let her go, Anakin!
{Vader continues choking Padmé}
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Let. Her. Go.
Darth Vader: {Releases Padmé, knocking her unconscious} You turned her against me!
Obi-Wan Kenobi: You have done that yourself!

Amanda Young: That's right. I'm a murderer. He took my life from me so I just returned the fucking favor.
John Kramer/Jigsaw: No, Amanda. That's what you thought. But I know differently. You left him for dead, didn't you?
Amanda: Stop fucking with me.
John: But I cleaned up your mistakes. I forgave you for them.
Amanda: What you do is no different than murder. You torture people. You watch them die. But now you're begging me not to kill this worthless bitch on the grounds of some game?
John: You're walking us toward a precipice, Amanda. Step back.
Amanda: It's bullshit. Nobody changes. It's all a lie.
John: If you fail in this, we all fail. Succeed, and we all succeed.
Amanda: It's a lie. I'll tell you. She hasn't changed because nobody fucking changes. Nobody is reborn. It's all bullshit! It's all a fucking lie! And I am just a pawn in your stupid games. I don't mean anything to you.
John: No, you mean everything to me.
Amanda: Fuck you!
John: Our fates are linked. I've tried to help you, Amanda.
Amanda: So help me. Fix me. Fix me, you motherfucker! I'm standing right here!

Eh heh heh... Who do you think you are, Pilgrim? You think you're better than me? Well, I'll tell you what you are; a pain in my ASS! Do you know how long it took to get all the evil exes' contact information so I could form this stupid league?! Like, two hours! TWO HOURS! You're not cool enough for Ramona! You're zero! Nothing! Me, I'm what's hip, I'm what's happening, I'M BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW!
Gideon Graves, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

You're gonna pay for the life you stole from me, Sid. For the mother, and for the family, and for the stardom and GODDAMN EVERYTHING YOU HAD THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MINE!!!
Roman Bridger, Scream 3

Target the Reavers. Target the Reavers! Target everyone! Somebody FIRE!
The Operative, Serenity

Quentin Beck: Why aren't these drones firing?
E.D.I.T.H.: You're in the strike zone. The chance-
Quentin Beck: No, fire! ALL!! THE DRONES!!! NOW!!!!!

Kirk: Khan, I'm laughing at the "superior intellect."
Khan: Full impulse power.
Joachim: No, sir! You have Genesis! You can have whatever...
Khan: (grabs Joachim) FULL POWER, DAMN YOU!


Nero [Spock's] ship. Take it out.
Crewman: Sir, if you ignite the Red Matter...
Nero: I want Spock dead NOW!

Loki: I never wanted the throne! I only ever wanted to be your equal!
Thor: I will not fight you, brother!
Loki: I'm not your brother. I never was.
Thor: Loki, this is madness!
Loki: Is it madness? Is it? Is it?! And what was it on Earth that turned you so soft? Don't tell me it was that woman! Oh, it was. Well, maybe when we're finished here, I'll pay her a visit myself!

Vilos Cohaagen: I didn't want it to end this way! I wanted Hauser back! But nooo, you had to be Quaid!
Douglas Quaid: I am Quaid!
Vilos Cohaagen: You're nothing! You're nobody! You're a stupid dream! Well, all dreams come to an end.

President of Exchange: I'm sorry, boys. (to officials) Put the Duke Brothers' seats on the Exchange up for sale at once. Seize all assets of Duke & Duke Commodities Brokers, as well as the personal holdings of Randolph and Mortimer Duke.
Randolph Duke: (clutching his chest) My God... we're ruined...
Mortimer Duke: This is an outrage! I demand an investigation! You can't sell our seats! A Duke has been sitting on this exchange since it was founded! We founded this exchange, it's ours! It belongs to us!
Randolph: My God...
[Randolph collapses]
President of Exchange: Mortimer, your brother is not well. We better call an ambulance.
Mortimer Duke: Fuck him! Now, you listen to me! I want trading reopened right now! Get those brokers back in here! Turn those machines back on! TURN THOSE MACHINES BACK ON!

Aww, you motherfuckers. Okay. Alright. I'm putting cases on all you bitches! Huh. You think you can do this shit... Jake! You think you can do this to me?! You motherfuckers will be playing basketball in Pelican Bay when I get finished with you! SHU program, nigga. 23 hour lockdown! I'm the man up in this piece! You'll never see the light of... who the fuck do you think you're fucking with? I'm the police, I run shit here. You just live here! Yeah, that's right, you better walk away! Go on and walk away... 'cause I'm gonna' burn this motherfucker down. KING KONG! AIN'T GOT SHIT! ON ME! That's right, that's right. Shit, I don't, fuck. I'm winning anyway, I'm winning... I'm winning any motherfucking way. I can't lose. Yeah, you can shoot me, but you can't kill me.
Alonzo Harris, Training Day

Moses: For god's sake, Chris! The whole world is watching! We can't let him die in front of a live audience!
Christof: He was born in front of a live audience!

You sandbagged me on Bluestar, huh? [chuckles again] I guess you think you taught the teacher a lesson, that the tail can wag the dog, huh? [sighs while crushing his cigarette with his foot] Well, let me clue you in, pal. The ice is melting right underneath your feet. [suddenly punches Bud and grabs him by the collar] Did you think you could've gotten this far this fast with anybody else, huh? You think you'd be out there dicking someone like Darien? No. You'd be cold-calling widows and dentists trying to buy 20 shares of some fucking dog-shit stock. I took you in. [hits Bud a 2nd time] A NOBODY! [hits him again] I opened the doors for you. I showed you how the system works. The value of information, how to get it! Fulham Oil, Brant Resources, Geodynamics. And this is how you fucking pay me back, you cockroach! [knocks Bud into the ground] I GAVE YOU DARIEN! I GAVE YOU YOUR MANHOOD, I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING!
Gordon Gecko, Wall Street

Remember me, Eddie? When I killed your brother, I talked! JUST! LIKE! THIS!
Judge Doom, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Ares: They do not deserve your protection!
Wonder Woman: It's not about deserving. It's about what you believe. And I believe in love.
Ares: Then I will destroy you!

Buddy Slade: What's wrong?
Beth Slade: Nothing.
Mavis Gary: "Nothing?!" What do you mean "nothing?" My God! What is wrong with you?! Are you like one of those little kids who need a fucking chart to learn feelings? Stand up for yourself! Why are you covering for me?!
Hedda Gary: That's enough, Mavis! You're drunk.
Mavis Gary: Oh, I've been drunk since I've been back, mom, and nobody gave two shits until this one got all bent out of shape!
Buddy Slade: Mavis, what the hell is going on?
Mavis Gary: Why did you invite me?!
Buddy Slade: ...I didn't invite you. My wife did. Beth practically forced me to call you. She feels sorry for you. We all do, Mavis. It's obvious you're having some mental sickness, some depression. You're very lonely and confused. So Beth made me invite you here even though I knew it was a mistake. I knew it.
Mavis Gary: ...Ha ha ha ...You're lying.
Beth Slade: He's not.
Mavis Gary: ...Well. What about now? You hate me now? Hmm? 'Cause it should be easy because I fucking hate you.

Who cares about Derek Zoolander anyway? The man has only one look for Christ's sake! Blue Steel? Ferrari? Le Tigre? They're the same face! Doesn't anyone notice this?! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! I invented the piano key necktie! I invented it! What have you done, Derek?! Nothing! You've done nothing! NOTHING! And I will be a monkey's uncle if I have you ruin this for me! Because if you can't get the job done, then I will! Die, you wage hiking scum!
Mugatu, Zoolander

For the first time in his life, Razim felt the full force of his emotions as they rushed in, overwhelming him. Fury. Despair. He was out of control, unable to believe what had just occurred, that everything he had planned — so carefully, so brilliantly — had been suddenly taken away from him.
Alex Rider: Scorpia Rising

It was around nine in the morning on Saturday that the Yeerk first took over my body and brain.
By Monday evening, when the sun went down, he was growing distracted, unable to concentrate clearly.
By the time the moon rose in a newly clear, starry sky, he was weak with hunger. His slug body cried out for Kandrona rays the way a human would cry for food or water.
I could feel his arrogance evaporate. I could feel his despair. He still had fantasies of being rescued. But he couldn't make those fantasies end very well. Even if he was rescued, he would no longer be the big hero who had destroyed the Animorphs.
Animorphs #6: The Capture

All that effort, wasted. Hiding an Allomancer in Cett’s hirelings so that you would suspect him of attacking you at the Assembly. Forcing you to fight in front of Elend so that he’d be intimidated by you. Pushing you to explore your powers and kill so that you’d realize just how powerful you truly are. All wasted! You. Were. Supposed. To. Save me!
Zane Venture, Mistborn: The Original Trilogy: The Well of Ascension

It was as if the lid had been pulled off something dark and writhing: a piece of derangement and fury and utter viciousness; and, in a time of scary things, it was the most frightening thing Richard had ever seen. The angel's serene beauty cracked; its eyes flashed; and it screamed at them, crazy-scary and uncontrolled, utterly certain in its righteousness, "They deserved it!"

The Overlook Hotel, via Jack Torrance, The Shining

They told me I was a liar! They told me I was wrong! Szeth-son-son-Vallano... Truthless. They named me Truthless!
Szeth-son-son-Vallano, The Stormlight Archive: Words of Radiance

No. No. Nononono. NO! It's impossible. He's dead. I killed him. He can't be doing this. He's not real.
Lex Luthor, Superman Returns novelization

Oh God! what could I do? I foamed —I raved —I swore! I swung the chair upon which I had been sitting, and grated it upon the boards, but the noise arose over all and continually increased. It grew louder —louder —louder!
And still the men chatted pleasantly, and smiled. Was it possible they heard not? Almighty God! —no, no! They heard! —they suspected! —they knew! —they were making a mockery of my horror!-this I thought, and this I think. But anything was better than this agony! Anything was more tolerable than this derision! I could bear those hypocritical smiles no longer! I felt that I must scream or die! and now —again! —hark! louder! louder! louder! louder!
"Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more! I admit the deed! —tear up the planks! here, here! —It is the beating of his hideous heart!"

No. No. No. No! No! I can't vanish! This is my body! I can't vanish!
Alison Witzenberg, The Touch of Heaven

This is a bad thing I'm about to do... But I've done so many bad things this one'll hardly count. It's like... a killing is a big thing, but another killing, that's kind of half the size. You know? So it's like, when you've done twenty killings, thye barely notice, on average. But... it's a nice day today, the birds is singing, there's stuff like... kittens and stuff, and the sun is shining off the snow, bringin' the promise of spring to come, with flowers, and fresh grass, and more kittens and hot summer days an' the gentle kiss of the rain and wonderful clean things which you won't ever see if you don't give us what's in that drawer 'cos you'll burn like a torch you double-dealing twisty dried-up cheating son of a bitch!
Mr. Pin, The Truth

Mannfred von Carstein: No, I refuse – I will not let you do this – I forbid it!
Mannfred von Carstein: Then you don’t need him! You have me. I have always been loyal to you! I brought you back – me, not him!
Mannfred von Carstein reacts to the imminent resurrection of Vlad von Carstein, Warhammer: The End Times: The Return of Nagash

    Live-Action TV 
Giyera: Someone shot us down. That can only be down in the building.
Hive (snapping, barely containing his anger): S.H.I.E.L.D.. Again. (To Dr Radcliff) Fix this. Bypass this override!
Radcliff: Me?! What can I do? I am not a... flight system engineer!
Hive: ... No you're not. Then the only thing left to decide is whether to add your mind to my current collection or just consume your flesh.
Radcliff: No-no... I'll fix it, I swear! Please, don't do those... things!
Hive: You two, escort Dr. Radcliff to the missile silo while I show SHIELD something they haven't seen from me yet... rage.

Malcolm Merlyn: Your mother built her clinic in The Glades because she wanted to save this city. It can't be saved. Because the people there don't want it to be saved.
Tommy Merlyn: So you'll kill them all?

Hundreds of years spent looking for that book! And two years in this shithole of a school! No one is that stupid, or that lucky!

Chuck: I am not crazy! [chuckling] I am not crazy. I know he swapped those numbers. I knew it was 1216. One after Magna Carta. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just, I just couldn't prove it. H-H-He covered his tracks. He got that idiot at the copy shop to lie for him.
Alley: Mr. McGill, please. You don't have to go in -
Chuck: You think this is something? You think this is bad, this, this chicanery? He's done worse. That billboard! Are you telling me that a man just happens to fall like that? No. He orchestrated it! Jimmy! He defecated through a sunroof! And I saved him, and I shouldn't have. I took him into my own firm. What was I thinking?! He'll never change. He'll never change. Ever since he was 9, always the same. Couldn't keep his hands out of the cash drawer. But not our Jimmy. Couldn't be precious Jimmy! Stealing them blind. And he gets to be a lawyer?! What a sick joke! [voice breaking] I should have stopped him when I had the chance! And you, you have to stop him!

Bolsa: It's what the boss wants.
Hector: The boss can suck me!
Bolsa: I'd watch what I say if I were you.
Hector: Who you think you are? You should be kissing my ass right now. Me and my family? We built this whole business.
Bolsa: We all did. Together.
Hector: No, no! Salamanca did! Salamanca money! Salamanca blood!
Bolsa: You have to calm down.
Hector: That hacienda! I paid for it. And you treat us like dogs!
Bolsa: Hector, this isn't personal -
Robert Daly, Black Mirror, "USS Callister"

Tonio: Huh?
Gyp Rosetti: I'm making a big decision. From now on, I'm only sellin' hooch every other Thursday. Because I have important friends. I'm an important person. I have important garters holding up my very important socks! Do you have any idea who the fuck I am? (mimes glasses while still holding a loaded gun) Do you? DO YOOOUUU?!
Tonio: (bemused) You're Nucky Thompson.
I wanted to make this city something better than it is; something beautiful. You took that away from me! You took everything! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!


The Beast, Doctor Who

Stop it... No no no no no no you don't. ... Stop this right now-STOP IT! ... I ORDER YOU TO STOP! ... You can't do this! YOU CAN'T DO — IT'S NOT FAIR!

The Wizard of Oz/Frank Morgan: Karen Chapman was hurt because I wanted her dead, because I sent my men to kill her in Kansas. I thought she was gonna return to Oz.
Dorothy Gale: For Jane.
The Wizard of Oz/Frank Morgan: For me! But I'm not gonna let her or you bring me back! No! [screaming] No!

Scorpius: You listen to me, John. I don't care about your homeworld - your entire species! Live, die, means nothing to me! What interests me is that THEY... MATTER... TO... YOU!
Crichton: You think holding a frickin' gun on my planet is gonna motivate me to help you?!
Scorpius: I... have run - out - of - time!
[He hauls Crichton upright by the scruff of his neck]
Crichton: Don't stop! Let's see how much pain you can take!
[Scorpius immediately slams him facefirst into the desk]
Scorpius: That Commandant bitch will return here anytime. I must be able to report success or she's going to scrap my wormhole project and soon the Scarrans will rule! Half! This! GALAXY!
Crichton: Oh Grasshopper! You're so screwed!
[With a roar of rage, Scorpius tosses him across the room, before pinning him to the ground.]
Scorpius: [suddenly calm] If I am "screwed," John... things around here are going to get very ugly.

Commandant Grayza: You are so self-righteous! I have used all my skills, all my resources for one perfect chance at peace! AND BECAUSE OF YOU, IT IS GONE AND I AM-
John Crichton: Frelled? Screwed? Raped? Welcome to the Universe, Commandant.
[He exits, leaving Grayza alone and on the verge of tears.]

Eobard Thawne: Why? Why?! You could have had the life you wanted! You could have had everything you ever wanted!
Barry Allen: I already do!
Eobard Thawne: Not for long! Just so we're clear, after I kill you, I am going to kill them! And then I'm gonna kill your father! I ALWAYS WIN, FLASH!
The Flash (2014), "Fast Enough"

I only have a few minutes left! I can feel it...but before I go, I am gonna kill Wally, and Joe, and Iris! If I am going to die, then everything you love is going to die too!
Savitar, The Flash (2014), "Finish Line"

Clifford DeVoe, The Flash (2014), "We Are The Flash"

Ramsay Bolton: My hounds will never harm me.
Sansa Stark: You haven't fed them in seven days. You said it yourself.
Ramsay: They're loyal beasts.
Sansa: They were. Now they're starving.
Ramsay frowns, then looks horrified at the dog that climbs on him.
Ramsay (terrified): Down, dog! Down! Down! DOWN! *starts screaming helplessly as his own dogs rip him apart*note 
Game of Thrones, "Battle of the Bastards"

Where are my people? Where are my people? Y-you don't understand. We have to find my people. There will be consequences!
Dr. Hugo Strange, Gotham, "Transference"

Jeremiah Valeska to his followers after they turn on him, Gotham, "One Bad Day"

Why don't you understand? You need me! I'm the answer to your life's question! Without me you're just a joke... without a punchline!
Jeremiah Valeska, Gotham, "Ace Chemicals"

They can't have all left... they're here somewhere... you can't leave me... you COWARDS! Where are ya?? ...Come back here! You're NOTHING without me!!
Samuel Sullivan, Heroes

How dare you! How dare you make a GOD suffer! You will pay for this sin with your lives!

Let me be your Fuhrer. Let me be your Fuhrer.
Friedrich Rudd from Mission: Impossible, "The Legend"

Grizzaka: Only three Crystal Eyes?! KEEP LOOKING! (attacks)
Jellica: But we've looked everywhere! Somebody else must've found them! There's no more time! Tonight the stars—
Grizzaka: I know what tonight is! (attacks again)
Power Rangers Jungle Fury, "Arise the Crystal Eyes"

Master Xandred: Halloween?! THIS IS THE WORST HALLOWEEN EVER! (throws dish at Furry Warts)
Furry Warts: Ever ever ever ever ever!
Master Xandred: Argh! SHUT UP!
Octoroo: Master, why so hasty?
Master Xandred: My Nighlok monsters should be scaring humans left and right tonight, but the Samurai Rangers destroyed so many of them that the Sanzu River hasn't risen an inch. They're WORTHLESS!! (slams sword into floor, causing the Junk ship to shake)
Dayu: Whoa! Careful, or I'll lose my candy all over the floor! Ugh...
Power Rangers Samurai, "Party Monsters"

You approached her. You spoke to her. SHE IS MINE!
Dracula, Penny Dreadful

All right, that's enough, Frank! I said that's enough of this shit!

How dare you? You, who consort with Romulans, invoke my father's name to support your traitorous arguments? It is an offense to everything I hold dear, and to hear those words used to subvert the United Federation of father was a great man. His name stands for integrity and principle. You dirty his name when you speak it. He loved the Federation, but you, Captain, corrupt it. You undermine our very way of life. I will expose you for what you are! (Head of Starfleet Intelligence gets up and leaves the room) I've brought down bigger men than you, Picard! (Looks around at audience, visibly shaking) I have nothing more to say.
Admiral Norah Satie, Star Trek: The Next Generation, "The Drumhead"

That is not true, I am alive. I will always be alive! It's Marritza who's dead! Marritza, who was good for nothing but cowering under his bunk and weeping like a woman! (Starts pretending to cry) Who, every night, covered his ears because he could not bear to hear the screaming... for mercy... of the Bajorans. (Starts crying for real) I covered my ears every night. I couldn't bear to hear those horrible screams. You have no idea what it's like to be a coward. To see these horrors and do nothing. Marritza is dead, he deserves to be dead.
Aamin Marritza, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Duet"

Good!Kirk: The impostor is not to be injured. Use minimum force. Repeat: the impostor is not to be injured.
Evil!Kirk: I'm Captain Kirk! (shoves books onto the floor) I'm Captain Kirk. (smashes computer monitor) I'm Captain Kirk! I'M CAPTAIN KIRRRRRRRK!
Star Trek: The Original Series, "The Enemy Within"

Divine move, divine move, you think you have any moves at all? You can kill the Oni but me? Me? I’m a thousand years old! YOU CAN’T KILL ME!
The Nogitsune, Teen Wolf

Adolf Hitler, War and Remembrance

William: Edge of the park. We made it.
Logan: I told you this place would show you who you really are. You pretend to be this... weak, moralizing little asshole. But, really... you're a fucking piece of work!
William: This place is remarkable. And I'm gonna make sure that our company substantially increases our holdings on the park. 'Cause this place is the future.
Logan: Our, our company, huh? Our company? My. Delos IS MY COMPANY, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!
William: I think your father's gonna need someone a little more stable to take over. You're reckless, Logan. Impetuous. You always wanted to get to the end of the rainbow, didn't you? This looks like the place.
Logan: (chuckles) You never really gave a shit about the girl, did you? She was just an excuse! This? (laughs) This is the story you wanted! (cackles maniacally as William sends him away)
Westworld, "The Bicameral Mind"

What the FUCK you know about what I need on my mind, motherfucker?! My name was on the street?! When we bounce from this shit here, y'all going to go down on them corners and let the people know: word did not get back to me. Let 'em know Marlo step to any motherfucker; Omar, Barksdale, whoever. MY NAME IS MY NAME!
Marlo Stanfield, The Wire

    Tabletop Games 
Curses! Just when you've finally managed to bring the whole world under your evil influence some pathetic little Inquisitor goes whining off to the Adeptus Terra about rogue psykers and daemonic possession. I mean, do I look possessed? Well do I? DO I???
— Personal log of Lord Varlak, 995.M41 (during the Purging of Korsk II), Warhammer 40,000

    Video Games 
Hero: Doesn't look like it from this end of the field.

Maxius: (the room shakes from his angry booming voice after Barnabus has just passed out following his defeat by the hero's hands) HOW. DARE. YOU? (black smoke appears next to the unconscious Barnabus) You come into MY house. Reject my hospitality. Harm my other guests. And KILL MY BUTLER???
Hero: Well... I mean... I guess you COULD put it that way... Or... you could say that you kidnapped us all, and we've been trying to escape.
Maxius: I know I'm handsome, charismatic, and charming. You're probably thinking, how could a guy like that possibly be anything but a friend? But...'ve never seen me... (glaring, glowing yellow eyes appear within the smoke) ...when I'm ANGRY. (appears from the smoke in a more monstrous form)

"Why would I ever want to rule alongside such a coward? You don't deserve this. You have grown weak. I will take the power of the World's Soul. And I will rule in your place. This will be the beginning of a NEW Legion... MY Blood Legion."
Laken, after Dage reveals that he no longer wishes to continue his enmity with Nulgath, AdventureQuest Worlds

No, NO! Why! Why did this have to happen?
Red AISHA, Agents of Mayhem

Now you will never get her back. I am much older than you. Older than your first work of art. I will find a new face to wear. Someone else to dream me free.
The Dark Presence tried to claim Alan hasn't won, Alan Wake

This is Seegson executive Ransome, reporting in to the board. You sons of bitches. I was loyal to you and you cheap bastards left me twisting in the wind. I was going to give you the find of a lifetime. I was willing to risk my life for the company. I could have called in a special team, secured the specimen and we all would have been happy. But APOLLO has cut all communications. None of the technicians in APOLLO core are answering my messages. We're all dying here, you bastards! You threw it all away! Fuck you and fuck your company! Fuck you!
B. Ransome, Alien: Isolation

Stop it Daniel, you are ruining it. We are so close — I beg you. [...] I'm just like you, Daniel. A prisoner of circumstance. Trapped in a world I no longer recognise. As you gain your freedom, will you deny me mine? We are so close now. Closer than I've been for centuries. [...] No, you fool! You killed us — You killed us both!
No, you fool! You have ruined us!

If I want to live, I live. If I want to take, I take. If I want you to die, YOU DIIIIIIIEE!

You... You killed him... Daniel was like a son to me... A sickly son, perhaps... But one full of promise... He accomplished so much... and so well. And now you've taken him from me! From us! Like the Apple. Like Lucy. We want to help the world, Desmond. To save it from itself! But you keep getting in the way. All our hard work, ruined. You're a fanatic. All your kind. Maintaining the erroneous belief that we are evil. That the work we do is wrong. We enrich lives here. We save and transform them. But you... You just keep taking and TAKING WHAT ISN'T YOURS!!
Dr. Warren Vidic, Assassin's Creed III

No no no! Something's wrong! God damnit! She should be here! Now! Living in that god damned head of yours! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Why did she spare you? Why are you still HERE?

H-How can he be... be so powerful? I am... the only... god...
Chakravartin the Creator, Asura's Wrath

What? You did it? You've must have cheated. There is no way you could have beaten me. Well, you asked for it, Batman. My final challenge for the whole of Gotham is just seconds away... [sirens are heard in the distance] What? Sirens! The police! You cheated, Batman. You couldn't have outsmarted me! [the police knocks on the Riddler's door] ('Police! Open up.') No! ('I said open the door now!') No! [breaks in] ('Down on the ground! Down on the ground!') [police struggling Riddler] NO! [frantically] Tell me! How did you work out where I was? Do you hear me? I, Edward Nigma, will... [gets knocked out] Oof! ...Argghhh.
The Riddler, Batman: Arkham Asylum

No! You couldn't possibly have done that! How did you... Who helped you?! You cheated, I know you cheated! Oh, this isn't over, Dark Knight, oh no. Now things get far more difficult. People will die and you will be to bla- to bla- to bla- to blame.
The Riddler, Batman: Arkham City

I'll tell you what – I'll turn myself in as soon as you do the same. But you don't consider yourself a criminal, do you? The suit. The gadgets. The sense of entitlement? You're just another rich kid atoning for his fiscal sins. Such a shame.

No, no, no, no, no, no. This is wrong! All wrong! All upside down and inside out and wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! [...] Stop it! Stop it right now! There's no winning down here! Not for you! I'm in control! You play by MY rules! You and Alice both! Do as I say! Do as I say right now! [...] [sobs] You've ruined everything! My lovely party all in tatters. The table overturned and the guests all gone! I think you should leave. In fact... I demand it!
[Batman finds "Alice" and the Mad Hatter, the former crying for the vigilante's help]
He can! He will! He just has to leave! He can! He will! He just has to leave! He can! He will! He just has to leave! Really now, you're becoming my pet peeve...
Mad Hatter, Batman: Arkham Origins

You left me to rot in that abandoned wing of Arkham for over a year... with him!
The Arkham Knight on the verge of hysterical tears, Batman: Arkham Knight

Oswald Cobblepot, after Bruce Wayne tells him his mother belonged in Arkham Asylum, Batman: The Telltale Series

Vicki Vale: You've seen my true self. Your turn. Prove that you care... Take off your mask. Let me see the man you really are.
Batman: If that's what it will take to save him...
Alfred: No!
[Batman unmasks himself.]
Alfred: No, Bruce...
Vicki Vale: This must be some kind of... trick. Bruce Wayne, he'd — he'd never be the man Batman is. He only looks out for himself. Ah, but of course... now I understand. As Batman, you can prey on the weak, the defenseless. Just like your father did! A true Wayne! There's nothing heroic about you!
Bruce Wayne: You're right about my father. The things he did... are unforgivable. But I am trying to make up for his crimes. I wear this mask to help people!
Vicki Vale: I'm not some naive socialite you can sweet talk! I know a liar when I see one!
[Vicki blasts off a part of Bruce's ear.]
Vicki Vale: Hahahahahaha! No more lies! No more talk! The only truth... is in your death!

Joker: After everything we've been through together... this is how it ends?
Batman: I'll get you help. I won't abandon you.
Joker: You want me to go back to the beginning? To Arkham? Where it all started? I've come so far since then, Batman. Because of you. I believed in you, Batman. Like I never believed in anything. And it was all... a lie!
[Joker bloodily murders the three Agency agents around him, getting blood on his face]
Batman: John...

Even in the book of lies, sometimes you find truth... There is indeed a season for all things. And now that I see you flesh to flesh and blood to blood, I know I cannot raise my hand against you. But know this: you are my greatest disappointment. Does your master hear me? Atlas!? You can kill me, but you will NEVER have my city! My strength is not in steel and fire! That is what the parasites will never understand. A season for all things: A time to live, and a time to die. A time to build... And a time to destroy!
Andrew Ryan, BioShock

I had you built! I sent you topside! I called you back, showed you what you was, what you was capable of! Even that life you thought you had? That was something I dreamed up, and had tattooed inside your head. Now if you don't call that family, I don't know what is!
Frank Fontaine, BioShock

Look at her, Delta. Ten years, and still she dreams of you. Do you know why Eleanor brought you here? She wanted a father. So she found a way to restore you in body and mind. And she has been watching you ever since, exalting your every act as gospel. The girl lying on that bed is no longer my child, nor my life’s work — She is a monster, shaped by you alone. Just as she has always wanted.

Porter! You have forced my hand, you see?! The Thinker has been shut down! That leaves only two variables: You, and me. The equation... ends... here!
Reed Wahl, BioShock 2: Minerva's Den

Hahahahahahaha! Ragna! Ragna! It's impossible, Ragna! Nothing will change! You can't change anything! Hahahahaha!

Hazama: Wow, you really are smarter than you look. To still come here after realizing that... you're a courageous one. And of course, I just HAVE to reward a soldier's courage. How about we... play... for a while? RESTRICTION 666 RELEASED! DIMENSIONAL INTERFERENCE FORCE FIELD... DEPLOYED!
Makoto: Just as I thought.
Terumi: Hehehehehehehe! Let's go, you little BITCH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Die! Die! DIE! Hunters are killers, nothing less! You call me a beast? A beast!? What would you know?! I didn't ask for this!
Afflicted Beggar, Bloodborne

No, no, no...I can't die like this...not when I am so close...and not at the hands of a filthy bandit! I could've saved this planet! I could have actually restored order! I wasn't supposed to die at the hands of a child-killing psychopath! You're A SAVAGE! You're A MANIAC! You are A BANDIT AND I AM A GODDAMN HERO! The Warrior was practically a God. How- HOW in the hell have you killed my Warrior? You idiots! The Warrior could have brought peace to this planet! No more dangerous creatures! No more bandits! Pandora could have been PARADISE!
Handsome Jack, Borderlands 2

Dammit. DAMMIT! The Eye! That was ONE OF A KIND! The things I could have DONE! Friggin' liars — friggin' COWARDS! THEY'RE NO BETTER THAN BANDITS!

Wait wait wait wait wait... what are you doing? What the— Rhys, what the hell are you doing?! No-no please, please! Please don't do this! No Rhys, you-you don't know what it's like! Please... Hey, hey! I'm on my knees here! Please don't send me back there! It's not like they say. There's nothing... absolutely nothing there. Don't do this.
Handsome Jack A.I., Tales from the Borderlands Episode 5: Vault of the Traveler

All the Celestial Realm... and all therein shall know my power.. my terror.. mark... my... words...

You simple-minded fools! Do you really believe you have a chance?! This universe belongs to the Apothicons! You will be consumed! I offered you the chance to enter the beautiful blue light, and you denied my mercy?! You have followed a path marked by lies and deceit. Many others have failed, why would you be any different? This has always only ended one way. I have foreseen it.
The Shadow Man, Call of Duty: Zombies: Revelations

I'm saving the world from itself! When there's no one left to challenge Atlas, there will be no more wars! There had to be sacrifices along the way.

I. Am. Not. A. Mistake!

Brauner: (snaps and angrily breaks his cane) And now I must suffer the loss of my daughters to humanity again. I'll show you how that feels. And then I'll make those girls my daughters once more!
Jonathan: Now that's a problem. Sorry, can't let you do that.
Brauner: Behold, the power of my painting! (engages Jonathan and Charlotte in battle and they defeat him and bring him to his knees) Damn you, humans... You selfishly start wars and despoil the earth. Perhaps justice wasn't on my side but I will never admit that it was on yours.
Jonathan: Fine either way. After all, "justice" is just a matter of perspective. The fact is, you're just a coward who couldn't face the truth. You couldn't accept your fate, so you just abandoned humanity to get what you wanted.
Brauner: I just... I just wanted to protect my family.

How dare you... even forgetting... who raised you... you... stupid disciple!

Graham: I sense a power within you. Do tell me... what kind of power has awoken within you?
Soma: ... The power to rule...
Graham: WHAT!? You foolish boy! That's impossible!
Soma: Huh?
Graham: I can't remain here any longer. I must get to the throne! Your name is Soma, right? You are wrong, Soma! I will not allow you to rule!!!

Dmitrii: (dark energy starts flowing out of Dmitrii as he starts to become unstable) Th-this cannot be... My dominance should be complete!
Arikado: So that's what's happening...
Soma: Arikado, what's going on?
Arikado: The power of dominance isn't easily contained. He isn't like you. His soul can't withstand a power that intense.
Dmitrii: Liar!! I've heard enough from you! (casts Arikado out of the abyss)
Arikado: Gwoh!
Soma: Arikado!
Dmitrii: I am the chosen one! I am the dark lord! I shall not succumb to the power! Wroooooooaaaah! (his horrible condition gets even worse)
Soma: It's useless. You can't control it.
Dmitrii: Gwroaaah! (falls to the floor as the demons under his dominance burst out of his back) GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

That language. It's ancient Enoquian... the language of Satan! Miserable traitors! Now receive your just rewards for your disloyalty! Betrayer! [...] May you and your spawn be damned forever!

If I cannot rule the world of men... then no one will!


Once again, the world is quick to bury me. How could my own Brothers believe that what transpired at the Temple Prime did not unfold exactly as I had planned? Of course, I could not have planned for an ambush BY MY OWN! FORCES!

Kha-Beleth: Traitor! You've grown as weak as your mother! Curse you and Isabel for failing me!
Leanna: Have strength, Sareth! Use some of mine if you must! [Kha-Beleth levitates her, intending to finish her off] Ah! Hurry!!
Sareth: Enough! Let the work begun by the Seventh Dragon be finished, here today by my hand!
[Sareth uses the Skull of Shadows to seal Kha-Beleth in Sheogh forever]
Kha-Beleth: Betrayer! I shall hunt you for the cur that you are, you and your pretty friend! Remember that... I am ancient and patient. One day I will be free, AND I WILL TEACH YOU THE FULL MEASURE OF AGONY!!!


Hellguard bitch! What did you do?! No, no, NO! I’m going to pull your guts out through your halo! [War gets up behind him, and Watcher gives an Evil Laugh] Just keep getting up. I’ll just kill you again. [War smacks him to the ground, causing him to back away] I was just following orders... like you... [War punches him to the ground again] W-What are you going to do? Fight the Council? Fight everyone? You’ll never get away... you hear me? NEVER! Don’t forget... who holds... the leash...
The Watcher, Darksiders

No! It was mine! All of it was mine! I had it! I deserved it! Mine!

My purpose in life... has been to get revenge for what you people did to Santa Cabeza... To my hometown. Why... Why was your meat so much more important to you than human life? Why... Why did my people have to die to feed your fat bellies?!
Carlito Keyes, Dead Rising

You compromised the compound, you... idiot! If any of them reach the Marker... Fall back! Fall back to the Marker chamber! We have to seal it off!
Director Hans Tiedemann responds to Isaac Clarke letting the Necromorphs into the Marker facility, Dead Space 2

Mama! I didn't do anything bad! Why? Why are you doing this to me? It wasn't me! I didn't do anything! I knelt and apologized in front of Anna, didn't I? I know I didn't with the others, but still. I didn't do anything wrong! know who it was! He's the one who made me do all this!
George Woodman, Deadly Premonition

What...? Pain!? How can I... feel pain?!
Forrest Kaysen, Deadly Premonition

Enough! Deadpool, you are a repugnant, revolting, disgusting abomination with no place in this world!
Mister Sinister, Deadpool

What are you doing here? Who let you out? Get away from me! Get away from me! Obey me! I'm your master! I'M YOUR MASTER!
Zlatko Andronikov, Detroit: Become Human

Connor, what are you doing? It all worked perfectly! You can't ruin it all now!

NO! You don't know what you are doing! Everything will be lost! EVERYTHING! The world will fall to pieces, no one will be in control! It will be CHAOS! Complete chaos!
Bob Page, Deus Ex

Noohh... No...! My dream... my life...! I was going to be the king of this world!
Arius, Devil May Cry 2

I'm going to make you watch me, while I eat your beating heart.

ENOUGH! The dark power of Hell will consume you!
Azmodan, Diablo III

I will not be undone! This world is mine!
Belial, Diablo III

NO! This wretched light must be ERADICATED! All that you have known, all that you have ever loved, shall die along with you, Nephalem!
Diablo, Diablo III

Sheffield: There you are! What have you done to me?
O'Brien: You and I are dead. Accept it... We must join the circulation of data and await the end.
Sheffield: You're lying! I can't be dead! You fool... I have the power of God!

You can see how my plan should have worked? Would have worked! If everyone had just followed orders.
Lord Regent Hiram Burrows, Dishonored

This is all Martin's fault. If he hadn't helped Corvo out of prison, if Corvo hadn't been so damned good at his job. If we hadn't been greedy and afraid. If if if. Always too sure, that was my problem. Never hesitated. Too sure of what I wanted to do, when other men stopped to consider. Saw it as a weakness. I know Corvo's coming for me, just like he came for the others. Crossing the island below like it was nothing. It's only a question of how and when. But I'm lacking a countermove. It's all fallen apart.
Farley Havelock, Dishonored

Traitors! Which of you stood against the Orlesian Emperor when his troops flattened your fields and raped your wives? You fought with us, once, Eamon! You cared about this land once. Before you got too old and fat and content to even see what you risk. None of you deserve a saying in what happens here! None of you has spilled blood for this land the way I have! HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME?!

There it is, right there. That damned look in the eye that marked every Cousland success that held me back. It seems you have made something of yourself after all. Your father would be proud. I, on the other hand, want you dead more than ever.
Arl Howe to The Human Noble Warden, Dragon Age: Origins

Your living body cannot handle the power! I will watch you burn and then spit on your ashes!
Sepulchure, as Drakath takes control of the Ultimate Orb, DragonFable

Stop singing.
STOP singing!
STOP! Stop the song!
You puny little Earth bugs! Shut up, and STOP singing!!
The SONG...
Mannimarco reacts to you managing to No-Sell his Worm Thrall spell, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

No! No, I'm too late! I thought I could get here in time, thought I could stop you! By Sithis, what have you done? What madness has claimed you? You have betrayed me, you have betrayed the Dark Brotherhood! Why? I am here to end your miserable life, to... But... I can see the confusion in your eyes. You... You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?
Lucien Lachance panics about you using false Dead Drops to kill members of the Dark Brotherhood, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Potema Septim as you start getting the upper hand in her boss fight, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Please! No more! It was a misunderstanding, great one! Let me prove my loyalty. No more, I beg of you!
Mannimarco as he is tortured by the daedra of Molag Bal for attempting to usurp him, The Elder Scrolls Online

I've had enough of this. Prepare to die!
Stefano Valentini, The Evil Within 2

What? What is that? What are you doing? You think a mere trinket will save you? Do you think anything can? Stop! Think about what you're doing! I will put an end to chaos! Stop now, you fool! You insect! I order you to stop! Sleep! I command you to sleep! Sleep!
Lucien Fairfax, Fable II

We stand now, at the precipice. A great nation once more threatens to crumble, to topple into the sea of lawlessness and despair that have ruled us all for over two hundred years. In short, my dearest America, we. Are. At. War. Even as I speak these words, fearless Enclave soldiers are fortifying their positions at the great water purifier. Bracing for an inevitable assault. The Brotherhood of Steel, in their arrogance, has claimed Project Purity as their own. They would steal the Enclave’s work. Steal America’s water. It’s only a matter of time before the traitors march on the purifier, and attempt to take it by force. Let them come. Wave upon traitorous wave will crash upon the Enclave’s walls. The Brotherhood of Steel will fail. All those who oppose the Enclave will fail. I am President John Henry Eden, and this is my pledge: No one, NO ONE WILL TAKE THIS GREAT NATION AWAY FROM ME! God Bless the Enclave. God Bless America.
John Henry Eden, Fallout 3

By the time I was 30 years old, I was a billionaire 30 times over. I founded and ran a vast economic empire. Do you really think I'm going to let an upstart come into my home and ransom my property to me? I spent two centuries searching for the Platinum Chip. It's my invention, my property - MINE! Now be a good courier and deliver it!
Mr. House, Fallout: New Vegas

Eh? What's this?... Alarms... What?! ...You. Think you can run? Think you can TRICK ME!? This entire structure is mine to command! Security, weapons, all this technology, mine! Now, you will die. You think you've outsmarted me? You're the one on a leash, you always were! Escape? No. That cold hand on your throat is mine. It always was! You can't outrun me! You were always under my control! Do you hear me? DO YOU HEAR ME?
Elijah, Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money

I'm not just going to be discarded and tossed to the wolves. I'm the mayor, goddammit!

Hoyt Volker: You can't win! I hold all the cards!
Jason Brody: Then why are you afraid?

Another seal has been opened. My family... my brothers, my sisters, THEY'VE BEEN TAKEN FROM ME!! By a snake! In the garden!! I thought I knew God's plan... but I was wrong. I was blind... but now I see. You took my family from me so that I could have yours. We will welcome them with open arms... just as we will welcome you. We will be waiting for you. Where it all began.
Joseph Seed, Far Cry 5

That... That vulgar, low-class Servant! I must understand, I must calculate the... No, it's impossible...! I CANNOT comprehend this! How in the world did this happen?! They invalidate my calculations... All should be within the realm of my understanding, the margin of error! That thing... Under what principles does it operate?! No equation could predict the actions of that thing! Can this... be?! No, it can't... it caaaAAARRRGGGHHH! As crude as that creature is, she is a Servant chosen by the Umbral Star! We share the same level of power, and yet...! She does this! That fool would lay waste to my plans?!
Archimedes, Fate/Extella

Bleh! You people make me sick! You sound like lines from a self-help book! If that's how it's going to be... I'll snuff them all out! Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!
Kefka Palazzo, Final Fantasy VI

G-get out of me! Omega's host must be pure! Why did you think I had you make mako untainted by Jenova!? A filthy being like you infected it...

What comedy! Zidane, isn't it hilarious!? I'll die just like the Black Mages I so despise! I single-handedly brought chaos unto Gaia, but in the end, I'm nothing but a worthless doll! ... I won't let it happen. I won't... I won't let this world exist without me!

That means... we're Code Yellow. No, wait, Code Blue? If we were Orange, that would mean—

You dare to raise your sword against God himself? You shall burn in his light!

The Kings of Yore are on hand. Calling you forth... to oblivion. Yet when your father died... you were off playing with your friends! When your beloved died... you lay watching, powerless to stop it! You think ten years is a long time!? It is nothing to me! I have lived in darkness for ages!
Ardyn Izunia, Final Fantasy XV

"It's not possible... Alm is the emperor's true son? Which makes him the rightful successor to the imperial throne. All this time... All the effort! What has it all been for?! ...No. It isn't true. It can't be. I refuse to believe it. Nothing but lies... Lies, lies, lies, lies, LIES!"

Carol: YEAH! IN YOUR FACE! I'll be taking that Kingdom Stone now!
Brevon: (breaks out of his mech armor in a fit of rage and gives a Death Glare to Carol) I'd like to see you try.
Freedom Planet (when playing as Carol)

"Rrrgh! You've pestered me long enough! Say goodbye!"
Lord Brevon, Freedom Planet (when playing as Milla)

You humans! Why do you think your lives are worth more than ours? Don't you realize who we are? Don't you recognize all your most admirable qualities in us? Oh yes... we are genocidal monsters! Just like you!
Myrrah, Gears of War 3

Unbelievable! God truly favors this idiot?
Azel, God Hand

Why won't you die?! Die! Tremble in fear!

"Assholes! You never understood what I did! Fifty of me and this town would be okay. I took the trash out. I did! And I'd do it all again!"

"Kill this piece of shit! What are you waiting for? Kill him! Why is this man still breathing?! Kill him! Kill him! KILL HIM! HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE?! KILL HIM!!"
Dimitri Rascalov, Grand Theft Auto IV

N-No...! I can be certain of NOTHING in this world... too many variables to solve the equations! This must be... HELL!

Put a price on that kid's head. I don't care how much. I want every bounty hunter, every mercenary, every damn snake in the western territories looking for that son of a bitch! No one is gonna stand in the way of my destiny, you understand? NO ONE! Not the federal government, not the Apaches, and not some pissant kid with a six-gun!
Thomas Magruder, Gun

You don't know what you'll unleash! You could bring down this whole Citadel! Think, man, think — of the people below!
Dr. Wallace Breen, Half-Life 2! The voice of the Covenant!
Prophet of Truth, Halo 3

I have beaten fleets of thousands. Consumed a galaxy of FLESH AND MIND AND BONE!
Gravemind, Halo 3

Unacceptable! Unacceptable! ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!... You are a child of my makers. Inheritor of all they left behind. You are Forerunner. But this ring. Is mine.
343 Guilty Spark, Halo 3

Becky: It's over.
The Trapper: I suppose it is. But I got what I wanted. And you cannot take that away from me. Everyone who hurt us is dead. Everyone at the orphanage. Everyone at the Third Precinct. Even the god damn judge is dead. Case dismissed.
Becky: Aw, you're losing your touch. Vanstone's alive.
The Trapper: Bullshit!
Becky: Give him a ring, but he might be avoiding cell phones for a while.
The Trapper: No! No, no!
Becky: Oh, yeah, I got him all over me.
The Trapper: No! No! {shoots himself in the head}

Ted Faro: Alpha Personnel... Sorry to alarm you, but... I need you to listen, okay? To what I'm about to say. This isn't easy. See, I've... uh, Please, stop trying to access the system, okay? See, what this is about... is... I said stop trying to access the goddamn system! What I'm trying to say is, I can't stop thinking about the ones who'll come after us. Those innocents. Those blameless men— and, and women. We're going to give them knowledge? Like it's a gift?!
Samina Ebadji: Ted. Ted, we've talked about this before. APOLLO has three thousand plus failsafe conditions—
Ted Faro: It's not a gift, it's a disease! They're the cure, and we're going to give them the disease? Our disease?! No. We can't. And it's not too late... if we're willing to sacrifice.
Samina Ebedji: Ted, it doesn't need to be like this.
Ted Faro: It already is, Samina. I did it three minutes ago. I've purged APOLLO. It's gone, all of it. Every copy.
Charles Ronson: A sacrifice? It's not a sacrifice, it's cultural obliteration, you crazy bastard— millennia of culture—
Ted Faro: I'm sorry. Really, I am. But sometimes, to protect innocents... innocents have to die.

Joseph Bertrand III: (crashing sounds) I am not happy! (more crashing and sound of a sword being swung) This isn't how it's supposed to be! You... you! You turned me into... a monster!
Dr. Sebastian Wolfe: We simply have no way to predict how a Conduit's power will manifest.
Joseph Bertrand III: I can't even control myself! What am I going to do? Why would God do this to me? You... you're gonna make this right Doctor. You hear me?
Dr. Sebastian Wolfe: The process is irreversible. I'm sorry, but I doubt there's-
Joseph Bertrand III: (sound of sword being drawn) If you can't help me, I have no more use for you.

I made them safe. Shielded them. But are they grateful? Do they appreciate my protection? No... They whine. Complain. Side with those criminals. If they prefer chaos, I'll give it to them. Metropolis and Gotham. I'll flatten them. Set an example. Then I'm finding the dimension these duplicates came from. They'll pay for interfering.
Regime!Superman, Injustice: Gods Among Us


This! Will! Not! Do! No! Nein! Face everything, scum! EVERYTHING!
Dr. Hans Volter, Killing Floor 2

Orlock: Wait! Stahl, think about what you're doing. You're going to leave Helghan defenseless.
Jorhan Stahl: That's it? That's the best you've got? {Evil Laugh}
Orlock: Listen! If you win... do you really think Helghan's enemies are going to give you... time to rebuild? Look around you, Stahl. You're destroying our people!
Jorhan Stahl: Unless... What if I had no enemies left to fight? What if I used my weapons, and killed everyone on Earth? {Evil Laugh} Colonies would be terrified, they'd... fall into line. And I wouldn't need your help.
Orlock: {tries to shoot Stahl with a Lightning Gun, but he is out of the line of sight}
Jorhan Stahl: Like I said, so predictable! {kills Orlock with a Lightning Gun of his own}

Nobody disrespects me! NOBODY!


Your body submits. Your heart succumbs. So why does your mind resist!?

Ax Knight: Captain Vul! Heavy Lobster's eye has been destroyed!
Captain Vul: What?! Paint ability, you say?!
Mace Knight: Oh no! He can't tell his left from his right anymore!
Captain Vul: Rassa frassa blassa! Arrrgh!

Taranza: Wh-What is the meaning of this?! I did exactly as Her Majesty commanded. The world should fall to its knees before me! Could... could you be the true hero of the lower world? Curses! If that's true... (summons Queen Sectonia) Majesty! Your Majesty Sectonia! Oh, glorious Sectonia! Please come to my resc-
(Queen Sectonia blasts Taranza out of the tower)
Taranza: Glaaugh! Wh-why...?

You ungrateful native! You need to be taught your place! Savages! Savages! Savages! Savages! You're all wild savages! Your insolence must be punished! Watch me activate Star Dream, the most powerful machine in existence. And you filthy natives will be... eradicated!
President Haltmann, Kirby: Planet Robobot

We are the masters of a power driven to the far reaches of the universe, and we have but one desire! Can one such as you possibly fathom how dearly we have clung to this dream across the aeons? How could you! You couldn't! Never ever ever! We who once faced those who were in such fear of our power that they sealed us away and banished us to the edge of the galaxy! US! As if THAT loveliness wasn't enough, they tried to erase our very existence from history! RUDE! Only through our magic were we able to overcome their science and achieve great prosperity! We alone were responsible for stopping that repulsive nightmare of a galactic crisis, yet this is how you repay us! This won't stand! It won't be forgiven! It won't be forgotten! Never ever EVER! Those who called us mad, are you listening? You left us at the edge of the galaxy to be forgotten, then went along your merry way, probably living somewhere pretty and peaceful! But know this! Your future is a farce! You have none! We, masters of a matter most dark, vow to be restored, as foretold in the book of legend, which everyone thought was just a fairy tale! It WASN'T! We have already obtained the vessel that contains our Dark Lord, and he will soon awaken and shower us in compassion! Look! The vessel of our Dark Lord is filling up even as we speak! Now the time for his greatness to enter our world has come! Welcome to a new history! A new age! The age of awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARK LORD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Grace us, Gloriously Dark Looooooord!

Hyness once his hood is knocked off in Kirby Star Allies

Oh, you crazy son of a bitch!
Leland Monroe after Jack Kelso shoots him in the leg, L.A. Noire

You know, you keep surprising me. It's a shame you wouldn't come around. But it's too late now.
David, The Last of Us

No! You are nothing!
The Elder God as he realizes he is finally facing the true Soul Reaver, Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Very well, then... Allow me to show you... your future...
Yes... Allow me to show you... just what hope you have...
See how much your precious Triforce is worth!

This... This is preposterous. Driven to my knees by a simple child of man. Laughable! No matter how many times we clash, I can't prevail! You think I can't defeat you? You think I can't win?? Boy...what are you?

Hold that stare there! STAY STILL!!!
Mark Jefferson, Life Is Strange

Fawful: Why... the failing...
Starlow: What? You are still at it?
Fawful: You... mustaches... with... why... fury... whenever... Fawful... just wanted... some kingdom conquering... Fawful tried... Fawful gave the 110 percents... Fawful worked the overtime... Fawful was the team player... Fawful put in the hours... Fawful got the hands dirty... But every time... Always... The mustaches... arrive... Always on Fawful's way... alwaysalwaysalways...
Starlow: Look, give up already. Seriously, get over it. You're done with evil.
Fawful: I have remorse... Fawful understands... Fawful gives up... Fawful will dissapears with no troubles...
Starlow: Looks good. No more evil, ok?
Fawful: Here goes Fawful... The disappearing... Forever disappearing... WITH YOU!

Elder Princess Shroob, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

I am Sovereign, and THIS STATION IS MINE!

The Shadow Broker: It's pointless to challenge me, Asari. I know your every secret, while you fumble in the dark.
Liara: Is that right? You're a Yahg, a pre-spaceflight species that was quarantined to their homeworld for massacring the Council's first contact teams. This base is older than your planet's discovery, so I'm guessing you killed the original Shadow Broker sixty years ago, then took his place. I'm guessing that you were taken from your homeworld by a trophy hunter who wanted a slave - (smirk) - or a pet. How am I doing?

Anderson: Listen to yourself! You're indoctrinated.
Illusive Man: No. No! The two of you, so self-righteous. Do you think power like this comes easy? There are sacrifices...
Shepard: You sacrificed too much.
Illusive Man: Shepard, I... I only wanted to protect humanity. The crucible can control them. I know it can. I just...
Shepard: It's not too late. Let us go. We'll do the rest.
Illusive Man: I... I can't do that, Commander.
Anderson: Of course you can't... they own you now.
Illusive Man: You... (takes Anderson's gun) you'd undo everything I've accomplished. I won't let that happen.
Shepard: Then you've failed humanity. / You're weak and you're selfish. Because of you, humanity will suffer.
Illusive Man: No! I... I saved humanity.
Shepard: No, you sacrificed us for your own selfish wants, your lust for control!
Illusive Man: No. No!
Shepard: You were supposed to protect us. And you failed.
Illusive Man: (draws gun) No! I am the savior of humanity! I am the pinnacle of our species!

You learn by accident. I am the genetic inheritor of a thousand species! No more mercy. Kill them all.
The Archon, Mass Effect: Andromeda

No! Do you have any idea what I could have achieved with that, you idiot?!
Alarico Del Gonzo, after Yaiba Kamikaze throws the Lazarus Book off a cliff, Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

Fool of a samurai! You've wasted my time!
Edward Kelley, Nioh

I was about to pull life from death, and you ended it! He was to be my masterwork, and you ended it! This is how you die, Gravewalker.

Nier: Popola. Let's stop this now.
Popola: ...Stop? ...Stop? You want me to stop? You think I have the luxury to stop? You cut down my sister like an animal and you tell me to stop?
Emil: Popola, wait! It doesn't have to-

There ain't no bones anywhere! No bones, no brew! I am totally screwed! My career is over! (sobbing) AND IT'S ALL THAT BLUE BASTARD'S FAULT!
Director Phleg, Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus

Filthy sluts! You're like all the others. You don't deserve my children! You don't even deserve to live!
Eddie Gluskin, Outlast: Whistleblower

Fucking DIE already. No one can know! No one!
Jeremy Blaire, Outlast: Whistleblower

Bastards...!! There's no way I can lose... It makes no sense! I can't lose!
Tohru Adachi, when low on health, Persona 4

Cheating!? Unfair!? Silence! This is MY world! If you want a fair fight, then to hell with the game! I'll crush you by force. Fair and square, just as you like!
Shadow Sae, having gone One-Winged Angel, Persona 5

Why am I inferior to you...?! I was extremely particular about my life, my grades, my public image so someone would want me around! I am an ace detective… a celebrity! [...] But you... you're just some criminal trash living in an attic! So how...!? How does someone like you have things I don't!? How can such a worthless piece of trash be more special than me?!
Goro Akechi, after losing the first fight against the Phantom Thieves, Persona 5

Preposterous... You dare rob the people's wishes!?
Yaldabaoth, after the Player Character summons Satanael, Persona 5

That Pokémon [Giratina]... That shadowy Pokémon was captured/defeated?! Your doing so means that this irrational world will remain in existence! Does that make it impossible for me to create a new world? Even if I made new Red Chains, the new world can't be made! Why?! What compels you to protect the two worlds? Is spirit, a vague and incomplete thing, so important to you?!
[Cynthia tries to reason with him]
Silence! Enough of your blathering! That's how you justify spirit as something worthwhile?! That is merely humans hoping, deluding themselves that they are happy and safe! The emotions broiling inside me... Rage, hatred, frustration... These ugly emotions arise because of my own incomplete spirit!

What?! I created Team Plasma with my own hands. I'm absolutely perfect! I AM PERFECTION! I am the perfect ruler of a perfect new world!

How can this be? I'm the creator of Team Plasma! I'm perfect! I'm the absolute ruler who will change the world! And I've lost to some unknown Trainer not once, but TWICE?! I can't accept this! This isn't possible! I can't be bested by fools who can't even use Pokémon correctly!
[N tries to reason with Ghetsis]

Angie: Y-You vermin... This is incomprehensible! There's no way... there's no way that somebody could be as evil as that! To completely and utterly resist Arceus? Is there even such a being alive?!
Venam: Shut up! What the fuck did you do to Melia?!
Angie: Gyaurhh ahahh! Those words... they burn me! It's too hot in here... I must freeze my soul in the depths of Arceus' bitter, cold ruthless wrath...
Venam: You're too far gone! What is wrong with you?
Angie: Nothing is wrong! It is you! You've done this to me!
Venam:: (Player Name)... Tesla was right. She's too unstable! Let's just get out of here!
Angie: Never... I'll never let you leave... no... I'll never let you breathe again... I'll show you what it means to experience Arceus' cold truth. No one, not even Arceus itself, can stop me from spreading the truth. The cold and harsh reality!
Venam: Oh no... here she comes!
Angie: Frozen Field. Activate! (one brutal fight later...) No! I won't accept this! I refuse... to lose to you! You think this is over?! You think you've won?!
Venam: (Player Name) won, Angie! Hand over the badge, and let us leave!
Angie: As if I'd let trash like you run around this world any longer! Aragh! (fires a blast of ice at the protagonist, who barely dodges it) No! You won't escape my wrath! Aragghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I'll kill... I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU...

Cera: Hahah... hahaha... Finally, I have tamed the beast. Just look here! It's trapped within this Poke´ball! The beast that caused two of Angie's final followers to perish... This beast... I hate it... I hate it... I hate it! You will pay for the passing of Esther and Deborah. Ohoho, you will pay in spades, but first...
Eldest: What happened to your fellow comrades is tragic, but you must calm down! Do not let anger run through your veins!
Cera: You two... (player name), don't you ever just give up?! You've been a constant thorn in my side since you've come to Terajuma Island. But no longer! I will accomplish one thing before I leave here... You may want to stand back... Witness the being that will finally bring your reign to an end!
(Cera opens her Pokéball, letting out a Groudon)
Eldest: My word... that has to be... Groudon?
Cera: Yes, it is the Legendary Pokémon, Groudon. The ancient beast that lives deep within this Garufan Chamber. I would have preferred an Ice-type, but this will have to do. Now that this Pokémon is on my side, there's no way I can fail. In the name of Lady Angie... Die!

If that were possible, all wars would have ended long ago! I can only see one future! One where selfish, foolish humans think about nothing other than themselves and steal more and more from one another... It's a tragic future! The original purpose of this device was to bring a Pokémon back to life. But the ancient king transformed it into this ultimate weapon... Hmm. When the Legendary Pokémon awakened, it took back much of its energy—its power—that had been sent to the ultimate weapon. There's not much power left... But there IS enough to use it once... (player character name), Sycamore's pupils...
(X version) Let us live forever... That's right! I shall grant you eternal life! I'll give you the pain of endlessly waiting for a beautiful world to finally be built!
(Y version) The ultimate weapon is a flower that bloomed to no avail... Just like me... But this ends here! I will show you what its remaining power can do!
Lysandre, Pokémon X and Y

Terrible? Me? How am I different from any Pokémon Trainer, like your little 'friend' there? What do you do with a Pokémon you can't use? You remove it from your party, as you please. Enough of this useless talk, Lillie! I will never forgive you for stealing Cosmog from me. Never! Back when you were small, you would listen to everything I said, without question. For a time, you were even adorable to me! But you changed. You've become ugly. Ever since you met this boy/girl (player name)... and learned to defy your own mother! (player name)! You hateful little Trainer! How dare you intrude on this world meant for Nihilego and me? It is not to be borne! And with Nihilego's power, I will show you how wrong you were to come here!
(fuses with Nihilego and attacks the player)
Lusamine, Pokémon Sun and Moon

This is your fault. It didn't have to be like this.
...I'm not kidding now. Turn back or I will kill you.
...I'm going to kill you! And all the cake is gone! ...You don't even care, do you?!
GLaDOS, Portal

What –? ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?! YOU ARE JOKING! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Well — I'm still in control, AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX THIS PLACE! Oh, you HAD to play bloody cat and mouse, didn't you?! While people were trying to work! Yes, well, now we're all gonna pay the price, BECAUSE WE'RE ALL GONNA BLOODY DIE! Oh, brilliant, yeah! Take one last look at your precious human moon, because it cannot help you now!
Wheatley, Portal 2

No! What are you doing? Do not ignore me! Do not leave me behind! NOOOOO!!!
The Dark Prince being left behind for good, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Colonel Ian Taggart: All of this, everything here. We've been preparing to fight the wrong war! We can't beat this. We need to pull out and deal with it at a distance!
General Peter Randall: Taggart. I put you in charge because I trust you to do what needs to be done: cut the heart out of the infection.
Colonel Ian Taggart: Sir! The position is in-tenable. These... things... they're beyond our abilities...
General Peter Randall: I don't want to hear one more excuse from you! You get your ass back into the field and get it done! Or don't come back.

Paul Serene: You took the CFR, Jack.
Jack Joyce: I took it back. I don't care how messed up you are, Paul. You're not taking it from me.
Paul Serene: I don't want it! I just want it gone. Forever.
Jack Joyce: Gone? What about your survival plan?
Paul Serene: Fuck the Lifeboat, Jack! We're just going to let the clock run out on this and be done with it.
Quantum Break ("Surrender" Choice)

Brian Irons: Hahahahaha... So, you've made it this far. Not bad, girl! But I'm not letting anyone leave my town! Everyone's gonna die!
Claire Redfield: Calm down, Chief. What happened?
Brian Irons: Shut up! You couldn't possibly understand what's happened! Those monsters from Umbrella have destroyed my beautiful town... How could they do that to me after everything I've done for them?! [...] Umbrella must be trying to cover its tracks. But if I have to go, I'm going to take you with me!

You think I didn't know you were coming? This is my life's work. I'm not handing over anything!
William Birkin, Resident Evil 2 (remake)

Ramon Salazar, Resident Evil 4

Won't you two just die already? You're making me look bad! Who do you think got this entire operation off the ground? Research like this doesn't fund itself, ya know? Yet everybody looks down on me...but not anymore!
Ricardo Irving, Resident Evil 5

Why can't you understand, Chris? Do you really believe the world is worth saving? Natural selection leaves the survivors stronger and better! Humans have escaped this winnowing for far too long!
Albert Wesker, Resident Evil 5

Derek C. Simmons: Are you here to avenge the president? Is that it? You fool. Had he disclosed the truth behind Raccoon City, the U.S. would have lost all its authority, and the global political order would have collapsed!
Helena Harper: So to avoid one possible disaster you create another? No matter how many people die!
Derek C. Simmons: He had to be stopped! He was leading my country, this world, into complete chaos! That woman... How dare she do this to me!

Get over yourself. Help me? I am the real Ada Wong! I don't need help from anyone! My plans aren't failing, they're thriving! And soon this frail shell of a society will collapse! After that, you know what will be left of this world? Nothing! Hell will rise and chaos will reign! And I, Ada Wong, will be queen of the new world!
Carla Radames, Resident Evil 6

No! Get that away from me!
Eveline sees the E-Necrotoxin, Resident Evil 7: biohazard

Iris: Hah... hahaha...!
Tia: ...!?
Iris: Ah, I get it now! So that's what's going on! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Lilli: What's wrong with her?
Tia: Iris, have you lost your mind!?

Iris Sepperin/Zeppelin: No! I won't have this! I'm a goddess! My power should be absolute! This isn't supposed to be possible!!
Freu: Face it, Iris. You have lost. This mischievous child could use a nice, cold nap...
Iris: D-Don't...!
Freu: ...A permanent one. Rest in peace, Iris.
Iris: NOOOOOOOO!! (Freu freezes her into ice)
Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel

No! I shall not be denied! Run, morsel!

Lilith: Emma, my sweet, my posy! I want you to come home with me: you and I are going to do such wondrous things to this world!
Emma: No... I don't want to go with you.
Lilith: But I can love you, my posy. I can love you more than Gaia, love you more than black holes love the light. Emma -
Emma: My name is not Emma.
Lilith: You will not! You will not choose Her over me! Samael chose Her! I will love you! I will hold you! I WILL HUG THE BOILING VISCERA OUT OF YOU! COME HERE!

Urrrrrrrrgh! Why would you not heed my words!? Humans live to be manipulated! I only needed you to act according to your nature as pawns! It is when you try to forge your own path, human, that you err! Urrrrrrrrgh! Wretched humanity! Zelenin... she is my sole remaining hope! I have cultivated her as the greatest magus! My plan is sound even without you! I cannot tolerate another failure! I must be acknowledged by my Lord! Only then can I leave behind this angel's form and ascend to something more supreme! I will rend your flesh between my teeth and tear your soul asunder!

"You were supposed to be no more than an illusion! How could you...defeat me? My new was all just a feeble dream!"

YHVH: Guh... Do you fully comprehend your actions? How will you repent for a sin this grave? Do you think yourself capable of carrying that cross? Praise my name, before it is too late! Praise my glory!
Isabeau: He's finally revealed his true nature...
Jonathan: Falling from grace... The same fate that befell the other gods has finally come to him.

I hate you, Cooper Gang! I will find you in your sleep and I will destroy you! You will never know a moment's peace for the rest of your short, miserable lives! The Clock-La will know revenge! I am revenge! I am the Alpha and the Omega! Clock-La!!!
Clock-La/Neyla - Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Guooooo! Why! I had it all! I am the ultimate overlord, Metal Sonic! I am the real Sonic!
Metal Overlord, Sonic Heroes

...You. You. You!! Youuuu!! You horrid little hedgehog!!!
Dr. Eggman, after losing to Sonic, again, Sonic Colors

I... I'm shaking... Me?! Me... Afraid...?! Urgh... Pathetic?! Me... he's calling ME weak?! No! I am not weak! I'm... I'm not. I'm not weak! I AM NOT WEEEAAAAAAAAK! URRRAAAAAAAAAAAGH!
Infinite, Sonic Forces

Dance yourselves to hell, see if I care!
Purge, Space Channel 5 Part 2

Wait! Wait, the Tablet! It can still be mine! It could still—

All those people... I could have saved! You're the real villain here! I tried to warn you, Miguel. I really did. You've no one to blame but yourself. Maybe the most merciful thing to do is just wipe you out of existence entirely. Save us both some aggravation.
Peter Parker 2099, Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Doctor Octopus: The neural interface affected my mind. But I can fix it. We can fix it together... If you'll help me.
Spider-Man: I'll do everything I can. I'll make sure you get the best help-
Doctor Octopus: NO! If they put me away, they'll take my arms! I'll be trapped in this useless body! Please, Peter. That.. wasn't me. You said you'd never abandon me. You promised, remember? And, of course, you'll rest easy... knowing your secret is safe with me.
Spider-Man: You do what you think is best, Doc. It's all any of us can.
Doctor Octopus: Peter?
Spider-Man: Even when it hurts like hell.
Doctor Octopus: Peter? Where are you going? Peter? PETER!!!

JARED! Call my doctor and double all my prescriptions! I'm in the red here, folks. Eyewitnesses have confirmed that there is no longer just ONE Spider-Man, but TWO of them! I mean, ONE is bad enough! But I'm having a hard time dealing with the idea of multiple menaces swinging through our beautiful city! It's just... IT'S JUST... Jared, I might be having a heart attack... I need to lie down, folks...
J Jonah Jameson learns about Miles Morales becoming the second Spider-Man, Spider-Man (PS4): Silver Lining

Still no respect! WHAT'S IT GONNA TAKE?!
Hammerhead, Spider-Man (PS4): Silver Lining

You think this ends with me? There are twelve nations that stand behind the Engineers! Behind me! Are you ready to fight twelve wars? Kill me... kill me! Those nations will rise up. Put me on trial, and I will spill every secret I know. I've already won!
Majid Sadiq before Sam Fisher arrests him to an undisclosed black site, Splinter Cell: Blacklist

I... I won't stand for this! You jackals think you can come in here and question ME?! This interview is over!
Arcturus Mengsk, Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

Arcturus: You should never have come back to Korhal. You are surrounded by the Dominion's elite.
Arcturus: I've had enough of your tongue! MEN, WIPE THEM OUT!

Montross: No... It wasn't supposed to end this way... Not like this... I deserve... a better death!
Jango Fett: Don't be a sore loser.
Montross: I'll see you in hell, Jango.
Jango Fett: Save a place for me.
Montross: (is dog-piled by Bando Gora and slowly Eaten Alive) No! Jango! Come back! Fett, damn you! Finish me!

Find and kill General Kota. If you refuse, the woman dies. You will return to me and give yourself to the dark side. If you resist, she dies. And when your training is complete, you will hunt down and execute the Rebel leaders. If you fail, she dies.
Darth Vader, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

It was you! You told the bastard about the command code! I'll kill you, kill you, kill you, kill you! I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!
F.A.N.G., Street Fighter V

Dimentio: How did you do it.. How could have I lost with the power of Luigi and the Chaos Heart... And the prophecy... has it been undone?!
Princess Peach: I think your prophecy was wrong all along.
Bowser: You believed in your prophecy, and we believed in mopping the floor with you!
Tippi: Nothing is decided entirely by fate, you know... all things determine their destinies. Good-bye now, Dimentio. We'll add a footnote to the prophecy about your failure.
Dimentio: Urrrrrk... Unngghhhh... You think this is the end? This isn't finished... You can't... stop this now... you can't escape... I've saved one last surprise.... Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... Ciao!

Back...back with you! old...
Gamall the Hag, Thief: Deadly Shadows

This... is not my destiny. I was meant for greatness!

I'm still better than you!!! You got lucky you little punk!!! Slam City Jam and Tampa were nothing but luck you little bitch!!! Get back here!!! You ain't nothing!!! I know I could kick your ass!!

I told you, to stay and defy me was to die...and NO ONE defies Megatron!

I thought I killed these rebels!
(nervously) Well, no matter! You want to play that way? Fine, let's dance, motherfucker.
(after the fight)
You don't know when to give up, do you? That's good. Don't hand it to me! I've had everything handed to me...on a goddamn silver platter. Everything except this! I earned this. All of it.

Asav: I will die a thousand deaths before I let you win!
Chloe Frazer: Oh, shit! Friendly reminder — the bridge!
Asav: Shut up and fight!

What? How'd you...? Well, I'll just... (tries to load a save and fails) Wh... Where are my powers!? The souls...? What are they doing? NO!! NO!!!!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO OBEY ME! STOP! STOP IT!!!!! STOOOOPPPP!!!!!
Flowey's actual breakdown, Undertale

What's this feeling...? What's happening to me? No! NO! I don't need ANYONE! STOP IT! Get away from me! Do you hear me!? I'll tear you apart!

... ... Chara... Do you know why I'm doing this...? Why I keep fighting to keep you around...? I'm doing this... Because you're special, Chara. You're the only one that understands me. You're the only one who's any fun to play with anymore. ... No... That's not JUST it. I... I... I'm doing this because I care about you, Chara! I care about you more than anybody else! I'm not ready for this to end. I'm not ready for you to leave. I'm not ready to say goodbye to someone like you again... So, please... STOP doing this...

Asriel Dreemurr, Undertale

Why am I telling you all of this? Chara, I said it before. Even after all this time... You're still the only one that understands me. You won't give me any worthless pity! Creatures like us... Wouldn't hesitate to KILL each other if we got in each other's way. So that's... So... that's... Why... ... ha... Ha... ... what's this... feeling? Why am I... Shaking? ... Hey... Chara... No hard feelings about back then, right? ... H-Hey, what are you doing!? B... back off!! I... I've changed my mind about all this. This isn't a good idea anymore. Y-you should go back, Chara. This place is fine the way it is! ... S-s-stop making that creepy face! This isn't funny! You've got a SICK sense of humor!
See? I never betrayed you! It was all a trick, see? I was waiting to kill him for you! After all, it's me, your best friend! I'm helpful, I can be useful to you! I promise I won't get in your way! I can help... I can... I can... (now in Asriel's voice, with his face morphed into Asriel's) Please don't kill me.
Flowey, realising you plan to kill him at the end of a Genocide Route, Undertale

"Puppet! The strength of your blood is all that saved you from yourself. Wretched weak-minded mongrel! The blood is wasted in you. WASTED!"

"It can't end like this! Don't you see, the Kuei-Jin will kill us all! I-I can't lose- I will open the Sarcophagus; I'll build an empire; it won't end here!"

This is an outrage beyond words! This is betrayal pure and simple! I should kill you on the spot! You swore an oath on William Marshal's blood!
Lord Redgrave if Dr. Jonathan Reed doesn't turn Dawson into an Ekon, Vampyr

Clementine! Fuck you! You ruined everything! Everyone is dead because of you!

Bale: Sindri! SINDRI!!!
Sindri: Lord Bale... The ritual failed to break the protective seal guarding the stone. But then, I already anticipated it would not work. In fact, I counted on it. We require a larger sacrifice. It is time. Leave him.
Bale: How dare you, Sorcerer!
Sindri: My Lord. Never forget...all power demands sacrifice. Thank you for yours.
Bale: SIND...

Eliphas the Inheritor: They reject the Word of Chaos, my lord. The faithful here are not strong enough.
Daemon Prince: It is a poor shepherd who blames his flock, Apostle. This failure is yours, and yours alone!
Eliphas: (shooting the daemon) No! I will not go to the Basilica of Torments again!
Daemon: Fear not, Apostle. The Basilica is reserved for those who may redeem themselves.
Eliphas: (clutching his head and floating in the air) No... no!
Daemon: (as Eliphas explodes in a shower of gore) You will have no such chance.
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, Chaos stronghold ending

Firaeveus Carron : No! No! We cannot lose... we cannot die... how can we?!
Chaos Cultist: Without our devotion. Without our sacrifice.
Firaeveus Carron : The horrid blossom of Chaos will wither, will die! This world... is slipping... from our grasp...
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm, Chaos stronghold ending

Araghast: Eliphas!
Eliphas: Yes, my... lord?
Araghast: Open a portal...
Eliphas: No. I think not. A change in leadership is in order.
Araghast: Eliphas! You treasonous dog! No!!
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising

Azariah Kyras: HATEFUL SPECK! Your death shall be legend! The Dark Gods themselves will SHUDDER!
Kaptin Bluddflagg: Oohohoo, dat got 'im mad!
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution

"I will not be stopped by you! You will choke on me, Great Devourer!"
Azariah Kyras:, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution

Favored? Chosen?! You will die on these shores with your dreams unfulfilled, the laughter of the thirsting Gods ringing in your ears! You're nothing without me! I led you to this place! I raised you up in the eyes of the gods! Now the elves are coming back! They know you are here! Without me, you will be destroyed! I have no regrets! And I expect no mercy...

You killed my dog! You killed my Greta! She was the light of my life! So caring! So forgiving! Not an evil bone in her body! And you took her from me! I gave her so much love! She was the happiest dog in Germany! But you wouldn't understand this, you pathetic little man! The only thing you people care about is death and destruction! What is left of your body I will feed to my other dogs!
Rudi Jäger about BJ killing Greta (translated from German), Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Die, allied schweinehund!
Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Wolfenstein: The New Order

You are dead! I severed your head from your shoulders! I killed you!

I have seen worlds bathed in the Makers' flames. Their denizens fading without so much as a whimper. Entire planetary systems born and raised in the time that it takes your mortal hearts to beat once. Yet all throughout, my own heart, devoid of emotion... of empathy. I... have... felt... NOTHING! A million, million lives wasted. Had they all held within them your tenacity? Had they all loved life as you do?
Algalon, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Thrall: You must answer for your crimes, Garrosh.
Garrosh: All I ever did... I did FOR THE HORDE!
Thrall: You failed the Horde!
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

“Argh! What pointless impudence! We share a master.”
“Argh! Every blow struck at our heart will be repaid a thousandfold!”
“Out! OUT! You are not yet worthy!”
“Still you fight? Still you refuse the gift?”
Il'gynoth after you start attacking his heart, World of Warcraft: Legion

You always had to have the last word! JUST DIE!!!
Metal Face, Xenoblade

    Visual Novels 
I won't accept... I can't accept... This is no court! Law... The law is everything! Law is absolute! You'd let ignorant swine soil your courts?
Kristoph Gavin upon being informed that the Jury System is being introduced into court, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Hell yes I object! Of course I do! I object, I object, I object! I mean, all of this is just a bunch of stupid theories! You need evidence! Where's the evidence!? Without evidence, it's all bullshit! It's bullshit and I refuse to acknowledge it! I refuse to acknowledge you! You're stupid! Stupid stupid stupid! Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupid!!!

Wh...What did you just say!? To think you'd take your false accusations so far... I don't know whether to laugh or spit... Come on! Enough with your idiotic blather! Yasuhiro is a loser's name! Do I look like a loser to you!? Well? Dooooo I!? What?! I think I've earned the right to be a little on edge!
Celestia Ludenberg/Taeko Yasuhiro upon Makoto revealing her true name which directly connects her to the crime, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

All...clear...? clear...? What is... What are you...A-All clear...?(...) Not yet. Nothing is clear at all. It's full of doubts! Of mysteries! Of a dense, impenetrable fog! NOTHING IS CLEAR AT ALL!!!!

What's the meaning of this...? I don't understand... I don't know this ending!
Nya, aka Nyarlathotep, as her/its eons-old Evil Plan spectacularly collapses, Demonbane

Don't waver, Nail Ripper!
Miyo Takano, Higurashi: When They Cry Kira Episode 2

That's impossible! How did you get out?! How the f... WHAT ARE YOU?!
Richard Sutcliffe, It Lives Beneath, once Harper gets out of the Death Trap.

Richard: I'm going to get out of this, Harper! I'm going to find you and I'm going to kill you! I'm going to make Elliot watch while I—
Harper: Bye, Richard.
(The boat begins to sink)
Richard Sutcliffe, It Lives Beneath if the "Leave him" choice is used to decide his fate.

You and your father are my curse! Your father shamed me with a penalty on my record! And you... you left a scar on my shoulder that would never fade! I... I'll bury you! I'll bury you with my bare hands! Death! Death!
Manfred von Karma when it’s revealed that he killed Gregory Edgeworth and adopted/abused his son Miles Edgeworth as revenge for a penalty, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Uuh... UUuuungh........ Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..... Just Kidding. Ahahahaha!
Sōta Sarushiro (Simon Keyes) faking this trope, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, The Grand Turnabout

The only one who helped me was Dogen! So, I used everyone else! What's wrong with that!? (Circus animals roar) S-stop it! Don't come any closer! STOOOOOOOOOOOOP! (Birds fly into his face) OWIE! OWIE! OWIE! (A monkey scratchs his face) AIIIEEEE! (Cat kicks him in the face) HYAAARGH! (Chipmunks pull his hair out of the way as a gorilla winds up to punch him) U... Uuugh... N-not you...! (Punched, sending him spinning like a top) UGHYAAAHIIIIIII! HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (An elephant trunk grabs him and pulls him upward off screen, as more animal attack noises are heard) P-Please..... NO MOOOOOOOOORE!
Sōta Sarushiro's (Simon Keyes) actual breakdown, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, The Grand Turnabout

Matt Engarde: P-Please…
Judge: What’s the matter?
Matt Engarde: If… If I get a not guilty… I’ll… I’ll be… killed! I… I’m… I’m… Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!Guiltyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Guuuuuilty!!!GGG—Guuiiillltyyyy!!!GGGUUUILLLTYYY!!GUILTY!!!GuiLTy!!guIIIltYY!!Guil—guilty!guilty!GUilTY!GUILTY!
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Farewell, My Turnabout, in which Matt Engarde will get killed by his assassin (who he attempted to blackmail) if he goes free.

Dahlia Hawthorne:..Y-You'RE... wROnG......It... CAN'T... be… How... coULd... I… loSe... to... THe ...likES... of... YOU...?
Phoenix Wright: It no longer matters! I don't care whether you win or lose anymore. The only thing I for you to come out of Maya's body right now!
(Dahlia's ghost leaves Maya)
Dahlia Hawthorne:...I'M... NOT... READY......NOT... READY... TO... GO…
(Disappears in burst of fire.)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Bridge to the Turnabout

My... own, true face...? No! Please don't! I know you're here! Where are you?! See...? I haven't revealed anything yet! Honest! ...A-AAAAAAAAGH! My own, true face...! I don't have one! My face! My face! My face! Is this my face?! Is it?! Is it?! No! That's not it! Nooooooooooo! This isn't me, either! AAAAAAAGH! Is this me?! Which one is my face?! What am I?! Who am I?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
(Is shot before he could remove his final mask)
The Phantom after being asked an Armor-Piercing Question, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, Turnabout for Tomorrow

    Web Comics 
Get out! All of you get out and do not return! Get ouuuuut! We must go into hiding at once! I'll... I'll find you when I think of... something. Oh... God. Why why why.
King Radical realizes Sparklelord has followed him out of the Radical Lands, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Crash, moments before his boss fight, Awful Hospital

You... are not... AN ANGEL!

What the hell is wrong with you? How did you all get to such a high level without anyone teaching you your place?


Get your filthy warm hands off me! No! This isn't right! This isn't how it's supposed to-
"Gontor Hammerfell", The Order of the Stick

Grrrr... You think you can preach at me? If the population is not reduced, it will instigate total global disaster!!! So I must succeed in my plans! I am not irrelevant, and I will not be dissuaded... Any who try to stop me will pay the most terrible price - the loss of everything they cherish!!!!
Malthus, as his latest attempt on the life of his arch-enemy's sister is being thwarted during the "Library work" roleplay of White Dark Life

Snake-Jaw completely loses its crap right before being expelled from the boy it's possessed for his entire life during the "Blindly fooling thyself" roleplay of ''White Dark Life'"

Ouch! What- NO!!!!!!! You accursed little... How dare you?!? You've ruined everything!!! I swear I'll have you killed for this!!! One way or another, I will end you for this insult!!! You won't get away with saving the Belnades girl!!! You are a dead man, Damien!!! The day will come when you regret crossing Father Zharnev!!!! note 
Father Zharnev swears revenge on Damien for stopping him from salvaging his ritual literally at the last second during the "Inu & Uma Bio" roleplay of White Dark Life

    Web Original 
I'm just realizing the slow but absolute unraveling of Viggo. Most of the time we see him he's consuming some kind of mind-altering substance. Shots with his son kicks the whole thing off, he drinks almost an entire bottle of 18-year-old Glenlivet during his men's first assault on John - that he knows is the beginning of the end - then he rejects vegetable juice because why would he bother worrying about the future? On the night he knows his son is going to die, he tries to get as high as he can to numb the pain, and now he's just wasted, asking for his cigarettes like a basic bro and giggling about his impending doom.

I hate to be repetitive, but I'm extremely frustrated with how hard it is to kill you!
Vecna, Critical Role

Garlic Jr, Deadzone Abridged

(Gohan transforms into an Oozaru.)
Vegeta: OH THAT’S BULLS**T! I haven’t killed a damned thing since I got to this godforsaken planet! …Not for lack of trying, mind you! Hey, fatass! You want to take off this one’s tail too?!
(Yajirobe groans in pain.)
(Vegeta cuts off Gohan’s tail with a chi disk – Gohan starts to transform back to his normal form.)
Vegeta: No…
(Gohan lands on Vegeta.)
Vegeta: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Episode 10 Part 3.

Freeza (upon being told the heroes are from Earth): Oh, good! I'll stop by there on the way home! Take up some space eggs, some space milk, and BLOW IT THE FUCK UP! (regains his composure) Oh, I'm sorry, I'm usually far more composed. I'm just a little bit ABSOLUTELY LIVID.
Vegeta: Oh, Freeza, quit being such a woman! I lost my chance at immortality too, and you don't see me crying about it!
Freeza: Yes, Vegeta, but you see, the difference between us is, I will live long enough to regret it! (charge screaming)

You know, I think I have an insta-fix for this situation. I'm going to blow you and this whole miserable planet to NOTHING! ISN'T THAT FUN?!

"I have to admit; This is new, monkey. This is definitely new. But a monkey is still a monkey, and I've killed plenty in my day... Millions. Literally millions.
(Goku remains silent)
What's the matter? Run out of quips? Cat got your tongue? No more words to flail?
(Goku maintains silence)
You think now that you're this so-called Super Saiyan that you're better than me, Lord Freeza?
(Goku continues to maintain silence)
WELL, YOU'RE NOT! I own you! I own your planet! I own this planet! In fact... F*CK THIS PLANET!!"

Freeza: Those...those eyes... they're the same as....
Goku: (flashback to when he first turned Super Saiyan) Pizza....

Goku: Well, it's just that... I'm not even using half of my power right now.
Ginyu: Ah, quite the substantial bluff. But a bluff, and nothing more. I've witnessed your abilities firsthand and I assure you that your-
(Goku powers up with the Kaio-Ken)
Ginyu: One hundred and eighty thousand. Huh.
Jeice: Oi, Captain. Doesn't your max power level only go up to-
Ginyu: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (flies off and slams into the ocean in a rage)
Jeice: Yep, one hundred and twenty thousand.
Goku: Is he gonna be okay?
Oh, fuck this. I could have just done this from the beginning. Instead I thought I'd have some fun, throw a tournament, but fuck you! SUCK MY PERFECT DICK!
Perfect Cell, Dragonball Z Abridged, when he starts losing to Gohan.

Cell: (to himself) All right, Cell, we saw what losing your cool got you. So tone down the Freeza and chill the hell ou-
Cell: (to himself) "Kill me"? No, no, no, no, no, no! I can't die to this! He's a middle schooler throwing a tantrum! And I am the perfect being! ...I was. And he took it away... he took it away from me! (out loud) So I'll take everything away from you!

NO! Enough of that! Now listen up! Y'all be skipping my best shit since I got here. Ranked me as fourth-best villain under King Piccolo?! I'm Perfect Cell, motherf(beep!)ckers! So, Dende on f (beep!) cking Earth, you better recognize the crackle of my raw, SSSSEXUAL energy, and line your 1990's asses up so I can--!

Light's fall from power turns the arrogant idol into a slobbering infant.
JesuOtaku, "Top 20 Most Deliciously Evil Anime Villains," discussing Light Yagami and why he's not further down on the list

We are in the Warp... the realm of Chaos!? HERESY! HERESY EVERYWHERE!

Why can't I move? Wh... Why can't I... No... No... No no no no NO! MOTHERF***ER! NO! NO! NO! NO! Bulls***! Bulls***! Bulls***! Okay okay okay, calm down, Dio, calm down, calm down... If I, Dio, don't move, then he won't notice that I, Dio, am right in front of... (gets his leg broken by Star Platinum) OOOOOOHMYGAWD!

Space Pirate: Locus! Everyone at the capital knows! What do we do?!
Locus: Follow... protocol...
Tucker: Oh, dude? Were you speechless? 'Cause that's a first!
Felix: You... YOU'RE DEAD!!
Red vs. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy, Season 12 Episode 18 "Fed vs. New"

Felix: Wake up! I told you we'd make it.
Locus:'s over.
Felix: Run your camo and stick to the shadows. I'll draw them out.
Locus: The Tartarus is destroyed. Our numbers are falling. The mission-
Tucker: Then come get me.
One Curb-Stomp Battle later
Tucker: Yeah, we might be losers, Felix. But we still kicked your ass.
Felix: (maniacal laughter) Think again!
(Resumes maniacal laughter until an assault rifle drops before him as Locus reveals himself)
Felix: Locus, what are you doing?! You were supposed to kill them!
Locus: No.
Felix, followed by everyone else: What?!
Locus: No more killing.
Felix: What are you talking about?! You're a soldier, remember?!
Locus: I'm not a soldier. I'm a monster. Like you.
Felix: (tearfully) Locus...we're partners. Survivors. We need each other! W-what about our orders?! Our reward?! Becoming the ultimate weapon?!
Locus: I'm not doing this for a reward. I'm not doing this because someone told me to. I'm doing this...for me.
Felix: ...Then you can die with the rest of them.
(Proceeds to attempt a Last Villain Stand, which fails when Simmons sticks his shield with an explosive)
Sarge: Guess we learned from you villains after all.
Tucker: Hey, Felix. Catch.
(Tucker throws a grenade at Felix, sealing his fate)
Felix: (panicked) W-Wait!
(Grenade explodes, sending Felix plummeting off of the control tower screaming to his death)
Red vs. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy Season 13 Episode 19 "The End Is Near"

Temple: So much for heroism. Join your friends in the circle or die here.
(points a gun to Grif’s head as he gets up.)
Grif: I’m not going anywhere.
Temple: Have it your way.
(Temple holds the gun to Grif's head for a few seconds)
Dylan: What’s the matter, Temple, afraid of blood?
(Temple turns the gun at Dylan)
Temple: SHUT UP!
Red vs. Blue Season 15 Ep 20

What is it with you people?! I trap you in your past, you get out, I get the powers of a GOD you skewer me with a golf club, I drop you in custom made nightmares and you make the nightmare fight me with a golf club, HOW ARE YOU LIKE THIS?! HOW DO YOU DO IT?!!
Genkins, Red vs. Blue Season 17 (Singularity) Ep 12 "Theogony"

You’ve got spirit, Red. But this is the real world! The real world doesn’t care about spirit! You want to be a hero? Then play the part and die like every other Huntsman in history! As for me, I’ll do what I do best: lie, cheat, steal, and survi—!
Roman Torchwick, RWBY

YOU BITCH! She'll forgive you...
Tyrian Callows, after Ruby severs his stinger, RWBY

What have you done? You've ruined everything. EVERYTHIIIIING!!
Corsac Albain, after his brother Fennec's death, RWBY

Adam Taurus, after losing his sword, RWBY

Koan, in Shadowjack's take on Episode 70 of Sailor Moon.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! (punches Seiya) For thirteen years, I have endured Cloth ceremonies, the Horoscope to read on Star Hill, and final sacraments to give to old people... and you had to foil everything at the last minute! YOU DAMN BRAT!"

She fuckin'- he fuckin'- she... they fucked my wife! The animals fucked my wife! And then everybody fucking left because the fucking ship was gonna be destroyed. She was able to escape because I designed a robot that would be able to pleasure her in such an intense way that I would be able to finally fuck her. BUT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Because she decided to become a furry fucker and fucked the whole Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow team! Which didn't even fuckin' matter since it went into a new ARK, AND THEN SHE FUCKED THE WORLD. THE WORLD was her next target, because her jussy was NOT EVEN PLEASED ENOUGH, SO SHE HAD TO HO HERSELF OUT AND BECOME THE BIGGEST THHHHHHOT THAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! The world is going to be destroyed right now. I'm logging off.
Doctor Eggman, Real-Time Fandub: Sonic Adventure 2 (Dark Story + Final Story)

    Western Animation 
You ... you can't treat me like this! You can't treat me like Zuko!

It's impossible, I tell you. Impossible! My trap was perfect! How did he do it?! I have to know! Somebody tell me! It's not fair! There was no way, I tell you! No way he could have gotten out! Somebody tell me! Do you hear me? SOMEBODY TELL ME HOW HE DID IT! I have to know! I HAVE TO KNOOOOOW!
The Riddler, Batman: The Animated Series: "Riddler's Reform"

Megatron, Beast Machines

Bishop: Who's that? Are the Speakers dead?
Blue Fangs: No.
Bishop: Well, get back out there! The Speakers have to die before the sun goes down!
Blue Fangs: The sun is already down. (reveals himself to the Bishop)
Bishop: You cannot enter the house of God.
Blue Fangs: God is not here. This is an empty box.
Bishop: God is in all His churches!
Blue Fangs: Your God's love is not unconditional. He does not love us. And He does not love you.
Bishop: I have done His bidding. My life's work is in His name!
Blue Fangs: Your life's work makes Him puke.
Bishop: I am the Bishop of Gresit!
Blue Fangs: Your God knows that we wouldn't be here without you. This is all your fault, isn't it?
Bishop: She was a witch!
Blue Fangs: Lies? In your house of God? No wonder He has abandoned you. But we love you.
Bishop: What?
Blue Fangs: We love you. We couldn't be here without you. (seizes the Bishop as he begins whimpering) Let me... kiss you. (bites down on the Bishop's face, killing him)

H-Help! Help! He is a battle-droid! Somebody help me! M-Mommy! ...I-I'm sorry I spilled the transmission fluid, Mommy... No! NO! DON'T WELD ME TO THE WALL, MOMMY!
Roberto, Futurama, "Insane in the Mainframe"

"When I get my hands on you kids, I'm going to DISASSEMBLE YOUR MOLECULES!"
Bill Cipher, Gravity Falls

Bill Cipher: WHAT?! THE DEAL'S OFF! (the mind's door closes, preventing him from leaving) WHAT THE...?!! NO, NO, NO, NO!!
Stanley: Oh, yeah. You're going down, Bill. You're getting erased. Memory Gun! Pretty clever, huh?
Bill Cipher: LET ME OUT OF HERE! LET ME OUT... (Tries to use his powers, with no effect) WHY ISN'T THIS WORKING?!
Stanley: Hey, look at me! TURN AROUND AND LOOK AT ME, YOU ONE-EYED DEMON! You're a real wise guy, but you made one fatal mistake: you messed with my family!
Bill Cipher: You're making a mistake! I'll give you anything! Money! Fame! Riches! Infinite power! Your own galaxy! Please! NO! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?! (starts suffering a Shapeshifter Swan Song) Nruter yam I taht rewop tneicna eht ekovni I! Nrub ot emoc sah emit ym! L-T-O-L-O-X-A! STANLEEEEEEEEEEEY!

Well, it looks like the only fists that are raised in this town are pacifists! Yeah, run, get outta here, get outta here, cowards! Look at ya! Hahahahaha! Aww, where are you all going?! GET BACK HERE! YOU COME BACK HERE! SHOW ME THAT YOU HAVE ONE OUNCE OF TESTOSTERONE BETWEEN THE THREE OF YOU!
...With all you people as role models, no wonder my son is... sensitive.
Clay Puppington, Moral Orel, "Sacrifice"

No... this can't be possible! Your magic can't defeat mine! I'VE DESTROYED THE SOURCE OF YOUR POWER!

The Omen, Samurai Jack, "XCVII"

Oh, no.
Aku after Jack and Ashi escape to the past so Jack can finish off his past self for good, Samurai Jack, "CI"

AHHHHH! IT'S THE BEATING OF THAT HIDEOUS HEART!!! [pause; everyone stares at her, bemused] I mean, I think I hear something.
Lisa Simpson, after her attempt to sabotage her rival's Poe-themed literature diorama, The Simpsons

I really hate that hedgehog. I hate him. Hate him! HATE HIIIIIIIM! HATE! HATE! HATE! HAAAAAATE! GYAAAAAAGH!
Dr. Robotnik, Sonic SatAM

Cartman: Heidi, you are not breaking up with me.
Heidi: Yes, I am. It's over.
Cartman: I'm afraid I can't let you do that, sweet-HEART! [He grabs the gun and points it at himself] STEP BACK! I'LL DO IT I SWEAR TO GOD!
Cartman: YOU BREAK UP WITH ME, I WILL KILL MYSELF! THE CHOICE IS YOURS, HEIDI! COME ON EVERYBODY! [singing] Eric, we don't want you to die!
Heidi: I'm sorry. You can be the victim. I can't. [she then walks away]

Eh eh eh eh... You think you've won? HA! YOU DON'T MAKE THE PLANS, I DO! ME! Only I know how this all turns out!

Madelyn Spaulding: You may as well give me that video tape. Even if you show it to the police, I would just take over their minds too. From now on, I am the boss!
Static: Oh, yeah? Well you're not the boss of me!
Madelyn: Am too!
Static: Am not!
Madelyn: Am too!
Static: Am not!
Madelyn: Rhaaaaaaaaaa! (to her mind slaves) Hold him! (grabs Static by the head) YOU! WILL DO! AS I! COMMAND!

White Diamond: NOOO!! (White starts slamming the ground) You are PINK DIAMOND! That is Pink Diamond's gem! You do not look like this, you do not sound like this, you are not half-human! You're just a-a-acting like a CHILD!
Steven: I am a child... What's your excuse?
(Connie laughs as White blushes in embarrassment)
Steven Universe, "Change Your Mind"

You are not fit to judge me! I am the Shredder! I am invincible!
Ch'rell a.k.a. the Utrom Shredder, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), "Exodus Part 2"

Then destroy the Autobots! Destroy the city! DESTROY ANYTHING THAT'S NOT ME!!!
Megatron, Transformers Animated

Twenty minutes...? All that wakfu spent for a jump of twenty minutes in time? Two hundred years of research and collecting wakfu for twenty mere minutes!? NOOOOOOOO!
Nox, Wakfu

Lord Dominator: H-how is this happening?! They're just a bunch of goofy idiots! BOTS! HELP ME! (Her bots all break apart) Fine! I don't need you! I DON'T NEED ANYBODY!
Wander: Well, that's silly. Everybody needs somebody... That's it! You need us! I have Sylvia, Lord Hater has Peepers and The Watchdogs, but you're all alone up here!
Lord Dominator: SHUT UP! I've got lots of friends! Uh, Bot 79, Bot 108, Bot 13- No, wait, I blew up Bot 13... SHUT UP! I'VE GOT LOTS OF FRIENDS!
Wander: You could destroy us when you first showed up! And when we put out that concert for you, and when you spend the whole night with Syl... but you didn't! Because you like hanging around us! Even if it is in a "I'm gonna kill you" way!
Lord Dominator: Stop it! Just stop talking!
Wander: That's why you're such a bully! You're lonely!
Lord Dominator: I'LL DESTROY YOU!
Wander over Yonder, "The End of the Galaxy"

If I quit, I won't lose, so they can't beat me, won't beat me, NEVER!
Miss Power, WordGirl: The Rise of Miss Power


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