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  • Ace Attorney:
    • April May in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney who acts cutesy to make the judge sympathize with her. After Phoenix exposes her lies, she has a Villainous Breakdown and becomes more aggressive.
    • April May's boss, Redd White, also qualifies. Mr. White passes himself off as a quirky and jolly, if egotistical, businessman. His penchant for unusual and sometimes wrongly used vocabulary is also played for laughs. Once Phoenix questions him too much though, his true colours are shown and he's revealed to be a vile blackmailer and murderer who enjoys lording his connections over his enemies.
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    • Another example would be Morgan Fey, who acts like a supportive relative of Maya and a kind mother to Pearl. In reality, she's jealous of Maya's side of the family and sees Pearl as a tool in her Sibling Rivalry with Misty Fey.
    • And then there are the main antagonists of the third and fourth games, Dahlia Hawthorne and Kristoph Gavin respectively. Both polite and seeming like genuinely nice people; both are also sociopaths.
    • The killer of the first case, Frank Sawhit, acts nice and friendly during his testimony. In Investigations 2, he acts like he's a fully reformed prisoner, but he's actually an accomplice to the real killer and he still has a habit of angrily throwing his toupee at those who question him too much.
    • Quercus Alba from Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth at first glance looks like a meek, kindly old man, and he's considered a Cordophian hero. Later on, you discover that he was playing silly when he throws his façade; also, he tries to escape Miles's prosecution of him with his extraterritorial rights. Ultimately, he's the head of the Allebahstian smuggling ring, and has killed four people note  .
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    • Former Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste acts silly, cries crocodile tears upon seeing his juniors work hard, and jokes about "bullying" his fellow prosecutors, but he rivals Ga'ran,von Karma and Galvin as one of most corrupt lawyers in the series by using his connections to cover up the assassination of the real President Huang, among other things. He's also not above intimidating and demeaning his son to prevent the latter from testifying against him.
    • There's also Aristotle Means from Dual Destinies, who remains perfectly polite even when accused of the murder. That is, until Athena insults his "ends justifies the means" philosophy, upon which he completley drops the feigned niceness and becomes, well just plain mean. It's nicely foreshadowed earlier, when after Athena insists on defending Juniper in his place, he gives an outwardly polite but highly condescending dismissal of her ideals.
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    • From Dual Destinies also comes The Phantom. He's one evil motherfucker, but, in Blackquill's words, he "cannot talk without another man's face", many of which aren't nearly as bad. Thus, both the affability and quirks of whoever he's impersonating and his own ruthlessness and sociopathy mix and come off like this.
    • Roger Retinz from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice initially tries to suck up to Apollo and Athena because they're lawyers, but quickly changes his tune when he realizes that they're defending the person he's trying to frame. His stage personality, Mr. Reus, is polite and entertaining during cross-examination, but he's also willing to kill his biggest fan just to get revenge on the Gramarye family.
    • Queen Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in from the same game tries to act like a reasonable ruler, a kind mother to Rayfa, and a Well-Intentioned Extremist who believes that executing defense lawyers when they lose is truly the best way to maintain law and order in her nation. The truth is that she's a tyrant who only cares about making it harder for people to oppose her, especially the lawyer that she framed for killing her sister, the previous queen. She's also emotionally abusive to Rayfa when the latter is too distraught to perform a Divination Seance.
  • Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin
    • Waylon manages to avoid this despite the whole 'climbing his way to luxury on the back of everyone else' deal. Nothing says this trope like saying the army opposing him is "up in my business", while leaving his injured wingmen behind to keep from slowing him down in the same scene. (Luckily, the heroes took them in.)
    • "Admiral" Grayfield rolls in this trope like a pig in mud, owing to his psychotic ambition, Big Bad Wannabe status, and his obsession with appearing to be a polite, respectable leader. To nobody's surprise "Captain" Waylon ends up as his dragon.
  • Alpha Protocol has Konstantin Brayko, a brutal Russian mob boss who is a rather sadistic and brutal individual, but ends up more entertaining than disgusting due to a strange obsession with the 80s and just how plain loopy he is.
  • Baron Alexander from Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the portrait of courtesy when he hires Wilhelm to kidnap random people, all of whom Alexander tortures to death. He maintains his friendly veneer right until the moment he murders Wilhelm, mutilates his corpse, then brings him back to life as a mindless drone. Arguably, subverted in Alexander's relationship with Daniel, whom he appears to genuinely care for. He still betrays him, however.
  • Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning: Baldi at first seems like a friendly Cool Teacher, but as soon as you get a problem wrong, he turns into a psychopath.
  • The Joker acts this way in Batman: Arkham Asylum and again in Batman: Arkham City.
    • The Riddler is like this - until you start beating him.
    Riddler: It's hardly a surprise. I always knew I was better than you.
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine gives us Joey Drew. As Henry's "best pal," he wrote him a letter to invite him back to their old studio. He also recorded inspirational speeches about the power of dreams. But in one audio recording in Chapter 4, Joey drops his light-hearted act halfway through such a speech because he didn't realize that the tape recorder was still on. He reveals himself to be a Jerkass who doesn't even believe in the dreams he uses to inspire others, and he's simply exploiting his employees.
  • BlazBlue:
  • Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow has Graham Jones. He seems to be a polite character inside the titular castle, visiting as a missionary from a church. However, his niceness turns out to be a ruse. His true motives are revealed when Soma reaches the Clock Tower, where he grows more aware of Soma and his allies.
  • Monaca Towa from Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls at first glance seems to be a nice and cheerful girl in a wheelchair, but is really a manipulative psychopath who deliberately triggers the other Warriors' past traumas and plays mind games with people while maintaining a cutesy façade. It helps that she's the protégé of series antagonist Junko Enoshima, who also falls into this herself and has similar dealings with her own followers.
  • Tyrone King, evil game show host and The Heavy of Dead Rising 2. When everything is going right for him, T.K. holds an affable (if condescending) demeanor towards Chuck, even calling him "Chucky". When the chips are down, however, he drops the act and makes it clear that he's willing to put Chuck's loved ones in danger just to get back at him. Which he does in Overtime Mode.
  • Danik from Dead Space 3 is a departure from the usual crazy, screaming psychopaths or undead alien horrors that are the usual enemies. He's still ruthless and remorseless, but he's soft-spoken and almost hilariously polite even in the worst of situations. For example, take his line after Isaac escapes from yet another attempt by Danik to have him killed: "Isaac? Is that you? You are unbelievably hard to kill. Are you aware of that?"
  • Donkey Kong: King K. Rool, unlike Bowser, only uses his charisma as a facade. He's in fact a Bad Boss who, despite his charisma, is a cruel and brutish villain with few redeeming qualities.
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Evil 21 loves to play at being nice and say lovingly sweet things to the other characters. However, this is solely because she's thinking of how tasty they'll be when she finally gets to eat them.
  • Demigra, the Big Bad of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, acts polite towards the heroes, but it's clear that he means none of it. When things start going south for him, he drops the act completely and shows himself to be a rage-fueled monster.
  • Dragon Quest:
    • Dragon Quest I: Every time the Dracolord is initially confronted, he'll regard his challenger with a respectful tone and an altogether welcoming attitude, giving credit for all they've accomplished to reach him, and inevitably making them an offer. Of course, the offer is just a means to try and get his foe's guard down, as he will swiftly dispatch them the moment they expose themselves as any kind of vulnerable.
    • Dragon Quest XI: Mordegon speaks in a professional manner, but he's the biggest threat to Erdrea and an overall sadistic guy.
  • The Elder Scrolls series:
    • This is a trait of Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Domination and Corruption, and quite possibly the closest thing to a true God of Evil in the ES universe. Molag Bal can actually act pleasant and polite, but he is not nice. At all. One of his favorite things is to corrupt a good and noble mortal, then seeing them snap, fall, or break. His methods include Cold-Blooded Torture, Manipulation, and even outright Mind Rape. He especially loves it when mortals do this to each other. One of Molag Bal's most infamous acts (and that is really saying something) was to perpetrate the first rape, turning the innocent woman into the first vampire, who proceeded to rape and kill the nomads who cared for her and bringing undeath into Mundus (the mortal plane).
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also has Harkon, who initially presents as relatively polite when the Dragonborn escorts to him his missing daughter, Serana. He not only largely presents himself has polite (if intimidating), he offers them a chance to be a very powerful vampire within his clan, and even lets them walk away alive if they refuse. That said, it's all a smokescreen; he needs Serana to use her blood (and the Elder Scroll she carries) for a prophesy, which was the only reason he was grateful enough for the previously mentioned courtesies, and has plans that will destroy the world.
  • Eternal Twilight: Azael and the Blood Council members' lines are filled with sarcastic wit and false compliments, all meant to mock their enemies and remind the party that they're very useful pawns. At the same time, they like to rub in the party's past traumas regarding the empire's atrocities, knowing full well that they of the Blood Council are indirectly responsible for these events.
  • Reaver in Fable III is perhaps the best example for video games. As his voice actor stated in the third video diary:
    "Reaver is not as much immoral as amoral; he has no morality whatsoever — he doesn't even have a concept of morality."
  • Fallout 3:
    • Mr. Burke acts polite even as he tries to convince the Lone Wanderer to blow up Megaton.
    • Colin Moriarty is a better example, acting like he is your friend while charging an unfair amount of caps when you ask for information on your dad.
    Lucas Simms: Just be careful. Moriarty is NOT your friend, no matter what he may say, so don't fall for his lies. And for god's sake, don't trust the man.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, Caesar is the emperor of a horde of bloodthirsty, slaving misogynists modeled only very loosely after the Roman Empire of old. At first, he seems a lot more civil than his Legion. He portrays himself as Necessarily Evil, discusses his political philosophy comfortably and at length with references to Hegel and Roman history, and never says a misogynistic word to a female Courier despite the beliefs he has instilled in his Legion. Until, that is, the player dares to defy him and discovers the Hair-Trigger Temper and callous sadism beneath the charming mask.
  • Far Cry
    • Far Cry 3:
    • Far Cry 4:
      • Paul De Pleur is by far the most sadistic character in the game but has the demeanor of a busy-body dad, only letting his sanity slip when he's unable to answer his daughter's phone call. Pleur's sole position in Min's administration is to torture people and chop them up afterward.
      • Pagan Min, on the other hand, is almost like a second lap of Troy Baker's turn as The Joker, right down to the flamboyant suit and Laughing Mad radio calls. He is ridiculously casual and polite to his subjects and enemies, only to spout his anger off in furious yet hilarious rants or bursts of extreme violence, depending on his mood. When a human rights organization criticized his rule, he invited the lead doctor and her family over, then kidnapped her family and forced her to run his blood sport arena as a twisted joke. he also had her family killed and has her in his control on the fake promise that one day she'll get them back. His manner when dealing with the main protagonist is noticeably familial, no matter how violent the subject of the conversation may be. In fact, the only person he isn't faking his affability to is literally the one person who can stop him. And you discover only at the very end that it was very much intentional.
    • Far Cry 5
      • Joseph Seed acts like a kind and empathetic preacher, but he has no qualms about killing or brainwashing anyone who opposes his church. His siblings are the same. Joseph becomes more genuinely affable in New Dawn, 17 years later, by which point he's had a Heel Realization, making him less "Evil" and more just "Creepy".
      • Mickey and Lou from New Dawn may seem friendly and reasonable, but it's obvious that they're cold-hearted killers. When they have Rush's group cornered early in the game, Mickey politely offers Rush a chance to join them. When Rush refuses, she calmy orders their deaths.
      • Joseph's bastard son Ethan has traits of this too. He behaves like a friendly, charismatic village leader, and he's not as foul-mouthed as the twins, but within a few seconds of meeting the Captain, he's going on an explosive, Vaas-y rant about how his father should have named him heir to the kingdom of New Eden instead of entrusting it to whoever found Joseph's book.
    • Far Cry Primal:
  • Final Fantasy has several examples:
    • Final Fantasy VI has Kefka. He's a laughing, joking Monster Clown most of the least until he decides to become a stone cold psychopath.
    • Final Fantasy VII's Professor Hojo is a Mad Scientist who turns out to be ultimately responsible for most of the bad things that happen in the story, including involvement in Sephiroth's Start of Darkness, Cloud's Fake Memories, Aeris' abduction, the Clones' creation, and Sephiroth's summoning of Meteor (not to mention some boss battles and glossed-over physical and sexual abuse of Red XIII). But the whole time, his basic personality is comparatively normal by the standards of VII characters, if rude. He gets lots of witty lines, and is quite friendly (and popular?) when you meet him in Costa Del Sol which just enhances the creepiness of the stuff he does.
      • Sephiroth is well-spoken and charming, but beneath the facade lies a self-centered schemer who is willing to manipulate, lie, and commit murder in pursuit of his goals.
    • Final Fantasy IX has Kuja. As poetic, sophisticated, and well-groomed as he seems to be, it is just an act to prove to himself and others that he's superior to normal people. In reality he's cruel, selfish, and cunning, and starts to show his true colours in Disc 3 when things don't go just as he wanted.
    • FFX's Seymour Guado invites the heroes to his mansion, lays out food for them before seeing them, proposes to the heroine, and acts generally mild-mannered and soft-spoken. But when the heroes prove to be detrimental to his plan to kill everyone in the world, he holds no qualms about unleashing the terrors of hell against them. Even when preparing to engage your party members, he manages to sound affable:
    "Ah, of course. "Protect the summoner even at the cost of one's life." The Code of the Guardian. How admirable. Well, if you're offering your lives, I will have to take them."
    • Final Fantasy XV has Ardyn Izunia, a grandiloquent, bohemian Chancellor who manages to be an Obviously Evil Card-Carrying Villain and nothing but friendly. He tries to justify his most villainous actions as him trying to kick the plot to get it moving according to what already was preordained to happen, and whether he has any agency or is simply a pinball of fate is debatable. While his murders are of people who would have died soon anyway due to their own actions. His casual villainy seems to take a form closer to convoluted magic pranks, and seems to be an attempt to annoy Noct rather than inconvenience him. He spends the rest of the time making genuinely funny jokes, rescuing the heroes repeatedly, and at one point escorting them to their destination with bodyguards. Episode Prompto takes it into even a Trickster Mentor territory, implying that his reason for splitting the group up was in part to engineer a personal growth experience for Prompto. All of this though beguiles what an utter psychopath, Ardyn is and the sheer petty lengths he'll go to, so he can succeed.
  • The killer of the Five Nights at Freddy's series manages to be this without even speaking. Wherever he goes, he wears a smile, and death usually follows. A great example would be in the Foxy mini-game in the second game. When Foxy comes out of Pirate Cove, he sees the killer smiling at him. The killer makes no attempt to harm Foxy, he just keeps smiling at him. When Foxy goes to see the children, he finds that the killer slaughtered them all.
  • Lord Brevon from Freedom Planet acts polite towards the heroes in a passive-aggressive, snarky way, but it's obvious that said politeness is simply his way of screwing with people and beneath the act lies a cruel, hateful sociopath.
  • The Big Bad of Impossible Mission, Dr. Elvin Atombender, tries his hand at this trope at the very beginning of the game:
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising's Hades loves making jokes and almost always has a smile on his face, to the point he becomes Laughably Evil. However, it takes all of half a chapter from his introduction for him to reveal his cruel, calculating nature in that he happily instigates a massive war amongst humanity for a fake wish-granting artifact for his own amusement. The later chapters have him belting out some pretty below-the-belt jabs at Pit for releasing the Chaos Kin on the world and delighting at the possibility Pit will have to kill the possessed Palutena. The end-game finally shows that he started or contributed to all the conflicts in the game specifically so he could harvest the souls of the dead humans to both create more monsters and eat for enjoyment and reveals that under that joking demeanor is a being who delights in suffering and despises the thought of anyone defying him.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Master Xehanort and most of his incarnations are polite and eloquent, especially when they explain their evil plans. Despite that, they're all sociopaths who don't care how many worlds they have to ruin to gain the power and knowledge of Kingdom Hearts.
  • HK-47 of Knights of the Old Republic is inordinately popular not simply because he is a ruthless assassin droid well versed in the art of death, but because of how much pleasure he receives from the task.
    Statement: HK-47 is ready to serve, Master. Who would you like me to kill?
  • In L.A. Noire detective Roy Earle's smile never quite reaches his eyes; it's part of the thin veneer of friendliness that covers a hateful, corrupt person underneath.
  • David from The Last of Us, a personable, soft-spoken man who leads a gang of cannibals and and attempts to rape Ellie at the end of his boss battle.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky has Georg Weissmann, who poses as a harmless archaeologist at first. After his identity is revealed, he continues to give off the impression of a soft-spoken scholar, but he's a sadistic and arrogant Knight Templar underneath the façade, who only sees people as pawns to torment and brainwash.
  • Several The Legend of Zelda villains fit the bill:
  • King Boo in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon talks to Luigi like he's having a friendly chat. He does this while explaining his plans to conquer the Mario world and has already proven to be perfectly willing to put the entire universe at risk if it means getting revenge.
  • The Illusive Man in Mass Effect is incredibly polite, classy, and cultured. Even when he gets pissed, he barely raises his voice at all. He does this just to make it very difficult for someone to tell whether he's lying or not. He drifts very clearly into this trope in the tie-in novels; while preparing a treacherous subordinate for a Fate Worse than Death, he speaks in a regretful tone about how there is nothing personal in this, how much he enjoyed working with him, and how sorry he is that he must make this necessary sacrifice. What separates him from true Affably Evil in this exchange is that it is personal (he was furious when the man betrayed Cerberus), he deliberately puts the man through more pain than is strictly necessary for the experiment, and he acknowledges to himself later on in the book that he had allowed his desire to see the hideous retribution in person cloud his judgement.
  • Skull Face from Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is one of the most polite and well-spoken villains in the series. He is also quite possibly the most horrific, having done such things as having Paz tortured and gang-raped while forcing Chico to watch him do it. And then forced Chico to rape Paz himself.
  • Surprisingly, there's only one truly good example from the No More Heroes series. Destroyman adores causing pain and killing people, with a nasty Evil Laugh when he succeeds and a lot of Evil Gloating. Amazingly, he is really good at selling himself as a normal mailman. When he came back in the second game, however, one half of him was like his past self but more convincing...while the other half was Ax-Crazy, obviously angry but also really loving doing what he did.
  • Okage: Shadow King has Evil King Stanley Hihat Trinidad the XIV, a Living Shadow that spends most of the game attached to Ari. Despite being a Harmless Villain (most of the time), making it no secret that he intends to take over the world, he provides a majority of the hilarious dialogue found in the story. Mostly found in his interactions with fellow party member, the Hero Rosalyn.
  • Yōko from Onmyōji who at first seems nice and polite enough to the heroes (hell, he even refers to himself as shōsei, a very humble and formal first-person pronoun) only to be later revealed as the one repeatedly abducting young yōkai girls.
    Yōko: (to Koi-no-sei, a cute mermaid he's holding captive) It's come down to this and you still don't understand? Well, I'll have you know: you have been tricked.
  • Dr. Richard Trager from Outlast takes this trope Up to Eleven, all the way to being a borderline Friendly Enemy. He speaks to you like a close friend, calling you "buddy" a lot. He always speaks to you like a friend, even while cutting two of your fingers off.
  • In Overwatch, Sombra plays the part of the Playful Hacker on the surface, but is actually a ruthless cracker who has no qualms working with the likes of Talon, threatening children, blackmailing people, or even just doing her best to infuriate everyone, even the ostensible allies she regards as mere pawns to manipulate.
  • RosenkreuzStilette: Iris Sepperin is very polite and sophisticated but she orchestrated the whole war and killed her own father and had Karl imprisoned for his attempt to kill her. Her fake friendly demeanor even allowed all of RKS to trust her without knowing she started the coup for kicks.
  • Nyrissa of Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a master manipulator, and thus plays this trope to its hilt. Depending on what she needs, or what she wants a person to think, her persona tends to veer wildly: everything from Damsel in Distress, to The High Queen, to The Heart. In reality she's The Chessmaster who could not care less about her pawns and loves to invoke You Have Outlived Your Usefulness.
  • Persona:
    • Persona 2: Tatsuzou Sudou from Eternal Punishment can be quite polite when the situation calls for it and even shows some genuine respect towards the heroes in regards to their sense of purpose. This kindness however only runs skin deep and underneath it he is but a callous man, perfectly willing to back-stab his own followers or even doom the world just to advance his goals.
    • Persona 3: Shuji Ikutsuki. He seems kind, he makes silly puns, he always answers your questions and generally aids in the mission to bring down the twelve Arcana Shadows. However, it turns out that he's just been using the protagonists to bring about The Fall, in addition to being fairly clearly insane. A cutscene in FES reveals that his jovial personality was indeed genuine, showing him making up puns in complete solitude where there would be no need to maintain a pretense but this is mean to enhance his creepiness and malevolence rather than lower it. Though his motives for bringing about the Fall seem more along the lines of Dark Messiah, rather than Omnicidal Maniac, that's simply because he wants to rule the world.
    • Adachi of Persona 4 is Ax-Crazy and committed the murders for the fun of it, mocked his victims while recounting his killings, and, when he reveals his true personality, is pretty funny.
    • Persona 5
    • Black Mask, real name Goro Akechi, who acts perfectly polite and civil to the whole world even while he's blackmailing the heroes, murdering innocent people, causing innocent people to murder others, and scheming to backstab and ruin the other villains. He's even polite until the final confrontation with him, at which point he inflicts a magically-induced Villainous Breakdown on himself and starts trying to brutally murder the Phantom Thieves.
    • Also from the fifth game, there's Youji Isshiki, Futaba's abusive uncle. He initially seems polite and friendly, and seems to treat Sojiro like an old friend, but Sojiro isn't fooled, and warns you that Youji's polite behavior is just an act. It's revealed that Youji was highly abusive of Futaba when he took her in after her mother died, and forced Sojiro to give him Wakaba's inheritance in exchange for custody of Futaba. After Futaba uncovers Youji's debts in an attempt to discredit him, he tries to hit her in a fit of rage, and when the main character protects her, Youji threatens to frame him for assault.
  • Pilgrim (RPG Maker): Master Alice speaks and acts like a cute little girl, even when blatantly taunting her victims about the horrible fate she has in store for them.
  • Lovrina of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness projects a cutesy Valley Girl demeanor that belies a calculating, sadistic mindset that takes pride in torturing Pokémon and inflicting them with The Corruption. Best seen in her opening battle animation, which begins with her giving a cute wave with a winning smile that quickly morphs into a full-blown Psychotic Smirk.
  • GLaDOS of Portal, who continues to sound sarcastic and cheerful even as she tries to murder Chell.
    Gla DOS: Burning people! He says what we're all thinking!
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard: Lucas Baker projects an air of being a "good ol' boy" who wouldn't hurt anyone. However, it is an incredibly thin veneer, and anyone who spends more than thirty seconds around him realizes what's underneath: a complete and total psychopath who enjoys nothing more than subjecting people to slow, agonizing deaths, laughing the entire time. He broke free from Eveline's mind control years ago, but what he's willing to do out of his own free will is so in line with what she makes people do anyway that she never figured it out.
  • Father Donald Earl McArthur from Rides With Strangers is a Pedophile Priest who has killed, raped, and tortured many, and wants to purge the world of those he considers "heretics". He speaks to the young hitchhiker riding with him in a very polite manner, which only highlights his creepiness, all while planning to kill her if she says the wrong thing or nothing at all.
  • Charnel of Sacrifice, the amusingly bloodthirsty God of Death who also gets some great lines.
    Charnel: "I am Charnel. God of Strife, God of Slaughter, God of DEATH! Where there is pain, I'm there. Where there is suffering, I flourish. Where there is joy...Yes, well, one could hardly have joy without another's suffering, no?"
  • Saints Row 2: The Boss may seem reasonable and even jovial at times, but if you cross them, they will not hesitate to end you utterly, no matter what the cost and regardless of how many lives are lost in the process - especially if you harm one of their lieutenants. The third game tones it down and gives the Boss something of a moral compass, and the fourth game makes them outright heroic, if still rather full of themselves.
    • Zinyak from IV acts polite and has a killer wit, but he's a brutal tyrant who's built his empire by conquest and slavery and he destroys Planet Earth to spite the Boss when the latter breaks out of his Lotus-Eater Machine.
  • Otani Yoshitsugu from Sengoku Basara, in the English dub (the Japanese version is Obviously Evil), is constantly affable and polite (provided you haven't pushed his Berserk Button) even as his overt misanthropy and ambitions to spread misery to every human on Earth makes it clear it's all just an act.
  • Seraphic Blue
    • Ende's Establishing Character Moment is to greet Lake and claim they can be friends due to how both are full of bloodlust. When Lake refuses, Ende sics a powerful Gaia Cancer on him.
    • Justified in Er's case, since she's the evil Split Personality of Vene, thus she knows the best way to sound appealing and friendly while tempting her other personality into giving up on world salvation.
  • At a fairly early juncture in Shin Megami Tensei, you encounter Ambassador Thorman, who is deeply concerned about JSDF leader Gotou's attempts to use demons to prevent the Americans' peace efforts and wants your aid. He's actually the Norse god Thor himself, acting on orders from the most holy YHVH Himself, and intends to drop his Mighty Hammer (that is, several ICBMs) on Tokyo to annihilate everything in it, including the JSDF, the demons, innocent civilians, American troops, and the heroes. Yes, even if you decide to take his side.
  • Silent Hill:
    • Vincent from Silent Hill 3, who tends to flip-flop around in this area: yes, he's a jerk, subtly insults you, and is a member of The Order. But he also doesn't want to resurrect The Order's God, and sends you off on a quest to acquire an item to supposedly beat said God. Why does he help you? Because if God were to be resurrected, he wouldn't be able to make any more money.
    • Walter Sullivan from Silent Hill 4 is this full force, the first time you meet him he's simply a soft-spoken man who sits on a flight of stairs and talks to you, leaving behind an item afterwards for you to take. You then find out that he's the serial killer who had chained you inside your apartment after he tries to kill your neighbor. Also, the item he gives you is useless and possesses your inventory box should you put it in there.
  • Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: Penelope Mouse, as part of her status as The Sociopath. Again, she's good enough to fool the player. Her stint throughout the games is posing as a caring love interest and Wrench Wench figure to nearly everyone she interacts with, but it's all a facade to gain a good reputation in the Cooper Gang and build a close relationship with Bentley. When in private or towards her targets, she shows herself as a smug, confident, and ambitious individual who rubs it behind Bentley's back.
  • Despite being relatively calm and collected, Dr. Eggman Nega, Eggman's alternate-dimension counterpartnote  in the Sonic Rush Series, is much more vicious than the Affably Evil doctor we all know and love.
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Simon Krieger. Hoo boy, Simon Krieger. To the general populace, he's an altruistic businessman on the verge of ending the energy crisis, but the second he gets behind closed doors, the cruel, money-hungry sociopath underneath comes out swinging.
  • Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: Spooky is a cute looking ghost who takes this trope to the extreme, speaking extremely politely to the protagonist and cheerfully inviting them into her mansion. She comes off as very friendly and endearing for a villain. At the same time, she's responsible for thousands of deaths due to her mansion and murdered Santa Claus, and has no remorse at all. As you progress through her mansion, she congratulates you, while continuing to grow annoyed at your success. In one ending, she congratulates you for making it through her mansion, cheerfully stating that you are now going to become one of her mansion's monsters (stating this in a tone like it's a reward the protagonist should be happy to receive), revealing that she lied about letting you go if you made it through.
  • Kerrigan becomes like this in Brood War. No longer just a bloodthirsty zealous slave to the Overmind, she develops a prepossessing, well-mannered, and regal demeanor to her guests and allies (that is, before she betrays them and lets them be devoured by the Swarm). At least, until she's de-infested at the end of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty...and, thus far, even after her experience on Zerus, has not returned to her Queen Bitch of the Universe ways.
    • Mengsk is charismatic, friendly, cultured, and well-spoken, but he's an iron-fisted tyrant who won't hesitate to eliminate anyone who displeases him. It's what enables him to hold onto power until he gets completely obliterated by a vengeful Kerrigan.
  • In Star Wars: The Old Republic, most sith NPC's and many Imperial officials exhibit this trait. A few examples:
    • One of the first missions for the Sith Inquisitor has them join a sith lord in torturing an acolyte for information. The sith lord in question would seem like an amiable personality were it not for the fact that he's instructing you in torture.
    • Lord Drowl is very excited to try out a poison called quell.
    • Arguably Lord Zash in the Sith Inquisitor story, but she may be genuinely nice (in her own opinion, anyway), depending on how you see her personality. True, she will try to hijack your body to extend her own life but it could be that she really just doesn't see a reason for you to object and thinks she's doing a favor for you as well, since, after all, you get to host her.
    • And of course player characters can exhibit this behavior as well; it would seem that the Imperial Agent and Sith Inquisitor have the most conversation options to that end, though it also depends on the player's own interpretation of the character, naturally. It works with all classes, though: due to the nature of the dialogue system, you can threaten the lives of innocent children one moment and make polite conversation the next.
  • In Super Mario RPG, when Mario and his entourage finally meet Smithy, he at first seems far more polite and civil than most villains in the game. This is a façade, however, as he quickly proves just as nasty as the rest of the Smithy Gang, AND he has an uncontrollable temper as well.
  • About half the cast of Team Fortress 2 are either this or normal Affably Evil. The Scout is just an asshole, The Spy is coldly professional, and The Sniper and Engineer are nice people when not being paid to kill, but the rest would probably do this for free, whether it's because death is just a normal side-effect of their hobbies (Demoman, Medic), they're crazy (Pyro, Soldier), or they just plain like killing (Heavy, Scout).
  • In the second Tekken Jun was considered pure, if maybe a grump. The first Tag game gave us Unknown and immediately the rumors began. The second Tag confirmed they are one and the same, with Divergent Character Evolution making Jun pretty grumpy and Unknown is much more, "Hello boys," in your may be an act but she is at the very least murderous.
  • The Tiamat Sacrament: Ry'jin complements Az'uar for defeating Gyle and having strong dragon DNA, but he also plans on killing Az'uar and stealing his powers. As Faen, he acts fatherly towards Xandra and tries to encourage her and Az'uar to get along, but only so he can manipulate them.
  • Tomb Raider (2013): Mathias feigns politeness and reason in his meetings with Lara and Sam, even managing to earn Sam's trust by bandaging her injured foot. In reality, he was bordering on sociopathic by the time of his first journal entry, in which he documents how he routinely tortures other people who wash up on Yamatai until they agree to join the Solarii, and kills those who don't agree.
  • In Ultima 7: The Black Gate, we have Batlin. A kindly sage and former druid, who is the head of the Fellowship and always working hard to help the people of Britannia. On the other hand, the Fellowship is a cult intended to subvert Britannia, spread distrust in the Virtues and Lord British, and pave the way for the Guardian to take everything over. In a hard-to-find dialogue (you have to cast the all-destroying Armageddon spell to get it) you find out that Batlin is driven by pure nihilism, having learned that (supposedly) nothing exists beyond death. (In the sequel, he is attempting to gain immortality for this reason.)
  • Even after the player finds out he's a sadistic Social Darwinist, Flowey from Undertale keeps up his friendly and cheerful demeanor.
  • The Crooked Man in The Wolf Among Us at first appears to be a genuinely nice person who was only trying to use his power and resources to care for the Fables that the apathetic government had left in the dust. However, once confronted with evidence from Nerissa saying that he personally ordered the executions of women who wished to escape owing debt to him, he physically attacks Wolf and attempts to throw the both of them down the Witching Well. He also has no qualms having an Ax-Crazy demon woman be his personal bodyguard. Also, his codex entry says that he murdered his family to save on living costs. That says a lot.
  • Sho Minamimoto of The World Ends with You: sadistic, utterly unpredictable, and Crazy Is Cool.
  • Professor Putricide from World of Warcraft is a funny, quirky old Mad Scientist who sewed his "children" together from a pile of corpses, and spends his time creating deadly plagues for the Scourge to use in their war against the living.
    Professor Putricide: Good news, everyone! The slime is flowing again!
  • Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2, best shown in some points in the Southern Shelf. If you're doing the main quest, he banters with the player in a way that's not entirely friendly but seems more jokey than anything else (for example, he tells you that he was thinking of naming his diamond horse "Piss-for-Brains" in your honor). If you're doing a sidequest to collect some audio recordings of him, however, he puts on a seemingly apologetic pose when Helena Pierce tells him the cause of her scarring, then casually guns her down and laughs about the noise her head made when he shot her in the face.
    • Tyreen Calypso from Borderlands 3 acts like a goofy Youtube celebrity, but she's a ruthless killer on a quest for godhood.
  • Made quite clear with Chairman Drek's first scene in Ratchet & Clank (2002). He puts on a calm and polite tone when explaining his Planet Looters plan to the people of Novalis (including nonchalantly predicting the planet's offset mass will send it flying into its sun and cause an Earth-Shattering Kaboom), but after the cut...
    Drek: ...and if you don't like it, you can take your whiny, sniveling, snot-nosed populations, form a line behind me and kiss my--!...We're still on? Well, turn it off, you idiot!
  • Ayano "Yan-chan" Aishi, the Villain Protagonist of Yandere Simulator, is a full-blown sociopath and Emotionless Girl who taught herself to fake emotions and "normal" human behavior in order to fit in better. Depending on the player's choices, she can Pet the Dog plenty and establish herself as a popular, well-liked student, but the only thing she cares about is her beloved Senpai.
  • Vice President Richard Hawk of Metal Wolf Chaos presents himself as a patriotic and charismatic politician in his televised propaganda. When faced with the hero, President Michael Wilson, he tends to be civil, snarky, and humorous while having a condescending tone. However, underneath all that charm and humor is a tyrant motivated by spite, jealousy, and ambition, to the point of trying to destroy the United States, along with the entire Earth, when Michael takes the country back from him.
    Richard: Chasing 15 million feet after me! Now that's love! Well, I love you too, Michael! I love you so much, I can't stand it. So much, I want to kill you!
  • Ys
    • Ys Origin & Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished – The Final Chapter
      • Dalles is a polite and refined sorcerer, often giving his enemies sarcastic compliments for overcoming his demonic minions. When tempting Hugo with the power of the Demonic Essence, he uses his silver tongue to trick Hugo into thinking that demonic power is no different from regular magic. Underneath all that is one of the most sadistic characters in the series, as shown when he kills or petrifies people, and then leaves a survivor behind so he can mock them for being too weak to stop him.
      • Similarly, his advisor, Zava, is capable of being civil with their enemies and even flirts with Hugo, though she also has a much shorter fuse, as shown by her venomous reaction when her enemies kills her summoned demons, insults her boss, or calls her old.
      • Cain Fact/Darm acts polite and subservient to the goddesses despite how he knows they know of his betrayal. After he impales Dalles, he gives the sorcerer False Reassurance that he'll be resurrected as a slave in the future. He only drops the false benevolence when speaking to his son, Toal, who he verbally abuses for turning his back on the family doctrine.
    • In the voiced versions of Ys: The Oath in Felghana, Count McGuire has a rather cheerful tone when ordering Chester to kick Adol into the Zone of Lava and when ordering his soldiers to arrest Father Pierre.
  • Welcome to the Game II:
    • Lucas Kumiega says in one game over that he will pray for you. He turns out to be a Jerkass otherwise though. In another game over, when he finds you hiding, he calls you a fool before blowing your brains out, and if you leave your computer on when he enters your apartment to search for you, he will not only steal a lot of your money, but also erase all of your notes just to be an asshole.
    • Adam is perfectly polite to you when he kidnaps you at the end, despite being a murderous psychopath who has masterminded one of the most evil Deep Web organizations ever.
    • The Dollmaker is a borderline mood swinger who speaks very softly toward you while politely threatening to kill you if you don't help him kidnap women.
  • The Witch's House: The Black Cat Demon is very casual, laid-back, snarky, cordial, and Laughably Evil, often greeting others with a "Yo!". He's surprisingly goofy for a demon. He's also a sadistic Manipulative Bastard who only cares about himself, revels in the suffering of others, and eats the souls of children. Beneath his friendly demeanor, he's a pure evil monster.


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