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The Abridged Series


  • Blackbird (Arrow)
    • Dinah is emotionally abusive to Laurel, though Laurel doesn't really realize it until Dinah sells her out to the League to get Sara back.
    • When drunk at least, Quentin is verbally and emotionally abusive to Laurel as well, and (just like Dinah) blames her for what happened to Sara. The fact that he was too busy drinking and wallowing in self-pity to notice that Laurel was missing for three years doesn't speak well of him either, even if he does feel guilt over it.
    • Both of them are this to Sara as well, though of the neglectful variety. When Quentin and Dinah weren't spoiling her rotten and letting her get away with murder, they were ignoring her and failing to give her any sufficient moral support. Tellingly, Sara has been slowly wasting away over the last three years and neither of them have noticed and/or attempted to remedy the situation. When you look at it objectively, Sara is as much of a victim of their bad parenting as Laurel was, just in a less obvious and seemingly more palatable fashion.
      • To Quentin's credit, this is mostly because Dinah has been deliberately monopolizing Sara and keeping her away, and Sara herself is avoiding Quentin because of the guilt of what happened to Laurel. Once Laurel comes back, Sara all but begs Quentin to let her move in with him, calling life with Dinah 'stifling'.
      • In a way, Dinah forcing the decision of whether or not to give up Laurel to the League was another act of abuse towards Sara as much as Laurel. She put an impossible choice on her younger daughter in order to justify the choice she had already made on her own and assuage her own conscience, leaving Sara to deal with the guilt of what happened. It's no wonder Sara decides to move back in with Quentin the first chance she gets.
    • Ra's is also harsh and dismissive to Nyssa, and even threatens to punish her just for speaking out of turn one too many times.
  • Forging a Better Future
    • Quentin does love his daughters, but can be emotionally abusive when drunk. Laurel has been subject to such for abuse for the past five years, and it's taken a toll on her. He also reacts very poorly when he learns Sara was an assassin, and while in a drunken rage, even tries to intimidate Laurel at one point. Fortunately, Sara throws him out before it can escalate, leaving it uncertain how much worse he could have gotten.
    • Dinah is said to have probably found family life annoying. She spoiled Sara, but held Laurel to impossible standards and was always quick to punish her for anything; and did not support or comfort either of them as much as she should have. She also legitimately does not seem to realize that letting Sara sleep with Laurel's boyfriend was wrong, and in fact never confessed to it in the first place. Sara has also come to realize that it was really Laurel, not Dinah or Quentin who truly raised her; and believes that Dinah's attempts to find her after the Queens's Gambit sank was to absolve her own guilt rather than find Sara. Tellingly, Dinah is considered the second worst parent, only being better than Malcolm.
    • Malcolm is, of course, the worst parent. Psychopathy aside (and that's a big issue itself), he is cold and judgmental to Tommy, who says that Malcolm has never said "I love you" to him since his return from the League of Assassins. His treatment of Thea seemed to consist solely of indoctrinating her to his worldview, suggesting he had no true love for her.
  • What It Takes: Quentin. Dear God, Quentin.
    • Outing Laurel as the Black Canary, setting a S.W.A.T. team on her and eventually authorizing a shoot-on-sight order for her is just the beginning of what he does. By the time he finally comes to his senses, the damage is done and no one except Dinah and him are surprised when Laurel refuses to forgive him for his actions.
    • He's also emotionally abusive to Sara as well, if to a lesser degree. He basically ignores all her opinions and feelings about the current situation and keeps on using her as an excuse to be abusive to her sister. It's not surprising that Sara decides to cut him out of her life as well.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Ash and Petals:
    • Mai's parents would beat her when she "acted out" or showed too much emotion. Her earliest memories are of her mother putting make-up over the bruises her dad caused.
    • Ozai was emotionally and physically abusive towards both his kids. He was also sexually abusive towards his daughter Azula.
  • Blood Moon: Because Katara is locked up in the same cage as her, Hama takes the young child under her wing. And forces her to learn bloodbending, often punishing her disobedience and defiance by bloodbending the poor child.
  • Deadshots: With Zuko seemingly dead, the full brunt of Ozai's terrible parenting falls on Azula much earlier. At one point, she drags in a man who snuck into her room in the middle of the night in order to complain about her guards being lazy. Ozai explains he downgraded her guards on purpose. The worst part is that he's not actually trying to get her raped; he genuinely thinks that fighting off advances from boorish nobles who think they can rape their way into a marriage is great training, and the fact that she keeps killing her assailants is proof that he's right. Ty Lee and Iroh quickly realize that Azula is getting worn to the bone and intervene to keep her from either killing herself or going insane.
  • Fractures (ATLA): Ozai, as in canon, and taken Up to Eleven with his numerous torture sessions carried out against his own son. He is even an abusive uncle, trying (and thankfully failing) to have Lu Ten assassinated.
  • The Last Firebender (sinistercinnamon): Ozai's canon scarring of Zuko causes the Great Spirit Agni to remove all firebending except for Zuko's. Ozai then proceeds to blame everything on Zuko and put a bounty on his head. It gets worse when Azula brings him home. Ozai suddenly treats Zuko like the perfect son, and ignores Azula unless he is forced to acknowledge her.
    sinistercinnamon: I am satisfied that I came up with the absolute worst reaction Ozai could possibly have to his son's return.
  • Restraint:
    • Ozai was emotionally and physically abusive to both his children, as well as sexually abusive to Azula.
    • Ursa neglected Azula in favor of Zuko. She's trying to make up for it, but her relationship with Azula is still tense on both sides.
    • It's implied that Mai's parents were emotionally, if not also physically, abusive.


  • Anglerfish: Jack Drake expecting Tim to be his primary caregiver despite rolling in money while he's recovering from his coma, yelling at his kid, taking and breaking Tim's things over perceived insults, and threatening violence against Tim for imagined slights is treated more seriously here by Jason that it was in Robin (1993), where Tim didn't want to admit to his father's faults.


Calvin and Hobbes

  • Calvin's mother in Calvin and Hobbes: The Series is generally portrayed more or less as she is in the original strip, except for a brief incident wherein she beats her son with a broom for ruining her laundry. It can be inferred as a homage to Tom suffering the same punishment, but the shift from pet owner to biological mother ends up making it ooze unfortunate implications.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • In the drabble Sanctuary, Violet's Stage Mom mother is physically abusive. The first time Veruca notices is when she sees Violet with a black eye after winning second in a competition. The title comes from Violet claiming sanctuary at Veruca's several years later after her mom beats her up.

Code Geass

  • My Mirror, Sword and Shield: Suzaku’s unnamed mother was verbally abusive towards him, calling him a mistake and was neglectful of him, spending all their money on her drug habit. Suzaku remember that he had to take of her and himself more than it was the other way around until she overdosed when he was nine. When he accidentally time travels to the past, he deliberately decides to not help her, knowing that she won't change.


  • In Dark Dynasty, Pan takes the trope Up to Eleven by being an horrible father and grandfather: not only he threw his son away as trash, he also kidnapped his eldest grandson and treated him like prey, refraining from killing him because someone had to continue the bloodline. If you think it's a Pet the Dog moment, he's implied to have sold the kid to dark magic users for wind-wiping and forced rejuvenation because he thought it would be more fun. Nowadays he has ripped his great-grandson's heart to replace his and live forever, and actually plans to abduct his youngest grandson and make him his new toy. Okay, Pan doesn't know about the kid being his other grandson, but you can bet it wouldn't stop him if it were the case.
  • In the Demented Verse, Dean in particular is angry when he hears about Harry's upbringing with the Dursleys.
  • In The Gods Awaken, The Blights are not really the most perfect family on paper: while Alador did force Amity to end her friendship with Willow, it is apparent he was hard-pressed into doing it because of Odalia. Odalia herself emotionally and psychologically abuses Amity (whom she tries to mold into being like her) by dying her hair green or threatening to send her to the Conformatorium when Amity was refusing to disavow her friends. Aside from Amity, Odalia hardly takes her older children into consideration and has no qualms with draining her son of his magic.
  • Professor Membrane was never a great father in canon, but the first Halloween Unspectacular makes him even worse: not satisfied with how Dib turned out, he conducted painful experiments on him as part of a government project to create a Physical God. Needless to say, you don't feel sorry for him when the project goes horribly right and he becomes one of the first victims of Dib's (now ReGenesis) rampage.
  • It's not given great attention, but in Harry Potter and the Mystic Force, the Rangers all express degrees of discomfort hearing about Harry’s childhood.
  • In Infinity Crisis, while Nebula's history with Thanos comes up, Bruce Banner makes reference to his abusive father when talking with Caitlin Snow.
  • Infinity Train: Boiling Point has not only the canon example of the Blights, but Boscha's parents: Prometheus and Amirani. The latter moreso, since when Boscha comes see her after getting the stuffing beaten out of her by Amity, not only does she show little sympathy for her daughter, but congratulates the perpetrator.
  • In Interventions, Bob Bishop gets called out by Xander on his treatment of Elle.
  • Jaune's parents are not shown in the greatest light in Jaune and Courage the Cowardly Dog. They pressured their son in to becoming a Huntsman despite the fact that Jaune was too busy doing jobs and taking care of the Arc Family to receive any formal training, and then had the nerve to disown him after said lack of training and forged transcripts got him expelled. Jaune considers getting adopted by the Bagge family to be one of the greatest things to have ever happened to him.
  • In Lost in Camelot, Uther is a clear example of this, but Bo references her own grim history with her mother, as well as her adoptive parents’ harsh reactions after she unintentionally killed her first boyfriend.
  • The Night Unfurls has John Mandeville, to Chloe. He is a slaver who raped her mother (thus giving birth to Chloe), and enslaved them the same way as other dark elves under him for entertainment, which led to her mother's death. Even after Chloe was rescued by Olga, Mandeville eventually finds his daughter and subjects her to prolonged Cold Blood Torture.
  • In Once Upon a Supernatural Time, this is acknowledged for Regina in particular as in canon, but Dean also finds himself reflecting on John Winchester’s flaws as a father even if he still admires him as a hunter.
  • Remnant Inferis: DOOM:
    • Marcus Black, if Mercury being reminded of him by watching the Slayer brutalize his enemies is any indication. He later spends some time beating his son up when they re-encounter.
    • William's (maternal) grandfather was shown to be a complete asshole, having arranged for William and his little brother, Hunter, to be kidnapped and treating his daughter, Aelia, like crap. It serves to make Doomguy beating him to a pulp all the more satisfying.
    • Like canon, Jacques is both emotionally and physically abusive with his youngest children. He outright manhandles Weiss for trying to comfort Ruby after he had the Slayer teleported away and he keeps Whitley under a tight leash to the point where the kid has to actively remind himself to always play the role of The Dutiful Son.
  • Swordsmen: Akane/Heather's parents, of the neglect and verbal variety, as by her recollection, her mother spent more time drunk than not, and her father couldn't speak a word to her without being overly critical. There's also Morgan Trevor's parents, as her father outright hates her since the only reason he married her mother was because her mother was pregnant with her, plus both of them verbally abuse her, with her mother having outright called her a slut on one occasion. Morgan's mother also forced her to get an abortion the first time she got pregnant, with the alternative being that she'd be thrown out on the street if she didn't comply.
  • The Three Kings: Hunt: James Andrews is mentally and physically abusive towards his wife and both his children. The fic does a good job of portraying the issues that arise from abusive homes from Ryou's mental instability (kleptomania & insomnia etc.) to Amane's anger management issues.
  • In The Wheel and the Butterfly Saga, Dan's parents are confirmed to have been very abusive towards him, keeping him in a cage for the first few years of his life, in addition to the emotional abuse.
  • With Pearl and Ruby Glowing has several parents that aren't winning a parent of the year award anytime soon, and many are even sexually abusive to their kids.


  • Despair's Last Resort:
    • Kaito Fujiwara's parents. Throughout his life they called him useless and a waste, blamed him for things he didn't do, and constantly held him up to the standards of his older brothers. Not even getting into Hope's Peak Academy was enough to please them, since they considered his talent a waste of time. This treatment is part of what leads him to kill Chiyo. If his animation work was destroyed, then everything his parents said about him would be true.
    • What little we know about Kumiko's parents suggests this. They're constantly at work, and when they are home they don't even talk to her. She keeps telling herself that it's just because their job keeps them busy, but there seems to be something that's making it harder for her to believe it.

Danny Phantom

  • Resurrected Memories: More of the neglectful variety but from all of the Flashbacks, it’s obvious that Ember’s parents weren’t good parents, being more focused on work and social climbing to notice their daughter’s needs, which may have contributed to her hated of adult authority. Luckily Ember’s sister Amy turned out to be a much better parent to her two children Zoe and Maggie.


  • Batman Beyond Revisited: Jake's mother, after his father dies, which culminates in him running away.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Darkseid takes his usual abhorrent behavior up a level when he kidnaps his son Orion and orders Desaad to torture the Anti-Life Equation out of him by any means necessary.
  • Kara of Rokyn: After it came out Lex Luthor had attempted to murder Superboy several times, his father Jules told him they were disowning him and taking him to reform school, and they'd only take him back if he promised to give up his hate for Superboy. Lex retorted if they were siding with Superboy, then they weren't really his parents. Jules slapped him hard enough to knock him across the room.
    "Lex finally turned on his parents, then. He said that Superboy had gotten to them, too. He said that they should just go ahead and adopt Superboy, if they cared about Supes more than they did him. He said that maybe they really weren't his parents, after all. They were so dumb, and he was so smart. Arlene was yelling at Lex by then, telling him to stop it, telling him that he was still her son, but Lex said it wasn't true."
    "And Jules hit him."
    "It was an open-handed slap, not a punch. But it knocked Lex off his feet, made the inside of his mouth bleed a little bit, and bashed him up against an old grandfather clock in the front room. Both of them were looking at each other, not saying a damn word, and sure as hell not smiling. Arlene was trying to go to Lex, but Jules got her by the arm and held her back. He finally said, 'Go to your room, Lex. Whether you go on the run tonight, or we take you to reform school tomorrow, makes no difference to me.'"
  • one day at a time:
    • The original Bruce Wayne. It wasn't intentional, obviously, but when it came down to it Bruce was not the most emotionally stable individual and whenever he was hit hard by something, he tended to act very cruelly to his children. When he meets Jason in limbo and his son starts berating him for his poor treatment of them, Bruce doesn't even try to defend himself (going as far as to list all the horrible things he did to them) and calls himself a terrible father.
    • Lady Shiva and David Cain, as in canon. Shiva only views Cass as an "investment" and hates her because she holds Cass responsible for her sister's death. Cain does love Cass, but he's Vicariously Ambitious, projecting his own desires onto her instead of sincerely considering what she wants.
    • Cluemaster, judging from the way that Stephanie talks about him.
    • Slade Wilson pumped his daughter full of drugs to keep her reliant on him and, in the previous timeline, stuffed a chunk of Kryptonite in her empty socket despite knowing that her healing factor wasn't strong enough to stave off the cancer-inducing radiation. After he murdered her boyfriend for a job, she finally killed him.
    • Ra's al Ghul. No matter what he says, any unbiased person can tell he only views his family as tools for his ambitions. He tried to take over Damian's body when his own finally started failing him, and he tortured Talia for information about Jason after she betrayed him one too many times.


  • Digimon: Children of Time: As revealed in Present chapter 26, Rumiko's yakuza father tried to sell her as a prostitute, but Seiko refused to let him and ran away to Shinjuku with Rumiko and her then-boyfriend, Rika's father, in tow.

Dragon Ball

  • In The Warrior's Daughter, Vegeta keeps being as abusive as he was at the Android Arc, frequently mocking and threatening Bulla even after finding out about her being his future daughter. When Bulla, who is even less willing to putting with his abuse than Future Trunks, fires back, he complains that she does not respect her father.

Elfen Lied

  • Family Sticks Together has this in the backstory of Alex. Prior to ending up in the orphanage, Alex lived with his maternal uncle, who beat him regularly, called him a freak, and locked him out of the house to fend for himself. When conversing with the spirit of his mother in chapter 10, she explains that she left the infant Alex in his uncle's care to protect him from Director Kakuzawa and his mooks, though she admits that, given his uncle's treatment of her son, it probably wasn't the best choice.


  • In this series John Gage had abusive uncles as surrogate parents in his backstory. So very, very much. They had him after his parents died and it was not pretty. His aunt rescued him eventually.

Ever After High

  • The True Love Loophole: As a child, Raven's mother placed a curse on her, stopping her from crying more than a few tears at a time. Raven is also Covered with Scars because of her mother's physical abuse as well.

The Fairly OddParents

  • In Never Had a Friend Like Me, Amanda's parents are never going to win a parenting award. They never wanted kids and don't want to waste time, energy, or money on the one they ended up with. They aren't physically abusive towards her. Emotionally and mentally, however... Well, when even Norm feels bad for you, you know that the kid deserves a break.

Final Fantasy VII

  • Us and Them: It should come as no surprise that President Shinra turns out to be one. This is one of the reasons that lead Rufus to arrange his demise.


  • In Kimberly T's Gargoyles series, the Xanatos family employ Anne Marsden as a nanny for Alexander after realising that her daughter, Bethany, has inherited fae powers from Anne's husband, Philip, who was killed during the Lost Nights as the start of Anne's life falling apart. When Xanatos does some research into Phil's past, he realises that Phil's childhood home was specifically designed by Phil's grandfather to ward off any fey, such as iron around the premise and anti-fae plants in the gardens. As a result, Phil would have experienced agony the moment he used any form of magic as a child, accounting for his lack of abilities as an adult, which in Xanatos's experience of the fae would mean that someone basically crippled Phil from birth.

Goof Troop

  • Pete is clearly a psychologically Abusive Parent in the show's canon, but in the fanfic Anything Or Nothing, the author extends it to physical abuse. The lack of Social Services is explained by PJ (and his mother Peg) being too afraid of Pete to alert anybody to the problems. Consensus among reviewers is that it's frighteningly realistic in the portrayal of the abuse and how it is covered up by the family from friends and authority figures.

Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name

  • In Dead of Night, Conrad's dad berated his son for "terrible" life choices like wanting to be an artist, generally belittling him at every chance he got, before leaving the family. Conrad's mom, meanwhile, subjected her son to her many, many anxieties, leaving him something of a nervous wreck. On Vesser's side of things, his mother was implied to be crazy (even by selkie standards) and couldn't decide if she wanted him around or not, so she enchanted Lee into watching Vesser while she was in the ocean for years on end.
  • While Vesser's parents fall squarely into this trope, his dad reaches new lows in Lightwaves. In Vesser's backstory chapter, it's revealed that he got his selkie wife to marry him by forcing her to do so in exchange for protection. When she begs to be allowed to return to the sea, when Vesser's sixteen, he responds by hitting her and then hits Vesser for the horrible crime of staring in horror at the action. When Vesser, reacting purely in fear, bites his dad, Mr. Hatch reacts by calling the police to have his wife and son be arrested as Undesirables, leading to Mrs. Hatch's death and Vesser becoming an outlaw. The entire thing basically turns Vesser against all humans in the city.

Happy Tree Friends

Harry Potter

  • The Dursleys in The Accidental Animagus. They're actually worse than in canon, with Vernon actually engaging in physical abuse as well. Fortunately, part of the point of the fic is that this doesn't last long.
  • In the backstory of the Adam Winters series, it is revealed that Adam has had a few bad experiences with some of his past foster families, who blatantly favoured their own children over him even when he was being honest, although in their defence it was hard for them to consider the idea that magic might be a factor.
  • The Big, Screwed-Up Family dynamics between the Blacks in The Black Sheep Dog Series do lead to many poor parental relationships.
    • In the first story, In The Black, Orion blackmails Sirius after finding out that he's an illegal animagus by threatening to tell his mother if he doesn't step in line with the family's program. Then, when he catches Sirius while the latter is on an Order mission in Black Mask, he almost hits his son, destroys his Polyjuice potion and forces him to leave the premises in his animagus form, leashed and muzzled, in order to humiliate him.
    • Orion's father Arcturus is practically The Bully towards his own family, and both Orion and Lucretia are terrified of him, even as adults. Arcturus also encourages Orion to beat his sons (which Orion never does), which implies that Arcturus had been physically abusive when his children were younger.
  • In Ghost Of You (essentially the sequel to My Immortal) Hermione's parents, well known for being loving and understanding in canon, were actually abusers who kidnapped her from her real parents. According to Tara and Raven "this is possible because it is never implied that it's NOT true".
  • Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin has many examples.
    • Sort of subverted with the Dursleys, as they abuse and mistreat Harry for years because they are under a Hate Plague spell;
    • James and Lily are of the neglectful kind, as they abandoned Harry with the Dursleys in the first place;
    • Edwina Pettigrew (nee Gamp), who is an Attention Whore who pretended to be sick all the time and forced her son to live in poverty. Though his father was no better, as the son of one of Grindelwald's lieutenants who plotted to have his wife suffer Death by Childbirth so he could claim the Gamp's Wizengamot seat.
    • Tiberius Nott has been actively looking for a way to ruin Theo's life, if not outright murder him, since Theo was five years old, if not before. While he does have some regard for his older son and Heir Alex, that affection is limited to the ways he can manipulate Alex to follow in his footsteps, and he doesn't care about Alex as an independent person.
    • Narcissa Black (formerly Malfoy) attempts to outright murder her son after he chooses to stay with her ex-husband during their divorce proceedings
  • The Dursleys in Holly Potter and the Witching World. They treat Holly slightly better than their canon counterparts treated Harry, in that she has a proper bedroom and it's made clear they have never lifted a hand to her (the one time Aunt Petunia tries to spank Holly, she's interrupted by Albus Dumbledore, who just "happens" to stop by). However, they still yell at and punish Holly for crimes she didn't commit, make her do impossible chores like mowing the lawn while the rain is pouring down, and constantly tell her what an ungrateful brat she is for not appreciating everything they do for her.
  • In Hot Under The Collar, Remus' dad and Sirius and Regulus' parents are abusive. Lyall Lupin physically abused Remus because he was gay.
  • Mudsnake is an Alternate Universe Fic where a combination of Hermione's abusive parents, her history of being bullied, and her Friendless Background lead her to be housed under Slytherin. Snape becomes close to her because he's the only one who realizes her abused background, which he relates to.
  • In My Immortal proper Arthur Weasley raped his kids "and stuff".
  • No Competition:
    • The Dursleys lock Harry Potter out of their house and shed overnight, dress him in Dudley's worn-out clothes and shoes (neither of which are weather-appropriate), lock him in the cupboard under the stairs, and when they get blackmailed into enrolling him in school, they send him to walk alone three miles to school.
    • Jasper's father treated him as The Un-Favourite due to being the son of a mistress that got pregnant. Once Jasper was bitten Lockwood senior threw him out with only the clothes on his back.
  • The Peace Not Promised has brief appearances by Severus Snape's parents. His mother is cold and neglectful, responding to his return home at the end of the school year only by criticising him for not knocking. His father is outright violent, when he's not passed out drunk, and even strikes Lily on the one occasion she visits. In his first life, Snape killed them both at Voldemort's instruction, to get access to his mother's inheritance, and even after his reformation he didn't feel guilty about it. In his second life, he has no intention of committing murder, but informs Dumbledore that if they died again, he wouldn't care.
  • Shifting Lines, Remus' father emotionally and physically abuses him by guilt tripping and hitting him. His mother is possesive and overprotective of Remus, guilt tripping and emotionally abusing him. Sirius' parents are implied to be abusing him.

Hawaii Five-0

  • In the story Hawaii Five 0 Obsession: Becca's, Steve's ex-girlfriend and stalker, father is revealed to have been emotionally and physically abusive, as he forced Becca to keep the pregnancy and then give her son up for adoption and withheld Steve's letters to her, making her think that he, Steve, forgot about her.

Hetalia: Axis Powers


How to Train Your Dragon

  • In The Blacksmith's Apprentice, it's hard to see Stoick as anything but abusive when he disowned Hiccup and left him basically a servant in his own village, although he swiftly recognises his mistake when Hiccup begins to prove himself.
    • Even Gobber qualifies as such to a degree; despite taking Hiccup in after he was disowned, over the past three years Gobber has become increasingly drunk and lazy through grief, essentially shattering Hiccup's spirit when he destroyed some of Hiccup's inventions and sometimes hitting Hiccup when he's drunk and Hiccup doesn't keep up with others' orders despite Hiccup having been working for hours without a break.
  • When Astrid refuses to disassociate herself from Hiccup in Lost Boy, her father Ivar resorts to beating her at home. It is not until Astrid nearly disowns herself and the fact that Snotlout is a cruel, abusive idiot is made obvious to him does he come to his senses, even deciding to trust Hiccup as her friend.
  • In Rivalry, Astrid's mother threatens to disown Astrid if Hiccup outdoes her in dragon-training.
  • While Stoick's parenting in What Lies Beneath is built more on ignorance than malice, at best he's neglectful, prioritizing his chiefing over actually looking to his son's needs, continually postponing taking any time to train Hiccup to fight under the belief that he wasn't ready. At worst, he's emotionally abusive, either making Hiccup think that it was somehow Hiccup's own fault that Stoick had no time for him (albeit by accident) and misinterpreting Hiccup's silent pleas for help as him being stubborn. It takes years of Hiccup's aloofness, scolding from his daughter-in-law and seeing how radically different a dad Hiccup is to Zephyr for it to really sink in.

The Hunger Games

  • Showdown No Holding Back: Aurora’s father raped her (something she vengefully exposes in her interview) and also inspires a lot of fear in her little brother. Tesu’s mother is neglectful, shrill and mean to him and his sister.

Invader Zim

  • Becoming a True Invader: Kor's father Blarby is this due to his obliviousness towards her lacking the other Fefians' inability to feel pain. As such, he has no problem making her partake in normal Fefian activities that involve dismemberment and mutilation. She eventually gets revenge by nearly killing him via temporarily neutralizing his Healing Factor, and when he's later killed for real by one of The Employer's monsters, she shows zero grief over it.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Queen of All Oni:
    • It seems that when Drago was sealed away by Lo Pei, Shendu intentionally left him that way in order to "build character".
    • Jade's parents almost veer into this from Parental Neglect; Tarakudo uncovers in a dream that after injuring herself exploring (sliding down a banister), her mother's reaction was to spank her for disturbing the adults' party rather than concern for Jade's well being (she ran into a statue at the end of the railing and had severe bruising and was crying). Jade truly considers going to live with Jackie to be the best thing that ever happened to her before she went evil.
  • The Stronger Evil: In the Bad Future from which Drago originates, Shendu's future self was explicitly an ashen-hearted jerk towards his son after Valerie's death in that timeline drove Shendu to the brink of madness.


  • It's implied that Rio had abusive parents in Deception Unveiled. As a teenager he used to hide bruises and would spend as much time at his girlfriend's as he could. This resulted in trust issues.
  • Farewell to Life the Way We Knew It:
    • Roxy had a physically abusive mother growing up, which her running away as a teen. Her step-fathers were also abusive. This has resulted in Roxy's dislike of being touched.
    • Pizzazz and Jetta both had emotionally abusive and neglectful parents.
  • In Touch: Shadow, Roxy explains to Stormer that she grew up with a neglectful and abusive mother. Her mother fed her nothing but canned tuna and ramen (and not just because they were poor), beat her up randomly, and did the bare minimum to take care of Roxy. When one of her boyfriends got too handsy, Roxy began hanging out with the Red Aces gang because her home life wasn't good. Eventually she outright ran away from home.


  • In Ambience: Platoon (Moebius Four) we eventually learn that Franklin's hatred of his parents comes from their attempts to raise him to be a perfect soldier, which frequently skirted close to if not outright became this.

Kill la Kill

  • In Cellar Secrets, this is played with in Ragyo's case. While neither Satsuki or Nui gets the worst of her treatment, she does seem to abuse them psychologically and lorded over them with fear (i.e her beating her secretary and leaving them to see her injuries and the fact that they don't refer to her as "mother"). However, at the same, she was exceptionally cruel to Ryuuko, keeping her caged and isolated in the titular cellar and, apparently, physically abusing her. She does regret her treatment of her daughters and, as she dies, tells them she loves them, however, she acknowledges she can do nothing to atone.
  • The Crimson Garment:
    • Ragyo, even though it's implied that she wasn't always like this, is just as bad if not worse than her canon counterpart. The Parental Incest, even though it only takes place off-screen, is very much present. However the emotional abuse is much MUCH worse, as she's a very nasty combination of Education Mama, My Beloved Smother, and Fantasy-Forbidding Mother.
    • Houka Inumuta's father is a Fantasy-Forbidding Father who treats his older son like trash and encourages his younger son to bully him. Not to mention he gave his son's Canine Companion to REVOCS knowing that he would most likely die a test subject for Life Fibers.
    • This is implied to the case with Shiro's parents, as he spends a lot of time at his aunt's house and he's mentioned to not be on pleasant terms with them.
    • From what we get from the narrative, abusive parents of some form or another are highly common, given that Mako's parents are, so far, the only set we see that don't treat their kids less than human or as a means to an end.
  • In Kill la Kill AU, we have Ragyo's mother, Youko, in that she even stated she wished she never had her, states that she should have thrown her away, ignores her in favor of sitting in front of the TV and smoking cigarettes, and even cites her daughter's birthday it as the day where her life was ruined when she was only six years. Needless to say, after Ragyo is struck by car, her parents divorce and her father takes full custody of her. Likewise, Ragyo herself is a subversion, as she's shown to be very loving towards her children.
  • We have this in Kiryuuin Chronicles with Satsuki's step-father when he snatches her out of the closet (where she was hiding the night before) and throws her into a wall. This was after he had beaten her mother and her Parental Substitute.
  • A Minor Miscalculation takes Ragyo's canon physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of her daughters and highlights it; the fact that everyone's plans are going awry causes her to drop the excuses used in the series and openly torture Satsuki for fun and pleasure. She also violently attacks Nui - who otherwise enjoys the abuse - after hearing of her failure to kill Ryuko's father. Weirdly, she has some sort of Even Evil Has Loved Ones connection with Rei, to whom she's actually nice to and was enraged when she hears of her death.
  • While they're not her real parents, One More Time, One More Chance makes Ryuuko's foster parents these, as she was sent out to pretty bad homes. It's not clear what they did but, one chapter, had her wondering about "creepy people" and another chapter mentions she was kept as "entertainment".
  • In The Outside, while not a parent but a sibling and generally meaning well (but very misguided), Satsuki is a downplayed case of this, as, she could be pretty strict with her rules and how she enforces them. According to parenthesis, her answer to Ryuuko not eating all of her food was to glue her to the chair (literally). From what we got in chapter 27, her response to Ryuuko wetting the bed was to make her take a cold bath and, in chapter 35, we find out that the worst she's done so far was pull a then 3-year old Ryuuko's hair and give her pinches. Besides the aforementioned three, we can assume her punishments for Ryuuko were mainly benign. However, while she doesn't mean any harm by it, her treatment does have it's effect on Ryuuko mentally, as the latter feared breaking her rules for some reason or another.

The Lion King

  • There are a few examples in The Lion King Adventures:
    • Tama's parents are abusive, thus causing her evil streak.
    • The possessed Mufasa and Sarabi in Series Four would also count.
    • Shocker's parents are also strongly implied to be this.
  • In TLKKo's Lion King comic series, Mjeuri is this to his cubs, especially Kat, and others around him. He physically scratches Kat, Ye, and Ada, forces them to sleep outside—no matter if it's raining—if they disobey or lie to them, and doesn't let up until Zakiya kills him near the river. He even gaslights Johari, their mother, who isn't much better.

Love Live!

  • The Niji, µ's, and Aqours systems in When One Becomes Many all have emotionally and/or physically abusive fathers.

Making Fiends
  • Paint It Green, Blue, Black: Vendetta has the vague line "They made me feel like I was two inches tall, so I made THEM two inches tall." that implies her parents were emotionally abusive.

Maria Watches Over Us

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • While Peter had always behaved himself and kept out of the way, Tony in Legacy (DocSuess) only ever showed affection to him for PR reasons and would otherwise pretend he didn't exist.

Marvel Universe

  • Done with several characters in the companion series Ultimate Sleepwalker: The New Dreams and Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light:
    • Mary Jane Watson grew up in a broken home, as she and her mother suffered appalling physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her father. This left Mary Jane with some major anger issues, and she originally becomes a superheroine for no better reason than to spite her superhero-hating father. A major part of her Character Development involves Mary Jane coming to terms with her childhood and fighting crime for the right reasons.
    • Little Bruce Banner was molested by his psychotic mother Rebecca Banner, who also viciously intimidated Bruce's father Brian to keep him from protecting their son. The anger Bruce felt at what was done to him, and his hatred of his father's pathetic weakness, were both major factors in his being so unstable when he became the Hulk.
    • Spider-Woman's enemy Polestar was repeatedly humiliated and ridiculed by his parents for not being as athletic as his older brother or as academically gifted as his younger sister. When he gained superhuman powers, one of the reasons he became a supervillain was specifically to humiliate his family by being associated with him.
    • The Green Goblin became an obsessive control freak who enjoyed terrorizing the people around him after he saw the way his father had destroyed the family fortune through his drunken binges and lack of self-control.
    • It's heavily implied that the reason that the Brothers Grimm became such Psychopathic Manchildren was because of all the cocaine their mother did while she was pregnant with them.

The Matrix

  • Bringing Me To Life: Max's dad, Mr. Jameson, physically and emotionally abuses his son and wife, along with starving them if he doesn't feel like hitting them.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • Lila's Lament: Lila thinks Adrien was lying about his father being oppressive and controlling to gain sympathy from his classmates, as she believes that no one who provides their child with a luxurious lifestyle and makes them famous could be abusive. Of course, when she uses the Wish and alters reality so that Gabriel becomes her father, she learns for herself that Adrien was very much telling the truth.
  • Roy Corbin in Marc Being In A Gang Rights only ever involves Nathan in his life if it ever suited him, going for months at a time without seeing or hearing from him, only to invite him to a party for the sake of publicity. Even then he basically tries to auction his son's hand in marriage for the sake of his company without even letting Nathaniel know about it, Nathan not learning about it until he unintentionally rejecting a random suitor and getting him akumatized. This is also why Nathan has his mother's last name instead of his father's.
  • The starting point of Someone to Watch Over Me is that Gabriel is deliberately pushing Adrien to the breaking point with cutting words and unrealistic expectations, in hopes of making him an especially powerful akuma.
  • Spellbound sees Gabriel compound his emotional neglect with physical punishments — nothing as crude as raising his fists to them, but rather things like installing iron gates and screens so they can't leave. He even once goes so far as to make Adrien wear a bell collar, which is very painful for feline Super Hearing. And on one occasion where Felix actually wants the security screens closed to block out the temptations of the Land of Faerie, his father dismisses his concerns (while knowing perfectly well that Felix is telling the truth) and re-opens them.

Mob Psycho 100

  • An Attempt at Peace. Sho's mother can't look at him without seeing his father. She can't differentiate between her ex-husband and her son. She doesn't bond with him or make any attempt at creating a home for him. He sleeps on the couch for months, only gets enrolled in school when he says that he'll never use his powers again, and gets kicked out of the house when his mother triggers his fight response and he accidentally kicks her.
  • Before the Fall. Teru's parents cut him off completely at the age of fourteen. He loses his apartment, ends up homeless, and resorts to prostitution just to support himself.
  • Just Like You. Sho recounts to his mother how his father awakenedhis powers. The process involved drowning him, burning him, and electrocuting him among other things.
  • Off To The Races:
    • Suzuki Touichirou to his son Sho and his Daughter Mob but in very different ways. Suzuki beats Sho, insults him, and neglects him. This is a consequence of never having had bonded with his son, never being able to get over the fact that his son was a c-section, and his own abusive parents. He is abusive to Mob in different ways. He uses her as a substitute for his wife after she leaves him in all ways but sexually. He uses her as his emotional crutch and puts her into a parental role when it comes to Sho.
    • Suzuki Masami wasn't much better than her husband when it came to Mob. After falling into a deep depression Masami begins to let go of Mob emotionally because of how much like her father she is. She leaves seven year old Mob to get herself ready for school, cook at the stove, and is generally very short and distant from her.
    • Fukuda is this to both Mob and Sho as well. He's the Parental Substitute to Mob and Sho...and he's bad at it. He doesn't give Sho any kind of boundaries, rules, or restrictions. For Mob he just completely let her go emotionally and sees her as the second coming of Suzuki. He's sees her as an adult when she's just a child. He lets her drink, smoke, and does nothing when he suspects that she's in a sexual relationship with a grown man.
    • Shimazaki Ryou had a couple of these himself. His father hated him for being born without eyes and tried to drown him at birth. The rest of his life wasn't much better. He spent the first five years of his life locked in his bedroom with only a record player and some toys for company. His mother only saw him once a day to feed him and empty the bucket he had to use as a bathroom. Later on it's impliedt that his father shot his mother in front of him and him as well. The abuse continued until his father left him to die in the woods when he was fourteen and he made his way back and stabbed him in the stomach and twisted the knife.
    • Minegishi's parents decided that thier child was insane instead of an esper. They starved Minegishi, beat them, kicked them out of the house, and treated them so badly that the Japanese government in the early 2000s took them away from their family and put them in a group home.

Monsters University

  • Born to Please:
    • Chet's parents. His father is a psychotic drunk who regularly beats and rapes his wife and children, including Chet.
    • Javier's parents aren't much better - they kicked him out of home when he was in his teens, forcing him to have to deal drugs and even prostitute himself while living on the streets to get by.

My Hero Academia

  • In Forgiveness is the Attribute of the Strong, All For One and the First One for All user had abusive parents who shaped their respective issues and lead to All for One being very overprotective of his younger brother.
  • In From Muddy Waters, All For One is this to Izuku. While he never physically harmed Izuku and seems to care about him, he emotionally manipulated a younger Izuku into accepting the Quirks stolen from murdered heroes. This continued even after Izuku said he didn't want them. The experience crippled Izuku's self-esteem as he berates himself for not having the strength of will to defy his father.
  • In Lessons Learned, Mitsuki is revealed to have been an abusive mother to Katsuki, yelling at him daily, hitting and slapping him, refusing him meals to punish him for failed tests or bad grades (which provides a darker explanation as to why his grades are so high), kicking him out of the house for periods of up to a week for arguing with her, and destroying his personal possessions. While Masaru does not appear to have actively participated in this abuse, he does not do anything to stop it and blames Katsuki for antagonizing his mother. The story begins with Best Jeanist escorting Katsuki home after he's rescued from being kidnapped by the League of Villains, and he doesn't even get through the door of his house before Mitsuki starts yelling at and hitting him. In response, Best Jeanist immediately takes steps to remove Katsuki from his parents' custody, investigates the full extent of the abuse, and winds up adopting the boy himself.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • In Bubbles, Derpy's mother is emotionally abusive and might be physically abusive as well. She tries to kill Derpy but when that fails, she later abandons her in the woods.
  • The Immortal Game:
    • General Esteem to Rarity. He's a total nutcase as he subjected Rarity to extremely harsh Training from Hell from foalhood in a attempt to make her strong and "superior" like him, killing his wife because she objected to his belief. The reason Rarity and Sweetie Belle got away from him is because Celestia's intervention.
    • This is also the case with the Big Bad King Titan and his wife Queen Terra to Celestia and Luna. They also subjected them to Training from Hell the same as Esteem to Rarity, only million times worse.
  • The MLP Loops: Due to the fact that things can change between loops (especially things that weren't stated outright in canon), this can happen to anyone. Scootaloo in particular, due to having completely absent parents in canon, finds herself with abusive parents disturbingly often. Thankfully she's powerful enough to just kick their flanks and get adopted by Dash or someone else Awake. Sadly, during an Expansion period Diamond Tiara ends up with her canon abusive mother, meaning that version suddenly becomes by far the most common.
    Diamond Tiara: It's just... Twilight did warn me, but I didn't... I didn't want to believe it. I mean, before she could be dead, or divorced, or—or whatever, and I didn't like it, but I treasured... I treasured the times we had together, the Loops where she still existed. I liked my mother, no matter who she was, because... because luck of the draw meant she was usually, you know, a mother. And now... and now I have Spoiled Rich, and she's... she's what made my baseline self so... you know. And the thing is, I look at her and... I don't know. I don't feel like she's my mother. Not like the ones I had before, you know? She's... I don't...
  • My Little Pony: Totally Legit Recap:
    • Trixie heavily implies her father was emotionally abusive to her and he may have been molesting her sister.
    • Rarity's landlord in "Saddle Row Review" threatened to sell his own daughter into prostitution, if the Mane Six didn't move his drug shipment.
    • Chrysalis takes the cake; she forced Thorax/Steve to cross-dress and raped him just cuz.
  • For A Mark Of Appeal, the parents of Joyous Release are implied to have simply abandoned her after her mark turned out to be different from theirs. (Both parents are weather surveyors: Joyous has what appears to be a unique mark for sex appeal — which she can't turn off.) However, it turned out their marks had consumed them and effectively made them unable to operate outside the context of their talents: they seem incapable of thinking about anything beyond a minute or so unless it relates to weather survey.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfiction, it's a Fandom-Specific Plot that Scootaloo's unseen-in-the-show parents are abusive in some way.
    • One example is in The Nuptialverse, where they are emotionally abusive, constantly treating her like a foal and putting her down. When she stands up to her father, he starts beating her.
      • In the same series, Pinkie Pie's father became emotionally distant after his mother died, culminating in hitting Pinkie and accusing her of wasting his time when she got a cutie mark he didn't approve of (her mother didn't partake, but didn't stop him). This led to Pinkie running away and ending up in Ponyville. Unlike most examples, however, they're revealed to have eventually regretted what they'd done and try to make amends.
    • In The Power of the Equinox, Scootaloo used to be Happily Adopted by Brutus Meadows and Vibrant Glow, but after the latter ran into serious gambling debts, Brutus became an alcoholic and starting beating up Scootaloo.
  • The Quiververse gives us another example of the emotional variety with Bitterhoof, father to one of the protagonists, Quiver Quill. After an incident in school leads to Quiver being suspended from classes, Bitterhoof viciously yells at him without getting his side of the story (Quiver was defending himself against a bully), and it ultimately escalates to the father seeing his son's new cutie mark and ordering him to "scrub it off". It never graduates to physical abuse, but to the events of the present day in the storyline, it never ceases, and Quiver considers such a thing inevitable. It's left a number of scars on him, to the point that when he sees Spoiled Rich graduate to physical abuse against a newly-reformed Diamond Tiara, he comes within a hair's breadth of killing the former.
  • In PONY.MOV, Pinkie claims that her father forces her to shove glass up her vagina, but it's a bold-faced lie, made because Pinkie felt nobody was paying attention to her.
  • The Triptych Continuum has multiple examples, usually related to a parent being disappointed in a child's cutie mark. Pinkie's father was extremely abusive to her, as she displayed an apparent lack of earth pony magic even before her mark manifested.
  • The Weedverse: A few examples.
    • Dark Desire, Dim's mother, participates in her House's systemic abuse by using incest and psychological manipulation to keep her family in line. She also subverted Dim's heritage and destiny as a back-up Celestial for Princess Luna by transforming him into an Umbra pony, and paired him up with his cousin Darling Dark (who's actually his half-sister) so they'll produce a line of monsters loyal to Grogar.
    • Sumac's biological parents Belladonna and Flam Apple are not very nice people, and have contributed to his torment in their own ways. Though Flam genuinely regrets his actions once his cutie mark is removed before being turned into a tree.
    • Trixie's mother, Dandy Lion, was one growing up. She initially thought that having Trixie would make things better, but Arcturus's lasting influence made her continue The Chain of Harm and abuse her daughter instead. Princess Luna was not very happy to learn this, and forced her into a program that would help her change for the better.
    • Arcturus, Dandy Lion's father and Trixie's grandfather, was psychologically abusive. He saw his daughter as a way to continue the Lulamoon line and constantly pressured her to have foals. Because Dandy Lion was asexual, this led to her attempt suicide more than once. Although he's dead, the long-lasting consequences of his behavior remains. Princess Luna was so furious upon learning of the abuse he had inflicted upon his daughter that she proceeded to eviscerate him and his legacy.
    • Cielo del Este is one to her daughter Esmeralda Verde, who she had with Copperquick in a one-night stand. She psychologically abused and neglected Esmeralda until the filly became clingy, meltdown-prone, and riddled with other issues while still in infancy. While the majority of Equestrian society, being loosely matriarchal, is quick to blame the father for Esmeralda's state, others know that Cielo's truly responsible; Sapphire Shores mentioned that one of her dancers beat up Cielo for her abusive behavior.


  • Team 8: Hiashi is portrayed as one of these toward Hinata, with habits such as physically abusing Hinata during "training exercises" or not allowing her to sleep until she masters a new technique.
  • In Yet again, with a little extra help, Hinata and Gaara deal with theirs in different ways. Hinata grows a backbone, promptly snaps from all the stress and repressed sexual tension, and shows her entire clan what she's capable of, effectively scaring them into submission. Gaara simply allows Orochimaru to kill his father... again.


  • Fate/Black Dawn: Morgan kept Mordred imprisoned in the castle at the best of times, and often imprisoned in her room specifically. It's clear she has no idea how to actually be a mother besides punishing Mordred when she disobeys. Shirou immediately adopts her before he can stop himself because she deserves something better than an angry witch for a mother and a distant king for a father.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Advice and Trust: During their talks Shinji tells Asuka how he was abandoned by his father only to be called ten years later because his father needed him to pilot a giant robot; and Asuka explains Shinji how her father cheated on her mother, and after her demise he married to his lover and refused to take care of his own four-year-old daughter. Although the worst would be Asuka's step-mother, who put her on Benzodiazepine (which is incredibly dangerous when used improperly) to make her "a placid little doll".
  • The Child of Love: Shinji's mother chose to get absorbed into Unit 01 and for whatever reason wanted her son watching as she dissolved. Right after his father abandoned him. Meanwhile Asuka’s mother got crazy, stopped recognizing her daughter and eventually killed herself together with a doll she thought was Asuka. As she was institutionalised, Asuka’s father cheated on his wife with her nurse where Asuka could hear them, and after his wife’s death he got married with his lover and stopped looking after Asuka. Shinji and Asuka are screwed up due to this. And that was before Gendo used his son’s crush like a disposable pawn with no regard for his son’s feelings.
  • A Crown of Stars:
    • Shinji does not know if he will be able to forgive his father after the latter abandoned him and using him, his sister and Asuka as tools to achieve his plans.
    • Asuka bluntly wants nothing to do with her father after he cheated on her mother and abandoned her.
    • In contrast, Misato forgave her own father after his Heroic Sacrifice.
  • In Children of an Elder God, Shinji was abandoned by his father when he was four and recalled by Gendo ten years later because his father had an use for him. In chapter 7, when Shinji tells Asuka about it, she is shocked and furious.
  • Doing It Right This Time: Besides the usual culprits (Gendo abandoned Shinji and ordered Rei to live in a dump and be heavily sedated, Yui actually wanted Shinji watching as her body dissolved, Asuka’s father threw her aside after getting married to his lover...) Naoko Akagi is worse than she was in canon due to Rei’s changed background. She constantly abused her little daughter emotionally and later strangled her to death.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion:
    • Shinji, Asuka and Misato's parents. However Shinji mostly pities his father after getting over most of his anger, and Misato has forgiven hers after a fashion... but Asuka wants nothing to do with hers.
    • In 2025 Asuka's father goes to Japan to try to reconcile with her. Asuka feels tempted to burn bridges with him and salt the Earth, but she decides she will not throw away her chance out of respect for Shinji.
    • Shinji and Asuka are frightened of parenthood because they are afraid of being this to their child.
  • HERZ: Shinji and Asuka suffered due to their abusive parents ditching them right after their mothers' deaths. That is the reason that they got messed-up during the Angel War, took six long years before becoming a couple and are still traumatized in their late twenties. At least Gendo is genuinely remorseful and trying to atone for his actions, but Asuka's father is completely absent from his daughter's life.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Shinji's father abandoned him shortly after his mother’s death. After ten years Gendo summoned him and Shinji thought his father wanted to see him... but when Shinji failed synch with an Evangelion, he sent him back without even saying one word to Shinji. And then you have the “I’ll hurt your little girlfriend or use kryptonite with you if you get in the way” part...
  • Nobody Dies, a Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic, features Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu, who in this continuity was not driven insane by the contact experiments, but she emotionally abuses Asuka, turning her into a Shrinking Violet. In an interesting semi-aversion, Kyoko realizes her mistakes when the other NERV personnel nearly murder her for it, and resolves to try to become a better person. She and Asuka are now on at least amicable terms.
  • Once More with Feeling: Gendo treats Shinji and Rei like crap and doesn’t care about them at all (unlike his canon self who wanted to be a good father but didn’t know how to be one)
    Shinji: You know, on some level I should be surprised that you would threaten to have a fourteen-year-old Girl sent to her death if I didn't do exactly what you said… but I'm not.
    Fuyutsuki: Now Shinji, that's not what he-
    Shinji: Oh of course it is. You don't have any need to defend this man in front of me. Yesterday he paraded Rei out as the consequence of me defying him, putting her through hell just to blackmail me into Unit One. Every one of us knows she wouldn't have lasted five seconds in combat, but he didn't give a damn.
  • Gendo becomes more abusive than his canon self in Thousand Shinji. Rather ignoring his son, he set to break him because he needed him meek and easily manipulable. One of his worst actions was getting Asuka's best friend killed because it'd hurt Asuka, and Asuka being hurt would hurt Shinji.
  • During his confrontation with Gendo in the twelfth chapter of The Second Try, Shinji summarized everything what his father had done to him and called him out on it:
    "What?" he whispered hoarsely, his trembling arms tugging unconsciously on the cuffs around his wrists. "WHAT?? Those words... those words that I had been longing to hear for so long... and you dare," tears formed in his eyes, but he couldn't tell whether from anger or disappointment, "you DARE to say them now? You've never been a father to me. You've sent me away, only called me back to pilot against my will, forcing me through the worst time of my life. Just in the last few hours, you imprisoned me, indirectly threatened to kill me and worst of all used my missing child to torture the woman I love. And you seriously expect me just to be... a good son... and tell you everything you want to know..."


  • Father Figure: Sheriff Rutherford, father of Chris Rutherford was this to him and his brother, eventually leaving Chris behind after he, the sheriff, accidentally killed his oldest son in a hunting accident and moved away to get a new start. Eventually, [[spoiler:Chris sought him out by taking Don and Alan hostage and try to draw him out and force him to tell
The Octonauts
  • Junior Officers:
    • Sarabi's mother. Sarabi mentions that in her youth, she often had to cook her own meals because of her mother's neglect.
    • Deborah's father, who was sexist, racist, and a hypocrite. Whenever Deborah talks about him, it's to complain about him.
    • Implied with Elekai. His father once disappeared for a whole weekend and shouted at his wife upon his return, claiming his whereabouts were none of her business.

Ouran High School Host Club

  • Awkward Silence: Riko Shibata's mother is referred most commonly as "Ursula" for a reason. Over the course of the story, she emotionally and physically abuses Riko. We later find out that, when Riko was raped by her uncle when she was younger, her mother did nothing because she was having an affair with said uncle.

The Owl House

  • Boiling Isles and Beyond
    • Eda and Lilith are revealed to have suffered from this. Their parents were equally abusive to them and each other. They were so bad, Eda admits to having Catapult Nightmares about them.
    • The Blights are absolutely monstrous excuses for parents. Every interaction with their children is laced with domineering orders and threats of physical harm, and they’re homophobic to boot. When Amity comes out in the most spectacular fashion, they kick her out during the boiling rain, knowing full well this could get her killed.
    • Luz of all people is implied to suffer from this. Watching Boscha abuse Bo caused her to pull a memory out of the deepest part of her mind to see a man who might be her father standing over and beating her mother. Just like any child from an abusive home, she fears becoming like this unnamed man.

PAW Patrol

  • PAW Patrol outside the missions: Downplayed-Skye's natural father is shown to hit his kids and her mother doesn't seem too object

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

  • Demigod Power: A number of demigods come from broken homes. Notable examples:
    • Jolon's mother Jessica, who is revealed to have raised Jolon entirely so she can create a more powerful child from her bloodline. She's also incredibly homophobic and tries to kill Jolon with the intent of replacing him with a Heterosexual clone, so that that one could reproduce in the future.
    • Koda's mother as well, who beat him severely for most of his childhood.
    • On the immortal side, there's Phobetor, God of Nightmares, who's a dick to his children and actually rides around in his daughter's mind like a tumor.
    • Perses, Titan of Destruction, takes away his son's powers and challenges him to prove himself worthy of being his son.
    • Shirou's mother attempted to kill him more than once.
  • In Laying Waste To Halloween Percy's father, Gabe is physically abusive, neglectful and financially abusive towards Percy.


  • Broken Legends's version of Norman is repeatedly described by its creators as an Actual Leaky Trashbag. And with good reason: he's an absolute Control Freak out to browbeat his daughter into obediance. He's done everything within his power to delay her getting a Pokemon of her own; 'ideally', he would've preferred she never become a trainer at all, and hoped to eventually find her a partner capable of 'keeping her in line'. The only reason physical abuse isn't a regular factor in his bag of tricks? She hits back. And when she gets cursed to become a Half-Human Hybrid, he gleefully helps turn all of Hoenn against their former Champion, eager for an excuse to keep her locked up the rest of her life.
  • Ghetsis displays this type of behavior in Natural Liberated, although N is not technically his biological son. He exposes N to abused Pokémon in order to make him believe that he must free them from trainers. Such abuse is the Freudian Excuse that N uses to justify his freeing of Pokémon from people, the first and the second time.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has quite a few examples, many of which fall into Fantastic Racism when their children turn out to be bloodliners:
  • Emily Hawthorne's mother from Pokemon: Johto Quest is one of these as she treated her daughter like her punching bag for a while. However, she feels bad about doing this and wants to repair her relationship with her daughter.
  • Secrets is a Pokémon Live inspired oneshot where Ash is Giovanni's Child by Rape. Delia originally resented Ash and named him a synonym for "dirt". She abused him and hated him for the first several years of his life, not even teaching him how to use the toilet until he was five. It all changed when a six-year old Ash saved her from getting hit by a car. Since then, Delia's been a devoted mom to Ash.
  • In The Pokémon Squad episode "The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Life of Timothy Green", RM proves to be a horrible father to the episode's titular character. He uses a parental advice book written by Mr. and Mrs. Turner, refuses to help him when he's bullied (because the book says so), rarely feeds him (and when he does, Timothy Green gets diarrhea), frequently left him alone in favor of video games, and constantly insists Timothy must call him "far". Eventually, Timothy gives RM a "The Reason You Suck" Speech and runs away. After this, RM casually admits he didn't want kids anyway. Most of it is Played for Laughs.
  • In Predators, Guzma's father is an alcoholic who is implied to murder his son's Pokemon, and his mother isn't much better, as her only response to the abuse is to tell him that he should stop provoking his father.
  • Pokemon Light AU: Gloria's abusive father is a sore topic with her. Bede goes too far in an argument when he brings him up.
  • Pokémon: A Marvelous Journey: Caiseal's biological parents, his mother Nollaig and father Fergus, were of the emotionally abusive and neglectful variety, with his mother in particular hating him and often calling him a murderer because he absorbed his twin in utero, and because his sister Violet didn't have any problems, they openly favored his little sister Violet over him. In fact, Nollaig dropped him off at the Ice Path, knowing the environment and the Pokemon in it were dangerous, just to be rid of him, and cursed him out and disowned him when he found his way back. She's the reason why he has such pervasive trust issues. Fergus is no better, as he tries to keep Violet and Caiseal apart in favor of keeping his wife happy. When he challenges Caiseal to a battle, claiming that he'll let him see Violet if Caiseal wins, the latter accepts, even though Fergus knew his son would lose because of the experience gap ...and then rubs salt in the wound by admitting that even if Caiseal won, Fergus would still keep Violet from him.
  • The professors in Project Chimera - The Attic Hypothesis.

  • Children of Remnant: Marcus Black is implied to have been just as bad to Mercury as he was in canon. Notably, when he's killed, Mercury's only regret is that he didn't get to do it himself.
  • The oneshot Ivory Bones revolves around Weiss' relationship with her abusive father. For the first few years of her life he all-but ignored her. As she grew, he began training her as his Trophy Child. Weiss is Covered with Scars from her father's abuse. When she was a teenager, he purposedly slashed her across the face during a mock battle to teach her a lesson against being meak. Weiss narrowly avoided being blinded and now she has a permanent scar.
  • The Makings of Team CRME has a couple examples.
    • My Name Is Cinder: Cinder’s mother, Brigit Stark, is a greedy sociopath who emotionally manipulated her siblings into hating her after she drove their father to suicide to get his money. She did this to make sure that beating and starving Cinder, as well as making her a slave in her own home, would be seen as justified to her other children. It’s not too surprising that Cinder ends up letting her burn alive.
    • The Black Hearts: Marcus Black is physically abusive to Mercury as was implied in canon, but his wife Melanie is verbally abusive to him as well. They're a big part of the reason that Mercury is so messed up in the series.
  • The Other Side is a Ruby/Pyrrha fic where Pyrrha stays with Ruby's family after her emotionally abusive mother beats her badly one night. Taiyang calls CPS on her mother after seeing Pyrrha's injuries.
  • Reverse RWBY:
    • Cinder grew up with an abusive family. She awakened her Maiden powers early and used them to run away.
    • Mercury was raised by his abusive father Markus, but he was saved at a young age.
    • Tyrian was ran out of his home for being a scorpion Faunus. He was taken in by a ringleader but ran off because she didn't care for him.
  • Roar of the LION:
    • Inori is revealed to be Ovan's mother. She conducted horrific experiments on him and his sister, Virtue, with the latter being used as the power source behind her current Extermination Armor. Nowadays, Ovan's entire motive is to kill Inori for revenge.
    • Iris' father is a Control Freak who is furious that she broke their family tradition to become a Huntress. When she's taken home after the Fall of Beacon, she challenges him to an honor duel for the right to live her right as she wants. She wins... but then it turns out he poisoned her food with the deadly herb Scarlet Iago, which would have killed her had Ovan not come along and gotten the cure.
  • Ruby and Nora:
    • Pyrrha’s mother Lyra was a sadistic, Deranged excuse for an Atlas Colonel, who committed several atrocities to both her and others over the course of the Whole Episode Flashback.
    • Jacques is even worse then his canon counterpart.
  • RWBY: Dark:
    • Yang Xiao Long's biological mother, Raven Branwen, was an abusive alcoholic who frequently beat her daughter before eventually up and leaving the family altogether.
    • Jacques Schnee raised his children to be fighters and killers, and “toughened them up” by ordering them to undergo harsh combat training and be beaten by armed guards.
    • Mercury mentions that his father, Marcus Black, was the one that "took" his legs, resulting in him having to get prosthetics.
  • RWBY: Scars:
    • The Schnee siblings grew up with a neglectful mother and abusive father. Willow cares for her kids, but she prefers to block everything out, including her hallucinations, by drinking by herself. Weiss can count the conversations they've had while her mother was sober on her hands. Her distant husband Jacques is physically and emotionally abusive towards all three of their kids. Years of beatings and emotional abuse led to Winter running off to join the military, Weiss suffering from schizoaffective disorder, and Whitley being emotionally distant. It's also shown that Jacques refuses to allow Weiss to get mental health counseling and misgenders Whitley behind his back.
    • Pyrrha grew up with a suffocating Stage Mom who she can never please. Pyrrha doesn't even believe her mother loves her. She joined Beacon specifically to get away from her mother and use her athletic skills practically.
    • Militia and her twin sister Melanie grew up with a physically abusive father and they also have a distant, emotionally neglectful mother. They ran away from home as teens to distance themselves from their dad.
    • As in canon, Mercury grew up with a physically abusive, alcoholic father. He killed his dad in a fight.
    • Cinder grew up with a Wicked Stepmother.

Scary Godmother

The Simpsons

The Smurfs

  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf alternate timeline story "Papa Smurf & Mama Smurfette", the Papa Smurf who married Smurfette is so spiteful to Empath and all his other little Smurfs for expelling him, his wife, and their daughter from the village that he strikes Sassette out of anger for daring to tell Papa Smurf that he stole Smurfette away from Empath, the only Smurf that she sees truly loves Smurfette. Of course, Papa Smurf realizes that he had let his anger toward Empath get the better of him, but it immediately makes Smurfette decide that she's better off without Papa Smurf and so she and the Smurflings leave him behind, with Smurfette taking their daughter with her.
Spooky Month

Static Shock

Steven Universe

Story of Seasons

  • It Hurts Me is a short piece based off the first Harvest Moon title. Ellen's alcoholic father turns physically and verbally abusive when drunk.
  • Wine Red no Kokoro expands upon Karen's home life in Harvest Moon 64. Gotz is neglectful and verbally abusive. When Karen was younger he'd frequently punish her by locking her in the wine cellar.

Thomas & Friends

  • Ask the Famous 8! has two examples in the main cast:
    • Gordon's father, Gordon I, was openly abusive to him, and blamed him for his mother's death.
    • James' parents never approved of him being transgender, and always suppressed his attempts to "act tomboyish".

Tolkien's Legendarium

  • Feanor from Lessons from the Mountain is a terrible father who talks to his sons with condescension and contempt and treats them as tools.
  • The Heart Trilogy:
    • The backstory of the main heroine Kathryn involves a sadly misguided example of this trope. When she had her first vision at the age of six, her mother was mortified. Instead of following a shaman's advice and placing Kathryn under the wizards' care, she began keeping Kathryn on a tighter leash: restricting her to home, forbidding her from playing with other children, locking her in her room every night, drugging her to keep her from having visions in her dreams, and tying her up to her bed as well as gagging her in case convulsions took over. While Kathryn's father didn't agree with this, he went along with his wife because he shared her fear that superstitious villagers would kill Kathryn as a witch. Kathryn endured this for ten years until she ran away at the age of sixteen and never returned. When she sees her parents dying in a vision three years later, they're expressing regrets over driving their daughter away.
    • Andraya is this to her daughter Freyja. By giving Freyja misandristic life lessons, she makes it hard for the girl to open up to others. When Freyja tries to go against her mother's awful plans for her, Andraya slaps her and acts like Freyja made her do it. The girl feels uncomfortable when she's hugged comfortingly, with the implications being that she's often hit by her mother.

Total Drama

  • Monster Chronicles Cedric had an extremely abusive mother when he was alive, who forced him to wear dresses to entertain her friends and fed him the bare minimum she could. This backfires on her when Cedric snaps and gets ahold of a gun.
  • Random Drama Series: Throughout season seven, Olivia has flashbacks revealing how her parents forced her to succeed or they'd punish her. The next season reveals they even forced her to take back her coming out and beat her when she came home without the prize money.
  • Total Drama All-Stars Rewrite: Duncan reveals in the four parter that after he was sent off to adult prison, his father banned him from ever returning home in order to keep his job on the police force.
  • Total Drama Do Over: In the All Stars episode "Defiled," Mal reveals that his parents were extremely physically and emotionally abusive towards each other, and when he began emulating that behavior, they turned to abusing him. This is why he developed DID and split off into Mike, who was the "good child" that his parents wanted instead of Mal.
  • Tabitha's parents from Total Drama Letterz not only encourage their daughter to eliminate other campers on Total Drama, but they'll also beat her to near death for the slightest failure.
  • Total Trauma: Duncan's parents are heavily implied to be this. Margot's immediate reaction to seeing him at her doorstep is to send him away before his dad sees him, and she comes up with flimsy excuses to leave the hospital he's staying at while acting condescending towards Courtney when she calls her out on it.

Touhou Project

  • In Gensokyo 20XXI, while not her mother, at least technically, Kanako clearly fits in that she would beat Sanae to vent frustrations and over minor infractions. It was noted throughout the rest of the series that, while she regretted abusing her, she didn't get a chance at redemption, as Sanae had died (before being brought back from the dead through Yukari's reality warping in 20XXIV).


  • Roses in Winter clearly presents Angela Weber's parents as neglectful at best and abusive at worst, as they leave her alone for months at a time, starve her in the name of making her 'lose weight' whenever they return home, insist that she call them "Mr and Mrs Weber", and constantly make it clear that they consider her every effort to please them a failure. Most siginficantly, they accuse her of just wanting attention when she tells them about painful migraines that are not only real but actually the result of a serious brain disease that will kill Angela before she turns twenty. With this as a precedent, it takes very little for the Cullens to become so dear to Angela that she explicitly tells Esme she'd give anything for Esme to be her mother instead.




  • Warp: As soon as she returns to the past, Vicky decides to flee her house to avoid her mother Carol, who doesn't know how to not be a crappy parent. Shortly after she makes sure that her friend Kenzie is taken away from her own abusive parents.
    Antares: "And there's another kid, Kanzi or Kenzie Martin. I think she's seven now and lives somewhere around Baltimore. Her parents Irene and Julien are abusive, as in they-should-be-incarcerated-immediately levels of abuse."

Young Justice (2010)

  • Darkseid's winning no parent of the year award in Young Justice: Darkness Falls because he sent Kalibak to somewhere where he can't even be in the plot. Jade and Artemis also both grumble about this being the reason they'll try to be Good Parents to their kids from now on.
  • Life Ore Death may be notable for the realistic ways it averts this as often as it plays it straight. Wally's father was an abusive drunk when he was in elementary school, but Rudy sobered up and got counseling, so Wally now has a strong relationship with his father. Slade Wilson trained his kids, but because he had his non-criminal wife to balance him out he avoided this line, whereas Artemis was abused by her father and her mother may have been bad in the past, but reformed after jail.


  • In the Next-Gen Fic Paradoxus (Winx Club and World of Warcraft), it's averted with the major canonical characters, i.e., the six Winx plus Roxy, Daphne, and Sylvanas. All of them are protective, caring mothers who do their best to raise their children in healthy environments and not impose their own worldviews onto them. However, this trope is played straight with a few individuals:
    • Given how much the guy hates his mother's guts for abandoning him, Riven proves to be not only an absentee father for Harmony, but it's even dismissive of her and it's implied he would have turned his back on her the moment he caught wind of Harmony's sexual orientation as a lesbian. That's why Harmony spends more time with her grandfather Ho-Boe and her "aunt" Galatea than she ever did with Riven.
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    • Sky was once a loving, attentive father. Once. When Bloom died, he felt like his life lost all semblance of purpose and just reclused himself in his royal duties, causing him to terribly neglect his daughters who had just lost their mother. He wasn't affectionate anymore and couldn't care less when they were witnessing the horrors of war or were suffering grueling training in Azeroth. They got turned into bitter, traumatized Child Soldiers and he didn't even bat an eye. When he finally came to his senses, it was far too late and his daughters didn't want anything to do with him anymore.
    • Daniella, a recurring character who was Stella's partner in their fashion company (and now the major shareholder), is dismissive, neglectful, and abusive towards her twin sons. She purposefully got pregnant with the intention of preventing her husband from leaving her and things only got worse from there. It's not rare for her to leave the twins on their own in the house while forgetting to stock the fridge or make sure they were attending school. Years later, when they formed a band and got a name of their own, Daniella sucked on their fame and set up scandals to gather interest around them.


  • Double Reacharound Orange: If you show even the slightest bit of weakness, Dex's parents will go for the kill.
  • Harren Hoare from Forum of Thrones is heavily implied to be this. Three out of four children grew up to be messed up in some way and he likely had a hand in this. Firmly believing in raising his sons with a strong hand, he showed little love for them, combining this trope with Parental Neglect. On top of that, he respected them only when they earned it, which at least Harlan and Harndon never did. His physical beating of Harmund instilled the boy with a deep-seated wish to assure his dominance over others, which led to him becoming abusive to his younger siblings as well, something Harren either did not care about, or even outright encouraged.
    • In an interesting subversion to this, Harren is shown to have at least some love for his sons. He keeps even the mentally damaged Harndon around despite his lack of worth for the house and gets enraged like never before when Harlan is seriously wounded. This implies that his actions as an abusive father are actually a misguided case of Tough Love.
  • Mei Shirakawa's parents in the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades sidestory Wheel of Fortune don't care about the problems their daughter has to go through regarding Yamada Tatsumori's tyranny over her High School, with the mom going as far as to leave Mei in the hospital despite going there to check on one of her friends. It's later revealed that she was supposed to be the next heir to a family fortune by showcasing her untapped psychic powers which are attuned to her stress levels. The parents emotionally abuse her to get the powers to spike. They get killed off by Renenutet.
  • In I Will Remember You, Ulrich Stern's father is a vicious, depraved man who beats his wife and son for years. Mr. Stern ultimately destroys Ulrich mentally and leaves him covered in scars and living under a new name after the latter throws his father through a wall.
  • In one chapter of The Powerpuff Girls fanfic Ladder, Bubbles is at the hospital to get her blinded eye checked out and decides to try and cheer up some of the younger kids. She meets a boy her age who is bed-bound due to his father beating him up. He beat him so badly that he lost one of his eyes and had multiple lacerations.
  • Lorelei's parents from The Lorelei Chronicles fight constantly and are one of the reasons Lorelei universe-hops so much.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Dr. Wily's father was this. It helped color his outlook on life.
  • The Minkiad:
    • Mainly Jennifer Bassett towards her son, Farkle.
    • As well, we also have Kermit Clutterbucket who sexually abused Maya and physically beat Katy for trying to stop him.
    • Edward Bassett is also revealed to be at least verbally abusive towards his daughter, sons, and his grandchildren.
    • If what Eunice says is any indication about her children growing up to not feel or understand love, then Teddy and Tommy Bassett are possibly just as abusive towards their children as Jennifer is to Farkle.
    • Claire Ferguson recalls not only her abuse from her father, but also her former husband’s abuse towards her and her daughter.
    • Morgan mentions that her former boyfriend was at least verbally abusive and would have been physical, if she wasn’t able to fight him back.
    • The final abuse support group meeting is attended by Eric’s old friend, Jason Marsden who hints that Desiree was abusive as well.
  • In Of Sheep and Battle Chicken, it's honestly rare to find parents that don't fulfill this trope, at least in regards to the main characters Shepard's especially qualify, selling her to an Asari slaver in exchange for drug money.
  • In A Triangle in the Stars, it was hinted at in several chapters and finally revealed in Chapter Thirty that Bill Cipher had these parents, by virtue that he was a triangle instead of a square, a pentagon or a circle.
    • And that's not all. Alex himself confirmed he had a much WORSE childhood than Stanley Pines did. OUCH.
  • The Racket-Rotter Chronicles:
    • Shark's mother Silver was a nasty alcoholic, and tries to kill him in Arc 1.
    • Sinbad's mother Maria apparently treated him terribly in the first few years he was alive. As a result, Sinbad does not ever want children.
    • According to Marc, his stepfather was an abusive man who beat Marc's mother Melanie to death.
  • Shinra High SOLDIER has three prominent examples: Julia's mother and father forced her into prostitution when she was younger and locked her up in a mental institution for three years. Her father beat and raped her, and ultimately tried to kill her. Hojo has been physically and mentally abusing Sephiroth since he was born.
  • In the Cardcaptor Sakura Continuation Fic Shadow of the Dragon, school bully Satome's mother Himiko, Tomoeda's district attorney, is revealed to be one, constantly beating him because he is the product of rape and she only sees him as a reminder of said rape; as a result, Satome has become a Straw Misogynist and serial rapist. In chapter 19, when Satome is in jail for his Attempted Rape of Tomoyo, he tells the lawyer assigned to him that his mother put him in the hospital eight times for a total of fifteen broken bones, and that he's perfectly willing to confess to all of his rape charges as long as it keeps him away from his mother until he's twenty. Shortly after, however, his mother arranges for him to be assassinated and his death ruled as a suicide because his status as a rapist would reflect poorly on her career of prosecuting sexual predators.
  • Son Of Apophis, a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic, takes the abuse Marik experiences to a whole new level. His father actually attempts to mute him.
  • In The Saga of Avatar Korra while Korra's biological parents are good people, she was kidnapped by the Red Lotus who claimed that her parents were dead, and they would become her new parents. For fourteen years, they subject Korra through psychological and physical abuse in a continuous Training from Hell regiment.
  • Threadbare South Park: Charlie's mother beats her so badly, she is left with bruises. When Mr. Mackey calls Ms. Pierzynski, in an attempt to confirm the accusations, she puts poor Charlie in the hospital. Doctors discover she was force fed bleach.
  • Log-a-Log Brugo from What Lies Beyond the Walls, who beat his son over picayune issues and frequently raped him ever since he was a child.
  • In Your Servant, Mistress, an all-human fic, Diaval's parents are the explanation for his scars. And Maleficent was raised by her aunt, who emotionally abused her.
  • In Missing Linc, Dirk O'Donnell forces his daughter Ginny to live her life as though it was merely one of his scripts, refuses to listen to her protests and punishes her severely if she disobeys him. While she argues with him on a regular basis, she's too browbeaten to stand up to him until she meets Leni and the rest of the Loud sisters.