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Missing Linc is a fanfic based on The Loud House by Metool Bard.

Shortly after learning that his Full House Gang comic will be made into a movie, Lincoln is abducted while on his way home from Clyde's. When his sisters learn that he is missing, they take it upon themselves to find him.

Missing Linc contains examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: Dirk O'Donnell is NOT a good father to Ginny.
  • Adaptational Villainy: In this universe, Chandler's Heel–Face Turn after the House of Terror didn't stick and he's involved in Lincoln's kidnapping.
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  • Air Vent Escape: Pulled off by Lana when Lindsey locks her in a dressing room; more plausible than some other examples given that Lana is 6 and thus pretty small.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In-Universe, Ginny feels great sympathy and fondness for Gin Rummy Prime, who most of the Ace Savvy fan base sees as nothing but a villain.
  • Anti-Villain: Ginny helped her father kidnap Lincoln, but she felt sick about it and started interfering as soon as she found a way, and given the way Lincoln calls out to her when his sisters find him, she clearly treated him pretty well while her father was holding him.
  • Because Destiny Says So: Dirk fully expects (and practically orders) the Louds to just give up and let him win because that's the way he wrote it in his script. Much to his shock and irritation, they don't.
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  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Ginny turns completely on her father because Leni treats her gently and kindly.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Luna and Leni want to hurt Lincoln's kidnapper just as much as the other sisters do.
  • Big "SHUT UP!": Lola does this before helping Lynn take Dirk down.
    Lola: Oh, would you just shut up about your dumb script already?!
  • Big Sister Instinct: All of Lincoln's elder sisters have this towards him. Inverted with the younger sisters.
    • Lynn extends this instinct to Polly when the latter is terrified the people who threatened her will hurt her, saying that she'd like to see them try to mess with Polly because she'll make sure they don't succeed.
    • Leni likewise becomes extremely protective of Ginny after finding out about how her father treats her.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The epilogue is mostly heartwarming, as the Loud family are contentedly enjoying being reunited and Lincoln is safe. However, the Full House Gang movie has been canceled and will likely be in Development Hell for a while because of what Dirk did to Lincoln and Ginny has also been arrested for her part in Lincoln's kidnapping, despite her regret about the whole mess and her helping rescue him. On the other hand, Dirk can never hurt Ginny again due to her finally being done with her father’s abuse.
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  • Blackmail: Lola gets Lindsey to tell her what Flat Tire and Papa Wheelie stole by threatening to tell everyone that Lindsey wet the bed at a slumber party.
  • Bookends: The story starts and ends with Lincoln narrating.
  • Bound and Gagged: Lincoln is found in one of Dirk’s trailers bound to a chair.
  • Break Them by Talking: Dirk attempts this with the Loud sisters in the final act, but it doesn't work.
    • Lindsey nearly succeeds at doing this to Lola by implying she cares more about the spotlight than Lincoln, but Lana helps snap her out of it.
  • Bubble Pipe: Luan uses one during her investigation.
  • But Now I Must Go: After Lincoln is rescued, Ginny turns herself in to the police to face justice for helping kidnap him.
  • But Thou Must!: Dirk believes everything and everyone should follow his scripts to the letter, and expects them to play their roles accordingly. His stubborn adherence to this trope ultimately proves to be his undoing.
  • Character Tic: Ginny plays with her ponytail when she's both distressed and lying.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Lisa's tracking device. After her panic attack over its failure, it's set aside for most of the story. Then Dirk mentions it and the Loud girls suddenly realize that it wasn't that the device wasn't functioning properly that caused the failure; Lincoln was just out of range.
  • Control Freak: Dirk, both towards Ginny and life in general by means of his scripts.
  • Disappointed by the Motive: Lynn is disgusted that her team got sold out and Polly was threatened to the point of uncharacteristic terror over a part in the Ace Savvy movie.
    • None of the Loud sisters are happy that their brother was kidnapped just to prove a point about how Dirk supposedly knows how to work with Ace Savvy characters better than the creator of the series.
  • Disqualification-Induced Victory: The Roosters win the big football game because Hazeltucky is disqualified for stealing the Roosters' signals.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Ginny insists that no one call her "Gin". This is to distance herself from her love for Gin Rummy Prime, Ace Savvy's Bizarro Universe counterpart, and how she feels she's nothing but a coward, unlike him. Subverted by the end of the story.
  • Drowning Pit: Luna nearly drowns in the sewage at the Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Lucy openly admits to loving the macabre and having surrendered to the darkness, but between him kidnapping her brother just to make the incident one of his publicity stunts, trying to force everyone to share his opinion and the way he treats his daughter, Dirk's very existence disgusts her.
  • Evil Gloating: Dirk does this when the Louds confront him at the end.
  • Food as Bribe: Lola gets Mr. Grouse to drive her and Lana to the pageant hall by offering him muffins.
  • Forced into Evil: Dirk did this to Ginny, forcing her to help him kidnap Lincoln and would have had her help him kidnap Clyde as well if circumstances hadn't intervened.
  • Genre Adultery: In-universe example – Dirk O'Donnell, a director known for directing mature films, is directing the family-friendly Full House Gang movie. He turns out to be trying to make the film more like his typical genre, to the displeasure of Bill Buck.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: Lola and Lana argue over which of them is going to play which role.
  • Grew a Spine: In the second-to-last chapter, Ginny, bolstered by Leni and Lincoln's encouragement, stands up to her father and calls the police on him.
  • Group Hug: The Loud siblings engage in one once they find Lincoln.
  • Handwave: In-universe example; Lynn asks Dirk how her school could feature in an Ace Savvy movie as it takes place in an alternate reality where most locations from the in-universe real world don't exist only for Ginny to explain that the Casino-verse in the comics is implied to be the real world so all Dirk would have to do is claim a scene in a real world location is taking place there.
  • Hypocrite: Although Dirk keeps insisting the Louds are nothing but a bunch of kids, he utterly loses it and acts like a petulant child after his plan is ruined. Lori even lampshades it:
    Lori: Oh, who am I kidding? It's still pathetic. Because this is a grown man throwing a tantrum over not getting his way while screaming that we're a bunch of immature kids.
  • I Do NOT Want To Know: Luna thinks this about the Noodle Implements Luan threatens Chandler with.
  • It's All About Me: Dirk, Dirk, DIRK. Between his delusions of grandeur as a director, his attempts to force his opinion on everyone else, sabotaging Ginny's contest entry, and his scripts, his behavior skirts dangerously close to A God Am I territory.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Dirk expects the Louds to do this since it's written that way in his script, and when they don't, he begins to lose his cool.
  • Literal-Minded: Leni. For example, she thinks that breakdancing literally involves breaking things and freaks out about spiders when Lisa uses a metaphor about threads in a web.
  • Locked in a Room: Lindsey Sweetwater locks Lana in a dressing room, forcing Lana to pull off an Air Vent Escape.
  • Lured into a Trap: Dirk's original plan for getting his hands on Clyde.
  • Manchild: Dirk O'Donnell. After the Loud sisters unravel his plan, he reacts with what amounts to a child's temper tantrum and throws a fit.
  • Missing Child: Lincoln is kidnapped while coming home late at night. Naturally, his family is worried sick about him, and Clyde's parents refuse to let him leave the house out of fear that HE will be kidnapped next (which was indeed part of Dirk's plot). Also the Loud sisters take it upon themselves to find their brother and not only does Luna nearly drown during the investigation, but the girls end up tangling with Lincoln's kidnapper, who attacks Lucy, who only escapes harm because Lynn intervenes.
  • Missing Mom: Ginny's mother is never even mentioned.
  • Motive Rant: Dirk gives one after he's surrounded by the Loud sisters. The sheer pettiness he displays only serves to make the Louds that much more determined to take him down.
  • Noodle Implements: Luan threatens to use an umbrella and walnuts on Chandler if he doesn't talk.
  • Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here: Lincoln mentions that not a lot happens in Royal Woods. A minute or so later, he is kidnapped.
  • Not So Stoic: Lynn is miserable about having to skip looking for Lincoln to play in her football game, but holds up decently. Then Hank and Hawk taunt her about Lincoln's disappearance, and suddenly Lucy needs to pull her off the field before she ends up in hysterics.
  • Oh, Crap!: Dirk reacts this way after Lisa's HARV device plays back video of him destroying a piece of evidence.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Lisa has a panic attack when she fails to detect Lincoln on her tracking device.
    • When Lynn meets up with Polly Pain during halftime after the latter slips her a note, she's openly unnerved at seeing Polly an utter wreck of nerves.
  • Police Are Useless: The police make no attempt to prevent Lisa from interrogating Flip and Tetherby.
  • Prima Donna Director: Dirk.
  • Purple Prose: Lucy uses graphic descriptions of being beaten up and injured to get Hank and Hawk to confess to kidnapping Lincoln.
  • Put Their Heads Together: How Lynn deals with Hank and Hawk.
  • Relative Button: Hawk and Hank taunt Lynn about Lincoln's disappearance to throw her off her game.
  • Rule of Three: The red flags that pop up after Lincoln isn't home when expected come in a set of 3. 1) Lori's attempt to call him goes to voicemail; she's immediately worried because Lincoln wouldn't do this outside of an emergency but doesn't completely panic. 2) She calls Clyde, who informs her Lincoln left 10 minutes before; she starts to panic. 3) Lisa's tracking device doesn't work; the entire family dissolves into panic.
  • Saying Too Much: During Lynn's football game, she's taunted by Hank and Hawk that "football isn't your strong suit now that your brother's gone"; this ends up leading her and Lucy to figure out that they're involved in Lincoln's kidnapping because "Strong Suit" is Lynn's hero counterpart and unless they A) liked Ace Savvy and B) know about the current mess, they wouldn't have known to hit her with that.
    • During his rant about how the Loud girls can't stop him, Dirk mentions some things that Lincoln told his kidnapper about his sisters...Problem is, how does he know that if he wasn't the kidnapper or involved with them?
  • Screw Destiny: The sisters defy Dirk's orders to act like they do in his script, with their behavior driving him to a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Shout-Out: The entire fic seems to be a reference to Ace Attorney.
    • Chapter 6 is one to Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Path, as the title is a reference to the Logic Chess mechanic, and Lisa's narration implies that she is doing something similar.
    • In addition, the Confrontation chapters are in the style of the confrontations in the Ace Attorney Investigations games.
    • Chapter 26 is titled "The Full House Turnabout," which follows the convention of using the word "turnabout" that is used in the vast majority of cases in the Ace Attorney series.
    • In this chapter, the culprit has an Ace Attorney-styled breakdown, and Leni and Lisa get into a version of the stepladder-vs-ladder debate.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Lynn quickly reaches her limit with Dirk's Verbal Tic in the final act:
    Lynn: Oh, go cut yourself!
    • After he's defeated, Lily stuffs one of her diapers in Dirk's mouth after his whining proves too much for the sisters to handle.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Dirk O'Donnell, a film director who fancies himself a genius when he's really a mean-spirited, obsessive, immature Control Freak.
  • Smug Snake: Dirk. O. Donnell. His smugness drips off of every word of dialogue he has, especially in the final act.
  • The Social Expert: Leni, surprisingly enough, can tell how troubled Ginny is by the small gestures she makes.
  • Spanner in the Works: A major wrench is thrown into Dirk's plan when Clyde's parents refuse to let him out of the house after Lincoln goes missing: Clyde was also supposed to be kidnapped.
  • Stepford Smiler: Luan keeps cracking jokes in order to cover up how worried she is about Lincoln.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • Lori is concerned about Lisa being able to look after Lily on her own. Lisa may be a genius, but she's still four years old.
    • Similarly, while Lily is a Brainy Baby, at the end of the day, she's still a baby and as the section from her POV demonstrates, she doesn't always understand things she sees or hears.
    • Outside of an actual in-use movie set or stage, people aren't going to stick to a script just because you tell them to. Especially if they're furious you kidnapped their brother.
    • Dirk O'Donnell's goal seems to be to invoke this trope in the sense that you don't win just because you're good. Instead, it ensues right back at him in the sense that sometimes, the good guys really do win.
  • They Will Come For Me: Platonic example with the Loud siblings; Lincoln repeatedly told Dirk his sisters would come for him and was proven very right.
  • This Is Reality: Invoked by Dirk, who wanted a more melancholy Ace Savvy movie. However, it is clear he believes the world revolves around his own direction, which leads to this being thrown back at him.
  • Verbal Tic: Whenever something doesn't go according to plan, Dirk yells, "Cut!"
  • Villainous Breakdown: Dirk O'Donnell has a breakdown when the Loud sisters fail to act the way he planned them to in his script.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend: Gender-inverted with Rusty being insanely protective of Polly and being willing to throw down with Papa Wheelie and Flat Tire when they threaten her.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Dirk O'Donnell was perfectly willing to hit Lucy if Lynn hadn't intervened and even before that, had Lincoln kidnapped and intended to lure Clyde into a trap.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Leni says this to Ginny after the latter spills everything about her toxic home life and what her father made her do.