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Welcome to the Trope Pantheons thread! Please read the rules:

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Rules. The following are not suggestions or tips, but things that have to be followed:
  • Gods can't be followers or high priests for obvious reasons.
  • When you suggest a God, please explain why they fit the trope. Not everyone is going to understand just "X should be the God of Y because they exemplify the trope" off the bat, especially if they're unfamiliar with the work.
  • No hype profiles, please.
    • So you ask, what exactly is 'hype profile'? It is a profile based on ongoing events that hasn't been around very long, but generates a lot of hype, possibly because of elements such as Wham Episode or Memetic Mutation or Large Ham or overall 'OMGAWESOME!!!' They're all not bad tropes, but building a portfolio solely for that is a bad idea, as they do not say a thing about representing the trope best (unless it's those trope concepts that they are trying to embody for a long time). You can see one if the profile is only showing off how awesome they are or suddenly pushing how 'significant' they are thanks to the just very recent events rather than respecting the longstanding good representations of the trope. And usually having... minimum portfolio or flavor texts and being a bit too generalized or self-contained to events from within their home series instead of interacting with other Pantheon members.
  • The Pantheon is not a mouthpiece for you to voice your opinions on certain characters. You may like certain characters more than others, but don't make the profiles for characters you like look like Character Shilling.
  • DO. NOT. put a link to these Pantheon pages into the main wiki page. The moment you want to add in a main Characters page that the character is a God of this trope, don't do it. If you see leftovers of this practice, do yourself a favor and delete it from that main page. This also goes to the Trivia page. The only exception to this rule is if a page in the Pantheon could be confused for a page in Main, like Good Colors, Evil Colors and Good & Evil Colors.
  • You must use the Trope Pantheons discussion thread in the forums if you wish to add a new deity, story, something else of importance to the Trope Pantheon canon, or reworking an existing deity (be it simply improving their existing profile or changing their title).
    • For new and reworked deities, 3 [tup] means the profile will have a one week waiting period.
    • For new and reworked deities, 4 [tup] is a 3 day waiting period.
    • 5 [tup] is an automatic ascension for new and reworked deities.
    • Speaking of reworks, for anyone that wants to improve such profiles, they have to review the current trope the character(s) has and see if it still holds up or if there is a better rep for their trope.
    • For adding new Treasures to the Treasures or new Dominions to the Dominions, the following rules apply:
      • For new Treasures or Dominions, 3 [tup] is a 3 day waiting period.
      • 4 [tup] is an automatic addition to the Treasures or Dominions.
  • Do not include fan reception in any profiles. It has nothing to do with the character themselves and will create unnecessary conflict.
  • Write a detailed explanation on why the character is the best candidate for deity of that trope. If people disagree with you, do not force it on the people.
  • Keep in mind that if you still want to try to find a trope for a particular character, you're only given three chances on such. If a suggestion goes past three possible tropes, then it will come off as shoehorning a character into the Pantheon just for the sake of that character to be there.
  • Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment ALSO applies here. Do not bring things that would incite fights, even if it is what's currently the hot topic and might be 'urgent'. For example, the political scene and some really bad politicians. We are not here to fight at each other, so don't suggest things that go to that direction.
  • Do not create a trope page for a story until the story is fully completed.

    Instructions and Tips 
Here are some tips one should keep in mind when editing:
  • Please use the Trope Pantheons discussion thread in the forums if you wish to add a new deity, story, or something else of importance to the Trope Pantheon canon. You can also get some assistance in the forum thread. Submissions that are added without discussion are likely to be deleted.
  • If the character you are about to add to a House already exists in another, make sure to mention that this god has spots in other houses as well.
  • When writing facts/trivia about gods, try not to contradict what has already been written elsewhere.
  • When writing down the name of a Theme Song, try to avoid calling it "Theme of God X" or "Theme of (Show where God X originates from)". If possible, try to find out if the song has an actual name.
  • When adding an image for your God, make sure that it is not too big unless you wish to write more about the god you have chosen.
  • If you feel the need to remove a god for some reason and replace him/her with another, please see what the other tropers think about this in the discussion thread before doing anything hasty. If you're lucky (and they're from the same franchise), maybe both of them can share the title "Gods of (Insert Trope Here)".
  • Certain tropes can have more than one God. It is not advisable, but it is not forbidden. Just ensure that this second God will bring in new flavor of the trope. If you have doubts on how to bring the other flavors, consult the Trope Pantheon Discussion forum. Case in point: In the original Greek Mythology (and later Roman Mythology), both Ares/Mars and Athena/Minerva share the title of 'God/Goddess of War', and even then, they differ in flavor: Ares is about brutal warfare, Athena is about war strategies and finesse, while Mars took up some of Athena's elements that he kinda differs out than Ares. If the original myth can do this, why the hell not for the Pantheon?
  • Be creative! If you need some time to work out your potential deity's profile, use the Pending Gods or Pending Gods 2 page to get help. Incomplete and/or low-quality entries are more likely to get deleted or replaced.
  • When writing about a God who just happens to be a person in real life, just try to be very careful about what you decide to say. See also the Rules section. Especially the 1st bullet point.
  • All deities should be sorted by their divine ranking. Put Overdeities on the top of the page and Quasideities on the bottom. Also be sure to add them in alphabetical order by their first/given name.
  • Occasionally there will be Gods that carry a title without a trope. This is not forbidden, but it's well advised not to abuse them. Aside from introducing too many niche concepts, there are still chances for new tropes related to your chosen deity's title to be launched through YKTTW...
    • Additionally however, the only house that a tropeless profile are wholly allowed is the House of Food. Mainly due to most food items lacking tropes, and adding tropes about said foodstuffs is slightly unecessary. However, the character being ascended for their choice of a food, or food-related thing must be a decently good representative of said item. IE: Their Trademark Favorite Food, or something that they're closely associated with In-Universe, or both (example: Gangplank and his oranges).
  • Maximum number of tropes what a god should have is three, but don't try to abuse that fact. If you need to use a second trope to specify a certain thing about their position, that can be excused.
  • Some series will eventually have greater representation in the Pantheon than others. This is unavoidable, but a little diversity helps, as well. Try to ensure that if you add a deity from a popular series, make sure that it's because they're a good representative for the trope in question, and not just because they're connected to another deity in their respective canon.
  • As far as deities from actual mythologies (Greco-Roman, Norse, Japanese, etc.) are concerned, try not to replicate the default myths about their characters and use a fictional counterpart instead. In other words, if you want to use the Greek/Roman god Ares/Mars, you can't add him as the "God of War", but you can use him as part of another trope as long as it's a different version of him. For example:
    • Zeus, while having elements of his persona from Classical Mythology, draws more from his portrayal in the God of War Series.
    • Thor and Loki's Pantheon portrayals are influenced heavily by their appearances in their Marvel Comics series.
    • Amaterasu is a woman in her Japanese mythology portrayal, but her Pantheon counterpart is the dog goddess from Ōkami.
  • Don't depend too much on the hype/meme train, don't just jump onto that train willy-nilly in order to put on some events or entry in the Pantheon. It might not last very long or represent the trope best. This is Trope Pantheons, not Trope Hype Train!
  • Unless the character proposed is specifically from the Abridged version, the character should represent the tropes in their canon selves. If they also happen to possess the trait of the Abridged self, good! But otherwise, get the abridged stuff onto just the flavor texts.
  • To prevent any surprising need to rework profiles due to new development, please restrain from ascending gods from a series before the thing is either released or for longer-running series, there is a good enough of a break from story. This also applies to already existing series if there is a new thing coming out.
  • Please be sure to ask in the discussion about what you want to work before making the profile. This is done to see if your proposal is the best representative and so, in case your profile is turned down, you don't waste time writing something that others might not find suitable.
    • In the same vein, if you adopt a profile from another troper, it is recommended that you make an announcement that you have done so on the discussion thread. More often than not, a trope that was reserved for something was given away to someone else.
  • It is much more recommended to word the title like "God of X" instead of "The God that Xs". This will give off the vibe the God actually ruled over that trope instead of just 'did X', giving more credentials to how it's the best example of the trope.

    Divine Ranking System 
  • Overdeity: Omnipotent-level Reality Warpers capable of manipulating the entire universe (or at least the world) at will. Within their own universe they are believed to be omnipotent, or at least impossible-to-completely-destroy embodiments or concepts.
  • Greater Gods: High-level Reality Warpers and that are extremely powerful (capable of destroying or changing anywhere from a large city to a planet at will) and very strong non-reality warpers capable of doing the same thing.
  • Intermediate Gods: Deities at this level are capable of strong but specialized powers such as hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, etc. without major drawbacks and low level Reality Warpers capable of affecting their immediate area at will.
  • Lesser Gods: Capable of highly specific or little power on their own, or suffer from Power at a Price. However, they may be able to ruthlessly exploit their power or combine it with just being badass enough to make up for it.
  • Demigods: Basically the Badass Normals of the pantheon, making up for their lack of abilities with strength, strategy, and/or planning.
  • Quasideities: Any otherwise normal human, human equivalent, or below without any special powers or training will fall here.

    Deity Template 
Template for adding a new deity:

God X, God/dess of (Insert Trope Here) (Alternate names/Nicknames, Fan Nickname)

  • An image, if possible. Please use official art or a screenshot for a picture.
  • Potential House:
  • Rank: This can range from Quasideity, Demigod, Lesser God, Intermediate God, Greater God, to Overdeity. This doesn't always have to be a representation of power, but it can also represent influence in the Pantheon.
  • Symbol: An image or icon used to represent the deity.
  • Theme Song: Song that usually is used in affiliation with the character. If the deity is a musician this will most likely be their Signature Song. If possible, give a link for reference, preferably on YouTube.
  • Alignment: Good, evil, neutral etc. Forget about The Great Character Alignment Debate here, the Pantheon is one of the few places where you can assign Dungeons & Dragons alignment to characters that don't have alignment system. After all, the Pantheon is based on D&D.
  • Gender: For Pokémon deities only. Defines the gender of the Pokémon; if genderless, it instead defines what gender they identify as.
  • Ability: Provides the Pokémon's ability. If they can Mega Evolve, the new ability is listed as well.
  • Moves: Defines the four moves used by a Pokémon. A Z-Move may also be listed.
  • Portfolio: Tropes associated with the character.
  • Domains: Things that the character has influence over.
  • Herald: Non-ascended loyal character that is from the same series as the ascended character.
  • High Priest: Non-ascended like heralds, but not from the same series, and can serve as a worthy replacement in case something would happen. They can be served as part-time workers in case the originals are busy with some jobs. Co-Godhood is accepted depending on the approval of the originals, usually if the co-deity is from the same series.
  • Followers: Non-ascended characters that are not part of the Pantheon, but would probably worship this character by the fact that they share the ascended character's trope.
  • Allies: Members of the Pantheon that are allies.
  • Rivals: Members of the Pantheon that are rivals.
  • Enemies: Members of the Pantheon that are foes.
  • Additional Character Relationships: Members of the Pantheon that have various relationships (examples include Enemy Mine, Vitriolic Best Buds, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, Headbutting Heroes, Friendly Enemy, Friendly Rival, Just Friends, etc.) other than allies, rivals, or enemies.
  • Partner: Defines a partnership with an ascended deity and Pokémon.
  • Respected by/Respects: A deity whom the members of the Pantheon respect or are respected by.
  • Pitied by/Pities: A deity whom the members of the Pantheon feel pity for or find pitiable.
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Not necessarily the same as "Enemies", but this is used for any deity whom the members of the Pantheon directly opposes or is opposed by, regardless of alignment.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sometimes, the Deities argue over specific themes and philosophies.
  • Add the Intro. The intro is made up of two trivia, the Ascension Text (or just the Ascension) and The Bio. Both are necessary, but which order you use for them may vary depending on the profile in question. It may be better for one profile to have The Bio first and the Ascension second or vice-versa, although for the most part the order is irrelevant:
    • The Ascension Text: This the story of how the character got into the Pantheon and/or was ascended. There are many ways for this to happen. They may be tricked into it or have simply wandered into the Pantheon, they may have had an already ascended character bring them in, they may already be in the Pantheon (via being another deity's Herald or sharing a trope) and got "promoted", or some combination of the above. Anything is possible in the Pantheon, so use your imagination, but try to incorporate their trope into the story, if possible.
    • The Bio: A brief synopsis on the character's backstory. No need for the character's entire life/production history, but just give enough that those who don't know the character can get an idea of how the character works.
  • Now add some random trivia/facts about events/alignments/moments/fights/friendships/relations etc.
  • And some more trivia/facts.
  • And a couple of more.

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"WHERE ARE THEY?!?!?!?!"



I like Batman, don't get me wrong, but there's always something about film iterations that seem funny for me.

Sep 21st 2019 at 4:23:55 PM

[up][up]Something, something, Martha.

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[up] Martha is the name of his mother.

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OW 2 hypemon
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I just did some last minute changes with Hikari's profile. Does anyone have any objections, thoughts, or votes?

Hikari, Goddess of Healed Cuties
  • Votes: 2 (fasoman1996, louisent31)
  • Potential House: House of Emotion (Other Emotions)
  • Rank: Quasideity normally, Lesser Goddesss when fighting alongside her friends
  • Symbol: The Notebook she received from her father
  • Theme Music: Film
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Porfolio: No Social Skills, Broken Bird, Never Be Hurt Again, Nervous Wreck, Empty Shell, Deuteragonist, Slowly opens up to the party and overcomes her depression, Broken by a long series of traumatic events, Support Party Member, Our Souls Are Different, Daddy's Girl, Nice Girl, Determinator, Earn Your Happy Ending
  • Domains: Movies, Despair, Friendship, Hope
  • Herald: Her father
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Izaya Orihara, Tohru Adachi, Izanami, Ameno-Sagiri, Yaldabaoth, Nyarlathotep, Agatha Trunchbull, Lots-o' Hugging Bear, Junko Enoshima, Every evil god in the House of Betrayal, Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler, Eric Cartman, Sheev Palpatine, The Joker, Johann Schmidt/The Red Skull, Sharptooth, Lord Voldemort, Dolores Jane Umbridge
  • Admires: Every film director in the Pantheon
  • Opposes: abusive family members, bullies, awful teachers, backstabbers, designated heroes
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Goro Akechi
  • Wary of: Sho Minazuki
  • Good Counterpart to: Himiko Toga
  • During one of the their adventures, the Phantom Thieves ended up dragged into the "world of movies", labyrinths based off of movies with twisted plots and Designated Heroes as their protagonists. There, they meet a girl named Hikari, who cannot bring herself to talk to anyone and relies on her companion Nagi to speak on her behalf due to having been broken by something in her past. Despite this, she still tries to help them to the best of her ability. While traveling through them, the Phantom Thieves cross paths with the members of S.E.E.S. and the Investigation Team, as well as Makoto Yuki's Alternate Self, Kotone Shiomi, all of whom befriend Hikari and help her to open up to them as they clear the labyrinths and change the movie endings for the better. Eventually clearing the fourth labyrinth based off of her movie allows Hikari to move past her trauma and become a great ally to the Persona users, even helping them to put an end to Nagi reign when she is revealed to have trapped countless other people in a Cinema of their own]]. With the crisis resolved, everybody returns to their rightful point in time without any memories of what they experienced, with Hikari telling her father of her dream to be a film director just like him. She is last shown playing the movie she made of her life and growth, the Phantom Thieves attending and Ren Amamiya starting to remember her...
  • One night while she was sleeping, Hikari's will ended up in the Pantheon confused, but it allowed her to regain all of the memories of what she experienced in the World of Movies the moment she heard all of her friends were in the Pantheon. Sure enough, a big happy reunion between her and all of the Persona users she helped ensued, especially with Futaba Sakura, Kotone Shiomi, and Ren Amamiya.
  • However, the reunion is bittersweet, as she learns that the Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi in the Pantheon are illusions. She is greatly saddened by their heroic sacrfices (more so with Kotone, given how close the two were), but understands and accepts that it had to be done. She can only hope that one day, Makoto and Kotone will be free from their duties once they no longer need to act as the Great Seal. The illusions still act like the real deal though, so she can still talk and hang out with them.
  • Hikari is a big fan of movies, having grown up watching them since she was a child, as such she was very excited to see the many movie heroes in the Pantheon, such as Superman, Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, etc. That said, she doesn't like movies that portray their protagonist as heroic when their actions proved them to be anything but, nor when they portray characters as villains when they haven't done anything wrong.
  • Hikari was able to get along with some of the people her friends helped and befriended throughout their adventures. She became great friends with Zen & Rei since they met the the Investigation Team and S.E.E.S. during an similar adventure through the labyrinths, she got along great with Labrys and sympathizes with her over horrible treatment from people who only saw her as a machine, and she also befriended Ryoji, who reminds her Yosuke and is greatly saddened over how little he had control over his fate.
  • She has a great amount of respect for the Sumaru City Persona-users, since they saved the world before her friends, and she is sympathetic towards them having to lose their memories of each other to put a stop to a great threat to the world. She hopes she can bond with them the same way she did with her friends.
  • Her opinion on Goro Akechi after learning of his crimes is mixed. She is outright horrified by the mental shutdowns he's inflicted on other people and is severely disappointed in him when he tried to kill Ren, but on the other hand, she does pity him for his backstory, noting the similarities with her own. All the same, even after his Heroic Sacrifice, she prefers to keep her distance, since she still can't bring herself to trust him.
  • Hikari is cautious around Sho Minazuki, due to his actions towards her friends and his anti-social behavior. While he is on barely neutral terms with everybody, Hikari still prefers to avoid him.
  • Hikari has personally gone through some horrific trauma in the form of 4 separate incidents that destroyed her self-esteem, each one represented in the world of movies:
    • When Hikari was in elementary school, the class rabbit passed away, and the teacher blamed her for neglecting it. What really happened was that the teacher had given Hikari's classmates food that was bad for the rabbit, and the other students ignored Hikari's warnings about the food. The teacher took Hikari's refusal to apologize for something she didn't do as a sign she is guilty, ordering the class to join her in humiliating Hikari until she apologized. This incident was reflected in "Kamoshidaman", where the titular Superhero represented Hikari's teacher and how she believed her words were absolute and always right. The civilians represented the other students who went along with the teacher. Kamoshidaman's One-Winged Angel form represented the class rabbit.
    • In middle school, Hikari reached out to and befriended a bullied girl named Miyuki. But when the bullies started targeting Hikari, Hikari's friends decided to exclude Miyuki from the group so they can avoid being bullied. When Hikari stood up for her, the Girl Posse decided to exclude her instead, and they pressured Miyuki into agreeing with them in exchange for joining them, causing poor Hikari to feel betrayed. "Junessic Land" represented this incident with Hikari being Yosukesaurus, the Herbivore pack being the Girl Posse (with one Herbivore even having a similar hairstyle to Miyuki), and the Carnivores representing the bullies. The Pack using majority vote and their decisions to abandon their fellow dinosaurs represented how the Girl Posse used peer pressure and manipulation, as well their willingness to abandon a friend so they can avoid being bullied.
    • In High School, when Hikari neglected her studies so she can learn how to be a film director, her relatives confronted her and cruelly told her such a dream is impossible and she should focus on getting into a good university instead, caring more about her making good grades and more money than getting a creative job that would make her happy. They even go so far as to try to take her camera away, something she treasured very much. "A.I.G.I.S." represented this incident with Ribbon being Hikari and the Overseer/Mother Computer being her relatives. The Overseer's attempts to wipe away Ribbon's personality and individuality represented how the relatives wanted to force Hikari to abandon her dream and get a normal job like everyone else.
    • The catalyst for her depression is when her father said the wrong words out of genuine concern, "Why do you have to be like that?". Hikari's father had encouraged her dream and was the only one who supported her in life, so hearing him say those words caused Hikari to believe even her own father had abandoned her, causing her to shut herself away from everyone. The final film-based labyrinth represented how throughout Hikari's life, people have forced her to believe that having individual thoughts made her a bad person. Doe, the mysterious creature that the Persona-users have come across in Hikari's cinema, is revealed to be a cognition of Hikari's father that was trying to help her, but her distorted perception of him corrupted him. Only when Hikari realizes her father truly loved her and helps her friends put a stop to Doe's rampage does he take the form the Hikari's father, symbolizing that Hikari has finally moved past her trauma.
  • Because of these incidents, Hikari is able to sympathize with many deities who suffered from similar traumas, as well as oppose those who cause said traumas. Hikari befriends Haruka Kotoura and Matilda Wormwood, both of them having suffered from mistreatment for being different. Hikari is saddened by how Haruka's parents actually did abandon and disowned her, but does have hope that the Haruka will at least be able to fully reconcile with her mother one day. Hikari also shows contempt for Agatha Trunchbull, whose treatment of Matilda reminds her of the elementary school teacher who humiliated her back in her childhood.
  • Hikari does not take betrayal well, having been betrayed by Miyuki in middle school, so she opposes every evil god in the House of Betrayal, especially Peter Pettigrew (who sold out his friends out of cowardice). She also doesn't like bullies, as they caused the circumstances of her second trauma, so naturally she opposes the likes of Biff Tannen and Libby Chessler.
  • The one person she can't stand the most is Junko Enoshima. Junko's desires despair so much, she would even manipulate her classmates into betraying and killing each other. This disgusts Hikari outright, since it reminds her of how Nagi had made countless people watch negative films that fueled their depression, including her. But whereas Nagi had the excuse of Blue and Orange Morality and a genuine desire to help those people, Junko is a Card-Carrying Villain who did it just to make herself feel good.
  • She also doesn't like Lotso, who also felt feelings of abandonment from someone who actually loved them, yet he chose to take his pain onto other toys out of spite. Akechi at least tried to do the right thing in the end, but Lotso refused to take the chance to redeem himself, even when Woody and Buzz went out of their way to save him, instead leaving Andy's toys to die in the incenerator while mocking them. She feels absolutely no sympathy or pity at all when he ends up as a decoration for the radiator of a garbage truck.
  • Hikari met Yuu Otosaka and befriended him over their similarites. They both lost of their family member (Yuu's sister was killed, while Hikari mistakenly believed her father abandoned her), and those losses led to their despair. She also sympathizes with him over his memory loss, since she couldn't remember the circumstances that led to her depression. She's also proud of him for becoming much kinder and more selfless in his ambitions, even if Yuu couldn't remember what he did and apologized to her for it. She was worried over stealing other people's powers and losing his memories would drive him insane, but hearing that Nao's promise is what allowed him to keep his sanity made her glad he succeeded.
  • Hikari is greatly creeped out by Izaya. She can't understand how anyone would encourage someone to commit suicide before outright saving them, and still claim to love humanity.
  • Hikari greatly sympathizes with Killua, since he wanted something different in life, but his family kept putting pressure on him to be something he doesn't want to be, and he gains a friend willing to come to his aid. At the same time, she's greatly unnerved by the ways Killua killed his enemies before he managed become a kinder person.
    • Hikari also met Gon Freeccs, learning about how his father abandoned him and Gon became a hunter just to meet him and find out why he left him. The abandonment brings up bad memories of when she mistakenly thought her father abandoned her and saw her the same as everyone else did, so hearing that a parent abandoned their own child truly horrifies her to no end. Gon still befriends her and Hikari is appreciative of his kindness, though learning that he dates older women unsettles her, and learning how brutal Gon can be to his enemies frightens her.
  • Hikari stays away from Eric Cartman for his sociopathic behavior. Hearing that he grounded someone's parents into chili nauseates her and makes her fear he might do it to her father if she did something to provoke him.
  • Hikari actually sees a lot of herself in Himoko Toga, who suffered from an abusive childhood due to her abnormality before snapping and giving into her urges, making her the supervillain and serial killer she is today. However, while she does understand her pain, she's still afraid of Toga, especially when she starts calling her a 'friend' while she's trying to taste her blood. She keeps her distance as much as possible.

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@Wiki Wanderer It would feel wrong to simply associate Sakurai with the It's Easy, So It Sucks! trope since Kirby games were deliberately meant to be easy to pick up and play through the game without much problem. In comparison to Mario, where it's easy to pick up and play, but it eventually, through level mechanics and enemy placement, gets to a point where it's Nintendo Hard. That's sort of why I went towards Teasing Creator, since he is absolutely a type of creator to tease content of any kind if at all possible and he'd be able to play the trope straight, instead of averting it with the above mentioned It's Easy trope. I won't bring Sakurai again until I'm certain I found a good trope that he can absolutely embody. Unless being a deity who can avert tropes can be by their own accounts deities of averting tropes, then that may be the best trope I can think for him at this moment.

@Hikari [tup] for her ascension

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Give me a jack and coke anyday, Shantae is the best bae
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Got permission to work on Otonashi and Kanade. Additionally, for a random Batman fact, there is an actual university course somewhere about Batman himself (Not joking).

[tup] for Hikari.

Reworked drafts for my rebels, Elliot and Yuri. Took the advice some of users gave me of course. Any further advice or help is most welcome.

Feedback/Election Mode

Elliot Alderson, The Broken Heroic God (Mr. Robot)
Click here to see Mr. Robot. 
  • House of Heroes (Heroic Roles) and Emotion (Sadness)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The fsociety logo
  • Theme: Mr. Robot Main Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Mr. Robot alternates between that and Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Depressed and flawed Hacker with Massive Emotional Baggage, Crusade Hacker in the Night, Founder of ''fsociety'', Wants to benefit and save the World, Often talks to the Viewer, Able to effectively understand People with his Words, Master Hacker, Excellent Liar (Can fail at times), Keeps Himself Socially Isolated, Not Good at Socializing but will Do the Right Thing Regardless, Puppy-Dog Eyes, Cynical but Well-Intentioned, Went through numerous critical and endangering situations, Surprisingly Cute
  • Domains: Hackers, Rebellion, Depression, Anxiety, Identity Crisis
  • Herald: Darlene Alderson (His sister)
  • Allies: Hackerman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Bentley Turtle, Sheina Kenmochi, Otacon, Neo, Morpheus, TRON, Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Pollyanna Whittier, Lisbeth Salander (All of them have trouble dealing with Mr. Robot)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Aiden Pearce (Allies under the Mr. Robot persona), Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Lex Luthor, Eliza and Neil Reagan, The Corpus, The Sundowner, The Slavers, Handsome Jack, Patrick Bateman, Walter White, Gustavo Fring, Norman Osborne/Green Goblin, Penelope Mouse
  • Additional Relationship: Freddie Mercury
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Visitor of: House of Canines
  • An unsocial security worker in day and a hacker at night, Elliot Alderson lived a life confined in struggling to communicate with others and battling severe depression and anxiety. Then one day, he encountered an enigmatic anarchist, Mr. Robot, who offered him a chance to join an organization called fsociety for a grand ambition; to Save the World from top global conglomerates, particularly E Corp. Elliot, a naturally gifted and skilled hacker, managed to commit 5/9, a hack that plunged much of the world into a Class-5 Societal Disruption, resulting in a grand economical depression around the world. Unfortunately, while E Corp was affected by the damage, what was to come later was far worse and drastic than Elliot hoped to be...
  • Mr. Robot; the enigmatic and caustic leader of fsociety is in truth, a darker, more extreme-driven persona of Elliot taking the guise of his deceased father, Edward Alderson. Whereas Elliot was restrained by his morality regarding his actions, Mr. Robot is far more willing to commit dangerous and life-ruining acts if it meant achieving his goals. They would often battle against each other for supremacy, neither of them fully triumphing over the other. Elliot sees Mr. Robot as insane, whereas the latter sees the former as too weak and frail to really push onto achieving their goal. Not helping matters is the fact that Elliot was once thrown out of his house window by his father when he announced Edward's leukemia diagnosis to their family. And with Mr. Robot being supposed an idealized version of his father, their situation gets even worse.
    • Ultimately, Elliot found out he flung himself out of the window after undergoing a psychotic breakdown, and Mr. Robot found out that his efforts regarding 5/9 Stage 2 would only benefit his opponents and that there was nothing he could do. Elliot came to terms with his Split Personality, with Mr. Robot reciprocating the feeling and deciding to work with Elliot in taking down the Dark Army.
  • No one is sure how Elliot managed to ascend into the Pantheon. There are rumours that Elliot hacked his way into it, whereas others have stated maybe Mr. Robot's influence had something to do with it. As of now, Elliot has remained quiet about this. His first signs in the Pantheon was simply him prodding around with his hoodie on before entering a building and working on his computer desk, presumably ready for a hack.
  • Elliot is really good at deducting and revealing a person's personality and feelings by the use of his own words. Unfortunately, because his beliefs in people tend to be pessimistic, he mainly talks about the negatives and causes himself to isolate. However, he is a good person in heart and likes the company of genuine and morally upstanding individuals.
  • Met up with Pollyanna Whittier, and immediately became friends due to Pollyanna's sweet nature and Elliot seeing her as a good soul, something which he expressed towards his late employer Gideon. Whenever Elliot seeks company, Pollyanna is among the first he visits, seeing her occupation as serene and optimistic. It also helps in that Pollyanna serves as a subversion to Elliot's views on people.
  • Is on good terms with the House of Canines. He blackmailed his therapist's ex-boyfriend, "Michael Hansen" (real name Lenny Shannon) who uses a fake profile to meet underage women to have sex with and abused his dog, Flipper. Elliot did this because "Hansen" was cheating behind behind his therapist's back and the idea of his having sex with underage prostitutes was disgusting on Elliot's mind. Alongside incriminating him, he also took Flipper from him, after which Elliot treated her a lot better than Hansen ever could. He occasionally takes visits to the House of Canines for Flipper to visit.
  • Hackerman was greatly intrigued by the amount of energy and skill Elliot has in hacking. Elliot sees Hackerman as a good soul and gets along with him pretty well, although his Mr. Robot persona would much rather prefer Hackerman to be more militant in his work. Elliot also found company under Bentley Turtle, Sheina Kenmochi and Otacon as all of them are skilled in hacking and technology. They would all want Elliot in the GUAG White Hats, although Mr. Robot seems to be making things difficult. Only time will tell if Elliot will be able to convince Mr. Robot to join the White Hats.
    • Managed to make friends out of Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix and Vanellope Von Schweetz. Not much is known about how they got along, though rumor has it that Vanellope thinks Elliot is cute. Bentley's experience with Penelope Mouse is not different to when Elliot himself was blackmailed and used by his closest friends for their own goals. Alongside opposing Penelope for an understandable reason, Elliot took pity towards Bentley and has the biggest relation with him in regards to the hackers.
    • He made contact Lisbeth Salander during a hacking session. Agreeing to meet in person under the plans of hacking their enemies, the two were surprised to learn they were pretty similar to one another. Despite working together, Elliot and Lisbeth tend to keep each other anonymous in an effort to keep up with their unpredictability in their work. Mr. Robot sees potential in her, thinking about bringing her into fsociety.
  • Sees Bruce Wayne as one of the more accepting rich people in his views. Hacking into his information was tough, though he hacked enough to uncover his identity as Batman. Seeing this, Bruce paid a visit as himself, sympathising with Elliot and offering him therapy and guidance. He was surprised to see Elliot's ambition in saving the world to be larger in scale compared to his goal in defending Gotham, although Bruce reprimanded that Elliot seeks company and allies should he proceed. He also became fast friends with Barbara Gordon as both of them are master hackers, although the two of them differ in their personalities. Barbara is willing to help out Elliot whenever possible, although Mr. Robot is a lot more problematic, seeing Bruce as another vigilante, although he does admit that his tech would be useful in regards to their skills.
  • Aiden Pearce took notice of Elliot and offered him an alliance to take down those who exploit people using money and technology. Elliot is respectful of Aiden, but the extremity of his methods and his willingness to sometimes have innocent people involved in his crusade makes Elliot rebound in doubt. Mr. Robot however is more than willing to join Aiden, believing that destruction and damage is inevitable when it comes to revolution.
  • Gets along with Neo, seeing as he was a hacker and ultimately built himself up to be a hero. Elliot also sees Morpheus as a good influence for Neo and has stated that he would like to help regarding the Matrix if possible. He also seems to be rather respectful about Tron, viewing him as benevolent for a program.
  • Elliot normally tends to oppose giant corporations, seeing as them leeches that feed on other people, draining them off of their money and caring only for themselves. Its no wonder he dislikes Mr. Rogers for that aspect. Elliot also hates Eliza and Neil Reagan for being incredibly entitled and only caring about themselves. And while Elliot doesn't have much to say about Superman, he hates Lex Luthor because he is able to tell that Lex is fixated on a petty grudge against the Man of Steel and for someone with a vast amount of resources, wastes it only for himself. Mr. Robot agrees with Elliot about them, which says a lot.
    • Once met Patrick Bateman in his Mr. Robot persona. Patrick's egotism and pretentiousness were incredibly grating, escalating to the point where Mr. Robot prompted to punch him in the face just to shut him up. The two had a hard brawl, with Patrick driven to kill and Mr. Robot managing to knock him out for a time. Elliot sees Patrick as corporate scum, though doesn't recall the experience with him. Same thing goes for Handsome Jack, whom Elliot would like to hack one day just to drive him nuts, in addition to benefiting the Vault Hunters. Elliot and Mr. Robot also took notice of Norman Osborn and with a hack, figured out his Green Goblin identity. They've agreed on a reluctant alliance with Tony Stark in regards to combating him, with Tony thinking about training Elliot as a hacking protege of sorts, though he isn't interested.
    • Elliot however, does have one commerce-based individual in the Pantheon who he likes; Robert E.O Speedwagon. He is able to deduct that Speedwagon is a humble and caring person who invests his money on topics that matter and Speedwagon has decided to try helping Elliot out about his mental health issues. Its tough, but Speedwagon will try to manage.
  • Above all, Elliot hates massive corporations that benefit in the deaths of people, and it has been a major contributing factor in his views on people. The Corpus and the Sundowner are among those that Elliot despises with a passion, being individuals who seek war for the sole intent of profit, and he is willing to team up with anybody in the House of Justice if it means bringing them down. The Slavers are another group that Elliot loathes, to the point where upon hacking their tracks and their objectives of extorting a group of children, he immediately notified the House of Heroes about it, prompting an a quick and well-deserved beatdown. Also dislikes Walter White and Gustavo Fring for their pride and indulgence in crime, in addition to Elliot's struggles with drugs.
  • Was shocked upon hearing about the Grand United Alliance of Machines and their intentions to robotize the Pantheon for their own needs. He's been trying to convince Mr. Robot to join the GUAG White Hats solely to combat against them, thinking his hacking skills can be used to good use for the general public in this occasion. Mr. Robot, understanding the Machine Council being something way beyond even their minds and skills has agreed to join the GUAG in combating against them.
  • For all their tension and struggles, Mr. Robot does care for Elliot. Ever since finding out the true circumstances of Elliot's accident, they've been getting along much better, though its a long road before Elliot will begin to treat Mr. Robot like his father.
  • A lot of Pantheon residents think Elliot is adorable. He hasn't made a comment about this yet, though he feels relieved to see there are those who genuinely like him. Its thought Elliot's experiences and nature are what make him so endearing.
  • He is surprised to see he looks a lot like Freddie Mercury. And like everyone else, Elliot enjoys his music a lot. Freddie was initially surprised by his look-alike but accepts Elliot as a fan nonetheless.
This is the world we live in. People relying on each other's mistakes to manipulate one another and use one another, even relate to one another. A warm, messy circle of humanity.

Yuri Nakamura, Goddess of Survivor's Guilt (Yurippie)
  • House of Emotion (Regret)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The SSS Logo
  • Theme: Brave Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Leader of the SSS, Survivor Guilt Due to the Murder of her Three Siblings, Immensely Driven to her Goal, Action Girl, Rage Against the Heavens, Crazy-Prepared, Effective Knife User, Bitter Anti-Hero, (Presumably} Committed Suicide, Resentment towards God, Deeply Cares about her Organization members, Purple Hair, Magnificent Bitch, Authority Equals Asskicking, Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Domains: Rebellion, Leadership, Self-Acceptance, Determination
  • Heralds: The rest of the SSS Members.
  • Allies: The Main Charlotte Cast, Joseph Joestar, Raiden, Houkago Tea Time, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Luke Skywalker, Akame, Night Raid, Naruto Uzumaki, Jim Raynor, Tomoya Okazaki, Nagisa Furukawa,
  • Odd Friendship: Scorpion, Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Enemies: Big Brother, Arcturus Mengsk, Nyarlathotep, Madara Uchiha, Regime Superman, Napoleon, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Esdeath
  • Opposes: Darkseid, YHVH
  • Pitied By: The House of Siblings
  • Normally, the afterlife would diverge into three different pathways; Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Now in the case of the latter, its now a high school occupied and rub by teenagers who have died with regrets and failed expectations still strong in their minds. They can still die there, but would eventually come back completely intact. The students can move on from this afterlife once they accept their grievances and accept their struggles. In the case of one Yuri Nakamura, its a lot hardened. The eldest of four siblings in her life, Yuri was held by gangsters in a home invasion where they would kill her siblings one after another if Yuri didn't provide them with a valuable item on time. All of her siblings died. Now in Purgatory, settling her anger towards God for letting an event like this occur, Yuri sought retribution, forming the SSS Battlefront Afterlife.
  • Ascended into the pantheon with "Goddess" as an additional moniker, Yuri felt confused and went on to ask what to do with her situation. She was approached by Raiden, who empathized with her tragic past and admitted to his own struggles. He offered to be Yuri's mentor for the time being, citing her incredible leadership and planning skills. Yuri has since accepted and is taking strides to prepare for combat on behalf of the Grand United Alliance of Good.
  • Bruce Wayne took a good interest in Yuri and decided to help her out regarding loss and angst. He is currently advising Yuri to not succumb into the despair caused by her siblings's death and has given her access to some of his gadgets and weaponry for Yuri to use. Yuri sees Bruce as a good friend in need and is more than welcome to help him out, though she personally sees his Batman persona as rather weird.
  • She gets along well with the Charlotte Cast and seeks to fight alongside them, though they have their own issues to deal with. Yuri is also helping out with Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa and their struggles in maintaining their school activities. Although she is a Rebel Leader, Yuri also feels tempted to try sorting out issues with her friends.
  • Surprisingly found good company under Joseph Joestar. Joseph, in turn, likes her for being smart, talented and a capable fighter, but is also a goofball just like he is. Joseph is thinking about training Yuri to use Hamon, although she isn't really interested, instead wanting Joseph to use his own smarts more often rather than lacking out.
  • Formed an alliance with Akame due to their approach in leading their teams (Although Akame tends to be a leader regarding combat-based situations). As a result, Yuri found acquaintances with Night Raid and would often spend time with them. Night Raid enjoys Yuri's company, though she is not above teasing and belittling them for a quick gag. She also likes Naruto Uzumaki for his determination and for keeping true to his character.
  • Found good company under Jim Raynor with both of them leading a rebel team. Jim seeks to discipline and teach Yuri about improving her combat and leadership skills, which she is happy to accept. Yuri also takes the time to visit Luke Skywalker, becoming good friends with him. She wants a lightsaber partially for extra offense, but also how cool it is, though Luke suggests training with it first before going off to combat.
  • Shockingly managed to become friends with Scorpion and Frank Castle. All three of them were driven by the loss of their loved ones and vengeance, although Scorpion and Yuri have since managed to move on from it, whereas Frank still feels the need to exert punishment on criminals. Scorpion and Yuri occasionally help each other out, with the former mentoring the latter. Frank is hesitant on allowing Yuri on borrowing some of his weaponry, but relented seeing how dedicated she is in her goals and her experience in combat.
  • As a proponent of freedom, Yuri normally opposes those who instill forced control and monitoring to their subjects. Regime Superman, Napoleon and Darth Sidious became noted enemies which Yuri continues to fight against. Esdeath and Madara Uchiha have been a thorn to Yuri, just like her other enemies, though they tend to be a lot more persistent. Nyarathotep is one being that Yuri tends to try ignoring as she's aware Nyarathotep would try corrupting her by tempting her mind about her siblings.
  • Yuri's Arch-Enemy in the Pantheon, Arcturus Mengsk is someone who she would consider a total antithesis to a rebellious leader. Whereas Yuri earned the support and admiration of her followers and allies, Arcturus would backstab anyone if it meant furthering his goals. Yuri also treasured her loved ones and companions whereas Arcturus didn't care for anyone save for himself. As a result, Arcutus is the one being Yuri despises the most. Arcturus, seeing another rebellion leader like Jim, has decided to fight it out. The two have been battling ever since their first encounter and it's not going to die out soon.
  • Big Brother eerily reminds Yuri of the time students in the afterlife were assimilated by a supposed God and is quick to declare opposition. Big Brother, unlike Arcturus, sees Yuri as inconsequential, although it will not hesitate to eliminate her if it need be. Yuri always seeks out allies whenever she rebels against Big Brother.
  • Yuri firmly opposes YHVH, seeing him as a clearly evil God, similar to Melkor and seeing him as someone who would want to put individuals in what she deems an "NCP" state. However, she finds Darkseid to be far worse, given the fact that slavery and forced reverence is part of his job and that he personally killed his brother for Godhood. While Darkseid doesn't have much to comment about Yuri other than simply being another threat, she is preparing a plan to take him on alongside her allies.
  • Fond of the Houkago Tea Time band and would occasionally rock out on their music. Yuri tells them that they remind her of a good friend, namely Masami Iwasawa and the Girls Dead Monster band back in her afterlife. The band members are currently planning on writing a song based on Yuri and her experiences in the afterlife.
  • Due to the incident regarding siblings, Yuri is rather hesitant to visit the House of Siblings. She couldn't even walk near it without getting nervous and often breaking down. While she has accepted their deaths and thus, able to move on, Yuri could never truly forget her siblings. Yuri is thinking about trying therapy in an effort to be more resilient, but also knows that her emotions are just as important as her leadership.
We have no choice but to accept the one and only life we're given, no matter how cruel and heartless it might be.

[down] There are two? Damn... If I had to pick my first guess, it'd be Victoria since I thought it'd be a Canadian University.

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[up] Are you talking about the one at the University of Baltimore or the one at the University of Victoria in Canada?

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[up][up] I'm tempted to make a "Delete this" joke regarding Yuri's pic

Btw, what would Elliot think about Sombra? She is also a skilled hacker with a rather sad background but she is more of a Wild Card who works for an evil organization

OW 2 hypemon
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Some update on Eve so far.

Eve Harrington, Goddess of Subverted Suspicion Aesop (Gertrude Slojinski)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Sarah Siddons Award for Distinguished Achievement
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Ambition Is Evil, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, threatens to tell Margo how Karen helped her unless Karen convinces Lloyd to cast her in his play, The Chessmaster, Extreme Doormat towards Margo, envious towards Margo’s success, It's All About Me, Loony Fan, Manipulative Bastard, Naďve Newcomer (or at least what she pretends to be), Smug Snake
  • Domains: Theater, Ambition, Manipulation, Backstabbing
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Norma Desmond
  • Enemies:
  • Mixed relations with: The House of Theater
  • Eve Harrington is an aspiring actress, dreaming of herself becoming a wonderful Broadway star one day. She claimed to have followed her idol Margo Channing’s every performance, from San Francisco to New York City, and it isn’t long before she got to meet Margo and was eventually given the chance to be her understudy. This turned out to be a mistake as Eve is revealed to be a mistress of manipulation, who is not truly admiring of Margo, but rather envious. Over time, Eve more or less takes over Margo’s entire life, and as Eve’s power and fame rise, Margo’s falls rapidly. Ultimately, all of this resulted in Eve receiving the Sarah Siddons Award for being Broadway's best actress. It didn’t take long before the Main House read up on how a seeming naive person like Eve would turn out to be anything but that, and as such, she was given dominion over the trope Subverted Suspicion Aesop.
  • She is often seen acting in the House of Theater. For the most part, the House seems to be okay with her as long as she is a good actress. However, many of the members condemn her for backstabbing Margo, whom they’d be concerned with if she ever ascends.
    • One of the house’s residents, Norma Desmond, has her own reasons for despising her as she is concerned that Eve’s star power would hinder on any possibility of her making a “return.” Eve herself finds Norma to be somewhat similar to Margo and has no problem with taking on certain roles that Norma is also interested in playing.

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@Crimson: Otonashi and Kanade were discussed before for Reincarnation Romance and were turned down.

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[up] I was told that before. I'll be taking some time thinking about what trope would be best for association.

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I’m BAAAAACK! Also they are off adoption. I know that I need some more enemies, I just don’t know who. [tup] count is at one

The Monkeys, Gods and Goddesses of Overkill
  • Potential House: Combat Other
  • Rank: Ambiguous
  • Symbol: The Super Monkey’s emblem, or bananas
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Extreme Overkill, Everything's Better with Monkeys, Super Intelligence, coming in a variety of non realistic colors, games that don’t really have a plot, Skill Tree, Loads and Loads of Characters, Acid Attack, Wave Motion Gun, Physical Gods, Nuke 'em, Playing with Fire, only having two females (well, there are three, but the last one is in the patch notes), and so much more.
  • Domains: Monkeys, Destruction
  • Herald: Max, Sai, Captain Classie, Sam, C4 Charlie
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Bounce Man, the House of Celebration, the House of Water & Moisture (Gwen) Lemongrab
  • Terrifies: The houses of Ice & Cold and Plants (Gwen), Emmet
  • Before the rise of man brought the great rivalry between Pirate and Ninja, there was another natural feud between two animal species: Monkeys... and B[al]loons. No one knows how or why this epic war began, but both sides fight endlessly with ever greater wartime developments vying for domination of the world. All of the preceding is included absolutely nowhere in the game's design, and is merely a flavorful fantasy explaining why players seem to care so much about using monkeys to pop balloons.
  • A normal day in the pantheon was interrupted when a portal appeared in the sky and a bunch of balloons came out of it. They did little more than annoying most of the people near the portal and then a bunch of monkeys popped out of the portal and started mercilessly killing them with a ton of weapons. It was quite a scene.
    • After the very few surviving balloons fled, one monkey in a tank said that he and his teammates have been fighting Bloons for years. Their brutality against the Bloons earned them a place in the Combat Other sub-house for Overkill on the spot.
  • Once the temple for them was made, the monkey engineers swiftly got to work, building a monkey paradise, with plenty of places to make new weapons if need be.
  • Because of his round, balloon-like shape, Bounce Man quickly got attacked by these balloon popping monkeys (The fact that they share a sub house doesn’t help). Bounce Man quickly went to the Main House to kick them out. The results of this remain hidden to the public, but most assume he failed to do so. They also hate the house of celebration, because of... do we need to spell it out for you? Either way, they got banned multiple times, but every time they manage to sneak back in.
  • Most monkeys have hung out their temple from time to time; some good, some bad, but they liked the company. This, of course, led Spike to their temple wanting to know why there were so many monkeys in one place, suspecting they were up to no good. Gwen told him not to worry, and said that he could call on their help anytime.
  • When they first arrived, a lot of people who don’t know them thought that they were infected by the simian flu because they they came just after the first ever successful raid of it by the Murkrow. When they realized that they meant trouble, most of the monkeys sacrificed themselves to form the avatar of the vengeful monkey, who quickly incinerated the thieves... and a small chunk of the Main House. When they turned back to normal and the simian flu was put back in its place, they got rewarded handsomely... with parts to reconstruct the part of the Main House they destroyed. They reconstructed it flawlessly, impressing the house of Pantheon/Craft, especially Emmet. Despite this, he is still terrified of them because of their violence.

  • Exclusive to Quincy:

  • Exclusive to Gwen:
    • Unsurprisingly, her first stop was the sub-house of Fire & Heat, where she quickly made a name of herself due to her popularity in her home game. She is apparently making club in secret here: the secret house of the elementals, where one low ranking member of each sub-house come to her clubhouse to pull pranks on people.
    • Regarding other houses, her Kill It with Fire motto keeps her away from the Plants house and Ice & Cold sub-house, she still wants one to be in her club, but she does not know who. She is annoyed by the Water & Moisture sub-house because they can put out her fires, but you know what they say: “With enough fuel and air everything burns!’’.
    • One incident was when she snuck onboard Moltres and tried (badly) to control it. The end result? The entirety of the Plants house being set on fire. Despite this Moltres still likes her and takes her flying every once and a while, as long as it doesn’t cost the house of Plants.
    • Calling herhotwill get you melted into a gooey pulp. Also, she is not interested in Quincy, regardless of what others say.

  • Exclusive to Striker Jones:
    • Being a military general, he was more than impressed with the fact that the pantheon has a War house, trying to get into it at least as a temporary member, he got accepted, so he often visits.
    • He also travels to the Gaming house every once and awhile. The worms are his primary target when he’s there and he loves to talk to them to see what’s new in their tech.
    • He gets along with most people who shoot things like the Inklings, the aforementioned worms and more, he often tries to get them to fight the Bloons with little success.

  • Exclusive to Obyn:
    • He often stops by the house of Plants, being a spirit of the forest after all. He talks to them about improving the house to its fullest potential. The leaders declined, but he keeps trying.
    • He also goes to the house of Ambiguity, due to his mysterious nature, he struts about, and he talks to the deities to learn the latest gossip. The house of Beast is another common stop due to his Attack Animal, though he doesn’t stay long.

  • Exclusive to Churchill:
    • He, like Jones, likes going around to the house of War and training there, but he is more respected than Jones due to his Tank and sharper military intellect, as in, able to make better decisions. Despite this, they are still good friends.
    • Being a secret fan of anime, he has a wide amount of knowledge about it, and he often talks to people from anime to learn more.

  • Exclusive to Benjamin:
    • Him being a bank hacker he stays alone most of the time, only coming out to play or be the house of music’s DJ as his alter ego DJ Benjammin’.
    • A lot of people think that he is nothing but trouble, but he hacks for a good cause: getting extra money. This doesn’t stop someone like Roboking from getting worried about getting hacked. Ben simply told him to calm down and he couldn’t hack him even if he tried, and they are friends now... at least sort of.
    • Being named after slang for the $100 US dollar bill, Benjamin, he and the real Benjamin are good friends, but almost never see each other due to them doing their own thing.

  • Exclusive to Elizi:
    • Nothing much is known about her, other than she is a witch doctor who spends most of her days sacrificing various things. The house of Life and Death welcome her to stop by anytime, she never got the memo, but she still considers them her friends.
    • Oddly, she loves small cats and wants more in the pantheon. It’s kind of heartwarming in a way to see how she takes care of them, with the pay of bloon deaths, that is. Oddly despite his combat prowess, she doesn’t Incineroar, as she thinks that he is a shallow Attention Whore.

  • Exclusive to Pat Fusty:
    • Not Being called “The big monkey” for nothing, he oftentimes is fighting big opponents in the combat house using his punches, his slaps, and his hugs. Him and his opponents often tie, with better understanding of each other.
    • Due to sounding similar, him and Patrick Star are often swimming with him an grabbing a bite with him. He is also a good friend to Spongebob for this reason.

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Random Batman Fact: All of Batman's vehicles and gadgets used to be built and repaired by a mute, hunchbacked man named Harold Allnut. Harold was a genius mechanic who was saved from Penguin and allowed to live in the Batcave in exchange for his services. He was eventually killed by Hush after receiving surgery that gave him the ability to speak and removed his hunch.

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[up] #JusticeForHaroldAllnut

That honestly should be referenced in some way in future Batman material. Just saying.

@ The Monkeys - For enemies, Frieza could do, just to emphasize his hate on "filthy monkeys". Also Pokemon Hunter J wanting them for a bounty.

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My question: which is the best Batman Arkham costume?

BTW it's Sept 22 for me tday.

[down] Maybe it's bc I'm biased towards the classic series animation but no.

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KAITO KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fasoman1996 Angry pure boi from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Angry pure boi
Sep 21st 2019 at 5:48:21 PM

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Batman special with a question

Is this a good image replacement for Babar?

OW 2 hypemon
Sep 21st 2019 at 5:48:22 PM

Two words:Shark Repellant.

Gacha Is A Lie.
yugi195 Superlex from Lexcorp Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Sep 21st 2019 at 5:52:04 PM

@CrimsonShark I wouldn't hold my breath...

It's time to stop being selfish. The world needs Lex Luthor.
SuperWIKI1 Ginzo Nakamori, Inspector from The Apocalyptic Future Relationship Status: Married to the job
Ginzo Nakamori, Inspector
Sep 21st 2019 at 5:53:22 PM

@Crimson: If Batman's film iterations are a little funny: you know what's definitely funny? The Joker. Why no love for him on Batman Day?

KAITO KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
louisent31 HE'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL from Chaldea Relationship Status: I <3 love!
Sep 21st 2019 at 5:53:33 PM

Crimson: As someone who fights for freedom, she wouldn't like Qin Shi Huang for removing education and freedom from Their people for so many centuries, which made them blind, illiterate followers. Qin has a good reason for doing this though, They hates humanity's sins because They love them and to protect them from things like war and chaos and as a result, the world lives in eternal peace and everyone is happy with their lives, but this resulted in Qin's world to classify as a Lostbelt, timelines that diverged from Pan-Human History because of lack of human progression which will lead to their destruction.

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Rip Sita
CrimsonShark HE FAWKING LEFT THE BAND?!?! from Nowhere in the Universe. Still Floating Relationship Status: One Is The Loneliest Number
Sep 21st 2019 at 5:54:17 PM

[up][up][up] At least you gave me an interesting fact. Then again, its small bits that kind of add up to lore and world-building, which I like.

[up][up] The Joker is a fascinating villain in the sense that he's incredibly funny at times, yet also manages to be utterly depraved. Also, The Killing Joke was a fantastic read.

FLAME SHIELD READY: The Dark Knight is overrated. Its not bad, but honestly its not the masterpiece that its made out to be.

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yugi195 Superlex from Lexcorp Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Sep 21st 2019 at 5:55:51 PM

[up] And hey, due to Hypertime, if you want justice for old Harold, just imagine they gave him some.

@SuperWIKI1 He's getting an entire film all to himself. Let Batman have his day.

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It's time to stop being selfish. The world needs Lex Luthor.

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